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#rockbox log for 2005-03-15

00:00:00kergothand with cedega, if you report the problems, they'll actually attempt to fix them
00:00:24mirakI don't have checked if it's now supproted
00:00:31 Quit midk_ ("Leaving")
00:00:34mirakbut since my windows disk died
00:00:36kergothi am running windows for gaming now though. wine is good, but not perfect. some games wont work
00:00:41mirakI have lost my savegames :-/
00:00:56kergothi swear i lose my bookmarks like 3 times a year
00:01:09rasheryay, gcc4.0 including Fortran95 support :->
00:01:32amiconnmirak: Show me the equivalent of RDP on linux ;)
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00:02:12kergothamiconn: eh?
00:02:17kergothamiconn: you mean.. like..
00:02:18kergothor vnc?
00:02:38amiconnI mean RDP, remote desktop. And not only the client side.
00:02:50kergoththen say what you mean.
00:02:54amiconnI use rdp very often
00:03:08tvelocity[away]VNC even
00:03:17kergothvnc works well. not as well as rdp, but it gets the job done
00:03:31amiconnVNC is tad slow compared to RDP
00:03:34tvelocity[away]also plain X works great in a lan
00:03:36 Part Bluechip
00:03:39kergothits a less efficient protocol
00:03:42kergoth(vnc is, that is)
00:03:55amiconntvelocity[away]: X is not comparable with RDP
00:03:56rasherplain x is dreamy
00:04:06amiconnWith X, my session dies when I disconnect
00:04:26tvelocity[away]then use VNC
00:04:41amiconnWith RDP, I can start to work, disconnect, reconnect to my session from anywhere else and continue where I left off
00:04:50tvelocity[away]i actually know more people that use VNC (on windows) than RDP
00:04:51 Quit Sucka ("a bird in the bush is worth two in your house")
00:04:59amiconntvelocity[away]: That's no real alternative
00:05:06amiconnVNC is simply way too slow
00:05:17kergothits a viable alternative for all sorts of people
00:05:20kergothperhaps not _for you_
00:05:24kergothbut yes, it is.
00:05:25amiconnRDP even works over ISDN or modem. No way with VNC
00:05:37mirakamiconn: NX
00:05:45kergothnx does look interesting
00:05:45amiconn(I mean, works as in being usable for actual work)+
00:05:51mirakI use NX
00:05:59mirakthis really works
00:06:00kergothit work well?
00:06:01tvelocity[away]i USE VNC on ISDN
00:06:06mirakeven on a 56k line it's usable
00:06:14mirakthat's incredible
00:06:27mirakthis have nothing to do with VNC
00:06:35mirakthat's uncomparable
00:06:56mirakamiconn: the NX client support RDP by the way
00:08:25miraktvelocity[away]: vnc is horrible
00:08:53mirakcould rockbox work on the iPod ?
00:09:05tvelocity[away]i don't see why RDP is better
00:09:14amiconnNX costs money... Now tell me why I should buy it when I can have RDP for free (WinXP came bundled with my laptop)
00:09:41mirakamiconn: it doesnt cost money
00:09:49rasherNX is Free.
00:09:51mirakamiconn: /join #NX
00:09:58mirakNX is gpl
00:10:09mirakonly the client is closed source
00:10:11rasherrdp on the other hand...
00:10:14mirakbut there is alternatives
00:10:20amiconnHmm, maybe I found the wrong site
00:10:25mirakanyway the nxclient is free
00:10:38mirakamiconn: nomachine nxclient is good
00:10:42mirakand free
00:10:47rasheramiconn: the people who made it are trying to make money in some way
00:10:48mirakI mean free of charge
00:11:11rasherbut a Free version is available
00:11:13mirakthey are doing like cedega
00:11:34mirakit's the same model than cedega in fact
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00:18:45HClme go sleep.
00:18:47HCland stuff.
00:24:28rashersleep... and stuff?
00:24:52HCl? o.o.
00:25:09HClwell, i gotta brush my teeth and get in bed and o.o.
00:25:20HCleat candy and drink some water and then go sleep :x
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00:27:03rasherhm.. this is pretty bad chicken..
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00:32:20geoff_oDoes anyone working on Rockbox live in Spain?
00:33:14*rasher . o O ( worldmap of rockbox developers )
00:33:50geoff_oYeah.. thankfully geography isn't normally an issue.
00:35:33geoff_oI know someone in spain with a broken mp3 player. If there's someone with access to an electronics lab nearby, it might be worth trying to read the firmware directly from its chips.
00:35:51 Quit DrRickDaglessMD ()
00:36:05geoff_o(Failing that, there's always overseas shipping.)
00:37:05HClwhat'd he do?
00:37:11 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
00:37:16geoff_oInsert the battery backwards.
00:37:28*geoff_o guesses the magic smoke escaped
00:37:38HCloh. right.
00:37:42rasherwhat kind of player is it?
00:37:46*HCl assumed iriver, but obviously.
00:39:42*rasher dares not click links
00:40:28*geoff_o comforts rasher "there, there.."
00:41:06rasherit is truly the website from hell
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00:41:56geoff_oIt's very heavy in (flash/java/something evil-that-still-runs-in-firefox-linux).. and I end up using the 'sitemap' to navigate.
00:59:27rasherStill here?
00:59:45geoff_oI'm just resting my eyes! I swear!
00:59:47 Quit rasher ("CGI:IRC")
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01:00:45amiconndebian net install takes some time...
01:00:57rasherdepending on your network connection
01:01:09amiconn1 MBit/s
01:01:39rasherlucky bastard
01:03:24*rasher moves gigabytes data over windows networking
01:03:37*rasher cries and cries
01:04:32rasheroh haha.. maybe if it wasn't over wifi...
01:05:27geoff_oYou think you have it bad? I'm calling from a payphone and my voice is about to give out!
01:09:19rasherand here I just bothered to connect my laptop with utp
01:09:48rasherand then the other laptop is using wifi..
01:11:27rashersilly me
01:11:47rasher11mbps is so painful
01:12:11rasherit's like going back to 1996
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01:55:22H120Owneri saw on the wiki that MP3 and OGG play but i couldn't get iRiver Rockbox to play a file
01:55:53rasherYou must've misread, or not read close enough.
01:56:06rasherIt *decodes* mp3 and ogg
01:56:17rasherit doesn't get played yet
01:56:30geoff_oWhich player do you own?
01:56:35rasherbecause the internal structure/buffering/etc is not in place yet
01:56:52H120Ownerhave an H120
01:57:21Bippyoooo yellowstone has started to change
01:57:31rasherso right now the codecs just output to a file
01:57:40geoff_orl.. ttyl.
01:57:42 Part geoff_o ("Kopete 0.9.1 :")
01:57:46H120Ownerso the codecs output to a wav file?
01:57:50*rasher adds a clarification to the wiki
01:58:47H120Ownercan wav files be played?
01:59:00rasherStill a no :)
01:59:37H120Ownerman the iriver f/w would be so cool if shuffle worked like its supposed to
01:59:40BippyRockbox is useless to end users at the moment fullstop, just wait it out
01:59:49rasherThough possible, this hasn't entered cvs because it will have to be connected to the codec api
02:00:00rasherwhich isn't done
02:00:04rasheror started
02:00:27BippyGo start it now then, you might have it done by tommorow
02:00:54Bippy :|
02:01:02rasherI'm not complaining, just explaining, in case that wasn't clear
02:02:14Bippy :| im not complaining either, i dont know how to code firmware
02:02:55rasherThe codec api would be a pure C job
02:04:03Bippyi can study a volcano if that helps :)
02:05:37rasherJust amused :)
02:06:49BippyHow come, being a Volcanologist is great
02:07:25rasherBut it doesn't exactly help.. just the way you said it
02:08:35Bippywell, if you live near a volcanoe, i could tell you when or if its likley to erupt
02:08:44Bippythat could help
02:09:34rasherTrue.. Denmark isn't exactly known for seismic (do volcanoes go under that as well?) activity though :)
02:11:16BippyVolcanoes go under seismic measurements yes
02:11:23 Quit Aison (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
02:12:07 Quit Camilo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:12:18BippyMainly due to eruptions can be caused by quakes
02:12:39 Join Aison [0] (
02:13:29BippyThey can break the crust and increase thermal activity
02:17:52rashershouldn't happen anywhere near northern europe :)
02:18:05BippyAnyway, im off now, stay away from YellowStone, i heard reports of large magma movement, which isnt always good, especially when the caldera is so thin
02:19:06 Join StrathAFK [0] (
02:19:10BippyHow long do you think the F/W will take now, dont say when its ready, everything has an estimate
02:19:47rasherit's very hard to tell
02:20:12rasherwhenever someone starts working on the codec api
02:20:26BippyWhen will that happen
02:20:52rasherit would probably get into a useable (in a loose sense of that word) shape pretty fast
02:21:03Bippy3 months ?
02:21:13rasherNoone knows.. the two people who said they're going to work on it are currently awol
02:21:38rasherI'd say probably less than 3 months at least
02:21:47rasherbut this is coming from a non-dev, mind
02:22:02Bippyok then
02:22:28BippyWell im off, ill pop in again sometime
02:22:31 Quit Bippy ("CGI:IRC")
02:22:35rasherSo this is mine and just my opinion
02:22:41rashertoo late.
