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#rockbox log for 2005-03-27

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00:20:48HClis there a timer?
00:20:53*HCl suffers from insomnia, he knows :(
00:21:41DJ_Dooms_Dayyour a programmer, you guys are born with it :P
00:23:42 Join stevenm [0] (
00:24:41HCl :(
00:24:50HClwho wants a haunted stuffed stitch toy?
00:25:00HClits quite fun to read about it, actually.
00:25:06HClbidding ends in 30 min
00:25:40HClit reminds me of that time where i met this guy on the internet and he said he'd send me this cursed sword he owned
00:25:48HClbut i declined
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00:26:03HClmy life isn't mess-free enough to get into additional mess that 11-fuckin-thousand dolors?
00:26:19HClyes O.o
00:26:40HCli doubt he was wanting to make that much money of it.
00:26:50HClthe starting bid was 0.01
00:27:41stevenmI doubt he will ACTUALLY buy it
00:27:53HClno idea.
00:28:02HClthe owner wants to get rid of it though.
00:28:24HCli dunno, i don't necessairily believe or disbelieve in it, i just don't know.
00:28:37HClif it were to be true, its somewhat comforting, though.
00:29:05HCli'm just curious whether anyone is gonna snipe it away or not
00:29:18HCl(quickly bid before it ends in order to get an item)
00:29:22DJ_Dooms_Dayyeah the buyer is just being stupid, that dude ain't gonna recieve a cent
00:29:35HCli dunno.
00:29:42HClhe'd probably get a stuffed stitch toy.
00:29:45HClfor 11000 dollars
00:29:47HCland have it not do anything
00:29:51HClbut be cuddly
00:30:04HClif it were to actually haunt the new owner too
00:30:07HClit'd get interesting though.
00:31:05 Join Camilo [0] (
00:31:16*HCl spent about 15 min reading all of it.
00:31:31DJ_Dooms_DayIm wondering, why didn't he just set the fuckin thing on fire?
00:31:41HClhe tried.
00:31:49HCllmao. bandwidth limit exceeded
00:32:51HCl"When we got home, we decided to burn the toy in our fireplace, but we could not get it to light. We even tried lighter fluid, but as soon as it touched him, it was completely absorbed - he did not feel damp, and did not smell of the fluid.
00:33:28HCli'm thinking they didn't try hard enough, but. *shrug*
00:38:20stevenmWhy not feed it a Windows 95 CD ?
00:38:48stevenmor install Linux on it
00:38:53stevenmshould be easier than a dead badger
00:41:23HCl :p
00:42:09DJ_Dooms_Dayman the bidder is not really giving $11,000. Its just someone being an asshole so they can't sell the toy :)
00:42:22HClif you check the history
00:42:38HClyou can see that the biggest serious bid
00:42:41HClis 400 usd
00:43:14tvelocityOMG i'm extremely bored
00:43:24HClstand on your head and calculate prime numbers.
00:43:27HClthat should keep you busy.
00:43:32stevenmtvelocity, wanna write my paper for me?
00:43:59tvelocitywhat kinda paper?
00:44:09webmindDJ_Dooms_Day, it's just the toy bidding up so it's not sold :)
00:44:18HCl :P
00:44:55*t0mas wanted to test the wps code on iriver
00:45:01t0masbut it isn't working?
00:45:08t0maswhile playing screen
00:45:15HClwe can't.
00:45:18HClsince we don't have codecs
00:45:21HClwe can't play anything.
00:45:25HCli think.
00:45:34HClnot 100% sure
00:45:46t0masbut why is it working in simulator?
00:46:17HCldon't look at me.
00:47:57HCl5 min left.. heh.
00:48:58DJ_Dooms_DayIf he wanted to get rid of it so quickly why would he put it up for 10 days? O.o
00:49:08HClhe mentioned that..
00:49:21HClSerious bidders only please. I do not want to have to keep this for any longer than I have to (10 days for the auction is already pushing it, but I want it to actually be sold, so I need as many people to see it as possible). If you have less than 20 feedback, please let me know you are serious before bidding
00:50:06stevenmdo you all really think that thing is posessed ?
00:50:23HCli do not know whatsoever :)
00:50:42HCli think it makes an interesting possibility though, and only if it remains possessed and the new owner mentions it too, it gets truely interesting
00:51:05stevenm"My laptop is posessed. Whenever I compile and run my program, it makes it say 'Segmentation Fault.' Is that some sort of evil spell?"
00:51:14t0masyes, mine has it too
00:51:18t0masand my workstation too sometimes
00:51:29t0masit's called the sloppy-coding-virus
00:51:44HCl :P
00:52:09 Join muesli- [0] (
00:52:19DJ_Dooms_Dayno, its not fucking posessed, if it was really posessed do you think they'd stay around it?...and what idiot thinks of putting it on ebay?! There are plenty of those stupid paranormal organisations out there that'd buy it for 2 bucks
00:52:57HCl :P
00:53:25DJ_Dooms_Dayor just walk up to a kid and go "here, you can have this for 20 cents"
00:53:37*muesli- yawns to impress hlc ^^
00:53:44*HCl yawns better :P
00:53:56muesli-prove it :D
00:54:09HCl :P
00:54:17HClwelp, the thing sold.
