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#rockbox log for 2005-03-31

00:13:53lImbuspreglow: it took me a second, but I very much like that idea :-)
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01:04:53preglowi'm off
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06:17:38mwvoreQuestion, does the RockBox work on the ARCHOS Gmini XS200 Digital Audio Player? I'm thinking of getting one. My old Jukebox 6000 seems to have bit the dust, It will not boot.
06:20:34mwvoreQ2, does the Archos Gmini XS200 Digital Audio Player look like a disk under linux the way that the 6000 did? I don't want to have to use Windoze if I dont have to .
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06:36:18mwvoreQuestion, does the RockBox work on the ARCHOS Gmini XS200 Digital Audio Player? I'm thinking of getting one. My old Jukebox 6000 seems to have bit the dust, It will not boot.Q2, does the Archos Gmini XS200 Digital Audio Player look like a disk under linux the way that the 6000 did? I don't want to have to use Windoze if I dont have to .
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08:22:31*LinusN finally understood the workings of the audio dma in the iriver
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08:46:07LinusNgreatly simplified the pcm dma code :-)
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08:47:56*Bagder discovers M-x copyright-update
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08:51:15LinusNBagder: what does it do?
08:51:24Bagderupdates the copyright string in a file
08:51:29Bagderto the current year
08:51:46LinusNwhat an incredibly useful feature...
08:52:03LinusNa must-have
08:53:14BagderI wrote a script that compares the modified year with the year in the copyright
08:53:26Bagderand that then updates it
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09:31:43kurzhaarrockerBagder: could that copyright update be abused to set the default value of the clock? I mean the default to be used when it forgets time because of a battery change.
09:32:06kurzhaarrockerSo that the default time == time of build.
09:32:53Bagderwe could easily write a special hack for that
09:35:01*kurzhaarrocker thinks that cvs might be able to update a variable with checkout time.
09:35:54Zagorbetter let the build system to it, rather than cvs
09:36:07ashridahfar better
09:36:32Bagderwhere's the default set?
09:36:42*kurzhaarrocker shrugs
09:36:58Zagorwe don't set a default
09:37:24Zagorbut we have a out-of-range detection, so we could set a default then
09:37:40Bagderthe valid_time() check
09:38:00Zagorsounds right
09:38:50Bagderit does set a "default" already
09:39:30Bagderit'll be a fun hack... lets see...
09:40:28*kurzhaarrocker wished someone would consider code-poliecing & applying the volume triggered recording patch to be fun
09:42:35*LinusN finally fixed rolo on the iriver
09:45:24dwihno\o/ Yay! \o/
09:45:39dwihnoZagor: Congrats on your bytarsajt. It seems to rulla på ganska bra! :)
09:46:09LinusNdwihno: congrats on your failed english classes :-)
09:46:34dwihnoLinusN: Misa people gonna spiik inklish?
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09:49:51LinusNkurzhaarrocker is a ghostbuster
09:50:01dwihnoWho you gonna call? :)
09:50:07dwihnokurzhaarrocker \o/
09:50:42*kurzhaarrocker puts his ghost killing weapon into his weapon locker
09:51:35dwihnoYou can't really kill the ghosts. You can capture them though. I've seen the historical documents of Egon Spengler and his friends ;D
09:59:52kurzhaarrockerWell actually I wasn't really killing ghosts - more like committing suicide with my alter ego...
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10:00:29Zagormaybe we should add a RLD watchdog: after 10 seconds of hung disk, reboot and resume
10:00:58Zagoror at least power cycle the disk
10:03:41LinusNhard drive power cycle sounds fine with me
10:03:57LinusNin the ata driver
10:04:04kurzhaarrockerOh that reminds me of something 'funny': I browsed to a song in the song db which didn't exist on the drive any more. When I tried to play it there was a hell of disk activity, the ui was frozen and playback stopped when the buffer was empty.
10:04:05Zagorcan fmr control disk power too?
10:05:19*ashridah notes that leaving rockbox running in usb-attach mode overnight a few nights ago lasted all night, although the hard drive had run out of power and powered down.
10:05:24ashridahjust as well i didn't have it moutned
10:05:27ashridahmounted even
10:16:55Bagderdosfsck -a /dev/sda1
10:17:02Bagderdosfsck 2.11, 12 Mar 2005, FAT32, LFN
10:17:02BagderSeek to -1580662272:Invalid argument
10:17:17Bagderthat good? ;-)
10:17:44Zagoroops :)
10:17:55kurzhaarrockerSeems Bagder discovered the unused disk space before the first cluster
10:18:28 Join Patr3ck [0] (
10:20:17Bagderstracing doesn't offer many clues eithe
10:20:36Bagderit opens the device, and then lseeks
10:20:43Bagderlseek(3, 2714305024, SEEK_SET) = -1 EINVAL (Invalid argument)
10:21:45Zagor2714305024 is a rather large value for lseek though
10:21:54Bagderafter the open, it reads 512 bytes from the device
10:22:02Bagderread(3, "\353X\220mkdosfs\0\0\2 \0\2\0\0\0\0\370\0\0?\0\377\0\0"..., 512) = 512
10:22:11Bagdernote the "mkdosfs"
10:22:37Zagorit's sector 0, isn't it?
10:22:44BagderI guess
10:22:54Bagderit is from index 0 on the device
10:23:46Bagderwhat would that initial seek do?
10:24:17Bagderopen(), seek to 0, read 512 bytes, seek to 2714305024
10:24:46Zagorno idea
10:25:02Zagorthat's 2.5GB into the disk
10:25:25Zagorthe logical thing would be to seek to the first partition
10:28:11Zagorif off_t signed or unsigned?
