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#rockbox log for 2005-03-07

00:02:58HenrikBpreglow, amiconn I've fixed the double entry problem in "open with", but I'm going to bed now so I will not commit until tommorow after get home.
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00:09:46HClhas anyone made any attempts at modplug codecs and such?
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00:12:59preglowHCl: no, i see there's a new suggestion for a lib in the wiki now
00:13:47HCli think i might take a look at it, emphasis on might
00:13:58HClanyone who wants to take a look at it too should still go ahead
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00:15:30HClit'd be sweet if we would be able to get them to work
00:15:34jpburton5150hmm... so i just compiled rockboy... with the grayscale patch... and everything takes up half the screen...
00:15:39jpburton5150dont know if thats a known bug...
00:15:44jpburton5150buts its interesting
00:15:53HClyou need to enable the -DGRAYSCALE comment
00:15:56HClin rockboy's makefile
00:16:01jpburton5150ah alrighty...
00:16:12HCleither way
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00:16:15HClthere's a precompiled version
00:16:20HClhe left o.o
00:16:22HClpeople are so impatient
00:16:44HenrikBamiconn, After my double entry fix there will be no waste of memory in filetypes.c, all strings from viewers.config will be stored only once
00:17:06amiconn_That's nice :)
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00:17:59amiconnDoes that imply that there will be the same icon for all extensions, or can you have different icons per extension for the same plugin?
00:19:14Bagderthe icon should be per extension
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00:19:44preglowwhen would you need that?
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00:46:06stevenmwhat's with all the people quitting ?
00:46:25preglowoh, that
00:46:36preglowhides that from me
00:46:45Ricksurely it notifies you?
00:46:46stevenmhere you can tell when there's a power outage in one of the buildings by looking at your AIM client
00:46:50preglowRick: yes, but just one line :P
00:46:59preglowbut i need to get up soon
00:47:01preglowso good night
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00:51:07RickI just reset my iriver
00:51:12Rickand it booted the original firmware instead
00:51:25HClit does that when it didn't manage to reset the cookie.
00:51:31Bonkersmaybe it was longing to play music?
00:51:37HClits a security feature
00:51:42Rickcool ;P
00:51:57HClto prevent unrecoverable loops of bad rockbox images
00:52:23stevenmthat's smart
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00:59:03Soul_Eateri think it'd be cool to get an iRiver linux
00:59:24coobpodzilla running on iriver would be neat :)
01:00:08BagderSoul_Eater: so start working, all info on the hw is present
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01:00:42Bagderpersonally, I don't see the point in putting linux on everything
01:01:01 Quit Sucka ("a bird in the bush is worth two in your house")
01:01:54Soul_EaterI have no idea how or I would
01:02:04Soul_Eaternot a hw kinda guy
01:03:06Bagderlinux is sw ;-P
01:04:03HCli really don't see the point of linux either.
01:04:41Bagdersleep time
01:04:45Soul_Eateri figured in it can be done for the ipod why not the iriver
01:04:48HClmy thought exactly
01:04:56Strathtoo much overhead if you are not using it
01:04:59HClsoul, it can be done, there's just not any point in it.
01:05:16Bagderof course it can, all info is already gathered
01:05:35Bagderits just a matter of writing the drivers for linux instead of rockbox
01:05:52condor9I have a rockbox/rombox flashing question ... can anyone help?
01:06:06*Bagder goes to bed
01:06:08Patr3ckdamn, my "open with" patch was not really helpfull
01:06:22Ricklinux on the rockbox indeed would be pointless
01:07:21Strathlinux rock plugin,like cygrock? ;)
01:09:37condor9I built 2.4 stable, copied the rocks dir w/the rockbox_flash.rock but when I play rockbox.ucl or rombox.ucl nothing happens.
01:09:42 Quit cYmen ("zZz")
01:11:01condor9Any ideas?
01:11:11Rickcondor9: which box?
01:11:33condor9v1 recorder
01:12:56condor9the firmware_flash went fine ... just can't flash rockbox/rombox. :(
01:14:36condor9I checked the message archives, faq, etc. but I didn't find anything that really helped.
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01:22:00amiconncondor9: You need a full install with everything in the right place. rockbox_flash.rock is a viewer, so it goes into /.rockbox/viewers instead of /.rockbox/rocks, and you need viewers.config in /.rockbox
01:22:33amiconnThe easiest way if you build your self is to 'make zip' after 'make', then unzip the archive to the root of your archos
01:23:32condor9amiconn: Yeah, I did that ... when I make zip it doesn't copy any of the rocks to the zip file.
01:23:34 Join gromit` [0] (~gromit`
01:24:03condor9amiconn: btw, in case you didn't see my previous post ... your suggestion for altering the partition table worked. thank you.
01:24:19amiconnIt should... if it doesn't, I have no idea why though
01:24:38amiconnSaw that; nice that it works for you now :)
01:25:07condor9amiconn: ok, so rockbox_flash.rock goes into viewers ... do I need to configure viewers.conf?
01:26:25condor9My viewers.config is empty.
01:26:59amiconnIf it's not already there, you can copy the source viewers.config verbatim. viewers.config is processed while 'make zip', but this is only to remove unneeded entries
01:27:47condor9Ahh... from apps/plugins
01:27:58condor9Ok, thanks. I'll try that.
01:28:57condor9If it's a .rock why doesn't it go in rocks? Just curious.
01:29:13coobdon't put all your rocks in one basket!
01:29:16*coob not funny :/
01:29:27HCl :p
01:29:29amiconnThere are 2 types of rocks: ordinary rocks and viewers
01:29:51amiconnviewers take a parameter, which is the file they should act on
01:29:59Bonkerswell you've certainly simplified geology quite a bit
01:30:15coobare viewers permiable?
01:30:23condor9Makes sense.
01:30:55*amiconn nukes his changes to the x11 simulator
01:34:22HCl :x
01:34:32HClrockboy's new button driver still not working properly on it?
01:34:55amiconnNope :(
01:34:59Soul_Eateris scandisk on XP?
01:35:28amiconnI'm not even able to improve on the realtime behaviour. It doesn't seem to like signals.
01:36:04amiconnHowever, I found a patch in the tracker that uses a different approach, using a separate thread to update the tick counter
01:36:17amiconnSoul_Eater: chkdsk
01:36:53amiconn(or the gui disk checker from the context menu -> drive properties)
01:39:05Soul_Eaterand to run a chkdsk on the iriver its chkdsk e:\ ?
01:41:01Patr3ckhow many plugins are shown in open with (not including duplicates)?
01:41:23condor9amiconn: That did it. Thanks for your help (again). Sorry to be so far behind the curve. :)
01:55:53 Quit condor9 ("Leaving")
01:55:59Patr3ckI have created another patch for the "open with" showing duplicate entries
01:56:20Patr3ckThis one will list all plugins, but only once
01:56:28Patr3ckget it here
02:00:23Patr3ckto bed now, bye
02:01:13 Quit Patr3ck ()
02:03:41*HCl looks at ondio support for rockboy but guesses it simply does not have enough buttons
02:08:24 Join stevenm [0] (
02:11:25amiconnHCl: I already told you...
02:11:32HClyou did?
02:11:37HCli must've forgotten..
02:11:43amiconnNot enough butoons.
02:12:02amiconnstevenm: no remote
02:12:13stevenmsorry, caught tail end of that
02:12:15amiconnDoesn't make sense for a small flash player
02:12:47*amiconn seems to have a working approach for x11 simulator realtime ticks now
02:13:57 Join StrathAFK [0] (
02:15:14amiconnThe patch using threads didn't work correctly (time was running way too fast), but using a threads seems the right idea.
02:15:40amiconnI have correct seconds now, and it seems to run stable....
02:15:42 Quit Strath (Nick collision from services.)
02:15:47 Nick StrathAFK is now known as Strath (
02:16:15stevenmI been at this way too long. If (Sampling Rate)/((Total Length)/(Release Time)) = (RelValue), then what is (Release Fraction per Sample) in terms of (RelValue) ?
02:18:48stevenmYou know, putting that in will probably make it sound better than what it actually is
02:19:28HClthat meant diddly to me..
02:23:25stevenmthat makes both of us :)
02:25:13amiconnMay I ask for testing this on a linux box (perhaps other systems as *bsd too)"> ?
02:26:54HClmeh @ flatmates who play music at 2:20 am
02:27:51XShocKhehe... ATA DMA works.. :)
02:27:52amiconnI'm interested in the following things: (1) Does it produce proper seconds? That's easily tested with the codec test plugins; they update the speed display once per second. (2) Does it run stable, even with lcd activity? Easiest is to go to the scroll speed settings, set it to 15 and leave the example scrolling for a while (some minutes)
02:27:59HClXShocK: what?where?
02:28:19XShocKat least a very basic one. i changed drivers/ata.c so that it use DMA.
02:28:25XShocKit works good. :)
02:28:33XShocKwill now check how fast it is.
02:28:37HClthat should give nice speedups on disk accesses
02:32:16XShocKit works quite strange... today need to sleep. tomorrow will continue
02:33:36 Join skav [0] (
02:35:31XShocKit starts rockbox. directory browse works, but when i open the file it just does not open it
02:35:41HCl :x
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02:39:35stevenmDoes that mean we're screwed, or not necessarily?
02:39:50HCldidn't we have that name first?
02:40:04stevenmNo idea, random googling brought that up
02:40:17XShocKohh damn... do plugins depend on the version of rockbox.iriver?
02:40:23HClyes, they do
02:40:35XShocKthat why they didn't start ... :(
02:40:43XShocKi hope.. :)
02:40:43HClLMAO @ that site
02:40:47HClthey actually advertise
02:40:52HClwith "No spyware attached!"
02:40:53HClXD XD
02:41:12*Rick attaches spyware to HCl
02:41:22HClwatch me not care :P
02:41:31HClcomputer security is an illusion anyways
02:42:28HCli don't understand that there are still companys
02:42:33HClwho live in the age of windows 3.1
02:42:42HCland think custom graphics for applications are still cool
02:51:32HCltime to snug my stuffed animals, and sleep
03:11:42Soul_Eater© 2000-2005, SoftJock Enterprises
03:11:46Soul_Eaterhow long have you guys been around
03:12:15Soul_Eaterlet me guess....1999 ;) right ;) right ;) !
03:16:26 Join ze__ [0] (
03:32:38 Quit ze (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:32:38 Nick ze__ is now known as ze (
03:34:19Bonkersdoesn't mean their "rockbox" was released in 2000
03:47:49Soul_Eatergo here and type rockbox
03:49:42Rickit doesnt matter
03:50:00Rickthey are two different products
03:59:42Bonkersthat's pretty damn cool
04:00:05Soul_Eaterhehe yep
04:05:53 Join QT_ [0] (as@area51.users.madwifi)
04:08:37 Quit QT (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
04:30:09XShocKhrrrrr... with my DMA it reads faster(i looks like loading of the buffer into mpa2wav gets less time), but writing... on PIO it is 90%... with my implementation of DMA it is 56%.. s
04:30:36XShocKthat is it... i am going to sleep. tomorrow i will look on it again.
04:37:48***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
04:39:01XShocKi need Linus... or someone who can tell why i am so dumb if i get twice slower speed with DMA..
04:44:48 Quit XShocK (" HydraIRC -> <- The future of IRC")
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05:30:38*Rick goes to iriver site
05:31:01 Join ze [0] (
05:32:05Rickthey are still selling the remotes
05:32:14Rickused to be like $25
05:36:27Rickgeezus, what's with all the cheap auctions for iriver stuff on ebay o.O
05:41:32Rickthey use UPS
05:41:44RickYour order has been placed.
05:41:44RickA confirmation e-mail with a printable invoice will be sent to you.
