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#rockbox log for 2005-01-26

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01:08:10quelsarukgood night
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03:42:01wintermuteIs anyone here exceptionally familiar with the interior hardware of the FM Recorder?
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06:45:54TrevmarAnyone familiar with the MASK value decoding at 0xFC and 0xFD in flash boot image?
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06:47:18TrevmarOK, found it in the WIKI
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08:28:26joewoi have the archos recorder 20 gig and installed the rockbox os
08:28:55joewois it now possibe to play sound files other than mp3?
08:31:18joewook thanks for the information
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10:41:20[IDC]Dragonhmm, Microsoft is coordinating Creative, iRiver, Dell, Samsung and Archos
10:41:48[IDC]Dragonto install PlaysForSure against Apple
10:42:40[IDC]Dragonwe'll have the choice of two evil
10:43:20Zagoror rockbox ;)
10:44:17[IDC]Dragoninsignificant, as of now
10:44:44Zagoronly if you want to buy drm-crippled content
10:48:21Zagorand that was always the case - nothing has changed
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13:25:04Bagderjyp: you considering providing any tarballs of the binutils/gcc package soon?
13:32:42Bagderthat cvs server on SF crawls
13:35:17BagderI figured I should setup a gmini build for the cvs build table
13:35:45jypI didn't took in account the CVS slowness
13:36:10BagderI can understand that
13:36:14BagderI'm a bit surprised myself
13:36:26jypI guess I can provide diff rather easily
13:36:33Bagdercurrently it checks out like one file every 1-4 seconds
13:36:36jyp... can be automated
13:37:31jypI thought doing a mere "cvs update" would be easier for users than applying a diff each time
13:37:40Zagoramazing they still have such performance problems
13:37:55Bagderjyp: true
13:38:22jypThe problem is that uploading files on SF. can't be automated
13:38:50CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
13:38:50*Bagder remembers why we no longer do that much on SF
13:40:00jypI could put the diff on my personal homepage; but that doesn't seem appropriate
13:40:54BagderI think full tarballs is better for the users who want these packages
13:41:10jypBtw... That's cool to setup an automated build for gmini, Bagder ;)
13:41:47Bagderit'll be good
13:41:59Bagderthe table is gonna get pretty wide... :-)
13:42:13jypI can understand they prefer the full thing...
13:42:57jyplet me think about it ;)
13:43:27Bagderwell, if you make a script that builds a full package, I can run it in a crontab job on the rockbox server
13:44:50jypThe script is rather trivial...
13:45:04jypI was concerned for the bandwidth on my side
13:45:38jypbasically cvs export -D now; tar
13:46:12BagderI'd prefer to run the script 'cvs update; ./tarball'
13:46:19Bagderso it should ignore CVS dirs
13:46:46jypyup; better ;)
13:47:05BagderBTW, the rockbox site sends off ~700MB/day on average
13:47:16Bagder~2000 unique hosts/day
13:47:57jypThat's called popularity i guess ;)
13:49:46Zagorif you are worried about bandwith, you may want to use the coral caching system:
13:50:28Bagderstill checking out...
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13:54:32Bagderg'day LinusN
13:54:43LinusNjyp: i've committed the iriver ata driver port, could you test with the gmini to check that i didn't break anything?
13:54:45*jyp bows
13:54:46LinusNhi Bagder
13:55:00jypLinusN: my pleasure
13:56:05[IDC]Dragonhi LinusN, well again?
13:57:25*jyp casts 'complete healing' on LinusN
13:57:29jypwell ;)
13:57:36jypI can try )
14:00:20amiconnhi LinusN :)
14:01:58amiconnLinusN: Download of mmc dump complete?
14:09:07[IDC]Dragonjyp: is you gcc port based on the koreans, or did you do it yourself?
14:09:43jypIf koreans means Samsung, then yes
14:09:58[IDC]Dragonthat university project
14:10:03jypit passed through redhat's hands in the meantime
14:10:20[IDC]Dragonand then you got it?
14:10:51jypI'm still unsure if we talk about the same source
14:11:04jyp(though I've never header of another gcc for calmrisc)
14:11:25[IDC]Dragonsome korean university had a project, perhaps with Samsung
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14:13:54jypiirc Samsung owns Korea... ;)
14:13:59jypso that must be it
14:14:26[IDC]Dragondid you have to work on it then, or can just use it?
14:14:41jypI had to work on it
14:14:59jypFirst because it was based on 2.97...
14:15:13jypThe Worst Of All gcc version
14:15:19[IDC]Dragonand now?
