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#rockbox log for 2005-01-29

00:00:18[IDC]Dragonand want to copy it to my MMC
00:01:22amiconnI figured some parameters that might be useful. I could give them so you don't need to figure them out again
00:03:19[IDC]Dragonit won't happen tonight
00:07:45*amiconn needs some sleep now
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00:08:19 Quit amiconn (" nite")
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00:15:37[IDC]DragonI'm off, too
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00:21:01preglowit builds! it builds!
00:22:39preglowat least the firmware, looks like the bootloader hasn't been stuffed into the makefile yet
00:23:13Bagderno, I think Linus plans to put it in a separate directory
00:23:28Bagderso the source is still missing
00:23:53preglowwell, it is in a separate dir
00:23:57preglowi've checked that out
00:24:05*Bagder is slow
00:24:25preglowbut the makefile needs a lot of stuff defined, so i guess he plans to make the main makefile call it
00:24:37Bagderyes, it looks like it
00:24:39Zagorrather make the configure script support it
00:25:08*Bagder spots a mistake...
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00:28:00Bagderpreglow: add a line like this
00:28:05Bagder@$(MAKE) -C $(ROOTDIR)/bootloader
00:28:13preglowyep, i've done it
00:28:13Bagderunder all: in the root Makefile
00:28:20preglowit built just fine
00:30:37preglowhaha, the firmware is currently two kilobytes big
00:31:23preglowhell, the bootloader is just two kilebytes as well
00:31:24 Join bagawk [0] (~Lee@bagawk.user)
00:31:26preglowthat's pretty good
00:32:03Bagderperhaps Linus left that out from configure for a reason
00:32:11BagderI'll ask him before I add it
00:32:23preglowdo so
00:32:42preglowbut i think i'll wait before i try making a flash image, heh
00:32:55bagawkYay, 1 semester of school done :)
00:33:01preglowi'll need to familiarize myself with rockbox before i do anything anyway
00:36:01 Join LinusN [0] (
00:36:31ZagorBagder: maybe to stop people building and testing it :-)
00:36:51Bagderyah, all those annoying testers who only complain!
00:37:21Bagderso LinusN, what is your comment you log reader! ;-)
00:37:35LinusNnot guilty
00:37:55Bagderyou turned me into a newt!
00:38:05LinusNyou got better
00:38:42LinusNi didn't add it to configure because i was unsure how to do it
00:39:16LinusNso i ran configure for the iriver firmware and modded the makefile by hand
00:39:40preglowyes, that's more or less what i've done
00:40:29Bagderok, me do a fix
00:40:36LinusNmostly straightforward, except for one thing
00:40:46LinusNyou need to add this line:
00:41:12LinusNthat's for the crt0.S
00:41:24Bagderme fix
00:42:04preglowwoot, i didn't do that
00:42:29Zagorpreglow: well, you didn't test if it worked did you? :)
00:42:38preglowofcourse i didn't test it, hehe
00:42:53preglowi love my player and have no means of reflashing it
00:43:49preglowi wholeheartedly agree
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00:46:27LinusNBagder: you working on the configure?
00:46:48LinusNremember that there should be no scrambling
00:47:21BagderI don't understand
00:47:26LinusNit doesn't really matter, i use the .bin file anyway
00:47:45LinusNthe .bin file is inserted into the original firmware
00:47:52LinusNthen it is scrambled
00:47:53BagderI'm just about to add the bootloader to the build, I won't change anything else
00:48:42LinusNby adding a configure selection?
00:48:52LinusN10) iriver boot loader
00:49:06Bagdercan't we just build it uncontionally?
00:49:23LinusNi don't get it
00:49:31LinusNyou need to generate a makefile
00:49:47LinusNeither by hand or with configure
00:50:10Bagderbut what does the makefile do is the question
00:50:27LinusNsame thing as all the other ones
00:50:43LinusNsets up a bunch of exports and then calls the other makefiles
00:50:53BagderI don't understand
00:51:05Bagderwhat is the bootloader?
00:51:13LinusNi'm talking about the makefile that is generated by the configure script
00:51:20Bagderme too
00:51:30*Zagor spots massive confusion
00:51:37LinusNthe bootloader is used instead of apps/
00:52:00LinusNyou build the boot loader by building the firmware library and then the bootloader app
00:52:06 Quit bagawk (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
00:52:09Bagdernow we're getting somewhere! ;-)
00:52:18LinusNbasically, you use bootloader/ instead of apps/
00:52:40LinusNso you need to generate a makefile just like you do when you build rockbox
00:52:50Bagdershould I make that a "platform" or an option of the iriver platform?
