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#rockbox log for 2005-03-20

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00:05:03muesli-errm morning :D
00:07:28*T0mas wonders where muesli- lives...
00:07:33T0masit's night here ;)
00:07:59muesli-well..its just relative ;)
00:08:17muesli-if you just got up, even in the night, its a morning for you :D
00:08:37thegeeknot a very bright one though
00:08:44T0masBut in weekend's I normally get up when the rest starts lunch :P
00:08:50T0masand go to bed when some other people wake up :P
00:09:04muesli-exactly :)
00:09:13*Bagder detects people without kids ;-)
00:09:14muesli-go oranje go ;)
00:09:33muesli-Bagder i am my own kid ;)
00:09:40T0masBagder: I don't thing my girlfriend (and myself) would be very happy to have kids right now :)
00:09:47*T0mas is almost 17 ;)
00:09:52muesli-too old child ;)
00:10:00muesli-just add 10 years for me
00:10:04Bagderyoungsters you
00:12:03*HCl yawns.
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00:17:01Bagderhey mr bitmap
00:17:48DJ_Dooms_Daylol, i've only been going at it for about a day :P
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00:18:19DJ_Dooms_Dayand i have to wait till the greyscale patch is done now
00:18:37Bagderyou probably need to wait even longer than so
00:18:57Bagderbecause I don't think it'll modify how the bitmap is stored/used
00:19:05BagderbitmapS even
00:19:47DJ_Dooms_Daymaybe so, but i'll have to figure out what format i use for the greyscale bitmaps
00:20:08Bagderyou'd use bmp for those too
00:20:16DJ_Dooms_Dayits not just that
00:20:47DJ_Dooms_Dayyou need the right colortable setup in photoshop, and it needs to be in indexed format
00:20:59DJ_Dooms_DayThat'll all change with the greyscale patch
00:21:26BagderI'd assume that you won't be able to pick your own color
00:21:39Bagderyou'll get white, black and two shades of grey
00:21:46DJ_Dooms_DayI know that
00:22:05DJ_Dooms_Daythats why you'll need to setup the colortable accordingly
00:22:21Bagderif you say so
00:22:44DJ_Dooms_Daywell thats how it works currently
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07:34:42stevenmAnyone here build a coldfire crosscompiler?
07:35:51stevenmashridah, Getting error in binutils: ../../../src/libiberty/fibheap.c:285: error: `LONG_MIN' undeclared (first use in function)
07:36:12stevenmdid you use a CVS snapshot? if so, which ?
07:36:13ashridahhm. new one on me. building cvs binutils?
07:36:31ashridahi built binutils a few weeks ago
07:36:52stevenmLinux or Cygwin ?
07:37:33ashridahshouldn't LONG_MIN come from limits.h?
07:38:00ashridahthis was on linux, but limits.h should be in cygwin too
07:38:24stevenmAre you on an x86 system?
07:38:35*ashridah nods
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07:38:47stevenmCan you possibly tar this thing up and send it my way?
07:38:49ashridahdo you have /usr/include/limits.h ?
07:38:58ashridahuh, no. since that'd take me hours
07:39:22stevenmdialup ?
07:39:45ashridahsadly, yes.
07:39:54stevenmit's funny. my limits.h exists but LONG_MIN is commented out for some reason !!
07:41:16stevenmwhat distro are you running
07:41:45ashridahdebian. haven't updated in a while.
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07:47:26stevenmyea this isn't working. fix one thing, then there's typedef errors
07:48:21stevenmnow, ../../../binutils-050319/libiberty/getpwd.c:77: error: storage size of `dotstat' isn't known
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11:39:04muesli-t0mas from which city r u coming from?
11:39:37muesli-hehe, not which cheese, city ;)
11:39:54t0masGouda is the chees city...
11:40:02t0masonly it isn't made here
11:40:06muesli-cheers ;)
11:40:17muesli-would be nothing for me, hate cheese
11:40:22t0masme too
11:40:35t0masThe cheese is made outside Gouda... in little villages... and then sold here as "Gouda" cheese
11:40:41t0masit's even produced in france...
11:41:33muesli-hehe, its the same thing like koala bears for kids in oz..they are completely made outside oz right now ;)
11:43:07muesli-how far is it away from amsterdam?
