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#rockbox log for 2005-03-19

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01:27:18DJ_Dooms_DayWhats news?
01:27:38Bagdernothing in my end
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01:44:39DJ_Dooms_DayHey could anyone please check this out for me:
01:45:24Bagder2 colors
01:45:28Bagderblack and white
01:45:36Bagdersize differs
01:45:42Bagderformat: rockbox internal
01:46:43DJ_Dooms_DayThere ARE more than 2 colors
01:46:57Bagdernot in Rockbox images
01:47:08Bagderthere will be 4
01:47:11Bagderbut not yet
01:47:59DJ_Dooms_DayAhuh, and your 100% sure?
01:49:06DJ_Dooms_Dayok, thanks
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02:01:05DJ_Dooms_DayOk i've successfully changed the USB logo
02:01:15DJ_Dooms_DayBut it shows up a little wrong
02:01:45DJ_Dooms_Dayits cut in half (vertically) and pasted on the other side
02:04:44Bagderyou set the size right?
02:05:44DJ_Dooms_DayI set the width/hieght in the code to be exactly the same as the logo
02:06:00BagderI need to sleep, I hope someone else will help you
02:06:28DJ_Dooms_Dayk, night
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03:35:24DJ_Dooms_DayAnyone know who did the graphics for the rockbox?
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03:57:59jpburton5150i dunno, but i think this whole theme idea sounds awesome
03:58:17jpburton5150and simple enough that maybe i might be able to help
03:58:38DJ_Dooms_DayOh, its quite easy to do. I'm just missing a few details
03:58:54jpburton5150i think itd be cool if we made the whole GUI more asthetically pleasing
03:58:58DJ_Dooms_DayLike apparently only 2 colors are working right now
03:59:09DJ_Dooms_Day4 are posible
03:59:34jpburton5150cus the grayscale patch doesnt have full compatibility with all the players
04:00:03jpburton5150but yeah, 4 colors do work with rockbox...
04:01:22DJ_Dooms_Dayi still can't find hte main rockbox logo either
04:03:54jpburton5150i wonder if its the same logo used in the plugin?
04:03:57jpburton5150like same source
04:04:00DJ_Dooms_Daywell they might be putting dithering in the rockboy soon (40 odd colors)
04:04:09jpburton5150oh woah
04:04:18DJ_Dooms_Daybut we won't be using that
04:04:25DJ_Dooms_Daytakes up too might CPU
04:04:50DJ_Dooms_DayI'm just messing with the rockbox UI right now
04:05:04DJ_Dooms_DayI've edited the USB graphic, though it doesn't work properly
04:05:12DJ_Dooms_Day[12:01pm] <DJ_Dooms_Day> Ok i've successfully changed the USB logo
04:05:12DJ_Dooms_Day[12:01pm] <DJ_Dooms_Day> But it shows up a little wrong
04:05:12DJ_Dooms_Day[12:01pm] <DJ_Dooms_Day> its cut in half (vertically) and pasted on the other side
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04:05:31DJ_Dooms_Daygot some alignment issues
04:05:49jpburton5150hmm yeah thats strange...
04:06:06jpburton5150did you modify the usb logo or just wipe it clean?
04:06:50DJ_Dooms_Daywipe it clean, i changed the size too, so that could be why. Hey, do you know how i could revert back to the orig source? Would i just do a CVS update?
04:07:16jpburton5150um, i think that should work...
04:07:29jpburton5150it wont delete any of the newly created files though
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04:07:58DJ_Dooms_Daywell i haven't created new ones, just edited
04:08:56jpburton5150then it should work...
04:09:42jpburton5150you could try opening the hex files to see what the colors are in hex
04:09:47jpburton5150and then just do a bunch in paint
04:09:53jpburton5150as comparison
04:10:04DJ_Dooms_DayThere are only 2 colors in the graphics right now, black and white
04:10:12jpburton5150ah i see...