05:41:48*Rick ordered a new remote
05:46:48 Join jpburton5150 [0] (
05:47:08jpburton5150HCl: even though you went to bed... thanks... that worked :)
05:47:25jpburton5150HCl: sorry for being impatient :P
05:47:46jpburton5150HCl: but im assuming this precompiled version is on the original site that hosted rockboy?
05:48:07jpburton5150(yeah, it is :P)
05:48:13jpburton5150way to have conversations with myself...
05:48:17 Part jpburton5150
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07:07:39 Join turdburglar [0] (
07:08:08 Join dwihno [0] (~dw@
07:17:20turdburglarhow's the playback progress coming along? i hear mp3 is almost 100% at 96mhz... and flac is doing just fine also?
07:21:28 Join ashridah [0] (
07:25:55 Join BubbaJo [0] (
07:37:41 Join matsl [0] (
07:41:22Bonkerscan it really be called playback when it doesn't make any sound? ;)
07:41:40Bonkerslast I heard flac could decode much faster than 100% though
07:46:08 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
07:52:12 Join LinusN [0] (
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08:03:13 Nick ze__ is now known as ze (
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08:31:10 Join preglow [0] (
08:32:22*Bagder enters
08:34:37*LinusN wakes up
08:35:07Bagdercoffee anyone?
08:35:09LinusNsounds like an 80's adventure game
08:35:14preglowloosing power
08:35:18 Quit preglow (Client Quit)
08:35:27LinusNgo north
08:35:34LinusNpick up sword
08:35:44LinusNslay dwarf
08:35:56Bagderoh, you didn't mean me? ;-)
08:36:07LinusNslay silly person
08:36:44LinusNtaunt silly knight a second time
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08:39:46RickLinusN: you took your h120 apart right?
08:39:58LinusNoh yes
08:40:14RickLinusN: the pictures on the rockbox pages don't give a picture of the bottom without the bottom part of the case on
08:40:31RickI semi-damaged my reset button, was wondering what it is
08:40:36Ricklike, a piece of plastic? or what
08:40:47Rick(I 'popped it' out of place)
08:40:58Rickyeah, but it only gives a picture from the top
08:41:04Rickyou can't see the actual button
08:41:45LinusNi see the button
08:41:58Rickmaybe i'm looking at the wrong part then
08:42:58Rickyes, I figured it was the little silver 'box' in the bottom-center (slightly to the right)
08:43:09LinusNyes that's it
08:44:37LinusNit's even more clear here:
08:48:33 Nick kergoth is now known as kergoth`zzz (
09:03:08 Join R3nTiL [0] (~zorroz@
09:04:16 Quit turdburglar ("ChatZilla 0.9.52B [Mozilla rv:1.6/20040113]")
09:11:53 Join nobby [0] (
09:22:44 Part nobby
09:39:31 Join DMJC [0] (
09:41:15 Join preglow [0] (
09:41:34Rickwhat's wrong?
09:41:53preglowjust had a horde of electricians in here
09:42:14Rickwhere is here?
09:43:19LinusNpreglow: they stormed your house and took your fuses?
09:43:45preglowthe trauma
09:44:11Bagdersorry preglow, but my boys were bored and had to do something. I'll have them bring back your fuses tomorrow :-)
09:44:58preglowLinusN: you read that libmad is actually near 200% realtime?
09:45:10LinusNsaw that
09:45:19preglowdidn't think disk write consumed that much
09:45:30LinusNi knew the disk writes would skew the results, but not to that extent
09:45:43preglowwell, endian swapping and disk writes
09:45:49preglowneither are necessary for our use
09:46:00Rickenlighten me, is 200% a good or bad thing?
09:46:05preglowgood, indeed
09:46:09preglownot good enough, but better
09:46:19Rickwhat's the target?
09:47:40DMJChow's the tremor codec going?
09:47:51Ricktremor codec?
09:47:53LinusNi don't think anybody is working on it
09:47:55Rickwhat's tremor for?
09:48:11preglowmarkun is working on it
09:48:16 Join jyp [0] (
09:48:25Rickthat reminds me
09:48:29Rickmarkun should be back today
09:48:33preglowhe mentioned trying to swap the mdct for a fft with post/pre processing
09:49:01LinusNhow large is the mdct there?
09:49:07preglowthe whole frame
09:49:13preglowanything from 128 to 4096
09:49:30LinusN128 sound small for an fft
09:49:32preglowmp3 has very small mdcts, since it's employed after subband decomposition
09:49:38preglowit's not, really
09:49:54preglowit's perhaps the smallest pretty common size
09:50:09*HCl rubs a bag of sand out of his eyes and yawns
09:50:18preglowthat's the smallest imdct block, the fft size will be half the block size
09:52:06LinusNi wonder why the tremor codec doesn't use fft in that case
09:52:50preglowthey've stated that the goal of tremor is more to be a reference than the tightest piece of code imaginable
09:53:01LinusNfair enough
09:53:06preglowand that particular piece is very easily exchanged by yourself
09:53:46preglowbut yes, imdct is much more important performance wise in vorbis
09:53:53preglowthan in mp3
09:54:13preglowahh, and yes, i got mpegdec working
09:54:20preglowit's not realtime on a 90 mhz coldfire, that's for sure
09:54:20LinusNheard it was noisy
09:54:49preglowyes, there was over eight bits worth of difference between that and a better mp3 decoder
09:54:58preglowbut a difference isn't the best way of comparing
09:56:30LinusNso we should stick to libmad for the time being
09:56:57preglowwell, it's not necessarily bad, i thought i'd check it out a bit now
09:57:04preglowperhaps commit it if someone wants to try it out
09:57:16preglowi wont have time to do much rockbox this week
09:58:45LinusNhow are we supposed to keep our time plan if people start prioritizing their personal life?
09:59:10Bagderwe're only making rubbish anyway
10:01:30preglowyou're right
10:01:35preglowi'm brickwalling the door as we speak
10:02:26DMJChow hard is 68000 coldfire assembler?
10:02:40Bagdersimilar to other assemblers
10:02:47Bagderbut fairly easy, imho
10:03:38 Join Lynx_ [0] (HydraIRC@
10:04:04preglowit think it's very easy
10:04:18preglowdepends on if you're used to x86 asm
10:04:30preglowif you are, you are going to moan in delight as you get used to having more registers
10:04:59HCloh thats nothing, try mips 4
10:05:04HCl31 regs :3
10:06:41preglowsparc has something around 128, i think
10:07:29HClthats insane..
10:07:37LinusNA, X and Y are all registers you need :-)
10:07:43Bagderpowerpc has loads of them too, iirc
10:07:49*preglow misses 6502
10:07:57Bagderlda #$00, sta $d021
10:08:08LinusNjmp $fce2
10:08:31preglowwhat's the difference between 6502 and 6510?
10:08:34preglowi've only used the former
10:08:56LinusNthe 6510 has an extra i/o port iirc
10:09:25LinusNaddress 0 and 1
10:09:47 Quit R3nTiL ()
10:09:52LinusNbut i'm too old to remember stuff like that :-)
10:10:03*HCl scratches his head
10:10:15 Join Patr3ck [0] (
10:10:20preglowi barely remember much of the 6502, and it's not that long since i used it
10:13:22Patr3ckpreglow: sorry there was a problem with the "open with" patch
10:13:42preglowPatr3ck: not your fault
10:13:55preglowjust me taking ten minutes of silence as consent :P
10:14:20Patr3ckanyway, a patch with the simple wanted behavior:
10:14:21 Join BubbaJo [0] (
10:14:35Patr3ckevery codec listed once
10:14:42BagderHenrik Backe said he has a patch
10:15:01Bagderhe's the original author of the filetypes thing
10:15:06Patr3ckok, fine
10:15:26Bagderthanks anyway
10:23:19 Join webguest83 [0] (
10:26:29 Quit webguest83 (Client Quit)
10:29:29 Join webguest45 [0] (
10:34:17 Quit webguest45 (Client Quit)
10:37:56***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:44:40 Join ze__ [0] (
10:58:26 Quit ze (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:58:26 Nick ze__ is now known as ze (
11:02:04preglowdoes the code cache do prefetches?
11:04:30LinusNit fills a whole line
11:05:10LinusN16 bytes/line
11:05:35preglowyes, but only when a miss is detected, yes?
11:05:51LinusNof course, that's what the cache is for
11:06:05preglowyes, but i was wondering if it prefetched
11:06:21LinusNit always fills a complete line
11:06:45preglowi was just thinking it wouldn't enhance sequantial code that much
11:07:14LinusNit won't help much, no
11:07:28LinusNall it helps you with is to fetch in bursts
11:07:29preglowi'd like to commit imdct_l code, but it's entirely sequantial
11:07:51LinusNit should be in iram then
11:08:14preglowi was also thinking of optimizing the other imdct_l instead, but there's not much emac magic to be done there
11:08:24preglowand i think the compiler makes better code than me
11:09:39preglowplugins use the main thread stack, yes?
11:09:47LinusNthe cache helps a little on unrolled code, since the instruction fetches are done in bursts
11:09:51LinusNpreglow: yes
11:10:14preglowjust a pointer for the future, codec plugin stack really should be in iram
11:10:32preglowthey construct a lot of temp arrays that are accessed a lot
11:10:57*HCl yawns
11:11:03preglowwe just need to control stack usage vigourosly to keep its size down
11:11:11LinusNhi amiconn
11:11:14*HCl makes food
11:11:48preglowLinusN: yes, it helps, but would be better to have something loop based
11:12:27amiconnI have a patch ready that adds proper realtime behaviour to the x11 sim (timer tick, sleep). I'd prefer some people to test it on various flavours of unix (Linux, BSD, OS X) before committing.">
11:13:57LinusNamiconn: nice, will try it at home if i remember to do it
11:14:47amiconn2 tests I'm especially interested in: (1) Does it run realtime? (run the stopwatch plugin) (2) Does it run stable, even with heavy display activity? (got to the scroll speed settings, set it to 15 and let the example scroll for some minutes)
11:15:35preglowamiconn: i'll give it a go
11:15:55LinusNamiconn: have you tried to run it over the net?
11:16:14amiconnNope, how?
11:16:23amiconnI'm not that much in x11
11:16:26preglowthat's what i'm doing
11:16:44LinusNpreglow: good, then we'll get a good benchmark
11:16:49amiconnAdditionally, I did not yet change anything in the lcd routines
11:17:03preglowthe box is one meter from me, but it's still remote :)
11:17:51amiconnit's only an additional thread that keeps track of time and updating current_tick, and sleep using select() instead of poll()
11:18:33amiconnUsing poll() isn't realtime because it does not always sleep the whole time, it gets interrupted by other signals too
11:22:27Bagderselect() is the same
11:22:38Bagderyou need to loop when EINTR
11:22:58preglowstopwatch seems decent
11:23:00Bagderwhen errno is EINTR
11:23:08amiconnIt's not if you use select(0, NULL, NULL, NULL, &tv);
11:23:33preglowstopwatch is accurate as far as i can see
11:23:44Bagderamiconn: I think you're wrong
11:23:56amiconnHmm, need to check again then
11:24:26preglowamiconn: the 'up' key doesn't work some times
11:24:49amiconnpreglow: Yeah... I did not yet work on the button handling.
