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#rockbox log for 2005-02-02

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02:59:48preglowmy god, how i love compiler bugs
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04:51:06travisimoSoooo.... will there be a h300 rockbox firmware thing?
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05:09:39travisimoSo will there be a rockbox firmwarething for iriver h300?
05:11:20rasherlikely, yes
05:12:36travisimothats awesome, thank you
05:12:56rasherright now they're focusing on the h100 series
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12:48:13Bagdertime to build a coldfire compiler
12:49:11ripnetukthe instructions on the web site to create a cross compiler are very good :)
12:49:29BagderI agree
12:49:45ripnetukare you building the reccomended version (3.3.4) or the latest?
12:49:50Bagderthe current CVS of binutils doesn't work
12:51:10BagderI'm gonna try 3.4.3
12:51:33Bagderthe 3.3.4 recommendation is mainly for the archoses
12:51:47ripnetukthe cvs worked for me last week (binutils)
12:53:40BagderI think I lack some tool or something
12:54:10ripnetuki put a couple of depends on the wiki
12:54:42BagderI noticed, but I thought 'gettext-base' (debian) would be enough
12:55:00BagderI guess I was wrong
12:55:34ripnetukthe error messages were very unclear
12:55:43ripnetuki did some googling on the message and got lucky :)
12:56:12 Part Zagor
12:56:26Bagderyes, seems to work now
12:59:50ripnetukso are you testing the bootloader then :)
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13:00:20BagderI'll even go for more than so ;-)
13:01:08BagderI'll work on getting more stuff to compile and build for the iriver
13:01:53DMJC-Lcan you flash an iriver atm with the new firmware?
13:02:22ripnetuki really want to see the flashing backlight - that is the proof of concept (on my specific player) that i need
13:02:34ripnetukand the dangerous bit over :)
13:02:50DMJC-Lwhat happens when you flash it?
13:03:02DMJC-Lwill it become a brick? or will the old firmware still be useable?
13:03:06BagderDMJC-L: you get a bootloader that can either start the original one, or load Rockbox and run it
13:03:12ripnetukit looks for a rockbox.bin on the hdd by default. If you hold rec it will run the original
13:03:30ripnetukbut the advice from LinusN is to wait until he includes more safety features
13:03:39ripnetukotherwise you risk bricking it!
13:03:56ripnetukim waiting till at least one other person has flashed it
13:04:17Bagderyes, its better that us people near the BDM try this first
13:04:29ripnetukthats why im badgering bagder (sorry!) to see how his testing is going :)
13:06:35Bagderm68k-elf-gcc −−version
13:06:36ripnetukdoes anyone know which version of gcc linus is using for m68 stuff? everyone else seems to be using a more recent one than me (im using 3.3.4 - everyone else seems to be using 3.4.3).
13:06:36Bagderm68k-elf-gcc (GCC) 3.4.3
13:06:55ripnetukthat built quick :)
13:06:57BagderI don't know
13:07:03Bagderyeps, core only
13:07:16ripnetukwhat does core only mean? no gdb?
13:07:33Bagderno c++, no fortran, no java etc
13:07:40ripnetuki see
13:07:48Bagdergdb is a separate package
13:08:03ripnetuki skipped gdb as im not planning on building the serial dongle
13:08:11ripnetukunless forced to by a bad flash :)
13:16:16*Bagder edited CrossCompiler somewhat
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13:18:43ripnetukim building the latest version of gcc now... i want to be using the same tools as everyone else... i will keep both versions binaries handy
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13:51:51DMJC-Lbah I can't be bothered building all this compiler crap
13:51:53DMJC-Lcan someone send me the files prebuilt when they get it working?
13:52:35Bagderif you don't want the compiler setup, why would you want to see a flashing backlight you can't turn off?
13:52:46DMJC-Lwait what?
13:53:03Bagderthat's all rockbox does atm
13:53:19DMJC-Lforget it then
13:53:26DMJC-Lkeep up the good work tho ;)
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14:01:24Bagdernow I only have like a 100 link errors, then it builds... :-)
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14:07:03ripnetukim still building 3.4.3
14:07:31ripnetuk(i rebuilt 3.3.4 first because i want a neat directory structure!)
