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#rockbox log for 2005-03-24

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00:11:53stevenmHi all. Attempting to debug MIDI loader. Program barfs when it encounters a C-Press event.
00:12:04stevenmDoes anyone know what the heck a C-Press event is?
00:12:21stevenmIt ain't in any one of my docs, so that leaves me hosed
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00:19:38HClgoogle? :/
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00:23:12stevenmHCl, yea.. not coming up with anything on C-Press.
00:23:26stevenmMainly getting pages such as "How to use a MIDI editor" -> "PRESS C"
00:24:23stevenmAccording to hexedit, 0xD0 may be the byte I am looking for
00:24:30stevenmonly one way to find out ..
00:24:36stevenmI wish these things were documented better
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00:25:58stevenmthat did it ...
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00:26:27stevenmtheres that nice feeling after nailing a bug to the wall after 3 days
00:29:06HCli know the feeling
00:29:15HCli wish i had that feeling after chasing a bug in fake64 for 3 months
00:29:22HClinstead, i just gave up on it :/
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01:45:27Bippyand gentleman of course
01:46:24Bippyno ones home ?
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02:54:50XShocKhi all
02:56:37XShocKHCl: are you here?
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03:10:41RickXShocK: he last spoke 2-3 hours ago
03:12:00XShocKwent to sleep
03:13:02RickI registered for the rockbox mailing list, I think that was a bad move
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04:05:58XShocKi want to set 11025 hz on dac. i unset PLLCR bit in AUDIOSEL to have XTAL/2. Then I set IIS2CONFIG and bit of CLOCKSEL to 0x2, which will give AudioSel/16..
04:06:33XShocKIt should be right... but either i am crazy or it is in reality very fast, i think at least 1.5, 2 times
04:06:47XShocKis there any other way to make it 11025? i don't any
04:06:51XShocKbsides this
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04:42:40XShocKif someone wants to test it....
04:43:08XShocKrun some kind of rockboy game. i used mario1 all the time...
04:44:00XShocKi surely made a mistake somewhere... rbsound.c + sound.c + pcm_playback.c are main files changed
04:44:28XShocKsee you all...i go to bed,
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05:16:27coobdid you tell them?
05:19:45courtcI'll just stay in here and try to distract them when it looks like they are making progress..
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06:14:56danthemanany body like pink floyd
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07:44:43t0masgood morning :)
07:44:57t0masoh lol
07:45:15t0masI guess it's evening again there?
07:46:43t0mas7:46 here ;)
07:47:11*t0mas was a little busy last week...
07:47:43t0masbut I've tried to implement a syntax Bagder found...
07:48:46t0mashave it sort of working in simulator now... but it eat's resources... because it refreshes the image all the time
07:48:58t0mas(you can almost play a movie with it :P)
07:49:56DJ_Dooms_Daylol hardcore
07:50:14DJ_Dooms_DaySo what are you even doing? Making a script that'll load images?
07:51:59t0masno, I changed the wps-display.c
07:52:19DJ_Dooms_Dayto do what?
07:52:23t0masthat's the code responsible for loading a .wps file... and display the data
07:52:35t0masI first implemented a simple "overlay" image...
07:52:45t0masit's printed after all text is there
07:52:50DJ_Dooms_Dayive never seen a wps file, whats it do?...oh wait, nm :)
07:53:04t0masthat's what I screenshotted
07:53:06DJ_Dooms_DayAhuh, but is it OVERlay or UNDERlay?
07:53:12DJ_Dooms_Dayto the srings?
07:53:16t0masyou can load 2 images
07:53:21DJ_Dooms_Daywow nice
07:53:30t0masbut no more than those 2
07:53:36t0masand they both have to be 160/128
07:53:42t0mas / = x
07:53:45DJ_Dooms_DayIs that how the orig iriver firmware works?
07:53:57t0masdon't know... never checked it :)
07:54:19t0masdon't know of austraila... but afaik it's illegal here :)
07:54:58DJ_Dooms_DayTell me, how do animated (in a sence) things like volume meter work?
07:55:00t0masbut now I'm trying to make it load images and display them on the setup coördinates
07:55:06DJ_Dooms_Dayare they just scripted images?
07:55:23t0masyou mean the peak meter?