11:24:55amiconn...that's next
11:25:00preglowok, as long as you know of it
11:25:09preglowscrolling seems fine as well
11:25:13amiconnMy patch doesn't change that
11:27:37preglowamiconn: if you've got access to a linux box, running x remote isn't muc harder than setting the DISPLAY variable on the box, and adding an ip in your cygwins x
11:28:13Bagderusing ssh, you don't even need to do that manually
11:28:21preglowyup, correct
11:28:27preglowi just didn't bother with ssh locally
11:29:30Bagderand for the record, I could easily provide a linux login for this purpose in case some would like it
11:29:37Bagdernow, food
11:30:35preglowyes, i would be glad to provide a login as well, as long as no warez are involved :P
11:31:32preglowamiconn: scrolling has been running for over five minutes, no change in behaviour
11:31:52amiconnpreglow: Nice :)
11:32:39amiconnI'll check again whether the sleep() implementation using select() works correct before committing
11:33:58preglowthere the entire thing hung
11:34:04preglowi thing that's the button handler, though
11:34:07preglowthink, even
11:34:21preglowyes, most definitely, after banging the keypad, it unfroze
11:35:13preglowbut ait, i'll go hassle the people at the shop
12:04:21 Join Heidelweg [0] (
12:11:14 Join ripnetuk [0] (
12:12:53 Quit BubbaJo (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
12:12:53 Quit Heidel (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
12:17:12 Join doejohn [0] (
12:17:28 Join jyp_ [0] (
12:17:35 Quit jyp (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:18:03 Part doejohn
12:21:37 Join ze__ [0] (
12:30:52preglowi wish iriver had opted for an arm based design
12:31:00preglowi'd like to learn arm asm
12:31:17HClget an arm emulator and knock yourself out
12:31:22Bagderarm asm is cool
12:31:24preglowit's not the same
12:31:36preglowit seems very powerful, and at the same time they say it's risc
12:31:38*HCl has a pda that runs linux and is a strongarm..
12:32:00preglowBagder: is there anything bad to say about the arm architecture?
12:32:15Bagderthey have things patentet
12:32:21Bagderand hunt clone makers
12:32:35preglowso everyone has to license it?
12:32:50Bagderapparently, arm is also pretty expensive compared to competitors
12:32:51 Quit ze (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:32:51 Nick ze__ is now known as ze (
12:33:03Bagderat least I've heard so
12:33:26Bagderbut otherwise its cool
12:33:55Bagderwe used netbsd 1.6 on strongarm in a project once, that was not cool though :-)
12:34:23Bagdercaching on virtual addresses
12:34:23ripnetukarms are everywhere... i think most of my gadgets contain an arm
12:34:33Bagderhaving kernel and user space both from address 0
12:35:08 Nick jyp_ is now known as jyp (
12:35:55jypAnyone knows a good mp3 cutter for linux ?
12:36:02preglowwhat the hell, strongarms run on less than one watt at 233mhz
12:36:03preglowthat's insane
12:36:48Bagderjyp: check
12:36:56jypMany thanks
12:36:58 Join marvb [0] (
12:37:27marvbhi guys, I just noticed something when starting rockbox
12:37:53marvba loud sound was coming through the headphones
12:38:00***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:38:27HClon what hardware?
12:38:40marvbHCl: sorry, iriver
12:38:47ashridahhm. symptom of uninitialised hardware?
12:39:12marvbusing the bootloader on the wiki, and the bleeding edge this morning
12:40:00marvbI do not know if this is supposed to happen, as I haven't had the headphones plugged when using rockbox.
12:40:17preglowwell, sound hardware is not supposed to work
12:40:36marvbpreglow: I know, that's why I freaked out ;)
12:40:41preglowit'll get fixed when sound support is in cvs
12:41:00preglowthe codec chips isn't inited at all, so it might blurt out stuff from time to time
12:41:19 Quit ripnetuk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:41:24 Join ripnetuk_ [0] (
12:41:54marvbpreglow: ok, sounds reasonable enough. Good work anyway.
12:42:00 Join midk_ [0] (
12:42:34ripnetuk_ive heard the noise from uninitialized sound chip
12:42:45ripnetuk_like a loud white noise
12:42:55Bagdercool ;-)
12:43:02*Bagder ducks
12:43:16 Quit midk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:43:26ripnetuk_we could have a nokia jingle as it inits :)
12:44:17marvbripnetuk: For me it was more like those Hz-registrating things we used i high school physics.
12:44:34 Join cYmen [0] (
12:44:53ripnetuk_im guessing its still got the valus in from last time iriver fw was run
12:45:23ripnetuk_dd someone say you has got 200% on libmad now?
12:46:00HClwe didn't keep account of the disk writing
12:46:26HClnot writing to disk made it go at 200%
12:46:35preglowripnetuk_: depends on the file, i've got 205% realtime on a 180 kbps average vbr mp3
12:46:46marvbgotta go, bye
12:46:55 Part marvb
12:47:02Heidelwegbtw. does that mean, not writing to the disc gives all other codec also double speed?
12:47:08ripnetuk_isnt that enough? what are we aiming for?
12:47:22preglowwell, it'll do
12:47:27preglowbut more would be great
12:47:30preglowand possible
12:47:38preglowHeidelweg: not double speed, but more
12:47:44preglowHeidelweg: i tried the same with flac, got a handsome boost
12:47:45Heidelwegcool :)
12:47:53 Nick Heidelweg is now known as Heidel (
12:48:01Bagderstrictly speaking, it was no boost ;-)
12:48:03ripnetuk_hows the playback api coming on?
12:48:06Bagderjust a better calc
12:48:13preglowsure enough
12:48:21preglowit was never intended to write anyway
12:49:28ripnetuk_how hard would it be to 'hack' the mpa2wav to dump its output the the dac? is it just a case of dumping it to ram and telling the dma controller to copy it to the dac?
12:49:43HCli honestly don't know.
12:49:52LinusNripnetuk_: for what reason?
12:50:11ripnetuk_just for fun :) to hear it make noises before the complete sound api is done
12:52:07Patr3ckLinusN: The TIMER1 code you gave me worked beautifully
12:52:33*LinusN removed the write() calls and got from 87% to 96%
12:52:44LinusNPatr3ck: nice
12:52:47Patr3ckLinusN: There were two changes from my original code
12:53:15Patr3ckLinusN: the (auto?) vector move which was beyond my understanding
12:53:39preglowLinusN: 49mhz?
12:53:49Patr3ckLinusN: And the interrupt level, 2.0 in your case and 3.1 in my case
12:53:49preglowis this your 320kbps file?
12:54:04LinusNPatr3ck: allright
12:54:07 Join gothmaniac [0] (
12:54:13preglowLinusN: could you send me that?
12:54:20LinusNhang on
12:55:01Patr3ckLinusN: I am still wondering why even after using the moved autovector interrupt level 3.1 did not work
12:55:30 Part gothmaniac
12:55:55LinusNPatr3ck: the autovector uses different vectors for each interrupt level
12:56:53Patr3ckLinusN: OK, I see
13:00:48LinusNpreglow: FYI, it isn't the disk writing that takes all the CPU, it's the dithering
13:00:49preglowLinusN: well, this is most certainly interesting
13:01:08preglowLinusN: i've got that file running at 170% realtime
13:01:33LinusNyes, because you removed the dithering as well as the disk writing
13:01:45preglowyes, i commented out the whole block
13:02:22preglowdithering is quite unnecessary at 16 bit, imho
13:02:33LinusNdo you have uncommitted optimizations?
13:02:36preglowLinusN: yes
13:02:41preglowthe ugly imdct_l one
13:02:46LinusNi get 150% without dithering
13:03:01preglowwell, 150*1.15 = 172%
13:03:08preglowmy opt gave about 15% last time as well
13:03:12LinusNi think dithering might make a difference
13:03:28preglowyes, of course, depends on several factors
13:03:33preglowmy hearing can't pick it up
13:04:11LinusNthe dithering is done on the SDRAM buffer
13:05:11LinusNgotta eat
13:05:18*LinusN goes to lunch
13:06:57preglowbut yes, if done correctly, dithering should not matter much
13:07:01preglowon cpu usage, that is
13:10:04preglowany way of making just some members of a struct be put in iram without ripping them out and rewriting the code? :>
13:10:07preglowme thinks not
13:10:53 Join Stu3 [0] (
13:11:47preglowi'll probably have to trace through the code path and note what to put in iram
13:12:06preglowi don't like where this is heading, i had decided not to spend much time on rockbox this week
13:12:55HClyou can convert the members to pointers, and have what they point to be in iram?
13:13:09HClsimple change of changing . to ->
13:13:23preglowthat's what i was thinking of, yes
13:13:37*HCl goes back to his book
13:13:40preglowbut i still need to find out what members are used often
13:13:44 Quit jyp (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
13:15:51 Join Patr3ck_ [0] (
13:22:44 Join Bagder_ [0] (
13:26:41ashridah <−− if this is accurate (needs spanish->english translation), looks like i need to set my sights on asia to find a non-screwed up workplace to migrate to :(
13:28:42ripnetuk_i think software patents should be like 6 months or something
13:28:54ripnetuk_that way the inventor gets a head start, but cannot have a monopoly
13:29:10ashridahripnetuk_: that's about as good an idea as any i've heard.
13:29:16ashridahparticularly given the product lifecycle
13:29:27ripnetuk_yeah, with physical inventions, the time to market is long
13:30:03ripnetuk_but without a global patents system, all software patents will do is put your country at a disadvantage
13:30:24 Quit Patr3ck (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:30:59preglowripnetuk_: that's actually not a half-bad idea
13:31:16 Quit Bagder (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
13:31:20 Nick Bagder_ is now known as Bagder (
13:31:27ripnetuk_preglow - thats as good a reason as any not to do it ;)
13:31:56ripnetuk_it would also encourage companies to QUIcKLY make new tech for us to play with
13:32:14ashridahripnetuk_: and delay patenting to the last second.
13:32:37ashridahyou realise, of course, that any court case would probably take longer than the expiration time :)
13:32:53preglowthe patenting process itself is also not very quick
13:34:33ripnetuk_a difficult area...
13:35:19 Join BubbaJo [0] (
13:37:00 Quit preglow (
13:38:12ashridahpity there's no simple way to force the patent applicant to do their due dilligence reliably before making the application.
13:38:30ashridahnot that it's easy to do so
13:38:42ashridah(do the due dilligence i mean)
13:38:50HCli agree, intellectual property is a concept i don't really agree with..
13:39:14 Nick QT_ is now known as QT (as@area51.users.madwifi)
13:39:55*HCl is bored :x
13:40:11 Join Schee4 [0] (
13:40:14*ashridah finishes an assignment 2 months early
13:40:19ashridahhurray. one down, 3 to go
13:40:34HCl :p
13:41:55ashridahof course, it helps having had experience with C programming before you get to the subject, and the concepts themselves are mostly a rehash of the ones studied in java, plus a few annoyances.
13:43:15 Quit lostlogic ("Going to the moon")
13:43:19ashridahheh. i think the C text book i've got is so old it predates C90 or whatever. let alone C99.
13:44:48*HCl doesn't even remember which c books he read.
13:45:01HCli mostly started with pascal and migrated to C
13:45:06ashridahit doesn't matter. i rarely need to refer to it
13:45:19HClgnu libc man pages are your friends.
13:45:46*HCl watches the class fill.
13:46:05HClformal methods of software engineering... bit of a boring class :x
13:46:35ripnetuk_HCl =- Z?
13:46:40ashridahi tend to use the info pages (rendered using konqueror's info kio plugin, mind you)
13:47:08DMJCsomeone gave me C second edition..
13:47:12HClripnetuk_: hmm? yes, it does cover the language Z...
13:47:23ripnetuk_that was my least favoriate subject at uni
13:47:29HClbut we're at um.. whats it called.. fsp or fps or something...
13:47:32HClafk, class.
13:47:52HClyay.. deadlocks and dining philosophers.
13:47:54 Quit Schee (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
13:48:07ripnetuk_tsk... curl requires a security fix on MandrakeUpdate :)
13:48:20HCli'm more interested in the philosophers than how they dine >.o
13:48:27HClafk now.
13:48:49Bagderripnetuk_: hah, tell me about it... :-)
13:48:58*ripnetuk_ thinks the philosphers should just eat with their fingers :)
13:49:25ripnetuk_and it looks like the ENTIRE kde needs update (again!)
