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#rockbox log for 2005-04-01

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00:26:12HClwhat do those firmwares do anyways?
00:27:11preglowdoom for iriver, please!
00:28:21preglowsome madman will surely attempt it
00:29:01*HCl doesn't like fps, won't :P
00:29:12HClpreglow: what've you done on dumb so far? just so i won't do double work tomorrow
00:29:35preglowhaven't done much, i've been gone for the last six hours
00:30:11preglowdid you give up on the mod2wav thing?
00:30:16HClnot yet.
00:30:21HCljust delayed it till tomorrow.
00:33:22preglowi just sorely need something to test it with
00:33:30preglowcould do it on linux, but that doesn't have emac
00:33:40preglowbut delaying till tomorrow sounds ok
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00:57:28Rickpreglow: i'm sure something like doom will come up since iriver has four colors
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00:57:45Rickall you need is a speedy raytracing engine
00:57:52Rickor voxel
00:59:10preglowdoom uses far simpler stuff than that
00:59:24preglowit isn't even real 3d
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01:29:40thegeekthe pope is dieing
01:29:43thegeekrightabout NOW
01:30:19thegeeklast oil has been given
01:30:41preglowsomeone's is browsing
01:32:07thegeekI refuse to belive it's an april fools joke
01:32:18preglowi care more about tomorrows weather than his condition
01:32:54preglowand now:
01:32:58preglownight, al
01:32:59thegeekI would kinda like to see him die .. peacefully
01:33:04thegeekjust to get rid of that old body
01:33:05thegeekI mean
01:33:11thegeekhe's in the news like _all_ the time
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01:44:07*HCl sort of agrees
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03:30:37stevenm_okhow do I get my bloody nick back ?
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03:43:47ashridah /msg nickserv ghost username password
03:43:54ashridahassuming it's registered
03:44:10ashridahpity he's not here anymore
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05:49:50XShocKhi, just came home. :)
06:02:01Straththose silly ircops :)
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06:55:31amiconnGood morning
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06:59:33XShocKgood morning
07:00:55XShocKit is midnight here. :)
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09:27:28XShocKgood night
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09:36:59LinusNis there a tagging format for wav files?
09:38:25dwihnoThere is some kind of way to store all kinds of meta data in wav-files
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10:03:42bobTHChi all!
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11:09:06Bagderdo I dare to check my archos?
11:12:50dwihnofor what?
11:13:07Bagdermy crappy problems with it
11:13:20Bagderas I yapped about yday
11:14:29dwihnoFile system problems?
11:14:31dwihnoThe fat stuff?
11:15:27Bagderok, here we go
11:17:38Bagderfdisk -l /dev/sda
11:17:44Bagder Device Boot Start End Blocks Id System
11:17:44Bagder/dev/sda1 1 9729 78148161 83 Linux
11:17:44Bagder/dev/sda2 * 1 9728 78140128+ b W95 FAT32
11:17:50Lynx_Bagder: did you get your monitor yet?
11:17:53Bagdertwo partitions?
11:18:16BagderLynx_: nope, not yet
11:19:55BagderLynx_: I found out it was on sale when I ordered it
11:20:08Bagder~750 USD, including VAT
11:22:08Lynx_Bagder: you're not in Euroland?
11:22:23Bagderno :-/
11:22:34Bagderin EU, but outside euro
11:24:33Lynx_it's actually cheaper in germany...560 EUR incl. vat
11:25:20Lynx_But I still can't decide if i want in...i just doesn't feel right to buy electronics that have been out for so long ;)
11:25:30bobTHCeuro is good think to found good deal on the net
11:25:44BagderLynx_: they actually improved it slightly over time
11:25:49Bagderit isn't the exact same model
11:26:13Lynx_do you think they'll replace it soon, because it's on sale?
11:26:21Bagderno idea
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11:29:08bobTHCthis monitor is not expensive
11:30:33bobTHC1200$ but 24 inch, HDTV ready and some other extra stuffs( usb 2 hub, memorycard reader....)
11:31:54dwihnoBagder: really strange... :/
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12:26:40Lynx_bobTHC: 1200$ is not expensive?
