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#rockbox log for 2005-03-13

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00:36:12SirWA2anyone herer that can answer sumthing bout the simulator?
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00:39:32gromit`buy fur
00:40:05muesli-fuck fur :p
00:40:09SirWA2if i use it in jukebox and change settings..are they afective in de box when i disconect from pc?
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00:40:50SirWA2is this clear?
00:42:57SirWA2its in root of jukebox, preglow, and i think it uses the same .ajz as the jb itself..
00:43:34Domonokyi think not.. simulator is independent i think..
00:43:47Domonokyits not an emulator..
00:45:57mdkthis channel's got 51 in it? it topped out at about 25 last year. :)
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00:46:04SirWA2oke..i cant really tell..
00:46:15SirWA2display broke..
00:46:27SirWA2love the voice now :)
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01:16:17hardeepwoo! rockbox now running on my h140
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01:27:49preglowcongrats, and welcome to the club
01:40:07preglowbut iæm off
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02:20:49pikedoes mp3 decoding take more or less battery with Rovkbox on h1xx ?
02:21:41DMJCif I checkout and build right now, can I hear ogg/mp3 on my iriver?
02:23:35Ricksure, just launch the original firmware on startup
02:23:36*Rick snickers
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12:20:19rasherquiet weekend..
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12:50:23Ricknot much
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14:28:57*HCl bites his abit motherboard
14:29:51amiconnyay! X11 multithreading behaves, finally :)
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14:42:46bippyhows the iriver ciming along ?
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14:44:28bippyhats multi codec architecture
14:44:47bippywhats multi codec architecture
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14:59:27*preglow strokes his upgraded ubuntu
14:59:54amiconnpreglow: I got my new x11 button handling working, finally :)
15:00:03preglowso it's working great now?
15:00:20amiconnStill looking very hackish & ugly, but working fine
15:00:43amiconnI'd need someone to test on linux...
15:01:32preglowi can try
15:03:40amiconnHmm. I have no access to my webserver atm. Is dcc okay?
15:13:50preglowi get a dependency error for kernel.c
15:14:05amiconnhuh? Interesting... I don't
15:14:15amiconnWhat's happening exactly?
15:14:36preglowa sec, checking to see if it happens with normal build
15:15:52preglowCC recorder/recording.c
15:15:52preglowmake[2]: *** No rule to make target `kernel.c', needed by `/home/thomj/build/rockbox-devel/build/dep-sim'. Stop.
15:15:56preglowmake[1]: *** [/home/thomj/build/rockbox-devel/build/libsim.a] Error 2
15:16:09preglowthis is a clean tree, just checked out from cvs
15:16:28amiconnDiff seems to not include new files by default
15:16:58amiconnI've added a new kernel.c in uisimulator/x11
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15:27:04preglowgimme a sec, i need to sort out some x shit
15:31:26preglowfunny detail
15:31:36preglowit ruins key repeat for my other programs while it runs
15:31:51amiconnYes... that's one thing I need to fix
15:32:07preglowno, it ruins key repeat for the entire system...
15:32:17amiconnCurrently it disables auto-repeat unconditionally
15:32:24preglowwhy is that even possible?
15:32:38amiconnWell, because X11 sucks ;)
15:32:41preglowi hate xx1
15:32:49preglowit's a dirty whore
15:32:57amiconnYou can't tell x11 'please no auto repeat for me'
15:33:01preglowwell, any specific tests i should run?
15:33:14amiconnYou can only disable it globally - per the whole x server
15:33:24amiconnSpecific tests:
15:33:31preglowx11 is worse than bloody windows
15:33:56amiconn(1) Run it a bit, especially try calling functions where the text scrolls a lot
15:34:02amiconnIt should not lock up
15:34:11preglowguess i'll give rockboy a try again'
15:34:16amiconn(2) Try whether all buttons work as expected
15:34:39amiconnOne very special test would be to compile an Ondio simulator, and try to call the menu
15:35:02amiconnThis never worked with the old scheme (rasher tried it on real linux)
15:35:22amiconnAnother test is rockboy. Seems to run just fine here now :)
15:35:35preglowyou got a rom you can send me?
15:36:00amiconnThe well-known mario...
