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#rockbox log for 2005-01-14

00:00:02ashridahperhaps not then
00:00:13Bagderperhaps LinusN can make one
00:00:26Bagderhe doesn't do much anyway
00:00:28*Bagder ducks
00:00:46LinusNooops, i just broke your recorder, Bagder
00:01:01BagderLinusN is the best
00:01:10Bagdernow, did it heal? ;-)
00:01:18crash_funny guys arent they ;)
00:01:53LinusNBagder: i just repaired it again
00:03:26amiconnWelcome back in flash hell :-/
00:04:16crash_havent they put down infos about h1/h3xx products ?
00:06:23amiconnThey are still there, at least on the global page
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00:07:42 Join Vassago [0] (
00:07:52crash_didnt see them
00:10:09[IDC]DragonI'm researching about the recording panic
00:10:31[IDC]Dragonplastering the code with more panics showed it rund out of directory descriptors
00:11:02[IDC]Dragoncould that be?
00:11:07 Quit Vassago (Client Quit)
00:11:24[IDC]Dragonor do we perhaps have a leak?
00:11:37[IDC]Dragon(there's 8 descriptors)
00:12:27Bagdersounds like a leak
00:12:56amiconncrash_: . Clicking through the avaliable images, the last one comes closest to what I am looking for.
00:13:33 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- \o/")
00:13:46[IDC]Dragonamiconn, are you prepping up the sim?
00:14:14LinusN[IDC]Dragon: recording to /recordings or current dir?
00:14:16 Join Vassago [0] (
00:15:12amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I'll start working on the patch that uses different bitmaps for the targets. I want to do different lcd sizes also.
00:15:27crash_amiconn: but you dont want to copy it?
00:15:35crash_or too bad qualy ?
00:15:43amiconnIf all that works, I'll try adding Windows buttons for the buttons (additionally to the numpad keys)
00:15:44BagderI think you should drop the images
00:16:39amiconnBagder: Why?
00:16:50Bagderthey're just pointless
00:17:13Bagderbut if you want them, go ahead
00:17:17amiconncrash_: Still a bit low-res (even the "big" image), plus a bit distorted (no exact front view)
00:17:41[IDC]DragonI think we really have a dir descriptor leak
00:17:56[IDC]Dragonjust inceased it to 10, still happens
00:18:47amiconnStryke`: _Much_ better, thanks! (Still a bit distorted, but nice resolution)
00:19:07amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Recording from where? FM? And why this does happen only on Ondio?
00:19:29LinusN[IDC]Dragon: could it be the ondio filename generation?
00:19:41[IDC]DragonFM from Ondio, yes.
00:19:50LinusNthe code that finds the next file number
00:19:53crash_amiconn: what you exactly wanna do? cause you were speaking of buttons and such
00:20:20amiconnI want to improve/ extend the Win32 simulator
00:20:29[IDC]DragonLinusN: perhaps
00:21:13amiconncrash_: (1) Using the correct image per platform. (2) Using the correct lcd size. (3) Add real clickable buttons.
00:21:37[IDC]Dragonnow where did I put that code?
00:21:45crash_hmm but the buttons on the side will be a problem for the h1xx ?
00:22:09amiconnBagder: The image on its own is pointless. It is not when there are clickable buttons. Much more intuitive than the numpad keys, especially on a laptop...
00:23:05amiconncrash_: In this case I have to (virtually) bend the side face forward....
00:23:23amiconnThis is also true for Ondio btw, where the On/Off button is located at the top
00:23:30LinusN[IDC]Dragon: rec_create_filename() doesn't call closedir()
00:23:47Bagder_that_ sounds like a leak
00:24:24amiconnStryke`: Maybe you do have a link to a side view (or side views) too? (Only sides that have buttons are needed)
00:25:36Stryke`one sec
00:26:20 Quit Vassago ()
00:27:38amiconn[IDC]Dragon: That also explains why it only happens on Ondio. The dir checking is only needed/used when there is no rtc...
00:28:29amiconnStryke`: Thanks, very nice!
00:28:37amiconnButtons on both sides, tsss...
