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#rockbox log for 2005-04-09

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00:22:25amiconnGmrf. This 2GB MMC beast really has 1024 byte/block, not the usual 512. Now how to support this in rockbox ??żż
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00:35:36preglowis that very hard to change?
00:36:44amiconnWell, the whole FAT handling is based on 512 byte blocks
00:38:27amiconnIf I want to support variable block sizes (the MMC standard allows all powers of 2 from 0..11, meaning blocksizes of 1...2048 bytes), I need to implement complex splitting/ joining
00:39:24preglowand you haven't bumped into other block sized than 512 before now?
00:39:32preglowi thought that was pretty usual
00:40:11preglowin non-related news, faad2 really does a bit cpu intensive, heh
00:40:17preglowdoes _seem_
00:41:17amiconnThe real fun thing is that the read block size can be different from the write block size, and the ability to read/ write partial blocks is optional
00:41:50amiconnUsually the cards allow partial block reading, but not partial block writing
00:42:36amiconnSo that means if I want to write a 512 byte sector, and the card has 2048 byte blocks, I need to read the 2048 byte block, put the 512 byte sector in, and write back
00:43:38amiconnreading is also a bit ugly. Currently, reading is done directly to the destination memory area. This is no longer possible if the card block size is larger than 512 byte
00:44:33preglowdoesn't seem like you have a choice if you want it supported
00:47:32amiconnThere is another problem. I need to check whether this unusual blcok size is treated as the sector size. If yes, the mbr (partition table) handling etc. also needs some changes
00:48:30preglowso you actually keep file systems on it?
00:48:35preglowtreat it just like a disk?
00:49:16amiconnYes of course. All flash memory cards I've seen so far are handled this way
00:49:37preglownow that i come to think of it, non-512 byte block are uncommon
00:49:59amiconnUsually they are partitioned like a hard disk, with one primary partition formatted as FAT16
00:51:52preglowbut the problems you describe above with merging of sectors and so on stem from the fact that all the higher level apis assume 512 byte blocks, yes?
00:52:16preglowif so, couldn't that be changed as well?
00:54:05amiconnMaybe, but the other case is also problematic. If the MMC blocks are smaller than 512 byte, I don't have problems with partial blocks, but with merging blocks instead
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00:55:59amiconnHmm, 'dd' sees the card as having 512 byte blocks
00:56:14amiconn(dd .... count=1024 copies 512 KB)
00:56:36preglowof course, it could be pretending the sectors to be 512 bytes on some low level
00:57:00preglowbut i really don't see the point in using different sector sizes
00:57:26preglowany good reason for the manufacturer doing so?
00:57:57amiconnI don't know... it's the first card I encounter with block size != 512 bytes
00:58:49preglowsend it back and ask for a smaller one :P
01:01:06amiconnHahah. I *want* 2 GB (actually I'd want 4 GB, but such a card is not yet available)
01:01:06HCli think dd just treats it as a file and just reads chunks of 512 by default
01:04:12HClyou can set its blocksize with bs=
01:05:26preglowahh, yes
01:06:08preglow512 is dd's default
01:06:12amiconnThe file system is formatted based on 512 byte blocks. MBR 'signature' is found at offset 510/511, and the partition table says the partition has 3 991 520 sectors
01:06:20preglowit has nothing to do with the underlying file system
01:06:53amiconnSo I need to leave the sectro size #define at 512, and deal with block split/join in the MMC driver...
01:07:24preglowthat's bound to be pretty wasteful, unless you can detect sequential writing
01:07:53preglowor are buffering writes until you have whole blocks
01:13:02amiconnI only need to buffer this way (for reading and writing) if the block size is > 512 bytes. For <= 512 bytes I can simply read/write multiple blocks per 512-byte sector
01:13:17amiconn...and probably never actually test < 512 byte blocks
01:26:06preglowmy god, i'm trying out a flemish sour ale. i will not do so again
01:27:17preglowthis stuff should come with a warning label
01:27:25amiconnDoesn't sound tasty...