04:11:05jpburton5150do you know if the logos are compiled into the rockbox.iriver file?
04:11:14jpburton5150or stored somehwere else in the .rockbox folder
04:11:27DJ_Dooms_Daynop, i haven't looked. I've only been looking in the .c files
04:11:51jpburton5150i see....
04:11:56DJ_Dooms_Daybtw i can't code and i've only been at this for about a day so i don't know everything yet :P
04:12:44DJ_Dooms_Daymeh, i think im gonna rebuild the entire devkit. Updating the CVS doesn't work
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04:13:13*jpburton5150 gives DJ a high five
04:13:18jpburton5150i cant code much either
04:13:58jpburton5150but ive been here since like when iriver made mp3cd players
04:14:28jpburton5150= years
04:14:46DJ_Dooms_Dayhehe, yeah i had one of those
04:15:07jpburton5150haha me too...
04:15:19jpburton5150Rio SP250
04:15:27jpburton5150which i hacked to an IMP250
04:15:39DJ_Dooms_Daylol, yeah i had an IMP250 i think
04:16:03jpburton5150heh yeah
04:16:15jpburton5150then i got an iFP-390...
04:16:18jpburton5150which i washed in the washer
04:16:21jpburton5150haha whoop
04:16:43jpburton5150but it gave me an excuse to get a new one...
04:16:46DJ_Dooms_DayI went straight from that to my iHP-140
04:17:28jpburton5150well the only reason i ended up with an iHP-120 was because i won an iFP-390 in an iRiver contest and sold it on ebay
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04:17:50DJ_Dooms_Daylol nice!
04:18:03jpburton5150haha yeah
04:18:06jpburton5150im so glad i did...
04:18:16jpburton5150a project like rockbox has always been like a dream
04:18:23jpburton5150even if im just spectating
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04:40:05*ashridah tips hat
04:40:27ashridahso, what's new in the last week during which i had no useful internet connection (gotta start paying my own bills :/ )
04:41:25DJ_Dooms_Dayummm...i've only been here for a day but i heard someone talking about getting raw wav sound working in rockbox
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04:46:14jpburton5150linus apparently has got PCM working through the debug menu
04:46:43jpburton5150and its updated to CVS
04:46:52jpburton5150so it should work in the bleedin edge builds
04:48:37*ashridah had the most boring week EVER.
04:48:44ashridahi clearly depend far too much on the net
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04:54:10ashridahaudio, glorious audio!
04:56:15DJ_Dooms_Dayi can't get the graphics aligned
04:56:26DJ_Dooms_Dayit must be the format im saving them in
04:58:03jpburton5150could be...
04:58:09jpburton5150why not just modify the original sources?
04:58:09DJ_Dooms_Dayit has to be
04:58:22DJ_Dooms_Daybecause then i'd have to make the images via code
04:58:41DJ_Dooms_Dayim trying to make them in photoshop then import them
04:59:20jpburton5150i see...
05:17:08DJ_Dooms_DayI fixed the misalignment problem
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05:36:48rasherso wav playback crashed :-\
05:37:33rasherand again
05:37:35rasherwhat the hell
05:37:39rasherit worked the first two times
05:38:01*DJ_Dooms_Day shrugs
05:38:27rashersit plays the first half second and then stops
05:39:04DJ_Dooms_Daytry recreating the wav
05:44:31rasherhrm, deleting files is sortof odd
05:44:50rasherin that it doesn't really work
05:45:01rasheroh, haha
05:45:23rasherit says "PLAY=Delete, Any other=cancel"
05:45:29rasherbut in fact you have to press select
05:46:52rashersame problem
05:46:59rasherI wonder what the hell..
05:47:23DJ_Dooms_DayHey you know of any good syncing programs for my iriver?
05:48:48rashernot really, I use rsync
05:50:11DJ_Dooms_Daywell, i've learned how to edit the rockbox theme, but it only has 2 colors right now, and that REALLY restricts things :P
05:50:41DJ_Dooms_Day...wasn't there a 4 color patch resently? Or was that just for the rockboy?
