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#rockbox log for 2005-01-20

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00:01:56amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Did you already try the new id3 browse categories? The browse-by-album is rather irritating for albums with multiple artists...
00:02:20[IDC]DragonI tried, yes
00:02:32[IDC]Dragonby album doesn't help me
00:02:54[IDC]Dragonbut maybe in case you've forgotten the artist
00:03:31[IDC]Dragonwhat happens with samplers`?
00:04:19amiconnIf there are n different artists on the sampler, you get the same album listed n times.
00:04:41Bagderthat's a problem
00:04:42amiconnEach virtual folder contains the songs of one artist on that sampler.
00:04:49amiconnBagder: Why?
00:04:57Bagderyou don't know if two artists made an album named the same thing
00:05:40amiconnYeah, there is a slight chance that this happens. The ambiguity can be lowered by also considering the year (if present)
00:05:43Bagderof course one can make assumptions
00:06:06Bagderyear could possibly be used
00:06:14Bagderbut it could also make it worse, if badly set
00:07:10amiconnImho the problem of accidentally showing 2 different albums as one is far less annoying than showing one album as many...
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00:07:33Bagderyeah, I guess it is
00:07:41*[IDC]Dragon is sleepy
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00:08:05amiconnI have albums where I see pages and pages with the same album title :(
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01:22:54webguest84ny one here
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01:24:34preglowthat was a quick conclusion
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08:33:45dwihnoGood morning to you!
08:40:33dwihnoI have a question for you... Too bad I forgot what it was all about :)
08:45:24LinusNthen the answer is 42
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09:02:07webguest16HI there
09:02:32webguest16do u speak italian?
09:02:58LinusNi haven't spoke italian for many years
09:03:09LinusNmy italian is a bit...rusty
09:03:25webguest16then excuse me for my horrible english
09:03:58webguest16i'm searching a opensource
09:04:04webguest16firmware for my archos av120
09:04:11webguest16but i dont found it in internet
09:04:21webguest16do u know if it exists?
09:04:40LinusNav1xx, that's the "multimedia", right?
09:05:37webguest16it shows divx xvid...
09:05:54Zagorthere is only a linux port
09:06:01LinusNi know that there is work being done for the 300 seires
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09:06:42webguest16me too for 300 series
09:06:50webguest16but sigh, i have a 100 series
09:07:01Zagorhmm, i thought linav worked for 100 too. apparently not.
09:07:35LinusNi don't know if there is anything for the 100, sorry
09:08:04webguest16i would like use a linux version for my 100
09:08:23webguest16but 100 a 300 arent very different...
09:09:04Zagorthey're not that different hardware-wise, are they? only display and button differs afaik
09:09:22Zagor..and the cpu is a different model but same type
09:09:31LinusNthat's what i thought too
09:09:46webguest16zagro where can I find a version for 300
09:09:59webguest16that run on my 100?
09:10:20Zagorno, it's for 300 as you asked
09:10:57webguest16but dont run on 100 ....
09:11:06LinusNprobably not
09:11:17LinusNyou'd have to port it to the 100
09:11:34LinusNand i have no idea if it is hard or even possible
09:13:48Zagoroh great, now software patents have moved from being a question for the fishery ministers to be decided on an agricultural meeting. someone is very afraid of democracy
09:17:00webguest16Have u seen the new archos product?
09:17:09webguest16it's very nice
09:17:44Zagori like that they finally gave in and started using linux.
09:18:09webguest16but which version is Linux Qtopia?
09:20:47Zagorqtopia is a window manager/graphics library
09:21:02Zagorit's not the linux version, it's software that run on top of linux
09:22:15Zagorbasically, it's kde for small machines
09:28:26webguest16ok thank
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09:54:52[IDC]DragonZagor: I noticed the Artists/Albums/Songs language entries have a voice strin, too
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09:55:20[IDC]Dragonare they really voiced? does that make sense?
09:55:28Zagorumm, yeah. that wasn't really a concious decision. :-)
09:56:08Zagorthey are not voiced
09:56:13[IDC]Dragonwe should be careful not to have "orphans" in the voice file, space is precious there
09:56:56[IDC]Dragonunfortunately, I don't have a good way to check this
09:57:21[IDC]DragonI did it once by hand, when I introduced the feature
09:57:32[IDC]Dragonsince then, it's incremental
09:58:01Zagorperhaps we do want them voiced, though...
09:58:32[IDC]Dragonright now, I think it doesn't make sense, imho
09:58:37Zagorwhy not?
09:58:54[IDC]Dragonhow should we proceed down below? spell everything?
09:59:06[IDC]Dragonor build a voice database, too?
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10:16:50Zagorare there any other mp3 manager programs out there that does a decent job at handling multi-artist albums?
10:18:21Zagorusing the path as id is my best idea so far
10:18:39Bagderthat's a pretty good idea
10:18:58Zagorit won't work for those people who simply shove all their files in the root, but i don't see how we can ever handle that
10:19:28Zagori count 20 "Best of" albums released in 2003... :-)
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10:37:26kurzhaarrockerStrange that "Best of" doesn't tour when they release that many albums
10:40:30dwihnoWhen will there be a decision about software patents in the EU?
