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#rockbox log for 2005-01-27

00:07:28jyponly 202 errors
00:08:17amiconnOoohh - I caused a red build. But it wasn't my fault, really ;-)
00:09:06Bagderyeah yeah, they all say that! ;-P
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00:11:26amiconnBagder: Trying to assemble sources for a different CPU is not a good idea ;-) (descramble.S, bitswap.S)
00:11:54BagderI guess SOURCES need some attention
00:12:55amiconnThe build table is sorted alphabetically, I guess? Then iRiver should go between Gmini & Ondio, and not at the end.
00:13:12Bagdercase sensitive in fact
00:13:21Bagderthat's why iRiver is at the right end
00:13:55amiconnAh, unix-like confusion ;-)
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00:14:04Bagderyeps ;-)
00:14:15BagderI could fix it
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00:21:55popa@find pimsleur
00:22:27preglowi think you've got the wrong channel?
00:22:50popaEven though I was going to be here
00:23:41popaze, are you here?
00:24:36jyptoday's early sleep day. Good night all!
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00:39:55desrt@find l33t hax0rs
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00:46:03Pieter_ok, the usb power without usb mode thing fully works now.. also fixed a bug where the usb screen would appear in the screendump mode along the way, i'll make a patch of it
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04:44:25joewohi there...i installed the new rockbox on my jukebox recorder 20. prior to the install i had 3 directories for songs containing 999 files each. since rockbox can see more files than that in each directory i moved all of my songs to one directory via USB. Now all my Archos can see is 400 songs per directory but i can see all of the files there using Windows Explorer. Any idea how I can see all of the songs in the directory? Thanks
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04:48:46joewoi also get the Dir Buffer is Full error message
04:49:00joewoi looked in the discussion board and found no answer
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04:52:50joewois there a company that increases the harddrive in a jukebox recorder 20?
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13:34:40Bagder< 100 errors now! ;-)
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16:00:44elinenbeZagor: how is the id3 searching coming?
16:01:40Zagori'm chasing a bug that only shows up on target. very annoying.
16:01:55elinenbeI was thinking of an awesome feature −− assuming that the id3 searching works well....
16:02:08elinenbecan the top line of the screen be the "filter"
16:02:23elinenbeand depending what you are looking at −− it gets filtered by what is on that line?
16:02:47elinenbefor instance if you are typing "a" then everything with an a comes up.
16:03:01elinenbeand as you add letters −− it filters dynamically
16:03:32elinenbethen if you add a "b" to spell "ab" then only items with "ab" in it are there
16:03:40Zagorit could work like that, but i'm not sure what the advantage over a simple search field is
16:03:54elinenbeand if you finish it off "abba" then it will just list the "abba" tracks.
16:04:40elinenbewell, you get the point.
16:05:16Zagorincremental search isn't very fun, since the keyboard is a screen where you don't see the search resul
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16:19:13elinenbethat is why we need a "splash" keyboard
16:19:38Zagorfeel free :-)
16:28:14 Join Bagder_ [0] (
16:28:17elinenbea splash keyboard that is grascale translucent −− so you can see what is behind it...
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16:30:47 Join LinusN [0] (
16:33:29ZagorLinusN: feel like helping me with some target gdb debugging?
16:33:44LinusNi'd *love* to :-)
16:36:45 Quit Bagder (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
16:54:08elinenbeall we need is a nice alph-blending patch... anyone? anyone?
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17:30:05Zagorgotta go, see you later
17:30:09 Part Zagor
17:31:31 Part LinusN
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19:48:17LukeRHey folks
19:48:51LukeRI'm trying to figure out how to remove the hard drive from the FM Recorder. Anyone know how I can do this? I already have the battery out
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20:11:22Janomathuidaho... any hardware specialist online (concerning my tuned rockbox 8mb and flash dropped on the floor two weeks ago, first i thought it was the harddisc but....)
20:11:53Janomatthe problem seems to be anywhere else... the jukebox working fine but is running out of power after bout 5-10minutes
20:12:12Janomaton every hd access vcc voltage seems to break down...
