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#rockbox log for 2005-04-13

00:02:33LinusNoh yes
00:02:48preglowi can run my h120 in fm mode for days
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00:04:03BiptoriaSterling. Has any codecs been started to be implemented yet ? Havnt seen and wiki action for a while
00:04:12preglowwe have tons of codecs
00:04:15preglowi just added a new one today
00:04:16rasherit would seem so
00:04:18preglowwhy, this very minute
00:04:20BiptoriaMuse pack ?
00:04:27rasher(thatmy change caused this)
00:04:46BiptoriaIs MP3 implemnted and useable ?
00:04:59preglowBiptoria: well, yes, but not like realtime, it just makes wavs right now
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00:05:47BiptoriaThanks preglow, you from yorkshire? little bit of the aye going on
00:05:56preglowi forgot viewers.config
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00:06:07preglowBiptoria: no, norway
00:06:16preglowBiptoria: but i do fancy alternate forms of 'yes' from time to time
00:06:24BiptoriaLong way away for farmer talk then :|
00:06:33preglowthough i am something of a farmer
00:06:47BiptoriaIll let you off then :P
00:06:58preglowi used to live ten metres from horses and potato crops
00:07:37BiptoriaI live about 100 meters from 5 farms
00:09:00preglowLinusN: so, you're closing in on realtime sound?
00:09:08LinusNslowly, yes
00:09:28Bagderpreglow: I believe I've fixed the blank changelog thing now
00:09:28BiptoriaIs realtime when its ready for real use ?
00:09:50preglowBiptoria: realtime is when you can listen to mp3s directly
00:09:59rasherAh, think I got it now
00:10:22preglowBagder: grand
00:10:25BiptoriaSweet, love you Linus keep up the good work
00:10:41LinusNpreglow: i have some thinking to do regarding the pcm buffering, but i'm closing in
00:10:47 Quit muesli_ (Read error: 148 (No route to host))
00:11:27preglowLinusN: yes, i can easily imagine thinking is a lot of the process
00:12:27LinusNi'm not used to using my brain to such an extent... :-)
00:12:31*preglow kicks off another asm() block...
00:12:43preglowLinusN: it's a horrible business indeed
00:12:55LinusN"my brain hurts!"
00:12:56BiptoriaWill the rockbox optimize battery usage over the Iriver firmware, or will it be less, or unable to tell at this stage ?
00:13:16LinusNBiptoria: it is likely to be worse to begin with
00:13:17BagderBiptoria: time will tell ;-)
00:13:32BiptoriaThats comforting to know
00:14:02preglowdon't expect miracles, but at least there is a bigger potential for improvement with us than with iriver
00:14:10preglowjust being opensource ensures that
00:14:25LinusNi have to get some sleep now
00:14:35LinusNcu in a few hours
00:14:43Biptoriato be honest all i want is on the fly playlists
00:14:48BiptoriaLove you linus, take care
00:14:52preglowBiptoria: well, we've more or less got that already
00:15:06preglowBiptoria: you can make playlists in rockbox that are playable with the iriver firmware
00:15:29BiptoriaYou guys are too clever
00:15:32preglowBiptoria: so if you can stand a reboot to make a playlist, you've got otf playlists already :P
00:15:54Biptoriamakes me wonder what kind of monkeys were developing the irivers
00:16:08BiptoriaOh, so you mean i could actually do that this very second ?
00:16:31rasher1. boot rockbox
00:16:34rasher2. make playlist
00:16:39rasher3. convert to iriver format
00:16:44rasher4. boot iriver firmware
00:16:52 Part LinusN
00:17:31BiptoriaDoes this include the computer after the RB F/W has been installed? If not im game for having ago
00:17:51rasherAw, and here just remembered that I wanted to ask LinusN if he remembered who made the plugin to boot iriver firmware from within rockbox
00:17:58*preglow brews tea
00:18:08rasherBiptoria: not sure what you mean with that?
