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#rockbox log for 2005-04-06

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03:43:01PaleoDO you have plan to support Archos GMini XS200 someday ?
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07:42:46QThow about the iriver port of rockbox?
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07:43:08QTanything already available for a user to install & run?
07:43:18LinusNwell, not really
07:43:34LinusNyou can install and run rockbox, but it won't play any music
07:43:41QTok. thanks. then i shall not bother you any longer and keep you away from important stuff to do :-)
07:43:51LinusNdon't worry
07:44:02QTyeah. thanks
07:44:29QTi haven't looked & read up the latest recently and was wondering what is going on
07:44:59LinusNwe're working on the internal changes to allow for the software codecs to run
07:45:33QTinternal changes of rockbox?
07:45:42LinusNi'm renaming and moving things around to better fit the multi-codec architecture
07:45:52QTi see
07:46:06QTwasn't it multi-codec in the past then?
07:46:12LinusNrockbox has so far only run on the archos devices, which had a hardware mp3 codec
07:46:21LinusNmp3 only
07:46:32QTi see
07:46:42QTand now you gotta look at ogg too?
07:46:46QTany other codec?
07:46:46LinusNoh yes
07:47:28QThow about recording?
07:47:55LinusNto begin with, we will record to wav, and possibly a few lossless formats
07:48:09QTlosless recording can be useful sometime
07:48:35QTi recently recorded a live DVD of Placebo and without MP3 recording it would have hit the filesize limit
07:48:45LinusNwe want mp3 recording, but there aren't any open source realtime mp3 encoders around
07:49:04LinusNthe iriver filesize limit is plain silly
07:49:21QTi agree
07:49:37LinusNabviously, rockbox doesn't have it
07:49:37QTwell, if that limit isn't there with rockbox, then i prefer WAV recording :-)
07:49:59LinusNrockbox has a limit of 2Gb, because of the FAT32 file system
07:50:11LinusNbut it will automatically continue in a new file
07:50:34QTi thought FAT has a limit of 4GB
07:50:45QToh, that is such great news. thanks
07:50:51LinusNthat's correct
07:50:56QTi am so happy to have bought the 'richt' player :-)
07:51:00QTaehm right
07:51:11LinusNbut many FAT32 implementations have problems with >2Gb files
07:51:33LinusN(because of signed 32-bit arithmetics)
07:51:58QT2GB is a good size anyway. no problem with such a limit
07:52:11QTespecially considering the encoder creates a new file on the fly
07:52:34LinusNyou can also split the file on custom time limits
07:53:13LinusNlike 74 minutes, for example
07:53:23QTi buy that!
07:54:02QToh, FLAC support listed
07:54:08QTthat would be neat
07:54:18QTi should ripped all my CDs to FLAC instead of MP3
07:55:58QTbtw, will the iriver port also run on other iriver players one day?
07:56:02QTlike the H10?
07:56:16LinusNH10 is most likely out of reach
07:56:31LinusNit uses the PortalPlayer chipset
07:56:39LinusNsame as ipod
07:56:46QTas it seems to be a nice player
07:57:00QTand i heard something about a 20GB version in the future
07:57:21LinusNthe portalplayer chipset documentation is secret
07:57:49QTi see. again, i am happy to have bought the right player :-)
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08:03:04QThave you ever been contacted by iriver since you started to work on a port?
08:09:51QTi wonder if they care about this......
08:10:05LinusNi don't think they do
08:10:26LinusNbut on the other hand, they might do the same thing as archos started to do
08:10:35QTwhich is?
08:10:42LinusNi.e refuse repairs of devices with rockbox on them
08:10:44QTnever dealt with archis
08:11:00QTok, i would expect that
08:11:34LinusNi can understand that they refuse warranty repairs
08:11:48QTyep. me too
08:12:09LinusNbut apparently, they have recently started refusing paid repars as well
08:12:27LinusNand that annoys me a little
08:12:34QTuh, that is weird
08:12:59QTthe device belongs to the person who bought it
08:13:08QTand he can do with it what ever he likes
08:14:16LinusNit's a little unfair to say that they refused the paid repair
08:14:19QTwhat a pain in the a**!
08:14:49QTwhy unfair?