14:08:03ripnetuki want to get that same md5 on the bootloader that everyone else is getting :)
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14:22:50Bagder93 errors to go
14:25:34ashridahheh. i love watching people new to programming fix errors in their code. they do that whole 'wtf?! 30 errors?' thing and get depressed, then you tell them to only fix the first error, and recompile, and they're all happy because it drops to 2 errors :)
14:27:49ripnetuk\yes :) i have a md5sum of 9da072762fbb437ff4cb28fbcc29d0a8 on bootloader.bin :)
14:29:05ripnetukbagder - why do many errors? are you trying to compile the rest of rockbox? i thought LinusN had already made headway porting it, just not committed to cvs?
14:29:17Bagderhe only built a subset
14:29:26BagderI'm trying the full thing
14:29:32Bagder(except plugins)
14:30:03BagderI talked to him yday about this, so he's aware of my work
14:30:10ripnetukthe toolchain uses up a lot of space - 3.3.4 and 3.4.3 (incluiding tarballs) come to ... 1.1GIG :)
14:30:54ripnetukhave you flashed then?
14:49:34Bagder34 errors
14:50:30ripnetukgetting there
14:51:07Bagderone step at a time
14:51:17Bagderadding dummy stubs all over
14:51:29ripnetuki make that 59 sterp :)
14:51:30dwihnoBagder: what are you doing really? trying to compile the current codebase with the calmrisc(?) gcc?
14:51:42ripnetukhe is doing m68k
14:51:42Bagderdwihno: no, coldfire
14:52:00dwihnoBagder: is it a big diff?
14:52:10*dwihno knows nothing about motorola processors
14:52:23dwihnoApart from the 68000 being a cool thing :)
14:52:40Bagderthe code is assuming Archos and SH all over
14:52:45Bagdernot very surprisingly
14:53:48dwihnois it a major hassle to make the stubs?
14:54:06Bagderit isn't hard or anything
14:54:09Bagderjust a lot of work
14:54:36dwihnoIt has to be done :)
14:55:11Bagderthen we should be able to do more than flash backlight :-)
14:55:29dwihnothat's all you can do atm? :)
14:55:46Bagderwe can do more, but the default iriver build only does that
14:56:11dwihnoit's a start :)
14:56:19dwihnowith the current codebase, where are the limits drawn?
14:56:34Bagderwhich limits do you mean?
14:57:28dwihnoWell, file system driver, ata stuff, missing audio output
14:57:47Bagderthe ata and fat32 work
14:57:51Bagderthe lcd driver works
14:57:51dwihnoTheoretically, perhaps you could run the dir browser?
14:58:00Bagderonce I'm done with this
14:58:10ripnetuki think linus has a jpg on the site showing dir browser
14:58:12Bagderand load fonts
14:58:35Bagderthat's actually a fake dir browser I believe ;-)
14:58:51Bagderit reads the dir and show the contents
14:58:56Bagderits not the actual dir browser code
14:59:13Bagderbut we're coming there soon
14:59:24dwihnoso what is missing in the stubs?
14:59:39Bagderits mostly about mpeg playing
14:59:46Bagderand mas stuff
14:59:46dwihnoaudio specific stuff
14:59:55dwihnowould've guessed that
15:00:21dwihnohas there been any disussion regarding codec integration?
15:00:35Bagderthere's a wiki page about it
15:01:13dwihnoI'll check it later on
15:02:05dwihnoNice of you to get your hands dirty and do this now... Once the bootloader goes gold, people will dev like crazy! :)
15:02:39DMJC-Lhell yeah
15:03:03DMJC-Lisn't this the closest thing to having an oen spec ipod?
15:03:13DMJC-LI mean I know it's better than an ipod..
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15:12:53 Join R3nTiL [0] (~zorroz@
15:26:39Bagderthey run linux on ipod, I would say that is even closer to an open source on ipod
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15:37:28ripnetuk18 green bottles hanging in the wall...
15:37:48ripnetukis is you who has lent their iriver to someone?
15:37:59Bagderno, that's zagor
15:38:08Bagdermine is here
15:38:29ripnetukcool... and you live close enough to LinusN to bdm it if needed?
