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#rockbox log for 2005-03-18

00:00:17rasheron both platforms?
00:00:21amiconn(and I can't type, grr)
00:00:47 Quit midk ("Leaving")
00:02:16amiconnrasher: yup
00:02:53amiconnNow I just need to clean up the code somewhat
00:04:17rasherGreat.. *smoething* happening again
00:04:48rasherbeen a quiet week
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00:16:28Rickamiconn: focus tracking?
00:17:33stevenmpreglow, I am back.. and I have combined the linear interpolation with the ghetto lowpass filter (though half as severe) and I think it sounds sufficiently good
00:18:16amiconnRick: Yes, in the x11 simulator, in order to only disable x11 keyboard autorepeat whenever the simulator window gets focus
00:19:12preglowstevenm: never use the lowpass, it's a hack
00:19:31preglowat least make it an option
00:19:33stevenmpreglow, well... I don't think it qualifies as a lowpass filter
00:19:35amiconnRick: (needed for my new button handling)
00:19:36Rickamiconn: ahhh... I thought you were talking about tracking in an audio file
00:19:39preglowstevenm: what's it do?
00:20:06stevenmpreglow, instead of outputting a sample, it outputs the average of this sample with the previous three. and it gets rid of the noise completely
00:20:16preglowthat's a moving average
00:20:24stevenmpreglow, and all the high instruments still sound well, unlike the 8-sample one
00:20:27preglowand i would not want that on my midi output ;)
00:20:49 Join Patr3ck [0] (
00:20:53stevenmpreglow, well right now it is an 'option' - either you comment out a return statement or you do't
00:21:16stevenmand with the linear interpolation, you can only tell the noise is there with headphones. speakers seem to work fine
00:21:17preglowstevenm: and that actually is a lowpass
00:21:33preglowa very poor one, but it is lowpass
00:21:37stevenmpreglow, ah, ok.. at least I did *something* right
00:21:57stevenmall right, lowpass can be an option then
00:21:59preglowit's the simplest filter one can make, heh
00:22:23 Quit Sucka ("a bird in the bush is worth two in your house")
00:22:36stevenmpreglow, now, I am thinking pitchbend. Any idea how to calculate 2^( (n/65536)*sqrt(12)) on iriver ?
00:22:45stevenmother than the bitshifting thing
00:22:54preglowstevenm: table
00:23:00preglowwith linear interpolation
00:23:40stevenmpreglow, I was thinking.. there's 2 bytes to pitchbend. I figure, I can get away with doing the MSB as a table..
00:23:50preglowyes, you most probably can
00:24:01preglownot actually two bytes, there are two 7bit "bytes"
00:24:27preglowyou could also use the low 7 bit field as a frac part and do linear interpolation
00:24:56stevenmI havent even seen a file that uses the lsb anyway
00:25:11preglowsure, it should be more than enoughj
00:25:14 Quit matsl ("Leaving")
00:25:16preglowmy midi keyboard doesn't even transmit the lower bits
00:25:20preglowjust sets them to zero
00:27:08stevenmpreglow, all right then.. I guess I'll calculate the deltas with pitchbend taken into account.. and recalculate them each time a pitchw event occurs
00:27:36preglowthat's exactly what you need to do
00:30:00*rasher EATS
00:32:52*preglow drinks
00:33:39stevenmoh THAT is coming
00:34:01stevenmimagine a freshman highrise building on st patrick's day
00:34:06preglowi'm enjoying a particularily lovely beer
00:34:36stevenmyea, some time back.. some people on our floor gor particularly wasted
00:35:09stevenmwhile my old roommate was attempting to copulate with some girl, I was kinda trapped outside the room, at 4 AM, with a laptop and an annoying piece of GTK code
00:35:36stevenmthen, out of nowhere out comes running some dude, followed by the 6th floor RA chasing him with what looked like a large metal pipe
00:36:19preglowsounds sweet
00:36:39preglownothing like alcoholic binges gone violent
00:36:43stevenmyea. they apparently got wasted and threw the trash cans on every floor out the window.
00:37:14stevenmthat's why the guy was chasing him. i just look around, shake my head, and go back to laptop
00:37:51stevenmi managed to write a gnome wifi applet with the rule that I can only code it while my roommate is passed out. did it in 2 weeks
00:38:34preglowsounds like 2 well spent weeks on his part
00:38:38stevenmthen one night he got VERY wasted and barfed all over his stuff, all over my stuff, and all over the RA meeting that was taking place outside the room
00:38:42 Join einhirn [0] (
00:39:19stevenmthey had to take him and this other guy to the hospital, but it was still very funny
00:39:35pillprobably not for him
00:39:43preglownothing says "fun" like having to be pumped
00:39:49preglowi hear that's very uncomfortable
00:39:54preglownever tried it myself
00:40:09preglowi tend to be quite careful with alcohol these days
00:41:21preglowsubstance of the devil
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00:54:18kergothyay, devil
00:55:34HClhey kergoth, hows oz?
00:55:38*preglow sighs as he drinks the last drop
00:56:49kergothpretty good. actively developed as always. 2.6 work continues.
00:56:54kergothi quit my job at ti the other day
00:56:59HCloh. o.o
00:57:12kergothbored out of my fucking mind
00:57:24HCli'm still waiting for the 3.5.3 release, like you recommended
00:57:24kergothchurning out drivers day after day isnt exactly all that interesting
00:57:35kergoth"oh look.. another framebuffer driver. joy."
00:57:39kergothheh :)
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00:59:08*HCl just spends his bored time writing useless code, like rockboy
00:59:16rasher'snot useless!
00:59:17HCland watching anime
00:59:24HClwell, ok.
00:59:31kergothi was no longer able to be productive at work. would go in and just zone out, ala office space :)
00:59:42stevenmhey people, should one expect video on iriver ?
01:00:49HClprobably like in the same way there's video on archos?
01:00:57amiconnWhy not? Rockbox does video on archos
01:00:57stevenmyea.. the 4 shade grayscale makes life annoying.. I wouldn't know how we'd get grayscale on an iriver
01:00:57HClbut i have my zaurus for video anyways.
01:00:57preglowi'm looking forward to getting h3x0 working
01:00:57HClcome to think of it, i also have my Z for color gameboy >.o
01:00:57stevenmwell if there ever is that elusive x300 port.........
01:00:57preglowsomeone is probably mad enough to try to get xvid working
01:00:57DBUGEnqueued KICK preglow
01:00:57preglowwon't be me
01:01:11amiconnstevenm: The archos lcd is only b&w natively... However video playback uses greyscale
01:01:16HClit might actually run, if the framesizes are the same size as the iriver
01:01:40stevenmamiconn, yes.. but can we pull off the same kind of grayscale trick on iriver.. ie, can we write to it fast enough
01:01:57amiconnI think so; it should be even easier
01:02:04HClyes, i think so
01:02:07HClif you play rockboy
01:02:17amiconnIriver lcd is connected parallel, while archos lcd is connected serial
01:02:19HClyou already have lcd being turned on longer than its supposed to
01:02:21HClwhen scrolling
01:02:23amiconn(spi, bit banging)
01:02:54stevenmdo you guys think it's worth to buy a 3x0 and wait for the port, or should I go and hunt down an 1x0 ?
01:03:34 Join Mong0 [0] (
01:03:34HClits a tough question.
01:03:38HClif i were to buy a new iriver
01:03:46HCli think i'd go for the portable media center one
01:03:55preglowwon't get rockbox on that
01:03:58HClits not that much more expensive than a new h140
01:04:05preglowand it's frigging huge
01:04:14HCli wouldn't know about that, i admit.
01:04:30Mong0naw a h340 with the usb host would be nice
01:04:30preglowme neither, but that doesn't stop me from commenting on it :P
01:04:41stevenmaw great. Kate's gone mad with power. it won't intent correctly all of the sudden
01:04:42HCl :P
01:05:13 Join nozomiyume [0] (
01:05:13preglowgod damn, it's going to be hard getting up in six hours
01:05:31rasherdon't go to sleep then
01:05:37preglowi'm very tired
01:05:41stevenmwell I am looking for something that will run the new Rockbox.. other that, I've an ajbrec
01:05:55stevenmpreglow, where you going ?
01:06:11preglowstevenm: going south, visiting parents/friends in easter
01:07:46preglowso need to catch a plane in about nine hours time
01:08:04stevenmpreglow, where is south ?
01:08:10preglowsouth would be around oslo
01:08:22preglowstill same country
01:08:39stevenmah, ok
01:08:44stevenmhave fun :)
01:08:52preglowthat's mandatory
01:09:03preglowand won't be a problem
01:09:24preglowbut yeah, i might pop in from time to time, if i can stand the 28k8 treatment
01:09:26preglowlater, all
01:09:50 Quit preglow ("off")
01:12:14stevenmAAARGH!! stupid kate suddenly aquired the indenting habits of Windows Notepad
01:12:33stevenmI swear, if something is going to drive me UP A WALL with this program, THAT is what will do it
01:13:26Mong0did someone create a small program that will create the bootloader for non technical people that run windows
01:15:43HCli think so, but its not released to the public.
01:15:57HClsince rockbox isn't really suited for non technical people yet
01:16:23Mong0ok i just wanted to find out before i put the effort into creating one. i have already flashed my 120
01:16:41HCloh.. okay
01:16:44HClyes, there's one
01:16:46HCl :)
01:21:56stevenmAnyone here using kde 3.4 ?
01:24:49 Quit Patr3ck ()
01:36:16rashernot me
01:36:58tvelocityme neither
01:50:15 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: now a major feature film")
01:54:20CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
01:54:20*rasher boggles
01:54:32rashertoshset is claiming my battery is 1030% full
01:54:35rashergood job, that
01:56:12 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
01:59:28HCl :p
01:59:34HClwell, at least its full enough.
02:01:29amiconnHmpf, screenhack.c is really hacky :-/
02:06:03amiconnIn screenhack.c, there is the main() function, which has a local variable 'dpy'. This is handed over to screenhack() in uibasic.c. uibasic.c defines a global variable 'dpy', which is then referenced (extern ...) by other functions in screenhack.c
02:07:43 Nick tvelocity is now known as tvelocity[away] (
02:07:51rashersounds like fun
02:08:49HClbittorent is not designed for low disk usage... :/
02:09:07HClamiconn: well, it is called screenhack.c after all
02:09:38amiconnI should probably clean up this mess, by making dpy (and friends) global in screenhack.c, and exposing it via screenhack.h. Much less parameter passing will be a side effect
02:15:02 Quit Mong0 (" Want to be different? HydraIRC -> <-")
02:19:48*rasher starts 120MHz, (nearly) no hdd battery test
02:20:09rasherthis is gettin gboring..
02:23:02HClhow are you not using the hdd?
02:23:11HClsince data will be lost if it loses power then..?
02:24:20 Join XShocK [0] (
02:25:15XShocK1111111111 seconds since 1970 Jan 1, 00:00 will count after nearly 3 hours. :)
02:25:27XShocKThis should be celebrated.. :)
02:31:21rasheryay, my cpu is back at 400MHz
02:31:34rasherHCl: I am.. but not as much
02:31:49rasherjesus, 420%
02:32:09rasherunless there's some bug
02:32:54rasherthere is... not sure I understand what is happening though
02:33:37rasherif anyone's reading the logs - the 400mhz is my *laptop* and the 420% decoding speed is a bug.
02:34:07XShocK:) reading
02:36:36 Join gromit``` [0] (~gromit`
02:38:14 Quit gromit`` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:39:20*rasher emerges xorg-x11 :(
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02:47:00rasherat least it's about 4 times faster
02:57:26 Quit markun ()
02:58:02XShocK40 seconds until 1111111111...
03:06:53 Quit DMJC ("Leaving")
03:07:35 Quit Camilo ("Chatzilla 0.9.67 [Mozilla rv:1.8b2/20050309]")
03:08:07stevenmMIDI Pitch Bend is done :)
03:08:42stevenmand it works too
03:10:56 Quit kergoth ()
03:11:02 Join kergoth [0] (
03:13:56 Join webguest25 [0] (
03:14:12webguest25anybody want to help me get rockbox on iHP120
03:14:20 Quit webguest25 (Client Quit)
03:14:31kergothgood thing users are patient like that
03:16:08rasherwell cgi:irc can be a harsh mistress
03:18:48*rasher giggles
03:18:51rasherPOKEY THE PENGUIN!
03:24:46 Quit Strath ("Client closed")
03:29:53 Quit XShocK (" HydraIRC -> <- IRC for those that like to be different")
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06:13:41 Join stevenm [0] (
06:22:05stevenmanyone awake ?