00:29:39amiconnAre those beasts available in different colours?
00:30:07Stryke`thats the 100 which is silver, IIRC. the 120 is black (US) and champagne elsewhere
00:30:35Bagdermy 140 is black
00:30:43[IDC]DragonLinusN: thanks, that's it
00:30:44Stryke`as is my 120
00:31:07crash_amiconn: nice idea :)
00:33:05amiconnStryke`: Hmm. Now I'm facing the problem to combine different fron & side views? It seems this site is not searchable :( I get directory listing denied even for the root - obviously no index.html
00:33:23crash_amiconn: maybe this helps you with the pics of Stryke`
00:34:56Stryke`those two link to all pics, i believe
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00:51:52amiconn[IDC]Dragon: (voice ui) Linus suggested temporarily switching to mono while the voice is babbling, to avoid the bad side effect of karaoke mode. What do you think?
00:52:12amiconnIt should be easy to implement this.
00:55:08[IDC]Dragonpossible, yes
00:56:30[IDC]Dragonthe queue runs empty in interrupt context, this is no good place to re-enable
00:56:55[IDC]Dragondir and file clips are then forced to mono, too
00:57:07[IDC]Dragoneven if they could be stereo
00:57:34 Quit courtc ("restarting d")
00:57:50LinusN[IDC]Dragon: i wish the uartboot flash procedure had some more error handling
00:57:51amiconnThen it could be set to simple stereo instead of mono. Would have the same effect with (mono) voice
00:57:54[IDC]Dragonwe can switch back to stereo when the buffer is claimed back
00:58:28[IDC]DragonLinusN, what errors are you facing?
00:58:43LinusNthe flashing fails somehow
00:58:58[IDC]DragonI never had that
00:59:01 Quit jyp ("Leaving")
00:59:04LinusNso one or more pins are probably not soldered correctly
00:59:08[IDC]Dragonin the middle of the action?
00:59:21LinusNuart_boot.exe says nothing
00:59:24amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Imho this is not a good idea. Maybe a plugin (which does not need the mp3 buffer) plays a clip afterwards. This would then play with the modified setting still in effect
01:00:09LinusNit just says "Flashing file blabla" and then exits after a long while
01:00:50amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I already looked at it a bit, there seems to be only one place where the voice is started: within queue_clip().
01:00:51[IDC]Dragoncon you tie a scope to rx/tx to look for traffic?
01:00:52LinusNdumping the flash gives different contents after each flash attempt though
01:01:13LinusNthe serial connection works
01:01:16[IDC]Dragonamiconn: correct
01:01:22LinusNit downloads minimon correctly
01:02:04[IDC]Dragonwith the scopy, I don't mean to watch bits, just the activity
01:02:27[IDC]Dragonto see if it starts flashing
01:02:47LinusNit does something, since the flash contents change
01:03:00[IDC]Dragonthis sounds no good
01:03:08LinusNat least if i can trust the dump
01:03:43amiconn[IDC]Dragon: But there is more than one place that stops playback. Plus, at least one is called in interrupt, which forbids simply calling mpeg_sound_set() to reset the config.
01:04:13[IDC]DragonLinusN, try flashing a file with 0 bytes
01:04:23LinusNgood idea
01:04:26[IDC]Dragonthat should leave th flash erased
01:05:35[IDC]Dragonthe dump should be all FF then, reproduceable
01:06:04[IDC]DragonAndi had a shorted address line, maybe you have a floating pin?
01:06:08LinusNhehe, no erase
01:06:38LinusNit wasn't erased
01:06:43LinusNcontents unchanged
01:06:54LinusNafter flashing the 0-byte file
01:07:12[IDC]Dragonmaybe it doesn't start with 0 byte
01:07:17[IDC]Dragontry 1 byte
01:07:37[IDC]Dragon(slowly working our way up to 256K)
01:10:25amiconnIt should erase with a zero byte file...
01:11:27[IDC]Dragonyes, true, just checked the code
01:11:33 Quit Cassandra (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
01:12:08amiconnMay it be the command is different for different chip brands?