13:49:41ashridahActual leaks report (actual leaks: 0 total size: 0 bytes) | Possible leaks report (possible leaks: 0 total size: 0 bytes) BAHAHAHA
13:49:55*ashridah phjeres his l33t memory handling skilz
13:50:41ashridahonly one i've managed to generate so far has been using a filehandle i'd already closed
13:50:56ashridahsurprisingly that didn't crash, but it certainly didn't give the results i was expecting either :)
13:51:42BagderLinusN: you broke the gmini build, you know that right?
13:56:20LinusNi know
13:58:06LinusNi'll change to BUTTON_PLAY instead
14:01:03NJoinpreglow [0] (
14:01:45 Quit Ka (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:08:50LinusNlooks like the SDRAM size is the only difference between H110 and H120
14:09:28DMJChow much ram on each?
14:09:45 Join Lear [0] (
14:09:49LinusN16 on H110, 32 on H120
14:10:31preglowi think the iriver firmware size differs pretty drastically
14:10:35preglowmight remember wrong, though
14:10:52LearAnyone building sim with cygwin gcc 3.4.1? Can't find cc1 when I try... :(
14:11:14LearOr do I have to install 3.3.3 for that?
14:12:00ashridahhrm. how exactly does one get cygwin to give you gcc 3.4. it only had gcc 3.3 when i downloaded a crapload of it two days ago
14:14:10LearYou can select 3.4.1 as an experimental option... (You need to cycle the "new" column and explicitly select "bin" though.
14:14:56LearFunny thing is, I could build the m68k cross compiler just fine, so I wonder if it might be a rockbox problem. :)
14:15:32ashridahaah. it's experimental? i'll leave it where it is then
14:16:24ashridahi put together a cygwin environment + instructions for a bunch of my mates at uni, so they could get a unix-alike build environment for one of the assignments we have to do for a programming subject. it's close enough to the solaris machine (which is gcc 3.4) that they'll be able to get their work done a lot faster
14:16:40ashridahone of the tutors was trying to suggest djgpp
14:16:51ashridahi didn't even think that was still keeping remotely up to date
14:16:53ashridahbut i could be wrong :)
14:17:13ashridahlast i checked it built dos apps
14:18:50LearBtw, on cygwin, is cc1 supposed to be in the path? Or am I missing a symlink somewhere?
14:19:19LinusNgcc finds it without the path
14:19:23 Join Ka [0] (
14:20:13LearLinus: But why doesn't gcc find it when building the rockbox firmware then? :)
14:20:48LinusNmaybe it is the SOURCES magic, that calls the preprocessor
14:20:49HClhm, the "hippies problem", finally something different from the dining philosophers o.o
14:20:58 Quit ripnetuk_ (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
14:22:08LearLinusn: Well, it happens when it tries to compile buffer.c, doesn't that mean I'm past that stage?
14:23:13LinusNgcc -print-search-dirs
14:26:03ashridahi just did a 'find -name cc1' on my cygwin install here, and it didn't find anything
14:26:24ashridah( from / that is)
14:26:27LearLinusn: First directory in the path points to the one with cc1...
14:26:35LinusNashridah: "cc1.exe"
14:26:49*ashridah smacks head
14:26:50LinusNLear: show me the exact error message
14:27:37LearLinus: After the line with CC buffer.c: gcc: installation problem, cannot exec 'cc1': No such file or directory
14:29:45 Quit ashridah ("sleep")
14:29:53LinusNLear: did you upgrade to 3.4.1 or was that the first compiler you installed?
14:30:56LinusNor have you moved the cygwin root?
14:30:58Learlinusn: should be the first. Because 3.4.1 is experimental though, I've installed 3.3.3 accidentally a couple of times. Should be uninstalled though. And it's only rockbox firmware that has complained so far...
14:31:11LearLinusn: Root has not been moved.
14:31:13LinusNgcc −−version
14:32:20Learlinusn: gcc (GCC) 3.4.1 (cygming special)
14:33:01LinusN"cygming special"?
14:34:07LinusN/usr/lib/gcc-lib/i686-pc-cygwin/3.4.1/cc1.exe −−version
14:35:44*preglow hugs his linux box
14:35:55Learlinusn: Aha, when building rockbox, gcc looks in i686-pc-mingw32, not i686-pc-cygwin... But I have installed gcc-mingw-core...
14:37:57LinusNbut maybe not the correct version?
14:38:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:40:03Learlinusn: Seems like it. I installed a slightly newer version of gcc-mingw-core, and now I've got a mingw cc1 also.
14:51:29LearOk, so I have a H1x0 sim running. Now what? It starts, but I can't even browse the menus...
14:53:54LearAh, so I have to use insert. "." doesn't work, despite what the image says (and I use a notebook right now, so keypad "." isn't very convenient... )
14:57:43 Join lolo-laptop [0] (~lostlogic@
15:06:44 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla 0.9.67 [Firefox 1.0.1/20050225]")
15:06:59preglowok, learning arm asm is not a two hour procedure
15:10:25LinusNwhy arm asm?
15:11:42preglowtrying to see what the imdct_l_arm.S does
15:11:51preglowand if it's a method that's feasible for coldfire
15:11:58preglowit looks pretty decent
15:12:15preglowit's pretty well commented, though
15:13:23 Join Atreju [0] (
15:14:42Atrejuhi. Has somebody experienced problems with the gmini 120 and linux?
15:15:16 Join jyp [0] (
15:16:05DeadManhave we got MP3 to audio out yet on iRiver? Or still just WAV?
15:16:28LinusNwe have neither
15:16:41LinusNin cvs
15:16:47DeadManoh ok
15:22:11 Join Chamois [0] (
15:28:54 Join ripnetuk [0] (
15:31:52 Part LinusN
15:33:46jyp for ( next = file->firstcluster; next;
15:33:46jyp next = get_next_cluster(IF_MV2(fat_bpb,) next) )
15:33:46jyp LDEBUGF("cluster %ld: %lx\n", count++, next);
15:33:46DBUGEnqueued KICK jyp
15:33:46jyp len = count * fat_bpb->bpb_secperclus * SECTOR_SIZE;
15:33:53jypthis isn't quite correct right ?
15:34:11jypcount being only incremented when debug is on...
15:35:45jypI'm committing the fix... tell me if I was mistaken
15:36:59 Quit Atreju (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
15:37:13preglowwhat file is that in?
15:37:17preglowfat driver?
15:39:10 Join Renko [0] (
15:48:49 Quit Chamois (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:55:11DeadManI'd rather have a FAT drive than a fat driver :)
16:07:41Lynx_250gb is what i'd call a fat drive...
16:08:55 Join Tomas2 [0] (
16:19:45DBUGEnqueued KICK DeadMan
16:19:45DeadManHard Disks: (Total/Free: 308.28/166.31GB ¤ Total/Free space on: C: 74.53/20.96GB ¤ D: 231.74/145.34GB ¤ J: 2.01/0.01GB)
16:19:47DeadManNetwork Drives: (Total/Free: 843.75/163.1GB ¤ Total/Free space on: T: 74.53/21.38GB ¤ U: 279.47/75GB ¤ V: 189.92/24.34GB ¤ W: 76.32/40.71GB ¤ Y: 111.76/0.77GB ¤ Z: 111.76/0.9GB)
16:20:59DeadManIs 1TB or more getting more common these days?
16:21:18 Quit Sando (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:32:00 Join stevenm [0] (
16:36:23Lynx_DeadMan: 'C' is you fast drive, eh? ;)
16:38:03***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:00:34 Quit Renko (Remote closed the connection)
17:01:35DeadMannot really
17:01:42DeadManjust too much effort to try and move it
17:02:19DeadManI have an indexing error on C: NTFS but am too lazy to start over
17:02:34 Join Renko [0] (
17:02:46DeadManI was gonna try to partition magic it to FAT32 and back again to see if I could fix the error that way
17:02:57DeadManafter backing the data up of course
17:09:06 Quit stevenm (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
17:13:44 Nick kergoth`zzz is now known as kergoth (
17:14:40 Quit ripnetuk (Remote closed the connection)
17:19:14 Quit BubbaJo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:20:30 Quit preglow ("ba")
17:25:03 Join preglow [0] (
17:29:43 Quit Renko (Remote closed the connection)
17:31:53 Join methangas [0] (
17:31:59CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 45 minutes and 59 seconds at the last flood
17:31:59*HCl prods markun, if he's reading the logs; will probably be around 9ish at belletrie for ddr
17:33:38 Quit methangas (Client Quit)
17:34:13amiconnjyp: Your fix for fat.c is probably unnecessary, because this part is #ifdef TEST_FAT anyway, and when TEST_FAT is defined, LDEBUGF is most likely also defined
17:34:32jypactually not in my setting
17:34:54amiconnAh, you did test, and didn't have LDEBUGF?
17:35:27amiconnHow do you test then?
17:35:39jypin my emulator
17:36:14amiconnAh, the emulator :)
17:36:19jypyah :)
17:36:45jypAnyways, I don't think it hurts to keep my fix right ?
17:38:29amiconnNope; I just wondered what it might be good for. Didn't think of the emulator, as we didn't have one...
17:58:37 Join methangas [0] (
18:01:18 Join Renko [0] (
18:02:42 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
18:10:45 Join R3nTiL [0] (~zorroz@
18:12:49 Quit Patr3ck_ ()
18:15:10 Join stevenm [0] (
18:18:47 Quit jyp ("poof!")
18:22:30 Quit R3nTiL (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:25:57 Quit stevenm ("Leaving")
18:26:01Bonkersjyp, you're writing an sh1 emulator or something?
18:28:34amiconnBonkers: Not sh1; jyp is the gmini man. The gmini guys have written a gmini emulator, which emulates most (all?) of the gmini hardware.
18:29:21amiconnThat's of great value for porting rockbox to gmini
18:29:31Tomas2amiconn? you know much about the simulators?
18:29:52Tomas2My iRiver simulator can't open the plugin's browser...
18:29:55amiconnWell, I'd say quite a bit
18:30:21amiconnDid you 'make install' after 'make'?
18:30:43amiconnWindows or Linux?
18:31:15amiconnI'm afraid I can't help that much with Linux, running windows only...
18:31:40Tomas2ok.. I have windows too.. but haven't tried to build it there jet..
18:31:48amiconnDid you check the dir structure?
18:31:51Tomas2what's the simplest way? visual studio?
18:32:19amiconnI think the vs build is completely broken now, and I have no way to fix it (i.e. no visual studio)
18:32:28Tomas2other way?
18:32:40amiconnI'm using cygwin for everything rockbox related
18:32:57Tomas2lol... that's almost linux
18:32:59Rickmorning guys
18:33:08Bonkersinnocent question, if you're using cygwin, why can't the linux and windows simulator be identical?
18:33:14amiconnCompiling for target(s) (sh1 in my case), and both win32 and x11 simulators
18:34:26amiconnBonkers: The native win32 simulator can't run on linux for obvious reasons, and this one is preferred on windows. It's more compatible, and if you only want that one, you need a way smaller cygwin installation (no x11 needed)
18:35:14Tomas2oh.. in cygwin my make complains...
18:35:24amiconnThen, Tomas2 says cygwin is *almost* Linux - yes, but only *almost*
18:35:44Tomas2MAKE Version 5.2 Copyright (c) 1987, 1998 Inprise Corp.
18:35:44Tomas2Fatal makefile 65: No terminator specified for in-line file operator
18:35:58Tomas2that's make on cygwin...
18:36:02Bonkersamiconn: sounds like it would be a terribly fun project to port the simulator to some cross platform toolkit, too bad I don't have time right now
18:36:30 Join BubbaJo [0] (
18:36:39amiconnTomas2: That's definitely not gnu make
18:36:58Tomas2no, I'll install the gnu version
18:37:10amiconn$ make -v
18:37:10amiconnGNU Make 3.80
18:37:10amiconnCopyright (C) 2002 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
18:37:36Tomas2installed :)
18:37:56Tomas2damn... cygwin is much slower than the real linux :)
18:38:07***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:38:30amiconnReally? Some other guys also told me, but then I have no comparison.