15:38:51Bagderbut I'll still let Linus flash his own 140 first
15:39:15ripnetuki thought he had already done that
15:39:26Bagderno, only his 120 I believe
15:39:39ripnetuki see... i doiidnt realise he had both
15:39:53Bagderhe has a 120 with the BDM soldered to it
15:39:58Bagderand a separate 140 he can use
15:40:00ripnetuki might pull mine apart and compare the chips to those on the wiki, to see if anything has changed
15:41:17preglowi really doubt that
15:41:21preglowmine was identical, at least
15:41:32Bagder15 errors
15:41:46Bagderbut I don't think I'll reach further right now
15:42:19 Quit ashridah ("sleep")
15:42:26Bagderperhaps I should try some plugins... :-)
15:42:43preglowwhat're you doing?
15:42:58BagderI build the full rockbox with m68k
15:44:05BagderLinus' version was a stripped one
15:45:19preglowbut 15 errors isn't too bad at all
15:45:29Bagderthey're all related to one problem
15:45:44BagderI start with ~200
15:45:45preglowthe m68k gcc target is unfortunately a bit old and crummy, i'm told :/
15:46:06preglowwhat problem is that?
15:46:20Bagderundefined reference to `mp3end
15:46:33Bagdermp3end being a symbol in the link file
15:47:06preglowi'd like to try porting mad
15:47:14preglowdo you know if anyone are doing that at the moment?
15:47:24BagderI don't think so
15:47:39preglowi don't know if i have the time, though
15:47:51preglowand i need to find out the dsp caps of the coldfire first
15:48:40 Quit R3nTiL ()
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15:59:08preglowi appreciate configure complaining about my compiler not being able to make executables when the thing in question is a library
15:59:15 Join Quelsaruk [0] (~kvirc@
15:59:32Bagderhi Q
16:11:04preglowseems like mad uses 64 bit ints, lovely
16:12:37ripnetukdoesnt coldfire support 64 bit ints then? cant the compiler make up the gap?
16:13:27preglowi'd really like to use the emac unit, but i have to find out how it works before i do anything else
16:13:47ripnetukis the emac a dsp thing? like mmx and simd?
16:14:43preglowno, not really, it's just an extended precision multiply and accumulate unit
16:14:50preglowfast good precision multiply and add, in other words
16:14:55preglowwhich is more or less what dsp is about ;)
16:15:10ripnetuki dont have specific esxperience with media encoding...
16:15:39preglowdsp is one of my main interests
16:15:53ripnetukcool topic to be interested in
16:16:01preglowbut i've never used fixed point seriously at all, so this is going to be fun
16:16:11 Join LinusN [0] (
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16:17:12LinusNnever used fixed point? you are so spoiled :-)
16:18:34preglowi've used it, but not seriously
16:18:42preglowlike i have floating point
16:18:58preglowbut i know how to use it, i'm just not used to it ;)
16:19:28preglowyou get some kind of backlog or are you just psychic?
16:19:40LinusNi'm psychic
16:20:01LinusNlogs since the very beginning of the project
16:20:38ripnetukive put up a php site that grabs the current log for today and highlights any lines that contain iriver :) usefull for keeping up with progress
16:20:44preglowthink i'll stick to current
16:20:49QuelsarukLinusN is like a wizard
16:20:55Quelsarukhe knows when people need him
16:20:58preglowripnetuk: got an url? :P
16:20:59Quelsarukand apears
16:21:03LinusNBagder: which link control file are you using?">
16:21:36ripnetukit also cuts out the crap (join, leave etc) and highlights the wise words of linusn in a different colour :)
16:22:19preglowripnetuk: hah, this is quite excellent
16:22:46ripnetukyou can also enter a previous log date and see that highlighted
16:22:58LinusNripnetuk: excessive line spacing
16:23:09ripnetukmaybe, but it reads good on my pda
16:23:17Lynx_ripnetuk: hmm, it also hightlights my wise words if i type LinusN ;)
16:23:27ripnetukyes, its not very sophisticated :)
16:24:17LinusNi have to go
16:24:22LinusNcu around
16:24:25 Part LinusN
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17:56:19preglowdoes rockbox have a malloc type thing?
17:56:59preglowit actually has malloc, wee
17:57:53ripnetuki thought malloc was considered the work of the devil by rockbox?
17:58:23 Quit ripnetuk ("Leaving")
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18:01:16preglowwell, the archos has little memory, perhaps that's why
18:02:27preglowdamn, i'm replying to absent people, thinking they might be reading these fancy logging pages
18:10:38preglowwhere does __assert come from?