20:13:17Janomatso ? anybody awake jet ?? :)
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20:15:27Janomathmm seems as if not :(
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20:56:39Janomathmmm still now hardware freak online ? :]
21:00:20Janomatjesus, what the heck the hell are you doing here :)
21:01:53crash_idleing ;)
21:02:17crash_seriously dont know anything of your hardware so cant really be or help
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21:13:32 Join LinusN [0] (
21:14:20LinusNJanomat: i assume you have checked the battery connections and all that?
21:14:32Janomatjust loading the batteries externally
21:14:40Janomatbut the problem seems to be the fet transistor
21:14:56LinusNthe IRF?
21:14:59Janomatthe hd stops spinning up when the battery voltage is about 4.8V
21:15:05Janomatdunno which type
21:15:22JanomatT1 022G
21:15:27LinusNthe hd isn't supposed to work below 4.75V
21:15:49Janomatwell so how can this device work with 4x1,2V batteries :) ???
21:16:23LinusNbecause the voltage is much more than 4.8V when they are full
21:17:42Janomathmm its the voltage ive measured
21:17:54LinusNthen your batteries aren't full
21:18:03LinusNrather empty
21:18:25Janomatthe rockbox loaded whole night and this morning when i copied 10gb onto the rockbox WITH power supplie attached to it the system stopped after about 6gb
21:18:46LinusNthat is a common problem
21:19:08LinusNthe charger can't keep up, as the hard drive drains the batteries faster than it can charge them
21:19:13Janomatthe problem is the MC34063A then i changed this on a friends rockbox cause it was blown up
21:19:27LinusNalso a common problem, yes
21:19:41Janomatthe power supply isnt capable of suppling 600mAh??
21:20:38LinusNyes it is, but a constantly spinning hard drive requires a lot, and the charging circuit only delivers about 350mA maximum
21:20:51LinusNwith a regulated 12V supply
21:20:54Janomatso everything should be okay ?
21:20:58LinusNread the battery faq
21:21:15Janomatbtw the rockbox flashs quite cool dunno if you also worked on it :)
21:21:26LinusNwell, if it runs out of power after 5-10 minutes, something must be wrong
21:21:50LinusNi'v done my share
21:21:59*Janomat hugs LinuSN
21:22:13LinusNbut it's mostly Jrg and Jens work
21:22:43amiconnActually, it's mostly Jrg's work. I've merely done the adaption for the player.
21:22:54amiconnA propos player - Linus?
21:23:32LinusNbeen quite sick
21:27:05Janomathmm ive just measured once more and loaded the batteries externally... 5.3V on the batteries going to read the faq now
21:29:48 Join Zagor [242] (
21:34:53Janomathm read the faq but two questions left
21:35:24Janomat1: what does the battery test plugin want to tell me with the time and the %
21:36:09LinusNit tells you the time it has run, and the estimated remaining battery playtime percentage
21:36:37Janomathuh dont think so :) or its buggy tells me my rockbox ran for 45:47:13
21:36:59Janomatbattery 100% well who cares
21:37:06LinusNhow long did it run then?
21:37:30Janomatthe box was disassembled till yesterday evening
21:37:49 Join markun [0] (
21:37:55Janomatdue to hd change from 20 to 40gb the whole rockbox stuff was removed from hd and i did the flash yesterday
21:38:03Janomat8mb mod was done mid last year
21:38:30LinusNso you only have the white led mod left to do .-)
21:38:32Janomatso if it stores the stuff in ram or on hd there cannot be a larger value then 24h
21:38:40Janomatwhite led mod :) ?
21:38:50Janomatwhite backlight *G* :)
21:38:50LinusNi have while backlight on mine
21:39:02Janomatthats too moddy
21:39:09markunHi LinusN, I just wanted to show my rendering of UTF-8 filenames:
21:39:15LinusN300% better visibility imho
21:39:38Janomatwell you need good fitting leds though
21:39:52Janomatits not 0805 nor 1206 what format have they ?
21:39:56LinusNyes, those i bought fit perfectly
21:40:35markunamiconn, are you there?