11:44:08t0maswe have coffeeshops too ;)
11:44:18t0masbut it's about half an hour by train...
11:44:26t0masand 20 minutes to Utrecht..
11:45:51muesli-dont need any coffeeshops, i am too old for that crap ;) but i loved amsterdam..very beautiful city..dunno anything about utrecht
11:47:09t0masyou should visit Utrecht and Gouda too if you are around here...
11:47:27t0masboth only the old innercity ;)
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11:56:48*t0mas is away: eatin
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11:58:24muesli-me too
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13:29:43muesli-HCl youre yawning the whole day :D
13:30:19HCli am?
13:30:34muesli-yepp, you are
13:31:00t0masintresting conversations here :P
13:31:11muesli-eat gauda :p
13:31:48HClt0mas: shush, you have no idea of the underlying philosophical metaphore!
13:31:59HClmuesli-: do i yawn too much?
13:32:25HCl :P
13:32:26 Quit ze__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:33:09muesli-at least these are the only words i know from you ;)
13:33:15HCl :P ok
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14:09:00*rasher puts the device chart in the wiki
14:10:47freakehcant wait for rockbox to get cracking on H300 series
14:14:21HCli don't really see h300 happening soon...
14:15:13HCli don't really agree with footnote nr 5 for h140, the h140 is black
14:15:19HClso they don't really look the same
14:15:30rasherbut then, ther eare black h120s as well
14:15:50rasherand I think there are champagne h140s
14:19:06 Join ze__ [0] (
14:19:12 Quit t0mas ()
14:20:05 Join t0mas [0] (
14:22:53rashera bit annoyed about the vertical alignment :-\
14:23:17rasherbut I think having it in the wiki is worth the slightly worse look
14:23:24rashercompare to
14:23:34rasherthe images are at the top of the cells
14:23:41*HCl nods
14:23:48thegeekthe north-american h120's are black
14:23:50thegeekI have one
14:24:08HClme and markun compared our h140 / h120's the other day..
14:24:17HClh120 is quite a bit thinner
14:24:53rasheroh, I thought it was just the bottom part
14:25:04t0masno... the h120 is a bit smaller
14:25:56rasherah, 4mm apparently
14:26:31RickI want a silver h120
14:27:20t0masorder an iskin?
14:27:42t0masthe artic one looks like silver :)
14:27:49Rickbut that's just a case
14:28:00t0masyeah, but are you sure you want the silver one?
14:28:12t0masit's not the perfect color...
14:28:36Rickdoesn't really matter anyway
14:28:54*t0mas want's a black one ;)
14:30:11*HCl prefers black too
14:30:26 Join ze___ [0] (
14:30:27rasherI think I like this better
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15:02:29Tangi've been quite frightened yesterday by rbx
15:03:04Tangi experimented a very starnge issue
15:03:15Tang(not fatal happily)
15:07:15muesli-tell us
15:07:54TangHi Muesli
15:08:03muesli-hi tang ;)
15:08:19Tangtoo bad there isn't any Rbx memeber
15:08:27rasherwhat happened?
15:08:27Tangi come on
15:08:45TangHi rasher
15:08:49Tangi go:
15:09:00Tangi tried to change the HEX
15:09:21Tangfrom the modified HEX (with bootloader)
15:09:28Tangwith the soft H3mod
15:09:39muesli-uff, sounds not like a good idea
15:09:41Tangi wasn't sure to try the upgrade anyway
15:10:01Tangcause i frighten that it cause some issue
15:10:05rasherwell the iriver bitmaps should be in the same place really
15:10:12rasherbut I may be wrong about that
15:10:27Tanghowever i used the iHp as HD in fact it seemed to work
15:10:35muesli-i reckon bmps are identified by string not by position
15:10:36Tangbut i didn't tried the fw upgrade
15:10:54Tangthe issue was that i used the iHP under rbx as HD
15:11:04Tangand without external current
15:11:16Tangand as the battery indicator is imprecise
15:11:27Tang i didn't noticed the battery was very low
15:11:37Tangand then i tried to boot the iRiver fw
15:11:42rasherah, so you got fs corruption?
15:11:45Tangfrom the remote
15:11:52Tangand starngelyy
15:11:57Tangit didn't boot:
15:12:09Tangit said "starting iriver fw"
15:12:12Tangand freeze
15:12:35muesli-guess you did a reset?