12:27:20Bagderimo, 24" might be a bit too big to sit in front of
12:28:20Bagderbut I haven't actually tried
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12:51:11Lynx_AAHH, can't decide on buying monitor...!
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13:08:27rasherNo April fools joke :-\ client ported to rockbox! (not really, no)
13:09:07Bagderthey don't like mainly-battery driven devices
13:09:28BagderI've already considered it ;-)
13:10:03rasherHaha, I was suggesting it as an april fools joke :)
13:10:48Bagdera good joke needs preparation
13:11:39Lynx_what processing power does the archos cpu have in comparison to a modern pc? 5%?
13:11:55rasherThat's probably way too generous
13:11:58 Join LinusN [0] (
13:12:34Bagder11mhz one cycle per instruction
13:12:40Lynx_Bagder: hehe, i just told my girlfried i decided to order the monitor, and she told me not to...and in a few days is my birthday. i wonder what that might mean ;)
13:12:57BagderLynx_: heh
13:13:16rasherIt means she used all your money for some fucked up theatre play ;)
13:13:39BagderLynx_: she bought you a brand new and fine 15" CRT! ;-P
13:14:07rasherI'd never let anyone buy me electronics
13:14:11rasherIt'd end in tears
13:14:20rasherMine or theirs
13:14:21Lynx_rasher: that's why i'm scared now.
13:14:48Lynx_but, she knows never to pick electronics stuff for me, and i told her about the dell earlier.
13:15:30rasheroh, did you make certain to say the model number loud and deliberately?
13:15:55Lynx_rasher: i gave her the link through icq ;)
13:16:12Bagder"oops, I accidentally mailed you all the info about a cool thing"
13:16:13rasherDamn geekery
13:17:20Lynx_Bagder: hehe, actually i gave up wishing for computer stuff long ago, so i didn't even expect that :)
13:18:08amiconnBagder: I am running dnet client on my amiga 24/7 for years now. It 's not too far away from archos, processor-wise...
13:18:22Lynx_i still hate the sentence "But, you already have one" when wishing for a new device to upgrade an old one
13:18:43Lynx_amiconn: did you win yet? ;)
13:18:53Bagderamiconn: no, but the main thing that prevented me to go that route is their mentioning that they don't approve of ports to devices such as mp3 players
13:19:27Lynx_Bagder: why, because the assigned jobs get lost more often than on a networked pc?
13:19:39BagderI guess
13:19:52BagderI don't remember any motivation
13:20:03amiconnI think it's mainly because it doesn't make much sense on a battery driven device
13:20:32Bagderwhy not? they're powered on a lot
13:20:42Lynx_amiconn: but "it runs on 346 platforms" is always cool to say ;)
13:21:31Bagderand "oh, I'm not just sitting here listening to music and playing tetris, I'm contributing to a better world by cracking cryptos"
13:21:42amiconnBagder: Loading the cpu 100% eats more power
13:22:33Lynx_Bagder: i somehow doubt you would be playing tetris and running dnet at the same time ;)
13:23:07Bagderthat might not result in very many md5 keys checked
13:23:26LinusNbecause you lose so quickly?
13:23:57amiconnFully loading the cpu also generates more heat, and on more powerful mobile devices this may lead to stability problems or at least more noise on
13:24:19amiconnThat's the reason why I don't run dnetc on my laptop (The noise issue)
13:24:36Bagderamiconn: well, you still have the option there
13:24:54Bagderto run or not
13:24:59amiconnYup, and the rate is much higher than on my Amiga...
13:27:25Bagderhey, LinusN is dropping off...
13:28:25*Zagor feels comfortable at the top
13:28:43Zagorat least the last few months
13:28:47Bagdernot total yet
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13:29:47Bagder"we'll hit 100% in 287,091 days at yesterday's rate"
13:29:49Lynx_hmm, i have a dual xeon here that's not doing a lot most of the time...
13:29:57ZagorLynx_: go go :-)
13:30:30Lynx_unfortunatly there is someone sitting next to it, he would not approve...
13:30:49ZagorI run on one dual xeon ht and one dual athlon mp.
13:31:31Lynx_i have access to a 4 cpu amd something...
13:31:38Lynx_i bet that's not busy either
13:32:15Zagorit can be sensitive running this type of stuff on machines that are not your own, though.