00:54:35HClseller mentioned in his questions bit that he'll do an update in 2/4 weeks depending on the status of things
00:54:43DJ_Dooms_Daysold! To the man to won't pay a fucking cent!
00:54:54HClif it gets anywhere near to "nothing happens anymore and nothing happens for the buyer either" its prolly a hoax :P
00:54:57HClthat too :P
00:55:10HClbut you have to admit
00:55:15HClit makes great entertainment.
00:55:32DJ_Dooms_Dayive seen better
00:55:53DJ_Dooms_Dayi thought it was funny he got the attention of a paranormal organisation though
00:56:06DJ_Dooms_DayPack of idiots they are
00:56:53 Part amiconn
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01:01:50stevenmman, de-coning a speaker is hard work
01:07:05HClwhats de-coning..?
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01:22:27t0mashow did rasher get the iriver battery graph's?
01:23:32t0masthe rb->battery_level(); is alway's returning 0?
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01:28:17HCltired :/
01:28:41*HCl wonders whether he should port that iriver db creation program to rockbox..
01:29:04Stryke`as a plugin?
01:29:16HClthere's an open source program for linux for it.
01:29:17Stryke`i know i like the idea
01:29:19HClit should be portable
01:29:27Stryke`yeah, if it runs reasonable
01:29:28t0maswhat format should that sample.wav be?
01:29:39HClt0mas: stereo, 44.1khz
01:29:49t0masStryke`: I wouldn't mind leaving it for an hour... scanning database
01:29:53t0masHCl: tnx
01:31:49t0masok, I guess it should be 16 bit?
01:32:07*t0mas tried 8 bit to fit some more sound ;)
01:34:16*t0mas grabs his paperclip...
01:34:36HClthe current code has some bugs
01:34:39HClxshock fixed them
01:34:43HClwhile working on rockboy sound
01:34:50t0maspatch link?
01:35:02HCli think his server went down with him, but you can try... hold on
01:35:29*t0mas play's sample.wav from iRiver firmware ;)
01:35:48HCl :p
01:35:50t0maswich one is patch?
01:35:57HClthere's no exact patch is a recent build
01:36:18t0mashm... ok...
01:36:21HClrockboy.rock is a more recent rockboy than in
01:36:57*t0mas wait's for Xshock to be back...
01:37:00t0masneed a patch...
01:37:08HClrockboy_updated files
01:37:12HClshould be like a patch
01:37:15HClonly its not a patch
01:37:18HClbut a copy of the changed files
01:37:28t0masyeah, but then I lose some other changes...
01:38:06HClyou can check out current cvs
01:38:09HCland make a patch out of it
01:38:14*HCl sneezes X:
01:38:31t0masyeah, I'll try that
01:41:37*t0mas yawns </HCl-mode>
01:41:43t0masbed time...
01:42:01 Quit t0mas ("goodnight")
01:45:40muesli-HCl so what is the latest rockboy on that server!?
01:46:10HClits pretty much the rockboy-with-sound branch xshock has been working on
01:46:16HCl(and honestly, he's been doing a great job)
01:46:42muesli-all of rockbox roxxx :-)
01:50:55 Join ashridah [0] (
01:51:55muesli-hm..i replaced rockboy.rock with the one from the server on my ihp120. now games arent starting anymore (incompatible version)
01:52:23 Quit Rob- ("ircII2.8.2-EPIC3.004 --- Bloatware at its finest.")
01:52:25HClyes, you need the rockbox.iriver
01:52:27HClfrom the
01:52:40HClor do you mean other games?
01:52:57HClxshock hasn't provided compilations of the rest, heh
01:56:22muesli-super mario has sound :-DDDD
01:56:53HClyea, its not great yet
01:56:57HClbut its getting there
01:57:01HCland its much, much better than none
01:57:50muesli-the important thing is, its a start!
01:58:01muesli-and its sounds very funny :-D
01:58:16HClwe're not entirely sure why its not working properly yet
03:00:56muesli-mmh, i reckon only a small error which is hiding very well
03:03:42muesli-why is that rockboy version not on the wiki page?
03:04:41HClbecause its far from finished and unofficial at the moment.
03:04:46HClvery much like the grayscale rockboy
03:06:24HCland it hasn't been cleanly integrated with rockbox yet
03:06:28ashridahHCl: where can i grab a copy of the rockboy.rock and rockbox.iriver for that version?
03:06:37HClashridah: xshocks ftp..
03:07:15muesli-and this one
03:07:50muesli-hey improvement, you are not yawning ;)
03:08:12HClnot yet :p
03:09:14muesli-but thank you and all of rockbox for your engagement
03:12:28HClcredits for sound goes completely to xshock :)
03:16:05muesli-for what are you responsible btw?
03:16:26HClmmm, getting rockboy to work in the first place
03:16:28HClpretty much
03:16:46HClthe dynarec, thats not quite finished yet since i want to wait to see whether its actually needed
03:17:48muesli-what is the dynarec?
