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#rockbox log for 2005-02-11

00:00:03irivernext line is: ",
00:00:29 Join ripnetUK [0] (
00:00:56ripnetUKcool update to bootloader - nice accident that tapping on on the remote boots rockbox, and holding it for a sec or 2 boots iriver :)
00:01:11Bagdeririver: apps/ is the script that produces that file from the docs/CREDITS file
00:01:23iriverI know :)
00:01:27*lostlogic reads the vorbis spec
00:01:33iriverwith a perl script
00:01:39lImbusiriver: is that the only line with special characters ?
00:02:08iriverit just makes a line break between Elén and ",
00:02:16preglowlostlogic: having fun, yes?
00:02:37iriverweird that noone else have the same problem
00:02:46lostlogicpreglow: yes, might explode my brain, but having fun... they do some funky stuff...
00:03:22Bagdeririver: could it be due to your perl version or locale or something?
00:05:10irivermy perl version is v5.8.0 for i386-linux-thread-multi
00:05:23iriverstandard redhat 9 installation
00:06:09Bagderbeats me
00:08:34 Quit muesli- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:11:35 Part LinusN
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00:17:23jypBagder, an idea how to fix the absence of _mp3buffer & friends in the gmini build ?
00:18:07Bagderjyp: you should have them in the link file
00:18:11Bagderlike the other targets do
00:18:35jypoops, yah, should have looked better ;)
00:18:37 Join sox [0] (
00:18:51Bagderthey're set there to use the remainder of the memory
00:19:19 Join LinusN [0] (
00:19:47soxhm, i get another (fourth) md5sum: 882243a2cdd0f08e76a5e5af280cb431 ihp_120.hex
00:20:28 Quit Ka (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:20:49soxit felt so safe flashing with a fw w same md5 as all others yesterday ;-)
00:21:11 Join Ka [0] (
00:22:12 Join ripnetUK [0] (
00:22:34LinusNif you care about using a working bootloader.bin, use the one on the wiki page
00:23:03*LinusN just committed USB support
00:23:20webguest71don't want to give an ihp_120.hex with bootloader
00:23:26soxLinusN: i did use the one on the wiki page
00:23:30Bagderyou rock linus
00:23:38Patr3ckusing the uploaded bootloader.bin: b0f2a8480e4615db328efcfff64cc9ec linus.hex
00:23:48webguest71becuase i'm not sure like sox of my md5
00:23:55Bagderwebguest71: we don't distribute iRiver's firmware
00:24:00HClthat will help *SO* much with developing rockboy
00:24:24webguest71badger : i understand that
00:24:28quelsarukLinusN: for iriver? you rock :)
00:24:36lImbusUsb ? :-o
00:25:04 Quit Aison ("( :: NoNameScript 3.72 :: )")
00:25:15amiconnquelsaruk: You had some goats to spare? ;-/
00:25:20Suckawoah! USB is done
00:25:22Suckagreat work :D
00:25:27Patr3ckI would love to flash, but first want to make shure I created a correct .hex
00:25:36HClLinusN: do you need an updated bootloader for that?
00:25:38LinusNBagder: i found the problem with the crox0c.bdf font
00:25:44LinusNHCl: no
00:25:45quelsarukwhat's the problem amiconn? you can't play rvf with archos player? :D
00:25:56BagderLinusN: aha, what is it?
00:26:02hubblecant get the i2c interface to work.. wonder if you need to do something to enable the codec first?
00:26:06amiconnquelsaruk: Nope, but I still don't get a working iRiver sim :(
00:26:09LinusNthe glyphs are not ordered
00:26:19Bagderin the bdf?
00:26:24HClk k
00:26:30quelsaruki can't help you with that, sorry :(
00:26:31LinusNand the converter script doesn't handle the ENCODING tag
00:26:37quelsarukgoats work only in targets
00:26:38quelsaruknot sims
00:26:43LinusN(or whatever it's called)
00:27:06LinusNso we can either fix the cnnverter or sort the bdf font file
00:27:27LinusNi don't like that the converter is written in C
00:27:43LinusNPerl would have been so much simpler
00:28:07amiconnNice that you found that. I once looked into this, but didn't find the cause. However, I wonder why it worked for the old fonts...
00:28:13preglowperl = sweet
00:28:25LinusNamiconn: i have no idea why it worked in the past
00:28:25 Part webguest71
00:28:29amiconn*perl* is *simpler* ????
00:28:39preglowi could try converting it to perl
00:28:41LinusNfor parsing a text file, indeed
00:28:48 Join Blade [0] (
00:29:21LinusNperl rocks
00:29:25preglowi agree
00:29:29preglowit's a wonderful language
00:29:33Bagderit says ENCODING -1 on lots of characters
00:29:38amiconnperl is powerful for sure, but imho it's much harder to understand a program that you didn't write yourself
00:29:50quelsaruki'm with amiconn in that...
00:30:06preglowit can be hard, but that applies to any language, imhp
00:30:09quelsaruki can understand C but perl is like.. wow.. what the hell is that? :D
00:30:45BagderLinusN: the code uses the ENCODING info, must be doing it wrong...
00:30:47rasherwell, implicit use of $_ really confuses me
00:31:03amiconnpreglow: perl script often look like a random assorment of special characters...
00:31:18preglowamiconn: yes, often
00:31:18Patr3ckamiconn the regular expression look like that
00:31:25preglowbut my perl code is poetry
00:31:27LinusNBagder: then i might be wrong
00:31:30preglowi may be overestimating
00:31:49BagderLinusN: it might still be a clue
00:31:51amiconnPatr3ck: Not only the regexps (actually regexps are the part of perl that I like)
00:32:14LinusNregex and hashes, mmmmm
00:33:04Patr3ckamiconn after 2 week I can't remeber what a regex I wrote is supposed to do, but doesn't ;-)
00:33:39quelsaruksleep time
00:33:44HClgreat, its working
00:33:51 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 'Realia'")
00:33:54lImbusgood night quelsaruk
00:34:07lImbusuff. slightly to late => clear sign
00:34:12lImbusI'll go home too now
00:34:47preglowreading c code that does parsing sure as hell isn't as easy as reading perl code that does parsing
00:35:01HCl :P
00:35:16Bagder.. and emacs is the best editor ;-)
00:35:38preglowi won't whind myself up on this one, heh
00:36:04HCland windows server is *the* server OS >.o
00:36:13 Quit lImbus ("mcdonalds=>home=>bed")
00:36:23*rasher punches HCl
00:36:28HCljust kidding :P
00:37:07HClyay, this looks better, at least now i get a proper scanline to redraw..
00:37:20preglowwhy the hell is _always_ down
00:38:25HClnow if it'll loop before it hits the 144, i'm happy :x
00:38:32 Part LinusN
00:38:53HClit did
00:39:32Patr3ckcan someone confirm that the md5 b0f2a8480e4615db328efcfff64cc9ec for the final scrambled hex file using the uploaded bootloader.bin is correct?
00:40:27 Join ashridah [0] (
00:41:12 Join LinusN [0] (
00:42:15amiconnGrmpf. The simulator problem is definitely iRiver sim specific. I built all sorts of Win32 and X11 sims. Only the iRiver versions segfault.
00:43:19HCl882243a2cdd0f08e76a5e5af280cb431 new.hex
00:43:43HClPatr3ck: did you use the euro or us version of the original firmware?
00:43:54Patr3ckHCI: us
00:43:58HCleu here
00:44:04HClso thats normal that they differ then
00:44:16Patr3cki will try the eu one
00:44:48BladeHCl do hoy have mak a ihp_120.hex with the new bootloader
00:45:25 Quit hubble ("sleep, eat & code")
00:46:26HClBlade: what?
00:46:57Bladedid you make a ihp_120.hex with the new bootloader?
00:47:43 Quit Sucka ("( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: )")
00:48:00Bladeif yes can you put it on your ftp ? i prefer use a firm wich has been tested than make myself
00:48:14HCli don't have a tested .hex with the new bootloader.
00:48:24HCli have an untested one though
00:48:45HClits fine o.o
00:49:18Bladeif you do it would you put it on your ftp ?
00:49:55HCli can put the untested one on my ftp if you want?
00:50:38Bladei prefer one tested
00:51:13preglowi love perl, entire big command line parse section in c= getopts()
00:51:30 Quit edx ()
00:52:55***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
00:57:00HCli got a semi-decent lcd driver now
00:57:07HClits going awfully slow
00:57:14HClonce its finished this redraw screen cycle
00:57:15Patr3ckHCI: using the eu version my md5 matches, did you already try it?
00:57:20HClPatr3ck: no
00:57:36preglowHCl: damn, man, take a picture :P
00:57:48HClyea, let me get the debug stuff out
00:58:00preglowor at least give me the stuff and a zelda rom, so i can do it, hehe
00:58:03HClits awfully slow, but then, its calling draw and clearpixel
00:58:09HCland like
00:58:11HClblack and white
00:58:15HCldon't do justice to gameboy roms
00:58:16preglowrelax, no one expects top performance yet
00:58:30preglowi think it's shit cool you got it to work this fast
00:58:39HCl :P
00:58:42HClhold on
00:58:45HCllet me get debug out
00:58:47Bladeome to test usb mode on rockbox
00:58:54Bladeon iriver so
00:59:01Bladethanks linus
00:59:12LinusNyou're welcome
00:59:47LinusNmaybe it's time to get some sleep
00:59:47*lostlogic hugs Linus and all coders working on this stuff... now just skip the H1 and do the H3 :):):)
01:00:16preglowi think minimal porting will have the h1x0 code running on the h3x0
01:00:28preglowthis is somewhat less than a qualified guess, but hell
01:00:51Bladewhat is your coming work Linus after USB ?
01:01:07LinusNclock speed
01:01:08*amiconn is looking for the cvs magic to check out a defined point-i-time state
01:01:16 Quit iriver ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
01:01:19LinusNcvs co -d <date>
01:01:34LinusNor cvs up -d <date>
01:01:47Bagderco -D actually
01:02:10Bagder-d like that creates a dir
01:02:12LinusNah, it's rlog -d
01:02:15lostlogicpreglow: yes, that is what I expect too −− most of the chips are the same or upgraded versions of the same stuff...
01:02:21lostlogicpreglow: color LCD! :)
01:02:24Bagdercvs is totally impossible on those aspects
01:02:40Bagdercolor is gonna be a pain to deal with
01:02:51Bagdercolor fonts
01:02:52*LinusN has more work to do on the schematics
01:02:53Bagdercolor widgets
01:03:15lostlogicLinusN: for the H1 or H3?
01:03:34LinusNlots of stuff left, like the audio paths
01:04:56HClmy roommate is saying gbc isn't backwards compatible with gameboy
01:05:01 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- IRC with a difference")
01:05:03HClso there wouldn't be a way to run zelda in 4 color mode
01:05:30Patr3ckanyone that has the md5 of a final scrambled tested .hex using the new upload bootloader.bin? (I would like to flash...)
01:05:49BladeLinus : if I supress Rockbox if I'm in USB mode with Rockbox what happens ?
01:06:26 Join CrunchyWhiteMeat [0] (
01:06:37LinusNPatr3ck: 882243a2cdd0f08e76a5e5af280cb431 ihp_120.hex (1.63e)
01:06:53LinusNBlade: if you what?
01:07:04Bladeif i delete rockbox files
01:07:06Patr3ckmine matches, so...
01:07:19Patr3ckI will do it now!
01:07:39LinusNBlade: rockbox will work until you use the files
01:07:45rasherHow much is needed to build these firmware files?
01:08:00LinusNrasher: the boot loader?
01:08:55preglowlinusn: again, what gcc do you use? my md5s have never matched yours, so i hope there's some discrepancy there
01:09:34LinusN3.4.2 with a binutils from october last year
01:09:44preglowthen shit
01:09:54preglowbinutils shouldn't matter much, so long as it compiles, i think
01:10:25*Bagder considers making a 3.4.3 one
01:10:39LinusNrasher: you need a development environment
01:11:01preglowrasher: it's really quite simple, there's a wiki page on this
01:11:11LinusNbut you can get away with scramble.exe and mkboot.exe
01:11:14ashridahrasher: all i needed on top of my normal devel stuff was gcc-core of a useful version and binutils.
01:11:22ashridahall the rest i already had
01:11:35ashridahwait, you mean rockbox
01:11:35*ashridah shuts up
01:11:42HClhm, gbc should be backwards compatible with gb
01:11:44rasherI just hear about having to compile versions of binutils and gcc
01:11:51rasherthings I'm not really keen on doing
01:12:04HClso i don't know whether commercial color roms will run properly, i'll try a color demo rom soon
01:12:05LinusNrasher: you don't need to compile the boot loader
01:12:12HCllet me slap it up on my ftp along with the demo rom i'm using
01:12:15ashridahrasher: just build them into something like −−prefix=/home/rasher/rbdev/
01:12:30ashridahand add /home/rasher/rbdev/bin to the path before you do rockbox devel
01:14:20HCl , and
01:14:42HClwe actually did get gameboy before sound XD
01:15:24HCli haven't looked at gbc yet - i probably broke part of it while trying to get it to run on standard gameboy only
01:15:29HClbut it runs normal gameboy roms
01:15:42HClit has an emu cycle counter on the left thats a bit annoying, but blah
01:16:18HClbuttons work too
01:16:33HClthe demo just shows various flashy looking screens and waits for keypresses in between
01:18:04XShocKwhen will it start showing anything? i mean already counted upto 50
01:18:24HClthe on my site will start displaying at 7
01:18:41XShocKi put your
01:18:42Patr3ckrockbox is up and running :-)
01:18:51LinusNPatr3ck: congrats
01:18:54HClit should work
01:20:02Patr3ckgreat! I will play around a little bit now, thanks again!
01:20:02preglowi get plugin error with super mario land :P
01:20:25HClpreglow: when loading?
01:20:35HCloh.. isn't mario a genuine gameboy rom?
01:20:44preglowHCl: i'm a fool, disregard me
01:20:59HCli'm gonna load mario into it
01:21:01HClsee if it works
01:21:56*LinusN is going to bed
01:22:09XShocKgood night
01:22:11LinusNnite all
01:22:12HClgood work on usb
01:22:20 Part LinusN
01:22:30preglowHCl: haha, works perfectly
01:22:45HClpreglow: with my testrom?
01:22:51preglowHCl: aye
01:23:03HClwell, see if you can make a pic or so
01:23:07HCli just tried to load mario..
01:23:19HClits prolly rather slow,
01:23:30preglowis that an orgasm i detect?
01:23:32HClit worked!
01:23:52preglowHCl: is it supposed to be exitable?
01:24:04preglowHCl: care to put the rom up somewhere?
01:24:05XShocKloong push on the jog.
01:24:11XShocKto exit
01:24:21HClpreglow: push the joy
01:24:27HClthe next cpu cycle it'll catch it and exit
01:24:31preglowbut yeah, my question stands
01:24:40HClhold on XD
01:24:43HClthis is great
01:25:09HCldefinately need a picture
01:25:13HClof iriver runnig mario world
01:25:36HClon my ftp
01:25:41HClyou need to rename it, obviously
01:25:59preglowyes, got that
01:26:07 Quit CrunchyWhiteMeat (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
01:27:08HCli made a pic
01:27:11HCldunno if its any good
01:27:17HCli'll load it onto my comp and put it online
01:28:33XShocKwhen should it start mario?
01:28:39XShocKi mean on which tick?
01:28:50HCli don't know
01:28:55HCli just had it running
01:28:55preglowworks perfectly
01:28:57XShocKsince I don't have anything at alll.
01:29:05preglowthis is so fucking cool
01:29:13HCli need another picture XD
01:29:14amiconnGrrr. the cvs up -D thing doesn't seem to work :(
01:29:15HClrec is start
01:29:17HClit actually works too
01:29:21preglowi'll take a picture
01:29:36HClmake one of in the game
01:29:38HClafter pressing rec
01:29:43HCli made one of the first screen
01:29:50HClbooting my comp, it has a cardreader
01:30:34XShocKhmm, shoudl i just start the plugin and wait until something shown or I need to make some magic? :)
01:31:07preglowdoesn't seem to respond to 'rec'
01:31:14HClworked here
01:31:15HClit takes a while
01:31:25HClits rather slow, still
01:31:27preglowsure, but it's been a minute
01:31:31preglowdo i need to hold it
01:31:36HClmaybe a little
01:31:38HCli'm not sure
01:31:47HClthe pic i took was blurred cause i took it too upclose
01:31:48preglowyou have to
01:31:49HClgonna make another one
01:31:51preglownow the redraw stopped
01:31:53preglowso i guess it's loading
01:32:07preglowi'm in
01:33:37amiconnUrgs, silly cvs...
01:34:41XShocKplease, can somebody say what to do? i am sure it must work here too, but ticking up to 250 and nothing happens. hold of rec for 15 sec did help. :)
01:34:53XShocKdidn't help
01:36:04lostlogicpreglow: rock, rock on!
01:36:24HClhehe :P
01:36:25XShocKlooks relly cool.
01:36:34HCli got one too
01:36:48HClmine is on hp140 though
01:36:58Patr3ckHCI: very well done!
01:37:05HCl :P
01:37:08HClits hcL, and thanks :P
01:37:25preglowHCl: it's mario.JPG, btw, case matters
01:37:36HCl :P
01:38:27linuxstbHCl: Very nice!
01:38:55HClthanks :P
01:39:02HClnow it just needs lots, lots more speed
01:39:14preglowyou looked at that other gnuboy port, btw?
01:39:19preglowthe one meant for portables
01:39:22HClonly a little
01:39:26HClit should be almost trivial
01:39:29HClto build a .patch
01:39:37HClthat'll patch mostly against it
01:40:30preglowbut this is so extremely cool
01:40:33HCl :P
01:40:35preglowsomeone needs to wiki this :PP
01:40:39HClyup :P
01:40:50HClunder what section though?
01:41:20amiconnHCl: The ftp link doesn't work for me. No timeout, no error response
01:41:29amiconnThe browser just seraches forever...
01:41:33HClamiconn: i copied it to my http server as well
01:41:36 Quit Patr3ck ()
01:42:03amiconnAh. _Much_ better :)
01:42:47 Quit jyp ("poof!")
01:43:11rasheramiconn: Maybe the browser is trying to use passive ftp/active ftp, which won't work for you?
01:43:30HCli got a coin out of my block
01:43:32*amiconn is doing a binary search for the point in time the iRiver sim build broke
01:43:47 Quit _aLF ("Leaving")
01:44:18amiconnrasher: Both should work
01:44:52rasheramiconn: ah, okay. it's just that I think that's what was happening for me
01:45:09XShocKftp didn't work for me also for a couple of seconds. then started working fine again
01:45:42amiconnXShocK: Any luck with the sim build? I'm still researching...
01:46:22*HCl goes to see whether he can get gbc roms to run..