13:32:24Lynx_i know
13:32:47ashridahi agree. some company sued an ex-employee when they noticed he'd been running seti@home or something on a truckload of their pcs.
13:32:56Lynx_do users on linux machines normally have a limit on cpu time?
13:33:06preglownah, not normally
13:33:07Lynx_this is uni though
13:33:10ashridahthey claimed it used some hysterically large amoutn of bandwidth and extra electrical power
13:33:46Lynx_ashridah: the main problem for me is always the heat and the noise when running at 100% all the time
13:33:46Zagorashridah: yeah. while suing is silly, I can understand an employer being upset at what he considers misuse of company resources.
13:34:31ashridahwell, suing your employees when they haven't actively stabbed you in the back is generally bad for moral, true
13:35:30dwihnomisuse?! you mean finding E.T is to abuse the company resources? :)
13:35:34ashridahholy fuck. 850 days, and they've only done .209% of the keyspace?
13:35:39dwihnoE.T, phone home!
13:35:49Zagor2^72 is a pretty large number :)
13:35:58ashridahwell. yes.
13:36:02BagderI like the progress meter
13:36:09Bagderyou can't even see the color to the left
13:36:24ashridahBagder: yeah. it's hard to make out if there's even a single pixel-width showing yet :)
13:37:07Lynx_maybe they need a 0-1% version below...
13:37:39ashridahheh. ah well, when ogr finishes (in about another 3000 days or so, worst case), they'll gain another 2000 participants or so :)
13:38:09ashridahsorry. not 3000, 5000
13:38:39Bagdergreat, so in about 15 years it'll go faster! ;-)
13:39:29ashridahBagder: well, realistically, all we need is a quantum computer. who wants to bet which'll come first?
13:40:41ashridahof course, they'd have to rename the project then, to distributed.not
13:40:50ashridahsince they'd only need one machine, not thousands
13:43:12 Quit rasher ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
13:44:14Lynx_can you set the client to only work on one project?
13:45:30ashridahyou can change the priority of them. it'll download datasets for every enabled project, and if it can't contact the local master, it'll just happily progress to other projects, and then start making up random data to test for itself
13:45:45ashridah(by default, i think you can change that oo)
13:45:48ashridahtoo even
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14:11:41amiconnLynx_: You can disable individual projects, that's what I'm doing for years. I only participate in RC5
14:12:11Lynx_yes, i found it. but the people in the lab are already complaining about the noise...
14:12:21Lynx_mabye if i just run on one processor
14:12:51Lynx_is there a way to run it as a service?
14:13:45amiconnFortunately my Amiga cpu doesn't need a fan. It doesn't even need a passive radiator
14:13:51ashridahon which os?
14:14:12ashridahiirc it comes with a service-alike thing for windows, and it can background itself on unixalikes
14:16:56Lynx_windows, i'll look for it
14:17:18ashridahit normally runs as a tray icon in windows, iirc.
14:17:32ashridahbeen a while since i've used d,net
14:18:10Lynx_i know, but you have to be logged in for the tray app
14:18:36Lynx_and if i'm logged in, they know "who is making the noise"
14:18:54ashridahyeah. the docs on the site seem to suggest you run the client with -install as a flag
14:18:59amiconnLynx_: dnetc.exe -install
14:19:06ashridahthen it should show up in the services thinggy in windows
14:19:19 Join Patr3ck_ [0] (
14:19:33ashridahor you can use a screensaver multiplexor, for pretty colours (i assume it does colours)
14:20:12ashridahthat'll only run the client when no-one's using the thing, of course, and be rather obvious
14:20:28amiconnNo, the multiplexer is a multiplexer. It enables running the client and a screensaver in parallel
14:20:44Lynx_ah, thanks
14:20:56ashridahamiconn: ah. not like seti@home then.
