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#rockbox log for 2005-03-12

00:00:06Rickwhat is up?
00:00:07rasheryou add it to the playlist
00:00:09preglowhow do i play? gmpc doesn't list anything anywhere
00:00:19preglowthe playlist is very nonfunctional, all buttons are grayed out
00:00:21rasherRick: mpd
00:00:27rasherpreglow: hang on
00:00:32*Rick wonders what mpd is
00:00:42preglowi've started mpd, i've added symlinks to /usr/share/mpd/music
00:01:02rashertry going into the configuration and tell it to rebuild its database
00:01:08preglowyou recommended it, it's up to you to help me :P
00:01:26preglownever mind me, man, i thought it autoconnected
00:01:35rasherit can
00:02:26preglowstill doesn't list anything, though
00:02:42rashercan you press the add button?
00:03:27rasheractually, what doesn't list anything? Playlist or Song Browser?
00:03:47preglowboth <-
00:03:55preglowthere it ame
00:03:56preglowcame <-
00:04:01preglowgoddamn, butterfingers
00:04:42rasherso it's working now?
00:04:51preglowok, so now i press play and it's supposed to make sound?
00:04:54preglowi've got one track in the playlist
00:05:21rasherdoes it appear to be playing?
00:05:33preglownot in the least
00:05:52rasheruh.. and you have a song in the playlist?
00:06:00preglowi can list metadata
00:06:13rasherand "play" does nothing?
00:06:16preglowrhythmbox works, so i have sound
00:06:18preglowplay does nothing
00:06:41preglowhmm, hang on, i think i've got a charset issue
00:06:47rashertry 'mpc status' in a console
00:07:56preglowi've got charset issues
00:08:06preglowi'm playing off of ntfs, and the driver vomits on cp437 conversion
00:08:17preglowgod knows why it's converting to/from cp437
00:08:32rashergod knows why you're playing off of ntfs
00:08:36rashersounds dirty
00:08:42preglowi usually use windows
00:08:47rasher ah
00:08:56rasherfair enough
00:09:40rasherare you playing from ntfs with rhythmbox as well?
00:09:41preglowi fiddle around with sound a lot, and linux sucks shit in that area
00:10:19rasherah, I wouldn't know..
00:10:30preglowi can get sound working, but that's that
00:10:40preglowthe mixer is a nightmare, the best audio editor you have is audacity, which is shit
00:10:54rasheraudacity is indeed a crime
00:10:56preglowyou have clipping issues
00:11:13preglowi need to adjust volume to 80% to avoid clipping
00:11:36rashercould also be a driver issue
00:11:37preglowalsa is a step in the right direction, though
00:11:43preglowit is a driver issue, but a very common one
00:13:14webmindprint $_
00:13:49rasher$_ :(
00:14:00rasher$_ is pure evil
00:16:02preglowi will KILL this piece of shit
00:17:25preglowit wont play local files
00:17:36preglowso the charset issue is not what's wrong
00:18:16rasherdid you reload the database?
00:18:16preglowwho the hell needs an audio server?
00:18:19preglowi don't see the point
00:18:28preglowit's listed, so it must have reloaded
00:18:58rasherwell 1) I like to be able to control the sound from another computer 2) it keeps playing while I restart X 3) it resumes playing after reboot
00:19:24preglowfair enough
00:19:30rasherbut as I said, it is a pretty strange idea, and some people just don't like it
00:19:45preglowit's not quite as stupid as videolan idea, but close
00:20:13preglowi might have liked it, had it actually worked
00:20:27rasherwhat did 'mpc status' say?
00:23:50preglowmpd status, you mean?
00:24:05preglowproblems opening file statuc for reading
00:24:13preglow"mpc" doesn't exist
00:24:23rasheroh right, that's in a seperate package
00:24:29rasherproblems opening file status...