15:37:28preglowseg faults on mario
15:38:01amiconnHmm, it shouldn't
15:38:43amiconnI expect an endianess problem here though. If the compiler doesn't set LITTLE_ENDIAN, gnuboy assumes big endian, and segfaults
15:39:11amiconnI got this here too, before I added the cygwin kludge (cygwin doesn't set LITTLE_ENDIAN)
15:39:13preglowthe compiler probably does not do that
15:39:15preglowbut it worked here before
15:39:30amiconnHmm, it did?
15:39:32preglowand the scrolling glitches some times
15:39:34preglowyes, it did
15:39:41preglowi remember the buttons handled queerly
15:39:59preglowbut yes, the scrolling glitches
15:40:08preglownot a major bother, but you might want to know
15:40:15amiconnThe button stuff should now work as expected, but now it segfaults...
15:40:24amiconnWhat scrolling glitches?
15:40:35preglowlike when i scroll through the plugin list
15:40:41preglowjust keep down button pressed
15:41:26amiconnYou mean with the old button code?
15:41:46amiconnThe old button code sometimes behaves very odd on button repeat
15:42:22preglowno, the new code
15:42:37amiconnHmm, what happens?
15:44:18preglowwell, what i say, it scrolls through the list nicely, then it stops for a split second, then it continues
15:44:59amiconnHmm. I don't get this on cygwin/x11. Seems I need to set up a linux environment somehow for testing...
15:45:23amiconnAnyway, gotta leave. Thanks for the quick testing...
15:45:43 Part amiconn
16:00:34T0mashm.. preglow? is the simulator locked at the normale iriver speed? of is it faster?
16:00:38T0masof = or
16:06:12preglowdon't know
16:06:23preglowi guess it's a lot faster
16:06:32preglowit's not restricted by the target clock
16:08:50T0masyeah, I tought it was limited...
16:09:04T0masbut it ran really fast...
16:11:05muesli-will there be a new *.hex with included fw v1.65?
16:11:09 Join Stryke [0] (
16:12:41preglowwhat .hex file?
16:12:48preglowthere is no hex file
16:13:19muesli-ihp_120.hex 2028 KB 26.02.2005 14:05:00
16:13:49muesli-afaik this is the last modified hex to flash rockbox
16:15:09preglowwhere the hell did you find that?
16:15:19preglowthat's not an official rockbox deal
16:15:24preglowand hcl should remove it
16:16:04preglowrockbox will never release .hex files
16:16:11preglowwe will release a patcher, but not now
16:17:30preglowwe don't even know if you can use 1.65 with rockbox yet
16:18:27muesli-i mean, 1.63 is working fine and there are no problems yet. dont need v1.65, just wanted to ask only
16:18:45preglowi don't do much recording, so i'll just skip this iriver update
16:18:59T0mashm.. anybody tried to downgrade?
16:19:06preglowdowngrade how?
16:19:12T0maswell... you have 1.65
16:19:13preglowto another iriver firmware?
16:19:18muesli-i did with 1.63e while a lecture and it was working fine. no need of that features
16:19:20T0masbut you want to downgrade to rockbox + 1.40
16:19:21preglowyes, sure
16:19:31preglowwell, yes, why shouldn't it?
16:19:43preglowi've flashed mine to every firmware you can imagine, up and down
16:19:44T0maswell... maybe iriver did a check what you were installing...
16:19:45preglowworks great
16:20:16T0masok, then it's just to wait if linus can check 1.65 + bootloader
16:20:24T0masif anybody need's the recording extra's
16:20:27preglowdon't hold your breath
16:21:02T0masI don't need the recording options :)
16:21:07preglownor do
16:21:09T0masso for me it isn't a problem...
16:21:17T0masbut there are people using it for recording a lot
16:21:49T0masWhat are you recording?
16:22:06*T0mas only uses it once in a while for recording some of my guitar sounds...
16:22:14T0maswhen I want them at home...
16:22:21T0masand not on DAT..
16:22:51muesli-i used it to record a was a very big room and it was working with the internal micro very fine
16:23:12rasherI tried that
16:23:16rasherdidn't work
16:23:32rasherbut then, I was on the back row of a 400-person lecture hall
16:24:57T0masyeah.. but are you listening to it afterwards muesli-?
16:25:16muesli-yepp, i did
16:25:23T0masok... well then it's useful...