01:46:30 Join cloudscapes [0] (
01:46:31XShocKno, i am mostly preparing for exams. :)
01:46:32preglowHCl: what are the button mappings right now?
01:46:40cloudscapesgreat work with the GB emu ;)
01:46:44XShocKand do quick glances on IRC
01:46:52cloudscapesscreens are awesome
01:47:57HClhold on.. let me get them for you
01:48:51HClpreglow: play = a stop = b mode = select rec = start
01:48:56HCljoystick button = quit
01:49:16HCland ofcourse up down left right
01:49:29preglowmy block too contains a coin
01:49:32HCl :P
01:50:14preglowit used approximately a minute in vanishing
01:50:18HCl :P
01:50:20cloudscapesI'd try it myself if I had the software/knowhow to embedd the bootloader in with the official firmware
01:50:24HClyup, speed improvements needed
01:50:29HClthe most important bit was getting it to work though
01:50:37HClthough, i need to fix color gameboy roms
01:50:43cloudscapescongrats HLl !
01:50:54HClthanks :P
01:51:07*cloudscapes is a huge GB freak
01:51:29cloudscapesI was thinking for the 12-pixel difference
01:52:05HClwe've thought of several solutions
01:52:11HClthey should be trivial to implement
01:52:14cloudscapeshave different cropping modes. center, top, bottom and single lines removed every ten pixels or so. every game is different
01:52:17cloudscapesjust an idea
01:52:22cloudscapesah ok
01:52:22HClat the moment it drops the bottom 16 ones
01:52:33HClthe idea was to use the hold button
01:52:37HClto switch between dropping the top 16
01:52:39HCland the bottom 16
01:52:45HCland also try dropping 8 at the top and 8 at the bottom
01:52:57HCland also try distributing 16 dropped lines throughout the screen
01:53:11HClbut for now, i'll try to add gameboy color roms support
01:53:12preglowHCl: i think i locked it up pressing three buttons at once :P
01:53:33preglowyes, it's quite definitely locked up
01:53:33cloudscapessorry for suggesting the obvious :P
01:53:48*preglow gets his tiniest screwdriver reset ready
01:53:52HClpreglow: :P i'm not sure what the button driver does when you do that
01:54:03preglowHCl: i've got a guess for you
01:55:45amiconnI think I nailed the iRiver sim problem down. Really silly one....
01:56:09amiconnSee this:
01:56:28amiconnThere is no section ".idata" for the sim build...
01:56:36preglowsmall wonder
01:56:51preglowjust mapping it to bss should work wonders
01:57:04amiconnOr #ifdefing it out
01:59:45amiconnpreglow: There are no explicit linker scripts for the simulators, so how would I do the mapping?
01:59:56preglowamiconn: didn't think of that
02:01:36cloudscapesI'm out, good luck n shtuff!
02:01:39 Quit cloudscapes ()
02:07:27Bladei created the new firmware but does'nt know how test md5
02:07:30Bladeany help
02:07:41preglowyou'll need 'md5sumć
02:09:20Bladei got 882243a2cdd0f08e76a5e5af280cb431
02:09:23Bladeit's ok ?
02:10:12Bladeanyone ?
02:10:18preglowthat's what i get
02:10:20lostlogiccheck the wiki
02:10:47Bladeid otn't see this sum in the wiki
02:11:48Bladeanyone with teh eu has same that mine ?
02:13:49XShocKBlade: new.hex?
02:14:03XShocKI got nex hex with sum you have
02:14:06HCltitania:/home/hcl/rockbox/rockbox-devel# md5sum new.hex
02:14:06HCl882243a2cdd0f08e76a5e5af280cb431 new.hex
02:15:52rasherIs gcc-3.3.5 okay?
02:19:04Blade ok i come to update with the new bootloader
02:19:05preglowshould be
02:19:19Bladebut the hold button is still not detected
02:19:57Bladewhat's problem ?
02:20:56Bladei am silly
02:21:03preglowyou're not alone in being silly
02:21:16Bladetime to bed
02:21:20Bladenite rockbox
02:21:31lostlogicdidn't make it to 50.
02:21:32 Quit Blade ("CGI:IRC")
02:29:07 Join CrunchyWhiteMeat [0] (
02:31:24 Quit preglow ("ehehehehehhehe")
02:33:22HClokay, my last build should run gameboy color roms
02:33:32HCli have no idea what it'll look like though, if it'll show at all
02:33:35 Quit mecraw ()
02:33:49HCl(not on ftp yet)
02:35:42DMJCyou got gameboy emu running already?
02:35:45HClyes xD
02:35:59DMJCwhat do I need to do to get it?
02:36:02HClpreglow made some pics
02:36:28HClok on my ftp
02:37:17HCljust unzip that over your current rockbox
02:37:58HClits still far too slow, but its running, which is most important :p
02:39:47lostlogicHCl: is slow because of clockspeed or because it needs severe optimization?
02:39:56HClboth, i guess.
02:40:06HClit calls drawpixel/clearpixel for every pixel
02:40:11HClevery scanline update
02:41:13DMJCwould a nes emulator be possible?
02:41:41HCli think a nes' resolution is too big
02:41:52HClyes, definately
02:42:18DMJCyou had to resize gameboy didn't you?
02:42:29HClit drops the bottom 16 lines at the moment
02:42:38 Join Blade [0] (
02:42:50Bladei come to testthe new bootloader
02:43:07Bladeand i assume he has some problem
02:43:17Bladethe Hold button is not detected everytime
02:43:28*HCl prods linuxstb
02:43:38HCllinuxstb: can you tell me how to make rockboy into a viewer?
02:43:50Bladeand he loads original firmware sometime instead of rockbox
02:43:52DMJCa viewer?
02:43:52Bladevery strange
02:44:06rasherlike the text-file viewer I guess
02:44:13HClDMJC: so you can use it in the browser, just click a gameboy rom
02:44:13rasherso you "play" a ROM with rockboy
02:44:14HCland it'll play it
02:44:39HCllinuxstb said its really easy to alter it
02:45:10Bladeso anyone test then new bootloader ?
02:45:25HCla few people
02:45:29HCli think
02:45:37amiconnNite all
02:45:51 Part amiconn
02:46:01Bladehcl where can i download your rockboy ?
02:46:10DMJCrockboy skips sound emulation
02:46:24HClthere's no sound driver yet
02:46:29HClso obviously i couldn't implement sound
02:46:36DMJCI assumed so
02:47:00Bladeon wich verson of rockbox is it based ?
02:47:13HClcvs with some needed extensions
02:47:31HCllike extending the memory area for plugins
02:47:36Bladewith all the latest improvment of linus ?
02:48:07DMJCyay finally a usb driver
02:48:19rashermost excellent
02:49:19Bladeall rom i have will work on your rockboy ?
02:49:25Bladeor only a few ?
02:49:30HClsomething should be posted on the wiki about it..
02:49:39HClBlade: um. well. i'm not sure about color gameboy roms yet
02:49:50HClbut its gnuboy, so it has the same compatibility
02:49:52Bladehave one to give me ?
02:49:54HCland gnuboy supports a lot
02:49:56HClyea is on my ftp as well
02:51:33DMJCiriver are idiots
02:51:47DMJCthey shouldn't have changed the ihp-1** design for the 300 series
02:51:54DMJCthey should have just added the color screen
02:52:02HCl :P
02:52:03DMJCthe joystick on the 100's is excellent
02:52:07HClit is
02:52:10lostlogicI prefer the interface IMO, except for the lack of joystick
02:52:13*DMJC has a 140
02:52:38DMJCwow... I think I locked my iriver
02:52:49DMJCdon't plug usb in when it's trying to run the emu
02:52:58***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
02:53:02Bladei got an illegal inst when i run rockboy
02:53:17Bladehcl ?
02:53:28HClillegal inst? o.o thats interesting.
02:53:32HClwhat rom did you use?
02:53:43HCli wonder whether my last build broke some stuff
02:53:45HCllet me check o.o
02:53:49Bladei call it
02:53:51HCli altered it slightly
02:53:54HCli might've messed up
02:53:55HClhold on
02:55:20Bladei' was true when i rename to on the root
02:56:30HClwhats the md5sum of your rockboy.rock?
02:56:44Bladei test again
02:56:49HClcause it works here..
02:57:44 Quit Blade ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
02:58:57 Join Blade [0] (
02:59:12Bladesorry my pc crached
02:59:30Bladeso i was wrong
02:59:33Bladei had an error
02:59:38Bladebut test agian and it works
02:59:57Bladei see mario picture and a countdown
03:00:04Bladeso i think it's good
03:00:19HClwell, you get the first screen
03:00:22HCland it asks you to press start
03:00:49Bladebut when i press the button it finished
03:01:08HClwhat button?
03:01:13*rasher checkouts binutils
03:01:17Bladethe NAVI button
03:01:22Bladeinthe joystick
03:01:27HClyea, thats the exit button :p
03:01:31HClstart = rec
03:01:50Bladewhen i press rec nothing happens
03:02:04HClyou need to hold it for a while
03:02:13HClas preglow found out earlier
03:02:14Bladeoh yeah
03:03:01DMJCHCl... you're not mario britto are you?
03:03:19DMJCn/m it's a guy with the same nick
03:03:34DMJChe's a crazy assembler coder guy
03:03:35HCli don't like people using my nick
03:03:37HClah :P
03:03:41DMJCcan decode almost any format
03:04:08Bladewhen i press the button joystick it returns an Plugin error
03:04:18Bladenormal i think
03:04:18HClBlade: yea, it can't detect a clean shutdown yet XD
03:04:34Bladeyou make a wonderful job
03:05:43HClthanks :P
03:05:48 Join Stryke` [0] (~Chairman8@resnet-241-86.resnet.UMBC.EDU)
03:05:57DMJCI wonder what a pmp is like to own
03:06:09Bladegood nite
03:06:50HCli got a completely black screen on pacman.. gameboy color
03:07:01HClIT RUNS
03:07:23Bladeslowly ?
03:07:25HClrockboy can officially handle color gameboy roms
03:07:29HCl :p
03:07:32HCli'll try to make a pic
03:08:31 Quit Stryke` (Client Quit)
03:08:55rasherwhich gcc are you using?
03:09:04 Quit Blade ("CGI:IRC")
03:09:07rasher3.4.x .. x being what?
03:09:38DMJCI'm thinking 10 years from now
03:09:43DMJCnuclear batteries
03:09:53DMJCand 1-2ghz of mobile goodness
03:10:21*rasher gets that
03:10:24HClDMJC: integrated pda/mp3 player/phone/photocam
03:10:29HCli'm still waiting for that.
03:10:43DMJCfriend of mine has that..
03:10:47DMJCit just lacks hdd
03:10:56DMJCthey need to put a laptop hdd in them
03:11:26HClthe new zaurus is nice
03:11:32HClthe cl3000, i think
03:11:37HClits pretty much a mini laptop
03:11:40HClwith a 4gb hdd
03:11:41DMJCmy friend's phone thingy even does ogg playback
03:11:43HClcomplete keyboard
03:11:46HCland it runs linux
03:11:52*rasher waits for gcc download
03:11:57HCli have a zaurus 5500
03:12:00HClwhich is good enough for me
03:12:07HClits a pda with a mini qwerty keyboard embedded
03:12:09HCland it runs linux
03:12:14DMJCactually if you could network zaurus and iriver... that'd be crazy
03:12:26DMJCuse the iriver for storage
03:12:36HClthe zaurus 6000 can
03:12:42HClsince it has an usb host connector
03:12:53HClfor the 5500 you'd need a compactflash usb host card
03:12:55HClthey do exist
03:13:17DMJCdid they release the source for the zaurus?
03:13:32DMJClike can you code for it yourself?
03:13:47HClsort of
03:13:49HClthere's a branch
03:13:57HClreminds me of rockbox,really
03:14:08HClits also reverse engineered stuff, better than the original
03:14:40DMJCthe world needs more hardware hackers
03:14:47HClwe really need those 4 shades
03:14:50HClaside from that
03:14:52HClpacman works great
03:15:13DMJCyou running it in monocolor?
03:15:25HCli don't really have a choice since thats all rockbox supports at the moment
03:15:36HClso yea, its black and white at the moment
03:16:16HCltook two pics of pacman
03:16:19HClhope they turned out rig
03:16:26HClmy first pic of mario was blurry
03:16:34DMJCthat's fine though
03:16:40DMJCthey'll get those shades soon enough
03:17:04DMJCyou'll want to add some options to the emu
03:17:08DMJCbacklight on/off
03:17:54HCli'm gonna want a menu either way
03:18:28HClok, the second pic was ruined due to the flash of my cam reflecting in the screen
03:18:32HClthe first pic was ok
03:18:34HClhold on
03:18:34DMJCmy friends are going to go nuts when they see that
03:18:45DMJCeveryone already thinks iriver owns ipod
03:18:52HClwho was the person who suggested it as a joke again? :P
03:19:13DMJCI was always considering it... because of the cpu speed and the screen size
03:19:47DMJCbut i don't think I was the first to mention it
03:20:14HCli should turn that image and reupload XD
03:20:16HCllet me do that
03:21:29 Part CrunchyWhiteMeat
03:23:48rasherhow on earth does this make sense
03:23:55rasher /home/linus> cd build/binutils
03:23:56rasher /home/linus/build/binutils> ../../binutils-2.15/configure −−target=sh-elf −−prefix=/home/linus/sh1
03:24:11rasheram I supposed to keep multiple versions of binutils lying around?
03:24:39rasherapparently so
03:24:43rasherthis is all mad
03:25:15rasheroh, now I get it
03:27:33HCli want to post some links on the wiki to the screenshots of rockboy...
03:27:36HClbut.. where should it go?
03:31:02 Quit cYmen ("leaving")
03:44:59*rasher ponders what to checkout
03:45:39*rasher picks rockbox-all to be on the safe side
03:46:36rasherI guess I could do without win32 simulator
03:46:43rasherand www, for that matter
03:49:35HCl :P
03:49:47*HCl wrote a tiny subsection about rockboy on the iriver page.. with 4 screenshots
03:50:55rasherthe archoses look huge, are they?
03:51:02HCli have no clue.
03:51:17HClaren't there dimensions mentioned on the hardware thingy?
03:51:49rasherfrom this picture:
03:51:58rasherit looks like at first they wanted to make a tiny device
03:52:06rasherbut figured it'd be easier if they stuck it in a huge case
03:52:22 Join jpburton5150 [0] (
03:52:35HCli think they just found out they needed more pcb and ended up having to make such a big case
03:52:52HClfor each model
03:53:01HClthe dimensions are mentioned on the devicechart
03:53:02rasherdoesn't seem that much larger than the iriver though
03:53:10HClit is, somewhat
03:53:18HClthey're twice as thick
03:53:31HCl2cm wider
03:53:32rasherdidn't notice
03:53:37jpburton5150so... i was browsing through the documentation and it says "You need a cross compiler and linker to build the code. Pick one of these... Linux .. [build a cross compiler] ... windows ... set up a cygwin rockbox environment..
03:53:41HCland almost the same length
03:53:50HCli got a headache
03:53:53rasherand quite a bit wider
03:53:54jpburton5150is that implying that if i do the cygwin stuff i dont need to manually build the cross compiler?
03:53:55HCli'm rather happy about getting rockboy to run
03:54:00HClso i'm gonna go sleep
03:54:17rasherjpburton5150: yup, you'll need that either way
03:55:03jpburton5150ok so if i do the normal cygwin then i _dont_ need to follow the cross compiler part?
03:55:32jpburton5150sorry if im being slow
03:55:33rasherI'm not following
03:55:38rasherHCl: night
03:55:44jpburton5150well ill just se what happens, thanks though
03:55:54rasherWhat do you mean by the "normal cygwin"?
03:56:24jpburton5150the cygwin setup described in the documentation
03:58:43rasherwhich page?
03:59:42jpburton5150and it branches off from there
03:59:54jpburton5150but i'll just follow everything down to the period
04:00:06jpburton5150instead of intuitively doing it like last time
04:00:28rasherthat's what I'm doing
04:00:32rasherexcept on linux
04:00:41jpburton5150so, i'll let you know if i run into any problems
04:00:51jpburton5150well, im trying on cygwin...
04:01:20jpburton5150cus im to lazy to figure out how to boot off my linux partition after windows wiped LILA
04:04:48rasheroh boy
04:04:52rasherI now have a bootloader.bin
04:06:15 Join QT [0] (as@area51.users.madwifi)
04:10:55rasherthere goes my lukc
04:11:22rasher$ tools/mkboot ihp_120.bin boot/bootloader.bin new.bin
04:11:22rasherihp_120.bin: Success
04:11:28rasherbut new.bin isn't created
04:15:42rasherwhat, the, hell
04:17:00ashridahthat doesn't sound right
04:17:11ashridahdoesn't mkboot mentino how many bytes it wrote?
04:17:14 Quit QT_ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
04:17:31ashridahsuccess sounsd like the mkboot script detecting something as an error condition when it isn't.
04:18:00rasherthat's all the output I get
04:18:10rasherafter that I'm put back to the prompt
04:18:33rashertried both with the bootloader.bin I compiled and the one from the wiki
04:21:03rasherI have no idea where to go from here
04:21:09ashridahsounds like an issue with mkboot then
04:25:27rasherI think I have it
04:26:05rasherI had not put -iriver on my descramble
04:27:13rasheroh, that complained
04:27:27*rasher downloads ihp_120.hex again
04:28:25rasherThis firmware is for an unknown model, or is not a valid encrypted iHP firmware
04:28:32rasherWHAT NOW!?!?!
04:28:38*rasher punches descrable
04:30:21*rasher tries with the us version
04:31:12rashersame result
04:31:16rasherashridah: any ideas?
04:35:50 Join CrunchyWhiteMeat [0] (
04:36:19rasherI wonder if wget is corrupting my files or something
04:36:51rasherit must've been
04:36:55rasheror else I have no idea
04:37:09rashergetting it off the iriver worked
04:37:23rasherWrote 0x1fb1d0 bytes in new.bin
04:38:28rasherlooks like my md5sum matches preglow's
04:41:47rasherlooks like rockbox-all cvs module doesn't include 'bootloader' or 'fonts'
04:43:47jpburton5150rar... i just followed those instructions and i still get the unrecognized architecture error
04:44:28 Quit Hohoman ("( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: )")
04:45:15rasherit's sure booting faster now
04:45:25rasherjpburton5150: do you have the correct gcc in your path?
04:45:44jpburton5150hmm i should good idea...
04:45:45rasher $ which sh-elf-gcc
04:45:48jpburton5150*shoudl check
04:45:59rasheror m68k-elf-gcc etc.
04:45:59jpburton5150should it be m68k-elf-gcc?
04:46:57rasher(what the fuck.. it just booted the original firmware without me asking it to)
04:47:39jpburton5150/opt/m68k/bin/m68k-elf-gcc does that sound right?