00:24:32rasherhang on
00:24:44rasheroh, I get the same here :-S
00:24:53rasherprobably not it then, irrelevant
00:24:59rashers/, irrelevant/
00:25:54 Join Camilo [0] (
00:28:42preglowxmms started again, so i'm afraid i'll go the apt-get remove −−purge route
00:28:47preglowit's shit, but it works
00:30:19rasherthe "HOLD switch on, power off..." message sure is brief
00:31:13rasherhrm, it's probably a real problem that we can't read the buttons fast enough
00:31:23rashera short tap on play turns on the device even with hold on
00:31:46HClit does?
00:32:00*HCl goes to test
00:32:59Quel|Dinnertime to go
00:33:05 Part Quel|Dinner ("So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish!")
00:33:24rasheranother douglas-adams fans
00:33:30HClyou're right
00:33:55HClbut thats a flaw in the bootloader, isn't it?
00:34:03HClshouldn't it check the hold button regardless of what was used to turn it on?
00:34:16rasherbut which hold button should it check?
00:34:49rasheryeah but which should it react to?
00:34:57HClwhat do you mean?
00:35:03HClif either of the hold buttons is on, it shouldn't turn on
00:35:25rasherif the main unit hold button is on and I use the remote to turn on the device, I want it to come up
00:35:55rasherthis way I can leave the unit in my pocket, with hold on, and still use the remote to turn on the device
00:36:05rasherplus it "Makes Sense" that way
00:36:13rasherit's also how the iRiver firmware works
00:36:17preglowof course it does
00:36:20preglowit has to be that way
00:36:27preglowif not, you'd have to always have hold off on the unit itself
00:36:37preglowand that does not make sense when you've got it in your pocket
00:36:42 Quit Domonoky (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
00:37:16rasherI wonder how iriver does this
00:37:20preglowlike that
00:37:32rasherwell how they manage to read the button status
00:37:46rasherfast enough to react to the right hold switch
00:38:25HCli don't know.
00:39:00rasherI guess this is a question for linus
00:39:27Soul_Eaterpreglow- read is CHAR. and if I shouldnt use strtok, what should I use?
00:39:37preglowcode it yourself
00:39:49preglowi know read is CHAR, i just wanted to now what type CHAR is
00:39:56HClmaybe its the sleep?
00:40:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
00:40:20rasherit definetely is
00:41:21HCleither way, i'm waiting for linus to add usb support to the bootloader
00:41:31HClthat would be great, and allow recovery no matter what you do to it
00:42:01thegeek_does anyone know if the bootloader/bootinjecter works with the new firmware?
00:42:07rasheryou'd still need a way to stuff things in firmware
00:42:13HClthegeek_: hasn't been tested.
00:42:27thegeek_guess that is a job for linus;)
00:42:39HClor for brave people.
00:43:08HClmmm, wasn't it you who flashed the first bootloader when nobody else but linus tested it yet, rasher?
00:43:17*rasher looks the other way
00:43:50rasherI wasn't really thinking :)
00:43:50HCl :P
00:44:38preglowit was dmcj
00:44:42preglowaccording to the logs
00:44:47rasheroh, did you mean at first?
00:44:50rasherthen no, not me
00:44:54HCloh, ok :)
00:45:10preglowwe all sat squirming around like little girls with our players
00:45:17preglowthen he jumped in, flashed, declared it a success
00:45:19rasherI flashed with a cvs version a couple of days ago when nobody had built a bootloader for a while
00:45:25preglowand then i flashed mine, and nearly cried
00:45:28HCland i remember all the h120 people going "ohno! i bricked it!"