10:45:13Zagordwihno: they're trying to force it through without debate on monday again
10:45:56kurzhaarrockerIs there anybody here who likes software patents?
10:46:23Zagornobody likes them, apart from a handful patent lawyers
10:46:52Zagorin fact the disdain is so widespread, even the politicians who lobby for it won't admit to it
10:47:02kurzhaarrockerI'll try to patent the concept of breething
10:48:06dwihnoI read about patents regarding CPU throttling techniques ... Seems like everybody wants to sue each and every one in the states.
10:48:54Zagoryes, and now they want to bring the same chaos to europe
10:50:03dwihnoLet's just hope the decision makers won't let us down.
10:51:15Zagortoo late. the council and commission (yes, your local ministers) are trying to force it through despite the parliament rejecting it
10:52:44Zagor(sorry for the ot politics, but this is massively important and scary stuff)
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11:03:19[IDC]DragonZagor: it seems to be not as bad as it looks in that short article
11:04:23[IDC]DragonI'm reading a longer article in a german news service
11:04:36[IDC]Dragon(still trying to understand)
11:05:00[IDC]Dragonfor you germans out there
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11:08:40Zagorthe council is violating their own rules in order to rush through a decision in a meeting for a completely different issue, hoping those who attend won't be briefed in time. i guess it *could* be worse, but i'm not sure how.
11:10:41[IDC]Dragonif i read it correct, the latest version of the agreement in question doesn't make software patentable
11:10:57Zagoryes it does
11:12:10[IDC]DragonI'm no expert
11:13:04[IDC]Dragonthe FFII is pledging our agricuture minister to take it off the agenda
11:13:06Zagorit is written to give the impression of opposing sw patents, yet it explicitly avoids to set rules that would limit them. when called on it, the authors refuse to change anything.
11:13:49[IDC]Dragonshe's from our "green party", who are opposing software patents
11:13:50Zagoras i said before, no politician dares say they promote sw patents. everyone says they oppose them. yet some do not act like they say.
11:13:57 Join El_Barto2 [0] (
11:14:22[IDC]Dragonand one voice is enought to take it off the agenda
11:14:24Zagor[IDC]Dragon: sounds good. lets hope she does it.
11:14:26El_Barto2can i charge my jukebox recorder 20 over my usb port?!
11:14:57El_Barto2why not?
11:15:12[IDC]Dragonthere's no hardware which does it
11:15:15kurzhaarrockerAsk archos, they designed it
11:15:44[IDC]Dragonit'll need a higher voltage than the 5V found on USB
11:15:46El_Barto2they forgot much things ;)
11:15:54El_Barto29v right?
11:16:24[IDC]Dragonat least something that's higher than the fully charged cells
11:17:02kurzhaarrockerWell even if they made a charging circuit for usb it would be very slow as usb doesn't provide much current.
11:17:24El_Barto2and what is about a software decoder?
11:17:38El_Barto2whould it run fast enough to encode wma and so on?
11:18:01El_Barto2not enough cpu?
11:18:03[IDC]Dragonplease save us these no-do questions
11:18:41kurzhaarrocker ;)
11:20:25Zagorthe song table in the tag database should probably contain track number too
11:20:54Zagorwe display them in the correct order already, but without numbers it's not as obvious
11:21:22El_Barto2other question wich isnt in the nodo list ;)
11:21:29[IDC]DragonI especially liked the lack of numbers
11:21:43Zagoroption time ;)
11:21:43El_Barto2can i play an instrumental and record my voice over it?
11:21:56El_Barto2with my archos recorder..
11:22:06[IDC]Dragonnormally, my names are so cluttered
11:22:28[IDC]DragonEl_Barto2: no
11:22:53El_Barto2only negative answers :(
11:23:04[IDC]Dragonunless you use 2 boxes
11:23:19El_Barto2is it cause it doesnt support multitasking?
11:23:24[IDC]Dragonthe chip can either decode or encode
11:23:56[IDC]Dragonthe mp3 chip, that is
11:25:11[IDC]DragonZagor: minimum clutter was to decorate them with track numbers, for proper sorting
11:25:44[IDC]Dragonthe database saves this screen estate
11:28:17[IDC]DragonJoerch just gave instructions to reproduce the address errors
11:32:41 Join einhirn [0] (
11:40:46El_Barto2ok...thx for your help
11:40:50 Quit El_Barto2 ()
11:42:13amiconnZagor: I also got the stuck-in-directory bug twice with 2005-01-19 cvs build. Just it doesn't happen always, like before your 01-18 fixes.
11:42:31amiconnThis was after a resumed playlist ended normally.
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11:58:30 Join edx [0] (
11:59:50[IDC]Dragonthe forum already has discussions about the Rockbox features on the H3xx
12:00:41[IDC]Dragonit should have a better image viewer, better USB on the go, etc.
