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#rockbox log for 2005-02-07

00:00:11preglowcrashing is not surprising, i don't think that should go in the bootloader status
00:00:15ripnet_hcl - i define success at this stage as getting as far as the rockbox splash screen :) i got a lot more than that
00:00:20HClok :P
00:00:22ripnet_brb - toast required
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00:00:41rasherpreglow: but isn't it the bootloader crashing?
00:00:49rasherpreglow: ah, nm
00:00:54preglowrasher: i meant rockbox itself
00:00:55hubbleI'm not sure i got all your info :)
00:01:08rasherpreglow: yeah, just noticed what you were commenting on
00:01:09ripnet_not to be arsey, but the version of compiler / binutils is irrelevent
00:01:21ripnet_until we have different md5's
00:01:30ripnet_nice effort whoevers doing the wiki tho
00:01:30HCl3.4.3 cvs binutils
00:01:34***Alert Mode OFF
00:02:09linuxstbripnet_: it's useful to know which gcc and binutils produce the same bootloader.bin files.
00:02:11preglowhubble: i really think you should remove the crash info in the guys who actually bootet rockbox, it's not relevant
00:02:15HCli think i figured my crash
00:02:21ripnet_linuxstb - i guress
00:02:29HClripnet_: can you confirm this? it crashes when you're at the top and press up to go to the bottom of the list?
00:02:42ripnet_pre - i agree with you on that. I think it should either be 'boots as far as splash / menu' or 'doesnt'
00:03:00ripnet_we expect crashes on plugins and so on at this stage, and the bootloader has long since done its bit at this point
00:03:04preglowhubble: put apart from that, it's fine
00:03:11preglowBUT, damn, i write like a pig
00:03:19hubblepreglow: remove info on successes?
00:03:21ripnet_flash party :) lol
00:03:40preglowhubble: no, just the rockbox crash info, like "I03:AddrErr at 31ff89b0
00:03:55mrmagsHCl: I get that if I scroll up on a list of files, but not if its a list of directories
00:03:59preglowhubble: but it's not important
00:04:12HClmrmags: hm. i have it at the root which is as far as i know a list of directories
00:04:22hubblepreglow: aha.. ok..
00:04:57mrmagsI do have files in root but the browser only shows files which are mp3s
00:04:58preglowactually, it might also be disk_init()
00:05:01 Join sneakums [0] (
00:05:08preglowi think i'll fight down the urge to put in debug messages and reflash :P
00:05:16HClthis is odd
00:05:20HClyou press stop to shut it down right?
00:05:27preglownot at this point, no
00:05:32preglowyou press hard reset to shut it down
00:05:35HClbut i had it shut down earlier
00:05:42Bagderno, it can shut down on off
00:05:44mrmagsyeah looking for something small enough to fit the reset hole heh
00:05:52 Quit Digital007 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
00:06:01HClBagder: it seems to be slightly bugged, it worked earlier, but now that i browsed a bit, it doesn't anymore..
00:06:01ripnet_mrmags - a staple
00:06:40ripnet_Badger - many thanks for your work getting it compiling on m68 :) looking good from what ive tried so far
00:07:17Bagderapart from my little mpeg thread mistake, it all seems to run rather fine
00:07:32Bagderof course there's still lots to fix
00:07:41amiconnBagder: Do you wanna test my shiny new player keyboard before I commit?
00:08:04Bagderactually, I've never used the existing one ;-)
00:08:22Bagderso I don't think I'm a good ginuea pig
00:08:36amiconnHmm, maybe I don't remember correctly whether you or Zagor have a player...
00:08:49BagderZagor has one, I don't
00:10:23amiconnOooh - the diff is bigger than the file itself...
00:10:34Bagderdo we have one of those tiny pics of an iriver 1x0 for the daily builds?
00:11:12amiconnWell, I have an iriver 1x0 pic. I used that for the Win32 sim.
00:11:29Bagderah, I'll check that out
00:11:31amiconnThis only needs to be scaled down... what was the required resolution?
00:11:48Bagder60x82 or so
00:11:53Bagderbut I can scale myself
00:11:58amiconnYou cannot use the bmp, because there are those red text snippets
00:12:19amiconn...marking the keymapping
00:12:35BagderI see, you have the originals without those around?
00:12:48amiconn60x82... please wait...
00:13:14Bagderactually, 80 - 82
00:13:19Bagderthey differ ;-)
00:14:34amiconnHmm, the original needs some work to make up a nice pic. There is no uniform background (it's a photo)
00:14:57Bagderlet me have a go at it
00:15:00amiconnI didn't have that problem for the sim, because there I simply cropped the edges
00:16:33amiconnThe original I used:">
00:16:50HClthe sokoban screen is small
00:17:02amiconnArchos screen size, hehe
00:17:10 Quit muesli_ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
00:17:26amiconnMost plugins have that screen size problem.
00:17:34HClshall i make a picture
00:17:39HClof rockbox running on iriver?
00:17:41HClfor on the wiki?
00:17:45HCl*searches for his digital cam*
00:17:53Bagderits a good idea
00:17:58Bagderfor a little promotion
00:18:17rasherfind the most pleasing screen
00:18:17amiconnEven better for the build table than my pic...
00:18:41amiconnIt would make sense to use the startup logo, like with the archos boxes
00:18:56HClwe already have one of those
00:19:09amiconn(requires a little hack to keep the logo until a keypress or so
00:19:11HCli made one which lists my dirs
00:19:19HClrasher: on the wiki lcd part
00:19:29rasherHCl: oh right, I forgot
00:19:38HCli'll make a couple
00:20:04rashertry catching the splash anyway
00:20:11rasheron an untouched iriver
00:20:16HCli'll try
00:20:29linuxstbBagder: are you planning on working on the iRiver audio playback? I'm currently working on getting the libFLAC decoder compiled and tested on the iRver
00:21:21HClthe batteries of my cam are dead
00:21:27Bagderwe should probably start with plain wav
00:21:28HClcan't till i charge them
00:21:45HClbut i got a pic of its main screen
00:21:53preglowi could take one, but i'm afraid my player doesn't get as far as to the rockbox logo :P
00:22:45linuxstbBagder: yes, wav is obviously first.
00:22:52HClwe're gonna have to update a lot of things.. iriver can do tons more with its cpu/mem/larger lcd
00:24:15sneakumsyou're already winning, because you show more than six lines of text
00:24:47 Join LinusN [0] (
00:24:53preglowthere he is!
00:24:59HClhey linus :P
00:25:05XShocKhi, Linus ! :
00:25:05amiconnhi lImbus
00:25:05HClwe got rockbox working on 4 stock h140
00:25:07HCl :P
00:25:13Bagderhi dr LinusN
00:25:13amiconner, hi LinusN
00:25:18lImbushi amiconn
00:25:23preglowlet the flood of status updates commence!
00:25:30rasherand not-working on 3 h120s
00:25:43HClthats prolly more usable news
00:25:50linuxstbhi LinusN and congratulations.
00:25:53rasherthe magic works though, so we're still able to get to iriver firmware
00:26:18LinusNi can't imagine that the 120's would be different
00:26:23preglownor can i
00:26:32LinusNmy 120 works fine
00:26:32preglowbut it seems either ata_init or disk_init is looping
00:26:53 Join midk [0] (
00:26:54preglowthe red led blinks in a pattern that repeats every 0.5 seconds or so
00:27:06preglownothing on the screen, just backlight
00:27:10LinusNi'd like to have that .hex file
00:27:15preglowten secs
00:27:46preglowsame md5sum as everyone else here has
00:28:41preglowso i have to hard reset it, then the safety measure kicks in
00:28:44amiconnMaybe hardware differences
00:29:17LinusNupgrading firmware...
00:29:37preglowprobably works on your player anyway ;)
00:29:53rasherthe harddisk sounds like it moves a single time right after turning on, from there on it's just spinning while the hdd led blinks like preglow said
00:30:01LinusNworks fine
00:30:08preglowhow nice!
00:30:09amiconnNot all H120s have to be identical. The archos boxes also exist in different hardware revisions that need to be handled slightly different
00:30:32linuxstbWould the hard drive model make any difference?
00:30:41preglowbut ok, i suspect now is the time for a heaviliy debug-friendly versionm
00:31:31rasherAt least the cookie-magic works as expected
00:31:32preglowi also suspect it is time i learn how to handle a keyboard
00:31:50LinusNi'd like to know how these 120's are partitioned
00:32:01preglowLinusN: stock setup, one great big 20 gig
00:32:08rasherI haven't touched the partitioning on mine. Scandisked it once though.
00:32:10preglownever formatted it
00:32:17LinusNsuperfloppy or partition table?
00:32:33preglowi'm not familiar with the first term
00:32:42LinusNwithout a partition table
00:32:49ripnet_fdisk it
00:33:01ripnet_i dont mean wipe it
00:33:05linuxstbDoes anyone else with a H140 get a loud click from their hard drive when the Rockbox logo appears? The iRiver firmware seems to be much more gentle when starting up.
00:33:06preglowwell, i don't know, how can i find out with ordinary tools?
00:33:08ripnet_i mean use fdisk to see if it has a table
00:33:21preglowi have no fdisk...
00:33:35HCllinuxstb: yup.
00:34:00LinusNLinusN: yes, it's probably because the power to the hard drive is cut briefly
00:34:09preglowtalking to yourself again?
00:34:12rasherDisk /dev/sda: 20.0 GB, 20000268288 bytes
00:34:12rasher255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 2431 cylinders
00:34:12DBUGEnqueued KICK rasher
00:34:12rasherUnits = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes
00:34:12rasher Device Boot Start End Blocks Id System
00:34:14rasher/dev/sda1 1 2431 19526976 c W95 FAT32 (LBA)
00:34:16LinusNpreglow: :-)
00:34:34hubbleControl Panel / Administrative tools / Computer Management / Storage / Disk Management
00:34:42linuxstbLinusN: yes - the disk seems to click, then go silent, and then start up again a short time afterwards.
00:35:01LinusNi'll see what i can do to fix that
00:35:11preglowyou see what's wrong?
00:35:25amiconnLinusN: I doubt that this extends the hd's lifetime ;-/
00:36:00LinusNrasher: you have a 120 that doesn't load rockbox?
00:36:04rasherLinusN: Yup
00:36:09pregloweveryone with a h120 can't boot rockbox
00:36:21LinusNpreglow: except me
00:36:24rasherpreglow: well, 3 people with a h120 to be fair
00:36:28preglowLinusN: you'd be the notable exception, yes
00:36:36rasherbut it is a notable pattern
00:36:51Bagderthere's a h100 image now on the daily build page
00:36:54LinusNrasher: tell me your disk model
00:37:10rasher Vendor: TOSHIBA Model: MK2004GAL Rev: JC10
00:37:10rasher Type: Direct-Access ANSI SCSI revision: 00
00:37:17preglowsame here
00:37:56rasherI'm guessing the second line is irrelevant
00:38:03LinusNsame here
00:38:36rasherI've only tried it with a .rockbox + rockbox.iriver in place, but preglow says the same happens without it
00:38:48preglowno difference whatsoever
00:39:06LinusNmy guess is that it fails to mount the partition
00:39:15preglowdoesn't sound too far-fatched
00:39:22LinusNbut it should give up and fail with a message
00:39:59preglowit loops indefinitely here
00:40:06preglowi've had in on for minutes
00:40:36rasherBagder: that's so small :|
00:40:40 Quit bobTHC ("Leaving")
00:41:18Bagderthe point being, it should appear a file there later on this morning
00:42:08LinusNlet me create a boot loader with some debug output
00:42:17CassandraI got a bit stuck with the RTC stuff. I'm not at all sure what the best way to handle an alarm while the unit is powered up is.
00:42:18preglowbe my guest
00:42:25rasherLinusN: sounds great
00:42:38BagderI actually got a checksum failure on my rockbox
00:42:57BagderI wonder how that happened
00:43:12CassandraAre you wanting more people to try the iRiver build, or do you have enough data atm?
00:43:53LinusNit would be interesting if you have a 120
00:43:54preglowBagder: when you tried to flash it?
00:44:12CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
00:44:12*rasher prods sneakums
00:44:27Bagderthe flash is fine, the checksum error is when loading rockbox
00:45:09XShocKI can flash it. I have 120
00:45:11sneakumsrasher: sorry. no time right now.
00:45:20preglowseems there are still some problems loose
00:45:29BagderCassandra: I think we have enough iriver data atm
00:45:33CassandraNope - 140, sorry.
00:45:33rashersneakums: *sniff*
00:46:02preglowtea time
00:46:10HClyou can turn the iriver on by pressing the reset button
00:46:15sneakumsT is for time and it's time for tea.
00:46:24HClthats the best idea i've heard all night.
00:46:30*HCl goes to make tea
00:47:14 Quit ripnet_ ()
00:47:17BagderI spot a problem
00:47:18 Join ripnetUK [0] (
00:47:31preglowbootloader related? :)
00:47:52CassandraI have the power management thread checking for an alarm condition every second, but I just can't figure out how to handle that inside the application. Everything I come up with involves a twisty mess of different conditions.
00:47:53Bagderit reports wrong file size
00:47:57Bagderof my rockbox.iriver file
00:48:10LinusNCassandra: handle what?
00:49:39CassandraAn rtc alarm while the unit is on.
00:49:49LinusNCassandra: i vote for a sys event
00:49:57rasherLinusN: is that a debug enabled firmware?
00:50:08LinusNsome debug output, yes
00:50:36*rasher wgets
00:50:36preglowLinusN: that's for me to flash, yes?
00:50:37CassandraYou mean like USB?
00:50:45LinusNCassandra: yes
00:50:48***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
00:50:50Bagdermy boot claims my rockbox is 25678 bytes big
00:50:52LinusNor poweroff
00:51:02Bagderso the checksum gets wrong
00:51:04LinusNBagder: interesting
00:51:24LinusNmake it bigger then :-)
00:51:49Bagdermake: *** No rule to make target `it'. Stop.
00:52:08CassandraThe problem with that is there's several things you might want to do. Resume, play an alarm sound, record. It really messes with program flow.
00:52:16rasherLinusN: 309dee0712b3a6baa2958457c0af8e69 iRiver/ihp_120.hex
00:52:19rasherlooks right?
00:52:32CassandraI could be just being dense here, but I can't see a neat way to do the control logic.
00:52:48LinusNrasher: ok
00:52:55preglowthat's that
00:52:56preglowit hangs
00:53:04LinusNok, that's a clue
00:53:10rashershould I bother flashing as well?
00:53:57rasherlooks like you were right about the mounting
00:55:36rasherbtw, is preglow near the bdm?
00:55:59LinusNwell, norway isn't *that* far :-)
00:56:06rasherneither's Denmark :)
00:56:14preglowtrondheim, feel free to draw a line on a map
00:56:23rasherI'm probably closer then :)
00:56:24preglowit's not like i'll drive there anyway
00:56:54Bagderoh come on, it'll be fun! ;-P
00:57:02 Quit hubble ()
00:57:14preglowof course
00:57:18preglowgiven a car and free gas
00:57:33preglowthat'd be excellent reason to buy a car
00:58:01rasherI think postage from norway/denmark to sweden shouldn't be that expensive
00:58:27preglowand if it is, i'd still gladly pay it to have my player back
00:58:33rasherheh, indeed
00:58:59preglowi nearly had the stamps ready when the player started flashing its led after flashing
00:59:39*HCl stares at the superbowl..
00:59:52HClamericans really know how to make things look..... dumb...
00:59:58HClno offense to anyone...
01:00:17rasherThe commercial breaks are really dull here
01:00:42rashersince this channel isn't allowed to interrupt programs with ads
01:01:00rasherso they have a *lot* of time to fill
01:02:30preglowchannels without ads, wow
01:02:53preglowi don't watch that much television anymore anyway
01:02:55preglowit's mostly shit
01:03:30ripnetUKnight all
01:04:09ripnetUKhope you 120'ers have joy soon
01:04:41rasherpreglow: well they have ads, just not interrupting ads.. being partially government funded
01:05:49preglowyes, we've got a couple of those as well
01:05:54preglowonly completely without ads
01:06:50rasherWe have 2 completely without ads - fully government funded, 2 without interrupting ads partially government funded
01:08:59preglowi love the rockbox font
01:09:02amiconnLinusN: There is a shiny new virtual keyboard for the player now :)
01:09:04preglowit's so... tiny
01:09:12preglowcompared to the gigantic bloody iriver font
01:09:28LinusNamiconn: nice
01:09:29rasherpreglow: yeah, I felt let down when iriver booted after seeing the boot message *sniff*
01:10:29LinusNthose of us who are fortunate to be able to run rockbox can play with the different fonts in the general settings
01:10:57*rasher gently punches LinusN
01:11:10HCli hadn't looked at the fonts..
01:11:28preglowLinusN: but what the hell can be the problem here? have you done some fancy partitioning on your player, or what?
01:11:30LinusNgeneral settings->display->browse fonts
01:11:45LinusNmy partition table is identical to yours
01:11:51preglowhow lovely
01:13:00DMJC-SUPERBOWLhow do you tell rockbox to stop playing a song when you want to shut it down?
01:13:10DMJC-SUPERBOWLstop button wasn't working
01:13:13 Quit ripnetUK (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
01:13:47LinusNplaying a song? how?
01:14:24linuxstbLinusN: yep, the font browser works nicely.
01:14:29HClcould it be that the timr08 font is a bit broken? it doesn't use the full size of the screen
01:14:45Bagdercould be
01:14:51LinusNyes, some of the fonts needs some work
01:15:01HClhow do i set it to a font?
01:15:17BagderHCl: play it
01:16:08preglowdamn, all those fonts are in rockbox?
01:16:15preglowhow big a part of the current 150k are they? ;)
01:16:22LinusNthey are on disk
01:16:29HClthey get loaded from disk...
01:16:30HCllike plugins
01:16:41LinusNand languages
01:17:22rasheroh boy
01:17:24rasherthat's a lot of fonts
01:17:48HCli think i'll wait with playing with it till that hdd power thingy is a bit improved...
01:17:59HClit doesn't sound / feel good when booting rockbox
01:19:01preglowwhy does it cut power?
01:19:37LinusNrockbox inits all hardware just like the boot loader does
01:19:43preglowahh, of course
01:20:29LinusNnew version up for download, with more debug output
01:20:59*rasher downloads
01:22:03rashermy net is too slow *sniff*
01:22:12preglowwon't the iriver tell you if there's a checksum error?
01:22:43preglowthere's not room for all the numbers
01:22:45preglowbut here goes
01:22:52preglowpart: Type 0c, start: 00000cut off
01:22:57preglowpart: Type 00, start: 00000cut off
01:22:57preglowpart: Type 00, start: 00000cut off
01:22:59DBUGEnqueued KICK preglow
01:22:59preglowpart: Type 00, start: 00000cut off
01:23:27LinusNhmmm, it should scroll...
01:23:30preglowis this the correct time to say 'small wonder, then' ?
01:23:42rashersame result here
01:23:45preglowscroll how?
