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#rockbox log for 2005-04-07

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00:17:04*preglow goes mad
00:18:05preglowhaha, i'm too tired to see the pun
00:20:14HCl :p
00:23:33t0mashave you setup the cvs email thing for rockbox?
00:23:58Bagdert0mas: its mostly me and zagor
00:24:16t0mascan you give me the line you use in loginfo?
00:24:46Bagder^firmware /usr/bin/syncmail -C4 -u -S "$USER: " %1{sVv}
00:25:01Bagderthis is using Debian's syncmail
00:25:09t0masyeah, I have debian
00:25:14t0masso I'll install syncmail :)
00:25:28Bagderok, because the options differed slightly from the previous syncmail we used
00:32:10LinusNtime to go to sleep
00:32:28t0masah... good idea :)
00:32:35LinusNcu tomorrow
00:32:38*t0mas is going to bed too
00:32:39preglowit'll attend to itself soon in my case
00:32:42t0masc ya :)
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02:44:12HClits too quiet!
02:44:21*HCl sues everyone here for not talking enough :x
02:57:24thegeekoh noes.
02:57:30HCl :p
02:57:37HCli think we can go for a settlement
02:57:41HClnow that there are people talking
02:57:42HCl :P
02:58:37thegeeknot much
02:58:56thegeekI find myself spending 50% of my time beeing bored
02:58:58thegeeknot good.
02:59:06thegeektime to buy some new hardware
02:59:15thegeekI'm thinking of buying a force feedback wheel
02:59:29HCli have that.
02:59:34thegeekyou do?
02:59:38HClmy geforce 4 ti4200
02:59:39thegeeknot good?
02:59:41HClmalfunctions so much
02:59:44DBUGEnqueued KICK thegeek
02:59:45HClthat i don't get to use it x.x;
02:59:46thegeekI'm too fast
02:59:50thegeekthat sucks
02:59:51HCli really need to trade it for something similar
02:59:52HClits like
02:59:54thegeekwhat wheel is it?
02:59:56HClthat particular geforce
03:00:01HClwith my particular motherboard
03:00:05HClthats just "omg no!
03:00:29HCland they refuse to work together.
03:00:37HClit just reboots if i try to run it in agp mode
03:00:40thegeekI had a 4200, until it b0rked, and I got a new crappy fx5700 for free
03:00:42HCland geforce in pci mode is far from fast.
03:00:50HCli need to buy a new one
03:00:56HClor really, trade mine for someone's
03:00:56thegeekfx5700 is not faster
03:01:01thegeekactually a tiny bit slower
03:01:07thegeekI was like YAY
03:01:08thegeekwhen I got it
03:01:10thegeekbut then..
03:01:47thegeekbut hey
03:01:49HCl :3
03:01:51HCli bought mine
03:01:52thegeekwhat wheel do have?
03:01:54thegeekand is it any good
03:02:00HClwith the idea that i could like
03:02:00HClmod it into a quatrttro
03:02:09HCli have... um.
03:02:24thegeekoh well
03:02:28HClmomo or something
03:02:30HCllogitech momo
03:02:31HCland yes
03:02:33HClits quite good
03:02:37HClits just mostly the games
03:02:40HClthat don't support it.
03:02:45thegeekthey dont?
03:02:55HClonly since need for speed underground they actually got *good* force feed back
03:02:56thegeekthe momo?
03:03:00HClanything lower and its just rumble
03:03:10thegeekI'm buying it to play simulators
03:03:31thegeeklive for speed
03:03:36thegeekit's kinda nice
03:03:39HClaha o.o
03:03:43thegeekbecause it's really realistic
03:03:49HClthe problem with gaming steering wheels
03:03:53HClis that they're smaller (obviously)
03:04:04HCland you can't turn them multiple times like a real car steering wheel
03:04:22HClits just all the way counterclockwise and clockwise
03:04:27HClwithout multiple turning of the wheel
03:04:35HClso i don't know how much realism you'd have left
03:05:34thegeekthe logitech force feedback pro
03:05:35thegeekor something
03:05:41thegeekhas like 900 degress rotation
03:06:03thegeekbut it's expensive
03:06:07HCli must say that so far i've pretty much been really satisfied
03:06:12HClwith almost any logitech product i've bought
03:06:18thegeekI can't decide if I want to spend 1100 nok on just a wheel
03:06:22thegeeksame here
03:06:27thegeeklogitech is good
03:18:20thegeeknorske kroner
03:18:29HClhow much is that in euro..
