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#rockbox log for 2005-01-25

00:00:53quelsarukLinusN, Bagder: if i get something like xlib: connection to ": 0.0" refused by server <−−- why does this happen? anything i can try to "repair" that??
00:01:09Bagdertry "xhost +"
00:01:14LinusNamiconn: yes?
00:01:26amiconnThere is that image waiting for download...
00:02:35quelsarukunable to open display ":0.0"
00:02:56quelsaruki'm trying to install firefox using a xterm :/
00:11:08*HCl yawns
00:11:18HClany news regarding the iriver port? :/
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00:13:24BagderHCl: not really
00:13:29HClok :/
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00:15:13 Join bagawk [0] (~Lee@bagawk.user)
00:15:36*HCl finds a link to changing your iriver startup icon while browsing the wiki, ponders doing that tomorrow
00:17:06bagawkYou can do all the tweaking oyu want when rockbox works on it :)
00:17:12HCltrue :p
00:17:16HClits prolly safer to just wait.
00:17:28HCli'm just impatient :P
00:17:36HCland slightly annoyed that there's hardly anything i can do to help
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00:18:51Digital007should expect my new earphones soon
00:19:22bagawkDigital007, Which did you get?
00:19:52HCla friend of mine recommended these headphones.. and they were like.. 200$, so i'll be saving for a while :X
00:20:08*HCl stepped on his current headphones, left headphone is a bit broken :/
00:21:10Digital007the white Apple uprated earphones, not the standard ones
00:21:30Digital007i don't have an iPod, i have an iRiver H120
00:21:52*HCl has an h140...
00:22:09Digital007im a huge fan of white earphones
00:23:01Digital007how is iRiver box coming on?
00:23:30HCli'm not sure myself, i was just checking the site
00:23:39HClseems they've just added encoding/decoding of normal firmware
00:23:51Digital007will it appear eventually iRiverbox?
00:23:51HClso they can actually make a rockbox firmware file that'll flash onto your iriver
00:24:09 Join markun [0] (
00:24:10HClalso, i think that since i last checked the list, backlight support went from 0% to done
00:24:30HClhey markun
00:24:34Digital007hope the iRiverbox will support the remote and its LCD
00:24:43HCl*wonders whether he knows you*
00:24:52HClwhere're you on campus?
00:24:55bagawkmarkun, hello
00:25:07markunLinus, are you still here?
00:25:08*amiconn needs a faster connection...
00:25:21bagawkHumm i think zeekoe goes to the same place
00:25:24Digital007anyone want to buy a Dell 17" CRT monitor?
00:25:28bagawkamiconn, ???
00:25:28markunHCI: calslaan
00:25:32LinusNamiconn: only 4 hours and 42 minutes left
00:25:32Digital007i replaced it with a Samsung 17" TFT
00:25:40bagawkDigital007, how much? :)
00:26:00bagawkLinusN, of what?
00:26:10Digital007picture quality is fantastic
00:26:12HClmarkun: mmm, you wouldn't happen to have been a gopher at the last minicon? just cause i talked to one who had an iriver and was interested in rockbox..
00:26:19markunLinusN: what datatype should I use for unicode strings?
00:26:28amiconnLinusN: Hopefully you use a tool that supports resume ;-)
00:26:33HCl200 pounds for an crt monitor o.o;;;;
00:26:44HClyou can almost buy a new tft for that money o.o
00:26:52bagawkDigital007, maybe if a lived in england, Shipping to here would cost a bit :)
00:26:53markunHCI: Yes, it's me! I now have a Ihp-120.
00:26:57HClah :p
00:26:59Digital007my TFT cost 200
00:27:11Digital007i wasn't selling my CRT for 200
00:27:16bagawkBTW:I is that ~100$?
00:27:18HCli thought you were :X
00:27:18 Quit QT (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:27:25bagawkI dont't know exchange rates well :)
00:27:46HCl00:27 <+cu2q> HCl: GBP 200.00 = USD 375.497
00:27:55Digital007i couldn't imagine having a TFT that had one bright red pixel right in the centre of the screen
00:27:57LinusNmarkun: unsigned char for utf-8?
00:28:01bagawkOhh had it wrong lol
00:28:09quelsarukeuro and pound are higher that dollar right now
00:28:50markunLinusN: I was thinking of using UTF-32, or else we will be decoding the strings all the time.
00:29:01HClmarkun: gonna come to the next minicon? its next saturday
00:29:14Bagder <= my little currency site
00:29:28markunBut I don't know if I can just use long because it's only 16 bit on archos.