00:18:09preglowthat was ripnetuk, i think
00:18:18pregloweither him or hcl
00:18:20Bagderrasher: that code really jut made the same thing the bootloader does when it boots the original fw
00:18:38rasheryeah.. but it's a damn handy feature
00:18:44rasherfor now
00:18:58preglowBiptoria: no computer involved
00:19:12preglowBiptoria: you boot rockbox to make the playlists, and then you boot back to iriver firmware to actually play them
00:19:20Bagderrasher: start_iriver_fw() in bootloader/main.c ;-)
00:19:22BiptoriaOk then. Whats the chances of RB screwing the player up at this stage ?
00:19:32preglowBiptoria: we've had no broken players thus far
00:20:00BiptoriaRock onnn!!!! Has a wizard ben made yet to make a F/W file?
00:20:02preglowBiptoria: so i guess 'slim' describes it well
00:20:12preglowBiptoria: yes... but it's not released yet
00:20:19rasherA few slightly corrupted filesystems though, which could *potentially* result in a brick
00:20:26thegeekpreglow : which is in fact quite impressive;)
00:20:41preglowgoes to tell linus knows his stuff
00:21:12BiptoriaAny chance of somone giving me this "wizard so i can quickly make it, or just send the F/W ? or is it simple doing it through command line ?
00:22:17rasherIriverBoot in the wiki
00:22:25Bagderwe should get the wizard added to CVS, and work out an autobuild for it
00:22:40Bagderto have it working when things go live for real
00:22:51preglowBiptoria: i guess i could make you an image
00:23:01preglowBiptoria: i'm not all that keen on spreading the wizard yet
00:23:16preglowBagder: what build tools are there on the box? my patcher needs mingw, afaik
00:23:44Bagderpreglow: I build other win32 tools fine with the mingw cross compiler we use on the box
00:23:54preglowBagder: then hooray!
00:24:08BiptoriaId be greatful if you could make me the F/W looking at the Iriverboot page, its a little past me
00:24:10preglowBiptoria: what iriver firmware do you use?
00:24:30preglowgive me a few moments and i'll have a look
00:24:53preglowBiptoria: but i won't guarantee that your players survives this, i'm just saying it hasn't happened yet
00:24:57preglowBiptoria: if it breaks, that's on you
00:25:26Biptoriayep no problem
00:25:53BiptoriaIve been thinking about getting a smaller one for when im walking any way, its just used as a radio at the moment lol
00:26:08preglowBiptoria: but yes, automated building should be ok enough, it takes a list of good md5sums as a header file, and embeds bootloader.bin directly into the exe as a resource
00:26:15preglowthat last is to Bagder
00:26:34Bagdersounds neat
00:26:47Biptorialol, thats good then, had no idea what you were saying to me
00:26:58preglowi assume the cross compiler tools has windres as well?
00:26:58rashergood md5sums of firmwares and results I hope?
00:27:07preglowrasher: only result
00:27:16preglowrasher: if the firmware is bad, then the result md5 will be bad as well
00:27:50rasherWell yes, but it's nicer to the user to be able to tell him that we don't recognise that firmware isn't it?
00:27:58preglowthe only thing i'm concerned about is code reusability, right now, i'm using modified versions of both mkboot.c and iriver.c
00:28:10preglowi couldn't find a nice way to reuse them as they were
00:28:54Bagderpreglow: we should work on unifying the sources as much as possible, yes. But it can be done post-first-commit
00:30:13preglowand, i guess we should compile unicode and non-unicode versions of it
00:30:18preglowin case anyone still uses win98
00:30:26preglowbut yeah
00:30:31preglowyou tell me where to put it, and i'll put it there
00:30:31rasherI do!
00:31:05 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:31:15Bagderpreglow: what about creating a subdir in tools?
00:31:33preglowBagder: yeah, sounds like a smart plan, it'll need its own special build system
00:31:45BiptoriaPreglow: are you making an image, or shall i follow the boot page
00:31:49preglowBiptoria: working on it
00:32:04Biptoriapreglow: cheers
00:33:19rasherI have an image
00:33:29rasherBiptoria: want it by mail?
