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#rockbox log for 2005-02-01

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00:16:01Quelsarukamiconn: now i think i understand what you wanted to say with language ID
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01:23:00HClanyone ever attempted an gameboy emulator for rockbox?
01:23:42preglowyou might as well forget it for the archos players
01:24:08HClyea, i was more of thinking about the iriver
01:24:32preglowmight be possible, but would require a pretty well optimized emulator
01:24:40preglowbut i think not
01:24:58HCldynarec goes a long way usually
01:25:05HCli dunno.
01:25:15preglowhmm, yeah, but i don't think any of the existing emulators support that
01:25:33preglowit's pretty much overkill for a gameboy unless you're running on a relatively slow cpu
01:25:57HCli guess. i'll still want to look into it though
01:26:50preglowthe gameboy has a z80 clocked at a few mhz
01:26:56Quelsaruki think that was the first april's fool joke
01:26:58preglowso it might be doable
01:27:16preglowbut hell yes, i would love it
01:27:23preglowplaying zelda on the bus on my rockbox enabled h120
01:27:26HCli have at least some experience with dynarec.. so.. hm.
01:27:37HClmy thoughts exactly.
01:27:45HCli doubt it'll have cpu power left to play mp3 though
01:27:51HClbut i dunno
01:27:58preglowno problem, need to listen to the lovely square wave music in the game anyway
01:28:12HCli'll look into it once the bootloader is stable enough for me to write some test software..
01:28:32preglowwould be really, really neat
01:28:34preglowi love emulators
01:29:27HCldoes anyone know how much ram the iriver has?
01:29:37HClcause.. emulators aren't exactly small memory wise
01:29:47preglow32 meg
01:29:51preglowmore than enough
01:29:53HClthats plenty
01:30:03HCli was thinking 16mb at least
01:30:09preglowa couple of megs will probably vanish for the os, but that's still more than enough for an emulator
01:30:29HClwell, you need to load the gameboy rom into ram, not entirely sure how big those are...
01:30:33HClthen you need to load the emulator
01:30:36preglownot very big
01:30:40HCland then you need room for the dynarec created code
01:31:02preglowbut will that handle self modifying code gracefully?
01:31:09preglowhell, we're talking rom, it doesn't have that
01:31:12preglowignore me
01:31:22HClactually, some roms have self modifying code
01:31:30HClyou need to keep account of it in dynarec with a dirty block bit
01:32:01HClbut so far i only did an n64 emulator and dosbox
01:32:10preglowi love dosbox
01:32:25HCli was into the development for dosbox for the xbox a bit..
01:32:26preglowespecially now that i can run old dos only demos on it
01:32:36HClfor some reason the dynarec core crashes completely on it
01:32:48HClup to the point where it crashes the debug kernel of the xbox itself
01:32:55preglownot bad
01:33:24HClah well
01:33:26HCl*afks to make food*
01:33:35HClcompared to an n64, gameboy should be easyish
01:33:38HCli hope
01:33:42preglowwell, it should
01:33:45preglowthe cpu part, at least
01:33:48preglowthe z80 is pretty simple
01:35:18HCli guess gba would be too heavy for it >.o
01:37:50preglowthat it probably would
01:38:01HClah well
01:38:36HCli haven't finished the 3 zeldas for gameboy anyways.. and i believe gameboy color is backwards compatible with gameboy..
01:38:48preglowi've finished a couple of them
01:38:52preglowbut it's _really_ long ago
01:39:06preglowaround the time they were new
01:40:51preglowbut i need to log off so i can get some coding done
01:40:54preglowsee you around
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02:00:54HClgest seems like an interesting candidate for a possible gameboy emu.. gnuboy too..
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02:33:28*Quelsaruk yawns
02:33:40Quelsaruksleeping time
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02:48:21amiconnsleep time.
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09:26:17Lynx_Hmm, i still get the mailinglist membership reminder twice, has been found out why that is?
09:26:42BagderI don't think anyone has tried very hard
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09:30:45LinusNLynx_: are the two reminders *identical*?
09:31:06midki got it only once
09:33:54rasherI got two identical ones
09:35:15rasherlooks like some greylisting deal
09:35:40rasherthe first one I got has this:
09:35:46rasherX-Greylist: delayed 00:30:08 by SQLgrey-1.4.2
09:36:06rasherthe next, 1 second later
09:36:07rasherX-Greylist: from auto-whitelisted by SQLgrey-1.4.2
09:37:31rasherI'm not sure what to make of that
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09:42:15ripnetUKpreglow - as a metric, the 6600 smartphone can emulate the gameboy, and it has about 100mhz arm
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09:45:31Lynx_LinusN: yes, they are identical except the message id
09:45:56rasherLynx_: do you get the same greylisting message?
09:45:58Lynx_rasher: i dont have an x-greylist field
09:46:05LinusNseems like we're not the only ones with this problem
09:46:11rasherguess it has nothing to do with that then
09:46:15LinusNlooks like it's a mailman issue
09:47:20Lynx_rasher: i guess you got two mails too, and when the first made it through you mailserver moved it to the whitelist
09:48:25rasherthat makes sense :)
09:54:05LinusNLynx_: which lists are you subscribed to?
09:55:12Lynx_just rockbox@...
09:55:27LinusN(there went my thepry...)
09:55:44Lynx_i asked in #mailman, no answer yet though
10:15:47Lynx_I seem to have a piece of dirt/dust under the display glass of my recorder, is this easy to remove?
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10:17:53LinusNyes, unscrew the 4 screws on the top and bottom and lift off the cover
10:18:09LinusNif it's a v1 recorder that is
10:27:48Lynx_it is, thx
10:28:21Lynx_you mean the screws on the sides? to i have to take off the bumpers?
10:29:27LinusNno, the tiny black screws on the short ends
10:29:55Lynx_ah, ok
10:30:10LinusNthere are two on each side of the usb connector, and two on the opposite side
10:30:47LinusNtip: hold the jukebox upside down when you lift off the cover
10:30:52LinusNthe keys are loose
10:31:28LinusNremoving the batteries also helps
10:31:45Lynx_hmm, i can't find a small screwdriver here anyway, will have to wait until i get home
10:31:55LinusNgood luck
10:36:44Lynx_interesting, when i try to take the lower right bumper off my jukebox turns on ;)
10:37:40LinusNthat's a symptom of loose battery connectors
10:37:59LinusNit looses connection and regains it, starting the jukebox in the process
10:48:25 Join Zagor [242] (
10:51:56Lynx_LinusN: found a screwdriver, operation completed successfully :) Pessured air in a can is nice for dusting
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11:00:18*amiconn also gets the mailing list reminder twice
11:15:23*LinusN too
11:19:42Zagori don't
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11:56:07|Quelsar|can anyone kick quelsaruk away? :)
11:57:35ashridahif you've got your nick registered with nickserv you can ghost it off the network
11:57:51|Quelsar|does this net have ghots?
