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#rockbox log for 2005-01-19

00:00:27amiconnThis produces a looong list of output that looks like mentioning every file in the repo
00:00:36Bagderits horrible
00:01:00Bagderthe diff was easier to read
00:02:32amiconn[IDC]Dragon: The only differences between 2.4 and the build I put in my old player flash package are irrelevant for players, so I can use 2.4
00:03:29[IDC]Dragonah, ok, and what was your concern?
00:04:10amiconnMaybe something had changed which was important to make it work. Fortunately not.
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00:05:36amiconn2.4 looks like it was built 2004-12-21. At least the file date says so.
00:06:08Zagoryes it was
00:07:11[IDC]Dragonamiconn: will you send me that dump?
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00:07:47amiconnYes of course. I just wanted to build the _norom firmware first, to include that.
00:08:05[IDC]Dragonah, ok
00:08:20quelsarukamiconn: i forgot to use spanish voice.. so i have a strange spanish with english accent
00:08:39quelsaruki'll try to repair that right now
00:09:47amiconnFirmwares rebuilt (both ordinary and _norom), going to flash ordinary version for a test...
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00:12:07[IDC]Dragonyou've put my "platform ID" in your template, right?
00:12:30amiconnYes. platform_id == 2, bootloader_version == 1
00:14:46[IDC]Dragonthe _norom doesn't need a "real" template
00:14:56[IDC]Dragonnothing in there anyway
00:15:35[IDC]Dragonbut I kept the little content, just to play safe
00:16:19amiconnMail sent.
00:17:10[IDC]Dragongot it, thanks
00:18:31jypI'm editing with instructions for calmrisc
00:19:41amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I have a fresh player flash package here. I'd prefer to distribute this one, because it also contains 2.4 instead of cvs in the ordinary firmware.
00:20:20amiconnI also rebuilt the bootloader (newer gcc) for the ordinary variant
00:21:08Zagorbed time. see you all tomorrow.
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00:23:10[IDC]Dragonamiconn: we can do that together with _norom then
00:23:40[IDC]Dragonor what do you mean?
00:23:41amiconnYEs, that's what I meant. The zip already contains both.
00:24:19[IDC]DragonI'm trying to do my own right now, to countercheck
00:26:17amiconnThe bootloader will only be identical when you use the same gcc version as me (3.3.5)
00:27:14amiconnBtw: The make_firmware help says that one has to use a scrambled bootloader. This is not true for _norom...
00:27:39[IDC]Dragonoutdated, yes
00:32:41quelsarukamiconn: how can i find out the L&H TTS3000 spanish voice name?
00:33:24amiconnYou really want to use a TTS3000 voice? I tried a German TTS3000 voice, it sounds awful...
00:33:43quelsaruki can't find another spanish sapi file
00:33:52quelsarukseems that AT&T has one
00:33:54amiconnThe TTS3000 voices seem to have simple names, the German one is called "Anna"
00:34:04quelsarukdon't know how to download it
00:34:16quelsarukwhere did you find your german voice?
00:34:53[IDC]Dragonamiconn: have you used rombox for these?
00:36:13amiconnquelsaruk: Which german voice do you mean? If you mean the AT&T voices I am using for the voice files: I bought them.
00:36:32quelsarukbought them...
00:36:45quelsarukwhat an interesting point of view
00:36:58amiconnUnfortunately AT&T doesn't have european spansih, only latin american spanish.
00:37:03*jyp thinks... you should have sampled some Rammstein
00:37:14 Quit midk ("Leaving")
00:37:27quelsarukthen, i don't want to use those AT&T voices :/
00:41:21quelsaruki don't like "Rosa", the latin american voice
00:41:37quelsaruk(AT&T voice)
00:42:35quelsarukanyway amiconn, where was that TTS3000 voice? to find out her name
00:43:15amiconnScanSoft Realspeak is interesting: . Many languages...
00:46:08amiconnquelsaruk: Did you already install it?
00:47:56quelsarukscansoft voice was nice.. portuguese is even better than spanish (i could understand it better)
00:50:21amiconnI put together a little VBScript that lists all installed SAPI5 voices
00:56:15amiconnLook at
00:57:03quelsaruki didn't notice that
00:57:57amiconnI just added it. No worry :)
00:58:14quelsarukgreat... this says i only have those 3 english voices
00:58:24quelsarukmaybe what i have are sapi4 spanish voices
00:58:31amiconnArgl.... TTS3000 is SAPI4 :(
00:58:40 Quit edx ()
00:58:43[IDC]Dragonamiconn: my _norom build is identical
00:58:45amiconnThen building the voice will take a while
00:59:01quelsaruki'm trying to get a sapi5 voice
00:59:11amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Already tried with your simulator?