02:29:17 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
02:29:17rasherGod help me, I'm about to install gentoo
02:29:29rasherI uh.. think
02:34:57 Quit H120Owner ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
02:36:39 Quit Strath (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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02:43:34 Join midk [0] (
02:51:01HClgentoo isn't everything
02:51:06HClit takes too long to compile everything
02:51:16rasherI'm fully aware of that
02:51:17HClits just not very practical.
02:51:19 Quit Heidelbaer (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
02:51:33rasherI'm hoping to get a useable machine going that won't need a lot of update
02:51:49rasherplus, it's so slow that it really could use that extra 2% speed
02:52:00HClwhat kind of machine is it?
02:52:01rasher(hoping to get distcc running for the compiling)
02:52:12rasherPII-M 400mhz
02:52:19HClnot too slow...
02:52:19rasherbut it just... crawls
02:52:32rashervery bad gfx card
02:52:39HCli said i was going to sleep 3 hours ago.
02:52:46HClbut people have been bugging me ever since
02:53:05HClso let me once again state that a lot of people suck, bureaucratic people suck, and i'm going to sleep.
02:53:08midkHCl: you've got quite a thing with "mk" which always sets off my xchat alert.
02:53:31HClits "mmmm, okay"
02:53:38HCljust the short version :p
02:53:46midkyep. no probs. :)
02:53:54midki'll take it off the alert list.
02:54:04midknobody ever calls me it anyways, :p
02:54:34midk"midi" is another problem in this channel. haha
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03:03:29 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Free sex with a BitchX upgrade! Call for details!")
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03:11:42rasherah, now I remember why I dislike that laptop... it won't boot from ANYTHING but harddisk (almost)
03:13:38*rasher jumps through hoops
03:17:23 Quit NegativeK ()
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03:37:08 Join ze [0] (
03:42:14rasher"The recommended setup is a 64 meg boot volume with ext2, a swap partition twice the size of your available RAM, and the rest for your root partition using ReiserFS."
03:42:19rasherwhat ARE these guys smoking!?
03:42:28rasher(Gentoo install docs)
03:50:38Rickwhy do I not remember that?
03:50:47RickI remember Gentoo's install docs explaining the different options
03:51:20Rickoh well
03:52:29rasherwell I have the "quickinstall" doc
03:52:47rasherMaybe assuming that the instructions are the same, just more condensed is silly of me
03:53:40Rickcould be different
03:53:47RickI havn't looked at the Gentoo install docs in years
03:53:47rasherrecommending boot volumes is so last millenium
03:54:07rasheralso, reiserfs?!
03:54:17Rickjournaling is always a good thing
03:54:37rasherwell... I'd prefer a journalling fs that isn't horrible and eats babies
03:54:41rasherlike, say ext3
03:54:49*Rick eats rasher
03:54:59*rasher screams
04:03:05 Part Elmoe ("arrgh.. no.. the pain")
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04:28:46 Quit ze (Connection timed out)
04:28:46 Nick ze__ is now known as ze (
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04:59:13 Join Stryke` [0] (~Chairman8@resnet-241-86.resnet.UMBC.EDU)
05:25:09 Join ze__ [0] (
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05:25:43 Nick ze__ is now known as ze (
05:25:49 Quit rasher ("CGI:IRC")
05:25:55 Join rasher [0] (
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07:59:56amiconnGah... linux starts to annoy me again
08:00:19LinusNglad you didn't say "linus"
08:00:26dwihnoMorning peeps!
08:00:42amiconnLinusN: Of course not....
08:01:31amiconnTrying to install debian on vmware, and configuring vmware tools -> I don't get it :(
08:02:03amiconnFound an article, saying I need the kernel sources, and telling me how to get that package
08:02:50amiconnHowever 'apt-get install kernel-headers-2.4.27-1' −−> Couldn't find package blah. Now what?
08:11:36LinusNamiconn: you might need to update the apt database
08:11:58LinusNapt-get update
08:20:04 Join rasher [0] (
08:21:28rasheramiconn: at least you're not trying to wrestle gentoo... ><
08:22:20amiconnLinusN: That didn't help. ANyway, I would have been really puzzled if this helped. I installed debain ~8 hours ago, so the database should be up to date, right?
08:22:37_FDVhello. How about that: ?
08:23:02LinusNamiconn: which is your apt source?
08:23:04rasheramiconn: are you sure you have the package name right?
08:23:26LinusN_FDV: palm trees for rockbox?
08:23:29amiconnSource is
08:23:45amiconnTried the package name with several variations
08:23:57_FDVLinusN :))) no, change firmware
08:24:14LinusNamiconn: apt-cache search kernel-headers
08:24:15_FDVfor videorecorder
08:24:24rasherapt-cache search kernel-headers |grep uname -r
08:25:15amiconnrasher: No output :(
08:25:19kergothrasher: you forgot ``
08:25:38rasherhaha, indeed
08:25:47rasherapt-cache search kernel-headers |grep `uname -r`
08:26:19amiconnSame result :(
08:27:05amiconnuname -r tells me I'm running 2.4.27-1-386
08:27:29amiconnIt seems there are no matching headers
08:27:35rasherhow about grep "2.4.27" then?
08:27:36 Join Bagder [0] (
08:27:46rasherthat sounds very odd
08:28:00LinusNmorning Bagder
08:28:16amiconnrasher: It's just the default 'debain testing' net install
08:28:26Bagderhad to reboot my adsl modem again today
08:28:26amiconn*debian even
08:28:32LinusNwe have a slight dilemma regarding the iriver sound output
08:29:03Bagderoh, in the logs or can you explain it?
08:29:06LinusNeither we use 16-bit output and use DMA, or we use 20 bits with no DMA
08:29:12rasheramiconn: investigating..
08:29:24Bagdermy gut feeling says 16bit with DMA
08:29:28LinusNmine too
08:29:55rasheramiconn: looks like the current kernel is 2.4.27-2
08:30:04_FDVLinusN thank you
08:30:08LinusNthe coldfire 5249 seems more and more half-baked to me
08:30:23rasherapt-get install kernel-image-2.4.27-2-386
08:30:55LinusNi got a response from philips this morning regarding the dsp documentation
08:31:21LinusN"The EPICS7A core is not currently programmable by the end user at this time. Our firware engineers currently use assebly at our factory to program the core with features. I have not been made aware that this feature will be optional for the end user in anytime soon."
08:32:03LinusNmeaning we would have to rely on their binary codecs
08:35:49amiconnLinusN: Why would one need 20 bit?
08:36:11LinusNnice for the S/PDIF output
08:36:28rasherthere'll be an uproar from HA :)
08:36:49Bagderthey're free to come fix it ;-)
08:37:30amiconnrasher: Maybe the current kernel is 2.4.27-2, but why does the installer then install 2.4.27-1, where no header package seems to exists for?
08:37:57rasherbecause that was the default when the installer cd was built
08:38:11rasherthe kernel installed comes from the cd
08:38:43rasherif you had a full(er) cd set it'd have kernel-headers for that version
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09:10:23 Join GodEater [0] (
09:15:38dwihnoDamn it's easy to setup the time/date in rockbox! :)
09:17:14 Quit GodEater ("CGI:IRC")
09:26:16 Join kurzhaarrocker [0] (
09:30:22kurzhaarrocker<- thinks that noone needs more than 16 Bit for output. For recording it might be interesting though especially when you have access to a serious mic / preamp.
09:34:12kurzhaarrockerNo commits since two days :(
09:37:33 Quit kurzhaarrocker (Remote closed the connection)
09:40:07 Nick Lynx_awy is now known as Lynx_ (HydraIRC@
09:41:08Lynx_i found out what exacly happened to that hd in the usb case that had the power supply connected with the wrong polarity...
09:41:51rasherSure looks like the magic smoke escaped
09:42:52 Join webguest21 [0] (
09:44:35webguest21do one of you guys know if Roxboxk can work on I-Bead 400?
09:45:05Rickcould it? probably. can it? no
09:45:13 Join bobTHC [0] (
09:46:40Bagderwebguest21: just figure out all internals, then port it!
09:47:31Lynx_Does anyone know if Wester Digital sells the boards for the hd's separatly?
09:49:04 Join kurzhaarrocker [0] (
09:49:50bobTHChi folks!
09:50:32kurzhaarrockerLynx_: a new board won't help. In hd electronix usually some information about the specific individual disc / head is stored. If you exchange the electronic only you won't be able to access the data.
09:53:55 Quit webguest21 ("CGI:IRC")
10:01:01Lynx_kurzhaarrocker: we were just about to try that, because we have another disk of the same make. so you think that won't work?
10:02:09kurzhaarrockerI have tried that too, it didn't work
10:02:32Lynx_but i can't break the working hd this way? ;)
10:03:36 Nick QT_ is now known as QT (as@area51.users.madwifi)
10:03:45kurzhaarrockerIn some (E)PROM there's information how much power must be applied to make the head go to a specific cylinder and where bad sectors are. Without that information / wrong information you won't be able to access the data. I doubt that it breaks anything unless you try to write something.