11:57:57ashridah yep
11:58:05ashridah /msg nickserv ghost nickname pasword
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11:59:46ashridahkicks don't really do the trick anyway, you'd have to get an op to kill the dead client
12:00:05ashridahircop i mean
12:02:23Quelsarukbut as i didn't have the nick in other channels
12:02:31Quelsarukit crashes too
12:02:53Quelsarukat least in other networks
12:04:21Quelsarukamiconn: i suppose you are not around here...
12:05:43ashridahQuelsaruk: other networks tend to be more agressive at pinging clients than freenode is. clients tend to hang around here long after they ping timeout on other networks if they get cut off :/
12:05:58Quelsarukthat's true
12:08:11amiconnI am here
12:09:15Quelsarukdo you remember what we talked about LANG_PLAYINDICES_PLAYLIST?
12:12:20Quelsaruki searched english.lang and found no deprecated ID which could be before Playlist
12:12:28 Join Eodun [0] (
12:12:40Eodunhi all
12:13:27Quelsarukthat means that it was an error then when adding some new code. that person did not realize that LANG_PLAYINDICES_PLAYLIST was part of a 2-lines text string
12:13:31Quelsarukhi Eodun
12:13:51Eoduntalking about the langs? there's a sync error I think
12:14:23Quelsarukas in english.lang that ID really means Playlist, he used that ID instead of creating a new one (logical)
12:14:56Quelsaruka sync error?
12:15:39Eoduni mean, not even english.lang matches the real menus in my player
12:15:48Eoduntalking about lastest daily build
12:16:13amiconnQuelsaruk: (LANG_PLAYINDICES_PLAYLIST) You are right. This is used correctly in playlist.c, and used wrong twice (!), in tree.c and in onplay.c
12:16:17Quelsarukthere was a bug which should be fixed right now (but we found only in non-english languages)
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12:16:46EodunI find the same problem when I use the english language
12:17:14Quelsarukamiconn: i suppose we should change those tree.c and onplay.c Id with a new one. Maybe a LANG_PLAYLIST or something like that
12:17:45EodunMy first menu entry in my player is "Show icons" instead of "bookmarks"
12:17:48QuelsarukEodun: let me check if i get the same error
12:17:59Eodunclean build, by the way
12:18:02amiconnEodun: What archos model?
12:18:37Eodunthe weird thing is, voice works correctly. It talks the correct menus
12:23:16Eodunoh, btw, 1 question: I have to correct the pronunciation for spelling characters, because it says "Uppercase <letter>" (in spanish of course) instead of only the letter.
12:23:37Quelsaruki don't remember player keys... how do you enter the menu?
12:23:45Eodun(sry, my english is horrible atm)
12:24:44Eodundot in the numoad
12:25:00Quelsarukworks perfectly
12:25:01Quelsarukfor me
12:25:08Quelsarukeven with espanol.lang
12:25:21Quelsarukfirst one is "bookmark"
12:25:22Eodundon't understand what happens then
12:25:31Quelsaruktry Bleeding edge
12:25:36Quelsarukif you don't mind
12:25:42EodunI've tried it
12:25:49Quelsarukand doesn't it work?
12:25:53Eodunmenus work well
12:25:59Eodunbut then voices aren't synced
12:26:32Eodunperhaps rebuilding voices?
12:26:53EodunI'll try...
12:27:31Eodunoh, and the question: how do I tell makevoices to only change a pronunciation if it's alone, ie not inside a word?
12:28:10Quelsaruksorry.. i don't know
12:28:13Quelsarukask amiconn :)
12:32:47 Join jyp [0] (
12:36:15Eodunok, for some reason, the problem was with my cygwin not compiling correctly.
12:36:20EodunI'm sorry
12:36:59EodunI'll try to rebuild voices now and attaching them to the web afterwards
12:37:16Eodunthx for your work! c ya
12:37:25 Quit Eodun ()
12:44:14Quelsarukamiconn: i thinks we could advice about LANG_PLAYINDICES_PLAYLIST adding this to the desc: field
12:44:25Quelsarukdesc: in playlist.indices() when playlist is full. WARNING, This ID and next one are a single phrase. Translators, keep that in mind.
12:46:54 Join Eodun [0] (
12:47:01Quelsarukre Eodun
12:47:09Eodunhi again :)
12:47:18Eodunnow building voices
12:48:11Eodunbut I think there are some strings still left for traduction in spanish
12:48:25Quelsaruki updated yesterday
12:48:37Quelsarukbut we have some problems
12:48:47Quelsarukthat's what i was talking with amiconn
12:48:50Eoduncan I help?
12:48:54Quelsarukof course
12:49:07Quelsaruksometimes my translations are not the best
12:49:52Quelsarukmaybe it's easier if we speak spanish in a query :)
12:49:59Eodunlol yeah
12:54:49amiconnEodun: If yaou want the pronunciation adjustment for a whole word only, i.e. not part of a word, use the "match word boundary" metacharacter at the beginning & end.
12:55:05amiconnThat's why a bit of regexp knowledge is handy..
12:55:30amiconnThis is used for german in several cases.
12:57:00Eodunhm... how do I find that metachar? is it \b?
12:58:29Eodunyeah, it works now. while we were talking I launched a voice creation and it works correctly
13:05:17QuelsarukEodun: do you have spanish SAPI5 voice?
13:14:35*HCl yawns
13:16:07HClwhats new?
13:19:35LinusNnot much
13:20:52Eodunworking with langs here
13:21:26Quelsarukmessing around with langs ;)
13:25:27HCli was thinking of getting the emulator stuff up and running a bit..
13:25:37HClis there a proper iriver emulator working?
13:25:41HClwith the correct speed and stuff?
13:25:49LinusNnot even close
13:25:51Bagderthere is a simulator
13:25:57Bagderthe emultor is far from reality
13:26:03HClhm. markun said there was.. ah well..
13:26:08LinusNand i doubt it will ever be
13:26:15HCli'll just wait some more then ;/
13:26:19ZagorHCl: maybe he meant the gmini emulator?
13:26:24HCltill that bootloader is more stable
13:26:26HCli have no clue
13:28:46 Join R3nTiL [0] (~zorroz@
13:32:15Quelsarukamiconn: we have a strange issue
13:32:27Quelsaruksimilar to the same we had yesterday with genlang
13:32:33Quelsarukbut.. this time with voices
13:33:14Quelsaruki think it's the same regexp thing
13:34:03QuelsarukListening to Rockbox info is the funiest thing i've ever heard
13:34:12 Join preglow [0] (
13:36:27amiconnQuelsaruk: I think this is the id order issue with voicefont that I already mentioned.
