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#rockbox log for 2005-01-22

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00:08:41EodunHi all
00:08:51 Join midk [0] (
00:09:11Eodunsum1 there?
00:09:51Eodunjust trying to find some specific answers about lang files
00:10:15jypI pass... Can't answer, sry.
00:10:20Bagderjust ask
00:10:43Eodundo I need to build a full cygwin install to compile them?
00:10:59Bagderyou just need perl
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00:11:26Bagderto build a .lng from a .lang that is
00:11:47EodunI'm trying to make a new spanish lang file, so the .voice works nicely
00:12:15Eodunanother question: why does my voice file doesn't match the menus?
00:12:39BagderI'm not the man to talk to about voice stuff
00:12:54Bagderbut I am the man who'll go to bed right now! ;-)
00:12:55Eodunthx anyways
00:13:03Eodungood night!
00:13:16Bagderif no one replies, post a question on the mailing list
00:13:40EodunI posted in the forums already
00:13:50Eodunwill try the mailing
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07:51:46pvhIs anyone here interested in some HCI research on RB?
07:53:21desrtthis is going to seem like a really strange question
07:53:34desrtbut can anyone here help me port a BSDL file to the openwince jtag tool?
07:55:43desrt(yes. this is totally unrelated to rockbox)
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08:42:11*desrt goes to bed but idles incase someone sees his message and/or linus or pauls show up
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15:14:21crash_jyp: are you there ?
15:14:35jypright there
15:15:05jypHello ;)
15:15:05crash_have put the infos about which devices you can support of the gmini series in the wiki
15:15:30crash_are there problems reaching for you?
15:15:51crash_i'm justing thinking about copying the technical stuff also
15:15:54jypproblems still
15:16:02crash_but dont know if it makes sense
15:16:24crash_would like to hear your opinion in which direction wiki pages about gmini on rockbox should go
15:16:24jypI think there's too much data for copying
15:16:30crash_orwhat u'll need
15:16:55crash_u've trief to use a http proxy für
15:17:08jypYup, I can't access it via a proxy
15:17:12jypbut readonly
15:17:28crash_i understand;)
15:17:29jypI *can* access it via a proxy
15:17:57crash_so is there progress recnetly?
15:18:16crash_status was ata access would have to be converted
15:18:24jypI've been working on the assembler
15:18:30crash_since i saq a directoy listing of you i think this works?
15:18:42jypYes I'm now positive it works
15:18:56crash_so i'll update this
15:19:28crash_so from you point of view i shouldnt copy more technical stuff from donat?
15:19:34jypI'm currently trying to streamline compilation of binutils
15:19:39jypI guess not
15:19:53jypWe moving turns out be really needed
15:20:08jypwe'll copy the files directly as a whole
15:20:23jypThanks for offering help though
15:20:52crash_anyway, the gminiport page can giuve a rough overview of what is done yet
15:21:08crash_strath isn involved anymore?
15:21:16jypHe's on hardware matters
15:21:46jyplike finding a way to restore a badly flashed gmini
15:21:56jypSerial port access, etc.
15:21:56crash_ah ok
15:22:04crash_didnt hear anything from him
15:22:15crash_so your not alone on this, nice
15:22:18jypHe hangs on the #gmemu chan
15:22:24crash_ah ok
15:22:36crash_btw didnt you post some screenshot of a dirlisting
15:22:49jypas soon as I get my stuff committed & a wroking tool suite
15:22:57jypI'll make a call for volunteers
15:23:23jypit's on if you can access it ...
15:23:25jypor ...
15:23:29crash_yes i can
15:23:54crash_i'll copy it to my server before maybe zagor or bagder can put it to rockbox org directly
15:26:02amiconncrash_: Simply put it into the wiki.
15:26:19crash_amiconn: you mean the link or the pic?
15:26:27amiconnThe pic.
15:26:34crash_just doin :)
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15:30:27jypcrash_, while you're at it .. you can mark "ATA driver" as done if you care
15:32:19amiconngtg, cu l8er
15:32:23 Part amiconn
15:51:34crash_jyp: hmm thought i have done that
15:52:02crash_ah i see this is duplictae, one time at the end the other time at the tabel ;)
15:53:27crash_ok this is done also
15:54:04jypthx :)
15:58:49jypI will now start implementing the assembler for CalmMAC (Gmini's dsp)
15:59:24jyp(moral support needed ;)
16:02:19*crash_ cheers for jyp
16:04:30 Join bumbum [0] (
16:04:32bumbumhi guys
16:04:35bumbumany here?
16:10:20bumbumany1 alive?
16:10:32zei think you killed them all
16:10:42crash_bumbum: hi
16:11:06bumbumhi ze and crash_
16:11:14zehi, i'm not here though
16:11:32zei'm installing gentoo and going to bed probably before this emerge system finishes
16:11:33bumbumuhm i just tried to update my archos jukebox with rockbox to version 2.4
16:11:34***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:11:48bumbumbut it wont work
16:12:07bumbumseems im too dumb to do it ;>
16:12:07crash_what failure
16:12:18bumbumwell i got version 2.1 installed
16:12:18zei miss rockbox... i haven't had an archos for some time now... but i am quite fond of my karma
16:12:22crash_flashed, or just copied the file to your harddrive?