03:18:33thegeeknorwegian unit of money
03:18:39thegeekdivide by 8
03:18:42HClmm, maybe i can find out
03:19:04HClsounds like a good price to me o.o
03:19:08HCli bought mine for 118 or so
03:19:25thegeekbut they have this ferrari enzo wheel for 1/2 the price
03:19:27thegeekit is not as good
03:19:31thegeekand not as sturdy
03:19:36thegeek1/2 the price;)
03:19:57HClcheapass :P
03:20:01HClyou like
03:20:07HClcan better buy something high quality
03:20:09HCland have it last
03:20:12HClthan buy something crappy
03:20:15HCland have it break quickly
03:20:27thegeekthat's exactly what I'm thinking too
03:20:35thegeekthe expensive one it is
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03:25:59*HCl ponders sueing a coffee company for making chocolate milk packets he can't open >.>
03:26:08*HCl goes to get scissors
03:27:24thegeekuse your teeth man!
03:27:56 Part amiconn
03:28:57HClbut thats like
03:29:03HClchocolate powder everywhere
03:29:04HClif i try that
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03:56:11*HCl yawns and finally goes to sleep
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08:54:35BagderLinusN: here?
08:54:59Bagderseen the broken h320 offer in the forum?
08:55:05LinusNalready mailed him
08:55:36LinusNi was thinking about the sleep time
08:55:59LinusNi haven't used it, have you?
08:56:09 Join einhirn [0] (
08:56:20LinusNi'd like an on+play menu in the wps
08:56:35BagderI just play my huge playlist shuffled, that's about all I do with my archos ;-)
08:56:53Bagderme too
08:57:01LinusNi want to move the sleep timer logic from powermgmt to wps
08:57:11LinusNor at least apps/
08:58:40LinusNthis may be a good use for a "send me this event after x ticks" kernel feature
08:59:42Bagdersounds like a good idea
09:00:00LinusNbut if we restrict the sleep timer function to the wps, we could get away with a simple TIME_AFTER()
09:02:34LinusNthe kernel timer event feature would probably need to be able to retrigger, i.e update the timeout
09:03:29LinusNmight be a little tricky
09:03:33 Nick Lynx_awy is now known as Lynx_ (HydraIRC@
09:04:50LinusNand i don't feel like inventing a complicated timer event system if it isn't really needed
09:05:09Bagdernah, let's try to avoid that
09:05:37LinusNbut it might be unintuitive that the sleep timer only works if the wps is shown
09:05:45Bagderhehe, true
09:05:57LinusN(like the resume info works today...)
09:06:05 Join ashridah [0] (
09:06:52LinusNi could add another tick task, just like i did for the car adapter mode
09:09:49LinusNthat is probably less expensive than a kernel tick task that compares ticks and sends events
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10:53:07LinusNcowon iaudio M3 and M5 use a coldfire 5249 :-)
10:54:07 Join Naked [0] (
10:55:39Bagderlooks like a neat player
10:55:43LinusNis the iaudio m3/m5 popular?
10:56:19 Nick Naked is now known as Hadaka (
10:56:32Bagderand there's no LCD on the player, only on the remote
10:56:44LinusNnot the m5
10:57:29Bagderthere's no M5 listed
10:58:40ashridahLinusN: yeah, and the player already supports FLAC
10:59:59 Join bobTHC [0] (
11:00:18bobTHChi all
11:06:34 Join DJ_Dooms_Day [0] (
11:08:50LinusNwonderful! the clearcase server is down AGAIN!
11:09:10LinusNreally great product...
11:09:25Bagderuh, lunch-race!
11:10:05LinusNrun, run!
11:18:16 Join hbacke [0] (
11:18:26LinusNhbacke: long time no see
11:19:08hbackeHi, Real Life you know, but i read the irc logs
11:19:34LinusNgot an iriver yet? :-)
11:20:25hbackeNot yet, I'll probaly wait for the 3xx port
11:21:31hbackeBut I've got code for two new context in onplay (WPS and DB_TREE), intrested?
