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#rockbox log for 2005-04-11"> .. yes, I am bored.
00:25:18rasherHi, Bagder
00:25:36rasherQuestion about the rockbox digest news-thingy you did once (that was you right?)
00:25:39rasherwhy did it stop?
00:25:56Bagderdue to my lack of time
00:26:04rasherThought so
00:26:06rashershame :-\
00:26:48rasherI'd totally do it if possible
00:27:13Bagderwe could certainly arrange that
00:28:21rasherThat'd be great.. the "news" on the front page is a bit.. lacking
00:29:40Bagderyou have any particular ideas or suggestions on how you'd like to do it?
00:30:27rasherNot really.. any way it suits you really.. whatever's easiest
00:31:18BagderI did the editing of it in a plain text file directly on the site
00:31:32Bagderand then I had a script that generated the html and the mail version of it
00:31:39Bagderoh, and the rss
00:32:26preglowwhat is/was the rockbox digest news-thingy?
00:32:33rashernews tidbits
00:32:37rasheralso available as rss
00:33:06preglowrasher: so you're going to do a giga update now then? :P
00:33:15rasher'fraid not
00:33:30rashermore like "pretend the last 1,5 years didn't happen
00:33:33preglowNEWS FLASH: ROCKBOX RUNS ON H1x=
00:34:05preglowpretty quiet these days anyway
00:34:28Bagderwell, it comes and goes
00:34:33Bagderalways has
00:34:51rasherstuff like the bootloader tested with 1.65, trigger recording etc
00:35:39elinenbeHCl: I have a question for you... if you are here... how can I change the LCD mode in rockboy (from skipping every 9th line, to skipping bottom 16, to skipping top 16, etc...
00:35:43Bagderrasher: ok, I'll start with adding the existing stuff to the www CVS and you can check it out
00:36:12preglowelinenbe: hold button
00:36:31preglowelinenbe: or more like hold switch
00:37:05rasherBagder: alright.. how are you suggesting this done?
00:37:24rasher(this = me putting news in some file on your server)
00:37:30Bagderwell, if you feel like it, you can edit the files and commit them
00:37:53Bagderas the server updates from cvs automatically
00:38:20rasherah, cvs access.. sounds like a reasonable way
00:40:20Bagderif you checkout/update the www module now, you'll find a 'digest' dir
00:40:44rasherI just started a checkout :)
00:41:12Bagderthere's a bunch of useless crap in the www cvs... :-)
00:41:20rasheroh this'll take some time
00:41:37Bagdera great chance to excersize your bandwidth ;-)
00:41:54Bagderbut of course, the server is only on 2mbit
00:42:12rasherthat's fine, my connection is 256kbit
00:42:56rasherwhich is not at all fine
00:42:56rasherdevcon pictures :D
00:44:32elinenbepreglow: thanks!
00:45:02rasherpreglow, Bagder: remember who managed to boot the iriver firmware from within rockbox?
00:47:04Bagderripnetuk I believe, George Styles
00:56:53preglowanother guy i haven't seen in a while
00:57:05preglowi wonder what became of linuxstb
00:57:34amiconnBagder: If you have the plugin deps on your list, could you pls have a look at the simulator deps as well?
00:57:54Bagderright, I'll add them to the list
00:58:14amiconnI tried it myself, but failed :(
01:00:53amiconnThere are at least 2 problems: (1) the common simulator lib 'make' is called twice. One of these calls happens after linking the exe (!) (2) The dependencies for linking are wrong, so that certain changes (in the lib iirc) need 2 runs of 'make' to get them into the executable
01:01:13Bagderyeps, I've seen it too
01:02:28amiconnThere's another suggestion that would save quite some time, especially on cygwin, but I don't know how hard that would be:
01:03:20amiconnFor dirs that are not included in 'make' for a certain target (e.g. the codecs when building for archos), also don't call 'make clean' when cleaning
01:03:57Bagderyes, I have some ideas on more general build clenups
01:04:03Bagderafter I checked how the linux kernel does it
01:04:27amiconnOk :)
01:05:18amiconnMy rockbox ToDo list gets longer and longer... :(
01:05:32Bagdersuch is life
01:07:19*rasher sighs
01:07:40rasherapparently my computer won't boot with this dvd-drive connected and a dvd in the drive
01:07:56rasheror it'll boot, but linux breaks
01:08:01rasheras does windows
01:08:07rashernot quite sure what's happening
01:08:13rasherand I can't eject :(
01:08:20rasherno eject button
01:08:45Bagderand its a laptop?
01:08:54rasherNo, regular
01:09:12rasherthe dvd drive comes from a dead dvd-player that happened to use an ide dvd-drive
01:09:19rasherhence the lack of eject button
01:09:28Bagderthen open it up and pull out the ide cable for the dvd to start with
01:09:50rasherwell I know it'll boot then
01:09:54rasherI just connected it
01:09:58Bagderisn't there even a little whole for a forced eject?
01:10:15rasherDon't think so.. well I could have a closer look
01:10:16Bagderlike those old sun floppies
01:10:52rasherNot sure why that'd be included in a dvd-player though
01:11:04rasherworst part is, it's eaten my Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy dvd!
