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#rockbox log for 2005-03-23

00:00:06mirakwith motorola 68000
00:00:12mirakI did assembly with it
00:00:19mirakI cracked a game once
00:00:31mirakit was lotus esprit turbo challenge
00:00:35Bagderwelcome back to the 80s! ;-)
00:00:39mirakin fact I just changed one byte
00:00:50mirakI changed a andy operator to a move
00:00:58mirakandy was generating random numbers
00:01:20mirakand I fixed the number, so it was always the same symbol for the test
00:01:25mirakI was proud of myself
00:02:10mirakBagder: what did you reverse enginered the iriver firmware ?
00:02:22Bagderwe didn't
00:02:38mirakwhat do you use as a base ?
00:02:44Bagdersome minor checks have been done, but not much
00:02:47mirakI mean do you use a kernel ?
00:02:59 Quit _Lucretia_ ("Leaving")
00:03:19mirakBagder: the kernel is based on linux or started from scratch ?
00:03:26Bagderfrom scratch
00:03:44Bagderthe archos models have 2MB ram in total
00:03:57Bagderrockbox is <200K for them, including everything
00:04:17mirakI don't know how much for the iriver, but I guss it's bigger, since caching seems bigger
00:04:23mirakcaching of mp3
00:04:30Bagderthey have 32mb
00:04:55mirakdo you think that iriver used a higher level OS than you ?*
00:05:03CoCoLUSthey didn't
00:05:07HClstill looks the same, but its ok X:
00:05:20mirakCoCoLUS: what do you mean ?
00:05:42CoCoLUSthey didn't use linux for their h1x0 firmware
00:06:10mirakCoCoLUS: they used something similar to rockbox ?
00:06:28mirakI am just wondering how optimised the code they use is
00:06:39Rickso disassemble it
00:06:51Rickwho cares
00:07:19mirakI wonder if 10fps is the max this machine can do
00:07:27mirakfor a xvid
00:07:37*CoCoLUS wonders if linux on the h1x0 would make sense
00:07:46Rickwhy would you even want to play an xvid on a 2bit display?
00:08:02Rickunless you're referring to the PMP or h3x0
00:08:03mirakwell the H300
00:08:08mirakI got one
00:08:10Rickwhich is still: why?
00:08:15mirakI encoded movies for it
00:08:23mirakand the result is in fact satisfying
00:08:23XShocKHCl: this patch is patching from current cvs to the time i leached it. you probably realized it..
00:08:27*HCl gnaws on the crlf's of windows
00:08:30*Rick doesn't see the point when there are devices out there dedicated to playing such files
00:08:43mirakRick: I don't have one
00:08:51HClyea, i saw that it wasn't entirely up to date
00:08:55mirakactually they are bigger
00:08:56rasherHCl: dos2unix
00:09:00mirakto big
00:09:03Rickheya rasher
00:09:05Rickwhat's shakin'?
00:09:16HClE: Couldn't find package dos2unix
00:09:19CoCoLUSsomeone familiar with uclinux here?
00:09:22mirakI would rather buy a last generation portable computer than a PMP
00:09:28rasherHCl: sysutils
00:09:32RickCoCoLUS: i came across it when looking for a m68k setjmp.h solution
00:09:43mirakI mean the PMP is more transportable than really portable
00:09:50mirakand surely not pocketable
00:09:52CoCoLUSdoes it work with the coldfire?
00:10:01Rickit has m68k stuff
00:10:19Rickbut I don't see the point of running linux on the iriver either
00:10:22CoCoLUSwhat do you think, how much work/time would be needed to get it working on the iriver?
00:10:23mirakI am interested in toying with rockbox
00:10:29mirakRick: well that's not the question
00:10:34XShocKok. HCL: i will make a good patch now.
00:10:39mirakI don't want to run linux
00:10:49Rickmirak: hehe
00:11:17mirakonly question is is it possible to get higher frame rate ^^
00:11:38mirakalso 10fps on a so small screen is not that uncomfortable
00:11:50RickI don't know
00:11:51HClmm.. i already got mine applied..
00:11:55RickHCl: what?
00:12:02HCltalking to xshock o.o
00:12:05mirakRick: you have never seen how it is ?
00:12:23Rickmirak: I don't have an h3x0, I have an h120
00:12:26mirakwell nevermind, I have a last question
00:12:46XShocKHC: should it be CR or LF?
00:12:46mirakI am wondering about how you test the firmware
00:12:59Rickhow do you mean?
00:13:08mirakhow do you test it ?
00:13:13Rickdefine test
00:13:32mirak"define test"
00:13:38mirakare you named HAL ?