11:24:08 Quit hbacke ("CGI:IRC")
11:25:41 Join hbacke [0] (
11:27:01hbackeLinusN: The only major changes are Hijacking the on play combo in wps and moving som playlist and bookmark entries from the manin menu to onplay
11:29:17hbackeLinusN: Do you want the patch, or shall i commit, either way I you'll have to wait until tomorrow evening :-/
11:29:29LinusNi'd like to see the patch
11:30:29hbackeOK, I'll send it as soon as get to my home computer.
11:30:33LinusNlunch time
11:31:20 Quit hbacke ("CGI:IRC")
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12:10:54 Join preglow [0] (
12:11:11 Quit R3nTiL ()
12:18:35pregloware there any nice ways of accessing structs from pure asm code? hard coding relative addresses does not count :>
12:27:26 Quit kramerica ()
12:38:25HClwhy doesn't it?
12:41:27preglowcompilers might suddenly change alignment
12:41:56HClif you use a relative address, it shouldn't matter?
12:42:03preglowalignment of the members
12:42:15HCli don't think you can.
12:42:26preglowit's not very probably, but does happen
12:42:28HClcompiler generated code to access structs are simply relative addresses
12:44:01preglowyes, but the compiler has knowledge of the exact alignment used
12:44:04preglowassemblers do not
12:44:11HCli knoow
12:44:16preglowbut i don't think i've got a choice
12:44:39HClyou could write a c function that puts struct members into other variables.
12:45:24preglowi'd rather just hard code it :P
12:45:25preglowbut now: food
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13:40:24DJ_Dooms_DaySo, how goes the PCM playback? Any advances?
13:41:15LinusNi'm slowly working towards mp3 playback
13:43:19LinusNlots of work "paving the way" in the code though
13:43:24 Join edx [0] (
13:44:53*LinusN gets a cup of coffee
13:45:16Lynx_LinusN: no unnecessary breaks now ;)
13:48:26LinusNoh, sorry, won't happen again, promise...
13:49:31Lynx_hehe, and i don't even own and iriver
13:50:30LinusNgo buy one
13:56:26Lynx_wohoo, my dell tft just arrived. no more money for an iriver now ;)
13:57:22HCl13:23 <@Evo−−> maar zo'n ding heeft veel minder onderhoud
13:57:41*HCl slaps putty
13:57:44HClit shouldn't paste on click
13:59:29ashridahyou can change it to middle button
14:00:22 Join ghode|afk [0] (
14:00:26Lynx_why are you IRCing through putty?
14:00:42ghode|afkhi, woujld it be possible for someone to compile a version of rockbox with the iriverfy plugin included?
14:01:07HClLynx_: because its handiest?
14:01:23HClscreen + multiple irssis
14:01:33HCli can attach from anywhere, as long as i have internet
14:01:50Lynx_HCl: hmm, need to look up what exacly irssi is
14:01:57 Quit webmind (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
14:02:02ashridahyeah, i used to do thqat a lot
14:02:05HClirc client.
14:02:08ashridahLynx_: console-based irc client
14:02:22ashridahi used to run an irc client on my gateway and ssh to it and retreive it using screen
14:02:23ghode|afkor maybe someone could commit it to cvs? :p
14:02:31ashridahless annoying than logging in/out
14:02:48 Join B4gder [0] (
14:04:04Lynx_hmm, i could use remote desktop, but that's a little much for irc ;)
14:04:24Lynx_considering i have to tunnel it through ssh anyway ;)
14:06:57ashridahyeah, it usually involves having a unixalike around.
14:07:14ashridahthese days i just run X11 on my gateway
14:11:20LinusNdo playlists have to be in a certain directory for the iriver firmware to play them?
14:15:19 Join rasher [0] (
14:15:40preglowno, don't think so
14:15:55ghode|afk./playlists right?
14:15:57rasherwoo, battery info!
14:16:16HClas far as i know it just scans the disk for .m3u
14:16:51rasherI think I remember seeing the playlist dir, but maybe they changed that at some point?
14:17:43LinusNthe iriverify plugin is now added to cvs
14:17:44 Join webmind [0] (
14:18:08*rasher promptly updates the wiki
14:18:13*HCl checksout
14:18:40rasherGo team!