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18:56:40[IDC]Dragonamiconn: r u there?
19:10:09amiconn[IDC]Dragon: N6w a0,
19:10:16amiconnerm, now I am
19:10:25[IDC]Dragonlooks interesting ;-)
19:10:42amiconnYeah. I *hate* numlock on laptops :-/
19:10:55[IDC]DragonI've written an email, meanwhile
19:11:12*amiconn is checking email
19:11:18[IDC]Dragonnot sent yet
19:11:52[IDC]Dragonanyway, I fail to reproduce your problem with the MMC image
19:12:06[IDC]Dragonusing CVS-050131 for now
19:12:22amiconnI tried it on my sister's Ondio last weekend - same problem.
19:12:51*amiconn builds current cvs and retries...
19:12:51[IDC]Dragoninstead, I get an audio underrung close to the end
19:19:43amiconnThe problem is still there
19:20:32[IDC]Dragonshould we compare with an identical daily build version?
19:20:43amiconnPlayed the video file, choose resume = yes, played a few seconds, stopped. File was displayed in current dir, pressed left -> no files and folders displayed
19:21:12[IDC]DragonI tried similar
19:21:20amiconnI can try to play up to the end, should be the same.
19:21:24[IDC]Dragonwith above daily build
19:21:50amiconnWhat works is when you start playing at the beginning and stop before ~2:49 are played.
19:22:16amiconnYou used an official daily, or an own build? Flashed?
19:22:28[IDC]Dragonofficial build, flashed
19:23:05amiconnHmm, lemme try. I'll also compare rombox (what I am running all the time) with rockbox from ram.
19:23:40[IDC]Dragonbut no rombox :-(
19:24:48amiconnYes, that's clear.
19:25:18amiconnAnyway, this shouldn't make a difference, as my sister's Ondio had the same problem, also without rombox (FM).
19:25:32[IDC]Dragonflashed, I guess?
19:27:14amiconnSame problem with CVS-050131, from ram
19:27:40[IDC]Dragonvery strange
19:28:00[IDC]Dragonlooks like your card fails
19:28:11[IDC]Dragonor marginal timing
19:28:18amiconnI'll reformat & write back the image.
19:28:30[IDC]DragonI'll do that, too
19:28:57[IDC]DragonI ran chckdsk on it, but read only
19:30:24[IDC]Dragonc u later
19:30:30 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("CGI:IRC")
19:36:18amiconnBagder: r u there?
20:02:50 Quit jipi (Remote closed the connection)
20:02:51 Quit Quelsaruk (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
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21:00:02 Join pvh [0] (
21:00:38pvhHi, as of yesterday when I start rockbox, the disk spins up and reads a little bit, but then the access light stays on and it never goes past the boot-logo.
21:00:49pvhI'm running a rombox build from September.
21:01:13pvhHolding F1 gives me the classic archos boot screen which then becomes the rockbox logo and freezes there instead.
21:01:17pvhAny ideas?
21:23:00HCl :x
21:24:22 Quit Nibbler (Remote closed the connection)
21:24:39 Join Nibbler [0] (
21:34:21 Join Peter99 [0] (
21:34:44Peter99I have a question concerning the ID3 database
21:35:14Peter99I did follow the instructions given on .
21:36:06Peter99I switched the view to "ID3 database" but it does not show anything
21:40:56 Join jyp_ [0] (
21:41:19Peter99Any help is appreciated
21:41:53jyp_Zagor is the developer of the id3 stuff
21:43:13jyp_I don't know if any one else can help you
21:46:46Peter99Ok thanks anyway
21:48:37 Quit Nibbler ("blubber")
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22:00:13 Nick jyp_ is now known as jyp (
22:00:50*HCl yawns
22:01:01HClhas anyone aside from linus tested the new iriver bootloader yet?
22:05:37 Join thecrecarc [0] (
22:09:02DMJC-LI want to damnit
22:09:10HClwhats keeping you? o.o;
22:09:23DMJC-LI don't want to build the compiler heh
22:09:38HClmeh, i guess i could compile it for you if you want?
22:09:55HClofcourse, you'd have to trust me and stuff, but why would i want to mess up an iriver of a person o.o;
22:10:04DMJC-Lafaik the bootloader shouldn't get updated much right?