14:15:35jypthen I fixed a handful of bugs
14:15:49jypthe result is far from perfect but usable
14:18:58[IDC]Dragonwhat's you approach for mp3 playback? use the object code from Archos?
14:19:14jypwell no
14:19:22jypsince that would violate their copyright
14:19:41jyp(virtually impossible to extract it automatically)
14:20:04jypthen we'll rewrite stuff
14:20:20Bagderthe Gmini and iRiver ports both need that code
14:20:34jypbtw... Is wav (or similar format) playback supported in rockbox as it stands ?
14:20:36[IDC]Dragonbut not for a strange DSP...
14:21:20Bagder[IDC]Dragon: it'll still be the same design I guess
14:21:40Zagoronly the codec plugins differ with different hardware
14:21:42jypdefinitely ...
14:22:04jypOnly the inner loops will be different I hope
14:22:06[IDC]DragonI meant the codec
14:22:13LinusNamiconn: mmcdump downloaded ok
14:25:12Zagorjyp: no, none of the new audio code has been written yet
14:27:34Bagderstill checking out...
14:27:56jypI remembered checking in was long...
14:28:14jypBut I thought co would be faster
14:32:11Bagdermaybe SF just hates me
14:33:05jypMaybe they need to tune their business model
14:33:57amiconnLinusN: So you could mirror it for [IDC]Dragon et al to grab...
14:34:05LinusNyup, hang on
14:38:55jypBagder, how about this:
14:38:58jypfind binutils-2.15 -depth -print0 -not -name "CVS" | tar −−null −−files-from=- -cjf binutils-2.15-calmrisc16-DATE.tar.bz2
14:39:35jypor even ... binutils-2.15-calmrisc16-`date +"%y%m%d"`.tar.bz2
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14:40:36Digital007What does code policing mean?
14:40:51[IDC]Dragonamiconn: will download it in the evening
14:41:07LinusNDigital007: enforcing the Rockbox coding style
14:41:27Digital007my new earphones turned up today
14:42:55Zagorgotta go
14:42:56 Part Zagor
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14:55:45Pieter_i modified rockbox so that when holding the mode button on an ondio when inserting a USB cable will not do anything, so you can use USB just for power...
14:56:08Pieter_any interest in that? it's kind of useful, i think
14:58:38LinusNit's useful for the FM recorder as well
14:59:13Pieter_ah.. then i think i might have to write a few extra lines to make it work for more than just the ondio :)
15:06:05Pieter_which button should be held on the recorder fm then?
15:06:45 Quit Digital007 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
15:07:50Pieter_cause i only have an ondio fm, wouldn't know what would be useful on such a device
15:14:40LinusNPieter_: submit the patch to the patch tracker, and then we'll find a nice key for the other devices
15:16:49Pieter_ah, ok.. i might have done things not very neatly, i haven't changed thins on rockbox before
15:18:10[IDC]DragonI was rather thinking about an exit USB mode key...
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15:19:17Pieter_hmm, internet connection is being annoying.. i'll just submit it then :)
15:20:24[IDC]DragonPieter_: did you get my comment?
15:20:39[IDC]Dragon[15:18] <[IDC]Dragon> I was rather thinking about an exit USB mode key...
15:21:00Pieter_no, i didn't.. that might be better indeed
15:21:18Pieter_now when recording (at least from the radio) it also does not enter USB mode, it seems
15:21:23Pieter_(before my patch, that is)
15:21:27Pieter_(after as well)
15:21:48[IDC]Dragonyes, that may be on purpose
15:23:00[IDC]Dragonbtw, radio screen: I was thinking about swapping the rocording on Mode and presets in the menu
15:23:34Pieter_so you don't record when pressing mode, but get the presets?
15:23:54Pieter_might be nice, now when you record and want to change a setting it starts a new recording
15:27:37Pieter_oh well, i'll just not submit it and go make a USB mode exit button :)
15:28:30LinusNi think an exit button is a lot more inconvenient for the user
15:28:56LinusNespecially if the user inserts the usb to charge a depleted cell
15:29:10LinusNthen it tries to enter usb mode and fails because the battery is too low
15:29:31LinusNthe (windows) pc gets upset because the usb device disappears
15:29:58LinusNeven if the usb mode succeeds, the user has to "safely unplug" the usb drive before exiting usb mode
15:30:09LinusNonly to charge the battery...
15:30:12Pieter_hmm, it would also be nice if i can start rockbox from usb power, without batteries, now it starts the original firmware automatically
15:30:22Pieter_but i don't know if that's possible
15:30:26Pieter_without flashing the firmware, that is
15:30:30LinusNit is, if you flash rockbox
15:31:02LinusNit can't be done without flashing
15:31:11Pieter_yeah, thought so already
15:32:30Pieter_usb mode exit would work well if you use a USB plug with only power, no computer attached to it...