01:27:35preglowit tastes like a wine gone bad
01:27:52amiconnThat reminds me... there is still a nice beer in the fridge
01:28:04preglowwhich is not what beer should taste like
01:29:12HClits not!?
01:29:16HCl :P
01:29:38preglowsweet, salty, rich, bitter, yes!!! sour, no!!!
01:30:13preglowugh, i hope a cigarette makes it more drinkable
01:30:27preglowurine would probably make this more drinkable
01:31:33amiconnFAT boot sector also says 512 byte/sector
01:32:27HClare fat sectors the same as physical sectors?
01:32:42HClwell there you go
01:32:46*HCl goes to get some sake
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01:33:00*preglow tosses mud in his ale
01:34:42amiconnHCl: Obviously not
01:35:06amiconnThe FAT sectors on this card are 512 bytes as usual. The physical blocks are 1024 bytes
01:41:36preglowwhat brand of sake are you having, btw?
01:41:41preglowi think i might pick up a bottle again soon
01:41:47HClthe only one we can buy here, heh
01:41:57preglowi have a choice of three, heh
01:41:59HCli got stuff from america at the moment, not gonna do that again...
01:42:09HClthey only sell gekkeikan here
01:42:14preglowi've had that
01:42:42preglowahh, yes, that's the best one i've had here
01:42:50preglowthe other one was chinese, tasted a bit more strange
01:43:00HClhave you ever like
01:43:01HClheated it?
01:43:06preglowit's better heated
01:43:08HCljust checking
01:43:10preglowtons better
01:43:13HClyes, a *LOT* better
01:43:14HCl :P
01:43:35preglowi like most alcoholic beverages best slightly warm
01:43:39preglowbut sake can stand more heating
01:44:10HClaround 36 degrees is supposed to be perfect
01:44:15HClbut i've had it up to 80 too
01:44:19HClflavor is best at around 40
01:44:23preglowboiling sake
01:44:27HClalmost :p
01:44:44preglowbut yes, i've seen they've got a japanese one here these days
01:45:24HClgekkeikan is japanese
01:45:27preglowi expect i'll pick a bottle up the next time i'm in the nationaly sanctioned place for buying beverages with a high alcohol content
01:45:39preglowi thought it was brewed in the us?
01:45:48HClwell, this particular bottle is, yea
01:45:53HClbut i had 3 bottles coming from japan before
01:45:55HClalso gekkeikan
01:46:10HClnext time i buy it i'm gonna take a look at where its actually from
01:50:03preglowstill, it the us one was better than the chinese one
01:59:41amiconnpreglow: As you asked why the manufacturer might use block sizes > 512 bytes - usually the cards don't implement partial block writing. That means, a block is the smallest unit that can be erased and rewritten individually. Larger block size means less blocks. Maybe this reduces the management overhead
02:01:45preglowwell, yes, it would probably have to do that, but it wouldn't change the overhead by much
02:01:59preglowthen again, i really don't know much about it
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02:10:07elinenbehow do I rolo into the iriver firmware from within rockbox?
02:10:14preglowyou can't
02:10:14elinenbeI keep getting checksum errors...
02:10:26elinenbeoh −− well, then that solves it!
02:10:34preglowi thought rolo only loaded rockbox firmwares :/
02:10:53elinenbehow do I boot right into the iriver firmware instead of rockbox?
02:11:07preglowwell, i think you'd have to plain reboot
02:11:13preglowand press record
02:11:15preglowthe usual deal
02:15:20HClyou can
02:15:33HCli think rasher made a rockbox.iriver that boots into the iriver firmware
02:15:36HClmaybe someone else
02:15:38HCli know someone did
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02:15:49HCland yea, press record
02:15:54HClor use the remote play button
02:16:18elinenbeI got it.
02:16:45elinenbeI just need to read the wiki a bit more.