00:59:15quelsaruki don't know if i'll be able to
00:59:21[IDC]Dragonno, not today any more
00:59:53[IDC]Dragontook me a while to compile on the notebook, never used the dev environment there yet
01:02:47amiconnquelsaruk: I have similar code for listing SAPI4 voices. There'll soon be another script :)
01:07:19amiconnNow look again at
01:08:06amiconnThe SAPI4 voices are a bit cumbersome.
01:08:38 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
01:08:55amiconnThere are 2 name-like fields, "ModeName" and "Speaker". For most voices, only one of the fields is really descriptive, the other contains a generic name.
01:09:36quelsarukamiconn: error
01:09:38amiconnJust use the name that is more descriptive
01:09:58amiconn?? What error?
01:11:46quelsarukline 2, char 1 −−-> error (i don't know how to translate this... but says something about ActiveVoice.activeVoice.. something like can't locate or something like that :/
01:12:41amiconnAh. I have an idea what might be going on...
01:14:59amiconnTry the updated version.
01:15:29amiconnIf this also doesn't work, it is likely that voice file generation won't work either.
01:15:51amiconnIf this is the case, you'll probably need to install the SAPI4 SDK.
01:16:01quelsaruknow it's line 8, char 5.. cant find again the activevoice.activevoice.1
01:16:43amiconnThat means you don't have either ActiveX control that is needed for SAPI4 scripting.
01:17:09quelsarukas i have installed this
01:17:14quelsarukif it says so..
01:17:22quelsarukis quite late
01:17:30quelsarukmaybe tomorrow i can think a bit better
01:17:32amiconnYou have the SAPI *4* sdk installed?
01:17:35quelsarukand thanks
01:17:48amiconnAnyway, nite!
01:18:02quelsarukamiconn: i thinki installed when i made the "folder and file" voice
01:18:38amiconnYou can't have used the TTS voice for files & folders.
01:18:58amiconnThe files & folders voice script doesn't support SAPI4, it uses SAPI5 *
01:19:46amiconnThe SAPI5 SDK doesn't include SAPI4 support; SAPI4 and SAPI5 are entirely different.
01:21:44quelsarukyes, but i installed a lot of things
01:22:02quelsaruki installed TT
01:22:10quelsarukTTS3000 then
01:22:36quelsarukand i think i installed or at least tried to install SAPI4
01:22:40quelsarukcan't remember
01:22:42amiconnYes. However, it looks like TTS3000 doesn't include the necessary ActiveX controls.
01:23:22amiconnSAPI4 SDK is huge (but not as huge as SAPI5 SDK) - about 40 MB. And it is rather hard to find nowadays....
01:23:47amiconnThere is also a runtime distribution, which is small, but maybe not sufficient.
01:24:12quelsaruki'll try to get a sapi5 voice
01:24:22quelsaruki really like loquendo spanish voices
01:26:00quelsarukgood night
01:26:10 Part jyp ("zoom!")
01:26:51 Part quelsaruk ("Ooh, look, a shiny object...")
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08:55:18LinusNmajor iriver fraud alert on ebay...
08:57:18LinusNsome chinese guy has put up 16 H140's with the same explanation about having to sell his 140 because his car stereo only connects to an ipod
08:58:09ashridah... how is that even possible?
08:59:55LinusNgood question
09:00:04LinusNhe has put up a load of 120's too
09:03:04 Join Zagor [242] (
09:03:06 Join einhirn [0] (
09:42:15Spidahow is the iriver port of rockbox going? will it work on both ihp 140 and h340?
09:42:34Zagorwe're focusing on the h100 series first
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10:29:37Bagdergood day
10:30:58 Join quelsaruk [0] (~kvirc@
10:40:10Zagor?Do not allow children to play in the dishwasher.?
10:40:30dwihnoBut I wanna! :(
10:40:36Zagor?Never use hair dryer while sleeping?
10:40:48Bagderdwihno: you are allowed, you're not a child anymore
10:41:00dwihnoBagder: I'm the child of my mother
10:41:02Zagorwacky warning labels −−>
10:41:08dwihnoBagder: so perhaps I can't play in her dishwasher
10:41:26Bagderyou have to get your own
10:43:45dwihno"Do not eat toner"
10:49:28 Join Nibbler [0] (
10:53:12Bagdertr -d '\015' < language.h > language2.h
10:53:30Bagderuseful little line
10:53:48 Join amiconn_ [0] (
10:54:22*quelsaruk is happy now
10:54:35quelsaruki think i'm even gonna cry
10:55:00Bagderdoes it speak spanish?