05:51:19rasherNo, there is
05:51:20Rickthere is a 4 color patch
05:51:22Rickbut it's really slow
05:51:26rasherbut it's incomplete
05:51:36RickI think HCl has it on his ftp server
05:52:26DJ_Dooms_Daywell i only need it so i can know what colors im using, and to test images
05:53:00DJ_Dooms_DayWhy is it so slow btw? Arn't the 4 colors just the normal colors? They don't need any dithering do they?
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05:54:24rasherit just does some things in silly ways
05:54:49DJ_Dooms_Dayok, what is hcl's ftp server?
05:55:28rasherthe patch is in the patch tracker
05:56:30DJ_Dooms_Daynothing, its quicker for me to type it here and click on it :P
05:56:44*rasher sighs
05:57:06rasherreally bugs me that the playback stops
05:57:06DJ_Dooms_DayIs this it:
05:57:59DJ_Dooms_DaySo how do i add this .patch to the devkit?
05:58:16rasheroh, the devkit..
05:58:26rasherI don't know much about that.. does it use cygwin?
05:58:47DJ_Dooms_DayWell where would YOU put it in what ever you use?
05:59:12rasherput it in the root of the sources, and do 'patch -p0 < filename.patch'
05:59:17rasherin a cygwin console
06:00:07rasherYay, F1!
06:00:41DJ_Dooms_Daywheres the root of the sources? :/
06:01:01rasherthe dir where you have 'apps', 'firmware' etc.
06:02:29DJ_Dooms_Dayok code
06:02:37DJ_Dooms_Daywill i need to recompile it?
06:04:01DJ_Dooms_Dayprobably shouldn't have done
06:04:25DJ_Dooms_Dayits all fuskered now
06:05:00DJ_Dooms_Day...well, it still works but its all liney. The res has been reduced too, everything is bigger
06:05:45rasherthat sounds really strange
06:05:56DJ_Dooms_Dayhmm, well i did get an error at compile
06:06:21DJ_Dooms_DayDUMB has been built. Run 'make install' to install it.
06:06:21DJ_Dooms_Daymake[2]: *** No rule to make target `iriver-gray.c', needed by `/home/guest/rock
06:06:21DJ_Dooms_Daybox-devel/build/dep-pluginlib'. Stop.
06:06:21DJ_Dooms_Daymake[1]: *** [rocks] Error 2
06:06:21DJ_Dooms_Daymake: *** [all] Error 2
06:07:17DJ_Dooms_Daybtw, is there an easy way to revert back to the orig files without having to redownload and install everthing?
06:07:32rasherpatch -R -p0 < filename.patch
06:07:35rasher(I think)
06:10:27DJ_Dooms_Dayback to normal
06:10:48DJ_Dooms_Daylooks like i'll be waiting for the completed grayscale patch to come out
06:11:00rasherthe error there sounds odd
06:11:51DJ_Dooms_DayMakes about as much sence to me as most other stuff that poors down the console :P
06:12:44rashergetting the same here.
06:14:05DJ_Dooms_Dayim guessing hcl has just left the patched version of iriver-gray.c out of the patch
06:15:24rasherhm.. wav playing now
06:20:34rashercould be some files I managed to leave behind from cvs update
06:20:36rasheror.. something
06:21:18DJ_Dooms_DayDid you make the patch?
06:23:03rashernot by far
06:23:31rasherI mean that my cvs update had failed in some way
06:23:44rashernow it stopped again
06:23:52rasher5th time I tried.
06:24:13DJ_Dooms_Daywell the cvs is fine coz i used it not 2 hours ago
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06:25:08rasherThere's probably some bug or other
06:26:33DJ_Dooms_DayIs anyone actively working on the greyscale patch?