00:45:38HClbecause they had to recalc fsinfo and didn't know :p
00:45:41preglowhaha, yes
00:45:47rasherwell it wasn't bricked
00:45:51preglowindeed, no
00:45:53preglowbut it seemed like it
00:46:00rasherthe first 10 seconds did
00:46:05preglowseveral minutes
00:46:12preglowmine fscalced for about four minutes
00:46:15rasheryeah but, reset worked and brought up iriver firmware
00:46:20preglowahh, yes
00:46:34HCl :p
00:46:38rasherthe cookie magic did its job very well
00:46:41preglowbut i was the second to flash it, so i was quick to conclude that my player was destroyed
00:46:48*HCl grins :)
00:47:32rasherso rockbox is up to 9 languages now
00:48:03HCli only flashed it after someone with an h140 confirmed it working
00:48:05amiconnrasher: Your language 'hitlist' looks good
00:48:20thegeek_argh, I want my iriver back;)
00:48:21HCli always hate flashing
00:48:22rasherI have the script tagged onto the end of the ifle now
00:48:25thegeek_slow ass repair shit
00:48:27HClregardless of what i'm flashing
00:48:35HCli think i'm only safe with flashing my pda
00:48:39rasherit's fairly crude
00:48:42HClbecause it can be easily recovered from a bad flash
00:49:15CamiloiPods are fairly safe to flash
00:49:22preglowsweet zombie jesus, bash scripts are so ugly
00:49:32rasherQuiet you
00:49:40Camilopreglow, time to move to a real language then
00:49:52preglowCamilo: well, i did recommend him perl more than one time
00:50:00CamiloI do perl
00:50:05preglowall Men do perl
00:50:15*preglow cuddles perl
00:50:39rasherthe equivalent perl script would have been far worse!
00:50:47preglowand two lines
00:50:49Camilono way rasher
00:51:06rasherno way, it'd include horrible www client stuff
00:51:55rasherbut feel free to rewrite it, the logic is in the awk script and should translate pretty easily to perl
00:53:05preglowwww client stuff in perl = easy
00:53:24 Quit DrRick ()
00:53:25preglowcan call wget just as easily from that in any case
00:53:27preglowbut anywho
00:53:44rasherI hate calling outside programs
00:53:52preglowin perl it's easy
00:53:55rasherexcept in shell, because well.. that's what you do there
00:54:00preglow`wget blabla`;
00:54:09rasherbut it's ... dirty
00:54:17preglownot really, it's a part of the language
00:54:22Camilopreglow, thought you were wgetting labia for a second there
00:54:25preglowyou can even capture the output just like in a shell script
00:54:44preglowCamilo: hahahah, i don't think wget can do that
00:54:55Camiloif only, eh
00:54:56rasherI know this, it just irks me to do it
00:55:38rasherI'd rather use lwp to download a file than call wget
00:55:54preglowi wouldn't, not in a fast job like that
00:56:10rasherI guess I have an irrational fear of calling something external
00:58:06*rasher ponders a web-interface to translating
00:58:24preglowcodec api!!!!!11!!11!11oneone
00:58:35rasherprobably too much work for too little gain
00:58:42rasherpreglow: ?
00:58:47preglowwork on that :)
00:59:12rasherYou must be mistaking me for someone with a clue
01:00:25 Quit Stryke` ("Friends don't let friends listen to Anti-Flag")
01:01:46rasheryou go work on it
01:03:36 Quit Camilo ("Chatzilla 0.9.67 [Mozilla rv:1.8b2/20050309]")
01:07:28 Join ashridah [0] (
01:12:19 Join einhirn [0] (
01:20:04rasherI added a table on the HowtoUpdateLangfile wikipage
01:20:10rasherwith current status
01:21:20rasherwith a little luck it'll encourage someone to fix a language
01:26:53 Quit cYmen ("zZz")
01:54:31*preglow plays super mario land
01:55:01 Join mecraw [0] (fwuser@
02:01:23preglowshowed my flatmate rockboy yesterday
02:01:28preglowhe nearly crapped his pants laughing
02:09:06rasherhow's the optimizing coming along?
02:11:04preglowjust imdct_l left in libmad
02:11:08preglowbut that's big
02:11:20preglowthat is, i've done it, but it didn't turn out very elegant
02:11:26preglowso i'll have to do it again
02:12:13rasherwell that's still pretty great progress
02:12:57rashernow if only a codecapi appeared...
02:14:45preglowgreat and great
02:14:58preglowit's adequate, but i haven't got much time to work on it right now
02:15:30preglowbut yes, it's not like it's going to have to make sound any time soon, so i'm in no rush
02:15:59rasherwell isn't it "ready" already?
02:16:52preglowas in how?
02:17:10 Join StrathAFK [0] (
02:17:13rasherin that it runs at >100%
02:17:19preglowsure, it's well above that
02:17:28preglowit's above 200% for some files
02:17:30 Quit Strath (Nick collision from services.)