07:55:25DJ_Dooms_Dayyeah, well not animated as in gif style
07:55:35t0masit's updated in a loop...
07:55:38t0masnot an image
07:55:48t0masyou can check wps-display.c
07:55:51DJ_Dooms_Dayah, i see
07:55:59t0masthere are a few peakmeter functions
07:56:28DJ_Dooms_Dayso things like peakmeters are just code?
07:57:02t0masyou can easiely change them..
07:57:20DJ_Dooms_Dayeven if you know nothing of C?
07:57:27t0maseh... no...
07:57:36DJ_Dooms_Daydidn't think so
07:57:38t0masbut it's not difficult to read
07:58:01DJ_Dooms_Dayyeah, i mean i can read it pretty well. I used to code some BASIC.
07:58:14DJ_Dooms_DayThere is just some stuff i can't read
07:58:41t0masyou can start with php
07:58:46t0masthat's very similar
08:00:10DJ_Dooms_DayYeah, i've tryed learning to code. I can do it, its just don't find it interesting. I don't have the motive to do it. Though i should try more, almost everything i get into needs it (modding games, firmware, etc)
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08:03:22t0mashm... I can email you the images stuff I have on the screenshot
08:03:31t0masso you can make some better images
08:03:37t0mas(you're good at photoshop right?)
08:04:23DJ_Dooms_Daythat'd be grand
08:05:51DJ_Dooms_DayHey, im thinking of making a website that'
08:06:09DJ_Dooms_Day...that'll host all the rockbox themes, you think its a good idea?
08:07:42t0mashm... I would keep it in wiki
08:07:59t0masthat's the first place people look... and everybody can add his/her own theme
08:08:30t0mas(what's you email?)
08:08:52DJ_Dooms_DayYou think? I mean its a bit primitive ain't it? There'll probably be 100s of themes
08:10:07t0masyou've got mail ;)
08:10:16t0masand wiki isn't primitive...
08:10:20t0masif you use it right...
08:10:45DJ_Dooms_DayWell all it has is basic tables doesn't it?
08:11:04t0masyes... but I've seen perfectly formatted wiki pages
08:11:15t0masyou can use images...
08:11:31DJ_Dooms_DayI guess a wiki would be good since ppl can just add their own themes at will
08:11:43DJ_Dooms_DayCan you link some maybe? So i could see how their done
08:12:15t0masand the rockbox wiki has a page with wps files
08:12:27t0masmaybe you can use that idea... with an image and some general info
08:15:31DJ_Dooms_DayWhat do you mean?
08:15:49DJ_Dooms_Day(and where can i find some good wiki pages at wikipedia?)
08:15:54t0masWell.. I would make it something like this:
08:16:08t0masTitle (little bigger, so it get's in the indez at the top)
08:16:19t0mas<b>Author:</b> name
08:16:53t0masmake it a default list... so people copy and paste that... and put their own in... and you have a nice list
08:16:56t0maswith images
08:17:25DJ_Dooms_DayOk, and where could ppl store the images/files?
08:17:39t0mashm... that would be the only problem...
08:17:51t0masDo you have webhosting?
08:17:52DJ_Dooms_Dayi mean later on ppl will be making full on themes and it'd be easier to just ZIP it all
08:18:12DJ_Dooms_Daysome, 30mb or so, dunno what the BW limit is though
08:18:14t0masyeah... zip with everything + tumbnail screenshot
08:18:27t0mas30mb isn't gonna work on iriver ;)
08:18:49DJ_Dooms_DayWhat about HCl's FTP?
08:19:03t0masbut you can put you e-mail address in? and let people without webspace just email it to you?
08:20:04t0masor ask HCl to put it on his webspace... as he has 100mbit...
08:20:10DJ_Dooms_DaySure, i guess i could, but i think it'd be a lot better if we could find a better solution
08:20:19t0masor if there is nothing else... email me... I can host some here too
08:20:29t0masbut my upload is limited to 50 KB/s
08:20:30DJ_Dooms_DayYeah he could just make a small chunk public access
08:20:49t0masthat get's filled with wares in 10 sec....
08:21:16DJ_Dooms_Daylol not if we just put a basic pass on it
08:21:31t0mashm... and images form FTP don't work in all browsers...