01:11:58rasherI've had it connected before.. used ide to eject it
01:12:23*amiconn goes to bed
01:12:37 Part amiconn
01:13:39rasherokay, taking the drive apart was pretty easy
01:13:42rasherdisc salvaged
01:14:10rashernow to see if I can boot with it connected
01:14:45rasherI'm also wondering if this extra connector at the back might be for ejecting
01:15:25rasherit has power, ide, master/slave selector pins, audio, and two random pins
01:17:00rasherstill won't boot
01:19:12rasheroh, it boots
01:19:20rasherit just sits for a few minutes with no messages
01:19:36elinenbeBagder: I'm going to Tanzania this summer... what was your favorite place you went when you were there?
01:19:52elinenbeBwejuu beach looks amazing!
01:20:40Bagderit was
01:20:55Bagdernot too crowded ;-)
01:21:33Bagderwell, we loved Zanzibar in general and the safari trip was great
01:21:35elinenbeyeah −− that looks nice.
01:21:40elinenbehow long were you there for?
01:21:45Bagdera month
01:22:12elinenbemy girlfriend is going to be doing dentistry in Songea in the south-west for a few weeks, and we want to make a trip of it.
01:22:17elinenbewell, a vacation
01:22:39elinenbewas everything pretty cheap once you were there? or were the prices expensive (for the touristy stuff)?
01:22:51Bagdereverything is dead cheap, except safaris
01:23:11Bagderwe spent like 40% of our budget on the one week safari
01:24:13Bagdera decent safari went for around 140-160 USD per day per person
01:24:40elinenbeyeah −− well, I would have to be on a pretty tight budget.
01:24:58elinenbewhat was the price −− or about −− of your bungalow on Bwejuu Beach?
01:25:18BagderI don't remember now, but it was not many dollars
01:25:31Bagdertourists have abandoned Tanzania
01:25:45Bagderso there are many many deserted hotels and beach places
01:25:54elinenbewhy is that?
01:26:02elinenbewhat has happened there?
01:26:02Bagderthe US embassy bombing
01:26:10Bagderin Dar Es Salaam
01:26:50elinenbewell, that doesn't bother me... that was 1998 anyway.
01:27:18Bagderperhaps people have returned more now, we were there in '02
01:27:20 Quit rasher ("CGI:IRC")
01:27:34preglowthe chances of being killed by bombs when on vacation are infintesimally small
01:27:34 Join rasher [0] (
01:27:54preglowrasher: you're booting
01:28:10BagderTanzania is a very calm country, by african standards I'd say extremely calm ;-)
01:28:15rasherI am?
01:28:28rasherI mean apart from now
01:28:30preglowrasher: you might be :-)
01:28:33elinenbehow did that trip compare to your other trips?
01:28:38rasherI hit backspace and firefox thinks I mean "back"
01:28:51preglowahh, you're using the web interface, yes
01:29:21Bagderelinenbe: Tanzania was hard to get around in on a low budget sometimes, since much of the tourist places seem to be directed to jet set tourists
01:29:35Bagderso sometimes we couldn't do what we wanted
01:29:38elinenbeI see.
01:29:49Bagdersince we didn't wanna rent a whole boat or go far with taxis
01:29:49rasherYeah.. I rid myself of irc more or less
01:30:03preglowrasher: a good plan
01:30:18Bagderelinenbe: but we'd never been in the real africa before, so it was a good experience
01:30:31rasherexcept for this channel, which has an actual purpose
01:30:42rashernot keeping an irc client around for it though
01:31:12rasherBagder: So the plan is.. I get cvs commit acces and start updating log.t and things will Just Work?
01:31:16rasheror.. what?
01:31:24Bagderrasher: that's the plan
01:32:26rasherSounds good
01:32:32Bagderrasher: give me a preferred user namd and password and I'll set you up
01:32:36Bagderin private
01:34:03***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:35:16elinenbewell, we will be on a serious budget, so I guess we'll see what we can do...
01:35:59Bagderelinenbe: if you're not too picky you can often live and eat extremely cheap
01:36:45Bagder"we'd like some food. What do you serve?" -"We have meat. And rice."
01:36:58Bagder(actual quote ;-)
01:37:18elinenbewell, that works for me.
01:37:23preglowmean, good, rice, good, all good
01:37:25preglowmeat <-
01:37:43preglowi'm off to bed, later all
01:37:47Bagderand when we asked, they could in fact make eggs too ;-)
01:37:47elinenbeBagder: you know the default iriver firmware is VERY nice compared to the default archos firmware...
01:37:58 Quit preglow ("krams")
01:38:12BagderI hardly remember the archos one
01:38:13elinenbeit is going to be a challenge for rockbox to look nicer than the iriver firmware.
01:38:22elinenbewell, that is because the archos one is shit.
01:39:14rasherI don't care about "nicer than the iriver firmware"
01:39:18rashercleaner, though...
01:39:20Bagderrasher: you are now added and recognized as committer
01:39:30elinenberasher: what did you add?
01:39:43rasheradd... what?!
01:39:48elinenbeI think that we need to get the grayscale patch into the CVS
01:39:52elinenbefor the iriver.
