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#rockbox log for 2005-01-30

00:13:41ripnetUKhas anyone else flashed iRiver yet ??
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00:20:14Zagor<Bagder> zagor: "cd rockbox-build && cvs co bootloader'
00:20:33Bagderthe source tarball build
00:20:49Bagderthat cvs tree has no bootloader dir
00:21:17Bagderthus you need to run that :-)
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00:24:16BagderZagor: you flashed your iriver yet? ;-)
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00:25:44Trevmaramiconn, have you any idea why my Ondios turn-off whenever I insert or remove MMX cards using 20050129-ondiofm.ucl
00:26:25amiconnNo, sorry. I did not yet test MMC hotplug, I'm still running battery runtime tests, so my Ondio is "blocked".
00:27:19TrevmarOK, thanks
00:27:22amiconnBtw, I got >14 hours from a set of fresh alkalines (running my modified battery_test.rock)
00:27:49ZagorBagder: no. i've even lent it to a friend to do some recordings, so i won't be able to test during this week
00:27:50TrevmarHmm, I am using 1000maH cells, but I haven't bothered to test them. Maybe I should
00:28:38amiconnI got 12 hours from 900 mAh NiMH cells yesterday (directly after charging)
00:28:56Trevmarsounds about what I get (a non-scientific statement)
00:29:30Trevmarthat's pretty good life for alkalines, though
00:29:56amiconnReal usage seems to wear the batteries a bit more than this synthetic tests, so I'll probably use a factor of 0.8 for adjusting the runtime estimation
00:31:11amiconnThese were el cheapo alkalines; it could be interesting to compare these with branded cells
00:31:39TrevmarI won't warry so much about running out of charged batts when travelling if I can just buy alkalines :)
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03:03:48jwoodgood evening....
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13:57:32amiconnhi lImbus
13:57:41lImbushi jens
13:57:59lImbusI thought I could sneak in unseen :-)
13:58:34lImbusuh, ell then: Good mornin channel !
13:58:41amiconnlImbus: I have a question for you, as I remember you also having the "old" Ondio type with all the shielding in.
13:58:58lImbusyes amiconn, thats right
13:59:32amiconnDid you already try a version with hotswap? If yes, does your ondio also switch off when you insert or remove a card, like Trevor's?
13:59:55lImbusuh. you seem to have missed something. that unit is dead
14:00:06lImbusproblems with mcc-bridge
14:00:21lImbusi bite myself in the ass for not having it flashed before
14:00:24amiconnI'm asking because it works perfectly both for Jörg and me. I even tried it on 2 Ondios, but these are all of the new type.
14:01:16amiconnHmm, it's dead :( Too bad.
14:02:11lImbusI tried a few things, but all I get (internal and external memory) is the archos firmware (2-3 minutes after start, I assue a few timeouts) saying me to reformat the device
14:02:24lImbusnu usb on usb+On of course
14:03:37amiconnHmm. If the firmware also doesn't detect both internal & external flash, it is unlikely a bridge problem only.
14:03:37lImbusa coworker of mine is just about to take the display a part (he has a recorder with broken display), then I'm going to send the rest to jörg for his junkyard
14:03:58lImbusmaybe I am misusing the term "brigde"
14:04:53amiconnI'd suspect either a CPU problem (dead pin) or (more likely) the clock gate circuitry (the quad AND gate chip)
14:06:50lImbusit's too bad. I just started to love it :-/
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14:12:38lImbussalut salut
14:13:59jypdaag ;)
14:14:38BagderBelgian weirdo alert! ;-)
14:14:54lImbusyay. invaders :-)
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14:16:02jyp... Und guten Tag.
14:16:13jypSo the list is complete :)
14:16:31lImbuslooks like it took you a while :-)
14:17:21jypI'm not completely awake yet :)
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14:18:10*lImbus gives a round of coffee
14:18:40jypgood idea
14:26:35jypBagder, is it useful to make mp3data compile for the gmini?
14:26:51jyp(or, will is be used in the new playing framework?)