01:24:05rasherwell, "ata_init()", "disk_init()" first
01:24:08preglowthe numbers are cut off at the right edge
01:24:11LinusNit shouldn't be cut off, the 4 lines should scroll to reveal all info
01:24:24LinusNanyway, that's a sign of a hung thread
01:24:25preglowi get half of the fifth zero
01:24:32CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
01:24:32*Bagder goes to sleep
01:24:46preglowbut why the hell do i get four entries?
01:24:54pregloware those the primary partitions?
01:25:00LinusNpreglow: those are the 4 primary partitions
01:25:00rasher4 (potential) primary partitions?
01:25:15preglowok, we all got it right, heh
01:25:22LinusNtype 0c shows that the mbr is read correctly
01:25:49rasherthis font is so lovely though...
01:25:59preglowyes, it is
01:26:02LinusNlots of room
01:27:07preglowbut hell, i think the fact that my h120 now spouts debug information is very cool ;))
01:27:34rasheryeah, me too
01:28:16LinusNhave you guys ran a scandisk lately?
01:28:16preglowbut why the hell should a thread hang
01:28:18 Quit Nibbler ("blubber")
01:28:24preglowLinusN: never, actually
01:28:29LinusNpreglow: the disk mount loops forever
01:28:30preglowLinusN: but i just cleared the entire drive
01:28:34rasherLinusN: a few weeks ago :\
01:28:37 Join Nibbler [0] (
01:28:51LinusNpreglow: ok, so it's empty, apart from rockbox
01:28:51preglowi'll give it a go now
01:29:02preglowLinusN: nono, not anymore, now it's got 17 gig of music on it
01:29:14preglowi just did a manual defrag
01:29:30preglowh120 contents -> disk
01:29:33preglowdisk -> h120 contents
01:30:53linuxstbLinusN: Is the iRiver battery charging hardware controlled? It appears to be working when I plug in my charger.
01:31:04LinusNpurely hardware
01:31:07preglowLinusN: no errors, apparently
01:31:24rashershould I try scandisking, or are we guessing it's not that?
01:31:24preglowLinusN: but i haven't done a full surface scan, obviously
01:31:29linuxstbAnd I get a nice AC icon and a battery charging animation :-).
01:31:35LinusNaah, i think i know what it is
01:31:37preglowbut that shouldn't be a problem either
01:31:46preglowthe suspense is killing me in: one minute
01:31:48rasher(off-topic - any pcftobdf tool?)
01:32:36LinusNlet me try my theory
01:32:42rashergo right ahead
01:32:43preglowby all means
01:34:08LinusNmy theory is that the led blinking will finish after several minutes
01:34:31preglowi'll try
01:34:46LinusNi'll put up a test boot that should work
01:35:00preglowbut i did try waiting a long time some hours ago
01:35:09preglowthough i will admit i was a bit impatient ;)
01:36:27LinusNnew image up for download
01:37:02preglowby the way
01:37:04preglowthe old one's working
01:37:09preglowscrolling and everything
01:37:21preglowfile listing
01:37:22preglowit works
01:37:37rasherby waiting it out?
01:37:42LinusNhere's the thing:
01:37:48rasherso impatient!
01:38:03LinusNthere is a structure in the FAT called "fsinfo"
01:38:16LinusNit contains the amount of free clusters
01:38:53LinusNif the info isn't there, rockbox recalculates it
01:39:07preglowthat's quite an amount of data to scan
01:39:13LinusNand the unoptimized ata driver takes ages to do it
01:39:27rasherthat was fast
01:39:30preglowok, so the h140 has somehow got that calculated?
01:39:30HClhow about writing the calculated value to the hdd as info if its not there?
01:39:36LinusNi remember having to wait for several minutes too
01:39:59LinusNHCl: thatäs why it is being recalculated
01:40:17LinusNit is then written to the fsinfo
01:40:21HClok :)
01:40:26HClso after that, it should boot normally?
01:40:31LinusNthat's why it has worked for me ever since
01:40:46HCltime for a wiki update, i think?
01:40:53rasherso I'm now booting a shortcutting firmware :|
01:41:00preglowLinusN: ciompletely correct
01:41:04HClh120 users have to wait a long time on the first boot
01:41:04preglowLinusN: it now boots like a bloody charn
01:41:09LinusNrasher: yes, the fsinfo recalc was disabled
01:41:11HCland most h140s already work
01:41:59LinusNso you could all go back to the "official" boot
01:42:06*rasher does that
01:42:09preglowi will
01:42:17LinusNi'll see what i can do about the clicking
01:42:23rasher"Press OFF to shut down"
01:42:26rasherwhat's the off button?
01:42:31preglowrasher: stop
01:42:32XShocKdownloading to see my h120 working with rockbox.. :)
01:42:32rasherlike that
01:42:34LinusN:-) STOP
01:42:43rasherbut I was already pressing that!
01:42:53LinusNpress it again
01:43:00preglowLinusN: can't you just ifdef out the init in rockbox if the image is supposed to be loaded by the bootloader?
01:43:20amiconnLinusN: Does the iRiver also have that short hw poweroff timeout, like the player/v1
01:43:38LinusNamiconn: no, but i haven't fixed the config file
01:43:46LinusNit has no timeout at all
01:44:06amiconnSo how do you shutdown when the firmware hangs?
01:44:24preglowreset switch
01:44:34amiconnAh ok. Lame, imho
01:44:40preglowthere's one at the bottom of the unit
01:46:09HClgah. i'm not used to wiki yet :X
01:46:12HClcan someone update it?
01:46:22*HCl couldn't figure out how to do a newline..
01:46:24HCl :X
01:46:55rasherLinusN: the "official" image booted fast now as well
01:47:21rasherI'm not sure what to make of that
01:47:21LinusNrasher: nice
01:47:48rasherso is my fsinfo set now all of a sudden?
01:47:51preglowLinusN: but this extremely cool, thanks a load
01:47:53LinusNmy test loader wrote fake fsinfo on your disk
01:48:07linuxstbLinusN: I'm available to test any clicking solutions if you think it will be a quick fix.
01:48:09rasheris that a problem?
01:48:16LinusNrasher: no
01:48:32LinusNyou can force a recalc in the rockbox debug menu
01:48:54preglowI03:AddrErr :-P
01:49:04rasherthe ata driver sure seems slow
01:49:07preglowno minesweeper for me
01:49:08preglowLinusN: yes
01:49:17LinusNhaven't debugged that yet
01:49:26preglowno, sure, i'm not counting on rockbox working at all
01:49:30LinusNeverything is slow
01:49:32linuxstbI seem to get that error on every plugin.
01:49:46LinusNlinuxstb: yes
01:49:53HCli suck at writing docs :x
01:49:55HClLinusN: try sokoban
01:49:58HClsokoban worked for me
01:50:04HCllinuxstb: *
01:50:08HCldarn nickcomplete :x
01:50:12LinusNthe cpu runs at 11MHz with lots of waitstates
01:50:14XShocKSo. I have last thing printed "Result: 0"
01:50:18XShocKis it ok?
01:50:20HClso thats why its so slow
01:50:30preglowLinusN: why the wait states? just for fun?
01:50:40XShocKand what do i do? :)
01:50:42LinusNsafety values
01:50:59preglowshould you really need any wait states when you're operating out of ram?
01:51:10LinusNof course
01:51:23LinusNnot at 11mhz, but at 140mhz
01:51:33HClis it safe to say in the wiki that it runs on h120?
01:51:38HClits safe to say that, right?
01:52:06linuxstbHCl: Yes, sokoban seems fine!
01:52:21rasherwow, tiny_prop-5 sure is tiny
01:53:01rasherand scrolling sure is slow
01:53:07XShocKit works!!! :)
01:53:23XShocKsokoban works.
01:54:05HClyah :p
01:54:09HClits really, really, really tiny though
01:54:23 Join GnagelRam [0] (
01:54:25linuxstbXShock: did you manage to compile the bootloader yourself?
01:56:27 Join Urinal [0] (
01:56:55Urinalis there a way to scan the hard drive in the jukebox studio 20?
01:57:01Urinalfor bad sectors and such
01:57:24rasherLinusN: where's the debug menu?
01:57:31LinusNUrinal: scandisk
01:57:41LinusNrasher: info->debug
01:57:49Urinali tried chkdsk in win2k, and it said its RAW format
01:57:53rashernice catch, Rhunak
01:57:56rashernice catch, rasher
01:58:03XShocKlinuxstb: no
01:58:20rasherLinusN: where do I recalculate fsinfo?
01:58:33LinusNrasher: disk debug
01:58:44rasherview disk info?
01:58:48LinusNpress down until you get the info about free space
01:59:03XShocKi couldn't compile binutils you had given me. by some strange reason it stopped at arlex.l complaining
01:59:13rasherfree: 1mb
01:59:20rasherthat's a dirty LIE!
01:59:30LinusNnor press play
01:59:46rasherScanning disk
01:59:50*rasher waits
01:59:59LinusNbetter insert the charger... :-)
02:00:04rasherany chance yeah
02:00:53amiconnLinusN: Does it really take *that* long? I remember it takes roughly a minute on my jb recorder. It's also only 11 MHz...
02:01:03XShocKlinuxstb: did you have a problem related to arlex.l ?
02:01:09rasheramiconn: the ata driver isn't up to speed yet
02:01:29LinusNamiconn: the archos ata is optimized, the iriver isn't
02:01:31preglowdoesn't seem like the norwegian translation is very complete, heh
02:01:38amiconnAh, yes. A certain amiconn hardcore-asm-optimized the SH1 ata driver...
02:02:10LinusNyes, and the ata controller has generous settings too
02:02:37LinusNand i believe an 11mhz sh1 is way faster than an 11mhz coldfire
02:03:01 Join ashridah [0] (
02:03:11amiconnReally? Hmm, I should check the programming manual
02:03:32LinusNamiconn: please bare with me here, i haven't come to the optimizing yet
02:03:36amiconn(If it lists instruction cycle counts like the SH1 manual does)
02:03:57LinusNi'm just happy it works
02:04:29amiconnHmm, that would be something that could be interesting... asm optimize the ata driver.
02:04:32linuxstbXShocK: I think I may have done. I think you need to make sure you run the top-level configure (i.e. in src/), not the one in src/binutils/
02:04:36rasherDisk info looke fine now
02:04:50LinusNrasher: good
02:05:02XShocKhmm. ok. i try it
02:05:06rasherI'll let it charge for a bit
02:05:21rasherdamn, I want my usb-charger NOW!
02:05:24amiconn...however, no iRiver here so far. Only 3 other rockbox devices.
02:05:38 Quit Urinal (".IRC: .NET IRC Client @")
02:07:43rasherwho's MichielVanDerKolk?
02:07:53HCl :x <-
02:07:56HClwatashi wa
02:08:00rasherstill editing IriverBoot?
02:08:14HCli saved it lonnnggg ago o.o
02:08:30preglowHCl: it's "watashi desu" :P
02:08:34LinusNit's a good idea to check the "release lock" box
02:08:56HClpreglow: well, watashi wa desu, but, yea.
02:09:09HClfirst time using the wiki, i thought it'd release automatically
02:09:20LinusNit does, after 30 minutes
02:09:26HClbut not after saving?
02:09:27*rasher adds links from flash-party to people's wikiuserpage
02:09:53rasherI think
02:09:55LinusNyou get to keep the lock for 30 minutes even after saving
02:10:12preglowHCl: no need to apologize, that's more or less the only japanese i know, hehe
02:10:42HCl :p
02:10:53amiconnLinusN: How/where do you think I should document the new player keyboard? It's rather different from the old one, which however is still present in the latest release...
02:11:06mrmagssay 'ore da' it sounds cooler
02:11:07HClwell, i can only say a few simple sentences.. my gf's better at japanese than me..
02:11:23HClore is mostly used for males... i guess its more proper
02:11:23preglowi used to know hiragana and quite a lot more
02:11:32mrmagsno its really rude actually
02:11:34preglowbut that's a couple of years ago
02:11:45LinusNamiconn: i dunno, isn't there a work-in-progress manual?
02:12:40rasher added a few irc nicks->wikiname links
02:12:45amiconnHmm, need to check. I though using the wiki, but that means splitting release/cvs (like the VoiceFiles topic)
02:12:56 Part GnagelRam
02:15:08 Part CrunchyWhiteMeat
02:18:31mrmagswhee, just built the 68k toolchain. stepping out for beer and takeaway but will try building a bootloader when I gets back. thanks for the great wiki info everyone!
02:18:52LinusNmrmags: good luck, and don't drink and flash :-)
02:19:10mrmagshee hee
02:19:19HClhehe :p
02:19:24HClmrmags: whatcha got? h120 or h140?
02:20:44XShocKlinuxstb: thx. you were right about the binutils being compiled in its own directory
02:21:46XShocKI have 120, and I didn't have to wait anything, it started very quickly
02:22:03HClgot an md5sum?
02:22:06HClit can be added to the wiki
02:22:22HClthere'll prolly be 120's with proper fsinfos and 140s with missing fsinfos
02:22:34rasheryes, that should be noted
02:22:34XShocKI used what Linus did the last time. the one preglow used
02:22:51HCllinus' last one?
02:22:58HCli think that was the one with the fsinfo check disabled
02:23:01rasherXShocK: that one probably writes fake info
02:23:08rasherXShocK: check the debug info
02:23:51rasher(info > debug > view disk info > pres down a few times)
02:24:38XShocKata_init(), disk_init(), (Scrolling thing, 4 lines), disk_mount_all(), Loading Firmware, Legth: 25670, Checksum: BA1307, SUM: BA1307, Result: 0
02:24:47XShocKaah. this one. ok
02:25:24XShocKDisk Info. Model: TOSHIBA MK2004GAL
02:25:34rasherpres down
02:26:30rashera couple of times
02:26:31amiconnI'd be interested in how long it takes to calculate fsinfo on iriver.
02:26:51HClseveral minutes.
02:26:57preglowaround two minutes
02:27:05HCli added it to the wiki...
02:27:26amiconnNot too bad, given the non-optimised ata driver.
02:27:27XShocKclustersize: 8192, IORDY support: yes, IORDY disables: yes, Cycle times 120ns/120ns, PIO 01234, Readahead enables,noise:no, pwr:yes, Spinup time: 0,Free 0, Size 19073Firmware JA020A,
02:27:32preglowbut i can recalculate and get you an exact time, if you want to
02:27:56amiconnFor comparison: Archos recorder v1 with 80 GB disk takes 39s, Archos player with 10 GB disk takes 17 s
02:28:33amiconnIiuc this depends on the cluster count though, not on the disk size
02:29:00XShocKis this an info you wanted?
02:30:32amiconnXShocK: H140?
02:30:44amiconnAh, no, 120
02:31:05HClyou need to make it rescan
02:32:10 Quit Ka (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
02:32:27rashergo into the debug > disk menu, press the joystick down when you're on "Free"
02:32:32amiconnpreglow: If your 2 minutes are correct for a H120 with the same cluster size (8192), this means the iriver ata driver is about 1/3 speed of the jukebox version
02:33:20preglowand that would be hand written asm, yes+
02:33:23XShocKFree 0
02:33:37XShocKFree 0 MB
02:33:38preglowmy cluster size is 16384, i believe
02:33:58rashermine's 8192
02:34:06preglowlet's see
02:34:24rasherXShocK: press down the joystick, and it'll recalculate (could you time this?)
02:34:29 Quit lImbus ("KVIrc 'Realia'")
02:34:32preglowyup, 16384
02:34:35rasherXShocK: you may want to plug in the charger
02:34:38rasherpreglow: that's odd
02:34:55amiconnpreglow: H140? Then it's the same cluster count, hence should take about the same time
02:35:01preglowamiconn: h120
02:35:21rasherpreglow has a 120 with 16384 clusters
02:35:28rasherI have a 120 with 8192 clusters
02:35:30amiconnHmm, okay. So only half the clusters -> ata driver == 1/6 speed
02:35:35XShocKstarted 35:22
02:35:38preglowcluster size, not clusters
02:36:03rashermy cluster size is 8192 bytes
02:36:04amiconnpreglow: Of course. Disk_size / cluster_size == number_of clusters
02:36:51preglowtiming now
02:38:01preglowtwo minutes and five seconds
02:39:36XShocKstopped 39:30
02:39:44XShocKso 4 min and 8 sec
02:40:11preglowthat's pretty consistent
02:40:37HClwhy would the cluster sizes differ?
02:40:43preglowwhat, i can't bloody turn rockbox off if the batteries are charging? :PP
02:41:11amiconnHCl: Different formatting tools
02:41:13preglowthere's another ifdef for you to put in
02:41:21HClwas one formatted?
02:41:30HClcause you'd think iriver would ship them in the same format
02:41:58rashercould be formatted somewhere else
02:42:03preglowi might have formatted mine, btw
02:42:06preglownow that i think about it
02:42:31XShocKI have not done anything to it.
02:42:53LinusNpreglow: no, the archos models can't turn off while charging, that's another example of thing that must be changed for the iriver
02:42:58XShocKno scan disks, no defragmenting, no formatting.
02:44:01rasherI haven't formatted mine
02:44:04rasherif preglow has, that explains it
02:44:16rasherI got just over 4 minutes as well
02:47:29XShocKby the way I can translate menus to Russian, since it is only half translated as I see. :)
02:47:45rasherhuh, now it isn't responding to me trying to turn it off
02:48:00preglowrasher: it happens
02:48:03rasherwas charging, unplugged, now I can't turn off
02:48:13rasherany fix?
02:48:45preglowreset button
02:48:59rasheroh, Danish needs translation as well
02:49:00LinusNrasher: was charging, tried to turn off, removed charger, then can't turn off?
02:49:08rasherLinusN: that's it
02:49:08preglowthe norwegian translation needs a bit of work
02:49:11preglowmaybe i'll give it a go
02:49:36LinusNrasher: any message on screen?
02:49:37rasherDebug (bliv væk!)
02:49:46rasherLinusN: nope, backlight comes on
02:49:50preglowLinusN: i the exact same and could turn it off, it's probably not got anything to do with that
02:50:03rasheroh wait
02:50:12rasherI've also attempted to start an mp3
02:50:15rasherdon't mind me
02:50:20preglowmy favorite is "File Browser" -> "Filglaner"
02:50:33rasherthat sounds scary
02:50:33LinusNi have committed a fix for the poweroff
02:50:48LinusNnow you hold STOP like before
02:50:50***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
02:51:00LinusNi have also fixed the clicking issue
02:51:24LinusNupdate your cvs, recompile and reinstall rockbox
02:51:36preglowrockbox threads aren't preemptive, i take it?
02:51:46rasherhow about menu on holding the joystick in? (like iriver does)
02:52:03LinusNrasher: that's for the context sensitive menus
02:52:10rasheroh right
02:52:43LinusN(the playlist creation, file/dir delete etc) :-)
02:52:59rasheryeah, I remember
02:53:13LinusNtoo bad the iriver firmware is so picky about the playlist format
02:53:28rasherWhy? Do we care?
02:53:29LinusNelse you could have generated your playlists with rockbox
02:53:36LinusNand play them with iriver
02:53:44HCliriver reads m3u files
02:53:45rashernow why would you do that?