03:17:54HClfaster cpu core
03:18:00HCldynamic recompilation
03:18:04ashridahbaahhaha. that sounds decidedly broken :)
03:21:14muesli-damn, its 3:20h we had to change for summer time tonight
03:21:28HClyou're right >.<
03:21:38HClmy computer jumped from 2 am to 3 am
03:22:57ashridahwe had to change for the end of daylight savings here
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03:28:18HCli hate getting up even earlier
03:29:14muesli-me too
03:36:38ashridahi'm going to miss coming home while there's still daylight :(
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04:38:08Sangohey guys
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12:07:04ashridahbobdbob: can i help you?
12:21:14 Join lolish [0] (
12:21:48 Part lolish
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13:07:55 Join muesli- [0] (
13:21:50t0masDaniel Stenberg == amiconn right?
13:23:52ashridahisn't there a mapping on the wiki?
13:24:12t0masfound him :)
13:24:37muesli-write hi a postcard ^^
13:25:45t0maswhat's his brithday? :P
13:26:17ashridah<t0mas> and his social security number or whatever they have over there *stalk* *stalk*
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13:26:28t0masyeah :P
13:27:11*t0mas wants to stalk him about his pong game...
13:27:18 Join rasher [0] (
13:27:23t0mashi rasher
13:28:59rasherHi, I added adc_read to the plugin api
13:29:07rasherto get the battery level
13:29:21rasherbattery_level is supposed to give a meaningful figure
13:29:32rashera percentage I think
13:29:33 Quit Heidelessen (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
13:30:07t0masah, you read the log?
13:30:25rashera bit of it
13:31:04t0masint adc_read(void);
13:31:08t0maslike that?
13:31:14rashertakes an int
13:31:28rasherI think that's used for buttons as well
13:31:42rasheradc_read(2) gives the battery level thingy
13:31:42t0maswhat int should i pass to get the batt. level?
13:31:45t0masok tnx
13:32:02rasherThere are constants defined for it in the main code of course
13:32:16rashersomewhere :-S
13:32:57*t0mas will search :)
13:33:35t0masbatlvl.c: In function `plugin_start':
13:33:35t0masbatlvl.c:47: error: structure has no member named `adc_read'
13:33:42t0masdid cvs update just 1 min. ago...
13:33:57rasherHrm.. I think I have my edits lying around here still
13:34:28rasherplugin.h and plugin.c
13:34:53rasherremember to include adc.h
13:35:12rasherand just add adc_read to the struct
13:35:34rasherhrm, actually not sure if you have to include adc.h
13:35:54rasherI did it in plugin.c but not plugin.h for some reason :-s
13:35:59rasherprobably forgot, and it wasn't needed :)
13:36:28rasherwhat are you doing?
13:36:59t0masjust trying to find out some more of rockbox code
13:37:11t0masso I can help some more...
13:37:53 Join DMJC [0] (
13:38:01t0masit isn't model dependant right?
13:38:04 Join lImbus [0] (
13:38:09rashernot sure
13:38:23rasherI put mine in a model dependent block
13:38:27lImbushappy eastern
13:38:55t0maswhere did you put it rasher?
13:39:14rasher#if CONFIG_KEYPAD == IRIVER_H100_PAD
13:39:22rashernot very fitting
13:39:28rasherbut it worked :)
13:42:05rasherHappy $holiday!
13:44:39 Quit DMJC (Remote closed the connection)
13:46:11 Join DMJC [0] (
13:46:29t0masrasher: is someone working on calculating iRiver batt percentages?
13:46:33 Quit DMJC (Remote closed the connection)
13:47:19 Join DMJC [0] (
13:48:54 Quit DMJC (Remote closed the connection)
13:49:41 Join DMJC [0] (
13:51:12rashert0mas: I think all that's left is Linus measuring the actual voltage of a few points
13:51:26rasher(not quite sure why that's needed, but I'll leave that to him)
13:58:22 Quit CoCoLUS (Remote closed the connection)
14:01:10 Join CoCoLUS [0] (
14:03:46 Join amiconn [0] (
14:03:58lImbushi jens :-)
14:04:04lImbusrohes fest
14:05:51amiconnhi, thanks. However, there's an 'f' missing, so the meaning is changed ;)
14:14:50 Join Camilo [0] (
14:16:31t0masrasher: it should be possible to put your points in a little calculation... and make a lineair indicator of it :)
14:16:51t0mastaking 180 as 0% and 150 as 100% for example
14:16:59t0mas150 = 250
14:37:01 Join fgkfjgnesfsdgg [0] (
14:37:11fgkfjgnesfsdggdoes anyone have a xbox
14:37:27HClwhy ask here?
14:37:46fgkfjgnesfsdggjust asking
14:38:02fgkfjgnesfsdggi just hacked my xbox
14:38:10fgkfjgnesfsdgggot a 250gb hardrive on it now
14:38:26HCli don't suppose its a limited edition crystal version too? :P
14:38:40HClotherwise it'd sound too much like mine :P
14:38:50fgkfjgnesfsdggdo you have many games downloaded
14:39:04HCli guess
14:39:12HClmost of the ones that are worth downloading anyways
14:39:33fgkfjgnesfsdggwhere you download from
14:40:25fgkfjgnesfsdggi get mine off
14:40:50fgkfjgnesfsdggcould you send me some games
14:41:05HCldepends on what you have in exchange
14:41:37fgkfjgnesfsdggwat o you want
14:41:46HClwell. thats the biggest problem with me.