01:40:05Bagderelinenbe: rasher is about to attempt to update the digest section
01:40:20 Part kergoth ("Leaving")
01:40:31elinenbeoh yeah, that is very dated.
01:40:31rasherOh.. like that.. I'm not going to touch rockbox
01:41:46rasherBut I think there's going to be major reworking of the graphics layer
01:42:34elinenbethere is going to be a major reworking of a lot of the layers... although it will take some time.
01:42:56rasherwhich may be why the grayscale patch is on hold.. also because markun appears to have vanished
01:43:58elinenbeis he the person who did the grayscale patch?
01:46:25rasherHrm.. first task.. add all old newsitems to the digest, I guess
01:46:36rasherfor completeness
01:47:53 Join Camilo [0] (
01:48:35Bagderthe previous mailing list for it is dead since long
01:48:57rasherI meant these:
01:49:20Bagderyes, my note here had no connection to that ;-)
01:49:41rasherAlright :)
01:49:56Bagderthere's a script in the digest dir that makes the digest.mail file
01:50:02Bagdersuitable for posting to the list
01:50:06Bagderat least that's how I did it
01:51:04rasherSounds good
01:51:22 Join sockerteze [0] (
01:51:27rasherso each NEWSDATE consists of a number of ITEMs?
01:51:47sockertezename an amimal that has a hard time getting water
01:51:51sockertezelike a really really hard time
01:52:03sockertezedont ask
01:52:07sockertezejust tell
01:52:29sockertezeok i'll give you an example, like the camel, and he adapts by storing it in a hump
01:52:34sockertezenow give me a more creative one
01:52:43*Bagder refuses
01:53:07*rasher boggles
01:53:10Bagderyeah, that's me
01:54:13sockertezehow sad
01:54:35Bagderbut my nick is almost an animal ;-)
01:55:04sockertezei think bagders have it easy as far a water acquisiton goes, thank you very much
01:55:41Bagderand exactly how does this relate to mp3 player firmwares again? ;-)
01:56:01hiledid you know that next ubuntu release is called 'breezy badger' - dedicated to you? ;)
01:56:21sockertezei know where you can get the firmwares if you tell me an animal
01:56:29Bagderhile: yes, that must be it! ;-)
01:56:47elinenbequick question does the grayscale with sound rockboy run slower than the b/w no sound one?
01:57:01HCltheoretically, no
01:57:18Bagderhile: pity the misspelled my nick :-P
01:57:23elinenbeHCl: thanks.
01:59:41elinenbeHCl: I think you should try and get the dynarec 100%...
01:59:48elinenbeI believe that is a noble challenge.
02:00:10*HCl tries to think of an excuse but can't really find a good one
02:03:18*HCl loves that .mp3
02:03:21HCli mean
02:03:38 Quit Camilo ("Chatzilla 0.9.67 [Mozilla rv:1.8b2/20050404]")
02:09:04HClelinenbe: i'm not extremely motivated to look at it since its not really nice to debug...
02:21:03rasherHrm, quite hesitant to commit this log.t.. don't know if it'll be used to update automatically.. and don't know if it'll break because I can't make the scripts work
02:21:16rasherso unless Bagder's still here..
02:25:49 Quit Aison ("( :: NoNameScript 3.72 :: )")
02:50:56 Quit sockerteze ("Chatzilla 0.9.67 [Firefox 1.0.1/20050225]")
02:51:30 Join Darkstar147 [0] (
02:52:18Darkstar147hi all
02:59:43 Quit Darkstar147 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
03:01:48 Quit rasher ("CGI:IRC 0.5.4 (2004/01/29)")
03:07:34 Quit Sucka ("a bird in the bush is worth two in your house")
03:20:56 Join asdsd_ [0] (
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03:40:08 Quit TCK- ("Can you say "roflpwnt fgt" in IRC?")
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03:56:22 Join DJ_Dooms_Day [0] (
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05:50:22 Join thegeek [0] (
07:13:19 Join Vicious [0] (
07:14:26Vicioushello everyone, how do I turn off optical out by default when booting to rockbox on iriver?
07:34:10***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:45:17 Quit Vicious ("gotta go now, please do answer though, i read the log, thx :)")
07:53:45 Join amiconn [0] (
08:33:02 Join Strath [0] (
08:44:23 Join lostlogic__ [0] (
09:03:18 Quit lostlogic_ (Client Quit)
09:21:57 Join bobTHC [0] (
09:22:54bobTHCgood mornin' !
09:26:53 Join LinusN [0] (
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10:15:38 Nick Lynx_awy is now known as Lynx_ (HydraIRC@
10:46:02 Quit Nibbler ("blubber")
10:47:06ashridahdamnit. i'm out of roms :(
11:00:17 Join Nibbler [0] (
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12:36:46HClvicious: you can't.
12:36:55HClits a result of uninitialized hardware
12:40:56LinusNit's on my ever so long list of things to fix :-)
12:53:34 Quit _Lucretia_ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
12:55:59 Join DJ_Dooms_Day|AF [0] (
13:03:50 Join Sucka [0] (
13:04:48 Quit DJ_Dooms_Day (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
13:09:51 Quit elinenbe (" HydraIRC -> <- IRC with a difference")
13:18:43LinusNHCl, vicious: fixed in cvs
13:19:55 Join t0mas [0] (
13:24:46t0mashm.. when was that led on?