14:27:21BagderI'm not sure
14:27:46Bagderthe funtions are useful, so they will be around but possibly changed to fit a more generic approach
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14:29:25LinusNthe mp3data functions are very useful
14:29:45LinusNthey ase the vary basis of the gapless playback and id3 tag extraction
14:29:50LinusNare the very
14:30:40ashridahthat's creepy
14:30:47LinusNthey might be included in the coded framework somehow, so you will want it to compile
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14:31:11ashridahheh. the way you're using logs to catch up :)
14:31:34LinusNbetter that than be logged in all the time
14:31:36Bagderbig brother is watching
14:31:40ashridahi've just been watching a typical 'sixth-sense' style horror flick.
14:31:55LinusNi hate when people are logged on to the channel but unreachable
14:32:10Bagderthat's what /away is for
14:32:21LinusNyup, but not that many use it
14:32:39LinusN3 persons are away at the moment
14:32:55LinusNbut i doubt that all of the rest are here in person
14:38:58amiconnLinusN: I have a small problem with my battery type setting for Ondio. It would make sense to call the global cofig variable battery_type. However, there already is a variable with that name, that actually defines the battery *display* type (graphic/numeric)...
14:39:24LinusNchange it then
14:39:58LinusNit could be battery_display_type instead
14:40:11LinusNthe problem is the config files of course
14:40:24amiconnSame goes for volume_type (although this currently doesn't hurt)
14:40:49LinusNchange only battery type for now
14:41:36amiconnMaybe the _type isn't needed, in the config file, the setting is called "battery display"
14:43:03LinusNso battery_display then
14:57:04LinusNgotta go
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14:58:13jypI've made mp3data to compile here
14:59:23jypCommitting it will surely raise errors in the app dir though
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14:59:30jypwhat do you think ?
15:00:45amiconnjyp: If it doesn't raise errors for the other platforms, it's your decision.
15:01:37jypActually I don't compile the app dir yet
15:02:00jypso that means for the other platforms
15:03:33amiconnSo what did you do? Long policy should be okay, but the resulting warnings & errors be fixed before the next daily build (imho).
15:04:33jypokay, let's give it a shot then
15:04:44jypfixing the errors should be trivial
15:23:49 Quit ashridah ("sleep")
15:32:16amiconnjyp: A maximum of 3 warnings. Not too bad.
15:34:47jypheh ;)
15:34:56jypI got the fixes in hopefully
15:47:37amiconnWarnings recursion...
15:49:52amiconn...fix is simple, I'll commit it.
15:50:53jypI already committed sth wrt that
15:50:54amiconnAh okay, you already did it.
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15:59:48amiconnGotta go
15:59:50 Part amiconn
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18:08:59lImbusmsg logbot_ away
18:10:45Spidahi lImbus
18:10:58lImbushi Spida
18:12:05Spidawin 20
18:12:24amiconnlose 40? ;-)
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18:17:30amiconnhi [IDC]Dragon
18:17:55[IDC]DragonHi Jens
18:19:15[IDC]DragonI saw Trevors posting, hotswap is too hot there
18:19:30amiconnWorks perfectly for me...
18:20:11[IDC]Dragondoes he have such a quad OR gate model?
18:21:24amiconnI don't know. We'd need the mask value of his Ondio(s)
18:23:15amiconnHe talked about his Ondios being old models with all the shielding, so maybe they even have the old clock gate circuitry.
18:23:56amiconnHowever, I wonder why this should cause the Ondio to switch off on hotswap. It obviously works for him in USB mode...
18:25:02[IDC]Dragonyes, I'm clueless
18:25:50amiconnUnfortunately lImbus' old type Ondio (the one depicted in our wiki page) is broken, so he can't test
18:26:43*lImbus headnods with tears...
18:26:48[IDC]DragonI fail to remember what happened to that one
18:27:27amiconnI guess that's impossible to remember. I only know it since today.
18:27:53[IDC]DragonlImbus, tell us
18:28:14[IDC]Dragonif it's not too hard for you...
18:28:22lImbusmy one takes several minutes to boot to the archos firmware menu (no, not flashed) then dies with "not formatted" or "mcc broken"
18:28:45lImbuswith internal and external
18:28:51lImbuseven with usb-boot
18:29:36[IDC]DragonI can try to uart-flash it
18:29:46lImbuseven without display ?