14:19:10preglowsomeone want to optimize dct32? :V
14:19:20rasherHrm, I should start building the tag-db
14:20:02 Quit B4gder ("ChatZilla 0.9.35 [Mozilla rv:1.5/20031007]")
14:21:26 Join Patr3ck_ [0] (
14:24:55 Quit Patr3ck (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
14:25:02 Join B4gder [0] (
14:27:41rasherHeh, again inaccurate keynames (Play > Select).. this time in RoLo
14:29:37LinusNsaw that yesterday... :-)
14:32:02rasherThe tag db is great! Shame it's such a bother switching to and from it on iRiver
14:35:05preglowi never did see a good reason to use it
14:35:34rasherWell my directory structure isn't as good
14:36:08rasheror rather, it's fine (for me), just doesn't give easy access to a single artist
14:36:11 Quit ghode|afk (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:36:11preglowmine is impeccable :P
14:38:42rasherBattery Level Inaccurate .. that's not right
14:38:55rasherHow about "Basic"?
14:39:10rasherJudging by the commit message
14:39:16B4gderand prepare for a new storm on misticriver ;-)
14:39:28ashridahrasher: is it just displaying the output from the ADC?
14:39:34ashridahwouldn't 'overly accurate' be closer? :)
14:39:35rasherYeah, they seem to think that every progress means "nearly done!"
14:41:47rasherashridah: not sure exactly what it's doing.. LinusN?
14:41:54Lynx_B4gder: ups delivered my monitor an hour or so ago. got your's yet?
14:42:02B4gdergot it today, yes
14:42:21Lynx_did you try it yet?
14:42:38B4gderno, I'm in the office at work now and the monitor is for home
14:42:42LinusNrasher: the battery level meter doesn't show the voltage, it shows the estimated time left
14:42:50Lynx_B4gder: hmm, same here
14:42:55LinusNbased on the discharge curve
14:43:19bobTHCwhich monitor u choose finally ?
14:43:59Lynx_bobTHC: dell fp 2001, same as badger
14:45:10bobTHCand ure 1st impression ?
14:45:29Lynx_bobTHC: there are two cardboard boxes ;)
14:45:53Lynx_i will look at it tonight, i just hope there are not too many dead pixels
14:47:26Lynx_but the nice thing with online orders (at least in germany): you can always send the stuff back within two weeks :)
14:48:38 Nick QT_ is now known as QT (as@area51.users.madwifi)
14:48:39bobTHCit's better because the dell dead px policy is a little bit borderline : "A display with 1 to 5 fixed pixels is within the industry standards, and is therefore considered an acceptable display."
14:48:52bobTHCouch :/
14:50:18Lynx_well, i never looked at 1600x1200 displays, but i imagine ones without dead pixels are not as common as with smaller panels
14:50:23preglowram a screwdriver into it at complain that yours has two thousand dead pixels, they'll surely take it back
14:50:48LinusNthere are occasions where you can actually massage a dead pixel to life
14:50:56LinusNcpr :-)
14:51:23Lynx_preglow: hehe, the nice thing with the right to send it back within two weeks is that you don't have to give a reason at all. and the dealer pays for shipping it back, above a certain item value
14:51:35preglowLynx_: i know, we've got the same thing in norway
14:51:39ashridahyeah, i imagine that if it's stuck because the floating thinggy inside is stuck, flexing the screen might dislodge and fix it
14:51:56Lynx_LinusN: is there a chance to kill all sourrounding pixels with the procedure? ;)
14:52:35LinusNunfortunately yes
14:52:45LinusNyou have to be gentle
14:54:23Lynx_hmm, i have a pixel thats fixed on on the display i'm sitting at
14:55:43rasher(re password protection) I think a password stored on the harddisk would suffice. A thief is probably unlikely to know about rockbox and how to retrieve a password from it
15:02:28 Quit lostlogic ("Going to the moon")
15:06:10 Join muz [0] (
15:06:17 Quit muz (Client Quit)
15:06:55 Join djmuz [0] (
15:07:19djmuzhey guys
15:07:32djmuzi dont see iriverify on the open with menu
15:07:53djmuzand when i go to it on browse plugins i get some error
15:08:54djmuzjust thought id tell ya
15:09:03preglowit probably needs to be put in viewers.config as well
15:09:42rasherHeh, the error when opening from the 'browse plugins' is fun
15:10:07rasheris that like 'not a real plugin'?