08:14:52LinusNbut they refused to ackowledge the warranty of the paid repair, since he had run rockbox
08:14:54QTit seems to be the truth
08:15:14QTquote: "When I sent it to Archos for repair they refused to repair it because Rockbox was on..."
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08:15:36LinusNso they claim he voided the warranty of the repair by running rockbox
08:16:13QTgood to know. another vendor to strike from the list
08:16:31LinusNiriver just might follow their example
08:16:48LinusNtime will tell
08:16:58QTpitty you can't get things without a vendor ;)
08:17:16LinusNit's a very convenient way for them to avoid warranty repairs
08:17:28QTso far i only had 1 time contact with iriver customer care (in germany)
08:17:55QTi had asked the service if they can swap the brown fugly bag with a black one
08:18:10QTinitially they said no
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08:18:32QTthen i told them that this will make me order 2 units via mail order, swap bags myself and return 1 unit again
08:18:49QTi kindly asked again if they did not have any returned (broken) units with a black bag
08:19:04QTups, all a sudden i was given a blach bag for free :-)
08:19:13LinusNnice of them
08:19:22QTyep. shipped home from free
08:19:34QTit was a lady and she said she found one in the repair center
08:19:37LinusNin general, i think irivers return policy is extremely generous
08:19:42QTso far yes
08:19:58QTluckuy me, i did not have to return my unit yet. fingers crossed!
08:20:12LinusNyou can break it in any way, and they replace it
08:20:33LinusNwhy they do that is beyond me
08:23:07QTdunno either
08:23:15QTtime for a coffee - off for a while - cu
08:30:04dwihnoRe-ripping all CD's to flac might be a tedious task :)
08:30:16LinusNnot if he only has 3 :-)
08:30:32dwihnoIt's more like 100 or so
08:31:08dwihnoA disk devoted to flac files :)
08:33:36 Join DJ_Dooms_Day [0] (~scottr@
08:34:54dwihnodoes lame take flac input?
08:35:01LinusNi doubt it
08:36:47dwihnoperhaps it's possible to use some kind of piping then
08:37:15dwihnocat blah.flac|flacdecode (or whatever it is)|lame -options -
08:37:16dwihnoor something
08:37:37dwihnobut what should one do under windows? :) bash scripts?
08:37:46dwihnousing cygwin or such
08:37:50dwihnodunno really
08:39:53Bagderaaah! fresh coffee and sunshine, what a morning!
08:41:11dwihnoSomeone's hidden the chokladbollar! :(
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08:41:30dwihnoWe bought a shipload of chokladbollar yesterday and now they're all missing in action!
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08:48:39dwihnobut where are they?
08:48:44dwihnoI just made myself a nice cup of tea
08:48:52*Bagder looks innocent and whistles
08:48:56dwihnoAnd I want a chokladboll to go with it!
08:48:57dwihnoYou two!
08:49:00dwihnoI sense a conspiracy! :)
08:49:12LinusNyum yum
08:49:42LinusNi just might skip lunch today...not hungry anymore :-)
08:49:48dwihnoYou... you...
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09:16:11usrwill korean be supported in rockbox?
09:16:27Bagderyes please
09:16:36LinusNwe are looking into unicode support
09:16:37usri jus saw da pix someone uploaded and krn wasnt there..
09:16:39usrhmm oh ok
09:16:59LinusNi don't know much about korean
09:17:18usri do :)
09:17:29usr(haha not that it will help)
09:17:43usr(or maybe)
09:17:46LinusNhow does the alphabet look like?
09:18:17Bagderisn't it kanji, like chinise/japanese?
09:18:47usri think kanji is japanese only
09:18:54Bagderoh, ok
09:19:07Bagdershows how much I know ;-)
09:19:12LinusNis it left-to-right or right-to-left?
09:19:15usrhaha im not sure either
09:19:16usrleft to right
09:19:36LinusNthen you can start start translating it today
09:19:43LinusNas long as you have a font
09:20:11usrhmm well i got buncha korean fonts but i dunno which one is usable for rockbox
09:20:47LinusNalmost any bdf font would work
09:21:23usrhmm bdf font is kinda like icons right?
09:21:47LinusNno, it's a bitmap font
09:22:15usrwell, yea that's what i meant... (arent ico files basically bmps?)
09:22:26usrwell anyways, why is translation necessary?