14:21:21ashridahseti@home had this great visualisation screensaver that was far more entertaining than the idea of actually finding ET's
14:21:26Lynx_ashridah: it could have the keys tested scrolling by ;)
14:21:39Bagderfast scroll ;-)
14:21:45Lynx_i know :)
14:22:04Lynx_Bagder: that would look bad on you new 16ms lcd ;)
14:22:13ashridahwell, no, you'd graph the performance per second and print other fun stats gleaned from's site :)
14:22:44Lynx_ashridah: the message "you know rank higher than xxx" would be sufficient for most users ;)
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14:34:14MoosCamarohi all
14:34:57MoosCamarothanks linus for your works
14:35:29 Quit Patr3ck (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:37:04LinusNyou're welcome
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14:45:50 Part jakepdev
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15:20:10 Quit lostlogic ("Going to the moon")
15:20:35Lynx_what is actually the current status on the f2 and f3 buttons? i remember discussion about new functions for them?
15:24:10LinusNthey work as usual
15:24:11Zagorwe've been discussing that for ages...
15:24:22 Quit ashridah (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
15:24:45Bagderno, at least TWO ages ;-)
15:25:06t0maswow... didn't know rockbox was that old ;-)
15:26:33 Join F1^Aison [0] (
15:27:53Lynx_hehe, ok. i just saw that patch that is labeled "out of date" and thought maybe something else had been implemented
15:28:08 Join ashridah [0] (
15:28:27bobTHCwithout joking rockbox is an old project for this kind embbed opensource firmware
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15:33:16LinusN*major* cvs commit coming up!
15:33:46*Bagder takes one step back
15:33:53*t0mas starts his mail client
15:33:55*Seed takes 3
15:34:21t0masdamn... Now I'm curious...
15:34:22*preglow sends for a fire hose
15:35:10Seedremember what date it is before you let Linus own you all with a bogus announcement :)
15:35:27t0masoh lol
15:35:39t0maswe'll see
15:35:58LinusNit's nothing fun at all
15:36:24LinusNin fact, if all works well, everything should work exactly as before :-)
15:36:34preglowapril first, ehh?
15:36:40preglowget ready for my codec api commit!
15:36:51dwihnoFirst to commit will get extra cheese from leffes!
15:42:03LinusNfirst small step towards generic audio funcions
15:43:24bobTHCare u sure that's not a A Powerful Really Impressive and Loud experience For the Ordinary and Occasional Loser ;) ?
15:43:42*Bagder grins
15:50:21 Quit F1^Aison (No route to host)
15:50:51t0mascheck cvs
15:51:04t0masdon't know what LinusN did... but he has commited something :)
15:51:23LinusNit's an internal rearrangement of code
15:51:49t0masyeah, I see
15:51:57t0masmoved everything togheter in sound.h ?
15:52:01LinusNthere is a lot more to do
15:52:25LinusNthe goal is to finally start working on the playback api
15:52:51LinusNall playback code today is very archos-specific
15:53:22dwihnoso tell us what it is you've done :)
15:53:44dwihnoyou got mas papers and implemented ogg playback? :) (now THAT would be a cruel joke)
15:53:44LinusNi moved the sound setting code to a new file
15:54:04LinusNand renamed the functions
15:54:58LinusNthe playback code today is archos centric, and is named either mp3_xxx or mpeg_xxx for the same reasons
15:55:03t0mashmz... maybe you should write a todo list for simple coder's ?
15:55:32t0maswith things you and others don't have the time for..
15:57:19 Join Aison [0] (
16:01:11LinusNt0mas: yeah
16:01:58t0masI know that one ;)
16:02:45DJ_Dooms_Day Grayscale LCD driver drivers Native grayscale support for the iRiver H1x0 LCD
16:02:47DJ_Dooms_DayHop to do!
16:02:53DJ_Dooms_Day...Hop to it! rather
16:03:02dwihnoLinusN: Did you add the bigger usb logo using grayscale?
16:03:13LinusNdwihno: no, not yet
16:03:26LinusNsince we don't have grayscale drivers yet
16:03:37t0masghehe... I have a usb logo around here...
16:03:56t0masblack and white... but some people might like it
16:05:20t0masonly need's a little change to the code... to put it at 0, 0
16:05:26Bagderred builds
16:05:37preglowi spot comic sans!
16:06:28LinusNBagder: me fix
16:06:44t0maspreglow: yeah, needed some big font to display to status
16:07:36 Join lolo-laptop [0] (~lostlogic@
16:07:36 Join GodEater [0] (
16:07:49preglowmy god, that font is ugly
16:08:28t0maschange it to something you like...