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02:18:04elinenbeso, HCl: what's the dice with your new game?
02:21:04elinenbewhere was the place where you could buy long lasting iriver batteries?
02:21:58elinenbeI remember seeing somewhere where you could buy 24 hour iriver batts... ?
02:23:22elinenbefound it:
02:23:34elinenbedoes anyone have the 1900mah batter?
02:24:02preglowi'm contemplating buying one, heh
02:24:45elinenbe29 hours is QUITE a bit!
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02:26:18preglownow, if the battery doesn't explode when in use, and if it's easy to install, i'd say it sounds good ;)
02:28:30elinenbeyes it does.
02:28:42preglowexplode or sound good? :)
02:29:44DMJCI must get me one of those
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02:43:27preglowthey also sell 30 gig disks...
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02:56:29HClelinenbe: pretty much, a clone of the sega megadrive game
02:56:33HClits like tetris, but cooler.
02:56:37HClmuch cooler
02:56:55preglowwhat was that game called again?
02:57:05HClmean bean machine
02:57:13preglowclone sonic the hedghegod, please :P
02:57:17HClno :P
02:57:17preglowi love that game
02:57:29preglowi remember the speed nearly blew my brains out
02:57:33HClport an gamegear emulator using the grayscale library :P
02:57:46HCli have it on my xbox
02:57:50preglowi require the megadrive one
02:57:56HCli have the megadrive one.
02:57:57HClon my xbox
02:57:58HCl =]
02:58:00preglowcomplete with the lovely fm synthesized music
02:58:15HCli even have knuckles chaotix, the unofficial sonic 4
02:58:31preglowyup, i had that, before the great harddisk catastrophy of xmas 2004
02:58:34HCl :P
02:58:41HCli can send you my roms if you want
02:58:58preglowthat would be absolutely lovely
02:59:04preglowi've been looking for megadrive roms lately
02:59:12*HCl walks to the livingroom to turn his xbox on
02:59:54HClwant all 3000 of them?
03:00:03preglowwell, 100mbit...
03:00:05preglowit's all up to you
03:00:14HClcan i trust you to not delete anything off my xbox? :P
03:00:21preglowpretty much
03:00:36HClokay. well. i guess i'll take that chance then.
03:00:46HCli seriously don't want to lose anything on it, but it has no access rights control yet
03:00:50preglowi have no more beer, so i won't delete them in a drunken stupour
03:01:43HClhold on
03:02:16preglowno hurry
03:02:35preglowyou're not that lagged
03:02:45HClno, like
03:02:53HCli was lagging between my wireless and my ssh session to my irc client
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03:42:49thegeekthe guilt got too much for him
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08:16:48stevenmthis porting business isn't porting very well
08:17:53stevenmanyone feel like porting a bunch of c to c that builds on rockbox?
08:19:48Ricka bunch of the whatnow?
08:23:19stevenma bunch of friggin midi code
08:23:32stevenmthat is built with printfs and stuff
08:23:43stevenmfuck i have to go
08:23:49stevenmi want to fucking die
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09:34:03LinusNhehe, i broke the power button on my Nokia 8310
09:34:06LinusNmy precious
09:34:26LinusNtook it apart, and wow! the buttons were the same kind as on the H100!
09:34:56LinusNso i just had to take a button from one of my broken H100, and voila!
09:35:00LinusNalive and kicking
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09:36:23ashridahthat's cheating
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09:39:42LinusNgotta go
09:39:44 Part LinusN
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10:21:28stevenmhi all again
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15:14:42WireDDDanyone considering porting it to a gmini 400?
15:31:09 Part amiconn
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15:37:25BagderWireDDD: don't let us stop you
15:44:30ashridahi missed what it is he's after to be ported
15:44:33*ashridah mutters about dialup
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16:58:45karim"None of the initial codec implementations are running fast enough for real-time decoding. Therefore effort is needed to optimise the libraries for the iRiver environment."