09:23:06usri was wondering about the tag support (or... are you guys tyring to make the menu in korean too?)
09:23:19LinusNof course
09:23:49usrhmm ic
09:24:09usrwhat's iriver's response to this project by the way?
09:24:26LinusNnone yet
09:25:10usrhmm i've read some posts in some korean web sites and it seems to me that they (kinda) know what this is all about
09:25:31dwihnothey should know unless they are living under some rocks :)
09:25:39usrexcept for some misunderstandings (coldfire emulator represented as the gameboy emulator...)
09:26:14LinusNusr: is there an ASCII table (code page) for korean?
09:26:31usrnot sure actually
09:27:04 Quit hibou ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
09:27:14usri think so
09:29:31LinusNwow, 183 combinations of syllables
09:30:28usrhaha yea it's complicated to implant but easy to learn
09:30:35usroops, kanji is chinese
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09:33:04Bagder"Kanji are one of the five character sets used in the modern Japanese writing system"
09:33:13Bagderaccording to wikipedia
09:33:32bobdbobkanji are in japanese, borrowed from chinese
09:33:51bobdbobbut japanese is also katakana and hiragana - two alphabets
09:34:25usrhmm so i WAS right the first time... (google has fooled me again)
09:35:47usrwell, i dont know much about language programming but im sure i can get some info if i post some questions in iriver korea's forum
09:37:29usrcool, the whole page of their freeboard is filled with gruntled comments from the users
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09:44:02usrhmm, anyways, if you guys need some translating job, pm "user" at misticrivier
09:44:04usrgood luck
09:44:11 Quit usr ("CGI:IRC")
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16:52:41*preglow does a jig
16:58:10Lynx_what's a jig?
17:01:03preglowa dance
17:01:05preglowof some sort
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17:02:45Bagderhey, logbot is a dancer! ;-)
17:03:56preglowwell, i sure as hell am not, so it can take it from here
17:04:20Bagderand in fact, the irc daemon used here is called dancerircd
17:05:04preglownever had much experience with ircd
17:07:04CtcpVersion from thegeek!
17:08:19Lynx_and how is logbot a dancer?
17:08:31Bagderthe bot is called dancer
17:08:35Bagderthe software
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17:08:50Lynx_can it do stuff besides logging?
17:09:00Lynx_and dancing ;)
17:09:15Lynx_logbot: dance
17:09:21Bagderbut I don't think much of the other stuff is setup much
17:09:26Lynx_needs to be implemented ;)
17:09:53preglowi thought you wrote logbot yourself
17:10:05Bagderwell, we did
17:10:11preglowwhy, you have
17:10:12Bagderbut you know, open source...
17:10:29preglowyeah, i found it
17:10:50Lynx_hmm, there sure are a lot of commands...
17:11:39preglowonly bots im familiar are eggdrop and my own
17:11:55Bagderdancer is fairly old
17:13:51preglowgood god, i need to initiate tiredness prevention tactics
17:23:41Lynx_like coffee?
17:24:22preglowwhy, exactly that, as a matter of fact
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17:37:43Lynx_Bagder: my dell lcd will be here tomorrow :)
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18:49:26t0maswho setup the cvs and things like that for rockbox?
18:49:45t0masor Linus?
18:49:56stevenmIs there a way for me to possibly get CVS access? I wanna shove the midi codec there
18:50:47stevenmaw rats, class over. never mind
18:59:32 Quit elinenbe (" HydraIRC -> <- Nine out of ten l33t h4x0rz prefer it")
19:06:23 Part pike
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19:57:04stevenmHello people
19:57:24stevenmIs it possible for me to get CVS access to put my codec in there?
19:59:28preglowyou tested it on a device yet?
20:02:37stevenmpreglow, no
20:03:12stevenmpreglow, I finished the envelope stuff, now I guess someone should test it in device. But I have no idea where to even begin - don't know any hardware specific functions
20:03:26t0maspreglow? do you know who setup cvs for rockbox?
20:03:51stevenmpreglow, right now it's a MIDI player with one function, pc dependent. how to make it into a plug-in, I don't have the first clue
20:04:08preglowbagder, linus
20:04:13preglowand zagor, i guess
20:04:21preglowstevenm: does it build for the device?