00:30:04markunHCI: I don't think I will. My girlfriend's here for the weekend. Maybe.
00:30:24HClits hcL
00:30:26HClby the way
00:30:27bagawk 100000000 USD (United States Dollar) = 697244400.000 SEK (Sweden Krona)
00:30:40bagawkBet you did not know that :)
00:31:11amiconnmarkun: (1) The archos jukeboxes are 32 bit. (2) using utf-32 will most probably break the max binary size, plus eat up too much precious ram
00:32:48markunamiconn: I don't want to use UTF-32 for everything. Just for passing strings to lcd_puts e.g.
00:33:38amiconnYes, but what about the many string constants?
00:34:04 Quit bagawk ("Leaving")
00:34:10amiconnThese have to be converted before passing them to lcd_puts() etc anyway.
00:34:48*HCl yawns and goes to sleep
00:35:03amiconnOr we may use a "decoded string cache", but that adds complexity..
00:35:03markunHCl: see you around on campus!
00:36:02HCl :)
00:36:32amiconnmarkun: I think decoding UTF-8 can be made rather fast. The biggest challenge is the font handling
00:38:50markunYes, fonts can get very big. Do you know the fixed-size bdf fonts that come with x11?
00:41:09markunThey are public domain and contain a lot of glyphs.
00:42:29markunI will have another look at the chinese patch how they do the dynamic loading and unloading of font parts.
00:43:27amiconnI think this needs something like an lru cache.
00:45:05markunYes, a good idea.
00:47:56markunI'll sleep over it..
00:48:26amiconnI think the ascii chars should be preloaded (or perhaps not even part of the caching strategy, but be "sticky")
00:49:25markunI agree, but even if the were part of it they wouldn't be swapped out because the are used so often I think.
00:49:47amiconnThis would ensure 2 things: (1) No additional disk accesses as long as no special char needs to be displayed. (2) Rockbox could always display messages even if the font file becomes inaccessible
00:52:10 Join bagawk [0] (~Lee@bagawk.user)
00:52:43quelsaruktime to sleep, cu
00:52:53markunI want to store the glyphs seperate (not in one big 'bits') because now all the unused places are allocated anyway (and filled up with the default char)
00:53:29amiconnPlus, unicode handling needs to be added in a backwards-compatible way, ensuring that rockbox can still be built without it.
00:53:55amiconnThere is the player, which will never be able to display unicode...
00:54:16markunI know. Can it display rocklatin?
00:54:29 Quit jyp ("poof!")
00:54:35amiconnYes, that's what rocklatin is about
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00:55:19amiconnThe player lcd is charcell based, but there are 4 (old lcd) or 8 (new lcd) characters that can be redefined.
00:56:50bagawkDoes anyone here know how to mount a squashfs image within cygwin
00:56:55markunThat's not much. So cyrillic is not possible with the player?
00:57:12amiconnbagawk: not me.
00:57:15bagawkI done feel like patching my kernel and building (takes 1 1/2 hours on my machine :()
00:57:40amiconnmarkun: Unfortunately not, imho.
00:58:46amiconnThe player font code uses some sophisticated code to make sure the important characters are displayed correctly, replacing less important chars with similar ones from the rom.
00:59:41amiconnThat is, if an "" is to be displayed, and there are free redefinable chars, it displays an "", but if all slots are taken for more important things, it shows an "a" instead.
01:00:05markunok, that's what I thought.
01:00:51markunWell, it's the best you can do with such limited hardware.
01:03:24markunamiconn, I'm off to sleep now.
01:03:36amiconnNite markun
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01:03:57markunThanks for the unicode advice.
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01:41:15grimreap-rockbox rox
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04:44:54*desrt blinks
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08:13:37B_Marckshey, anyone know what the problem is if my screen on a JBR20 just goes blank all of a sudden and stays that way for a few days? It's been working fine since I installed RockBox for the last month, but all of a sudden the other day it did this
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13:41:26Zagorbusy day ;)
13:45:41Zagoramiconn: i can't repeat the longdb problem you reported yesterday. going down/up i come back to the same artist. how do you trigger it?
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14:00:41amiconnZagor: I just checked it. It doesn't happen if you do browse only. But if you browse by artists, then go down ->albun->track, play a track, then stop and go back, you end up at a different artist.
14:02:14Zagorcan't repeat in the simulator. trying on target.
14:03:53Zagorgot it in target
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14:30:01amiconnZagor, Bagder: Do you know if/when Linus comes in today?
14:30:49amiconnHe started downloading my MMC dump, but it stopped around halfway (because my provider disconnected me). There was no resume action...