15:12:38Tangi was very astonished since i didn't upgraded so there won't be any issue normaly
15:12:45Tangi made reset
15:13:06Tangan then i plugen the iHp on ACDC
15:13:46Tang(in fact without external current the rockbox was abale to boot but not iriver)
15:13:58Tangand with the external power supply
15:14:09Tangwhen i started from the remote (iriver fw)
15:14:12Tangit said:
15:14:20Tang"low battery"
15:14:47Tangseems the original fw need more power supply than the rockbox one?
15:15:35TangAnyway the iHP work fine under rockbox and iriver fw since the battery isn't discharged
15:16:00TangAnd i finaly decided to avoid trying any logo modification
15:16:15muesli-hihi, wimp ;)
15:17:26Tangso this issue seems to be known as your link say rasher
15:17:59Tangat home i'have no internet conenction
15:18:08Tang(here i'm from my parents laptop)
15:18:16rasherno worries
15:18:30rasherBut it is indeed a known "problem"
15:18:35muesli-try my query tang ;)
15:18:47Tangin fact i've read the FAQ before
15:18:50 Join gromit` [0] (~gromit`
15:18:53rashernot really a problem with rockbox, because it's the iRiver firmware being power-hungry
15:18:55Tangbut i didn't understood well the point
15:19:10rasherI just updated it
15:19:12rashera bit
15:19:37TangAh okay i was wondering if wouldn'ot be an option to majke this clearer
15:19:40Tangthanks rasher
15:20:32TangOkay the update is very fine
15:22:01TangPS: the audio test feature is cool
15:22:28Tangmore friendly user than previous solution with special HEX! :)
15:28:00muesli-you should definively add "press the reset button" in first place
15:28:10muesli-that helped me
15:30:33Tangi think there won't be any user for not thinking to the reset button
15:30:59TangI nevere used it so frequently than since i put Rbx fw!
15:31:41muesli-when i flashed rockox the 1st time, it didnt boot
15:31:50muesli-reset button helped me out
15:32:17muesli-reason was, i had an extended partition including two logical ones
15:32:34muesli-but you MUST have two primaries
15:32:46TangAh curious
15:32:50muesli-(if you use more than partition)
15:32:51Tangi didn't know
15:32:55Tangah okay
15:33:12Tangit's somewhat important to know that
15:33:15t0masmaybe that should be in the faq too...
15:33:30Tangi'll put this on my iHP1xx thread Muesli
15:33:39muesli-yepp, definitively too...i was very scared when it didnt boot anymore ;)
15:33:46Tang(with mention of the source)
15:33:53muesli-yippie :D
15:34:26TangEh eh it's normal
15:34:43Tangthe contrary should be incorrect
15:35:22muesli-so, message should be, rockbox is not compatible with extended partitions
15:35:33muesli-although the org-fw runs fine with it
15:37:06Tangi didn't understood it was rockbox related
15:38:01muesli-the thing is, that the org-fw worked fine with that constallation but rb did not
15:38:32Tangokay oaky
15:38:54Tangmaybe the point has to be mentioned in the FAQ too?
15:38:55 Quit freakeh ("whos col? :~<")
15:39:02muesli-thx rasher btw
15:39:12muesli-Tang yepp!
15:39:38 Join R3nTiL [0] (~zorroz@
15:39:44TangAH it's done yet maybe
15:52:04Tangokay done on my board
16:08:32 Quit R3nTiL ()
16:11:40Tangi've to go bye
16:11:53 Quit Tang ("Chatzilla 0.9.66 [Mozilla rv:1.7.5/20041108]")
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18:14:51 Join mirak [0] (
18:15:07mirakdoes H300 support footings ?
18:21:14 Join tvelocity [0] (
18:35:07t0masno idea...
18:35:33t0masDoes anybody have a tip for some background music?
18:35:38t0maslike light classical...
18:35:45t0masbut not to classical ;)
18:35:55*t0mas luistert naar: Enya - Anywhere Is (3:46)
18:35:59t0masbit like that...
18:37:45 Join cYmen [0] (
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19:04:24HClt0mas: more of enya? air?
19:04:32*HCl wonders what footings are
19:13:52muesli-footings? wtf?