20:04:26t0masok, I'll ask Bagder
20:05:05stevenmpreglow, I am not sure, but guessing not.
20:05:30stevenmpreglow, I don't really know how to set up the dev. environment. I got a working toolchain but not sure how to get it to use the rockbox includes / where they even are.
20:05:47stevenmpreglow, plus it complains about things such as malloc and file i/o and obviously printf
20:05:49preglowlinux og cygwin?
20:05:53stevenmpreglow, linux
20:06:05preglowwell, it should be simple
20:06:22preglowjust get cvs binutils, and gcc, build them according to wiki pages
20:06:32stevenmpreglow, .... gentoo linux.
20:06:38preglowand then set some env variables, and get entire three from cvs
20:06:42preglowi use gentoo as well
20:06:50stevenmand yours built ?
20:07:04preglowi did it manually
20:07:14stevenmI tried too, as the wiki says
20:07:33stevenmmine complained like there it no tomorrow. I ended up giving up and got binaries from another developer
20:07:53preglowwell, if you've got binaries, there should be no trouble
20:08:14preglowset PATH to pick up the tools
20:08:16preglowthen just go
20:08:19preglowno further issues
20:08:27stevenmcheck out everything from CVS ?
20:08:30preglowbut if you want it in cvs, you have to set it up locally first
20:08:34preglowcheck out rockbox-devel
20:08:59stevenmall right
20:09:06stevenmthen, where does my code come in
20:09:28preglowwell, you obviously have to insert it in the tree
20:09:31preglowapps/codecs is the place
20:09:54preglowthen make it build, make a midi2wav, etc
20:09:59stevenmby the way, all these tools have names in the form m68-elf-whatever
20:10:07stevenmis this fine?
20:10:12preglowyes, they have to
20:10:25 Join MoosCamaro [0] (
20:10:32MoosCamarohello all
20:11:30stevenmokay, checking out rockbox-devel
20:11:38stevenmpreglow, by the way, do we really need volume envelopes?
20:12:15preglowwell, if you want to play the patches the way they're meant to sounds, yes, you need them
20:12:32stevenmall right. I mean it works and all, but it just seems like so much more work
20:12:47preglowshouldn't be too much work
20:12:53stevenmand in most cases the difference isn't that apparent compared to how much extra power is needed do handle decays, etc
20:13:08stevenmIf you follow their decay rates, you have more notes playing at the same time
20:13:20stevenmthat's just more voices to play, in general
20:13:28preglowbut it sure sounds natural compared to sudden cut of notes
20:13:55stevenmI had my own decay routine that had a little bit of decay
20:13:56preglowfor looping sounds i'd say it's a must
20:14:04stevenmit sounded not cut off, but not like, pedal down either
20:14:08preglowbut really
20:14:13preglowenvelopes aren't that intensive
20:14:14stevenmwell right now it's implemented, etc. seems to work
20:14:22preglowthey're an add and a mul
20:14:26preglowplus some branch logic
20:14:28preglowHCl: yo
20:14:52HClhow goes?
20:14:55stevenmpreglow, yes.. I guess it looks overwhelming because of how much code there is. like, if statements, fetch the new one, etc
20:15:02preglowgoes good, tired as hell, apart from that, fine
20:15:33stevenmpreglow, do you by any chance know anything about PICs ?
20:15:39preglowvery little, depends
20:16:01stevenmI am looking for a linux based tool that will program either using the JDM programmer or using the microchip ICD
20:16:26preglowthen i have no idea
20:16:32stevenmmplab builds and assembles on windows emulator, but the dialogs dont draw right, so can't use ICD
20:16:37stevenmwooo it built
20:17:41stevenmpreglow, so what about file i/o? getc() work?
20:17:52preglowhave a look in the plugin api
20:17:59preglow'cause that's what you'll be using
20:19:29stevenmall right.. so all the calls have to be done using the rb struct ?
20:19:39preglowbut plugin.h is probably more recent
20:19:41stevenmwait, plugin api or codec api ?
20:20:31preglowcodec api is not yet made, but once it is, it will very probably resemble the plugin api
20:20:38stevenmoh ok, cool
20:20:54stevenmand any patch data, I can put in /.rockbox/patches ?