00:33:47Biptoriarasher: will it work with 1.65 Euro ?
00:34:07rasherthis *is* 1.65 euro
00:34:11rasherwith the bootloader
00:34:26BiptoriaMail it to thank you
00:34:36preglowi can't match md5 here
00:34:41preglowso take rasher's, if he knows it works
00:35:28BiptoriaCan RB be taken off the iriver ?
00:35:39preglowlike how?
00:35:58rashersure, you just flash with an original firmware from iriver
00:36:04BiptoriaLike, once its on can it be taken back off
00:36:06BiptoriaI see
00:36:10preglowahh, yes, sure
00:36:11preglowno problem
00:37:32preglowdamn, it was fun doing some rockbox work again
00:37:35preglowi want to do more :-P
00:38:02rasherBiptoria: sent
00:38:07rasherwell, almost
00:38:08BiptoriaWHy did you stop ?
00:38:14Biptoriacheers rasher
00:38:29 Quit Sucka ("a bird in the bush is worth two in your house")
00:38:45preglowrasher: you're not using the wiki bootloader.bin, are you?
00:38:46rashersending, at least...
00:39:16preglowi can't match the md5 you've listed
00:39:40rasherinteresting.. what's your firmware md5?
00:40:39preglowdon't know, i only know that it doesn't match :PPP
00:40:42preglowgimme a sec, and i'll find out
00:40:53 Join muesli- [0] (
00:41:03rasherI appear to not have the original with me
00:41:51preglowi'm quite confident you built it from cvs
00:42:00preglow'cause i mentioned it wasn't very wise ;)
00:42:17rasherI totally did not
00:42:27preglowthen i'm wrong
00:42:41rasherI used the bootloader from wiki
00:42:49Biptoriaok i have the firmware, rashed you said to MD5 sum it or somthing ?
00:43:08rasherusing windows?
00:43:12preglowordinary people don't have md5sum, heh
00:43:13BiptoriaWhats that mean
00:43:15preglowyou should have zipped it
00:43:45rasheri'll send again
00:43:51BiptoriaSorry at my stupidness
00:44:00preglowno stupid
00:44:01rashernot really your fault
00:44:08preglowpeople don't have md5, you're not alone in that, hehe
00:44:45preglowit's just a way of verifying if the file was altered during sending
00:45:04Biptoriai see, thats clever
00:45:05preglowthe firmware is checksummed to pieces anyway, so doesn't matter much
00:45:34preglowiriver may be stupid, but they did conceive the possibility of a damaged firmware file
00:46:20BiptoriaSo in the zip, will it be the correctly named .hex ? Then i upload it to the root directory on the iriver. Then do i go to firmware upgrade like a normal Iriver upgrade would be done ?
00:46:24rashernow how the hell does zip work..
00:46:38preglowshould the patcher tool have a checkbox for 'ignore incorrect md5, i know what i'm doing'? :>
00:46:43Bagderrasher: zip addfile1 addfile2
00:46:54preglowthat's right
00:46:59rasherBiptoria: yes.. hang on
00:46:59preglowBiptoria: that's correct
00:47:16BiptoriaRoger that
00:48:22preglowi wonder why all the musepack functions have _float_ in their name
00:48:37BiptoriaI have a full battery, do i really need to plug it into the mains ?
00:48:48preglowBiptoria: no, but do so anyway
00:48:57Biptorialol ok then
00:50:03Biptoriathere we go, she's plugged into the mains
00:50:12Biptoriarasher: thank you
00:51:34rasheruh-oh... hang on!
00:51:42rasherdidn't send right
00:52:12rashershouldn't extract either, but just to be safe
00:52:20preglowmethinks we should actually publish this patcher tool sooner rather than later :P
00:52:36 Join lostlogic [0] (
00:52:36rashermight be
00:52:57BiptoriaIs the latest one you sent safe rasher? or shall i delete it
00:53:11rasherdelete both
00:53:19BiptoriaOkey dokey
00:53:34muesli-whats wrong with them?