01:12:37[IDC]Dragononly SST fits, afaik
01:14:54[IDC]Dragonwe never found a different brand ID
01:24:41LinusNtwo pins were shorted
01:24:50[IDC]Dragonwhat did you do?
01:35:09 Join ashridah [0] (
01:41:16[IDC]DragonLinusN, just out of curiosity: what was your method of holding the LCD pins down?
01:41:27LinusNa switch
01:41:57[IDC]Dragonat the pullup array, or where?
01:42:10LinusNfrom your description
01:45:10[IDC]Dragonwith the cut PCB trace?
01:47:53LinusNtime to sleep
01:48:05[IDC]Dragonsleep well
01:49:11LinusNcu tomorrow, folks
01:49:11 Part LinusN
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02:08:20amiconnSleep time too.
02:08:35 Quit amiconn (" nite")
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09:03:09[IDC]Dragonhi there
09:07:50crash_hi LinusN hi [IDC]Dragon
09:11:42 Join Zagor [242] (
09:14:43LinusNmorning Zagor
09:47:27*Bagder appears with a cup of steaming coffee
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10:11:12pikethis just cracks me up every friggin time:
10:11:26pikeseems gates is "loosening up" his image a bit
10:12:51Zagorwhat's funny about it?
10:13:07 Join edx [0] (
10:13:11pikeit reminds me of a fanboy
10:13:56Zagorwell, he just managed to make iriver depend on windows. i'd be happy too if i was him.
10:14:55LinusNBagder: read the logs?
10:15:31ashridahpike: yeah. sod's made the n10 and h10 require WMP apparently
10:15:36LinusNyour jukebox is now flashable
10:15:53Bagderyou're the king!
10:16:04ashridahi'd be seriously ticked if i was in the market to buy one of those. i'd probably turn to the mp3 player a friend of mine found that has mp3, ogg and flac support if i was
10:16:05LinusNbut the backlight is still green...
10:16:06*Bagder dances around the channel
10:17:06BagderLinusN: you up to do the backlight mod too, or is it too much work?
10:17:18BagderI can live with green
10:18:03LinusNi will do the backlight mod too, i want to document it in the wiki
10:18:17Bagderok, cool
10:19:34LinusNmy compliments to [IDC]Dragon for the uart boot hack/docs
10:20:50[IDC]Dragonthanks, but especially the docs leave a lot to be desired...
10:21:18pikeyou ever done any hw mods for archos players?
10:21:22LinusNsure, but i managed to do it by reading the docs
10:21:46Bagderpike: this bunch has made quite a lot of mods
10:22:26 Join MooMaunder [0] (~me@
10:22:29pikewonder if a USBOTG hw mod for iriver is possible, or if it's too advanced
10:22:43pikesw, you guys manage so that wouldnt be a problem ;)
10:23:00Bagderthat would mean replacing the USB chip
10:23:41Bagderyou'd need to find a replacement that would fit
10:23:47BagderI doubt that is easy
10:24:08Bagderthen again, I'm not a hw person
10:26:36LinusNi'd say that it isn't possible
10:28:31pikeyou ever saw a h320 in teh "nude" ?
10:28:44pikeit has it (or so I read)
10:28:58LinusNsee the rockbox forum
10:29:39pikeso pcb layout isnt similar at all ?
10:30:14LinusNafaik, the H3xx has two usb chips
10:31:31ashridahthat's interesting. does the H1xx have that blue padding?
10:34:55LinusNthe h100 padding is black
10:42:19 Join Christi-S [0] (~Christi@
10:46:34 Quit [IDC]Dragon (" HydraIRC rocks! -> <-")
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11:28:18[IDC]DragonI found anice example on how C is cool:
11:32:02LinusNvery KISS indeed :-)
11:34:11[IDC]Dragonand incredible compression
11:37:32LinusNspeaking about compression and obfuscated c contest:
11:37:44LinusNabsolutely hilarious
11:40:30ashridahuh. that isn't going to bypass quotas.
11:40:43ashridahsince any half-decent quota system is going to include the size of the directory, surely
11:42:44ashridahhrm. any block based filesystem is going to allocate a block for each file probably, too.