02:53:48amiconnLinusN: At the current commit rate, the "latest activity" list is a bit short...
02:53:51HClstandard winamp playlists o.o;
02:53:56HClthey're like, extremely simple formats.
02:54:05HClthe only complicated stuff is its id3 database
02:54:18LinusNHCl: yeah, but iriver is very picky about the slashes and comments
02:54:35rasheramiconn: I suggest a seperate page for it, if anything
02:55:11rasherthe hello world plugin also works!
02:55:22LinusNrasher: isn't that wonderful :-)
02:55:31rashershould I create a page with status on each plugin?
02:55:36rasheror is that too trivial
02:55:41LinusNdon't bother
02:55:45amiconnLinusN: I just started another test set tackling the garbled recordings problem.
02:56:46LinusNamiconn: nice
02:57:02LinusNdid you find anything regarding the broken cluster chain bug?
02:57:25rasherheh, the Danish translation has all these abbreviations
02:57:26amiconnIt wasn't broken after all.
02:58:20amiconnLinusN: In case you didn't check the log - it turned out the card was formatted in a way that the partition was 128 sectors larger than the card's physical capacity.
02:59:09amiconnSo rockbox tried to access non-existing sectors
03:00:00*rasher reads up on
03:00:04amiconnThe card responds with a "parameter error" to such attempts, but - it continues to do that even for existing sectors after one such wrong access
03:00:20LinusNcould someone verify that the hard drive clicking is gone?
03:00:31LinusNamiconn: aha
03:00:54amiconnI added a panic() now should that happen again
03:01:14mrmagsbuilding from latest cvs gives me: 2a71d163e56084d280cb749b8a97d399 new.hex
03:01:14mrmags... ?
03:01:24HClwhat compiler?
03:01:56amiconnLinusN: I got rld once on my player today. This was after I disabled ata poweroff...
03:01:57mrmags3.4.2 and cvs binutils, sorry
03:02:52HClLinusN: what'd ya change in the cvs lately..?
03:03:03LinusNi fixed the hd clicking
03:03:15amiconnrasher: For some strings, abbreviations are intentional. The player lcd only has 2 lines x 11 chars
03:03:19HClah, great.
03:03:32HClLinusN: do i need to reflash the bootloader for that or just build a new rockbox.iriver?
03:03:38rasheramiconn: yeah, that's what I was guessing.. looks really silly on the iriver though
03:04:04DMJC-SUPERBOWLhmm... linus... if I can load rockbox.. do i need to reflash the bootloader?
03:04:11DMJC-SUPERBOWLor if it ain't broke don't fix it?
03:04:17 Join ripnetUK [0] (
03:04:24amiconnrasher: The recorder specific strings, which are also used on iriver, can be a bit longer though
03:06:55LinusNDMJC-SUPERBOWL: exactly, if it aint broke...
03:07:02mrmagsalso, here's a funny question: in terms of eventual releases, will it simply be a hex file containing the bootloader but not the official firmware? I don't imagine iriver will like anyone distributing modified versions of their firmware (or un-modified versions, even) −− elst there would have to be built some small apps that people can download and inject the bootloader into the firmware themselves...
03:07:15 Quit midk (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
03:07:22ashridahaah. people other than linus have flashed their iriver players?
03:07:27amiconnrasher, XShocK: It would be really nice if some of the outdated translations are brought up to date again.
03:07:34ashridahanyone got a 'sanctioned' bootloader? :)
03:07:35LinusNmrmags: we won't distribute iriver firmware
03:07:55XShocKok. I will do Russian one
03:07:57amiconnCurrently, only 4 languages are actively maintained
03:07:59LinusNmrmags: we will probably use binary patch files
03:08:06LinusN.ips files
03:08:07mrmagsLinusN: inconvenient for users but it's definitely smarter, yeah
03:08:32ashridahrasher: yeah. looks like i'll have to build the cross-compile environment myself. that's okay.
03:09:15rashermrmags: if those .ips files are distributed with a utility to download and patch a firmware, it could be worse
03:09:56mrmagsrasher: yeah that was exactly what I was thinking :)
03:10:30mrmagslord knows gentoo has lots of ebuilds that download proprietary binary crap ;)
03:10:30LinusNi fixed the plugin bug
03:10:48HClLinusN: do i need to reflash the bootloader for that hdd fix?
03:10:51ashridahis the stuff i want to follow to build a cross compiler?
03:10:56HClashridah: yup.
03:11:09LinusNHCl: no reflash needed
03:11:13HClLinusN: ok :)
03:11:23HCli was hoping / thinking you'd say that.
03:11:41LinusNif everything goes well, you won't have to reflash for a long time
03:11:53*rasher sighs
03:11:54ashridahand what version of gcc are people recommending, because the version numbers on that site seem to say two different versions.
03:12:10amiconnLinusN: The bootloader contains the ata driver too, correct?
03:12:11preglow3.4.x works peachy
03:12:16preglowas does 3.3.x
03:12:35LinusNamiconn: yes
03:12:42XShocKI am having troubles with building the GCC in cygwin.
03:12:42XShocKccwuJG0c.s: Assembler messages:
03:13:00XShocKccwuJG0c.s:29: Error: operands mismatch −− statement `fmovem.l %fpcr,%d1' ignored
03:13:08amiconnLinusN: So you might want to reflash when the ata driver is optimized.
03:13:14LinusNamiconn: yes
03:13:51amiconnAnyway, it's time to sleep now, methinks
03:13:51XShocK3.4.2 and newlib-1.13 and cvs binutils.
03:13:56HClLinusN: committed the stuff to make the plugins work yet..? *is eager to compile and test and then work on his own module*
03:14:03HClgameboy o.o
03:14:25 Quit amiconn (" Nite all")
03:14:46preglownewlib isn't necessary for 3.4.x, i think
03:14:51preglowi didn't use it, at least
03:15:16XShocKI put it just in case. :)
03:15:17HClme neither
03:16:17 Quit Quel|away (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:17:00*rasher translates
03:17:55preglowdamn, there's a lot to translate here
03:19:13rasheroh, not that bad actually
03:19:17rasher$ grep -c "^###" dansk.lang
03:20:11preglowthomj@glow lang $ grep -c "^###" norsk_ny.lang
03:20:14preglowi win
03:20:27*HCl wonders about dutch.
03:20:34HClbut then. i'd hate to have rockbox in my native language
03:20:39preglowthe worst part is i'm not even planning to use it
03:20:44preglowi always use english
03:20:47rasherHCl: you don't have to
03:20:50rasherme too
03:20:51rasherid: LANG_BASS
03:20:51rasherdesc: in sound_settings
03:20:51rashereng: "Bas"
03:20:58HCli know :p
03:21:22rasherloudness... how the hell does one translate that
03:21:43rasherI guess one doesn't
03:22:09*HCl checks whether the click is gone now
03:22:41 Quit cYmen ("leaving")
03:22:42*rasher ponders making a slang frontend to this job
03:22:48HClmuch better.
03:23:05HClsounds much healthier on bootup now
03:23:48HCldo plugins work with current cvs?
03:23:53HClor hasn't that been committed yet?
03:24:29HClwoot. pong :x
03:25:19HClsideways tetris.
03:26:56preglowpong crashed marvelously
03:26:56rasherhuh, some of the months are translated, some aren't
03:27:00rasherbecause they're the same
03:27:13rasherguess I'll change them anyway to shut up this script
03:28:45HClcalculator doesn't respond to keypresses yet :/
03:28:52preglowmost of my plugins crash
03:28:58HClthe new cvs build
03:28:59HClis on my ftp
03:29:11HClworking plugins and no more hdd badness
03:29:32preglowi just built newest cvs myself
03:29:36preglowplugins still crash
03:29:49HClworks here
03:30:00LinusNremember that all code is autobuilt every 20 minutes on the rockbox site
03:30:12LinusNthe "bleeding edge" builds
03:30:12preglownope, i lied
03:30:24preglowdidn't think about that
03:31:50preglowi'll check the plugins out tomorrow, i need to sleep soon
03:33:02rashereng: "USB (sim)"
03:33:04rasherwhat's that text?
03:33:49*HCl guesses he'll also goes to sleep.. will check plugin api tomorrow and take a look at initial gameboy stuff..
03:35:31LinusNgotta sleep too, nite all!
03:35:50 Part LinusN
03:37:02 Quit preglow ("of")
03:47:22 Part mrmags
03:47:33 Quit DMJC-SUPERBOWL (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:49:37XShocKdesc: in info display, shows that trickle charge is running
03:49:37XShocKeng: "Battery: Trickle Chg"
03:49:44XShocKwhat does Trickle mean?
03:51:48rasherI guess I win
03:51:53rasher$ grep -c "^###" dansk.lang
03:52:08rasherXShocK: slow "dripping" charge
03:52:25XShocKok. thx
03:53:03ashridahokay. i already have binutils 2.15 installed as part of my workstation here. do i still need to build a separate copy of it before building the cvs binutils?
03:53:32rasherno idea
03:54:25 Join DMJC [0] (
04:04:28 Join gromit`` [0] (~gromit`
04:05:01 Quit gromit` (
04:09:30ashridahso what's the deal? binutils-2.15 -> gcc-3.4.2 -> binutils-cvs ?
04:09:50DMJChow is sound playing coming?
04:10:23rasherit isn't
04:11:09ashridahi kinda doubt it'll happen magically overnight
04:23:36XShocKaaahh. translated half.. :)
04:25:00rashersame here
04:25:02rashersleep now
04:31:48 Quit ripnetUK (
04:31:48 Quit ashridah (
04:31:48 Quit Nibbler (
04:31:48 Quit sneakums (
04:31:48 Quit Cassandra (
04:31:48 Quit rasher (
04:31:48 Quit izzy_ (
04:31:48 Quit courtc (
04:33:19 Quit mbr (
04:33:19 Quit XShocK (
04:36:07 Join Ka [0] (
04:36:45 Quit Ka (Killed by (Nick collision))
04:38:23 Join ripnetUK [0] (
04:38:23 Join ashridah [0] (
04:38:23 Join Nibbler [0] (
04:38:23 Join sneakums [0] (
04:38:23 Join Cassandra [0] (~christi@
04:38:23 Join rasher [0] (
04:38:23 Join courtc [0] (
04:38:23 Join izzy_ [0] (
04:39:29 Join mbr [0] (
04:40:15 Join XShocK [0] (
04:43:37 Join Ka_ [0] (
04:47:02 Quit ashridah (Connection reset by peer)
04:47:46 Join ashridah [0] (ashridah@
04:50:54***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
04:51:52ashridah−−target=m68k-elf that the right target to binutils' configure script for coldfire?
04:52:06ashridahah. it is. nevermind
04:56:00 Quit XShocK (" Want to be different? HydraIRC -> <-")
04:59:17ashridahi'm getting an error on ../../gcc-3.4.2/configure −−target=m68k-elf −−prefix=/home/ashridah/rb −−enable-languages=c when it goes to test for a working compiler, with the assembler wigging out
04:59:33ashridahi've added the newly compiled binutils to my path...
05:00:13ashridaherk. no i haven't
05:00:16*ashridah smacks self
05:00:48ashridahthere we go
05:05:29 Quit Cassandra (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
05:06:19ashridahgdb's not available for coldfire yet is it?
05:10:47 Join Cassandra [0] (~christi@
05:35:12 Join midk [0] (
05:44:38ashridahmake[2]: Entering directory `/home/ashridah/rb/src/build/binutils-cvs'
05:44:41ashridahmake[2]: *** No rule to make target `../bfd/bfd.h', needed by `size.o'. Stop.
05:54:22*ashridah smack self, again
06:00:36*ashridah suspects he's speaking to a dead channel, but...
06:00:42ashridah1dbd7e2b2494cf54639117dccdc68599 bootloader.bin that look okay to anyone?
06:01:27lostlogicInternal error, aborting at /var/tmp/portage/binutils- line 4357 in select_control_regs
06:01:40lostlogicmy cross compile tools give me the finger still.
06:02:22ashridahthat compiling the tarball or cvs checkout?
06:03:15lostlogicfrom cvs
06:03:17ashridahwhich gcc are you using to compile binutils?
06:03:47lostlogicReading specs from /usr/lib/gcc/m68k-elf/3.4.3/specs gcc version 3.4.3 20050110 (Gentoo Linux, ssp-, pie-8.7.7)
06:03:56ashridahbecause it built okay using my host's gcc 3.3.5 (debian) build
06:04:09ashridahuh, that's the cross compiler :)
06:04:17lostlogicyeah, binutils built fine, but doesn't run right...
06:06:26ashridahheh. i cant' believe i'm actually contemplating flashing my iriver h140
06:06:39ashridahah well. can always mail it to linus worst comes to worst
06:07:09ashridahi don't really want to have to buy the tools and gear to build myself a bdm. it's been too long since i've done soldering work
06:07:25lostlogicyeah, I know I couldn't do the soldering myself
06:07:54lostlogicI dunno why I'm even bothering, I have an H340 so I'm not going to be flashing any time soon, just want to be up and running toolchain-wise
06:08:33ashridah$ md5sum new.hex
06:08:34ashridahdb1632813ae926d1090e848409a64773 new.hex
06:08:44 Join dotirc [0] (
06:08:50 Nick dotirc is now known as Urinal (
06:09:08ashridahthat's the patch iriver firmware.
06:09:23UrinalAnyone know why when i plug my archos jukebox in with the usb my computer restarts?
06:09:27lostlogicthere is a new page in the wiki with the patched firmware's md5s, isn't it?
06:09:38ashridahlostlogic: yeah. and this doesn't match them
06:09:40lostlogicUrinal: sounds like a miswired USB port or cable
06:09:43lostlogicashridah: trudat
06:09:47ashridahthey all have be0bf0e1df367e5cffd9e27eff988ef1
06:10:03ashridahUrinal: that sounds like a short someplace
06:10:05UrinalIt happends on all of the ports, I tried the one I bought for my mom and it works fine
06:10:33ashridahalthough i had thought that usb had current protection to prevent that kind of thing
06:10:34UrinalWhen I had the firmware rockbox made it works also, but I formated it for a clean go
06:10:57*ashridah can't comment any further on the archos than that, sadly
06:11:16Urinalwell lets see if i restart again
06:11:33Urinaloh wow it worked this time
06:11:38Urinalon the 5th try
06:11:53Urinalbut says no drives detected =\
06:12:22ashridahhrm. hang on a tic. i've used the EU iriver firmware
06:12:30*ashridah leeches the us one to try instead
06:12:58*lostlogic finishes rebuilding cross binutils
06:13:22Urinalin the systray it asks if i want to saftly remove it
06:13:29Urinalbut doesnt show up as a drive letter
06:14:32Urinallol opening computer management made it show up
06:15:14lostlogicsigh, now as says unrecognized option
06:18:48 Quit Urinal (".IRC: .NET IRC Client @")
06:21:13ashridah$ md5sum us.hex
06:21:14ashridah4cfbd6a84ef58a18ee40a870b13210b1 us.hex
06:21:37ashridahthat's not the same either
06:32:29ashridahhrm. i'm not even sure this has built the firmware
06:40:47izzy_good morning, it took quite some time to read the backlog :D
06:40:54izzy_but nice success stories :)
06:41:05izzy_now I know what to do after the work
06:43:48ashridahwish my md5sum matched :(
06:46:57izzy_I wonder if those md5sums are up-to-date on IriverBoot page..
06:47:33izzy_ashridah: since I got the same as you
06:47:49ashridahthey may well be from an earlier version of the bootloader
06:47:55izzy_the one that is on the page is the same I had previously
06:50:55***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
06:57:16izzy_actually I got that db1632813ae926d1090e848409a64773 new.hex
06:57:46ashridahthat's the EU firmware?
06:58:18izzy_your latest one was for us version?
07:05:47dwihnoseems there has been quite a few brave souls testing the boot loader this far
07:05:56dwihnoare you testing it? :)
07:08:21ashridahi would if i had someone with a known working setup to check my md5sum against
07:08:44izzy_I think I'll wait for someone to confirm the md5sum for the current bootloader
07:10:54dwihnoI still haven't gotten over the shock of my recorder charging part getting smashed :(
07:11:07ashridahwhat happened to it?
07:11:51dwihnowell, since my stock charger was broken, I was using one of those universal chargers...
07:12:32dwihnosomehow, the exchangable plug was disconnected from the mains
07:13:01dwihnomy gf reconnected it - with reversed polarity
07:13:37 Quit ripnetUK (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
07:13:44dwihnothere was smoke
07:13:47dwihnothere was stench
07:13:54ashridahyes, i recall the mention of smoke
07:13:59dwihnothen there charging part wasn't working anymore
07:14:51dwihnowithout the charging working, the unit is practically useless... I can't stand charging the batts externally
07:14:58dwihnoso I see two options
07:15:17dwihno1) find someone who can fix it (although I doubt it)
07:15:31dwihno2) give it to the devs' for spare parts and such
07:15:54dwihnooption #2 currently sounds most likely
07:44:37 Quit Rhunak ()
08:35:08 Quit ashridah (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
08:50:58***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:54:22 Quit DMJC ("Leaving")
09:00:55 Join ashridah [0] (
09:04:30 Join ripnetUK [0] (
09:20:46 Join Zagor [242] (
09:25:53 Join bobTHC [0] (
09:26:01bobTHChi folks!
09:26:07ashridahyou've built the rockbox bootloader for an iriver, right?
09:27:04HCli need more sleep
09:27:07HClashridah: i have..
09:27:36ashridahcool. i'm trying to check the md5sum against my build environment. i'm clearly not getting what's on the IriverBoot page atm, but i assume those are earlier checkins
09:28:05HCllinus made some modifications yesterday
09:28:09HClso they won't match
09:28:18ashridahyou're all using the EU firmware, right?
09:28:27HClyou can either going ahead with the newly build
09:28:33HClor you can grab the one we compiled
09:28:35HClfrom my ftp
09:28:38HClif you feel safer with that
09:28:55ashridahwell, i'm trying to confirm that my environment builds stuff properly first
09:29:02ashridahnot moving onto flashing just yet :)
09:29:03HClhold on
09:29:06HCllet me build one
09:30:12ashridahdb1632813ae926d1090e848409a64773 is what i'm getting for the european firmware atm
09:30:18HCl7a35dc33770ab53689613bc86dd6786a new.hex
09:30:31ashridahand i think i was getting that forthe US one. let me try
09:30:38HCl6c02900a88d0fc87f6600b17ff2de6da boot/bootloader.bin
09:30:54ashridahhrm. i'm definently not getting that.
09:30:58ashridah1dbd7e2b2494cf54639117dccdc68599 boot/bootloader.bin
09:31:09HCl3.4.3 current cvs
09:31:18ashridahah, i'm using 3.4.2
09:31:45HCli think 3.4.3 and 3.4.2 should generate the same code.. but maybe there's a slight difference..
09:32:36HCloh wait.
09:32:39HClpower changed since i checked out
09:32:41HCllet me rebuild
09:33:18ashridahmy other question is, this builds the bootloader into the iriver firmware... where does the firmware file for rockbox itself hide in the build tree?