08:21:45t0masso it would be better to just email it and put it on his/your/my webspace
08:22:02t0masbut I think most people posting an image can host it for themselves...
08:22:08DJ_Dooms_DayHang on, let me check the BW on my webspace
08:22:23DJ_Dooms_Dayyeah, they could jsut use
08:23:19t0masand I don't think it will grow really fast...
08:23:31t0masas nobody had rockbox on their iriver yet
08:24:01DJ_Dooms_Daynot that many modify the iriver firmware now, and its easy to do
08:24:31DJ_Dooms_Dayok we can use my webspace, i really doubt we'll hit what ever limit i have anyway
08:24:38DJ_Dooms_Daynot for a long time anywho
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08:25:16t0masI'm looking forward to your creations :D
08:25:28DJ_Dooms_Dayso am i ;)
08:28:49t0masI'm just looking at my agenda... to check when I can have the %fm images thing ready...
08:29:07DJ_Dooms_Dayo_O Not looking good?
08:29:11t0masbut I'm a little busy... and I still have to solve some issues... so I fear you'll have to wait for next week
08:30:18DJ_Dooms_DayBah, fool!! Heh nar its cool, just send me the image and i'll piss fart around with that
08:30:51t0masyou know how to apply the patch right?
08:31:18DJ_Dooms_DayWell theres the FTP:
08:32:01DJ_Dooms_DayI've done it before with the greyscale patch but i wouldn't be able to remember the commands now :P
08:33:55t0masok, start the devkit
08:34:04t0masgo to rockbox-devel/apps
08:34:12t0masput the patch file in the same dir...
08:34:13t0masand do:
08:34:22t0maspatch wps-diaply.c < images.patch
08:35:03DJ_Dooms_Daybtw i haven't got the email yet
08:35:26t0masit's send here... and hasn't come back
08:35:51t0mashave to work now...
08:36:02DJ_Dooms_Daycatch ya tom
08:36:03t0masI'll send it again if it hasn't show up this afternoon
08:36:34t0masthe addres in your privmsg is the right one?
08:36:53 Nick t0mas is now known as t0mas|work (
08:37:22t0mas|workwell.. then it's on it's way I hope :)
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08:43:56rasherCan't you just use wiki's attach-file feature?
08:45:05DJ_Dooms_DayIts image only isn't it?
08:49:01DJ_Dooms_DayWell then its all good then ain't it :)
08:49:17DJ_Dooms_DayNow i've gotta setup a half decent wiki page
08:52:39RickI have a question
08:52:40Rickin ctype.h
08:52:52Rickthere's an #inndef block with a bunch of macros
08:52:54Rickwhat's the point of this?
08:53:01Rickwhen we have exfuncs
08:53:12Rickor am I just confused?
08:55:18Ricknevermind, I am confused
09:00:12Rickno strncmp
09:07:00 Nick Lynx_awy is now known as Lynx_ (HydraIRC@
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09:40:02DJ_Dooms_DayArg! Can someone please tell me how to create a new line in HTML?
09:40:14ashridah <br>
09:40:17ashridah<br/> in xhtml
09:40:27ashridahbetter to use paragraphs properly mind.
09:41:10*Rick bets this whole thing is going to go boom when he first tries it
09:41:35*ashridah dons flame-retardant suit and watches on impassively
09:41:43RickI was right!
09:41:52Ricktons of link errors
09:43:02Rickmost of them are just because there is no screen stuff yet
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09:44:44*Rick is porting pinfocom
09:44:55DJ_Dooms_DayHey, what does the wiki do if one person finishes updating something seconds after someone else updates it?
09:45:15Rickyou can't edit a file while someone else is
09:45:41ashridahDJ_Dooms_Day: well, it normally warns the person who started editing second, and it keeps track of both changes in the versioning for the page so the old one isn't lost (so far as i can see anyway)
09:45:55Schnueffgood morning
09:46:03DJ_Dooms_Dayspiffy, so there IS protection
09:46:41Rickthis screen stuff is going to be annoying
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10:08:43Rickstrncmp won't work ;/
10:09:22DJ_Dooms_DayWhat are you trying to do?
10:09:32 Join werty1st [0] (
10:09:48Rickuse it
10:10:32DJ_Dooms_DayHey anyone here got an iskin?