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12:14:34crash_maybe someone should post thats some time to go before it's even possible to play songs on the h1xx
12:37:25Zagorthey know
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13:45:54LinusNB4gder is l33t
13:46:04B4gderI am soooo k3wl
13:49:24B4gderredhat drives me nuts
13:49:33B4gdereveryone should use debian
13:50:39crash_gentoo is also cool ;)
13:50:56B4gderyes, if you wanna spend your life watching the computer compile
13:51:33LinusNno, just set up a compile farm first...with gentoo...
13:51:57crash_it's not that bad, for the big packages there are binaries
13:52:10crash_like openfoffice, thunderbird, mozilla an so on
13:52:32B4gderI talked to a person who said "its not that bad, I installed my 2Ghz system in less than 30 hours"
13:52:49crash_he must have done something wrong
13:52:55crash_this can be done in 18 ;)
13:52:56B4gderhe compiled a lot
13:53:27crash_seriously, portage is the main point why i use gentoo
13:53:47crash_would there be more binarie pakcges i would use them instead of compiling stuff
13:54:27Zagorcrash_: so why are you not using debian? all packages are precomiled there
13:55:11B4gderwant to get a feel for redhat ES3?
13:55:20B4gdererror while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
13:55:48Zagorwow, that feels so.... 90s ;)
13:56:03B4gderit hurts my head
13:56:37Zagoryou have my condoleances
13:57:22Zagorsometimes i think redhat is one reason why linux isn't being used more by non-geeks
13:57:45Zagor"switch from dll hell to rpm hell? no thanks, better the devil you know"
13:59:20B4gderlinux rookies tend to install many different distros
13:59:52B4gderin fact, hanging out in the swedish linux "förenings" IRC channgel, most of them do nothign but install different distros
14:00:09Zagorindeed, but also many people/companies try "the best" first: Red Hat Very Expensive Edition
14:00:23B4gderespecially companies I guess
14:00:32B4gderlike this case I'm in front of...
14:00:42crash_Zagor: i had installed debian once, and always had the feeling that i dont can install bleeding edge packages cause they are not available
14:01:02B4gderI find debian faster than gentoo
14:01:15Zagorcrash_: you were probably using the wrong version. unstable is what you want.
14:01:22B4gder(based on curl)
14:01:30Zagordebian comes in three flavors: stable, testing and unstable.
14:01:47crash_Zagor: i know, but got this information after i was familar with gentoo
14:01:53crash_and dont have any problems since install
14:01:56crash_why should i change
14:02:01crash_i'm very glad with it
14:02:15crash_and after all, the compiling stuff doenst bother me
14:02:26ashridahZagor: unstable generally doesn't follow beta stuff and newly released stuff as much as gentoo would.
14:02:38crash_and by the way i'
14:02:52Zagorashridah: i disagree, but we don't need to take that here :)
14:02:54crash_m using linux since sept 04 so cant really speak of experience ;)
14:03:22crash_why not, lets push the irc log to unknown sices, it never has been before *g*
14:03:59Zagor2002-08-28: 197KB
14:04:24crash_i think thats easy to reach ;)
14:04:25Zagortoday so far: 20KB :)
14:04:46crash_ok would be hard today, so what about starting this disucssion at 0:01 ;)
14:04:50crash_no seriously
14:05:16crash_if someone is glad with his sys, why wanna push him
14:05:27crash_after all it's linux, the smarter decission
14:05:49Zagori don't mean to push, i was just curious
14:06:35crash_but there are many out there trying to push people instead of just letting them do their stuff
14:06:52Zagoryeah, just ignore them
14:07:07crash_maybe sometime showing them the freedom of choice will be more effective
14:07:34Zagor...sure, like putting out a fire with gasoline :)
14:07:51ashridahZagor: hey, that works if you use enough.
14:07:59Zagortrue :)
14:08:05ashridahit's mostly the fumes that burn.
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14:16:59Spidacan anybody tell me abit about the state of the iriver ihp 140 and h340 support?
14:18:56Spidawhich variants of iriver hardware does the port support?
14:19:17B4gderthe 3xx is pretty similar, but not identical
14:20:36B4gderbtw, one week to fame
14:20:47B4gderM3 issue #1 2005
14:21:49LinusNi believe it's out already, to the subscribers
14:22:03B4gdertheir site said 27th
14:22:23SpidaB4gder: is support for the 3xx planned?
14:22:49B4gderI don't know if "planned" is the word, but we hope to have that, yes
14:23:00B4gderit depends on the 3xx owners
14:23:09crash_here here here ! *jump*
14:23:37crash_i think Zagor was the one that told me to start c, so i can help
14:23:53Zagorare you done yet? ;)
14:24:08crash_it looks all so complex
14:24:20crash_and rockbox isnt really the simplest thing to start c with
14:24:21Zagori've seen these books. "learn C in 24 hours". you mean they don't work?
14:24:29Zagorcrash_: true
14:24:47crash_i'm not a person that can learn coding by reading a book
14:24:57B4gderbut Rockbox is a tiny little world, its not that complex like huge operating systems can be... :-)
14:25:20crash_unfortunatly i havent codet a operating system either
14:25:34B4gdernot yet
14:25:46LinusNcrash_: what programming languages do you know?