04:48:52rashershouldn't matter where it is, as long as it's in your path somewhere
04:50:05rasherNote LinusN: If I turn on with main lock on, I get the original firmware telling me lock is on, and it shuts down. Next time I turn the unit on, I'm booted into original firmware again.
04:50:33rasherBut damn, did bootup time ever speed up
04:51:01rasheroh, did they reverse the bootup mechanism now?
04:51:15rashernope, they didn't
04:51:17rasherwhat the hell
04:51:33rasherI can only boot rockbox now by booting iriver, then hard resetting
04:51:42 Part CrunchyWhiteMeat
04:52:59***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
04:53:27jpburton5150well its in the path...
04:54:02rasherthat's pretty much my only guess I'm afraid
04:54:17jpburton5150yyeah, tis okay... thanks for your help though...
04:54:38jpburton5150well i got loads of hw to do
04:54:45jpburton5150so im out
04:54:48jpburton5150thanks for your help
04:54:53 Quit jpburton5150 ()
05:12:59 Join Christi-S [0] (~christi@
05:17:29rashersomehow I now have an iRiver image on my remote while I have rockbox on the iriver
05:29:54 Quit Cassandra_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:39:49 Quit XShocK (" HydraIRC -> <-")
06:12:53ashridahrasher: probably because rockbox doesn't clear the remote's internal memory, assuming that's what it has.
06:13:10rasherYes, something like that
06:13:23rasherit happened because I did a hard restart after having booted iriver
06:15:32rasherI still can't boot rockbox correctly
06:15:39rasherguess I'll wait for linus
06:23:49ashridahrasher: is 15349e452c83f512f4005565f3f8529c the checksum of the modded firmware you're using?
06:24:13ashridah(that's an eu version, mind)
06:25:41rasherYes it is
06:25:48rasherat least
06:25:51rasherI remember the 4005
06:26:01rasherso I guess the rest is the same
06:26:27ashridahi'd kinda like hold detection :)
06:27:06rasherwell it's working sortof odd for me
06:27:41ashridahas long as you can still get to the original firmware so you can reflash it
06:28:00rasherthe firmware works fine
06:28:12rasherit's just always booting the original, sor some reason
06:31:55ashridahhmm. it does too
06:32:04ashridahas tho the record button's always being detected
06:32:10*ashridah peers through the patch linus made
06:33:08ashridahlooks like the
06:33:09ashridah- if(button_status() & BUTTON_REC) {
06:33:09ashridah+ if(button_status() & BUTTON_REC ||
06:33:09DBUGEnqueued KICK ashridah
06:33:09ashridah+ button_status() & BUTTON_RC_ON) {
06:33:27ashridahchange is the only one that could be having that effect
06:33:38ashridahsince immediately after that it outputs 'starting original firmware'
06:34:46ashridahi'm guessing "button_status() & BUTTON_RC_ON" is always true
06:35:30ashridahdo you have the remote plugged in?
06:36:17rasherdoesn't change anything
06:36:38rasheras far as I can see
06:37:33ashridahalrighty then, i'm going to increase the sleep and try again then.
06:37:45ashridahi think it's not sleeping long enough
06:41:06rasherlet me know the result
06:41:33rasherit doesn't even get to checking hold switch
06:42:05ashridahyeah, it's the record button check that's returning true.
06:42:11ashridahi think the signal hasn't settled yet
06:42:32CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
06:42:32*ashridah cringes and reflashes
06:42:41rasherlet me know the result
06:42:51*ashridah nods
06:43:33ashridahyep. increasing the sleep definently worked.
06:43:43ashridahsleep(HZ/50) is just too short
06:43:59ashridahwhich would explain why hard resetting it did the trick, the signal wouldn't have gone indeterminate
06:44:28ashridahLinusN: when you see this, read up a bit :)
06:44:57ashridahthe hold check isn't working either
06:46:06ashridahbut at least decreasing the sleep time gets you a firmware that works as it did before
06:46:31rasherwhat did you change it to?
06:46:48ashridahi undid
06:46:51ashridah- sleep(HZ/10); /* Allow the button driver to check the buttons */
06:46:51ashridah+ sleep(HZ/50); /* Allow the button driver to check the buttons */
06:46:58ashridahie, changed it back from HZ/50 to HZ/10
06:47:17ashridahc32f6f1622c11e5f25e506d57e6606ec was the checksum of the resulting firmware
06:49:14ashridahexcept the test still detects the remote's record button if the remote's not plugged in
06:49:23rasheroh dear
06:49:41rasherMaybe I'll just not bother and let LinusN fix it
06:50:51DMJCanyone seen
06:50:57rasheryup, mighty fun
06:51:47DMJChey kid, I'm a computer, stop all the downloadin
06:51:50ashridahdidn't they get like $90,000 dollars in donations?
06:51:58DMJCheh yeah
06:52:03ashridahthey probably just pulled a DMCA and bludgeoned the host with it
06:52:20ashridahhost said 'wtf we don't want to get sued' and shut down the site
06:53:03***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
06:55:32ashridahyeah. the refresh routine definently needs to include a check for the remote
06:55:40ashridahthat's way out of my depth
06:55:52*ashridah drowns in 3" of water :)
07:04:46dwihnoI see Linus added USB support!
07:04:54ashridahdid he?
07:05:28ashridahooh. it works
07:05:36dwihnoWhen I got my archos, rockbox was at this stage. Pretty much everything except sound working :)
07:06:05ashridahyeah, well, iriver has longer to go to get sound working than the archos, if i understand the features of the archos' hardware properly
07:06:41rasherashridah: it appears that usb is only detected during boot afaics?
07:07:09ashridahrasher: hey? i just plugged it in after it booted just then and it worked fine.
07:07:26rasherI see
07:07:50ashridahit responds a crapload quicker too, which is nice
07:07:57rasherVery much
07:07:58ashridahmostly because it doesn't reread the entire directory tree
07:08:05rasherWorked here after boot
07:08:13rasherI'm sure it was not responding at some point
07:10:17ashridah"i own a iHP-140 and as every1 here,am quite bugged by the lack of features....." rofl.
07:10:19ashridahlack of features?
07:10:23 Join edx [0] (
07:10:32ashridahit's got just about everything under the sun... except for audio playback, that is :)
07:10:43rasherwhere are you seeing that?
07:10:58rasherdon't you think he means the original firmware?
07:11:05dwihnomust be
07:11:19ashridahit's ambiguous
07:13:27ashridahpersonally, i didn't have much to fault with the stock firmware, it played music, which covered what i was after nicely.
07:13:48rasherI would've liked gapless playback
07:15:43ashridahmm. i didn't always notice it myself. usually only when i had a cd that hadn't been ripped as one giant track when it matters
07:16:17rasherI've never done that
07:16:23dwihnoneither have I
07:16:29dwihnoI've used the −−nogap lame option
07:16:40dwihnobut then, I'm still using an archos
07:16:51dwihnothe greatest boost with the iriver will be the display
07:16:55dwihnoit's huge!
07:17:16rasherI've used oggs
07:17:50ashridahdwihno: yeah, again, it doesn't read in the entire directory structure, which saves a lot of time
07:18:13dwihnoashridah: "a lot of time"? :)
07:18:27dwihnoYou really must have little or no time, since directory reading is too time consuming ;)
07:18:47rasherno but the iRiver firmware reads the entire disk at boot
07:18:51dwihnoit does?
07:18:52rasherit takes like 30 seconds
07:18:55dwihnoIT DOES?
07:19:15dwihnoit still uses the fat information for browsing?
07:19:21dwihnoand no "on-the-fly" cache thing?
07:19:24rasherI'm not sure what it does
07:19:35dwihnoHowever, reading the entire disk has to be the dumbest thing I've heard of
07:20:06rasherboot time is "Read file system", it says on boot
07:20:21rasherI think it keeps the entire filesystem in cache
07:20:34rasherin other news, I just crashed minesweeper
07:21:22dwihno:) ?
07:21:34rasherAt least, I couldn't make it respond to any buttonpress
07:23:04dwihnoso how do you think the iriver port is otherwise than the minesweeper crash?
07:24:02rasherit looks fully functional.. except the missing hardware work
07:24:15rasherand some weird button mappings in some of the plugins
07:25:59dwihnoHow many buttons are there?
07:26:02dwihnoOnly a joystick?
07:26:29rashera joystick, play/pause, stop, "a-b repeat", record and a hold switch
07:27:14dwihnocan you press the joystick to create a button event?
07:27:38dwihnoare the buttons placed on top of the unit?
07:27:40rasherYou can
07:27:45 Join Marder [0] (
07:27:50rasherthe buttons are on the sige of the unit
07:28:02rasherI'll see if I can find pictures
07:29:06dwihnoon the ifp models, the joystick takes some time to get adjusted to">">
07:30:40dwihnothe unit looks pretty sweet
07:30:52dwihnoI love the big screen
07:30:52rasherI quite like it
07:31:04dwihnoCompared to the archos LCD, this thing is HUGE
07:31:29rasherthe remote is pretty cute as well
07:31:32dwihnoI should complete the new font I'm working on.. It will be sweet on this display!
07:33:10rashercan't remember which font I'm using
07:34:10rasherlooks lovely
07:35:01dwihnoit's neat too!
07:35:12dwihnoOn a bigger display, it has to be really great!
07:39:53dwihnoTime to check some CPU scorecards
07:40:05dwihnoMy new box is −−><−−- this close to completion
07:40:45DMJC-Lchicago makes it look like an ipod
07:41:55dwihnoI had an ipod encounter a year ago..
07:42:05dwihnoyet, I live to tell the tail!
07:42:07dwihnotale ;)
07:42:45rasherchicago would be a nice companion to atadore
07:42:52rasherif we get multi-font support
07:43:13rasherlike have the trackname in chicago, and other info in chicago
07:44:23dwihnoHave you checked the feature request page?
07:44:24rasherother info in atadore
07:44:29rashernot really
07:44:42dwihnoThis is probably only useful in the WPS context
07:46:45dwihnoI think quite some work is required in order to get this
07:47:15ashridahdwihno: 'a lot of time' relative to iriver's bootup time on my player, given that i've got around 1900 music files on it currently.
07:49:45dwihnoashridah: yeah, the boot scan would probably make you nuts :(
07:50:22ashridahnot really.
07:50:36ashridahjust got to try to not forget i've just turned it on and have it auto-poweroff tho :)
07:51:29rasherI've done that multiple times in a row :)
07:52:20dwihnoauto poweroff :)
07:52:51ashridahdwihno: meh. you can jack up the time till it turns off.
07:53:05ashridahof course, rockbox looks like it can be set to auto-resume or even ask you on boot
07:53:08ashridahwhich is nice
07:54:16rasherBoot time is very fast
07:54:40rasherand there are still optimizations to be made, I think
07:54:40dwihnoas expected :)
07:54:56rasherwell apart from the sleep that has to be jacked up :)
07:55:04dwihnothe sleep?
07:55:13dwihnohow much does it sleep?
07:55:24rasheryes, there's a sleep during the bootloader to wait for button signals
07:55:26rasherwhich is too short
08:12:36rasherashridah: interesting.. with a turned-off rockbox, and pressing reset, it comes up in rockbox
08:12:47rasherexchange the first rockbox for iRiver
08:13:27 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
08:13:41dwihnorasher: you are in need of some sleep :)
08:14:27rashermost certainly
08:21:08 Quit Marder (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
08:34:08 Join methangas [0] (
08:46:30 Join Zagor [242] (
08:52:08 Join lImbus [0] (
08:52:17lImbushi all
08:53:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:54:17 Join einhirn [0] (
08:56:05 Join amiconn [0] (
08:56:55Bagdernice sim fix amiconn
08:56:57amiconnrasher: The sleep() at start doesn't need to be increased, the problem is a different one:
08:57:21amiconnBUTTON_RC_ON is a 2-bit value, so the check has to be changed.
08:57:34rasherIt did sound weird
08:57:45rasherso another thing
08:57:58rasherif I have booted rockbox and let it auto-shutdown
08:57:59amiconnCurrently, the check is also true if you press the ON button on the main unit ... which is always true right after start....
08:58:15rasherexcept if you have pressed reset to start
08:58:18amiconnunless you manage to press it really short ;)
08:58:30rasheror use reset to turn it on
08:58:47rasherwhich works, for some reason
08:59:04amiconnyes, because then you don't press ON
08:59:50amiconnchange 'button_status() & BUTTON_RC_ON' to '(button_status() & BUTTON_RC_ON) == BUTTON_RC_ON' and see if it works
09:00:26rasherjust a second
09:02:23amiconnBagder: do you mean the .idata problem? That was annoying... did a binary search of the time it broke
09:03:38rasheramiconn: does this happen after the cookie-check?
09:03:52amiconnI guess you didn't actually test the latest simulators...
09:04:06Bagderyes I did
09:04:13amiconnrasher: I dunno, I only picked the line from the IRC logs
09:04:27amiconnBagder: Strange that it worked for you then...
09:05:31Bagderbut what does it do with the idata ?
09:06:35*rasher flashes
09:06:44BagderI just retried, it works fine for me with the idata in there
09:07:03amiconnHmm, I don't know. Maybe the cygwin linker behaves different
09:07:19rasheramiconn: that fixed it indeed
09:07:37amiconnBagder: Speaking about sims, is there a particular reason why there is no Ondio sim in the build table?
09:07:45rasherthe hold check isn't working though
09:07:51Bagderamiconn: nope
09:07:56Bagderamiconn: you want one?
09:08:06rasherI guess it's a similar deal there?
09:08:13Bagderwould make it more complete
09:08:16BagderI'll add
09:08:48amiconnCould be useful to check if something breaks.
09:09:02Bagderenough with a FM one or do we need two?
09:09:27Bagderlet's do two
09:10:55amiconnBagder: What's your native gcc version? Cygwin still uses 3.3.3 ...
09:13:17amiconnHmm. I though it would be 3.4.something (thinking about the .idata prob)
09:13:19Bagderthis will make my rotated titles becoming more attractive ;-)
09:14:44Bagdernow, any commits pending?
09:16:14amiconnShould I check in the iriver bootloader mod? I don't have an iriver to test on, but it's pretty straightforward, and rasher tested it okay.
09:17:02rasherI'm not sure what to make of this
09:17:21rasherI can't make it boot rockbox now
09:17:41rasheralthough I have the same md5 as HCl had yesterday afternoon
09:18:02rasherlet me check if he had issues then
09:18:16rasheroh, haha
09:18:26rasherit appears that I flashed with an original
09:18:29rasheroops :)
09:19:00Bagderamiconn: let's hold that off for Linus, just to play really safe
09:20:10BagderI'll force a rebuild manually
09:20:43*rasher holds breath
09:20:53rasherI just realized I was flashing while running on batteries
09:21:21*Bagder whispers: b r i c k
09:21:34rasheramiconn: boots rockbox now
09:21:41rasherhold check working
09:21:50 Nick Lynx_awy is now known as Lynx_ (HydraIRC@
09:22:09rasherturn-on-from-remote working
09:22:13rasherlooks correct
09:26:17DMJCwhen the heck will sound work?
09:26:34soxrasher: what was your md5 for the last one you flashed?
09:26:49rasher10a13c760fee31ed8413de91a676061c new.hex
09:26:55ZagorDMJC: as soon as you submit your patch
09:27:26DMJCi thought you guys were arguing over a sound system?
09:27:41Zagornot arguing. planning.
09:28:57*Zagor is upgrading apache. cgiirc users might be kicked out - just log back in if that happens.
09:30:24 Join bobTHC [0] (
09:31:02 Quit DMJC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:31:15bobTHChi ppl!
09:31:42Zagorupgrade completed
09:33:36soxdarn: 882243a2cdd0f08e76a5e5af280cb431 new.hex
09:33:50rasherso many things could differ
09:34:19rashermaybe you put different whitespace in the fix
09:34:55 Join DMJC [0] (
09:35:01soxin the fix?
09:35:23DMJCwho created snake2?
09:35:25rasher[08:59] <amiconn> change 'button_status() & BUTTON_RC_ON' to '(button_status() & BUTTON_RC_ON) == BUTTON_RC_ON' and see if it works
09:35:31DMJCI want to modify the play area to make it bigger
09:36:01ZagorDMJC: you don't have to ask permission. just fix it.
09:36:14DMJCi don't know howto
09:36:19Zagorah :)
09:36:23DMJCI just wanted to know what needed changiong
09:36:31DMJCit should be a few vars afaik
09:39:41DMJCI04:I11Instr at 31FF80B8
09:40:35Bagdercheck the cvs build table now
09:41:03soxHCI: are you there?
09:43:38DMJChow many pixels is the h140's screen?
09:45:19dwihnoarchos is 128x64? (I _always_ forget this)
09:45:34dwihnome senile
09:46:21 Join webguest71 [0] (
09:46:45dwihnothe iriver screen is huuuge!
09:46:52 Quit webguest71 (Client Quit)
09:46:53Bagderit is
09:47:02 Join webguest72 [0] (
09:47:05sneakumsbig and slow, like myself
09:47:07Bagder16 lines of text with the 8 pixel font
09:47:22rasherIt's lovely
09:48:44 Quit einhirn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:49:00DMJCcan someone who knows what they're doing look at snake2.c and see if they can make the play area bigger?
09:50:03 Join LinusN [0] (
09:50:15rasherMorning LinusN
09:50:16BagderDMJC: shouldn't be that hard
09:50:38Bagderhi ho
09:50:44rasherI'mn not sure if he got this from you, but this fix is needed in the bootloader: <amiconn> change 'button_status() & BUTTON_RC_ON' to '(button_status() & BUTTON_RC_ON) == BUTTON_RC_ON' and see if it works
09:50:50rasherI tested it, and it appears to work
09:51:07LinusNah, silly me
09:51:07rasherwithout it, rockbox won't load unless from a reset
09:51:39dwihnoBagder: So now those huge fonts actually becomes useful ;D
09:51:50Bagderthey're almost required in fact
09:51:59Bagderthe standard one is *tiny*
09:52:13*rasher looks at snake2.c
09:52:52dwihnoBagder: are the pixels "smaller" and more tightly packed, compared to the archos' LCD?
09:53:29BagderI haven't measured the archos screen to compare
09:53:54BagderI added the physical size of the iriver screen to the chart
09:54:44rasheroh.. hrm
09:54:54 Join einhirn [0] (
09:54:54DMJCI think I figured out the problem
09:55:07DMJCplugin version was different to the firmware version
09:55:49rasheroh dear
09:55:59rashersnake2.c looks like it'll take some work
09:56:17rasherresizing the "tiles" used
09:56:21rasheror resizing all the levels
09:56:24rasherbetter do the first
09:56:29 Quit ripnetUK ()
09:56:30rasheralthough the latter would be easier :)
09:56:35DMJCi'm working on figuring out the values
09:57:01rasherDMJC: I think you just need to change all the "void draw_X_bit(int x, int y)" functions
09:57:04DMJCI had the rockboy version of rockbox trying to run a plugin built on my pc
10:03:37DMJCI've got the right values,m just got to edit the levels
10:03:38rasherdone what?