00:13:40CoCoLUSit should be CRLF on win, LF on nix :)
00:13:56mirakRick: HAL is the computer in 2001
00:13:59RickI don't know what you mean by test, do you mean troubleshooting bugs?
00:14:03Rickor what?
00:14:24RickI know who HAL is :P
00:14:29mirakRick: no I mean, how often do you really test the firmware on the H100
00:14:41CoCoLUSand if take the letters H, A and L, and add +1 in the alphabet you get
00:14:42RickI am running it right now
00:14:44CoCoLUSIBM :P
00:14:46Rickand doing plugin development
00:14:57mirakhow can you flash it back ?
00:15:09Ricksimply boot the original firmware and update firmware
00:15:40mirakcan you always get back the original firmware ?
00:15:46mirakI mean is in rom ?
00:15:47Rickshould be able to
00:15:49mirakis it
00:16:04mirakwith the reset bouton ?
00:16:11HClXShocK: its fine, i got it
00:16:14Rickyou're not actually booting rockbox
00:16:24HCli'm cleaning it a little, if it passes the test, and everything still works, i'll commit it
00:16:27mirakwhat ?
00:16:28Rickyou're booting a patched firmware which then loads rockbox (or continues in original firmware)
00:16:54RickHCl: watcha working on?
00:17:04mirakthe patched firmware was kind of hacked ?
00:17:49XShocKin file pcm_playback.c in function pcm_play_data(..) there shall not be a line "pcm_setvol....", delete it
00:18:00HCli'm not entirely happy about this line:
00:18:02HClvoid* addr = (void*)((((unsigned int)addr_r) >> 2) << 2); // always align
00:18:02HCldata, never pass unaligned data
00:18:18HClthat can drop a few bytes of music..
00:18:35HClXShocK: ok
00:18:53mirakRick: have you ver though using something like qemu to have a virtual testing environnement ?
00:19:32XShocKok. but passing things like they are, no aligned will lead to very bad bug ( it will just not play it.. )
00:19:34HClXShocK: what about that alignment line...?
00:19:35Rickmirak: we can use rockbox's uisimulator
00:19:45HClyea.. okay..
00:19:55HClthen you need to specify in the api that the address needs to be aligned
00:20:06HClwhich could be a serious pain
00:20:19mirakRick: have you tried to get in touch with iriver to get the specs of the machines ?
00:20:36XShocKi understand... but data should(not 100% sure though) be aligned, and size also should be multiple of 4.
00:20:40RickNo, I'm not that deep into iriver development
00:20:45RickI'm just a rockbox plugin dev
00:20:56XShocKotherwise CE error in DMA will fire, and sound must be stopped.
00:20:59mirakand some others ?
00:21:09Rickfrom what I understand most if not is already known
00:21:24HClokay, well, so far so good
00:21:25miraksorry for the question, it will and in a few seconds ^^
00:21:29HCli'm gonna compile and test it
00:21:31mirakok, good night
00:21:36Rickmirak: - 'Hardware information'
00:21:37HCldoes anyone have a sample.wav around?
00:21:53rasherHCl: make one with mpa2wav :)
00:21:54RickHCl: just make one yourself? :p
00:22:04HClrasher: good point.
00:22:12HCli haven't used mpa2wav as of yet
00:22:22HClok ok, compile time
00:22:35RickHCl: how's sound support in rockboy coming?
00:22:39rasherand rename it of course.. with rockbox :)
00:22:48HClRick: xshock got it to work.
00:22:57Rickwao, good going XShocK ;)
00:22:59HCli applied his patch and am compiling it now
00:23:00XShocKbut it is not good at all.
00:23:06XShocKi mean sound.
00:23:14Rickwhat's the problem?
00:23:19XShocKit is sluggish... and i suspect it is rockboy....
00:23:26RickI wouldn't doubt it ;P
00:23:31HClits most likely not at full speed
00:23:58***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
00:25:09Rickmake some sort of norender plugin so it just does sound and try a rom with music for intro? :p
00:26:01mirakRick: thanks, I will dig into that after my exams
00:26:24XShocKit might as well be rbsound.c code which i wrote.. but i read it through several times, and hope it is right
00:27:05XShocKby the way, how long does yield() function yields? :)
00:27:51HClit didn't slow rockboy down much
00:27:55HClwhen we added it
00:28:25Rickhow does it perform with the iriver overclocked?
00:28:56XShocKsame as without overclocking.
00:29:00Rickaw ;P
00:29:54mirakthere is something that I don't like on H300,it is that firmware handle bad the names with more tha 52 caracters
00:30:12Rickmirak: you mean can't handle?