15:10:18djmuzi get a "cant read file: -11"
15:10:24rasheryes that
15:10:50djmuzsurely it shudnt be in the plugins menu, but be in the open with menu only
15:11:11rashera proper viewers.config would fix that I guess
15:11:50djmuzi wish i cud program and be able to fix that myself
15:11:51LinusNfixed in cvs
15:12:27rasherthat's some report/response time :)
15:14:37djmuzcool how long will it take to compile?
15:15:01LinusN20 minutes
15:15:23djmuzi was wonderin, who has the server or watever thing that compiles it
15:16:12LinusNit is located at our employer's office
15:16:37LinusNwe == i, björn and daniel
15:16:37bobTHCBandwidth and server
15:16:37bobTHCsponsored by:
15:16:37djmuzmust be pretty powerful
15:16:53LinusNit's a dual athlon 1800
15:17:13LinusNdebian linux
15:17:45djmuzso is the current battery level quite inaccurate?
15:18:09djmuzit seems pretty good
15:18:11rasherI'd bet it's probably no worse than the iriver
15:18:13LinusNi think it's pretty good
15:18:58djmuzhow on earth does it know wat the current level is tho, did you use them graphs?
15:19:15djmuzoh ok
15:19:19rasherYay, I've done something useful :)
15:19:57djmuzmp3 playback?
15:20:14djmuzi wud like jump and dance if it was
15:20:21rasherno, I mean
15:20:24rasherI did the graphs
15:20:36rasherand they were useful
15:20:41djmuzyeah nice one
15:20:44rasherSo I feel all warm and fuzzy now
15:21:17rasherso boring though :\
15:22:16djmuzooo the builds gonna complete soon yay
15:22:23djmuzotf playlists here i come
15:24:37rasheror you could just add this line to .rockbox/viewers.config
15:24:44rasherm3u,iriverify.rock,00 00 00 00 00 00
15:24:55djmuzyeah thats true
15:25:13djmuzi probly cud have guessed to put that in
15:25:20djmuzcos if u look at the ones above
15:28:06djmuzok its on the "writing" stage, and has been for a while
15:28:24rasherprobably takes a while
15:29:22djmuzi just went opened an mp3 with the iriverify plugin, and its still sayin that
15:29:33rasherand *mp3*?
15:29:49rasheryou're meant to open m3us
15:29:54djmuzohcrap im ment to
15:29:58djmuzomg im so stupid
15:30:09djmuzwheres my pin gone
15:30:18djmuzthe amount of times iv reset i tell ya
15:30:40rasherSame here
15:30:49rasherI think I've managed to wear the reset button a bit
15:31:02rasherit's sortof not in the right place now
15:31:12djmuzif i break hopefully iriver will replace
15:31:21djmuzthey seem to be quite generous
15:31:29HClreading assembly is boring
15:31:31rasherjust be sure to remove rockbox first :)
15:32:02djmuzbut they probly just replace, without even looking at the damage
15:32:07***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:33:03LinusNdjmuz: did you have to reset???
15:33:26djmuzyes cos i was bein stupid
15:33:40djmuzi opened an mp3 with iriverfy
15:33:46LinusNit shouldnn't hang because of that
15:34:03djmuzit wud be nice if it checked that its an m3u
15:34:23LinusNare you sure it hangs?
15:34:31preglowHCl: what you reading for?
15:34:46djmuzeither that or it stays on the "writing" bit for ages
15:34:47HClpreglow: reverse engineering this encryption of a piece of software i got
15:34:53djmuzi pressed stop and nothin happened
15:35:00djmuzthe backlight didnt even come on
15:36:28djmuzi like beta testing
15:40:42djmuzjust thought ud like to know that iriverify now works and i now have otf playlists yay
15:42:13ashridahso how do i trigger iriverify?
15:42:21ashridahi assume pressing play triggers the use of a playlist...
15:42:34djmuzcreate an m3u playlist as normal on rockbox, then open that m3u file with iriverfy
15:43:00ashridahdjmuz: ah, but the 'with iriverify' bit is the bit that i'm missing
15:43:22djmuzyeah you need to get the latest build
15:43:46ashridahi have the latest cvs
15:43:59ashridahi don't know how to trigger the 'with iriverify' bit. specifically. ie, which buttons
15:44:15djmuzyou go to the "open with" thing
15:44:22djmuzthen at the bottom it shud say iriverfy
15:44:31*ashridah notes he has no idea which button does that
15:44:47djmuzhold the joystick in
15:45:30 Join lolo-laptop [0] (~lostlogic@
15:45:33 Quit DJ_Dooms_Day (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:49:03djmuzhow can i move the line cursor when renaming a file on the iriver?