00:54:37rasherit errored halfway through sending
00:55:19rasherthis one sent correctly :)
00:56:23BiptoriaRasher: it can happily steal my GF at the moment
00:57:19muesli-so did you dispatched 3 or 2 mails?
00:58:12rasher3 at Biptoria, 2 at you
00:58:29muesli-ah ok
00:58:41muesli-btw the first one had 2182k too
00:59:01rasheroh, it may have been fine
00:59:08rasherjust wasn't sure
00:59:34rasheruhm.. now I broke for sure
00:59:53BiptoriaMines 2028kb
01:00:35preglowcome on
01:00:46preglowi'll put it on my web server or something
01:00:56preglowmailing binaries is just evil
01:01:07BiptoriaOk im going to upgrade it now
01:01:20Biptoriaam i still safe ?
01:01:29preglowif it unzips correctly, you probably are
01:01:36*preglow spots several places fit for optimizing
01:01:40rasherif it unzipped fine, chances are pretty good
01:01:55muesli-think the same
01:01:58BiptoriaYeh it just unzipped straight to the desktop
01:02:10muesli-so it shoudl work fine
01:02:19Biptoriaits a 2028kb named IHP_120.hex
01:02:58Biptoriaok ill live on the edge, here we go *presses button*
01:03:12*muesli- crosses fingers
01:03:23BiptoriaIm crossing everything ive got
01:03:37BiptoriaIt turned off
01:03:46BiptoriaOk now i turn back on ?
01:03:48muesli-press play
01:03:52Biptoriayep i know
01:04:10BiptoriaNice picturless boot screen
01:04:32rasherdid you put the .rockbox dir on your player?
01:04:41*muesli- falls asleep, isdn suuuux
01:05:04BiptoriaRockbox ?
01:05:37BiptoriaShall i create a folder called rockbox on the player then ?
01:05:48muesli- copy its content into your root dir
01:05:55rasherunzip that to the root of your player
01:05:56muesli-first :D
01:06:10rashernot according to my lag :)
01:06:15Biptoriaokeh pokeh
01:06:43muesli-pokemon!? :D
01:07:02 Join XShocK [0] (
01:07:21muesli-morning XShocK
01:07:33rasherBiptoria: without that, rockbox will just boot the original firmware
01:07:51XShocKhi, muesli
01:07:52Biptoriaok then, thats done, shall i turn off turn on again ?
01:08:01XShocKhi all :)
01:08:32*muesli- prays for a software reset function ;)
01:08:39 Join austriancoder [0] (
01:08:42austriancoderhi all
01:08:51BiptoriaAhhhhh messing with expensive equipment is so satysfying
01:09:05BiptoriaSWEET it says rockbox
01:09:18XShocKhi, austriancoder
01:09:55rasheralbum table lists dirnames.. wtf
01:10:21BiptoriaHow do i go back a step?
01:10:33rasherpress left
01:10:45austriancoderhas somebody a emacs tutorial or something else?
01:10:52BiptoriaI tried to play a song and it wont do anything
01:10:52preglowaustriancoder: emacs is evil!
01:11:00preglowBiptoria: well, duh, rockbox doesn't play music yet, heh
01:11:07muesli-damn..cant test player is still recharging :-/
01:11:09austriancoderi know.. but it is needed
01:11:17BiptoriaI know, i mean if i press left it doesnt go back to the menu
01:11:23rasherBiptoria: stop, then
01:11:37rasherI thought you meant from the other menus/dirbrowser
01:11:37Biptoriaaha there we go
01:12:05BiptoriaHow is a playplist made then
01:12:08muesli-good night fellows
01:12:13 Join Naked [0] (
01:12:26 Nick Naked is now known as Hadaka (
01:12:55austriancoderpreglow: have you some docs and other stuff about emacs?
01:13:22preglowi know nothing of emacs, and intend to keep it that way
01:13:22 Part MoosCamaro
01:14:14BiptoriaPlaylists anyone ?