10:05:28kurzhaarrockerI have tried the same thing some years ago and failed
10:07:28Lynx_hmm, so goodbye data, i guess
10:09:32kurzhaarrockerbtw: my disk looked even worse as an entire track on the pcb had evaporated
10:09:44Lynx_what did you do to it?
10:10:17kurzhaarrockerI put it on my electronic trophy shelf. :)
10:10:26Lynx_no, to get it broken?
10:10:44Lynx_i always take the fun magnets out ;)
10:11:09kurzhaarrockerIt wasn't me, but my flat mate who broke it. He claimed not to have done anything wrong.
10:11:19*kurzhaarrocker doesn't believe that :)
10:13:05kurzhaarrockerIf you are interested in interesting electronic destruction experimenst you could put it into a microwave oven. Looks funny but probably it's not wise to use the microwave for food afterwards...
10:13:49 Quit Bagder (Remote closed the connection)
10:14:05 Join Bagder [0] (
10:16:39 Join webguest42 [0] (
10:19:29webguest42morning, has anyone flashed the H140 with 1.65k incl. rockbox bootloader ?
10:26:18Bagdernot me
10:26:35rasherno, please see the IriverBoot wikipage
10:26:53kurzhaarrockerHas anyone tried triggered recording? :)
10:27:01Bagdernot me
10:27:21 Quit rasher ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
10:30:22Lynx_how is it triggered?
10:30:29kurzhaarrockerby volume
10:32:44Lynx_perfect for spying on people ;) does it turn off again at low volume?
10:34:20kurzhaarrockerIt's a unvaluable tool when you use it in a rockband as "external brain" for jam sessions that you want to turn into a song somewhen :)
10:35:32 Join asplidj [0] (
10:35:34 Quit hile ("Changing server")
10:37:58 Join hile [0] (
10:41:04 Quit hile (Client Quit)
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10:45:30 Quit hile (Client Quit)
10:46:01 Join hile [0] (
10:48:17 Join preglow [0] (
10:48:29preglowwaht, no 20 bit output and dma? :/
10:48:52 Join ze__ [0] (
10:52:09Bagderit seems so
10:52:11 Quit ze (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
10:52:11 Nick ze__ is now known as ze (
10:54:29preglowoh well, 16 bit's good enough for me
10:58:09preglowi assume that's what iriver uses in their stock firmware anyway
10:58:22Bagdervery likely, yes
11:05:45 Join Patr3ck [0] (
11:09:59 Quit webguest42 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
11:10:29 Join Schnueff [0] (~mah@
11:18:33 Quit kurzhaarrocker (Remote closed the connection)
11:18:57Bagdercurrently we have 650 subscribers of the mailing list
11:19:52dwihnoThat reminds me
11:19:57dwihnoCan you remove my address? :)
11:20:28BagderI can, but what is it?
11:20:43dwihnoWee! ;D
11:31:36 Join Aison [0] (
11:35:41Patr3ckI got a problem with the bootloader
11:35:49Patr3ckIt hangs on starting original firmware
11:36:10Patr3ckRockbox still boots
11:36:17Patr3ckiriver ihp140
11:36:33Rick140 is supported too?
11:36:36Rickdidn't know that
11:36:41Bagderyes it is
11:36:44RickPatr3ck: how does it 'hang'?
11:36:59Patr3ckit shows starting original firmware, and freezes
11:37:06Rickit doesn't get to scanning files?
11:37:22Rickouch :(
11:37:32Rickcan you plug it into usb with rockbox without problems?
11:38:06Patr3ckcan't test now (no usb cable) but i am sure it will work because rockbox still boots fine
11:38:28Rickperhaps someone could put together a plugin that can flash it with a new firmware
11:38:41Rickif that's possible
11:38:42LinusNPatr3ck: run scandisk
11:38:46Rickthat too
11:38:51Patr3ckit worked for a month or so without problems
11:38:59RickI need to do that as well
11:39:05Ricktoday when I booted original firmware
11:39:14Rickit was took a longer time usual to scan
11:39:22RickI almost freaked it froze ;<
11:39:53*Rick looks for the usb cable
11:40:19Patr3ckbut this can happen to anyone, i didn't flash a new bootloader, it just stopped working
11:41:39Rickdid you do anything with usb?
11:42:22Patr3ckyesterday evening i shut down the player, this morning i wanted to start it again
11:42:44*Rick runs chkdsk
11:44:03Patr3ckLinusN: I will do that, but it is before iriver shows anything, before the checksum is calculated, could this be a file system problem?
11:44:27LinusNwhich checksum?
11:44:34Rickif this problem is before that, how are you booting rockbox?
11:44:36LinusNyou said rockbox booted fine
11:45:01Rickchkdsk sloooow
11:45:03*Rick kicks chkdsk
11:45:23Patr3ckLinusN: it does not show calculating checksum when I want to boot the original firm, didn't it show calculating checksum when booting original firmware?
11:45:47Rickit'll show a quick "booting original firmware" message
11:46:06Patr3cki will try checkdsk
11:46:14Rickchkdsk /R ;)
11:46:48Rickprobably going to take longer for you, since you're using 40gb
11:46:53Patr3ckas soon as i got hold of my usb cable
11:47:00RickPatr3ck: you don't have a digicam?
11:47:11Rickor anything of the sort?
11:47:15Patr3cki have, but not at work
11:47:24LinusNPatr3ck: also make sure that the battery is charged
11:47:47LinusNrockbox needs less battery to run than the iriver firmware
11:48:04Rickbut still should be on the safe side
11:48:18Rickhow can he check battery if he can't boot original firmware?
11:48:33preglowno point in checking it, just recharge
11:48:36Rickunless there was a patch to fix battery
11:48:44Rickpreglow: well, he's at work, so I assume he doesn't have his charger ;P
11:48:54Patr3cki can't but i can plug in the charger cable (then it should already be able to boot?)
11:49:02preglowthe battery level is in the debug menu anyway
11:49:10preglowif it's over f0, it should be fine, i think
11:49:13RickI thought the level didn't work?
11:49:18*Rick will look at that later
11:49:32preglowthe indicator doesn't work, the raw battery level value is still in the debug menu
11:49:46preglowmight be inaccurate for all i know, but it seems to work
11:50:01Rickso what causes the battery level not to work?
11:50:17preglowthe proper battery levels for the iriver battery isn't in yet
11:50:25Patr3ckok, going to get my cables from home
11:50:28preglowwould be my guess
11:50:37RickPatr3ck: good luck
12:04:03 Join Spiffy [0] (
12:04:09Spiffyhey all
12:05:22 Quit Spiffy (Client Quit)
12:07:21preglowi wish some big important company would pay me to work on rockbox
12:07:40Rickfat chance
12:10:26Rickchkdsk is almost done
12:12:06Rickor not
12:14:15preglowwhen i wish for something, it's seldom realistic
12:14:51RickWindows has checked the file system and found no problems.
12:14:53Rickgood enough for me
12:14:57*Rick adds it to defrag queue
12:16:17Patr3ckiriver boots again :-)
12:16:57Patr3ckthinking about it, this is what happened
12:17:10Patr3ckinstead of shuting down yesterday, i pressed pause
12:17:31Patr3ckiriver shut down after the battery run out
12:17:37RickPatr3ck: what was the pro....
12:17:48Patr3ckthis morning it had not enough battery to boot
12:17:57Rickit's odd that you don't get a 'battery low' message on booting
12:18:17Patr3ckyes, this is not a nice way of saying i am low on battery ;-)
12:18:29Rickmaybe the 140 firmware sucks? :P
12:18:36Ricklast time I drained it on accident it said that
12:18:49Rick(for some reason, iriver firmware does not check battery power when usb cord is in... :()
12:18:54Patr3ckthis is one of the fundamental truths of the universe, like 42
12:20:11Patr3ckmaybe a "how to resurrect your iriver" page on the wiki would be helpful
12:20:30Rickit didn't die
12:20:41Rickso it's more like, "how to heal you iriver"
12:21:02*Rick is defragging
12:26:14 Join cYmen [0] (
12:26:31preglowthis is not othe first time the iriver os fails starting instead of saying "low batt"
12:26:37preglowfar from it
12:26:52Rick3 fragments
12:26:56Ricknot enough space to defrag them
12:28:09preglowyou'll survive, fragmenting isn't _that_ critical for a dap
12:28:23Rickyeah, but it can speed up the crappy iriver scan
12:28:29Ricktoday's scan took over a minute
12:28:33Rick(and scared the shit out of me too)
12:28:36preglowthat's true
12:29:11RickI need to get to try to port Lua to the iriver as a plugin
12:29:35*Rick has been too busy lately :(
12:29:51Patr3cki used robocopy from ms to first create the folders / files empty, after that it copies the files over it, this speeds up the scan a lot!