09:33:23HCl1dbd7e2b2494cf54639117dccdc68599 bootloader.bin
09:33:49ashridahwoot. that makes me feel better about my build environment :)
09:33:49HCljust do a configure and select normal instead of bootloader
09:33:51HClthen make
09:33:53HClthen make zip
09:34:09HClin a different dir than the one you compiled your bootloader in
09:35:02ashridahcan't open dir fonts at /home/ashridah/rb/src/cvs/rockbox/tools/ line 76.
09:35:25HClcvs co fonts
09:35:37HCldo that while you're sitting in rockbox dir
09:36:01*HCl yawns
09:36:53 Quit ripnetUK ()
09:37:15ashridahso i just leave in the root of my iriver player if i flash it with the firmware?
09:37:52ashridah(and are you getting db1632813ae926d1090e848409a64773 for the patched iriver firmware off current cvs?)
09:38:01HClhold on, but most likely
09:38:10HCland no, you unzip the onto your player's root
09:38:10Zagorashridah: you need to unpack the zip
09:38:17ashridahah, right.
09:38:51HCldb1632813ae926d1090e848409a64773 new.hex
09:39:39HClwhat player do you have? 120 or 140?
09:42:55ashridahthe question becomes: has anyone flashed their player with the most recent cvs
09:43:08ashridahi'm not sure i want to be the first for whatever mods have been made :)
09:43:15*ashridah will wait until linus appears then
09:43:24HClthere's some updates regarding power...
09:43:24ashridahdon't particularly want to have to mail it to him :)
09:43:39HClyou can use the one we flashed, i guess, no major changes have been made
09:43:57HClthe only change that'll happen is optimizing the ata driver
09:44:23ashridahi might do that.
09:44:47ashridahyou've only got the eu firmware correct?
09:44:52HCllinus said we prolly don't have to reflash for a long time since the bootloader is fine
09:44:53*ashridah tends to use the US one
09:44:58HClyea, i used the eu
09:45:20ashridahah well, once i'm more confident about my firmware, i'll test with US and leave it at that
09:45:26ashridahanyway, is the file in question?
09:45:31HClmd5sum it
09:45:37HClshould give you the value on the wiki
09:45:41izzy_HCl: did you test that db1632813ae926d1090e848409a64773 new.hex
09:45:46*ashridah nods
09:45:46HClizzy_: no
09:46:14ashridahizzy_: no, but at least he's getting the same md5sum, so the build environment appears correct ;)
09:46:30izzy_Still I'd rather wait a bit ;-)
09:48:19HClhere's what linus said about the bootloader we flashed..
09:48:20HCl03:10 < HCl> LinusN: do i need to reflash the bootloader for that hdd fix?
09:48:28HCl03:10 < LinusN> HCl: no reflash needed
09:48:28HCl03:10 < HCl> LinusN: ok :)
09:48:28HCl03:10 < HCl> i was hoping / thinking you'd say that.
09:48:28DBUGEnqueued KICK HCl
09:48:28HCl03:10 < LinusN> if everything goes well, you won't have to reflash for a long
09:48:28HCl time
09:48:43HClso, old bootloader should be fine..
09:51:06CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
09:51:06*HCl yawns
09:51:15HClmore sleep, or coffee? what do you think...
09:52:20ashridahbe0bf0e1df367e5cffd9e27eff988ef1 ihp_120.hex
09:52:23ashridahthat looks about right
09:52:44 Join lImbus [0] (
09:52:50lImbushi ho
09:53:22lImbuswell, not that good as wished, but at least a new day, agree :-/
09:53:29HClhow so?
09:53:45lImbusdreamed a lot of shit :-|
09:53:46ashridahwell. here goes nothing
09:54:04*HCl nods.
09:54:11HCli dreamt oddly as well.
09:55:01lImbusgeeez. I'm not able to keep up with my local cvs :-o
09:55:36ashridahloads original firmware or rockbox no probs
09:55:53dwihnoashridah: tell me about the rockbox experience! :)
09:55:57dwihnowhat works/doesn't work?
09:56:17ashridahhaven't tested that yet
09:56:25ashridahjust restoring my options inside the stock firmware
09:56:26dwihnotest! test! :)
09:56:36dwihnoyou need to test, dude! :)
09:56:38HCli haven't done that yet.
09:56:38ashridahit browses the filestructure properly tho
09:56:48dwihnodoes it look great?
09:56:50HCldwihno: menu browsing works, plugins work.
09:56:55dwihnoI haven't seen an iriver unit in action :(
09:57:00dwihnoHCl: yumyum
09:57:05HCli'm not very fond of how it looks, but changing the fonts helps a bit.
09:58:21HCli'm guessing its mostly cause it was designed for archos
09:58:42dwihnofont changing works?
09:58:50HCli'd kind of want an interface overhaul for the iriver.. with prettier icons and whatnot
09:58:54dwihnowhat doesn't work (apart from the obvious hardware stuff)
09:59:07HCljust the obvious hardware stuff :P
09:59:12HCland the cpu is still running at 11 mh
09:59:20Bagder's no sound
09:59:22HClwith a lot of waitstates
09:59:24dwihnois it neato(tm) certified?
09:59:41HClyea, in my opinion that falls under the obvious hardware stuff :P
09:59:42Bagderit is sooo cool
10:00:04HClwell, it sort of chokes on itself when you try to play a file.. it won't quit playing and then you can't shut it down by pressing stop anymore...
10:00:09dwihnoWith my archos being broken and all, the iriver seems more and more close
10:00:11izzy_ashridah: md5sum? us or eu?
10:00:23Bagderbtw, seen my additions to the devicechart?
10:00:30Bagderrightmost column
10:00:53HClnope, nice
10:01:08HClpiccy should be changed, it still shows the original firmware :P
10:01:19Bagderyes, as soon as we have a better pic we'll replace it
10:01:29HCland yes
10:01:33HCliriver has seperate line out
10:02:03 Nick Lynx_awy is now known as Lynx_ (HydraIRC@
10:02:08dwihnoBagder: Where did you guys purchase your units?
10:02:22dwihnoI've heard of some place in UK providing units at a fair price
10:02:36HClcharger spec..
10:02:38Bagderdwihno: I don't know, Zagor bought them
10:02:48HCl350mA 5 volt 2 A
10:02:57dwihnoBagder: ah, okay
10:03:13dwihnoZagor: I'm being curious... Where did you purchase the iriver units?
10:03:34Zagorhmm, don't remember the name exactly. but it was a swedish net shop.
10:03:59ashridahuh. question. how do i stop the battery test plugin from doing whatever the hell it's doing
10:04:09HClreset button
10:04:13HCli had that :x
10:04:17ashridah(yay, sideways tetris, btw :) )
10:04:24HClyea :P
10:04:26HCltry sokoban
10:04:30HClits silly with the old resolution
10:04:33HClreally really really tiny
10:04:41Bagderashridah: press off to stop the batter test
10:04:54ashridahBagder: i tried that
10:04:55ashridahno worky
10:05:05dwihnoI'd love to see some pics of a flashed unit, running plugins for instance
10:05:10*ashridah digs out a jewllers screwdriver
10:05:26Bagderashridah: that's how it is supposed to work anyway
10:05:28HCldwihno: i made one.. its still on my cam...
10:05:34HClthen my digital cam ran out of batteries
10:05:35HCland yea
10:05:38dwihnoHCl: I'd love to see it! and more! :)
10:05:44HCli'm too tired right now xD
10:05:51ashridahBagder: other plugins worked that way
10:05:51HCli should go back to sleep.. heh.
10:06:25BagderZagor: have you kept the latest daily-build log mail ?
10:06:37BagderZagor: I've tried to add a h100 build there, but it failed somehow
10:07:09BagderZagor: run one manually and check. It is better if you do that since you already own all those output files
10:07:11Zagori should filter that to a dedicated mailbox. it tends to get deleted along with various other cronjob output.
10:07:20ashridahawesome. you people have gained yourselves another test monkey
10:08:17BagderZagor: run "./ h100
10:08:23Bagderin the rockbox-build dir
10:08:45BagderI'll do it, with your user
10:09:25*HCl goes back to sleep for a while.. bbl.
10:09:32Bagderah, bad path
10:09:42*Bagder hits his forehead
10:10:09Lynx_is the 'add dir to playlist' bug fixed by any chance?
10:10:19Zagorhow about i simply redirect these mails to you, since you are mostly the one who tweaks the autobuilds?
10:10:53ZagorLynx_: yes
10:11:10Lynx_cool, then i'll update :)
10:11:21BagderZagor: yes, or possibly I could get those crontab back to my user
10:11:54ashridahno remote support yet then?
10:12:40ZagorBagder: either way is fine with me
10:12:54Bagderredirect the mails for now
10:13:45Bagderwe have a daily build!
10:14:19Bagdernow, if it could just run on my iriver ;-/
10:14:42Bagderit smells fat problem or something
10:14:56Zagori'll be getting my iriver back tomorrow so i can flash it
10:15:18HClsome h120 need to recalc stuff on boot..
10:15:46BagderZagor: the bootloader reports a bad file size of my rockbox image, it is far too small
10:15:56Bagderso the checksum gets wrong of course
10:16:19Zagortried a fsck?
10:16:26Bagdernot yet
10:18:51 Join MooMaunder [0] (~me@
10:23:57ashridahhey, who was editing the IriverBoot page last?
10:24:16ashridahyeah, i gathered that bit
10:24:26ashridahbut i'm trying to match that to someone here (if they're around)
10:24:39*ashridah want to add another success story
10:25:14BagderZagor: dosfsck has no complaints
10:25:39Bagderand I have 36GB contents, a bit much to make a dd-dump of it ;-)
10:25:45dwihnonaaah :)
10:25:55dwihnoif it was 60GB, I would be surprised ;D
10:26:00Bagder- wait, I'll mail you my disk dump ;-)
10:26:40Bagderthe only thing to do is to remove it all and see if I can repeat it with little contents
10:27:43Bagderrm -rf *
10:27:49Bagdertook one whole second
10:33:01 Join Patr3ck [0] (
10:34:54ZagorBagder: i'd suggest mkfs on it, to make a clean start
10:35:12Bagderbut it could be interesting to find this
10:35:29linuxstbMorning all. Did Linus's changes early this morning affect the booitloader, or just the firmware? Do I need to reflash my H140 to apply the HD click fix?
10:35:31Bagdernow with a just a little contents I could make an image of it
10:35:51ZagorBagder: sure
10:36:13Bagderlinuxstb: I don't know
10:36:31Bagderwell, I know it affects the bootloader, but I don't know if it fixes that prob
10:37:14linuxstbOK - I'll just build a new firmware and see what happens. I'll wait for Linus to tell me if I need to reflash.
10:37:17Zagorlinuxstb: no reflash needed. see log at 03:10.
10:38:41linuxstbZagor: Thanks - spotted it now.
10:41:19 Join LinusN [0] (
10:41:27Bagdermorning L
10:42:07linuxstbLinusN: Morning. I just checked your fixes from last night, the bootup is now very smooth and VERY fast. Thanks.
10:42:14Bagderstill errors out
10:42:19Bagderdifferent size now though
10:42:29LinusNBagder: weird indeed
10:42:45LinusNusb problem?
10:43:01BagderI doubt it
10:43:18LinusNhave you tried the daily?
10:43:18BagderI can copy music to it fine
10:43:37linuxstbLinusN: and the plugins seem to be working. Bounce is happilly bouncing around - but only in the top-left corner of the LCD.
10:43:47BagderLinusN: no, this is the bootloader I flashed yday
10:44:05LinusNi mean the daily rb build
10:44:18Bagderlinuxstb: it uses tables for the curves so we need to generate a new set
10:44:29BagderLinusN: rockbox doesn't start
10:44:48Bagderbootloader detects checksum error
10:45:10Bagdererror -5
10:46:36LinusNBagder: but you diod try the daily build from, or did you build it yourself?
10:46:50BagderI built it myself
10:46:54Bagderbut still, it doesn't start
10:47:03LinusNtry the daily
10:47:09Bagderit wouldn't matter
10:47:33LinusNwhy woudln't it matter?
10:47:39Bagderbecause Rockbox doesn't start
10:48:02Bagderso if it works or not is not really the point here
10:48:15Bagderthe bootloader thinks the size is ~25K
10:48:22Bagderwhile being >150K
10:49:03linuxstbBagder: the bootloader says the same for me (size about 25K, in reality about 150K), but it loads fine.
10:49:32LinusNlength: 255d0 for the daily
10:49:39 Join preglow [0] (
10:49:39Bagderah, its hex
10:50:01*Bagder is blind
10:50:19LinusNnow try the daily, it might be your scrambler that is wrong
10:50:20Bagderok, I'll try the daily
10:51:00***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:51:11*Bagder writes "I must learn to read" 100 times
10:53:30Bagderwith my own build
10:53:35Bagderwas a bad scrambler
10:54:34 Join amiconn [0] (
10:56:22 Join DMJC [0] (
11:00:11LinusNBagder: run "make" in tools/ lately?
11:00:41Bagdernot recently enough apparetnyl
11:00:57Bagder(insert control-t where applicable)
11:14:05LinusNlunch time
11:28:59preglowcan one adjust the clock in the coldfire on the fly?
11:33:23preglowby adjusting a pll or something?
11:33:45Bagderyes I think so
11:33:53Bagderbut you also need to adjust the DRAM settings etc
11:34:00preglowyes, sure
11:34:07preglowbtw, i think i've found a browser bug
11:36:08preglowif i enter a directory with more than a screens worth of content, and scroll by pressing upwards, it crashes or fills the entries with garbage as i select them
11:36:51preglowseems like the crash was random, the first thing more or less always happens
11:37:13Bagdertried it in the sim?
11:37:23preglownope, never tried the sim
11:37:28preglowi'll do it once i'm in again
11:37:39preglowbut now i'll have a walk in the first sunshine i've seen in three weeks
11:37:43Bagderit is just so much nicer to chase bugs that happen in the sim as well ;-)
11:37:56Bagderenjoy the sun!
11:51:04HClpreglow: yup, i had the first thing
11:53:06amiconnThe garbage thing happens in the sim too (Win32 sim)
11:59:10Bagderthat should at least make it easier to fix
12:00:24amiconnLooks like an array out-of-bounds access problem, overwriting the language strings and/or font bits....
12:06:18linuxstbIs anyone working on any audio code for the iRiver at the moment? I've started some coding, but don't waste time in the wrong direction.
12:06:39Bagderlinuxstb: I don't think anyone has started
12:06:45*Bagder runs off
12:08:03CassandraDamn - I need more coffee. Or more sleep.
12:08:26linuxstbI'm currently writing a standalone "rockplay" application. This just takes a list of files at the command-line and plays them one after the other. The plan is that this can be used to develop the new APIs (and their implementations) needed for the iRiver, and eventually most of the code can be incorporated into Rockbox.
12:10:03linuxstbi.e. internally, "rockplay" will work like rockbox, with the list of files passed at the command-line representing the playlist.
12:11:35ashridahjust noticed a bug in the rockbox firmware
12:11:57CassandraThere are no bugs in Rockbox. You must've imagined it.
12:12:15Cassandra(Disclaimer: This may be a bare faced lie.)
12:12:17ashridahiriver's screen has a small bar of corruption along the bottom if you flip the LCD upside down
12:12:56ashridahheh. the 'scroll speed example' probably could be longer too, it only moves like twice before stopping :)
12:13:03amiconnpreglow: Looks like the defined maximum of scrollable lines simply needs to be upped...
12:14:17ashridahthe example text is a bit too short
12:14:51CassandraThat's because Rockbox isn't really ready for the large display of the iRiver yet.
12:15:09CassandraIt's only been running on it for a day or two.
12:15:24amiconnpreglow: That's it - fix coming up :)
12:15:31ashridahworks pretty damned well considering :)
12:16:37amiconnpreglow: Grab current cvs, recompile and check whether it's fixed on target too
12:16:46CassandraIt was designed to be fairly flexible. The Rockbox code is pretty good quality.
12:17:11Cassandraamiconn: I think preglow went for a walk
12:31:43 Join jyp [0] (
12:31:50 Join quelsaruk [0] (~kvirc@
12:32:17jypspanish morning :P
12:32:41Zagorlinuxstb: a standalone application won't help much, we already have ways of queuing files. what we need is the actual data shuffling and decoding framework.
12:33:38 Quit DMJC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:33:52quelsarukof course, I just had breakfast :) so it's still morning
12:38:04linuxstbZagor: yes, it's the decoding framework that I'm working on. I think that can live outside rockbox to start with, but please tell me if I'm wrong.
12:38:50linuxstbIt's also a way for me to familiarise myself with how libFLAC and libmad (and later, OGG) work.
12:43:02 Join darkskiez [0] (
12:43:45rashermmm ogg
12:43:48rashersweet, sweet ogg
12:44:17sneakumsso oggular, so vorbly.
12:44:18darkskiezmmm beer
12:44:35darkskiezbitter, bitter beer
12:44:46LinusNlinuxstb: if you aren't very familiar with how rockbox does things, you might design a framework that doesn't work in rockbox
12:45:58darkskiezAm I not reading the wiki right or is rockbox on iriver playing musak?
12:46:10Zagordarkskiez: no
12:46:12Bagderno sound yet
12:46:13linuxstbYes, that's true. I'm the person who stated the "RockboxAudioAPIProposal" wiki page, and I've asked if someone can give a brief overview of the current architecture on that page.
12:46:25darkskiezcool, fair enough
12:46:42linuxstbBut I'm not completely ignorant of the Rockbox internals.
12:47:44*rasher prods his iRiver
12:48:28Zagorlinuxstb: sorry, I didn't recognize your face. :-)
12:48:38linuxstbI decided I need to be more familiar with the various (libmad, libFLAC, libOGG) APIs before proposing how they should be incorporated into Rockbox.
12:49:00sneakumslibvorbisfile might be a good place to start for ogg vorbis support, i think
12:49:15linuxstbZagor: no problem - I was around here when Rockbox on the Archos was in the same state as Rockbox on the iRiver, but haven't really contributed since then.
12:50:17linuxstbOne (minor) annoyance is that libFLAC (and I assume libOGG) use stream IO (FILE*, fread, fwrite etc), which isn't implemented in Rockbox.
12:50:29rasherhrm, does rockbox only save its config on shut down?
12:50:39darkskiezWhen rockbox iriver hits version 1, it should be submitted to stuff magazine
12:50:41Zagorrasher: no, on each disk access
12:50:45darkskiezThey've slated the iriver for its interface etc
12:51:02darkskiezcould be a nice open source plug too
12:51:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:51:31Zagorlinuxstb: we'll want to use tremor instead of libogg.
12:51:38Patr3cki am trying to get my build environment (68K/COLDFIRE) right to build the bootloader.bin
12:51:59linuxstbZagor; of course.
12:52:03Patr3ckmy md5sum on bootloader.bin is b5bf75b305cc8cf8c1c7b737e85776d1
12:52:12Patr3cknot correct I think?
12:53:52ashridahit's not what i'm getting with the current cvs of rockbox.
