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#rockbox log for 2005-03-14

00:00:03OPPitunes makes good playlists
00:00:06tvelocityscript = sync
00:00:19OPPya i got that
00:01:10nobbywell i'm off
00:01:22nobbyi expect sound by the time i get back, ya hear? :P
00:01:33preglowi'll have it ready when you've deposited the money
00:01:39preglowto my swiss bank account
00:01:39 Quit nobby ("SOUND PLEASE :P")
00:01:52tvelocityyou guys should have a bot
00:01:59tvelocitya fake-promises-bot
00:02:15tvelocitywich autimaticaly tells people what they want to hear
00:02:27tvelocityso you don't have to do any estimates and stuff :}
00:02:31OPP"rockboxx will clean your dishes"
00:02:53OPP"oops, i forgot laundry also"
00:02:58preglowprint "yes, it's coming real soon" if /sound/ or /remote/;
00:07:54CoCoLUScouldn't you start with the SA?
00:08:24preglowsound api?
00:09:15CoCoLUSapi, arch, you name it :)
00:09:23preglowno, i have no idea of how it should be, nor do it have the time to develop it fully
00:09:27 Quit Seed (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
00:09:38CoCoLUSis linus the only one capable of doing it?
00:09:54preglowi have to use more or less all my free time in the coming week for other stuff, and after that, it's easter, so i'll vanish completely for close to two weaks
00:10:09preglowbut no one else has tried
00:11:37OPPi cant wait for the h3xx port :-D
00:11:50preglowoh, but you'll have to :)
00:12:16OPPi dont see it coming till atleast another 3 months
00:12:19preglownor do i
00:12:26OPPis that a decent estimate?
00:12:28tvelocityi would say 6...
00:12:32preglowi don't do estimates
00:12:47CoCoLUSyou can always wait for the official iriver firmware! ;)
00:12:48preglowfeel free to get us the specs we need
00:12:53preglowand research on the hardware
00:12:54preglowthat'll help
00:13:04OPPwhat do you want me to do
00:13:13OPPi dont mind helping
00:13:15preglowthe directions are in the three above liines
00:13:34preglowi don't think the lcd has been identified
00:13:37CoCoLUSresearch the exact differnces btw the 3xx and the 1xx, and search for data sheets on the differnet components
00:13:52pillyou can update this:
00:13:54pill951161Rejected5nobodyRockbox for iHP1002004-05-10 12:26
00:14:12pillsince it is obviously not rejected anymore
00:14:28Bagderyes but who cares about that old request?
00:14:35pillor did i get the thing wrong?
00:14:46pillwell it's the exhaustive request list
00:14:53pillit need to be accurate
00:15:06Bagderasking for ports will continue to be rejected
00:15:24Bagderports are made when people feel like it
00:15:29Bagderasking for them is pointless
00:15:43pillokay then
00:15:54pillmaybe i didn't get the point of the page.
00:15:58pillmy bad
00:16:11BagderI don't think you misunderstood
00:16:24Bagderwe just take the right to deal with requests as we think
00:16:58BagderI bet you can find many requests we rejected, and then they ended up implemented later on anyway
00:17:34BagderI don't think one single user will be happy by us going through old rejected ones and changing them to reflect reality better
00:18:00pillokay i understand
00:18:23Bagderso yes, we do port to the h1x0 players
00:18:32Bagdereven if that old request was rejected
00:18:32pillthat's all that matters :)
00:18:55tvelocityplease NEVER port to ipod
00:19:02Bagderwhy not?
00:19:12BagderI use to nag the ipodlinux people to it
00:19:13pillis ipod ever firmware upgradeable?
00:19:33OPPpretty rarely
00:19:47OPPipodlinuxx is pretty neat
00:19:57Bagderthey do in fact have enough info to make Rockbox work
00:20:08Bagderif someone wanted it to
00:20:26tvelocityBagder, i have a friend who is a mac-fan, and we always do iriver vs. ipod flamewars for fun:P
00:20:36preglowlet's hope that doesn't happen, my desire to code arm asm will be too great
00:20:54Bagderthat flash based iriver thing is ARM based
00:21:12preglowyea, know
00:21:34preglowperhaps i'll start buying more toys when i get a job and cash is pouring in
00:22:22Bagderit would be fun to get Rockbox on an ARM based unit
00:22:34Bagdermore CPUs means more fun! ;-)
00:23:03OPPstart porting those old pocket pc games in arm :-D
00:23:08tvelocitydoes rockbox have a lot of assembly code?
00:23:12preglowtvelocity: no
00:23:30preglowit's mostly c
00:24:03OPPso, technically, if you took the assembly code and all that junk from it could you esstianly build your own mp3 player?
00:24:04preglowgod, i'm seriously starting to consider having a look at gcc internals to see how hard it would be to make emac intrinsics
00:24:39BagderOPP: sure, putting Rockbox on your own mp3 player would be a peace of cake
00:24:56OPPi had an archos before :-D
00:25:30OPPwhat a beast that thing was
00:25:32OPPi loved it though
00:27:08tvelocitywhy does X hate me? :(
00:28:06preglowx hates everyone
00:30:30tvelocityit hates me at most
00:33:29preglowBagder: you're a 68k guy, yes? is there any point in using the 'a' (movea, suba) versions of some instructions explicitely, or is it accepted practice to drop the a?