11:44:05LinusNthat's the point of the joke
11:45:03[IDC]Dragonwith NTFS, small files are actually stored in the directory, in order not to allocate a full block
11:45:25[IDC]Dragonother "modern" file systems may do similar
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12:13:43amiconnYes there are some. Even the Novell Netware 4.x file system (which dates back to 1995) does a similar trick.
12:15:07 Quit pike (
12:15:07 Quit dcran (
12:15:07 Quit webmind (
12:15:11amiconnIt uses block sub-allocation, i.e. can divide individual clusters into sectors to store the tails of several files.
12:15:28NJoinpike [0] (
12:15:40pikecool split (tm)
12:20:19NJoindcran [0] (
12:20:19NJoinwebmind [0] (
13:02:19[IDC]Dragonfile systems are a science, I reckon
13:06:31Lynx_do you guys know of any software mp3 player/plugin that has a similar effect of the MDB?
13:10:24Lynx_LinusN: From your short description it sounds like it's nothing secret that one couldn't do for a plugin...
13:10:46pikeMDB ?
13:11:13LinusNit isn't trivial, and is probably patented to death
13:11:14Lynx_micronas dynamic bass
13:11:27Lynx_LinusN: hmm, that could be...
13:12:38pikedfx for winamp maybe ?
13:14:00Lynx_pike: hmm, forgot about that, i'll check it out..
13:15:00LinusN"booming hyperbass"
13:17:55 Quit Christi-S (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
13:21:58 Quit amiconn ("CGI:IRC")
13:22:02 Join amiconn [0] (
13:22:16[IDC]Dragonamiconn: was the rombox only using 2 MB always?
13:23:13Lynx_hmm, the dfx hyperbass does not really have a great effect...
13:23:18amiconnAnd this would have even caused with the plugins, because there would have been loaded at a different address than they were linked to
13:23:35[IDC]DragonI didn't notice, don't use rombox any more since Linus placed the interrupt vectors into rom
13:24:03[IDC]Dragon(which breaks my Alpine CD changer emulator plugin)
13:24:04LinusNi did?
13:24:16[IDC]DragonI thought so, yes...
13:25:16[IDC]Dragonit's a reasonable thing, but broke my "hack" to bend vectors
13:25:20LinusNweren't they always in rom?
13:25:51[IDC]Dragonno, I deliberately kept them in ram, in my first version
13:28:26amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Why do you need to bend vectors?
13:28:47[IDC]Dragonbecause we have no clean interface to hijack the serial
13:28:54LinusN[IDC]Dragon: as far as i can see, the vectors are in the DRAM segment in
13:29:16[IDC]Dragonare they? then perhaps just the location changed
13:29:35LinusNthe very first version of also had it like that
13:29:47LinusNjust move the vbr and you're set
13:30:07[IDC]DragonI observed that it crashes, didn't properly research
13:30:31LinusNthere might be a bug somewhere, but the intention is to have them in ram
13:31:04[IDC]Dragonwhich is a tiny waste
13:31:31LinusNyeah, probably 0.001 seconds of mp3 audio
13:31:38[IDC]DragonI'll look into refurbishing my plugin
13:32:02[IDC]Dragonuse the vbr for calculation instead of hard coded addresses
13:32:31[IDC]Dragonif in rom, I could even copy the table and bend the vbr
13:33:14[IDC]Dragon(reeaally dirty)
13:33:51amiconnOr simply add an interface to hook into the serial. You did this for the timer...
13:34:32[IDC]Dragonbut here the useis even more limited
13:34:44[IDC]Dragon...use is...
13:35:18[IDC]DragonI need a few vectors, not just one, iirc
13:36:32[IDC]Dragonbut it's good that we talked about it
13:38:52[IDC]Dragonhow about putting that plugin into cvs?
13:40:03LinusNsure, why not?