13:36:35amiconnYou can try 2 things:
13:36:54Quelsarukhmmm, also can be
13:36:56amiconn(1) Bring the new ids in espanol.lang into the same order as in english.lang
13:37:35amiconn(2) change the script so that it uses english.lang in the voicefont call instead of the build lang
13:38:58Quelsaruki suppose the only solution is changing ID order
13:39:20Quelsarukor maybe will have another guy complaining here in 2 weeks :)
13:40:39amiconnImho adapting the script is the more general solution, because then it will work for all languages.
13:41:30 Quit R3nTiL ()
13:43:16Eodunso we'll need to dl the new voicefont, huh?
13:43:28 Join R3nTiL [0] (~zorroz@
13:44:39*HCl reads the code for the bootloader and thinks it seems pretty straightforward, but knows he's prolly wrong about that because all the function calls had to be implemented
13:44:55amiconnEodun: Yes, that's also necessary for proper .voice building. The old version has the same problems with deprecated VOICE_ idss as the binlang/genlang scripts had.
13:46:35amiconnQuelsaruk: I told you yesterday...
13:47:18Quelsarukamiconn: you know i had my brain somewhere else yesterday
13:47:32Quelsaruknow i remember
13:47:44Quelsarukyou said you added a *UPDATED* or something like that
13:49:08*Quelsaruk needs some holidays
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14:06:46El_Barto2hi guys!
14:08:27 Quit R3nTiL (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:08:36El_Barto2do you know if i can charge my gmini 120 trough usb?
14:08:58Bagderno idea
14:09:42 Join webguest26 [0] (
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14:10:36El_Barto2or if mp3,wma and wav are decode through hardware or software?
14:11:03El_Barto2so it could be possible to write a soft which for example supports ogg?
14:11:24Zagorif the cpu is strong enough, yes
14:11:57El_Barto2heard that you are developing rockbox for gmini ;)
14:12:07El_Barto2could you tell me some features? ;)
14:12:26Zagorwe are porting rockbox, which means it will have rockbox' features
14:12:37El_Barto2ok ;)
14:12:52El_Barto2thought that you write a new rockbox..
14:13:05El_Barto2which ogg support and so on ;)
14:13:16LinusNno need for a new rockbox for that
14:13:16Zagorno, we are enhancing it
14:13:21 Join webguest32 [0] (
14:13:37 Quit R3nTiL1 ()
14:13:42 Quit webguest32 (Client Quit)
14:13:55 Join Patr3ck [0] (
14:14:02El_Barto2and what you know about flashing the gmini?
14:14:17El_Barto2is it possible to flash rockbox on it?
14:14:27El_Barto2in future ;)
14:15:02El_Barto2ah ;)
14:15:55El_Barto2and is it possible to change the harddisk=
14:16:02El_Barto2many questions ;)
14:16:20Zagoryes, if you can find someplace to buy a new one
14:16:42El_Barto2why,is it so small or what?
14:16:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:17:41Zagorthe xs200 disk at least is rather special. the others i think are using "standard" 1.8-inch drives.
14:18:07Zagorbut even the 1.8" disks are not easy to find
14:18:15El_Barto2so an upgrade wouldnt be so easy right?
14:18:30Zagordepends on if you can find a disk
14:19:47El_Barto2so...i will sell my jukebox recorder 20 and buy a gmini 120...
14:19:58El_Barto2its cheeper and better i think
14:20:55El_Barto2anyone interested ? :)
14:22:37BagderI doubt it is better until Rockbox works on it
14:23:13Bagderbut that's me
14:23:59Quelsarukin my opinion, if rockbox can be ported to iriver h3xx then that's a good option for a new box
14:26:26El_Barto2but i think an expensive right?
14:26:47El_Barto2the gmini is cheaper and has more features than the recoder!
14:26:54Quelsarukless than my recorder6 when i bought it
14:26:57El_Barto2so why buy the recorder?
14:27:00Zagorit doesn't have digital in/out
14:27:01Quelsarukit was nearly 480
14:27:07Zagorit has much smaller disk
14:27:15Zagorit doesn't use standard batteries
14:27:23Zagorit doesn't run rockbox
14:28:08Eodunthe last one is the worst IMHO
14:28:29El_Barto2it has digital in
14:28:33preglowdoes anyone know if the spdif spec is freely available?
14:28:56Bagderprobably not
14:29:09preglowhaving rockbox support pulling track names and such from the cable would be cool
14:29:59Zagorpreglow: are there any other devices that do that?
14:30:11preglowmy minidisc player did
14:30:25Zagorok. worth looking into, then.
14:30:28preglowi hooked it up to my cd player, and it ripped cds perfectly
14:30:31preglowtrack names and all
14:30:39preglowand my cd player is not a sony, so no proprietary shit
14:31:15preglowas soon as rockbox is more operational, i'd be happy to dump some data
14:33:24LinusNthe s/pdif standard is not free, afaik, but there is some info here:
14:34:35preglowLinusN: sure, but i doubt it should be THAT hard to reverse engineer it, but then again, i might be wrong ;)
14:35:20Bagderhey, sony was involved with it so there's no surprise it isn't open
14:35:27 Join ripnetuk [0] (
14:35:39Bagdersp is sony philips, iirc
14:36:17preglowLinusN: do you know how the coldfire is interfaced to the spdif ports, btw? is there some risk of it not seeing higher level data?
14:36:31LinusNthe coldfire supports the iec958 control channel (cd-subcode stream)
14:37:22preglowand btw, what program did you use to make the schematics in the wiki?
14:40:03 Quit ashridah ("sleep.")
14:41:10ripnetukdoes consumer spfidd even have track names? on my sony hifi it needs another cable totraanfer cd titles to minidisk
14:41:55HClout of sheer curiousity
14:42:03HClis it possible to change the harddisk of the iriver?
14:43:36preglowshould be
14:43:43preglowbut size is a major concern
14:43:50preglowas in physical size
14:43:53ripnetuki think its quite a narrow drive - as i understand it, you cannot yet get 60 gigs that dfit
14:43:54HClyea, needs to be 1.8 " hm?
14:43:58preglowlarger disks are physically larger
14:44:25preglowsome people tried fitting a 30 gig into the h120, but it was just a couple of mm too thick
14:44:31HCl :X
14:44:43preglowif you've ever opened it, you've seen that there's not too much space left in there
14:44:53HClah well, i don't really need to upgrade my h140...
14:44:57HClit'd be sweet if i could.
14:45:04HClcause then i'd never need a new music player, really.
14:45:17LinusN"640k is enough"
14:45:19preglowi think twenty gigs are more than enough for me
14:45:22HClLinusN: :P
14:45:42HClLinusN: how about the battery of the h100 series? is that detachable on the inside?