16:12:27bumbumand i just replaced the folders with version 2.4 folders
16:12:41bumbumbut when i boot it still is version 2.1 that is shown
16:12:41crash_ze: me too using the h320 firmware of iriver and it sucks
16:13:13crash_you also changed the archos.mod in the root dir ?
16:13:19bumbumthen i tried the installer version
16:13:27zethe karma firmware's actually not too shabby, though it could certainly benifit from a rockbox style treatment
16:14:16crash_ze: i think it's a shame that product cycles are that fast in the meanwhile, that firmwares dont get realy a focus
16:14:25bumbumthere is no archos.mod in the root
16:14:26crash_bumbum: did u change the file in root?
16:15:03crash_maybe a ajbrec.ajz
16:15:24bumbumah yeah
16:15:27bumbumi replaced itt
16:15:45bumbumi also tried that installer thingy
16:16:04bumbumbut that didnt work too
16:16:28crash_as you said you replaced it, with which one?
16:16:38crash_from an archive of
16:18:06bumbumi replaced the files of version 2.1 with the files of version 2.4
16:18:14bumbumafter that didnt work
16:18:26bumbumi tried to delete all rockbox files from the player
16:18:44bumbumi thought the original firmware would do the boot process then
16:18:49crash_can you go to version menu in rockbox and tell whats printed there
16:18:53bumbumbut it still boots rockbox version 2.1
16:19:07bumbumleme search it
16:19:20crash_sounds like you have flashed your player altough u said u didnt ;)
16:20:05bumbumin version it says rockbox 2.1
16:20:31crash_and you dont have anything left on your drive?
16:20:44crash_what device do u own?
16:21:07bumbumarchos jukebox recorder 20
16:21:35bumbumhmmz i just plugged it in again
16:22:02bumbumand there is neither a rockbox folder nor a ajbrec.ajz shown
16:22:31crash_if there is nothing on your drive and ouy dont have aajbrec.ajz in your root i think you run rockbox from flash
16:22:43bumbumseems so
16:22:44crash_but maybe i oversse something
16:22:58crash_you dont know if you have flashed your record? ;)
16:23:14bumbumi installed version 2.1 1 year ago
16:23:26bumbumi really cant remember what i did exactly
16:23:51crash_and i dont know if flashing was possible at that time ;)
16:24:02bumbumwarum sprechen wir nicht deutsch?
16:24:29crash_cause this is an english speaking channel
16:24:41bumbumnp with that
16:24:44crash_just to be polite ;)
16:24:57bumbumcan i unflash my jukebox somehow?
16:25:07crash_you see zagor linus and the others could talk in swedish ;)
16:25:51crash_you can "overflash" ;)
16:26:03crash_but this is a point i cant really help you
16:26:03bumbumhow to do that?
16:26:23crash_i only owned a jukebopx 6k which wasnt flashable till the timei sold it at ebay
16:26:43crash_i'm waiting for rockbox progress on iriver devices
16:26:58bumbumthat would be kewl
16:27:20bumbumi would by an iriver player myself if i would have the money
16:27:26bumbumbut atm i cant afford it
16:27:35crash_i know
16:27:35bumbumok dude
16:27:40bumbumthx for ur time
16:27:48bumbumi gotta go
16:28:11bumbummaybe i come around again and bother another guy inside this chan with my stupid prob ;>
16:28:22 Part bumbum
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17:21:06 Join webguest15 [0] (
17:21:32webguest15my player doesnt show other files than mp3
17:21:43webguest15have rockbox 2.4
17:23:18webguest15found it
17:28:18 Quit webguest15 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
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19:50:16 Join yeft [0] (
19:53:47yeftanyone home?
20:02:21jyphello there
20:02:33yeftjyp do you run linux?
20:02:54yeftwhat flavor
20:03:18jypLinux arwen 2.6.8-1-686 #1 Thu Nov 25 04:34:30 UTC 2004 i686 GNU/Linux
20:03:56yeft...what do suggest to a linux newb
20:04:07 Quit edx (
20:04:15yeft...especially for a dual boot deal
20:04:54jypYou know, this is a channel for mp3 player firmware development
20:05:08jypHave a look at Fedora Core, maybe
20:05:12NJoinedx [0] (
20:05:21yeftbut these are the only open source kinda people i know
20:05:52yeftactually the only place i know that if i said linux they'd know what i was talking about
20:06:20jypNo problem... Just that you'd probably more help on another channel
20:07:12jyp393 channels mention linux in their topic :P
20:07:27yeft...fine i guess i'll go elsewhere..
20:07:50jyp#debian ? #fedora ?
20:08:21yefta bit biased if i ask what distro to run in those rooms...
20:11:04 Nick yeft is now known as leboff (
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22:23:59 Join gruefood [0] (
22:29:35gruefoodHi, I'm looking to upgrade the hd in my gmini 120. Anyone have one they've opened?
22:30:11jypgruefood, please come to #gmemu
23:20:15 Join amiconn [0] (
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