10:29:20BagderI believe it is signed
10:29:39Bagderbut 64 bits
10:31:08BagderI wonder how it broke like this
10:31:27BagderI noticed some hangs red-led style yday
10:35:45Zagorweird shuffle experience: my playlist has 9773 entries. 146 of them are songs by Toto. 7 of these are among the first 100 entries played shuffled.
10:36:11Zagorthat's waaay more than random spread
10:36:35Bagderits the Rockbox Improved Random
10:36:43Bagder"better than random" ;-)
10:36:57BagderRockbox Shuffle
10:37:00Bagderno need for LCD!
10:37:00Zagorit would be random if I had 679 Toto songs...
10:37:26kurzhaarrockerWell - if you like Toto there's nothing to complain about...
10:38:09DJ_Dooms_Day|AFKHey are we actually going to have true randomisation in rockbox?
10:38:20Bagderwe already do
10:38:21Zagordefine "true randomisation"
10:38:30DJ_Dooms_Day|AFKYeah, i mean '
10:38:38Bagderit isn't cryptographically secure
10:38:50Bagderso don't build a crypto device out of it
10:39:04DJ_Dooms_Day|AFKi mean 'on the fly' randomisation, none of that 1 seeded random songs that pop up every time you turn it on and off
10:39:26BagderDJ_Dooms_Day|AFK: rockbox does that, yes
10:39:45Zagorwe've had it for years
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10:41:58bobTHChi noble ppl !
10:44:12DJ_Dooms_DayDamn it, i demand someone gets grayscale working on the sim
10:44:27Bagderplease do
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10:47:15*LinusN just committed RoLo for the iRiver
10:47:50*Bagder horrays
10:48:10*DJ_Dooms_Day wonders what RoLo is
10:48:59dwihnoReally swell! Great work Linus!
10:49:10kurzhaarrockerIts a kind of candy:
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10:50:35kurzhaarrockerDJ_Dooms_Day: what you were looking for is here:
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10:52:13Bagderfreshly brewed
10:53:59rasherExcellent, RoLo
10:56:59 Part courtc ("Leaving")
10:57:53rasheralthough I'm not entirely sure in which situations you'd use it
10:58:03Bagderwhile developing mostly
11:18:04LinusNit's mainly handy for developers
11:18:45LinusNespecially the feature which automatically detects when the firmware file has been updated via usb, and asks if you want to run it
11:18:58LinusNspeeds up developing
11:20:03rasherAh, that sounds really handy indeed
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11:50:38ashridahso how does rolo avoid overwriting its own code anyway?
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12:40:45LinusNashridah: it loads the code into the mp3 buffer, and then transfers it to the correct location with a short code snippet in internal ram
12:45:20Bagderhow big fat is suitable when mkdosfs'ing?
12:46:42ashridahdepends on whether you're storing lots of small files or few big ones.
12:46:58Bagder80GB disk, some 7000 songs
12:47:08ashridah -F 32
12:47:28ashridahno real choice for something that large
12:54:35Bagderdmesg and fdisk identify it as 80GB
12:54:47BagderI mkdosfs -F 32 /dev/sda1, then mount
12:54:57Zagorsince average file size is very large, you can use large clusters
12:55:08Bagderdf /mnt/archos
12:55:08BagderFilesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
12:55:08Bagder/dev/sda1 1046516 4 1046512 1% /mnt/archos
12:55:44LinusNdosfsck -v?
12:56:03ashridahBagder: okay, the disk is 80GB, but is the first partition the entire disk?
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12:56:24t0masLinusN? What's RoLo?
12:56:39ashridaht0mas: a development tool.
12:57:35t0masthat thing to load firmware from disk? by playing it?
12:58:31t0masso I can put a new .iriver file on it via usb, and start it without rebooting? :)
12:59:18Bagderashridah: it is
12:59:54LinusNBagder: what does dosfsck -v say?
13:00:12ashridahBagder: cat /proc/partitions it should list the size of it and the disk in blocks or something
13:01:31BagderData area starts at byte 2109440 (sector 4120)
13:01:31Bagder 261629 data clusters (1071632384 bytes)
13:01:46Bagderis says a whole lot ;-)
13:04:01LinusNcluster size?
13:04:20Bagder 4096 bytes per cluster
13:04:34LinusNyou should try larger clusters
13:04:51LinusN32k or something
13:06:44amiconnLinusN: As you spoke about RLD earlier: I tested my Hitachi-equipped player for some time by using it in my car.
13:06:58Bagderunfortunately it doesn't make any difference
13:07:04amiconnIt almost always dies with RLD from low bat
13:07:07Bagderexcept that the initial disk space used increases
13:07:46Zagoramiconn: hmm, in that case reboot the disk won't help much since it will just hang soon again, right?
13:08:07amiconnThis is strange, because my recorder (IBM disk) doesn't do that. Instead it just tries to read, notices it doesn't work, then stop
13:08:45*Bagder tries -c
13:09:06amiconnZagor: Yes of course rebooting the disk doesn't help here. The question is, why does it hang (RLD ) with the Hitachi disk, while with other brands it doesn
13:09:14*t0mas slaps stupid users with a large windows for dummy's book...
13:09:40ZagorI'm tempted to blame disk the firmware
13:09:46t0mastranslated (whole message): I can't remove pinnacle liquid edition 5.5 via the software menu.
13:09:56 Join cico [0] (
13:10:01t0maswtf should I do with this :X
13:10:42amiconnLinusN: You once mentioned alternate ata routines that may fix rld. Is there a patch somewhere?