16:58:46karimwhat ?
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17:00:14preglowwhat what?
17:10:26 Join muesli_ [0] (
17:11:06karimwhat does this mean
17:11:40karimpreglow, how can it be not fast enough ?
17:12:10karimI am not sure to understand the problem
17:12:16karimI am reading some docs in fact
17:13:09karimcan't ipod linux be reused in some way ?
17:13:14karimI am wondering
17:13:26 Quit muesli- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:13:40karimI see ipod linux have a very big community behind it
17:13:46karimthat's nice to see that
17:14:26preglowit's just not fast enough, we need to customize the codecs for our chip
17:14:42preglowipod uses another chip, so no, i don't think so
17:15:19karimlinux is architectured well enough to be portable
17:15:32karimwith the modules thing and cross compilation
17:15:42preglowwhat, you mean like we should use linux?
17:15:45preglowthat wont happen
17:15:52karimI don't tell you to do anything
17:16:00preglowno, but i'm asking if that's what you mean
17:16:13karimI am just examining the possibilities etcetera
17:16:27preglowi think using linux is very overkill
17:16:36preglowwe'd still have the same problems we have now, if we were using linux
17:16:40preglowprobably to a greater degree
17:16:41karimyes, but at the same time there is all what you need
17:16:50preglowabsolutely not
17:16:54preglowthe codec work would still have to be done
17:16:57preglowexactly like now
17:17:02karimI mean architecturaly talking
17:17:09preglowwe already have an architecture
17:17:14preglowwhich would be rockbox
17:17:22preglowthat part is working
17:17:23karimok so some threads are out dated
17:17:36karimso rockbox could work on an ipod
17:17:46karimI mean the softwre layer
17:17:49preglowcan't see any reason why it should not work
17:18:03preglowif the ipod linux guys can do it, so can we
17:18:18karimyou think you are better ? :)
17:18:51preglownot better, no
17:19:00karimI guess they stripped linux down to the maximum
17:19:22preglowwe at least don't need to do that
17:19:25karimwhat hardware have the ipod cpu wise ?
17:19:26preglowrockbox does just what it has to
17:19:34preglowyes, it uses an arm
17:19:37preglowa portalplayer chipset
17:19:53karimhow powerfull is it ?
17:19:53preglowbut then again, you could not have gotten linux working on the archos players rockbox already supports
17:20:03preglowit's pretty powerful, but not the most powerful thing out there
17:20:23karim"<preglow> but then again, you could not have gotten linux working on the archos players rockbox already supports"
17:20:29karimI don't understand
17:20:33karimwhat you mean
17:22:08preglowi just mean putting linux on the old archos players would have been very hard
17:22:14preglowbut rockbox does that
17:23:05karimso we are discussing
17:23:13thegeekgargh karim
17:23:15thegeekget lost
17:23:18karimI mean I don't want you to think I want to argue
17:23:18thegeekimho you are a big prick
17:23:23karimfor you using linux
17:23:48karimthegeek, lol I don't even know what means prick
17:24:12preglowdoesn't look like the ipodlinux guys have gotten very further much further ahead in the codec department
17:24:18preglowthey've only got flac running
17:24:25karimthegeek, by the way that's pretty dumb from you since I consider investing time into rockbox since I own a H300
17:24:48thegeekoh yes, clearly a big loss for the community
17:25:13thegeekand no
17:25:19thegeekI'm not part of the rockbox team
17:25:26karimthegeek, who cares ?
17:25:30thegeekso don't let my grumpy affect you
17:25:52karimdon't use complicated words
17:26:02karimdoes this mean bad mmod ?
17:26:08preglowtake it easy, guys
17:26:12thegeekgrumpy is not a complicated word
17:26:24thegeekI am easy(ily annoyed)
17:26:44preglowi wish someone just dropped out of the blue insisting to do all the codec work
17:26:53karimproblem is that talking about ipod is considered as delibarate trolling on many places
17:27:08karimor troll baiting
17:27:09thegeekthat's not what annoyed me
17:27:18thegeekwhat annoyed me was your attitude
17:27:21karimwhat is it ?