10:55:27quelsarukspanish? does that exist?
10:55:46quelsaruki made my first commit after more than one year
10:55:54Bagderah, that
10:56:13quelsarukthanks :)
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11:09:07Zagori'm still puzzled why the activestate perl produces wrong databases
11:09:50Bagderif you use the same input and two perls, can't you see what byte(s) that differ?
11:10:25Zagoryes, it was the third field of the header last time i checked
11:11:27Bagdersongdb doesn't binmode
11:11:36Bagdercan that be the reason?
11:11:59Zagorahh, it probably is
11:12:15Zagoramazing that old crap still lives in windows
11:12:44Bagderand it always hits you over the fingers
11:13:01LinusNi'm amazed that we keep stumbling on that binmode crap, and never learn :-)
11:13:43Bagderwe're getting too old
11:13:52Bagdermaybe we should be taken outside and shot?
11:14:26Zagormaybe we should stop meddling with inferior systems :)
11:14:50Bagdermaybe we should patch those systems to do right? :-P
11:15:26LinusNsend a patch to microsoft
11:16:11Bagderyes, I'll just checkout the latest from cvs first
11:16:54Bagdercvs -d co windows
11:19:27 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
11:21:05 Join edx [0] (
11:26:55dwihnoVisual SourceSafe!!! :)
11:27:02dwihnoOr whatever their product is named
11:27:17dwihnoThe question is, how do they keep track of that product? :)
11:29:00[IDC]Dragonamiconn: r u there?
11:29:03Bagdermicrosoft doesn't use sourcesafe
11:29:21Bagderit isn't safe
11:29:28Bagderand that's not a joke
11:30:10[IDC]Dragonat least it behaves better than ClearCase here
11:30:47[IDC]Dragonbut it's only suitable for local projects
11:30:55Bagderbut if you google for 5 mins, you'll find hundreds of shocking stories about sourcesafe
11:31:11Bagderplus the fact that MS themselves don't use it
11:31:33[IDC]Dragonthey perhaps don't use it because it's not powerful enough
11:31:45LinusNlike clearcase
11:31:54Bagderit is a wellknown fact that sourcesafe repositories break every now and then
11:31:54[IDC]Dragonno sophisticated branching, multisite, etc.
11:32:23quelsarukBagder: uplang should not have a line like >> print "voice: ".$all{$id, 'voice'}."\n"; in the *output new phares not translated* ???
11:32:36[IDC]Dragonyou have to sortof "checkdisk" them
11:32:43amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I am here (sort of)
11:32:44BagderMS use some perforce
11:32:54Bagderdeveloped for them
11:33:02[IDC]Dragonamiconn: I traced the player image, seems OK
11:33:24Bagderquelsaruk: why not?
11:33:43quelsarukBagder: i say it should, or at least i wanted to say that...
11:33:50quelsarukright now, that doesn't exist
11:34:02Bagderif that fixes a problem, go ahead
11:34:12[IDC]Dragonamiconn: I've checked it both decompressing image 1 and going there, plus executing image 2 (rombox)
11:34:45amiconn[IDC]Dragon: So I'll put up the zip to my webspace now.
11:35:01[IDC]DragonI'm fine with it, yes
11:35:37[IDC]Dragonbut still, ask somebody if he wants to volunteer and tell results asap
11:37:18[IDC]DragonLinusN probably didn't mod his player yet?
11:38:11LinusNi did the uart mod last night, but then my kids woke up... :-(
11:39:00quelsarukand Bagder, there's a problem with uplang checking voice lines :/ it changes all voices to default (english)
11:39:18Bagderthat's bad
11:40:15[IDC]Dragonmust be a noisy uart mod... ;-)
11:42:20[IDC]Dragondid you exchange the chip?
11:42:45LinusNno, i want to make sure theu boot mod works before i do that
11:42:57[IDC]Dragonyes, fair
11:45:27*LinusN has a nice soldering tip that heats an entire row of pins at once
11:45:38LinusNsoldering the flash is a breeze
11:45:55[IDC]DragonI have such a tip as well
11:46:14[IDC]Dragontwo, in fact, it's a tweezer
11:46:26[IDC]Dragonwell, my company has it
11:46:51[IDC]DragonI use that only for soldering it out
11:46:55amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Flash package updated in webspace.
11:47:10[IDC]DragonI'll update mine, too
11:47:31[IDC]Dragonprobably the other .bin is identical, too
11:48:52[IDC]DragonLinusN: a breeze? last time you had a short or so
11:50:05LinusNyes, it is not that well suited for soldering, mainly unsoldering
11:50:24LinusNpincett på svenska
11:50:29dwihnoah, ok
11:50:36quelsarukBagder: don't you think that uplang should only update the voice line when changes from "" to "some text here"? So it doesn't change translated voice lines...