16:25:44T0masbut I just wont listen to it then... I usually write some short notes
16:25:46muesli-i did only once..just to test it
16:25:50T0masmuch easyer to look through...
16:25:55muesli-not regularly
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16:50:39muesli-should be integrated in rockbox ;)
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17:25:39T0maslittle late to come out of bed?
17:27:14T0mashm... is it possible to use the iriver ata hardware with bigger disks?
17:27:31T0massomething like 80 gb?
17:27:37T0masand does rockbox support it?
17:28:45rasherrockbox doesn't care which disk you use, afaik
17:28:55rasherbut the disk might not physically fit
17:29:02rasherespecially in the h120
17:29:53T0mashm... a 2.5" standard laptop disk doesn't fit?
17:29:59T0mas(and can the controller handle it?)
17:30:25rasherI don't know the size of the disk
17:30:32rasherbut the height is cruzial
17:30:37rashersome fit, some don't
17:30:46rasherbut the controller certainly supports it
17:31:03rashersome crazy people hooked up a regular 3.5" disk
17:31:11rasher120gb I think
17:31:19 Join Liehbeth [0] (
17:31:19 Quit gromit`` (Remote closed the connection)
17:31:27rashernot very practical..
17:33:21T0masit would be a cool mod...
17:33:31T0mashaving a IDE and power connector on an iriver :)
17:33:35CoCoLUSthe hxxx are using 1.8" drives
17:33:45T0mashm... even smaller...
17:36:34preglowi believe that's their size
17:36:55CoCoLUS1.8, i'm sure
17:37:16rasherhe probably meant 'even smaller than 2.5"'
17:39:16CoCoLUSsuch are quite expensive i think
17:41:46T0massorry it wasn't clear
17:42:01T0masI ment even smaller than the 2.5" I tought it was
17:42:25 Join michiel_ [0] (
17:44:34rasherCoCoLUS: a quick check says they're not *that* expensive.. only managed to find 20 and 40 gb disks though
17:46:54CoCoLUSwell depends on your definition of expensive :)
17:49:15rasher1100 DKK for a 40gb drive.. let me just convert that to a real currency..
17:49:20T0masmore than a day of work = expensive...
17:50:01T0mas8 hours at about 20 euro/hour... so more than 160 euro is expensive...
17:50:05rasher150 euro
17:50:14rasherfor a 40gb disk, that is
17:50:35muesli-you can sell the old drive too
17:50:45muesli-hence its not that expensive
17:58:09 Join OPP [0] (
17:58:39OPPany news on the iriver firmware?
17:59:00T0masiriver released 1.65
17:59:09T0masbut I think you already knew that?
17:59:22OPPi have an h320 though
17:59:48OPPi hope they make a rockbox port for it after h1xx
17:59:57OPPi love my h320
18:01:12T0masmaybe I'll buy a h320... after rockbox is ported to it... and sell my h120 to my mother/sister/other person not needing the extra's of h320
18:02:02OPPh320 has some nice features but it missing A LOT of easy stuff in the firmware
18:02:13kergothi love my h320 as well. i do wish iriver sucked a bit less at software. having a filesystem browser is nice and all, but why not let us browse by tags as well?
18:02:31OPPthey do let you browse by tag
18:02:42T0maslike H120 and 140
18:02:42OPPyou didn't know that?
18:02:44kergotham i blind?
18:02:48kergothi must be
18:02:48T0masjust create a database...
18:02:52T0masand enable tag scanning
18:03:09OPPinstall the program that came with the iriver cd
18:03:32rasheror if you use linux, iripdb (iirc)
18:03:34OPPkergoth what firmware are you running?
18:03:48kergothplaying music videos is novel
18:03:52kergothpointless of course, but novel
18:04:20rasherWhat's the point in running KOREAN firmware?
18:04:32OPPyou can watch movies?
18:04:41OPPand can manage files on the go
18:04:45muesli-nothin, its only language support for id-tags
18:04:46OPPlike delete them and copy them
18:05:05rasherhaha, the korean firmware has different features?
18:05:08OPPare you using euro firmware?
18:05:09kergoththe korean or european firmware lets you play video
18:05:12kergothcant with the us.
18:05:17T0masthe korean is just one newer version isn't it?