06:26:58DJ_Dooms_Daycoz my work here is done until to works :P
06:27:00rasherI think the author is working on completing it
06:27:10rasherand then optimizing
06:27:24DJ_Dooms_Daywell i just need it working really
06:27:59rasherwell it is mostly working, except the build error
06:28:07rashernot sure what's up with that
06:28:12DJ_Dooms_Daytherefore its not working :P
06:28:27DJ_Dooms_Dayin fact it goes as far as to screw everything up :)
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07:18:03rashergod, it's only 7:17
07:20:02stevenmAM or PM
07:20:35rasherI think..
07:21:10stevenm"only" 1:22 here. in the morning
07:21:10rasherwoke up at 5:30
07:21:28rasherwell I went to sleep at something like 2pm yesterday :)
07:21:40stevenmWoah !
07:22:00rasherafter not sleeping at all the night before that
07:22:19DJ_Dooms_Dayhrmm, now what am i to do while thers no 4 color greyscale?! Are the 4 colors already defined?
07:24:40rasherit uses a different draw mechanism
07:24:57DJ_Dooms_DayWhich means?
07:25:25DJ_Dooms_Dayso the current code the bmp gets converted to will be changed?
07:26:25rasherI.. think so
07:26:36rashernot quite sure how the grayscale bitmaps look like
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08:05:55rasherkteatime has got to be the silliest package included in a DE... EVER!
08:09:58 Quit stevenm ("Leaving")
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09:21:45rasher interesting...
09:24:25rasherhaha, googling for that term gives that page first, then about a million blogs laughing at it
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10:35:54*rasher ponders a Danish translation of the Manual.. I wonder how much use that'd be
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10:49:15amiconnDon't underestimate the amount of work. I once thought about translating the manual to German...
10:50:26amiconn...but then my time is limited, and I rather want to code
10:51:40amiconnA propos code - you once built an X11 Ondio simulator for testing your logo plugin, which didn't work due to the x11 button handling. It should work now with current cvs :)
10:52:47rasherYeah, it'd be a lot of work
10:52:53rasherplus, I'm not sure how many would use it
10:53:13rashernot to mention that most Danes have no problems with an English manual
10:54:34amiconnYes I know. The Danes are far more open to learning foreign languages than e.g. the Germans
10:54:46rasherwe have to :)
10:56:22amiconnThis seems to generally depend on the population. Less people who speak a certain language as their mother tongue are more open to learn foreign languages
10:58:31amiconnI can imagine a number of Germans would appreciate a Germn manual
11:04:30*rasher tries building the ondiosim
11:05:28rasherit does indeed work
11:23:32*HCl pets his alarmclock
11:42:34rasherHCl: how's dumb doing?
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12:06:29ashridahwhat is dumb anyway? i've been out of things for a week? all i saw was a massive checkin :)
12:08:06rasherDUMB is a mod library
12:08:44HClrasher: haven't had time for it
12:08:58HCland seeing as how its weekend and my moms birthday, i won't have time today
12:11:26rasherFair enough
12:11:50HClit might not be fast enough
12:11:57HCland it needs the floating point rewritten
12:12:02HClpreglow was gonna do that
12:12:05HClonce he got back
12:13:29rasherI wonder about the wma decoder from ffmpeg
12:16:05rasherlinuxstb says it ran at 20% on that hauppauge device
12:16:07 Join R3nTiL [0] (~zorroz@
12:16:31rasherbut that's running linux, and using floating point
12:21:15HClwhat hauppauge device?
12:21:39rashernot sure what it's specs are
12:36:45rasherwell it runs linux.. there MUST be a /proc/cpuinfo somewhere
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16:30:47*rasher vaguely prods libmusepack
16:36:51rasherguess I don't know enough to make this compile
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17:07:54*rasher amuses himself by adding a bundle of fonts to rockbox
17:13:28hileso, how is codec optimization going on? anyone working on tremor yet?
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20:53:37TangSeems to be lot of edit in the wiki
20:53:44Tangi'have to check it
20:54:00T0masnew info?