13:40:27[IDC]Dragonbecause there are <5 people using it
13:41:06[IDC]Dragonwhich may be because almost nobody knows about it
13:41:12LinusNi bet it is more popular than "bounce" anyway
13:41:53[IDC]Dragonyes, we have some useful ones ;-)
13:44:02[IDC]Dragonahem, I declare my plugin as code police free zone
13:44:12dwihnoAny of you guys know anyone with a Shuttle-based computer?
13:44:25[IDC]Dragonwould have to change that
13:45:49[IDC]Dragonmainly C99-style comments
13:46:20[IDC]Dragonand a typedef
13:47:46amiconnProbably also CamelCase function names?
13:48:21[IDC]Dragonah, actually no
13:48:44[IDC]DragonI obviously compromized on that
13:49:26[IDC]Dragonbut personally, I consider uppercase letters a cultural achievement
13:50:44[IDC]Dragon<pun> unix users haven't invented/found the shift key yet </pun>
13:51:51ashridahbah. XFree86 has been putting a command with the shift key into unixalikes for years.
13:52:18ashridah(admittedly, it took me until X to find one :)
13:55:09 Quit ashridah ("sleep.")
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14:04:45 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
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14:18:34[IDC]Dragonamiconn: you're using a VNC client/server, sometimes?
14:19:15[IDC]DragonI tried it at home, but it feels sluggish, even over WLAN
14:19:34[IDC]Dragon(RealVNC, that is)
14:19:58[IDC]Dragonis there any better?
14:21:45Bagdera note about c99: consider efforts like Dave Jones' - we may want to work with non C99 compilers
14:22:01Bagderthus, C89 comments is generally better
14:22:12[IDC]DragonDave Jones?
14:23:24amiconn[IDC]Dragon: No VNC, but Microsoft RDP (WinXP Remote Desktop). Way faster than VNC.
14:23:57[IDC]Dragonthat locks the console completly, doesn't it?
14:25:09[IDC]Dragonis the clientincluded in WinXP home?
14:27:50[IDC]Dragonhere I give you some extra spaces to fill in the places where I miss them: " " (should be enough for a while)
14:28:53crash_[IDC]Dragon: yes it it
14:29:06crash_and i think its much faster than vnc
14:34:13[IDC]Dragoncan I do something about the console locking?
14:35:17 Join R3nTiL [0] (~zorroz@
14:37:13[IDC]DragonTightVNC looks interesting, too
14:41:51crash_what you mean with console locking?
14:44:29Lynx_[IDC]Dragon: buy windows 2004 server ;-)
14:44:47crash_doenst your windowmanager has a hotkey/run feature to just start a app ?
14:45:00amiconn[IDC]Dragon: (1) The local console is locked (even invisible) as long as you are connected via RDP
14:46:42amiconn(2) The client should be included with XP home. In fact, the client is available for free. It support all Win32 versions
14:46:49Lynx_[IDC]Dragon: you may also want to look at ultr@vnc
14:46:58Lynx_it supports file transfer
14:47:43Lynx_amiconn: and os x and even linux is available
14:49:19[IDC]DragonLynx_: thanks, will try
14:50:25Lynx_but rdp really is much better (and can also be tunneled over ssh)
14:51:47 Join midk [0] (
14:53:20MooMaunderLynx: VNC can be tunneled also, I use it to connect to my PC at home from work. The only prob I see with VNC is with fast user switching
14:54:32amiconn(3) TightVNC is still way slower than RDP
14:55:01[IDC]Dragonany word on ultr@vnc?
14:55:29Lynx_MooMaunder: yes, that's what i meant by 'also'
14:56:05MooMaunderOooopps....should have read it properly!! :-(
14:56:19amiconnIt isn't necessary to tunnel RDP via SSH, because RDP is encrypted (unlike VNC)
14:56:26Lynx_MooMaunder: the fast user switching can be a prob indeed, depending on the vnc distribution i had varying results with getting the login screen displayed (with vnc server running as a service, of course)
14:57:00Lynx_amiconn: yes, i have to tunnel it because of firewall restrictions
14:57:05MooMaunderYeah, I either get an error msg or sometime it won't even connect at all
14:57:30[IDC]DragonI'd need an http interface to use it from work
14:57:33Lynx_amiconn: Hmm, now i remember there was even a way to change the listening port on the server though, i have not tried that yet
14:57:55MooMaunderI tunnel as I like the extra layer of protection that the SSH login gives me, instead of having a raw VNC or RDP on the internet
14:58:01Lynx_[IDC]Dragon: the vnc's provide one... at least real does
14:58:49amiconnYes, you can change the port (default: 3389) both on the client (very easy, just add :<port> after the server name) and on the server (requires changing a registry key)
14:59:45MooMaunder[IDC]Dragon: you could try ssl explorer...