10:10:36DJ_Dooms_DayI'm thinkin of getting one
10:10:42DJ_Dooms_DayTheir fuckin expensive though
10:10:44werty1stwhat is iskin?
10:10:54werty1stcan u paste a link
10:11:02DJ_Dooms_DayTheres 5 other colors
10:12:14 Quit R3nTiL ()
10:13:17werty1sti don't think it worth the money
10:14:05werty1stthe ARCTIC skin looks nice
10:14:26DJ_Dooms_Daythat $44 in australian btw
10:14:41werty1sthow much is this in euro
10:14:51DJ_Dooms_Dayi dunno
10:14:53DJ_Dooms_Dayfind out
10:16:16werty1stthat's ok
10:18:35werty1sti had a bad problem with my jukebox some days ago
10:19:02werty1sti forgot to unplug it from my pc
10:19:10RickI figured it out
10:19:13werty1stand the next moring it was dead
10:19:14Rickstrncmp isn't defined in the plugin struct
10:19:39werty1sti conected the AC power but nothing happend
10:20:51Rickgot it to compile with no errors
10:21:54Rickyes werty1st?
10:22:06werty1stdo u think its possible to connect the rockbox as removeable drive
10:22:21werty1stinstead of a Harddiskdrive
10:22:34werty1stto prevent windows from creating Recycled bin
10:22:42werty1stand system folder
10:22:43RickI have no idea
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10:31:35werty1sti replaced the original 20GB drive with a 30gb version
10:32:09werty1stthen the jukebox bootet again
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10:47:35Rickplugin fails
10:47:37*Rick knew it
10:52:55Rickit loaded
10:52:57Rickand started it up
10:53:06Rickthe screen is fucked because it's not complete
10:53:09Rickbut, that's cool ;)
10:53:59DJ_Dooms_DayWhat are you making rick?
10:54:13RickI am porting an infocom interpreter
10:54:32Lynx_what's infocom?
10:54:57Lynx_a scripting language?
10:56:10 Part werty1st
10:56:39Lynx_i always wanted perl ported to rockbox ;)
10:56:55Lynx_but some kind of scripting would actually be cool
10:57:51Rickthis isn't a scripting language per se
10:58:03Lynx_for example i was looking for a way to play 20 seconds or so of a bunch of mp3s, but in the middle of the files. that could be scripted nicely.
10:58:18Ricktry that
10:58:58Rickoh, that's just an image
10:59:48Lynx_how is it not a scripting language?
11:00:44Rickit's more assembly than scripting
11:01:52Lynx_ah, and it's more a virtual machine than an interpreter?
11:02:26Rickvirtual machines are interpreters, in a way at least
11:06:11Lynx_what would i be able to do with your interpreter once it's finished?
11:06:19Rickplay zcode games
11:06:32Lynx_ah. is that text based stuff?
11:07:04Lynx_should be at least as much fun as snake ;)
11:10:18Ricki don't see a way to get the current font
11:15:22Lynx_how do you plan to do input? like the file naming screen?
11:16:29Rickwith macros
11:17:04Lynx_how that?
11:17:05Rickyou'll have a standard 'keyboard' esq input quickkeys which do preset text
11:17:10Rick*and quickkeys
11:17:10Lynx_ah, ok
11:17:24Rickto make it easier
11:32:12Rickgot it to put text on the screen
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11:39:29 Join Aison [0] (
11:57:40ashridahit's hard to get much geekier than that, but won't it be a pain to use without a keyboard?
11:58:12Rickgoing to do a vkeyboard with macros
11:59:23 Join amiconn_ [0] (
11:59:42RickI need to add a button to quit
11:59:51Rickso I don't have to use the reset button
12:02:11RickI think
12:02:35Rickthe cool thing is with pinfocom, it's easy to do a different terminal for another box
12:03:26 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
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12:04:39Rickhoi amiconn
12:05:48Rickashridah: here's another screeny with a smaller font −−
12:06:50Rickalso fixed width so it properly does width
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14:02:00ashridahokay. ganon in oracle of ages was anti-climatically easy to finish off
14:02:27 Join F1^Aison [0] (
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14:06:13ashridah ds
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17:08:12t0masI'm back :)
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17:39:11t0masRick? have you flashed you iriver?