10:03:51DMJCit now uses the full iriver screen
10:03:52rasheroh, so you just moved the levels up?
10:04:04rasherI'd rather see the tiles getting enlarged :\
10:04:05Bagderthe archos recorder screen is 30x24 mm, the iriver one is 39x31mm
10:04:21Bagderthe iriver pixels are thus smaller
10:04:38DMJCyou want a larger snake?
10:04:48DMJCI just wanted a bigger play area
10:04:58DMJCmore level designs become possible
10:05:09LinusNrasher: i have now fixed the BUTTON_RC_ON check, and the bug where it started the original after turning off because of the hold switch
10:05:18BagderDMJC: yes, but it would also make the game totally different between platforms
10:05:31Bagdermaking levels incompatible
10:06:08*LinusN gets some coffee
10:06:29rasherLinusN: oh, hadn't noticed that last one
10:07:14DMJCI'll offer it as a seperate patch
10:07:40rashersnake3 :)
10:08:30rasherguess I'll try making a simple plugin
10:10:50DMJCit's just that i don't see why we should sacrifice the iriver's benefits for the sake of backwards compatability
10:11:24rasherWell I think that the game area would be too large with the tiles at their current size
10:12:21sneakumssnake on the nokia phones had about the right-sized play area, i feel
10:13:07 Join quelsaruk [0] (~kvirc@
10:13:10 Join Aison [0] (
10:13:22quelsarukreal morning today :)
10:14:29 Nick Aison is now known as Aison|sweat (
10:14:30BagderI made separate columns for the 120/140 in the devicechart
10:14:44 Quit bobTHC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:15:57 Quit sox ("Snak 4.13 IRC For Mac -")
10:16:35rashersnak :(
10:17:03 Join bobTHC [0] (
10:17:04 Join ghode|afk [0] (
10:22:32 Quit Shulberry (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:26:45rasherHurray, I've drawn a square onto the screen!
10:26:51DMJCdamnit why don't people comment their code?
10:26:53Bagderat least I now need to scroll horizontally for the full build table
10:27:05DMJCI want to fix rockblox
10:27:08dwihnoBagder: wehm... waz dat? :)
10:27:18Bagderdwihno: my take at narrowing the build table
10:27:30Bagdergenerated pics for the headers
10:27:46dwihnoBagder: ah
10:28:21dwihnoI just had a brief talk to my co-worker regarding mp3 players and firmware
10:28:29Bagderthe headers are what makes the table so wide
10:28:33dwihnoIt seems like the creative series only buffer one file at a time
10:28:40amiconnLinusN: Seen that you added my BUTTON_RC_ON check fix.
10:28:50Bagderdwihno: manufactorers have no pride
10:29:22dwihnoBagder: If people have the skill to build coolish hardware, why do the software engineers fail so terribly? :)
10:29:55amiconnlImbus: However, I thought about the way remote button check is designed. The way it is now, you can't check for a local button if the equivalent button is pressed on the remote...
10:30:03Bagderdwihno: because customers don't care for sw, only for the cool hw
10:30:22ashridahdwihno: because saving 10c per unit on a run of 100,000 is a crapload of money
10:30:33ZagorBagder: in the same vein, replace "OK" with "0" to get even narrower
10:30:47ashridahbut slashing programmers from the projecti s the only way to save money that penny pinchers know of
10:30:49Bagderor even an image of a "check" mark
10:31:01Zagornah, too user friendly ;)
10:31:08Bagdera zero is fine
10:31:20dwihnoashridah: still, a more solid product gains a better rep.
10:31:27dwihnoBagder: I want cool sw!!! :)
10:31:46Bagderdwihno: you are not the typical mp3 player customer
10:31:54Bagderthen you wouldn't be here ;-)
10:32:07Zagordwihno: products are not love long enough for "rep" to matter. marketing rules the game.
10:32:12Zagordo not live
10:32:35dwihnoIn two or three years, I see rockbox running on a heapload of mp3 players! I also see green men attacking earth, and the United Earth Directorate manufacturing battle cruisers to cope with the attackers
10:33:11Zagorbattle cruisers against rockbox?
10:33:11dwihnoBagder: Well, this is the chan that actually convinced me to purchase the archos in the first place :)
10:33:44ashridahdwihno: you get a better rep by adding more features to the next version
10:34:07Zagorashridah: ...promising to add :)
10:34:09dwihnoZagor: a typical product lifetime is ... a year? two?
10:34:25dwihnoashridah: Zagor's right... "promising"!
10:35:15Bagderzeroes look good in the table
10:35:29Bagdernow for the pics
10:35:33dwihnoThe open source concept works great when it comes to this project...
10:36:05dwihnoWith a PCM driver, additional drivers for whatever format is (relatively) easy to add!
10:36:36 Join Shulberry [0] (
10:37:28dwihnoI just hope some major manufacturer of mp3 players will realize the rockbox power, and decide to work closely with "the core team", providing data, schematics and a (large) donation to the fund
10:37:49BagderI don't see that happening
10:38:06 Join Patr3ck [0] (
10:38:09Bagderbut I agree it would be thrilling
10:38:20dwihnoI will always be the optimist regarding this :)
10:38:33dwihnoI have a dream... :)
10:39:10dwihnoThe optimist and the pessimist were out walking... The pessimist says: "Now, things can not get worse!", and the optimist replies: "Oh yes they can!!!" :)
10:40:05dwihnoWhat about that player based on texas instruments hardware? didn't they say something about rockbox?
10:41:18*dwihno wrestles some gnuplot scripts for a second or two
10:41:34Bagderdwihno: you mean Neuros?
10:41:52Bagderneuros withdrew their sources
10:41:57BagderI wonder if they're back
10:42:17dwihnothey did? how dull :(
10:42:17BagderNeuros _next_ player might be interesting
10:42:27Bagdersince they seems to understand open source now
10:43:04Bagderand the next one builds on a chip you can get a compiler for without spending a year's sallary
10:43:18dwihnois it confirmed
10:43:31Bagderthey speak of it on their site
10:43:37BagderI don't hold my breath
10:44:45 Join Schnueff [0] (~mah@
10:49:57linuxstbSomebody added a link on the wiki to a thread on the official Neuros forum where the FLAC developer was helping make libFLAC more embedded-friendly. The results are that the decoding part of the latest libFLAC can now be compiled in an integer-only mode.
10:50:21linuxstbApparently the other concern was 64-bit integers.
10:50:55BagderI added that link
10:51:00Bagderthought it could be interesting
10:51:02linuxstbSo it looks like Neuros have got some open source developers on board.
10:51:08linuxstbBagder: Yes, very useful link, thanks.
10:51:19BagderI found it interesting that the flac developer was so eager to help
10:51:51linuxstbI think I remember him saying that his past is in embedded development (but I may be wrong).
10:52:01Bagderyes it seems the Neuros devel is moving, in spite of the dev environment issue
10:52:21Bagderthe gcc port is still in "planning" on SF
10:52:55linuxstbI also saw a post somewhere about MusePack, saying that the Neuros people were offering to loan development envirnoments to open source developers. That doesn't interest me though.
10:53:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:53:33Bagderfrankly, the Neuros players aren't very thrilling
10:54:23Bagderand not even legal in many european countries
10:54:58Lynx_not legal?
10:55:07Bagdernope, due to the FM broadcasting
10:55:20quelsarukwork time, cu later
10:55:22Zagorthe flac and ogg developer got paid for helping, iirc
10:55:31 Nick quelsaruk is now known as Quel|out (~kvirc@
10:55:35linuxstbI'm sure we can go a very long way on the H1xx - a lot of the NODO list for the Archos is now on the TODO list for the iRiver. :-)
10:55:40BagderZagor: that explains it
10:55:50Bagderlinuxstb: yeps!
10:56:22linuxstbBut any developments to libFLAC are good for us as well. So we have a reason to be grateful to Neuros for getting them done.
10:57:02 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- The professional IRC Client")
10:57:24Lynx_but it would be nice if the hardware was open enough to port rockbox before the player went out of production, i think...
10:57:26rasherHow exciting.. I have now written a square that moves around on the screen :)
10:58:17Lynx_rasher: if it moves from top to bottom you have a first start for tetris ;)
10:58:36rasherhaha, no way
10:58:53rasherit just floats around and changes direction when it hits the screen border
10:59:22Lynx_is it a screensaver? ;)
10:59:33rasherA very boring one, if it is
10:59:56Quel|outyou can create a Tennis game with that :D
11:00:04Lynx_rasher: most dvd players i know have exacly that, maybe with a logo instead of a square...
11:00:05rasherThere's already pong
11:00:17rasherLynx_: yeah, that exact effect
11:00:26rasherVery dull
11:00:43rasherBut it's strangely satisfying to have code that *I* wrote running on the iriver
11:00:53amiconnrasher: Use a small rockbox logo instead ;)
11:01:07Lynx_rasher: what will it be if it is finished?
11:01:18rasherLynx_: I have no plans with it really
11:01:30rasherMaybe I could do what amiconn said and leave it at that
11:01:43Lynx_rasher: maybe it should change shape when it hits the border
11:04:25rashernah, I think I'll attempt a rockbox logo
11:04:55 Quit Christi-S (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
11:06:27*rasher looks at lcd_bitmap()
11:08:14Bagderthe pics didn't make the columns better
11:10:55rasherI don't understand the format of the bitmap passed to lcd_bitmap(), anywhere I can read about it? or anyone care to explain?
11:11:03dwihnoBagder: tried fixating the width?
11:11:17 Quit ghode|afk (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:11:39Bagderrasher: check the bounce.c plugin
11:11:53Bagderit uses it for diplaying the flying letters
11:11:58amiconnrasher: Looking into lcd-h100.c
11:13:24*rasher blinks
11:13:52 Join Christi-S [0] (~christi@
11:13:52Bagderdwihno: I don't see why I would have to resort to that
11:15:15dwihnoBagder: neither do I :)
11:15:26dwihnoSomething is fishy - ><))))8>
11:16:06Bagderwidth: 3em
11:16:21Zagori think the square makes it harder to read, actually
11:16:29BagderI'll try without it
11:16:38BagderZagor: you fix the css?
11:17:25Bagderyes, borderless is better
11:18:52Zagorahh, really narrow now
11:19:31Bagderme like
11:19:39Zagornow time to break the download table into two rows
11:20:19LinusNthe device comparison chart is lying about the looks of the H140
11:20:36Bagdera mistake is not a lie
11:22:40Bagdernow we can at 10 builds more without taking up the full width
11:23:19BagderLinusN: I bet it "lies" about more things than that too
11:24:29LinusNI just filled in the ?'s
11:24:30 Join Taxi|3 [0] (
11:25:34BagderI'll do some further cleaning up too later
11:25:47LinusNi'll see if if find the time to scan my 140
11:25:54Bagderlike splitting up a few cells into multiple lines
11:26:26BagderLinusN: that would be cool, running Rockbox of course ;-)
11:26:30amiconnLinusN: Did you get my remark concerning remote button handling?
11:27:19amiconnBagder: The new sideways text images take up more width than the text did before...
11:27:47LinusNamiconn: yes, saw it now
11:27:53Bagdernot here
11:27:59LinusNamiconn: you're right, we need to fix that
11:28:09Bagderamiconn: these are 20 pixels wide, the text was wider
11:28:24rasherI appear to have created a bitmap
11:28:30rasherentirely unlike what I had in mind
11:29:28amiconnBagder: In fact they're not wider (my browser stretched the table), but about the same width+
11:29:53BagderHow could "ondio" fit within 20 pixels?
11:30:06Bagderthat's a tiny font
11:30:07LinusNlooks good in IE and firefox here
11:30:39Bagderand the table shouldn't be stretched, that's a browser bug
11:31:35Bagderwhay browser are you using?
11:32:03amiconnBagder: Firefox 1.0 on Windows, default font settings
11:32:14*HCl yawns
11:32:19LinusNme too, looks good here
11:32:36Bagderfirefox looks fine on my linux
11:32:52HClLinusN: on the lcd_framebuffer thing, can i just increase the address with 160 each time to get the next 8 scanlines?
11:33:08HCland would it be faster than drawpixel and clearpixel functions?
11:34:06LinusNdrawpixel and clearpixel are slow
11:34:17LinusNand yes, multiply with LCD_WIDTH
11:34:30HCli was hoping they were
11:35:40amiconnHCl: I would change the lcd routines to update 8 rows at a time, and use lcd_bitmap(). It's way faster...
11:35:45dwihnoHow fast does the flash boot on the iriver models?
11:35:52dwihno(rockbox-flash, that is)
11:36:29Bagderdwihno: the bootloader starts in a second, and then it loads, checksums and starts rockbox in another few secs
11:36:43amiconnBagder: Re how 'Ondio' was smaller before: The gfx font you used is larger than my browser's font
11:36:44LinusNdwihno: i haven't checked with rockbox in flash
11:37:14Bagderamiconn: my font choice is not important, as the width is fixed at 20 pixels now
11:37:26LinusNamiconn: yes, but the old "Ondio" text was horizontal
11:37:50Bagderthese are higher than your text was wide before, I understand that
11:37:56amiconnYes... it was still only about 20 pixels wide
11:38:14Bagder"Ondio" in 20 pixels is _tiny_
11:38:56sneakumsthe table looks fine here, fwiw
11:39:00Bagderwe can have a vote
11:39:28LinusNmy table is at least 30% narrower now
11:39:33 Nick Aison|sweat is now known as Aison (
11:39:40Bagdermine too
11:42:43amiconnBagder: *now* it is tiny. Did you change the gfx width?
11:42:59BagderI bet you didn't get the new css
11:43:06Bagderuntil now
11:43:34amiconnAnother thing: Now the top line only shows the rec sim??
11:43:51Bagderit is being built just now
11:43:55BagderI ran this manually
11:44:01Bagderin the middle of a build
11:44:52Bagderthe builds take a noticable time these days
11:44:56amiconnThe daily build table (at the top) should probably made 2-row now
11:45:19Bagderyes, or turned narrow too
11:46:00amiconnMight be hard with those pictures...
11:46:02Bagder10 images, at 60 pixels each should fit in most windows
11:46:11dwihnoBagder, LinusN: ah, okay
11:47:35 Quit Shulberry (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:48:28amiconnBagder: Yes, but some texts need to become smaller ( 'fmrecorder8mb', 'windows installer')
11:48:51dwihnoI check the feature chart and see two entries regarding queue...
11:48:52BagderI'll experiment a little
11:48:56dwihnoPerhaps it is intentional?
11:49:19dwihnoor perhaps <br>'s or spaces might make it smaller
11:52:06Bagdertry now
11:52:34Bagderfits fine for me
11:56:45Bagderoops, broke
11:58:42rasheroh boy
11:58:46rasherI now have a bouncing logo
11:59:17Bagderdoes it move sideways too?
11:59:37rasherit starts off moving to the left and down
12:00:06Bagderit bounces off the walls?
12:00:26rashervery basic
12:00:35Bagderup-down should be a sinus instead, makes more natural bounce
12:00:58Bagderor half a sine rather
12:02:22Bagderoh, bad gmini link...
12:04:24rasherright now I can change the speed in each direction with the joystick
12:08:39 Join ghode|afk [0] (
12:14:05Quel|outamiconn: here?
12:18:36 Quit ghode|afk ()
12:19:03 Join ripnetuk [0] (
12:27:45HClis it safe to use the optimization flags of gcc?
12:29:38LinusNyes and no
12:30:16LinusNthe optimizations are generally safe, but they might do unexpected things depending on how you wrote your code
12:31:34HCljust wondering
12:31:37*HCl brb
12:31:57rasherhrm, can't I include recorder/icons.h from a plugin somehow?
12:32:08rasheror am I just doing it with the wrong path?
12:32:31LinusNyou aren't supposed to do that
12:32:49rasherI'll not, then
12:32:50LinusNbut #include "icons.h should work
12:33:11rasherI had recorder/icons.h
12:33:15rasherbut, I won't
12:33:25rasherI just copied rockbox112x37
12:33:27rasherinto the plugin
12:33:31LinusNah :-)
12:33:38rasherit looks really cute
12:33:58rasherhow large is the archos screen again?
12:34:24rasherwon't bounce much there then :)
12:34:30rasheror actually
12:34:32rasherit probably will
12:34:44rasherin strange ways
12:34:53rasherI think it'll be jumping back and forth
12:35:17sneakumscall it cylon mode
12:35:27rasherno way
12:36:31rasherLinusN: what kind of ifdef do I put to require a h100?
12:36:41Bagderthe logo is smaller for the archos too
12:37:06rasherthat's the one I'm using
12:37:11rasherto give room for bouncing
12:37:29LinusN#ifdef IRIVER_H100
12:37:39Zagordon't do that. ifdef on features, not models.
12:37:51Bagder#if LCD_WIDTH >= 160
12:37:57LinusNBagder: exactly
12:38:02rasher> 112
12:38:06rasherI guess
12:38:09Bagderwhatever suits you
12:38:17ripnetukhehe ive found - i didnt realise you guys were into all that :)
12:38:29LinusNhehe, we have many dark secrets
12:38:30Bagderor accept 112 too, just that it will bounce less then
12:38:46Bagderdarn, the secret is out!
12:38:47Zagorripnetuk: oops, exposed :)
12:38:54ripnetukdid you ever do any Amiga stuff?
12:38:59LinusNone demo
12:39:06LinusNVirtual Intelligence
12:39:08Bagderand FrexxEd
12:39:24*ripnetuk checks my archive of hundereds of Amiga demos
12:39:44LinusN4th place on the very first The Party
12:40:03ripnetukwhy doesnt that suprise me :)
12:40:03LinusNone of the very few compos we didn't win :-)
12:41:55 Join cYmen [0] (
12:43:01ripnetukwow! winuae works across a remote desktop connection via 2 dsl lines :)
12:43:25ripnetuki can see your 'nice fractals'
12:44:43LinusNhmmm, 1991, right?
12:44:57ripnetukyay :) super mario :)
12:44:59LinusNman, am i *that* old???
12:45:36LinusNfyi, those are not textures
12:46:07ripnetukyou saying that all the detail is vector gfx?
12:46:14LinusNsort of
12:46:49LinusNwe draw the outlines of all the pictures in all bit planes, and then fill with the blitter
12:46:57Zagori'm tempted to add verification to wiki membership. we're getting a lot of junk members and even spammers.
12:47:12ripnetukagnus :)
12:47:43LinusNjunk members and spammers?
12:48:55LinusNhow lame
12:51:11Bagderits a common problem these days
12:51:13Bagderwiki spam
12:52:28Zagorthat reminds me: we should add rel=nofollow to external wiki links
12:53:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:01:03dwihnoIs it much of a hassle to enable the grayscale mode on the iriver?