22:10:09HCl*searches on how to compile the bootloader
22:10:18HClwell, i looked at the code of it a bit, it seems fairly straightforward
22:10:31HClthe only thing that might change in the future is the memory address, maybe, i dunno.
22:10:36HCllet me try to compile it for you..
22:10:47DMJC-Lthey tested it with the original firmware?
22:10:50HCli hope it'll do threads while compiling
22:10:55HClit runs rockbox by default
22:10:58HCland the original firmware
22:11:01HClif you press record
22:11:02HClwhile booting
22:11:04DMJC-Las long as i can access the original it's good
22:11:18HClwell, obviously, only linus tested it, so i can't guarantee it
22:11:20HClbut it *should* work
22:12:00DMJC-LI find your lack of faith disturbing
22:12:08HCl? o.o
22:12:08HClok :P
22:12:38HCli'm just careful to not guarantee anything. so people will know the exact risk, and stuff.
22:12:58HClpretty much, it *should* work, and there's not really a reason why it wouldn't, but no one guarantees that it won't
22:13:16HCllet me get to that building stuff.
22:17:12 Part thecrecarc
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22:18:56DMJC-Ldamnit... I wanted to ask linus about the 140s...
22:19:02DMJC-Lsince that's what I have
22:20:03HClwhat about them..?
22:20:23HClthey're pretty much exactly the same as the 120, except they're black,slightly bigger, and have a 40gb hd
22:21:47DMJC-Lthe extra width is from the hdd afaik
22:22:12HClthey even have the exact same firmware
22:23:11DMJC-Lwill rockbox be able to handle hdd over 40gb?
22:23:32DMJC-L(future mods)
22:24:04HClits just a matter of finding a hdd that small that'll fit in the iriver
22:24:20HCleven the stock firmware might support a hdd upgrade since its used for both the 20gb and 40gb hdds
22:24:37HClthank god for make -j5
22:24:54DMJC-Lsteal an ipod, butcher it
22:25:10*HCl pats his 4 550mhz cpus :)
22:25:20DMJC-Lhehehe nice
22:26:18DMJC-Lso how do you install rockbox? just place it on the drive and tell it to flash?
22:26:18 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
22:28:16HClyea.. pretty much, i'll merge the bootloader with the original firmware
22:28:20HClthen give it to you
22:28:27HClthere's a new wikipage on how to do it
22:28:54jypIf you butcher an ipod, I take the lcd ;?
22:30:16HCli'm getting the idea make with multiple threads doesn't play well with binutils :/
22:30:17 Join ripnetUK [0] (
22:30:38*HCl will have to run on one cpu u.u
22:30:58DMJC-Ltake your time
22:31:15ripnetUKhehe the build process for the bootloader takes less than 10s - multi threaded build is overkill
22:31:23HClDMJC-L: want me to tweak the source of the bootloader so it'll load iriver firmware by default?
22:31:31HClripnetUK: i don't have a crosscompiler yet
22:31:37ripnetUKi see...
22:32:06 Join uhum [0] (
22:32:15ripnetUKyou are welcome to a copy of my binaries if u like, but sounds like u are already there. I have built both 3.4.3 and 3.3.4
22:32:27HClnah, its okay.. i think.
22:32:34ripnetUKi also get the same md5 on bootloader.bin
22:32:44ripnetUKas some others have reported... but I dare not flash my 140
22:32:46uhumare you freaking crazy? do you want to brick your player?
22:33:09HClthats what they said when people talked about plans of going to the moon ;p
22:33:09*uhum is talking to DMJC-L
22:33:14ripnetUKit has to be noted that Linus has only tried the firmware on ONE h120 not a h140, and that it has no safety features
22:33:31ripnetUKhe is working on a couple of safety features.
22:33:50uhumHCl, true, but people went to the moon had PLANS, and calculations
22:33:52DMJC-L"safety features?"
22:33:52ripnetUKbut it also has to be said that I have come close to risking it a couple of times... would be fun to build a bdm :)
22:34:12uhumokie, tada, just wanted to let you know DMJC-L
22:34:15 Part uhum
22:34:22HClwho was that anyways? xD
22:34:35HClbut yea, like i told you, you need to be aware that no one guarantees that it'll work
22:34:43HClbut it *should*
22:34:48ripnetUKfrom a selfish point of view, I cant wait until someone else tries it on a h140 :) but i advise against it
22:35:10DMJC-Lwill my brick still work as a hard drive?