18:29:56[IDC]Dragoneven better without
18:30:18[IDC]Dragonso I can plug my dummy in there
18:30:54lImbusmy coworker is just taking out the display because his recorder display broke
18:31:03lImbusi planned to send this unit to you anyways
18:32:44lImbusit just may take some time. I have to stress him :-)
18:33:00lImbusmy work-mate
18:33:08[IDC]Dragonto do what?
18:33:19lImbusthe one that has the unit to get the display
18:33:43lImbusI sold him the display, gave him the whole ondio, and I will get it back soon.
18:33:56lImbusdon't forget to pm me your postal address
18:35:32[IDC]Dragonok, done
18:39:05amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Hotswap does also work on my sister's Ondio
18:41:45[IDC]Dragonaway now
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19:45:56amiconn[IDC]Dragon: r u there?
19:46:20[IDC]Dragonnow back
19:46:36amiconnI'm currently working on the dynamic size display.
19:46:55[IDC]Dragonfor the sim, I guess? ;-)
19:47:11amiconnNo, I mean B/KB/MB etc
19:47:24amiconnI already have a function that does the dynamic scaling and prints the result to a buffer
19:47:43[IDC]DragonB/KB/MB ?
19:47:49amiconnHowever, this function should also optionally be able to voice the result.
19:47:50[IDC]Dragonah, yes
19:48:01amiconnThe question is where to put this.
19:48:13[IDC]Dragoninto the screen?
19:48:15amiconnI currently have it in misc.c
19:48:21amiconnhaha ;-)
19:48:55[IDC]Dragonthe respective screen code, I mean
19:50:15amiconnNo, the function itself is generic: It takes a pointer to a buffer, the buffer length, the values, a pointer to a unit strings array and a flag to select decimal/binary scaling.
19:50:38[IDC]Dragonwhy so generic?
19:50:56[IDC]Dragondo you think it will be used from many places?
19:51:28amiconnThis could be used in more than one place, replacing num2max5 with this gives 2 uses within "normal" code, and in the debug menu for MMC
19:52:05amiconnUsing this in the info screen (total & free space) needs voicing & binary scaling.
19:52:21[IDC]Dragonbinary scaling?
19:52:24amiconnUsage in the recording screen needs no voicing & binary scaling
19:52:34[IDC]Dragonwhat's that?
19:52:49amiconnbinary scaling = divide by 1024 for the next higer unit
19:53:22amiconnUsage in the MMC debug needs no voicing & decimal scaling (Hz/kHz/MHz)
19:53:52[IDC]Dragonyou could give it a flag to say the result, instead of assembling a string
19:54:20amiconnYes, of course this flag will be added, and also the ability to use localised strings.
19:54:56[IDC]Dragonmisc.c sounds like a good place then
19:54:57amiconnThe question is, in which source file the function should reside. misc.c would be my first choice
19:55:15[IDC]Dragonit is application land
19:55:19amiconnaway now.
19:55:29 Part amiconn
19:55:33[IDC]Dragonme too, soon
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22:09:41preglowso, anyone flashed their iriver yet? :P
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23:36:08*jyp bows
23:36:23amiconnAny perl/regexp insider around?
23:36:33preglowi might count as one
23:38:01amiconnThere is a problem with the genlang/ binlang scripts. They count deprecated VOICE_* entries as (empty) LANG_* entries, because they only count an entry as a voice entry if the text string is empty and the voice string is not empty.
23:38:27amiconnSo I have to change this to rely on the id name starting with "VOICE_"
23:38:41amiconnHow do I do this in perl?
23:42:01preglowlemme have a look at the scripts
23:42:15amiconnI.e., how do I check whether a string starts with a given substring?
23:42:39preglowif ($string =~ /^substringhere/) { }
23:42:56preglowthat should do the trick
23:43:08preglowwhere the hat indicates start of string
23:43:14amiconnOk, thanks. I knew that it would look easy....
23:44:08amiconnIf you want to have a look: genlang line 88, binlang line 73. Both scripts are in /tools
23:49:05preglowyes, replacing that line should work just fine
23:49:44preglowthat's a tons more robust test
23:50:14amiconnI stumbled across this now that I need to deprecate some voice entries
23:50:27amiconn(not yet committed this work)
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