13:01:20Bagderits work
13:01:37dwihnoI'm just being curious
13:01:51Bagderwe'd need to adjust lots of gfx stuff to it
13:01:59dwihnoapart from that
13:02:04dwihnojust enabling grayscale mode
13:02:11Bagderlcd_bitmap() won't work as-is
13:02:16Bagderso no fonts would work
13:02:28Bagderapart from that
13:02:44Bagderthere are no side-effects ;-)
13:03:03Bagderright, all icons would be screwed up too
13:03:16Bagderto sum up:
13:03:21Bagderit takes a little work to adapt
13:04:03 Quit lImbus ("on the way to the office. will be back then")
13:04:09amiconnWe should still allow b&w graphics imho. Just that they can't be blitted 1:1 any more.
13:04:24BagderI agree
13:04:29amiconnIt's not too hard; the grayscale lib does a similar thing
13:05:03*amiconn really thinks about getting such an iriver beast...
13:05:35DMJCthe iriver's are awesome toys
13:06:26amiconnYes, but then I have to split my time even more between the various mp3 players, both for development and actual usage
13:07:06Zagornofollow added
13:08:13ripnetukfreeex is a text editor - how disappointing :)_ i was expecting another 3d demo ;)
13:08:54Bagderwe only made one demo on the amiga
13:09:14Bagderit turned out not as fun as on the c64
13:09:33amiconnIt's a shame that I don't know it... although still using an Amiga...
13:09:48ripnetuki might grab one or 2 of your demos - i have a c64 emulator on my nokia 6600 phone :)
13:10:14amiconnBut then I'm not that much into demos
13:14:00rasheralright then">
13:14:33rashersilly logo moving on the screen :)
13:16:21 Join Patr3ck_ [0] (
13:16:43*Bagder tries it
13:17:22rasherit's very un-fancy
13:17:25rasherand only works on iriver
13:18:42amiconnShould work on the sim as well
13:19:00Bagderit does
13:19:34Bagderand it doesn't need to be limited to iriver
13:19:41Bagderit just can't move sideways on the others
13:20:07amiconnWe could make a smaller logo
13:20:11rasherthat'd be nicer
13:20:16rasherbut I'm probably not the one to do that
13:21:40DMJCmove sideways?
13:21:45amiconnBagder: Who made the original b&w logo? I once tried to do that, but I didn't get the scaling & b&w conversion right. It looked rather odd
13:21:58Bagderit takes some manual fiddling
13:22:07BagderI made the one on iRiver
13:22:25LinusNscale it with imagemagick and hand edit it with gimp
13:22:52dwihnoIn what format is the original logo?
13:23:04LinusNpng i guess
13:23:10dwihnosomething x something x 32bpp png?
13:23:24LinusNsomething like that, yes :-)
13:25:07amiconn~gimp here :(
13:25:27Bagderits available for windows too
13:25:27dwihnoIf I supply a 2-bit "USB-connected"-bitmap, is that enough of an initiative to sport the greyscale interface on the iriver? :)
13:25:50amiconnBagder: I know; only that I don't need another gfx tool
13:26:17LinusNphotoshop will work too :-)
13:26:44DMJCI am so buying a rockbox t-shirt
13:27:04dwihnoMe too :)
13:30:33DMJCrockbox: making the products people want out of the ones they already have
13:31:37 Quit Patr3ck (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:35:03rasherBagder: can you test logo.c on an archos (sim) and see if it behaves nicely? I'm not sure how it'll react
13:35:16Bagderit runs fine
13:35:42rasheroh, just bounces vertically?
13:36:04Bagderbtw, you need a #if HAVE_LCD_BITMAP at the top to play nicely
13:36:13rasherah right
13:36:41amiconnrasher: You could even build an archos sim yourself. That's the nice thing about the sims: You can try things for units you don't actually have, as long as it's no low-level stuff.
13:37:12rasheryeah, but this is quicker :)
13:37:14rasher#if LCD_WIDTH > WIDTH - 1
13:37:20rasherthat should help
13:37:21*amiconn has a fair number of simulator build dirs
13:37:28Bagderthat's more obscure
13:38:01rasher>= WIDTH I guess :)
13:38:33Bagderwhy not check for bitmap LCD?
13:38:39Bagderit does require that
13:38:45Bagderand all other bitmap plugins do it that way
13:38:48rasherI added a check for that as well
13:39:02rasherbut the LCD_WIDTH pretty much is a requirement
13:39:04rasheras well
13:39:07BagderI see
13:39:16*amiconn will port mosaique and snow to the player
13:39:33amiconnSnow even using full display width...
13:40:15 Join lImbus [0] (
13:40:18amiconn(with a little cheating)
13:43:22 Join bsec [0] (
13:43:52rasherupdated logo.c
13:45:30rasherwhat are the keymappings for the recorderv2 sim?
13:49:05rasheroh, it's just not entering the plugins
13:49:17Bagderthey're printed to the terminal when you start the sim
13:50:10rasherah, missed that
13:50:10 Quit webguest72 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
13:50:21rasherfigured it out by trial&error anyway
13:50:25 Join webguest21 [0] (
13:52:10rasherwhere would it be looking for plugins
13:52:43rasherthe sim, where's its .rockbox ?
13:52:50Bagderin archos/.rockbox
13:52:57Bagderarchos being the "root"
13:53:21rasherand nothing's there
13:53:25rasherI guess that explains it
13:53:27LinusNls -la
13:53:30Zagorrun make install
13:53:58Bagder'make install' is really convenient when playing with the sims
13:55:34rasherand the logo.rock works nicely
13:59:30 Quit lostlogic ("Going to the moon")
14:06:29rasherby the way
14:06:30rasher04:41 <rasher> looks like rockbox-all cvs module doesn't include 'bootloader' or 'fonts'
14:06:34bsecuh, Internal error, aborting at ../../binutils- line 4357 in select_control_regs
14:10:11bsecok lets try some older binutils
14:11:15rasherI'm using cvs binutils from last night (from which is working
14:11:43bsechm strange
14:12:18bsecwell i try with the recommendet version and then lets see
14:16:29*LinusN just committed remote control button support
14:16:56ripnetukgo linus :)
14:18:48rasherand I *JUST* co/built
14:19:22LinusNyou won't notice
14:19:30bsecis the support for the bootloader/rockbox self or both?
14:19:35LinusNno rockbox code handles the remote buttons anyway
14:19:44ripnetukI have a complaint. All your c64 demos crash my phone. You must have pushed the c64 to its limits :)
14:19:46LinusNbsec: both
14:19:55LinusNripnetuk: no kidding
14:21:36rasherI was testing out some c64 demos at one point.. a few of them only worked if I had disk drive enabled :)
14:21:47rasherthe disk drive trick amuses me each time I think of it
14:22:00sneakumswasn't the disk drive basically just another c64 or something?
14:22:12ripnetukit had its own processor
14:22:13bsecthe usb support works great, do you allready want bug report for non working functions/(sound encoding excluded ;))
14:22:13rasherI think pretty much yes
14:23:03LinusNbsec: non-working, maybe, but not about non-existant functions
14:23:25LinusNbsec: but don't send bug reports, just mention it in this channel
14:23:49bsecthe screendump functions, only crashs and doesnt work
14:25:10bsecyeah if u stick in the usb cable
14:25:15bsecto make screenshot
14:30:21bsecwhat about the gameboy emulator plugin, is it somewhere aviable?
14:34:44bsecnice, with cvs binutils it works great
14:35:06ripnetukis rockboy done as a plugin then?
14:36:24HCligh, back
14:36:45HClspecial rockbox build + rockboy is on my ftp
14:36:48HCland no, its far from done
14:37:06bsecbut "super mario" is playable?
14:37:09ripnetukHcl - can u remind me your ftp addy please?
14:37:19HCli wouldn't call it playable since it goes far too slow.
14:37:28HClif you can bother waitin 5 minutes to move your char across the screen
14:37:43bsecat least it "works"
14:38:07HCli'm working on speeding up the thing
14:38:30ripnetukhehe i spot a default.xbe in there as well :) are you doing xbox stuff as well?
14:39:00dwihnoHCl: Does it run at 11MHz (or whatever the software runs at nowadays) or faster?
14:39:41*HCl makes a new build with a should-be-faster lcd driver
14:39:56dwihnoincrease the clock as well
14:39:57HCli'll most likely get the colors inverted too, but blah
14:40:54bsecso i have to put the "rockboy.rock" and the rom in a directory on my player and finish ?
14:41:03 Join lolo-laptop [0] (~lostlogic@
14:41:12bsecor does it need your special rockbox build
14:41:13rasherLinusN: So.. what's next?
14:41:14HClno, download
14:41:32HClthe current cvs rockbox does not allocate enough memory for plugins
14:41:45dwihnoHCl: increase the clock! :)
14:41:54dwihnoDid I mention you could increase the clock? ;)
14:42:03HCldwihno: linus is working on that
14:42:40HClor does it work by now?
14:43:03 Join jyp [0] (
14:44:25dwihnoHCl: So all left is optimization and LCD greyscales? (perhaps you have greyscales?)
14:44:29ripnetukHcl - where do you stick the gb rom? is it done as a plugin that you brose to the rom, or do you need to give it a ertain name?
14:44:48HClripnetuk: at the moment, /
14:45:10HCldwihno: and sound, and buttons can have some improvements
14:46:01bsecsome quick readme.txt would be nice, what files where needet, what files it uses as default etc
14:46:08dwihnoHCl: there is sound already? :)
14:46:22HClbsec: oh come on, its a first alpha version.
14:46:28dwihnoHCl: I've misread. Sorry.
14:46:44bsecthats enough for me :>
14:47:52ripnetukhehe it works :)
14:48:31HClwatashi wa baka desu yo..
14:49:11dwihnohaiyaku, torihada-kun :)
14:49:12ripnetukhow do you start the game?
14:49:24HClyou mean mario?
14:49:30HClrec is the start button
14:49:33HCljust hold it a while
14:51:23dwihnohow fast is it? :)
14:51:27dwihno1% speed?
14:51:53ripnetukif that number displayed is the frame number, about 1fps
14:51:58crash__LinusN: there ?
14:52:16HClripnetuk: its emulation cycles, i'm not sure how that relates to fps
14:52:32dwihnoHCl: how fast does it run on the sim?
14:52:33ripnetukthats cpu clock cycles?
14:52:41HCldwihno: it doesn't compile for the sim
14:52:47HClripnetuk: no, thats about 2280 cpu clock cycles
14:52:56HCli think
14:53:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:53:19HClit has conditionals like
14:53:19ripnetuki guess one clock cycle per sec would be like 1/1million * speed :)
14:53:20HCl if (!(R_LCDC & 0x80))
14:53:20HCl cpu_emulate(32832);
14:53:32HClif that lcdc thingy somethingsomething, do another 32832 cpu cycles
14:53:43HClso its hard to tell.
14:53:57ripnetuki always wanted to write an emu... never found time
14:54:18HClwell, i'd be happy if people would help speeding this up and stuff :P
14:54:31HCli dunno, i guess it should be merged with cvs sometime soonish, so more people can work on it
14:54:42HClaside from the makefile adjustments, i haven't really made any nasty hacks or anything
14:55:23ripnetuki would like to see it in cvs... did it require an upping of plugin size limit in the actual firmware tho?
14:55:26HClwriting a slightly faster (at least, thats the idea) lcd driver
14:55:35HCli upped it to 7mb in mine
14:55:42HClbut rockbox has proved it'll fit in 5 mb
14:55:49ripnetukand thats 'lost' space (ie static)/
14:56:01HClit has a static 4mb buffer
14:56:03HClfor romfiles
14:56:10HClcause a gameboy rom is 4mb max
14:56:16ripnetukcan plugins commandeer the mp3 buffer?
14:57:20bsecok lets try the new bootloader *hope*
15:00:21bsecuh, works =)
15:01:11ripnetukim sticking with yesterdays boot loader - seems to work OK, and we are going to need to flash again when Rockbox becomes the wanted default firmware, as I will want to turn on with remote
15:01:15HClwhy does my new framebuffer routine crash...
15:01:17 Join preglow [0] (
15:01:39HClripnetuk: don't suppose you can help look at this framebuffer routine?
15:01:57ripnetukHCl - i dont think i have the required skills :)
15:02:06HCl :/
15:02:09preglowwhat's wrong with it?
15:02:49ripnetuklunch"> < a pretty high-res black&white version of the logo
15:03:37HCla) i'm stupid
15:03:44HCland b) its looping infinitely for unknown reasons
15:03:58preglowrasher: what, did you vectorize it?
15:04:44rasherpreglow: no, sadly
15:04:51preglowthen what did you do? :P
15:04:54rasherI might try that though
15:05:09rasherI just edited
15:05:12preglowrasher: an svg format version would be really cool and handy
15:05:28preglowi suppose that might already have been done, then
15:05:31 Quit einhirn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:05:40rasherthe source was probably some vector format
15:08:35*HCl sighs.
15:08:43HClokay, i have no clue why it hangs :/
15:08:57bsecscreendump doesnt crash anymore, but it makes nonsense screendumps
15:10:28bseconly a green screen without text
15:12:42BagderI bet it bugs :-)
15:13:14Bagderfor example, it uses a hard-coded lcd size
15:13:49Bagdersee apps/misc.c:screen_dump()
15:15:27HClBagder: got any experience with lcd?
15:16:22HClk hold on a sec..
15:18:28LinusNi am fixing the screendump
15:18:34LinusNso just hang on
15:19:56jyphello folks
15:20:04Bagderhi jyp
15:20:04jypI got a question...
15:20:11lImbushi jean-phi
15:20:24jypMenus & tree generally works
15:20:44jypbut when I get in the 'debug' menu there's no text displayed
15:20:50jyponly the scroll bar
15:21:12jypdoes this ring a bell ?
15:21:22jypIf not i'll just debug ;)
15:21:29Bagderno bell here
15:21:43lImbusmost probably there is debug-function yet for this processor ?
15:22:42rasherThere's debug for me on iRiver
15:22:51jypsome options are there
15:22:53Bagderjyp: and regarding the mp3 and plugin stuff in the link file, you set those symbols there to control where the buffers end up
15:23:06jyp(plus I can scroll through them, only text isn't there)
15:23:16rasherjyp: sounds like a broken language file
15:23:29rasherone way or another
15:23:38lImbusmhmm. debug is always english
15:23:39jypBagder, yes; the problem is that I don't know where the dram is ...
15:23:46Bagderjyp: oh
15:23:58rasherlImbus: oh right, no idea then
15:24:09Bagderjyp: now I understand the problem
15:24:19lImbusjyp: I think I had this once when something with my fonts were broken
15:25:12jypPerhaps I should have mentioned that I have an empty .rockbox directory
15:25:24Bagderthat shouldn't matter
15:29:12HClBagder: care to have a look at my lcd driver thing?
15:29:19HClBagder: can i paste in privmsg?
15:32:15jypConfig sector is merely a sector number on the disk ?
15:32:43jyp(understand: should config_sector be long ?)
15:33:09LinusNbut it is likely < 255 :-)
15:33:37bsecdebug menu works for me fine
15:33:40jyp...i get the "no partition" error
15:33:58jypso I'm trying to fix this
15:34:09jypbefore the debug menu
15:36:33jypSo, the config isn't in a file, iiuc
15:38:53jypI think I understand what's going on ...
15:39:09LinusNscreendump is now fixed in cvs
15:39:24Bagderjyp: the used sector is in an area before the fat on the disk
15:39:28jypsettings_calc_config_sector won't work if there's only one partition starting on sector 1, right ?
15:39:43Bagderit won't work if you have NO partition
15:39:48LinusNso called "superfloppy" mode
15:40:16LinusNjyp: it won't work if the first partition is on sector 0
15:40:25LinusNi.e you have no partition table
15:47:15jypWell, sector = partition_start - 2, so it will be -1
15:48:22LinusNone sunny day we might abandon the sector-based config and go for a file instead
15:48:25jypI don't get it ... Where are the settings supposed to be stored exactly?
15:48:46LinusNpartitions always start at cylinder boundaries
15:49:02rashera file would be handy..
15:49:04jypHehe ...
15:49:05LinusNso if you have a partition table, the first partition starts at sector 63
15:49:13rasherthat way you could also edit the settings when connected in usb-mode
15:49:20rasherif the file was plaintext, that is
15:49:25jypOk, I don't enfore the cycinder boundary assertion in the emulator.
15:49:46jypso it really starts at sector 1... Failing to leave room or the config file.
15:50:14 Part Zagor
15:50:16Bagderrasher: we can load and save settings to files too
15:50:20LinusNthen i understand, i wondered how your partition could start at sector 1...
15:53:42Quel|outamiconn: are you here or away?
15:53:51 Join Blade [0] (
15:53:54 Join webguest68 [0] (
15:54:48Bladei come to make a new .hex with the newbootlader and obtain a md5sum : 627d5195b56ebca3b431cccb535c3bfa
15:54:55Bladeit's ok ?
15:55:09LinusNthe md5 sum is hard to compare
15:55:21LinusNbecause we all use different compiler and binutils versions
15:55:27Bladeyesterday i got same as other
15:55:55LinusNyeah, sometimes some people are lucky enough to have the same output
15:56:06Bladewhat's is your md5 ?
15:56:11Bladeto compare
15:56:12LinusNdid you build the boot loader yourself?
15:56:29Bladewith yours
15:56:37Bladeonly scramble descramble
15:56:47Bladeno EU
15:57:32LinusNok, we have the same sum
15:57:51Bladei install it now
15:57:57LinusNhappy flashing
15:58:27preglowLinusN: you wanted a perl-ified convbdf?
15:59:46LinusNwould be nice
16:00:03 Quit thegeek (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:00:11LinusNnot deadly important though
16:00:16preglowi'll see what i can do, got a mad urge to code some perl again
16:01:05Bagderthere's a nice set of test cases too
16:01:21 Join thegeek [0] (
16:01:27Bagderit should simply produce the same output, for just about all but one font ;-)
16:02:06preglowhaha, damn, it's snowing here
16:02:09*preglow gets tea
16:03:13 Quit Blade ("CGI:IRC")
16:10:56BagderHCl: I can use a global int fine if I add one in helloworld.c
16:10:56 Quit Quel|out (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:12:08bsecscreendump works great, nice
16:12:12BagderHCl: rename the int
16:12:49Bagder'shutdown' seems to confuse things
16:13:19Bagderyeah, I renamed my 'global_int' to 'shutdown' and then it crashes again
16:13:28bsecbut i had to put the usb cable in a few times before i could mount the player
16:14:04LinusNBagder: what crashes?
16:14:07Bagdercould be related to the 'shutdown' function
16:14:10BagderLinusN: a plugin
16:14:33Bagderjust add a global 'int shutdown' and then do 'shutdown = 0' in the plugin_start function
16:14:51LinusNbsec: a few times?