01:14:29Biptoriaoh i found the menu thing
01:14:42rasherhave a look at the manual if you're in doubt
01:14:49rasherbut just play around with it really
01:14:59Biptoriai prefer to play
01:15:13BiptoriaI notice it is very fast
01:15:45BiptoriaIs the radio working in RB?
01:17:15BiptoriaOh this is awesome, even change my font :D
01:17:37rasheryes.. the fonts are great
01:18:06HCldon't forget the gameboy emulator
01:18:18rasherNo, please don't
01:18:45BiptoriaGameboy emulator
01:20:10Biptoriaomg im going to wet myself this is so good !
01:21:11*rasher beats up
01:21:15rasherWORK, silly
01:21:25Biptoriaoh wow, everuythings been thought of ! this is so good !
01:22:07Biptoriaeven tells me my Batterys MAH
01:24:00Biptoriaa calculator *drools*
01:24:16BiptoriaIt does more than my computer!
01:24:49Biptoriaand it even said bye to me
01:25:07rasherthink I'll start over with
01:25:21*rasher cries
01:26:16Biptoriai just did a battery test it says 16:49, is that the players uptime ?
01:27:22preglowwhy does gcc do this to me
01:29:07rasherThe battery test plugin doesn't really work with iriver
01:29:24HClmaybe we should remove it from getting built for iriver then?
01:29:25BiptoriaPong doesnt work too good lol
01:29:34HClwasn't pong fixed?
01:29:58Biptorialol one side doesnt even move
01:30:48rasherthat's because it's 2-player
01:30:48 Join Cor [0] (
01:30:54rasherand uses wacky keys :)
01:31:13*HCl imagines two people prying on an iriver and shakes his head solemnly
01:31:24Biptoria2 player pong on an MP3 player? lol
01:31:32HClwho thought that up anyways?
01:31:53BiptoriaSNake 2 is quality
01:32:05HClis snake 2 even adjusted for iriver yet?
01:32:06Corwow this place is busy nowadays
01:32:24BiptoriaScreens a little small, better than snake 1 tho
01:33:02BiptoriaSnow,,,,,ive seen it all now
01:33:21rasherhcl: could work with remote
01:33:22HClhave you used the gameboy emulator yet? :3
01:33:25HClrasher: true.
01:34:28 Quit muesli- (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
01:34:32BiptoriaDont know hwo to get to a gameboy emu
01:34:43HClput a gameboy rom on it..
01:34:49rasheryou need to find a gameboy rom, then you just "play" that
01:34:56Corisn't the GB emu supposed to work on V1 Recorders too ?
01:35:03***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:35:32BiptoriaWhats a good gameboy game then
01:36:13Cork cool, but i couldn't get it to load the 2 games i tried
01:36:48preglowbloody gcc refuses to do inline asm correctly
01:36:53preglowi love being forced to write entire functions in asm
01:36:54BiptoriaDoes a V1 recorder have enough power to run an emu?
01:37:18HClmario works well
01:37:18preglowBiptoria: if you're not very picky about stuff like responsiveness and frame rate, then yes! most certainly
01:37:51Cordo most games work ?
01:37:55BiptoriaI dont actually own a V1 recorder.... mind lol
01:37:57XShocKtwo irivers connected through SPDIF or even just audio cables.. multiplayer ping pong will rule. :)
01:38:06Biptoriajust interested
01:39:05BiptoriaDo Game boy Advance Roms work ?
01:39:25rasherXShocK think that's doable?
01:39:41Biptoriahow about gameboy color?
01:39:49preglowrasher: sure
01:39:56Biptoriai can only find gameboy color and gameboy advance roms
01:40:01rasherI guess
01:40:04HClgameboy color
01:40:33BiptoriaGrand theft auto, omg if this work ill die
01:40:46Cori tried metroid2 and 1943 to no avail
01:41:00XShocKrasher, mmm not really with audio cable. might be possible with spdif since we need both input and output, while there is only one UDA1380 audio chip
01:41:50preglowno full duplex audio?