13:26:30 Join ripnetuk [0] (
13:27:53ripnetuki have reason to believe that the stock rockbox firmware bumps up the probability of getting a track on shuffle if you have listened to soemthing in that directory recently... it may just be conincidence but several times lately I have listened to a track for the first time in AGES and then another track from the same album has come up on shuffle later that day...
13:28:00ripnetuki mean stock iriver firmware :)
13:30:29LinusNhad me confused there for a second... :-)
13:31:41ripnetukhows the iRiver sound system coming along??? ive been real busy and have been skipping my daily review of the irc log
13:31:57*amiconn wonders what/where the question for this answer was... <HCl> vicious: you can't.
13:32:00LinusNi am still working on cleaning up the internals
13:32:23LinusN07.14.26 # <Vicious> hello everyone, how do I turn off optical out by default when booting to rockbox on iriver?
13:32:31ripnetuki think 95% of coding is 'cleaning up' :)
13:33:11ripnetukby which i mean that i seem to spend more time renaming variables to more sensible names, and making routines more generic than actual new dev
13:33:31LinusNi never make routines more generic if i don't have to
13:33:51ripnetukdont you? not even when you are coding for the pure fun of it, rather thtn work?
13:34:19***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:34:29LinusNno need to spend time making a function generic if i don't even know if it will be used more than once
13:34:38ripnetuki guess
13:35:06LinusNpart of my general programming philosophy: KISS
13:35:24ripnetukyes. good philosophy
13:35:32ripnetukpart of my tidying up is often simplification
13:35:52LinusNthat i can buy
13:35:56ripnetukwhen you can pull out 75% of the code and have it do the same thing (eg, removing a layer of abstraction)... very satifying
13:36:14LinusNabstractions are often evil omho
13:36:28ripnetukonly when they go too far for no reaosn
13:36:46ripnetuki wish my work place had far more abstraction :)
13:37:03LinusNi wich my work place had a lot less :-)
13:37:27LinusNit's a veritable design pattern orgy
13:37:38 Join R3nTiL [0] (~zorroz@
13:37:38t0masI wish i understand what you're talking about...
13:37:38ripnetukwe are very informal @ my work
13:37:49LinusNt0mas: :-)
13:37:59t0masmaybe I should read it...
13:38:17*LinusN gets some more coffee
13:38:22*t0mas too
13:38:26t0masnice idea
13:38:54ripnetukt0mas - i would point you at wikipedia, but it says "An abstraction is an idea, concept, or word which defines the phenomena which make up the concrete events or things which the abstraction refers to," which i dont think simplifies it :)
13:39:33ripnetukidea - pocketpc port of rockbox to run on my cellphone - once we have software decoding framework up and running, it should be fairly straighforeward
13:39:44ripnetukat least compared to porting to a new embedded devic
13:40:21ripnetukwindows media player on my phone is so daft - it draws a MASSIVE pause button, but doesnt display the id3 info for artist etc... how lame
13:41:52LinusNhehe, i broke the power button on my trusty nokia 8310 this weekend
13:42:45ripnetukoh no :(
13:42:46LinusNit turned out that it has the same type of buttons as the H1x0, so i just took a button from a broken H120 and replaced it
13:43:24ripnetukthe 8310 is inho the best non-toy phone ever made... mine went to the gf and she is still using it years later
13:43:30LinusNone of those few occasions where it's actually useful to have an mp3 player junkyard
13:44:00ripnetuki had to use play-dough to fill in the gaps around the screen on my phone this weekend
13:44:09LinusN8210 was also very good, but the lcd was badly connected
13:44:36ripnetukalthough mine got stroppy when I dropped it down a toilet (its true)
13:44:49ripnetukwas on my birthday as well
13:44:58ripnetukstill, that was a good excuse to get a 8310
13:46:59*ripnetuk remembers the days of a phone battery lasting a week on one charge
13:47:39amiconnripnetuk: Mine still does (usually)
13:48:38ripnetukmy old one does... but I got tempted by smartphones. The 6600 lasts about a day, and my new Orange SPV lasts 2/3 days... but it DOES have a .net runtime on it :)
13:48:58ripnetukand it CAN talk to my GPS and do sat nav, and it CAN play divX for commuting...
13:49:21amiconnI don't need smartphones or camera, colour display and other gimmicks
13:49:24ripnetukand it has a standrard mini-usb plug for charging, so i can charge it anywhere I can get to a pc
13:50:03ripnetukamicon - i think for me its worth it
13:50:30amiconnYes - that's why there is the choice.
13:50:48ripnetukthe only time it really bothers me is at festivals where there is no power
13:50:55ripnetukand thats like once or twice a year
13:50:57amiconnI simply want a light and small phone
13:51:43 Quit R3nTiL ()
14:08:40ripnetukanyway, nice to talk to you guys again... catch up soon... bye
14:08:43 Quit ripnetuk ("Leaving")
14:19:31 Quit lostlogic__ (Client Quit)
14:19:56 Join elinenbe [0] (~elinenbe_@
14:21:09 Part LinusN
14:27:54 Join rasher [0] (
14:31:01rasheraw dammit, missed ripnetuk
14:35:34HCli'm bored
14:36:12elinenbeHCl: want a challenge?