02:17:34 Nick StrathAFK is now known as Strath (
02:19:11rasheris there much else left, except optimizing and hooking it up to the codecapi?
02:19:38preglowoptimizing and more optimizing
02:20:08preglowlibmad can take loads more optimizing, i guess, i've just picked out the obvious routines
02:20:25preglowthen there's libflac, which i don't think i'll touch too much more
02:20:34preglowand then i plan to unleash my mighty powers on tremor
02:22:07preglowonce it starts making sound, i plan to start coding dsp stuff
02:22:37preglowlike an equalizer and some other stuff
02:22:52 Join XShocK [0] (
02:23:09preglowthat was what i originally wanted to do
02:23:16preglowi don't quite remember how i ended up optimizing codecs
02:24:39XShocKhow is the progress with sound framework?
02:25:20preglowthere is none
02:25:58preglowlinus is up to his armpits in real life and no one else seems to work on it
02:28:50XShocKvery pitty
02:29:04XShocKsince mostly evetything is done for it.
02:29:57preglowwell, how does it work right now?
02:30:30XShocKno. i mean parts are done. codecs and low-levelstuff. but nothing in between them
02:31:11preglowahh, yes
02:31:25preglowand i really have no idea how to tie it together
02:31:36preglowlinuxstb and zagor said they'd look at the codec layer, but both vanished
02:34:50rasher'tis tragic
02:35:04rasherguess I might as well sleep now
02:35:10preglowyes, me as well
02:36:28XShocKgood night
02:36:36 Quit preglow ("quite")
02:37:50 Quit rasher ("sleep")
02:39:14 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
02:39:20 Quit XShocK (" HydraIRC -> <- Leading Edge IRC")
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05:55:10 Quit stevenm ("Leaving")
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06:26:39 Quit bagawk ("Leaving")
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07:04:51Soul_Eatersup fools
08:11:26Rickthe sky
08:23:08 Quit Nibbler (Remote closed the connection)
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08:25:42 Join NibbIer [0] (
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09:11:52 Join kurzhaarrocker [0] (
09:21:15kurzhaarrockerDoes anybody know wether the current build of rockbox for the recorder (v1) already has grown to exceed the max size for rombox?
09:21:43amiconnNo. Rombox works just fine, even for the v2
09:22:07kurzhaarrockerdarn. With triggered recording it _does_ exceed the limit :(
09:23:15amiconnSo what did you do then!!? That means triggered recording adds >4 KByte of code
09:24:04kurzhaarrockerIt's quite a bunch of menues and the trigger code is not as simple as you might think at first glance.
09:25:35kurzhaarrockerOutput is 1868 bytes larger than max (192496)
09:26:59amiconnHuh? Thats 10 KB more than cvs!
09:27:20kurzhaarrockerThat strikes me. It's not _that_ much code.
09:28:09amiconnRombox for the v2 is really tight atm, ~380 bytes left. For the v1, ~9600 bytes are left
09:29:23 Join Patr3ck [0] (
09:29:45amiconnkurzhaarrocker: What gcc do you use? (sh-elf-gcc that is)?
09:29:56webmindshelf ?
09:30:23kurzhaarrockerv 3.0.4
09:31:09amiconnAh, maybe this explains the huge difference
09:31:24amiconnUse 3.3.x
09:31:46amiconnIt builds the most compact code. Both 3.0.x and 3.4.x are significantly worse
09:32:31kurzhaarrockerMaybe I'll upgrade somewhen but not now. For the moment I can live with builds that are too big for rombox.
09:36:52amiconnUsing cygwin?
09:38:10amiconnThen this upgrade should be easy. Eric Lassauge has sh-elf-gcc 3.3.5 availabe at his site, usable as a cygwin install mirror. Also Bluechip upgraded his devkit recently
09:39:29kurzhaarrockerThanks for the hint
09:45:24 Quit Cassandra (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
09:53:23 Quit Patr3ck ()
09:54:35 Join Cassandra [0] (~christi@
10:19:12 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
10:26:50 Join T0mas [0] (
10:37:19 Quit kurzhaarrocker (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:37:35 Nick langhaarrocker is now known as kurzhaarrocker (
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10:51:59 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
10:53:35langhaarrockerprogramming is easy - its cleaning the code and building the patch that always consumes so much time...