14:25:50Zagorour "Error accessing playlist control file" is a pretty lousy error message. it's displayed for 10 different error cases...
14:26:17LinusN"general user fault"
14:26:26*Zagor tries to make the id3 browser play
14:26:56crash_LinusN: some time ago i codet c++ mfc, today mainly php / perl
14:27:05crash_and some bash ;)
14:28:10crash_someone here told me to start with the etch-a-skethc plugin to learn how rockbox works
14:30:46LinusNc is pretty easy, i'd say the main work is to get the whole picture, how c is used in rockbox
14:30:58B4gderre re reboot
14:31:00 Quit B4gder ("Leaving")
14:31:51LinusNit's more about understanding the hardware and the rockbox structure than understanding the c language
14:32:37crash_maybe, but there is no electronic feeling in me
14:33:03crash_i canceld to study "nachrichtentechnik" after 2 semester
14:33:40crash_it's a kind of study of electricty but mainly in low voltage regions, hope it quite clear what i mean
14:34:04crash_for example i would like to implement a new kind of shuffle mode in rockbox
14:34:12LinusNtell me
14:34:23crash_cause i dont think the shuffle mode right now is really shuffle
14:34:37crash_if you have lets say 20 albums on your disk
14:34:56crash_my experience is that always the same artists are played together
14:35:21LinusNwhich rockbox version is this?
14:35:40Zagorcrash_: in that case it's a bug. however i've never seen that.
14:35:51crash_this is from beginning i used rockbox till now, the latest on my archos was 2.4
14:36:15crash_i have the feeling this dependend on the random function in rockbox
14:36:16LinusNi fixed a bug in the random generator
14:36:19LinusNin 2.4
14:36:20crash_when ?
14:36:32LinusNin 2.4
14:36:37crash_so this must have been gone by using 2.4 ?
14:36:41LinusNshould be
14:36:54LinusNunless you found another bug
14:36:55crash_can u describe how this bug showed up?
14:37:01crash_no idea
14:37:07LinusNit gave a very bad distribution
14:37:08Zagorin reality it shouldn't be visible before 2.4 either. only very fringe cases.
14:37:38LinusNZagor: there were in fact two bugs
14:37:46crash_my exgirlfriend also always told that there are always the same artists
14:38:39LinusNin any case, if the shuffle isn't good enough, i suggest we fix that instead of introducing some new shuffle mode
14:39:25LinusNbut i suggest you give 2.4 a try, and see if it is any better
14:40:45Zagori suggest you make a short playlist, then play it shuffled and write down each song. several times. we need hard data to work.
14:41:48crash_yeah sure
14:41:49LinusNi still believe that 2.4 is good enough, a lot better than the previous versions
14:41:56crash_but at the moment i only have my h320
14:42:09crash_i dont have used 2.4 that long i think
14:42:21crash_so i cant really say if there is the same behavior
14:43:51crash_my shufle mode would have been, to shuffle the playlist and a small remember function
14:44:08crash_so that there would be the last 5 songs in it to assure
14:44:22crash_that at least the last 5 artists are differrent
14:44:30Zagorthat's not shuffle
14:44:35crash_artists in the sence of albums/folders on hadrddrive
14:44:56crash_in addiotion to the normal shuffle
14:45:00Zagoralso that's pretty hairy to do with 10000 songs in your playlist
14:45:07LinusNso you want to fix a bad random shuffle by making it less random?
14:45:35crash_just to assure, there arent played the same artists within a given number of sings
14:45:46 Join midk [0] (
14:45:48crash_i know this is quite hard to realise
14:45:58LinusNand what if the playlist only contains 3 atrists?
14:46:10crash_must be failsafe ;)
14:46:16 Quit midk (Client Quit)
14:46:30Zagorcrash_: it's probably a better idea to make a shuffler plugin instead, to make preshuffled playlists any way you like'em
14:47:04Zagorthe builtin shuffle will likely stay "pure shuffle"
14:47:10crash_LinusN: just to make it clear, when the random mode in 2.4 is more random than the behavior i have experienced before my shuffle mode extension (;)) wouldnt be necessary
14:47:22crash_this was only something spinning around in my head
14:48:11crash_maybe, i'll put up the sim, and give it the same directory structe as my h320 and try if it plays more randomly
14:48:31crash_but thats a quite boring job to do ;) cause there doesnt come sound from the sim *g*
14:49:10Zagoryou can just skip next,next,next.
14:51:49crash_i know, came in my mind after i had writte itn ;)
14:52:04crash_must try if i can use the sim over ssh -X
14:52:15crash_could try from work;
14:52:58Zagorit works, i do that all the time.
15:09:36crash_ah perfect, so i'll give it a try
15:09:41crash_another reason for linux
15:13:54[IDC]Dragonour company has plans to disable USB mass storage on our PCs
15:14:35Lynx_[IDC]Dragon: and cd's?
15:14:51[IDC]Dragonthey don't have writers
15:15:16ashridah[IDC]Dragon: :(.