19:14:15*muesli- loves his feet ^^
19:15:12HCl18:14 < mirak> does H300 support footings ?
19:15:32*HCl is glad he has feet too, would fall over all the time if he didn't.
19:15:47*t0mas wouldn't...
19:15:59HClyou'd sit all the time?
19:16:07t0maswork = sitting on a chair... school = sitting on a chair... bobby = sitting on a chair :P
19:16:20muesli-bobby? ^^
19:16:42t0mashobby ;)
19:16:59muesli-i rather play with my own booby :D
19:17:11t0masI like my girlfriend's more :P
19:17:35muesli-maybe she needs footings ;)
19:18:02*t0mas still doesn't know what footings we want on a H300
19:18:17t0mashe want's it to walk? :P
19:18:57t0mas<Gideon> Google's definition of footings: Bottom part of wall.
19:19:06t0masmy bot :)
19:19:12*muesli- doesnt even own a h300 :)
19:19:20*t0mas neither :)
19:21:44mirakin french
19:22:06mirakit's funny because it's made of an english word
19:22:29t0maswich one?
19:22:37mirakfoot !
19:23:18*t0mas slaps his old english teacher :P
19:23:29 Quit tvelocity ()
19:23:32t0masto foot = jogging?
19:23:46mirakno it's word
19:23:48miraknot a verb
19:23:53t0masoh lol
19:23:56t0maseven worse
19:23:56mirakfotting = jogging
19:24:03mirak<mirak> it's funny because it's made of an english word
19:24:16t0masgot to sleep at 4 am this morning ;)
19:24:22mirakyou would think it's an english word but it's not
19:24:36mirakI though it was one
19:27:50t0masoooooh wait
19:27:56*t0mas bangs his head on the desk...
19:28:01t0masnow I understand what you mean
19:28:22t0masI _REALLY_ have to go to sleep early-er...
19:28:34t0masYou asked if the H300 is jog proof?
19:29:12t0masI don't think it really is... harddisk's don't like shaking...
19:29:39 Quit Bonkers (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:30:00*t0mas mountainbiked with his H120 and it sill works...
19:30:08t0masso it can have some shoking...
19:32:41Tangof course HDD juke is not schock friendly
19:33:23Tangbut not probllem for small shaking as jogging
19:35:50 Part amiconn
19:38:59Tangis there any Rbx member?
19:39:20TangRead an interesting question at MR
19:42:59HClyea, link?
19:43:46t0masHCl.. we should start counting your yawn's
19:43:52HClgo ahead.
19:44:02HClmaybe it will provide further clues to understanding the universe
19:46:12*HCl sucks on a tablet of ammoniumchloride boredly.
20:12:20webmindyou suck on what ?
20:12:43*webmind had some titanium dioxide a while back.. was yummie
20:19:45*webmind prefers the stuff with the titanium dioxide
20:19:53webmindno idea hy it was inthere though
20:22:41 Join Liehbeth [0] (~negk@
20:26:38 Quit Liehbeth (Client Quit)
20:29:14 Join Stryke` [0] (
20:34:15muesli-*** deKennyfi Error: Something strange happened in dekennyfi, parameter passed (ich) unknown.
20:34:25muesli-did you get that error msg too?
20:40:42 Quit mirak (Remote closed the connection)
20:41:45*muesli- yawns ;)
20:41:56HClgood idea
20:41:57*HCl goes to nap
20:42:41muesli-yeah..checking out a hammock
20:44:48***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:46:54 Join stevenm [0] (
20:50:07Tanghum sorry
20:50:32Tangwas about the lengths filename limitation of Iriver fw about DB mode and playlist
20:51:22Tang"with the DB and playlists, will there be an infinite file name character limit? Its just the current 52 character limit is really annoying."
20:53:43muesli-btw "13/03/05 MP3, Ogg and Flac now PLAY!" did i miss anything?
20:54:29Tangno i believe
20:54:38Tangthis guy missed some things
20:55:29muesli-what do you mean?