17:27:35thegeekit was mildly hostile/argumentative
17:27:56thegeekthen I was wrong
17:28:00thegeekI really mean it.
17:28:03karimI tried to say it at the begining
17:28:19thegeekjust saying/claiming something does not make it true
17:28:25thegeekI really like you karim .
17:28:26karimI said I was not trying to make rockbox use linux
17:28:51karimI am trying to understand the global situation
17:28:54thegeekoh well
17:28:59thegeekI don't really care
17:29:07thegeeknot enough to spend time oni t
17:29:16preglowgod, they've got a ton of games
17:29:31karimin fact I am intersted in doing some things to rockbox, but I really don't know where to start with
17:29:46karimso I just read
17:29:47preglowyou a programmer?
17:30:07preglowif you happen to know coldfire assembler, please join in optimizing the codecs :P
17:30:23thegeekmildly optimistic there preglow;)
17:30:26karimin fact I know 68000 assembler
17:30:29karima bit
17:30:33Rickhmm, a troll?
17:30:35karimthat's from atari days
17:30:37*Rick shrugs
17:30:49*Rick wobbles back into his hut
17:31:30karimpreglow, so my first question was about the sentence picked in a rockbox page
17:31:33preglow68k asm isn't very hard
17:31:49preglowthe codecs are pure c, and so don't run very fastly
17:31:55 Join DJ_Dooms_Day|AF [0] (DJ_Dooms_D@
17:32:03karimI am surprised that using direct assembler is a necessity
17:32:23preglowthe coldfire has a emac unit that's good for doing fast multiplications
17:32:34preglowand we currently need to use asm to access that properly
17:32:40karimok, there is no gcc optimisation yet ?
17:32:48preglowgcc doesn't even know the emac unit exists
17:32:53karimI mean it's pretty knew in gcc
17:33:00preglowbut yes
17:33:06preglowi have done some work in libmad and libflac like this
17:33:08preglowthat's in cvs
17:33:13preglowand i also have some work that's not in cvs
17:33:19***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:33:32karimwouldn't it be more usefull to work on gcc ?
17:33:47karimI guess it's very very hard
17:33:51preglowwell, yes, if you could actually make emac support in gcc, then by all means
17:33:55preglowi have no idea how to do it
17:34:04preglowand learning gcc internals takes some time
17:34:21preglowgcc optimizes just fine for the regular 68000 instructions
17:35:06karimin fact I am a bit surprised with the performance issue since you can get video from the H300
17:35:18karimvideo plus sound
17:36:31preglowyou can count on that utilizing the emac unit heaviliy
17:36:37preglowhence, they must have written a ton of asm code
17:36:42preglowor they have a very nice compiler
17:36:56 Join t0mas [0] (
17:37:51karimjust a question about ipod linux. you said they are not more further than rockbox concerning the codecs
17:38:00preglowno, doesn't look like it
17:38:02preglowthey have just got flac going
17:38:16karimwhy do they need to rewrite the modules ?