00:33:58Bagderits been too long since I did 68k asm, I don't remember such details ;-(
00:34:35Bagder(~ 15 years)
00:35:57preglowi was around 8 years those days, you're excused
00:36:15Bagderyou youngster
00:36:19preglowhad probably never even gotten my c64
00:36:23CoCoLUSjeez i was 4 then
00:36:59BagderI got my C64 20 years ago
00:37:07tvelocityjeez, i want a gamecube :(
00:37:07OPPi wasnt even a sperm 20 years ago
00:38:21preglowshit, i must have had a c64 by eight years old then
00:38:35CoCoLUSfreak ;)
00:41:05preglowalways will be
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00:41:25preglowif it hadn't been for my c64, i most probably wouldn't have been programming today
00:42:04Bagderme, zagor and linus were in the same "c64 group" back in those days
00:42:16Bagderwe go back
00:42:19preglowi didn't discover the scene until the pc days
00:46:31 Quit Sucka ("a bird in the bush is worth two in your house")
00:46:48preglowahhh, the memories... all the failed attempts at producing something working/noteworthy
00:48:41OPPmy first system was a sega genesis
00:49:31preglowthat was my third
00:52:58*HCl started programming on his msx
00:53:25preglownever saw one of those
00:53:35HClit was ok
00:53:39HClit had basic, and pascal
00:53:46preglowbasic was my first language
00:53:53preglowpascal my second
00:53:56HCli never really learned basic
00:53:59preglowi did
00:54:05HCli started with pascal since i thought basic was too primitive
00:54:15tvelocityi hate pascal
00:54:21preglowpascal's ok
00:54:29HClthe string limit in pascal is dumb.
00:54:30preglowbut nothing i would want to use
00:54:38HClbut it was a good starting language
00:54:59tvelocitywe had to learn an artificial non-existant language in school... it was basicly pascal translated into greek... jeezzzzzz...
00:55:09HCltalk about useless...
00:55:13HClafk now.
00:55:16preglowmr. afk is back!
00:55:47preglowi miss the sound in my megadrive :/
00:55:57preglowi wish adlib sound cards would come back in style
00:55:58preglowfm rocks
00:56:35*HCl still has his megadrive
00:56:38HCldunno whether it still works
00:56:46tvelocitySNES r00lz :P
00:57:01HClxbox will play all snes and megadrive games anyways ;p
00:57:04*HCl returned.
00:57:12preglowi love snes as well, yes
00:57:17preglowgot my love for rpgs from that
00:57:28tvelocityfor me, snes is the best console ever
00:57:33preglowthen we agree
00:57:41tvelocityit just has the greatest games
01:00:12tvelocityzelda ownz for example :)
01:00:36preglowspent loads of quality time with my friends and a snes
01:00:40preglowand tons of snacks
01:00:54preglowarhh, those were the days
01:01:01preglowi sincerely miss them
01:02:36tvelocityhm, quality time with friends + snacks... now d&d just came into my mind :)
01:03:37 Quit cYmen_ ("zZz")
01:07:49*HCl watches elfen lied...
01:09:50preglowi'll just go to bed
01:09:52preglowgood night, all
01:10:38 Quit preglow ("b8")
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02:41:37thh-seizeevenin everyone
02:42:39thh-seizeanyone got an iriver h340 ?
02:44:51thh-seizei like mine
02:44:58thh-seizewouldnt mind gettin rockbox on it
02:45:16thh-seizeeven tho to be honest
02:45:21thh-seizei dont really get rockbox
02:47:24thh-seizegood luck wit the whole thing
02:47:26 Quit thh-seize ("I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n 2.0 Build 3515")
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06:36:47 Join pill [0] (
06:37:13GOATHEADdoes anyone knowif there will be an archos xs200 firmware?
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06:42:17 Part GOATHEAD
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08:24:34*Bagder zips his morning coffee
08:24:51LinusNdid it get any smaller?
08:25:08Bagderuuuh, that hurts
08:26:09LinusNespresso, nah ... compresso!
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09:53:56T0masghehe... Should I reply all supported codepages/langages? ;)
09:54:09T0mas250 dwihno
09:55:45 Join Chamois [0] (
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11:20:45Lynx_Hmm, a friend of mine connected a wrong powersupply to an usb hard disk case, now the disk does not do anything any more. is there a chance of reviving it? OnTrack wants 1000 eur for restoring the info...
11:23:45dwihnohave you torn out the disk from the casing and tested it inside a PC?
11:25:57Lynx_yes, and inside other cases...doesn't spin up
11:26:09Lynx_i guess there is a short in there somewhere...
11:26:52Lynx_i just wonder if it could be repaired if opened, and then would hopefully just run long enough to get the data off
11:30:21dwihnoI haven't heard of hard disk repairs
11:30:36Bagderdwihno: there are companies that do that
11:30:48Bagderthey usually charge a lot
11:31:10Bagdersince they know people don't have the stuff backed up ;-)
11:32:15Lynx_Bagder: yes, 1000 euro was the quote ;)
11:32:55dwihnoI actually made a complete source archive backup, right before christmas
11:33:23dwihnoOne of my disks was breaking up, so I got the most important stuff before it totally died
11:39:07 Join kurzhaarrocker [0] (
12:06:15kurzhaarrockerdoes rockboy really work on V1 recorders?