14:41:51fgkfjgnesfsdggwat you looking fo
14:41:53HCli don't have many things i want.
14:42:03fgkfjgnesfsdggcould you ftp some games to me
14:42:11fgkfjgnesfsdggdo you think or can you not do that
14:42:13HCli guess i want ddrei tournamix 4 plus 1/2 , ddrei tournamix 5 addition..
14:42:25HClaside from that, i wouldn't know.
14:43:04fgkfjgnesfsdggcould you set up ftp
14:43:12fgkfjgnesfsdggso i could see wat games you have
14:43:45HCli don't think i can get it to list only without being readable or read/writable
14:43:50HCllet me get a list of what i have..
14:43:59fgkfjgnesfsdggok thanks
14:44:07fgkfjgnesfsdggfound a site for you
14:44:53fgkfjgnesfsdggwill you send me a list of you games
14:46:49HClyea, i'm working on a list, but trust me
14:46:57HClif the tournamix files were that easy to find
14:47:00HCli wouldn't have to ask >.o
14:47:22HClok lets see.
14:47:51HClthis'll take a while
14:47:56HClneed to type most of it over from my xbox
14:48:11fgkfjgnesfsdggjust tell me when it is done
14:49:13fgkfjgnesfsdggi downloaded project snowblind the other day
14:49:33fgkfjgnesfsdggbut when i extracted it it was corrupt i was so pissed off
14:51:50HClok done
14:51:58HCl(gee, i got quite a lot by now, heh.)
14:52:07fgkfjgnesfsdggwill you send me the list
14:52:15HCli'll paste the *xbox* games i have, obviously i didn't list my snes/sega/gameboy games
14:53:07fgkfjgnesfsdgghow did you manage to get snes/sega/gamebox games on your xbox as well
14:53:19fgkfjgnesfsdggi can only play xbox games on my xbox i think
14:54:23HClsnes/sega/gameboy emulators
14:54:25HCli got n64 too
14:54:28HCland nes
14:54:30HCland playstation..
14:54:33HCland msx..
14:54:36HCland dos..
14:54:38HCland atari..
14:54:40HCland amiga..
14:54:43HCland arcade..
14:57:00Rickfgkfjgnesfsdgg: xbox port of linux also allows for linux emulators
14:57:12HClyea, but you don't want that.
14:57:15fgkfjgnesfsdgghow do i get the emulators on my xbox
14:57:20HCllinux is ugly on xbox
14:57:29HCljust use the emulators made for the xbox
14:57:31fgkfjgnesfsdggHC1 could i get shenmue 2
14:57:36HCljust get them with bittorrent
14:57:37Rickwasn't aware of native ones
14:57:43HClyea, native ones are cool
14:57:44HCl :)
14:57:52HClsome nice people leaked out the development kit
14:58:05fgkfjgnesfsdggso wat are the emulators called
14:58:06HCland some other nice people hacked it so you can load a development bios on a regular xbox
14:58:09HClso anyone can develop for it.
14:58:19HClgo to or so
14:58:28fgkfjgnesfsdggi want the n64 emulator
14:59:26fgkfjgnesfsdggHCI can i et shenmue 2 from you please
15:00:14HClwhat do you have in return?
15:00:25HClpretty much the only thing on my list is dead or alive 3
15:00:32HClthat i don't have yet
15:00:48*rasher punches mpd in the gonads
15:00:51fgkfjgnesfsdggi will get you something in return
15:00:59fgkfjgnesfsdggwat is the n64 emulator called
15:02:05fgkfjgnesfsdggit isnt on that site
15:02:31HClyou need to get it from xbins
15:02:36ashridahrasher: rofl. what's mpd done to you?
15:03:06fgkfjgnesfsdggwat is xbins site
15:03:46HClread the tutorial on the main site.
15:04:37fgkfjgnesfsdggcan you send me shenmue 2
15:05:35HClif you can send me something in return.
15:05:51fgkfjgnesfsdggchampiosnhip manager 5
15:06:00HCllol, no thanks
15:06:57fgkfjgnesfsdggmedal of honor
15:07:17HClno, sorry
15:07:32rasherashridah: It was failing to build its database
15:07:34HCleither you gotta get something of my list, or recommend a good game to me that i actually like
15:07:37HClsomething like i ninja or so
15:08:45fgkfjgnesfsdggmedal of honor is a gd games
15:09:00HClwhat kind of game is it?
15:09:22 Join Heidelessen [0] (
15:09:42ashridahrasher: hrm. i've had some entertaining problems with permissions occasionally.
15:09:49 Join gromit` [0] (~gromit`
15:09:52ashridahand it's not overly descriptive if it fails either.
15:10:03fgkfjgnesfsdggfirst person shooter
15:10:14 Join R3nTiL [0] (~zorroz@
15:10:20HClah, i can't stand first person shooters, sorry
15:10:46HClthe only game that could be called a first person shooter that i like is conkers bad fur day, and thats not out yet
15:13:12 Join muz [0] (
15:14:01muzHCl: yesterday you posted a link for the ihp120 hex file with rockbox compiled into it
15:14:21muzim really tempted to download that hex file and flash my player
15:14:54HClwell, i'm not stopping you.
15:14:58HClas long as you have some sense
15:15:09HClits the same ihp_120.hex i currently flashed my player with
15:15:10ashridahHCl: you did what? are you mad?