14:45:46preglowbut yeah, with the advent of rockbox, it does indeed look like i'll be keeping this player for a while
14:45:50preglowHCl: yes
14:45:50HClcause i know it'll degrade sooner or later
14:45:59HClpreglow: don't suppose its a common part, hm ? :/
14:46:01preglowHCl: it's only fitted with a simple cable and can be upgraded
14:46:05LinusNHCl: yes, you can replace it
14:46:08preglowHCl: it is, actually
14:46:21preglowHCl: you can even get better capacity, but again, physical size is a major concern
14:46:35HClif i'm gonna have to resort building a custom case for it
14:46:38HCli don't think i'll mind much.
14:46:52HClassuming that in the future, due to lack of space and battery, my h140 will be useless
14:46:55preglowthought any more about a gb emulator, btw? :PP
14:47:10HClyes, i have, but i really can't do anything till i can actually develop on my iriver
14:47:13LinusNfirst things first, u know
14:47:16preglowthe screen of the h120 is 16 pixels lacking in the height direction, otherwise it's a perfect match for the gameboy
14:47:17HClcause i can't really get a measure of speed of it
14:47:23HCli see.
14:47:29HCli don't think many games will mind
14:47:35HClhaving chopped off 8 pixels of the top and bottom
14:47:50HClor maybe just evenly distributed across the screen.
14:48:00HClthat'd prolly be better
14:48:10preglowmaybe, you'll find out
14:48:41HClbut first i have this stupid project this week.. then next week i'll be busy with valentine.. and after *that* i finally got some time :X
14:48:43preglowbut yes, there's quite a lot to be written before something like that can be attempted, hehe
14:49:08HClLinusN: out of sheer curiousity, is it possible to check whether two buttons have been pressed at the same time?
14:49:27preglowi'm writing my masters thesis, so i'll probably have some stuff to fill my time with as well
14:49:34preglowHCl: ahh, that'll be a problem
14:49:35HClthough now that i think of it, i might end up not needing it..
14:49:46HClif you were to emulate a gba
14:49:49HClyou'd lack one button
14:49:51preglowHCl: 'cause you can't
14:49:55HClofcourse you could map it to the remote
14:49:58LinusNHCl: no, you can't
14:50:04HClbut anyways
14:50:08HCli don't think i'd get gba running on it
14:50:16HCland gameboy only has 4 buttons and a controlstick
14:50:18HClso thats fine
14:50:34ripnetuki think you would be lucky to emulate a gba on a processor this slow :) its snes level of complex
14:50:49HClsome games (i know zelda does...) require you to press buttons simultaneously :(
14:50:51Zagorisn't gba color too?
14:51:10HClthat might be a problem...
14:51:13LinusNwell, you can detect Play separately from the other keys
14:51:16preglowi think gba is out if the question, but a gb might be realistic
14:51:23*HCl nods @ preglow
14:51:35HClwith frameskip and dynarec, it should be possible to go a long way
14:51:49HCli just realized that you need to be able to press buttons at the same time though..
14:52:01HCli might end up having to map "keycombo buttons" to the remote or something..
14:52:02preglowHCl: well, linus says you can press play and another key at the same time
14:52:16HClthats something
14:52:17LinusNthe hold switch is separate too
14:52:24HClthe hold switch o.o;;;
14:52:29courtchaha.. not you people too.. I get "gb emulator on ipodlinux"
14:52:30HCli never really considered that as a button.
14:52:33ripnetukthe hold switch would be good to reload a gun on doom :)
14:52:48HClif i was to like
14:52:51HClmap play to A
14:52:55HClmap stop to B
14:52:59HCland map hold to select
14:53:04HClthen you'd at least be able to save in zelda
14:53:06LinusNor we could attach a keyboard in the remote socket
14:53:14HClprovided you managed to switch them all
14:53:21HClis that possible?
14:53:32preglowi'm thinking of making a midi->spi converter for the remote socket, it would be really cool having the h120 be a portable synth
14:53:47preglowahhh, ideas, ideas
14:53:49preglowso little time
14:53:53Zagorthose foldable palm keyboards would be perfect
14:53:53HCli'd have to hook up with some electronic geeks.
14:54:02HClbut it might be possible to build a tiny addon for gameboy buttons.
14:54:06LinusNZagor: c00l indeed
14:54:12HCli'll try with the resources i'll have first.
14:54:23HClthere aren't that many games for the gb that require simultaneous keypresses..
14:54:33HCli only know of one.. zelda, which requires you to press a, b, and select to save
14:54:44LinusNi'd say the screen size is more of a problem
14:54:48preglowLinusN: do you know if the remote employs the same adc scheme for button decoding?
14:54:53LinusNyes it does
14:55:02LinusNon a different channel
14:55:08HClLinusN: i think it should be well possible to filter out 16 horizontal lines on the screen..
14:55:17preglowHCl: it won't be pretty
14:55:21preglowi'm almost certain of that
14:55:34preglowthe gameboy already has few vertical pixels
14:55:35HClpreglow: its either that or 1/2 of its size.
14:55:53HClcause scaling is *EXPENSIVE* cpu wise
14:55:55LinusNone could configure which pixel rows to remove for each game
14:56:03preglowHCl: yeah, i know, maybe a toggle to either see the top or the bottom sixteen pixels would work, heh
14:56:12HClpreglow: interesting suggestion.
14:56:13HCl :)
14:56:31preglowi think skipping pixels is pretty much out of the question, it would be too noticable for gameboy games
14:56:31LinusNusing the hold switch .-)
14:56:34HClwe're getting too far ahead xD
14:56:39HClLinusN: xD
14:57:07preglowHCl: no shit
14:57:15HClfirst i need to wait for a proper development environment *prods linus with a stick* :P
14:57:22preglowplanning a gb emul when all rockbox does is flash a led :PP
14:57:25HClit was a gentle prod :P
14:57:36HClnow i'm off
14:57:41preglowait, have fun
14:57:42HClto bugger people in stores
14:57:50HCland visit my sis who's in the hospital :/
14:58:13preglownothing serious, i hope
14:58:31HClsevere case of anemia
14:58:36HClshe collapsed in a mall
14:59:05preglowthat does sound serious
14:59:35HClmeh, she's not in immediate life danger
14:59:36HClso i can take it
14:59:41HCli bought her a stuffed panda :)
14:59:49HClafk now
14:59:54preglowthat ought to perk up just about anyone
15:00:00preglowk, take it easy
15:00:12 Quit El_Barto2 ()
15:01:03preglowLinusN: Bagder mentioned some bootloader related fixes, anything particular you're working on?
15:02:46LinusNa safety fix, in case the bootloader crashes
15:03:25preglowa hardware based exception handler, like? i'm not really familiar with 68k architecture
15:03:26LinusNso it starts the original firmware if it crashes
15:04:14preglowit does sound like a clever thing to have, yes
15:05:43Eodunhmm... one question: It is possible to flash rockbox in a AJB6000 that says it's impossible, via some solder? or it's the rom model what blocks it?