06:22:13 Quit pill (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
06:33:32stevenmworking on anything interesting ?
06:34:09rasherno.. trying not to fall asleep, trying to revise for an upcoming exam
06:34:33rasheryeah, and my sleeping pattern is horrible
06:34:39stevenmcollege ?
06:34:51rasherfirst year uni
06:34:56stevenmwhere ?
06:35:07rasherDenmark, Århus
06:35:18stevenmi'm first year at umcp, usa
06:35:33stevenmjust like, how international this place gets
06:35:44rasherah :)
06:36:07rasherwell isn't it mostly northern europe+uk?
06:36:15stevenmI guess so
06:36:16stevenmand USA
06:36:37rasherI was wondering about that
06:36:42stevenmmight be russia too if I go back there this summer, and can find a wifi spot :)
06:37:05rasherI have a feeling that americans are not very dominant
06:37:17stevenmI've seen a few people.. from my area even
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06:52:10 Join pill [0] (
06:54:13rasher help!
07:17:12 Join LinusN [0] (
07:19:37 Join preglow [0] (
07:21:37LinusNugh ugh
07:22:14preglowfour hours of sleep tastes good to me
07:22:17rasherugh ugh
07:30:05rasherI'm on 0 hours :-\
07:31:19stevenmhello preglow
07:31:24stevenmI got pitchbend working
07:32:07stevenm4 hours of sleep... that cannot be good for you.
07:32:14rasher120 no-hdd finished!
07:32:22rasherwell.. less-hdd
07:32:42LinusNhow long?
07:32:55rasherdon't know..
07:35:50rasherI should really do a test where I noe down the value on paper instead :-\
07:36:25dwihnoyay! friday!
07:36:26LinusNto keep the disk off?
07:37:07LinusNrasher: is the "disk poweroff" setting on or off?
07:37:18rasherbut it'll fixate me for >5 hours
07:37:23rasheron, I think
07:37:31*dwihno hands out the friday coffee to each and every one
07:37:40LinusNthanks dwihno
07:38:01preglowstevenm: excellent
07:38:16dwihnoI ground it myself using my clasohlson-hammer! :)
07:38:45LinusNahh, that's why it tastes so ... different
07:39:48preglowlast second dishwashing
07:40:28rasherLinusN: it's set to "Yes" :)
07:41:56dwihnonote to self. sleep more.
08:04:47 Join ze__ [0] (
08:07:18preglownote to self. schedule later planes
08:12:12preglowbut i'm off, guys, have a nice one
08:12:23 Quit preglow ("kekek")
08:18:40 Quit ze (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:18:40 Nick ze__ is now known as ze (
08:24:25amiconnFound the last bug in the new x11 button code :)
08:26:50amiconn(Did I already tell x11 is strange?) ;)
08:29:20dwihnoYou should use the New And Improved X12 ;D
08:34:23 Quit stevenm ("Leaving")
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08:44:33 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
09:08:05 Join rasher_uni [0] (
09:08:50rasher_unidamn trainride is boring without my iRiver :(
09:10:23LinusNpoor you
09:10:30 Join einhirn [0] (
09:10:35LinusNyou should have several
09:11:22rasher_uniI know... I charged it a bit from my laptop, but I'm saving that for the return-trip
09:11:34rasher_uninow... exam :-S
09:11:46rasher_unihave a bad feeling about it.
09:13:00rasher_uniright.. bye now..
09:13:04 Quit rasher_uni (Client Quit)
09:13:31 Nick Lynx_awy is now known as Lynx_ (HydraIRC@
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09:29:06 Join Aison [0] (
10:06:08 Join Patr3ck [0] (
10:16:39 Join Zagor [0] (
10:18:38LinusNhoo, Zagor !
10:18:55LinusNhow's the kitchen?
10:19:28dwihnoZagor is decorating?
10:19:29Zagornot quite done yet :)
10:19:45LinusNso marko was lazy?
10:19:58Zagorhe's coming soon
10:22:56LinusNmy iriver plays music
10:23:33LinusNwe have lots of work to do with the sound setting api
10:23:55Zagorsound _setting_ api?
10:23:56LinusNit's currently buried in the mp3_playback code
10:24:13LinusNmp3_sound_set() etc
10:24:19Zagorah, right
10:24:41LinusNpcm playback api is working though
10:25:06LinusNpcm_play_data(ptr, size, <callback>);
10:27:56LinusNwill commit soonish
10:28:43dwihnohow about hardware decoders? will they be some kind of plugin?
10:30:52LinusNthe whole plugin business is only for software codecs
10:32:14amiconnLinusN: While (iirc) you don't like the idea of the bitswap being a 'codec' on the archos, maybe we'll need this nonetheless in the not too far future
10:33:43 Nick QT_ is now known as QT (as@area51.users.madwifi)
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10:58:40 Join DJ_Dooms_Day [0] (
10:59:03DJ_Dooms_DayAnyone around?
11:02:12DJ_Dooms_DayHi, could you fill me in a bit on the iriver ver of rockbox?
11:02:22DJ_Dooms_DayI hear theres an early stages version out
11:02:41LinusNrockboy is a plugin for rockbox
11:04:30DJ_Dooms_DaySo is it true there is a working version of rockbox for the iriver?
11:04:34LinusNrockbox runs on the iriver, but it can't yet play music
11:04:43DJ_Dooms_Daywell thats no good :P
11:05:10kurzhaarrockerIt's LinusN fault - he isn't fast enough! :)
11:05:21DJ_Dooms_Daywell, that just put an abrupt end to everything :P
11:05:38LinusNi'm slow and lazy, and care only for myself
11:05:59DJ_Dooms_Daylol, are you the one coding the mp3 codec?
11:06:10LinusNactually no
11:06:49LinusNi'm working on the low level audio playback stuff
11:07:18DJ_Dooms_Daymmm, so whats the hold up? I would have thought music playback would be the FIRST thing done. Or is whats been done just copied off the other players version of rockbox?
11:07:48LinusNwe have just ported the main rockbox code to the iriver
11:08:06LinusNyou see, the archos players have a hardware mp3 codec
11:08:43DJ_Dooms_DaySo you didn't even need to code the codec for them
11:09:42 Join Gibbed [0] (
11:09:43DJ_Dooms_Day...whats with the archos players anywho, i've NEVER heard of them, and i've only EVER seen them around the rockbox website.
11:09:44 Quit Rick (Nick collision from services.)
11:09:54 Nick Gibbed is now known as Rick (
11:09:57DJ_Dooms_DayYou guys love to go for the underdog players don't cha
11:10:18LinusNthey were the first hard disk mp3 players around
11:10:35DJ_Dooms_Dayah, well, that makes sence. i guess
11:11:09DJ_Dooms_DayYou know how far your into mp3 codec?
11:11:58LinusNit works
11:12:12Rickis it efficient?
11:12:19LinusNit needs some more optimizing
11:12:29Rickoh, did you guys solve that hz problem?
11:12:44LinusNand we need to sort out the internal framework to make it play music
11:12:56LinusNRick: you mean the resampling?
11:13:11DJ_Dooms_Dayinternal framework as in the hardware or software?
11:13:12LinusNwe haven't sorted it out yet
11:13:21LinusNDJ_Dooms_Day: software
11:13:28RickDJ_Dooms_Day: the hooking of the codec into rockbox itself methinks
11:13:30LinusNRick: we will need to resample
11:13:36RickLinusN: ahhh, that bites
11:13:55LinusNthe coldfire really sux
11:15:02DJ_Dooms_DayOk, so do you know how far your into satisfactorally completing the mp3 codec?
11:15:32RickLinusN: i'm guessing that 'dumb' checkin is the new mp3 stuff?
11:15:45LinusNno, it's a mod player
11:15:59Rickoh, sweet
11:16:07Rickthat's even better
11:16:09LinusNDJ_Dooms_Day: i'm about to commit the pcm playback to cvs
11:16:35LinusNthen we can start plugging the codecs into rockbox
11:16:43DJ_Dooms_Daynice job
11:17:13DJ_Dooms_DayHey, while im here...
11:17:13RickLinusN: nifty ! ;)
11:17:34LinusNmost of that work was done by Andy and Rinat
11:17:41DJ_Dooms_DayYou guy mind taking a quick look at this:
11:17:48LinusN(hubble and XShock)
11:18:08DJ_Dooms_DayAlso, what are the plugins coding in?
11:18:27RickDJ_Dooms_Day: c and assembler
11:18:34DJ_Dooms_Dayok, cool
11:18:49LinusNDJ_Dooms_Day: i have absolutely no clue about database programs for the iriver
11:19:09DJ_Dooms_Dayok, no probs, you just focus on mp3 playback ;)
11:19:14RickDJ_Dooms_Day: 1, no idea. 2, no idea. 3, iSkin is nice, but it's worthless if the main unit is in your pocket the majority of the time.
11:19:15LinusNi don't use the original firmware :-)
11:19:27Rickthat remind sme
11:19:27DJ_Dooms_DayWhy is that rick?
11:19:29Rick*reminds me
11:19:47RickLinusN: It's possible to have threads right?
11:19:50LinusNRick: that depends on what else you have in the same pocket :-)
11:20:03kurzhaarrockerLinusN: is that some kind of territoral tagging? "I programmed it, now it's mine" :)
11:20:05LinusNRick: yes, we have cooperative threads
11:20:26LinusNkurzhaarrocker: yeah :-)
11:20:35DJ_Dooms_Dayi mean, i have a cover on it the whole time anyway, i may as well get one that looks good and shaves a few mm of its chunkyness
11:20:45RickLinusN: well, I was thinking about the directory browser... it would be nice if it preloaded the subdirectories (one level) from the current directory
11:20:59Rickwas going to poke around that myself
11:21:13LinusNare you nuts?
11:21:40ZagorRick: why?
11:21:50LinusNthat will take lots of time, waste battery and waste a lot of memory
11:22:05DJ_Dooms_DayI hate being an incompetent coder :/
11:22:11Rickdunno, I thought it was a neat idea
11:22:11LinusNme too :-)
11:22:17kurzhaarrocker(the memory could be swapped to disk)
11:22:20*kurzhaarrocker runs away
11:22:26*LinusN slaps kurzhaarrocker
11:22:49DJ_Dooms_DayPlus, if i went into my album folder, which happens to have around 200 subfolders, i'd rather not have them ALL load just for me to go into ONE of them :P
11:22:57RickDJ_Dooms_Day: true
11:23:15Rickmaybe have a filename cache instead
11:23:28DJ_Dooms_DayWhy do you want to preload anyway?
11:23:41rasheror load my big "mixed" with a thousand songs dir be loaded for me to go into a dir with 5 songs
11:23:50DJ_Dooms_Dayloading of folder contents feels seemless anyway
11:23:53Rickbecause of delays while moving around in a large tree of directories
11:24:01Ricknot for me
11:24:25*rasher produses yet another graph
11:24:30LinusNRick: because the disk spins down?
11:24:42DJ_Dooms_Daypreloading is still going to create delays, only just in bigger batches. Where that may not be needed, for exactly the reason i said above
11:25:00RickDJ_Dooms_Day: well, a cache would be better then
11:25:09RickLinusN: probably
11:25:20LinusNthen increase the disk spindown timer
11:25:50DJ_Dooms_DayYou know what i'd love though, a search engine, one that narrows the songs down as you type them in.
11:26:19DJ_Dooms_DayThat, rick, would need a nice preloaded cache :)
11:26:33kurzhaarrockerWhile talking about the browser: has anybody considered to reserve a few lines (maybe two or so) to display info about the highlighted file?
11:26:36RickOnly if you want to search subdirectories too
11:26:51Rickkurzhaarrocker: information like?
11:27:00kurzhaarrockerfile size, creation date, etc
11:27:04DJ_Dooms_DayThe search engine would be totally useless for me if it didn't search subdirs
11:27:09Rickworthless to display on the active screen
11:27:13Rickperhaps a file option
11:27:37amiconnkurzhaarrocker: That may actually be very useful.
11:27:46Rickamiconn: why?
11:28:11kurzhaarrockerIt could use some kind of configurable format like the wps.
11:28:14rasherthis graph is pretty bad..
11:28:21DJ_Dooms_DayMaybe it'd be a good idea to give folders flaggable options, such as display of info within them
11:28:44 Quit tvelocity[away] (Connection timed out)
11:28:54kurzhaarrockerRick: I often wonder about the properties of a file and there's no way to get the info.