12:53:56rasherZagor: alright, I guess something else is going on then.. I think my iriver's trying to play a file and now I can't turn it off
12:54:09rasherand when I hard reset it seems to be resuming
12:54:30Patr3ckashridah: what is your md5?
12:54:34linuxstbLinusN: Are you planning on increasing the clock speed for Rockbox on the iRiver? If I understand right, it's currently fixed at 11MHz?
12:54:51linuxstbI want to try some decoding speed tests with the various codecs.
12:54:52LinusNyes i am
12:55:23ashridah6b9075eec74ea42b437684af764367de for bootloader.bin. not that i've booted it using that, i just used it to test that i was getting what was potentially a valid build, and then used a prebuild ihp_120.hex from someone else that had been tested already :)
12:55:55LinusNrasher: hehe, you turned on resume?
12:56:11rasherLinusN: it would seem so
12:56:22rasherand I can't seem to turn it off
12:56:29rasherand make it stay that way
12:56:38LinusNno, that's not all that easy
12:56:44rasheroh well
12:56:45Patr3ckashridah: did someone else get the same md5?
12:56:57rasherguess I'll reinstall rockbox when I get home again
12:56:58LinusNrasher: do you build from source?
12:57:09rasherLinusN: nope, I used some pre-packaged zip
12:57:15ashridahsomeone else build an ihp_120.hex from the rockbox cvs bootloader with the same md5sum i had at the time.
12:57:40LinusNrasher: reinstalling won't help
12:57:47rasherLinusN: oh dear :)
12:57:54LinusNrasher: let me fix
12:58:00Patr3ckI see, so my cygwin environment is not correct yet
12:58:06rasherand I haven't even got anything with me that I can use to hard reset
12:58:19rasherI think
12:58:21ashridahPatr3ck: hrm. not necessarily, this is a linux-based environment.
12:58:26ashridahthere could well be minor differences
12:58:50ashridahbut i'm certainly not the one to know better
12:59:00 Quit darkskiez ("Leaving")
12:59:11rasherLinusN: is it actually something that's wrong, or Just me who's upset it.. if it's not a real bug, I'll survive
13:00:43LinusNit's not a real bug, it's just that the playback isn't supported yet
13:01:13rasheryeah, that's what I assumed
13:01:38Patr3ckok, maybe someone else using cygwin can confirm if my md5 is correct?
13:01:43LinusNwe still nbeed to fix it, since you can't use rockbox as it is now
13:01:53rasheralrighty then
13:02:55LinusNi'll have to find out what causes it though
13:03:57rasheralso, is the battery status reliable?
13:04:24jypHello everyone
13:04:28rasherGood, didn't understand why it was suddenly almost empty :)
13:04:35Bagderhi jyp
13:04:41jypI've complied rockbox for calmrisc
13:05:04jypRunning it in the emulator, here's what I get ...
13:05:31jypRockbox logo, with Ri (and trema, which I can't type)
13:05:50jypthen it shows "scharge" in a abox
13:06:59LinusNcool :-)
13:07:21jypIs this normal, and what do I need do to go to the directory tree ?
13:07:32Bagderit should start in the dir tree
13:07:35Bagderwhen all things work
13:08:24jypOk, so what might fail to work ? ;)
13:08:40jypthat is, what triggers the display of 'scharge' ?
13:08:48Bagderwell first, the rockbox logo should be shown with a version string below
13:09:05Bagderdoes it literally say "scharge" ?
13:09:16*rasher translates some more
13:09:40Bagderthat would indicate some major mess-up in the languages
13:10:01rasheror just two strings being printed on top of eachother perhaps?
13:10:16Bagderthe only 'scharge' in rockbox comes from "Deep Discharge"
13:10:31amiconnjyp: I suspect some more parts of rockbox need to be long policed
13:11:14jypamiconn, most certainly... Just looking for a starting point ;)
13:11:35jypAlright, I'll try to fix the version string
13:11:39jypthen we'll see
13:12:44jypBtw, the fixed gcc is in cvs, so feel free to use it for the automated builds
13:12:45Bagdershow_logo() in apps/main_menu.c
13:12:54Bagderok, I'll update
13:13:01rasherHrm, on translating.. a string like "Recent Bookmarks", am I supposed to write my translation with first-letters in caps?
13:13:49jypBagder: thanks :)
13:14:05Bagderrasher: no, that's an english rule, not necessarily your language's
13:16:03quelsarukanother language going to be updated?
13:16:09 Join R3nTiL [0] (~zorroz@
13:16:09quelsarukrasher: which lang?
13:16:39rasherquelsaruk: Danish
13:17:03rasherBagder: There's no real tradition of writing it like that in Danish, so I guess I'll do it in lowercase
13:17:29Zagorbtw, i'm thinking the "search song/album/artist" should probably be in plural, since the search result is many songs/albums/artists.
13:17:57sneakumsor make it "search for"
13:18:38LinusNrasher: did you find something to use to reset your iriver?
13:18:46rasherLinusN: not yet :)
13:19:28quelsarukbobTHC, lImbus, any of you here?
13:19:39Zagorsneakums: same problem. "search for song" implies the purpose of the function is for finding a specific song.
13:19:56quelsaruki need the 2 new ids to update francais.lang :)
13:20:11 Join Christian [0] (
13:21:40LinusNrasher: i have a special rockbox version for you to fix this
13:22:17rasherLinusN: I have no usb cable with me though
13:22:23rasherit'll have to wait a few hours
13:22:28*rasher gets it anyway
13:22:40 Join IRCMonkey__ [0] (
13:22:40LinusNit will reset the settings
13:22:42rashernow if only the US postal system would hurry up
13:22:47rasheror more likely, the Danish customs
13:22:50amiconnquelsaruk: It seems we'll get up-to-date danish, nrowegian and russian :)
13:22:55IRCMonkey__hi all
13:22:58sneakumsrasher: your charger widget?
13:23:02rashersneakums: indeed
13:23:20IRCMonkey__does anyone have a xdrum mp3 player?
13:23:23sneakumsit'll be nice not to have to carry the wall-wart anymore.
13:23:32quelsarukamiconn: you need to have more faith ;)
13:23:39LinusNIRCMonkey__: what's that? :-)
13:23:46quelsarukwhen you update a language, all languages get updated
13:24:14quelsarukamiconn: i nearly have french updated, thanks to lImbus and bobTHC :)
13:24:24quelsaruki just need the 2 new strings
13:24:30IRCMonkey__is a product by hanbit electronics can i show u with a link>?
13:25:02LinusNfound it myself, a flash player, right?
13:25:59dwihnohow do you umount a automounting usb thing in linux?
13:26:02IRCMonkey__i want to boot linux off it but am not sure if it is possible because of its firware
13:26:11dwihnoI umount it, but it still appears :)
13:26:25rasherLinusN: oh.. I managed to reset it.. and apparently also change the setting!
13:26:25preglow'tis a fine day
13:26:43LinusNrasher: how?
13:27:16rasherLinusN: I am not sure.. I changed the settings, then browsed a few folders.. since someone said settings were saved on disk activity
13:27:31rasherreset happened with some metal-foil-thingy
13:27:41LinusNbut i thought it autoresumed
13:28:00LinusNso i thought it hung
13:28:02rasherI managed to change that to "ask"
13:28:12rasheroh, it didn't hang as such
13:28:17LinusNyou'd probably want "no"
13:28:23rasherit just wouldn't respond to stop
13:28:30amiconnquelsaruk: I just found that OmniPage 14 Pro comes with ScanSoft TTS, and it includes 9 languages. I'll check 2 things this week. (1) Is this TTS SAPI5 enabled? Maybe they've crippled it to only work with OmniPage... (2) Which languages are there?
13:28:32rasherLinusN: yeah
13:28:58rasherLinusN: or "Nej", as it happens
13:29:01quelsarukamiconn: great!
13:29:18IRCMonkey__LinusN : is there anyway to learn how to write firmware for your specific device ?
13:29:19quelsaruklet me check, i have an omnipage here... 14 or maybe 12?
13:29:35preglowrasher: norwegian translation uses lower case as well
13:29:39amiconnquelsaruk: This feature was introduced with 14
13:29:58rasherpreglow: good good
13:30:03quelsaruki don't know which version is the one i have
13:30:04LinusNrasher: weird, my rockbox responds to stop
13:30:19quelsarukomnipage 12
13:30:22quelsarukwhat a pity
13:30:36linuxstbBagder: Looks impressive (I was impressed with how functional rockbox is already).
13:30:47amiconnquelsaruk: Np. OmniPage 14 is cheap, so when I checked and it works, I'll buy it (~80 €)
13:30:50LinusNIRCMonkey__: c programming, preferrably some experience in embedded systems
13:31:11rasherLinusN: I don't think you should take this "problem" too seriously, I may be using a few days old rockbox
13:31:26quelsarukthat is cheaper than a TTS engine like Loquendo or the other one you talked about last week
13:31:42IRCMonkey__LinusN: i know a bit of C but is there anywhere you can link me to?
13:32:04amiconnquelsaruk: Yup.
13:32:52amiconnIn fact, it *is* the other engine I talked about, only that it's included in another product. Same company - ScanSoft...
13:33:05linuxstbBagder: One more item - charging seems to work perfectly (apart from battery level indicator). I know it's all hardware, but the charger/charging detection appears to work.
13:33:16quelsarukand the voice was nice
13:33:21preglowlinuxstb: there wasn't a plain "passing around arrays" api in libflac?
13:33:22Bagderok, adding
13:33:54quelsaruki'm going to update french
13:34:00quelsarukeven while is not synced
13:34:03*HCl yawn
13:34:08quelsarukonly need 2 new strings
13:34:17quelsarukis easier to update 2 strings than 12
13:34:38linuxstbpreglow: I haven't dug into it yet in detail yet. The example player I'm basing my code on (flac123) using the file_decoder, but I'm planning on investigating the "seekable stream decoder" asap.
13:34:47*rasher tries to figure out what "Limits" means
13:35:06preglowlinuxstb: afaik, the various codecs should not need to access the disk themselves at all. perhaps it's needed for non id3 tag support, though
13:35:08LinusNrasher: the rockbox manual is a hot tip
13:35:08rasherthat kind of limits
13:35:23preglowjust boot rockbox and look at the context used in english
13:35:46LinusNthe codecs should work on chunks of data in memory
13:36:03rasherpreglow: that's exactly what I did :)
13:36:14preglowi wondered what 'limits' should be as well
13:36:34 Quit ashridah ("changing servers")
13:36:37 Join ashridah [0] (
13:36:48*ashridah mutters
13:36:54Bagderjyp: calmrisc-gcc updated
13:37:26HClare there any docs on the plugin api/
13:37:41preglowtry the hello world plugni
13:37:51Bagderthere's a PLUGIN_API doc
13:37:55rasherlucky I have this "localizer's wordlist"
13:37:59Bagdermight not be entirely up-to-date
13:38:08rasherprovides some consistency
13:38:13preglowrasher: you wouldn't happen to have that in norwegian as well? :P
13:38:31rasherpreglow: only a small one,
13:38:46preglowi'm pretty language wise, but some words just never seem right
13:38:51preglowpretty good
13:38:51linuxstbNo, I think the audio codecs will need to access the raw files. For example, to read the metadata or to read seeking information from whereever it's stored in the file.
13:39:24Bagderthat's gonna be badness
13:39:26linuxstbBut I will investigate the various codecs in detail.
13:39:27preglowyes, but not the audio data itself
13:39:42preglowthe seeking tables will have to be thought out how to handle
13:39:48HCli'm gonna need some way to directly access rockbox' framebuffer..
13:39:59linuxstbIs there a good reason why you don't want the codecs to access files directly?
13:40:12Bagderlinuxstb: for battery for example
13:40:12HClhdd on = power usage
13:40:23Bagderyou'll have X songs in memory at once
13:40:31HClthe less you read from disk
13:40:34HClthe more battery
13:41:08Bagderspinning up the disk is slow and power hungry
13:41:14linuxstbBut rockbox should still have a lot of control over when the codecs are able to read the disk - e.g. a function in the codec API to tell the codec to read more data.
13:41:43Bagderit could be made when the song is loaded into the buffer
13:42:11BagderHCl: plugin_get_mp3_buffer()
13:42:34preglowthink he meant lcd framebuffer
13:42:46Bagderthat won't be accessible
13:42:53Bagderit wouldn't make sense
13:42:58preglowHCl: better drop the project, then ;)
13:43:05linuxstbThis is why we need to know more about how the various codecs are implemented, and what their APIs give us.
13:43:21Bagderlinuxstb: indeed
13:43:42BagderHCl: I'm wrong, there's a pointer to the lcd frame buffer in there as well
13:43:55HClBagder: ah..
13:44:06HClodd function name to get the lcd buffer
13:44:09HClbut ok, that'll work
13:44:19preglowi'll spam a bit here:
13:44:21preglowdesc: if save settings has failed
13:44:21preglow### English phrase was changed! Previous translation was made on:
13:44:21DBUGEnqueued KICK preglow
13:44:21preglow### "Batt. Low?"
13:44:24pregloweng: "Partition?"
13:44:27preglowthis can't be right
13:44:48rasheryeah, something's odd around that part
13:44:50preglowan id with BATTERY in it suddenly refers to partition?
13:45:09preglowi smell a bug in uplang
13:45:46 Quit Christian ("CGI:IRC")
13:46:09Zagorpreglow: the string is correct, but the name is confusing. see where it's used for context: settings.c:681
13:46:29Bagdernah, uplang can't have bugs! ;-P
13:46:33linuxstbThis is also why I think it's useful to look at 3 or 4 different codecs straightaway - to find some common ground between them and the needs of Rockbox. MAD, FLAC, OGG and WAV seem the 4 top choices.
13:46:43Zagorthe most common case for failure to save settings is that the disk doesn't have a partition table
13:47:10amiconnpreglow: No bug, this is a real (very old) change.
13:47:11HClBagder: is lcd_framebuffer the real lcd framebuffer or rockbox' framebuffer?
13:47:29BagderHCl: rockbox's, there is no "real" framebuffer
13:47:30preglowait, seems like the norwegian translation is very old anyway
13:47:41HClBagder: on iriver, there is.. according to linus
13:48:00Bagderthat's news to me
13:48:15amiconnpreglow: First it was thought the most common case for failure to save settings would be a low batt, but it turned out that missing partiton is more common.
13:48:28HClwell, i might've misunderstood, but i thought thats what he said.
13:48:53HClmy class is starting etc.. afk.
13:51:39bobTHCyes quelsaruk ?
13:51:47LinusNHCl: you misunderstood
13:52:23LinusNyes, the lcd has an internal frame buffer, but there is no support in rockbox for random access to it
13:53:09amiconnThere is... lcd_blit()
13:54:19Bagderthat doesn't use the "internal" frame buffer
13:54:24preglowdamn, there's entries in this lang file that isn't even in the english one
13:55:22LinusNamiconn: maybe i expressed myself unclearly, i mean that you can't read from the lcd frame buffer (with rockbox)
13:55:43amiconnBagder: No... it writes directly to the lcd's buffer... that's what HCl asked for iiuc.
13:55:51amiconnReading is impossible, that's correct
13:56:04Bagderaha, perhaps that is what he wanted
13:56:08Bagdernot what he asked for ;-)
13:56:18LinusNi think it would be best if he told us what he wanted to do, then we could help him find the best way of doing it
13:56:22 Quit lImbus ("bbl")
13:56:39ashridahLinusN: he's looking into adding a gameboy original emulator as a plugin
13:56:43ashridahfrom memory
13:56:47Bagderlcd_blit() might be the answer to the question we didn't get ;-)
13:56:59ashridahpersonally, i think it's doomed, since i don't think you can press 'up' and 'left' at the same time with the joystick :)
13:57:10ashridahunless someone would like to correct me
13:57:30LinusNashridah: we should find a way to connect a gamepad
13:58:04ashridahcould make one that uses optical in :)
13:58:17ashridahhave to be a custom job, but hey :)
13:59:10LinusNoptical in is unfortunately no option, but the remote port might work
13:59:49ashridahdid you manage to work out how much access you can get to the optical in/out ports?
14:01:02LinusNthey are connected to the audio bus in the cpu
14:01:22LinusNso it can speak s/pdif and nothing else
14:02:24sneakumsso all you need to do is encode the joypad signals as musical tones
14:02:34sneakumsC major: up-left-fire
14:02:47sneakumsand so on
14:04:10ashridahit'd be easier to just have a quick-n-dirty modem in there :)
14:04:17ashridahthen you can use analog in a pinch
14:04:18LinusNthen you can play with your favorite dialer
14:04:42CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
14:04:42*ashridah ponders making a 'phreak' plugin for rockbox >:)
14:04:55ashridahplug into phone, talk directly to exchange in out-of-band data
14:06:27amiconnquelsaruk: You left all those ### comments in espanol.lang... didn't change these entries.
14:07:16ashridahanyway, time to crash
14:07:17 Quit ashridah ("sleep")
14:08:12 Join elinenbe [0] (~elinenbe_@
14:09:06NibblerDaKaisa_afk hi franz
14:09:36dwihnohow do you umount a auto-mount system (in this case, usb thingy)
14:16:48elinenbebuy an mp3 player at CompuUSA for 20% off!
14:16:54elinenbeenter this code: BEADS2
14:17:15izzy_does anyone have a md5sum for the latest (and tested ;-) iriver bootloader?
14:18:10quelsarukdid you change a lot of things from english.lang?
14:18:37quelsaruki thought only last string
14:18:51*quelsaruk needs a new brain
14:20:22quelsarukthat's what happen when you go to sleep at 4 am after a hard weekend and have to wake up early
14:20:32 Join wizerl [0] (~merlin@
14:23:07quelsarukchecking espanol.lang
14:24:05*rasher prods dansk.lang
14:25:39preglowhaha, id: LANG_INVERT and eng: "LCD mode"
14:25:46preglowthere are some backwards id's here
14:25:49amiconnquelsaruk: That's what those ### comments are for ;-)
14:26:04Bagderpreglow: we can call them artifacts of history ;-)
14:26:29quelsarukamiconn: i just translated the new string
14:26:33quelsarukdid not check for ##
14:26:37quelsaruknow i see the changes
14:26:44quelsarukupdating CVS in a minute
14:26:55quelsarukthat is why you can't leave me alonw
14:27:04quelsaruki would mess all the code in just 5 days
14:30:22rasherwhat is "MDB Strength"?
14:30:29preglowi do not know
14:31:06rasherguess that'll just be mdb anyway
14:31:28Bagderand won't be used on iRiver
14:31:30 Join lImbus [0] (
14:31:34preglowand what's the caption backlight?
14:31:47Bagderit turns on the backlight when it switches song
14:32:05Bagderfor X seconds before and after
14:33:11 Join JJ-Demon [0] (
14:33:27quelsarukamiconn: is now espanol.lang ok?
14:33:35amiconnquelsaruk: You'd need a supply of goats then ;-)
14:33:37preglowjump scroll?
14:34:24amiconnpreglow: Well, it's..jump scroll, scrolling one disply width at a time. Currently only implemented for the player.