15:05:57LinusNit's the rom model
15:06:12LinusNyou need to replace the flash chip
15:06:27Eodunoh ok
15:06:35Eodunbetter not messing with it
15:07:20*Bagder won't mention who replaced his flash chip ;-)
15:07:33*Bagder does the flash dance ;-)
15:08:09Bagderbut I owe Linus lots of pizzas
15:08:43LinusNBagder: i accept beer too :-)
15:10:05Eoduncan that chip be bought in a normal electronics store?
15:10:28LinusNi doubt it
15:10:46LinusNwell, you need to define "normal electronics store" of course
15:11:28Eodunnah, i doubt that they sell it in the places I'm thinking about
15:13:46preglowi'd like both pizza and beer right now
15:18:09amiconnLinusN: Talking about flashing - any news concerning the oldplayer test? Sorry for nagging over and over...
15:23:19LinusNno news
15:23:43 Join webguest41 [0] (
15:23:57webguest41hey linus congrats on iriver progress
15:24:25webguest41is the gdb stub bit next
15:27:15Bagderonce we can boot, "anyone" can help out with the gdb stub
15:27:38webguest41you dont need special hardware like with the bdm?
15:27:41ripnetukis the uart connection exposed (eg in the remote socket)
15:27:53ripnetukor will we have to crack open the case?
15:28:09Bagderwebguest41: you need to modify the player, yes
15:28:20ripnetukbut < 11 connections :)
15:28:29Bagderstill, there's no point in a gdb stub if Linus is the only person who can use it
15:29:00Bagderwell, it would still be a point, just not as important
15:29:05webguest41is everyone working on the iriver project now that the bootlaoader is done?
15:29:13preglowit needs some more work, then we're on it
15:29:19Bagderwho's "everyone" ?
15:29:29webguest41i dunno
15:29:34ripnetukive got the dev environment all set up... just waiting for Linus to say its less dangerous to flash before I go ahead and do it
15:29:35webguest41rockbox crew
15:29:59ripnetukonce the bootloader is flashed, and my unit is not dead, I can rest easy knowing that everything else is 'soft' change
15:30:20webguest41how do you guys recover a dead unit without bdm?
15:30:27Bagderwe don't
15:30:31ripnetukyou cant, thats why i wait
15:30:42webguest41but it probably will happen
15:30:49Bagderwe've decided not to kill our units ;-)
15:30:59LinusNit will undoubtedly happen to someone
15:31:21preglowi sure as hell hope that someone is not me
15:31:24preglowgod, i will be depressed then
15:31:37LinusNthen you could send it to me
15:31:39webguest41well im at school now so i g2g, thanks for filling me in i check the site everyday for iriver updates
15:31:43preglownot a bad idea
15:31:52preglowbut isn't fitting the bdm interface quite a bit of work?
15:32:00LinusNit can be made easy
15:32:10 Quit webguest41 ("CGI:IRC")
15:32:15LinusNbut i need some help
15:32:21preglowwell, sure, as long as you're up for it ;)
15:32:44LinusNthere is room for a debug connector on the pcb
15:32:45ripnetukim not sending my iRiver to Linus - ive seen what he does to them :) he even puts picturs of their torture on his web site ;)
15:33:26LinusNbut i need to find a suitable connector to solder to the pcb
15:37:32preglowabout where on the board is it located?
15:39:47LinusNcheck the nude picture on the left edge
15:41:53ripnetukback or front?
15:42:58EodunThanks god I know this is a programmers' channel... XD -><LinusN> check the nude picture on the left edge
15:43:12LinusNfull frontal
15:43:36Bagderchips and nudity!
15:43:45preglowif it's the one i think, it doesn't look very connector friendly
15:43:54LinusNonly chips, no nuts
15:44:13LinusNpreglow: it is the same type as the lcd connector
15:44:33Eodunis there a similar place with player's images?
15:44:48LinusNplayer's, as in jb6000?
15:44:54preglowLinusN: of course
15:45:32Eoduni've only found the disassembling ones
15:45:34Eodunok thx
15:45:52Bagdertry the Tjerk ones
15:47:55LinusNno nude pics, unfortunately
15:48:34Eodunc ya, I'll keep working on spanish voices
15:48:52 Quit Eodun ()
15:50:05preglowinterfacing the h120 serial port to a pc shouldn't require much more than a level converter, no?
15:50:23preglowgreat, i've got tons of those
15:51:02preglowis it 5v og 3.3v ?
15:51:15 Part Zagor
15:51:36 Join elinenbe [0] (~elinenbe_@
15:56:55preglow3.3, crap
16:16:50***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:48:17LinusNi think i found a suitable bdm connector
16:48:27LinusNjust ordered one, hope it fits
16:48:53LinusNif it does, resurrecting a dead iriver won't be that difficult
16:50:28*Bagder runs off
16:50:36elinenbewho has a dead iriver?
16:50:49LinusNnone yet
16:53:07 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
16:53:54ripnetukwhat are the main dangers? afaict is it a unknown variation in the hardware, failed flash itself (also possible with original firmware), and broken firmware image
16:54:52ripnetukbroken firmware image can be avoided by using md5 to verify its the EXACT same image as Linus used.
16:56:37LinusNi fear alternative 1) the most
16:56:43ripnetukme too
16:56:59LinusNand user error of course
16:57:09preglowlike constructing a faulty image
16:57:15ripnetukisnt that covered by option 3 (broken image)
16:57:16preglowi fear that more
16:58:11ripnetukonce the bootloader works, there will be no need to alter it - surely if there is one 'proper' build of the bootloader code, we can put md5's of every known firmware image that has been tested with it
16:58:40ripnetuki know I am planning on trying to get a pre-built tested binary boot bin from someone who has tested it, rather than building my own.
16:58:55LinusNof course
16:59:05preglowi don't think depending on not having to alter the bootloader is a very good idea
16:59:30preglowbut sure, having a couple of md5's lying on the website would be good
16:59:31ripnetukonce mine can bootstrap code from the hdd, I wont be risking touching it again :)
16:59:58ripnetuki still think a .ips patch to convert stock firmware into 'magic' firmware is the way to go
17:00:01LinusNsurely, we migth find a bug in the loader so we would have/want to flash it again
17:00:10preglowof course
17:00:20preglowripnetuk: yes, i like that idea as well
17:00:31ripnetukits possible, but surely if it can load code from hdd and jump to it, we can work around any problems ?
17:00:33preglowthe tools are pretty foolproof
17:00:41ripnetukthey are when you md5 the result
17:00:59ripnetukbut that doesnt protect us againt cock-up 1, which is variations on hardware in the iRiver...