10:56:03amiconnI only partly agree
10:57:03amiconnMost of the time, getting the things working at all is the hard part. If you got them working, improving is much easier
10:57:28langhaarrockeryes, getting cvs diff to work was the hard part for today :)
10:59:48langhaarrockerI originally checked out using tortoise cvs. That results all files in CVS directories have cr + lf. Unfortunately you can't make tortoise cvs diff with -b option. And command line cvs diff -ub doesn't like cr + lf in the CVS control files.
11:01:29amiconnAnother reason against using tortoise... I never used it; only know it from screenshots
11:02:02langhaarrockerYou _can_ make tortoise cvs use lf only - but you have to tell it explicitly.
11:05:12amiconnI always use cvs diff -u only. Why would you need -b ?
11:05:44 Join jyp [0] (
11:07:27langhaarrockerthere were many line endings that had additional spaces at the end. Somehow they dissappeared in my source. But I don't want to make the diff unreadable because uncountable changes that I didn't really make.
11:08:00 Quit kurzhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:08:25amiconnHmm, okay. I only encountered this for very few lines so far.
11:08:37amiconnMy editor always cuts all trailing space
11:09:00amiconnhi jyp
11:09:29amiconnGmini 1xx/sp has a 2.5" hd, correct?
11:09:32jypBad things I've done again?
11:09:37jypphew ;)
11:09:50jypyes I believe so
11:10:05jypbut I'm no expert in those matters
11:10:18amiconnYou don't have a gmini? ;)
11:10:42jypI barely know how long an inch is :=)
11:11:11amiconnHmm. The reason why I ask is that I am still puzzled about the display size.
11:11:45amiconnFor the win32 simulator, I made the image roughly the same size as the archos recorders, because they also use 2.5" hds
11:12:32amiconnHowever, in order to do that, I had to scale up the lcd by a factor of 1.5
11:13:10amiconnThat means the gmini lcd has significantly larger pixels than the recorder lcd
11:13:15jypI don't really get your point...
11:13:22jypconnection between lcd & hd?
11:13:35amiconnNever tried the win32 sim?
11:14:03amiconnThe win32 sims use a photo of the device front (plus side parts if there are buttons) as a background image
11:14:53jypNo, I'm not into win32 really ...
11:15:30amiconnSo that's the connection - the backgroud pic is roughly the size of the hdd, and then the lcd is in correct scale
11:17:58langhaarrockerpatch uploaded - lets see wether someone cares.
11:18:02langhaarrockerSo long
11:18:08jypok, i see
11:19:05jypIf you want to compare sizes there's a pretty much exhaustive gallery here:
11:20:43amiconnGrr, thats The Bad Domain. Can't connect to it...
11:21:24jypoh yeah...
11:21:42jypI'm using the coral proxy :
11:22:19jyphm, for some reason I can't access it either right now
11:34:59 Join preglow [0] (
11:35:28 Nick QT_ is now known as QT (as@area51.users.madwifi)
11:36:38 Nick Strath is now known as StrathAFK (
11:40:25 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:50:24 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
11:53:31CassandraAnyone here know the songdb code?
11:54:19CassandraI'm pondering the idea of using it to implement a "play a random track anywhere on the Jukebox" feature.
11:56:02Cassandra(I know you can do this with playlists, but this way generalises usefully - you can re-use the code to do "play random tracks by this artist/from this album etc.
11:56:11 Quit jyp ("poof!")
12:01:57amiconnCassandra: I'm afraid the only one who really knows the songdb code is Zagor
12:02:29 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:11:10 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
12:12:42langhaarrockerHi. I'm convinced that I managed to build a tag database. Hitting F2 shows me an empty browser though. Where is the rockbox.id3db supposed to be so that rockbox finds it?