14:59:54 Quit R3nTiL ()
14:59:56Lynx_amiconn: but the network admins here probably would not be to happy to find rdp on the only port they dare to open ;)
15:00:43MooMaunderLynx_ that last msg was actually meant for you... oh the shame of it!!
15:01:22Lynx_MooMaunder: thx, but currently i'm happy with rdp
15:02:09MooMaunderI meant for SSL tunneling of your rdp
15:02:44Lynx_i read an article in one of the latest c't magazines about a remote desktop software that supposedly allows mulitple users to login to one xp prof machine (!) but forgot to check it out.
15:02:51amiconnMooMaunder: With VNC, I'd rather use an additional encryption layer, because VNC itself does not encrypt. That's not necessary with RDP
15:02:59Lynx_MooMaunder: i tunnel it through ssh
15:05:22MooMaunderSo do I, but a couple of my colleagues use the SSL explorer... I suupose it just allows connections from companys only allowing http and https
15:06:43 Join ripnetuk [0] (
15:06:57 Quit silencer (Nick collision from services.)
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15:07:06 Quit silencer (Nick collision from services.)
15:11:59 Join silencer_ [0] (
15:14:22 Quit midk ("Leaving")
15:21:58 Join midk [0] (
15:24:56amiconnLynx_: (file transfer) RDP does also allow to map the client's drives to the server
15:30:26Lynx_amiconn: ah, how does that work?
15:32:59Lynx_amiconn: found it, thx for the tip
15:33:12ripnetukhave you tried nx? its a x-windows compressor, which makes X /almost/ as fast as rdp
15:38:44[IDC]Dragonwhat happened to yesterday's IRC log? IE shows the text without line breaks
15:39:47LinusNperhaps there were some foreign characters in it, and IE decided that it isn't a text file?
15:40:17[IDC]Dragoninteresting behaviour
15:40:29LinusNmozilla has a similar approach
15:40:42Lynx_[IDC]Dragon: you really don't have an ideal working enviroment, only http, ie as a browser...;)
15:40:51[IDC]DragonI'm not into web technology, but doesn't it come with a mime type or such?
15:40:57LinusNit's because too many web servers say it's text when it isn't
15:41:11LinusN(mime type)
15:41:49LinusN(or rather content type)
15:42:40LinusNtime to go
15:42:46 Part LinusN
15:44:56[IDC]DragonLynx_: cripplenet, yes
15:45:21[IDC]Dragonthe most annoying is the blocked SSH port
15:45:40Lynx_does ssh not work over port 80 somehow?
15:46:07[IDC]Dragonwith special configured counterpart perhaps
15:46:53Lynx_hmm, i guess you would have to be able to control the server
15:47:14ripnetukor another server that can forward port 80 to the ssh server port 22
15:47:47Lynx_ripnetuk: hmm, and because it's encrypted you would not even have to trust the forwarding server, i guess
15:48:01ripnetuki would guess the same
15:48:54ripnetukof course, your work (or whereever) must allow direct connections out to port 80, and not be going via a proxy server
15:49:38Lynx_ripnetuk: unless you can use the inhouse proxy to do the tunneling...
15:50:08ripnetuki guess
15:51:51 Join kurzhaarrocker [0] (
15:52:31[IDC]Dragonno, I'm not messing around with such, to avoid "company jail"
15:53:23Lynx_[IDC]Dragon: good reason ;)
15:59:05 Join c0g0 [0] (~keranamu@
15:59:19c0g0hey now i have one more question for this channel :D
16:00:07c0g0i wonder what kind of codecs are in mpeg4 eima adpcm ?