13:10:44 Part cico
13:10:58LinusNit's in cvs
13:12:06amiconnHmm, then it doesn't really help. Cvs is what I am running...
13:14:54amiconnOr maybe I overlooked some #define ?
13:19:32Zagorguess it doesn't fix it, then ;)
13:19:49 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
13:21:04Zagorperl gurus: what is the proper 'split' expression for splitting a buffer containing bunches of "<item>apa</item><item>bepa</item>" into one line per <item></item>?
13:22:50Lynx_split /></ ;)
13:23:07BagderZagor: it might be easier to turn it into a while() that extracts one <item></item> from the string per lap
13:23:12Zagornah, there are more tags inside the item
13:23:46ZagorBagder: how do you mean "extract"? using substr to clean off the earlier matches?
13:24:04Zagoruh, no. regex can do that right,.
13:24:13Lynx_then just /</item/
13:24:15Zagoryeah, that's better
13:24:18Lynx_then just /</item>/
13:24:51BagderI need a new cup of coffee to get a grip of my disk problem...
13:25:40kurzhaarrockeryou can't fix hds by drowning them in coffe
13:25:51ZagorLynx_: good point, I don't really need the end tag so I can just split it off
13:26:53Zagorkurzhaarrocker: no he soaks his hands in it, for better grip
13:27:13kurzhaarrockerah. I'll try that someday.
13:27:31Zagorsugar is the key ;)
13:27:33Lynx_that must give yellow fingernails...
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14:24:08LinusNHCl: i was looking at the sound generation in gnuboy
14:24:28LinusNhow often is sound_mix() called?
14:24:45HClevery cpu cycle, i believe, let me check
14:25:04HCli also obtained an newer sound.c from the gnuboy developers the other day, that was never released
14:25:11HClbut he said it was slower
14:25:50LinusNhow close to real time is gnuboy at the moment?
14:26:19HClsound_mix is called right before pcm_submit, provided the pcm buffer doesn't get full
14:26:29HCli'm not sure
14:26:35HClbut with the current audio driver
14:26:39HClif you disable screen updates
14:26:42HClit plays smoothly
14:27:40LinusNso it's slower than realtime then
14:29:28HClbecause the way audio is arranged, we get little gaps in between
14:29:53LinusNpretty odd way of doing it btw
14:30:38HClit was just the original gnuboy way of doing it
14:30:52LinusNwe could tweak the sound driver a little
14:31:04LinusNso it doesn't wait until all samples are played
14:31:07HClyea, but i don't really have any better ideas for it at the moment :/
14:31:15HCli think we already do that, though i'm not 100% sure about it
14:31:19HClneed to talk to xshock
14:31:22LinusNhmm, i see
14:31:44LinusNah, yes we already do that, i see now
14:32:03HClwe don't allow c++ code.. right.. hm..
14:32:14LinusNno, and no c++ comments either
14:32:14*HCl is taking a look at porting iripdb as a plugin to rockbox..
14:32:28HClyea, i try to not use them :x
14:32:40Zagorwhat's that?
14:32:55HClits a program that can build the song database of the original firmware
14:33:35Zagoryou mean if you want to run the iriver firware but not let it create the db?
14:33:50HClno, the iriver firmware can't create its own database at the moment, it needs a computer
14:34:04HClwe could get rockbox to update the iriver firmware's database without needing a computer
14:34:23HCli'm not 100% sure how useful it would be, but there seemed at least 2 people who were interested in having an port to the iriver of it
14:34:26Zagoraha. well if you run rockbox, i would hope you don't want to run the iriver firmware anyway. but... have fun! :-)
14:35:05Bagderreboot time
14:35:06 Quit Bagder ("Off to search for that connect-resetting peer guy!")
14:35:43HClonly i'm having a problem in that the newer versions rely on an c++ library. so i might just skip the context entirely..
14:36:25HClheh o.o;
14:36:34HCli should just move on to a sega game gear emulator >.>;
14:36:37Zagori don't understand what people would use it for, frankly. install rockbox just to run that plugin, but play music with the iriver firmware?
14:37:25HClhm, nah, gamegear needs colors :/
14:37:38HClwell, since rockbox doesn't play mp3 yet
14:37:51HCland you simply can't create such a db without getting a comp, installing the software for it
14:37:56HCland running it
14:38:02HClit could have its uses
14:38:50Zagoryeah, for about two months, until we get mp3 working. seems a lot of spent energy for little gain...
14:39:13Zagornot that i'd dream of discouraging you... ;)
14:40:05HCli guess
14:40:06*HCl yawns
14:40:32HClrockboy isn't high on my priority list anymore since i reached my original goal..
14:40:45LinusNwhich was?
14:40:45 Join Bagder [0] (
14:40:54HClgetting it playable
14:42:22*HCl goes to take a tiny peek at dumb, prods preglow
14:44:23preglowi guess i could take a look at it now
14:44:43preglowi was planning to play cs for an hour, but this beats that
14:47:12preglowwhy have you commited the allegro routines? :>
14:49:49preglowHCl: have you tested the quality of dumb playback yet, btw?
14:50:10HCli thought we were supposed to keep the source as original as possible
14:50:34preglowahh, i didn't think that meant commiting files that would never be used :P
14:50:36HClpreglow: it can't play yet since it needs a couple of floats to be converted to ints..
14:50:49HClsorry... shall i remove them?
14:50:54preglowHCl: i meant on x86 or something
14:51:02preglownah, keep them in for now
14:51:12HClahyea, let me find an test mod..
14:52:13*HCl is lagging >.<
14:54:59*preglow tickles resample.c
14:55:16 Quit Bagder ("Off to search for that connect-resetting peer guy!")