01:42:05preglowso, the recording passthrough is a feature of the uda1380, then?
01:42:06XShocKi will check, not sure thou..
01:42:23preglowyou can listen to whatever you record while you record it with iriver firmware
01:42:30preglowbut that might be a uda hardware feature
01:42:41XShocKpreglolw, hmm, i guess you are right about it.
01:43:34BiptoriaCan i delete this thing called battery.dummy in my root directory also one called battery.txt
01:43:55preglowonly thing you shouldn't delete is rockbox.iriver and .rockbox directory
01:44:02preglowand it's no disaster if you manage that either
01:44:03Corany Dev's round i could bug about a feature change ?
01:44:20Biptoriaok kool, so i can delete the h120.hex thing ?
01:44:20preglowwhat feature?
01:44:24preglowBiptoria: yeah
01:44:33Cori'd like to have a 'Remove from Playlist' or atleast 'View Playlist' from on play menu
01:45:01Cor*on(plus)play menu
01:45:14BiptoriaWhere shud i put the GBA rom, anywhere ?
01:46:11BiptoriaOMG OMG OMG this is so good
01:46:15Cor...without having to go into the F1 main menu and down to playlist options and down to view playlist
01:47:35XShocKpreglow, i guess it supports full-duplex.
01:47:43HClnot gba, gbc
01:48:07BiptoriaQuestion, i just unplugged my USB cable from the iriver, everytime i touch the end of the USB it buzzes in the headphones linked to my iriver :|
01:48:14XShocKi never thought about it before.
01:48:25XShocK* go to eat
01:48:51BiptoriaYes its a GBC i think :|
01:48:59Biptoriayes GBC
01:49:29BiptoriaIt doesnt show the files where i put them ? or do i have to reboot
01:51:22austriancodergood night all
01:51:23 Quit austriancoder ("CGI:IRC")
01:51:32preglowBiptoria: you need to go in settings and make rockbox show all file types
01:51:46BiptoriaHold button doesnt work
01:52:02BiptoriaSetting within iriver, or on the comp
01:52:08preglowin rockbox
01:52:54BiptoriaJob done
01:53:29BiptoriaOMG OMG im playing GTA
01:53:49Biptoriaits making some terrbile noises tho
01:55:02preglowyeah, it's not fast enough yet
01:55:12preglowbut i need to go to bed and hope this headache vanishes
01:55:24HClokay okay
01:55:29HCli'll look at the dynarec tomorrow...
01:55:46preglowHCl: i think looking at moving some parts to iram is more important
01:55:51preglowbut this bed...
01:55:53preglownight all
01:55:57 Quit preglow ("fap")
01:56:09HCli already have stuff in iram.
01:56:52BiptoriaFPS in rockboy is quite slow
01:58:26rasheroh, now I get it... dang
01:58:38 Quit asdsd_ ("Trillian (")
01:59:24BiptoriaCan i delete files within rockbox
01:59:42BiptoriaWhat to press old chap
01:59:50HCli'm not 100% sure
01:59:55rasherhold the joystick down
01:59:55HClbut i think you hold the joystick button
02:00:04rasherpick delete
02:00:05Biptoriavery nice
02:00:13rasherand when it says "play to delete" ... , don't push play
02:00:17XShocKcame back
02:00:22rasherpush the joystick instead
02:00:30Biptorialol rasher ta
02:00:43Biptoriawat happens if i press playu
02:01:03rasherthe text is wrong
02:01:16Biptoriaok then
02:02:16 Join asdsd_ [0] (
02:03:22*HCl shivers.
02:03:31HClhaving a gay flatmate is scary x.x;
02:03:50Biptoriaomg lol
02:04:04Biptoriathat was random HCI...
02:04:08HCllmao, sorry.
02:04:10HClhe walked past
02:04:17HCli knew he had a guest from 1 to 2 am
02:04:24HCland the scary part is that they seem to be leaving
02:04:32HCland i wonder wth kind of people visit from 1 to 2 am
02:04:46HCland i definately don't want to know what they did in the room next to me x.x
02:05:36BiptoriaIve got a DIR called RECORD and one new one called recordings, can i delete recordings ?