16:15:48LinusNBagder: no compiler warnings?
16:15:57 Quit webguest21 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:16:32 Join R3nTiL1 [0] (~zorroz@
16:16:58rasherLinusN: I just benifited from the "turn on into iRiver firmware with remote" feature :)
16:17:05HClmerf, it crashes again
16:18:14 Quit thegeek (
16:18:22bsecLinusN: i try to reproduce the bug
16:18:31*HCl is gonna sleep, headache
16:18:45NJointhegeek [0] (
16:19:55LinusNBagder: what does the crash say?
16:21:01BagderProgram received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
16:21:07Bagder46 shutdown = 12;
16:21:18Bagder(gdb) p &shutdown
16:21:19Bagder$1 = (int *) 0xb6d02940
16:21:34Bagderwhatis shutdown
16:21:34Bagdertype = int
16:21:56LinusNi which you would have told me it was in the simulator...
16:22:11LinusNtarget works fine
16:22:17Bagdersorry, it's been a long going thread about it
16:22:25Bagderdidn't realize
16:23:17BagderI believe this is a link/dl issue
16:23:27LinusNguess so
16:23:34Bagderlet's not dig too much in that mess ;-)
16:26:41 Quit webguest68 ("CGI:IRC")
16:26:43 Join webguest68 [0] (
16:27:53 Quit webguest68 (Client Quit)
16:30:51 Join Blade [0] (
16:32:45Bladenew bootloader still have diffculty to detect hold button
16:32:54LinusNwhich one?
16:33:20Bladewhen hold is on it loads rockbox anyway
16:33:38Bladebut in few case than before
16:33:40LinusNa very short press on ON?
16:34:26Bladeit's normal ?
16:34:31Bladeif it the case sorry
16:34:37LinusNno, it shouldn't happen
16:35:21 Join Hohoman [0] (
16:35:27Bladeyou're true it's only a very shirt press on ON wich loads the rockbox
16:35:29LinusNthe problem is that people want the two Hold switches to behave differently
16:36:04LinusNpersonally, i'm not sure what i want
16:36:23Bladei think the best is that when HOLD is ON the rockbox don't load
16:36:37Bladebut it's my opininion
16:36:39sneakumsthe way it works in the iriver firmware seems fine to me
16:36:40rasherto be precise
16:36:53rasherwhen hold is on on the device you used to turn on, don't load
16:37:03LinusNthat's ut
16:37:06LinusNthat's it
16:37:25sneakumswhen i have the player in my pocket, i have its hold on
16:37:28rasherthat's how I'd expect it to work
16:37:31sneakumsand hold off on the remote, which i use to control it
16:38:30ripnetuki agree the way the original firmware works is correct.
16:38:59rasherisn't that the way I described it?
16:39:14rasherit feels right the way iRiver did it
16:39:20ripnetukalso, im not too sure about the load original when using remote thing - that means we will need another flash when Rockbox goes gold
16:39:30ripnetuknot to diss all your good work guys :)
16:39:43Bladeit happens the same when i press very shortly the remote on button
16:40:21ripnetukbut it think the 'boot original when rockbox.iriver' thing is great
16:40:29ripnetuk(is missing) thing
16:40:56LinusNBlade: the remote button never starts rockbox
16:41:30Bladelinus : you're wrong
16:41:49Bladewhen i press shrtly on my ON remote button rockbok loads
16:41:58rasherI can confirm this
16:42:01rashera short tap
16:42:18LinusNyes i see
16:42:29rasheris this really a problem?
16:42:32rasherI mean
16:42:33Bladewhat can be the cause of that ?
16:42:34LinusNnot for me
16:42:35rasherit's a feature now
16:42:42rasherthat will be removed later
16:42:59LinusNit's because you let go off the button before rockbox gets the chance to check it
16:43:32rasherripnetuk: people who have flashed now should not be too intimidated by having to reflash once the feature is removed
16:43:48ripnetuki guess... ive already flashed twice, and not bricked it (touches wood)
16:44:02LinusNi have flashed it countless times
16:44:10ripnetukyo have the bdm :) :)
16:44:18Bladethree times for me and each time i was afraid
16:44:22ripnetukyou can wiggle it back to life :)
16:45:21ripnetuki had a browse through the datasheet for the DAC - its amazing how much detail you need to describe it... i was hoping to make it beep at me, but thats beyond me at this stage
16:45:26Bladeit is possible to test hold button independantly of the other button at the boot
16:45:27preglowLinusN: did the connector you bought fit well, btw?
16:45:30preglowLinusN: for the bdm
16:45:38LinusNlike a glove
16:47:38Bladeis it possible to make a bootloader with if((button_status() & button_hold()) before all the others ?
16:47:43ashridahokay. has anyone tested this with a us version of the firmware?
16:47:53ashridahi usually use that, and i'd prefer not to have volume restrictions :)
16:48:10sneakumswhich firmware has volume restrictions?
16:48:15preglowwell, _is_ there volume restrictions on the h1x0 firmware? 'cause i don't think so
16:48:32ripnetuki thought that the EU version had no restricitons for 1hp1x0, but did for other models
16:48:34preglowi think they've only gotten around to adding that on the h3x0 units
16:48:39ashridahpreglow: i'm told the EU one has a lower maximum (which is still well past my pain threshold)
16:49:02ripnetukhmmm... i might try the us one then - music is loud enough, but radio shows (in mp3) are a little too quiet
16:50:29ashridahhere goes nothing.
16:50:29preglowashridah: i did try the us one myself, and can't say i noticed any difference. but i didn't do a side by side comparison, though
16:50:32BladeLinus ; i think you ha ve to put in the bootloader main.c a : if(button_hold()) before all the other conditions.. is it possible ?
16:50:44*ashridah wonders how long it'll be before linus needs to get a care package with a brick in it
16:50:48ripnetukdony you have to init the adc first?
16:51:09LinusNthe hold button isn't the problem
16:51:24LinusNit's the ON/PLAY button(s)
16:51:37LinusNbut i have a solution coming up
16:51:47ripnetukwe thought you would :)
16:52:10Bladebut in your conditions you put the ON and HOLD condition
16:52:14LinusNwill fix it later this evening
16:52:19Bladethe on is not necessary
16:52:25LinusNBlade: yes it is
16:52:37Bladei thought No
16:52:41LinusNi have to know which ON button was pressed
16:52:42Bladeand why ?
16:53:07rasherto boot original firmware if the remote on button was pressed
16:53:10Bladebut if the firm begin to loads it s that the oN button whs pressed just before
16:53:14***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:53:19 Quit R3nTiL1 ()
16:53:30ripnetukbtw how does on work? do the 2 on buttons fire an interupt to wake the coldfire, or does the coldfire wake up on any button press, and only respond to on?
16:53:32LinusNand to ignore the hold on the device if it was started from the remote
16:53:47ripnetukor does it never sleep?
16:54:01LinusNthe ON buttons are connected to the voltage regulator
16:54:16BladeSo you're better than me
16:54:18LinusNso they power on the device
16:54:43ripnetuki see
16:54:57LinusNBlade: as it works today, yes, we can ignore the on button on the device
16:55:04Bladeit's here that o tought you can put the first condition to be only with the HOLD button and the hold rc button
16:55:09LinusNbut not on the remote
16:55:09ripnetukso thats one of the reasons there are so many connections on the remote :)
16:56:18 Join webguest59 [0] (
16:56:35 Quit ashridah ("sleep.")
16:56:35LinusNBlade: i don't get it
16:57:13BladeLInusN : ?
16:58:14webguest59Guys the unknown thing on the H3X0 hardware list is a TI part TP61020DRCR DC/DC converter/regulator
16:58:38LinusNwebguest59: fill in the wiki!
16:58:42ripnetukarent the rules on startup: 1. If both hold switched on, go to sleep. 2. If the remote on is down, and remote hold on, go to sleep. If the main hold is on and remote on not down go to sleep?
16:58:58webguest59ok gotta register first..
16:59:14 Join muesli- [0] (
16:59:33LinusNripnetuk: yup
17:00:04LinusNexcept 1) is unnecessary
17:00:34LinusNsleep == turn off btw
17:00:36ripnetuk1) was a safeguard againt knocks on remote
17:00:46ripnetuki am a deep sleeper :)
17:01:21LinusNthe only thing is that the ON keys have to be checked earlier
17:01:32LinusNso the user won't have the chance to release them
17:01:47ripnetukalso, we could switch 2 and 3 and use the main on button instead of the remote?? any advantage in one way over other?
17:02:03LinusNripnetuk: nah
17:02:07*rasher shuts up
17:02:53Bladei will be interrested to know hown does the original firmwre
17:03:16ripnetukactually, shouldne we be checking main on not remote, doesnt that automatically cover the situation when no remote is plugged in?
17:03:41ripnetukbut i guess that no remote == on not down (open circuit on adc)?
17:05:39Bladeperhpas there is a HW memory which knows what is the last key pressed ?
17:05:58Bladeok i shut up
17:06:03LinusNit's easy, just check the on keys earlier
17:06:16LinusNyou don't need the adc for that
17:08:31Bladeactuaaly it's easy to solve
17:09:59LinusNdwihno: drunk?
17:10:28rasherI just made a table of how the original firmware handles hold buttons
17:10:35rasherin case there was any doubt
17:10:59dwihnonee. I haven't had any alcohol for ages.
17:11:21dwihnoI'm just happy it's weekend. :)
17:11:32 Quit webguest59 ("CGI:IRC")
17:11:36dwihnothe best day of the week
17:11:53dwihnowee \o/
17:12:32dwihnocome on. show me some me that happyness.
17:12:46dwihnoi know it's there. waiting.
17:12:49BladeLinusN : on what are working for rockbox at this time ?
17:12:56ripnetuki am happy its friday dwihno :)
17:13:07Bladeonly curiosity
17:13:42dwihnoripnet: wee! :)
17:14:15 Join Cassandra_ [0] (~christi@
17:14:35LinusNBlade: i was about to fix the on/hold stuff for the boot loader, but i lost the connection with my home computer :-(
17:14:47LinusNnext is to add set_cpu_frequency()
17:15:28Bladethe cpu frequency will be dynamic ?
17:15:54rasherThe original behaviour is indeed: if hold is on on the device (main/remote) used to turn on, the unit doesn't boot
17:16:44LinusNBlade: yes, we will set it differently depending on performance needs
17:16:55LinusNto save battery
17:16:57bobTHChave a good WE! bye
17:17:00 Part bobTHC
17:17:48 Quit Christi-S (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:18:14 Nick Cassandra_ is now known as Cassandra (~christi@
17:20:20CassandraLinus - do all the plugins handle SYS_USB_CONNECTED messages manually (as in, if I add SYS_ALARM, am I going to have to add it to all the plugins)?
17:20:22Cassandra(or rather, add handling for it into the plugins)
17:20:49LinusNnot if they call the default_handler()
17:21:15LinusNand they don't have to handle SYS_ALARM if they don't want to
17:22:21LinusNso you will only have to change those plugins that want to do something when the alarm triggers
17:22:50CassandraSo I should add handling to default_handler and the non-application threads.
17:23:01LinusNat least to begin with
17:23:16LinusNand you don't need to add it to the non-app threads either
17:23:25LinusNif they aren't interested
17:23:36CassandraI'm assuming here that the way to handle the alarm is the same as for USB, namely wait for the other threads to acknowledge and then 'reboot' into an alarm handling routine.
17:24:02LinusNis that what we want?
17:24:41CassandraWell I think what we want is for an alarm event to be asynchronous, but I think the Rockbox code is too stateful for us to pull that off.
17:24:56 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
17:25:04LinusNprobably, but that may depend
17:25:29LinusNlet's say you set an alarm to wake up in the morning
17:25:49LinusNyou wake up earlier and play tetris when the alarm goes off
17:26:16LinusNtetris is suddenly stopped, and the jukebox starts playing music in the wps
17:26:24LinusNi don't think we want that
17:26:49*Cassandra nods. Not ideal, is it? But on the other hand, you probably do want some indication of the alarm.
17:27:07LinusNperhaps a blinking status bar or something
17:27:10LinusNa splash
17:27:12CassandraI'm thinking flashing backlight. We can do that asynchronously, can't we.
17:27:21LinusNyes we can, sort of
17:27:39 Quit Schnueff ("server maintenance")
17:27:39 Quit Blade ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
17:27:41CassandraBut there really needs to be an audible alarm too.
17:27:54LinusNshould work on the iriver
17:28:16CassandraThen consider timed recording. In this case, you want to break off your game of Tetris and start recording.
17:28:52Cassandra(Well ideally you want Rockbox to record in the background and let you carry on playing tetris, but the code isn't really written in a way that makes that possible.)
17:29:27LinusNthat takes some changes, yes
17:29:43LinusNalthough not *that* difficult
17:30:18CassandraI'm beginning to think that the idea of having seperate threads for recording, playback, WPS and plugins may not be a bad idea at all.
17:30:31Cassandra(Oh, and the FM radio.)
17:30:50LinusNmaybe not a bad idea
17:30:50CassandraI wish I could spell 'separate'.
17:30:59bsecand the iriver cpu is able to handle that?
17:31:11CassandraThe Rockbox code is able to.
17:31:12LinusNwell, not at the same time
17:31:20CassandraIt's already multithreaded.
17:31:52CassandraMost of your threads will of course be idle most of the time.
17:32:12CassandraRecording and playing at the same time is unlikely to work well.
17:32:35CassandraSo you have to build locking in somehow.
17:33:42LinusNi have to go now
17:33:46LinusNcu around guys
17:34:10 Part LinusN
17:34:59 Quit ripnetuk ("Leaving")
17:35:07 Join webguest31 [0] (
17:36:40 Quit webguest31 (Client Quit)
17:39:55 Join Nibbler [0] (
17:45:10 Quit muesli- (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
17:46:10 Quit gromit` (Remote closed the connection)
17:46:20 Join gromit` [0] (~gromit`
17:54:29 Quit Patr3ck_ ("Client exited")
18:01:47 Quit Aison (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:10:38 Join muesli- [0] (
18:27:19 Join muesli|tarn [0] (
18:27:45 Quit bsec ("quork!")
18:36:00 Quit muesli- (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:42:55lImbusgotta hurry
18:42:58 Quit lImbus ("cu")
18:48:23 Quit Lynx_ (" bye!")
18:52:46preglowwell, time to fix me the updated bootloader
18:53:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:54:46preglow76ce3e25bd2bdb412bb94aa78df8e105 new.hex
18:54:49preglowanyone care to validate?
19:02:51 Quit muesli|tarn (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
19:08:02jypAnyone can tell me where the 'str' function is defined ?
19:08:49Bagderjyp: lang.h
19:08:52Bagderin the build dir
19:09:00jypok, thanks :)
19:09:11BagderI'm not here :-)
19:10:50 Join _aLF [0] (
19:14:58 Join hubble [0] (
19:18:07jypWow, I got it
19:18:20jypmaybe ;)
19:20:41jypindeed ... gotta change VIRT_PTR
19:32:27 Join XShocK [0] (
19:59:30HCli mean
20:00:17linuxstbHCl: Evening.
20:00:24HClah linux :)
20:00:34HCli was wanting to talk to you about how to go into making rockboy a viewer
20:01:14 Join Stryke` [0] (~Chairman8@resnet-241-86.resnet.UMBC.EDU)
20:01:24 Join Tang [0] (
20:01:35HClwell, that works.
20:01:39TangHello Rockbox roxxors :)
20:01:45HClit doesn't seem too much faster, but hm.
20:01:52TangAnd all simple enthusiasts
20:01:53linuxstbAll I did was to use the parameter passed to plugin_start as the parameter to gnuboy_main(), plus add a line to viewers.config
20:01:56*HCl scratches his head
20:02:11HCllinuxstb: ok ok, let me look at it
20:02:24TangIs linus here?
20:02:53TangWanted to know if he received something i shipped to hm yet
20:02:56HClwhat are those numbers in viewers.config...?
20:03:07linuxstbMy line in viewers.config was just ".gb,rockboy.rock, 00 00 00 00 00 00" - I have no idea what the zeros are for.
20:03:32HClcan i have multiple lines?
20:03:40linuxstbFor different extensions?
20:03:44HCllike gb,rockboy.rock and cgb, rockboy.rock
20:03:59linuxstbI have no idea - only one way to find out.
20:04:09preglowhot damn, my bootloader has gone bananas
20:04:31HClpreglow: ?
20:04:37HClpreglow: bricked? :X
20:05:37preglowwhen it loads, the crc check screen blinks
20:05:41preglowand the hdd led blinks as well
20:05:43linuxstbHCl: I have a question for you - what did you change to get the Plugins to use more RAM. I want to compile libFLAC as a plugin (a flac2wav viewer) and changed the #define PLUGINSIZE in the three .lds files in firmware/, but now all the standard plugins crash. Was there anything else to change?
20:09:20preglowwell, what the hell have i done wrong
20:13:52amiconnlinuxstb: The zeros in viewers.config are actually a tiny bitmap used as the icon for the file type in the file browser
20:14:24linuxstbAah! Anyone fancy donating a Gameboy icon to HCl?
20:15:20amiconnThis icon uses the same format as the ordinary rockbox bitmaps, 8x6 pixel (hence 6 bytes)
20:16:07linuxstbUntil Linus add 2-bit greyscale to the iRiver....
20:16:10preglowso lots of things will have to be changed for the iriver bitmap
20:16:10HCllinuxstb: you need too, i think
20:16:18preglowiriver lcd, yes
20:16:38preglowwe might want to do it really flexible while we can, a colour lcd might just be next, heh
20:17:25HClhow am i supposed to use a viewer?
20:17:32HClshould it just list normal files in the player?
20:17:37HCland be able to click on them?
20:17:41HClcause it doesn't seem to be working :/
20:17:46preglowthe text viewer is a viewer
20:17:48HClit supports files in the root though?
20:17:48preglowand works like that
20:18:18HClF:\.rockbox>type viewers.config
20:18:18HClch8,chip8.rock,70 70 7f 7f 70 70
20:18:18HCltxt,viewer.rock,55 55 55 55 55 55
20:18:18DBUGEnqueued KICK HCl
20:18:18HClmp3,vbrfix.rock,10 08 58 38 04 02
20:18:18HClm3u,search.rock,00 00 00 00 00 00
20:18:21HCltxt,sort.rock, 00 00 00 00 00 00
20:18:22jypWhat am I supposed to use instead of __INT_MAX__ (fails on win32) ?
20:18:23HClgb,rockboy.rock, 00 00 00 00 00 00
20:18:35linuxstbHCl: Yes, I've got it working now - two other places to change: apps/plugin.c and apps/plugins/ Thanks.
20:19:46HClhow does that viewers config look?
20:19:50linuxstbYou need to copy your .rock into .rockbox/viewers/
20:19:51HClit doesn't seem to be showing my /
20:19:53amiconnHCl: The files supported by viewers are shown if you set "show files" to "supported".