20:20:58preglowfor now, you'll just have to make it a regular plugin
20:21:07preglowstevenm: sounds like an ok place to put it
20:21:21preglowname 'patches' might be misleading, though
20:21:33preglowat least name it midipatches or something
20:21:33stevenmour physics guy just set this huge thing bouncing on a spring and it flew off and kinda flew thru the lecutre hall
20:21:43stevenmpreglow, all right... patches -> soundset ?
20:21:47stevenmor something like that, yea
20:21:52preglowsounds even better
20:22:20stevenmwhat about storage? final thing is like, I think 27 mb compressed.
20:22:44stevenmthis will have to be an add-on download, right?
20:22:54stevenmfor the patchset.
20:22:58preglowahh, yes
20:23:04preglowmost certainly an optional download
20:23:11stevenmgiven how it's 37 megs, prolly not a good idea to put it in by default
20:23:17preglowhell no
20:23:19stevenmer 27.. 3something unpacked
20:23:42preglowsamples will be distributed in a file somewhere
20:24:01stevenmI went thru and picked out just the ones that are needed by this config.. but its still a lot
20:24:40preglowbut ok
20:24:48preglowwhat standard functions do you use in the lib?
20:24:55preglowmalloc most certainly has to go
20:25:04preglowyou'll have to use the mp3 buffer and manage it yourself
20:25:09stevenmmalloc I will have to write myself
20:25:24preglowwell, you won't need malloc as such
20:25:27stevenmIt only allocates.. doesn't free() anything unless its done playing
20:25:41preglowyou just treat the mp3 buffer as one big buffer that has been alloced
20:25:43preglowyou don't need to free
20:25:44stevenmso just add X bytes to the pointer to the begnning of free memory
20:25:49preglowyou just abandon data when you're done with it
20:25:56stevenmyea I figured
20:26:00stevenmI need a getc()
20:26:00preglowa pointer will show where data can be overwritten
20:26:21stevenmI need to open a file, get a character from it, and seek
20:26:47stevenmseek is only used in one place but it makes the track loader more memory efficient
20:26:55preglowseek is ok, no getc, you need to use read()
20:27:07stevenmread() should work
20:27:11stevenmthere is a fopen / fclose?
20:27:14preglowwell, of course :)
20:27:19preglowno, you have the posix ones
20:27:22stevenmI mean, like, same as the C ones
20:27:28stevenmall right
20:27:31preglowyes, they resemble them
20:27:34stevenmand what is the file type? FILE * ?
20:27:45preglowjust look in apps/plugin.h
20:27:51stevenmall right
20:27:52preglowline 179 and down
20:27:54preglowthere are the file ones
20:28:28stevenmah here it is
20:29:09stevenmpreglow, I also use an fscanf in 2 places to parse a simple ascii .config
20:29:30stevenmwhich tells me which .pat file to use for what instrument
20:30:01stevenmI could do like, 0.pat 1.pat 2.pat etc, but that would make making new sets anoying
20:32:34 Join LinusN [0] (
20:33:46preglowdon't think there is a scanf, but the parsing shouldn't be too hard
20:35:19stevenmpreglow, yea, if anything, I can write that using read probably
20:36:19preglowexactly, should be easy
20:36:25preglowor at least doable
20:43:19stevenmsorry, went away for a bit. god, physics is BORING
20:43:26stevenmthe guy just praddles on and on and on
20:43:39stevenmif there is a lesson plan, I have yet to find it
20:43:43preglowphysics never was my favourite, no
20:43:59preglowit's makes for an interesting read, but that's that
20:44:23stevenmat least usually one of my friends shows up and we hop on our laptops. but he's at home sleeping
20:44:29stevenmwell, that's true
20:44:34preglowmentioning sleep...
20:44:39stevenmoop, sorry
20:45:24preglowtried some reading a couple of hours ago, was futile
20:49:48stevenmfisix over
20:49:52stevenmback in a few minutes.
20:50:05 Part stevenm ("Fisix is Fun")
20:57:13MoosCamarohi Linus
20:59:20MoosCamaroLinus excuse me, you know if the central joystic of iriver can it replace?