12:29:58preglowi won't have time for rockbox coding for a while myself
12:30:28RickI want to then make a text editor, and then be able to script lua scripts directly from my iriver (scary!) to write simple games :P
12:30:29preglowwhich irks, because it's the only thing i really want to do, heh
12:30:49Rickso I have something to do when I don't have anything to do and don't have compu access
12:31:07Rickit's a neat idea ;)
12:33:05 Join kurzhaarrocker [0] (
12:33:24RickI've played around with coding in Lua's code itself so I know it should be possible
12:35:22LinusNdoh! the mcf5249 can't generate a 48kHz clock!!!
12:36:24preglowperfect for audio, indeed
12:36:47preglowit can generate 44100, but not 48000, pretty rich
12:38:58preglowwell, 44.1 should do, but i admit i use 48khz whenever i can myself
12:39:58LinusNwell, we might be able to use a few tricks to get 48000...
12:40:50 Quit Aison (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
12:41:20kurzhaarrockerbtw LinusN: I made a bigger alternative display of the trigger status...
12:41:54LinusNsaw that, will have a look when i find the time
12:41:59***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:42:24 Quit Schee4 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:42:41 Join Schee4 [0] (
12:42:57 Join Aison [0] (
12:43:09preglowLinusN: how?
12:43:19preglowanyone know how the iriver fw handles 48khz files?
12:43:24LinusNfurther on, it looks like we can't generate 32, 16 or 8kHz either
12:43:38preglowwell, if you can't generate 48khz, you probably can't generate those
12:43:59LinusNhow awfully silly
12:44:31kurzhaarrockerIs that a problem of the chip or the circuit?
12:44:59Schnueffsomebody acquainted with the sg_start utility? i cant get an usb hd (not a rockbox) to spin down, is it possible that the disk doesnt support the spin down command?
12:46:09crwliirc iriver fw handles at least 16, 32, 44.1 and 48 kHz files fine
12:46:16crwlmaybe even 8
12:46:24preglowcrwl: it may be resampling
12:46:27crwli did some experimenting with ogg files once
12:46:29crwlpreglow, yes, it may
12:46:34preglowbut i doubt it
12:46:38preglowproper resampling is pretty expensive
12:46:50preglowthen again, they didn't bother with proper resampling with the playback speed selector
12:46:58crwlit did sound ok to me, but i didn't really test the sound quality
12:47:07preglowit sounds like shit due to dropped samples
12:47:19Lynx_Schnueff: wouldn't the ata usb bridge need to know that command?
12:47:27crwli just wanted to see if they support more sample rates than they claim in the manual, and that they did
12:47:56SchnueffLynx_: possibly yes. is it common for such a bridge not to know such a command?
12:48:02crwloh, and 22.05 was fine too
12:48:13crwlprobably even some arbitrary sample rates were, i can't remember
12:48:14Lynx_Schnueff: i have no idea, i was just guessing
12:48:27crwl4 and 6 kHz were too little, though. it wouldn't play
12:49:43SchnueffLynx_: do u know of other tools then sg_start to do the job? i could try those
12:50:07Lynx_Schnueff: i never heard of sg_start. is that linux?
12:50:25Schnueffyes, part of sg3-utils - Utilities for working with generic SCSI devices
12:50:44 Part kurzhaarrocker
12:52:40Lynx_Schnueff: but it works for ide also?
12:54:20Schnueffthe docs mentioned USB mass storage devices
12:54:35Schnueffi'll look some more on the web
12:54:47LinusNah, you can adjust the sample clock in the 1380 as well
12:57:24LinusNor can we...?
12:59:30preglowi would sure hope so
13:01:16LinusNpreglow: doesn't look like it can... :-(
13:02:31preglowthen how do iriver support 48khz? making a player that can't generate a 48khz clock somehow is just plain stupid
13:03:35LinusNhmmm, the 1380 can lock to the iis word strobe
13:04:05preglowthat sounds like a splendid idea
13:04:20LinusNso if we clock the iis really high, but only send the samples in a 48kHz rate, we might be able to tune the frequency
13:05:07LinusNthat will of course force us to use interrupts instead of dma for the pcm playback
13:05:30LinusNandf i don't know how it will affect s/pdif
13:07:49LinusNthis stinks
13:12:23LinusNdoes anybody know how s/pdif handles the sample rate clock?
13:16:29preglowi have no idea
13:16:43amiconns/pdif only handles 48/44.1/32. Other than that I don't know
13:17:55LinusNit looks like we can fool the 1380 to playback 48khz, but i don't know about s/pdif
13:18:29LinusNafaik, s/pdif derives the sample clock from the bit clock, as there is no dedicated word strobe
13:22:43 Quit bobTHC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:25:11 Join Patr3ck_ [0] (
13:25:16preglowlinux uses WAY longer time to connect to the h120 than windows does
13:31:05tvelocity[away]strange, it mounts almost instantly here
13:32:20preglowit mounts instantly in windows, it uses more than five seconds in linux
13:33:22Bagdernot for me
13:33:31BagderI only tried it on linux
13:34:16 Quit Patr3ck (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:34:54preglowthen i probably have to do some tweaking
13:35:19preglowbut i've got to run, later all
13:37:27LinusNs/pdif seems to be able to handle a faster bit clock
13:37:51LinusNit should be able to sync to 48khz even if the bit clock is faster
13:38:18LinusNbut i really don't like having to pace the pcm with a timer interrupt...
13:39:44LinusNand the dma is ever so lame, it can only be triggered by audio or uart requests, not the timers
13:40:15LinusNdamn, i *must* be missing something obvious...
13:45:29LinusNhmmm, some amplifiers report which sample rate it receives on the s/pdif input
13:45:55LinusNthat should give us a clue about how the iriver fw does it
13:47:20amiconnLinusN: Rockbox on archos should also be able to tell the sr
13:47:33 Quit DMJC ("Leaving")
13:47:53LinusNyeah, but archos is coax
13:48:16LinusNand i don't have a converter
13:52:53preglowperhaps my minidisc player does
13:54:07preglowi sincerely doubt it, but now, take 2 in catching the bus
13:54:31LinusNhappy running
14:01:01 Quit lostlogic ("Going to the moon")
14:06:20amiconnLinusN: I still have my self made converter, but no iriver
14:06:53amiconniriver s/pdif is optical only?
14:07:03 Join DMJC [0] (~James@
14:31:03 Join webguest99 [0] (
14:32:37 Quit webguest99 (Client Quit)
14:33:02 Join lolo-laptop [0] (~lostlogic@
14:40:13 Join MoosCamaro [0] (
14:41:09MoosCamaroI'm french
14:41:34MoosCamaroI read your works and i want congratulate you
14:42:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:43:44MoosCamaroyou don't have enough time for Rockbox project, but we know than you have got a life(family, work...)
14:47:07MoosCamaroI hope this project will go completed for all users in the world
14:47:31 Part MoosCamaro
14:49:39 Join MoosCamaro [0] (
14:50:01LinusNTexas Instruments just called me
14:50:26LinusNthey tried to help me identify a chip on the iriver, but failed... :-(
14:50:32Bagder"one million dollars for you if you hush up" ,-)
14:50:56LinusN"sure, just send them to the rockbox donation fund"
14:52:53dwihnoLinusN: TI called you?
14:53:08dwihnoLinusN: You get contacted by misc. companies... What do they tell you? :)
14:53:26LinusNi emailed them for help
14:53:30Bagder"get a life" ;-)
14:53:30dwihno"Please sigh my "Linus Nielsen Feltzing si teh bestest"-shirt" ;) ?
15:01:51 Part MoosCamaro
15:02:08 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
15:02:20[IDC]DragonHi there
15:02:41[IDC]DragonLinusN: about the non-mounting misformatted unit:
15:03:09[IDC]DragonJens and I were thinking we should go into USB mode even before trying to mount
15:03:37[IDC]Dragonlike, in the usb_start_monitoring()
15:04:33[IDC]Dragonfor Ondio, it's no good USB'ing if the card has already been accessed
15:05:06[IDC]Dragonthe user has to replug it to get us back into MMC mode
15:05:26[IDC]Dragona hardware design flaw, imho
15:06:37[IDC]Dragonfor the hd models, this would be more safe as well, in case the mounting code had a bug and crashes
15:09:13 Join MoosCamaro [0] (
15:16:11 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
15:18:46 Join T0mas [0] (
15:29:13 Part LinusN
15:46:51 Quit MoosCamaro ()
15:46:52 Quit DMJC (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
15:47:32 Join DMJC [0] (
16:03:54 Join flipside [0] (
16:16:57 Quit flipside ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:16:57 Quit DMJC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:21:15 Join Sucka [0] (
16:36:08 Join Liehbeth [0] (
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16:44:40 Quit asplidj (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
17:05:30 Quit Liehbeth (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:30:00 Quit HCl (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
17:32:59 Join mecraw [0] (fwuser@
17:33:43 Join HCl [0] (
17:43:05 Join rasher [0] (
17:53:27 Quit CoCoLUS (Remote closed the connection)
17:55:03 Join CoCoLUS [0] (
17:58:08 Quit Sucka (
17:58:08 Quit hile (
17:58:08 Quit Bagder (
17:58:08 Quit amiconn (
17:58:08 Quit thegeek (
17:58:08 Quit Seed (
17:58:08 Quit einhirn (
17:58:08 Quit dwihno (
17:58:08 Quit silencer_ (
17:58:08 Quit Hadaka (
17:59:18 Join Naked [0] (
17:59:20 Join silencer [0] (
17:59:22NJoindwihno [0] (~dw@
17:59:37 Nick Naked is now known as Hadaka (
18:07:29NJoinamiconn [0] (
18:07:59 Join thegeek_ [0] (
18:10:53 Nick Lynx_ is now known as Lynx_awy (HydraIRC@
18:11:21 Join Sucka [0] (~NNSCRIPT@
18:11:21 Join Bagder [0] (~daniel@
18:11:21 Join hile [0] (hile@
18:13:39T0masdoes anybody know if it is possible to make the iRiver's coldfire cpu run at less than 48 mh?