18:39:07Tomas2yeah.. This pc is a Athlon XP 3200+ and the make almost takes twice the time it takes on my simple celeron 700 laptop...
18:39:13Tomas2but the laptop is running native linux
18:39:26BonkersTomas2: the first time I tried cygwin, before I'd touched linux, it was probably on a 486 33 MHz, I thoguht all configure scripts took like 45 minutes
18:39:38amiconnPentium M 1.5 GHz laptop here
18:39:51Tomas2yeah, my laptop is a little old...
18:40:00Tomas2Celeron 700, 512 mb mem...
18:40:14Tomas2my real computer is much faster normally... 3200+ with 1024 mb mem...
18:40:37amiconnI don't want to fiddle with Linux on that, 'cause windows is running pretty stable and does everyting I need (with the help of cygwin).
18:41:05Tomas2yeah... I use windows XP on this pc for games and my company program's...
18:41:15Bonkersany idea how the speed of colinux compares to cygwin?
18:41:30Tomas2native linux is just really much faster... whatever version u use...
18:41:44amiconnI tried to fiddle with Linux several times, but I simply don't have the time to switch to Linux. It takes ages to get a Linux environment to the stage where it is actually usable...
18:42:03Tomas2install some simple distro? like mandrake of fedora?
18:42:08Bonkersamiconn: not lately, fedora core, ubuntu, knoppix, you can have a system up and running faster than the windows install takes
18:42:19Tomas2I used that when I wasn't as linux experienced as I am now...
18:42:19Bonkersubuntu installed completely in like 10 minutes or something
18:42:33Bonkersknoppix boots off a CD in like 3 minutes and is fully usable
18:42:39amiconnYeah, up and running *basically*, but until all hardware works, it can take ages...
18:42:52Bonkersthey all autodetect hardware now
18:42:59Tomas2well.. my laptop worked with fedora just from setup
18:43:01amiconn... and for some hardware I tried to get running under linux, I failed completely
18:43:03BonkersI think knoppix picks up every piece of software in my computer
18:43:09Tomas2and when I did LFS it was easy as hell...
18:43:15Tomas2just have to know your hardware
18:43:29BonkersI can stick knoppix in my laptop at school with my wireless card plugged in, in 2 minutes I'm already on the internet with sound at startup
18:43:34Bonkersno configuration at all
18:43:46preglowknoppix is pretty leet
18:44:06Tomas2yeah, because it's build on debian...
18:44:19Bonkersbut it's really the hardware autodetection that makes it so cool
18:44:19amiconnWell, I actually didn't try the distros you mention; but I tried several SuSEs, and debian (the latter on Amiga hardware though)
18:44:22Tomas2I use debian for my server and firewall too...
18:44:29Rickamiconn: currently I use VMWare for my rockbox dev enviornment
18:44:41Tomas2amiconn: debian is a little more difficult
18:44:44Bonkersya, debian on my server/firewall too
18:44:45preglowTomas2: do i detect a debian zealot here? :P
18:44:52Tomas2a little ;)
18:44:56preglowdebian is ok
18:45:02Tomas2yeah, for servers...
18:45:02preglowas long as you don't run stable
18:45:11Bonkershah, I'm running stable on my server
18:45:13Tomas2I run stable with backports...
18:45:13amiconnSuSE did fails for several hardware items, and I didn't even manage to get x11 running in debian
18:45:15preglowi can't stand using five years old software
18:45:26Tomas2then use stable + backports?
18:45:38preglowonly fixes are backported
18:45:38Tomas2I installed new apache, php, mysql and postfix from backports
18:45:38preglownot features
18:45:43BonkersI had like a 400 day uptime with that thing, and it was an old 266MHz K6-2
18:46:00preglowi don't want to jump through hoops
18:46:04preglowi've got anice server anyway
18:46:09preglowand i'm not about to spend time on it
18:46:11Tomas2put it in /etc/sources.list
18:46:17Tomas2and you can install all new things you want :)
18:46:19preglowyes, i know
18:46:26preglowi'm using apt on my desktop right now
18:46:34preglowbut i'll not touch my server until it stops working
18:46:39Tomas2I don't use debian as a desktop..
18:46:42Tomas2that's just to old...
18:46:49Tomas2old KDE and thinks aren't usable...
18:46:50preglowuse unstable
18:46:56preglowi use ubuntu right now
18:46:57amiconnWe also considered using a Linux file server at work some time ago, but decided against it. User administration is a nightmare compared to a windows domain, imho.
18:46:59preglowruns like a charm
18:47:02Tomas2yeah... I just use LFS now on my laptop
18:47:14preglowamiconn: i wouldn't call it a nightmare
18:47:22preglowamiconn: you need to get used to it, then it's pretty smooth
18:47:29preglowlike everything else
18:47:36preglowless intuitive, perhaps
18:47:48amiconnNo, simply much moire work for less effect
18:47:52Bonkersdoesn't samba support full active directory stuff by now?
18:47:59Tomas2yeah version 3
18:48:00preglowamiconn: what exactly are we talking about?
18:48:18preglowfile servers aren't very hard to set up or admin
18:48:22amiconnI didn't have a look at the latest samba, but back then samba even needed to enter the password a second time.
18:48:35amiconnWindows 2000 with active directory was available by then
18:48:38preglowsamba works incredibly smooth these days
18:48:43Bonkersback when? samba has been able to join a domain fork 5 years at least
18:48:57Tomas2We use several linux fileservers at work...
18:48:59Bonkerssamba could join an nt4 domain before 2000 ad existed
18:49:05Tomas2All integrated in windows 2000 domain
18:49:06amiconnYeah... to join, but not to be an ad domain controller
18:49:18Tomas2It can controll a NT 4 domain
18:49:21Bonkersyou don't need to be a domain controller to share files without requiring a password a second time
18:49:22Tomas2and join a 2000 domain
18:49:43preglowbut of course, win2k is going to be smoother for smb stuff
18:49:53preglowsamba does work really well, though
18:49:55 Join matsl [0] (
18:50:12fuzziesamba is /fast/, though
18:50:16fuzzieif you're just doing filesharing
18:50:26Tomas2amiconn: In my office we have 4 redhat servers running as a domain member with a big raid array for file serving...
18:50:37Tomas2I never have to login twice..
18:50:55Tomas2just login to a w2k workstation and my home drive is mounted automatically... without relogin..
18:50:55amiconnHmm, actually I think samba is slow as hell, but that's not samba's fault. The SMB protocol is simply inefficient
18:50:57preglowwindows remembers my passwords for me
18:51:10preglowsmb isn't very elegant, no
18:51:13preglowbut it works
18:51:16Tomas2yeah... SMB is slow.. compared to http or ftp..
18:51:21amiconnTomas2: Not to login twice, but to tell samba the password again.
18:51:32Tomas2no.. don't have to type a password at all
18:51:34amiconn...when creating the user, that is
18:51:48Tomas2you have to change some domain settings for that
18:51:56Tomas2and make samba replicate users from windows
18:52:08Tomas2or just use domain auth and don't make linux users at all
18:52:18preglowwhich is what you of course do
18:52:18Tomas2it's possible with winbind...
18:53:23Bonkerscan't you just do like "security=domain" and have it work perfectly?
18:53:25 Join geoff_o [0] (
18:53:35fuzzieamiconn: i mean, samba is faster compared to windows :)
18:53:48amiconnfuzzie: I seriously doubt that
18:53:50fuzziewin2k3 was faster for a few weeks around launch
18:53:55Tomas2no, it really is
18:54:02fuzziebut that changed quickly.
18:54:15Tomas2don't know about 2003 but it's faster than windows 2000 server
18:54:16preglowsamba actually has been faster than windows loads of times
18:54:17fuzziei can't speak for anything but filesharing, though.
18:54:19preglowit's not bs
18:54:23amiconnBonkers: For a file server, and today, maybe. Back then it simply didn't work
18:54:54*Tomas2 is away: etaning
18:55:47amiconnAnyway, for some reason, whenever I try to get used to linux a little more, and try to get it running 100%, I spend hours and hours searching the web how to get this or that piece of hardware running.
18:55:52amiconnThis is simply annoying.
18:56:06 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
18:56:17preglowtry knoppix
18:56:24preglowi haven't had hardware trouble with linux for years
18:56:28*[IDC]Dragon steps in for a quick visit
18:56:43fuzziemy wifi card doesn't work under linux. that's the only trouble i have.
18:56:52fuzziebig showstopper, though.
18:56:52preglowthese days i actually have to do more work to get my hardware to work in windows
18:56:59preglowneed drivers for my raid controller
18:58:22amiconnFor instance, I did not yet manage to get AVM Bluefritz (ISDN over bluetooth) running in SuSE 9.2. It is properly detected, and configured with yast, but it simply doesn't work until now.
18:59:36amiconnOne step is already solved; I had to manually enter the AP's password in a config file. Ouch, why is that? This is stone-age!
19:00:24amiconnFor some reason, it still doesn't work, although it connects to the AP now.
19:00:31preglownever tried that
19:00:41preglowthen again i've never tried suse
19:02:12 Nick Lynx_ is now known as Lynx_awy (HydraIRC@
19:04:03 Join Stryke` [0] (~Chairman8@resnet-241-86.resnet.UMBC.EDU)
19:07:24[IDC]Dragonamiconn: yesterday I've searched for our conversation about Ondio USB powerup with MMC inserted
19:07:25 Quit Renko (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
19:07:36[IDC]Dragonbut faile to find it
19:07:54amiconnHmm, it obviously should be there
19:08:06[IDC]Dragonremember, the annoing prompt to remove the MMC
19:08:10amiconnBut the basic idea is simple
19:08:35amiconnWe "just" need to start monitoring usb before trying to mount the disks
19:08:49[IDC]DragonI think we do
19:09:05 Join Renko [0] (~Renko@
19:09:08Renkojoin #comedi
19:09:27Rick#get banned
19:10:35Renkotypo sorry
19:11:01amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Yeah, we do, but there are 2 problems (imho)
19:11:52amiconn(1) We start monitoring *immediately* before the disk mount, but maybe the usb thread takes a while to catch this, and then the present usb connection. Meanwhile the mount might already be done...
19:13:11amiconn(2) The check for inserted mmc is unconditional, i.e. it always prompts for removal of the mmc when usb is about to be acknowledged. It should not prompt if the card is not yet initialised (and hence not yet in spi mode)
19:13:44amiconnThe question remains how reliable this info is...
19:14:08amiconnMaybe the problems is only (2) though
19:15:18amiconnHmm. Actually problem (1) is very likely too. There is no yield() between usb_start_monitoring() and the disk mount...
19:15:31[IDC]Dragonwe can insert one
19:15:49 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- The dawn of a new IRC era")
19:16:08 Quit lolo-laptop (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:16:16[IDC]Dragonwhy should tCardInfo.initialized be unreliable?
19:17:23amiconnBecause it's also a race. It gets set at the end of the init sequence, so the first step (switching to spi mode) might already been done and it still reads false...
19:17:56preglowi do however feel they should have mastered bloody cut and paste by now
19:17:59preglowthat would have been great
19:18:07HClcomputers suck.
19:18:12preglowHCl: why, indeed
19:18:31HCli bought this 1gb of ram sodimm for my laptop about a month ago
19:18:38[IDC]Dragonit's only a rave if used within interrupt
19:18:38HCland it has only worked right for 6 days.
19:18:44HCli seriously hope i can demand my money back.
19:18:53HCli think that by now.
19:19:06HCli a) learned that ddr ram is shit slow and it barely speeds up my laptop at all
19:19:13HCland b) i'd rather use the money to buy a samurai sword.
19:19:25preglowuse them to buy good beer
19:19:27amiconn[IDC]Dragon: No. The init sequence uses sleep(), and hence yields
19:19:35HCli don't drink beer.