17:01:06preglowbut we will have dead units anyway
17:01:40LinusNbecause of murphy
17:01:53ripnetukor sod as i call him ;)
17:02:42ripnetuki still think that hooking the bootloader into a less critical section of the rom (like switch to radio) for testing purposes is the way to go
17:02:59 Quit elinenbe (" The IRC Client of the Gods! -> <- HydraIRC")
17:03:24LinusNi don't
17:03:53ripnetukthe rom isnt half empty is it? we cant do something clever like tying the highest address pin high / low to get 2 different images can we?
17:03:56LinusNmainly because it creates more work for me
17:04:04ripnetukfair enough
17:04:09LinusNno, it is more than half full
17:04:43LinusNips seems to be a nice way of handling it
17:05:39LinusNips combined with md5 should eliminate the bad file problem
17:06:18ripnetukthere are also bound to be people distributing pre-modded images...
17:06:39LinusNunder the table, yes
17:06:52LinusNwe will not
17:06:57ripnetuki know that
17:07:00LinusNwe == rockbox
17:07:20ripnetukyou have kept your nose clean up till now, i would be disappointed if you abandoned your ideals
17:08:43ripnetukalthough (C) is a bit screwed up... it was never intended to restrict things like this
17:10:49ripnetuktouch wood my server seems to be stable again now I replaced the hdd
17:10:57amiconnLinusN: re touching the iriver flash after bootloader is working - I'd think we want to support rockbox in flash on iriver too (?)
17:12:18ripnetukhave we invertigated a buffer overrun attack on the id3 database? im thinking it would be nice to be able to test code in a non destructive way on various hardware to probe for variations
17:12:24preglowwell, so would i, but it's not really critical is it?
17:13:10LinusNamiconn: of course
17:13:24LinusNripnetuk: no, i haven't investigated it
17:13:36LinusNi have an mp3 file that hangs the player though
17:13:48ripnetukits just the 40 char (or whatever) limit seems to be an invite for an overrun :)
17:14:21amiconnLinusN: How do you fit rockbox into the rom then? Is there enough space left? Does the iriver bootloader support ucl compression like our archos loader?
17:16:03LinusNamiconn: we would have to toss out the original
17:16:21preglowand good riddance
17:18:18ripnetukits not THAT bad... i would be happy with it myself if it did custom wps
17:18:39ripnetuki very much like the way you can disable unused shuffle modes etc so you dont have to cycle thru them
17:18:42preglowi'd be happy if it did gapless playback and stopped spinning up the harddisk at all times
17:18:54preglowplus some playlist functionality that isn't tied to a pc
17:19:08ripnetukand the ability to return to wps from the treeview without having to press stop the EXACT right number of times
17:19:20LinusNpreglow: something i enjoy every day with rockbox :-)
17:19:32preglowLinusN: yes, and i look forward to enjoying it myself
17:19:43LinusNi have to run
17:19:53preglowdon't fall and break something
17:20:07LinusNcu around folx
17:20:10preglowalot of our hopes are invested in you! run carefully
17:20:14 Part LinusN
17:21:05ripnetukso how tempted have you been preglow to try it ??? (flashing i mean)
17:22:48preglowwasn't far away the other day, but managed to keep from doing it
17:22:48ripnetukme too.... ireckon if my server hadnt had problems this week (keeping me busy) i might well have tried it
17:22:54ripnetukme too...
17:23:12ripnetuki think it would be VERY cool to see the backlight flashing on and off :)
17:23:29ripnetukdid your bootloader.bin md5 match badger?
17:23:41ripnetukso you are using a more recent gcc then?
17:23:58preglowthe newest there is
17:24:35 Join Yokalosh [0] (
17:24:54YokaloshDoes anyone know anything about the iPod mini?
17:25:13ripnetuknot i
17:25:25preglowwell, what do you want to know about it?
17:26:01YokaloshIf it is possible to make it as cool as the Jukebox Recorder 10 with Rockbox on it
17:26:12preglowi sincerely doubt it
17:26:24ripnetuki think rockbox avoids ipods as they use non-standard bits - i may be wrong tho
17:26:28preglownot without a shitload of work
17:26:39ripnetuki think archos and iriver use off the shelf components
17:26:42preglowand yes, the non-standard bits part is a real problem
17:27:49YokaloshI don't like the iPod but my mate from school just gave me his to make more 'enhanced'
17:28:20HClit is I
17:28:24HCl :p
17:28:31*HCl finally returned
17:29:49YokaloshI was hoping to put Linux on it just because I am making money from my friend for doing this...........
17:29:52ripnetuki think they got a Linux kernel working on some iPods... must be some fun to be had there
17:30:05Yokaloshthe only prob is iPodlinux doesnt support mini at the moment
17:30:21YokaloshWhich sucks
17:30:38YokaloshWhich is better.... Rockbox or iPodlinux?
17:33:13 Quit Patr3ck ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
17:35:28ripnetukRockbox is better
17:35:41ripnetukfor me, as I dont have a iPod and I do have a iRiver :)
17:36:41 Join methangas [0] (
17:36:54ripnetuknot much point really... the mini-os that LinusN and pals has written is much more approriate to such a limited hardware platform IMHO
17:37:23coobipl is a lot less complete
17:37:26HCllike, you don't even have a keyboard
17:37:33coobbut they don't have the kind of hw info you have
17:37:39YokaloshWhat is the best 'MP3 player' at the mo?
17:37:39HClso unless we manage to hook one up into the remote port
17:37:41coobipod uses a more closed platform
17:37:51HClYokalosh: it depends on personal preference
17:37:57coobYokalosh: that's like asking what's the best car is
17:37:59coobit depends.
17:38:00HCli think that once rockbox works on iriver
17:38:09HCli prefer iriver hp140
17:38:16ripnetukHCl - i have to agree there
17:38:36ripnetuki think at the moment the hp140 is sweet as is... my sisters Sony hdd walkman is very cute tho
17:38:43YokaloshI might be getting a Archos AV140 just to see what its like.... Rocommendable?
17:38:50coobui on the ipod and itunes integration is what drew me to it
17:38:52HCli severely dislike its inability to create playlists on the fly
17:38:55HCli rarely listen to the same music
17:39:03HCland i like to browse my collection and add songs from here and there
17:39:05HCland listen to those
17:39:10coobHCl: you can do that on an ipod.
17:39:14ripnetukthe 140 can shuffle the entire drive tho which is :) :)
17:39:24coobas can the ipod :)
17:39:28HClyes, but i have an iriver, so i don't care whether you can do it on an ipod or not.
17:39:33coob(both using the apple firmware)
17:39:42HClits rather irrelevant o.;
17:39:46ripnetukand the iRivers remote is the mutts nuts
17:39:58YokaloshSo most of you guys would agree that the iPod sucks?