21:40:54LinusNi believe they were 0805
21:41:09amiconnmarkun: yup
21:41:40markunI now also think UTF-8 is a good option.
21:41:43LinusNmarkun: tlpopmusik - and then what??
21:42:00Janomathmm going to take a closer look at that dont wanna loose connection to the top of modding :)
21:42:01markunIt's something Heisenberg said :)
21:42:04amiconnJanomat: The original LEDs are not 0805, but 0805 does fit, although not perfect. You have to solder them in vertically
21:42:21markunOnly the last - should be a /
21:42:33LinusNi took pictures when i modded daniels recorder, will do a wiki soon
21:43:32markunDo you guys know what encoding the strings of readdir are in on Windows?
21:43:42Janomatlinus your from norway as far as i remember ? am i wrong ? if so and your possibly from germany where to buy these leds :)
21:44:13Janomatsweden ?
21:44:25Janomathmm within the eu :)
21:44:28LinusNi bought them from germany
21:44:37preglownorway isn't a eu country :)
21:44:56preglowbut yes
21:45:02preglowhow's the bootloader coming along, linus?
21:45:08LinusNquite well, actually
21:45:16preglowany major hurdles left?
21:45:24LinusNi finally fixed the problem with the lcd init
21:45:51LinusNso now rockbox runs correctly from a cold start in flash
21:46:07LinusNnext is to do the actal boot loading
21:46:43amiconnJanomat: I ordered the from Schuricht.
21:47:04Janomatthe only shop ive got no account :)
21:47:36LinusNsorry, i didn't buy them in germany, it was from here:
21:48:09amiconnThey sell a minimum quantity of 10, so I have 6 left. I wanted to put 4 of them into the player, however I did not yet manage to unscrew the front assembly (LCD button cover) without breaking either the screwdriver of the screws :(
21:48:23amiconn*LCD and button cover
21:49:15amiconnLinusN: Is there a recommended method to get these screws off?
21:49:42Janomatfrom suisse
21:50:18LinusNamiconn: i use a screwdriver
21:50:49LinusNnever had any problems
21:50:58amiconnhaha, of course. However, these screws are so tight that my screwdriver bends instead of moving the screws even a bit.
21:51:23LinusNmust be superglued then
21:52:40 Quit jipi ("Leaving")
21:52:43Janomathmm well seems as if only the copying this morning stressed the batteries so much... was really worried. cause before the 20gb harddisc had mechanical problems... i changed it and the batteries ran out within the same period as with the broken harddisc... i attached a samsung yesterday... working fine so far...
21:52:56LinusNi have only 4 leds left, but they are reserved for dwihno
21:53:16LinusNJanomat: good
21:53:17Janomatno problem... going to order them at one of my distries next time...
21:54:20Janomatgoing to reassemble...
22:00:56markunI tried some japanese:
22:01:24markunBut the font is way too big for the rest of the text as you can see.
22:03:21markunI had so many ideas in my head that I didn't know where to start. I'm now writing it down in little steps and I will try to focus on 1 problem at a time..
22:03:30Janomathey linus battery test plugin shows me 45:78:01 what timing scheme du you use within rockbox :)
22:04:07LinusNhow long did it run?
22:04:24Janomatwell 24h
22:04:31Janomator now 30seconds
22:05:38Janomatcool ? hmm
22:06:24LinusNhave you set the time on the jukebox?