12:08:58amiconn(but very slowly)
12:09:03kurzhaarrockerWhere can I get an example?
12:11:57amiconn (HCl's site)
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12:22:24 Join preglow [0] (
12:27:59 Quit Schee (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
12:30:41Lynx_Hmm, it seems that most harddisks actually have a fuse on the board that could be repaired...
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14:13:01T0mas_FDV? what do you need my client version for?
14:20:39 Quit T0mas (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:21:40 Join T0mas [0] (
14:32:43 Quit rasher ("CGI:IRC")
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14:37:31 Part LinusN
14:38:04 Quit preglow ("leaving")
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14:50:17 Join elinenbe [0] (~elinenbe_@
14:50:52elinenbehello! any new progress on the iriver port in the last week?
14:51:40dwihnoI guess everybody are waiting for pcm/audio/codecs now.
14:52:02elinenbedoes audio work in the CVS now?
14:55:19elinenbeBagder: anytime soon? or are we waiting for the audio api?
14:55:51 Quit kurzhaarrocker (Remote closed the connection)
14:56:00 Join lolo-laptop [0] (~lostlogic@
14:56:43HClwe're mostly waiting for the audio api, really.
14:57:12Bagderpeople are busy with life these days
14:57:33HCl*nods at mostly watching anime*
14:58:02HClthough i must say not having an audio api is also preventing me to play around with stuff a bit...
14:59:14 Join preglow [0] (
15:07:51HClhey preglow.
15:07:54HClhow goes...?
15:19:05preglownothing out of the ordinary
15:22:53 Quit _FDV (Remote closed the connection)
15:24:59*rasher murders nautilus
15:29:46rasherHrm.. could someone explain to me, what's happening in flipit.c in draw_spot() ? why is the bitmap drawn in two steps?
15:30:08 Quit R3nTiL ()
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17:16:40HClour tv is stuck on one channel...
17:16:47HCland its national government like television...
17:16:53HClits so boring it makes your head bleed >.<;
17:19:05rashergreat... gaim won't log me onto aim
17:19:17HClah well, at least you can run linux properly
17:19:36*HCl can't cause he can't get 802.1x to work and his touchpad won't work
17:20:16rashercan't get my wifi to work either.. it's horrible
17:20:37rasherso I don't run linux often on my laptop
17:21:12HClwifi works nowadays
17:21:15HClfor cards that won't work
17:21:18HClyou can load windows drivers
17:21:21HClworks sweet.
17:21:27rasherDidn't work for me
17:21:30HClaside from not being able to put it in promiscious mode
17:21:34HClwhat kind of card do you have
17:21:40rasherPrism3 usb
17:22:05rasherAt least, it didn't work with the provided drivers
17:22:15rashermay work with some from the ndisloader wiki
17:22:35rasherusb makes it a lot more complicated, sadly
17:22:54HCli just bought an pcmcia pci card
17:23:02HCli haven't gotten it to work on my server yet
17:23:05HClprobably cause of its irq
17:23:34rasherMy laptop doesn't have pcmcia though
17:23:34HClYenta: ISA IRQ mask 0x0000, PCI irq 177
17:23:38HClirq 177 :/
17:23:44HCli think thats just plainly too high
17:23:50HClfor it to work properly..
17:25:11preglowahh, love pcs
17:27:13HCli trust thats sarcastic
17:28:33preglowhell yes
17:29:09preglowthey're large, clunky, noisy shits that often refuse to work
17:29:32preglowunfortunately, they also offer a slew of other possibilites
17:32:32HCli agree
17:32:47 Join alx_ [0] (
17:32:54 Nick alx_ is now known as alxcm (
17:32:58preglowoh, i do SO love it when i can't get things to work
17:33:09preglowquite luckily frustration is quickly vented with me
17:33:09HClwhats wrong?
17:33:11*preglow puts on loud music
17:33:14HCl :P
17:33:20*HCl has this collection of glass jars
17:33:22HCland a brick wall outside
17:33:24HCl :P
17:33:42alxcmso does rockbox play music on the iHP-120?
17:33:50HClfrom wav, yes
17:33:56alxcmor are you all still working on the codec api?
17:34:11HClnobody's working on the codec api at the moment
17:34:25alxcmbut the table in IriverPort says: Codecs incomplete mp3, ogg and FLAC all play > 100% but more optimizations are needed
17:34:39HClthe codecs work
17:34:51alxcmjust not on the target
17:34:55rasherthey do
17:35:01rasherthey're just not hooked up to anything
17:35:10rasherthey just output to a .wav in the root
17:35:13alxcmwell, that would make sense
17:35:26preglowand connecting them to anything at all is a rather big job
17:35:27alxcmuseful feature in itself
17:35:34preglowwhich requires thought and discussion
17:35:41preglowand we're not experiencing any of those at the moment
17:35:41alxcm...hence the API, i see
17:35:45rasherwell, making something for them to connect to
17:35:51alxcmi do like the api proposal so far
17:35:51HClwell, the whole codec slot thing
17:35:59HCland stuff like that.
17:35:59preglowyes, but that's just an idea
17:36:03alxcmcodecs should not be compiled in
17:36:03rasherthe actual connecting shouldn't be a huge problem?