20:20:06CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
20:20:06*HCl looks into how to automatically do that
20:20:16linuxstbDon't worry, I did the same thing.
20:20:33amiconnIf you add a new type, you need to restart rockbox, as viewers.config is only read at boot.
20:21:44HClyea, i know
20:22:00linuxstbHCl: If you update the apps/plugins/viewers.config file, I think the script will then automatically move your rock into the viewer dir.
20:22:42HCli did...
20:22:47amiconnAh, yes. Of course viewers go into /.rockbox/viewers instead of /.rockbox/rocks
20:22:52HCli don't understand why it didn't.
20:23:26linuxstbI'm staring at - it _should_ do that.
20:27:57HCllet me try again...
20:33:46HClok, it copied it, i just had the old version still in my rocks dir
20:34:49HCli still don't see my roms though
20:37:31 Quit preglow ("Lost terminal")
20:38:38amiconnHCl: Did you restart after copying it to viewers?
20:38:39 Join ghode [0] (
20:38:40 Quit Cassandra (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:38:57 Join preglow [0] (
20:39:30 Join muesli- [0] (
20:42:22HCli have a general viewer problem
20:42:26HCli don't see files that are in the root
20:42:27HClof the drive
20:42:45HClhaven't tested within a dir.. gonna do that now...
20:42:48HCl.txt's don't work either
20:45:24amiconnGeneral settings->File view->Show files ?
20:45:32HCllet me look at that
20:46:06HClbetter ^^
20:46:56*HCl tries to load pokemon yellow
20:49:14 Quit ghode ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
20:50:23HClokay... rockboy just needs serious speed improvements now..
20:51:02linuxstb... and an icon :-)
20:53:18***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:56:37XShocKHCL: mario works.. excellent. :)
20:56:59HClso does pacman
20:57:01HCland technically
20:57:04HClany rom should work
20:57:07HClits just really slow
20:57:14HCli tried to optimize the lcd driver
20:57:31HCli'm kind of wanting to add it to cvs... anyone willing to help / everyone's okay with that?
20:58:15thegeekthough I am not really a member of the project, I can't see the problem with that
20:58:35thegeekI mean
20:58:38thegeekhow could that hurt?
20:59:16thegeekas long as it does not break the build or anything
20:59:35thegeekbut*sigh*, again, don't listen to me;)
21:00:06HCl :P
21:00:15HCli'll just wait till someone responds
21:00:26*HCl prods Bagder , linuxstb , linus
21:00:53hubblejyp: UINT_MAX or INT_MAX :)
21:02:01 Join Cassandra [0] (~christi@
21:02:11linuxstbHCl: I'm no more a member of the project than you are. I think I had CVS write access a couple of years ago, but it's probably expired by now.
21:02:17amiconnHCl: Imho you should allocate the 4MB mem area from the mp3 buffer, in order to avoid a too large plugin ram area.
21:02:45amiconnThe plugin ram area is set aside static, i.e. not available for buffering sound data once sound is working
21:03:34HClamiconn: i can try, but then i want a little more info on the mp3 buffer
21:03:43HClif possible, i'd like it to run both mp3 and rockboy
21:04:23amiconnThat wouldn't be possible then, but I think it wouldn't make sense either once you get sound working
21:04:38amiconn(gameboy sound, I mean)
21:04:44HCli don't know.
21:04:57HClpersonally, i often prefer mp3 above gameboy sound
21:04:58HClbut ok
21:05:02thegeekwould be great beeing able to play mp3's
21:05:13thegeekgameboy sound is not that awsome anyway;)
21:05:14CassandraI suspect we're going to need some sort of realtime audio mixing capability on the iriver.
21:05:26HCli'd kind of want to allocate memory on the back of the ram, is there a function to get the size of the mp3 buffer?
21:05:40CassandraSo we can overlay voice prompts on top of music, for example.
21:05:50amiconn1 MB of plugin ram would already be pretty much, certainly I wouldn't allow more.
21:05:54hubbleHCl: mpeg init allocates all free memory
21:06:05hubbleHCl: saw some note in the source about that =)
21:06:21HClis there a way to get free memory?
21:06:27hubbleHCl: so you must init and allocate before mpeg's init.. :)
21:06:38HClhow do i allocate?
21:06:46amiconnIf we scale linearly from the archos units: Archos(2 MB ram, 32 KB for plugins) ==> iRiver(32 MB ram, 512 KB for plugins)
21:07:17amiconnThere is no dynamic allocation in rockbox.
21:07:26HCli'll see what i can manage on using less ram
21:07:38HClthen how can i tell how big the mp3 buffer is?
21:07:40amiconnYou can grab the mp3 buffer, but that silences playback until your plugin returns
21:07:46HCli guess i can just check the physical address?
21:07:54 Join quelsaruk [0] (~kvirc@
21:08:18amiconnHCl: apps/plugin.c: void* plugin_get_mp3_buffer(int* buffer_size)
21:08:34HClmy bad
21:08:36amiconnYou provide an int pointer, the function fills in the size for you
21:08:42HCllet me alter it
21:08:59CassandraI think we're going to need to move to a multithreaded design for the application part of Rockbox soon.
21:09:10amiconnThe return value itself is the start of the buffer
21:09:15CassandraThere are so many things that just can't be done using the current model.
21:09:28amiconn? Rockbox is already multithreaded.
21:09:50HClamiconn: would calling that function cancel all mp3 playback regardless of how you use the buffer it returns?
21:10:06HClor if like, i use the ram at the way back of the buffer, might it allow mp3 playback?
21:10:10CassandraThe firmware is.
21:10:26CassandraThe entire application runs in a single thread.
21:10:44CassandraWhich leads to everything being heavily modal.
21:10:48amiconnThere is one foreground thread, the UI thread.
21:10:51CassandraI wrote a wiki page about it.
21:11:05Cassandra(Which is probably full of errors.)
21:11:36amiconnI can't imagine how this should/could be done differently, as only one thread can own the UI at a time
21:12:21CassandraYou have one thread per task (Radio, Recording, Dir Browser, plugins) and some mechanism for managing who gets focus.
21:12:27 Quit muesli- (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
21:12:40amiconnCassandra: Windows? ;-)
21:12:49CassandraIn effect, yes.
21:12:58amiconnGimme my taskbar ;)
21:13:57amiconnHmm, what would be the advantage of doing that?
21:14:22amiconnMost of these threads would be idling around all the time.
21:14:30Cassandraamiconn: At the moment, something like a proper alarm function is impossible to implement, because there are so many cases where what you might want to do differs.
21:15:05amiconnThen all these threads would still need to be aware of a context change, in order to redraw their display, or we would need one screen buffer per thread
21:15:12CassandraSame goes for plugins. It'd be nice to be able to run a plugin and switch back and forth between that and the browser.
21:15:22CassandraUnfortunately, yes.
21:15:26HClwoot. i got to seeing a running pikachu in pokemon yellow
21:15:55CassandraUnless we write the threads in such a way that they only draw to the screen when they have focus.
21:16:22Cassandra(So co-operative hardware access analogously to co-operative multi-tasking.)
21:16:26sneakumsor they could draw buffers and ping to have the buffer copied to the screen or something
21:16:29amiconnCassandra: Plus, sometimes the different threads would need to change state of each other. E.g. if you're going to record from line in, the radio needs to be muted
21:16:31sneakumser, draw to buffers
21:16:38CassandraObviously you need a mechanism for a thread to then request focus.
21:16:53Cassandraand IPC.
21:17:07izzyHCl: do you have the rockboy somewhere available? :)
21:17:09 Join CrunchyWhiteMeat [0] (
21:17:09HClwhats the difference between plugin_get_buffer and plugin_get_mp3_buffer ?
21:17:36izzyI'll give it a try :)
21:17:52CassandraOr ITC, rather.
21:18:40CassandraIt does look messy though. The thing is, I keep running up against things that can't be done that could be done if we have a more heavily threaded architecture.
21:19:17HClamiconn: do you know the difference?
21:19:18CassandraGlobal keyboard parsing is one (although that comes with inherent complications of its own)
21:19:43amiconnHCl: plugin_get_buffer() merely gives you the rest of the plugin buffer (plugin ram size minus size of your plugin), and doesn't stop playback
21:20:28HClah. useless then
21:20:39CassandraA sensible alarm function that works while Rockbox is on is another (impossible to implement under the current architecture because it quickly degenerates into a maze of twisty dependencies all alike.
21:21:16amiconnWhat do you mean with 'global keyboard parsing'?
21:21:51 Quit lolo-laptop ("Client exiting")
21:22:50CassandraA parser for keyboard actions that are universal throughout Rockbox (switch tasks would be an obvious example in the context of the threaded design).
21:25:08amiconnBack then when we were going to adapt the button handling to the Ondio all over the place I discussed global keyboard parsing with Linus.
21:25:58amiconnMeanwhile I think the current approach is quite good, and certainly more KISS, at least as long as the UI is not multithreaded.
21:26:05 Join LukeR [0] (
21:26:18LukeRHey, does anyone here have the FM Recorder?
21:27:28CassandraI'd agree that KISS is good, but there's so much that's a nightmare implementation task under the current model.
21:28:08LukeRI feel really stupid, but I forgot which eighth-inch jack is input and which is output
21:28:23CassandraI am not an expert in application design. I don't have a degree in computer science, so I'm not sure how best to solve the problem.
21:28:36CassandraLukeR: The one that's in the bumper is line in.
21:29:00LukeRso the "higher" one is the headphone jack?
21:29:22CassandraBut I know I'm at a dead end with the alarm/timed recording code unless something changes.
21:29:42CassandraLukeR: If you consider the power connector as being at the "bottom", then yes.
21:30:01LukeRokay, great, thanks
21:30:54CassandraThat in itself isn't a particularly good reason to change the architecture, but I think a lot of the code could benefit.
21:30:55amiconnCassandra: I certainly agree that a multithreaded UI would solve a number of problems like timed recording etc, but it also opens a can of worms.
21:31:10Cassandra(eg merging recording from line in, recording from radio)
21:31:56Cassandraamiconn: Yeah, I don't think it's a particularly great idea. I just can't think of anything better.
21:32:00amiconnE.g. if you have one thread for playback and one for recording: Do you split the buffer? (certainly not good) So you need to signal which thread is allowed to use it.
21:32:38amiconnSame goes for the MAS: Both threads need it, but they can't use it at the same time, and it needs to be set up differently.
21:32:50CassandraI wonder if you could do something to make swapping between tasks within the main thread easier in terms of program flow.
21:33:21amiconnPlus, handling the MAS is done in the firmware (low-level) threads
21:33:29izzyHCl: rockboy looks nice :)
21:33:32CassandraReally that's all that's needed. The ability to swap from one task to another without ending up in recursion hell.
21:33:33HClthanks :p
21:33:54izzyIt took me a while to get it started but then the Mario was on the screen
21:35:07HCltitania:~hcl/rockbox/rockbox-devel/iriver# ls -al rockboy.rock
21:35:07HCl-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 633764 Feb 11 21:33 rockboy.rock
21:35:09HClamiconn: better?
21:35:16amiconnCassandra: I could imagine some kind of "static" sub-threads, so to say.
21:35:17HClhaven't tested it whether it'll still work.. but it should.
21:36:09amiconnInstead of going round-robin like the normal threads (which they sould continue doing), one such sub thread could call a dispatcher function to switch to another, specific sub thread.
21:37:18amiconnHCl: Are there other static buffers than the 4 MB one?
21:37:33HClamiconn: i made two static buffers non static
21:37:42CassandraSo you'd limit it to two program threads: The dispatcher thread and the active task?
21:37:45 Join Beeble_ [0] (
21:37:49HCland yea, there are
21:37:52HCllet me see what i can fix
21:38:17HClcan i safely define my own malloc without conflicting with future code?
21:38:29Beeble_so are you guys ever planning on making rockbox for the archos gmini xs200?
21:39:03amiconnCassandra: No. The normal threading would continue working like now, and another sub-threading system working similar would be added, used by the UI thread only.
21:39:25 Nick Beeble_ is now known as Morphling (
21:39:34MorphlingI work for btw :)
21:39:54amiconnThe UI thread could then have several sub-threads. Of course, this means that things like polling the RTC needs to be done in other (firmware) threads
21:40:01 Quit LukeR (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:40:01Cassandra*nod* I think I get it.
21:40:16CassandraPolling the RTC is already done in a firmware thread.
21:40:16amiconn...because the sub-threads never run until you explicitly switch to them
21:40:21Cassandra(in powermgmt.c)
21:40:47amiconnThis switching could be part of some default handler.
21:41:42amiconnE.g. if it receives a SYS_ALARM event, it would check the setting whether it should start playing music or start recording, the switch to the appropriate sub-thread
21:41:46HClok, the good news is rockboy still runs fine, and having a non static buffer makes it use much less ram
21:42:18Cassandra*nod* Yes. I think that might work.
21:42:32 Join einhirn [0] (
21:42:36amiconnHCl: You can certainly define your own malloc that allocates from the mp3 buffer as soon as you claimed that buffer with plugin_get_mp3_buffer()
21:42:50CassandraOf course it begs the question how do you switch back from a subthread to the handler.
21:43:00HClthat was exactly what i was gonna do
21:43:44amiconnCassandra: The handler would be called in the event processing loops as now (default_event_handler)
21:44:24CassandraI think I see it. I think I'll need to have a poke around in the code before I'm certain.
21:44:28amiconnHCl: Do you think you can get it down to <512KB plugin size?
21:45:34amiconnCassandra: Hmm. This would still present us with the hardware state problem in a number of cases, and some other ungly side effects.
21:45:51 Quit Morphling ("CGI:IRC")
21:46:07CassandraOh dear. That's not good.
21:46:29amiconnFor instance, if you are recording atm, and the alarm is set to start playback, what happens if the alarm rings?
21:47:19amiconnIf it switches straight to playback, you interrupt your recording, plus you end up with an unclosed, no properly flushed file. Argh!
21:47:46CassandraWell that's the kind of problem I was hoping to solve by introducing seperate threads.
21:47:57Cassandra*sigh* I'm not sure there is a good solution to this one.
21:48:04amiconnIt's the same thing there
21:49:07 Join Morphling [0] (
21:49:34amiconnA lot of special handling would be needed for all cases where shared resources are used. And there are a lot: the MAS, the main buffer, the filesystem, the display...
21:50:06linuxstbOoops, I think something's gone wrong with my FLAC test - flac.rock is about 800MB...
21:50:24amiconnKeep in mind that rockbox must not grow too large on the archos units. There is that size limit of 200 KB for .ajz files
21:51:41Morphlinghow come I can't join the gmini rockbox version thingy room?
21:52:16 Join Cassandra_ [0] (~christi@
21:52:53amiconnCassandra: Hmm. I think every UI task (let's call them tasks) would need 2 functions that must be called by the handler if it switches tasks.
21:53:25amiconnOne function to set up the shared resources as needed by the task - this is called by the handler prior to switching *to* that task
21:54:15amiconnAnother function to cleanly release the resources (e.g. close files) - this is called by the handler prior to switching *from* that task to another
21:55:17 Quit Morphling ("CGI:IRC")
21:55:39Cassandra_Yes. I see.
21:55:49amiconnHmm. This approach still has problems.... it would no longer allow to preserve the task's state...
21:56:14amiconn...which is however not possible in the cases mentioned.
21:56:35amiconnGrr, this simply looks messy to me.
21:56:49Cassandra_I agree.
21:57:02Cassandra_I wish I could think of some non-messy way to solve it.
21:57:39 Quit Cassandra (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:58:06hubbleanyone tried to use IDA to disassemble the original firmware?
21:59:22amiconnCassandra_: The lcd access is in fact the easiest case. Just give every UI thread its own screen buffer instead of one global buffer, and let lcd_update() obey which thread has focus. Only those updates are propagated to the display itself
21:59:51amiconnThis is a bit more difficult to implement for the player lcd though
22:00:19 Join blairp [0] (
22:00:46 Quit blairp (Client Quit)
22:01:27HClamiconn: i don't think i can get it down more than 600k
22:01:59amiconnOk. Still way better than 5 MB
22:02:27amiconnHCl: Does your source archive on ftp already contain the mp3 buffer modification?
22:03:45Cassandra_Still hideously complex though, isn't it?
22:05:20amiconnThe lcd case? No, but the other resources...
22:06:24preglowwhat, you can't access addresses that are not aligned by two directly on a 68k/coldfire?
22:07:11amiconnpreglow: Iirc on plain 68k you can, but not on coldfire
22:07:56amiconnPlain 68k even allows to access 32 bit values at odd addresses. Of course this is slow compared to aligned accesses
22:08:29amiconnMost other architectures don't allow this, e.g. the SH1 in the archos jukeboxes
22:08:32preglowwell, this is nice to know
22:11:40XShocKI tried to use IDA. after descrambling it did much of the disasembling
22:11:54 Join jpburton5150 [0] (
22:14:18HClamiconn: no
22:14:24HClamiconn: let me put it up
22:14:28HClbut first
22:14:32HCllet me confirm it still runs
22:14:43amiconnHmm, of course.
22:14:58HClwow.. wth happened to my mario..
22:15:13HClafter waiting a long time at the start screen
22:15:15HClit shows a demo
22:17:02hubbleXShocK: how did you get IDA to work.. for me it can hardly disassemble anything.. which processor did you select? motorola coldfire?
22:17:48linuxstbI'm trying to compile a plugin (to decode a FLAC file to a .wav file) and somehow I am generating a .rock which is 800MB (yes, almost 1GB) in size. But even stranger, if I do "du" in my build directory (which contains the 800MB rock), then it says the disk usage is about 5MB.
22:17:53preglowHCl: any progress?
22:17:57XShocKi used m68k
22:18:19amiconnlinuxstb: Sparse file
22:18:59HClpreglow: my new lcd driver works, it doesn't seem to be any faster
22:19:02linuxstbI assume that explains the disk usage, but how could I have broken the build system to generate it in the first place?
22:19:05XShocKactually is stopped on a couple of commands, and i had to push enter(to start disasembling on a couple of addresse so that it could continue sissasembling)
22:19:13HClpreglow: moving memory to mp3 buffer so it might be allowed onto the cvs
22:19:25XShocKI guess it didn't have several new commands introduced in coldfire..
22:19:37XShocKit was an old IDA by the way.
22:19:45amiconnlinuxstb: Most probably some incorrect (or undefined) memory region for the linker
22:19:54XShocKI didn't really dig a lot into it.
22:20:25HClwelp, seems to still work
22:21:05preglowHCl: so you won't need a modified rockbox anymore?
22:21:32linuxstbamiconn: how would you suggest I debig it? Is the "" file generated for my plugin any use to you?
22:21:50HClpreglow: you will, but memory usage is lower.