11:29:02amiconnkurzhaarrocker: Probably it would be better to not reserve some lines for it, but display the info in a "popup" if the cursor rests for some seconds on a file
11:29:12DJ_Dooms_DayBut, is a search engine in the works?
11:29:17Rickamiconn: now that is a good idea ;)
11:29:23kurzhaarrockeramiconn: a popup is a good idea
11:29:39DJ_Dooms_DayI would have figured that was common sence to do that :P
11:30:48 Join tvelocity[away] [0] (
11:30:52LinusNnobody is working on a search engine to my knowledge
11:31:07LinusNthere is a search plugin, but not "realtime"
11:31:23DJ_Dooms_Daybah, rockbox is doomed to fail!
11:31:23LinusNit searches files, and creates a playlist with the matches
11:31:36DJ_Dooms_Daymmm, thats a start, i guess
11:31:53LinusNyes, nobody uses rockbox because of this, only a few thousan archos users :-)
11:31:58DJ_Dooms_DayYou think a realtime search engine would be intensive on the player?
11:32:32rasherLinusN: less-hdd-act graph uploaded.. pretty useless possibly
11:32:37LinusNthe problem is the user interface, i guess
11:33:25LinusNrasher: 120mhz, less disk?
11:33:39rasheronly activity should be writing to the log
11:34:15rasherI liked the other graphs better
11:34:30LinusNso the spinning disk eats roughly 40% of the battery...
11:34:50Rickwalking in the dark here, what's needed to write to the remote display?
11:35:11LinusNRick: spi driver + lcd driver
11:35:23LinusNi have the specs for the lcd
11:35:24rasher+ rockbox screen reworking
11:35:42Rickis there any general information on spi driver coding?
11:35:44LinusNrasher: yes of course, but that doesn't stop us from writing the drivers
11:36:19rasheroh... Maybe if I read what was being said..
11:36:20Ricknot sure what I'd be looking for ;)
11:36:28LinusNRick: look at the adc driver, and the fm radio driver for the fm recorder
11:36:46LinusNit's dead easy
11:36:48Rickthanks :)
11:37:03LinusN(if you've done it before :-)
11:37:11rasherLinusN: do you want any more battery tests?
11:37:46LinusNrasher: that's enough for now, methinks
11:37:55LinusNgreat job!
11:38:14DJ_Dooms_DaySomeone make a search engine damn it
11:38:24DJ_Dooms_Day...a REALTIME search engine :)
11:39:01RickDJ_Dooms_Day: go code it, then ;P
11:39:10rasherLinusN: better my player locked up doing these stupid test than yours (or someone else who needs it)
11:39:23DJ_Dooms_DayOk, hang on while i go learn C from scratch...
11:39:33LinusNDJ_Dooms_Day: :-)
11:39:40rasherlearning C is pretty easy
11:40:08DJ_Dooms_DayMe and my leet BASIC skillz
11:40:08rasherit's using it properly that's the problem :-\
11:40:50DJ_Dooms_DayI can't even puncuate (or spell!) and main language properly, let alone C!
11:40:53rasherwell you just need to learn a new bunch of keywords and off you go :)
11:41:56 Quit QT (Remote closed the connection)
11:42:25 Join QT [0] (as@area51.users.madwifi)
11:42:31rasherI sortof surprised myself by managing to add adc_read() to the plugin api
11:42:57DJ_Dooms_Day...can rockbox SPEAK the menu items to use?
11:43:24rasherit can..
11:43:35rasherblind users are swarming it like .. something hobos around a barrel fire?
11:44:32rasherlike that
11:44:48DJ_Dooms_Daythats quite a swarm
11:45:21rasherThe mailing list appears to be like half blind people
11:45:36rashernot quite I guess, but a lot
11:46:39DJ_Dooms_DayHow is it doing that? Just using some open source computer speak code like the one that came with winXP?
11:47:19rasherit's just using a bunch of clips
11:47:20LinusNit plays mp3 snippets, pregenerated by a speech synthesis on a pc
11:48:14rasheror spoken by someone (isn't there a pack of these?)
11:48:48LinusNyes, christi made a spoken one
11:48:51DJ_Dooms_Dayoh, what a crock :P
11:49:12DJ_Dooms_Dayi thought it'd be a full on speech program :/
11:49:40rasherthat'd be a bit involved for the poor archos devices
11:50:25DJ_Dooms_Dayi know, thats why i was excited
11:50:34DJ_Dooms_Dayit was extreme
11:51:01kurzhaarrockerreally? Never tried anything but my first thought would be some kind of a huffman tree to select syllables.
11:52:15DJ_Dooms_Dayim pretty sure the speech program in windows uses no syllable samples, its all code.
11:52:56kurzhaarrockerI'd agree that synthesizig sounds would be to much for archos.
11:54:04*rasher draws himself a map of the menu structure
11:54:25rashersomething's annoying me about it.. can't put my finger on what it is
11:54:42rasherand not sure if there's something *wrong* or it's a taste-thing
11:54:42 Part LinusN
11:55:15 Join LinusN [0] (
11:59:11DJ_Dooms_DayHey, is the iriver got a bitmap graphical display or a buildt in lettered one?
11:59:30Rickmain unit has grayscale too
12:00:08DJ_Dooms_DayHow many bits of color does the LCD have?
12:00:25DJ_Dooms_Dayi was painfully off
12:00:42DJ_Dooms_Daywell, theres 3, off, on, and grey. Right?
12:00:53rasherno, 2 greys
12:00:55Rickb00, b01, b10, b11
12:01:23DJ_Dooms_DayThats not too bad, i guess
12:01:41rasherit matches the gameboy :)
12:01:44rasherwhat more can you want
12:01:48kurzhaarrockerGarmin uses this colorspace to display maps
12:02:06DJ_Dooms_DayDoes it really? Do we have a gameboy emu?
12:02:34rasherDo we ever!
12:03:13Ricktoo bad the grayscale support is really slow right now
12:03:20DJ_Dooms_Dayand it can play gameboy emu'ed game right off the bat or do they need a little tweaking?
12:03:30Rickno tweaking
12:03:37rasherIt plays anything gnuboy plays
12:03:45RickI play gameboy games on the ride home ;)
12:03:52Rickstill needs speed work though
12:03:56DJ_Dooms_DayI think im gonna chuck rockboy on
12:04:56Patr3ckDJ_Dooms_Day: Regarding the search engine: the db tree has a search facility
12:05:13DJ_Dooms_DayNice, and it searches subdirs right?
12:05:28Patr3ckIt search the id3 information
12:05:45Patr3ckyou have to create a id3 database
12:05:47DJ_Dooms_DayAh right
12:06:18DJ_Dooms_DayDo you know how we go about typing it all in?
12:06:32rasheronscreen keyboard
12:06:34Patr3ckthere is a virtual keyboard shown
12:06:35rasherit's a bit of a pain
12:06:42rasherbut the only way
12:06:54DJ_Dooms_Dayyeah, thats how they do it on the consoles too
12:07:34Patr3cki would love to use the search facility in the file tree as well
12:07:39DJ_Dooms_DayAbout the DB, does rockbox reduce that STUPID boot up time?
12:07:53rasherit doesn't read anything at boot
12:08:01rasherwell *some* things
12:08:02Rickrasher: not even settings? :P
12:08:04rasherbut not *Everything*
12:08:07Rickand the initial directory
12:08:15DJ_Dooms_Dayok i get the point!
12:08:43rasherthere sure is a lot of menu...
12:08:47Patr3ckis someone actively working on the db tree at the moment?
12:09:15LinusNPatr3ck: no
12:09:34rasherremind me what car adapter mode does
12:09:49rasherbecause apparently I'm too stupid to remember..
12:10:06LinusNit's an archos feature
12:10:15rasherso why is it in my iriver men?
12:10:30Rickrasher: why do you ask when you could fix it?! >:)
12:10:30LinusNit resumes playback as soon as the players starts, if the charger is attached
12:10:32rasherI thought it was, but wasn't sure
12:10:55rasherRick: well I was checking to be sure what it was
12:11:06Patr3cki have played around with adding id3 search for the file tree, but the search results can not be easily displayed
12:12:09DJ_Dooms_Dayok, i wanna chuck rockbox (with rockboy) on my iriver. Help would be grand. Though im sure its not too hard, just download and follow instructions?
12:12:26LinusNDJ_Dooms_Day: it's not that easy for a layman
12:12:30DJ_Dooms_DayI believe it doesn't overright the firmware either does it? I can make it load off the HDD true?
12:12:44LinusNyou need to flash a bootloader
12:12:50DJ_Dooms_DayHeh, im not THAT dumb, i just can't code very well :P
12:13:05 Quit SeeSchloss (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:13:38DJ_Dooms_Dayok nar im too dumb...
12:14:02 Join SeeSchloss [0] (
12:14:59DJ_Dooms_Daymmm, too much work for too little gain. I wanna listen to hardcore while playing mario :P
12:15:11LinusNthat won't happen
12:15:25rasherpretty unlikely
12:15:26LinusNthe rockboy plugin takes too much cpu
12:15:48rasherunless hcl pulls some serious magic out of his hat
12:16:10LinusNand preglow :-)
12:16:37rasheractually, cvs codec ran at 150% when not writing to disk
12:16:45rasher(at 120MHz though)
12:17:11DJ_Dooms_DayWell, can't you strip down everything from rockbox except for the playback features and chuck them in rockboy?
12:17:28kurzhaarrockerDoes wormlet run on any irivers?
12:17:43rasher(why not?)
12:18:06DJ_Dooms_DayI'm guessing OCing the CPU would be fatal?
12:18:57rasherwhy do everyone want to OC it?!
12:19:03rasherOC = less battery
12:19:10DJ_Dooms_Dayvery good point
12:19:47DJ_Dooms_Daythough at the cost of playing half decent games and listening to music, it may be a good trade off
12:19:55kurzhaarrockerrasher: that doesn't matter as the playback would be faster too
12:19:58*kurzhaarrocker runs away
12:20:07HClthe cpu doesn't even run properly at 140mhz, its designed frequency
12:20:38LinusNHCl: because it's heated by the hard drive
12:20:42DJ_Dooms_DayWhy? Over heating or bad voltage settings?...or something else?
12:20:49HClLinusN: i know
12:20:52rasheroh dear
12:20:59rasherI'm apparently creating a plyalist
12:21:14rasherwhich is a new and exciting variant on the regular playlist
12:21:30DJ_Dooms_Dayyou guys tryed chucking some half decent CPU paste on it?
12:21:48LinusNDJ_Dooms_Day: why would that help?
12:22:16DJ_Dooms_Day...its makes the difference of 10 odd degrees in computers
12:22:33LinusNfyi: it's not the thermal paste that does the cooling
12:22:40DJ_Dooms_Daythough paste may only work when air is being applied to it
12:22:46DJ_Dooms_Dayyeah was just thinking that
12:22:58DJ_Dooms_Day...when NO air...
12:23:36LinusNthe thermal paste is there to transfer heat between the cooler and the cpu
12:24:01DJ_Dooms_Dayi know, im a little slow tonight :P
12:24:16LinusNand the air has nothing to do with the paste
12:24:40DJ_Dooms_Dayair/heatsink...same shit
12:24:57 Quit Heidelbaer (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:25:09LinusNonly that a heatsink is a little more dense than air :-)
12:25:35kurzhaarrockerMaybe we could glue an fan on the axis of the spindle moter of the hard drive ...
12:25:37DJ_Dooms_Daywell, theres that one little factor heh
12:26:17DJ_Dooms_Dayi think not, there'd be no place for it, plus i think it'd find a hard time GETTING enough air to move around in there
12:26:20*LinusN slaps kurzhaarrocker ... again
12:26:55LinusNit sure feels nice to play music with rockbox on the iriver
12:27:19*LinusN will commit soon
12:27:30rasher.wav, I take it?
12:27:53LinusNnext project would be rockboy sound :-)
12:28:08HClhehe :)
12:28:30*kurzhaarrocker secretly shoves some trigger code near LinusN
12:28:47HClit'd most likely stutter a bit due to almost, but not quite being at full speed
12:28:55*LinusN looks the other way
12:29:04RickHCl: have you made any speed improvements?
12:29:28HClwe made a few
12:29:48HClthere's a dynarec core work in progress,
12:29:51DJ_Dooms_DayHCl, how aobut you make the games stutter and sound play fine. In games like pokemon you wouldn't even know since most of it is screenshots
12:30:21HClits not that simple
12:32:41DJ_Dooms_DayCouldn't you just purposely limit rockboy, making it give up CPU time.
12:33:20HClcpu time for what?