11:50:39LinusN(eller snarare franska)
11:50:40dwihnomy engrish not guud
11:51:00LinusNlunch time
11:51:14Bagderquelsaruk: uplang is probably lacking in the voice department in general
11:51:18Bagdersince it was added later on
11:53:12amiconnI think uplang should replace the voice: entry with english only if the eng: entry changed.
11:53:31[IDC]Dragonthere are some caveats with the voice entries
11:53:58[IDC]Dragonto properly deal with only the truly spoken entries, and voice-only entries
11:59:43quelsarukhave to go.. bbl
12:01:03 Nick quelsaruk is now known as Quel|away (~kvirc@
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13:02:22Zagornow makedb.bat works
13:04:25LinusNalready? :-)
13:04:50Zagorthe path problem was due to double slashes. windows can't handle that.
13:12:00ashridahas i say, check the docs for libc, there's rather a lot of them
13:12:04ashridahwrong channel
13:30:43Zagor[IDC]Dragon: how much of your "virtual directory entry" code for the mmc folder is ready? i need to add virtual entries to the id3 browser, and it would be good if we handle it with the same/similar code
13:43:33Lynx_Zagor: is the db stuff already usable in the current daily build?
13:43:53[IDC]DragonZagor: it is ready
13:44:21ZagorLynx_: you can play around with it, but you can't play music with it yet
13:44:50Lynx_Zagor: good enough for now, i'll try it :)
13:45:08Zagor[IDC]Dragon: but it's not committed, is it?
13:45:15[IDC]Dragonit is
13:45:21Zagoroh. where do I look?
13:45:24[IDC]Dragonsince quite a while
13:45:41[IDC]Dragonin dir.c, opendir() or so
13:46:02[IDC]Dragonwhat do you want to "virtualize"?
13:46:08Zagorah, naturally. well then can't do it the same way
13:46:39Zagori need to create a top folder containing folders "Artists", "Albums", "Songs" etc
13:46:55Zagoras per the tree in wiki:TagDatabase
13:46:58[IDC]Dragonjust for the tree browser, I guess
13:47:18[IDC]Dragonok, mine is lower
13:47:40[IDC]Dragonbut only very little code
13:48:25[IDC]Dragonin opendir() and readdir()
13:48:31Zagoryeah I see it
13:50:37Lynx_Zagor: hmm, why does the batch file work under windows now? Isn't it still just / as a path?
13:52:53 Nick Quel|away is now known as quelsaruk (~kvirc@
14:00:22[IDC]DragonZagor: Jens raised the issue on how somebody could create a db for the multivolumed Ondio
14:00:54[IDC]Dragonnot that would be very large...
14:01:06[IDC]Dragon... on a flash player
14:02:19[IDC]Dragonit would require 2 script runs into a joined db
14:02:47[IDC]Dragonwith the entries of the 2nd prefixed "/<MMC1>/"
14:08:28amiconnI'm thinking of writing a createdb plugin anyway. This shouldn't run very long on the Ondio...
14:10:10***No seen item changed, no save performed.
14:11:29*quelsaruk fighting with cygwin
14:12:43[IDC]Dragonamiconn: true
14:13:24[IDC]DragonI still walk around with the idea of using the true volume name of the partition
14:14:01[IDC]Dragonin sharp brackets, instead of <MMC1>
14:14:32[IDC]Dragonwith hotswat, a db could even spawn multiple cards
14:14:50[IDC]Dragonhotwap, hehe, not hotsweat
14:15:37[IDC]Dragonyou could be queried to insert card <XYZ> to carry on ;-)
14:17:50amiconnA dbmerge shouldn't be too difficult to write.
14:20:27[IDC]Dragonsomething like joining the content, taking the max. field size of both, re-sorting the tables
14:22:18ZagorLynx_: the / path wasn't the problem. the problem was the script tried to open doubleslashed paths sometimes
14:22:20amiconnyup. Not too different from db creation
14:22:33Zagordbmerge should be fairly easy, yes
14:23:24Zagori also plan to write an −−addnew option to, which only scans for added/removed files
14:24:23Lynx_Zagor: ah, my mistake then...
14:24:58Lynx_Zagor: won't scanning for added/removed files take as long as rebuilding the db?
14:25:20Zagorno, since we don't need to open and read all existing files.