19:19:44HClall i drink thats alcoholic is sake
19:19:47HCland now that you mentioned it.
19:19:50HCli think i'll get some.
19:19:51preglowsake works
19:19:53[IDC]Dragonperhaps we should use the mutex there
19:20:00 Join _aLF [0] (
19:20:06*HCl has this uber prettyful sake set ^^
19:20:09HClafk :3
19:20:17preglowi've just had about two bottles of it in my life, but it's pretty good
19:20:47[IDC]Dragonoh, but it's read within the tick
19:20:51preglowenglish style ales > *, though
19:21:07[IDC]Dragonreset, sorry
19:21:22amiconn[IDC]Dragon: The card init is called from within the transfer functions, and hence *is* protected by the mutex. However, this doesn't help if you simply read tCardInfo.initialized, since that read is not protected by the mutex
19:23:45[IDC]Dragonthen we should set it early, before any yielding operation
19:24:17[IDC]Dragonor introduce another flag
19:25:42 Join lolo-laptop [0] (~lostlogic@
19:26:24HClugh. my flatmates are such shallow perverted jerks.
19:26:42preglowdon't have too high hopes for humanity
19:26:44*HCl threw this porn calender of 2004 away that they hanged in the kitchen
19:26:55HClthey even dared to ask whats annoying about a porn calender in the kitchen.
19:27:03HCli swear.
19:27:06HClthey would've went
19:27:09HCland gotten it out of the trash
19:27:15HClif i hadn't dumped it way at the bottom of a dumpster
19:27:21Bonkerswell of course you get rid of 2004 calendars by now ....
19:27:34HClBonkers: they took it out of the trash of other people.
19:27:50HClthey're seriously pathetic.
19:28:13HCland they dared to call me prude. lmao. if they only knew O.o;
19:28:29HClthey're dumb. and annoying.
19:28:31HClso whats up?
19:28:52amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Then we would have to set it really early, in select_card just after checking for not initialised (line 170). This might break something, because the tCardInfo.initialized should only be set if the card was initialised successfully, i.e. reading and setting all parameters without errors
19:28:57preglowhunger's up
19:29:38amiconn[IDC]Dragon: That looks like another parameter is necessary... but then it would only be necessary for the MMC, not for the internal flash
19:29:48*Tomas2 is back
19:31:16amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Actually, setting it that early wouldn't work, because this flag is checked again later on in the same function
19:35:18Tomas2compile error in cygwin..
19:35:32Tomas2gcc version 3.3.3 (cygwin special)
19:35:36Tomas2latest CVS
19:35:44Tomas2MAKE in libwavpack
19:35:53Tomas2In file included from bits.c:33:
19:35:53Tomas2wavpack.h:497: error: parse error before '->' token
19:35:53Tomas2wavpack.h:519: error: parse error before '->' token
19:35:53DBUGEnqueued KICK Tomas2
19:35:53Tomas2wavpack.h:521: error: parse error before '->' token
19:35:53***Alert Mode level 1
19:35:53Tomas2wavpack.h:525: warning: type defaults to `int' in declaration of `value'
19:35:54***Alert Mode level 2
19:35:54Tomas2wavpack.h:525: error: `bs' undeclared here (not in a function)
19:35:56Tomas2wavpack.h:525: warning: data definition has no type or storage class
19:35:58Tomas2wavpack.h:527: error: parse error before '->' token
19:36:00Tomas2wavpack.h:529: error: parse error before '->' token
19:36:00[IDC]Dragonamiconn: ok, one bool then
19:36:18Tomas2amiconn? you used cygwin before?
19:36:31amiconnI'm still using it
19:36:36 Join webguest58 [0] (
19:36:40Tomas2seen this error before? :)
19:37:17amiconnNo. I had some parse errors, but not this one
19:37:53 Quit webguest58 (Client Quit)
19:37:55Tomas2I'll check it on real linux this evening... maybe it really is an error :)
19:37:58amiconnCurrent cvs should compile almost cleanly (some warnings are there - the same as with linux)
19:39:41amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I just checked; a simple yield between usb_start_monitoring and the disk mount is not sufficient. Usb will only pickup the change in the next usb tick, then send an event to the usb queue, and then usb thread has the chance to pick it up when it's scheduled next
19:40:19[IDC]Dragonseveral yield()s ?
19:40:40[IDC]Dragonin the tick, sorry
19:40:49[IDC]Dragonthen this won'r work
19:41:06amiconnI think a sleep() for several ticks is needed. Even then this is ugly, because it's a race
19:41:38[IDC]Dragonthe HD models also have a problem here
19:41:55amiconnI don't think so
19:42:11[IDC]Dragonif the mount fails, they can only recover because the USB screen is called by the error handler
19:42:12 Join Sucka [0] (
19:42:21amiconnThe race is there, yes, but it's not much of a problem
19:42:37amiconnAh, yes
19:43:10[IDC]Dragonit would be nicer if USB is done first, in general
19:43:28[IDC]Dragoninstead of through a backdoor
19:43:29amiconnImho a clean soultion would be to make usb_start_monitoring() guarantee that it catches the usb connection before returning
19:43:51[IDC]Dragongotta run now
19:43:57[IDC]Dragoncu later
19:44:01 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("CGI:IRC")
19:45:55***Alert Mode OFF
20:02:17 Quit coob (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:10:22 Join jyp [0] (
20:10:26amiconnpreglow: r u there?
20:10:40 Quit BubbaJo (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
20:19:37amiconnI checked again... Bagder was right, both poll() and select() may be interrupted by a signal.
20:20:25amiconnBut that usually doesn't happen, only when I tried implementing ticks with setitimer() it did
20:20:33amiconn(SIGALRM, obviously)
20:21:33Bagderif you want the gory details
20:21:40amiconnSo using either poll() or select() is equivalent, only select() is a bit more difficult to set up (struct timeval instead of a simple parameter)
20:22:30amiconnOn the other hand, I need to deal with struct timeval for gettimeofday() anyway, and all this is defined in sys/time.h, while poll() needs an additional header (sys/poll.h)
20:23:03Bagder... not to mention that some systems don't have a good poll()
20:23:20amiconnHmm, but they may also not have a good select() then?
20:23:37Bagderwell, select() is much more portable than poll()
20:23:45Bagderpoll() is a newer invension
20:23:53preglowi never even heard of poll()
20:23:57amiconnOkay, so I'll keep my select() then.
20:24:15Bagderpoll() has no FD_SETSIZE issues
20:24:30Bagderwhich select() has
20:24:35Bagderbut for our case it doesn't matter
20:25:18amiconnThe remaining question is: is it necessary to check for premature return because of a signal?
20:25:35Bagderprobably not
20:25:45Bagderadd a comment about it and try without
20:26:11amiconnWell, I checked with a simple test plugin on cygwin, seems to run as intended
20:35:49RickWhat's shakin'?
20:35:51Rickno sign of markun?
20:36:16Bagdermarkun ( signed off 22 hours and 25 minutes ago
20:36:47Bagder(as "/MSG logbot seen markun" told me)
20:37:03RickHmm, never noticed Logbot before
20:37:24Bagderits "he" who makes the IRC logs
20:38:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:38:19amiconnBagder: Btw, it seems logbot is unable to 'explain' anything since your server upgrade
20:38:34HCli should've brought my usb cable for my iriver after all..
20:38:49Bagderzagor's in charge of the bot
20:38:52CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
20:38:52*HCl finds himself bored and unable to develop :/
20:39:10BagderI only wrote it ;-)
20:39:56RickHCl: Go steal someone's digicam cable ;P
20:40:11HCl :p
20:40:20RickI keep my iriver cable in my backup
20:40:39Rickand I use one that came from a digicam that's "permanently" affixed to my computer
20:42:09Rickmakes things easy ;)
20:43:43 Join methangas [0] (
20:55:43preglowBagder: what's it written in?
20:56:05preglowi've made a sexy bot in perl
20:56:11preglowi bet it's fewer lines :)
20:56:36Bagderwell, I started mine back in... 1994/95
20:56:42BagderI didn't know perl then
20:57:08preglowi had probably never been on irc then
20:57:34Bagderit was a different time
20:57:47Bagderjust a few irc networks
20:58:11preglowi can imagine
20:58:18preglowi frequented bbs's those days, i think
20:58:22preglowmight just have been starting out
21:00:25Bagderthe bot was written as a defence bot mainly
21:00:41preglowtakeover protection?
21:00:58SeedI was in undernet in 94-95
21:01:00preglowtakeovers i don't miss
21:01:16Seedno flash, no banners, no pop-ups.. the good times
21:01:48Bagderand Mosaic
21:01:56SeedAMosaic for me
21:05:47 Join Tomas|laptop [0] (
21:05:50Tomas|laptophi :)
21:07:39SeedI had a 68020 then
21:07:47Seedbrowsing was slow as hell. ISP only supported 14.4
21:08:00BagderI had a 68030
21:08:23Bagderbut I did most programming on sunos
21:08:35Bagderon sparc
21:08:37SeedI had several Amigas
21:09:10amiconnSeed: I still have one, working
21:09:24BagderI gave away mine, working ;-)
21:10:49Tomas|laptopamiconn? my simulator sill isn't working..
21:11:01Tomas|laptopit starts, and I can browse the menu's
21:11:10Tomas|laptopbut the "browse plugins" option isn't working
21:11:52amiconnWhat does it do?
21:12:14Tomas|laptopwhen I press the right button it just doesn't do anything...
21:12:23Tomas|laptopand no error's in console...
21:12:59 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
21:13:26amiconnThat's usually a sign that archos/.rockbox/rocks isn't there
21:13:33Bagderhey, its a hardeep!
21:13:41hardeephey guys
21:14:11 Join Tang [0] (
21:14:20hardeepnice work on the iriver port, looking good =)
21:14:32hardeepi just ordered an H120 :)
21:14:35Tomas|laptopamiconn: tnx
21:14:48Bagderhardeep: that's a spirit I like!
21:14:52Tomas|laptopthe .rock files were in archos/.rockbox
21:15:11hardeepi got a question about the tag database design
21:15:34TangI :)
21:15:43Bagderhardeep: that is mostly Zagor's work, I believe
21:15:43hardeepif an album is split between multiple directories, should it still show up as only one album in the album view?
21:15:58amiconnTomas|laptop: That's strange. 'make install' should put them in archos/.rockbox/rocks and archos/.rockbox/viewers, respectively
21:16:09 Join HenrikB [0] (
21:16:18hardeep'cause it currently doesn't
21:16:26Tangbye good work
21:16:30 Quit edx ()
21:16:50Bagderhardeep: I think there are a few known problems that Zagor is aware of and intends to fix
21:16:54Tomas|laptopamiconn: next error.. it gives a seg fault when loading a plugin :S
21:16:57hardeepBagder: ah, okay, cool
21:17:09hardeepi just installed it for the first time, was very cool =)
21:17:48Tang(sorry i've to go earlier
21:17:56 Quit Tang (Client Quit)
21:19:49 Join edx [0] (
21:19:50 Quit edx (Remote closed the connection)
21:21:20 Quit methangas (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
21:21:40 Join methangas [0] (
21:23:19Bagderfun site:
21:23:21 Join Aison [0] (
21:25:59preglowthat emac mention gave me an idea i've forgotten to try
21:26:06amiconnHmm. I was just looking for irivers on ebay germany. It seems H-140s are not very common, and H1xxs are more expensive than H3xxs
21:26:21preglowamiconn: well, they're not in production any more
21:26:59amiconnThere is quite a number of H120s, H320s and H340s, only the H140 seems to be rare
21:27:21amiconnThere is also a H-100 (10 GB). I wonder about the differences
21:27:33Bagder16mb ram
21:27:37Stryke`i thought also a H-110 (perhaps 15 GB)
21:27:39amiconnAnother thing: There are silver and black H120s
21:28:02amiconnBagder: Is that the only difference?