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19:24:53 Part Mong0
19:29:14 Nick kergoth`zzz is now known as kergoth (
19:33:33bagawkWhat has happened to mas_codec_writereg()?
19:33:50bagawkamiconn, ??
19:34:33amiconnhi, btw
19:34:58bagawkWhat has happened to mas_codec_writereg()? I get an error at linking when I use this function
19:38:36amiconnIn core code or within a plugin? Btw, I didn't touch that function
19:39:43bagawkcore code (I used it in status.c btw)
19:41:25amiconnDo you include mas.h?
19:42:53amiconnHmm. What is the exact error message you get?
19:43:35bagawkAhhhh silllly me
19:43:46bagawkI was building for simulator
19:43:55bagawkI thought the functions were stubbed...
19:44:05amiconnObviously not...
19:44:33*t0mas is leaving :)
19:44:40bagawkThanks very much for your help anyway
19:44:53 Quit t0mas ("c ya tomorrow")
19:47:00amiconnbagawk: Btw, what are you trying to do?
19:47:48bagawkI was revising my olllld battery low beep patch
19:47:56bagawkSomeone sent me an email about it...
19:51:24 Join Tang [0] (
19:55:28 Join Mong0 [0] (
19:56:50amiconnOooh, fun :) The first 2GB MMCs are now available...
19:57:24mirakwhat is the resolution of the screen of the H300 ?
19:57:26bagawkPrice: ???
19:58:49amiconnNot really cheap (yet), around 200,- EUR
20:07:28 Nick StrathAFK is now known as Strath (
20:09:38 Quit bagawk ("Leaving")
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20:23:00thomjwat up
20:23:04 Nick thomj is now known as preglow (
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22:10:00BoD[]et donc : Hello !
22:10:20 Join Camilo [0] (
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23:05:15 Join ashridah [0] (
23:06:51uskirockbox roxx \o/
23:12:09*Rick is about to work on his z plugin now
23:15:55 Join Stryke` [0] (
23:17:23RickI'm thinking of renaming it to rockmachine
23:19:18 Join Seed [0] (
23:19:47Rickeveryone is quiet
23:20:53 Join Camilo [0] (
23:23:16 Join Lost-ash [0] (
23:24:19 Quit ashridah (Nick collision from services.)
23:24:21 Nick Lost-ash is now known as ashridah (
23:28:07amiconnThis patch doesn't make much sense on its own. There is no point in exposing functions to the plugin api which no plugin uses. This only inflates the api
23:28:50Rickz/rockmachine uses it
23:29:23amiconnYes - so when this plugin gets added, the api extension will get added too.
23:30:27 Quit Camilo ("Chatzilla 0.9.67 [Mozilla rv:1.8b2/20050309]")
23:31:01*Rick runs off to see if it's easy to save screen states
23:33:03Rickall that's left to do in z is implement the vkeys
23:33:25amiconnWhat's z btw?
23:33:31HClhmmm.. that was cool
23:33:49Rickamiconn: port of pinfocom
23:33:51Rickto rockbox
23:34:13HClwhats pinfocom?
23:34:39tvelocityOMG a adventure!
23:35:00Ricktvelocity: indeed
23:35:03tvelocityrockbox just keeps getting cooler and cooler it seems!
23:35:11HClreminds me of muds..
23:35:57Rickthat would be cool if nethack got ported
23:36:00Rickbut it has too many keys :/
23:36:07amiconnNethack just turned 20...
23:36:22HCli still haven't finished that darn nethack game..
23:36:27HCli got to level 23 or so...
23:36:29HClbut it was all water
23:36:35HCland i couldn't pass that without levitating boots
23:36:38 Quit lolo-laptop ("Client exiting")
23:36:39HClwhich i simply didn't have
23:37:10RickHCl: in rockboy, when you open the rockboy menu while playing a game, is the game screen saved, or is it redrawn after the menu closes?
23:37:19Rickbased on the state
23:37:27Rickdarn ;P
23:37:43amiconnThere is no backing store support in rockbox yet
23:38:24RickHCl: I want to make the vkeys a 'popup' so it doesn't obstruct take up screenspace
23:38:46Rick*obstruct /
23:40:44Rickfile icons are 8x8 right?
23:45:36 Nick kergoth is now known as kergoth`bbl (
23:52:08 Quit Nibbler ("blubber")

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