14:25:37Zagorwe only read the dir and check that they exist in the database
14:25:44Lynx_Zagor: Ah, of course, forgot the id3 thing ;)
14:25:44[IDC]Dragonwhy not use −−addnew all the time then?
14:26:13Zagor[IDC]Dragon: good point
14:26:17 Join preglow [0] (
14:26:18Lynx_[IDC]Dragon: what if only the id3 tags changed? i do that all the time...
14:26:31Lynx_or does it check for file sizes?
14:26:51Lynx_if changing the tag alters the mp3 file size in the first place
14:27:06Zagornot necessarily
14:27:08[IDC]Dragonwell, then rather a −−forcerefresh option
14:27:33preglowwhat is portalplayer? :V
14:27:48[IDC]Dragonwhich is the same as deleting the db file first...
14:28:06Zagorpreglow: a cpu/microcontroller used in the ipod, rio karma and iriver h10.
14:28:38preglowyes, i saw some post linus made on misticriver mentioning that
14:28:55preglowi like the coldfire, heh
14:29:18dwihnoSeems like the H10 is going to have countless limits
14:29:36dwihnoOnly ipod-like people will buy it (that is, only people with design in mind)
14:29:56preglowthe windows only limitation is more than enough to make me never look at it
14:30:05preglowseems i got one of irivers last good players with the h120
14:30:19Zagordwihno: i think rather people that don't research before they buy will buy it. sadly, there are many such people.
14:30:23Lynx_Zagor: there is no support for more than one db file, is there? short of renaming them, i mean.
14:30:29ZagorLynx_: no
14:30:53dwihnoZagor: considering the price, people should read up the subject before purchasing
14:30:59Lynx_Zagor: woudn't make much sense anyway, thinking about it
14:32:05 Join R3nTiL [0] (~zorroz@
14:33:58dwihnoI'm actually quite pleased with my ifp-799
14:34:11dwihnoI wouldn't buy it if it didn't have the ums firmware
14:36:53preglowi bought the h120 because it had vorbis support and gapless playback was to be added in a future firmware. i didn't know better than to trust them at the time.
14:40:40amiconnZagor: If the filedate would be stored in the db, a tag-only change could be detected as well without opening the file
14:41:41Zagoryes, that might be a good idea
14:50:58 Join elinenbe [0] (~elinenbe_@
14:51:13elinenbeIt looks like the neuros is finally open source and up and running...
14:54:42Zagorit's been like that for a while now. but they still have closed-source compiler and libraries
14:55:22Zagorthough it's definitely progressing in a good direction
14:55:26LinusNand each developer can only be active for 90 days, unless they shell out a ton of cash for the compiler :-)
14:55:58LinusNstill, it's cool that they are gaining momentum in the development
14:56:40preglowwhat cpu does it use?
14:57:03LinusNa TI DSP
14:57:21ZagorTI TMS320C54xx fixed point DSP
14:57:22preglowpretty much explains it
14:58:57elinenbethus they need the TI compiler
14:59:16elinenbeat least it
14:59:20elinenbeis coming along.
15:01:28elinenbesorry for the random mess. I am putting a new keyboard in here... the enter button is nearly stuck down. maybe I shouldn't eat cotton candy dipped in honey when I am at work!
15:08:59 Quit R3nTiL ()
15:09:08 Join kurzhaarrocker [0] (~knoppix@
15:09:42elinenbeI like langhaarrocker better!
15:10:26kurzhaarrockerI prefered that nick too, but it isn't true any more.
15:11:13*kurzhaarrocker needs new earphones
15:12:41kurzhaarrockerdoes anybody here know whether there are _that_ legendary koss earphones?
15:13:42kurzhaarrockergenerally people seem to think highly of koss earphones. But they make many models.
15:14:45 Quit elinenbe (" WOW! This IRC Client ownz! HydraIRC -> <-")
15:16:23Lynx_kurzhaarrocker: their 'porta pro' model is frequently mentioned
15:16:50*kurzhaarrocker looks
15:17:14LinusNi just love my EX70's
15:17:17kurzhaarrockerThat's real headphones, not hearphones
15:17:47kurzhaarrockerThe EX70 are fine for train journeys but I hate them while walking
15:18:24 Quit Ka_ (
15:18:24 Quit hgb (
15:18:57NJoinKa_ [0] (
15:18:57NJoinhgb [0] (
15:18:57kurzhaarrockerstrange. I thought it was Zagor who was in awe of the EX70.
15:20:21crash_i bought some ex-51s and love them too
15:20:54 Quit MooMaunder ()
15:20:55crash_but must change them to ex-71s cause they have are built up with smoother plastics than the ex-51s
15:21:28Zagorkurzhaarrocker: yeah i like them
15:22:09Zagorbut I can understand why you don't like them while walking. all sealed earphones give that effect.