14:55:32 Quit rasher ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
14:55:42 Quit kurzhaarrocker (Remote closed the connection)
14:57:03HClwell, dumbout seems to work fine, just need to figure out how to play pcm files under windows
14:58:06HClneed to install that
14:58:13HClgonna try winamp first
14:58:17preglowdon't think winamp can
14:58:26HClwe'll see :x
14:58:52 Join rasher [0] (
14:59:03 Join Bagder [0] (
15:00:10HClyea, winamp can't *gets cooledit*
15:00:18 Join R3nTiL [0] (~zorroz@
15:00:37HClthere's a nice dumbout example program that outputs 44100hz 16bit stereo
15:00:56rasherDear freenode, plz to be stopping the "plz identify" spam - love, rasher
15:01:21rasherOh well, at least it's only once.
15:01:33preglowi really dislike the fact that the mac instructions can do a parallell load, i feel obligated to code everythig in asm...
15:01:49HCl :p
15:02:12preglowif anyone knows a gcc internals guy who's feeling bored, have i'm query me
15:03:02HClgod i hate how smb crashes internet explorer if the computer isn't online
15:03:22*Bagder sighs. disk problem remains
15:07:26preglowbut ok
15:07:32preglowthe float volume should be a piece of cake
15:07:42preglowfloat delta might be worse
15:09:03Lynx_preglow: try #gcc ;)
15:10:00 Part LinusN
15:10:12preglowi did, my request was met with half a days worth of silence
15:10:30*HCl loads the output of dumb into cooledit
15:10:49HCleither i got a bad example song
15:10:54HClor the volume of it was way too loud
15:11:16HClsounds pretty good so far
15:11:33HClno clicks, no static, no anything.
15:11:34HClsounds great
15:11:57HCloutput of dumb
15:12:32HClvolume isn't as bad as i initially thought
15:12:45preglowmono 16 bit?
15:13:17preglowclips like mad
15:13:21HClhuh? o.o
15:13:39preglowsignal exceeds 16 bit limits
15:13:40HClsounds fine here...
15:13:52HCl? o.o
15:14:02preglowcan hear it some places
15:14:10preglowbut that's no problem, really
15:14:14HClmaybe the volume was too loud
15:14:18HClit plays fine in cooledit
15:14:26preglowyes, it plays fine, the level is just a bit too loud
15:14:30preglowcould you send me the exe?
15:14:41HCli kind of ran it on my linux comp..
15:14:52preglowdidn't think of that
15:16:05preglowi've got a ton of mods i know how should sound, so i'll give it a spin
15:16:23 Quit R3nTiL ()
15:19:19preglowsounds good
15:19:26HCl :)
15:22:24preglownot perfect, but nothing is
15:23:43preglowwith the notable exception of the trackers themselves
15:28:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:29:48Bagderhey hey
15:29:53BagderI swissknifed it
15:29:59Bagdernow its big
15:30:08Bagderbut watch this
15:30:17Bagderdf /mnt/archos
15:30:17BagderFilesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
15:30:17Bagder/dev/sda1 78120992 -590295810358705632640 78140064 101% /mnt/archos
15:30:34thegeekaaah, sweetness, just got my warranty replacement h120
15:30:38Bagderthere's a lot of space I don't use
15:30:56ashridahthegeek: what prompted the warranty replacement?
15:31:01thegeekI cracked my screen
15:31:09thegeekthen I kept bugging them about it
15:31:11thegeekso I got an rma
15:31:21thegeekI only cracked the outer display
15:31:23thegeekthe case
15:31:27thegeeknot the display itself
15:31:32ashridahbah. mine had a legimate fault.
15:31:36ashridahlegitimate even
15:31:37thegeekbut it's impossible to get just the outer shell
15:31:41thegeeksince iriver rma's everything
15:31:49ashridahdarned thing used to not initialse properly if it was warm
15:31:57ashridahbut i replaced mine at the store i bought it at
15:32:08ashridahreplacement worked fine, has done so for a year now
15:32:18thegeekbut this sucks
15:32:29thegeekfirst my h120 is sent in for replacement
15:32:36thegeekand while it is beeing replaced
15:32:52thegeekmy E3's right earphone gets b0rked
15:33:00preglowthegeek: did you contact iriver themselves or do it through the store?
15:33:10thegeekso I just was at the postoffice getting the h120, and sending of the earphones
15:33:16thegeekI contacted iriver america
15:33:19thegeekI live in Norway
15:33:23preglowyes, as do i
15:33:28thegeeknorway/europe would not fix it
15:33:33thegeeksince I bought it on ebay usa
15:33:46thegeekand thus had a serial from usa
15:34:06thegeekIt will probably be another 4 weeks before I can use both my shure e3 and the h120
15:34:14preglowi've got a friend who had his gf fry his player with a mobile charger
15:34:28thegeekI think that is a common problem;)
15:35:16ashridahpreglow: i've heard of that one. almost did it myself, stopped myself within millimeters of plugging it in
15:35:40ashridahnow i keep the two WELL away from each other so the mistake can't be easily made
15:35:51preglowit's physically impossible to do that with my charger
15:36:39ashridahphone charger you mean?
15:37:32ashridahbloody nokia
15:37:37thegeeksame here;)
15:38:52thegeekHCl : the .hex you have on your ftp, what bootloader is it and what firmware ver?
15:40:47ashridahBagder: that a general statement there, or just a friendly guesture of warmth?
15:41:01Bagderjust expressing my current emotion
15:41:09thegeekI don't think Bagder likes HCl distributing .hex's
15:41:11ashridahah. know the feeling.