15:49:22djmuzon archos you press on and then left/right
15:49:49djmuzcant press two buttons at once on iriver (the adc wotsit wont let ya)
15:50:13ashridahuh. why would buttons be done using an ADC? buttons aren't analog :)
15:50:27ashridahbut yes, that does suck
15:50:51djmuzi dunno i was tryin to be clever
15:50:53ashridahi'm still not familiar enough with the button layouts for rockbox, and i've been compiling it for like 3 months :)
15:51:55 Join DJ_Dooms_Day [0] (
15:52:29LinusNdjmuz: hold Play
15:53:24LinusNthe iriver button layout is just an ugly hack to get it going
15:53:34LinusNwe'll have to work on that later on
15:53:54djmuzholding play dont work
15:54:09djmuzpressing play gives the ok for the rename
15:54:36djmuzits not a big problem sorry im bein all fussy
15:55:51LinusNhmm, we'll have to work out a better interface for the iriver pseudo keyboard...
15:56:53djmuzhow can i clear the current playlist
15:57:20rasherLinusN: it could even include help below it :)
15:57:24*ashridah gets bored and resumes playing with JFLAP
15:57:39ashridahhurray for java apps with semi-dodgy interfaces!
15:57:51ashridahat least it's decent at what it's for, even if it is unweildy
15:59:29 Join webguest15 [0] (
16:00:30webguest15hey guys, good work. I tried the iriverify-plugin, but do not know how I get the iriver firmware to use the playlist.
16:01:01ashridahwebguest15: press the a-b button quickly
16:01:23ashridahit should change to the playlist selection window, you can choose any .m3u file fromanywhere on the player with that by filename
16:02:20webguest15ok, I get it
16:04:13webguest15I thougt that I was forced to have a /playlists directory, so I moved the dynamic.m3u playlist to there and iriverified it. Rockbox then got a decent hang stating "writing". :)
16:04:42ashridahwebguest15: nah, they can be anywhere. i just loaded one from a Music directory.
16:06:02webguest15ok, great
16:07:07 Quit djmuz ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:07:50webguest15hmm, when deleting a file in rockbox it says PLAY = yes, but it's joystick-press that is correct
16:08:31ashridahwebguest15: yes, the key bindings for rockbox on iriver still suck :)
16:08:49webguest15ashridah: hehe
16:09:29webguest15everything will be fine in time, may have some time to contribute later. school pretty much sucks as well
16:10:08B4gderthat's what the nights are for! ;-)
16:10:28rasherI thought that was homework o.O
16:10:47*ashridah mutters vile things about the need to write an essay on grammars, and the relationship between grammars and the rest of computing theory
16:11:03webguest15B4gder: your'e right. Girlfriends on the other hand usually do not agree.
16:11:21B4gderthen marry her, and you can tell her to shutup :-P
16:11:30*ashridah tosses webguest15 a male self-gratification implement.
16:11:33 Part bobdbob
16:11:39B4gdernow don't show that line to my wife...
16:11:57rasherashridah: those are surgically removed upon getting a girlfriend
16:12:04*ashridah files that away in 'blackmail/bagder'
16:12:20ashridahrasher: you're dating the wrong girls then.
16:12:35rasherI'm not.
16:12:41rasherI was talking generally :)
16:13:33ashridahwell, anyway
16:13:38 Nick ashridah is now known as Lost-ash (
16:14:05rasheractually, nevermind what I said
16:14:19rasherI'm obviously blind and incapable of reading
16:15:51webguest15right, back to whatever I was doing. Bye
16:15:58 Part webguest15
16:23:43 Part LinusN
16:24:02 Quit preglow ("leaving")
16:28:03 Join t0mas [0] (
16:35:57 Join mecraw [0] (fwuser@
16:36:12 Quit rasher ("CGI:IRC 0.5.4 (2004/01/29)")
16:52:26 Quit Sucka ("a bird in the bush is worth two in your house")
16:54:12 Join Stryke` [0] (
16:56:25 Join Sucka [0] (
17:00:12 Quit Lost-ash ("Leaving")
17:27:48 Join preglow [0] (
17:32:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:50:45 Quit B4gder ("Lämnar")
17:51:30 Join _Lucretia_ [0] (
17:55:52 Quit Ka (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
17:57:32 Quit Patr3ck_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:06:17 Join Ka [0] (
18:16:45 Nick Lynx_ is now known as Lynx_awy (HydraIRC@
18:18:36 Quit DJ_Dooms_Day ()
18:36:44 Join TCK [0] (
18:51:23t0masis there a way to diff two files in CVS?