18:05:23OPPeuro firmware is also meh
18:05:30OPPit has a colume limit
18:05:30OPPvolume limit
18:05:31T0masso in a few weeks it's also supported in euro firmware?
18:05:35kergothi never tried the euro
18:05:48rashernot so on the h1xx I think
18:05:59rasherthe volume limit, that is
18:06:02T0masdoes the h3xx serie still have radio?
18:06:06OPPlol ya
18:06:22*kergoth sudo apt-get install iripdb
18:06:23T0masand what is the frequentie range in korean?
18:06:34rashermmmmm apt
18:06:37T0masdebian :D
18:07:06OPPill be back later
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18:14:25 Quit cYmen (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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18:43:13*T0mas want's and iSkin...
18:43:31T0masbut nowhere in the Netherlands is a dealer for those things...
18:49:53muesli-go oranje go ;)
18:55:20OPPwhat about,?*
18:55:31 Join R3nTiL [0] (~zorroz@
18:55:31OPPthey wont ship to you?
18:55:40OPPh320 iskin :-D
18:55:56muesli-do you have a link?
18:56:05OPPfor what
18:56:10muesli-an iskin
18:57:45OPPthey already announced they werent making an h320 one
18:58:15OPPif you check misticriver people are talking about making one
18:58:28OPPi got the good stock case with my h320
18:58:35T0masOPP: $ 45.54
18:58:40T0maswhen shipped here...
18:58:59OPPi got the stock case where you can see the screen and buttons
18:59:30T0mashm... and when I pay with creditcard from here I have to pay 5 euro extra...
18:59:31rasherthe h120 leather case is pretty fine
18:59:38T0masso about 50 dollar...
18:59:56OPPmy h320 case has really nice leather
19:00:19T0maswell.. 38,17 euro's
19:00:40T0masthat's survivable
19:01:01rasherha ha the us dollar
19:01:02muesli-well, imho its ill ;)
19:02:27T0masyeah... it's good for us european people buying stuff of the internet
19:02:34T0masbut it's bad for the economy here...
19:03:59kergothOPP: i was pretty impressed with the case it comes with. i didnt expect it to be leather and all
19:04:15 Quit Stryke ("Friends don't let friends listen to Anti-Flag")
19:04:21OPPwhich one?
19:04:32OPPo, the good stock case
19:04:36OPPnot the crummy one
19:05:04*kergoth nods
19:05:34OPPit smells really good to
19:05:44OPPi keep the smell preserved
19:06:07OPPdid yours come with the little towlie also
19:06:13kergothhehe, yeah
19:07:42OPPdo you belong to
19:10:57Rickhmm, that iskin is neat
19:11:45RickIt's just a case though, right?
19:12:09*Rick considers
19:12:43OPPthey collect a lot of dirt on the skin though
19:12:56OPPbut it makes it a lot smaller then other cases i think
19:14:09Rickwell, I don't care for size
19:14:20OPPits still nice
19:14:24OPPlooks nice
19:14:29Rickbut that's the other problem
19:14:31OPPgot a clip
19:14:33Rickmy iriver is usually in my pocket
19:14:58OPPi put nothing else in the pocket
19:15:00OPPand mine doesnt scratch
19:15:02Rickand since I recently bought a new remote
19:15:07OPPand I have a screen sleeve on it
19:15:10Rickit even more rarely comes out
19:15:22Rickyeah, I don't put anything else in my pocket with iriver either :p
19:15:30OPPi might buy the remote
19:15:37Rickalthough the case has some wear & tear
19:15:41Rickwhy don't you have one already?
19:15:50OPPnot sure
19:15:59Rickyou should have gotten one when you bought it
19:16:05OPPnot the us version
19:16:12RickI have the US version
19:16:15RickI got everything with it
19:16:25Rickoh, h3x0 doesn't give you remote?
19:16:26Rickthat's lame
19:16:27kergothh320 doesnt come with a remote for the us version.
19:16:33Ricklame as hell
19:16:34OPPya it sucks
19:16:41OPPi had an h120
19:16:46OPPit came with remote
19:16:55kergothi usually just use the belt clip and control it that way. carry enough other crap in my pockets
19:16:59Rickyeah, I have an h120
19:18:12OPPi dont carry much usually
19:18:18OPPbut a remote would be nice
19:18:48OPP29 bucks
19:18:50OPPbut not lcd
19:19:09OPPh120 remote is 34 :-/
19:21:05*T0mas doesn't use the remote very much...