16:00:14c0g0is that like mpeg4 sp?
16:00:19*kurzhaarrocker shrugs
16:00:21 Quit ripnetuk (Remote closed the connection)
16:00:28c0g0hehe k...
16:00:51c0g0cause its on the specs on the datex pavio
16:01:05c0g0if anyone knows please let me know :D
16:01:19Lynx_c0g0: no idea...try #xvid
16:04:57c0g0thx ;D
16:07:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:13:47dwihnoyay for proxies!
16:13:49dwihnoand tunnels
16:32:18 Part Zagor
16:51:15Lynx_dwihno: yay for open proxies in taiwan ;)
16:51:41 Quit c0g0 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:51:56 Quit kurzhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:52:22dwihnoLynx: hehu
16:52:58 Join c0g0 [0] (~keranamu@
17:04:11 Quit c0g0 ()
17:09:03 Join oxygen77 [0] (
17:20:50 Join mecraw__ [0] (~lmarlow@
17:41:12 Join Spida_ [0] (
17:41:40 Join jyp [0] (
17:46:36 Join webguest18 [0] (
17:46:42webguest18Hi there!
17:47:19webguest18is the rockbox firmware compatible with the Archos Jukebox Multimedia 20?
17:48:09webguest18anyone there? ;)
17:50:20webguest18please help me!
17:52:43oxygen77I don't think it is
17:52:52 Quit Spida (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:53:00oxygen77as it is not stated in the rockboxx website
17:53:29webguest18and is it right that it only has usb1.1 ?
17:53:48oxygen77in linav project we are currently on porting it to the jbm
17:54:08oxygen77yes, usb1
17:54:40webguest18have the sollution ;)
17:55:08webguest18found on the archos webpage the Jukebox Recorder 20
17:55:19webguest18for only 200%u20AC ;)
17:55:25webguest18200 Euro..
17:55:38webguest18it supports the rockbox firmware right?
17:55:55 Join preglow [0] (
17:56:22oxygen77200 euro is a bit high no?
17:56:36webguest18is it?
17:56:52[IDC]Dragonnot really
17:56:53webguest18what is the normal price?
17:56:59oxygen77you can find jbm at this price
17:57:08[IDC]Dragonconsidering it's a collectors' item meanwhile
17:57:30webguest18whats jbm?
17:58:00oxygen77 Jukebox Multimedia
17:58:03webguest18have the creative jukebox with 6GB and searching for a new player..
17:58:17webguest18have you got a link?
17:58:27oxygen77ebay ?
17:58:51webguest18and how much do you pay for it? i understand ;)
17:59:23webguest18it was the device a first was talking about!
17:59:31webguest18its shit...
17:59:42oxygen77what? the device?
17:59:43webguest18only usb1.1 and doesnt support rockbox
17:59:56webguest18yes ;)
18:00:05oxygen77is the recorder usb2 ?
18:00:51webguest18i think 200 Euro for a new device is the best price i can get
18:03:21webguest18do you now how long i can use the batteries?
18:03:27webguest18with the Jukebox Recorder 20
18:04:00[IDC]DragonHuygens has apparently landed
18:04:12[IDC]Dragonthe ESA site is overloaded
18:05:04Lynx_loads fast for me
18:07:32[IDC]Dragonthen it may be a bad link
18:07:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:07:56[IDC]DragonI get an error page instead of the front article
18:08:18Lynx_i am here:
18:08:21[IDC]DragonEurope reaches new frontier %u2013 Huygens lands on Titan Full story ->
18:08:49[IDC]Dragonah, there it works
18:09:08[IDC]Dragonyou got a better mirror redirects to
18:11:36 Quit webguest18 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
18:11:36Lynx_7 year journey, quite some time...
18:12:49[IDC]Dragonthe text reads a bit raw, with notes to the publisher
18:14:24[IDC]Dragonhmm, no mention yet about what they found
18:14:45[IDC]Dragonjust confirming that it properly got there
18:20:10Lynx_pics are for later ;)
18:20:21 Part Lynx_
18:28:39 Join gromit`` [0] (~gromit`
18:28:39 Quit gromit` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:28:54 Join TexJoachim [0] (
18:44:58dcranam I reading correctly??? Did LinusN actually get the bootloader working? However with a green backlight?