18:13:54T0masmh = mhz
18:14:00rasherIt certainly is
18:14:08T0maswhat's the under limit?
18:14:12rasherIt ran at 11MHz for a while
18:14:20rasherno idea
18:14:32Schnueff0? ;)
18:14:38T0masyeah, 0 = off ;)
18:14:46T0masbut like 1 mhz or something?
18:14:46 Join _Lucretia_ [0] (
18:15:04T0masbecause if you can get the cpu to 1 mhz... and the disk, lcd and backlight to off...
18:15:18T0masyou can have a 'sleep and wakeup in 2 hours' mode
18:18:30 Join R3nTiL [0] (~zorroz@
18:20:49rasherexcellent, my gentoo install is still bootstrapping
18:36:11rasherI think their kernel choked on my processor/speedstep .. running at 100MHz now
18:37:04 Quit Patr3ck_ (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
18:39:36thegeek_hum, compiling @ 100mhz = funfunfun
18:39:41 Nick thegeek_ is now known as thegeek (
18:40:50preglowT0mas: i was thinking of that
18:41:02preglowT0mas: but yes, it should be possible to put it in very low power mode
18:41:25preglowcompletely halted, only a timer running
18:42:06***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:46:57 Quit NibbIer ("blubber")
18:49:47 Join Nibbler [0] (
18:49:50 Join NibbIer [0] (
18:49:52 Join xNibbler [0] (
18:50:04 Quit Nibbler (Client Quit)
18:50:08 Quit NibbIer (Client Quit)
18:50:13 Nick xNibbler is now known as Nibbler (
18:50:31rasherthegeek: not at all :)
18:52:04 Quit Schnueff ("leaving")
18:58:03 Quit R3nTiL ()
19:05:37 Quit Nibbler ("blubber")
19:06:12 Join Mong0 [0] (
19:08:46 Join Nibbler [0] (
19:09:45T0mas<slow chat> preglow: You know a lot more of the hardware than I do?
19:10:05T0masDo you know what clock chip is used?
19:10:11T0masand what ranges that can handle?
19:10:57 Part Mong0
19:19:41 Join Lynx_ [0] (HydraIRC@
19:21:52 Quit pill (
19:21:52 Quit Lynx_awy (
19:21:52 Nick Lynx_ is now known as Lynx_awy (HydraIRC@
19:22:11 Quit rasher ("CGI:IRC")
19:22:39 Join rasher [0] (
19:22:52rasherhow did that look?
19:23:17rashernot utf8, I guess
19:24:01NJoinpill [0] (
19:24:59rasherwhy the hell not?!
19:25:15 Join Seed [0] (
19:25:30rasherah, perhaps because firefox is set at iso8859
19:26:02 Quit rasher (Client Quit)
19:26:04 Join rasher [0] (
19:26:29 Quit rasher (Client Quit)
19:26:30 Join rasher [0] (
19:26:48rashereven better
19:26:48T0masthat's utf-8 i guess...
19:26:55T0masXchat decodes it ok..
19:27:11rasherMaybe I shouldn't be testing this in cgi:irc
19:27:19 Quit rasher (Client Quit)
19:27:26 Join rasher [0] (
19:28:53 Quit rasher (Client Quit)
19:29:38 Join rasher [0] (
19:30:17rasherhurray, utf8
19:30:26 Quit pill (
19:30:34rasherusing a real* irc client sure helped
19:30:49rasher* (may not actually be real)
19:30:49NJoinpill [0] (
19:40:06 Quit pill (
19:40:50NJoinpill [0] (
19:46:56rasherwell.. enough of that..
19:47:12 Quit rasher (Remote closed the connection)
20:00:49 Quit pill (
20:08:31 Quit Aison (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:15:46preglowT0mas: no clock chip, the timer interrupts on the coldfire is used
20:37:58NJoinpill [0] (
20:40:33amiconnI simply don't get this dreaded linux to work properly :(
20:41:11T0maspreglow: how slow can we get it?
20:41:34preglowT0mas: that i don't know
20:41:40preglowamiconn: what's the problem?
20:42:01amiconnI tried installing debain (testing) 3 times. Never got a working config
20:42:07***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:42:09preglowwhat was broken?
20:42:39amiconn(1) With kernel 2.4, it works, but there is no matching kernel header package. I need that for installing vmware tools
20:43:56amiconn(2) With kernel 2.6 (tried 2 times), the installation seems to run correctly, but at the very end it doesn't manage to start X. A strange error message repeated about 10 times, then the system halts
20:44:56preglowmatching kernel headers package? the proxy package didn't work either?
20:45:43preglow'linux-kernel-headers' should install the one you need
20:47:48amiconnDon't know about proxy package. I searched for my problem (vmware tools install asking for the kernel header dir), and found a solution that mentioned installing the matching kernel header package
20:48:06amiconn (german)
20:48:18preglowyea, and that always correspons to the matching kernel header package
20:48:47preglowyou can build stuff on my box if you're sufficiently tired of wrestling around with debian
20:49:03amiconnIt's simply annoying. How should linux spread more if even the installation is such a mess
20:49:18preglowinstallation very seldom is such a mess
20:49:21preglowdebian has never been simple
20:49:30preglowit's not a distro for simple installs
20:49:47amiconnNo distro I tried so far is really simple
20:49:52preglowthe last two linuxes i've tried have been simpler to install than windows
20:50:11preglowwhich would be fedora core and ubuntu
20:50:20preglowthe last is what i'm running as we speak
20:50:28preglowit's debian based, but friendlier to use
20:54:12 Join rasher [0] (
20:54:25rasheramiconn: I told you what you need to do to get kernel-headers for 2.4
20:54:54rashereither a) upgrade your kernel-image package or b) get kernel-headers from an outdated cd-set
20:56:14amiconnI don't have a cd set. I'm using the net install cd
20:56:30preglowthen option a would be for you
20:56:33preglowwhat x error do you get, btw?
20:56:35amiconnI wonder why the net install doesn't install a current kernel
20:57:06amiconnpreglow: No x error. Something about being unable to set a codepage because of a missing file or such
20:57:21rasherthe net install installs what's on the cd
20:57:25amiconnThen it doesn't start x11. Only option is to power off
20:57:42rashersince it installs the base system from the cd
20:57:48amiconnWhen powering on again, I get a terminal login
20:58:03amiconnI have no idea how to configure x properly
20:58:16preglowrun xf86config ?
20:59:06amiconnTried that. It asks questions I am unable to answer, like mouse type etc. I'm on vmware....
20:59:18preglowdefaults are ok, mostly
20:59:42preglowdon't remember, i haven't run xf86config for yonks
20:59:49rasherI'm really wondering why the debconf didn't fix a working x
20:59:54rasherit usually does
21:00:09rasherapt-get install mdetect; dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86
21:00:18preglowi guess 'usually' is the culprit
21:00:43rasher(mdetect ensuring mouse detection)
21:00:50amiconnpreglow: It seems (usually && linux) == never for me
21:01:09preglowso it seems
21:01:26rasherwell just go with a 2.4 kernel
21:01:53amiconnI'll retry with kernel 2.4 (I wonder why debian still uses 2.4 though)
21:02:02preglowdebian is strange
21:02:15preglowand some people prefer 2.4, 2.6 has a strange stability policy
21:02:25rasherwell because 2.4 works on 11 archs, presumably
21:02:47amiconnA propos stability: During the first try with 2.4, I managed to hang gnome within 2 minutes...
21:04:25rashershut the "/("!/% up lilo!
21:04:53rasherhe's a right chatterbox
21:05:13rasherlilo as in the ircop
21:05:13preglowamiconn: i don't think anyone is trying to give stability awards to gnome
21:05:28preglowahh, i didn't notice
21:06:29amiconnpreglow: Any idea what might make a better linux desktop. Apart from gnome, I only know kde and oldie fvwm2. Don't like kde
21:06:49preglowi use gnome myself, only thing i've got against it is its slowness
21:07:18preglowi'm on a athlon64 3200+ and it seems really slow
21:11:09rasherwhich gfx?
21:11:15 Join Stryke` [0] (
21:12:11 Join Crimson [0] (
21:12:41 Part Crimson
21:12:58rasherwell, which x driver are you using?
21:13:09preglowgeforce 6800gt
21:13:25preglowit's most certainly accelerated
21:13:32rasherdo you have Option "RenderAccell" "On" in your /etc/xorg.conf ?