20:56:40Tangi mean Lewis mistook
20:57:10Tangthe actual Rbx fw can only play one SAMPLE wave
20:57:16Tangno more for the moment
20:57:24Tang(through the Debug inetrface)
20:57:53Tangeven if it can decode flac/ogg/mp3 there is no sound output
20:57:53muesli-and it didnt play the whole song
20:58:08muesli-i tried a 50mb ripped wave
20:58:09Tangindeed not the entire file if too big
20:58:18Tangbut my "sample" si very short
20:58:30HClit plays the first 8mb
20:58:32Tang(it's a phone responder annonce)
20:59:19Tangi've to go
20:59:36muesli-wake me up before you go go
21:00:03TangPS and about the long file name limitation of the iRiver firmware
21:00:17Tanganyone know if it's a stupid Iriver restriction
21:00:32HCldon't leave me hanging like a jo jo.. or something..
21:00:34Tangor if it's related to a real technical limitation?
21:00:51muesli-cant imagine
21:00:58HClits a stupid iriver restriction.
21:01:13Tanglol what i tought in fct
21:01:21Tangnot the lonely one indeed
21:01:25Tangthanks HCl
21:01:32muesli-maybe to display a title on the screen
21:01:35TangMuesli can you post this answer at MR
21:01:57muesli-more than 52 were probably to big with irivers fonz
21:01:58TangI have to go dinner
21:02:09muesli-dunno..sweet spot is on the run
21:02:18muesli-he kills my dog! and i have one!
21:02:34Tangi don't but i'have no time now
21:02:38Tangwill do after dinner
21:03:29muesli-Sweet Spot Sweet Spot is online now
21:03:29muesli-Twisted By The Dark Side
21:03:29DBUGEnqueued KICK muesli-
21:03:29muesli-Join Date: Dec 2003
21:03:29muesli-Location: 40 47 73 58
21:03:29***Alert Mode level 1
21:03:29muesli-Posts: 2,100
21:03:33muesli-Send a message via AIM to Sweet Spot Send a message via MSN to Sweet Spot Send a message via Yahoo to Sweet Spot
21:03:36muesli-Not A Discussion Forum People. Did We Forget ????
21:03:46muesli-be hungry..
21:04:08 Join Camilo [0] (
21:11:09 Join Aison [0] (
21:12:59Tangthanks Muesli
21:13:14Tangokay i posted the answer at the lounge
21:13:30***Alert Mode OFF
21:13:30Tang(my meat is under fire)
21:17:45muesli-better as it would be your ass :D
21:32:43 Quit Nibbler ("blubber")
21:32:50 Join Nibbler [0] (
21:33:57 Quit Camilo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:10:04 Join Camilo [0] (
22:11:56 Quit Camilo (Client Quit)
22:12:35t0mashow far is the codec API?
22:12:43t0masIs there an up to date todo list?
22:13:08t0mas(just bored... and availible to code something... but don't understand who is doing what... and when..)
22:13:21t0masmaybe you know it?
22:13:49t0masalready got the docs for rockboy sound? (ifso, can you forward em?)
22:14:00rasherThe Codec api isn't started
22:14:12rasherexcept for the pcm output api, possibly
22:15:37 Join matsl [0] (
22:15:58t0maswell... pcm isn't supposed to be stand alone?
22:16:24t0masandy got sound with the I2C driver...
22:16:33t0masand now the codec api should start using it?
22:16:43t0masand a lot of codec's are already finished?
22:19:07thegeekcodec api is really what is holding stuff back now
22:21:44t0masand who is working on it?
22:22:06t0masand do(es) he/she/they have a todo list?
22:22:21thegeekI don't think anyone is really actively working on it right now
22:22:31thegeekthough some have said they will
22:22:58muesli-nobody is working on it!? :(
22:24:00thegeekI think I remember linus said *nick* would do it/take a look
22:24:02thegeekso far
22:24:09thegeekI don't think anyone has really done much
22:24:16thegeekas in
22:24:21thegeekproduced any code
22:24:46thegeekI would if I could, but it's really way above me
22:25:00muesli-same for me :-/
22:25:24thegeekI think HCl said something to this effect: it's not just enough to be able to code, you really have to think it through
22:29:55TangWell i thought Linus was working on it...
22:30:46rasherI don't think he is
22:32:13Tangmaybe iwe got too used to see him on big piece... ;)
22:35:18t0mas<thegeek> I think I remember linus said *nick* would do it/take a look <−− is there an overview of the idea's and what should be found out / coded?