14:36:21HClnot really o.o;
14:36:27HClbut ask anyways.
14:36:59*ashridah is also bored
14:38:22elinenbe100% speed rockboy! :-)
14:38:35elinenbewell, actually, I think you should work on whatever makes you happy
14:40:15HCl :p
14:40:22HCli think i'm just gonna nap a bit and read my book
15:02:50 Join lolo-laptop [0] (~lostlogic@
15:08:34 Nick Sucka is now known as Sucka`away (
15:13:51 Join preglow [0] (
15:14:19 Quit DMJC ("Leaving")
15:26:23preglowanyone know of a decent audio editor for linux?
15:26:32preglow'cuz i'm starting to consider writing one myself
15:32:00bobTHClike audacy ?
15:32:21rasherexcept not horrible?
15:32:54rasheractually, I used it a few weeks ago
15:33:00rasherit wasn't as stupid as I remembered
15:33:31preglowaudacity is shit and crap
15:33:41preglowand to top it off, it's gtk 1 based
15:33:44preglowso it's looks like shit as well
15:34:00rasherPlus the horrible control buttons
15:34:22***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:35:53preglowwhat i'd like, really, is a cool edit clone
15:35:56preglowthat would rock
15:37:06rasherIsn't the main thing missing like 80% of the tools/filters/etc
15:37:07bobTHCyes, cool edit is simple & powerfull
15:37:42preglowand the spectrum analyzer in audacity is horrible
15:38:48*rasher makes a few mental notes
15:39:20rasherBagder: I have a few questions about news and
15:39:34rasherThere, let's see if he responds while I'm still here
15:41:57bobTHCpreglow > and Sweep dont please u ?
16:01:10preglowi never tried it
16:01:14preglowit sure is ugly, though
16:01:19preglowi wish everyone started using gtk2
16:02:03bobTHCanother is rezound but i never try it...
16:14:12 Join DangerousDan [0] (
16:15:58 Quit ashridah (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
16:33:02 Quit preglow (
16:33:28 Join ashridah [0] (
16:33:34NJoinpreglow [0] (
16:33:38 Quit ashridah (Client Quit)
16:36:20 Nick Sucka`away is now known as Sucka (
16:41:48 Nick Sucka is now known as Sucka`away (
16:46:40 Quit bill2or3 ("Leaving")
16:48:18 Join mecraw [0] (
16:48:28 Part mecraw
16:51:52 Join tvelocity [0] (
16:56:47t0masdoes windows have an undelete function?
16:57:37rashernot really.. it may still be on the drive though
16:57:46rasheryou need to stop using the drive
16:57:58t0masunmount it ;)
16:58:02t0masbut windows can't do that
16:58:25rasherand then hope to find a disk utility program that has undelete
16:58:32t0masyeah, have one
16:58:34t0masbut can't lock the disk
16:58:47t0masis there a way to see wich program's have files open on that disk?
16:58:49rasherI don't know of any.. used Norton DiskMagicWhatever a bunch of years ago
16:59:00rasherNo idea
17:01:45 Join XShocK [0] (
17:02:00 Join mecraw_ [0] (
17:03:15*t0mas is going to reboot in safemode....
17:03:25 Quit t0mas ("brb -- I hope...")
17:10:05preglowi think sysinternals has a tool that lets you see what's using the disk
17:10:12 Part mecraw_
17:14:25XShocKis that tool
17:16:32rasherI wish windows would be more like linux
17:18:51tvelocityyou can unmount partitions in windows using paragon partition manager
17:19:08tvelocityplus, you get to mount ext3 partitions R/W
17:19:41tvelocitybut i doubt that this would help:P
17:21:43 Join t0mas [0] (
17:21:47 Join Tang [0] (
17:21:55TangeHi Rockbox and others
17:25:07Tanghi T0mas
17:25:19Tangsorry for the fornoobs section
17:25:24t0masstill not using tab right? :P
17:25:24Tangi wasn't here this we
17:25:33Tanglol no
17:25:44Tangi'll do
17:25:49Tangabout 4noobs
17:25:53t0masJust joking ;)
17:25:56Tangi made an edit
17:25:59Tang(lol oki)
17:26:35TangCorrections may be needed thought
17:30:12t0masTang? are you editing the fornoobs section?