19:21:20Rickit used to be like 25
19:21:20Rickthen you have shipping.... yaaay ;P
19:21:20DBUGEnqueued KICK Rick
19:21:20Rickmy total was like $45
19:21:43CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
19:21:43*OPP wouldnt mind T0mas giving him an early birthday presenst :-D
19:21:45T0massame for my iSkin
19:22:03T0masit's an H120 one...
19:22:20OPPit works fine
19:23:03Rickwhat works fine?
19:23:10OPPthe h120 remote in the h320
19:24:46T0masbut I understand they don't give a remote with a h320
19:24:57T0masbecause not many people used it with thee h100 serie...
19:27:12OPPi think the euro version comes with one
19:27:17OPPthey make h320 docks
19:27:24OPP25 dollars
19:27:50OPPi might buy a remote
19:28:03OPPnot sure yet, its good for the bus when I dont want random people staring at me and stuff
19:28:33OPPyou dont use it?
19:28:37T0masyou have that kind of trouble?
19:28:44OPPim in chicago :-D
19:28:46T0masI only use it in the car...
19:29:05T0mashere you can sit in a bus/subway with an ipod...
19:29:10T0masnobody notices...
19:29:16OPPnot here
19:29:25OPPand im in high school
19:29:35T0masyeah, me too... sort off
19:29:44OPPso those 30 year old guys look for me
19:30:13OPPwell, i gotta go pickup the car from pepboys
19:30:16OPPbe back later
19:30:21T0mask c ya
19:30:29*OPP is out
19:36:45 Join Querty [0] (
19:36:55 Quit michiel_ ("Leaving")
19:39:38rasherI absolutely *love* the h100 remote
19:39:50rasherThe player never leaves my pocket
19:40:22rasherI'd die without it :-\
19:41:14Rickthat's how I felt when I broke my remote by accident ;P
19:45:17 Quit R3nTiL ()
19:53:56 Join xen` [0] (
19:58:12 Join Sucka [0] (
20:04:23 Quit midk ("Leaving")
20:12:49 Quit muesli- ("ich will Khe!!!")
20:20:09 Part Querty
20:20:51 Join muesli- [0] (
20:27:06rasherHrm.. Pope out of hospital.. Guess I won't be running for pope anytime soon then.
20:28:41Suckai wish i had a pope hat
20:28:48Suckaand a pimp mobile
20:29:12Suckawith the two combined i would be an unstoppable force
20:30:03rasherYou'd fight crime!
20:30:19Suckamy only weakness would be satanous hoes
20:32:18 Join Heidelbaer [0] (
20:39:39 Quit hubbel ()
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21:49:57Camilohi T0mas
21:50:13 Quit gromit` (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
21:51:12 Join gromit` [0] (~gromit`
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22:59:59 Join nobby [0] (
23:01:09nobbyIf iriver can now decode at realtime, and (according to the wiki and what i've heard on irc) can play wave output, why cant it do both together, and play mp3?
23:03:25 Quit muesli- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:06:05CoCoLUSbecause the whole "glue" is missing
23:06:11CoCoLUSaka sound architecture
23:08:10nobbycant be that hard to write one
23:08:16nobbyits been about 2 weeks
23:08:29nobbybodge something together :P
23:09:25CoCoLUSif it's so easy, why don't you try it? :)
23:10:26 Join tvelocity [0] (
23:17:21nobbyshh you :P
23:17:37nobbyso someone IS working on it?
23:17:43preglownot really
23:17:50nobbytheres been no non-rockboy cvs updates in ages
23:17:53preglowthe ones who said they would have been quiet
23:18:05preglowso i guess they're bogged down with other stuff
23:18:08preglowas is most of us
23:18:15nobbyRL sucks :P
23:18:29nobbyim sitting here drooling over an 80GB neuros
23:18:37preglowdon't hold your breath for sound on rockbox
23:18:43preglowthere's some way to go still
23:18:53nobbywhat do you mean?
23:19:14nobbydont hold your breath because youll suffocate first, or beacuse it may never happen?