15:41:33*Bagder runs off
15:41:51amiconnLinus went. :(
15:42:51thegeekhmm, could someone explain just exactly what it means that rolo works on iriver?
15:43:04thegeekrolo is the rockbox loader
15:43:36thegeekso you can load a new rockbox from an .iriver file from withing rockbox?
15:43:38ashridahshould have called it rorelo or something, rockbox REloader.
15:43:52thegeekbut if that is what it does
15:43:55thegeekit's supahgreat
15:45:27thegeekyes I know
15:51:22preglowyes, and it detects an updated firmware file
15:51:26preglowand ask if you want to reboot
15:51:28preglowwhich rocks
15:51:45Bagderit doesn't reboot, it loads it
15:51:51Bagderand runs it
15:51:59preglowahh, yes, more or less equivalent .P
15:52:16Bagdertrue, but this way is faster than reboot
15:56:08preglowHCl: have you made a test plugin yet?
15:56:25HClum, not yet.. since it wasn't without floats yet
15:56:27HClshall i?
15:56:37preglowwell, yes, it'd be helpful to have a test bed
15:56:43preglowi need to be able to see if my code works
15:56:51HClyes sir, i'll get right on it sir!
15:56:58HCl*hops off*
15:57:14preglowin the mean time i'll blow the dust off my bike and have take it for a spin in the sun
15:59:22*HCl tries to find an example
15:59:29HCli'll just take dumbout and add a wav header to it
15:59:37HClits just that i don't know how to write a wav header
16:00:30rasherxxx2wav.c ?
16:00:36*rasher is guessing
16:01:01rasherthat should be creating a wav header I guess
16:01:35HCli'm looking at it
16:04:33*rasher creates unspeakable horror
16:05:15rasherlooking up album release years by querying the freedb web-interface
16:17:09thegeekHCl : the .hex you have on your ftp, what bootloader is it and what firmware ver?
16:17:54Bagderflash it and check the info screen! ;-)
16:25:08 Quit lostlogic ("Going to the moon")
16:29:57t0masanybody with a german keyboard here?
16:30:35t0maswhere is your / located?
16:31:01t0mas(I have a friend on the phone... with a german knoppix disk :))
16:32:13Bagdert0mas: where's your / located?
16:32:21Bagderdon't you have it there too?
16:32:37t0masI have a US international keyboard...
16:32:49t0masmy / is nect to the shift... together with the ?
16:34:57amiconn (Only works on IE)
16:36:29t0masI have the US english in that list
16:37:56amiconn :)
16:43:37HClthegeek: md5sum it
16:45:48t0masgood idea
16:51:52 Join dvdude45 [0] (
16:52:14Lynx_t0mas: german / is shift 7
16:52:25t0masyes, it worked :)
16:53:00 Quit dvdude45 (Client Quit)
17:00:46HCligh, actually preglow, i'm not very good at this :/
17:02:37HCldumbout isn't very readable, and its using floats too x.x
17:04:38 Join Shebb [0] (
17:04:59rasherHCl: for future reference, the hex on your ftp is 1.63eu and 11/02 bootloader
17:05:10 Join Tang [0] (
17:05:18TangHi Rbx :)
17:05:31TangHello HCl preglow
17:05:44Tangjust seen Linus comaback
17:05:58Tangvery cool
17:06:04Tangbravo :)
17:06:15Tangis there a wiki section about Rolo?
17:06:34Tang(for iRiver port)
17:06:45Tangor is it non specific,
17:07:05 Join lolo-laptop [0] (~lostlogic@
17:07:17preglowHCl: doesn't 68k-gcc emulate floats if you leave them in?
17:07:26preglowTang: there is
17:07:31preglowTang: wiki-section about rolo, that is
17:07:39HClpreglow: it should, but i'm not entirely sure
17:07:52TangThanks preglow :)
17:08:34Tangokay i see
17:08:40 Part Shebb
17:08:51 Join Shebb [0] (
17:08:57Tangcan load the grey version for rboy or usual for other :)
17:09:25preglowit's mostly for developers
17:09:26HCllol, i guess.
17:09:37preglowso we don't have to reboot manually every time we change something
17:11:13TangEh lol
17:11:17Tangyes i guess
17:11:28Tangbut Rockboy is cool for others :)
17:11:37Tangbut bugs are annoying
17:11:55Tangso i imagine the Rolo should be helpfull for others too
17:12:57 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
17:13:08TangAnyway it's cool to see Linus again
17:13:34Tangi wish things are better for him at personnal part$
17:15:02 Quit thegeek (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:16:05 Join Guest1046 [0] (
17:16:34ShebbHi. I have started to work with the plugin interface
17:17:04ShebbI want to use the play button as a modifier key since it is independant
17:17:24ShebbAnd I was wondering if there is a built in way to do it.
17:17:27rasherShebb: try looking at something like solitaire.c
17:18:10 Join Sucka [0] (
17:18:58Rickwhat is RoLo?
17:19:45t0masload's a new firmware version from disk... without rebooting
17:20:05Rickthat's handy
17:22:25 Quit Guest1046 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:22:51 Join thegeek [0] (
17:27:27 Quit thegeek (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:28:32***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:28:54t0masabout that malloc() thing...
17:29:02t0masHCl wrote something for rockboy...
17:29:11t0masvoid *my_malloc(size_t size)
17:31:59preglowwhat is this malloc for?
17:32:01preglowa bmp loader?