21:28:05preglowus h120s are black, i think
21:28:10preglowmine's silver, at least
21:28:15Bagderamiconn: as far as we know for now
21:28:17amiconn <== H100
21:29:37BagderLinus has been trying to get his hands on one to dissect and check closer
21:30:16Rickthe silver H120 is the euro one is it not?
21:30:21Rickthat is what I am told anyway
21:31:07RickI remember reading it on the iriver forums ages ago
21:31:21 Join webguest64 [0] (
21:31:22amiconnRick: From reading a bit further, it seems so. There's another offer of a black H120, and it says "american version"
21:31:34BagderI have a black h140
21:31:39Rickthen again
21:31:44Stryke`i have a black H120
21:31:51HCla black 120...?
21:31:53Rickwhat differences does the chinese/japanese H1x0's?
21:31:57HCli didn't know they existed...
21:32:02RickHCl: yes, I have one
21:32:05RickI want the silver one :(
21:32:17preglowand i don't care :P
21:32:26RickI think the silver ones look neater at least
21:33:00Stryke` <- black 120
21:33:38 Quit webguest64 (Client Quit)
21:33:40Rickthat's what I have
21:33:57Stryke`as do i, though i havent seen the actual player since i got my iskin
21:34:29Stryke`3rd party case
21:34:39 Nick Aison is now known as God`damn`EU (
21:43:22preglowBagder: i just did a naive emac remplimentation of mad_f_mul, actually gained just a tiny bit of extra performance
21:44:09 Join BubbaJo [0] (
21:45:05Bagderevery little gain is goodness
21:46:46RickThank you for shopping at iriver America! We are happy to report that
21:46:46Rickyour order, number xxx, was shipped on 3/7/2005. To view further
21:46:46Rickdetails regarding this order, please visit your order status page
21:46:48Rickwohoo :)
21:49:42Rickhopefully UPS won't kill it
21:53:50Stryke`what was ordered?
21:53:57RickI ordered a new remote for my h120
21:54:03Rick(managed to break mine ;P)
21:54:48 Join edx [0] (
21:57:01 Join funkymonkey [0] (
21:57:01 Quit methangas (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:58:34 Join XShocK [0] (
21:59:09XShocKhi, does anyone have any problems with IRC?
22:01:14XShocKtried to connect to around 5 freenode servers, lookup failed
22:01:37preglowi'm having some dns funkiness here as well
22:04:56XShocKif i write or read one sector of data from disk and continue reading or writing, will be automatically go to next sector?
22:05:00Bonkersoh, I haven't reconnected in a while
22:05:08XShocKfrom what i understood it is
22:06:42*preglow misses his beer
22:08:13XShocKi just don't really understand why in ata.c when writing it tries to write it call copy_write_sector function by SECTOR_SIZE blocks. Does the disk need a time to go to next block or what?
22:10:00 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
22:10:05 Quit funkymonkey (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:12:34Tomas|laptophm.. when building simulator not everything get's copied?
22:12:50Tomas|laptoprockboy for example isn't in my simulator build...
22:13:00Rickrockboy isn't sim compatible
22:13:05Rickor at least I think so
22:13:10amiconnIt is, and it should
22:13:17RickI stand corrected
22:13:32amiconn(if you build an iriver sim or any archos recorder sim)
22:13:34Tomas|laptophm... last CVS version again... make install done, but rockboy folder is empty
22:14:14amiconnThe rockboy in /.rockbox folder is created *by* rockboy, and holds savegames etc
22:14:40Tomas|laptopI copied the rockboy.rock to the rocks folder
22:14:51Tomas|laptopthink that create's the folder
22:14:57Tomas|laptopbut it quits with a seg fault
22:15:13Tomas|laptopso I think just copying the file isn't the right way :)
22:15:15amiconnrockboy.rock should be in /.rockbox/viewers
22:15:33amiconn...and you then start it by *playing* a gameboy rom file
22:15:56amiconnIf it crashes by starting it directly, you have found a bug
22:16:11Tomas|laptopyeah, it seg faults when you start it without a rom
22:16:19amiconnIt should simply exit in that case, perhaps with an error message telling you what's wrong
22:16:40Tomas|laptopwell.. then I found a bug :)
22:17:04amiconnme fix...
22:17:09Tomas|laptopin simulator it crashes...
22:19:24amiconnWin32 sim too...
22:21:14Tomas|laptophow do I just "open" a rom file?
22:21:34Rickbrowse to the directory that it's in
22:21:53Rickand select it
22:22:09Tomas|laptopeh... how to get in filemanager? I don't have a numpad here...
22:22:53Rickit's the default thing that is started up
22:22:58Rickin the non-sim at least
22:23:03Tomas|laptopno files listed there...
22:23:29amiconnYou need to set 'file view' to 'supported' or 'all'.
22:23:37amiconnIt's set to 'music' by default
22:24:05amiconnYou may enter the menu either with the numpad '.", or insert (iriver sim)
22:24:45Tomas|laptopyeah, i don't have a numpad
22:24:50Tomas|laptopdid it with insert
22:24:54Tomas|laptopnow it shows the file
22:25:25amiconnNow just 'play' the file
22:25:39amiconniriver sim: numpad 5 or just space
22:25:53Tomas|laptopyeah, RIGHT works too
22:26:04amiconnAh, yes of course
22:26:08Tomas|laptopanother bug... it crashes when loading an invalid file
22:26:40amiconnGet a valid one ;)
22:27:27Tomas|laptopyeah, you have a good rom site?
22:27:41 Join bg_ [0] (~chatzilla@
22:31:20Tomas|laptopah HCL's site
22:31:35geoff_oQuestion for everyone: does anyone reconize the DSP chip/core name "EPICS7A"?
22:31:58Rickdid you ask google?
22:32:01geoff_oI've searched the web, but can't find any reference to it. (Found the term originally in Philip's documentation.)
22:32:06*geoff_o nods
22:32:36*geoff_o wonders if it's related to the PIC microcontroller family.
22:33:25geoff_oThe only other information I have for it is it's a 24-bit DSP. (PIC only advertised 16-bit DSPs on its website.)
22:35:00RickFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
22:35:00Rick... 24bit Epics7a DSP. -UltraBass?. ?. LFBGA208. ??????????DSP ...
22:35:00RickEPICS7A DSP. CORE. 70MHz. I2S/SPDIF. I2S/SPDIF ...
22:35:00DBUGEnqueued KICK Rick - Similar pages
22:35:05Rickno info in that?
22:35:11 Join hubble [0] (
22:38:11Tomas|laptopamiconn: interesting one... I downloaded MARIO1.GB from that site... and it seg faults when loaded here
22:38:14***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:38:28Tomas|laptopWe open the real file 'archos/.rockbox/viewers.config'
22:38:28Tomas|laptopWe open the real file 'archos/'
22:38:28Tomas|laptopSegmentation fault
22:40:03amiconnHmm. That's on linux?
22:43:13amiconnHmm. Perhaps your compiler doesn't define LITTLE_ENDIAN?
22:43:46amiconnI got this on cygwin as well.
22:44:03Tomas|laptopgcc 3.3.4
22:44:24Tomas|laptopbuild voor m68k-elf
22:44:46Tomas|laptopthe iriver version...
22:44:56Tomas|laptopyou need a gcc compiled with −−target=m68k
22:45:12amiconnThe host gcc is most likely different, and that's what's used for the simulators
22:45:26 Quit HenrikB ("Lämnar")
22:45:53Tomas|laptopgcc version 3.4.2 20041017
22:45:58Tomas|laptopis the host one
22:46:29 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
22:46:48geoff_oRick: yeah.. I don't seen any reference to it outside of philips publications. Maybe it's a philips chip..
22:48:19CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
22:48:19*Rick nods
22:50:38*Tomas|laptop is going to watch some tv and sleep
22:50:43 Quit Tomas|laptop ("bye")
22:58:08 Join LinusN [0] (
23:04:42 Quit Stryke` ("Friends don't let friends listen to Anti-Flag")
23:05:53Tomas2Hi LinusN
23:07:51Tomas2what time is it over there?
23:08:07XShocKhi Linus
23:08:09Tomas2ok, same as here
23:08:13DMJCDMJC it's awesome
23:08:13DMJCJumper_01 dude you guys are on /.
23:08:13DBUGEnqueued KICK DMJC
23:08:13DMJCDMJC sic
23:08:14***Alert Mode level 1
23:08:14DMJCZaarin DMJC: what did you do on the remake?
23:08:18DMJCDMJC talons baby
23:08:20DMJCDMJC talons
23:08:21Tomas2tought it was morning or something ;)
23:08:22DMJCReliant I was wondering, is my setup & menu stuff still in there? :)
23:08:24DMJCDMJC I textured em
23:08:28DMJCclick that link...
23:08:29preglowDMJC: what up
23:08:47DMJCa 5 year game project I was working on got finished yesterday and slashdotted
23:09:01DMJCthe wing commander: privateer remake in vegastrike
23:12:22Soul_Eaterwing commander? That's the name of a 90s game
23:13:30Tomas2It's a remake
23:13:54 Join mirak [0] (
23:13:58Soul_Eateraha. cool
23:14:20mirakrockbox is for iRiver or Archos ?
23:14:25Soul_EaterIt's for the Archos
23:14:29Soul_Eaterand being made for the iRiver
23:14:50mirakI plan to buy a mp3 player
23:14:55Tomas2iRiver port is booting and playing games.. but not jet playing music
23:14:58mirakI am mostly interested in recording features
23:15:06Tomas2Then you should take iRiver...
23:15:10mirakah ?
23:15:11Tomas2it hat optical input
23:15:12mirakreally ?
23:15:18Tomas2and volume control for recording
23:15:25Tomas2and it can record to mp3 directly..
23:15:27miraknot the Archos ?
23:15:34Tomas2don't know... I have an iRiver
23:15:39Tomas2use it for guitar recording a lot..
23:15:41mirakis there an
23:15:48mirakok that's for what I am interested
23:15:52mirakfor recording gigs
23:15:55mirakor concerts
23:16:05mirakdo you use an external mic ?
23:16:09Soul_Eateryou can
23:16:11Soul_Eateryou dont have to
23:16:14Soul_Eaterthe iRiver has a mic
23:16:24mirakthe mic is good enough to record live ?
23:16:24Tomas2No, connect it directly to the mixing pannel... and record the final output
23:16:28Tomas2but it has a build in mic..
23:16:34Tomas2and an external mic. connector
23:16:36RickI like the built-in mic more
23:16:46mirakis it good to record under the t shirt
23:17:00mirakok I don't know how to tranlsate this expression :)
23:17:00Tomas2well.. you get a mic with it, wich you can clip on something
23:17:02RickI use it for recording class lectures at college
23:17:03Tomas2very small
23:17:08Rickvery usefull
23:17:30mirakand how is it for live groups when you record from the audience ?
23:17:32Tomas2mirak: I speak a _LITTLE_ french
23:17:41mirakTomas2: enregistrer sous le manteau
23:17:47mirakit's the expression
23:17:52Tomas2Recording from the public>
23:17:56mirakfor pirate recording
23:18:12Tomas2It's possible
23:18:15***Alert Mode OFF
23:18:29mirakis it small enough to be hidden ?
23:18:37mirakI don't know if they do corporal search
23:18:47Tomas2well.. it's not that small..
23:18:53Tomas2you can easily hide it in you pocket
23:18:53mirakI want something small enough to fit it in my anus
23:19:01Tomas2no change
23:19:04Soul_Eaterwell you could i guess
23:19:13Tomas2or you must be gay...
23:19:18Tomas2and have a very active boyfriend :P
23:19:29mirakno I am not gay
23:19:32mirakI like jokes
23:19:37Tomas2well... then it wont fit :P
23:19:42mirakok :)
23:19:54mirakwhat is the reference of this iRiver product ?