14:35:01LinusNpreglow: like it is on iriver today
14:35:09amiconnHowever, I'd like to add this for the graphic displays as well. Useful for bigger fonts, where not many chars fit on the display
14:35:18Bagderamiconn: I agree
14:35:22 Quit IRCMonkey__ ("Chatzilla 0.9.66 [Mozilla rv:1.8b/20050124]")
14:35:35amiconnLinusN: Really? I wouldn't have expected that...
14:35:39preglowgod knows how i'll translate that
14:36:28amiconnLinusN, Zagor: Already tried the new player keypad? If yes: opinions?
14:36:45sneakumsscrolling by page with overlap of a line or two might be a nice option for small fonts
14:37:21elinenbeLinusN: so far, if I boot into rockbox on the iriver, does anything work at all?
14:38:35LinusNelinenbe: the dir browser works, many plugins work
14:38:59LinusNyou can play with the fonts and the plugins
14:39:04linuxstbYes, almost everything seems to work - apart from audio playback of course. Text file viewer is very nice on the large screen.
14:39:11rasherBagder: I'll have to translate it still
14:39:36rasherI noticed a few hardcoded strings using "GB" and hardcoded decimal points.. shouldn't that be fixed?
14:39:55rasherto use LANG_POINT and LANG_GIGABYTE?
14:40:52pregloware there any particular size constraints on these strings?
14:41:20rashera few places I saw it noted
14:41:33rasherso far I'vetried not to think of that
14:41:36preglow'cuz like, preset = forhåndsinnstilling
14:41:40preglowwhich is not very space efficient
14:42:19LinusNthere are a few strings that have to be short
14:42:32preglowdo those have a note in the desc?
14:42:35quelsarukthose for player
14:42:35Zagorpreglow: there are no general string limits, but some strings are display unscrolled on player, which means 11 chars max
14:42:39rasherI'vejust been finding the best translation, will have to fix the ones with a limit afterwards
14:42:58rasherexcept a few ones I noticed in the comments
14:43:00LinusNand some are shown in the "quick screens", and also have to be short
14:43:00quelsarukthose Ids that have something like LANG_PLAYER_XXXX should be short
14:43:18amiconnpreglow, rasher: When you've finished your translations, I think either me or quelsaruk will check it on target(s).
14:43:30LinusNthe quick screens apply only to the archos recorder models so far
14:43:45amiconnIn fact you could also do that, building a recorder and player sim though, but maybe we are a bit more used to rockbox
14:43:56quelsarukamiconn: i can do that if you are busy, that was my old task here :)
14:43:58rashermost certainly
14:44:21HClno up and left at the same time might be a bit annoying :X
14:44:29rasherI think that's all strings translated
14:44:51rasherthere were a few of the ones already there that I wanted to change though
14:44:58HClstill, games like pokemon etc don't really need up and left at the same time
14:44:59*rasher looks thorugh it
14:45:05HClzelda does though :/
14:45:18 Quit bobTHC (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
14:45:20 Join bobTHC [0] (
14:45:30HClLinusN: what happens if you attempt to do up and left at the same time? will it catch just either?
14:45:51LinusNyes, it will only see one of them
14:46:47preglowis that a hardware thing?
14:47:03rasherid: LANG_FFRW_STEP
14:47:03rasherdesc: in settings_menu
14:47:03rashereng: "FF/RW Min Step"
14:47:03DBUGEnqueued KICK rasher
14:47:03rashervoice: "Deep Discharge"
14:47:04preglowthat'll be really annoying when playing, heh
14:47:06HClas far as i know, they work with measuring resistance?
14:47:18HCland they're all hooked up to a single wire, but i might be completely wrong
14:47:22preglowHCl: i thought only the buttons worked that way
14:47:46HCljoystick of the iriver are buttons.. aren't they?
14:48:22LinusNPlay and Hold are different
14:48:30HClwhat about the remote?
14:48:34LinusNsame thing
14:48:46HCli could always map things like
14:48:48HClup and left
14:48:50HCland up and right
14:48:54HCland stuff like that
14:48:57HClto buttons on the remote
14:49:04HClbut it won't really be pretty
14:49:14LinusNsounds like it will be hard to play... :-)
14:49:26HClpokemon and like
14:49:31HClall turn based fighter games
14:49:34HClwill work fine
14:49:41HClsince you don't really need buttons at the same time
14:49:50quelsaruksend the strings to amiconn, seems i have to make a quick trip to another city and will be away for 2 days, more or less
14:50:00rasherpreglow: how did you translate gain?
14:50:03quelsaruki hope you don't mind amiconn :)
14:50:28HCli'm hoping we might be able to design a simple pcb button thing that can be hooked up to the remote
14:50:33HClport for the remote*
14:51:06***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:51:40 Quit quelsaruk ("See you in 2 days!")
14:53:47HClLinusN: can buttons on the remote and on the player itself be read at the same time?
14:55:14Bagderwe should move generic lcd bitmap functions to a new file, since the lcd-h100 and lcd-recorder.c duplicate a bit too much
14:55:21preglowrasher: forsterkning
14:55:32preglowrasher: which is really a no brainer in norwegian
14:55:37rasherpreglow: ah, that's what I ended up with as well
14:55:46rasherjust wondering if there was something more fitting
14:55:51preglownothing i can think of
14:56:06rasherbecause to me gain is something slightly different
14:57:20rasherpreglow: balance?
14:59:19preglowthat's a good one, i've just got 'balanse' here right now, but there might be a better word
14:59:45preglowto me gain and forsterkning are more or less synonymous
15:00:10preglowin electronics class that's the exact translation we used too
15:01:02 Quit lostlogic ("Going to the moon")
15:01:09rasherI have 'balance' here (same spelling in Danish)
15:01:13rasherbut looking for a better word
15:02:09preglowpeople tell me it's pretty ordinary to use 'balanse' for this purpose in norwegian
15:02:34rasherI'm guessing that goes for Danish too then
15:02:53rasherman, a dialog/slang interface to this would be nice
15:03:54LinusNHCl: yes, you can read the remote and buttons simultaneously, although not *exactly* at the same time, since they use the same A/D converter
15:04:19preglowwell, there i'm done
15:04:41LinusNBagder: perhaps, but things will change when we change to 4-color mode
15:04:44preglowguess i'll go over it again
15:04:48rasherpreglow: voice file now :)
15:04:59BagderLinusN: perhaps what?
15:06:29preglowvoice file is a no-go
15:08:07rasherI should visit my brother and record one with his nice studio-microphone
15:08:22rasherI think the best mic I have currently is the one that cme wiht the iriver :)
15:08:24preglowall i've got is utter shit
15:08:31preglowand my voice isn't the most comfortable to listen to
15:08:38amiconnpreglow, rasher: Did you translate the voice strings as well?
15:08:45preglowamiconn: no :PPPPPPP
15:09:06rasheramiconn: how do you mean, record voice?
15:09:07amiconnIf yes, and I can find a TTS engine, I might try to build a voice file.
15:09:13rasherif so, no
15:09:19rasherbut I might
15:09:22rasherat some point
15:09:45rasherI'm almost done
15:09:52rasherI'll send whatI have in a few minutes
15:09:52amiconnrasher: No, the voice strings are intended to be processed by a TTS engine.
15:10:13rasherthat'll probably work horribly for Danish :\
15:10:29sneakumswrite it foe net ick alley.
15:10:36preglowwriting a tts engine for danish must be hell
15:10:48preglowwith all the weird noises going on there ;)
15:11:07amiconnI don't think so. There are high quality tts engines for many languages.
15:11:29rasherwell I might
15:11:47rasherfor now, have a look at">
15:11:53rashernot there yet
15:13:09pregloweng: "AV Decay Time"
15:13:12amiconnrasher: Nice :) I'll check it out in the evening.
15:13:13preglowwhat does AV stand fore?
15:13:21amiconnpreglow: Auto Volume
15:13:35Bagderanother MAS feature
15:13:41elinenbeWith the iriver supporting a larger screen and more memory, it would be awesome if we could load larger and more fonts at once... like for the track title, a large font, but for the mp3 file info, a smaller font.
15:13:41CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
15:13:41*rasher just put AV
15:14:01Bagderelinenbe: we should enable multi-font even for the Archos, imho
15:14:06 Join mrmags [0] (
15:14:46preglow"key lock" is hold button?
15:15:12preglowrasher: so did i, i just needed to know what it meant, perhaps the initials had been different
15:15:14HClwhy isn't it just called hold...
15:15:27Bagderwhy? hold is a weird word
15:15:39 Join cYmen [0] (
15:15:42HCli dunno.
15:15:44rasherpreglow: hrm, imho the name of such a word shouldn't be translated
15:15:55HClkey lock is a bit odd too
15:15:57rasherespecially not the acronym
15:15:59HClcause they aren't exactly keys
15:16:02HClbut more like buttons
15:16:15HClbut button lock sounds slightly odd too.
15:16:24Bagderhehe, yes
15:16:27mrmags'input lock' ?
15:16:42*HCl grabs his mobile phone to see what its calling it
15:16:50rasherdansk.lang simply has "lock"
15:17:02rasherand alternatively keyboard lock
15:17:08preglowrasher: vel, if "Auto volume" hadn't been "Autovolum" in norwegian, why should i put AV there?
15:17:14HClkeypad lock?
15:17:27HClah well.
15:17:32 Quit Patr3ck ("User pushed the X - because it's Xtra, baby")
15:17:33rasherpreglow: because in my mind "auto volume" is sortof a proper name
15:17:49rasherjust like archos or whatever now
15:18:01preglownot in mine ;)
15:18:14rasherauto lydstyrke :|
15:18:52preglowi just let 'volume' be 'volum', people almost only use that word any way
15:19:38rasheractually I have LANG_AUTOVOL="Auto. lydstyrke" here
15:19:47rasherguess I should really change AV to AL then
15:20:00*rasher does so
15:21:02rashergood thing I'll never use this translation
15:21:10rashersome of these words are awful
15:21:19rashereven if they're the best fit
15:21:53preglowheh, yes
15:22:09rasherwhat do you have for LANG_VOLUME_DISPLAY
15:22:22preglowand some places seems to assume that there always is a single word verb for an action
15:22:25preglowlike 'queue'
15:22:30preglowthere is not such verb in norwegian
15:22:35rasherI have "Sæt i kø"
15:22:45preglowyeah, i used legg til i kø
15:23:30rasherhow about LANG_VOLUME_DISPLAY
15:23:55preglowvolumvisning here
15:23:59preglowi still haven't tried it
15:24:13preglowi obviously need to try it to see if some of the contexts i assumed are a bit off
15:24:14rasherme neither
15:24:32rasheralthough there are things I won't be able to check
15:24:46preglowbut anyhoo, this is leaps and bounds better than the old one
15:24:51preglowwhich wasn't even half complete
15:24:58rashersame here
15:25:13preglowand if someone has any gripes with it, then damn, they're free to fix it!
15:25:24 Quit MooMaunder (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
15:25:38preglowthey'll be in a better position to do so than me, never intending to even use it
15:26:28rasherI'd be happy to maintain it
15:26:33 Quit R3nTiL ()
15:27:01rasherMaybe I should post on the mailinglist or something
15:27:08rasherthough I wonder how many Danish users there are
15:27:27rasherthe lang file listed two contributers
15:28:25elinenbeBagder: sorry, I agree with that entirely. I was away for a few, but multi-font is something that would be awesome. Then the wps screens could show more information, or at least show it "nicer"
15:31:38 Quit midk ("Leaving")
15:32:03 Join midk [0] (
15:33:57preglowthe anti skip buffer, btw
15:34:03preglowwhat's that?
15:34:22preglowi know what it is, i just can't see why it's applicable here
15:34:34preglowi thought the player always buffered to ram
15:34:53Bagderit extends the extra buffer
15:34:55preglowor is it some kind of pre-buffering to avoid gaps?
15:34:57rashermaybe you can set how much (I don't know much about rockbox, as you may have guessed)
15:34:57Bagderthat is left when loading is done
15:35:21 Quit hile (Remote closed the connection)
15:35:44 Join hile [0] (
15:36:24 Join elinenbe_ [0] (~elinenbe_@
15:36:36rasherpreglow: did you translate scroll?
15:37:03preglowrasher: jes
15:37:27preglowrasher: norwegian translation always use 'rulle' for scroll, and 'rullefelt' for scrollbar
15:37:48rasherit felt so wrong, because I regularly use scroll in daily language, but I guess when you're translating, you better do it thoroughly
15:37:56rasheryeah, that's the same in Danish
15:38:07rasherI hardly ever use Danish software though
15:38:11 Join crash__ [0] (
15:38:19rasherso I haven't ever seen "rulle"
15:38:21preglowi use scroll myself
15:38:41preglowbut yes, it's supposed to be a translation, not a "what preglow says" version
15:38:48HCl :P
15:38:49preglowthat would contain much larger pieces of english
15:38:54rasherIndeed, that's what I thought
15:39:50 Quit crash_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:40:04mrmags...can always make a what_preglow_sez.lang
15:40:35rasherMaybe I'll make a rasher.lang to fix some of my own gripes
15:40:58mrmagsnot a bad idea really
15:41:11rasherjust miner fixes over english.lang
15:41:26rasherand probably not something other people would agree on
15:41:29preglowenglish'll do just fine
15:41:38rasherI'm sure there'll be things like that
15:41:43preglowafter having learnt the interface, i never read stuff anyway
15:42:16 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:42:16 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (~elinenbe_@
15:44:32preglowamiconn: but yes, i'm more or less satisfied with it, no voice strings now though
15:46:40 Quit jyp ("poof!")
15:50:59preglowisn't there supposed to be a text viewer some where?
15:51:33rasherthat should beat iriver's by several lengths
15:51:45preglowthe font size alone makes sure of that
15:52:07sneakumslengths of birch
15:52:09preglowbut where is it?
15:52:35 Quit JJ-Demon (Read error: 111 (Connection refused))
15:53:02rasherit'd almost be sensible for reading short texts
15:53:20 Join JJ-Demon [0] (
15:53:26 Join aries [0] (~oozz19045@
15:53:37amiconnpreglow: Simply "play" a .txt file, the viewer kicks in
15:53:55preglowbut yes, would you like my translation?
15:54:00rasheramiconn: can you play a .txt file while playing an mp3?
15:54:47amiconnIf you want to view a file with a different extension, press & hold select (iriver; hope that's correct) until the context menu appears. Select "Open with", then select "viewer"
15:54:52amiconnrasher: yup
15:55:54rasherGoing home time!
15:56:12mrmagsha, here it is time-a-go-work time. bleh. god dammit.
15:57:17izzy_back from work
15:57:30*rasher commences commute
15:58:07izzy_Nobudy really hasn't flashed the current cvs bootloader?
15:58:12mrmagsikke rør!
15:58:27mrmagsizzy_: I have, just half an hour ago
15:58:32preglowizzy_: loads of people have
15:58:42preglowizzy_: that is, as long as nothing much has changed since yesterday
15:59:16izzy_preglow: the md5sum on the IriverBoot is before Linus' latest changes, right?
15:59:16linuxstbamiconn: yes, the "open with" is working fine on the iRiver.
15:59:37LinusNi have attached a bootloader.bin file
15:59:57izzy_oh.. ok
15:59:58LinusNmade it today
16:00:54izzy_I'll check that then
16:00:58mrmags37748 Feb 7 09:24 6b9075eec74ea42b437684af764367de bootloader.bin
16:03:51mrmagssigh, time to goto work. later kinder
16:04:18 Quit mrmags ("Download Gaim:")
16:05:10 Nick Lynx_ is now known as Lynx-awy (HydraIRC@
16:05:52 Join lolo-laptop [0] (~lostlogic@
16:06:07 Nick Lynx-awy is now known as Lynx_awy (HydraIRC@
16:08:24 Part LinusN
16:09:30 Quit aries (Remote closed the connection)
16:23:52 Join LennyK [0] (
16:24:30 Join Cham [0] (
16:25:09LennyKHey I wanted to report that I tries this
16:25:13LennyK01.20.29 # <LinusN> new version up for download, with more debug output
16:25:22LennyK01.20.41 # <LinusN>
16:25:30preglowdon't try that
16:25:34LennyKon my ihp-140
16:25:35preglowyou don't need debug output
16:25:38LennyKall's good
16:25:55preglowwe expect it to work on all players, yes
16:26:07LennyKbut it recalc fsinfo
16:26:13LennyKoh 140 mind you
16:26:19preglowbut you should get a newer version
16:26:20LennyKtook like 1-2 minutes
16:26:42preglowsounds right
16:27:09LennyKwell i'll probably use the iriver firmware for awhile but I had read that nobody with a 140 had had to recalc fsinfo
16:27:34 Join methangas [0] (
16:28:41LennyKoh also, I suppose I should try a newer version but I got "Result: -1"
16:28:50LennyKthen the firmware stopped loading
16:29:44HCldo you have rockbox.iriver in your root?
16:30:05preglowi guess not
16:31:01HClanyways, about the recalculating fsinfo, there are bound to be 140's that need to recalc, and 120's that don't need to recalc, since its a bit dependant on how the disk is formatted..
16:31:50LennyKmakes sense
16:32:26thegeekhaaha, best video ever;) :
16:32:33LennyKanyway thanks for all your hard work guys! got to go!
16:32:49thegeekofftopic like hell, but damn that's one funny video
16:32:54 Part LennyK
16:32:56izzy_Okay, got it working..
16:35:01*HCl yawns
16:37:50 Quit Cham ("CGI:IRC")
16:47:31preglowdac is connected to the coldfire by i2c?
16:51:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:55:29 Join Tang [0] (
16:55:50 Join Shulberry [0] (
16:55:58TangHi Badger
16:56:10Tangwanted to congratulat the whole team in live
16:56:21Tangfor all the recents progresses
16:56:35Tangi didn't realised before it was as important
16:57:08Bagderimportant? rockbox is veeeery important ;-)
16:57:25TangNo i explained badly
16:57:32Tangi wanted to say
16:57:36preglowi'm watching a rotating cube on my h120 right now
16:57:44Tangthat i didnt' understood before today
16:57:48preglow3d engine, here i come
16:57:51Tangthat the iriverport
16:58:02Tanghas progressed so much since the bootloader
16:58:17Bagderthe bootloader was the big work
16:58:19preglowthat part went pretty quickly
16:58:30preglowbagder did most of that on one night, i think
16:58:31Bagderthe next big thing is the sound
16:58:56TangYes indeed
16:59:09Tanglol cause an iHP running rbs without the sound isn't as cool
16:59:28lolo-laptopI'm (frankly) amazed at the high skill level that the code in this project reflects...
16:59:39Tangas many others i thanked Linus for all his work for the bootloader
17:00:47Bagderyeps, he's done a huge job with it
17:00:53 Join jyp [0] (
17:02:33lolo-laptopso, is there some core 'problem' that comes up when doing lossy encoding in fixed point math?