15:15:22Lynx_[IDC]Dragon: your company is neurotic...
15:15:56[IDC]Dragonfor a reason, yes
15:16:09ashridahthe win2k pcs at the CS department at my uni haven't disabled those yet. very handy (although i only leech from the university's mirrors to keep down the possibility of being noticed)
15:16:24Lynx_[IDC]Dragon: how would you disable usb mass storage anyway, block the ports or through software?
15:16:48[IDC]DragonI've seen that somewhere else, must be a policy setting
15:17:10ashridahLynx_: policy, or just kill the driver and don't give the users enough rights to reinstall them
15:17:22Lynx_[IDC]Dragon: what does you company make?
15:17:23ashridahthe policy is a bit broken, since it tends to clobber a lot more than usb storage
15:18:26[IDC]Dragonwe make "IP cores", mostly for SOCs
15:18:39[IDC]Dragonin plain english, parts of chips
15:19:19Lynx_ashridah: my uni is not that restrictive, i doubt anyone can connect my ip to my name ;)
15:20:41ashridahwe've got NDS covering most of the uni (except the cs department's logins, which are built up a different way), sadly, it's hard to not get noticed :(
15:21:38Lynx_ashridah: what's NDS?
15:21:53ashridahnovell directory services
15:22:34ashridahbasically single login across the entire uni, including email services, for staff, students and service personelle
15:27:45 Quit ashridah ("sleep")
15:32:41crash_i have a problem with my x forwarding :/
15:32:55crash_it's enabled in my sshd but it cant be opened from here
15:46:30 Join El_Barto2 [0] (
15:46:54El_Barto2can i change my harddisk of the archos recorder 20 ?
15:47:23dwihnoyes you can!
15:47:40El_Barto2the first positive answer :)
15:47:47El_Barto2do you have a tut for it?
15:48:54dwihnobut it's easy
15:49:05dwihnounscrew using a torx scredriver
15:49:12dwihnoapply some force to the bumpers and presto!
15:49:32LinusNEl_Barto2: check the documentation page on the rockbox site
15:49:40El_Barto2ok thx
15:50:00LinusNthe "external links" section, at the bottom of the page
15:52:08El_Barto2and where can i find the tool to convert avi files in rvf?
15:52:19El_Barto2thx for the far;)
15:55:09elinenbewhat is the importance of M3 issue #1 2005?
15:56:01LinusNjust an interview with Daniel, Björn and me
15:56:41elinenbealso, Zagor, the id3 browser will list the same album many times. Let's say I browse to albums... then there will be 12 of "St. Peppers' Lonely Heart's Club Band"
15:56:45elinenbeeach with one song.
15:56:54elinenbeis M3 an international magazine?
15:58:38Zagorelinenbe: yes it will, since the artists are different
15:58:59[IDC]DragonM3 issue #1 2005??
15:59:43elinenbeZagor, but the artist is the same...
15:59:48elinenbe"The Beatles"
15:59:52LinusNZagor: different artists? i thought beatles made all of the songs on that album
16:00:02Zagorelinenbe: have you verified that
16:00:20ZagorLinusN: id3 tags has nothing to do with reality...
16:00:24[IDC]Dragonwhat's M3? what are you talking about?
16:00:39LinusNa swedish magazine
16:01:14[IDC]Dragonabout swinger clubs, or what?
16:01:23LinusNyes, of course
16:01:49LinusNabout electronic gadgets
16:02:19[IDC]Dragonsounds interesting
16:02:48LinusNonly selected articles
16:03:50Zagorit's not a very good magazine, actually
16:04:16[IDC]Dragon11/04 is the latest I see
16:10:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:26:33 Join methangas [0] (
16:27:59 Join NibbIer [0] (
16:44:53 Part LinusN
16:52:59 Join R3nTiL [0] (~zorroz@
17:02:04 Join mecraw_ [0] (~lmarlow@
17:03:53El_Barto2do you know where i can get the GUI Video Conversion Tool?
17:04:14El_Barto2 <-this link is down
17:04:37amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I just found how to disable USB mass storage. It's rather easy, just setting a registry entry. However, I don't get why someone wants to do this...
17:05:48[IDC]Dragonhi Jens
17:06:29[IDC]Dragonsombody wants that to prevent employees walking away with a "project backup"
17:07:57amiconnImho, this is a question of trust. And anyway, if someone really wants to get such data out, there are numerous other ways.
17:08:08ZagorEl_Barto2: sorry, don't have it myself
17:08:13[IDC]Dragonyes, don't tell me
17:08:33El_Barto2or an example videofile?
17:08:34amiconnLike: CD/DVD burners, floppy drives, eMail, HTTP upload...
17:08:59[IDC]DragonEl_Barto2: use the tools from my site
17:09:22[IDC]Dragonand look into the RVF wiki page
17:09:41El_Barto2perfect support here ;)
17:10:33[IDC]Dragonthere are links to video clips at the bottom
17:11:12El_Barto2ah ;)
17:12:24El_Barto2thx a lot#
17:26:57 Quit R3nTiL ()
17:28:23 Quit El_Barto2 ()
17:36:51[IDC]Dragonyeah, the ID broser can play!