12:34:17RickHCl: he wants to listen to music while playing gameboy games
12:34:46DJ_Dooms_DayRight, forgot to fill you in on wtf im going on about :P
12:34:50HClwell. you can ofcourse limit rockboy to still play music while playing rockboy
12:35:09HClofcourse, then you have to settle with 5 min loading times for games, and having to wait 2 minutes between each keypress
12:35:12HClif that suits you.
12:35:25rashersurely it wouldn't be that bad
12:35:59HCli think its pretty out of the question, only dynarec might enable playing music at the same time, if there's any ram left
12:36:06DJ_Dooms_DayIs it seriously that bad?
12:36:32HCli'd tell you to play rockboy at 11mhz
12:36:40HClbut the current version will automatically boost to 120
12:37:14HCland yes, rockboy at 11mhz has about 5 min waiting times if not longer take example pokemon
12:37:29HCland yes, you have to wait about 2 minutes before you get to the next text screen after a keypress
12:38:14HClonly an assembly interpreter core with a dynarec and some more lcd optimizations could make it fast enough to play music next to it.
12:41:32LinusNand what would gameboy be without the lovely gameboy music?
12:41:54LinusNpcm polayback committed
12:42:16LinusNonly 44100hz for the moment
12:42:20HCldid i miss something and do we have an api now or is it just a temp hack?
12:42:29LinusNwe have an api
12:42:38rasherone half of one?
12:43:08DJ_Dooms_DayWhat is pcm?
12:43:12LinusNwe lack the resampling
12:43:21LinusNPulse Coded Modulation
12:43:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:43:35LinusNbasically wav playback
12:43:53DJ_Dooms_Daythought so
12:45:47LinusNfor those who run rockbox and want to try the playback:
12:46:11LinusNcopy your favourite 44100hz wav file to /sample.wav
12:46:18DJ_Dooms_DayWell i have no .wav files so its useless for me :P
12:46:37DJ_Dooms_Daymp3 playback, chop chop!
12:46:43LinusNselect "Audio test" in the debug menu
12:46:51*DJ_Dooms_Day slaps LinusN
12:47:00LinusNit loads and plays the first 8megs of the file
12:47:15DJ_Dooms_DayWhy only first 8?
12:47:18LinusNup/down sets the volume
12:47:26LinusNDJ_Dooms_Day: it's only a test
12:47:33*HCl gets up and goes to watch his anime.
12:47:58*LinusN goes to lunch
12:47:59DJ_Dooms_DayYou gotta push it to the limit Linus!
12:48:10*DJ_Dooms_Day Goes to another convo
12:49:57LinusNnext thing to add to the pcm api would be pcm_set_frequency()
12:50:07 Join T0mas [0] (
12:52:02 Join AC [0] (
12:52:47ACif i find time today, i will commit the spi-driver and some remote lcd code
12:53:06T0mas[12:55:13] -NickServ- Kill Protection is disabled on this network <−− what??
12:53:09ACbut i must think about the interface to rockbox
12:53:23T0mas[freenode-info] help freenode weed out clonebots, please register your IRC nick and auto-identify:
12:53:34T0masbut I can't enable kill protection? :)
12:54:21ACah.. time to go.. my class is over for today
12:54:24ACsee you
12:54:28 Quit AC (Client Quit)
12:57:49 Join ghode|afk [0] (
12:58:14ghode|afkhi, does anyone know if the Irivefy plugin has been added to cvs yet?
12:59:36 Join ripnetuk [0] (
12:59:42ripnetukloadsa commits :)
13:00:02T0masisn't I2c the sound support?
13:00:19ripnetuktypical... the first day I leave myt irRiver at home for months, and suddenly fun stuff happens :)
13:00:25HCl :P
13:00:40*T0mas begs ripnetuk to leave it at home for a few more weeks :P
13:07:32DJ_Dooms_Dayyou know what i really fuckin hate, those ppl who compile program that require the net framework to run
13:07:35DJ_Dooms_Dayutter crap
13:08:11DJ_Dooms_DayIs there any way around that? I really don't feel like DLing 200mb right now
13:08:19HCli want a longer list of cvs activity :X
13:08:39DJ_Dooms_DayI could have sworn i read something about how you could just download a few small files and it'd work
13:08:58HClwhat are you talking about?
13:09:05T0maseh... I'm sure it isn't 200 mb...
13:09:06DJ_Dooms_Day[11:07pm] <DJ_Dooms_Day> you know what i really fuckin hate, those ppl who compile program that require the net framework to run
13:09:06DJ_Dooms_Day[11:07pm] <DJ_Dooms_Day> utter crap
13:09:06DJ_Dooms_Day[11:07pm] <DJ_Dooms_Day> :/
13:09:06DBUGEnqueued KICK DJ_Dooms_Day
13:09:06DJ_Dooms_Day[11:08pm] <DJ_Dooms_Day> Is there any way around that? I really don't feel like DLing 200mb right now
13:09:18HCl"it'd work"
13:09:18DJ_Dooms_Dayok, well its probably more like 80mb
13:09:28HClwhat work? .net programs?
13:09:32DJ_Dooms_Dayyeah is what.. 11 mb.. or so..
13:09:37HClbut then.
13:09:41HCli have a 100mbit connection.
13:09:43T0masit's not that big...
13:09:53HClso i'm a bit spoiled regarding internet speed..
13:10:19T0masomg... check this:
13:10:28DJ_Dooms_Daydo you live on top of a broadband pipeline or something hcl?
13:10:38CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
13:10:38*T0mas wouldn't want to be operated in ah OR powered bij Microsoft...
13:10:40HClyou could say i do.
13:10:49HClthe 10gbit broadband pipeline you speak of
13:11:01HClis located about 50 metres outside of campus
13:11:05HCland we're hooked straight into it
13:11:25DJ_Dooms_Dayand your talking to a fellow who can't even get ADSL :/
13:11:34T0maswhere do you live???
13:11:53DJ_Dooms_Dayaussie :P
13:11:56T0masHCl: I know that site :)
13:12:02HCljust saying :P
13:12:07HClso you won't be shocked in the future
13:12:12HClwhen microsoft really does operate your pc
13:12:13HCl :P
13:12:27T0masDJ_Dooms_Day: you are still on dailup? or is there cable availible in autraila?
13:12:39DJ_Dooms_Daykind of
13:12:48DJ_Dooms_Daysemi broadband
13:12:51*T0mas had ISDN for a week... last year
13:12:53T0mas16 KB/s
13:13:01DJ_Dooms_Day15, max
13:13:09T0mas128 kbit... = 16 KB/s
13:13:26DJ_Dooms_Dayim being realistic here
13:13:40*HCl remembers the days of optimized 28k8 modems and bbs's...
13:13:44T0masmy adsl modem was killed by a lightning strike :X
13:13:52 Quit ghode|afk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:13:54DJ_Dooms_Day...where can i DL net btw?
13:13:57T0mashad to use ISDN for a few days
13:14:01T0mashorrible :P
13:14:18T0maswindows update...
13:14:41HClyea. windows update does it..
13:15:26T0masbut you can better take the windows update version
13:15:29DJ_Dooms_Day23mb -_-
13:15:29T0masthis one is bigger...
13:15:49T0masin windows update it's just for your OS... this one is for everything from 98 to XP...
13:16:05DJ_Dooms_DayWell it deserves to die all the same
13:17:04 Join Patr3ck_ [0] (
13:17:06T0masHCl: Do you know a way to write a windows app, wich is unprintscreenable?
13:17:27HCli might.
13:17:37T0masI want to display some text... but you are not allowed to copy it..
13:17:42T0masmaybe directX overlays?
13:17:49T0masor is there a simpeler way?
13:17:49HClyes, that was gonna be my idea.
13:17:49DJ_Dooms_DayThat'd do it
13:17:59HClsame thing that media player does.
13:18:06T0masyeah, but I did some directX last year...
13:18:17T0masand displaying text is dus horrible...
13:18:22rasherguess I should clean out my source and update
13:18:57DJ_Dooms_Dayactually the windows update NET is still 23mb
13:19:02*HCl doesn't like software that doesn't allow people to copy it
13:19:08HCl11mb, 23mb, same thing. :P
13:19:27*HCl downloaded 8 gb yesterday
13:19:46*T0mas has just 3 mbit...
13:19:50DJ_Dooms_DaySo what your saying is that 1 hour and 2 hours as the same thing? I think not
13:19:53T0masstandard ADSL
13:19:53HCl3mbit is still plenty
13:20:00HClmy parents have 4mbit
13:20:05*rasher is on 256/256
13:20:12T0masdutch adsl is competing :P
13:20:18DJ_Dooms_DayWe're lucky to have 1500 here
13:20:26T0masKPN (our telephone company) is competing Versatel and Tiscali
13:20:28HClT0mas: got any limits though?
13:20:38T0masPlanet dropped al the limits :)
13:20:38HClwhat about your upstream?
13:20:47DJ_Dooms_DayOh, well we just have one massive monopoly company
13:20:52HClhow much do you pay?
13:20:57T0mas40 euro/month
13:21:01HClmmm. ok.
13:21:04HClthats still fairly expensive.
13:21:10T0maswell it was more...
13:21:15DJ_Dooms_Daydoes win update resume?
13:21:16HClbut maybe i should get my dad to buy that
13:21:17T0masI started at 512/128
13:21:20HClDJ_Dooms_Day: no
13:21:21T0masthen 512/256
13:21:30HCllow upstreams are lame
13:21:33DJ_Dooms_Day...i love windows
13:21:33T0masthen 1024/512
13:21:43T0masanother upgrade to 2048/512
13:21:50T0masand now 3200/768
13:21:58rasherI started at 1024/256, then 512/128, then 1024/256 and now 256/256 :(
13:21:59T0masso 3.2 mbit actually :D
13:22:03DJ_Dooms_Dayjust like i love aussies telecommunications infastructure
13:22:16T0masrasher: yeah, but you are now paying less?
13:22:22T0masI still have the same provider... with the same price...
13:22:32T0masthey just keep on upgrading here :D
13:22:34rasherT0mas: more.. I lived at home with the first 3 :)
13:22:42HCli need an extra set of eye
13:22:54HCltrying to be active on irc and watch anime doesn't work
13:22:55HCl :/
13:25:00T0mashmz... but that driver Andy Young wrote... it's capable of playing PCM.. and the other codec's output PCM don't they?
13:25:14T0masSo is it possible to play a test mp3/wave now?
13:25:17HClpretty much.
13:25:21rashershould be
13:25:29DJ_Dooms_Dayoh fuckin oath, i already downloaded NET :P
13:25:29HCli looked at the driver a bit, and i don't quite understand it, so i gave up on it
13:25:33rasherunless it ends up being 48khz or something
13:25:42*T0mas is compiling from cvs right now :D
13:25:47HCli'm really rather curious at sound support for rockboy
13:25:52*rasher too
13:26:12DJ_Dooms_Daysound support as in sound from games?
13:26:31T0masCan you make an option to disable sound too?
13:26:36*T0mas hates mario music :P
13:27:26DJ_Dooms_DayI wonder, would it be hard to maybe redirect sound from the rom to another file? Actually thats a stupid question, their in totally different formats and bit rates etc....never mind me :P
13:27:43HClwhat do you mean another file?
13:27:51DJ_Dooms_Dayan mp3
13:27:58HClsure, you could.
13:27:59DJ_Dooms_Dayala, play music while playing a game
13:28:17HClum. sound is emulated, its not being played back from a file in a rom.
13:29:01DJ_Dooms_Daysorry, what do you mean?
13:29:21LinusNDJ_Dooms_Day: no, what do *you* mean?
13:29:21HClah nm, i'm confused :/
13:29:39DJ_Dooms_Dayok, i think im on a totally different page here :P
13:30:11LinusNthe reason that you can't play mp3 music while playing gameboy games is that the cpu is not fast enough
13:30:14 Join MoosCamaro [0] (
13:30:22MoosCamaroHey all
13:30:23DJ_Dooms_Dayyes, so i've been told
13:30:29LinusNMoosCamaro: hey ho
13:30:35*rasher decodes iriver.mp3
13:30:41*rasher renames to sample.wav
13:30:49DJ_Dooms_DayBut you can play the sound from the game rom true?
13:30:53*rasher prepares
13:30:53LinusNrasher: catch the digital flow!!!!!
13:31:04LinusNDJ_Dooms_Day: yes
13:32:17DJ_Dooms_DayOk, now what i was thinking, was that you do a hack job and redirect the rom sounds to a playlist of music. But i quickly rethought that because their totally different formats and you'd therefore have to load the playback codecs and what not and therefore kill the CPU.