17:02:44TangA question i've edited a little thing in the wiki part
17:03:00Tangbut i don't know if it's really usefull
17:03:06Bagderlolo-laptop: just that the code needs to be written to use integers instead of floats
17:03:18Tangi d' remove it if it's useless
17:03:36TangMaybe somone can tell me
17:03:38 Quit thegeek (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:04:01Bagderits a wiki, people add, people remove
17:04:02 Quit Cassandra (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
17:04:53lolo-laptopBagder: I guess I don't understand the lossy encoding process −− does it involve a lot of floating point rounding and similarly hard to duplicate fload specific ops?
17:05:02Tangokay indeed i understand
17:05:19Tangbut as i'm not a technically skilled wiki user
17:05:24Bagderlolo-laptop: I'm not an expert on the topic really
17:05:26Zagorlolo-laptop: we don't create the codecs, we just adapt them to rockbox
17:05:38Tangi don't want to annoy you
17:05:46sneakumsit's just that the encoder happens to use floating point, lossy encoding doesn't rely on inherent characteristics of floating-point math to work, i think
17:06:02sneakumsfixed-point code is somewhat more work to write
17:06:04Bagderits probably just easier to write the code using floats
17:06:23preglowyou can be more brain dead while coding with floats
17:06:43linuxstblibmad contains lots of fixed-point routines, so if we had to convert another codec, there is already a lot of help there.
17:06:46preglowa mul is always a mul, you don't have to think about guards bits, required precision, etc
17:06:48lolo-laptopI'm just considering trying my hand at researching and writing a fixed-point ogg encoder for rockbox, so was wondering if there is some _big_ barrier I'd be banging my head against...
17:07:10Bagderlolo-laptop: no there's none
17:07:13lolo-laptoppreglow: indeed... that I can deal with...
17:07:14preglowlinuxstb: we should try to make our own, using the emac unit
17:07:23linuxstbpreglow: go ahead :-)
17:07:31preglowlinuxstb: WE, WE :)
17:07:32 Join GnagelRam [0] (
17:07:56preglowit's not going to be easy to do efficiently, might just end up hand coding the imdct in assembler and doing everything else some other way
17:08:55preglowsince gcc doesn't know of the accumulator registers, you'd have to move data in and out of it in the fixed point math macros
17:09:01preglowwhich of course isn't very efficient
17:09:17Bagderbut should be better than not using the emac at all
17:09:24preglowyes, i think so
17:09:41preglowbut the imdct, at least, can be done in pure assembler
17:09:46preglowwhere it can be used unrestrained
17:09:59preglowsince it's a pretty critical part
17:10:00*Bagder is really clueless in this area
17:10:13preglowthere already is a hand coded arm version there
17:10:22preglowi might try my hand at it, we'll see
17:10:37linuxstbComing back to the more urgent work, is anyone actually working on the audio hardware on the iRiver and getting some sound out of it?
17:10:48Bagdernot me
17:10:50preglowdon't think so
17:11:04linuxstbmmm. I think we've forgotten something :-)
17:11:04preglowi'm having a look at the data sheet right now, but i won't have time to code anything, i think
17:11:20Zagorlinuxstb: linus said he planned on attacking that next
17:12:29linuxstbAnd of course, there's the FM radio to deal with as well.
17:12:29 Join Cassandra [0] (~christi@
17:12:47Bagderbut that is the same as in some Ondios, I believe
17:13:12Zagorsupporting the remote control is quite a task, too
17:13:25Bagderyes, the remote is a good piece
17:13:46Bagderit also introduces new concepts to Rockbox
17:13:54linuxstbI haven't even taken my remote out of the box yet.
17:14:01linuxstbYes, a dual-head rockbox.
17:14:05sneakumsi mostly use the remote
17:14:15Bagdergotta go
17:14:16sneakumsi leave the main unit in a pocket or a bag.
17:15:26 Quit jyp ("poof!")
17:15:32rasherSame here
17:16:03sneakumsit'd be nice to make better use of all the rocker switches.
17:17:17 Part GnagelRam
17:17:24 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
17:18:18Zagorsneakums: the buttons are easy, the hard part is adding dual-screen support to rockbox since the screens have different resolutions
17:18:48Zagorit's a whole can of worms
17:18:52sneakumsmmm, worms.
17:20:45rasherI eat worms :<~
17:20:46 Join R3nTiL [0] (~zorroz@
17:20:48 Quit courtc (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:21:18HCldual screen support? shouldn't you just call it remote lcd?
17:21:28HClor do you anticipate players with dual screens elsewhere?
17:21:45rasherwell it is two differently sized screens
17:21:46preglowcould happen, so might as well be generic when you first code it
17:22:05sneakumsespecially since worms breed.
17:22:09Zagorthe point is there are two different-size displays to support, no matter where they are located
17:22:12HClpreglow: i guess
17:22:16HClZagor: yea
17:24:05preglowbut yes, quite a lot of code to go yet
17:24:09preglowi2c support needs to be written
17:24:15preglowspi support added
17:25:16Zagorindeed, but those are all just technical details. the multi-screen support is a architectural issue that requires changing a LOT of things in the code.
17:27:07linuxstbDo car CD-player interfaces provide the same sort of thing - an LCD and some buttons?
17:27:21Zagorsome do, i guess
17:28:31linuxstbDidn't someone try to interface their Archos JBR to a CD-changer?
17:29:29Zagoryes, see apps/plugins/alpine_cdc.c
17:29:32amiconnlinuxstb: [IDC]Dragon actually did
17:29:42 Join thegeek [0] (
17:30:09lImbuslinuxstb: there are a few attempts
17:30:23 Quit R3nTiL ()
17:31:17lImbusMatthias Klumpp designed an intermediate chip for volkswagen (vw) and audi-radios
17:31:41linuxstbAll I was suggesting is that those kind of hacks could be put in the same category as the iRiver's remote control - as a reason to make the code more abstract.
17:32:32lImbusto be very precise: nobody tried yet to connect a jbr to a cd-changer, all that has been done were connections between jbr and car radio headunits, simulating a cdc
17:32:36Zagorlinuxstb: those solutions don't add a screen. the external box handles any screen updates on its' own
17:33:23lImbusZagor: it could be that the cd-changer to be simulated had cd-text, so rockbox could use this as display
17:35:28ZagorlImbus: sure, but that still isn't the same as a second rockbox display
17:38:20Zagorgotta go
17:38:22 Part Zagor
17:38:33lImbuswhy not ? as the commands for "next cd" "next track" and so on are simply given very raw from the headunit to the cd-changer, we could make up a second interface on that
17:38:45lImbuserr. toooo late :-/
17:45:04 Quit Tang ("Chatzilla 0.9.66 [Mozilla rv:1.7.5/20041108]")
17:51:46preglowdoes rockbox support having the cpu go to a lower power state when it's not needed, ie. between decoding mp3 frames ?
17:56:54 Join muesli_ [0] (
17:57:37muesli_g'day mates
17:57:45lImbuspreglow: dunno. certainly not, if the current cpu does not support it, like it's the case I assume
17:57:54 Join R3nTiL [0] (~zorroz@
18:09:42 Quit R3nTiL ()
18:10:25linuxstbpreglow: Linus appears to know how to change the iRiver CPU speed on the fly, so I expect he will implement something like that for Rockbox.
18:20:13 Quit bobTHC ("( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: )")
18:28:26 Quit wizerl (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:29:22 Join mrmags [0] (
18:30:51 Quit mrmags (Client Quit)
18:31:41 Join mrmags [0] (
18:36:20 Part mrmags
18:36:28 Join R3nTiL [0] (~zorroz@
18:36:56 Join mrmags [0] (
18:41:23 Join Stryke` [0] (~Chairman8@resnet-241-86.resnet.UMBC.EDU)
18:41:27 Quit muesli_ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
18:43:23 Part mrmags
18:44:45 Join jyp [0] (
18:44:55 Join TuDo [0] (
18:45:49 Quit Bagder (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:46:10 Join Bagder [0] (
18:47:28 Join ripnetUK [0] (
18:48:53 Quit ripnetUK (Client Quit)
18:51:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:53:46 Quit lImbus ("home, bbl")
18:56:08 Join wizerl [0] (
18:58:17 Join webguest21 [0] (
18:59:20 Quit webguest21 (Client Quit)
18:59:36 Join webguest36 [0] (
19:00:13amiconnlinuxstb: Current rockbox uses the SLEEP instruction of the cpu in order to save power. Although it's not between decoding mp3 frames, that's not done by the cpu in the Archos...
19:01:02amiconnIirc even the early iRiver rockbox version does already do the equivalent on coldfire; dynamically changing the clock will most likely be added
19:01:22 Part webguest36
19:01:38 Join webguest36 [0] (
19:01:42 Part webguest36
19:02:46 Quit R3nTiL ()
19:11:19preglowthe coldfire manual does list changing the pll settings as a good measure to take, yes
19:19:42amiconnUsing the SLEEP instruction actually gains rather much on the Archos. Rockbox uses it, archos firmware does not. Rockbox gets ~30..40% more battery runtime on the Ondio
19:19:59preglownot surprising
19:20:01amiconn(less gain on the disk based boxes though, HD is the main sucker there)
19:20:23preglowi thought the archos had a disk :V
19:21:19izzy_hmm.. link to coldfire datasheet seem to be broken in the wiki
19:21:49amiconnpreglow: The Ondio is flash based
19:22:16preglowahh, yes
19:22:27preglowbtw, i think the text viewer wraps way too early
19:23:02preglowwith full width, it is going to be totally sweet
19:23:10preglowi never could use the iriver one to read anything
19:23:25 Join Cham [0] (
19:24:03amiconnpreglow: The text viewer has a number of shortcomings, yes
19:24:17amiconn(1) With proportional font, it wraps too early
19:24:29amiconn(2) It doesn't handle DOS linefeeds well
19:24:43amiconn(3) The many key combos are cumbersome
19:24:46preglowperhaps that's why
19:25:05amiconn(4) The settings (narrow/wide, overlap on/off etc) are not saved.
19:25:05preglowmno, this is definitely a fixed width font
19:25:32Chamshall a person make picture of rockbox running on iriver ?
19:26:40preglowi thought someone already did that
19:26:57Chamno but it wll be good
19:27:06amiconnpreglow: The text viewer is already on my todo list, however, that list seems to keep a constant length...
19:27:19preglowbe happy it's not growing exponentially
19:27:24preglowin which file is the viewer?
19:27:39preglowsource code
19:27:42preglowi can't seem to find the darn thing
19:27:50amiconnAh. apps/plugins/viewer.c
19:27:57preglowahh, so it's a plugin
19:29:04lolo-laptopbest feature that rockbox has over iRiver stock firmware (IMO) is picture zooming.
19:30:27HCli made a picture
19:30:31HClbut my cam ran out of batteries
19:30:34HClso be my guest
19:31:04HClamiconn: don't we have a public todo list for rockbox on the wiki?
19:31:27HCllike, that people can look at and pick a thing out of to do
19:32:19amiconnThere is no such list. Each developer chooses to do what he would like to have in rockbox, or what he thinks is important.
19:32:27HClmaybe we should have a list like that?
19:32:32linuxstbA to-do list to get the plugins working properly on the iRiver could be useful - mainly dealing with the different sized LCD.
19:32:37HClproposed ideas that people could work on?
19:32:42HCla general todo list
19:32:57HClwith status to how much work has been done, who's working on it
19:32:58linuxstbi.e. a list of the plugins, and their status on the iRiver.
19:38:00 Join LinusN [0] (
19:38:11 Part LinusN
19:38:59linuxstbHi Lin....
19:41:20preglowi sincerely love the flipped lcd mode
19:42:52Chamnobody to take picture of rockbox on iriver ?
19:43:00preglowi can take one
19:43:22preglowit showing the rockbox logo will do?
19:43:47Chami want to see the menu or the browsing directorie ?
19:43:53Chami it possible ?
19:44:14preglowit's not very exciting, but alright
19:44:22Chamonly to gie an ieda
19:44:25 Join ripnetUK [0] (
19:48:04 Join webguest67 [0] (
19:49:03webguest67did anyone flash a H140 with LinusN's 22ad4f15f222ce5f3afa684c0c5fecec bootloader.bin?
19:49:05ripnetUKhi all,
19:49:19ripnetUKi have hacked together a 'special' version of rockbox.iriver that boots the original firmware
19:49:43ripnetUKthat way, those of us who have flashed dont have to hold rec each time (at the expense of Rockbox itself not working at all)
19:50:22HCli can easily build people a bootloader that'll load iriver by default
19:50:25HClif you want to....
19:50:36ripnetUKyeah, but flashing was a once only risk
19:50:48ripnetUKi dont want to flash backwards, and eventually i will want rockbox by default.
19:51:06HCli'll settle with the record thing
19:51:17HCli don't mind much anymore now that the hdd roughness has been fixed
19:51:19ripnetUKfair enough.
19:51:25HClthat click just felt and sounded nasty.
19:52:22webguest67i get aae2117b856345f5d11608c8c900245c linusNboot/ihp_120.hex (with original EU iriver firmware)
19:52:40ripnetUKwell, for the record, if anyone wants a rockbox that just boots to the original firmware (so you can put a working rockbox on later), i have stuck it at
19:53:33preglowCham: some pictures in
19:53:37preglowremove the filename
19:53:40preglowthree pictures there
19:54:04preglowterrible lighting conditions here, so didn't bother to get many
19:54:41HClpretty much the same as the pic i took, except mine is h140
19:55:05preglowthe rotating cube just BEGGED to be in a picture
19:55:07HClput it on the wiki...
19:55:20HCli dunno, i thought it seemed a bit malformed
19:55:22HClwhen i tried that
19:55:28HCli gotta go visit my sis in the hospital, bbl..
19:55:31Chamis the bootloader stable now ?
19:55:36preglowCham: pretty much
19:55:38HClCham: sorta.
19:55:50HClCham: there haven't been people for whom it didn't work
19:55:57HCland about 11 successful flashes
19:56:24Chamwhen did you release a firmware on the wiki page for people who can't build it ?
19:57:09Chambecause i am very interessted by the browser or other functions of rockbox
19:57:17HCllinus put up a bootloader.bin...
19:57:30HClthe bootloader most people flashed with is on my ftp
19:57:44Chamwherie is your ftp ?
19:58:30 Quit Cham ("CGI:IRC")
19:58:33 Join Cham [0] (
19:59:18HClits not the most recent cvs, but there haven't been much changes
19:59:28HClmy hacked wireless suddenly poofed for a sec
20:00:57ChamHCl : i only have to install ihp_120.hex and put rockbox on the root of my iHP140 and it will run ?
20:01:20HClCham: you need to select firmware upgrade.. in the original firmware, after putting the .hex on the iriver
20:01:29HClthe .zip needs to be unpacked to your root, but its not the most recent build
20:01:37HClthe root of the iriver drive
20:01:50HCland yea, but rockbox can't play mp3 and stuff like that yet
20:01:52HCli gotta go now.
20:02:03Chamhcl : ok ,thanks
20:09:50 Join QT [0] (as@area51.users.madwifi)
20:21:30 Quit Cham ("CGI:IRC")
20:22:06webguest67did Linus add new features to the bootloader since the be0bf0e1df367e5cffd9e27eff988ef1 ihp_120.hex version?
20:22:25webguest67which one should I use?
20:24:05webguest67cvs bootloader main.c commit 1.4 or 1.5?
20:29:51 Join XShocK [0] (
20:29:56XShocKhi all
20:30:28 Quit linuxstb ("Leaving")
20:31:14XShocK3/4 russian translation done.
20:33:55 Quit methangas (" Try HydraIRC -> <-")
20:38:16 Join linuxstb [0] (
20:40:57HClwebguest67: not really
20:41:28HClwebguest67: just some changes in the rockbox low level drivers, but those changes only get used in rockbox itself, not the bootloader
20:46:04HCllinus basically said the be0bf version is fine till the ata driver gets optimized.
20:46:10HClwhich isn't really planned any time soon.
20:47:01XShocKwhy current cvs iriver f/w does not shut the player by STOP? it di before
20:48:18linuxstbXShock: I think you just need to hold STOP for a couple of seconds
20:48:22webguest67thanks, HCI. I will flash in a moment - just uploaded ihp_120.hex and unzipped on my H140
20:49:40XShocKhehe.. yea, it works
20:51:13***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:51:42preglowat this rate we're bound to have a couple of bricked players soon
20:52:49XShocKid: LANG_BUTTON_BAR
20:52:50XShocKdesc: in settings menu
20:52:50XShocKeng: "Button bar"
20:52:50DBUGEnqueued KICK XShocK
20:52:50XShocK### Not previously translated
20:52:50XShocKvoice: "Button bar"
20:53:07XShocKwhat is it? I mean "Button Bar".
20:55:09 Join lImbus [0] (
20:55:51HClpreglow: yea.
20:56:33amiconnXShocK: That is in the settings menu, used on recorder only. The recorder has 3 "soft buttons" below the lcd. The button bar shows the function of each button at the bottom of the lcd. It can be enabled and disabled.
20:56:53XShocKok. thx
21:00:36HClwebguest67: hcL, by the way
21:04:15XShocKone more. what is MBD Strength?
21:05:10amiconnMDB == Micronas Dynamic bass, see
21:06:14preglowsounds dubious
21:06:27preglowwhat does it do, filter out the bass, distort it, then mix it in again?
21:06:32amiconnIt's exploiting psychoacoustics
21:06:35preglowor is this a hardware thing?
21:06:49XShocKI would just leave "MDB" as it is. :)
21:07:07cYmenis there a way to lock the keys?
21:08:40 Join Marder [0] (
21:09:26webguest67I can confirm that the aae2117 LinusN bootloader is working on my H140.
21:17:04XShocKI gues I finished Russian translation
21:17:21XShocKdo I need to delete those ### lines?
21:17:46preglowthey're comments
21:18:17 Part wizerl ("Kopete 0.9.2 :")
21:18:23lImbusXShocK: the triple # -comments are the todo-comments
21:18:40lImbusyou should delete them, as you finished the work
21:24:03preglow#if CONFIG_LCD == LCD_SSD1815 /* only for Recorder/Ondio displays */
21:24:10preglowjpeg.c, can that be removed for the h120?
21:24:44amiconnNot yet, sorry
21:25:35amiconnThe jpeg viewer (and a few others) use the grayscale lib, which simulates grayscale (up to 33 steps) on the physical b&w-only archos lcd
21:25:57amiconnThe lib core is highly optimized SH1 asm....
21:26:23preglowh1x0 only has four shades of gray, so it probably has to do some fancy shit for that as well
21:28:10amiconnYeah, I already thought about that (in spite of not even having an iRiver, but the grayscale lib is almost my work)
21:29:45amiconnWith the 4 physical shades and a similar approach as on the archos (flipping through a max. of 32 "pixel planes"), it should be possible to simulate up to 49 shades
21:31:23 Join Patr3ck [0] (
21:31:35amiconn(if we can get the SPI to work fast enough that is)
21:32:48preglowthe lcd is connected by spi?
21:35:35amiconnHmm, I think so, but I'm not sure
21:36:07amiconnSPI seems to be common for such lcds. The archos lcd definitely uses spi
21:36:59amiconnOur driver does a bit more than 1 MBit/s :) That's with bitbanging, on a 11 MHz cpu...
21:39:13XShocKOk. I did everything for translation. what do I do now? Do one of you guys put it in?