17:37:39[IDC]Dragonmaybe there's a useful spinoff for my CD changer emu, too
17:37:55[IDC]Dragonright now it doesn't change
17:38:16[IDC]Dragondisks, that is, it only can change tracks
17:38:52[IDC]DragonI'd need a way to create/modify the internal playlist from a plugin
17:39:10[IDC]Dragonhaven't looked into it yet
17:39:29Zagoramiconn talked about that yesterday
17:39:40Zagorhe sounded interested in looking at it
17:39:45*[IDC]Dragon looks
17:40:08Zagoroh, sorry. i meant creating the id3 database with a plugin.
17:40:50[IDC]Dragonplugin or external application, that could share some code
17:41:24 Join Spida_ [0] (
17:52:17 Quit Spida (Nick collision from services.)
17:52:20 Nick Spida_ is now known as Spida (
17:52:27 Part Zagor
17:53:57 Quit Schnueff ("leaving")
18:08:48 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
18:08:56 Join einhirn [0] (
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18:12:25 Nick Lynx_ is now known as Lynx_awy (HydraIRC@
18:36:53 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
18:37:41 Quit kurzhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:56:20 Join einhirn [0] (
19:06:14 Join R3nTiL [0] (~zorroz@
19:36:45 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("CGI:IRC")
19:37:53 Quit R3nTiL ()
20:08:07 Join Stryke` [0] (
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20:20:37 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
20:39:59 Join preglow [0] (
20:40:04preglowwassup, all
21:03:42 Join einhirn_ [0] (
21:05:57 Quit einhirn (Nick collision from services.)
21:06:04 Nick einhirn_ is now known as einhirn (
21:18:17amiconn[IDC]Dragon: r u there?
21:20:50amiconnI found a problem with your voicefont tool :(
21:21:34[IDC]Dragonfix it :)
21:22:01amiconnIt only works correctly if all id: fields in the processed .lang file are in the same order as in english.lang
21:22:30amiconnOtherwise some voice clips will be swapped.
21:23:03[IDC]Dragonno good, indeed
21:25:27amiconnBoth uplang and binlang use english.lang in addition to the selected language as the master for id order to solve this.
21:25:33[IDC]Dragonso it would have to read the english file, too
21:26:53amiconnI came across this for 2 reasons: (1) For my new default string handling, I needed to adapt one of these little perl scripts.
21:27:55amiconn(2) I'm currently thinking about how to implement dynamic display of free & total disk space. This will cause some deprecated strings.
21:28:14amiconn(both LANG strings and VOICE strings)
21:28:20[IDC]Dragonfor the GB?
21:28:36amiconnNot only.
21:29:18amiconn(1) Currently, GB and MB are voice only strings. This needs to be changed into LANG strings with voice.
21:29:35amiconnSame goes for the decimal point.
21:30:28amiconn(2) The format strings used for the actual display ("Free: %d.%02dMB", same for total) need to be replaced.
21:31:13amiconnIn order to be backwards compatible, I cannot simply replace the old IDs for the latter.
21:33:07[IDC]DragonI understand, yes
21:34:26amiconnRe fixing the tool: This is C++, however it looks like no C++ features are used. Did I overlook something?
21:35:58[IDC]Dragonit's just named cpp by default
21:36:27[IDC]DragonI see some declarations mixed in the code
21:38:00[IDC]Dragonsomebody more skilled with perl that I am could do it in perl, too
21:38:11amiconnThis is also perfectly legal with newer C compilers (C99 standard??). That was the reason for the red Win32 simulator builds I caused, btw.
21:39:08amiconnCygwin GCC didn't complain, but the cross compiler on the site did (It's an oldish gcc 2.6 iirc)9
21:39:22amiconngcc 2.96 even.
21:39:57[IDC]DragonMSVC also woudn't like it
21:43:14amiconnAnother thing to consider for the free/total space display. The Ondio can have more than 1 volume. How should we handle this? Simply add the values?
21:43:38[IDC]DragonI've thought about that, too
21:43:48[IDC]Dragonadding sounds dumb
21:44:03[IDC]Dragona 2nd entry would be better
21:49:02amiconnYes of course. 2 entries will need more room, but that's not the main prob. If we also want this voiced (I think we do), the labels ("internal", "MMC") need to be voiced too.
21:49:33[IDC]Dragonnever ending maintenance...
21:50:08[IDC]Dragonand a voice dictionary inflation
21:50:59[IDC]Dragonbut those words are short
21:59:11crash_can somebody tell me if its save to make a symlink for "archos" dir for the sim
21:59:19crash_dont wanna make copies to test with
22:00:25amiconnIt is.
22:01:17amiconnJust avoid executing "make install" after creating the symlink, otherwise you'll clutter the destination with simulator plugins etc.
22:01:28 Join einhirn_ [0] (
22:01:49crash_ok thanks
22:02:32crash_want to the random function where i had the feeling of having found a bug
22:03:21[IDC]Dragonis there any reason why the plasma plugin is not in the official build?