12:13:27amiconnStick it in /.rockbox
12:13:54langhaarrockerthat's where it is
12:14:17langhaarrockerAh, seems a reboot of rockbox fixed it :)
12:14:29amiconnCassandra: There would be one random mode that would be interesting (for me) and that's not available in rockbox yet, even with playlists: Randomly select an album and then play this album in sequence
12:16:07langhaarrockerThanks for the help.
12:20:06amiconn(album == folder for me, so this mode wouldn't even require songdb)
12:20:22 Quit Heidel (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:22:28T0masHm.. Anybody here know's the ipod notes format?
12:27:57 Join DrRick [0] (
12:28:39 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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12:59:01 Quit DrRick ()
13:03:57 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
13:09:24 Quit ze (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:13:00[IDC]Dragonhi guys!
13:13:35[IDC]Dragonhi amiconn, long not chatted
13:13:58[IDC]Dragondid you see my CeBIT appearance?
13:14:43[IDC]Dragon(me briefly popping in on thursday afternoon)
13:14:45 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
13:15:59amiconnRead it in the logs
13:16:42[IDC]Dragonso, I think we'll have it in a few
13:17:07amiconnYou can always do a quick visit at CeBIT, unlike me...
13:17:28[IDC]Dragona quick visit is EUR 37
13:17:43amiconnYeah, but not several hours of travel
13:18:02[IDC]Dragonit takes me ~1 hour to get there
13:18:19[IDC]Dragonfrom Berlin, you may make it in 2
13:18:29amiconnHaha, good joke
13:18:57[IDC]Dragonif you live at bahnhof zoo ;-)
13:19:39[IDC]Dragondifferent subject: i removed the mmc panic
13:20:04amiconnNormally the ICE manages to get from Berlin to Hanover in ~2 hours, but then I first need to get to one of the 3 stations in Berlin where it departs, and after ~2 hours I'm at Hannover Hauptbahnhof. Still some time necessary to get south...
13:20:15[IDC]Dragonwith bogus partition table, it's trying some wild mounts
13:20:23amiconnYes, saw that
13:20:44amiconnYou mentioned there are still problems though?
13:20:49[IDC]Dragonmaybe this was trevors problem
13:21:32amiconnI don't think so... he reported a panic when trying to read sector 0... iirc
13:22:01amiconnFurthermore, when he deactivates multivolume and hotswap, it works
13:22:53 Join [IDC]Dragon2 [0] (
13:23:03[IDC]Dragon2(I coded a return without releasing the mutex)
13:23:23[IDC]Dragon2wlan dropouts
13:23:35 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
13:26:57 Join [IDC]Dragon3 [0] (
13:27:10amiconnHow many Dragons....
13:27:24[IDC]Dragon3too many
13:27:33amiconnThere is one minor issue with your change - the error return value is ambiguous
13:27:49[IDC]Dragon3ah, ok, I didn't check for such
13:28:00amiconnat_mmc.c doesn't use the mutliply-by-10-and-add-own scheme
13:29:54[IDC]Dragon3did you contact trevor for a 0308?
13:29:58amiconnImho this would be problematic. Instead I assigned an individual error value to each possible problem
13:30:11amiconn(raning from -1 to -13 so far iirc)
13:30:35 Join R3nTiL [0] (~zorroz@
13:30:36[IDC]Dragon3ok, so off limit could be -14
13:33:44[IDC]Dragon3correction: -15
13:33:53[IDC]Dragon3I'll commit it
13:35:29 Quit [IDC]Dragon2 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
13:38:50 Quit [IDC]Dragon (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:43:38T0mashm... I'm on winXP here... but how do I build the simulator?
13:43:42T0masthere are no doc's yet?
13:51:11amiconnYou build it the same way as the target, using cygwin for doing this on windows. Simply select (S)imulator in configure, and the (W)in32 if you want the windows simulator
13:51:36T0masYeah tried that...
13:51:51T0masscreens.c:860: error: conflicting types for `set_time_screen'
13:51:51T0massettings.h:323: error: previous declaration of `set_time_screen'
13:51:51T0masmake[1]: *** [/home/guest/rockbox-devel/build/screens.o] Error 1
13:53:24T0masany suggestions?