17:30:22Tanghum indeed
17:30:29t0masI'll wait
17:31:08Tanghum no not presentmly thjought
17:31:33CoCoLUSi have a suggestion for the fornoobs page
17:31:48Tanggo on coco
17:31:54Tangit's wiki
17:31:57Tangopen to all
17:32:37CoCoLUSthe "noob" user isn't really concered with who done it or what a hex file is... so i think (theres a seperate credits page, i think) names like linus should be removed, and technical terms like hex file should be avoided :)
17:32:46CoCoLUSmakes it more accessible for noobs :)
17:33:04Tanghum noobs but owner of iHP
17:33:07Tangi guess
17:33:16Tangthjey make update with iRiver HEX
17:34:23***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:34:59CoCoLUShas the firmware file actually the extension .hex? then i stand corrected, of course ;)
17:35:16Tangyes of course
17:35:22Tangit's an HEX file
17:36:27CoCoLUSkind of a philosophical matter, since there is only a hex representation of a file, not a hex file per se :)
17:36:43Tanghum i didn't understood sorry
17:37:11Tangthe extension is *.HEX"
17:39:09 Quit XShocK ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
17:51:39 Join MoosCamaro [0] (
17:51:54MoosCamaroHi all
17:53:27bobTHCare u a camaro fan or it's just for joking ?
17:53:48Tanghi Bob
17:53:55Tang(camaroo is french too ;))
17:53:59bobTHCbecause camaro is a little bit pathetic ;)
17:54:00MoosCamarohi BobTHC
17:54:21MoosCamarois nickname in french for maroccan
17:54:30MoosCamarohi Tang
17:54:50bobTHChi french folk ! ;)
17:56:34Tangbrb again
17:57:04 Quit TCK (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:00:42MoosCamaroHi Tang, I read the noobs section in Wiki
18:01:11MoosCamaroit's a good summary
18:01:22MoosCamarofor nubiz
18:03:00Tangthanks Moos
18:03:18Tangbut maybe some organisation more will be cool
18:03:23Tangi'm thinking about
18:03:46MoosCamaroTang: it's a good start
18:03:57Tangthanks moos
18:04:02Tangi guess
18:04:11TangrBx will improve this better
18:04:21Tangand in better english
18:05:02Tangi wonder if a HowTo shall be added about some things
18:05:09Tangalso add a link to the FAQ
18:05:25Tangwill try
18:21:38 Nick Sucka`away is now known as Sucka (
18:22:57 Join Stryke` [0] (~Chairman8@resnet-241-86.resnet.UMBC.EDU)
18:31:53 Join Tang_ [0] (
18:32:11 Quit nozomiyume (
18:33:13NJoinnozomiyume [0] (
18:51:05 Quit Tang (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:57:06 Join mico [0] (
18:58:15 Part bobTHC
19:00:53 Quit mico (Client Quit)
19:02:54 Join matsl [0] (
19:05:53 Quit DJ_Dooms_Day|AF ()
19:11:03preglowcan anyone think of a single reason for why irivers flash based devices can't handle vorbis bitrates below 96kbps?
19:11:36rashernot really
19:11:54rashermaybe it uses things they cut out to save space/etc?
19:12:10preglowwhy, no, i don't think so
19:12:53 Nick Lynx_ is now known as Lynx_awy (HydraIRC@
19:16:08preglowi don't think they do anything but use fewer bits
19:16:16preglownot even spikes to lower bitrates are possible
19:16:25preglowand that's very annoying, seeing as vorbis is vbr
19:16:44rasheroh, haha
19:18:57rasherworking on anything?
19:19:03preglowme, no
19:19:09preglowjust hearing people complain about the ifp devices
19:23:28Tang_can anyone think of a single reason for why irivers flash based devices can't handle vorbis bitrates below 96kbps?
19:23:33Tang_what device?
19:23:38Tang_iFP and iMP?
19:24:06Tang_iHP support all vorbis range i think
19:25:02rasherifps I think
19:25:24Tang_i know
19:25:31Tang_gabriel Bouvigne explained
19:25:36Tang_it a time ago
19:26:00Tang_i've to retrieve the explanation
19:26:06Tang_it was quite complexe
19:27:33*rasher plays iriver.mp3 using the debug menu option
19:27:44rasherCatch the digital flow!
19:27:56rasherMusic - easier than ever!
19:28:09preglowseems like it's a memory issue
19:28:17preglowTang_: ifp devices
19:28:48Tang_oki preglow
19:29:05Tang_retrieve the information will be quite difficult
19:29:21Tang_i'shall recontact gabreil
19:29:28rasherreverse lcd will be really great for the remote
19:29:39rasherfor me, anyway
19:29:55rasherit's ALWAYS the wrong way round when I look at it
19:30:59Tang_i've the shot
19:31:17Tang_it's in french however
19:31:25Tang_is there Bob here?