22:03:23 Quit einhirn (Nick collision from services.)
22:03:31 Nick einhirn_ is now known as einhirn (
22:04:04amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Nothing serious, apart from that it unnecessarily uses floating point.
22:05:01crash_what means "writing sector xx" in console while useing the sim?
22:05:31amiconnThis is the config sector, simulated as a little file.
22:06:02amiconnYou will only ever observe sector 3D (decimal 61)
22:06:12crash_yep right
22:06:56amiconnOn a real box, the config sector is stored on the harddisk, outside the partition area.
22:09:12amiconn[IDC]Dragon: The floating point usage in the plasma plugin is not a big problem though. It is working fast enough for the plugin. The fp libs get linked to the plugin, that's why the binary is rather large (given the source code size)
22:09:39 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
22:10:36[IDC]Dragonit should be coupled to the music, somehow
22:10:43***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:17:48 Join einhirn [0] (
22:24:06 Join jyp [0] (
22:26:11amiconnHi jyp
22:38:57amiconnI have a question. You added (or rather submitted) a new source file that implements memcpy() and memset(), because there are no asm optimized versions for calmrisc yet.
22:39:40amiconnHowever, before the asm optimized versions we already had memcpy() and memset() in C. These files are still in the attic.
22:40:05amiconnI would suggest to revive these, instead of a differently named file.
22:40:12jypgood idead
22:41:20amiconnI'm thinking about this because I'll probably do asm optimized versions of strchr() and strlen() too. The selection which one to use (*.S / *.c) is simple with the SOURCES file.
22:42:52 Join webguest02 [0] (
22:43:11webguest02have a big prob with my jukebox recorder
22:44:17webguest02it doesnt start
22:44:43webguest02it hangs
22:45:25webguest02and the drive doesnt spin up
22:46:25webguest02i think i damaged it...
22:47:10webguest02i plug in a voltage adapter with the wrong polarisation
22:47:11 Quit Stryke` ("Friends don't let friends listen to Anti-Flag")
22:47:35webguest02after that it smells strange
22:47:40webguest02what could happen?
22:47:53webguest02first it runs normal
22:48:26webguest02and maybe 12 hours later it doesnt start
22:49:09webguest02and have this problems..
22:50:01webguest02the left led blinks
22:51:24webguest02anyone an idea?
22:51:56jypnot me
22:52:51[IDC]Dragonit is deeply discharged, I'd say
22:53:11[IDC]Dragonand your charging circuit is probably fried
22:53:40webguest02so maybe i damaged something with the wrong polarisation
22:54:04[IDC]DragonI think so, yes
22:54:20[IDC]Dragonthe other people who "tried" did...
22:54:57webguest02and would i get a new one?
22:55:32webguest02the player is 3 days old!
22:55:38webguest02and i have warranty
22:55:47[IDC]Dragonyou can try
22:56:14webguest02but there is rockbox and illegal music on my harddrive!
22:56:15 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- IRC has never been so cool")
22:56:24[IDC]Dragonperhaps they discover the misuse, maybe not
22:56:34jypsorry :)
22:56:46webguest02illegal music isnt the prob
22:56:49webguest02but rockbox
22:56:50[IDC]Dragonis it a V1 recorder?
22:57:09[IDC]Dragonthen you can take out the cells and charge them
22:57:40webguest02but i want that my player charge the batteries ;)
22:57:57[IDC]Dragonto wipe the disk, I mean
22:58:03webguest02ah ;)
22:58:05webguest02ok ;)
22:58:27webguest02but there is a warranty sticker over a screw!
22:58:57[IDC]Dragonyou don't need to unscrew anything for the batteries
22:59:20[IDC]Dragonjust take the side caps off
22:59:26webguest02ah ;)
22:59:41webguest02and how should i clean the disk?
22:59:49[IDC]Dragonthere's a little notch in the center which may lock it a bit
22:59:56webguest02with diskdump`
23:00:56webguest02or normal format?
23:01:07[IDC]Dragongently press that center part outwards, then pull up
23:01:27[IDC]Dragonformat or just file deletion
23:03:48jypI'd like to start committing some stuff tonight
23:04:00jypfirst lcd driver
23:04:13Bagderjyp: keep an eye on
23:04:24webguest02but why doesnt the player start if i have only the power suply?!
23:04:40Bagderafter commits, that is
23:04:46[IDC]Dragonwebguest02: it's too weak
23:04:57[IDC]Dragonjust a charger, not a power supply
23:05:42jypBagder: ok, thanks
23:06:16webguest02have problems to take out the batteries :(
23:07:06webguest02ah ;)
23:07:13webguest02have it..
23:08:14[IDC]DragonBagder: what's the situation on a daily Gmini build?
23:08:47BagderI haven't had a go at the gcc/binutils yet
23:09:29jypI'm currently bringing the calmrisc binutils port to the most recent version
23:09:31amiconnjyp: I'd like to know the functions (or function assignments) of the gmini buttons. I'm also interested in the lcd resolution, and in a front view (photo or preferably scanned) for adding this to the Win32 sims.