15:22:25Zagori don't walk much ;)
15:22:35kurzhaarrockerAnd the wires are so thin they whistle in the wind
15:22:36preglowwhat effect?
15:22:44Zagorsort of a thump for each step
15:23:09kurzhaarrockerlike walking around when you have your fingers plugged into your ears.
15:23:10Zagorkurzhaarrocker: oh, i've never noticed that. and I use them a lot on my bike.
15:23:11preglowi haven't noticed it, but i've never owned koss earphones either
15:23:12LinusNand the scraping sound of the clothes against the wire sort of travels into the phones
15:23:26preglowLinusN: that is annoying, though
15:23:26Zagorpreglow: we're talking about sony here :)
15:23:46kurzhaarrockerLinusN for that effect I found something worse: Sony E931
15:23:53LinusNbut i like that they are sealed
15:24:08kurzhaarrockerThey coated the wires with cloth - a hell of rubbing sounds
15:24:19LinusNremoves lots of ambient noise on the subway etc
15:24:34LinusNcloth, good idea :-)
15:24:35preglowyes, i can't stand open earphones
15:24:45preglowif i can hear the bus as it drives past me, something is wrong
15:25:21kurzhaarrockerpreglow: volume to low? :)
15:25:32preglowkurzhaarrocker: i can assure you that's not a problem
15:28:31BagderRockbox on archos plays a lot louder than my iriver
15:28:38Bagderspeaking of volume
15:30:02 Quit hgb (
15:30:02 Quit Ka_ (
15:30:10 Quit ashridah ("sleep")
15:30:50NJoinhgb [0] (
15:31:22NJoinKa_ [0] (
15:33:25 Join ripnetuk [0] (
15:33:26*kurzhaarrocker still doesn't know why all those electronic toys don't have simple potis as volume dials
15:34:14preglowkurzhaarrocker: size
15:34:24preglowand probably durability
15:34:42preglowBagder: why is that?
15:34:59kurzhaarrockerpah! Up & down buttons use the same space and wear off just the same.
15:35:06Bagderpreglow: probably just a sw issue
15:35:25Bagderthe original Archos firmware was a lot weaker too
15:35:25preglowkurzhaarrocker: no, a pot will almost certainly wear faster
15:35:51 Quit Ka_ (
15:36:11LinusNplus i can imagine that the analog amplifier gets more complicated
15:36:43NJoinKa_ [0] (
15:36:49 Join webguest97 [0] (
15:36:54preglowyes, unless the pot is used passively, ofcourse, in which case power will be wasted
15:37:23 Join methangas [0] (
15:37:55webguest97what ist the difference between firmware_rec.bin and firmware_rec_norom.bin?`
15:38:04webguest97or what is better? ;)
15:38:43 Join wake [0] (
15:39:00webguest97anyone an idea?
15:39:16LinusNit depends on your boot ROM
15:39:30webguest97i have the archos recorder 20
15:39:41LinusNif the debug menu shows a checksum, then you should use the regular one
15:40:02LinusNif it doesn't show a checksum, you should use the _norom
15:40:23webguest97what point is it in the debug menu?
15:40:34LinusNview hw info iirc
15:41:25LinusNjust copy both .bin files to your archos, the firmware flash plugin will select the appropriate one
15:41:26webguest97and where is now the checksum?
15:41:36webguest97have both there
15:41:48webguest97but the firmware programm cant flash it
15:42:11LinusNwhat does it say?
15:42:21webguest97impossible to programm
15:42:36webguest97m=?? d=??
15:42:37LinusNthen you might not have a programmable flash chip
15:42:47LinusNthere you go, you can't flash it, sorry
15:43:12webguest97buts its the recorder edition
15:43:18LinusNyou have to replace the flash chip
15:43:27preglowa non-programmable flash chip? isn't that an oxymoron? ;)
15:43:34LinusNnot all recorders have programmable flash chips
15:43:50kurzhaarrockerwebguest97: maybe later
15:43:50LinusNwell, they are programmable, but not in-place
15:43:51preglowdoesn't that make it a rom and not a flash?
15:44:02 Quit Ka_ (
15:44:18LinusNthey can be replaced, but it is not trivial
15:44:29webguest97heared that only the studio edition cant be flashed
15:44:37LinusNthey can
15:44:51LinusNthere are a few studios out there with the proper chips
15:45:53webguest97isnt it possible to write a new flashprogram?
15:45:54LinusNaccording to our documentation, "chances are about 85% (recorders) that you have [the correct flash chip]"
15:46:04NJoinKa_ [0] (
15:46:04webguest97for the recorder..