00:30:15mirakso a folder with such names is not sorted appropriately
00:30:37Rickoh, now I see what you mean
00:30:43mirakthe firmware only use the 52 first caracters to do the sorting
00:30:44RickI don't think the rockbox has that problem
00:30:57mirakI don't see any reason it would in fact
00:31:05mirakI don't know how they codded their stuff
00:31:29mirakwhy 52 seems a problem also in the database thing
00:31:52mirakeither they optimised the firmware to the max, or they did a crap thing
00:33:26mirakgood noght
00:33:28 Quit mirak ("Leaving")
00:34:00 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
00:39:48*HCl searches for headphones
00:41:57HCldo i just play an mp3 to write it to wav?
00:42:19rasherno, "open with"
00:42:22rasherhold down select
00:42:38*HCl searches for a reset thing
00:42:45XShocKHCl: to play rockboy you don't need to run the debug menu thingy
00:43:21HCli know that XD
00:43:28HCljust want to check whether music still works
00:44:00XShocKaah. ok. :)
00:46:00HClto what file does mpa2wav write?
00:47:15HClits running at 45%...
00:47:41XShocKincreasing cpu clock to 120 will make it 110%
00:47:55HClwe're gonna have to optimize it a lot
00:48:01HClwe can't make it be in 120mhz all the time
00:48:15rasherpreglow has it running at around 200% on some files
00:48:24rasherand removing the disk writes helps
00:48:44HClohyea, i forgot about that..
00:48:44XShocKbtw, those battery results.. was the player going with hard disk on all the time?
00:48:50HClXShocK: pretty much
00:48:54rasherexcept the last one, yes
00:50:14HCldoes the iriver firmware ever write to disk?
00:50:33XShocKyou can delet files
00:50:59XShocKand also recording
00:50:59rasherand rename
00:51:01XShocKof sound
00:51:23HCli'm stupid
00:51:27HClofcourse. recording.
00:51:36HClits a shame they never implemented creating playlists
00:53:04rasheroh.. I'm braindead.
00:53:08rasherno rename.
00:53:13rasherthat's on rockbox
00:58:12HClxshock, does your patch break sound?
00:58:22HClit just quits immediately when i try to play sample.wav
00:59:02XShocKno. it wokrs fine
00:59:33XShocKaaah yes
00:59:44HCli must've messed something up.. sound in rockboy doesn't work properly either, all i hear is clicks
01:00:12XShocKstrating playing of sound resolves the problem...
01:00:38XShocKin debug... about rockboy, you should hear clicking music...
01:00:51HCldo you have a new patch i can apply..?
01:00:57XShocKplays in the mario1 at least
01:00:59HCli think i'll just revert to cvs and try again
01:01:08XShocKok.. i will do
01:01:49 Quit lolo-laptop ("Client exiting")
01:08:50HCloh. try to cvs update while you're at it
01:09:05XShocKi compared it to the newest cvs
01:09:11HClotherway around
01:09:18XShocKi suspect it is again otherway
01:09:19HClswap your source and destination... when you diff.
01:09:22HClbut its okay
01:09:25HCli can just do patch -R
01:09:29HCland do a reverse patch
01:09:30XShocKi spawed.. the same result...
01:09:36HClits ok
01:09:39HCli'll manage
01:10:21HClokay, patched
01:10:25HCllet me try it again..
01:17:32HCli still get the same thing.
01:17:45HClit just dumps out of it without playing any music
01:17:45XShocKrun mario1.
01:17:50XShocKaaa ok
01:17:52XShocKrun it again
01:17:57XShocKit will work.
01:18:05*HCl runs audio test again..
01:18:24HClit just dumps straight out and goes back to the debug menu
01:18:37HCl :/ on my ftp
01:18:55HCli just applied your patch and compiled it
01:19:01XShocK:) strange bug
01:19:05XShocKoverclock the cpu
01:19:10XShocKand run again
01:19:39XShocKi think i know why..
01:19:40HClthat did it.
01:19:51HClair rules :3
01:19:55HClair - all i need ^^
01:20:35HClit gets cut off though ;/
01:20:41XShocKi put uda1380 initalization code immidiately after initalization of i2c. maybe later some code overwrites or reset something
01:20:55HClthink you can investigate that bit a bit?
01:20:58HClno need to rush
01:21:10HClbut i'd rather get it fairly bug free before committing
01:21:15*HCl moves on to test rockboy
01:21:31XShocKit is horribly clicky...
01:22:02pabsdid it slow down at all, or is it still running at a playable speed?
01:22:14*pabs uses rockboy every day, and doesn't want to upgrade if it's fucked
01:22:24XShocKit is fucked. :)
01:22:28XShocKbut not slow.