19:31:34Tang_it's evry technical
19:31:47Tang_will be hard to traduce for me
19:31:58rasherhrm, 4-pixel error in the upside mode
19:32:17Tang_"Les specs vorbis autorisent des fenêtres très grandes qui sont utilisées pour les bas débits dans l'encodeur actuel. Mais ces tailles sont trop grandes pour pouvoir être utilisées par les décodeurs embarqués, principalement à cause de la quantité de mémoire necessaire. (plus de mémoire->plus cher et plus de mémoire à acceder->plus lent)"
19:32:29Tang_i try a translation:
19:32:57Tang_the specification of Vorbis allow big "windows" used for low bitrate
19:33:35Tang_But theses sizes are too big to be used by embeded codec specialy due to BUFFER size limitation
19:34:15Tang_windows= window of transformed frequencies
19:34:25preglowyes, i know
19:34:27Tang_wish it's understandable
19:34:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:34:29preglowi saw that
19:34:37preglowlittle to be done about it
19:34:42Tang_sorry i wasn't sure it was the good word in English
19:34:52Tang_since it's technical language
19:35:21preglowi'm really looking forward to seeing vorbis2
19:36:40rasherI wish someone would create a peeler
19:37:33lolo-laptopIn rockbox, it wouldn't be possible to handle those larger windows by using part of the codec buffer for audio buffer temporarily −− ie we're decoding low bitrate crap so we don't need the whole codec buffer for predecode? (or maybe I'm just talking out of my ass)
19:37:42preglowsomeone has tried, it wasn't as easy as they thought
19:38:21preglowlolo-laptop: you're assuming the device has ram
19:38:40lolo-laptoppreglow: s/in rockbox/on the iRiver/
19:38:50preglowthis will not be a problem for the h120, which has extra ram
19:38:55lolo-laptopahh, gotcha.
19:38:57preglowit will be for the devices that only have the ram on the cpu
19:39:03lolo-laptopclarified, thanks.
19:39:52preglowbut some of the ifp devices DO have extra ram
19:46:47Tang_Who works on the iFP port?
19:46:52Tang_You're Preglow?
19:46:59 Join ShyK [0] (Shy@
19:48:05*t0mas is back
19:49:15Tang_t0mas :)
19:51:49t0masI was just scrolling up...
19:51:57t0masread your french text Tang_
19:52:04t0masand relized I do speak a little french ;)
19:52:14Tang_ah but i've traduced in English you know
19:52:29Tang_translated sorry
19:52:57t0masyeah, saw that later ;)
19:52:59ShyKdoes anyone have an estimation as to how difficult it would be to port/develop the firmware for h3x0, how long for it to be usable, etc?
19:53:24Tang_Eh Shyk
19:53:28preglownot long compared to the time it took to port to h120
19:53:34preglowa process we're not even done with
19:53:37ShyKTang_: Eh :)
19:53:44Tang_i wanted to say
19:53:49Tang_it's a bit premature
19:53:50SeedMister Keidar. you forgot the other network
19:54:13ShyKSeed: no i didn't. my mirc forgot to keep on trying to rejoin
19:54:25ShyKno, in fact it's still trying
19:54:37Tang_seems i become a little bit too "overprotecting"
19:55:11Seedyou're just French. you don't need to apologize
19:56:20Tang_i don't see the point Seed? (too hard for my english :))
19:56:35*t0mas has the feeling he is missing something too...
19:57:02rasherseems like a "mock the French" to me
19:57:17Tang_like a joke?
19:57:24dwihnothe ihp-1xx series looks better than the 300 series.
19:57:25Tang_("against frenchies"?
19:57:38rashersortof.. not sure if that's correct though
19:57:54*t0mas doesn't like french too :P
19:57:55preglowattempt at a joke, i guess
19:58:07t0masweird language they use...
19:58:13t0masstupid teacher I had :P
19:58:18Tang_but what is the thing with protecion and french?
19:58:25t0masdon't know...
19:58:42rasherAnyone know a playstation emulator for linux?
19:59:04Tang_Too complicate
19:59:16Tang_hum i read Linus fried an iHP1xx
19:59:26Tang_it was during BDM stage?
20:01:47rasher"This Project Has Not Released Any Files" :-\
20:02:00 Join ep0ch [0] (~ep0ch@
20:02:27ShyKdwihno: maybe, but h1x0 is old, no longer manufactured and unsupported
20:03:17ep0chI don't suppose anyone has experience setting up a rockbox build environment with FreeBSD?
20:04:34rashershouldn't be much different than linux
20:05:07rasherbest bet is to set up a local (to your user) copy of binutils, gcc
20:17:39ep0chah i need to follow the cross compiler instructions first :)
20:18:03preglowwho'd have thought it!
20:24:56 Join _Lucretia_ [0] (
20:26:32 Part MoosCamaro
20:53:56preglowdo anyone really care whether the crc of an mp3 frame fails?