00:53:09LinusNdon't know...
00:53:23LinusNoption, methinks
00:53:34Bagderthat'll make more sense
00:53:40LinusNN)ormal, D)ebug, S)imulator, B)ootloader
00:53:43Bagder(and break more scripts ;-)
00:53:59Bagdergood idea
00:55:18LinusNso you generate a "normal" makefile, with "bootloader/" instead of "apps/"
00:55:31Bagderand the extra defines
00:55:40LinusNand the export EXTRA_DEFINES=-DBOOTLOADER
00:56:23LinusNi'll write a wiki page on how to generate the final .hex file for the firmware upgrade
00:56:31preglowdo so
00:56:45preglowi'd like to read some success stories before i flash mine :P
00:56:55LinusN1) descramble the original
00:57:20LinusN2) mkboot original.bin bootloader.bin newfirmware.bin
00:57:41LinusN3) scramble -iriver newfirmware.bin ihp_120.hex
00:57:55LinusN4) copy ihp_120.hex to the iriver and do a firmware upgrade
00:58:15preglow5) pray to god of your choice
00:58:30LinusN6) Sell it for parts on Ebay
00:58:57preglowthis could be a cover to get you guys more irivers to pick apart, you know!
00:59:08LinusNexactly, you're on to us
00:59:34LinusNwe "repair" them, sell them and make tons of money
01:00:16preglowand "everyone" is happy
01:00:28LinusNyou know too much, we will have to kill you
01:00:47preglowthat's alright, i'm tired of living anyway
01:00:54preglowjust give me time to sell off some organs
01:01:00 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
01:01:03Bagdertry my new configure fix
01:02:10preglowwill do
01:02:44preglowwhat, so the bootloader is built seperately from the firmware?
01:03:04LinusNBagder: the rockbox.iriver file shouldn't be created
01:03:26LinusNpartly my fault
01:04:45Bagderisn't that made by bootloader/Makefile?
01:04:58preglowahh, the firmware got a bit fleshed out now, yes
01:05:12LinusNBagder: yes it is
01:05:18LinusNmy bad
01:05:23preglowwhat's the difference between the .bin and the .iriver?
01:06:03Bagderthe .iriver is "scrambled"
01:06:21preglowahh, ok
01:06:51preglowwhy does that make it bigger? does it contain checksums or something as well?
01:06:57*LinusN is installing the newly created bootloader
01:07:03Bagderpreglow: exactly
01:07:20Bagderin this case, the scrable is our own custom header with only a checksum and a 4-byte model name
01:07:21LinusNpreglow: the scrambling makes it 8 bytes bigger
01:07:36preglowahhh, but ofcourse, you don't have to use irivers exe format
01:07:40preglowi was about to ask about that, hehe
01:07:50LinusNbootloader works
01:08:10LinusNthanks Bagder
01:08:17Bagderno problemos
01:08:21preglowwhy do you scramble your own firmware?
01:08:32Bagderits not scrambled then
01:08:34Bagderonly checksumed
01:08:41LinusNwe don't scramble it, we only add a header
01:08:56preglowthat makes more sense
01:09:38LinusNBagder: any particular reason for the 16-bit summing in scramble.c?
01:10:01Bagdernah, not really
01:10:12LinusNok, good
01:10:34LinusNthe endianness bit me when i summed in the loader
01:10:45BagderI noticed, and I was stupid not to think of it
01:10:54LinusNme too :-)
01:11:15Bagderah, no
01:11:33Bagdersorry, thought we could remove the separate checksum loop, but we can't since the other one is 16 bit checksum and this is 32
01:12:10LinusNagreed, time to sleep
01:12:16LinusNnite all
01:12:28 Part LinusN
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01:19:07 Join bagawk [0] (~Lee@bagawk.user)
01:19:22bagawkI found a problem with the configure script
01:19:52bagawkSelect a number for the language to use (default is english)
01:19:53bagawk1. Lee
01:19:53bagawk2. CVS
01:19:53DBUGEnqueued KICK bagawk
01:19:53bagawk3. apps
01:19:53bagawk4. build
01:20:26preglowthat didn't happen here
01:21:50bagawkThose are rather intersting choices for manguages :)
01:22:37bagawkpreglow, is your source fresh?