21:00:26MoosCamaromy pad begin to tire, the left side is bad
21:01:21 Join stevenm [0] (
21:01:32stevenmme back
21:01:58MoosCamaroanyone can help me please
21:03:12stevenmwhats up
21:04:07MoosCamarothe pad of my iriver tired, i want just know if can it replace
21:05:58MoosCamaroif i want go left it too perceptible
21:06:30MoosCamaroi've got it since more of 1 year
21:06:44LinusNit can be replaced, but you have to find one
21:07:22preglowi believe a 'good luck' is in order
21:07:47MoosCamarohi Linus, i'm not technician
21:08:16LinusNthen you have to find a friend who is...
21:08:19 Join muesli- [0] (
21:09:01MoosCamaroyou know, the iriver is so rare in france
21:10:06MoosCamarosolders are necessary?
21:10:33muesli-g'day mates
21:11:46muesli-i have seen an i140 for 420e on ebay last time..
21:13:12MoosCamarothink you it's possible to make it if i'm not practitioner?
21:14:13LinusNMoosCamaro: not sure
21:14:34MoosCamarook Linus thanks
21:24:25 Quit stevenm ("Leaving")
21:25:13HCl420e ?
21:25:18HCli bought mine new for that price, heh
21:25:35LinusNMoosCamaro: does the joystick work at all?
21:25:35 Quit muesli- (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
21:29:51MoosCamarojoystick work for the 4 direction, but it begin don't be accurate, especially the left side
21:31:42***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:32:06 Join Camilo [0] (
21:32:19MoosCamaroi must touch hardly the left side
21:33:16LinusNMoosCamaro: ok
21:35:42LinusNiRiver! iRiver! Catch the digital flow! (Don't know)?? Haa. Music, easier than ever. Mobility! Simplicity! Superiority! The most discreet way, to fiercely express yourself. Can you (Don't know)?? Catch the digital flow! iRiver!
21:35:56LinusNbest song ever :-)
21:48:16preglowi never did understand the words
21:48:20preglowi never tried either
21:49:23LinusNfound the lyrics in the misticriver forum :-)
21:50:05preglowhmm, i wonder how those iaudio players look like naked
21:52:20preglowi think someone mentioned coldfires
21:53:39LinusNrumours say the m3 has a 5249
21:54:52preglowis the ram in the h1x0 slow for that type of ram, btw?
21:56:02LinusNwhat type of ram?
21:56:23LinusNyou mean if it's slow for being sdram?
21:56:26preglowthe sdram
21:56:47LinusNno, the ram speed is not an issue
21:57:19LinusNlooks like we have a new target :-)
21:57:40preglowhah <-
21:57:54preglowthat joystick looks really cumbersome
21:58:18LinusNcan't be worse than the H100
21:58:27preglowi guess not
21:58:40LinusNkoreans must have sticky fingers
21:58:45preglowhmm, perhaps i should give imdct_l another go now that i have some time
21:58:55preglowsmall sticky fingers
21:59:02LinusNbetter hurry, mp3 playback is coming closer every day
22:00:02LinusNi had hoped to have it running today, but it turned out to be more work than i expected
22:00:43preglownever heard that one before!
22:01:30LinusNso i ended up cleaning the car adapter mode first
22:01:52LinusNwhich actually was a step towards mp3 playback, believe it or not
22:02:03CoCoLUSthe car adapter mode?
22:02:08CoCoLUShows that?
22:02:17preglowi wonder where this extra shift in fractional mode comes from...
22:02:45LinusNit's an archos feature, that autostarts the playback when the external voltage is on
22:03:14LinusNand stops when the voltage disappears again
22:03:26CoCoLUSbut how does it help mp3 playback?
22:03:55LinusNthe car adapter mode was using the playback code in a kind of nast way
22:04:25LinusNso cleaning it up makes it easier to modify the playback code for iriver
22:05:02CoCoLUSso... how is ogg coming along? ;)
22:05:11preglownot at all
22:05:16preglowit's butt slow and no one is looking at it
22:06:03CoCoLUSsounds nice
22:06:39preglowbut it'll get there, i'll turn to it when i have the time
22:07:28preglowi hate and despise motorola for implementing mac this way
22:09:03CoCoLUSwrite a complaint letter :)
22:10:30 Join amiconn [0] (
22:10:40preglowh140 there yet? :>
22:14:11amiconnMost likely not
22:22:32 Quit edx ()
22:26:44 Join muesli- [0] (
22:31:58 Join edx [0] (
22:45:11HClwe're free to use any of bluechips code if we want to
22:45:34HClhe requests we'd add a link to the original public domain code if we do
22:45:49 Join XShocK [0] (
22:47:06HClhey xshock
22:48:01XShocKthe paint of my iriver started bumping..