13:32:18rasherI'm catching it!
13:32:27rasherumpf umpf umpf.. iRiver (iRiver)
13:32:33rashercatch the digital flow!!!!!
13:32:34 Quit Patr3ck (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:33:10rasherit even fit in 8mb :)
13:34:41DJ_Dooms_Dayholy mother of god im annoyed, this program won't run because it need NET Ver. 1.1.4112...and i have NET Ver 2
13:34:51HClgotta love microsoft
13:34:59HClmaybe you need both?
13:35:30DJ_Dooms_Daymaybe i i just need to stab it in the eye balls
13:35:37rasherCATCH THEM ALL!
13:35:38HClmaybe :)
13:35:38DJ_Dooms_Day...if only it had eye balls
13:36:51rasherLinusN: ah yes, the warning on IriverBoot... I ended up doing that without knowing it was dangerous :-S
13:37:12HCldid you brick it?
13:37:20rasherNo :>
13:37:24HCl :)
13:37:24rasherworked like a charm
13:37:34LinusNyou may very well brick it if you try today's cvs
13:37:53rasherbut.. I had thought it was independent code.. but after looking at it I get the point
13:37:54HClwhats new in todays cvs?
13:39:21rasherso many commits!
13:39:23LinusNHCl: pcm playback
13:40:01LinusNand some cpu clocking changes, which affects the boot loader
13:40:23DJ_Dooms_DayHey, how long does a game take to load on the rockboy?
13:40:33rashera few seconds
13:41:11DJ_Dooms_Dayhow long does it take to switch between rockbox -> rockboy
13:41:18DJ_Dooms_Day...and back
13:41:26LinusNa few seconds
13:41:34*rasher catches the digital flow again
13:41:57DJ_Dooms_Daydoes it require a restart of the iriver or just a switch or software?
13:42:07LinusNrockboy is a plugin
13:42:23LinusNit runs within rockbox
13:42:44DJ_Dooms_DayMeaning what? you just select it from a list of plugins and it runs?
13:42:57DJ_Dooms_Dayok cool
13:43:08DJ_Dooms_Day(gotta love the 20 questions :P)
13:45:47T0masis LinusN around?
13:45:55HClhe was 2 min ago.
13:45:56LinusNi am
13:45:57DJ_Dooms_Day[11:42pm] <LinusN> yes
13:46:15T0masThere is a little error in CVS
13:46:28T0masfound it a few day's ago... but noone was able to fix it
13:47:03T0masin on line 88 the rockbox-devel/fonts dir is opened
13:47:18T0masbut when you checkout rockbox-devel it's not there... it's in firmware/fonts
13:47:28LinusNT0mas: there are two fonts dires
13:47:37T0masso you should change the script... to look there... or change to location of the dir
13:47:44HClcvs co fonts in your rockbox-devel dir
13:47:51LinusNfirmware/fonts is an old dir, not used
13:47:55T0masamiconn said the font's dir should not be in the firmware folder
13:48:05LinusNT0mas: there are two fonts dires
13:48:15T0masok, maybe someone can change the rockbox-devel script?
13:48:28T0masbecause that still check's it out under the firmware folder..
13:48:38LinusNgod dammit
13:48:42LinusNT0mas: there are two fonts dirs
13:49:05T0masnot when I check out rockbox-devel
13:49:11T0mastry it...
13:49:12LinusNthe fonts dir you want is not automatically checked out
13:49:22LinusNcvs co fonts
13:49:31rasherthe cvs modules are sortof weird
13:49:43T0masrasher: that's why I asked to change that...
13:49:47rasheror.. whatever they're called
13:49:57rasherwell it's not a fault in the code
13:50:04T0masshouldn't fonts be included in rockbox-devel then?
13:50:39DJ_Dooms_DayHey guys, am i able to start making a graphical theme for rockbox now? Like are there any specifics i need to adhere to?
13:50:57rasherThere's nothing of the sort.
13:51:11LinusNT0mas: i just added fonts to rockbox-devel
13:51:17amiconnT0mas: LinusN is right, there are 2 font dirs. I forgot about the one under firmware/. This one only contains the default font which is built into rockbox by a build
13:51:28DJ_Dooms_DayWere you talking to me rasher?
13:51:33rasherDJ_Dooms_Day: yup
13:51:38T0masLinusN: ok
13:51:56DJ_Dooms_DayWhat do you mean? I can make a bootup screen, and icons and symbols etc.
13:52:09DJ_Dooms_DayWell atleast i can with the iriver firmware
13:52:25rasherDJ_Dooms_Day: Sure.. but there's currently no support for it.. except for the bootup logo I guess
13:52:51LinusNfyi, the iriver firmware has no support for graphical themes either
13:53:06 Join DangerousDan [0] (
13:53:26DJ_Dooms_DayWho said anything about support? You CAN change the theme, no one supports it though
13:53:41T0masno, that's something someone coded...
13:53:48T0masit's not officially supported
13:54:17DJ_Dooms_Day...i didn't say anything is supported!
13:54:19LinusNDJ_Dooms_Day: but yes, you can change the graphics in rockbox any day, just download the source code and hack away
13:54:50rasherIt seems to me like you do not properly understand that rockbox is entirely disconnected from the iriver firmware, DJ_Dooms_Day
13:54:54T0masHm... DJ_Dooms_Day: It would be cool if you made a nice graphical interface... for the bigger iRiver screen
13:55:13DJ_Dooms_Dayrasher, your probably right
13:55:16T0masI don't think it's a good idea to do it for archos... because of the memory limits
13:55:36rasherwell the theme is not the problem
13:55:37DJ_Dooms_Dayi don't plan on touching an archos
13:55:48rasherthe problem is shoe-horning it into rockbox in an elegant way
13:56:01DJ_Dooms_DayOk hang on, so rockbox inherits the theme from the original firmware, true?
13:56:10T0masjust try and error strategie with the ui simulator ;)
13:56:21rasherit inherits *NOTHING* from the original firmware
13:56:37rasherIt has nothing to do with it.
13:57:15DJ_Dooms_DayOk, so how would i go about edited the bitmaps in rockbox? Are they in, say, a editable PS format?
13:57:53rasherthere aren't really much graphics
13:58:26DJ_Dooms_DayAs in you guys haven't made em all yet or there just arn't many?
13:58:31T0mashm... what would be an elegant way to add them?
13:58:43T0masdj: there aren't many
13:58:48rasherthe interface is 98% text
13:59:35rasherthe top 5 rows show the ui
13:59:42rasherthe rest is just plugins
13:59:42DJ_Dooms_DayWell i really only ment to change say the bootscreen, battery, EQ, song icons, general symbols, etc
14:00:25rasherthere's not much to it, but you have to dig into the code
14:00:32LinusNthe battery is not a bitmap, the eq is text-only
14:01:03LinusNthe bitmaps are in the source code
14:01:57DJ_Dooms_DayThat sort of stuff
14:02:13LinusNDJ_Dooms_Day: that only applies to the original firmware
14:02:30DJ_Dooms_DayOk so rockbox is nothing like that anymore?
14:03:02LinusNDJ_Dooms_Day: "anymore"?
14:03:08rasherDJ_Dooms_Day: rockbox is entirely different from the iriver firmware
14:03:21rashernothing can be applied to it from iriver firmware
14:03:26HClits not a hack on the firmware, its a new firmware from scratch.
14:04:38T0masand it's much cooler :P
14:04:54rasherI'm getting sortof tired now..
14:04:55HClyup - it can play gameboy games >.o
14:05:04DJ_Dooms_Daybah, i'd much rather the pics not be in code :P
14:05:14rasherdidn't sleep all night :(
14:06:21DJ_Dooms_DayHoly shit, i download this iriver graphics customiser and what does it need? NET 1.1.4112...YAY!
14:06:37 Join T0mas_ [0] (
14:06:56T0mas_arg... freenode has a lot of connection problems last weeks isn't it?
14:07:04rasherit always does..
14:07:09HClits fine fer me
14:07:12 Quit T0mas (Nick collision from services.)
14:07:20 Nick T0mas_ is now known as t0mas (
14:07:30 Join Heidelbaer [0] (
14:08:14t0masHCl: is it normal for some gameboy game's to not fit the screen?
14:08:48HClthere are several lcd modes.
14:09:30rashermove hold up and down for a bit
14:09:33rasherand see
14:09:46t0massimulator ;)
14:09:59rasheroh.. err
14:10:06DJ_Dooms_Day*sigh* Someones death is going to be the result of a certain someone getting rather agitated at the NET framework :/
14:10:07rasherI didn't even know it ran :)
14:10:21HClamiconn did some good work on it to make it run in sim
14:10:50rasherI only saw him say it didn't run
14:11:38HClit didn't at first
14:11:40amiconnt0mas: There is no way to toggle HOLD in the simulator yet, but support is planned (using caps lock)
14:12:37t0masehm... HCl? is there an easy way to make the mid button work as A or B too?
14:12:56HClchange the keys in sys_rockbox.c
14:14:23DJ_Dooms_DayIs there plans for combo keys?
14:14:33HClread the rockboy todo list.
14:14:38DJ_Dooms_DayPlay some GB streetfighter :P
14:18:30DJ_Dooms_DayDo any of you guys have an xp with PS?
14:18:41HClxp with ps?
14:18:50t0masExperience with Paint shop?
14:18:50DJ_Dooms_DayLike how to limit the palette to those 4 values?
14:19:08DJ_Dooms_Dayor phto shop
14:19:08t0masvery little...
14:19:11HClthanks for the translation t0mas o.o;;
14:19:41DJ_Dooms_Dayheh, sorry, its 1 in the morning, too lazy to write out everything :P
14:20:08t0masit's afternoon here :)
14:20:28t0mas14:21... and I just realize I haven't eat anything since this morning...
14:20:31t0masso /me is away
14:21:54*HCl just stuffed himself..
14:22:31DJ_Dooms_DayIs that even possible?
14:23:00HClwith food >.>
14:23:15 Quit Aison (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
14:24:34DJ_Dooms_DayAnyone know the RGB values the LCD uses?
14:24:42HClrgb values?
14:24:45DJ_Dooms_Day...well they wouldn't be rgb would they
14:25:08DJ_Dooms_Dayumm, i dunno what you'd call em, but do you get me?
14:25:25DJ_Dooms_Daythe code for each of the 4 colors
14:25:32LinusNDJ_Dooms_Day: you mean the different brightness values for the grayscales?
14:25:36HClthe internal format uses a 1bit per pixel format.
14:25:52DJ_Dooms_Daywell, i wanna input them into PS
14:26:01HClgood luck. heh.
14:26:13HClwe have 8 pixels per byte.
14:26:22LinusNDJ_Dooms_Day: they are evenly distributed, afik
14:26:25DJ_Dooms_DayGive me the code to the white one
14:27:08DJ_Dooms_Day...ok, but you just knew that didn't you?
14:27:35ZagorDJ_Dooms_Day: you need to work with a 4-coulour indexed palette. so the colours are 0, 1, 2 and 3.
14:27:40 Join elinenbe [0] (~elinenbe_@
14:28:29*t0mas has written a little bmp decoding app in the past..
14:28:36t0maswhen struggeling with directX
14:28:43DJ_Dooms_DayDo you know how i could change it to 4 color in PS? I've got it on indexed palette
14:29:01t0masmaybe it's possible to make rockbox use some images from file?
14:30:02t0masthat would make it easyer for creative people like DJ_D_D to make their own interface?
14:30:42DJ_Dooms_Daythe iriver firmware uses images doesn't it?
14:30:52t0masdon't know...
14:31:41DJ_Dooms_DayWell, you could probably get a lot of info from the fellow who made this:
14:32:08t0masno, he just hack's the iriver firmware...
14:32:14t0masand replaces some things...
14:32:28*HCl sighs
14:32:39*HCl flops on the couch on the right side of the channel
14:33:33*t0mas ment "He is hacking the original firmware, so I don't think he know's much about implementing graphics in rockbox"
14:34:57DJ_Dooms_Daylol, no i ment you could find out whether he is extracting a file from the firmware, or just code. If its code then you guys could just make a program like that, instead of implementing some graphical file system
14:35:16DJ_Dooms_DayHey, apparently 8-bit greyscale works too
14:35:34HClwe needn't make such a program either way. we can just have a .h with all the images that you can swap
14:35:35t0mas(don't include me in "you guys" I'm just a user)
14:36:13t0masHCl: how is it set up now?
14:36:18DJ_Dooms_DayWell not all of us can WRITE graphics hcl :P
14:36:26HCli wouldn't know. i'm just saying.