22:36:58rasherthere's something on but I'm not sure how up-to-date it is
22:37:22thegeekthere was another link I think
22:37:24thegeekeven more detailed
22:38:33thegeek[14:11] [ABerg] Could some old-timers have a look at it and tell me if its worth putting in the Wiki
22:38:33thegeek[14:11] [ABerg] or if I am completely off..
22:38:33thegeek[14:11] [ABerg]
22:38:44rasherah yes
22:38:46thegeekis that already in the wiki?
22:39:00rashernot afaik
22:39:12Tangseems more concrete no?
22:40:06rasherbut there were problems with it
22:40:19Tanggood night evertry one
22:40:24Tangi leave the place :)
22:40:27 Quit Tang ("Chatzilla 0.9.66 [Mozilla rv:1.7.5/20041108]")
22:40:38rasherBut I don't know what's worse: a working, but flawed api, or waiting longer
22:41:17thegeekI doubt it will be perfect right away;)
22:41:27rasherObviously not
22:41:39thegeeksomeone that's not too far off should really start, better to improve upon it later
22:41:42rasherbut if the model is completely flawed, it may do more harm than good
22:41:43thegeekbut then
22:41:52thegeekwho am I to say so;)
22:42:17thegeekthe development of the api would have to be in the right "direction"
22:43:06rasherthat's what I meant indeed
22:44:52***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:46:06t0maswell... it sounds intresting
22:46:23t0masbut maybe there should be a list of "simple" things to be done?
22:46:36 Join ze__ [0] (
22:46:48t0masbecause we have a lot of coders here... but no simple task assignment... to make everybody do something
22:54:05 Join amiconn [0] (
22:57:25rasherhola, amiconn
22:57:49 Quit ze (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:57:49 Nick ze__ is now known as ze (
23:01:06HClnope, i don't, and i never said that either >.o
23:01:23CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
23:01:23*HCl still thinks the feeder concept only works for streaming codecs
23:01:57rasherbut if the codec can report back "I need IT ALL", won't that be enough?
23:02:26 Join Camilo [0] (
23:02:51HClwhat aboun wavpack, which can have two input files?
23:03:39rasherthat's.. curious
23:03:41 Quit TuDo ("Chatzilla 0.9.67 [Firefox 1.0.1/20050226]")
23:03:50rasherno idea about that one
23:03:56HClone for lossy
23:04:01HClan additional one to make it lossless
23:04:36HCla feeder is fine for streaming formats, but for other formats, we really need something else
23:05:08 Quit stevenm ("Leaving")
23:10:20HCl*takes a look at the pcm playback*
23:11:00t0masplugin question...
23:11:06t0mashow do I make it build my plugin?
23:11:14t0masthe .c file is in apps/plugins
23:11:20rasherput it in apps/FILES
23:11:37t0masok, I looked for FILES
23:11:42t0masbut it wasn't in plugins/
23:11:44t0mastnx :)
23:11:46amiconnt0mas: You need to add it to apps/plugins/SOURCES, in the right place
23:12:09rasherah, that's it :)
23:12:21amiconnapps/FILES is the list what to include for making the daily tarball
23:12:25t0mas#ifdef HAVE_LCD_BITMAP /* Recorder/Ondio models only */
23:12:29t0masthat's iRiver too?
23:12:40rasherbut also Recorder and ondio
23:12:46amiconnYeah, the comment is a bit outdated...
23:13:05amiconn...meaning 'not for the (archos) player'
23:13:14t0masrecorder and ondio can display bitmap's too?
23:13:38t0masthen it's the right place :)
23:13:54rasherbut remember that the display's a different size
23:14:10 Join ze__ [0] (
23:14:11t0masyeah, but I'm just testing :)
23:15:16t0maswoohoo :D
23:15:26t0masit worked
23:16:39*t0mas is going to sleep now...
23:16:49 Quit t0mas ("good night")
23:17:37 Join preglow [0] (
23:18:14preglowwhat up
23:18:25HCltaking a look at getting rockboy sound to work..
23:18:38preglowanyone else had any problems with the audio driver?
23:18:46HClnot yet, but i'm probably about to
23:18:47preglowmy player sometimes locks up
23:18:48HClwhats up?