23:10:19Bagderlcd size is in the config-*.h already, I think
23:10:20jypI think the assignments are in button.h already
23:10:37jyp128*64 iirc
23:11:14jypI don't have any camera nor scanner
23:11:34webguest02maybe i only damaged the batteries?
23:11:40webguest02what do you think?
23:12:09[IDC]DragonI don't think so, but test it
23:12:30jypamiconn: but there are plenty photographs on Maybe on will suit you ?
23:13:21jypThere are still routing problems with the site though
23:14:13amiconnI still can't reach it from home. I remember it works from work though...
23:15:37jypI had those pics taken ...
23:15:53jypbut I'm afraid they might not be good enough
23:20:41amiconnjyp: (photo) If there is nothing better, maybe I can polish it a bit. It doesn't need to be perfect.
23:21:26amiconn(buttons) The button codes are indeed there, but I need the physical assignment too, i.e. which button in the pic is which
23:21:46jypIt is suitable to tell you over irc ?
23:23:03amiconnAlso, from looking at the pic, I think the gmini has 10 buttons, but there are only 6 codes. Am I wrong that the bottom right arrangement is up/right and left/down, with play in the centre?
23:24:07jypThere are only 8 buttons though
23:24:12amiconnAh, I forgot; LEFT and RIGHT are global. Still 2 buttons missing.
23:24:51amiconnOh, better count more thoroughly ;)
23:27:34amiconnSo the only "uncertain" (for me) buttons are ON, MENU and CANCEL.
23:28:08jypOh yes ...
23:28:16jypOn the right:
23:28:23jyptop is "ON"
23:28:28jypbelow in cancel
23:28:36jypmenu is the big on the left
23:29:25amiconnAh ok. Good to know.
23:31:00Bagderjyp: don't check for CPU, check for LCD
23:31:03Bagderin the LCD code
23:31:25jypI guess I overthought it ...
23:31:55jypMy last opinon was that if you mount a recorder lcd on the gmini board
23:32:24jypone would check the cpu for accessing the ports
23:32:38amiconnjyp: your root dir listing pic is suitable imho. Good front view, no shadows (unlike the other one)
23:32:56jypThere's the led flare
23:33:19Bagderjyp: you're also not following the ident level
23:34:00*Bagder is a whiner ;-)
23:34:41jypOk I corrtect that right away
23:36:14amiconnThere are no real front view pics on
23:36:24jypWhile I'm at it ... do you prefer a check on the LCD type or CPU ?
23:36:53amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Your commit message is a bit strange...
23:36:54BagderI have no strong opinion
23:37:05jypamiconn, I ask starth if he can take a front view snapshot
23:38:01jypi forgot he torn his device apart
23:39:46[IDC]Dragonamiconn: saw that, yes, I fixed a typo and it got all messed up
23:40:19webguest02its definitly my player :((
23:40:29webguest02i try to send it back tommorow
23:40:30amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Did you check whether these are the only unused entries?
23:42:26amiconnNow I need to rebuild the voices files again ;(
23:44:59jypI'm getting "Using deprecated info format strings. Convert your scripts to use
23:45:00jypthe new argument format and remove '1's from your info file format strings.
23:45:08jypupon commit
23:45:15amiconnJust ignore this.
23:45:23amiconnBagder told me...
23:45:28Bagderwe all get that
23:45:38amiconnMost likely a server config thingy
23:46:00Bagderits about the format of one of the server-side config files
23:47:37[IDC]Dragonamiconn: (unused entries) I hope these are the only ones, unless somebody else in the past made entries which are infact not part of the voice UI
23:47:54[IDC]Dragonin the very beginning, I checked them all
23:48:36 Join quelsaruk [0] (~kvirc@
23:48:40[IDC]Dragonyou don't have to redo the voice files right now
23:49:34amiconnIt's not difficult for me. Just throw the new .lang files in the dir, run cscript MakeVoices.vbs, and zip them.
23:49:41quelsarukhmmm... was english.lang file changed yesterday?
23:50:26amiconnyes, iirc
23:50:54quelsarukso i must update spanish
23:53:06jypOk, ata.c is ready to be committed ...
23:53:50amiconnquelsaruk: If you update, please conserve the unix-style linefeeds...
23:53:52BagderLinus is gonna love that ;-)
23:53:56jypThere are a lot of "syntactic changes"
23:54:04quelsarukamiconn: i forgot to check that, sorry
23:54:08Bagderjyp: what does that mean?
23:54:33quelsaruknormally i run a perl script to get rid of all nasty windoze chars
23:54:39jypBagder, Setting a register isn't as simple as REG = VALUE
23:54:54amiconnquelsaruk: Use a decent editor ;)
23:55:00jypso I had to change all these into SET_REG(value)
23:55:10jypand define macros
23:55:11quelsarukamiconn: like?
23:55:30Bagderjyp: just asking, since I know Linus mentioned he has changed ata.c as well
23:56:12amiconnI'm using ConText ( Small, fast, flexible, and freeware.
23:56:32quelsaruki'll check

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