01:22:31XShocKjust horrible sound
01:22:43pabspshaw, i can turn that off
01:22:54pabsis it in cvs?
01:22:58HClits just clicking
01:23:04XShocKrun the game itself
01:23:09HCli have :/
01:23:12HClstill just clicking
01:23:15XShocKmario1 ?
01:23:15HCli'll try something else
01:23:38pabscan i get ye olde patch, i'll give it a shot here too
01:23:56pabsrockbox either needs to open up cvs more, or it needs another mirror somewhere
01:24:02*pabs doesn't like this sending around patches sillyness
01:24:12HClit needs neither.
01:24:16HClthese patches are experimental
01:24:23HClthe cvs is supposed to be semi stable
01:24:36pabsHCl: that's what branches are for
01:24:57HCleither way, its not up to me..
01:25:01HClXShocK: its just doing clicks here...
01:25:42pabs(and, just for reference, that's how {open,net,free}bsd, mozilla, enlightenment, and countless other large projects use cvs)
01:27:12XShocKhow do i apply patch to the folder?
01:27:27pabsXShocK: patch < foo.patch
01:27:39HClpatch -p0/1/2 < foo.patch
01:27:42HClstart of with -p0
01:27:46HCland increase if it refuses
01:27:51HCltill it works
01:28:34XShocKare any other way? i tried it before, my cygwin does not have it.
01:29:02HClno :/
01:29:15HClyou probably need to install it with that cygwin installer thing?
01:29:17XShocKi will put it ther
01:29:39HCli gotta go sleep now
01:30:26XShocKgood night..
01:30:41HClbut first read some more in my hellsing manga :3
01:30:44pabsXShocK: do you mind if i ahve a look at your patch?
01:30:47HClkeep up the good work :3
01:32:56pabsXShocK: checking
01:33:19XShocKdo reverse of this patch..
01:33:32XShocKi don't know how to make normal patches.. :)
01:34:13pabsXShocK: diff -ur olddir newdir
01:34:30pabsXShocK: diff -ur olddir newdir | gzip -c > patchfile.diff.gz
01:34:45pabsor just diff -ur oldfile newfile > patch.diff
01:34:56pabs(-u is universal format, and -r means recursive)
01:35:17pabsobviously -r isn't necessary for single files but i just type it out of habit :-D
01:35:46kergothand you forgot N, which is required if you want to show files that are in one of the dirs and not the other
01:35:47pabskergoth: yeah, sorry
01:35:58kergoth-urNd is what i generally use
01:36:13XShocKthanks for info. :)
01:53:30 Join lostlogic [0] (
01:53:31XShocKyep. hcl, there are only clicks... i forgot to add something then.
01:53:57HClk, glad to hear its not just me
01:54:01HCl*just put his hellsing away*
01:54:09HClthe manga is so much better than the anime
01:54:14*HCl goes to sleep, night
01:56:13XShocKaaah yes....
01:57:21XShocKin rockboy directory... i changed the type of buf from byte* to short*
02:01:25HClok changed that, i'll test it tomorrow.
02:01:41HClit'd be nice if you can take a look at it not working at lower frequencies...night.
02:02:32XShocKwhat do you mean?
02:02:37XShocKi didn't understand
02:02:50HClsample.wav not playing properly at lower frequencies
02:03:28XShocKyou mean 22050..
02:03:45HCleh. remember i had to cpu boost before it would work..
02:03:50HClanyways.. night
02:03:54XShocKok. bight
02:04:51XShocKpabs are you here?
02:07:44XShocKtest it if you want
02:14:40pabsXShocK: i'm here, i'll give it a shot in a second
02:16:51 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
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05:15:04 Join stevenm [0] (
05:21:58RickI got a response from 'WhackoJacko'
05:22:11Rick"its public domain as long as you give me credit. I doubt people will try to
05:22:11Rickmake a profit out of it though :)
05:26:45stevenmcredit for what ?
05:27:03Rickthe original code? :p
05:27:15stevenmto what ? sorry, caught the tail end of that
05:27:35RickOh, I ported a game he wrote to rockbox
05:27:40stevenmoh cool
05:27:44stevenmarchos or iriver ?
05:28:02stevenmI need to get me one of thems
05:29:44Rickwhat's the size of archos lcd?
05:29:48stevenmthere is going to be an 3x0 port, isn't there?
05:30:00stevenmI wanna say, 120something by 64 ?
05:30:19stevenmhow big is this game ?
05:30:45Rick100x100 for normal game
05:30:54stevenmhmm.. not gonna happen.
05:31:01stevenmwhat game is it ?
05:31:38stevenmmake everything a pixel smaller ?