20:54:17preglowif it sounds good, i don't care, if it doesn't sound good, i care, regardless of whether the crc is correct
20:55:47t0masindeed :)
20:56:26 Join |ep0ch [0] (
21:01:29 Quit elinenbe (" HydraIRC -> <- IRC has never been so cool")
21:13:14 Join asdsd_ [0] (
21:13:27 Quit asdsd_ (Client Quit)
21:15:03 Join Camilo [0] (
21:15:04 Nick tvelocity is now known as tvelocity[away] (
21:16:37 Quit ep0ch (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:16:38 Nick |ep0ch is now known as ep0ch (
21:19:28 Quit Strath (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:34:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:36:15 Join prethom [0] (
21:36:15 Quit preglow (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:36:22 Join webguest93 [0] (
21:40:26 Join webmind_ [0] (~webmind@
21:40:27 Quit webmind (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:40:57 Quit webguest93 (Client Quit)
21:44:42 Quit ep0ch (" Try HydraIRC -> <-")
21:54:07 Join Harpy [0] (
21:56:49 Join Tang__ [0] (
22:00:04 Join amiconn_ [0] (
22:05:22 Quit Tang_ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:06:13prethomi wish the coldfire docs agreed on instruction timing
22:09:05 Quit Tang__ (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
22:15:07 Join MoosCamaro [0] (
22:15:13rasherThat'd be no fun
22:16:47 Nick prethom is now known as preglow (
22:18:18 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:18:18 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
22:23:00*preglow wants to start porting faad
22:24:57rasherah, aac
22:25:36rasherI looked at mpc the other day
22:25:48rashermanaged to fit it nicely into the codecs bit
22:26:02rasherbut then things were lacking
22:26:14rasherand long longs appeared etc
22:26:16rasherthen I gave up
22:26:37preglowlong longs are no showstopper
22:26:46preglowi think i should write a emac unit howto or something
22:27:04preglowsince i seem to be the only one who knows how to use it
22:27:09preglowand it's very essential for codec work
22:27:35rasherI know, I just have no idea how to continue
22:27:56rasherand I'm not nearly competent enough to fix it :)
22:28:12preglowcould you spam me an example of how long longs are used?
22:28:28rashersorry, I deleted it again
22:28:39rasherbecause I had done very little
22:29:02rasherso all I managed to find out was that it *could* be done probably fairly easily
22:29:51rasherat least, I think I did.. let me see
22:30:04rasheryeah, no libmusepack
22:30:10rasherguess I could try again
22:30:16rasheronly took me like 30 minutes to hit my brick wall
22:31:29preglowwell, what did you do in that time?
22:31:56preglowjust getting it ready for use in rockbox is also a piece of work deserving of being commited
22:32:06preglowit might be slow, but hell, it's a good start
22:32:15rasherwell it didn't at all compile
22:32:31rasherI'll do it again and send my work to you or something
22:38:09preglowwhy do germans always have to speak and write in german :/
22:39:04preglowyes, i did bump into function names in german
22:40:30*preglow curses motorola
22:43:34*t0mas is going to watch some tv.. and sleep
22:43:46 Quit t0mas ("good night")
22:43:50 Quit Camilo ("Chatzilla 0.9.67 [Mozilla rv:1.8b2/20050404]")
22:44:00preglowi wish they had just used two ordinary registers for accumulators
22:44:01preglowlike on arm
22:44:06preglowit's so much easier to deal with
22:44:13rasherso you're already at libmusepack?
22:44:20preglowi'm having a look at it
22:44:31preglowbut i'm not doing anything with it
22:44:36preglowjust looking how hard it'll be to port
22:45:41rasherI'll see if I can make it build then
22:46:02rasheror at least, attempt to build
22:57:03 Join asdsd_ [0] (
23:00:23 Join bobdbob [0] (
23:11:04rasherho hum
23:14:03rasherhrm, this was much easier the last time
23:20:21rasherMaybe I wasn't doing it right then
23:29:52rashernow let me see
23:30:41rasherthis'll be exciting
23:33:11 Join Strath [0] (
23:33:58*rasher makes
23:34:09rasher.. hilarity ensues
23:34:33***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:35:02rasherdidn't even attempt to build
23:36:05rasherah, haha
23:38:25rasheroh here we go
23:41:20rasherwant me to create a patch and send you?
23:41:32preglowthat would be nice
23:41:49rasherhang on a while
23:42:31preglowno hurry">
23:42:59rasherthat's apps/libmusepack
23:43:13rasherI'll make a patch of the rest
23:45:07rashercan I do this using cvs somehow?
23:47:38preglowmaking a patch?
23:47:59rasheroh well, nearly have one now
23:48:08preglowwell, no, not when libmusepack isn't already in cvs
23:48:19rasherbut the rest of the files?
23:48:25preglowcvs diff
23:48:38preglowmight do the trick
23:48:55preglowanything special you did to the libmusepack source?
23:48:57rasherlet's see what happens
23:49:03rashernot really
23:49:14rasherjust compacted it
23:49:25rasherremoved all the crust and moved it into a single dir
23:49:53rasherah damn
23:49:57rasherI have www checked out
23:50:35preglowcvs diff takes parameters as well
23:50:39preglowif you know which dirs you have changed
23:50:53preglowbut i don't know if cvs diff alone makes a patch
23:51:08rasherlooks like it does
23:51:19rasherlooks about right too
23:51:23 Quit bobdbob (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:52:11rasherrandom files I have changed for other reasons...
23:53:20preglowi take it you haven't made a mpc2wav as well? :P
23:53:29rasherwell that's a disappointingly short diff
23:53:33rasherI sure haven't
23:54:07rashernot sure if this is a real patch or what.. looks a bit dodgy">
23:54:36rasherif it doesn't work, shouldn't be much work to apply it by hand
23:55:51rasherall yours :)
23:56:48preglowok, i'll have a look at it soon
23:57:13preglowi'll have to hear with the guys what the stance is on modifying the dir structure of the codecs, though
23:57:35preglowsomeone mentioned modifying as little as possible, and i don't know if it applies to that as well
23:57:52rasherI think that was done with... some of the other ones as well
23:58:21preglowi won't commit it until tomorrow anyway

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