02:05:50XShocKi never had any SPDIF equipment, and i have no idea of how fast it can be, but i guess several tens of kb/s will be possible
02:06:11 Quit gromit` ("Client exiting")
02:06:26 Join gromit [0] (
02:07:39BiptoriaI have no idea how i create the playlist, it just said it was creating a root
02:08:02Biptoriathen counted up
02:10:00Corsounds like u did a 'create playlist' while browsing the root dir.
02:10:07BiptoriaYes :|
02:10:43rasherghod.. this is going to be worse than I had thought
02:11:19Corall the playlist features were a bit confusing to me until i re-read that section in the manual a few times
02:11:30 Quit cYmen ("zZz")
02:11:50 Quit Aison ("( :: NoNameScript 3.72 :: )")
02:11:50*HCl shivers
02:11:51BiptoriaWheres the manual, could be sueful
02:11:54HClhe returned x.x;
02:12:45Biptoriaoh, you fixed the hardrive spinning bug from the iriver?
02:13:01HClomg no >.<;
02:13:08HClmy flatmate just asked me for a 1 euro coin.
02:13:16HCland i asked whether i wanted to know what its supposed to be fore
02:13:19HCland he said no.
02:13:23HCland i think i can guess >.<;
02:14:36BiptoriaI think you need a new flatmate
02:14:56Biptoria1 euro coin ? :| what cud u do with that
02:14:59HClyes. well. its not that easy unfortunately.
02:15:07HClcondom dispenser on the campus >.<;;;;;
02:15:36*HCl has fleeing instincts.
02:15:39HCli need to get my headphones
02:15:47HCli so do not want to risk hearing anything coming from the room next to mine
02:17:34HClfortunately we have 2 foot soundproof walls inbetween >.<
02:18:12Biptoriayou just never know how many decibels 2 gay men may reach tho
02:18:17rasherhrm, maybe I fixed the
02:18:28Biptoriagud on yer rasher
02:19:47BiptoriaI think i worked out how to creat a playlist, i find the song/dir i want, hold down joystick, playlist, insert ? then after all desired songs added, create playlist ?
02:20:42rasherBuffer I/O error on device sda1, logical block 1
02:21:37rasheroh of course
02:21:38BiptoriaCan i delete the songs from a play list, i think i added the sem DIR 2 times
02:21:45rasherran out of battery
02:22:11rasheryeah.. open the playlist... I forget how that's done.. through the menu I think
02:22:16Biptoriadamn i must be gettin tired, my visions going wonky
02:23:33BiptoriaEHHHHH i went to create the playlist and its creating it of the Root DIR agen
02:26:59rasherread the manual, I guess
02:27:03BiptoriaTheres a glitch in the playlist thing
02:27:11rasherI don't really know the playlist functions
02:27:15BiptoriaIt keeps adding a directory twice
02:28:03BiptoriaRIght im going to lie down in bed and work this through, Night all
02:28:10BiptoriaThank you all for your help, i will be back
02:28:35BiptoriaHCI good luck with the gays and rasher hope you fix your probs soon
02:29:27BiptoriaBefore i go
02:29:40Biptoriahow the hell do i boot back into Iriver lol ?