15:15:14muzi mean have u tried that exact same hex file on ur thing
15:15:21HCland its the 1.63eu version
15:15:33HClashridah: it was already on my ftp, it was just a cluebie pestering me too much.
15:15:40HClso i told him that if he really wants to, he can try that.
15:15:44HClbut i don't give any guarantee
15:15:50muzof course not
15:15:51HClthat it won't set your player on fire
15:15:57HClor cause it to sprout legs
15:16:02HClabsorb your computer equipment
15:16:04HCland start to take over the world
15:16:22muzits just iv been following the progress for ages like everyday i check the status and i just wanna try it out now...
15:16:27 Quit lImbus (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:16:48rasherashridah: that was indeed the problem.. I think the Debian packager did something wrong, because it's fine after a dist-upgrade
15:23:03 Quit Camilo ("Chatzilla 0.9.67 [Mozilla rv:1.8b2/20050309]")
15:26:22***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:28:07 Quit fgkfjgnesfsdgg ()
15:31:40 Quit R3nTiL ()
15:31:59 Join Lost-ash [0] (
15:33:47 Quit ashridah (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
15:37:38 Join fgkfjgnesfsdgg [0] (
15:37:53fgkfjgnesfsdggi downloaded flashfxp
15:38:04fgkfjgnesfsdggbut it cannot connect to xbins
15:38:10fgkfjgnesfsdggHC1 can you help me
15:39:03HClread. the. tutorial. u.u.
15:39:09HCland the bittorrent tracker i use
15:41:02 Quit muz ("CGI:IRC")
15:42:06fgkfjgnesfsdggok downloaded surreal64
15:43:08 Quit Lost-ash (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
15:45:47 Part amiconn
15:48:41 Quit fgkfjgnesfsdgg ()
15:50:56*HCl sighs.
15:54:04HClenough pacman for me...
16:01:36hilemethinks fgkfjgnesfsdgg is pacman translated to some strange language?
16:02:23hileat least he runs around like one, looking for stuff
16:02:28HClt0mas: no, xbox
16:04:15HClwth @ tv pronouncing "munchen" as "munick"
16:21:49 Quit t0mas (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:30:44rasherHCl: English pronounciation
16:30:49rasherit's very silly
16:34:31HClif not plain wrong.. heh.
17:04:43HClfake bidder on the stitch toy
17:04:47HClrelisted for 5 days :P
17:04:55HClgoing for 160$
17:26:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:31:24 Join amiconn [0] (
17:40:23muesli-HCl what is this crap?
17:40:48HCla "possessed" stitch toy :P
17:44:17 Join tvelocity [0] (
17:44:19muesli-maybe a grizzly bit his ass and he is now possessed himself
17:48:06 Join fgkfjgnesfsdgg [0] (
17:48:25fgkfjgnesfsdgganyone talking in here
17:49:27 Join silencer [0] (
17:50:50 Quit Nibbler (Remote closed the connection)
17:52:19 Join Nibbler [0] (
17:52:45*HCl yawns
17:53:16fgkfjgnesfsdggalright HC1
17:55:30 Quit fgkfjgnesfsdgg ()
17:56:59HClits hcL
17:57:12amiconnHe's gone...
17:57:17HCli know.
17:58:58hileI think he is the only one who thinks #rockbox is a 'cool gaming helpdesk' channel ... or maybe I'm just mistaken ;)
18:01:00 Quit DMJC ("Leaving")
18:14:24 Quit ze (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
18:14:59*muesli- yawns (c) by hcl
18:17:13HClyea, the only thing he's been talking about so far is games :P
18:18:03hileand mostly not playing but 'where do I get it'
18:18:49 Quit bobdbob (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:21:32 Join ze [0] (
18:41:16 Quit tvelocity ()
19:26:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:41:28 Join Tang [0] (
19:41:43TangI've a cool news
19:41:52Nibblertell us
19:42:33Tangi've finaly tried to change the logos
19:42:44Tangof the rockbox bootloader HEX
19:42:50Tangwith H3mod
19:43:04Tangi've upgraded and it work fine
19:49:19 Part amiconn
19:50:11 Quit Nibbler (Remote closed the connection)
19:50:26 Join Nibbler [0] (
19:50:26 Join NibbIer [0] (
19:50:35 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:50:43HClwe need someone to test 1.65 though
19:54:57TangHello HCl
19:55:19Tangi va taken some risk with the logo modification
19:56:00Tangi'm not kean on taking others with the 1.65 fw without GDB
19:56:54 Quit NibbIer (Remote closed the connection)
19:57:05 Join Nibbler [0] (
19:57:06 Join NibbIer [0] (
19:57:08 Join xNibbler [0] (
19:57:10 Quit NibbIer (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:57:12 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:57:16 Quit xNibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:57:22 Join Nibbler [0] (
19:58:56HClTang: nah, ofcourse
19:59:00HCllike the wiki
19:59:05HClno one should try it but linus
19:59:10TangAh okay
19:59:18Tangi misunderstood
19:59:29HClissok :) sorry
19:59:50Tangi thought your request was linked with what i said about the logo modd
20:00:02TangNo matter
20:03:47Tangindeed the 1.65 update is quite cool for recording usage
20:03:57Tangmuch more ergonomical
20:04:55 Join fgkfjgnesfsdgg [0] (
20:04:58fgkfjgnesfsdgghi all
20:05:03fgkfjgnesfsdgghow is everyone
20:05:36 Join bobdbob [0] (
20:05:49 Quit silencer (Nick collision from services.)