16:09:09preglowfette fraktur it is, then
16:11:35t0masgoogle has a nice april 1st joke too
16:12:54preglowhahah (logout) and you can read their story
16:13:47 Quit GodEater ("CGI:IRC")
16:15:32bobTHCt0mas > are u one ? ;)
16:16:11t0masghehe... did some cracking with a nick like that when I was 12 ;-)
16:16:47bobTHCand u have 13 that's right ;)
16:17:08t0masWon a security contest after that...
16:17:16t0masas a sysadmin... for pc-active
16:17:21t0masa dutch pc magazine
16:20:13 Quit DJ_Dooms_Day ()
16:21:23amiconnLinusN: r u there?
16:25:43Bagderweekend time!
16:26:44LinusNamiconn: ?
16:28:24amiconnIt's somewhat difficult to discuss new ideas with you...
16:30:20amiconnDuring the day I don't have that much time for chatting, because I mainly have to work...
16:31:20amiconnAnyway, I have some ideas for rewriting the graphics api, but would like to discuss them before I go ahead
16:32:18 Quit t0mas ()
16:33:15bobTHCure a little bit hard on linus, everybody have a "real life"
16:33:40amiconnbobTHC: I know...
16:33:48LinusNamiconn: rewriting the graphics api?
16:34:08 Join t0mas [0] (
16:34:27LinusNi have to run to the lab for a few short minutes
16:34:44LinusNdescribe what you have in mind, and i'll be back in a few moments
16:34:52amiconnLinusN: Make it more flexible, unify as much as possible for the different pixel depths, and make the code more compact
16:35:06amiconnI think I shoul make up a wiki page
16:38:11amiconnCurrently there are several functions for cdrawing/clearing/inverting the various graphics primitives. I would change that into one function per primitive, using a "draw mode" similar to how the grayscale lib works now
16:38:17 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
16:38:27LinusNamiconn: i can live with that
16:39:08amiconnEven the grayscale library api is not 100% consistent, I have some points for improvement
16:39:33amiconnAnother point: I know that you want the greyscale bitmaps for iriver to be in native lcd format.
16:39:45LinusNyes i do
16:39:54amiconnWhile this has some advantages, there is also at least one drawback
16:39:58LinusNor rather, i want the frame buffer to be in the native format
16:40:27amiconnIf we are going to do this, we need *3* different bitmap drawing functionsd
16:40:48LinusN3? why?
16:41:26amiconn(1) b&w bitmap (which format? Imho this should be 'similar' to the native format) (2) Native greyscale format (2 bpp) (3) Real greyscale bitmap
16:41:49amiconn(3) can be part of the plugin library if it's not needed in core
16:42:13LinusN(1) shouldn't be necessary
16:42:17amiconnYes, 8bpp with one byte per pixel, not planar
16:42:30LinusNwhen are those bitmaps needed?
16:42:47amiconn(1) is necessary afaics. How are we going to draw fonts?
16:42:58LinusNby having the fonts in the native format
16:43:11amiconnImho 2bpp fonts are a waste if we are not going to implement anti-aliasing
16:43:26LinusNnot a waste
16:43:30amiconn(which in turn is difficult with the framebuffer in native format)
16:43:32LinusNthey speed up rendering
16:43:57LinusNotherwise we would have to have a slow 1->2bpp bitmap function
16:44:16amiconnb&w bitmaps still make sense on a greyscale (or even colour) display.
16:45:08amiconnThey are small, and they can be rendered with a (settable) foreground & background colour
16:45:31LinusNb&w bitmaps can still be in the native format
16:46:06amiconnOooh, *that* will be a waste on the H3xx some time in the future.... (16 bpp iirc)
16:46:08LinusNanyway, it is a bad idea to have the frame buffer in a 1-byte-per-pixel format
16:46:31LinusNit won't fit in the internal ram
16:46:52amiconnWhy would you want that?
16:47:03amiconnThe fb is not in iram on the archos....