15:32:44Pieter_(like my usb hub without a computer seems to do)
15:34:01Pieter_but i know nothing about usb, or rockbox, or the archos units, can it detect if that is the case and just not enter USB mode at all?
15:34:24LinusNrockbox doesn't see the difference
15:36:02Pieter_ah, i see.. then perhaps the 'do nothing when the mode button is held and the usb cable is inserted' might be the best option
15:36:27LinusNi think so
15:36:30 Join methangas [0] (
15:36:48LinusNanother idea: a "enter usb mode?" question
15:36:59LinusN(optional, of course)
15:38:04Pieter_perhaps with a (very short) explanation why you would not want to do that?
15:39:07LinusNthe question?
15:39:37Pieter_yes, so people using it won't frown their eyebrows and ask themselves 'i inserted the cable, why wouldn't i want to?'
15:40:28LinusNbut the option would be off by default
15:40:42LinusNand you don't enable it unless you need to
15:40:58Pieter_sounds even better
15:41:13Pieter_(i'd have to look around in the code a bit more to be able to write that :))
15:42:07LinusNhave fun
15:45:04Pieter_oh, and a battery-type option would be nice, to be able to use the battery meter with rechargeable nimh batteries
15:45:32Pieter_now the ondio stops working when the thing is at 40% or so
15:46:01LinusNyou'd like to have it show 0% instead?
15:47:07Pieter_yes, and 100% when the batteries are fully recharged.. but it's just a cosmetic flaw i guess :)
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16:05:14jypLinusN, I now get ATA panic -32 ...
16:05:41jypreverting to the old ata.c version doesn't fix the problem
16:06:15jypMaybe there's another place to look at ?
16:06:31jypI guess not, but who knows
16:06:54LinusNjyp: interesting
16:07:49jypI still have random crashes at the start
16:08:09jypso I guess there's something fundamental I don't understand
16:12:19jypI'm going to try w/o interrupts
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16:20:36jypno better
16:20:38Bagdercvs [checkout aborted]: end of file from server
16:20:54Bagderthe cvs server is now kaputt
16:21:10Bagderoh well, I'll continue later on
16:21:23jypI got this message too
16:21:28 Join quelsaruk [0] (~kvirc@
16:21:48jypand it turned out that the cvs update completed
16:23:20 Quit R3nTiL ()
16:26:58Pieter_ah, free disk space on the ondio should be in MB if it's less than a certain value, let's see :)
16:27:13Pieter_on all models if it's less than a certain value i guess
16:27:16amiconnPieter_: As it happens, I now have NiMHs for my Ondio too, so I think I'm going to implement a battery type option.
16:27:41amiconnSame goes for the size display. This is high priority...
16:28:38Pieter_i'll do the size thing
16:29:03amiconnThe size thing is a bit complex, since it needs to be properly voiced.
16:29:32[IDC]DragonI'm back from afk
16:29:55[IDC]Dragonthe GB needs to be split out in all .lang files
16:29:56quelsarukamiconn: talking about voices... do you have south-american spanish SAPI5 voice?
16:30:21amiconnNope. Only us english & german.
16:30:23[IDC]Dragonno, only western-greenland mandarin
16:30:42Pieter_ah, i see...
16:30:56quelsarukwhat a pity
16:31:20[IDC]Dragonfeel free to step up to a mic
16:31:43[IDC]Dragonand bring out your south-american spanish timbre
16:32:18quelsarukhehehe, i don't want to create a new confict between spain and south-american countries ;)
16:36:01amiconnPieter_: I want to make the size display completely dynamic, with 3 significat digits. I.e. display something like 74.1 GB, 3.58 GB, 231 MB, 45.8 MB etc.
16:43:47Pieter_sounds like a good idea indeed.. Now for my own use i've made it report it in MB (but it still says GB)
16:57:31 Part LinusN
16:57:36Pieter_hmm, rockbox can enter usb mode even if the cable is not being inserted (but already has been inserted before)
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17:10:58muzhas linus had any time to work on the bootloader yet?
17:33:08 Quit muz ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
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17:48:01Pieter_hmm, when having the usb cable inserted but not in usb mode, in the playback screen thing, by pressing the mode button on my ondio several times i can go into usb mode again.. any idea where to look for this? It's not the USB thread by itself, it shouldn't be able to do that now
17:49:44[IDC]Dragonthe button driver probably signals another insertion
17:54:35 Quit Spida (Connection timed out)
17:59:43Pieter_think it's the wps screen showing or the filetree exiting.. i'll find out later, have to go now
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22:44:31 Join Zagor [242] (
22:52:36Bagdercvs [update aborted]: unrecognized auth response from
22:53:53jypCan you use your sourceforge account to get it via ssh ?