22:06:40Janomatdunno well going back to work i need the rockbox for nf input for my actual project anybody beeing interessted to d.JPG
22:06:48Janomatmom dunno if after reassemble
22:07:05LinusNthe battery test plugin needs a correctly set clock
22:07:59LinusNJanomat: eeh, what is it that you're building? :-)
22:08:27Janomattime is set shows me the actual time when testing
22:08:56Janomatwell these two devices are for our lifeguard house at the starnberger see (one of the bigger lakes in south germany)
22:09:07Janomatnearby munich (south)
22:09:14Janomatthe stuff is for the radio system
22:09:45Janomatthe bottom case is the power supply for the radio stuff and the amplifiers (12V 480W 3.3V 160W and other voltages)
22:09:55LinusNJanomat: i was wrong, the time in the plugin is (like you said) the current time, not the play time
22:10:26Janomatthe upper case is the main logic using a 8051 derivate (this case a 80c535 with 512kb flash and 64kb ram)
22:10:50Janomatthe pcb board in the pics is a nf matrix logic... 7 inputs got onto 4 channels on the audio bus
22:11:02Janomatpower supply is done... working hard on the other logic... god... :-)
22:12:05Janomatyeah the boring thing is that you can only adress 16 bit so page is sized to 64kb blocks. you need to use a special gateway routine... and all the interrupts must be mapped onto the same adress in each page...
22:12:48LinusNtell me about it, i still have nightmares from old 8051 projects
22:13:10Janomatim writing c most of the time but without using any keil stuff or so
22:13:11LinusNthey should be outlawed
22:13:32LinusNi used the very sucky IAR compiler
22:13:57Janomatthe compiler ist quite good having routines for all you need. maths string operations and so on. there are even libs for using ic and so on
22:14:08 Quit markun ("off to a party")
22:14:23Janomataccessing the lcd was done within 3 or 4 hours
22:14:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:14:49Janomatthe compiler is from in my opinion much better than keil i used at the uni
22:16:25Janomatthe problem at the moment is that i have to handle lots of io (digital resistors and nf selectors...) i ordered a logic analyzer on friday from america cause the $ so cheap but i think it will take some time to have it here...
22:16:47Janomatso at the moment im working on housing for the amplifiers racks
22:18:21 Join oxygen77 [0] (
22:18:29Janomatwell after everybody felt asleep :) im going to work
22:19:20LinusNone can't live without a logic analyzer :-) drives me nuts!!!
22:20:17LinusNa total flash orgy, and mozilla has serious problems with it
22:20:57LinusNif i ever meet those web designers...
22:21:06*Janomat hides
22:21:12Janomatjust kidding
22:26:51 Join jyp [0] ( is a nightmare to navigate
22:29:34LinusNit sucks more than any other site i've seen so far
22:30:03preglowi completely agree
22:30:09preglowi couldn't even find the bloody forums
22:30:22Stryke`those forums are awful anyhow
22:32:13 Quit oxygen77 ("Leaving")
22:36:47Stryke`LinusN: did you ever see my post on the MisticRiver forums with the APEv2 tag specs?
22:36:54LinusNyes i did
22:37:20Stryke`glad to hear it, it was a page or so after your request so i wasn't sure
22:37:27Janomatchanging to other irc server... thanx for the info linus till the next mod :D
22:37:33LinusNJanomat: good luck
22:38:14Janomatthanx cya all and keep on coding...
22:38:17 Quit Janomat ()
22:53:58 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
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23:13:17 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- irc client ownage!")
23:19:15 Join quelsaruk [0] (~kvirc@
23:19:19Zagorbrace for impact, incoming id3 search.
23:19:55*LinusN hides under his desk
23:19:59 Join TuDo [0] (
23:20:42 Quit TuDo (Client Quit)
23:29:08Bagder_"I deliberately chose not to comment it."
23:29:14Bagder_that's an interesting take
23:29:18 Nick Bagder_ is now known as Bagder (
23:29:32Bagder(from strcasestr.c)
23:34:27Bagderonly 87 errors now! ;-)
23:34:38Zagorwhee! :)
23:35:14 Join Goatmale [0] (
23:36:38GoatmaleHow are you?
23:37:52amiconnLinusN: You talked about the battery_test plugin earlier. There is a bug with it....
23:38:15amiconnThe button handling cannot work as intended as it is now.
23:38:44LinusNperhaps so
23:39:28amiconnFrom the description I think it should do one outer loop (1x reading the dummy file and 1x printing time & battery status) per the time needed to empty the buffer with 128 kbps playback.
23:39:30GoatmaleWhat do you guys get on battery life?