22:48:11HClwhat color did you have it?
22:48:20LinusNHCl: what code are you referring to?
22:48:30HClLinusN: his othello game and his audio filters
22:48:46LinusNthe audio stuff is archos-only
22:48:53HClyea, i figured that
22:49:43*muesli- yawns at hcl
22:49:48*HCl dies
22:50:03HCllook what you did! x.x; *utters that at his last breath*
22:51:09XShocKit just falls off..:(
22:51:37muesli-btw does anybody know who coded sokoban?
22:52:34muesli-it would be wonderful if all levels would be loaded into memory by start
22:52:34XShocKBagder: are you saying it to me?
22:52:48Bagderno, to muesli-
22:52:53Bagderit doesn't matter who wrote it
22:53:03Bagderbut Eric Linenberg did
22:53:09muesli-its loading after every level
22:53:18Bagderso it should
22:53:33muesli-costs too much battery for keep the hdd busy :-/
22:53:33Bagdersince Archos has *very* limited memory
22:53:51HClwell, we could make it load everything into mem for iriver targets
22:53:51LinusNand yes, we can make it load all levels on the iriver if we want to
22:53:59Bagderthen make an iRiver version that does differently
22:54:02muesli-hi linus :)
22:54:12HCl*nods at 3 of them all saying the same thing*
22:54:18Bagderasking for the oroginal author won't help
22:54:36PaleoIs the port to GMIni XS200 almost over ?
22:54:55BagderPaleo: it is almost dead, I'd say
22:55:06Paleosh*t :(
22:55:21LinusNseems jyp got tired, or busy with other things
22:55:34Bagderjyp is very very veeeeery alone
22:55:52Paleojyp is the maintener of the port ?
22:56:00Bagderhe *is* the port
22:57:47Bagderbut yes, he does seems to do everything gmini-related
23:00:30Paleothat's sad
23:00:43Paleoi'd really like to try rockbox on my XS200 :(
23:01:05Bagderjoin in and help
23:01:37PaleoI'm no programmer, sadly
23:04:27preglowthe gmini port is bound to be a lot of work
23:15:59 Quit tvelocity (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:20:57*t0mas fixed his libpam..
23:21:13t0masstressfull working when you know you can't login when anything breaks :)
23:22:25t0masdon't have telnet :)
23:22:37preglowit's pretty mandatory for those kinds of problems, heh
23:22:46 Join olivierd [0] (
23:23:18preglowthere, mpegdec url placed in wiki for those mad/heroic enough to prod at it
23:25:46preglowLinusN: what you're working on is mpeg only playback, i assume? like in no codec api?
23:26:40LinusNfirst goal is to write the basic playback code, with the mp3 decoder
23:27:02LinusNthen we will see how the multicodec stuff evolves
23:27:48preglowi wonder how cpu intensive speex is
23:27:53preglowperhaps that could be used for the menus
23:28:06preglowand perhaps it wont require lots of iram to operate
23:28:22preglowit has recently gotten a fixed point implementation, i think
23:28:56LinusNhow does it work?
23:29:20preglowyou mean how it codes its data?
23:29:22LinusNwhat languages does it support?
23:29:40preglowits a waveform codec
23:29:44preglowyou feed it wavs
23:30:07preglowno fancy synthesizing, but now that you mention it, that is feasible
23:30:50LinusNah, thought it was a synth, but it's a codec
23:31:08preglowjust a codec meant for speech
23:31:19preglowgood quality in wideband mode
23:31:46***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:32:09preglowi was just pondering of the feasability of having one slot, and hence all iram, for the music codec, and using a special speech codec that can operate without iram for menus
23:32:10LinusNlooks interesting
23:35:18preglowhmm, that's an interesting situation
23:37:03Camilowe're fighting version control systems at work
23:37:51Camilobk vs clearcase
23:37:56 Quit muesli- (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
23:38:09Bagderthe two monsters :-)
23:38:26Camiloyeah I don't particularly like either
23:38:31*preglow strokes subversion

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