21:40:08amiconnPut it up somewhere. I'll check it out and commit if it's okay. There might be string length problems...
21:40:55rasheramiconn: did you check"> ?
21:41:44amiconnrasher: I'm about to check
21:41:55amiconnXShocK: I hope this uses Win-1251?
21:42:11XShocKI mean it uses what it used before. :)
21:42:26XShocKI am pretty sure it is win1251
21:42:31amiconnThen it will be correct, methinks
21:42:34preglowamiconn: feel free to check while you're at it
21:42:55amiconnpreglow: Already got that as well
21:43:16amiconnFrom 4 to 8 up to date languages in < 2 days - nice :)
21:43:45preglowas i said, there are some things that aren't wonderful, but it's loads better than it used to be
21:44:59XShocKdid you get mine?
21:45:15XShocKok. cool
21:50:16rasherCan't you build the lang files without a buildenvironment?
21:50:36amiconnYou can...
21:50:58amiconnYou just need a perl interpreter your .lang file and english.lang
21:51:18 Join CrunchyWhiteMeat [0] (
21:51:26rasherI have those
21:51:50 Join lImbus924 [0] (
21:52:07 Join webguest61 [0] (
21:52:14rasheramiconn: I meant changing the files into something that rockbox will recognice as a language file
21:52:25amiconnyes, exactly
21:52:27 Part webguest61
21:52:55amiconnbinlang english.lang yourlang.lang yorlang.lng
21:53:05amiconnbinlang is a perl script
21:53:11rasherwhere does binlang hide?
21:53:34rasherin tools, viewcvs I guess
21:53:36CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
21:53:36*rasher wandres off
21:55:30ripnetUKdoes rockbox eat filesystems? :) ive never had a problem with my fat before, but now im getting FAT: Filesystem panic (dev sde1)
21:55:30ripnetUK fat_free: deleting beyond EOF (i_pos 0)
21:55:32ripnetUKon my pc
21:55:58ripnetUKim sure its sortable, and might just be coincidence
21:56:20amiconnRockbox is not fs hungry afaik.
21:56:52ripnetUKyeah, probly just coincidence
21:57:07ripnetUKthats on iriver btw
21:57:36rasheralright my lang file isn't *corrupt* at least
21:57:38 Quit lImbus (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:57:41amiconnOf course. The fs implementation is identical iirc, but there might be a glitch in the ata driver
21:58:28XShocKMine works fine
21:58:32ripnetUKyeah, just a heads up in case anyone else gets it
21:58:45XShocK.lng file works fine
21:58:47ripnetUKit shouldnt have written much to disk at all
22:03:42 Quit ripnetUK ()
22:08:24*rasher changes dansk.lang
22:08:52amiconnrasher: I'm currently testing...
22:09:08rasheralright, it's just a small change I found
22:10:01rasherI had translated "Bookmarking" as if it was a status like "Now bookmarking"
22:10:22preglowi've probably got some funky errors like that as well
22:10:53rasherand another one
22:11:44amiconnrasher: I was about to ask that... That's "Opretter bogmaerke", and should only be "Bogmaerke", right?
22:12:08rasherand I just changed "Musikliste indstillinger" to Musiklister"
22:12:12*amiconn is comparing side-by-side with his own language
22:12:14XShocKI could have the same issue with Bookmarking. :)
22:12:28rasheralthough the original says "Playlist settings" it seems confusing
22:12:46rasheralso, I have afspilnings liste
22:12:52*rasher changes that as well
22:13:01amiconn2 simulators running in parallel...
22:13:13XShocKSo what does "Boormarking" aimed to mean?
22:13:53rasherI'd probably have put "Bookmarks" in the English text
22:13:53amiconnThis is the bookmarking settings submenu
22:14:06rasherbut I see how bookmarking fits in
22:14:12jypI have a question about an obscure preprocessor problem
22:14:31jypHere it goes;
22:15:06*rasher changes "Gennemse" -> "Vis"
22:15:18amiconnrasher: Bokkmarking is actually more appropriate, because it is the submenu related to settings how bookmarking works
22:15:25jypin file.h: typedef unsigned int size_t;
22:15:46amiconnrasher: When you're done, tell me. I'll check another lang meanwhile
22:15:49rasheramiconn: yeah, I agree
22:16:01XShocKI updated lang file about the BookMarking. it is on
22:16:14rasheramiconn: I think I am now :) same location
22:16:27jyphowever, in stddef.h (comes w/ gcc): typedef long unsigned int size_t;
22:17:05jypI guess I can change file.h to be the same as stddef ?
22:18:10amiconnActually we'll want to have long. Files tend to grow larger than 64 KB...
22:18:31jypThat's cool ;)
22:18:47amiconnHowever, I'd write that typedef unsigned long size_t;
22:19:07jypBut, having a look at file.h; there's freaking stuff surrounding the typedef
22:19:43jypconfused with ssize_t
22:19:48amiconnSimply leave that as it is, most likely this has to do with clean simulator building
22:20:27jypWhile I'm into it ...
22:20:30preglowshouldn't size_t be defined by the compiler?
22:21:03jypmode_t shouldn't be changed to long, right ?
22:21:31amiconn(size_t) dunno exactly, I'm no compiler guru
22:21:37jypNot the compiler but, in a standard include
22:21:45jypas it is done in stddef...
22:22:00jypBut yet rockbox is a standalone stuuf
22:22:02amiconnThe standard includes are not used in rockbox most of the time.
22:22:07preglowsize_t should be unsigned type big enough to address all memory
22:22:36jypaye aye
22:24:27 Join DMJC-L [0] (
22:24:47*jyp does the double backflip
22:25:39jyp(back to coding ;)
22:27:39XShocKhmmm.. i am still stugling with statement `fmovem.l %fpcr,%d1' ignored while sompiling GCC
22:28:02XShocKbinutils-cvs + gcc3.4.2
22:29:41XShocKi feel so dumb, but have no idea how to do this, maybe I need to compile 3.4.2 GCC with newer GCC ?
22:29:57MarderXshock - same problem here
22:30:15XShocKI use 3.3.3 compiler to compile 3.4.2
22:30:26Patr3cksame for me but binutils-cvs + gcc3.4.3
22:30:49MarderFound this in an old IRC log :
22:30:54Mardercompile and install binutils-2.15 -> compile and install gcc-3.4.2 -> compile and install (overwrite) binutils from cvs -> compile rockbox
22:31:20BagderMarder: no need to do that
22:31:37Bagderthe initial binutils that is
22:31:38XShocKhmm.. ok. but strange. :) dll hell aka windows. :)
22:32:24*amiconn is confused...
22:32:35MarderI'll let you know in about 30 min whether it worked..
22:32:45amiconnWth the iRiver sim doesn't scroll... the recorder sim does...
22:32:47jypI got the directory tree screen ;)
22:32:47 Join Digital007 [0] (
22:33:05Digital007Hiya, What do I do with the rockbox.iriver file in the daily builds?
22:33:09Bagderjyp: congrats!
22:33:23*jyp bows
22:33:30BagderDigital007: you put in on your iriver
22:33:34Bagderunzip it
22:33:49jypThough I got like a thousand warnings ;)
22:33:54BagderDigital007: if you've flashed your bootloader, it can start rockbox
22:33:55Digital007there is a file rockbox.iriver in the zip file
22:33:58Bagderjyp: :-)
22:34:28BagderDigital007: of course
22:34:32Digital007so i need to flash it with the rockbox .hex file?
22:34:56BagderDigital007: the daily build is rockbox, you need to flash the bootloader which is separate from rockbox/daily build
22:35:04Digital007oh ok
22:35:21Digital007where do i find the bootloader and does it work on the 120 model?
22:35:52rasherDigital007: you were the one that flashed yesterday right?
22:35:56Bagderyou should try, it is a useful resource
22:36:08rasherDigital007: just turn it on and wait for 4-5 minutes
22:36:25Bagderah, if you already flashed there's no reason to do it again
22:37:26rasherDigital007: it's recalculating free diskspace.. and taking its sweet time because the ata driver isn't very optimized
22:38:20Digital007ok Sorry i can't find the bootloader again, i forgot what page its on the rockbox website
22:38:42Bagderdidn't you already flash?
22:38:43rasherdid you flash with the original firmware afterwards?
22:39:03Digital007ye i reflashed it with the original f/w
22:39:11Digital007i started it in iriver f/w by holding REC
22:40:32Digital007IT WORKS!
22:40:44 Join OMGLOL [0] (
22:41:31 Quit OMGLOL (Client Quit)
22:41:37amiconnrasher: Minor issue: Is there a reason why you left out the "(dB)" from "logarithmic (dB)"?
22:41:49rasherlet me see
22:41:49Digital007man it look awesome
22:41:52rashernot that I can think of
22:41:54Digital007i wanna give u a big hug bagder
22:42:06*Bagder blushes
22:42:09rasheramiconn: not at all, no..
22:42:11*rasher adds it
22:42:20Digital007all we need is playback codecs
22:42:26rasheramiconn: updated now
22:42:30amiconnrasher: "Disk spindown" is not translated
22:42:38BagderDigital007: and remote support, and usb detection and...
22:42:47rasheramiconn: oh dear..
22:43:00Digital007cool :-)
22:43:00*rasher thinks
22:43:14Digital007Can you still make your own WPS?
22:43:26rasherpreglow: how did you translate disk spindown?
22:43:35Bagdermany lines
22:43:41Digital007all we need is a software clock :-)
22:44:47Digital007and i can boot into iRiver, what more can i wish for?
22:45:15amiconnrasher: Inconsistency: You translated .cfg-File for saving, but not for loading ("indstillnings fil" vs. ".cfg filer")
22:46:00amiconn<nitpicker mode>
22:46:01Digital007Bagder my only reservation is that the status bar is tiny on the iRiver's screen
22:46:04Digital007could be a bit bigger
22:46:12*rasher ponders
22:46:18rasherwhich to keep
22:46:34rasherindstillinger I think
22:46:40BagderDigital007: that's not the only thing that's tiny on that screen ;-)
22:46:51Digital007what else is?
22:47:02Bagderthe standard font is, imho
22:47:12Digital007well a larger font would rectify that
22:47:15Digital007LARGE ATADORE!!!!!!!
22:47:43Digital007the blue backlight on Invert looks dead cool
22:47:54jypScreenshots of the gmini emulator running rockbox...
22:48:40Bagdernot that many dir entries ;-)
22:49:22jypThat's all there is in the tiny image I'm testing with ;)
22:49:28Digital007What are you using to record?
22:49:33rasheregrep "(^eng:|^new:)" dansk.lang |sed 's/^.....//' |uniq -D |less <- good for finding untranslated strings
22:49:36Digital007since in the iRiver f/w it uses CBR recording
22:49:56Digital007and can record to WAV as well
22:51:14Digital007The Rockbox interface is a bit slow to respond to key imputs though
22:51:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:51:28Bagderit only runs at 11mhz
22:51:38Digital007is that fixable?
22:51:55Bagderit is even required
22:51:58rasheregrep "(^eng:|^new:)" LANGUAGE.lang |sed 's/^.....//' |uniq -D |less |grep -v '^""$' <- good for finding untranslated strings
22:52:05Digital007what u mean? 11mhz is required?
22:52:19BagderDigital007: no I mean we need much higher frequency
22:52:28Digital007oh right
22:52:38rasherpreglow: how did you translate "Disk spindown"?
22:52:39Digital007Its working anyway, i just look forward to get sound playback
22:53:27amiconnrasher: "Slå av harddiskmotor"
22:53:43lolo-laptopis the mp3 encoder in the H340 better than in the H140?
22:53:59 Quit TuDo ("Chatzilla 0.9.66 [Mozilla rv:1.7.5/20041202]")
22:54:19rasheramiconn: okay
22:55:25*rasher changes to Sluk harddiskmotor
22:56:17preglowi'm afk
22:56:21preglowso not very responsive
22:56:50Digital007Would the radio tuner be supported for iRiver as well?
22:57:12Bagderyes it will
22:57:35Digital007hopefully we could record from radio as well :-)
22:57:48BagderI assume we will, yes
22:58:06Digital007ok im gonna shut up now. i'll let u carry on developing
23:00:15*amiconn just spotted a big bug in uplang...
23:00:47*Bagder whistles
23:01:42amiconnIf an old entry had no voice:, it tends to insert the same string into several IDs. Exact conditions tbd, but this means heavy editing of the new .lang files...
23:01:57rasherI was wondering about that
23:04:19XShocKI also saw some strange stuff...
23:05:51lImbus924amiconn: thanks for pointing that out. I saw this this weekend, but I'm not so perl, sooo :-)
23:06:27amiconnBah, that means lots of work... and to spot the bug of course, otherwise even more work....
23:08:46XShocKMarder: After I do binutils-2.15 the it curses while compiling GCC "as: unrecognized option `-m68040'"
23:08:49amiconnrasher: Did you change dansk.lang again?
23:08:54rasheramiconn: just now
23:09:17MarderXShock : YEs same here, it curses wit h'-m68020' though
23:09:27lImbus924amiconn: did you notice the bug, or did you find it (i think I misunderstood you on that point)
23:09:36 Nick lImbus924 is now known as lImbus (
23:09:53amiconnlImbus: Dind't find it yet, but clearly noticed in dansk.lang...
23:10:13*lImbus nods
23:10:19lImbussaw it in french too.
23:10:25XShocKgrh. :) Wisemen, please help two not-so-wise-ones how to cope with all this. Sorry for interrupting
23:10:43amiconnlImbus: 6 times "Deep Discharge"...
23:10:53MarderXShock : are you compiling und Cygwin ?
23:11:43MarderMmh. It looks like other people are compiling under some flavor of Linux / Unix
23:12:00XShocKhmm. Ok i will try it there then
23:12:06Bagderit should work the same under cygwin
23:12:16Bagdermany people did that for the sh cross compiler at least
23:13:18XShocKWhen I use binutils from cvs it says "`fmovem.l %fpcr,%d1' ignored" and if use 2.15 binutils it says "as: unrecognized option `-m68040"
23:13:39Bagderuse or build?
23:13:48XShocKbuild, sorry
23:13:56Bagderok, odd
23:14:09Bagderthen it might be a cygwin issue with the build
23:14:21XShocKI will try again in Ubuntu linux..
23:14:51MarderI managed to have a working toolchain yesterday, but it generated a bootloader.bin with a different md5 than other people
23:15:17MarderI had to juggle with different version of as though, can not remenber exactly what I did
23:15:32BagderI haven't even checked md5sum
23:16:01 Join stripwax [0] (
23:16:02amiconnlImbus: uplang bug spotted.
23:16:28Bagderhi stripwax
23:16:58stripwaxSo there's a working bootloader and rockbox browser on iHP, I think that's awesome!
23:17:36stripwaxDoes the wiki have details of setting up a build environment?
23:17:43Bagderstripwax: yeps
23:18:01 Join mrmags [0] (
23:18:45stripwaxfab, tvm. any idea if it works / can be made to work under Cygwin? If not, I'll see if I can play
23:19:06MarderI could not wait to have my own bootloader.bin compiled and so flashed my h140 with Linus' one
23:19:12MarderIt rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrocks !
23:19:13Bagderstripwax: XShocK just mentioned his problem doing that on cygwin
23:20:19stripwaxAh ok, missed that. thx.
23:21:15stripwaxAny plans for a four-colour lcd driver? or will rockbox use (for the foreseeable future) 2 bit mode?
23:21:44stripwax(sorry for all the questions. i'm way behind on current rockbox dev't)
23:22:28BagderI guess it depends on what people will work on
23:23:19 Join MooMaunder [0] (
23:24:14stripwaxwhat's really missing at the moment, other than an audio driver?
23:24:22HClthere's a checklist.
23:24:25HClon the iriver port page.
23:25:16 Join hubble [0] (
23:25:36Patr3ckBadger: I followed these instructions for building the toochain and it did not work for cygwin while compiling gcc
23:25:56stripwaxNo, I mean, what's actually critical to getting rockbox playing music on the ihp - remote is not vital, I'm not sure what the SPI and I2C drivers contribute towards..
23:26:41Bagderstripwax: getting codecs adjusted and used I guess
23:27:51stripwaxI thought MAD has already been built for rockbox iriver? or is the codec framework still not in place?
23:28:16Bagderno framework, and it was only built not actually used/linked
23:28:23Bagdergotta go
23:28:38stripwaxgotcha. thx for infor!
23:32:06stripwaxwho's best person to talk about lcd driver?
23:33:26 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
23:33:47[IDC]Dragonhi guys
23:33:59[IDC]Dragonwoo, crowded in here ;-)
23:34:17[IDC]Dragonand a record log size, perhaps
23:34:21hubblestripwax: The audio chip interface is using I2C, so a I2C driver would be nice?
23:34:26amiconnhi Jörg
23:35:04stripwaxhubble - ah, ok (figured that came under Audio DAC/ADC driver). thx
23:35:28amiconnI'm facing a lot of manual editing work :-( 3 new translations, and uplang goofed...
23:36:36hubblestripwax: looking at the UDA1380 documentation, it looks pretty hairy.. the codec has lots of options and modes
23:36:45rasheramiconn: script your way out of it :)
23:37:07amiconnrasher: Did you translate the voices at all yet?
23:37:13rasheramiconn: didn't touch them
23:37:17rasherI wasn't sure what to do about them
23:37:51lImbusamiconn: as soon as you committed your uplang-fix, I'll update and fix french
23:37:57amiconnThey need to be translated if someone with a suitable TTS engine wants to create a voice file
23:38:03amiconnlImbus: Already committed :)
23:38:14rasherWhy can I find bdftopcf, but no pcf :|
23:38:20rasherWhy can I find bdftopcf, but no pcftobdf :|
23:44:17mrmagsis there a listing of what the actual voice prompts are? cos the asterisk pbx comes with a set of killer *non*-tts voice prompts which is ultra-complete and I believe freely distributable. I'm thinking it might have enough commonality...
23:44:43amiconnrasher: Is your web copy up to date?
23:45:06rasheramiconn: I just updated, but I'm pretty sure it was before also
23:45:33amiconnSo I'll grab it and try to script-change all voice: lines english, for reference if you want to translate ;)
23:45:58rasherI guess I do
23:46:24amiconnThe translation looks good so far, I'll soon commit I think
23:46:54 Quit Digital007 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
23:47:05amiconn@all .lang contributors: How (if at all) should I credit you in the file and commit message? Real name? nick?
23:47:24rasheramiconn: I put my name in the lang file under the others
23:47:37amiconnOk. found that.
23:47:48amiconnpreglow, XShocK?
23:49:17 Join ripnetUK [0] (
23:50:07XShocKnick is fine. :)
23:52:12 Join GnagelRam [0] (
23:52:33preglowamiconn: what?
23:54:14 Join amiconn_ [0] (
23:54:28 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
23:54:29 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
23:54:34amiconnpreglow: [23:47:06] <amiconn> @all .lang contributors: How (if at all) should I credit you in the file and commit message? Real name?
23:56:11lolo-laptopOH NOES, battery isn't going to make it home how will I live!?

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