17:38:37preglowwell, obviously the compiler doesn't do a good enough job
17:38:43preglowi don't know, i have no experience with arm
17:38:44karimso in fact as far as I understand they just use linux architecture
17:38:52karimarm is well supported I think
17:38:55preglowyes, it is
17:38:58karimthere is debian for arm
17:38:59preglowbut they still write asm
17:39:09preglowlibmad, for instance, has lots of arm assembler code
17:39:26preglowand they have rewritten some key parts of libflac in asm
17:39:51karimin fact I have a powermac 8200. It have a 120mhz ppc cpu and 64 meg of ram
17:40:04karimthis can run linux
17:40:22karimI just don't realise how does machines can compare in term of power
17:41:43preglowmost things can run linux
17:41:46karimif iriver is doing the firmware in assembly this can explain why the firmware are not often updated
17:41:48preglowbut i've got to run, back soon
17:42:05karimthanks for the info
17:43:27 Join amiconn [0] (
17:46:44 Quit WireDDD (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:48:19 Quit DJ_Dooms_Day (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:56:54 Quit muesli_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:01:02karimjust a question
18:01:15karimabout the performance issue
18:01:30karimI have just read something about how hard it would to use ogg on ipods
18:02:03karimthe reason invoked is about the memory of the cpu
18:02:12karimwich is of 96ko
18:02:39karimand the latency needed to acces to the 32mo ram
18:02:54preglowwell, the coldfire has the exact same issues
18:02:57karimthe reason is that executing code directly in the ram takes to much power
18:03:10preglowwe do have a code cache, though
18:03:10karimhum, to much cycles
18:03:29preglowcoldfire also has 96kbyte internal fast ram
18:03:31karimpreglow, how big is the cache
18:03:33preglowand 32 meg slow ram
18:03:39preglowthe cache is four kilobytes
18:03:42preglowno data cache
18:04:15karimoh that's the 4096bytes that are mentionned for music samples
18:04:26karimso how the hell did they manage to run video ?
18:04:38preglowwell, they just made good code
18:04:41preglowi have no idea
18:05:32karimok I realise more and more that talking of linux is really out of place since rockbox is really a real OS
18:05:54karimthat can fit more what is needed by the way
18:06:15karimis there docs about how the fast ram problem is managed ?
18:06:28karimis there somekind of video ram ?
18:07:49preglowrockbox most certainly is an os
18:07:55preglowno video ram
18:08:11preglowthat is, we have a framebuffer, but that has to be manually uploaded to the lcd for it to be displayed
18:08:24amiconnGrmbl :(
18:09:01preglowwhat up
18:09:59amiconnI have 2 Ondios here. Mine does handle playlists fine, but whenever I try to save a dynamic playlist, I get 'Error accessing playlist file'
18:10:13amiconn...on the other ondio, that is
18:10:53amiconn...and with rockbox compiled from the same source tree
18:11:30amiconnThe only difference is that mine is an Ondio SP, while the other is an FM
18:11:44amiconnHowever, this code isn't model specific
18:12:23preglowwell, it obviously should be :)
18:14:27 Join TCK [0] (
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18:20:12 Quit TCK ("Can you say "roflpwnt fgt" in IRC?")
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18:22:16 Quit TCK (Client Quit)
18:22:20 Join TCK [0] (
18:22:44TCKsorry about that, just tinkering around with a script
18:42:42 Join Stryke` [0] (
18:43:44karimI would have maybe considered buying a gmini 400 if it supported ogg
19:12:12 Join boop [0] (~boop@nat01-silvers-ext.Rutgers.EDU)
19:22:23 Quit boop ()
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19:55:44 Quit crwl (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:02:02amiconnpreglow: Now I know what's happening on the Ondio
20:03:31 Quit muesli- (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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21:15:56 Part amiconn_
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23:07:34t0masintresting silence here :)
23:09:19RickThat's not silence.
23:09:30preglowit at least isn't anymore!
23:10:44t0masoh, who killed the silence? ;)
23:12:45preglowwe'll have to call for sherlock holmes here
23:12:50preglowthe lack of evidence is overwhelming
23:13:54 Nick t0mas is now known as t0mas|holmes (
23:13:58t0mas|holmesI'll check out the logs
23:16:13t0mas|holmesI have him
23:16:18t0mas|holmes[23:10:57] <t0mas> intresting silence here :)
23:16:21 Nick t0mas|holmes is now known as t0mas (
23:17:52*t0mas is away: watching tv or something...
23:19:17preglowthe swine!
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23:47:06rasherany exciting news?
23:48:46 Join Camilo [0] (~chatzilla@

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