18:45:11dcranon the H120?
18:45:50[IDC]Dragonno, that was a RecV1 operation
18:48:09preglowyou nearly made me swallow my tongue, here
18:48:16 Part oxygen77 ("Cho")
18:48:51dcranheh I know,
18:49:46dcranits almost sad that we are waited with baited breath in an IRC channel for a bootloader for an mp3 player
18:50:17[IDC]DragonI don't ;-)
18:50:50preglowhell no, this'll be the bootloader of the century
18:51:03preglowthere will be celebrations in the streets
18:51:44dcranthink it will have any similarities to the falling of the berlin wall?
18:52:57preglowthere will be obvious similarities
18:53:17dcranlots of drunk germans??? ;)
18:53:33preglowlet's hope so
19:16:40 Join P3Animal [0] (
19:17:02 Join Tang [0] (
19:17:12TangHello :)
19:34:59 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("CGI:IRC")
19:37:38TangHi preglow
19:52:17 Quit P3Animal ("Peace & Protection 4.22")
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20:12:05 Quit Tang ("Chatzilla 0.9.66 [Mozilla rv:1.7.5/20041108]")
20:17:04 Quit einhirn_ ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
20:19:38 Join Bagder_ [0] (
20:26:54 Join Stryke` [0] (
20:28:36 Quit void_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:36:59 Quit Bagder (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:42:15 Join Yokalosh [0] (
20:43:29YokaloshHi, Amiconn you know alot about RVF
20:43:42YokaloshYou can't help me with a question can you?
20:44:29amiconnI can try...
20:47:20 Join einhirn [0] (
20:48:00YokaloshWell, is there supposed to be a flashyness to my videos?
20:49:28amiconnWhat do you mean?
20:49:52amiconnThe video playback does look a bit grainy, especially if the unit gets warm.
20:49:59YokaloshWhen i am watching the videos they pixelate sometimes seemingly flashing
20:50:21YokaloshSo mainly when it is charging?
20:51:06 Join Zagor [242] (
20:51:21YokaloshSecondly why is there a weird line that runs up and down the screen when veiwing pictures and videos
20:51:22amiconnYokalosh: yes.
20:52:16amiconnThis line is caused by the interference of the internal refresh rate of the lcd and the frame rate.
20:52:38YokaloshOk, anyway to solve this?
20:52:56amiconnUnfortunately, it is not possible to synchronize the frame transfer to the internal refresh rate, and the latter is temperature dependent.
20:53:18YokaloshOk, thanks
20:53:20amiconnSo it's unavoidable, unfortunately.
20:53:47YokaloshAnd just a totally random question cause you seem like you might know, how do i use cPanel?
20:55:28amiconnWhat is cPanel?
20:57:50YokaloshIts the er thing on the net used for making sites
21:00:17YokaloshDon't worry about it if you don't know what i mean
21:01:40 Quit jyp ("Leaving")
21:15:03 Quit mecraw__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:15:26 Join mecraw__ [0] (~lmarlow@
21:15:27crash_maybe try mambo if cpanel is too complicated
21:20:08YokaloshBut i have space on this server somewhere and the site i have to upload from uses cPanel
21:24:12YokaloshI will need to learn it someday cos freewebs is rubbish
21:36:15 Join CheekyChops [0] (
21:45:21 Nick Spida_ is now known as Spida (
21:54:01 Quit Yokalosh ("CGI:IRC")
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22:08:14 Nick Bagder_ is now known as Bagder (
22:08:58 Quit CheekyChops (Remote closed the connection)
22:33:31 Quit CpuMan2001 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:59:29 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
23:11:50 Quit [IDC]Dragon (" The IRC Client of the Gods! -> <- HydraIRC")
23:18:20 Quit TexJoachim ("Bye!")
23:58:06 Quit dcran ("dcran has no reason")
23:58:45 Quit Stryke` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))

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