17:32:29preglowrockboy uses the mp3 buffer
17:32:32preglowfor malloc
17:33:33preglowi don't think that's very clever for other plugins
17:34:35preglowrockboy will probably never run while rockbox is playing music, due to cpu demand
17:34:41preglowall other pluings just might do this
17:34:58 Join Guest2246597 [0] (
17:35:36 Nick Guest2246597 is now known as thegeek (
17:36:03thegeekI'm trying to compile using cyborg's devkit
17:36:13thegeekbut after doing rbconf
17:36:15thegeekand then make
17:36:20thegeekmy computer locks up
17:36:26thegeekand it's not the added strain of compiling
17:36:43thegeekbecause I compile a lot of stuff
17:36:55thegeekit's not the temperature right now either
17:37:01thegeeklow temp on the cpu
17:37:08thegeekwhen I open taskmanager
17:37:15thegeekit seems that make goes into a loop
17:37:23thegeekit just fork's a LOT of make's
17:37:57thegeekand after a while the cygwin window slowly prints vfork errors by mae
17:38:51preglowahhh, the pleasure of never touching cygwin
17:39:09thegeekI should install me some of that linux stuff;)
17:39:24thegeekI mainly use linux for serverstuff
17:39:35thegeekbut I'm starting to feel the need for some linux powah yeah
17:40:45thegeekrasher : the hex on hcl's ftp is good?
17:40:51thegeekas in
17:40:59thegeeksomeone has it running on their iriver;)
17:41:03rasherthegeek: didn't try it, but it matches a md5sum in the table
17:41:10 Quit rasher ("CGI:IRC")
17:45:52thegeekiRiver, Catch the digital flow!.mp3
17:45:56thegeekbrand new iriver;)
17:47:16thegeektime to flash
17:47:37 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
17:48:28t0masfirst thing to do to a newly replaced player... risk breaking it with a thirdparty firmware :P
17:49:06 Join Stryke` [0] (~Chairman8@resnet-241-86.resnet.UMBC.EDU)
17:50:30Tanghum not sure of sthg
17:51:42thegeekand some rockboy powah..
17:54:10TangSorry about what i said for Linus
17:54:38Tangi thought things weren't so sad
17:55:15Tang(jus read Linus post at MR, i wasn't very aware of this, just got some echoes)
17:55:59 Join mecraw [0] (fwuser@
17:56:02RickI wish the mailing list was prefixed with [Rockbox]
17:56:04Rickor something similar
17:58:03preglowsounds like a good idea
17:58:09preglowall my other lists are
17:58:12bobTHCit's always from the same
17:58:24bobTHCin cc
17:58:43bobTHCso just make the filter on the header and not on subject
17:59:12thegeekthat's what I do
17:59:35thegeekhmm, why won't the gameboy rom's show up in rockbox?
17:59:51Rickgo to options
17:59:56Rickfile view
17:59:58bobTHCview all
17:59:58Rickchange to supported
18:00:19 Join mirak [0] (
18:03:17thegeekis the different lcd modes implemented, and if so, what button is it mapped to?
18:05:42Rickthegeek: what do you mean?
18:05:46Ricktry doing the hold button
18:05:49thegeekfor rockboy
18:05:50Rickis that what you mean?
18:06:22preglowHCl: i assume the way we'll go about this is just replacing all floats with ints?
18:06:46Rickpreglow: watcha working on?
18:06:50preglowRick: dumb
18:06:59preglowremoving floating point
18:08:36 Join MoosCamaro [0] (
18:08:45MoosCamaroHello all
18:09:26 Join kergoth [0] (
18:12:40thegeekhmm, excuse me for all the noobish questions, but how do I load the org. firmware again?
18:13:47t0maskeep record button pressed when starting
18:14:01lolo-laptophas anyone started in on H3x0 support yet?
18:14:06thegeekI'm doing just that
18:14:24preglowlolo-laptop: no
18:14:26t0maslolo-laptop: no
18:14:44lolo-laptopoh well :-P
18:15:36ShebbThe H100 sim seems to need one fix...
18:15:42Rickwhat fix?
18:15:44Rickno fix?
18:16:20 Join OrtiZZ [0] (
18:17:04 Quit Schnueff_ ("leaving")
18:17:14 Part OrtiZZ
18:20:55 Part Shebb
18:21:53mirakwhat is a good place to start developement and understanding of rockbox ?
18:22:07preglowi take it you know c?
18:22:36 Nick Lynx_ is now known as Lynx_awy (HydraIRC@
18:23:02mirakno I only know logo programming
18:23:14preglowthen learn c
18:23:17preglowthat's a must
18:23:18mirakI know c yes
18:23:20mirakI am kidding
18:23:33 Join Shebb [0] (~Shebb@
18:23:39 Quit Shebb (Client Quit)
18:23:46preglowdunno, read code, try writing some plugings
18:24:11mirakI need to know about the architecture
18:24:15mirakI will dig that
18:24:33 Join Shebb [0] (~Shebb@
18:24:33mirakanyone tried to ask iriver the spec of the Hx00 ?
18:24:42mirakjust tried
18:24:54mirakwhat do they think of such a project ?
18:24:54preglowhx00 ?
18:25:00mirakH100 and H300
18:25:02preglowwe have the specs
18:25:17mirakfrom iriver ?
18:25:18preglowiriver are probably ok with us, but won't help us either
18:26:13preglowbut we've got more or less all the specs we need
18:26:39ShebbThe H100 Sim for windows has one bug. If I hold play (+) then press a direction key everything functions correctly the first time. If I remain holding play then press a direction key again then it acts as if only a direction key has been pressed.
18:40:44 Join _Lucretia_ [0] (
18:43:43 Quit bobdbob ("Trillian (")
18:50:16 Quit Bagder ("Off to search for that connect-resetting peer guy!")