13:53:24amiconnHuh? Hmm, I have no idea what may cause this. Works perfectly here. Unfortunately I have to go now...
13:53:39T0mashm... I'll search the file..
13:55:50amiconnOne suggestion though: try updating your cygwin installation (if it's really old, that is). Make sure you use a native gcc 3.3.x
13:56:03amiconngcc -v should tell you
13:58:01 Join Heidel [0] (
14:00:10 Join Tipi^ [0] (
14:00:10T0masYeah... I installed the Devkit for windows..
14:01:05T0mashm... it looks like the new cvs build is working... not finished yet... but it's past the previous error...
14:07:30T0maslittle error in the make install
14:07:47T0masline 88 and 89
14:08:01T0masopendir(DIR, "$ROOT/fonts") || die "can't open dir fonts";
14:08:04T0masshould be:
14:08:06T0masopendir(DIR, "$ROOT/firmware/fonts") || die "can't open dir fonts";
14:08:11T0masand 89:
14:08:19T0masmy @fonts = grep { /\.bdf$/ && -f "$ROOT/fonts/$_" } readdir(DIR);
14:08:23T0masshould be:
14:08:24T0masmy @fonts = grep { /\.bdf$/ && -f "$ROOT/firmware/fonts/$_" } readdir(DIR);
14:08:39T0masso in both change $ROOT/fonts/$_ with $ROOT/firmware/fonts/$_
14:08:56T0masmaybe someone can verify it? and change it?
14:12:30ashridahhrm. fonts don't get checked out into firmware/
14:12:56ashridah(at least, i was told to check them out in the root.
14:15:02 Quit [IDC]Dragon3 (" HydraIRC -> <- Nine out of ten l33t h4x0rz prefer it")
14:21:02 Quit R3nTiL ()
14:24:06 Join rasher [0] (
14:40:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:44:15T0masashridah: I did: cvs checkout rockbox-devel
14:44:29T0masand they got into ./rockbox-devel/firmware/fonts
14:44:39T0masso maybe the rockbox-devel checkout is wrong...
14:45:11*T0mas is leaving..
14:45:14 Quit T0mas ("c ya later")
15:04:19 Quit rasher (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:32:48 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
15:43:58 Join rasher [0] (
15:45:15rasherdamn cgi:irc didnt tell me I had been disconnected
15:51:42 Join Cassandra_ [0] (~christi@
15:52:30 Quit Cassandra (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
16:01:34 Join qlb212 [0] (
16:03:52 Join rot13 [0] (
16:09:43 Quit qlb212 ("CGI:IRC")
16:10:21 Join Stu3__ [0] (
16:18:01preglowdoes anyone know if we can distribute rockbox binaries containing an aac decoder legally?
16:18:44rasherwe can't even distribute an mp3 decoder can we?
16:19:11rasherI mean, isn't the attitude basically that patent problems are more or less ignored?
16:19:22rasherbecause they're so DAMN STUPID
16:19:37preglowthat depends
16:19:50preglowis the mp3 license iriver bought transfered with the player?
16:20:25rasherI'm guessing that the license is tied to the decoder
16:20:29preglowi also think frauenhofer have puclicly stated they will not charge for personal use
16:20:50rasherI think that was ages ago, and no longer stands, but I'm not sure
16:20:58preglowi don't think so
16:21:14preglowbut i'm not sure
16:21:29preglowwhat, so if they've got two separate decoders, they need to pay two fees?
16:21:44rasherheh, I don't know.. I'm guessing
16:25:04rasherit just seems "too easy" if you could just transfer the mp3 decoder license
16:25:35rasherthe cynic in me tells me that it's not possible
16:28:43preglowsure, i know what i believe, but i prefer facts
16:28:51preglowespecially if we ever plan on releasing it
16:30:17rasherI wonder how things like gstreamer (that plays aac doesn't it?) stand on this
16:30:28rasherwell it plays mp3 anyway
16:38:08_Lucretia_how big is the compiled firmware at present?
16:38:32rasheryou probably need to be more specific
16:38:39rasherwhich firmware, for which device?
16:38:47_Lucretia_ok, is it possible to get it down below a meg?