23:40:02amiconnAdditionally, you should be able to short-cut such a cycle by pressing a button other than OFF
23:40:06LinusNGoatmale: i don't know, maybe 10 hours on my 2300mAh batteries
23:40:25amiconnHowever, as it is, it's stuck in the inner loop forever if you don't press a button...
23:40:33GoatmaleI get like 2... ;.;
23:40:35quelsaruki got more with my 2400mAh, but can't remember
23:40:51GoatmaleWhich model archos doyou have?
23:40:53LinusNGoatmale: get a new set of batteries
23:41:07amiconndo { ... } while (!(button&(BUTTON_REL|BUTTON_REPEAT))); This loops as long as there is no button release...
23:41:10Goatmalemine are 1500 I think..
23:41:10quelsaruki know i could make my drive from portugal to my house without pluging it to the charger.. and i spent 10 hours driving :)
23:41:34BagderGoatmale: batteries wear out over time
23:41:53GoatmaleI got mine around christmas ;.;
23:42:12GoatmaleI'm not sure
23:42:12Bagderthen there's a problem somewhere
23:42:12amiconnI just found Zagor is to blame for this....
23:42:15Goatmaleit was sealed
23:42:23Goatmalebut it had music in it
23:42:30Goatmaledamn ebay..
23:42:42quelsarukGoatmale: everyone have musin in it
23:42:49LinusNget a new set of batteries
23:42:50quelsaruka folder and some stupid songs
23:42:57Goatmalethey come with music?
23:43:07LinusNa few demo songs, yes
23:43:15Goatmalewhere can I get batteries?
23:43:40BagderGoatmale: you have a v1 with plain AA-batteries?
23:43:50GoatmaleI have green
23:44:02Bagderyes, they are AA-sized
23:44:11Bagderbut them anywhere
23:44:37LinusNAA-sized NiMH-batteries are very common
23:45:03GoatmaleIt came with another pair
23:45:06Zagoramiconn: cvs annotate is your friend. kjer added that button loop.
23:45:07Goatmaleshould i try those?
23:45:12LinusNGoatmale: do that
23:45:12quelsaruktry those
23:45:33GoatmaleI'll do that now
23:45:44GoatmaleDo I have to let the batterys run out the first time?
23:46:22quelsarukis better
23:46:29quelsarukbut doesn't really matter
23:46:35amiconnZagor: Oh, sorry then. Should have checked this before. Will correct the issue.
23:46:49quelsarukNi-MH batts should not have memory (or so they say...)
23:47:22amiconn(and the slightly off playback emulation too. It's 128 kbit/s, not 128 Kbits/s, so it's 16000 bytes/sec, not 16384)
23:49:11amiconnImho it would be actually better to choose a higher value than 128 kbit/s. This often sounds awful. 192 kbit/s seems to be common today, or lame −−preset standard
23:51:48Zagorthe purpose of the plugin was to see how long the device would run under light load. adjusting for bitrate doesn't really do much other than decrease the values you get. nobody gets close to those values with real usage anyway, so the plugin values are not comparable
23:52:02GoatmaleWill the archos say battery charged when it's done?
23:52:14LinusNGoatmale: sometimes, yes
23:53:13amiconnZagor: Okay, understood. And maybe this way the figures are more comparable to those given by mp3 player manufacturers. They often base their statements on 128 kbit/s mp3, to make the numbers look better.
23:53:40 Quit Goatmale ("thanks everyone")
23:54:02amiconnI think the off values could well be caused by the inner loop blocking. The file won't be read at all if the device sits silent on the desk.
23:54:16amiconnHence the disk wont draw power, only the cpu etc.
23:54:35Zagoroff values?
23:54:56amiconn<Zagor>.... nobody gets close to those values with real usage anyway, so the plugin values are not comparable
23:55:31Zagorno, i got fantastic numbers even in the first version that didn't have that loop
23:56:34amiconnHmm, strange.
23:57:31amiconnI'm looking into this in order to do runtime tests on my Ondio.
23:57:55 Quit jyp ("poof!")
23:58:15amiconnI intend to verify the alkaline discharge curve, and add one for NiMH, in order to add a battery type config.

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