17:36:18HClnah, its just rewriting the wav playing demo
17:36:22HClto use output of the codecs
17:36:39preglowand figure out how buffers are to be used
17:36:44preglowhow large they're supposed to be
17:37:29preglowthere are several issues are we going with dynamically loadable codecs?
17:37:46alxcmhow many can theoretically be loaded at once?
17:37:57alxcmbecause loading a codec then would -> hdd spinup
17:37:59preglowtheoretically, a bunch
17:38:02rasherwhy would you want to have more than one (possibly two) loaded?
17:38:03preglowbut we're going with two
17:38:33rasherwell if you're going to start playing a file, there'll be hdd spinup anyway, so I don't see that as much of a problem :)
17:38:44alxcmand which ones get loaded comes from the playlist
17:38:49alxcmyeah, good point
17:39:04alxcmhow much ram does the hp hav?
17:39:07preglow32 megs
17:40:04alxcmETA until codec -> DAS is working?
17:40:31rasherit all depends when someone starts working on the api
17:40:50alxcmi'd love to...but i'm not that good at C, and i've never done embedded programming before
17:41:00rashercould someone explain to me, what's happening in flipit.c in draw_spot() ? why is the bitmap drawn in two steps? .. HCl? preglow?
17:41:51preglowno rockbox for me, sorry
17:42:22alxcmrasher: no idea, don't even have the source, but it seems that it could be because you need to clear the screen before drawing...?
17:42:34HClno idea :/
17:42:40rashernope, that's not it
17:43:00HCllook at who checked it in last and ask him?
17:43:09rasherI guess
17:43:30rasher it's pretty old though
17:44:26rasherI think this code comes from the original checkin, 2 years ago
17:44:39HCl :/
17:44:40HCl ok o
17:44:42rasherbut I've noticed it other places
17:44:44HCli'll take a look at it
17:54:42HClwhat i'd do
17:54:45HClis remove the second drawing
17:54:48HCland see why its needed
17:55:14rashergood plan
17:55:43rasherI have a feeling it's being tricky with the bitmap, needing less bytes or something
17:58:57rasherindeed, it's drawing the upper half
17:59:14rasherthen the lower half
17:59:18HClthere you go :)
17:59:21 Part loki1228
17:59:27rasherstill doesn't make sense
17:59:37alxcmis it a visual optimization thing
17:59:37HClso alter it to do it in one time, see if that works?
17:59:43alxcmlike, to avoid flicker?
18:00:21rasherI doubt it, it's only drawn when they change
18:01:21alxcmweird, then
18:02:04 Quit Patr3ck_ ()
18:03:17rasherbut yeah, it works if I draw it in one go
18:03:18alxcmENGE class ending...ttyal
18:05:27 Quit alxcm ("Bye all ;)")
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18:10:06 Quit webguest62 (Client Quit)
18:22:22 Join R3nTiL [0] (~zorroz@
18:27:31 Quit R3nTiL ()
18:37:57 Join Sucka [0] (
18:40:46HCloh for crying out loud.
18:40:49HClour tv is stuck.
18:40:50HCli mean
18:41:03HClit keeps forgetting its programming, so its stuck on a single channel.
18:41:41***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:43:28 Join _Lucretia_ [0] (
18:46:14preglowturn it off
18:52:09 Join Stryke` [0] (
18:52:49*rasher yells at flipit
18:57:44rasherthink I broke it
18:58:06rasherI should never be allowed to touch computers.
18:59:53*HCl smacks his computer
19:04:41CoCoLUSseems like everybody is happy ;)
19:04:59T0masarg... no..
19:05:11*T0mas hates computers...
19:05:24T0maswhy did it chose this as a hobby? and a job? :X
19:06:07HCli wonder that too.
19:07:00HClbut then i make stuff like rockboy and dynarec
19:07:05HCland i remember that its fun in a way
19:07:06HClat times.
19:07:33T0masyeah, when everything is working it is...
19:07:56T0masI've been on the phone with a customer for 2 hours...
19:08:06T0maswondering why it didn't work
19:08:39T0masJust when I almost gave up... he said: "Oh shit, I have it..."
19:09:02T0mas"thanks for you help, bye"
19:09:06T0masand dropped the phone...
19:09:13T0masI still don't know what he did wrong
19:09:24T0masbut it must have been _REALLY_ stupid
19:09:46T0masotherwise he would have told me i guess...
19:09:53kergothyou work tech support? my condolences.
19:10:14T0masbut I'm not the real techsupport :)
19:10:25*kergoth did that for 3 years, and thinks his ability to deal with end users has been seriously and permanently impaired as a result
19:10:39T0maswell I'm co administrator
19:10:48T0masso not that much customers
19:10:59T0masbut when nobody find's out what's wrong... they forward it
19:11:04kergothyears of forced friendliness is bad for the soul
19:11:15T0masyeah, I don't have to do much customers...
19:11:27T0masthey complain to others...
19:11:28kergoththats good, you just might survive
19:11:36T0masI just get the filed form... and do what's asked
19:11:49T0masor return it when in BOFH mode :P
19:12:59T0masbut I can imagine you getting crazy after a few years...
19:13:14T0masafaik it's the same question's every week?
19:14:12T0mas"Where is my document?" - "where did you save it?" - "Don't know, just clicked ok..."
