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#rockbox log for 2005-01-09

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00:21:57Pieter_hi :)
00:22:59Pieter_i'm looking for a stereo microphone to record things with an archos ondio fm.. so, does anyone here have suggestions what i should get? (apart from the preamp..)
00:25:20Zagorwhat kind of things do you want to record?
00:25:46Pieter_mainly the orchestra's and bigbands i play in myself, perhaps a few smaller ensembles
00:26:19Pieter_went looking around in this city, but there are hardly any places that sell microphones, found a sony ecm-ms907 .. would that be a good microphone for that purpose?
00:27:02Zagori don't know really. i have only tried archos' own microphone. it's decent, but not exactly audiophile stuff...
00:28:32Pieter_there seem to be so much websites about microphones that say you should go buy 500 euro microphone to sort of get a nice recording. The useful information seems to be impossible to find
00:29:24Zagori agree
00:29:50Pieter_but this microphone keeps showing up on a lot of places as a good one, so might be what i want
00:30:02zethere's a huge range of investment vs quality for mics
00:30:10zelots of expensive ones out there for professional use
00:30:20Zagorhave you chosen a preamp?
00:31:11Pieter_i'll first try the preamp that comes with the archos stereo microphone (don't have it yet), seems to be the least expensive one that i don't have to solder myself
00:31:19Pieter_and works on batteries
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00:31:47Pieter_if it doesn't work i'll find someone to help me build a better one :)
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00:33:30Zagorok. try the archos mic for your recordings too. i've managed to get some pretty good choir recordings with it. it all depends on what you want to do with them of course.
00:35:03Pieter_i will at first.. from what i read online it's not very good, apparently lots of clipping.. or do you mean the mono one?
00:35:26Pieter_builtin one i mean
00:35:37Zagori have the stereo one. and yes, it's very sensitive so it might not be good for loud recordings.
00:36:53Pieter_hmm, big band and wind orchestra's get a bit loud quite often - not rock concert loud, but loud enough...i'll see if it works :)
00:45:18Pieter_just that microphone costs over 50% less than in that store if i buy it online!
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05:27:25yeftmidk dont idle here anymore?
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13:20:19*jyp_ bounces
13:20:31jyp_Rockbox kernel working on Gmini 100
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13:26:35amiconnjyp: Nice work :)
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14:31:55amiconnBagder: r u there?
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18:20:49amiconnBagder: r u there?
18:31:31Bagdernow I am
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18:36:16amiconnThere is a problem with the next song info in the wps :(
18:36:59amiconnIf you put the wps info tags for next song info into a line that does *not* use alternating sublines, the info is never displayed...
18:37:26BagderI know
18:37:48Bagderits a problem with how the wps is designed
18:40:44Bagderit can't update scrolling lines very good
18:40:59amiconnI quickly checked the source code, and found that there is a flag WPS_REFRESH_DYNAMIC, which gets set if the line contains a next song info tag.
18:41:33amiconnI thought this is there to make the wps code update this line more often.
18:42:18Bagderit needs to be there since the next song info is dynamic, it appears after the song has started
18:42:38Bagderbut I believe the problem is to update the line anyway
18:46:35amiconnI wonder why this works with alternating sublines (which may also be scrolling lines) but not wthout
18:47:00BagderI think that is because each new alternating text resets the state somehow
18:47:08Bagderin a way it doesn't otherwise
18:51:43Bagdergotta go
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19:35:03TuDo_does anyone know if Rockbox is also compatible with the archos Gmini220e?
19:39:43jypI'm porting it to the gmini 1x0/2x0 at this moment
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19:41:12TuDo_all i needed to know
19:41:39jypAny chance you could contribute something ?
19:42:21jypcoding, testing, advertising, whatever ;)
19:42:41TuDo_i will if i can
19:43:00TuDo_i just orrderd gmini 220e
19:43:07TuDo_arrives in couple days
19:43:13jypwhat's the "e" for in 220e ?