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14:46:20Zagoramiconn: he called in sick today, so i'm not sure he'll come online
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17:32:13Zagorwohoo, id3 searching
17:38:46Zagori have 229 songs with "love" in the title :)
17:40:14jyp2 possible explanations: your romanticism, or lack of imagination of songwriters. :P
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17:45:59Zagorgotta go
17:46:01 Part Zagor
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21:49:03grimreaphow come the fm radio reception is so much better on rockbox for the ondio than with the stock firmware
22:05:59amiconnIt is? :-) I didn't even know.
22:08:37amiconnA known improvement with rockbox over stock firmware on Ondio is increased battery runtime.
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22:28:50thecrecarcsi the gmini port going to be on the 400?
22:30:33Bagderif you help out
22:31:05thecrecarcwell, i don't got one yet :P but i did find a site that MIGHT help.... not sure if it would help much tho
22:31:24BagderI don't think any sites will help
22:31:25thecrecarct shows the insides of the 400
22:31:38thecrecarcwell i still think its intersting
22:32:05BagderI'll leave that for the gmini guys to judge
22:32:56thecrecarcyup... so where are they?
22:33:28Bagderthere's one! ;-)
22:33:37gromit``i'm idle these times :=)
22:33:43gromit``but i'm here :)
22:34:37thecrecarcso is the site helpful?
22:35:11thecrecarcwell, i didn't make it... i will be scared to death oopening my 400$ mp3 player :)
22:35:29Bagderchicken! ;-P
22:35:31gromit``hmmm author
22:35:31gromit``Modified by: JJ Cantillon
22:35:39gromit``seems it is the guy who came one day
22:35:49gromit``wanted to start a project about the gmini400
22:35:57gromit``a nick like this
22:36:35thecrecarcconsidering he has a site about the gmini 400
22:36:46thecrecarci think he would want a project for it
22:36:54Bagderhe's free to join in
22:37:13thecrecarc:) well don't ask me... i was just surfing the web today and forund the site
22:37:22gromit``we ahd no news about him
22:37:29gromit``he planned to start something
22:37:41gromit``he said he hadn"t the capabilities to RE the stuff alone
22:37:48gromit``but he was motivated
22:38:12thecrecarcand he opened it so he got guts.... unlike me whos a wimp :)
22:39:57gromit``we're also on #gmemu if you want
22:40:43thecrecarck..... but i won't be much of a help... i am just a 40 year old who lives with his mom
22:40:50gromit``:) np
22:42:28thecrecarcu had a pic that rockbox was loading on a it going?
22:42:50thecrecarcnad i REALLY want u to make it on 400 cause i am dead set on getting one
22:42:52gromit``jyp is working on the sound
22:42:59thecrecarcin a month
22:43:23gromit``he has a lot of work with the DSP assembler
22:43:32gromit``need to be able to compile it
22:43:44Bagderjyp sure works a lot
22:43:44gromit``interact with our gcc port
22:43:47thecrecarc???? i have no idea what ur talking about
22:44:19thecrecarcjust how many persent is it done?
22:44:24thecrecarci can't wait
22:44:30DBUGEnqueued KICK thecrecarc
22:44:44gromit``dunno how to quantify
22:45:13Bagderit is impossible
22:46:04thecrecarcestimate.... or juts guess... ica n't wait.....
22:46:14thecrecarcand yu isn't there a gmini port forum?
22:46:31Bagderask Jeff
22:46:38Bagderhe runs the forums on the
22:48:10thecrecarcand y is all the other people in these forums quiet? i hate being quite.... everyone says i talk alot
22:48:58Bagderperhaps they DO things
22:49:53thecrecarci don't
22:49:56thecrecarci just sit
22:49:59thecrecarcand polay comp
22:50:01thecrecarcand watch tv
22:50:09thecrecarcmy scedual is SO busy :)
22:50:41 Join Myr- [0] (
22:50:48Myr-hi ;)
22:51:29thecrecarcanyways, i just wanted to show the site and go cheer the gmini tema on.... and hopefully is i have money left after buying my gmini i will donate it :)
22:52:00Myr-just wanted to ask here before I use the mailinglist. I have a question about digital out. Is there a way to have rockbox shut down the digital output between tracks?
22:52:49Myr-I remember somebody filed that behavior as a bug a long time ago, but i could use it.
22:57:18 Part thecrecarc
23:02:13Myr-hmm. the reason I would appreciate to have that feature is copying files from rockbox to minidisc. The minidisc-deck can detect such short shutdown as automatic track splits.
23:16:36 Join jyp [0] (
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23:20:20 Quit Myr- ("bye")
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