05:31:48Rickcould work
05:32:22stevenmany news on the codec api ?
05:32:32Ricknot that I know of
05:32:50stevenmhow about.. can/how do codecs output stuff to the screen ?
05:33:14RickI have no idea?
05:33:27stevenmI can see this thing showing stuff other than just the song name.. perhaps it would be possible to even allow the user to mess w/ the channels on the fly
05:35:48 Join edx [0] (
05:41:51 Join datazone [0] (
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06:40:03 Join DJ_Dooms_Day|BR [0] (
06:40:07 Nick DJ_Dooms_Day|BR is now known as DJ_Dooms_Day (
06:44:40 Join Strath [0] (
06:46:45DJ_Dooms_DayCan anyone help me for a sec?
06:53:50Rickask away
06:54:24DJ_Dooms_DayIts totally unrelated but anyway, do you know what an ICQ UIN is?
07:00:32Rickit's an ICQ 'screenname'
07:01:22DJ_Dooms_Daybut the place i need to enter mine in thinks its too many numbers
07:02:33Rickoutdated then
07:07:06amiconnRick: The archos lcd is 112x64
07:43:35amiconn..and your game port should be possible to do on it, if you decrease the 'cell size' to 7x5 or 6x5 (these should look better than 5x5, because the archos lcd pixels are not square) from the current 9x9
07:43:59amiconnYOu could also increase the cell size to 11x11 for the iriver lcd
07:49:06 Join Bonkers [0] (
08:00:37 Quit Rob- (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
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09:32:24 Join Lynx_ [0] (HydraIRC@
09:38:46 Join Schnueff [0] (
09:44:08 Join Bager [0] (~Bager@
09:44:12Bagerhi, guys :)
09:45:04Schnueffhi Bager (Bagder)?
09:45:11Bageri know that you don't work active on iRiver H3x0 port, but i just find the USB Host 1.1 (so called USB OnTheGo) chip in internet
09:45:28BagerSchnueff, no, I'm not Bagder :)
09:45:35Schnueffi c :)
09:47:14Bageri was looking at
09:47:28Bager <= here
09:47:38Bagerthe scan is not so good, but
09:48:29Bagerit's ISP1362BD
09:49:14Bagerso... could some of us add this info in the wiki (
09:51:59Schnueffu could do it yourself?
09:52:39Bageri don't have account
09:52:41Schnueffjust register and edit
09:53:51Bagerok, i'm looking at it
09:54:02Schnueffits really easy
09:59:33 Join einhirn [0] (
10:06:38BagerSchnueff how can i upload pic of the chip (is there such possibility in wiki or just html <img> tag)
10:13:33BagerHCl ? :)
10:13:50Bagerhe's obviously away
10:18:26SchnueffBager: use the `Attach' linmk at the bottom
10:19:06Bagerok, i haven't seen it
10:20:55BagerSchnueff i don't see it again :)
10:21:37Schnuefflemme c
10:21:57BagerDon't forget - if you change something, do it in GoodStyle and follow the TextFormattingRules.
10:21:57Bager−− Main.HristoKovachev - 23 Mar 2005 <== This is your signature for easy copy & paste operation
10:22:28Bagerand below button "preview changes" and link "cancel edit"
10:22:36Schnueffdid you attach something?
10:22:46Schnueffi dont see a pic in the diffs
10:22:54Bagerno, i did'nt
10:23:20Bagerthat's why i'm asking you
10:23:37Schnueffah, u dont see the attach link
10:23:43Schnueffcancel -> then look for attach at the bottom
10:24:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:25:07Bagerhm, iiuc, this isn't what i want
10:25:38Schnueffu want a direct link? then u may use <img ...>
10:25:41Bageri think it will appear as attachment at the bottom of the page
10:26:04Bageryes, i want, but i must put somewhere the .jpg file...
10:27:02Schnueffyes, so do `attach', then upload the pic and select 'Create link' as well as 'Hide file' checkboxes
10:27:17Schnueff(select the checkboxes before uploading)
10:27:35Schnueffthen, a link magically has appeared in the topic text, with `Edit' u may move it where u want
10:28:26Bagerbut ... in this way... the page will have an attachment at bottom, won't it?
10:28:39Schnueffnot, if u have selected the 'Hide file' checkbox
10:28:44Bagersorry for lame questions
10:28:48Schnueffno problem
10:29:04Schnueffif you select `Hide file', the attachment does not appear in the regular attachment table
10:29:05Bagerthe first time is (nearly) always hard :P
10:29:12Schnueffstill, it is attached / associted with the topic
10:29:19Bagerok, 10x
10:29:26Bageri'll try
10:37:52 Join Patr3ck [0] (
10:42:51Bagerok, done :)
10:44:50Bagerbtw ...