16:47:38amiconnAnyway, if you say let's have the fb in native format, I'll stick with that
16:47:55amiconnBoth methods have its advantages and disadvantages
16:48:36LinusNthe problem with having the fonts in b&w is speed
16:48:50LinusNrendering the fonts takes forever
16:48:58amiconnImho it won't be much slower that having them in native format
16:49:40amiconn(I'm *not* even thinking of setting them pixel by pixel as markun's patch does)
16:50:20amiconnI hope that my iriver soon arrives, would give a boost in motivation...
16:50:46LinusNif we can make the bitmap function fast enough, i'm for b&w fonts
16:50:54amiconnI think I'll make up that wiki page in the evening, and would be glad to receive comments
16:51:06LinusNany news about your iriver btw?
16:51:23amiconnI have one more graphics primitive that I want to implement... filled triangles
16:51:33LinusNin any angle?
16:51:34amiconnI have a working routine for that.
16:51:59LinusNwhat will you use it for?
16:52:07amiconnMy main drive is to get this into the grayscale lib, together with double buffering
16:52:23amiconnThen we can do that solid cube, even on archos...
16:52:24LinusN3d rendering?
16:52:56amiconnI already started writing a second greyscale lib with double buffering support
16:52:56pabsLinusN: you need 3d to render boobs, of course
16:53:05pabswhy else?
16:53:41pabsLinusN: yeah the things attached to the front of the fairer sex
16:53:51amiconnThis double-buffering greyscale lib will use the format that you don't like ;-) for it's buffers
16:54:00pabsLinusN: you might want to take a peek outside sometime :(
16:55:15amiconnThere are two reasons why this makes sense: (1) The buffer comparison will be way faster with 1byte/pixel (2) The real depth of the greyscale lib is variable (from 2 to 33 shades of grey), so there is no real native format
16:55:53LinusNamiconn: fair enough
16:55:58LinusNhave to go now
16:56:06amiconnpabs: If the new greyscale lib is available, will you write a 3d engine? ;-)
16:56:09LinusNcu around
16:56:13 Part LinusN
16:57:08pabsamiconn: :o never!
16:58:24preglowthrice a curse unto motorola for their slow ram
17:20:09 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
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18:36:16 Join muz [0] (
18:37:20muzcan i create playlists using the current rockbox build for iriver?
18:37:59 Quit muz (Client Quit)
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20:59:39*t0mas yawns </hcl-talk>
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21:32:01kowalskyhi everyone!
21:35:47 Join amiconn_ [0] (
21:36:01 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
21:36:01 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
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21:41:09 Join Tang [0] (
21:41:17TangHello :)
21:50:50TangHi tomas
21:55:39 Join muesli- [0] (
21:57:54muesli-is there a new booloader incl fw 1.65 around?
22:02:15muesli-k :)
22:07:20amiconnboo-boo-loader! ;-)
22:07:40muesli-boobs loader!? :D
22:08:16Tanghi muesli
22:08:19Tangi've to go
22:08:24 Quit Tang ("Chatzilla 0.9.66 [Mozilla rv:1.7.5/20041108]")
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22:48:05preglowbehold, a mighty commit
22:55:01t0masModified Files:
22:55:01t0masLog Message:
22:55:01DBUGEnqueued KICK t0mas
22:55:01t0masSmaller code size due to use of post-increment addressing. Move code out of iram. Cosmetic changes.
22:55:02t0masthat one?
22:55:03***Alert Mode level 1
22:55:29preglowyea, indeed!
22:57:55HCl :p
23:00:21preglowi wanted to get some of my local tree in cvs, and that was i all i could find i was willing to commit
23:02:37t0mashmz... now I'm getting curious what else you have local... and you're not willing to commit?
23:03:04preglowlibmad optimizations, mainly
23:03:07preglowthat i haven't got time to finish
23:05:04***Alert Mode OFF
23:10:27 Quit crwl (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
23:11:48 Join tvelocity [0] (
23:12:32preglowthere's still one bloody thing i don't get with the emac unit
23:12:47preglowi seem to get one shift free when fetching the result in fractional mode
23:13:03preglowit's very convenient, but it's just not documented that way
23:20:53preglowi've got a finished pure asm version of imdct_s, the beginnings of imdct_l, and beginnings of asm version of synth_full
23:24:51 Quit Aison (Connection reset by peer)
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23:55:57*t0mas is going to bed
23:56:01 Quit t0mas ("good night")

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