22:35:21ripnetUKwhich version of gcc u using hcl?
22:35:25HClif you get the harddrive out :X
22:35:34HCli got the recommended one
22:35:40ripnetUKthe 3.3.4?
22:36:03ripnetUKbrb... shop run
22:36:52DMJC-Lwhat safety features
22:37:08HCldunno :X
22:38:07DMJC-LI think I'll wait to hear about those
22:38:23ripnetUKhe is writing a minimon, which will allow a (partially) failed attempt to flash to be recovered with a simple circuit
22:38:32ripnetUKinstead of needing a full bdm emulator.
22:38:46HCli'm gonna make my cross compiler anyways
22:38:48ripnetUKI also heard he is making the exception vector jump to the original firmware in case something goes wrong
22:39:08HClsounds reasonable
22:39:40ripnetUKthe main thing i am worried about is a slight hardware difference between the 120 and the 140 (or different revisions of the board)
22:40:04DMJC-Lthat's what I suspected could happen
22:40:26DMJC-Lbeing a different physical shape is not a good indicator of sameness
22:41:03Bagderthe disk is thicker
22:41:10Bagderthat's why
22:41:48DMJC-LI know
22:41:56DMJC-L2 platters vs 1
22:42:09ripnetUKthey use the same firmware, but it could well be "if chip is x, do y else do z" job...
22:42:15ripnetUKanyway, brb, shop
22:42:23DMJC-LI suspected that too..
22:42:32DMJC-Lthat's how nvidia's drivers work for their gfx
22:45:02HCli honestly have no clue whether they do that or not.
22:45:27 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- IRC for those that like to be different")
22:45:39HClhas anyone ever opened an ihp140 up to compare the boards?
22:45:41HClto an 120 ?
22:45:52HClsomeone's bound to have done that..
22:46:09amiconnIirc, Linus did this, and (again iirc) the boards are identical
22:46:18 Join Quelsaruk [0] (~kvirc@
22:46:42amiconnhi Quelsaruk
22:46:43HClhey quelsathingy
22:46:45HClhow goes?
22:47:07Quelsarukworking hard
22:47:20HClwell, working isn't bad as long as you enjoy your work
22:47:54HClso you can either change the work, or do something to make it more enjoyable :P
22:48:19Quelsaruki like my job, but i prefer having more spare time
22:48:50HClmusic often helps me a lot while doing work i dislike
22:49:04Quelsarukthat's why we use rockbox ;)
22:49:13HCl yup :P
22:49:21HClin my case, will use rockbox
22:49:24HCldoesn't work yet :/
22:49:42Quelsarukyo use iriver then?
22:49:53 Join thecrecarc [0] (
22:49:56 Part thecrecarc
22:50:13 Join thecrecarc [0] (
22:50:26 Part thecrecarc
22:50:35 Join thecrecarc [0] (
22:50:56HClQuelsaruk: yup
22:51:08HCli can't wait to work on a gameboy emu for it
22:53:14Quelsarukamiconn: have you seen Eodun today?
22:53:16Bagdercommits coming up
22:53:30Quelsarukhe had to send me some cosmetic changes for Espanol.lang
22:54:12amiconnQuelsaruk: Nope.
22:54:18amiconnQuote from logbot:
22:54:23amiconn-logbot_- eodun ( signed off 11 hours and 5 minutes ago (Client Quit)
22:58:35amiconnReg. the "playlist" / "buffer full" issue: I wonder why these are defined as 2 strings in the first place. They are joined for displaying with splash() anyway. If they were defined as one string from the start, nobody would have been tempted to reuse it...
22:59:11Bagderit was a bad decision that has remained so
22:59:16Quelsarukbecause when lang files where created, splash function did not exist
22:59:54Quelsarukso "splash windows" where just a black screen with the text message
23:00:44HCldoes rockbox have anything like a HAL yet?
23:00:55HClor is that just too inefficient to implement on a small rom
23:01:34BagderI don't think we need a general HAL, but instead focus on writing abstract layers where we think it is applicable
23:01:39Quelsaruki suppose the easiest way to repair that is to use the LANG_PLAYINDICES_BUFFER as the text "Playlist buffer is full" and leave LANG_PLAYINDICES_PLAYLIST just as "Playlist"
23:01:44jypAin't the firmware directory sort of a HAL ?