21:14:01preglow"RenderAccel" "true"
21:14:50rasheroh ah
21:16:18 Quit tvelocity[away] (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:16:33preglowthe gfx isn't lightning fast, but that's not it
21:16:37preglowthings are just slow
21:16:42preglowthey start slowly, file enumeration is slow
21:18:47 Join tvelocity[away] [0] (
21:26:06 Join mirak [0] (
21:37:51rasherwhat's stopping accurate battery readout on iriver? noone has investigated what the ADC_BATTERY values mean?
21:38:27preglowi guess not
21:38:32preglowsomeone said he was going to do it
21:38:35preglowbut nothing has come of it
21:38:42rasherI was hoping that was it
21:38:51preglowi've only checked the readout in the debug screen
21:38:53rashercurrently writing a plugin that writes the value into a file
21:38:55preglowand it seems to range from e0 to ff
21:39:03rasherthat's.. not a lot
21:39:14preglowmore than enough precision for an accurate meter, i'd say
21:39:31rasherheh, yes
21:39:36rasherI'd just have expected more
21:39:42rasherwell then, let me get on with my plugin then
21:39:42preglowbut yes, do the dump variable thing
21:39:44preglowthat's clever
21:40:03rasherI wonder how long it'll take to drain the battery with no hdd activity
21:40:05preglowso you're having the battery drain the power as well, yes?
21:40:13preglowwhy not make som hdd activity?
21:40:20preglowjust spin it up and keep using it, or something
21:40:31rasheryes, probably the best idea
21:40:40rasheror it'd take ages with the h100 battery
21:40:43preglowjust keep writing and reading a dummy file
21:40:55rasherI already cpu_boost(true) for no good reason :)
21:41:02preglowthat's good
21:41:20preglowwhat you should do is modify mpa2wav
21:41:27preglowso that it decodes the same file in a loop
21:41:41rashergood idea
21:42:02rasherI was going to do what battery_test.c does
21:42:06rasherbut this sounds better
21:42:13preglowwhat does battery_test.c do?
21:42:14rashercpu AND hdd activity all in one :)
21:42:18rasherit reads a file
21:42:45preglowyou might corrupt your disk if you're writing to it
21:42:46rasherwell, first it writes a file the size of the RAM, and then reads it and sleeps for a while before doing it again
21:42:58preglowsince rockbox will keep on going until the hardware can't take it no more
21:43:11preglowthen again, you might not, i don't know
21:43:23rashercan't I just restart.. delete the file and start over?
21:43:34rasherI'm not sure I understood what you meant
21:44:20preglowwell, i assume you'll run the test until your player dies from not having enough power
21:44:43rasherah, right
21:44:45preglowthat might damage the files
21:44:49preglowsince they're not closed
21:44:59preglowand that'd be a bloody bummer
21:45:05rashernothing scandisk shouldn't be able to fix, surely?
21:45:10rasherr failing that, a format
21:45:18preglownono, but there's no point if your battery data is corrupt :)
21:45:30rasherI'll have to close that each time I write it
21:45:50rasherthat should leave minimal odds for failure
21:46:27rashernow let me just add another while loop to mpa2wav
21:46:46mirakwhat is gapless ?
21:47:02preglowmirak: not having a gap between your tracks
21:47:51rasherI always feel evil when writing while (1)
21:47:58preglowmost players insert silence between tracks
21:48:01preglowrasher: for (;;)
21:49:13rasherwould I need the iram bit inside the loop, or is that a one-time thing?
21:50:04rasher rb->memcpy(iramstart, iramcopy, iramend-iramstart);
21:50:11preglowyes, you most definitely need that, but once is enough
21:50:25preglowdoesn't hurt to have it done several times
21:53:57amiconnrasher: You don't need to close the file every time. Using fsync() is sufficient
21:54:43amiconnAnd you only need to copy the iram segment once
22:00:14 Join LinusN [0] (
22:00:38LinusNrasher: i have the value range for the battery
22:01:11LinusNwhat i don't have is the actual voltages
22:02:53preglowc0, actually
22:03:11preglowthe iriver firmware stops functioning waay before that's reached
22:03:20LinusNyes, at about d0
22:03:24preglowunless this is one of those instances were i'm just plain stupid
22:04:21preglowdoes it change linearly from c0 to ff?
22:04:38LinusN"what i don't have is the actual voltages"
22:04:43rasheroh.. all I could create with this is a graph
22:04:46preglowthen there's still a point in rasher running his test
22:04:57LinusNmeaning i don't know anything about linearity either
22:04:57rasheralright then
22:05:17rasherit's currently jumping between DC and D8
22:05:26preglowdisk access does that
22:08:46 Join stevenm [0] (
22:09:29preglowanyone want to adopt an mpeg codec?
22:09:35stevenmhm ?
22:09:57preglowcf-mpegdec is up for grabs, i've got it running, but i don't want anything to do with it
22:11:11preglowyes, an mpeg decoder we thought would perform well
22:11:51stevenmah... does it ??
22:12:00stevenmthat's a shame..
22:12:14preglowit performs marginally better than libmad with no opts, but it's not as well coded, and makes more noise
22:12:20stevenmsorry, I been out of the loop for a while. weird family stuff, plus hw
22:12:31preglownot much happening with rockbox these days anyway
22:12:39stevenmdoes any of the mp3 codecs run realtime?
22:12:57CoCoLUSaltough with another codec we could subtitle rockbox with "rockbox - we can decode -any- file on earth, but you won't hear it" :P
22:12:59preglowi don't dare touch rockbox code, it just ends with me spending entire days i should use otherwise
22:13:20stevenmi know how that goes
22:13:50preglowbut now i'll grant myself a couple of hours and go stroke libflac
22:14:10preglowjust to see if i'm disciplined enough to be able to stop
22:14:12CoCoLUSstroke the dsp and the dac :P
22:14:16stevenmI got some good news on the midi codec
22:14:46stevenmhaven't touched the code that much (spring break in 4 days, thats when I get my hands dirty again) but I got info on gus envelopes
22:14:48rasherexcellent, loop is working fine. now to write the battery status to a file
22:15:22preglowyes, spring break would be great time to code, but i'm going home, and doubt i'll spend very much time in front of a computer
22:15:35stevenmnamely, every X samples, take the current rate and add it to the offset, which is like, the coded offset value shifted by 21 bits or so
22:16:03stevenmlooks plausible.. will code it up at some point. then, I guess, pitchw and cc, and that's it right there
22:16:21preglowsounds great
22:16:35stevenmyea.. if this thing actually works, I may buy an hp1xx
22:16:45preglowwhoa, you haven't tried it on a device yet?
22:16:50stevenmor wait for the 3xx port
22:17:00stevenmno.. that's why I keep going on here, maybe someone will try it
22:17:22preglowwell, does it compile for h1x0?
22:17:32stevenmI honestly have no idea
22:17:42preglowyou should have that bolted down first, at least
22:17:47stevenmI don't have the slightest clue how to even write to its DSP
22:17:53preglowyou don't
22:17:56preglowyou just write to a file
22:18:18stevenmright now I have the platform-specific and synthesis code in separate places
22:18:46stevenmHow would I even begin compiling it for iriver ?
22:19:05stevenmplus you said some of the loops can be optimized in ASM, and make use of the MAC instruction
22:19:28preglowyep, but that's not important yet
22:19:35preglowhaving good c code that does what you want correctly is
22:19:55preglowbegin compiling it for iriver by getting a dev environment with the proper cross compiling tools
22:20:30stevenmah.. is that similar to the way you use the SH1 targeted GCC for archos?
22:21:32preglowit's quite simple
22:21:44preglowi'm on linux, making the tools was a breeze
22:21:47stevenmbut if I compile it for iriver, how do I test to see if it works ?
22:21:50preglowprobably isn't very hard for cygwin either
22:22:01preglowstevenm: well, you don't, without a device
22:22:03stevenmpreglow, me too.. but I am on gentoo. that kind of complicated matters a bit
22:22:08preglowstevenm: could try the simulator, of course
22:22:11preglowstevenm: does it?
22:22:14preglowi'm on gentoo as well
22:22:39stevenmpreglow, yea... I had to rename sh1-gcc-elf to plain gcc and put it in the path, or else it failed halfway
22:23:03stevenmthe simulator will emulate a CF core ??
22:23:15LinusNstevenm: you don't have to rename anything
22:24:10stevenmLinusN, it was very strange.. on my desktop and laptop both, it did this error. eventually it built fine, though
22:24:13rasherlet me see if I got this right..
22:24:15LinusNthe simulator is a native pc application
22:24:34LinusNit simulates the lcd and buttons
22:24:41LinusNand the file system
22:24:51LinusNit doesn't simulate the cpu
22:25:23stevenmso then how can you build something for the target and run it on the sim? It'd have to be built specifically for the sim, right ?
22:25:42LinusNyou don't build it for the target and run it on the sim
22:25:52LinusNthe sim is a target by itself
22:26:00stevenmah, I see
22:26:23LinusNit runs rockbox as a linux application
22:26:31preglowit's an ordinary windows/linux app
22:26:36LinusNwith the lcd in a window
22:26:59preglowstevenm: and i'm on gentoo, no problems at all, just do the build by hand, don't use portage
22:27:16preglowstevenm: though i've heard gentoo has some cross compiler ebuild
22:27:42rasherHm, I appear to have written a battery status to the file!