23:19:04preglowand i can
23:19:20preglowand i cant control volume no matter what i do
23:19:25preglowshitty laptop keyboard
23:20:32rasheryeah, it locks up
23:20:35 Quit SeeSchloss (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:20:36rasherafter a few tries
23:20:56rasherfirst couple of times it's ok, then hard lock
23:21:09preglowi got it to lock up at the first try
23:21:14rasherodd thing, it responds to keyboard
23:21:16preglowthen i got it to play after a reset
23:21:19preglowdoesnt here
23:21:26rasherwell the lcd lights up
23:21:42preglowhmm, might have, dont think so
23:22:04rashermust've been coincidence it only locked up after a couple of tries for me
23:22:24rasheroh wait, I'm confusing things
23:23:06*HCl makes a first attempt at an audio driver for rockboy
23:23:14HClonly 3 lines of code ;/
23:23:31HCl"play" "wait" "set write position back to 0"
23:23:35preglowthe driver api looks nice
23:23:48HCloh, darn, i forgot stuff..
23:24:37rasherI tried getting libmusepack to compile
23:24:41rasherdidn't make it
23:24:55rasherbut I think someone a bit more knowledgeable than me should be able to manage
23:25:16HClpreglow: back from vacation? or on 28k?
23:25:21HClor haven't went yet?
23:25:35 Quit ze (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:25:35 Nick ze__ is now known as ze (
23:25:36preglowHCl: nah, my mother has gotten an adsl connection, apparently
23:25:53HClsounds like you don't have an excuse to not work anymore ;p
23:26:02HClnah, jk, enjoy your vacation :3
23:26:07rasherDammit.. I messed up this bdf font :(
23:26:24rasherconvbdf won't touch it
23:27:02*HCl darns and forgets to increase plugin api version, recompiles
23:27:20HCli need headphones to test..
23:27:36preglowprioritising friends and family this week
23:27:44preglowim updating her computer right now
23:29:18preglowmy dvelopment box also happens to be my server, though, so i can code if i want to
23:29:39HClcan't wait for linus to add usb support to the bootloader
23:29:47HCli'd feel a lot safer once thats working..
23:30:17rasherI'm a bit out of touch with these things.. what's a reasonable bitrate for an xvid video?
23:30:32HCli dunno.. my last one was 450kbps..
23:30:42rasherhow large for 30 minutes?
23:30:50HClno idea, sorry :/
23:31:00HClit really depends on the resolution of the video
23:31:11rasherI guess
23:32:18 Join junks [0] (
23:32:39HCli wonder how far markun is with implementing the missing functions for the grayscale stuff.
23:33:05rasherGo ask him :)
23:33:19HCl<.< >.>
23:33:21HClhe's not around
23:33:24junkshello. i cannot find an answer on the iriver porting page on the how do i install rockbox on my iriver ihp140?
23:33:29HCland i my icq has been dead for ages.
23:33:54rasherjunks: look at IriverBoot
23:33:59HCljunks: get the bootloader.bin off the wiki, and use it with a 1.63 firmware like how the iriverboot says
23:35:23HClokay, well.
23:35:27HClaside from getting much slower
23:35:32HClrockboy doesn't seem to have sound :/
23:35:35HCldoes mario have sound?
23:36:05muesli-no gameboy game in general
23:37:18junksrasher and H+Cl- : okie ty.
23:41:30junksthose are commands for linux? can i do it on windows?
23:43:20rasherYou'll need a build-environment.. hang on
23:45:45HClthere's my first freeze.
23:45:49HClat least the code is doing *something*
23:46:43HCllineout doesn't work, right?
23:47:19 Join MoosCamaro [0] (
23:47:30preglowjust tested headphones
23:47:35*HCl nods
23:47:39HClnow rockboy freezes every time..
23:50:07preglowi wonder why the wav playback hangs sometimes
23:52:31HClfreezes for me every time so far...
23:53:19junksrasher: ah cool, ty
23:53:25 Quit junks ("Chatzilla 0.9.67 [Firefox 1.0/20041107]")
23:56:38HCli declare the pcm api not-working :/
23:56:48HCli think my driver is 100% correct, but it just freezes rockbox..
23:57:18preglowi dont think itll be very hard to fix
23:57:27preglowbut ok
23:58:11preglowi have to pick up my brother
23:58:12preglowlater, all
23:58:28HCloh. wait.. hm.
23:58:37HCli made an error

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