01:22:41preglowbagawk: cvs
01:22:58preglowbagawk: i'd say it is intensely fresh, i checked it out ten minutes ago, hehe
01:23:06bagawkpreglow, cygwin or *nix?
01:23:13preglowwhat build target do you use?
01:23:34bagawkI was experimenting with the iriver, but it happens with all targets
01:23:46bagawkMaybe it is just a problem with cygwin?
01:24:29bagawkCan anyone confirm?
01:26:33preglowwell, both cygwin and linux works fine here
01:26:37preglowat least to that point
01:26:41preglowafter that cygwin does not work here
01:26:51preglowi think most people have gone to bed
01:27:05preglowi too have been using the iriver build, so i think something funky has happened in your end
01:30:31bagawk for file in $rootdir/apps/lang/*.lang; do
01:30:47bagawkI know little about shell scripts but
01:31:06bagawkwhat would rootdor be? same as pwd?
01:32:08bagawkand where it got "Lee" is very weird, as there is no folder by that name
01:32:22bagawkthe only thing with that is my user name
01:35:35bagawkBTW: Most people are not in bed here, only 16:35
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04:05:18al11588does anyone know is there is going to be a gmini120 rockbox soon
04:05:44al11588does anyone know if there is going to be a gmini120 rockbox
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12:25:20ripnetUKAnyone else built the new bootloader and injected it into a firmware? i dont dare flash it, but I built it and injected it into 1.6 US software. Ended up with a flash hex of size 2074571 and md5 3fdd137e715550ad11a33516c50d3a59 ihp_120.hex
12:25:42ripnetUKim gonna wait until miniMon is working before flashing my baby tho:)
12:48:49 Join R3nTiL [0] (~zorroz@
12:49:13BagderI haven't done that yet either
12:51:49ripnetUKi dont understand why the minimon will help - surely only 1 of 2 things can happen - 1. It works in so far as you can boot to the original firmware by not holding REC, or 2. It fails to boot at all, so minimon wont be running. I suppose if it booted the 'new' code but the jmp to the original rom failed minimon might save you
12:52:20ripnetUKbut it seems to be that if the (complex) minimon can be made to work, its much more likely a simple jmp will work
12:53:26ripnetUKhaving said that, I will follow Linus's advice as he is a hardware hacker and I am not :)
13:01:49ripnetUKCan I drop one more md5 onto here for verification please? i assume its the bootloader.bin and not the .elf that i should inject. When I build the bootloader.bin I got a md5 of 5fea7b76ec66a8589d5560a59cd96e19 bootloader.bin - can anyone else verify that they got the same?
13:03:33 Join Nibbler [0] (
13:04:05Bagder9da072762fbb437ff4cb28fbcc29d0a8 bootloader.bin
13:05:33Bagderbut it may be due to diff compilers etc
13:06:11ripnetUKthanks Bagder...
13:06:41ripnetUKit could be. I built the cross compiler exactly as per instructions on the wiki, but of course the cvs from binutils might have been changed since you booked it out
13:08:53ripnetUKtalk to you later
13:09:20ripnetUKmy gf just set my non maskable interupt pin high :)
13:09:35 Join NibbIer [0] (
13:10:01BagderNMIs are tough :-)
13:10:03Bagdersee ya
13:10:33 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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13:21:21 Join Atur [0] (
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13:33:18 Join Zagor [242] (
13:33:54Bagderhi z
13:36:22Zagorhowdy. nix' recent mail re gcc is interesting. it sounds like hw knows the code well.
13:52:27Bagderperhaps we should do amicons's little endian magic in config.h
13:52:39Bagderit is included almost everywhere
13:53:07Zagoryeah, it's a better place than dbtree.c
13:53:41Bagder... but that doesn't include config.h ;-)
13:53:54Bagderperhaps implicitly...
13:54:42 Join NibbIer [0] (
14:01:51 Join rasher [0] (
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14:12:29 Nick NibbIer is now known as Nibbler (
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14:22:00 Join Ennan [0] (
14:22:36Ennanhi :)
14:22:51Ennanwow, there's people here :)
14:23:08Bagderyou sure? I could be a bot
14:23:31Ennanyou could, but i don't think daniel would like some bot taking his name :)
14:23:38Ennanat least, if i can trust :)
14:24:08Ennancould i bother you with some hardware questions, or you little busy?