19:43:25TuDo_i'll be dammed if i know
19:44:13jypMyself i bought a 120SP... Only to discover that SP meant it lacks recording
19:44:26jypand compact flash
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19:45:34TuDo_not the gmini 220e
19:45:38TuDo_but 220eu
19:51:40jypTuDo_, check this out:
19:54:44TuDo_? link doesn.t seem to work?
19:55:06jypThere are routing problems...
19:56:45TuDo_i'll try other time
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19:57:53jypAlso there's the #gmemu channel for the gmini.
19:59:52TuDo_just hope it arrives soon
20:00:01TuDo_can't wait to get started
20:00:32jypyes ;)
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22:18:12TexJoachimdoes anyone have a good idea for a good but not overly expensive microphone to use with my jukebox recorder? I'd love to use it for interviews and such
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22:59:16jypAny guru online ?
22:59:32uskiim not a guru but maybe i can help
22:59:55jypI need some info about ATA
23:00:26jypIt's not too clear...
23:00:27uskihmm I expect Bagder to be better than me in this area :)
23:01:05jypI can't figure out where ATA_SELECT is bound to my controller
23:01:26midkask logbot to explain ata, bagder :)
23:02:18BagderI'm no ATA expert
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23:02:45BagderZagor and Linus know a lot more, and I bet Jörg and Jens have a bunch of clues too
23:03:22jypok thanks
23:03:54jypI'll also see if I can grep the logs...
23:04:11jypbtw, I boast a working rockbox kernel on gmini ;)
23:04:32Bagderway cool
23:04:47jypWe can start thinking to merge in my code... please ;)
23:04:52Bagderoh yes
23:06:35Bagderjyp: if you mail me your patch for this, I'll do a quick review and commit. When we think we speak the same "code style" I think we can offer you commit access and you can commit your own changes.
23:07:52jypI didn't quite understand the build system; so I slashed into it quite liberally...
23:09:22Bagderanything in particular I can explain?
23:09:58jypWhat normally happens when you hit the ld stage
23:10:12midkhmm. how fast is usual usb2 transfer rate device->pc? I'm getting ~15mbps with my av320.
23:10:24jyp(From that point I remade everything)
23:10:53Bagderjyp: the SOURCES files in each top dir control what source file that are compiled
23:11:02Bagderwhen building for target
23:11:24jypok; I've seen that...
23:11:38Bagderthe makefile in firmware builds the librockbox.a
23:12:10Bagderwhich is used when rockbox is linked with all app objects
23:12:26jypAlright... I see
23:12:49jypthat's because I support none of the apps that I stopped to read ...
23:13:39Bagderon the iriver work, Linus made main.c only get built
23:13:49Bagderand made a conditional #if in the top of the file for it
23:14:03Bagderit basicly only starts the kernel and run two threads
23:14:47Bagderbut it really doesn't matter much
23:14:53jypI wrote my own main from scratch...
23:15:17Bagderthat works too
23:21:19jypYou have an easy way to make cvs diff take new files into account ?
23:22:18Bagderonly if you have them 'cvs added', which you don't since you don't have access... :-(
23:22:49Bagdermake a plain 'diff -N' on it
23:26:27jypdiff -N still ignores the new files :/
23:26:57Bagdermake an empty one in the source dir then
23:27:27jypAh, you meant no cvs, ok ;)
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23:49:46jypBagder: patch sent
23:50:04jypk ;)
23:52:19Bagderfirst advice: don't fiddle with lines that don't concern your changes
23:55:25Bagderyou have modified too much that isn't necessary
23:55:40jypok... since this was also exploration there are leftovers
23:55:56Bagderlike the replace of int with s32 in kernel.h
23:56:26Bagderbut apart from that
23:56:26jypAh, but that is essential
23:56:48jypbecause sizeof(int) = 2 on calmrisc
23:56:54Bagderit is?
23:57:13Bagderthat will hurt all over then
23:57:24jypsurprisingly there were not so many places where that mattered
23:57:53Bagdernot yet
23:57:56jypUp to now... there, random.c, and font.c (I didn't touch random yet)
23:58:06Bagderyou don't run that much rockbox yet
23:58:13jypof course
23:58:25jypyet I expected more even in so few files

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