18:51:30t0masw/o checking them out?
18:51:37preglowcvs diff?
18:51:41t0mascvs diff -u -r 1.12 -r 1.13 test.txt
18:51:50t0mascvs diff: in directory .:
18:51:50t0mascvs [diff aborted]: there is no version here; do 'cvs checkout' first
18:52:05preglowahh, like that, don't know then
19:01:33 Join TCK| [0] (
19:19:47 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:19:59 Quit bobTHC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:21:35HClt0mas: use the webcvs access thing.
19:21:51t0masyeah, wanted it in a script
19:22:05t0masbut #cvs helped me out :)
19:22:10t0masis a tool for this
19:32:12***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:51:49 Join webguest50 [0] (
19:52:36 Quit webguest50 (Client Quit)
20:16:30 Join TCK [0] (
20:32:05 Quit lolo-laptop (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:32:41 Join lolo-laptop [0] (~lostlogic@
20:34:49 Quit TCK| (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:38:10 Join tvelocity [0] (
20:46:55 Join F1^Aison [0] (
20:53:41 Join pfavr [0] (
20:55:18 Join Tang [0] (
21:02:52 Quit Aison (Connection refused)
21:10:50TangHi Preglow
21:11:42t0mashi Tang
21:12:19TangHi tOmas
21:12:53Tangi've downloaded the daily build
21:13:02TangI'll update today
21:13:09Tang(i've not my iHP with me)
21:13:22 Nick F1^Aison is now known as Aison` (
21:15:45Tangi'm thinking about
21:15:53Tangmauybe yuo should update in the news
21:16:06Tangsince the manual is released by Chritie in v2.4
21:17:42preglowcool, i didn't know
21:20:34 Join RanzQ [0] (
21:23:40 Quit thegeek (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:24:03 Join thegeek [0] (
21:27:16 Quit silencer (Nick collision from services.)
21:27:17 Join silencer [0] (
21:27:19 Quit silencer (Nick collision from services.)
21:30:41RanzQhas anyone here got tips for archos gmini 400 ?
21:31:49preglowwhat kind of tips?
21:32:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:32:16Tanghum about iAudio
21:32:18 Join silencer_ [0] (
21:32:23Tangalso i wanted to add sthg
21:32:41 Quit RanzQ ("Pois...")
21:35:31preglowiaudio may become a future rockbox platform, actually
21:35:42preglowseems like at least some of them has the same cpu as h1x0
21:42:26Tangwhat i wanted to say
21:42:41Tangis that not only the iAudio M3 use the same CF5249
21:42:49Tangbut also the M5
21:43:15Tangand even the X5 (same with LCD color and limited video support as H3xx)
21:43:42preglowx5 as well?
21:43:47preglowthe x5 looks kind of sweet, really
21:44:02preglowi hate the joystick, but the bundled firmware certainly seems better than irivers offerings
21:45:41preglowhow did you find that out, btw?
21:48:55preglowas for the limited video support, no shit, the mcf5249 isn't a miracle cpu, heh
21:49:06preglowas i have so sorely experienced myself
21:49:34 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
21:51:08Tangindeed ^preglow
21:51:28Tangi m gonna serach just a minute
21:53:20Tangher ewe are
21:53:50Tang"Chipsatz: Motorola/Freescale ColdFire SCF5249"
21:54:03 Join Camilo [0] (
21:54:04TangAnd the limited video support also agree this
21:54:11Tangsince it's same for H3xx
21:54:40preglowi thought the h3x0 just did 10fps
21:55:11Tangwhat's the matter?