23:19:57mirakthe name
23:19:59Tomas2it's the width of a cigaret pack...
23:20:08mirakI don't smoke
23:20:11Tomas2and the height of a gsm...
23:20:13Soul_Eateri bet it could fit
23:20:17Soul_Eaterif you have a big asshole
23:20:19mirakI don't phone
23:20:25mirakok that's no true
23:20:27Tomas2iets iRiver H120
23:20:32mirakok I google
23:20:55mirakwell in the slip it could be ok
23:21:01mirakthey don't touch the balls
23:21:03XShocK120 is 20gb hard drive. h140 and h100 are 40 and 10 respectively
23:21:05mirakwhen they search
23:21:14mirak20 is ok I think
23:21:25mirakI myself don't have more than 40G mp3
23:21:36mirakdoes it support ogg ?
23:21:46Tomas2yes it supports ogg
23:21:51Tomas2check that picture
23:21:58Tomas2it's next to a well known phone
23:22:09mirakI have almost the same phone
23:22:17mirakmine is a bit older
23:22:46Tomas2the picture is from a french site
23:22:50Tomas2guess you can read it :P
23:23:04Tomas2I have no clue what it's about... but it look's like a review
23:26:30mirakthere is a tie mic
23:26:52 Part hubble
23:27:09mirakTomas2: what is the utility of optical in/out ?
23:27:24 Quit jyp (Connection timed out)
23:27:50Bonkersquite a long review
23:28:08Tomas2mirak: high quality in- and output
23:28:11 Join jyp [0] (
23:28:23Tomas2and there is a tie mic..
23:28:27Tomas2I got it with mine
23:29:01Tomas2the optical in/out is usable for dvd players.. and professional recording studio's
23:29:16mirakthe boot time seems long
23:29:35mirakthe firmware is only in ram or on a hd partition ?
23:29:39mirakin pram
23:29:40Tomas2only ram
23:29:54Tomas2I don't use the database feature... and defragment it once in a while...
23:30:01mirakI guess some genius will be able to make it boot on hard drive
23:30:03Tomas2it starts in about 4 to 5 seconds
23:30:14Tomas2yeah, rockbox is booting from harddrive ;)
23:30:24Tomas2the genius is LinusN who wrote the bootloader
23:31:37 Join cloudscapes [0] (
23:31:50Tomas2ok, started mine now... almost full.. and not defragmented for some months.. booted in 11 secs
23:31:52 Quit cloudscapes (Client Quit)
23:32:08mirakTomas2: it's a nick
23:32:15mirakor linus torvald ?
23:32:25bg_mine takes almost a minute to boot
23:32:28preglowthere are other people named linus, you know
23:32:33Soul_EaterGot an Rbx config question
23:32:37bg_i use the db feature and have about 30gigs of mp3s
23:32:45mirakpreglow: not in france ;)
23:32:51Tomas2mirak: his real name is Linus Nielsen
23:33:03mirakthat's probably like Jean Paul there
23:33:04preglowno, i expect most linus's are found in sweden/finland
23:33:27mirakhow about the autonomie ?
23:33:32Tomas2ghehe... I can't type linus... always becomes linux then backspace and s
23:33:32mirakthe battery lenght
23:33:42Tomas24x the ipod time :P
23:33:45Tomas216 hours
23:33:53Tomas2but i think shorter when you record a lot
23:34:12mirakso virtually, iRiver can read any open source sound codec
23:34:21Tomas2well... no..
23:34:30mirakno ?
23:34:31Tomas2not FLAC and that kind of things
23:34:35mirakwhy ?
23:34:39Bonkerseventually it will for sure
23:34:39HClyou mean not yet.
23:34:45Tomas2iRiver didn't implement it
23:34:46Bonkersflac already decodes in real-time
23:34:48mirakI mean in the futur
23:34:51Tomas2but when rockbox is ready
23:34:57DMJCwhat is the iriver incapable of doing?
23:34:59Bonkersif the rockbox could play sound right now, it would play flac
23:35:00mirakok, so I am very interested
23:35:05HClplaying divx video
23:35:09mirakdivx ?
23:35:11Tomas2AC3 :)
23:35:20HClhe asked what the iriver's incapable of doing.
23:35:21Tomas2Soul_Eater: sound compression format
23:35:27mirakthere is not a screen on the thing you showed me
23:35:33bg_it wont do your laundry
23:35:33DMJCuh... I heard they were going to add ac3
23:35:39HClyou can't use it as a rocket to the moon yet
23:35:47DMJCthrough optical out
23:35:47mirakHCl: the one with a screen
23:35:47HCland you can't clean with it yet
23:35:49mirakHCl: coffe would be enough
23:35:52HCland it won't solve the food problem.
23:35:56RickIt's not a HHGTTG :)
23:35:58HCland um...
23:36:01Tomas2mirak? screen?
23:36:01Soul_Eaterlike myfile.flac
23:36:05Tomas2what do you mean?
23:36:11mirakTomas2: he talks about divx
23:36:32Tomas2it can play some video things in gray scale afaik
23:36:35Tomas2but not divx
23:36:37HClnot yet.
23:36:56Tomas2wel... i don't think divx will be supported soon..
23:36:59mirakhow expensive is it ?
23:37:05Tomas2that's one little problem ;)
23:37:10mirakin grayscal that's really not worth
23:37:30mirakand I don't have Steve austin eye
23:38:16DMJCaudigy 2 pcmcia has optical line in/out same way the iriver's do it
23:39:50Tomas2yeah, my dvd player has it too... but I used it just once... to test iriver :)
23:40:08mirakmy cable decoder have it too
23:40:15mirakbut it's not activated/able
23:41:10mirakwow mp3 record up to 320kbps
23:41:18mirakI am really more and more interested
23:41:29 Nick God`damn`EU is now known as Synaesthesia (
23:42:09DMJCI wish logitech made a 7.1 speaker set
23:42:15DMJCtheir 5.1 sets are excellent
23:42:28mirakI have a megaworx 550
23:42:38mirakit's powerfull
23:42:49mirakthere is not much configuration possible
23:42:50Tomas2DMJC: logitech rocks
23:42:58Tomas2I have a Z-640 also 5.1
23:43:03Tomas2cheap... and really good
23:43:33mirakif you need optical things, logitech is the way
23:43:47mirakI didn't needed them
23:44:05DMJCz-640 is awesome
23:44:15DMJCas I was saying.. I wish they made 7.1 :(
23:44:59Tomas2wich one do you have?
23:45:12mirakTomas2: who ?
23:45:48DMJCaltec lansing 4.1
23:45:59DMJCtheir older speakers
23:45:59 Quit Sucka ("a bird in the bush is worth two in your house")
23:46:20DMJCbeen looking at upgrading for a while
23:46:41DMJCbut I want a 7.1 set for my audigy 2 plat pro
23:47:14mirakTomas2: can you do sport with it ?
23:47:31Tomas2with iriver?
23:47:36mirakDMJC: there is the cambridge mega work 7.1
23:47:40mirakTomas2: yes
23:47:44Tomas2well... I do run with my dog with it...
23:48:02Tomas2but i don't tennis with it or something ;)
23:48:10mirakdo you consider it's a problem to not be able to record radio ?
23:48:11Tomas2it still is a harddisk...
23:48:24Tomas2no, when do you ever want to record radio?
23:48:32Bagdermirak: rockbox will most likely fix that
23:48:34mirakwhen there is ads
23:48:36mirakI love ads
23:48:40mirakI love to record them
23:48:41Tomas2my stereo can do that too... I never use it..
23:48:53mirakI am kidding again
23:49:06mirakwell, some time there is good jazz concerts on radio
23:49:25mirakBagder: fix what ?
23:49:30DeadManlol leaked 3 weeks ealry!
23:49:33Bagdermirak: record from radio
23:49:35DeadManearly even
23:49:36LinusNradio recording on the H1x0 might not sound all too good, rumours say that the radio receiver picks up interference from the hard drive
23:49:41DeadManthat's funny
23:49:49mirakBagder: ok thanks
23:49:59preglowLinusN: well, there's bound to be reason why they disabled it.
23:50:01BagderLinusN: how can they tell when it can't record from fm?
23:50:08preglowBagder: it can
23:50:10preglowBagder: iriver disabled it
23:50:13DeadManthose naughty BBC insiders. I wonder if there will be a witch hunt :)
23:50:24HClwhat? radio recording? i thought it wasn't possible?
23:50:25Bagderthey can but they can't?
23:50:33preglowshould i have read the backlog or something? :V
23:51:26Tomas2LinusN: how far is the radio code? is it possible to control it?
23:51:29LinusNthe hardware allows recording from radio
23:51:30preglowparadoxes have to be accepted with iriver
23:51:45Soul_EaterGot an Rbx config question. IMO, the way it looks in the archos screenshots, it seems incredibly cramped, everything is kinda shoved together
23:51:47HCli wouldn't even care how bad it would sound
23:51:52LinusNTomas2: we already have drivers for the radio chip, all we need to do is port them to the iriver
23:51:57Soul_Eaterwill the iriver config options not be as cramped?
23:52:11 Nick Tomas2 is now known as TomasS (
23:52:11DBUGEnqueued KICK TomasS
23:52:17TomasSdamn in use...
23:52:23 Nick TomasS is now known as TomasX (
23:52:23DBUGEnqueued KICK TomasX
23:52:28preglowshould be pretty easy to filter out the disk noise
23:52:35preglowunless the head activity bleeds over as well
23:52:42TomasXthere are to much tomas's on this network :P
23:52:49preglowwe'll have to see
23:53:00LinusNSoul_Eater: the iriver version will make use of the larger display, if that's what you mean
23:53:33mirakTomasX: how much did you bought it ?
23:53:50TomasXso Idon't know
23:54:02bg_it will be nice when i dont have to wait 1 minute+ for my iriver to boot...
23:54:04TomasXbut saw it on for about 300 euro's
23:54:07mirakdo you want me to tell you ? TomasX ?
23:54:30mirakI am in euroland too
23:54:31bg_TomasX: what model?
23:54:36TomasXH120 = 20 gb
23:54:38mirakI got a fake 2 euro coin
23:54:45bg_for 300 euro?
23:54:49 Quit midk_ ("Leaving")
23:54:50mirakit's weird
23:54:59TomasXdon't know what it costs now?
23:55:08bg_anyone know roughly what 300 euro is USD?
23:55:13mirakI can't use it in automatic distributors, but I am sure I can pay with it
23:55:16TomasXyeah... 300 / 1.3
23:55:26bg_i got my 140 for $440
23:55:31TomasXeh 300 * 1.3 sorry
23:55:40TomasX390 dollars
23:55:43TomasXfor a 120
23:55:46RickI got my 120 before the 140 came out
23:55:47Bagder 300 EUR (Germany Euro) = 397.287 USD (United States Dollar)
23:55:48TomasXbegin this summer
23:55:49Rickfor like $400
23:56:08bg_i got my 140 when they were brand spankin new
23:56:19TomasXI got it in june 2004...
23:56:26bg_which was well over a year ago now and there really isnt anything better ouit
23:56:27TomasXso it's almost a year old
23:56:35bg_unless your into stupid color displays with smaller HD's
23:57:02RickI want to get an h3x0 when rockbox is ported to it
23:57:17Rickhas anyone messed with the PMPs?
23:57:18bg_i guess, if you want mobile porn
23:57:18TomasXI have found a iHp-120 for 350 euro
23:57:21DeadManNo response to my Dr Who news. No fans then? It's a new series ya know :)
23:57:23TomasX355 actually
23:57:43TomasXit was 300 last summer there... in a action..
23:58:05mirakTomasX: is it an equivalent ?
23:58:25TomasXthat's with a color display
23:58:41mirakthey don't sell h120 on my favorite online shop
23:58:41TomasXand a french text...
23:59:01TomasXCapacité disque dur : 20 Go

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