22:27:56rasherdoesn't happen very often though
22:28:02preglowwell, should it?
22:28:09rasherprobably doesn't matter much
22:28:13preglowuse a smaller mp3
22:28:22rasherI will
22:28:42preglowthat piece of shit "iriver - catch the digital flow" pile of flaming crap would probably do well
22:28:43rasherI guess all that's left is a full charge
22:28:48preglowif you can keep yourself from vomiting
22:28:53rasherSeems fitting
22:29:07rasherI'll be catching the digital flow for hours
22:29:31preglowit'll be pure bliss
22:29:38LinusNdon't you just love that tune?
22:29:48rasherit's excellent
22:30:28preglowi would have had the "artist" beheaded, had i been in a position of some decisive power in iriver
22:30:35preglowlucky for all of us i'm not
22:31:00stevenm'catch the digital flow' ?
22:31:14rasheraw dammit, I've deleted it :(
22:31:16preglowstevenm: demo tune that comes with h1x0
22:31:35rashersomeont put it online
22:31:37stevenmBe like, "more like.. catch the digital flow of crap coming out of the stock firmware"
22:31:37rasherI neeeed it!
22:31:43preglowthe libflac author should be chastised severaly for using realloc
22:32:10preglowrasher: gimme a sec
22:33:29 Join Camilo [0] (
22:34:10stevenmWhat the HELL ??
22:34:24rasherguess I could log while charging
22:34:51stevenmwhat in the world was that
22:35:01rasherthe iriver theme song :)
22:35:10preglowstevenm: an abomination unto god
22:35:19rasherit's so delightfully cheesy
22:35:28stevenmin deed.
22:35:37stevenmi bet rockbox could come with better stuff
22:35:39LinusNand 320kbit/s!
22:35:52preglowfor crystal clear 909 magic
22:35:57rashergotta have great quality for this music
22:36:16preglowgive me half an hour with my sidstation and i'll produce greater music
22:36:19rashernow.. we wait
22:36:30preglowand i'm no musician
22:36:33CoCoLUSthey had to focus on lyrics support in their firmware.
22:36:33*rasher prods goattracker
22:36:40CoCoLUSno time for a good theme :)
22:36:47stevenmgoattracker ?
22:36:47LinusNpreglow: and 4-bit samples, "catch the digital flow!"
22:36:52rasherthe lyrics support is a freaking joke
22:37:05stevenmlyrics in what ?
22:37:06rasherespecially considering the font
22:37:22preglowLinusN: ahahah
22:37:23rasherthe firmware "supports" embedded lyrics in mp3 files
22:37:50*preglow has nightmares about the outrun music
22:38:06stevenmI could probably add support for embedded MIDI lyrics... for the like, 2 files out there that have them
22:38:06rasherI have that as ogg on my player
22:38:27rasheralso, Press Play On Tape's version
22:38:36preglowthat ranks high on the cheesy scale
22:39:00LinusNfor good c64 covers, look for Instant Remedy
22:39:26preglowused to have a couple of tracks, before my disk crashed for the umpteenth time
22:40:03rasherI mostly just have it because I was present at one concert
22:41:03preglowthink i saw them live at one of the tg's
22:41:37preglowthen again, i might have been hallucinating as a result of sleep-deprivation
22:41:41 Join Patr3ck [0] (
22:41:43rasherthis was at theparty
22:42:03preglownever been to tp
22:42:10***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:42:57rasherI only managed to go to one that didn't suck
22:43:21rasherafter that, it descendet into a gaming party
22:43:34preglowyes, like all bigger parties
22:43:38preglowmost, at least
22:45:47preglowhell, someone contact goto80 and have him make a demotune for rockbox
22:46:06 Quit T0mas ("Client exited")
22:48:53*rasher waits impatiently for the iriver to be done charging
22:49:20*CoCoLUS waits impatiently for someone making the iriver play music =)
22:50:53CoCoLUSthe parties i usually visit do not end in a gaming party, they end in everyone lying on the floor, quite badly drunk... am i doing something wrong?
22:51:09preglowfinnish, are you? :P
22:51:14CoCoLUSaustria, i am
22:51:18rasherdamn drunks
22:52:31CoCoLUSwe're just not like the northern countries, a bunch of pale kernel-hacking code-o-philes :P
22:52:53preglowif you're worrying about lack of alcohol at parties around here, you're worrying without need
22:52:56Bagderhey, you have light during winter! ;-)
22:53:21 Join matsl [0] (
22:53:29CoCoLUSspeaking of winter... how's the temperature "up there"? :)
22:53:37preglowhow ten minus here
22:53:40Bagderwe're at -5C right now
22:53:48CoCoLUSwe had > 10 C + first time today :)
22:53:49rasherroughly 0 here (dnemark)
22:54:27CoCoLUSit's finally getting spring time :)
22:54:44preglowtook a turn for the worse here
22:54:52preglowthere's still snow everywhere
22:55:06preglowworse/better, whatever
22:55:07preglowi like snow
22:55:22CoCoLUSi only like it < march
22:55:34 Join ncrawla [0] (
22:56:16CoCoLUSi want to go outside... listen to some music... mhm... gapless playback
22:56:24*CoCoLUS looks at his iriver
22:56:26CoCoLUSdamn :(
22:56:47rashergo write a codec api instead
22:56:59CoCoLUSthat's probably the feature i miss the most, gapless playback
22:57:23preglowgapless playback is pretty much the only reason i'm here. that and the possibility of doing dsp coding, heh
22:57:45CoCoLUSi thought you were here because of the nice looking girls all around... ;)
22:58:37preglowof course
23:01:29*rasher ponders an iriverfaq
23:01:53rasherpt. 1. The original firmware won't boot now. Help!
23:02:19CoCoLUSa: be sure to press the record button while starting.
23:02:31CoCoLUSif that doesn't help - haha! you are soooo screwed ^^
23:02:41rasherwell no, sometimes something will happen that is fixed by running scandisk
23:03:02CoCoLUSwell we don't have to tell them that don't we ^^
23:03:11rasherit would save some time
23:03:51CoCoLUSbut what is time if you can exchange it with some... fun... :)
23:04:35CoCoLUSthere are some wicked people getting something out of hearing despaired users begging for help... *cough*
23:04:54 Quit Camilo ("Chatzilla 0.9.67 [Mozilla rv:1.8b2/20050309]")
23:05:21CoCoLUShonestly... i think its a good idea writting that scandisk fix down
23:05:30rasherdo we know what causes this?
23:05:37CoCoLUSwell i don't
23:08:16rasherI had it happen, and removing a bunch of files from the drive fixed it
23:08:28rasherdidn't bother doing it gradually enough to find out which one caused it
23:09:10stevenmsay, how old are people, anyway ?
23:09:25pabsi'm 9000 years old
23:09:33stevenmand what do you guys do normally outside of coding rockbox ?
23:09:36*Bagder is 22
23:09:54*LinusN is 0x24
23:09:56pabsi'll be 9001 in november
23:10:04preglowi'm 23, decimal
23:10:50pabsLinusN: you're 38?
23:10:50stevenmi'm 19.. decimal.. though I wish they graded the ee exam out of 100 octal
23:11:05*rasher is 25 octal
23:11:26LinusNpabs: 0x24 == 36 decimal
23:12:06pabsLinusN: i added wrong =-O
23:12:15pabsi should leave out of shame now :(
23:12:16*amiconn is 0x21
23:12:32LinusNand i do embedded programming for a living
23:12:53*CoCoLUS 's 19
23:13:03Bagderembedded programming for fun and profit
23:13:36*rasher is a first year university student
23:13:47preglowlast year hear, have to start doing some actual work soon
23:13:50preglowhear = here
23:13:55*CoCoLUS is last year... don't-know-the-aquivalent-in-english student
23:13:56 Join Querty [0] (
23:14:18 Quit kergoth ()
23:14:23 Join kergoth [0] (
23:14:30 Quit kergoth (Client Quit)
23:14:33amiconnpreglow: I'm back to 2.4.27 now. The proxy package approach doesn't work. Will try to update to 2.4.27-2 Hope this works, grrfff
23:14:36 Join kergoth_ [0] (
23:14:42 Nick kergoth_ is now known as kergoth (
23:14:43stevenma bit off topic, but does anybody know anything about magstripe readers?
23:15:00pabssince we're all being witty, i'm 0x1a
23:15:20LinusNpabs: 0x1a != 9000 :-)
23:15:28 Join DrRickDaglessMD [0] (
23:15:48pabsLinusN: i rounded up to the nearest 9000
23:16:30preglow for lovely music
23:16:52*rasher ends up with a one-question FAQ
23:16:54preglowLinusN: i assume we're not going to let the codecs actually use malloc and company?
23:16:55rasherany good ideas?
23:17:29CoCoLUS"can i use rockbox without rendering the original fw unusable?"