17:40:01coobthe ipod also used to be a chick magnet before every tom dick and harry had one :<
17:40:15ripnetuki dont think it sucks - ive never used one... i dont like the way it looks
17:40:16coobYokalosh: no, it depends on what you want
17:40:16HCli honestly can't say, never had one.
17:40:22HCli don't like white cases anyways.
17:40:36HClcan ipod do radio?
17:40:53HClwell, i like radio, so then i wouldn't like an ipod o.o;
17:41:27ripnetuki never use the radio... instead I use mythtv to grab radio shows I like and mp3 them, then they get synced to the h140... radio on demand
17:41:28coobi hate radio, they play shit 90% of the time and about 3 companies own all of the stations. i dislike payola to get songs heard.
17:41:29YokaloshIt is far too commercialised for me, to many people have em
17:42:12HClwell, it depends on the music station, really
17:42:14HClbut i agree in general
17:42:23HClout of the 15-20 radiostations we have, 2 are kinda decent
17:42:26coobYokalosh: selling anything is 'commercialised', the word you're looking for is 'common' which makes you an eliteist snob. But that's OK :)
17:42:39ripnetuki prefer 'factual' radio, and music from cds
17:43:03YokaloshSoz ;)
17:43:15coob'factual radio'? Rush Limbaugh? :D
17:43:37YokaloshI'm actually very happy with my old Archos Jukebox Recorder 10 ;)
17:43:54YokaloshIt does what i bought it for and when i found out about rockbox it did more
17:43:57ripnetuki would have been happy with my Archos JBR20 had it had a decent remote
17:44:07 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- Chicks dig it")
17:44:41YokaloshArchos is pretty cool when they work properly
17:45:18ripnetukmine never failed me... sold it on ebay when i got my iRiver
17:47:00YokaloshStuff like that costs so much for a 14 yr old though ;(
17:47:38ripnetukas you get older you will realise that the world screws you for all the money you get, so you will still be skint even when earning $$$ :)
17:48:02YokaloshI already realised that the world screws me for all the money i get
17:48:09YokaloshIt sucks
17:49:23YokaloshI know this is off the subject but anyone know any money making scams ;)
17:50:22coobyeah, you go into a bank with a gun and politely ask for money.
17:50:34YokaloshI'm 14
17:50:52coobyeah bit slow for a 14 year old too :(
17:50:52 Join Strath [0] (
17:51:05YokaloshMaybe nxt year
17:51:33ripnetukthats so 90's... these days you phish the unwary
17:51:52preglowask people for their credit card details
17:51:58Yokaloshlol, what did you mean by 'yeah bit slow for a 14 year old too'?
17:52:52ripnetukthe best scam i found was to go to uni and get a degree...
17:52:55ripnetukthen get a job :)
17:53:13YokaloshFew years to go yet.......
17:53:15ripnetukemployers believe that having a degree makes you work better...
17:53:22YokaloshThats dumb
17:53:23ripnetukthen you still have that choice ahead of you
17:53:49YokaloshU got a degree?
17:53:51preglowi'm working on my masters thesis right now, i sure hope that scheme works...
17:54:01YokaloshWhat in?
17:54:03ripnetukcomputer science, kings college, london
17:54:07ripnetuk1st :)
17:54:19Yokaloshso ur a bit of a boff......
17:54:30preglowbut gotta go, guys
17:54:32Quelsarukback to life
17:54:38coobripnetuk: heh i went to an open day at kings for cs
17:54:39Yokaloshc ya
17:54:42 Quit preglow ("off")
17:54:47ripnetuknot really... just interested in computers... spent most of my time at uni getting mashed on skunk ;)
17:55:06coobthey were showing some final year projects
17:55:19cooband i was like 'wtf i could've done that when i was 14'
17:55:35coobthen decided to go and get a degree in politics :<
17:55:38ripnetukyeah, i did a simple web interface to a database - they loved it :)
17:55:59coobthis one girl had an mp3 playing server that she was controling with an ipaq
17:56:04YokaloshI don't do IT as school
17:56:21ripnetuki didnt do it as school myself. Did science and maths
17:56:34YokaloshI chose not to do it unfortunately
17:56:36coobIT at school = how to use MS Office.
17:56:55YokaloshI think they are currently learning headers and footers
17:56:58ripnetuk(using UK definition of school == US high school i think)
17:57:19Yokaloshwhich they also learn in year 7,8,9 and now 10
17:57:53YokaloshI'm in the UK anyways dude
17:59:35YokaloshSo, what have you hacked?
17:59:57ripnetukin a sense, yes. I used to remove copy protection from BBC micro games in my youth
18:00:07ripnetukjust for fun, not to distribute (much)
18:00:20Yokaloshlol, sounds fun............
18:01:15YokaloshI need/want to learn how to program and hack
18:01:49ripnetukIMHO you want to get a good linux distro, and play with it...
18:02:05ripnetukalso, the new microsoft c# dev environment beta is free to download at the moment
18:02:18Yokaloshi'll try
18:02:25YokaloshI dont even know the basics though
18:02:34Yokaloshdepending what counts as the basics
18:03:31ripnetuksave up some $$ and go to and buy a good book...
18:03:51ripnetukor download a e-book... there are loads about if you look
18:04:31ripnetukeven writing vba code in m$office is coding...
18:06:35 Quit StrathAFK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:06:45YokaloshI'm crap at stuff like this, I don't know where to start
18:07:54ripnetukstart off by recoding a macro, and doing stuff to see how code relates to actions
18:08:32ripnetukalso, try your local library (if the council havent closed it!). Look for books on programming, and pick one that suits the way your brain works
18:09:22YokaloshLol, in a fairly non mathematical way in my case
18:11:08 Quit Yokalosh ("CGI:IRC")
18:11:19 Join Yokalosh [0] (
18:11:32 Quit Yokalosh (Client Quit)
18:12:24 Join Yokalosh [0] (
18:12:31YokaloshI'm back
18:14:13 Join Eodun [0] (
18:14:51 Quit jyp ("poof!")
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18:19:17ripnetukbye all
18:19:47 Quit ripnetuk ("Leaving")
18:20:14 Quit Yokalosh ("CGI:IRC")
18:26:58 Join piratePenguin [0] (
18:34:51 Join edx [0] (
18:38:08 Join elinenbe [0] (~elinenbe_@
18:42:21 Join methangas [0] (
18:47:16 Quit Eodun ("c ya!")
18:58:04 Join Pah [0] (
19:11:43 Quit methangas (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:12:03 Join methangas [0] (
19:18:00 Quit Pah ()
19:29:02 Join Stryke` [0] (~Chairman8@resnet-241-86.resnet.UMBC.EDU)
19:48:43 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
20:10:14 Quit midk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:10:26 Join midk_ [0] (
20:15:01 Join einhirn [0] (
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20:19:41amiconnQuelsaruk: In case you want to update espanol.voice - I've updated and the MakeVoices.vbs script.