19:14:29*T0mas would scream at those kind of people :P
19:14:44rasherI'd probably kill myself pretty fast.
19:14:51rasheror better, kill them
19:15:08T0maswell... maybe I would give them a pen and paper if I was in a good mood :P
19:15:41T0maslike: "You can't work with computers, I'm sorry... here's a pen... good luck..."
19:16:31kergothit wasnt _that_ bad.. but in some ways it was worse
19:16:35kergothunix tech support, not windows
19:16:49T0masthat's intelligent customers at least
19:16:59kergothso i had the fun experiences like walking a school cafeteria lady through using vi to edit her /etc/inittab on an ancient SCO openserver machine to fix her terminals.
19:17:06kergothfraid not
19:17:24T0masand did it work?
19:17:34kergothafter much banging my head on my desk
19:17:35*T0mas would ask for SSH access...
19:17:49kergoththe Mute button is a godsend.
19:18:05T0masvi is just not idiot proof...
19:18:10kergoth"why yes ma'am, just do.." *mute* "GOD DAMN STUPID FUCKING WHORE" *mute* "right, yeah, just hit :wq"
19:18:28T0mas"Yes, you have to type :w filename.txt"... "No, not ; it really has to be :"
19:18:36kergothyeah, exactly. no fun
19:18:49kergothand good luck figuring out if they're in insert or command mode
19:18:51*kergoth shudders
19:19:20rashervi is pretty hostile
19:19:35T0mas"Hit escape untill it starts beeping. Then type I, you can now type."
19:20:03 Nick Lynx_ is now known as Lynx_awy (HydraIRC@
19:20:07T0masWhat? you didn't want to type there? *mute* IDIOT!!! *mute* ok, use the escape till beep again
19:20:18T0masnow move to where you wanted to type
19:20:39T0masWHAT? You didn't want to type in vi help? you wanted to open a file?
19:21:54kergothhehe. vi is wonderfully efficient.. once you know it. until then, god help you
19:22:20kergothits 12:30pm and i havent yet gone into work
19:22:25*kergoth wanders off
19:22:34 Quit DMJC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:25:18 Quit Schnueff ("leaving")
19:26:43rasherwell.. vim is fine
19:26:54rashervi is just a tad too.. simple for my taste
19:45:25*rasher yawns
19:55:15 Join Renko [0] (
20:04:27*T0mas has to find an association with the feeling "desire" for a dutch test...
20:04:36T0maswell... actually.. 5...
20:05:06T0masI have: vacation, sex and food... anybody has a good suggestion for others?
20:09:51 Join DMJC [0] (
20:14:46 Join matsl [0] (
20:18:35preglowdesire right now would be: twenty bottles of the most expensive beer i can find, two large pizzas and a pack of smokes
20:18:41preglowthat and no pc
20:23:13T0masyeah, that's food ;)
20:23:34T0masMy other chat channel came with freedome... and power...
20:24:34preglowi can do without power
20:29:05HClpower usually gets abused
20:29:19T0masyeah, but it's a desire...
20:29:26T0maswhy start wars? for money and power...
20:30:21HCla lot of desires are rather dumb, if you ask me.
20:35:41 Join mirak [0] (
20:36:10mirakshould rock box be able to achieve better performance on video for iH320 ?
20:36:26mirakbetter than 10 fps
20:36:32mirakI am wondering
20:41:44***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:48:09preglowwhat makes you think we're planning on adding video support?
20:48:33preglow10 frames per second on that cpu is nothing short of miraculous anyway
21:00:35 Join Aison [0] (
21:12:59mirakconsidering the resolution
21:20:10 Join webguest02 [0] (
21:20:55 Quit webguest02 (Client Quit)
21:21:23 Join webguest02 [0] (
21:23:07 Quit midk (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:23:19 Join midk_ [0] (
21:23:19 Quit webguest02 (Client Quit)
21:34:17rasherI think the solution to dumb users is to require all new computers to include a huge red light near monitor, and have it flash brightly when any critical security decision is to be made
21:35:16rasherThey say education is the way, I'm all for intimidation instead
21:35:37rasherWith a bit of luck, dumb users would get scared and asked someone who actually knows what he's doing
21:36:09rasherinstead of just blindly clicking "yes" because "I want that free screensaver that keeps my computer clock accurate and enhances my mortgage"
21:36:54rasherOr at the very least, we'd get to ask in a stern voice "Did you click yes when the RED LIGHT BLINKED?!"
21:37:16HClmicrosoft is recently doing stuff against that kind of stuff...
21:37:36preglowrasher: ahahaha
21:37:57preglowHCl: well, of course, they think everyone should be allowed to use a computer regardless of whether they know how to use it
21:38:14preglowlet's unleash people without drivers licenses on the roads!
21:38:24preglowthat's a bit on the edge, but...
21:38:36HCli realized a while ago
21:38:45HClthat there's no point in being frustrated about stupid people.
21:39:05preglowof course not
21:39:08preglowi just try to avoid them
21:39:11preglowi'm doing very well at it
21:40:20HCli do the same.