14:36:39HClDJ_Dooms_Day: i know there's at least one tool to make a .h out of a bitmap.
14:36:50t0masI was just going to say that HCl
14:37:03HClhappen to know what it was called again...?
14:37:07LinusNthe rockbox graphics are drawn in an editor and then converted to source code
14:37:15DJ_Dooms_Dayok cool
14:37:39DJ_Dooms_DayWell feel free to make those editors publicly known anytime soon
14:37:47Ricki wrote a basic converter that dumps it to the internal format so you can use it with the draw bitmap func
14:38:25t0maswell... if everything else is done... maybe it's an intresting next idea...
14:38:27Rick<DJ_Dooms_Day> Hey, apparently 8-bit greyscale works too <- ?
14:38:28DJ_Dooms_Dayok cool, i got the 4 colors in PS
14:38:34t0masto implement a more graphical interface for the irive
14:38:42DJ_Dooms_DayI dunno, read it on a forum
14:39:16ZagorRick: we alreay have that: tools/bmp2rb
14:39:52Rickdidn't know that
14:39:58Rickbut mine works with PNGs, so meh ;P
14:40:14DJ_Dooms_DayANyone know how big the logo is allowed to be?
14:40:25Rickwhat logo?
14:40:43DJ_Dooms_Dayboot/shutdown logo
14:40:53Rickrockbox doesn't have a shutdown logo
14:41:02ZagorDJ_Dooms_Day: for iriver 160x100 or so
14:41:37Rickiriver is 160x128, or 112
14:41:39Ricksomething like that
14:42:02DJ_Dooms_Day160x128, 100% sure?
14:42:02Zagoryeah but we don't use all of it for the logo. a version string is printed at the bottom.
14:42:23DJ_Dooms_Daythats just put over the top though isn't it?
14:42:37DJ_Dooms_Dayim talking about the original firmware here
14:42:47HCloh. no idea.
14:42:57HClwhy talk about the original firmware here?
14:43:11 Quit ripnetuk (Remote closed the connection)
14:43:15DJ_Dooms_Daywell i can't test my logos on rockbox
14:43:29DJ_Dooms_Dayso i'll make em on the orig firmware then just convert
14:43:32***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:43:33Rickthe logos in the original firmware have serious limitations anyway
14:43:52DJ_Dooms_Daywadya mean?
14:44:06Rickiirc there's specific regions where it will show the image
14:44:10Rickoutside of that it is not shown
14:44:49HClnot to mention rockbox will have somewhere around 40 grayscales when amiconn gets to working on the temperal dithering...
14:45:13RickHCl: ?
14:45:29t0maswouldn't that eat cpu?
14:45:30HClRick: grayscale like whats possible on archos at the moment is planned for iriver too.
14:45:35HClt0mas: yea, it would.
14:45:39RickI don't know what's possible on the archos
14:45:50t0masand what would we use it for?
14:45:56HCliirc about 30 grayscales while the lcd actually is black and white natively?
14:46:03HClt0mas: jpg and video
14:46:12t0masas long as you don't use it for the interface...
14:46:12DJ_Dooms_DayI think the size is 104x88 btw
14:46:18RickHCl: didya fix the palette/grayscale stuff with rockboy?
14:46:21t0masbecause that would eat battery's
14:46:27HClRick: what do you mean?
14:46:39RickHCl: uhh... rockboy didn't do palette?
14:46:51HCloh. that. no, i haven't. the palette stuff needs a complete rewrite
14:46:54ZagorDJ_Dooms_Day: the iriver boot logo perhaps, but for the zillionth time: that has nothing to do with rockbox.
14:46:57HCland i don't understand those _scan functions at all.
14:47:41DJ_Dooms_DayZagor, im not doing it for the rockbox right now! I can't test it if i did.
14:47:59Rickwhy would you need to test a bitmap?
14:48:16*HCl is kind of wondering that to..
14:48:19DJ_Dooms_Dayto see if it actually works
14:48:27DJ_Dooms_Dayif im doing it right
14:48:41HClbut the original firmware is completely different from rockbox
14:49:02HClwhats the point of doing it "right" for iriver firmware if rockbox' interface is completely different in the first place?
14:49:03DJ_Dooms_Dayand who knows how long you guys are gonna take to produce a working (with sound!) rockbox :P
14:49:23amiconnHCl: The grayscale lib on archos allows for a maximum of 33 shades of grey (including black and white) on the lcd which is natively b&w only.
14:49:40Rickamiconn: how is that done?
14:49:44Rickhalving of resolution?
14:50:11amiconnThe cpu consumption depends on the size of the greyscale area only, not on the number of scales. It needs about 50% cpu for fullscreen
14:50:32DJ_Dooms_DayWell, if you guys could get back to me on EXACTLY what size it has to be, EXACTLY what colors i can use, and be 100% sure about it, i'll create rockbox logos
14:50:55t0maseh... there is a rockbox logo...
14:51:00t0maswhy not check that?
14:51:30amiconnRick: No, temporal dithering, meaning it flips through several screens (a maximum of 32, which leads to a maximum of 33 shades), which have each pixel set/reset by a pattern which defines its brightness
14:51:47DJ_Dooms_DayGood idea, but is it in editable format or just code? Plus, wasn't there just talk of you guys uping the iriver to 40 odd colors with dithering?
14:51:57Rickamiconn: oh, weird
14:52:17t0masDJ: you shouldn't use the 40 colors for interface things
14:52:20amiconnThis is done with an interrupt routine, at 67 fps
14:52:22t0masjust for jpeg and video
14:52:47DJ_Dooms_DaySo just the usual 4 colors
14:52:52t0masit eat's cpu... so imho it would be stupid to use for interface images
14:53:08DJ_Dooms_Day...well, its only the boot logo
14:53:23DJ_Dooms_Daywhich shows up for what? 5 seconds?
14:53:34amiconnThe 67 fps is needed. It matches (approximately, since we have no way to synchronise) the internal scan frequency of the lcd to minimise flicker
14:53:40t0masyeah, but what's the point of using 40 colors in a boot logo?
14:53:47t0masI think it would even slow down the booting...
14:54:03HClyea, just use 2bit...
14:54:06t0masand I don't know if dithering is availible while booting?
14:54:09DJ_Dooms_DayOk, i can't be fucked trying to work out the 40 odd colors anyway :P
14:54:22amiconnDoing the same on iriver should need less cpu, because the lcd is connected by a parallel interface. Archos lcd uses spi
14:55:12ZagorDJ_Dooms_Day: there are no colors to work out. a display that can only show X colors only has X colors. not "these X colors".
14:55:14amiconnHowever, I agree that this should be a library for iriver the same way it is now on the archos, availabe for plugins only
14:55:45t0masok, that's useful for DJ_Dooms_Day... It isn't availible for boot screens and things like that..
14:55:45DJ_Dooms_DayNow, logo size. You said 160x128. Is that for sure? Is there other stuff i need to leave blank? (for say, the version string)
14:55:48t0masonly for plugin's
14:56:03t0masdownload rockbox... build the simulator...
14:56:08t0masand see for yourself?
14:56:24ZagorDJ_Dooms_Day: you can make it 160x128 but the bottom line (8-10 pixels) will be overwritten. plan for that or leave the bottom empty.
14:56:43amiconnHCl: Btw, the video plugin does *not* use the grayscale lib although it uses the same technique. Instead, the video frames are already rendered the same way that the grayscale lib uses (b&w frames @ 67 fps)
14:56:46Zagormaybe as much as 20 pixels, for legibility
14:56:52DJ_Dooms_DayDon't i need to compile rockbox? Or is that already done?
14:56:56HClamiconn: mhm
14:57:16DJ_Dooms_DayZagor: So 160x108 or 140x128?
14:57:21amiconnActually the video plugin was first
14:57:28t0masDJ_Dooms_Day: by build the simulator I mean compile rockbox and the simulator and install them
14:57:42ZagorDJ_Dooms_Day: 160x108
14:58:04amiconnI used the video.rock technique (developed by [IDC]Dragon) as a basis for the grayscale lib
14:58:41DJ_Dooms_Dayt0mas - What?? Just to see for my self? I don't have a compiler, i don't know HOW to compile (i've tryed before), and i don't know how to install it (though i could probably learn)
14:58:52t0masok, privmsg me
14:58:55t0masI'll help you
15:01:48 Quit Rick (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
15:02:17 Join Rick [0] (
15:02:37t0mashas anybody ever written a manual for the devkit? or cygwin and compiling for beginners in general?
15:02:53t0masOr shall I try to write something like it?
15:03:03HCldon't we have a rockbox-development part in the wiki for that.
15:03:06DJ_Dooms_Daywell you really need to know what your doing to compile something i think
15:03:34DJ_Dooms_Dayive tryed it before and i was just pushing any button that seemed relivent :P
15:03:41t0masHCl: yeah, but we get a lot of questions about it here
15:03:50DJ_Dooms_DayI actually managed to do it but it didn't work properly
15:04:03RickI need to setup cygwin myself
15:04:55t0masok... wait.. I'm helping DJ_Dooms_Day right now
15:05:01t0masso maybe we can do it in a channel?
15:06:13t0masyeah, but DJ_Dooms_Day needed a little help
15:06:26t0masdoesn't know how to compile and things like that...
15:06:35DJ_Dooms_DayI'm good man, help them. I'll ask Q's in here if i need help
15:07:05DJ_Dooms_Day...or i'll just read this shit :)
15:07:11t0masthat's a way too
15:07:41Zagorwe'll be a lot happier if you ask questions after you've read the docs than the other way around...
15:07:50DJ_Dooms_DayDid someone say rockbox didn't have a shutdown logo?
15:08:00DJ_Dooms_Dayi try man, i try
15:08:19t0masdid you install that devkit i said?
15:08:38DJ_Dooms_Daystill DLing, im on ISDN remember
15:08:46t0masoh ok... i forgot ;)
15:09:45DJ_Dooms_DayDoes the devkit need to be compiled?
15:11:04DJ_Dooms_Day...that 'howtocompile' tut, is that on linux?
15:11:13amiconnrasher: I have an idea for an (almost) disk-access-less battery test which still doesn't need full-time attention of the iriver. You already know the threshold where the iriver shuts off from low bat, so you could log the data into ram and only write to disk once when the threshold is almost reached
15:14:26RickDJ_Dooms_Day: yes, I said that.
15:14:39Rickshutdown just shows a message 'shutting down' using the splash api
15:14:54t0masDJ_Dooms_Day: no, that devkit is just a click and run installer
15:15:15t0masafter you installed that, read the howto on CVS
15:15:27DJ_Dooms_DayWhat about a 'connected' screen when its plugged into the comp?
15:15:44Rickit has a weird looking usb graphic
15:15:58DJ_Dooms_Dayok cool, so its a graphic :D
15:16:08t0masyes it is
15:16:27DJ_Dooms_DayCVS, thats similar to a SVN true?
15:16:28*Rick is downloading cygwin components now
15:16:36t0masyou can see it in simulator... Go to main menu -> info -> USB
15:16:44t0masDJ_Dooms_Day: yes it is...
15:17:00DJ_Dooms_DayNice, then theres something i already know :)
15:17:27*DJ_Dooms_Day extracting cygwin now...
15:17:55t0masas you can read in the cvs tutorial... you can just do this:
15:17:57Rickcygwin binutils is too old?
15:18:05t0mascvs -z3 co rockbox-devel
15:18:28t0masRick: afaik you should download a new one to get m68k support
15:18:46Rickthat's going to be hell compiling that under cygwin
15:19:39DJ_Dooms_DayWhere do i type cvs -z3 co rockbox-devel in?
15:20:17Ricka cygwin or unix terminal
15:20:30Rickor, if you have cvs for win32, a command prompt
15:20:50t0masif you start the devkit
15:20:53t0masyou get a commandline
15:20:57t0mastype it there :)
15:21:04Rickwhat devkit?
15:21:12DJ_Dooms_Day_bockbox.bat ?
15:21:28t0masDJ_Dooms_Day: for setup: setup/setup.bat
15:21:29Rickoh that thing
15:22:14DJ_Dooms_Dayok how do you paste in here?
15:25:14Rickdownload is horrendously slow
15:25:47Rickthank god for remote shells ;)
15:29:13amiconnAh that reminds me, how am I supposed to start a remote X session again?
15:30:53DJ_Dooms_DayExactly how big is this CVS?
15:31:19Rickall that 'omgl33t' stuff in this devkit is annoying
15:31:30Rickamiconn: you mean connect to a remote one?