20:05:51 Join silencer [0] (
20:05:56 Quit silencer (Nick collision from services.)
20:06:18 Join Sucka [0] (
20:08:44 Quit fgkfjgnesfsdgg (Client Quit)
20:10:52 Join silencer_ [0] (
20:25:45Tanghi Muesli
20:25:49muesli-check your messenger ;)
20:30:42 Quit Nibbler (Remote closed the connection)
20:31:01 Join Nibbler [0] (
20:31:17muesli-check my nipples :D
20:33:52 Join Stryke` [0] (~Chairman8@resnet-241-86.resnet.UMBC.EDU)
20:36:52 Join muz [0] (
20:37:08muzHCl: hey ur hex file worked like a charm
20:37:21muzhow can i get rockboy in grayscale?
20:37:54muzur makes everything run really slowly and this annoying grey shade
20:42:25muzanyone know how to?
20:50:31 Quit muz ("CGI:IRC")
21:26:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:28:28 Join t0mas [0] (
21:33:49 Join wahat [0] (gekko@
21:33:54t0masnice conversation about illegal games this afternoon? :P
21:33:58wahatheyas all...have a question
21:34:41wahati'm looking for software that compares various audio encoding by examining them and seeing which one matches more closely to the original version...anything like that out abouts?
21:35:11t0mashm... maybe you should check this with a more audio orientated channel...
21:36:16wahatno one else?...guess i'm gonna have to learn coding and design this myself...well, it should only take 10 years or so...:P
21:36:32t0mashm... convert it all back to wave?
21:36:36t0masand compare that?
21:36:44t0masthat should be possible to do :)
21:37:11wahathmmm....time consuming, but i was looking for something that would do it automatically...something that doesn't rely on the human ear necesarilly...
21:37:27t0masno, i ment to compare the wave files automaticly
21:37:44wahathow would you compare them?
21:38:54wahati was thinking of a program that would take an orignal file, say an .mp3 in this case and then compare it with two other formats of the same kind, say an .ogg and .wma file and then automatically examine their characteristics to see which one matches more closely to the original.
21:38:55 Join fgkfjgnesfsdgg [0] (
21:39:18fgkfjgnesfsdgganyone talking tonight
21:40:20wahatnot sure how you'd pull that off...
21:40:30 Join TomasS [0] (
21:40:34fgkfjgnesfsdggdo you have a xbox
21:40:42fgkfjgnesfsdgganyone got a xbox
21:40:44TomasSstupid internet explorer...
21:41:11fgkfjgnesfsdggis there anyway to send files throught cmd
21:41:33 Quit wahat ("—I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n— 2.0 Build 3515 with A Pack Fix By")
21:43:25fgkfjgnesfsdgganyone got a xbox in here
21:45:52muesli-hcl: do you understand german?
21:48:15TomasShe should
21:49:01TomasSall dutch people learn it in highschool
21:51:07fgkfjgnesfsdggtomass do u have a xbox
21:51:35fgkfjgnesfsdggdo u download pc games
21:51:41TomasSofcourse not ;)
21:51:52fgkfjgnesfsdggdo u
21:52:34 Quit t0mas ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
21:53:31fgkfjgnesfsdgganyone got a iriver iHP-120
21:54:08 Nick TomasS is now known as t0mas (
21:54:18fgkfjgnesfsdgghave u got games on it
21:55:00t0masyes I have rockbox installed
21:55:04fgkfjgnesfsdggdo you like it
21:55:30t0masI customized some things for it
21:55:45fgkfjgnesfsdgglike wat
21:55:49t0masimplemented graphical wps screen's
21:55:58t0masreplaced the usb logo (simple edit)
21:56:18fgkfjgnesfsdggu got any screen shots of it
21:56:33t0mascheck the forum's
21:56:56fgkfjgnesfsdggcan you send me rockbox
21:57:11t0masthat's a screenshot made in simulato
21:57:19t0masand no I can't send it to you
21:57:23fgkfjgnesfsdgghoe come
21:57:27t0masyou should just download the source... and compile it...
21:57:42t0masand if you don't know how to compile it.. it isn't made for you right now
21:57:46t0masit's a developers version
21:58:11fgkfjgnesfsdggis that you iriver on the screen
21:58:45t0masno, it's the simulator
21:58:48t0masto make a screenshot
21:59:22t0masbut it look's the same on iRiver
22:00:09fgkfjgnesfsdggi dont like it how it changes the fonts
22:00:16fgkfjgnesfsdggand graphical interface
22:00:28t0masyou can all customize it
22:00:39t0masthat screenshot is the way I like it... and I made it...
22:00:45fgkfjgnesfsdggdid u
22:00:46t0masif you want something else... learn C and code it :P
22:01:14t0masyou can change all
22:01:33t0masand here is an overview of other people's creations:
22:04:42t0maswhat's revord?