10:45:01Bagerthe chip is generic, as far as i can see
10:45:29Bageri mean, there's no hardware limitation in support of only USB Mass Storage
10:45:56 Nick QT_ is now known as QT (as@area51.users.madwifi)
10:46:40 Join Heidelessen [0] (
10:47:53Bagerso ... if rockbox runs on H3x0, and someone writes drivers ... you can for example ... connect keyboard, Canon cameras (they are not UMS compliant), bluetooth for connection with mobile phone...
10:47:58Bagereh... dreams :)
10:48:16Rickthat would be neat
10:48:23Rickan iriver with a web browser
10:48:55Bagerif you write drivers for USB lan card and TCP/IP stack and .... html browser :)
10:49:18Bageror wireless card
10:49:36rasherweb server!
10:49:45Bagerbut these are really mad dreams :)
10:49:50Rickdownload pornography
10:50:18*rasher giggles at the thought of a player lying with a usb wireless nic servering webpages
10:51:19Bagerhahaha :)
10:52:57Bagerbtw, i can't see what's the USB 2.0 slave chip...
10:53:17Bagerthere's a nasty sticker on it
10:53:28Bageror something like it
10:56:45 Quit Schee (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:59:56rasherYay tax returns!
11:04:43 Join DJ_Dooms_Day|BR [0] (
11:06:31 Join LinusN [0] (
11:07:12*LinusN is also tired of all the patches floating around
11:07:23LinusNthis is why we have a patch tracker
11:07:27BagerLinusN: hi, master ;)
11:07:37LinusNbut for some reason, people don't want to use it
11:08:32LinusNi dont' think it's laziness
11:08:54Rickwhat kind of patches?
11:09:57Rickthat's not what I meant
11:10:00rasherwhere are all these patches
11:10:16Bager@ (iirc)
11:10:22rasherI'd be happy to create patch tracker item sfor them
11:11:05LinusNa hot tip is to check the "patches" link in the menu on
11:11:22RickI thought you were referring to patches that wern't listed there
11:11:31LinusNyes i am
11:11:32rasherYeah I meant "the patches floating around"
11:11:49rasherThat's what I was referring to as well :)
11:12:04LinusNi am talking about xshocks sound patch, for example
11:12:14RickI thought that was a fix for rockboy
11:12:20Rickand hcl is working on it
11:13:26LinusNit is a fix for rockboy
11:15:23LinusNor rather, both pcm playback and rockboy
11:15:55LinusNpabs: no, that is not what branches are for
11:16:18Rickthe height for a string will always be the same for a specific font, right?
11:16:31Rickis there a way to get the height of the current font?
11:16:48Rickother than getstringsize
11:16:58DJ_Dooms_Day|BRSo whats news?
11:17:14LinusNRick: why not getstringsize?
11:17:18LinusNDJ_Dooms_Day: no news
11:17:19DJ_Dooms_Day|BRHow goes playback in rockbox?
11:17:29Rickif the height is always the same, I don't see why it needs to be a part of getstringsize()
11:19:06LinusNRick: it's quite handy to have both height and width in one function
11:19:10Rickwell yes
11:19:20Rickbut it would be handle to be able to get just the height too
11:19:38*Rick is looking for the code for lcd_getstringsize right now
11:19:46LinusNno need to pollute the api with redundant functions
11:19:52DJ_Dooms_Day|BRHey Linus, btw that greyscale patch doesn't work. I know its not complete but it tends to fuck things up pretty good :P
11:19:58RickI want to see if I can do lcd_getstringsize(NULL, NULL, &height);
11:20:16 Join DMJC [0] (
11:20:24LinusNDJ_Dooms_Day: how does it fuck up?
11:20:43RickThe only bug I know of in grayscale, is that it doesn't reset the grayscale after exiting from a plugin
11:20:49Rickbut I don't remember if you included that in your cleaned up patch
11:21:19LinusNi didn't
11:21:57RickI guess that's a patch I should have submitted
11:22:31DJ_Dooms_Day|BRLinus: Well it SEEMS to make the resolution of hte LCD a hell of a lot bigger. I say resolution because it looks like every second line is not being drawn, or the image is being drawn over every second line (therefore making everything seem big). It cuts a large amount of the screen out.
11:23:00RickDJ_Dooms_Day: is this in rockboy? because rockboy does that
11:23:20DJ_Dooms_Day|BRNo, this is in rockbox
11:23:35DJ_Dooms_Day|BRI couldn't see the entire menu, it was massive
11:23:56Rickis this in the simulator?