14:24:21Bagderfire away and I'll try to answer
14:24:47Ennanwell, i tried this in the forums, but since no reply, ill check it myself.. my studio 10 is shutting down when pressure is applied to the front
14:24:55Ennanso im gonna find out why this is
14:25:11Ennanbut having a little trouble removeing the lcd+button part of the unit
14:25:42Ennanno trouble stripping it to removed casing, batteries and hd
14:26:27BagderI've never done that operation, nor do I have a studio
14:26:36BagderZagor: any hints for Ennan ?
14:26:52Zagorsounds like the classic loose solder point
14:27:15 Quit Spida ("leaving")
14:27:19Ennanso it is a known problem? i didn't find too much info, but if it's a known problem, enlighten me with knowledge and/or links :)
14:27:44 Join Spida [0] (
14:30:04Zagori don't remember the link. but the basic thing is you want to open the player and heat up the solder joints that hold the boards together.
14:30:32Ennanthe points on the back (hd) side? the two big ones on opposing sides?
14:30:57Zagorthe ones holding the small boards on the short sides, iirc
14:31:38Ennanyou mean the yellow circles on the first pic?
14:35:23Ennanor the grean ones
14:49:16Zagorsorry, had to rush
14:49:49Zagorlook at this pic:
14:50:23Zagorsee the vertical solders on each side, the right one being just to the left of the "T10" text
14:50:49Ennanthe ones on that side? .. yeah i see them.....myself I was looking to the solder point close to the '+' button, wich looked kinda bad to me
14:51:25 Join einhirn [0] (
14:53:07Ennanproblem arises mostley @ the '+' button, therefore i thought it should be down there...
14:53:25Ennanpressing menu, on etc doesnt shut it off....
14:54:20Zagorok. well reheat all of them, it can't hurt. note that you have those verticals on the bottom board too.
14:54:39Ennanstill, that right one looks badly it's almost loose (it isnt though) ... ill have to touch that one up at least...any idea if .....that's exactly what i was going to say :)
14:55:13 Join webguest95 [0] (
14:55:16Ennanwell, i'll try and come running back if i need more help....and ofcourse, though you get this all the time, i'm still madly in love with the rockbox firmware..
14:55:41webguest95good morning...
14:55:52Ennanmornign :)
14:55:58ZagorEnnan: :-) you're welcome
14:56:10Ennanis that weird piece of 'wire' trying to make contact from the batteries to the board??
14:56:17webguest95just loaded RB and am Very happy with it.
14:56:32Ennanruns trough the ... eeuhm, whats the word..spring? for the batterie
14:56:33Bagdera first time user? welcome!
14:56:48webguest95I own a V2 recorder, yes thanku..
14:57:10ZagorEnnan: afaik it's designed to lessen the spring strength so the board isn't bent too much
14:57:30Zagorbut i'm not sure there has ever been a decisive conclusion
14:57:44webguest95Zagor: a strain relief?
14:58:02Ennanwhat a weird design :)
14:58:09Ennanwell, heating up the iron :)
14:59:50webguest95Just thought I would see if anyone really used this. Really wanted to express my delight for the new firmware. It has improved my experience with my Archos.
15:00:40webguest95Seems odd to me though that the manufacturer would make it so clunky
15:01:33Zagorwebguest95: it's quite normal, actually. all mp3 players have awkward firmware. people don't pay extra for better firmware.
15:01:43Ennanseems odd to me they're not shipping rockbox...
15:01:45Ennanit's there
15:01:46Ennanit's great
15:01:51Ennanwhy not advertise it
15:01:55Ennanadvertise the community
15:02:05Ennan'the only mp3player for real tweakers'
15:02:23webguest95I agree. I have owned mine now for 6 months before finding RB.
15:02:51Bagderthen they couldn't scam the users who forgets to remove it when they send it back for warranty repair
15:03:56Zagorrather, they don't want people to use their old products. they want them to buy new ones.
15:04:20Zagorgotta go
15:04:22 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
15:04:28Ennantrue...but a friend of mine bought the gmini...200?220? the small black/white one with the flash reader
15:04:30webguest95who knows...prolly right Zagor
15:04:35Ennanthat firmware sucks too
15:04:48BagderGmini port is on the way
15:04:49Ennan@badger: what they do with warranty probs and rockbox?