22:04:56t0masoooh wai
22:05:06muesli-t0mas query
22:05:11t0masno, at this moment it's not possible
22:05:12fgkfjgnesfsdggrecord sorry
22:05:15t0massorry muesli-
22:06:27muesli-no worries mate ;)
22:07:04fgkfjgnesfsdggmuesli u talking to me
22:08:51fgkfjgnesfsdggcan no one send me rockbox
22:08:52muesli-nope :D
22:08:57fgkfjgnesfsdgg can no one send me rockbox
22:09:47 Join lilo [0] (lilo@levin-pdpc.staff.freenode)
22:09:59t0mashi lilo
22:10:02lilohey t0mas
22:10:16t0masthe HCl games part
22:10:20t0masand privmsg to muesli- and me
22:10:27t0masour nice visitor
22:12:18fgkfjgnesfsdggHC1 can i have the ftp address to get rockbox
22:12:46HClonly if you promise to spell my name right and don't ask any questions about it.
22:13:18HClso, whats my name again?
22:13:52*t0mas is leaving
22:13:58t0masgoodnight... c ya tomorrow
22:14:00 Quit t0mas ("CGI:IRC 0.5.4 (2004/01/29)")
22:14:11*HCl wonders how one can read hcl as raurin, thats definately wrong, yup.
22:15:27rasherThey uh.. sound about the same
22:16:08fgkfjgnesfsdggraurin the ftp is down
22:18:03*lilo looks around for raurin
22:19:22lilookay, let's try this
22:19:34lilowho's awake, and of those people, who's irritated by fgkfjgnesfsdgg and who's not?
22:19:49HCli'm somewhat irritated.
22:19:49muesli-*arms up*
22:20:08fgkfjgnesfsdggi just want rockbox
22:20:11HCli believe a network wide ban is over the top
22:20:13fgkfjgnesfsdggand i will be happy
22:20:21HCland a simple channel ban would be more than sufficient
22:20:28fgkfjgnesfsdggit is for cousin
22:20:30lilootoh, this channel appears to be expired
22:20:34fgkfjgnesfsdgghe asked me to get it for him today
22:20:35lilolet me double check
22:20:39fgkfjgnesfsdggso he can program it
22:20:51liloyup, the owner has not been seen for ages
22:21:21fgkfjgnesfsdggso will anyone give me the ftp address to get rockbox
22:21:38liloHCl: you're a participant in the project, right?
22:22:23HCli guess?
22:22:27HClnot one of the main devs though..
22:22:32 Quit fgkfjgnesfsdgg ()
22:22:35HCli made the gnuboy port for it
22:22:42liloyou're listed on
22:22:52lilohe took my hint
22:23:01lilo1111954469 [msg(fgkfjgnesfsdgg)] at this point, you may just want to come back some time later, I think you've irritated some people
22:23:04muesli-enough to call hcl a member
22:23:06liloHCl: how active is the project?
22:23:18HClits just that i got tests in a week
22:23:21HClso i don't have time at the moment
22:23:26HClsimilar reasons for other people
22:23:32HClwe're making good progress though.
22:23:38rasherThat and easter
22:23:45HClrecently xshock has been working on sound support for the gameboy emu
22:24:08bobdbobHey guys... Just trying out the rockboy/gnuboy on my recorder... it's supposed to be slow as hell, right? :)
22:24:16HClbobdbob: yea
22:24:25HClonly the iriver version runs at full speed so far
22:24:58bobdbobI know the recorder's got a 12MHz processor... what's the target IPS (Instructions per second) to get to real-time?
22:25:30HCleh heh. the gameboy is a 4mhz z80
22:25:36HCli have no idea, to be honest.
22:25:52bobdbobjust curious...
22:25:56HClnp :)
22:26:16rasherMaybe the gnuboy project knows more
22:26:26HClthey haven't been active since 2001
22:26:35rasheroh.. bummer
22:26:42rasherMaybe they just think they're done
22:26:51HClno idea.
22:27:26liloyou may want to adjourn to an 'unofficial' channel if there's not much likelihood of reviving the project people
22:27:49HClis there one?
22:27:56lilonot yet, but you can set one up
22:28:21liloit'd be an "about" channel
22:28:40rasherThere are lots of project people active
22:28:56HClrasher: he meant gnuboy
22:29:04liloif the project is active, you can just get the people running it to submit a group contact form
22:29:09rasherah.. :)
22:29:23HClthere *is* an official channel on freenode
22:29:27HCland there are people in it too O.o
22:29:59HCl22:28 -!- Topic for #gnuboy: gnuboy 1.0.3 is latest, 1.0.4 beta expected to
22:29:59HCl be released on 12/04/2003
22:30:11HClgee. i think they're lagging on their schedule a bit XD
22:30:55liloI was talking about rockbox
22:31:32liloI guess the thing to do is to find some fork or version of the project or substitute for the project that's currently active 8)
22:31:37*lilo looks apologetic
22:31:46HCli'm confused.
22:31:49lilobut you can set up an unofficial channel for any of them
22:31:51HClwhat *are* you talking about o.o;;
22:32:02rasherWell the main devs of rockbox are usually here
22:32:10rasherjust been a quiet couple of weeks lately
22:32:16HCli have cvs access, shouldn't that warrant it as being official?