11:24:01 Join Schee [0] (
11:24:17LinusNthe patch is for target
11:24:35LinusNthe sim can't do grayscale yet
11:25:02DJ_Dooms_Day|BRDo you mean it only works if i put it on my iriver?
11:25:11RickI'm guessing the uisimulator is using 1bit when the grayscale is trying to do 2bit
11:25:27LinusNDJ_Dooms_Day: yes
11:25:28Rickthat would explain it
11:25:50LinusNjust another reason not to put it in cvs... :_)
11:26:00DJ_Dooms_Day|BRand why isn't the sim in 2bit? Is it hard or just no one has got around to it?
11:26:28LinusNDJ_Dooms_Day: no one got around to it
11:26:49DJ_Dooms_Day|BRRight, well that really sucks
11:27:00LinusNdoes it?
11:27:09Ricklooks like I can do rb->lcd_getstringsize(NULL, NULL, &height); from what I see in the code for iriver ;)
11:27:26LinusNRick: then all is well
11:27:26 Quit DJ_Dooms_Day (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:27:26DJ_Dooms_Day|BR(btw, how can i kill linkdead dupes of me? isn't there a /ghost command or something?)
11:27:31DJ_Dooms_Day|BRnevermind :P
11:27:33Rickalthough *str++ might not like a NULL
11:27:36 Nick DJ_Dooms_Day|BR is now known as DJ_Dooms_Day (
11:27:51LinusNRick: it doesn't
11:28:01Rickyeah, so it'll probably go boom
11:28:12LinusNJust give it a one-letter string
11:28:21RickI guess that works
11:28:23DJ_Dooms_DayLinus: Yes, yes it does suck, i can't test out greyscale logos until the sim works.
11:28:24LinusNlike we do in the rest of the rockbox code
11:28:49LinusNDJ_Dooms_Day: run it on the target
11:29:06RickDJ_Dooms_Day: if you're too afraid to do it yourself, I can test your logos for you
11:29:38Rickbut you shouldn't have any problem doing it yourself
11:29:44Rickif it locks up, the reset button will help
11:30:07LinusNgrayscale isn't exactly top priority for us right now, that's why the grayscale support is lagging
11:30:10DJ_Dooms_DayNo well i could test it on my iriver but its time consuming, specially since i don't know for sure what the exact greyscale colors are, or what format to put the bmp in in PS
11:30:32RickDJ_Dooms_Day: it's not time consuming
11:30:43Rickone could easily whip up a plugin that loads the data from a file
11:31:03Rickthen all you have to do is mount, copy file, unmount
11:31:28DJ_Dooms_DayOne could easily do that if they could code...
11:34:38DJ_Dooms_DayWell, short of learning some C i don't think i can do much without the help of a bored coder. So i think i'll just wait till it becomes more of a priority.
11:35:06DJ_Dooms_DayBtw, why does it stretch rockboy on purpose?
11:35:17Rickbecause the iriver lcd is smaller than the gameboy lcd why are we STRETCHING the rockboy?
11:37:30DJ_Dooms_Daydoesn't rockboy do that now?
11:39:04DJ_Dooms_DayYou confusing boy you
11:40:32 Join Aison [0] (
11:41:49DMJCrockboy cuts off pixels atm
11:41:56DMJCit doesn't scale the screen
11:42:25DJ_Dooms_DayI didn't notice
11:46:28*rasher updates hvsc
12:00:22 Join amiconn_ [0] (
12:02:08 Join ripnetUK [0] (
12:07:05HClwhat do you mean scale?
12:08:36rasherYay! xsidplay finally figured out the songlength db!
12:08:47*rasher jumps
12:09:37*HCl falls asleep again
12:10:59 Part LinusN
12:18:50 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:18:51 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
12:23:29 Join R3nTiL [0] (~zorroz@
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12:35:21 Join cYmen [0] (
12:44:45 Quit ripnetUK ()
12:57:45 Quit rasher ("leaving")
13:03:14 Join rasher [0] (
13:07:23 Quit DJ_Dooms_Day ()
13:09:18 Quit R3nTiL ()
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13:25:38 Quit Patr3ck (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
13:25:47 Quit Aison (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:43:20 Quit Bager (""In the other world, in paradise, the beauty of women surpassed even the beauty of Bulgarian women" Adaloloddin Mohammed Balh)
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14:04:13 Join bobTHC [0] (
14:07:46 Join Heidelessen [0] (
14:08:17bobTHChi folks!