23:17:30preglowrasher: "q: where can i find a rockbox patched firmware"
23:17:49CoCoLUS"do i have to open my player to use rockbox"
23:18:05LinusNpreglow: no
23:18:08CoCoLUS"does it void my waranty if i use rockbox"
23:18:09amiconnpabs: The nearest 9000 would have been 0 (or NULL, if you prefer that) ;)
23:18:25stevenmI need malloc ...
23:18:36preglowstevenm: use the mp3 buffer
23:18:44preglowstevenm: i assume you mean for patch data
23:18:49pabsamiconn: except that i rounded up
23:19:01stevenmpreglow, yes
23:19:16preglowstevenm: everything sound output related should be put in the mp3 buffer, we'll have functions for that
23:19:30preglowstevenm: i was thinking more for internal structures and such
23:19:39preglowthey should be fixed size
23:19:51stevenmpreglow, all right.. I do sort of need that too, but mine are dynamic
23:20:12stevenmpreglow, they are the actual midi tracks / events. very small, I guess that can go into the MP3 buffer too ?
23:20:31preglowstevenm: in your case, yes, they probably can, since your codec isn't streaming
23:20:50preglowfor streaming codecs, putting non-audio stuff in the mp3 buffer is a big no no
23:21:18stevenmpreglow, makes sense
23:21:30CoCoLUSsuch "rules" should be put together in the wiki. for the sound arch, shouldn't they?
23:22:19preglowCoCoLUS: nothing is final yet, these are just my thoughts on what the rules might be
23:22:20stevenmpreglow, what about file i/o? Is there a way to read 1 byte from a file?.. also, is there text-based I/O or should I code that myself
23:22:38preglowstevenm: wthat's codec api stuff, which is not finished
23:22:50stevenmah, all right
23:23:13stevenmwell in that case.. I guess I better finish writing the whole synth before trying it on target
23:23:31stevenmplus, i just got EFMI running on linux and that will keep me busy for a few days
23:23:57preglowthe libflac code is plain tiring to read
23:24:09*Bagder agrees with preglow
23:24:12 Join Liehbeth [0] (~negk@
23:24:19Bagderand then I've read only a veeeeery tiny bit
23:24:28preglowhe has taken the c based oo thing to its illogical extreme
23:24:40 Join Aison [0] (~hans@
23:25:26amiconnHmm. Now I have a working kernel 2.4.27-2 plus headers. Let's see whether vmware tools like that...
23:26:23stevenmamiconn, trying linux on vmware ?
23:27:06stevenmamiconn, if it helps you... has this thing.. it's a free linux environment on an emulator on a flash drive
23:27:30stevenmyou basically unzip it and run the emu, and it pops up a thing of linux in a window, off an ISO (based on DSL)
23:27:51stevenmit's got basic stuff like firefox, but no gcc, so you'd need to get that. it is debian based though
23:27:59 Quit lolo-laptop ("Client exiting")
23:28:15LinusNtime to sleep
23:28:18LinusNnite all
23:28:20 Part LinusN
23:28:38*preglow has beer
23:28:53amiconnstevenm: I'm trying debian. In fact, everything I need is cvs, gcc and x11
23:29:26stevenmok people, I have to go eat and do homework. i'll talk to you guys later
23:29:35 Part stevenm ("Leaving")
23:30:09 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
23:30:40Bagderhi hardeep
23:30:45Bagdergot your iriver yet?
23:30:55hardeepyup, got it on the weekend
23:31:08hardeepfirst thing i did was load rockbox =)
23:32:57rashergentoo is still bootstrapping
23:33:09preglowand it will still be in an hour!
23:33:25rasherI'm sure it will
23:33:41rasherif only it wasn't choking on my processor..
23:33:46preglowfunny thing...
23:34:07rasherdid I mention how it's running at 100MHz instead of 400?
23:34:13rasherit's excellent
23:34:56preglownow, why would it do a thing like that?
23:35:28rasherwacky speedstep
23:35:37rasherand non-standard toshiba crap
23:36:56amiconnGrrrrrr. Vmware tools are installed now. Obviously the x server doesn't like them. Doesn't start anymore
23:37:14rasherwhy do you need them?
23:37:31rasherdoesn't it run acceptably without them?
23:37:39amiconnWithout them, working with vmware is simply annoying
23:39:28amiconn"Fatal server error: failed to initialize core devices" :(
23:40:30preglowrasher: it appears you danes know how to make beer
23:40:51rasherWe do?
23:41:02preglowwell, i don't know, i'm having an excellent danish beer now
23:41:10rasherwhat is it?
23:41:24rasherI'll make a note of that
23:41:32preglowit's pitch black
23:41:48rasheroh.. porter :-\
23:42:10preglow:-D, you mean
23:42:37hardeepblah, i'm already hating this joystick on the iriver
23:43:08rasheryeah, that's.. less than perfect
23:43:09hardeepi don't think the navi button should be used to play tracks, it's too easy to hit while navigating
23:43:20 Part Querty ("Leaving")
23:43:38amiconnHuh? "Cannot open device /dev/mouse No such file or directory" ?????
23:44:05rasherMaybe that's not where your mouse is
23:44:08hardeepamiconn: that's usually a symbolic link to the location of the device
23:44:12rasheror maybe vmware is screwing up things
23:44:14hardeepamiconn: has it been created?
23:44:24rasherwhat kind of mouse is it emulating? usb or ps/2?
23:44:28 Join MoosCamaro [0] (
23:44:32rasheralso yes, ls -l /dev/mouse
23:45:17amiconnIt's not there. Vmware tools install their own mouse driver
23:46:07amiconnSome lines above the error message it just says VMWARE(0): vmmouse is available
23:47:01rasheroh, you probably need to remove the mouse stanza from /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 then
23:47:24hardeepis there a /dev/vmmouse ?
23:47:50amiconnhardeep: no
23:48:21rasherI think vmmouse is an x driver?
23:48:56 Join DMJC [0] (
23:49:07amiconnSection "InputDevice"
23:49:18amiconnIdentifier "Mouse1"
23:49:21 Quit DrRickDaglessMD (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:49:25amiconnDriver "vmmouse"
23:49:36amiconnOption "Protocol" "ps/2"
23:49:55amiconnOption "Device" "/dev/mouse"
23:50:02amiconn...but that doesn't exist
23:50:04rasherI blame vmware
23:50:11RickI havn't bothered to install an x server in my rockbox vmware build enviornment
23:50:12preglowwhat is vmware?
23:50:13Ricktoo lazy
23:50:16preglowx86 emulator?
23:50:28RickI simply installed an ftp server
23:50:32Rickand access my files through that
23:50:41amiconnRick: I want to test the x11 sim on a real x... Then I need X11, right? ;)
23:50:57Rickyou could run realvnc
23:50:58Rickor similar
23:51:12Rickeasier imho ;P
23:51:36preglowamiconn: as i've said, if you don't want to waste time doing this, you can have a shell on my box, running x remote is very, very easy
23:51:44*Rick nods
23:51:56Rickrealvnc rules especially when you are allowed to set it up on remote shells
23:52:05amiconnRunning x remote is probably slow as hell via dsl
23:52:07preglowand i'm on 100mbit, so latency should be ok
23:52:28amiconnI'm on dsl, and dsl has big latency
23:52:29preglowyes, might be
23:52:46preglowdepends on how the sim works
23:52:53preglowthey refresh the entire bitmap each frame, yes?
23:53:10rob-amiconn: try changing /dev/mouse to /dev/psaux
23:53:15ncrawlammmm nicewDork
23:53:16ncrawla er
23:53:19Bagderthe sim is quite OK from remote
23:53:21ncrawlanice work on the iriver porting
23:53:24amiconnThere is no bitmap... it sets/resets each changed pixel as a tiny rectangle
23:53:24preglowx is pretty clever remote, it only transfers what's been changed, but if you need to transfer whole bitmaps, it'll be a bit slow
23:53:34ncrawlamight have to give that a try on my ihp-120
23:53:59 Join mecraw_ [0] (fwuser@
23:53:59Rickpreglow: hehe, yeah, and font metrics are slow as hell too
23:54:02rob-either that or create a link from /dev/mouse by typing ln -s /dev/psaux /dev/mouse
23:54:14 Quit mecraw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:55:07preglowrunning a sim test would be quick, if you've haven't got the port x needs blocked
23:55:11ncrawlahmm $149 for the p&e wiggler, that's not too bad
23:56:02Bagderncrawla: it takes some soldering to use
23:56:05 Join amiconn_ [0] (
23:56:14 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
23:56:14 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
23:56:18ncrawlayup i had a feeling that'd be the case...heh
23:56:25preglowyour player will be very non-portable
23:56:51preglowlinus found a nice connector to use, but you'd still have to open it all the time
23:56:57ncrawlaunderstandable tho
23:57:04preglowi managed to break my casing in places just after opening it a few times :/
23:57:05amiconnrob-: The link worked, thanks :)
23:57:15preglowthat'd be around the side screws
23:57:38preglowi guess the warranty people will be less than impressed if i ever need their services
23:57:47ncrawlayeah not sure how much time i'd have for any serious devel stuff with all of the other projects goingon
23:57:56preglowother projects exist to be neglected!
23:58:59ncrawlayea looking thru the 2.4 src now just to see what's up

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