18:53:57HClpreglow: yup
19:02:58 Quit pabs (Remote closed the connection)
19:03:00 Join pabs [0] (
19:08:07preglowrather more floating point than i'd hoped
19:12:47preglowa curse unto motorola and their idiotic accumulators
19:12:49preglowi will kill them
19:12:57*HCl hands preglow a chainsaw
19:13:08*HCl buys him a ticket to the motorola hq
19:13:11HClhave fun :3
19:13:39preglowhaving the accumulators be in registers gcc doesn't know about makes things so mindnumbingly elegant
19:14:39thegeekargh, I really need to do a winreinstall and gentoo setup on my machine, but... I just can't be bothered
19:14:52thegeekI wish my pc was superintelligent and could do it for me
19:25:46t0masyeah, would be nice
19:28:34***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:28:53mirakanyone use debia here ?
19:29:11mirakis coldfire included in latest binutils ?
19:29:21t0mashm... never tested that...
19:29:24mirakor not, as it's said on the rockbox site
19:29:27t0masbut I don't think it's in stable
19:29:30mirakyou have an archos ?
19:29:34mirakI am on unstable
19:29:40t0masI use stable...
19:29:45t0masbut haven't even tryed
19:29:49miraktesting or stable ?
19:30:24mirakahahah -> t0mas
19:30:36t0masghehe... it's a server box...
19:30:39mirakwell stable is a bit to much conservative
19:30:41t0masso why use unstable?
19:30:52mirakbecause that's still stable enough
19:31:01mirakfor a personal server
19:31:02t0masfor servers I always use stable... and compile apache, php and mysql myself...
19:31:14t0masor use
19:31:34t0masfor my workstation I use winXP and LFS...
19:33:15 Join gromit``a [0] (~gromit`
19:34:32 Quit gromit``` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:36:58preglowlinus mentioned binutils would release soon
19:37:02preglowdon't know if it's happened
19:37:08ShebbWhat is the best way to emulate the timer for the sim?
19:37:29t0maswhat timer?
19:37:58Shebbfor instance the one used by plugin_register_timer
19:38:15ShebbThis will not run on the sim
19:38:33ShebbAnd I cannot remember the accurate timer function for GCC
19:39:35Shebbor how to access the ticks... it is a little different on VC++
19:40:14t0masoh.. didn't know the sim had no working timer
19:41:17ShebbUnfortunately it is defined out since it is probably hardware specific
19:41:25amiconnThe tick timer is working in the sim. Only the additional timer isn't available
19:41:52ShebbHow accurate is the tick timer to?
19:42:10amiconnOne tick is 10 ms
19:42:54amiconnI expect it to be somewhat imprecise in the sims, but you should get 100 ticks/sec
19:43:04 Quit bobTHC (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:43:11ShebbIs it the one used in stopwatch? If it is I do not think it is functional.
19:43:31amiconnIt is used in the stopwatch, and is working in the sims least all sims I tried
19:43:43ShebbStopwatch just displays 0:00:00.00 for me in the windows H100 sim
19:44:01amiconnYeah... you need to start it of course
19:44:39Shebbdamn it! Got confused from the real thing to the sim!
19:44:59ShebbPlease forgive my stupidity! :(
19:45:31Tangif you see linus
19:45:45amiconnI did quite some simulator work, and it works for me on (1) win32, compiled under cygwin (2) cygwin x11 (3) debian
19:46:00Tangtell him my best regards
19:46:14Tangi go
19:46:21Tangcheers all :)
19:46:25Tangbye tomas
19:46:39Tangbye sheb and erveyone
19:46:43 Quit Tang ("Chatzilla 0.9.66 [Mozilla rv:1.7.5/20041108]")
19:47:50preglowstopwatch works nicely here
19:59:59ShebbNo no, the only problem was me not figuring out how to press '5'
20:13:55 Join kergoth_ [0] (
20:14:09 Quit kergoth (Nick collision from services.)
20:14:11 Nick kergoth_ is now known as kergoth (
20:15:32t0masis there an open with option?
20:15:45t0masI have a file I want to open with the textviewer
20:16:21t0masbut it has no extension
20:30:47 Join kowalsky [0] (
20:32:28kowalskyhi everyone!
20:33:36kowalskyI am looking for <mst>, does anyone know how to catch him?
20:34:00HClfull name?
20:35:02kowalskyI do not know, I just have found yours chat from 28.03., I mean between you and hin (her?) about s1 mp3 player
20:35:29HClwell, i dunno when he/she is around
20:36:00kowalskyoh, ok thx anyway
20:36:34kowalskybut maybe you know someone who has such device?
20:36:47HCls1 mp3 player?
20:36:49HClnever heard of it..
20:38:12kowalskyactually it is some kind of "nickname" used by manufacturers
20:38:21kowalskyit has atj2085 inside
20:38:37kowalskya copy of sigmatel chip
20:40:57t0masdo you have any idea on optimizing rockbox?
20:41:15HCli assume you mean rockboy?
20:41:21t0masoh sorry
20:41:32HClthere are pretty much 2 plans to optimize it
20:41:39HCleventually they should work together
20:41:47t0masare they in wiki?
20:41:52t0masor in some irc log?
20:45:45t0mascan you explain some more of it?
20:46:04HClpretty much, the dynarec and assembly cpu core should speed it up
20:46:08HClbut dynarec isn't finished
20:46:13HCland assembly cpu core isn't started
20:46:27t0masassembly cpu core is a lot of work right?
20:46:41t0masand what's dynarec?
20:46:47HCldynamic recompilation
20:47:21t0masyeah, but what does it do?
20:47:36HClrecompile gameboy instructions into blocks of m68 code
20:47:49t0mashmz... before you con something?