16:38:59_Lucretia_Well, I'm currently working with the Gmini guys
16:39:09_Lucretia_but for an unsupported target (MT-500)
16:39:34*_Lucretia_ was just wondering ;-)
16:40:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:40:40 Quit Schee (Connection timed out)
16:40:56rasherhave a look at
16:42:27 Join Schee [0] (
16:46:36preglowbelow a meg should be very doable, if you drop some codecs
16:50:27_Lucretia_how many are there? Eventually, the only ones, I'm interested in are MP3 and OGG
16:51:37preglowright now, five
16:51:43preglowwith more lined up
16:58:59 Quit Aison ("( :: NoNameScript 3.72 :: )")
17:09:35 Join ze [0] (
17:10:26 Join BoD[] [0] (~BoD{}
17:10:33BoD[]Hello friends !
17:14:20 Join SirWA2 [0] (
17:15:53SirWA2need a little help.
17:16:19 Join Renko [0] (
17:16:26SirWA2my display is broke, but the system is in upsidedown mode
17:16:50SirWA2maybe someone can help me navigate to fix it?
17:23:56rasherwhich device?
17:26:15SirWA2jukebox recorder
17:32:09rashercan't help much, sorry.. I don't have that.. and no simulator here..
17:34:59SirWA2ow, simulator, what a great idee...didnt think of that..
17:36:41 Quit Ka (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:37:38 Join Ka [0] (
17:39:23 Join Aison [0] (
17:40:26 Join jyp [0] (
17:40:35 Quit jyp (Client Quit)
17:44:27rasherit scares me everytime I see a hostmask...
17:46:43SirWA2duno about that
17:48:38preglowrasher: afraid you'll see cyborgs smashing your door in?
17:48:53rashersomething like that, yes
18:18:45 Join R3nTiL [0] (~zorroz@
18:36:31 Quit R3nTiL ()
18:39:27 Quit rasher ("CGI:IRC")
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18:52:25 Nick StrathAFK is now known as Strath (
18:52:46 Quit Soul_Eater ("")
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19:13:42 Join Aison [0] (
19:22:56 Quit Renko (Remote closed the connection)
19:29:02 Quit Aison (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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19:39:16 Join Domonoky [0] (
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20:25:27 Join Sucka [0] (
20:36:11 Quit Stu3__ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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20:54:30 Quit preglow ("leaving")
20:55:26 Join ScHlAuChi [0] (ScHlAuChi@
20:56:54 Join preglow [0] (
20:57:03preglowdid i just spout utf8?
20:59:38 Join F1^Aison [0] (
21:04:15 Nick F1^Aison is now known as Aison` (
21:05:18BoD[]i'll be back, bye
21:05:18 Part BoD[]
21:09:30 Join rasher [0] (
21:09:44rasherpreglow: looks like it in the dailylog
21:10:04rasheryup, you did
21:16:20 Quit Aison (Connection refused)
21:18:08 Quit jyp ("poof!")
21:24:00 Quit preglow ("leaving")
21:24:24 Join preglow [0] (
21:28:03 Join jyp [0] (
21:40:08 Quit Domonoky ("Trillian (")
21:42:21 Join Domonoky [0] (
21:48:41 Quit Cassandra_ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:51:47 Join Cassandra_ [0] (~christi@
21:53:52HClohno! its me! o.o.
21:54:08HClhi rasher :3
22:05:57rasher absolutely nothing
22:08:05 Join DrRick [0] (
22:20:28SirWA2why are there no ops here?
22:20:51HClcause we don't need any....
22:21:15SirWA2lol sure.
22:31:15 Join Camilo [0] (
22:38:41 Quit Camilo ("Chatzilla 0.9.67 [Mozilla rv:1.8b2/20050309]")
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22:51:15 Nick Strath is now known as StrathAFK (
22:53:09preglowscreen = best thing since sliced bread
22:54:36 Quit DrRick ()
23:09:41Rickoh, nevermind
23:18:49 Quit jyp ("poof!")
23:45:03 Join amiconn_ [0] (
23:53:31 Quit amiconn (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
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