23:19:41preglowof course it'll happen
23:20:14preglowjust not right now
23:20:20preglowor tomorrow
23:20:23preglowor anytime the next week :P
23:20:38nobbythis month?
23:20:43tvelocitymaybe the week after next week?:P
23:20:53nobbyby the summer?
23:21:29preglowwho knows
23:23:09nobbyis the archos jukebox recorder V2 much bigger than an iriver?
23:25:42nobbyi want more than 40GB but not a huge player
23:26:04nobbyso im looking for either an 80GB 1.8" drive and some sound support
23:26:18nobbyor another player with that space/upgradability
23:27:37 Join jyp [0] (
23:29:01 Join Camilo [0] (
23:36:09 Quit jyp ("poof!")
23:42:04Bagdernobby: there is no 80GB 1.8" available
23:42:45Bagderand for sizes, check details on
23:44:11nobbytoshiba make one
23:44:23nobbyit was announced months ago
23:44:28Bagderthey annonced one, yes
23:44:34Bagderit isn't available
23:45:16HClit'll prolly be available sometime soon?
23:45:20HClbut not yet
23:45:25BagderI believe they said Q3
23:45:43nobbywhat about 60GB then?
23:45:55Bagder60 seems to be made but are hard to get
23:46:17*HCl wants to talk to xshock about the sound driver, how it works..
23:46:25Bagderthe point being: if you want larger storage you need a 2.5" player
23:46:44nobbyor an ipoo photo
23:46:57Bagderthat only does 60, doesn't it?
23:47:14Bagderin my archos I can get 120
23:47:22nobbyi dont need 120
23:47:29nobbyi'd settle for 60
23:47:36nobbyi only have 30GB music right now
23:48:06nobbyrule #1 of buying a new HDD: buy 2x the ammount you THINK you need.
23:48:15nobbyi KNOW i need more than 30GB
23:48:35Bagderwell, rule #2: don't but crap ;-)
23:48:57nobbybut i want crap! ipoo is SHIIiiIIIiiiIIney! :P
23:50:10preglownot for long
23:50:27preglowall ipod's i've seen are scratched beyond repair
23:50:38preglowipods, even
23:50:44*Bagder has never seen an ipod
23:50:50nobbyi've seen loads
23:50:58nobbytheyre common as muck around school
23:51:06nobbyeveryone has a 20GB one
23:51:09tvelocityi haven't seen any ipod either
23:51:16nobbythen laughs at my iriver "brick"
23:51:26nobbythen i break out the tetris and mario
23:51:27tvelocitybut i have seen lot's of creative's
23:51:45preglowi've used one ipod, and that's that
23:51:46preglowthey're nice enough
23:51:57preglowthe wheel interface is the shiznit
23:52:14nobbyi agree
23:52:26OPPwheel blows
23:52:32OPPalways like skip over stuff
23:52:34nobbydoes not
23:52:36preglownice to control your own scrol lspeed and so on
23:53:29OPPwould a 40 gig ipod drive work in a h320?
23:53:46preglowprobably, dunno
23:53:56Bagderthey're too thick
23:54:07Bagdercompare a 320 with a 340
23:54:14preglowhe didn''t ask if they fit :P
23:54:14Bagderand you'll spot a difference
23:54:31Bagderit'll _work_
23:54:35Bagderbut it won't fit ;-)
23:54:45OPPso if i have a h320, what drives will work
23:54:57preglow20gig and 30gig, i think
23:55:06Bagderand the upcoming thin 40GB ones
23:55:11OPPo cool
23:55:17OPPi only have 1.5 gig free
23:55:38preglowanyone tried a bigger capacity battery in a h1x0?
23:55:50tvelocitydo you HAVE to carry all your music with you?
23:55:51OPPya, someone had
23:55:58OPPyes, i do
23:56:03OPPand movies
23:56:04BagderI like having all my music with me
23:56:06preglowi fancy the 1900mah one
23:56:19nobbyi like having all my music. I'm very fickkle about waht i listen to
23:57:07 Quit Camilo (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:57:43OPPi need to carry more playlists
23:57:46OPPthose help a lot
23:58:07tvelocitywell i would like that to, but it ain't gona happen for the next 5 years at least:P
23:58:43OPPjust use like most played
23:58:47OPPmost recent music
23:58:56OPPiriver can sync with itune

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