20:54:03T0masor just small updates?
20:56:24elquesoHey...if I wanted to get started on a port for the iRiver H3x0, how should I get started?
20:57:28T0masrip apart a device...
20:57:42T0masmake the same hardware detail scan's as we have of the H120
20:57:49T0masen find as much hardware info as possible
20:58:00T0masthen make some BDM connection to flash it...
20:58:10T0masand start trying to write a bootloader
20:58:19T0mas(see you in 10 years ;))
21:00:41elquesoWhat's a bdm connection?
21:01:15elqueso<- CS major....don't really know too much hardware wise
21:03:28T0masI don't know how that part works too
21:03:38T0masbut linus did it for the H120
21:03:44T0masso maybe he can help?
21:03:54T0masand you can check the wiki... there is a lot of info on it
21:04:05Tangit's a start$
21:04:22Tangsince linus actually work on H120 port
21:06:46elquesoyeah..I'd work with the h120 port...except I don't have one ;)
21:08:34TangYes so the best thing to do
21:08:59Tangis wait for a skilled guy try make a BDM for H3xx
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22:32:30*HCl yawns.
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23:24:26*HCl is bored...
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23:31:08 Join edx [0] (
23:32:54HClmov eax, edx
23:33:03HClmov edx, 0
23:37:30webmindwouldn't 'mov eax, 0' do the same ?
23:38:10HCli dunno, i don't know edx
23:38:53HClintel syntax is opcode dst,src...
23:42:12HCl#resized finj
23:46:18HCl#maakt gave flashes
23:50:18thegeek_intel syntax sucks;)
23:50:18 Quit asdsd_ (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:50:32thegeek_other way around
23:50:35thegeek_intel syntax rocks;)
23:50:38HCl :P
23:50:43HClyea, i dislike at&t
23:50:48thegeek_truly, that was worth a big fucking OM
23:50:57HCl :P
23:51:01thegeek_not that I've done that much at&t
23:51:16thegeek_but intel is muuuch better ... /because I'm used to it/
23:51:27HCl :P
23:51:49*HCl notices a bit that was in the wrong channel, goes to select and paste it in the right channel
23:52:44HClits all webminds fault :p i'm not used to him talking in #rockbox so i thought it was the other channel
23:53:13thegeek_another channel
23:53:18thegeek_time to do some whoismagic
23:53:25HClnot this network >.o
23:53:34thegeek_arghbarf then
23:53:58amiconnMore linux strangeness I don't understand (yet)...
23:54:39amiconnTrying to install debian with a 2.6 kernel in vmware. There's the same mouse problem as with the 2.4 kernel, so I tried the same solution
23:54:50amiconnln -s /dev/psaux /dev/mouse
23:54:52 Join Stryke` [0] (
23:55:01amiconnHowever, when I reboot, the link is gone...
23:55:18tvelocityvmware sucks when windows is not the guest OS
23:55:42amiconntvelocity: It's working just fine with many guest os'es
23:56:06amiconnHCl: devfs??
23:56:44HClits a virtual filesystem
23:56:54thegeek_what net HCl ?
23:56:57 Nick thegeek_ is now known as thegeek (
23:57:07HClthat adds device nodes as they exist on the system
23:57:10HClthegeek: ircnet, you geek
23:57:11HCl :P
23:57:16thegeekthen I found him
23:57:30thegeekI joined all the channels he is in there
23:57:34HClour channel is +s though
23:57:43thegeekI must say;)
23:57:45thegeekvery evil
23:57:46amiconnHCl: Ahh. It seems that this is a recent development? The 2.4.x kernel installation does not do this
23:57:59HClamiconn: actually, in 2.6 it was deemed obsolete and replaced with udev
23:58:08HCla devfs clone, but one that works on a hotplug basis.
23:58:13HClso userspace
23:58:16HClrather than kernel
23:58:50 Quit Cassandra_ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))

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