15:46:15LinusNwebguest97: no, the chips aren't made to be in-place programmable
15:46:25webguest97oh no
15:46:33LinusNa cheaper version
15:46:45webguest97what advantage does it have to have it in a flash?
15:46:54webguest97know only about boottime..
15:47:00LinusNyou can reprogram the flash chips in stock
15:47:13LinusNah, yes, faster boot time
15:47:24Lynx_how much should the EX70 cost?
15:47:27webguest97and nothing more?
15:47:32LinusNand even more mp3 buffer, if you run the code from flash (rombox)
15:47:50preglowdoesn't running code from flash impair execution speed quite a bit?
15:48:11LinusNnot that much, the flash is fast
15:48:17amiconnpreglow: Not much, something like 10% overall
15:48:21preglowahh, not more
15:48:24LinusNand the dram is pretty slow
15:48:54[IDC]Dragont 16 bit, vs. the flash is 8 bit
15:49:03preglowdo you know what the irivers run the code from?
15:49:12LinusNpreglow: sdram
15:49:29preglowso the entire flash is copied to sdram?
15:49:33quelsarukkurzhaarrocker: you can also use senheisser mx-550 earphones (i just read the log)
15:49:36LinusNsort of
15:49:40preglowdamn, precious mp3 buffer :/
15:50:02*kurzhaarrocker takes down a note, thx quelsaruk
15:50:10[IDC]Dragonpreglow: the crucial code runs from IRAM
15:50:20 Join elinenbe [0] (~elinenbe_@
15:50:22preglowhow much iram does the coldfire have?
15:50:28[IDC]Dragonan internal, fast 32 bit memory
15:50:37kurzhaarrockerLynx_ I bought mine ex70 when there were no euro yet...
15:50:54Bagder96 is goodness
15:51:02preglowahh, still not bad by far
15:51:33amiconnquelsaruk: I use Sennheiser MX-400 (predecessors of MX-550).
15:51:34[IDC]Dragonvs. 4 KB on Archos
15:52:00quelsaruki have B&O ones, but bought MX-500 to my brother and really like how they sound :)
15:52:16quelsarukand MX-550 were even better, but out of stock :/
15:52:16Lynx_kurzhaarrocker: are they still available? seem kinda hard to find...
15:52:29*kurzhaarrocker shrugs
15:52:44kurzhaarrockerAs I already own them I haven't searched for them
15:52:54 Part LinusN
15:56:09webguest97why isnt it possible to play wma tracks with the archos recorder 20?
15:56:42Zagorbecause it only supports mp3
15:56:57webguest97what the firmware or the hardware?
15:57:23webguest97isnt it possible to emulate wma?
15:57:42Zagorno. the hardware ONLY supports mp3. we can't even play raw sound data.
15:57:56Bagderand wma is evil anyway
15:58:19webguest97i had the creative jukebox first..
15:58:30quelsarukInquisition will act if wma is being used in rockbox :D
15:58:39webguest97there you could use many soundcodecs after a firmware update
15:59:53webguest97do i have to solder if i want to disable my flashes writeprotectioN?
15:59:58Zagorwebguest97: yes, because it did software decoding. the archos has hardware decoding.
16:02:08 Join Schnueff [0] (~mah@
16:05:21webguest97oh: The only chance then is to solder in the right chip (SST39VF020)
16:06:49 Quit webguest97 ("CGI:IRC")
16:10:12***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:40:55quelsarukamiconn: do you use cygwin?
16:44:14quelsaruki have a strange issue with X11
16:44:56quelsaruki start it, but not "log in"... that is, i can see only a stupid screen, where i can do nothing...
16:45:26quelsaruki was able, before i re-installed O.S. and software :/
16:46:12quelsarukhow do you start it, using X command? startX? or which one?
16:46:33ripnetukquel - have you tried sshing in and exporting DISPLAY to then running xterm or somethign?
16:47:00quelsarukno ripnetuk, haven't tried :)
16:47:22ripnetukdoes it look like x is running, but with no window manager etc? (ie can you move the mouse cursor around)
16:47:36quelsaruki can move the cursor...
16:47:58ripnetuksounds like you are just missing a window manager then
16:48:10quelsarukbut i don't know why...
16:48:18quelsaruki'll try to re-install it again
16:48:25ripnetukususally works :)
16:50:49amiconnquelsaruk: If you get a window resembling an X11 screen with no window manager (dotted background) you should really consider upgrading your cygwin installation
16:51:33quelsarukthat's what i'm doing right now
16:51:35amiconnCurrent cygwin uses xorg-x11, which is way better on cygwin the xfree86, for quite some time now.