21:57:42Tangmmm i mean
21:57:53 Join TCK| [0] (
21:57:54Tangit'll be the same for the X5
21:57:59Tangno doubt
21:59:34Camilovideo is a selling point ... but without a video out, it's not that useful IMHO. It's a curiosity
22:00:38preglowit would be useless with video out as well
22:00:45Tangyuo're true :)
22:00:53preglow10 fps video in a shit low resolution is not something i want to watch on my television
22:01:31Tangsimply not Multimedia jukebox
22:02:04Camiloyou can get low cost devices that do tv resolution record and playback - so it's only a little off the mark
22:07:46 Quit TCK (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:08:50preglowyes, yes, sure, but none of them are mcf5249 powered :)
22:12:50CamiloI wonder what's in Mustek's box
22:13:34Tangi go
22:13:40preglowhave fun
22:13:53 Join matsl [0] (
22:13:56Tangthanks smae to you
22:14:04 Quit Tang ("Chatzilla 0.9.66 [Mozilla rv:1.7.5/20041108]")
22:15:36*t0mas is going to bed
22:15:47 Quit t0mas ("bye")
22:18:00 Join asdsd_ [0] (
22:19:22Camiloit might be a nice platform to run rockbox on :)
22:45:38 Join Bippy [0] (
22:47:44 Quit Bippy (Client Quit)
22:48:05Camiloyo lolo-laptop
22:58:31 Quit Camilo ("Chatzilla 0.9.67 [Mozilla rv:1.8b2/20050404]")
23:14:40 Quit pfavr ("ChatZilla 0.9.61 [Mozilla rv:1.7.6/20050324]")
23:16:33 Quit TCK| (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:16:33 Quit tvelocity ("Leaving")
23:16:36 Join LinusN [0] (
23:17:20Bagderevening LinusN
23:22:16 Join rasher [0] (
23:23:46LinusNenjoying your new screen?
23:24:04Bagdernot using it yet
23:24:23Bagderdidn't wanna mess around with it since Agnes is asleep in the room just next
23:32:18***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:33:47preglowmove the rig to another room :>
23:34:00preglowmoving a whole computer is bound to be a silent procedure
23:34:49BagderI can wait till the morning
23:35:06Bagdera final night with the crt ;-)
23:35:16preglowi'd like an lcd
23:35:25preglowbut i don't like dead pixels, and i would like higher resolutions
23:35:47Bagderhigher than what?
23:36:03preglowsomething like 1600x1200
23:36:18Bagderthat's what I'll use
23:36:28preglowhow much did you spend on it?
23:36:35Bagder5300 SEK
23:36:49preglowmanufacturer and device name, please :)
23:36:55*LinusN has a 2001fp without dead pixels
23:36:58Bagderdell 2001fp
23:37:54preglowand it has 4:3 aspect ratio, then?
23:38:29preglowi've noticed most lcd displays have some strange aspect ratio
23:44:18preglowlooks like a nice display
23:45:46rasher5300 sek... >.<
23:45:59Bagderit is or was on sale
23:46:10rasherthat's more than what I paid for this laptop...
23:46:18rasherdepending on the state of the sek
23:46:34preglowcan get it for around 5800nok, i see
23:46:41Bagder 5300 SEK (Sweden Krona) = 4321.022 DKK (Denmark Krone)
23:47:04rasherwell, it's less than what I paid.. then
23:47:04Bagder 5300 SEK (Sweden Krona) = 4732.541 NOK (Norway Krone)
23:47:08rasherdoesn't sound as impressive
23:47:50 Quit asdsd_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:48:16BagderI believe lynx got it slightly cheaper in germany just now
23:49:26preglowi'm not afraid of getting anything cheaper in norway
23:51:20 Join _aLF [0] (
23:52:45preglowthis crt most certainly is ready for the dumpster
23:53:34Bagdermy crt died
23:53:43Bagdernot even five years old
23:53:46preglowthis has died several times
23:53:50preglowi've brought it back every time
23:54:00preglowthrough generous use of cursing and wild shouting
23:54:17preglowand some well-meant stroking
23:54:25Bagdergoats sacrifized at midnight do wonders ;-)
23:54:26preglowi guess it's due for another failure in about a weeks time
23:54:28rasherwhat's the size of this tft?
23:54:45preglowi'll have to make do with seagulls and spaniards
23:54:51rasherI understand the 5300 sek better now
23:56:50rasher4422 dkk
23:57:14rasherprice at dell denmark, that is

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