15:04:52 Join LinusN [0] (
15:04:57Ennani told him, he couldnt' wait :)
15:05:13BagderEnnan: they clain rockbox voids the warranty
15:05:17Bagderand charge for repairs
15:05:34LinusNripnetUK: the bootloader (as documented in the wiki) jumps to rockbox by default, and starts the original when rec is pressed
15:05:49Ennancan they? does it say in the warranty that it's void when using rockbox
15:06:09BagderEnnan: they do, and I don't think anyone has sued them over it yet
15:06:30Ennanmy warranty is void anyways, so i couldnt..
15:06:35Ennanbut id be pissed bout it...
15:07:34webguest95ditto, since I am passed the warr. period, i am considering the 8 meg upgrade on my unit.
15:07:35LinusNripnetUK: and it's not a "simple jump" to start the original firmware
15:08:01LinusNthe entire rockbox operating system has to start before the boot loader can confirm that the rec button isn't pressed
15:08:10LinusN"entire" :-)
15:08:17BagderLinusN: you should put that in a wiki page about how to bootload on iriver
15:08:25LinusNwell, a lot of things have to work
15:08:36LinusNyes, i'm about to
15:08:51Bagderwe'll get heaps of people asking things like that soon
15:09:08LinusNand heaps of dead irivers .-)
15:09:28Bagderheh, let's hope we get more questions than dead players
15:09:47Bagderbut paper weights are useful too! ;-P
15:10:05LinusNjust send them to me :-)
15:12:01Ennanam i still here?
15:12:19Ennankilled the power on my router...
15:12:22LinusNyes you are
15:14:03webguest95I would say that I personaly (?) made quite a scene at work amongst the digitally challenged with my mp3 player.
15:14:26webguest95No one is very familiar with them at all.
15:15:14webguest95I get the "Is that an ipod?"
15:15:37CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
15:15:37*rasher is waiting axiously for the iRiver port to reach a state where it's fit for adventurous end-users
15:16:05webguest95It blows em away when I tell them that I have every CD I own on it
15:17:31 Quit QT (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:19:04SpidaBagder: you said you will get questions about irivers real soon? why?
15:19:19Spidais there anything planned to be released?
15:19:20Bagderbecause the bootloader works
15:19:22Spidaanything usable?
15:19:31SpidaBagder: oh, cool
15:19:32Bagderyou can actually boot rockbox now
15:20:14SpidaBagder: for which version of the iriver? the ihp1*0, or the h3*0?
15:20:29Bagder120 and 140 at least
15:22:18Spidawhat about the h3x0 series? is there anything planned for them, too?
15:23:03Bagderyes, but we start with the 1xx ones
15:24:05Ennantouched up the solder points, but still
15:24:14Ennanwhen i press 'hard' on the top board the unit just shuts off
15:24:34webguest95Ok then... Let the powers that be know my apppreciation for the hard work. Paypal donation coming soon. :) keep up the hard work. Real life is pressing, good morning.
15:24:38 Part webguest95
15:24:53Spidahow different are they? (that is, in which timeframe after a working ihp1x0 version can I expect a working h3x0 version? weeks/months/years?)
15:25:03Ennanit does give me a "power off" message befor shutting down...
15:26:27Ennanfunny, i do have the impression it's improved...
15:27:16BagderSpida: I don't know
15:27:37Spidaok, thx
15:27:58*Spida is expecting his h340 to be delivered early next week
15:28:24 Join sox [0] (
15:28:48soxhoy bagder, has anyone actually tried the iriver version?
15:29:01BagderLinusN has
15:29:05soxis it safe or a dead end in case it doesnt work
15:29:27Bagderwait for his wiki page
15:29:34soxit's very very tempting indeed to see my hex file laying there....
15:29:50soxbut i think i better be safe than sorry in this case...
15:29:59rasherRight now it seems that you're probably best off waiting a while
15:30:42soxi agree, but my fingers oppose ;_)
15:32:01LinusNfirst crude version of a wiki page is up:
15:33:57LinusNsox: even if you did install the boot loader, you won't have any fun
15:34:08soxwhy is that?
15:34:17LinusNthe current iriver version of rockbox does absolutely nothing
15:34:27LinusNit blinks the backlight
15:34:40LinusNand you can't turn it off afterwards
15:34:43soxwell that might be fun to see :-)
15:34:47LinusN(the CVS version, that is)
15:34:54LinusNmy version does a lot more
15:35:07LinusNi'll commit it when i have tidies it up alittle
15:35:19soxallright, i see
15:35:59soxthis is the standard question then: how far away is that?