21:41:25 Join NegativeK [0] (
21:42:16rasherwell, people without driver's licenses... that's actually sortof close
21:42:26rasheronly tthey're not driving normal cars, but tanks that shoot people randomly
21:42:36preglowand they're not lethal
21:42:42rasherwell no
21:42:44rasherthere's that
21:42:54preglowbut it's a point, of course
21:42:55rasherbut it's still PRETTY DARN ANNOYING
21:42:58preglowcomputers are complicated things
21:43:06preglowand somehow you're not expected to actually know anything about them
21:44:52rasherthat's pretty darn cool
21:45:06thegeekespecially the animated clips
21:45:37 Join Terminal-Velocit [0] (
21:46:14rasherhaha, the recolouring is great
21:46:22rasher"I want this... green!"
21:46:28 Join DrRick [0] (
21:46:57rasherin fact, that is awesome
21:47:29CoCoLUSdoesn't work for me :(
21:47:33CoCoLUSdns error
21:48:12rashershouldn't give a dns error though, I guess
21:48:14 Quit Liehbeth (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:48:36CoCoLUSwell you know... ie error messages...
21:49:16HClyea, same.
21:49:25 Nick Terminal-Velocit is now known as tvelocity (
22:06:57 Join Camilo [0] (
22:11:32T0masC:\>tracert -d
22:11:32T0masBezig met het traceren van de route naar via maximaal 30 hops
22:11:32DBUGEnqueued KICK T0mas
22:11:32T0mas 1 1 ms 4 ms 3 ms
22:11:32T0mas 2 40 ms 21 ms 35 ms
22:11:32***Alert Mode level 1
22:11:32T0mas 3 26 ms 22 ms 41 ms
22:11:52T0masand guess what... it continues like this forever
22:11:54rasherlocalized stuff ><
22:12:10 Quit thegeek ("( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: )")
22:12:14T0masset 4 to 30 is all
22:12:19T0masbut that are two pc's...
22:12:25 Join thegeek_ [0] (
22:12:35T0masand the owner is asking why he can't connect...
22:12:51T0masmy neighbours are not really pc friendly...
22:20:28T0masI'll see that tomorrow...
22:20:55T0mashave to be at the station on 6:30 :(
22:21:05T0masso i'm going to bed
22:21:07 Quit T0mas ("bye")
22:21:33***Alert Mode OFF
22:22:46HClit suddenly started working.
22:25:04 Nick thegeek_ is now known as thegeek (
22:26:11HClthe site.
22:26:27rasheroh ah
22:28:21CoCoLUSlucky you :)
22:30:39 Quit _Lucretia_ ("Leaving")
22:30:52CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
22:30:52*tvelocity np Raphael Marionneau - Abstrait (Njoy) 06/02/2005
22:31:59CoCoLUSnow working :)
22:32:15CoCoLUSseems somewhat... faked
22:32:35HClit does.
22:33:08thegeekwhere what who?
22:33:31rasherI doubt it, it's a university.. plus some guy on /. used their code on some pictures of his own
22:33:37CoCoLUSheadlines like "new compression algo - whole dvds on a floppy" come to mind :)
22:34:02HClthere once was this guy in the netherlands, i think?
22:34:13CoCoLUSlike, been there, done that, but hey, sometimes there has to be a genius :)
22:34:21HClwho had devised a way of putting 4 movies in the amount of silicon that normally stores 32kb
22:34:29HClbut the day he was gonna sell his patent
22:34:31HClhe was murdered
22:34:37HCland all of his notes were stolen and cleaned out
22:34:44CoCoLUSsounds like a tv episode :)
22:34:47HClits not :/
22:35:03CoCoLUSyou think it's true?
22:35:08HCleither its been destroyed, or someone has that technoligy but doesn't want to publish it.
22:35:10thegeekurban legend deluxe
22:35:15BagderI bet he was killed by the same aliens that kidnapped Elvis
22:35:22HCli honestly don't know. it was on the tv news, national channel
22:35:26HClnot one of the commercial channels.
22:35:55thegeekI saw it on tv, it MUST be true:)
22:36:20CoCoLUSsounds like "rtl 2 news" :P
22:36:39rasherI should probably dream up some food... :-\
22:37:04tvelocitysounds like the movie "antitrust" :P
22:37:15thegeekI just had 1 liter of tomato soup, a whole box of macaronis, some bread and cola
22:37:19thegeekquite full now
22:37:24rasherthat was a rather silly movie I think
22:37:38tvelocityi liked it
22:37:45rasherI think the menu here says chicken and potatoes
22:38:51 Quit DrRick ()
22:39:27rasherApparently they're dropping Q from the next James Bond movie, because.. "They're afraid Cleese's appearance will ruin the concept of a serious James Bond movie"
22:39:39rasherHold on a second, when was James Bond movies ever serious!?
22:40:24thegeekq is the best bond movie character!
22:40:25tvelocityjames bind is based on a true story, don't you know that?
22:40:30HClwas q the old guy?
22:40:32HClor the new woman?
22:40:38rasherold guy
22:40:47thegeekgotta love those gadgets
22:40:50HCldidn't he... die.. several years ago?
22:41:04rasherThe old one did, John Cleese took over
22:41:06HClhe hasn't *been* in the last james bond movies.
22:41:17HCli really suck horridly at names
22:41:46***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:52:49 Quit preglow ("flopp")
22:53:53 Quit Camilo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:55:42 Join alx__ [0] (
22:55:47 Nick alx__ is now known as alxcm (
22:55:51alxcmhey guys :)
22:56:28alxcmanyone ever heard of APE format?