23:01:53Bagdersort of
23:02:18jypjust fearing to port the app dir ;)
23:02:21Bagderwe should probably make it that somewhat harder
23:02:26amiconnQuelsaruk: I think I have to agree. There are 2 slightly odd things that may happen.
23:02:39Bagderjyp: I've done several fixes there now that'll benefit your work too
23:02:52Bagderjyp: since I built apps for iriver today
23:03:14amiconn(1) If someone uses newer rockbox with older .lng file, it would only display "buffer full" instead of "Playlist buffer full"
23:03:23jypbtw did the usb driver for gmini
23:03:32jypwaiting to be enabled in config
23:03:44amiconn(2) The other way round, (old rockbox with new .lng), it would show "Playlist playlist buffer full"
23:03:52 Join Eodun [0] (
23:04:00Bagderjyp: nice, you're progressing mighty fine!
23:04:15jypWell, it is untested stuff
23:04:30Quelsarukbut amiconn, that problem is going to happen if we try to repair it using other method
23:04:35Quelsarukhi Eodun
23:04:42Eodunhi Quel
23:04:45jypI just wanted to reduce the build log ;)
23:04:57jypbut the basic thing is there
23:04:58Quelsarukif we add a new ID, called LANG_PLAYLIST
23:06:15 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
23:06:29amiconnBagder: You thought about decreasing the build table width. I'd suggest to put one word per line in the header for all targets, is it already is for Play/Sim/Win32 etc.
23:06:35Quelsarukthen, using new firmware, you have to retrieve the english text to read everywhere you use this new id
23:07:29amiconnBagder: I.e. Ondio/SP, Ondio/FM, Iriver/H100/Boot etc.
23:08:11Bagderisn't it already one word per line?
23:08:54*jyp sees one word per line
23:08:59amiconnQuelsaruk: Of course, using your suggested method, the language id names have to stay as they are now. This can be slightly misleading; at least the description should clearly say what this is about
23:09:28 Part thecrecarc
23:09:40amiconnBagder: Only if the browser window is small enough. For me, Ondio FM, Ondio SP, Iriver H100 all appear on one line
23:09:46Quelsarukmaybe adding a *WARNING* in the desc.
23:10:03amiconnThe other examples I stated have a <br> between each two words.
23:10:08[IDC]Dragonamiconn: MMC image restored, still no problem
23:10:15Bagderif you have that much space, there's no need to make it narrower anyway
23:10:29amiconn[IDC]Dragon: MMC image retransferred, problem still exists... :(
23:10:30BagderI was more concered when the table doesn't fit in a plain window anymore
23:10:48[IDC]Dragonor do I have to play from start (not resume to some end position)?
23:11:08*HCl yawns while he watches gcc and libc and libm compile..
23:11:08amiconnBagder: There would be one reason - the column widths are very unequal in width for me
23:11:22Bagder'll fix
23:11:58Bagderjyp: took you down from 75 to 43 errors ;-)
23:12:03amiconn[IDC]Dragon: No, the problem occurs (for me) both when resuming and when playing from the start. Only that you have to play long enough, past 02:49
23:12:06Bagder(but added 25 sim warnings)
23:12:36amiconn[IDC]Dragon: It also occurs for me when playing straight from start to end.
23:12:46[IDC]Dragonamiconn: ok, then my quick re-check should have showed it
23:13:23HClgee, done o.o; quad cpu systems are nice :P
23:13:33amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Hmm. I'd really like to know what's going on here
23:14:12[IDC]Dragondo you have access to another MMC >= 256 MB?
23:14:32Bagderamiconn: try it now
23:14:36amiconnThe problem is 100% reproducable on 2 Ondios with my card. I reformatted the card - no problem. I retransferred the image - no problem. Chkdsk tells me the fs is ok
23:14:39HClError: unrecognized architecture specification `5249'
23:14:42HClhrm. :/
23:14:59BagderHCl: is this binutils from cvs?
23:15:11[IDC]Dragonand I swear it's working here
23:15:29amiconnBagder: Nice :) Only that the many Gmini warnings & errors now make every table row 2-line :-/
23:15:30[IDC]Dragonsome side effect with the internal memory?