22:54:05jypI think ssh method works better
22:54:44Bagderbut I can't do that if I'm not a regged developer of your project, can I?
22:55:06jypI'm adding you right away
22:56:15 Nick Spida_ is now known as Spida (
22:57:26amiconnBagder, Zagor: Is there a reason why the X11 simulator does not use a button queue? The Win32 simulator does, as well as the target of course.
22:57:42Bagderno reason
23:00:04jypBagder, you're in.
23:00:21Bagderand I'm checking out
23:00:42amiconnHmm. I found that there are some places that empty the queue with "while (button_get(false));". These places could be changed to button_clear_queue(), but I don't know whether this will adversely effect the X11 sim. The X11 sim provides button_clear_queue(), but as do-nothing.
23:00:53jypmy pleasure ;)
23:01:25Zagoramiconn: it shouldn't affect it at all, since the while loop will never run more than one lap
23:04:01amiconn...if there are no events in the system's button queue, yes.
23:04:25amiconnBut if there are some, the while(...); thing will empty the system's button queue, while button_clear_queue(); will not.
23:05:53amiconnHmm. Perhaps button_clear_queue() should perform the while(...); loop for the X11 sim?
23:08:06Zagorno. any difference in function is unintentional and should not be kept.
23:11:49amiconnSo how to handle this then? Adding the while() loop to the X11 sim's button_clear_queue() would give the same effect as on the target, but only with the system's button queue. The X11 simulator doesn't have an own queue.
23:12:23amiconnAdding one would require more X11 programming knowledge than I have.
23:13:22Zagoraha, ok. then I'm fine with changing the X11 button_clear_queue.
23:13:24amiconnHow to deal with events in X11? In the Win32 sim, pressing a button generates an event, and the button event handler is called. I don't know how to do this in X11
23:16:19Zagorafaik that's possible in x11 too. but i'm not very skilled in x11 programming either.
23:20:04Bagderjyp: 'make install' in binutils fails
23:20:23Bagdermake -k install seems to install pretty much
23:20:30Bagderpossibly enough
23:20:43jypWhat error do you get ?
23:21:21Bagder../../../../gmini-binutils-2.15/binutils/doc/binutils.texi:5: @include `config.texi': No such file or directory.
23:21:37Bagder../../../../gmini-binutils-2.15/binutils/doc/binutils.texi:99: warning: undefined flag: VERSION.
23:21:42Bagdermakeinfo: Removing output file `../../../../gmini-binutils-2.15/binutils/doc/' due to errors; use −−force to preserve.
23:21:45jypI got a couple at install to but last time i tryied they didn't seem to showup... Must have missed something
23:22:10BagderI'll continue and see how it works
23:22:29jypThat just skipped info...
23:22:35jypso it should work
23:22:41Bagderyes, and who needs docs? ;-]
23:23:12jypWell It's not as if I put something about calmrisc in it ;)
23:24:59jypI'll try to fix this tomorrow... Probably a nasty bug in the makefile... Installing info hasnothing to do with my changes.
23:26:12Bagderif nothing else, we could just mention it on the wiki page
23:27:17jypI'll have a quick look at it ...
23:27:40jypif nothing is found we'll go for the easy workaround
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23:34:01Bagder/tmp/ccATuXFg.s: Assembler messages:
23:34:01Bagder/tmp/ccATuXFg.s:7: Error: bad instruction `ld a8,#100662988'
23:34:25Bagder(and a bunch more)
23:34:45jypcompiling a source that's for the SH
23:34:46Bagdercompiling debug.c
23:35:02Bagderok, good test for the build table then! ;-)
23:35:11jypOk, kept debug.c pending
23:35:53jypcause there's the specific debugging code for our emulator in it
23:36:09jyp(the empty emu_debug you asked about)
23:36:38amiconnThis looks like a compiler bug to me...
23:37:09jypActually the compiler should check that addr are no longer than 22 bits
23:37:28jypbut that is not well supported in gcc
23:38:30jyplast time I tryed to define pointer length to 22 made it crash
23:40:01Bagdernow we only need to trigger a rebuild
23:40:12Bagderany commits pending? ;-)
23:40:18amiconnJust wait some mins...
23:49:16Bagdernow, this will be interesting
23:49:26Bagderin... 11 minutes

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