20:20:55amiconnIt now uses english.lang to determine the id order, so shuffled voice entries should be finally gone. There's also another small improvement for uplang
20:24:07HClbless you.
20:24:28*HCl runs around the room, looking at so many things he could be doing
20:26:51*elinenbe decides to balance on one are for the rest of the day
20:27:41*HCl decides to eat chips and turn the heating up
20:34:45Quelsarukthanks amiconn
20:35:13Quelsarukwhat's the improvement for uplang?
20:35:39Quelsaruki see
20:39:49amiconnNow I can actually use uplang :)
20:44:55Quelsaruki'm doing right now espanol.voice
20:46:39Quelsaruki added to your script the spanish dictionary for special words and the lines to use SAPI4 voices when creating espanol.voice (courtesy of Eudon). If this works ok, maybe you could check the changes and include this in your official makeVoices.vbs script :)
20:48:57amiconnYes, that would be nice in fact. I added a paragraph concerning sharing the added replacement lists to the wiki page.
20:50:48Quelsarukwe have a lot of words that need special treatment
20:51:34Quelsarukfor example byte == "bait", or firmware == "firmgu-er"
20:54:07amiconnI know that. I had to do the same in german, as you might have noticed.
20:54:25Quelsaruki noticed
20:54:42Quelsarukbut spanish function is much bigger
20:56:31amiconnThere are actually two kinds of replacements. (1) Something that is in fact english, and can't be pronounced correctly by the non-english tts engine. (2) Something that is correct local language, but the tts engine fails on.
20:56:53amiconnMany entries of type (2) signal a poor tts engine.
20:59:02 Join QT [0] (as@area51.users.madwifi)
20:59:39amiconnAT&T german has 6 such entries...
21:00:00Quelsarukwell, spanish l&h tts fails a bit with some words, but most of all are for example "mp3" or "FM"...
21:00:30Quelsarukseems that l&h fails with single letters
21:00:54Quelsarukthe whole alphabet is written down in that function :/
21:01:32Quelsaruki know
21:01:49Quelsarukchecking my espanol.voice
21:01:50amiconnI should try and compare this with german l&h
21:02:04Quelsarukdoes not work :(
21:02:10Quelsarukor i made an error
21:02:21Quelsarukor still get the same issue
21:02:41Quelsarukit can happen that i just run the old script
21:02:45Quelsaruklet me check again
21:02:47amiconnOr ?
21:03:12Quelsarukor... something else is wrong
21:04:10*amiconn is quickly looking up something...
21:04:42amiconnArgl... I only changed the usage to english.lang for sapi5....
21:05:20amiconnPlease change line 259 in the script to read:
21:05:22amiconnoShell.Run "VoiceFont.exe english.lang ./ """ & sLanguage & _
21:06:09amiconnSorry, I overlooked this...
21:06:14Quelsarukdon't worry
21:06:25Quelsarukyou see... i always find bugs
21:06:51amiconnUpdated in the wiki.
21:07:49amiconnStarted building deutsch.voice with sapi4 voice....
21:08:30Quelsaruki have to wait until the scripts ends to begin again with the change
21:09:37 Quit rasher (Read error: 101 (Network is unreachable))
21:09:58amiconnJust break it with ctrl-c
21:10:40Quelsarukthat's if you used command line
21:10:51Quelsaruki suppose i can find the process in the task manager
21:11:58amiconnDidn't I say "please use command line" in the wiki ;-)
21:15:23 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- The dawn of a new age")
21:16:25 Join methangas [0] (
21:16:25Quelsarukdidn't i say "opppsss... my brain is somewhere else" ? ;)
21:19:54amiconnBtw, what clip did you use for the "demo" clip in the wiki?
21:20:34amiconnI think I should add demo clips too. This is long planned, as you may have guessed from the presence of that column.
21:20:51Quelsarukdemo clip
21:21:04*Quelsaruk reads quickly the wiki page so he can answer
21:21:30amiconnAh, you used the "sound settings" clip.
21:23:56*amiconn changes the script to leave a copy of this clip as sample_<voice>.mp3
21:26:45Quelsaruki didn't know
21:27:39amiconnDidn't you add this to the wiki?
21:27:56Quelsarukwas Eodun
21:28:48amiconnBrrr, sapi4 voice building takes ages
21:29:58Quelsaruki know
21:30:23Quelsarukbuilding with your correction
21:30:44amiconnOoopsss... I accidentally delete my pause .wav file....
21:34:39 Quit piratePenguin ("Download Gaim:")
21:45:38 Join funkymonkey [0] (
21:45:38 Quit methangas (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:46:28Quelsaruktesting new voice
21:54:13 Join rasher [0] (
21:57:34Quelsarukamiconn: works
21:57:37Quelsarukdinner time
21:57:41Quelsarukcu l8r
22:16:56***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:23:55 Quit elinenbe (" HydraIRC -> <- Chicks dig it")
22:42:39 Quit funkymonkey (" Like's GUI? Then try HydraIRC -> <-")
22:43:38amiconnBuilding german TTS3000 takes ages, needs excess compression (I had to use −−resample 8 -V 5 to make it small enough) and sounds horrible
22:44:39Quelsarukthis also sounds very bad
22:44:55Quelsarukbut not that horrible
22:48:02 Join jyp [0] (
22:55:03rasheroh dear, the license for that hydrairc thing is pretty scary
22:56:36 Quit jyp ("poof!")
22:57:14 Join jyp [0] (
23:13:40rasher[22:23] -:- Signoff elinenbe: #rockbox (" HydraIRC -> <- Chicks dig it")
23:13:57rasher"Open Source", it says
23:14:04HClyou must be bored... to click on urls people put in quit messages o.o;
23:14:05rasherbut it's more "open for examination"
23:14:22rasher"You can look, but don't touch!"
23:14:33HClwell, technically its still open source
23:34:24 Join Pieter_ [0] (
23:35:37Pieter_hi!... would anyone here know if it's normal for an ondio fm to run out of batteries (alkaline) after about 2 hour of recording and ten minutes of playing back?
23:37:42 Join [av]bani [0] (
23:38:09[av]banispdif spec is freely available, you just need to know where to look ;)
23:38:35[av]banibut the spec doesnt have anything to allow track names to be transmitted, hence devices which do so use some other external connector
23:45:42 Part [av]bani
23:51:07 Join Eodun [0] (
23:51:20Eodunhi there
23:52:05 Join amiconn_ [0] (
23:54:57Eodunnow the script works better, gonna rebuild voices (again)
23:55:19Eodunc ya!
23:55:26 Quit Eodun (Client Quit)
23:56:03 Quit Pieter_ ()

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