20:48:10t0mas(don't know how I did that ;))
20:48:20HCli was just about to say
20:48:22 Join kowal_sky [0] (
20:49:50thegeekbtw HCl, have you given up on the dynarec core?
20:50:00HClbut its not high on my priority list at all
20:50:28kowal_skydo you that stuff?
20:51:09t0masdo what?
20:51:31kowal_skydo you KNOW , I am sorry :D
20:51:51t0masI don't know it....
20:52:26kowal_skyI have killed it, I am afraid
21:00:57 Quit kowalsky (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:09:27 Quit tvelocity ("Leaving")
21:10:07 Join tvelocity [0] (
21:13:55 Join einhirn_ [0] (
21:14:43 Quit Aison ("( :: NoNameScript 3.72 :: )")
21:15:00 Quit tvelocity ("Leaving")
21:15:16 Join Aison [0] (
21:15:52 Join tvelocity [0] (
21:18:47 Nick tvelocity is now known as tvelocity[away] (
21:21:23 Quit kowal_sky (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:21:24 Part MoosCamaro
21:22:28 Quit einhirn (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:23:59t0masDoom as a systemadministration tool
21:25:03 Join muesli- [0] (
21:25:09 Quit thegeek (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:27:11 Join XShocK [0] (
21:27:15XShocKhi all
21:28:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:35:32 Join amiconn_ [0] (
21:36:11 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
21:36:11 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
21:40:18 Quit _Lucretia_ ("Leaving")
21:45:27 Quit muesli- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:46:06t0mashi XShocK
21:59:03XShocKwhen i try to mount a disk in linux it says it is busy or mounted, while "mount" does not say anything about it.
21:59:17XShocKhow can that be?
22:15:16t0masmountpoint busy?
22:17:41 Quit Shebb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:20:07*t0mas is going to bed
22:20:12 Quit t0mas ("goodnight")
22:20:25XShocKdon't really know
22:21:05XShocKin mount is does not say anything about that disk. actually i have two disks and none on those two can mount
22:22:13XShocKboth are connected to one controller ata 133 . while SATA 150 and another controller ata 100 work perfectly
22:22:59XShocKit might be a driver problem.. but it sees those drives, and can see partitions on them, so i conclude it can read it, and driver works normally.
22:26:36 Join Bagder [0] (
22:42:48 Join muesli- [0] (
22:44:15muesli-g'day mates
22:52:05 Join einhirn [0] (
22:52:36*muesli- kauft ein zweites hirn ^^
22:54:30 Join einhirn__ [0] (
22:54:47 Join muz [0] (
22:55:16muzhey does anyone have the iriverify plugin compiled?
22:55:50 Quit einhirn_ (Nick collision from services.)
22:57:23 Quit einhirn (Nick collision from services.)
22:57:31 Nick einhirn__ is now known as einhirn (
23:08:07 Join Strath [0] (
23:08:07 Quit muesli- (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:15:04 Join Shebb [0] (~Shebb@
23:16:11 Join matsl [0] (
23:16:11XShocKhi Shebb
23:18:02ShebbDoes anyone here know about getting audio into a plugin?
23:18:40ShebbI have built a step sequencer and I would like to add a simple oscillator to it.
23:18:49 Quit Aison ("( :: NoNameScript 3.72 :: )")
23:19:27XShocKif you tak about audio support in plugin it works for iriver.
23:19:28 Join Aison [0] (
23:20:22 Quit muz ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
23:20:26ShebbI know it is does in rockboy
23:20:52ShebbI checked the example there but it is hard to pick up from there.
23:22:41XShocKsound data should be stereo 16-bit.
23:22:54 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
23:23:00XShocKyou can set frequency to 11025,22050, and 44100 hz
23:24:30ShebbWhich functions are used? mp3_play_data?
23:25:05ShebbThat is for the archos I guess...
23:25:44 Join _Lucretia_ [0] (
23:26:07XShocKeverything mp3_* is archos, everything pcm_* is iriver
23:26:14Shebbright, thanks! I shall see if I get anywhere...
23:26:45XShocKyou are welcome
23:28:00XShocKdoes anybody know of any "complete" implementations of NTFS in linux? with writing capabilities
23:28:41***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:29:13 Quit StrathAFK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:29:33BagderXShocK: there is none afaik
23:29:45Bagderbut there is one that uses some win dlls to achive it
23:30:55XShocKthanks. looking at it
23:31:26XShocKsounds good. :)
23:40:28 Join thegeek [0] (
23:40:57HCli checked that the other day, it seemed out of date :/
23:47:58thegeekinstalled watercooling
23:48:11thegeekfilling/bleeding it was hell
23:48:25thegeekgetting damn good temps though
23:48:55XShocKa big our of date.. begining of 2004. :)
23:48:58Bagdergood old one
23:49:17XShocKbut if it works then i don't care as long as it does not erase all my data. :)
23:51:34XShocKbut doom is actually possible to port to iriver.
23:51:37 Join _aLF [0] (
23:51:56Bagderthat takes a little edge off the joke ;-)
23:52:32XShocKif wolfenstein 3d was ported to a TI-83 calculator with 8 mhz processor
23:52:40XShocKand it runs pretty fast
23:54:32BagderI added the weird text in the bottom, below the fake pic to make it a little easier
23:54:52Bagderstill hundreds of people downloaded it
23:55:22BagderI guess some did it even though they suspected it to be a joke
23:55:52XShocKi downloaded it, two times. :)
23:56:08Bagdercheck the source package
23:57:43XShocKgotta go. see you guys. :)
23:57:49*Bagder waves
23:58:03BagderI'm off to bed
23:58:13 Quit XShocK ("I am going away")

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