22:57:40Seedof course
22:57:48alxcmplanned support...?
22:57:57SeedI doubt it
22:58:03Seedthe license is an issue
23:00:14 Quit alxcm (Client Quit)
23:04:14 Quit Bagder (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:06:40 Quit Stryke` ("Friends don't let friends listen to Anti-Flag")
23:10:22amiconnrasher: Still trying to figure why the bitmap is drawn in multiple parts? I may have an explanation...
23:11:11amiconn...lcd_bitmap() used to have problems with drawing bitmaps >8 pixels high. I fixed that, several months ago
23:24:41rasherah, I assumed it was something like that
23:24:51 Join webguest50 [0] (
23:25:12rasheror that it could be a speed-optimization - didn't make much sense though
23:25:20 Join webguest81 [0] (
23:25:53 Nick tvelocity is now known as tvelocity[away] (
23:26:03 Part webguest81
23:26:09 Join Bluechip [0] (
23:26:19 Join webguest69 [0] (
23:26:24*rasher boxes
23:26:31 Part webguest69
23:26:38Bluechipthe window popped up mid sentence and stole focus
23:26:56amiconnNasty wind
23:27:16Bluechipoh riight - lol - I've just realised where I am
23:27:27Bluechipevenin' fellow Rockboxers
23:28:13Bluechipwell, while I'm here (albeit by acccident) ...any gmini devs in?
23:29:37amiconnDoesn't seem so, unfortunately
23:30:04BluechipHow are you keepin' ami?
23:30:46amiconnHmm. Currently I'm annoyed with x11. Seems I need to install Linux somehow, in a VM or so
23:31:11amiconnTime consuming task...
23:32:07BluechipWhy not use the win32sim?
23:33:14amiconnI want to improve the x11 sim. Especially the button handling has problems
23:33:38amiconnDidn't think that x11 is so... stubborn
23:34:12CoCoLUSuse xorg :)
23:35:35Bluechiphmmm, suppose you _need_ to install Linux then :(
23:36:03mirakiRiver is arm ?
23:36:14mirakARM cpu
23:36:28amiconnThe problem is: My improvements work, and they work as intended in cygwin x11, but there are problems reported in real Linux
23:37:11amiconnmirak: Some of the iriver flash players are arm based. The ihp series are not. They are coldfire based
23:37:27mirakH3x0 are what ?
23:37:56mirakdo you use system emulation ?
23:38:10rasheramiconn: why not just dual-boot?
23:38:11mirakto test the firmware ?
23:38:32amiconnrasher: That would be even more cumbersome.
23:38:44rasherbuy another computer :)
23:38:53mirakamiconn: you should only use linux anyway
23:38:54amiconnDual boot == choose beforehand what to run. With vm I can have both at once
23:39:04tvelocity[away]or start using only linux
23:39:16tvelocity[away]or at least mainly linux
23:39:19amiconnmirak: Certainly not a good option, especially wit a laptop
23:39:25mirakamiconn: I have a XP installation
23:39:32mirakamiconn: that I run inside qemu
23:39:44mirakamiconn: I also tried colinux
23:39:49mirakwich is I thin what you need
23:39:57kergothcolinux is really nice
23:40:02 Quit webguest50 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
23:40:09amiconnI think it would take several days of intensive work and research to get all the hardware running
23:40:12mirakwith colinux when I am on windows, I can run my linux system
23:40:24mirakthey are in dual boot
23:40:28*rasher punches gaim
23:40:30mirakbut I can run linux from windows
23:40:45mirakwell, not anymore, because windows hard drive died
23:41:06kergothi run XP on my workstation for gaming reasons, and use colinux for development to avoid the hassles of dual booting
23:41:09kergothworks well
23:41:21amiconnIt's just not worth the effort. With linux I need more work to get it running, for less benefit
23:41:41mirakamiconn: depends of the ditribution
23:42:03mirakbut yes, if you are unexperienced you will lose time adapting
23:42:12mirakyou can call that time investement
23:42:20amiconnI tried some distros in th epast years
23:42:32mirakwell, with qemu, there should be a way to emulate an iriver
23:42:37amiconnThere are endless problems to get all hardware running, and less software
23:42:39mirakarm arch is upported
23:42:41kergothqemu emulates ARM. thats it.
23:42:47kergoththeres a lot more to an arm device than the arm core.
23:42:58mirakan arm system
23:43:08rasherrecently, the amount of work needed to get things running amounts to basically a) wifi problems b) setup of whichever software you want
23:43:24rasherin my experience, of course
23:43:29miraktry distribution like ubuntu
23:43:29amiconnWifi, gfx, sound, bluetooth... my list is endless
23:43:37tvelocity[away]ubuntu rocks
23:43:42amiconnIt never worked for me out of the box
23:43:50kergoththat all works fine out of the box in a decent distro.
23:44:03tvelocity[away]but stay away from RPM based distros
23:44:15mirakamiconn: for how long didn't you tried linux ?
23:44:15rasherdepends on the wifi
23:44:30amiconnMy last try was some weeks ago
23:44:33rasherI haven't yet seen a distro eat my laptop wifi chipset
23:45:24mirakdo you have the full specs of the iriver ?
23:45:32mirakI mean how did you managed to write drivers ?