14:08:26Bagderhi ho
14:14:22 Quit lostlogic ("Going to the moon")
14:15:01 Quit Bagder (
14:15:01 Quit rasher (
14:15:01 Quit einhirn (
14:15:01 Quit Strath (
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15:04:48 Join lolo-laptop [0] (~lostlogic@
15:28:41 Join ftl-M^X^E`off [0] (
15:28:58ftl-M^X^E`offanyone here ? :)
15:29:11ftl-M^X^E`offIs there a Rockbox firmware rlsed for AV400 series ?
15:29:50ftl-M^X^E`offwhich means ? :>
15:30:41ftl-M^X^E`offbobTHC ?
15:31:08bobTHC"Read this Fucking Topic", but it's just a joke, I invite u to read the site before ask question
15:31:31ftl-M^X^E`offI've read yes
15:31:40ftl-M^X^E`offI've seen there is only for jukebox
15:31:45ftl-M^X^E`offI thought maybe they dont publish it or smthing :/
15:31:55ftl-M^X^E`offI'm dying for a god damn other firmware the original stinks
15:34:10bobTHCfor AV400 series a linux port is on the way i thing, but it's not rockbox who developp it
15:34:27ftl-M^X^E`offis it possible to load linux into AV400 ?
15:34:40ftl-M^X^E`offany idea where can i find a guide about it or something?
15:34:52ftl-M^X^E`offOhhh or you mean its gonna be released soon :>
15:35:07bobTHCAVos or something like that
15:36:00ftl-M^X^E`offyeah found :) tnx
15:36:53ftl-M^X^E`offits for Av300 ;/
15:43:00bobTHCi haven't more info, sorry
15:43:54bobTHCjoin them chan
15:44:07ftl-M^X^E`offdid :>
15:44:10ftl-M^X^E`offon 1 answers =[
16:24:23***No seen item changed, no save performed.
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17:08:29 Quit tvelocity ()
17:15:38 Join mecraw [0] (fwuser@
17:33:50 Join t0mas [0] (
17:41:21ftl-M^X^E`offsome one get me a av400 os =[[[
17:51:18 Quit DMJC (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:51:32 Join DMJC [0] (
17:52:45 Quit Patr3ck_ ()
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20:29:20 Join ze [0] (
21:55:12rasherquiet day
22:03:44 Quit pill (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:10:48 Join RaZorbacK [0] (
22:15:01RaZorbacKHi all,v is there someone to help me with my jukebox studio? I have flashed my box successfully, it worked during a few days and now, i've lost my voice feature, the display is scrolling very quickly from right to left... i'm kinda lost. when i try to restore my backup firmware, anything i try i have the message "not from rom" the voice feature is very important for me, i'm visually impaired. Please, i need help! :(.
22:17:32rasherI'll have to pass.. don't know anything about the archos models or voice feature.. sorry..
22:17:46rasherLet's hope some activity can wake someone up
22:18:49RaZorbacKthx man, I hope so...
22:19:27RaZorbacKeverything is working except this damn voice and the display.
22:19:42rasherAlternatively, you could try the mailing-list
22:19:47 Quit ftl-M^X^E`off (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:20:37RaZorbacKOK, gonna stay tunned a bit on here time to smoke a cig and i'll try the mailing list... not money to buy another archos... :(
22:21:01rasherYou say the voice worked, but stopped working?
22:21:45RaZorbacKyes it works for a few days, fast booting etc... really cool but it stops and i cant restore it. formating the box did not resolve the issue
22:23:17RaZorbacKand now, my sighted wife can't even read on the box screen properly, the letters are moving very quickly form right to left... bizarre
22:24:29rasherannoying.. there's a setting to change the scrollspeed
22:24:32***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:26:48RaZorbacKhaven't try this ... bugt when i try, it's even hard to go to the settings :( really annoying. but i don't blame anyone, i've tried the flashing procedure, and, the bizarre thing is that it works for a few days. don't know what happened
22:29:30 Join NegativeK [0] (
22:32:40RaZorbacKi'm coming back in ten minutes, if someone can find a solution to my problem it will be very nice. thanks though Racher for attempting to help :)
22:33:12rasherI only have an iriver, so I haven't been able to test the voice feature yet
22:38:02 Quit Liehbeth (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:43:48 Join einhirn [0] (
22:44:54*t0mas is going to sleep
22:44:57 Quit t0mas ("good night")
22:48:18 Join pill [0] (
22:48:54 Join Querty [0] (
23:03:53 Quit ze (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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23:19:28 Quit Bonkers ("Client exiting")
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23:37:43 Quit mirak (Remote closed the connection)
23:37:45 Join tvelocity [0] (
23:50:40 Quit Bagder ("Off to search for that connect-resetting peer guy!")
23:52:46RaZorbacKis the mailing list moderated? I haven't received my confirm message...

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