15:33:46DJ_Dooms_DayIts done
15:34:10 Join R3nTiL [0] (~zorroz@
15:34:39amiconnRick: I mean, how do I start an X app so that it's window opens on another X server
15:34:48Rickamiconn: 'DISPLAY' enviornment variable
15:34:51RickI don't remember the format though
15:34:58Rickit's something like 0:host:port
15:35:00Rickor something
15:35:13kergothDISPLAY= or so
15:35:23Rickyeah, that's probably it
15:43:03 Join geoff_o [0] (
15:43:04amiconnHmm, that doesn't seem to work :(
15:43:09 Part geoff_o ("Kopete 0.9.1 :")
15:43:20amiconn'Error: can't open display'
15:43:28crwltry :0
15:43:45Rickremoved most of the extraneous junk in that devkit
15:44:03amiconncrwl: Same result :(
15:44:14LinusNamiconn: ssh?
15:44:49amiconnLinusN: ?? No ssh, just trying to connect from my host to my vmware guest
15:44:59amiconnI can ping the machine just fine
15:45:18LinusNyou need to do "xhost +" on the server
15:46:12LinusNand set the DISPLAY variable on the client
15:48:05 Part LinusN
15:54:19amiconnHmm, doesn't work in either direction
15:57:41DJ_Dooms_DayAnyone know where the logo graphics are stored in the devkit?
15:58:34 Join Aison [0] (
15:59:18 Join prpplague [0] (
16:00:34 Quit einhirn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:02:27RickDJ_Dooms_Day: logo graphics are stored in source files
16:02:32Rickunless you mean something else
16:04:24DJ_Dooms_DayYeah, WHERE exactly in the source files?
16:09:30DJ_Dooms_DayNo one knows?
16:14:43DJ_Dooms_DayDo you know where that is located in the devkit?
16:15:26t0masDJ_Dooms_Day: same place as normal source ;)
16:15:33Rickscreens.c and icons.c
16:15:54Rickicons is in rockbox\apps\recorder
16:16:13t0masand rockbox = rockbox-devel for you :)
16:16:22t0masas you checked out all the devel tools at once :)
16:16:30DJ_Dooms_Dayah, right :)
16:16:55Ricki'm using the devkit but I checked it out of CVS
16:17:05Rickrockbox, that is
16:17:37t0masyeah, but you can also do checkout rockbox-devel
16:17:41t0masto get all tools with it Rick
16:18:04t0masand I told DJ_Dooms_Day to do that... because we wanted the bmp2rb tool... and simulator.. and things like that
16:18:24Rick <- retarded :P
16:18:28Rickt0mas: oh
16:18:34Rickrockbox-devel never worked fo rme
16:18:37Rick*for me
16:18:39Rickfrom cvs
16:18:41*Rick shrugs
16:18:55RickI just checked out the folders after checking out rockbox
16:19:06t0masyeah, I told linus this morning... and he fixed it
16:19:16Ricki'll try that then
16:19:22t0masthe fonts folder was on the wrong place
16:19:36t0masor actually... it wasn't checkedout at all...
16:20:52DJ_Dooms_Dayok, now, to input this properly into screens.c...
16:21:45t0mas$Id: screens.c,v 1.74 2005/02/19 16:23:30 hohensoh Exp $
16:22:03t0masso I think you should ask someone here... or find that hohensoh...
16:22:09t0masand ask him/her how it works :)
16:22:20DJ_Dooms_Dayits not in screens.c, screens has the USB graphic
16:25:01 Quit kurzhaarrocker (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:25:36 Quit R3nTiL ()
16:26:51DJ_Dooms_DayWhats the GB emu your using again?
16:27:43t0masHCl ported it to rockbox
16:28:25DJ_Dooms_Daythats the one
16:29:43Rick/home/rick/rockbox/firmware/include/assert.h:19: error: parse error before '(' token
16:29:47DJ_Dooms_Daywhat fun, now i have to recompile
16:29:57RickDJ_Dooms_Day: icons.c too
16:30:10t0masDJ_Dooms_Day: you can skip the removing part
16:30:14DJ_Dooms_Dayyeah, i looked, still can't find hte main logo
16:30:20t0masif you just edited a little bit...
16:30:25DJ_Dooms_Day..what part was that?
16:30:28t0masthen you van go back to the build folder
16:30:30t0masand type make
16:30:37t0masand it will only rebuild the part you changed
16:30:59DJ_Dooms_Dayok, so i type cd build?
16:31:43DJ_Dooms_Dayok, its going
16:32:10DJ_Dooms_Daywhat do i type to get to the sim again?
16:32:18HClwho what?
16:32:32 Quit Aison ("( :: NoNameScript 3.72 :: )")
16:33:42DJ_Dooms_Daymmm...well that didnt work
16:35:15t0maseh exe
16:35:22DJ_Dooms_Dayyeah i got it
16:36:57DJ_Dooms_Dayok, either my bmp's arn't in the right format or, well, i guess it could be a lot of things
16:37:04DJ_Dooms_DayWHO made these logos?
16:38:33RickDoes the coldfire support longs?
16:43:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:50:57DJ_Dooms_DayHey anyone know of any good gnuboy rom sites?
16:51:07 Quit tvelocity[away] ()
16:52:45HClyou mean gameboy rom..
16:53:32DJ_Dooms_Dayi said that didn't i?
16:53:53prpplagueDJ_Dooms_Day: has some legal roms
16:54:28prpplagueDJ_Dooms_Day: and or links to legal roms
16:54:32DJ_Dooms_Dayand illegal ones? I doubt anyone would bother hosting gameboy roms in IRC would they?
16:54:55prpplagueDJ_Dooms_Day: you'd be surprised how stupid some ppl are
16:55:14prpplagueDJ_Dooms_Day: both in the fact that they break the law and the fact that they don't cover up
16:57:09prpplagueDJ_Dooms_Day: are you doing some GB or GBA dev?
16:57:57DJ_Dooms_Daycant get GBA on an iriver, so GB only i guess
16:58:08*Rick kicks setjmp.h
16:58:35prpplagueDJ_Dooms_Day: ahh, so you are running an emulator on the iriver?
16:59:13t0masDJ_Dooms_Day: check your privmsg...
16:59:26t0mas[16:57:12] <prpplague> DJ_Dooms_Day: you'd be surprised how stupid some ppl are <−−*grin*
16:59:54Rickhow the heck
17:00:12prpplaguet0mas: ??
17:00:15 Join Aison [0] (
17:00:29prpplaguet0mas: did i say something out of place?
17:00:42t0masI don't say anything :P
17:01:54*prpplague reads back to see what he missed
17:04:15Rickdoes anyone know what setjmp is ? (setjmp.h)
17:05:27Ricktrying to find something usable for rockbox
17:05:41Ricks/something/a version/
17:11:39 Join mecraw [0] (fwuser@
17:13:23 Part MoosCamaro
17:17:50 Nick DJ_Dooms_Day is now known as DJ_Dooms_Day|ZZZ (
17:17:50DBUGEnqueued KICK DJ_Dooms_Day|ZZZ
17:24:14 Join prpplague^2 [0] (
17:27:06 Quit prpplague (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:27:16 Nick prpplague^2 is now known as prpplague (
17:41:31 Join asdsd [0] (
17:42:14 Quit asdsd (Client Quit)
17:46:53 Join hubbel [0] (
17:49:51hubbelcool.. sound support in the cvs now =)
17:50:58 Join F1^Aison [0] (
17:51:17 Quit Aison (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:51:37 Quit Patr3ck_ ()
17:52:18 Nick F1^Aison is now known as Aison (
17:57:21 Join stevenm [0] (
17:57:52 Quit prpplague (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:58:25 Join prpplague [0] (
18:15:57 Quit prpplague (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:22:06 Part hubbel
18:23:45 Join _Lucretia_ [0] (
18:23:46 Join bippy [0] (
18:32:00 Join Stryke` [0] (
18:32:02 Quit bippy ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
18:43:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:46:34 Quit SeeSchloss (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:47:05 Join SeeSchloss [0] (
18:49:08 Quit Aison (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:49:21 Quit mbr (
18:51:31NJoinmbr [0] (
19:02:27t0mashm.. who coded the wps screen thing?
19:02:43CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
19:02:43*t0mas has a bmp decoder... w/o floats :)
19:02:58t0masso maybe it's possible to implement the loading of some bmp's into it?
19:03:19t0masso people like DJ_Dooms_Day can produce nice screens?
19:03:36 Quit stevenm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:11:01 Join einhirn [0] (
19:11:04 Quit einhirn (Client Quit)
19:19:36 Join Aison [0] (
19:22:44thegeekhmm, I thought the jpg viewer worked ok?
19:22:47thegeekwhy not use that?
19:22:55thegeekjust until bmp stuff is done?
19:25:36 Nick Lynx_ is now known as Lynx_awy (HydraIRC@
19:35:32t0masthegeek: No, I ment implementing them into the wps
19:35:53t0masThe jpeg/bmp part isn't a problem
19:38:56t0masIt would be nice to have people like him make an interface for the iriver
19:41:52 Quit t0mas ("brb... reboot...")
19:44:39 Join F1^Aison [0] (
19:45:37 Nick F1^Aison is now known as Aison2 (
19:50:21 Join nobby [0] (
19:52:35nobbyPCM playback for iRiver
19:52:38nobbysounds good
19:52:43nobby<3 linus, yet again
20:00:53 Quit Aison (Connection refused)
20:06:58 Join Quelsaruk [0] (~kvirc@
20:08:25 Join stevenm [0] (
20:29:25 Quit stevenm ("Leaving")
20:29:41 Quit elinenbe (" WOW! This IRC Client ownz! HydraIRC -> <-")
20:30:39 Quit Tipi^ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:34:36 Join T0mas [0] (
20:38:22 Join DrRickDaglessMD [0] (
20:39:14 Join Strath [0] (
20:43:40***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:04:49 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
21:05:42 Quit DangerousDan ()
21:07:52 Quit DrRickDaglessMD ()
21:12:12 Join Camilo [0] (
21:20:54 Join Tang [0] (
21:22:24nobbywhat is hm?
21:22:45nobbyHCl? "hm."?
21:23:36nobbyhi tang
21:23:41Seedhello Tang
21:23:42TangHi nobby
21:23:49TangHello Sed
21:23:56SeedHello Tag
21:23:56nobbyhello @ all
21:24:03Tang(you're Seadzz from MR?)
21:24:20Tangsorry for mispelling
21:28:25HClhm = hmmm.
21:28:58nobbybut whY?
21:29:24*HCl shrugs. just hm-ing at silence
21:29:35nobbyany progress on anything?
21:29:50nobbyi read the logs and am overjoyed at the start of the codec api coming together
21:31:15HClyea, i'm kind of wondering where i can find the api
21:31:25HCli'm sort of curious to linus' implementation of rockboy's sound
21:31:31HClit'd prolly make a fairly good example
21:36:01TangEh eh linus is working on Rockboy sound?
21:36:06TangKinda gamer?
21:36:29*HCl shrugs
21:36:33HClhe said it was next on his list
21:37:12nobbyafter complete sound support preferably. :)
21:37:24Tanghe works on sound api?
21:38:48TangI imagine is is the only one to test new iRiver fw since he's the only one with a GDB no?
21:39:01Tanghum sorry a BDM
21:39:06Tang(i mistaken)
21:41:02Tang"Texas Instruments have now confirmed this to be a BQ24022 Li-Ion charger."
21:41:12TangRockbox has direct contact with TI?
21:41:13nobbypcm support can be tested
21:41:22nobbyfrom the cvs
21:41:31nobbyTI talk to everyone
21:41:48nobbythey talked to open source neruos devs too
21:42:13TangAh okay nice guys indeed
21:42:15kergothheh, depends on what ti product is in question. they're pretty cool about most
21:42:24kergothobviously the wireless chipsets are an exception to that
21:42:31Tangi didn't thought
21:42:34nobbyhow come?
21:42:44Tangsince in Rbx case there is no commercial interest for them
21:42:54nobbyi was talking to kergoth :P
21:43:07 Join MoosCamaro [0] (
21:43:15kergothheh, the usual intellectual property mess
21:43:32*nobby hates IP
21:43:42*kergoth works for ti hacking on linux kernel for their OMAP processors
21:43:48kergother, i do for another week, anyway
21:53:19Tangfinaly if i understood well the APIwikisection
21:53:38Tangthe api architecture is fixed no?
21:53:53Tangi mean
21:54:00Tangnot done of course
21:54:12Tangbut chosen?
21:54:37 Join michiel_ [0] (
21:54:53HClhe's stealing my name!