22:21:55HClamiconn: source up on my ftp
22:22:04HClrockboy.rock on the ftp is the last version too
22:22:08amiconnLol, 'debig' is correct. Make it less big ;)
22:22:13HCl-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 601192 Feb 11 21:58 rockboy.rock
22:22:26HClsaved 4.2 mb
22:22:47amiconnlinuxstb: And yes, the should give you some hint.
22:22:55preglowHCl: what exactly do you modify?
22:23:08HClpreglow: in standard rockbox?
22:23:21HClsame mods linux made, increasing the memory size available for modules"> if anyone is willing to help.
22:23:59preglowHCl: well, will that mod make cvs?
22:24:17preglowlinuxstb: internal server error
22:24:34XShocK"Menu for /" ??
22:25:44linuxstbone moment...
22:27:44XShocKwhat prevents rockbox from making coldfire work on its 140 mhz now? is it some synchronisation problems that came from archos? i mean why 11 mhz?
22:28:18 Quit Tang ("Chatzilla 0.9.66 [Mozilla rv:1.7.5/20041108]")
22:29:07preglowno, i just believe they haven't tried making it go that fast
22:29:07linuxstbhttp:// - thanks.
22:29:10preglowit's not crucial right now
22:30:46HCllinus said it was next on his list
22:30:47HClafter usb
22:30:50HCland remote buttons
22:31:40preglowand he seems to be making bloody great progress
22:31:46preglowso probably won't be long
22:31:52 Join Chamois [0] (
22:31:58preglowi think i'll try finding out how emac unit works tonight
22:32:03preglowhigh time i made some code
22:32:03HCli'm starting to slightly worry about how fast rockbox will be able to run
22:32:08HCli know i can go a long way using dynarec
22:32:10XShocKPLUGIN_RAM 0x31f00000 0x00100000
22:32:16HClbut if possible, i'd like to avoid it
22:32:30preglowbut i think ram wait states are very pessimistic at the moment
22:32:34preglowthat matters alot
22:32:49preglowand the clock will ofcourse also matter a lot
22:33:05preglowbut they say gnuboy runs great on ipaqs
22:33:07XShocKi guess rock file Origin should be 0
22:33:08preglowwhat spec cpu do they have?
22:33:12preglowi know they're arms, but that's that
22:33:21XShocKnot 0x31f00000 which is actually 800 mb
22:33:42HClthats different though
22:33:48HClmy zaurus pda runs gnuboy too
22:33:51HClits an arm
22:34:11amiconnlinuxstb: The .eh_frame section is most likely the culprit. It's mapped to the default 0x00000000, while plugin ram is at 0x31f00000. 0x31f00000 - 0x0000000 roughly equals 800 MB...
22:34:12HCli think about 200mhz
22:34:22 Join lImbus [0] (
22:34:25HClbut it runs linux
22:34:28lImbusgood evening
22:34:29preglowan arm is probably quite a bit faster than a coldfire clock by clock as well
22:34:29HClwhich has prolly a lot more overhead
22:34:43HCli like the mario demo
22:34:52preglowisn't it a bit too slow to be watching? :P
22:34:58HClits okay
22:35:01HClit manages a jump
22:35:03HClin about... 10 seconds
22:35:07HClmaybe a bit more
22:35:15preglowwhat gcc opt flags do you use, btw?
22:35:16HClhe got a mushroom, i think
22:35:18preglowstandard plugin ones?
22:35:22HClnone, afaik, yes.
22:35:51amiconnlinuxstb: However, I don't know how to fix this... I have to leave this to the linker specialists. The functions using that section are part of the gcc library (division and modulus)
22:36:19preglownot using any is foolish, i guess -O at least is used
22:36:24preglowand yes, seems like i'm right
22:36:24XShocKI am sure there should be something like setting an initial entrypoint to 0 or something.
22:37:02 Quit Chamois ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
22:37:06amiconnpreglow: rockbox uses -O unless you build a debug version
22:37:31preglowdoes the 68k have a frame pointer? i think not, but i'm by no means an expert
22:37:46preglowand why don't you use O2, btw?
22:37:48linuxstbWhat I am doing is compiling my own "libFLAC.a" (I copied the parts of plugins/Makefile for libplugin.a) and then linking all plugins against both libplugin and libFLAC. The 800MB is only happenning for the flac.rock
22:37:52amiconnBoth -Os and -O2 don't work for rockbox, I once tried that. I don't know why it fails though
22:38:24amiconnpreglow: rockbox uses -fomit-frame-pointer for standard builds as well
22:38:30preglowamiconn: ahh, ok
22:38:41preglowamiconn: and you tried this for iriver hardware as well?
22:39:00amiconnNo, since I don't own an iRiver (yet).
22:39:20preglowok, i'll try it after having some food
22:39:34amiconnI suspect problems with the scheduler at least when using -Os, since it relies on function inlining
22:39:52preglowfunction inlining isn't enabled until O3 unless you explicitely enable it
22:40:00preglowthat might be c++ specific, though
22:42:53Bagderjyp: you broke the build
22:42:59Bagderred red red
22:43:16jypI know...
22:43:29jypWhat should I use instead of max_int ?
22:43:51hubblejyp: INT_MAX or UINT_MAX
22:44:19jypTo be precise, instead of __INT_MAX__
22:44:39Bagdermy limits.h has INT_MAX
22:44:53HClamiconn: rockboy small enough to be added to cvs now? :x
22:45:10hubblejyp: INT_MAX seams to be 2^30 while UINT_MAX is 2^31
22:45:16 Join iSheep [0] (
22:45:29linuxstbBagder: Are you the linker expert I'm looking for?
22:45:32amiconnHCl: First it should run in the simulator as well. I'm going to look into it.
22:45:39jypThen I need UINT_MAX, alright.
22:45:46Bagderlinuxstb: I'm not sure, try me ;-)
22:45:52Bagderjyp: no, you want INT_MAX
22:45:56iSheepanyone know how to fix a broken headphone jack on the fm recorder? or to check it to see if it looks right? i have the archos taken apart
22:45:59HCli haven't looked at why it doesn't run in the simulator, last thing i saw was it crashing on a memset
22:46:04Bagderthat's 0x7fffffff
22:46:07linuxstbRead my previous messages - I'm generating an 800MB .rock
22:46:19amiconnHCl: The simulator needs adjustment as well, as it is now, it only gives you an 1.7 MB mp3 buffer. Certainly too small for rockboy...
22:46:57HClwell. actually.
22:47:08HClsince memory is much more efficient now due to not assuming maximum
22:47:10HClit might be enough.
22:47:13Bagderlinuxstb: I got the 800MB ones too first, but Linus fixed that problem
22:47:20HClat least for mareo
22:47:45Bagderlinuxstb: you up-to-date? any particular linker changes?
22:47:48amiconnHCl: Yup. But it might not work for larger games, as you said roms can be up to 4 MB...
22:48:35amiconnI plan to make the 'mp3' buffer in the sim depend on the target RAM size.
22:48:47jypaye aye
22:48:47Bagderthat's a good idea
22:49:18XShocKlinuxstb: maybe 800mb is because you actually have some data starting at 0. if i am not wrong all plugins right now do not have real data at 0, while in .debug_abbrev there is something.
22:49:27linuxstbBagder: Yes, I updated a couple of hours ago. Apart from what I described about creating libFLAC, the only other change I did was to change the PLUGINSIZE #defines from 32k to 1MB
22:49:47XShocKif you want to shut up, just say, since I am just only guessing. :)
22:50:02amiconnBagder: The simulator buffers are a bit strange anyway. There is an mp3 buffer of 2 MB, doing just plain nothing. The plugin load provides an additional, 1.7 MB buffer to hand over to the plugins as the "mp3" buffer...
22:50:14linuxstbXShock: Guesses are welcome. How could I have generated data starting at 0?
22:50:18Bagderamiconn: ;-)
22:50:47XShocK"if you want ME to shut up." (correction) :)
22:50:54XShocK .debug_abbrev 0x00000000 0x2ac /home/dave/src/rockbox-cvs/build-iriver/flac.o
22:50:54XShocK .debug_abbrev 0x000002ac 0x2e0 /home/dave/src/rockbox-cvs/build-iriver/libFLAC.a(seekable_stream_decoder.o)
22:50:54XShocK .debug_abbrev 0x0000058c 0x2fc /home/dave/src/rockbox-cvs/build-iriver/libFLAC.a(stream_decoder.o)
22:50:54DBUGEnqueued KICK XShocK
22:50:54XShocK .debug_abbrev 0x00000888 0x1ae /home/dave/src/rockbox-cvs/build-iriver/libFLAC.a(bitbuffer.o)
22:50:54XShocK .debug_abbrev 0x00000a36 0x8e /home/dave/src/rockbox-cvs/build-iriver/libFLAC.a(bitmath.o)
22:50:55Bagderlinuxstb: just to be sure, run make in tools again, re-run configure adn then run 'make clean all'
22:50:55***Alert Mode level 1
22:50:55XShocK .debug_abbrev 0x00000ac4 0xe6 /home/dave/src/rockbox-cvs/build-iriver/libFLAC.a(cpu.o)
22:50:57XShocK .debug_abbrev 0x00000baa 0xd4 /home/dave/src/rockbox-cvs/build-iriver/libFLAC.a(crc.o)
22:50:59XShocK .debug_abbrev 0x00000c7e 0x12a /home/dave/src/rockbox-cvs/build-iriver/libFLAC.a(fixed.o)
22:51:01XShocK .debug_abbrev 0x00000da8 0xd7 /home/dave/src/rockbox-cvs/build-iriver/libFLAC.a(float.o)
22:51:03XShocK .debug_abbrev 0x00000e7f 0x1d1 /home/dave/src/rockbox-cvs/build-iriver/libFLAC.a(format.o)
22:51:09XShocKsorry for flood..
22:51:12amiconnXShocK: these are not problematic.
22:51:35Bagderlinuxstb: they're on address 0
22:51:46Bagderyou may use a section not specified in the linker file
22:51:56amiconnThese lines are imho the problem:
22:51:56amiconn.eh_frame 0x00000000 0x1a8
22:51:56amiconn .eh_frame 0x00000000 0xdc /usr/local/coldfire/lib/gcc/m68k-elf/3.4.2/m5200/libgcc.a(_udivdi3.o)
22:51:56DBUGEnqueued KICK amiconn
22:51:56amiconn .eh_frame 0x000000dc 0xcc /usr/local/coldfire/lib/gcc/m68k-elf/3.4.2/m5200/libgcc.a(_umoddi3.o)
22:51:56amiconn 0xe0 (size before relaxing)
22:52:18lImbusis tom clemmer here in ?
22:52:26BagderI guess .eh_frame needs to be added in the file
22:52:29amiconnThese routines are part of the gcc lib...
22:52:52XShocKif you look at plugins in currently used in rockbox, in all maps there is no actual data starting at 0. while in your .map there is plenty of something.. i gues debug related.
22:53:22***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:53:40Bagderstarting at 0 means the section is missing in the lds file
22:55:46linuxstbIs that firmware/ If so, mine is identical to CVS apart from the change to #define PLUGINSIZE
22:56:19linuxstbI've tried all the updated, re-configures, make clean, etc, and there is no change. Next thing is to try with a fresh CVS checkout.
22:56:20Bagderyes, but I think you've got something linked that uses a section not previously used
22:56:49Bagderfirmware/ it is, yes
22:57:40Bagdercheck the .map file for how the other sections mentioned in the .lds file appear
22:58:45preglowHCl: try replacing -O with -O2 in the plugin makefile and see if you get some performance enhancement
22:59:19HClpreglow: mhm
23:00:56***Alert Mode OFF
23:02:57preglowrockbox.iriver grows 8 kilebytes with O2
23:02:59preglownow for booting it
23:03:59preglowimpressive, the old one won't turn off
23:04:02linuxstbBagder: sorry, it's not making a lot of sense to me, do you want a copy of my .map file?
23:04:33preglowthe "Shutting down..." label just never goes away
23:07:13preglowamiconn: just changing GCCOPTS in the root Makefile should do the trick, yes? if so, it yields a rockbox that has non-functioning input handler
23:07:36Bagderyes, that should be enough
23:07:47preglowwhy the hell should O2 break input
23:07:54amiconnpreglow: Did I tell you rockbox has problems with different optimisation levels?
23:08:06HClpreglow: doesn't seem much faster
23:08:07preglowamiconn: haha, yes, but it was worth a shot
23:08:08 Join webguest07 [0] (
23:08:21amiconnI got address errors and illegal instruction errors on SH
23:08:48 Part webguest07
23:08:52preglowas far as i can see, O2 doesn't turn on anything that should break rockbox
23:08:55preglowbarring compiler bugs
23:09:09preglowwhich i have run into more than enough of lately myself
23:10:24amiconnI suspect problems in rockbox code. Maybe some asm statement isn't marked 'volatile', and the compiler moves it away when it shouldn't
23:11:01 Quit iSheep ()
23:11:03preglowok, i believe i've found a bug i'd like someone else to try reproducing. if i switch on rockbox with the usb plugged in, it's unable to turn off
23:11:08amiconnI would like to find out, but can't do so as it crashes right away...
23:11:28preglowafter having removed the usb plug, of course
23:12:50linuxstbpreglow: Yes, I can duplicate that - it just gets stuck on the Shutting Down message.
23:12:51amiconnBagder: The build table is really tiny now. On my laptop, I could fit a 2.5 times as wide table now.
23:13:05XShocKMine one shuts down notmally.
23:13:20linuxstbI'm using the very latest CVS.
23:13:23amiconnMuch room left for more different rockbox ports...
23:13:25preglowaye, so do i
23:13:32Bagderamiconn: indeed! ;-)
23:14:24XShocKi am also using the latest, like 20 minutes past till last update
23:14:37XShocKoooh damn...
23:14:48XShocKno. it just stuck in the shutdown screen
23:14:51preglowXShocK: would you mind trying again? plug in the usb, THEN switch on rockbox
23:14:57preglowyes, then it is as i feared
23:15:09XShocKi didn't realize it in the begining
23:17:30Bagderlinuxstb: I guess you don't see my private messages? mail that map file to me at daniel <at>
23:17:59linuxstbBagder: Sorry! Sending it now.
23:18:09amiconnBagder: Using the normal mp3 buffer (defined in buffer.c) as the 'mp3 buffer' that is handed over to the plugins is working in the simulator
23:18:30amiconnSo we can get rid of an #ifdef SIMULATOR ...
23:18:50Bagderevery removed ifdef is a victory
23:19:15amiconnFor your reference: I'm taklking about plugin.c, lines 418..427
23:19:24preglowdoes anyone care to have a guess as to wether cvs binutils support the emac extensions?
23:20:00BagderI doubt it
23:20:06preglowso do i
23:20:53preglowi was thinking of trying to make some mac c macros, but it'll be hard without as much as asm support to go on
23:21:18Bagderadding it to gas shouldn't be _that_ hard
23:21:27preglowthat's what i was thinking
23:21:37preglowchecking out cvs as we speak to check it out
23:22:04amiconnBagder: I'll try in other sims as well (so far tried only with the player sim & sort.rock)
23:22:31amiconnI sorted the battery faq...
23:24:23HClactually preglow
23:24:30HClit does seem to go lots faster
23:24:37hubblegah.. i've been trying for hours to get anything useful out of a disassembler.. trying to follow "IriverMemoryMap" to find i2c_write() at 0x2e848.. just looks like garbage :D
23:24:42HClwith more than 1 screen update per second
23:26:03hubblehave tried IDA, the coldfire disassember and objdump..
23:26:09hubbleany tips?
23:26:12preglowHCl: i'll see if compiling the plugins alone with O2 poses any problems, at least THAT should work
23:26:21preglowand they're loaded dynamically, so size isn't really a big concern
23:28:16XShocKi can't really help much. pretty long ago and i still have no knowledge in m68k asm codes. that time I was debugging it in IDA out of curiousity only
23:28:50HCli'm gonna need to get into z80 assembly..
23:28:55HClas well as m68k assembly
23:30:25Bagderm68 is nice and clean asm
23:30:28Bagderm68k even
23:30:33HCli hope so.
23:30:33preglowBagder: actually, there seems to be some preliminary support for it
23:30:43HCli also hope i'm not gonna have to resort to dynarec
23:30:52HClsince it tends to cause trouble with interrupts and stuff like that
23:31:37Bagderdon't you know, I googled it up on the rockbox site ;-)
23:32:05amiconnBagder: Do you have an idea wth the battery_test plugin creates the battery.log (but not the battery.dummy) *write protected* in the Win32 sim?
23:32:32BagderI believe its an issue with what arguments it sends to open()
23:32:51linuxstbBagder: Thanks. Trying it now.
23:33:01amiconnO_WRONLY | O_APPEND | O_CREAT
23:33:29Bagderyes, but the 3rd argument
23:33:38XShocKBadger: you said, that those things in .debug_abbrev at 0x00000 are not problems. are they ignored in the end. is .comment sections also ignored? if yes, where can i find the place they are ignored in?
23:34:09XShocKsorry for my english. :)
23:34:22preglowBagder: actually, there seems to be complete support for it
23:34:37Bagderpreglow: kewl, that's a good start
23:34:47preglowi'll try to conjure a test to see if it works as well
23:34:55BagderXShocK: the .comment is in the output section and not in the load one
23:35:05BagderXShocK: all .rock files have .comment in them
23:35:09amiconnBagder: Even more strange, it does this only with the player sim (!???)
23:36:13Bagderamiconn: sim_open() calls open() with two arguments unconditionally on windows, which must be wrong
23:36:29Bagderor I'm not understanding it
23:37:03linuxstbBagder: Both Magnus's suggestion and Linus's result in a normal sized .flac - thanks. Any idea if I should DISCARD the .eh_frame or not? My knowledge of C doesn't go down this far.
23:37:19linuxstb*normal sized .rock
23:39:15Bagderlinuxstb: I don't know
23:39:46quelsarukmust go
23:39:49quelsarukcu another day
23:39:56 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 'Realia'")
23:46:04amiconnBagder: I just found that having the "Missing .rockbox directory" / "Installation incomplete" in the .lang translation doesn't really make sense.
23:46:27preglowmy bootloader shits itself co,mpletely if that dir is missing
23:46:27amiconnIf the .rockbox dir isn't there, chances are the .lng files aren't either.
23:46:49preglowmy rockbox, i probably mean
23:47:02preglowhaha, that's a good point
23:47:09Bagderyou can build the firmware with the language built-in
23:47:17Bagderno need to default to english
23:47:59amiconnHmm, correct. However, they get included into the .lng files as well, which is unnecessary imho
23:48:37Bagderyou mean we provide one .lng file too many?
23:48:46Bagderthe one built-in
23:49:28amiconnNo, I mean those 2 strings get included into all .lng files
23:49:41amiconn...and that is unnecessary
23:52:09amiconnI didn't find any ill side effects with my sim buffer modification
23:55:54 Join amiconn_ [0] (
23:56:14 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
23:56:14 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (

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