15:37:13Ennan@badger: you talked bout the gmini says 200 and sx220..but is the 220 gonna be supported?
15:39:04soxhey Linus, maybe you should add that to the wiki page on the bootloader - that right now you dont have much use of rockbox for the iriver
15:39:57jypEnnan: yes
15:40:08soxdid you see this combined charger/usb retractable USB2 cable, btw? Cool:
15:40:27Ennan@jyp: tnx :) is that including flashreader support?
15:40:39rashersox: the last I saw of those didn't support usb2 speeds though
15:40:52rasherooh, updated! :D
15:40:57jypIf you have a little bit spare time, please modify the page to use a better wording :)
15:41:29soxjyp: who did you say that to?
15:41:36jypEnnan ;)
15:41:48Ennan@jyp: what page?
15:42:18jypEnnan, any page that looks unclear to you ;)
15:42:31 Join preglow [0] (
15:42:50Ennanjyp: i just read the wiki for gminiport, the first page says "his Port of Rockbox will run on the Gmini 120, SP, 200 and 220XS"
15:43:12Ennanno mention of the 220..but i'm not sure it DOES support it , becouse it is somewhat a different aparatus...with teh flashreader and all
15:43:17jypFlashreader is (I think) easy to support. But first the sound support
15:43:37Ennanbtw, the 220xs is called xs220 :)
15:43:52jypI posted sth on the mailing list regarding that not long ago
15:43:54jypw8 a sec
15:45:32Ennanhmm, happy with the unit now ;) it's working better :) .. well, if soldering the unit is no prob, than why not go and flash rockbox, rite? :)
15:46:11jypthe idea is to support all the CalmRisc16-based devices
15:46:40preglowwhy, after actually having tried to use the iriver site, i'm even more flabbergasted by the level of userfriendlyness they've managed
15:46:53jypif I'm not mistaken this includes the 1* & 2* series
15:47:50Ennancould be, i don't know the internesl of the gmini220
15:47:55soxLinusN: maybe a direct link to the actual files on irivers site would be good?
15:48:28preglowhahaha, their search engine reports it has found so and so many hits, then doesn't display any of them
15:48:51rasherit's horrible
15:48:53Ennan@jyp: to be clear, i'm talking bout the unit of a friend of mine, being this one:
15:49:49ripnetUKwoo... glad i waited for the wiki page about bootloader - i didnt do the descramble / scramble thing...
15:50:10preglowthe player probably would not have allowed you to flash it, then
15:50:15ripnetUKhopefully the iRiver would have not allowed me to flash it
15:50:57preglowthis site is driving me mad, it only displays the actual search results about on time in ten
15:51:04jypEnnan, this is indeed one of our targets
15:52:47Ennangreat! :)
15:53:40Ennanhmm, the blindmanflash page doesn't give the player link...the normal flashpage does however...
15:54:06Ennan@badger: i know, but it clearly says 200 and 220xs, that's what i meant :) ... it should say 200, 220 and xs220
15:54:09Ennani suppose
15:54:41*rasher finds a direct link to the iriver firmwares
15:54:52rasherdoes it matter if it's the EU or US version?
15:55:57jypEnnan, i'm not really into the subtleties of versions
15:56:06Ennanno prob.. ;)
15:56:11LinusNpreglow: try selecting a link from the empty page and then Back in your browser
15:56:39LinusNrasher: it should work on any version
15:57:04preglowLinusN: i got it off of their swedish server
15:57:10ripnetUKLinus - my compiled bootloader has a different md5 to the one bagder has...
15:57:19preglowyou probably have different gccs as well?
15:57:22ripnetUKnot sure if its because my tool chain is broken
15:57:48soxrasher: give us the link and spare us the hell
15:57:48ripnetUKi dont have the guts to try it...
15:58:08rashersox: sure thing, just a second
15:58:28ripnetUKany chance of posting a known working bootloader.bin to the site?
15:58:41preglowor better yet, a known working firmware WITH the bootloader? :P
15:58:55ripnetUKand the md5 of a known working 'modded' firmware (eg version 1.6US modded = MD5 xxxx)
15:59:06ripnetUKpreglow - (C) restrictions prevent this
15:59:06preglow1.6 ?