23:15:35HClBagder: no, i couldn't get the cvs binutils to compile
23:15:41HClit asked for something called "no"
23:15:43HClwhich i didn't have o.o;
23:15:49Bagderyou need gettext
23:15:53HCli have gettext...
23:15:56BagderI got that exactly problem
23:15:59[IDC]Dragonamiconn: perhaps that matters, when it confuses volumes, or so
23:16:00amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Sorry, it's the only MMC I have
23:16:00Bagderwithout gettext
23:16:01HCli'll try it again....
23:16:15BagderHCl: you must use the cvs version, since the plain 2.15 lacks vital stuff
23:16:37Bagderpatches provided by a certain LinusN... .-)
23:17:36HClyea, i noticed
23:17:54Quelsarukamiconn: wehn you have 5 minutes we can talk about that lang ID issue (when you finish with [idc]dragon)
23:18:12amiconnGrr, I'm already heavily multi-tasking :-/
23:18:25[IDC]Dragonsorry for interfering, carry on please
23:18:34*amiconn is in the process of soldering and photo-shooting
23:18:51*[IDC]Dragon was unaware of other discussions
23:18:58amiconn(undoing uart boot mod for player & documenting for wiki)
23:19:48Quelsaruk[IDC]Dragon: don't worry, our issue is not too important
23:19:55Quelsarukhas been like this for at least 3 months
23:20:00amiconnQuelsaruk: The problem with your suggestion would be that other languages which don't get updated still use the old assigments...
23:21:02amiconnThere are languages which are waaaay outdated.... Rockbox shouldn't claim to suppport >20 languages when the number of actively maintained languages is <5
23:21:17HCl :P
23:21:30*HCl wouldn't want a rockbox in his native language anyways...
23:21:38HClcomputer programs in my native language creep me out.
23:21:39HCl :X
23:21:48jypWhat language is it ?
23:21:52HCldutch x.x
23:21:58Quelsarukamiconn: we get a backwards compatibility, we have to decide wheter we want a good solution (i.e. correcting the lang ID and their use) or a easy patch which enable the use of old languages
23:22:05amiconnThe latter are english (of course), german, swedish, spanish and (to some degree) french. Did I forget one?
23:22:35Quelsaruki must say that part of the fault is mine
23:22:59*jyp should learn dutch
23:23:01Quelsaruki was a long time away, so i did not update language patches.. and people did not submit new patches
23:24:11HCljyp: nooooooo!
23:24:13Eodunwell, I could make a catalan translation, but dunno if it would be more useful than swahili, for example...
23:24:17HCldutch is awful :X
23:24:58QuelsarukEodun: i don't know.. you can try ;)
23:25:01Eodunlol, I mean, i love catalan, but don't think it would be downloaded a lot
23:25:23jypHCl, as a french speaking Belgian citizen, you'd better know dutch to get better jobs ;)
23:27:30EodunX-D If I write the catalan translation, I would have to make a new catalan voice... my own one!
23:27:55Quelsarukyou can use your real voice for that
23:28:14Eodunyeah, that was what I tried to say :)
23:28:26EodunAlready have the TTS SDK
23:28:48Eodunbut I lack a microphone, right now
23:32:18amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I was looking for 2 GB MMCs today. Such beasts were presented by Pretec more than half a year ago. However, nobody offers these beasts yet :-/
23:32:55[IDC]Dragonyes, I saw that, too
23:33:32[IDC]Dragonbe patient, larger memory chips are coming
23:33:40Bagdersleep time, night
23:33:49Quelsarukamiconn: i can check in japan
23:33:53[IDC]Dragonmaking large cards common, no special product
23:34:03[IDC]Dragonnight Bagder
23:34:16Quelsarukif they exist there, i may be able to send you one at the end of this month (with luck)
23:34:32Eodunhehe, just today a friend of mine has told me she broke her portatile's HD... 50 Gb...
23:34:43amiconnBagder: Loads of warnings....
23:34:56Eodunshe says she's gonna give it away to me!
23:35:10QuelsarukEodun: that's great
23:37:17*[IDC]Dragon says goodnight
23:37:23 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
23:39:23HClBagder: works now, i guess it needed to re-run configure..
23:52:25 Join amiconn_ [0] (
23:52:49 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
23:52:50 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
23:54:50*HCl is gonna get annoyed at gcc if it won't work after this..

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