16:52:05quelsaruk(btw, i installed cygwin again yesterday... should have xorg-x11)
16:53:24amiconnDid you install from the net? Even if so, you may have used an outdated mirror.
16:54:20quelsarukyes, from net... i use Rediris (spanish network)
16:54:31quelsarukbut usually is up-to-date
16:54:53quelsaruki'm re-installing X, just in case
16:59:49quelsaruki'm getting the same
16:59:57quelsarukreally strange, never happened this
17:00:04quelsarukso i will unistall cygwin
17:00:08quelsarukand re-install...
17:00:30quelsaruki have to build the cross-compiler again :(
17:03:04 Nick Lynx_ is now known as Lynx_awy (HydraIRC@
17:06:25 Nick quelsaruk is now known as Quel|away (~kvirc@
17:10:25 Quit Ka_ (
17:10:40NJoinKa_ [0] (
17:12:17Quel|awayamiconn: which mirror do you use?
17:21:25ripnetukhave u considered colinux as an alternative to cygwin?
17:21:44ripnetukit provides a 'real' linux distro, which runs in a window under Windows
17:24:07amiconnNo. Cygwin runs fine, so no reason to switch.
17:24:34amiconnHowever, I once tried installing Windows services for unix. Horrible...
17:24:46ripnetukhehe never tried that
17:40:26 Join R3nTiL [0] (~zorroz@
17:41:36 Join Spida_ [0] (
17:42:40 Quit ripnetuk ()
17:52:15 Quit Spida (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
17:59:27 Quit R3nTiL ()
17:59:28 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:59:39 Join elinenbe [0] (~elinenbe_@
18:00:55 Quit Schnueff ("leaving")
18:02:51 Part Zagor
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18:11:35 Part kurzhaarrocker
18:46:37 Quit einhirn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:06:21 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("CGI:IRC")
19:42:39Quel|awaynow i know what happened
19:43:07Quel|awaythis new xorg-x11 is really strange
19:43:33amiconnI think it's rather clever, as it integrates X11 into the Windows desktop
19:43:52Quel|awayyou have to run X and then i have to go to Start menu and run there xterm
19:44:05Quel|awaymaybe clever
19:44:13Quel|awaybut i'm not used to this
19:44:31amiconnMostly I use it for running the X11 sim, by typing "startx ./rockboxui.exe"
19:45:11Quel|awayi'll try to learn how to use this..
19:46:18amiconnThe old xfree86 X11 was imho (1) a bit cumbersome, to simulate another desktop within a window.
19:46:45amiconn(2) Running X applications was also sometimes unstable.
19:47:43Quel|awayi don't say it was better, but i was used to that "virtual desktop" in a window
19:47:44amiconnpfaedit crashed numerous times back then. With Xorg-X11 it runs stable (same binary)(
19:53:40 Nick Spida_ is now known as Spida (
20:07:54 Join mecraw_ [0] (~lmarlow@
20:10:03 Join MooMaunder [0] (
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20:18:01amiconnBagder: r u there?
20:34:41 Join Stryke` [0] (
20:34:53 Nick Quel|away is now known as quelsaruk (~kvirc@
21:55:27 Quit Stryke` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:59:15 Join einhirn [0] (
22:00:58 Join bagawk [0] (1001@bagawk.user)
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22:12:52 Quit Qrutpomp (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:13:33 Quit MooMaunder (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:13:37 Quit bagawk (Remote closed the connection)
22:21:31 Join jyp [0] (
22:41:56 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- s0 d4Mn l33t |t'z 5c4rY!")
23:39:28 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
23:40:59amiconnhi again
23:41:14[IDC]Dragonhi there
23:41:31amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Did you update the player flash package on your webspace?
23:41:42[IDC]Dragoni see you already did the language mod
23:41:50[IDC]Dragonflash: yes
23:42:23amiconn(language mod) Actually this was fairly simple (apart from the perl part)
23:42:38[IDC]Dragonyes, I was surprized
23:42:45[IDC]Dragonsounded like more
23:43:21amiconnWell, simply walk the string...
23:44:19amiconnBtw, there are some more standard library functions that could profit from asm optimisation: strlen, strchr, ...
23:45:58amiconnI'm currently building voice files. Unfortunately we do have to split the voice file downloads; one set for release 2.4 and one set for current cvs.
23:46:59[IDC]Dragonbecause of deprecated strings
23:51:00amiconnCrystal is now a bit larger than 1.5 MB. I wonder if I should go down to 12 kHz...
23:57:57 Quit quelsaruk (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))

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