15:59:10rasherthat appears to work
15:59:28preglowripnetUK: i didn't mean puttin it up on the website
15:59:36ripnetUKi see
15:59:44preglowthat would be asking for trouble
15:59:50soxwhy use the EU version?
15:59:55preglowdunno, habit?
16:00:21soxI have a US H120, but the firmware probably dont care..
16:00:33soxEU have regulations on volume, i think
16:00:37preglowi've run the korean firmware on my player, it doesn't matter
16:00:44preglowi don't think the h120 one has that restriction
16:00:46ripnetUKi have a UK (EUish) iRiver, but ive used korean and us firmware OK - it doesnt seem to care
16:00:53rasherat any rate, the link for the us version is:
16:01:01preglowok, let's try that, then
16:01:17rasherI guess I should add these to the wiki
16:01:20soxlink works ok
16:02:48preglowbut yes, who has successfully flashed a bootloaderified firmware?
16:03:05ripnetUKcant we post a .ips file (like the ones used to modify snes games from jap to english) to convert a given original iRiver hex to one with the bootloader included? AFAICT that wouldnt violate any (C)
16:03:44preglowripnetUK: good idea
16:03:59preglowthere are even good open source tool to do the patching
16:04:34ripnetUKim sure there are loads of ips tools... i think i used to use smartIPS back in the day
16:04:40preglowbut right now it probably is better to do it the hard way, so that newbies won't try it
16:04:59soxthats a good idea preglow
16:05:00preglowbut once it's deemed very stable, perhaps
16:05:15ripnetUKmaybe... whats stopping me is that my bootloader.bin has a differnt md5 and is thus suspect...
16:05:26ripnetUKexciting times
16:05:27preglowwell, it very probably just is different gcc versions
16:05:34preglowwhat version do you have?
16:05:57ripnetUKi ahve the same gcc from the wiki
16:06:07ripnetUKbut a newer (i assume - its yesterdays) binutils from cvs
16:06:16preglow9da072762fbb437ff4cb28fbcc29d0a8 bootloader.bin
16:06:48ripnetUKpreglow - thats the same md5 as badger got
16:06:58ripnetUKi got something different :(
16:07:05preglowwell, find your gcc version
16:07:11preglowif you've got gcc 3.3.x, then small wonder
16:07:16preglowi've got the newest gcc
16:07:40ripnetUKive got 3.3.4
16:07:53preglowthen, indeed, small wonder, they are bound to produce different code
16:08:23preglowbut i can send you my bootloader if you really want it, hehe
16:08:38ripnetUKhave u flashed it?
16:09:00preglowi'm waiting for confirmation that someone else has successfuly done it first, my life would be miserable without my player
16:09:30ripnetUKhehe i think i will wait a bit then... im not flashing anything that doesnt match md5s with one that someone else has successfully flashed... Linus reckons we should wait until badger and zag? have tried it as they are geographically close the the wiggler :)
16:09:40ripnetUKive gotta go, talk to you later
16:10:06preglowsee you around
16:10:13ripnetUKyeah, talk laters
16:11:20soxwhat's the correct md5?
16:11:33preglowthere is not correct md5, it depends on your toolset
16:11:36preglowi pasted mine above
16:11:52preglowand i use cvs binutils and gcc 3.4.3
16:12:00soxMD5 (bootloader.bin) = 713e5391f5b32e66430442ad0b53228d
16:12:27preglowgcc version?
16:13:32 Quit Ka ("* poof *")
16:13:40soxwell, gotta go, ill wait until i flash mine, but this is gonna be fun! later....
16:13:43 Quit sox ("Leaving")
16:14:38 Nick Ennan is now known as ennan|afk (
16:14:48rasher <−− what the **** is that sorting about?
16:15:20***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:16:27preglowwhat does the current rockbox for h1x0 do, btw? flash a led? :P
16:16:33rasheroh, I see new users are quarantined under "a" :)
16:17:00rasher[15:34] <LinusN> the current iriver version of rockbox does absolutely nothing
16:17:00rasher[15:34] <LinusN> it blinks the backlight
16:17:00rasher[15:34] <LinusN> and you can't turn it off afterwards
16:18:17 Join Ka [0] (
16:18:46preglowmaking a turn off mechanism would propably be a priority, then? :)
16:18:46 Quit edx (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:20:30 Join QT [0] (as@area51.users.madwifi)
16:23:03 Join edx [0] (
16:32:34 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
16:32:39 Join einhirn [0] (
16:34:17 Quit einhirn (Client Quit)
16:34:29 Join einhirn [0] (
16:36:08LinusNpreglow: my local copy works, as does the boot loader
16:47:10 Quit ripnetUK ()
16:50:49 Quit ennan|afk (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:51:50 Quit preglow (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:55:44 Join preglow [0] (
17:05:43rasherLinusN: I just added direct links to the iRiver firmware on IriverBoot, hope that's okay?