22:32:30liloif whoever runs the project wants to submit a group contact form, we can make sure you get control of the channel
22:32:42lilomy assumption was that it wasn't active; if I'm wrong, then I'm wrong 8)
22:32:44HClmhm.. i guess we can talk to linus to do that
22:33:01rasherMakes sense
22:33:05*lilo nods
22:33:32liloif he's not online much, he should submit an 'approving' form for someone who is, and they should submit a form as well
22:33:40lilocheck the freenode site, on the nav bar on the left, under 'group registration'
22:33:50rasherhe is, usually pretty much every day
22:34:02lilohe may want to assign an alternate or two for emergencies
22:34:07lilothey just need to fill out the 'approved' forms
22:34:14rasherso there's no real problem then
22:34:22rasherjust a lot of forms to full in
22:36:05lilonot too many
22:36:17liloone per person, however many people you need
22:36:41rasherYeah.. just a figure of speech from old times :-S
22:36:45lilooic 8)
22:42:36 Quit Tang ("Chatzilla 0.9.66 [Mozilla rv:1.7.5/20041108]")
22:46:52rasherExcellent, I have made $2.43 with google adsense :)
22:49:42HClwhats that?
22:50:20rasherthe google text-ads programme
22:51:32rasherthat'sover 6 months, by the way :)
22:53:04HClthats not much.
22:53:21rasherI have a very low-traffic site :)
22:53:49rasherAnd a smiley addiction, it seems
22:54:00HCl :P
22:54:15*rasher rsyncs
22:54:36rasherI wonder what's going on.. it's taking its sweet time
23:02:58 Join Camilo [0] (
23:10:51 Join matsl [0] (
23:11:15*rasher yawns
23:11:27*HCl patents yawning
23:11:48HClmuhahaha, intellectual property o.o
23:12:15rashermy kitchen is now clean :)
23:12:30rasherexcept for the floor :-\
23:12:43muesli-dirty sticky floor!? :D
23:13:08rashernot quite.. just dusty in the corners
23:13:25muesli-nobody is looking at corners ;)
23:13:33muesli-they are quiet unsexy ;)
23:16:40 Quit lilo ("bbiab")
23:20:02 Nick Guest1046740 is now known as thegeek (
23:20:36 Join bagawk [0] (Lee@bagawk.user)
23:26:12Camilowho knows about h300 firmware?
23:26:33***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:27:33 Join XShocK [0] (
23:28:29HClhey xshock
23:29:20HClthere are actually some gnuboy developers left
23:29:23HClin #gnuboy
23:29:50HClone said the gameboys natural sample rate was something like 32768
23:30:26muesli-32768 hz!?
23:30:36HClhe wasn't 100% sure
23:31:23XShocKi have a strong feeling that the main problem is in the simulation speed itself.. if we look at normal speed of gnuboy on PC, we see that time in mario goes twice as fast(right-top corner) and still 100% and moves fast. here we see that time is twice as slow, sound is twice as slow.
23:31:24muesli-i dont have absolutely no clue but i am very sure this is much to much
23:31:45HClXShocK: okay
23:31:48XShocKi think we just need to make it run faster, i think by just speding aup the timer
23:32:13HClXShocK: you could try disabling screen updates all together, it should speed it up fast enough, might help
23:32:17HCljust to test
23:32:57 Quit bagawk ("Leaving")
23:32:58XShocKwhart is R_LY ?
23:34:11HClthe current scanline
23:34:22HCljust place a return at the top of the function
23:34:30HClhopefully it'll speed it up enough
23:34:34HClobviously, we'd be blind
23:34:40HClbut just to test
23:34:44HClwhether speed really is the issue
23:36:17rasher"Resident Evil 4 - only on nintendo gamecube" .. what WERE they thinking?!
23:37:37HClisn't there an xbox version too?
23:37:52rasherNot according to this ad
23:37:54muesli-xbox is for our friend hcl ;)(
23:38:24bobdbobanyone used gprof for profiling rocks in the simulator?
23:38:54bobdbobI know it would be inaccurate, but just to get a call graph
23:38:58XShocKHCl: you said just to return a function... what function?
23:39:10HClum, the one in lcd, hold on
23:39:59HClyou might want to add return to update_patpix too.
23:40:55 Quit rasher ("CGI:IRC 0.5.4 (2004/01/29)")
23:49:19HClany luck?
23:49:56XShocKsounds better actually
23:50:02XShocKbut not enough
23:50:18*muesli- crosses his fingers
23:52:30HClwe'd have to profile it
23:54:15bobdbob... ideas on how you're going to do that?? :) (see my question above)
23:55:22bobdbobI can run gprof on the simulator... but it doesn't seem to play well with multiple executable files being handed off... or I dont' know enough about gprof
23:55:44bobdbobThat is... I get profile information for symbols in rockboxui, but don't see the symbols from rockboy
23:57:26HCli'm tired and i need to go to sleep
23:57:32HCland i gotta study all week
23:57:43HClso, night..
23:57:43XShocKnow without everything it sounds very fast.
23:57:50HClwithout everything?
23:58:14XShocKwithout screen update.. wait a seconds
23:58:43XShocKaaah... damn it..
23:58:50XShocKi forgot to change uda1380.c file.
23:58:57 Join amiconn [0] (

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