23:45:41mirakor even to hack te firmware ?
23:45:57kergothi'd imagine the same way you port linux to any device without docs. painfully.
23:47:04rasherthe hardware on iriver is more or less fully documented I think
23:47:31rasheron the h100 series, at least
23:48:19amiconnmirak: To name some of the problems (I know of or I actually ran into): AVM BlueFritz, NVidia network driver, NVidia 3d accellerated gfx driver, Canon printer, Intel wifi
23:49:15 Quit lolo-laptop ("Client exiting")
23:49:21rasherOdd, at the very least, nvidia 3d driver should work out of the box on most distros
23:50:07amiconnYou need to compile the 'glue' binary, or at least that was necessary when I tried last time, some months ago
23:50:23tvelocity[away]nvidia glx?
23:50:28rasherwhich distro?
23:50:33tvelocity[away]that works perfectly man
23:50:34amiconnCouldn't do that because the distro even refused to install the kernel sources
23:50:56amiconnAnd without kernel sources -> no compilation possible
23:51:07rasher*nod*, which distro was this?
23:51:20amiconnSuSE 9.0
23:51:29tvelocity[away]OMG! a rpm-based distro!
23:51:37rasherI know exactly nothing about suse
23:51:41tvelocity[away]BAD BAD BAD! BURN IT:P
23:51:47HCli have a server that i'm supposed to manage
23:51:48HClthat runs suse
23:51:57rashertvelocity[away]: dude.. it's a package system..
23:51:59*amiconn is about to try debian now (on vmware)
23:52:06HCldebian is nice.
23:52:09kergothrpm itself isnt that bad. just happens that all of the rpm based distros are _redhat_ derived.
23:52:10HCli run debian on my server
23:52:14kergothwhich is the issue
23:52:28tvelocity[away]rasher, yes, a very BAD one :P
23:52:29amiconnSuSE isn't redhat derived
23:52:32HClubuntu is okay for workstation-linux since it has newer stuff and
23:52:45rashertvelocity[away]: why's that?
23:53:06kergothamiconn: eh?
23:53:10mirakamiconn: if you have always the very last hardware linux will not be ok for sure
23:53:20tvelocity[away]rasher, i don't even know where to start. it's SO broken
23:53:39mirakamiconn: but this will evolve
23:53:40HClsince i've had 0 problems with debian packages and countless with rpms.
23:53:43rasherI... see.
23:53:52amiconnI don't have the very last hardware. No interest in that, because of no (3d) gaming
23:53:52HCli have no choice but to agree with tvelocity[away] as far as my experience goes.
23:54:01rasherThing is.. debs expect a centralized package repository
23:54:04rashermore or less
23:54:05mirakamiconn: if I use linux, it's mostly because some of the softaware are the best, like the mp3 player amarok
23:54:12kergothrasher: ?
23:54:12mirakgaim, xchat
23:54:20tvelocity[away]if apt-rpm and URPM didnt exist, RPM would have died a long time ago
23:54:40rasherkergoth: Depending on packages and package-versions, rather than files, as rpm (can)
23:54:54tvelocity[away]but even these are just ugly hacks not a real solution to the rpm problem
23:54:56kergothrasher: ah, indeed. i do like that feature of rpm
23:55:07kergothwhich is part of why i say the problem is redhatisms, not rpm itself
23:55:16kergoththe .spec format is really quite well done, for example.
23:55:17 Join amiconn_ [0] (
23:55:20kergothcant say i'm a fan of cpio, but hey
23:55:31mirakamiconn: if you remove from windows the games, I don't see much things in favor of windowsw
23:55:35tvelocity[away]i will agree about the .spec
23:55:47mirakI agree wifi stuff may be a problem :)
23:55:53mirakbut I don't have this
23:56:00rasherurmp is exactly analog to apt
23:56:10 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
23:56:10 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
23:56:11mirakit's to technologicaly advanced for me :)
23:56:21rasherI seriously don't see how you can claim one being better than the other
23:56:29kergoththe latest rpm versions are actually using sqlite for their db now :D
23:56:33kergothdown with berkeley db!
23:56:46amiconnmirak: Well, windows just runs, while linux requires a fair amount of work to make it work
23:56:58rasherberkeley db is ... annoying
23:57:00amiconnThen there are many more programs for windows than for linux
23:57:05mirakamiconn: still to much yes
23:57:11mirakamiconn: but see OS X
23:57:16amiconn(Especially *not*counting the games)
23:57:18rasherbreaking compatibility ever other point release
23:57:18mirakamiconn: it's based on BSD
23:57:27mirakamiconn: that's a proof that's it's feasible
23:57:44kergothheh, nowadays you can run just about everything in wine, even ms office, IE, and most modern games
23:57:49kergothbut yeah, still not quite there
23:57:55mirakamiconn: it's like linux world is just realising that making things that just work can be a good idea
23:58:08rasheros x really has an advantage in not having to bother with hardware support much
23:58:23rasheras in, there's a finite set of devices and configurations to support
23:58:35mirakkergoth: I barealy can run something with wine
23:58:37mirakI mean games
23:58:44mirakI managed to make run winrar
23:58:47mirakthat's usefull
23:58:57rasheroh but it is :)
23:59:00kergothi've run a number of directx8 games. not 9, but 8

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