21:54:57HCli should sue him o.o.
21:55:02HCloh wait. this isn't america :p
21:55:39michiel_Tja, er zijn zoveel michiel'en in NL ;-)
21:55:56michiel_Hoi Twente!
21:56:06michiel_Hi guys
21:56:53michiel_sorry to come out of 'lurker' mode, but I'm hoping someone can help me
21:57:02michiel_I just renamed a file in rockbox
21:57:20michiel_without actually entering a new value
21:57:31michiel_now I have a file with an empty name
21:57:40michiel_and rockbox won't start anymore
21:57:43HClwe should so add protection for that.
21:57:46 Join Stryke [0] (
21:57:52HClwhat about the normal firmware?
21:57:59michiel_That still works
21:58:10michiel_problem is that I have no idea how to delete it
21:58:21HClchkdsk it?
21:58:39michiel_I've tried linux chkdosfs
21:58:47michiel_hmm, that might work
21:59:08michiel_WinXP disk repair doesn't fix it
21:59:24michiel_trying a block editor now
21:59:54michiel_By the way, excellent work on porting to the iRiver!!!
22:00:21michiel_does xp still have a commandline chkdsk ?
22:00:29nobby<3 hcl, linus, and all the others
22:05:51nobbyuse a dos floppu
22:06:20HClsince when does dos have usb hdd support? >.>
22:07:00michiel_hmmm, dos floppy?
22:07:12nobbygood point HCl
22:07:20nobbylinux live cd then?
22:07:29HClhe already tried linux..
22:07:33nobbyim sure it has an equivalent to chkdisk
22:07:35michiel_I've already tried the command line. DOS lists the file, but can't 'select' it
22:07:52HClmaybe try del ""
22:07:52HCl ?
22:07:59michiel_tried it
22:08:00nobbycopy any files you need to keep to the C:\ drive and then format the disk
22:08:09michiel_going to try now
22:08:21michiel_nobby: thanks, that was my last resort ;-)
22:08:50nobbyfull H140 then?
22:09:01nobbya 120 would be quicker to format than fix
22:10:04HClif you have usb2
22:11:17 Join asdsd [0] (
22:12:08 Quit asdsd (Client Quit)
22:12:14 Join asdsd [0] (
22:13:07DBUGEnqueued KICK asdsd
22:13:07asdsd,15hey guys
22:13:19asdsd,15how's the progress for the h120 coming along?
22:13:51HClno colors. please.
22:13:55CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
22:13:55*HCl goes to shower.
22:15:37nobbyit is coming along
22:15:45nobbyit plays pcm wav now
22:16:16nobbyif you place a file called sample.wav in root, it can play the first 8mb of it from the debug menu
22:16:42nobbymp3 and others should be working in a week or so
22:21:46T0maswho told you that week nobby?
22:21:52nobbyno one
22:21:55nobbyjust an estimate
22:22:04nobbyan optimistic one
22:24:49 Quit Camilo (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:27:02T0masI don't think they are gonna make it in a week...
22:27:09T0masthe codec API is pretty complex...
22:27:26 Quit Stryke ("Friends don't let friends listen to Anti-Flag")
22:29:39HClwhere is the codec api?
22:29:56*HCl frowns at nobby
22:30:00T0masafaik there is no doc about it yet?
22:30:06HCla very optimistic one, if you'd ask me
22:31:47 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
22:32:43[IDC]Dragonamiconn, do you read?
22:38:21HClamiconn, come in amiconn.
22:38:23HClearth to amiconn.
22:39:46T0masamicon = and insurance company in the Netherlands... one with a very irritating commercial :P
22:39:51T0masand = an
22:41:19amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Now I'm here
22:41:42michiel_drat, even chkdsk thinks my drive is fine :-S
22:42:04michiel_del /P /F /A-A doesn't even work
22:42:07[IDC]DragonI'm trying a little rockboxing, for a change, but sortof fail
22:42:09michiel_access denied
22:42:26*amiconn should really think of setting the /away status :-/
22:42:33[IDC]DragonI'm tackling this MMC removal on startup
22:42:52[IDC]Dragonwith an early USB screen, before mounting
22:43:09nobbyBTW, rockbox thinks my H140 has an mmc instead of a HDD (the activity icon is an MMC card)
22:43:30[IDC]Dragonnobby, that's easy to fix
22:43:42***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:44:01[IDC]Dragonjust use an alternative icon, depending on HAVE_MMC
22:44:09amiconnnobby: This is because there is no (software controllable) led in the iriver, so the led "simulation" code gets compiled in
22:44:40[IDC]Dragonlike, the disk which I made first
22:44:40amiconnThis code only features an MMC icon so far, because the Ondio is the only archos without such a led
22:45:11[IDC]Dragonamiconn, about my problem:
22:45:44[IDC]Dragonsometimes I end up with an empty browser or a mount panic after USB removal
22:48:12[IDC]Dragonor with "swapped disks"
22:48:48[IDC]Dragonthe MMC content in root, a 2nd time under <MMC1>
22:49:05[IDC]Dragonmirrored disk, that is
22:49:13amiconnRAID1 ;)
22:49:19 Quit Heidelbaer ()
22:49:35amiconnHmm, seriously I have no idea why this is.
22:49:50amiconnMaybe these problems are actually connected to the 0308 problem
22:50:22amiconnThe USB access itself is working?
22:51:08[IDC]Dragonshould I commit this for the time being, for further testing, or make a patch?
22:53:03amiconnDoes it work correctly for the disk based units?
22:53:26[IDC]Dragonhaven't tried extensively
22:53:35[IDC]Dragoncompiling again now...
22:58:10[IDC]Dragonyes, seems to work.
22:58:29[IDC]Dragon(less volume combos to try :-)
22:59:48amiconnCompile multi-volume and create 2 partitions...
23:00:24[IDC]Dragonand hotswap them
23:01:00TangI don't see where is the wav playing debug option
23:01:27 Join einhirn [0] (
23:02:07[IDC]Dragonamiconn, I'm close to check this in, as a "discussion basis"
23:02:27[IDC]Dragonwith the secret hope that you may look into it ;-)
23:02:50[IDC]Dragonor, I send you a patch
23:02:58amiconnI'm still a bit busy with my x11 improvements; I want to test networked x11 as well
23:03:34amiconnDisplaying the sim ui on cygwin from my debian vm works meanwhile, but not vice versa
23:04:24amiconnI don't know why, I set the env variable and allowed the access on the other 'machine' via xhost.
23:04:48[IDC]DragonI never used X under cygwin
23:04:57amiconnI still get 'Error: can't open display: ...'
23:05:30amiconncygwin x11 is working just fine since they switched to xorg-x11 (almost a year ago)
23:07:14amiconnGuess my one-way test has to be sufficient
23:07:44michiel_oh well, format it is then...
23:08:23michiel_warning, file rename can leave you with an unrecoverable situation if your filename is empty
23:08:45amiconnBtw, I need to cleanup the code some more before commit. What's your opinion - should functions equivalent to target functions go into the equivalent simulator source file, or into the file where they fit best?
23:08:45michiel_i'll look at the code this weekend, see if I can write a patch
23:14:06[IDC]DragonI think we went 3 ways in the past:
23:14:30[IDC]Dragon1) in the simulator code if it belongs to a layer being emulated
23:14:53[IDC]Dragon2) in the module if it's just a little different
23:15:05[IDC]Dragon3) as a stub, if it's empty
23:16:12amiconnYes, know that. I mean a slightly different thing. Target and both sims all have a file kernel.c, they all have a file thread.c (or equivalent) and so on.
23:17:17 Part asdsd
23:17:25amiconnI mean, if a certain function is in kernel.c on the target, should its equivalent also be in kernel.c for the simulator or could it possibly be in (sim) thread.c if it fits better with the way the code works in the sim?
23:18:41 Quit T0mas (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:18:58 Join asdsd [0] (
23:19:53 Quit asdsd (Client Quit)
23:19:55amiconnThere is another point connected to that. There is quite some code which is identical between simulators and target, but duplicated. My x11 button rework even extends this. This should imho converted to your case (1) some time.
23:20:04 Join asdsd [0] (
23:20:16amiconnBah, I mean case (2) of course
23:22:25 Quit Tang ("Chatzilla 0.9.66 [Mozilla rv:1.7.5/20041108]")
23:25:07[IDC]DragonI can't say I like our hardware differentiation
23:25:38[IDC]Dragonwe should rather split modules into a "minidriver"
23:26:30[IDC]Dragonhaving thereal hardware dependent code in small separate files, one per platform
23:26:49[IDC]Dragonand the independent part of the driver as shared code
23:27:44amiconnI can imagine this won't work well with some of the drivers. I should work well with e.g. the button driver
23:28:19 Quit nobby ("shitty pc broke again")
23:29:18amiconnThe button driver is clearly divided into 2 parts: (1) The function actually reading the hardware (2) The button loop, handling press/repeat/release and queueing the events, and the various functions to read from the queue
23:31:26[IDC]Dragonusb detection is another example
23:33:01[IDC]Dragonor treading: the hardware part is how to load/store the context
23:34:11*[IDC]Dragon submitted a patch to amiconn ;-)
23:37:34[IDC]Dragonin the tracker, just that it won't get lost
23:37:54amiconnFound it. More work on the to-do list. Hmrf, I wanted to have a look at double buffered greyscale, with delta-updates
23:38:44[IDC]Dragonand you ordered an iriver!?
23:39:11[IDC]Dragonfrom amazon?
23:39:21amiconnno, from
23:39:33[IDC]Dragonhow much?
23:40:17amiconn€ 350.24 (€ 365.44 including shipment)
23:40:22 Join DrRickDaglessMD [0] (
23:41:00[IDC]DragonI was close to suggest we get 3x0 models, for a change
23:41:22[IDC]Dragonbut my lack of time keeps me off
23:41:32amiconnI hope that I actually get one; they weren't in stock. Delivery status is 'yellow', and they announce a delivery time of up to 14 days
23:41:56amiconnI also thought about getting a H-340, but there are several points against it
23:42:31[IDC]Dragonsimilar to when I checked: all more or less out of stock
23:42:48amiconn(1) To adapt the bootloader, we'd probably need a wiggler. (2) I don't like colour displays on mobiles, at least not those that need a backlight to be readable
23:43:04amiconn(3) I don't like the design of the H-3xx either
23:43:19[IDC]Dragonack on 2)
23:43:49[IDC]Dragonbut they say the 1x0 display is slooow
23:44:07amiconnThere are actually some colour lcds that are readable without backlight; our company is currently testing blackberry clients. At least the 7230 has such a display
23:44:14[IDC]Dragonthe wiggler is easy to build
23:45:42[IDC]Dragonno spdif is a con for me, but I guess that's fixeable
23:46:01HClit is?
23:46:03amiconns/pdif isn't important for me
23:47:02[IDC]DragonHCl, it's without, ore fixable?
23:47:11HClthe fixable bit
23:47:45[IDC]DragonI guess the coldfire has pins for that
23:48:08 Join ARogan [0] (
23:48:35ARogananybody have any experience repairing buttons on an jukebox recorder v1?
23:48:59[IDC]Dragonthe plastic or the switch?
23:49:36ARoganthe actual switch on the circuit board
23:49:58ARoganactually the issue was the on button was shorting or something and was always regestered as depressed
23:50:19ARoganI ended up popping off the little metal ring that holds the plastic stub on top of the pressure disc
23:50:27ARogannow I'm wondering how to reattach that metal ring
23:51:57*[IDC]Dragon recommends a replacement
23:52:32ARoganthe grey stub in the middle is held in place by a metal ring around it
23:52:47 Quit DrRickDaglessMD ()
23:53:41ARogansuper glue i'm afraid since it could melt the thin piece of tape used to insulate the pressure disc
23:53:49ARogansolder I'm afraid I might short somthing out
23:53:50[IDC]Dragondo ypu have the tools to unsolder/solder the switch?
23:54:33[IDC]DragonI can send you a switch
23:55:55Quelsarukgotta go!
23:55:58 Quit Quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.2.0 'Realia'")
23:56:01ARoganhey thanks. i'll try and solder the current ring back on first
23:56:30[IDC]Dragonbe quick & careful
23:57:05[IDC]Dragonelse you'll probably melt the plastic
23:57:11ARoganhmm good point
23:57:52 Join amiconn_ [0] (
23:58:04 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
23:58:04 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
23:58:10[IDC]Dragongotta leave
23:58:26 Quit [IDC]Dragon (" HydraIRC -> <- The dawn of a new age")
23:58:48 Quit ARogan ("CGI:IRC")

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