17:42:53 Join Spida_ [0] (
17:55:31 Quit Spida (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:15:23***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:45:28Bagderwhat's the diff between the EU and the US versions?
18:47:32preglowa couple of kilobytes and selectable fm tuner frequency range
18:48:00preglowthere is also talk of volume restrictions in the eu one, but i don't think they've added that to the h1x0 firmware yet
18:48:41preglowwill the bootloader go in the same address for all region firmware versions?
18:48:56BagderI don't know
18:49:02preglowor have you only tested with eu version?
19:07:29Bagderzagor: "cd rockbox-build && cvs co bootloader'
19:07:40Bagder(for the log)
19:08:11Bagderthe bootloader is currently not in the daily source packages
19:08:56crash_Bagder: for the h3xx the us version doesnt have usb-on-the-gp
19:10:26*Bagder runs off again
19:25:01 Quit preglow (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:27:43 Join preglow [0] (
19:29:05 Join ripnetUK [0] (
19:45:23preglowi'd love it if my gateway stopped crashing
19:59:40 Join Stryke` [0] (
20:14:17crash_Bagder: you didnt know that ?
20:14:48crash_there was another differenc,e i read on misticriver, but dont ask me, have forgotten since i have the european one
20:15:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:18:53 Part LinusN
20:21:45crash_can anyone tell me if the iriver bootloader is working on h110 ?
20:25:26jyphey ...
20:26:03jypBagder, I find it impossible to debug the problem of binutil/doc install...
20:26:14jypso I just make a note in the wiki :/
20:28:36 Join uski [0] (
20:58:08 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
20:58:55[IDC]Dragonnew V1 recorders available in Germany:
20:59:57[IDC]Dragonfor 200 EUR
21:05:04 Join LinusN [0] (
21:06:14LinusNcrash_: no, i doubt that it will work on the 110
21:06:49LinusNi would probably have to change the dram controller settings
21:06:56LinusNgotta go
21:06:58 Part LinusN
21:08:40uskihi all
21:12:05 Nick Spida_ is now known as Spida (
21:15:13 Quit Stryke` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:15:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:49:28 Quit jyp ("poof!")
23:07:47 Quit [IDC]Dragon (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:09:09Bagdercrash_: why would I know such things? I don't have a 3x0
23:11:03preglowBagder: have you tried out the bootloader?
23:11:53 Join lImbus [0] (
23:14:00Bagder"Just follow the normal Firmware Upgrade procedure." (from IriverBoot)
23:14:05Bagderwhat is that procedure?
23:14:27rasherUpdate firmware through the system menu
23:16:06Bagderand how do I do that?
23:16:53rasherlet me see
23:17:04rasherput the .hex file in your filesystem root
23:18:00rasheropen the menu (hold down the "joystick") > general > firmware upgrade
23:21:16 Join gromit^ [0] (
23:22:11rasherno problem
23:22:22 Join ripnet [0] (
23:22:23 Quit ripnet (Remote closed the connection)
23:46:07 Join Trevmar [0] (
23:48:06TrevmarI tried out the MMX hotplug - flashed the 20050129-ondiofm.ucl, but when I unplug the MMX card the Ondio switches off. Do I need a new .bin image for the boot rom too?
23:48:41Bagderno just flashing should be enough
23:49:41TrevmarHmm.. thanks..
23:54:09TrevmarRockbox resets if I plug the card in while it is on, also. Partitions look OK. Can't see anything in the Debug info - it is the correct CVS version... Maybe I should try today's build
23:54:48Trevmarnope.. that IS today's build :(
23:55:23Bagderyou probably need to bother Jörg about it
23:55:44Trevmargoodness, I have had enough of his time already :(
23:56:06Trevmar(getting the hardware uart_boot working)
23:56:22Bagderright, I've seen the thread in the forum ;-)
23:58:18 Join hile [0] (

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