02:30:10rasherhold record when turning on
02:30:16rasheror turn it on using the remote
02:30:26rasherboth will boot the iriver firmware
02:30:49Biptoriatop stuff, thank you matey
02:30:53BiptoriaTake care now
02:30:57 Quit Biptoria ("CGI:IRC")
02:55:51 Quit rasher ("CGI:IRC 0.5.4 (2004/01/29)")
03:04:12 Quit tvelocity[away] ("Leaving")
03:19:01 Quit Cor ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
03:31:03 Join DJ_Dooms_Day [0] (
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03:36:02 Quit Ka (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
03:42:36 Join Cor [0] (
03:51:23Coror instead, having FF/RW & 'Delete File' from 'View Playlist' would be nice too =]
03:52:11 Join Ka [0] (
04:27:05 Quit gromit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:00:06 Join gromit [0] (
05:23:33 Quit XShocK (" HydraIRC -> <- Try something fresh")
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05:44:18 Quit asdsd_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:20:17 Join DMJC [0] (
06:27:07 Join bobdbob [0] (
06:33:23 Quit Cor ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
06:40:44 Part DMJC ("Leaving")
07:06:13 Join LinusN [0] (
07:20:02 Quit bobdbob ("Trillian (")
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07:46:22 Quit Stryke` ("Friends don't let friends listen to Anti-Flag")
07:51:13 Join Harpy [0] (
08:02:45 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
08:08:33 Join bobdbob [0] (
08:27:50 Join webguest97 [0] (
08:29:49 Quit webguest97 (Client Quit)
08:30:11 Join webguest90 [0] (
08:31:28webguest90Hey, anyone know why when I upload MP3s to my Archos Jukebox Studio 20 they do not appear when I am browsing through the player? They are showing up when I browse it within windows.
08:31:57 Join StrathAFK [0] (
08:32:09LinusNdid you do a "safely unplug"?
08:32:55LinusNcan you describe your exact steps when you upload?
08:33:08 Join einhirn [0] (
08:33:26webguest90i plug it in through usb
08:33:28webguest90open the drive
08:33:52webguest90and place a folder with about 15 mp3s in it
08:33:58webguest90folder doesnt show up
08:34:12webguest90but its still there when i browse through windows
08:34:38 Join DMJC [0] (
08:34:49LinusNwhich firmware do you use?
08:35:28webguest90latest rockbox
08:35:40LinusNno error message in rockbox?
08:35:58webguest90ive had the player for a few years
08:36:00LinusNcan you see it if you restart rockbox?
08:36:02webguest90first time this has happened heh
08:44:29webguest90that worked lol, im an idiot =D, thanks for the help
08:45:04LinusNwell, you shouldn't have to restart rockbox...
08:46:20 Quit Strath (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:46:24 Join cYmen [0] (
08:49:31 Quit webguest90 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
08:50:04 Quit DMJC (Remote closed the connection)
08:52:39 Join ceebmoj [0] (
08:59:20 Quit _Lucretia_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:01:19 Join _Lucretia_ [0] (
09:01:57 Quit ceebmoj ("CGI:IRC")
09:03:36 Join ceebmoj [0] (
09:03:55 Quit ceebmoj (Client Quit)
09:06:00 Nick Lynx_awy is now known as Lynx_ (HydraIRC@
09:18:51 Join bobTHC [0] (
09:19:08bobTHCmornin' all!
09:26:19 Join webguest86 [0] (
09:28:33 Join DMJC [0] (
09:30:27 Quit gromit (Nick collision from services.)
09:30:44 Join gromit` [0] (
09:31:09 Join MoosCamaro [0] (
09:31:37MoosCamarohey all, good morning
09:35:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:36:57 Join ashridah [0] (
09:37:08MoosCamarohi Bob
09:38:00MoosCamaroBobTHC: THC is for Tetra Hydro Canabinol?
09:38:52bobTHCfo sure
09:52:02 Join b0bTHC [0] (
10:09:00 Quit b0bTHC ("Smoke Weed Every Day !")
10:09:25 Join B4gder [0] (
10:10:28 Quit bobTHC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:12:42LinusNhi B4gder
10:13:40 Join Nibbler [0] (
10:13:51B4gderhi ho
10:14:29LinusNhacking linux drivers?
10:14:49LinusNany progress?
10:15:23B4gderslowly, we have such long round-trips for install, test, fix, install again etc
10:15:37B4gderand crappy debug abilities
10:15:47ashridahB4gder: drivers for what, specifically?
10:15:51B4gderand things are weird ;-)
10:16:03B4gderframebuffer drivers for Linux PPC
10:16:17 Join bobTHC [0] (
10:16:27ashridahbecause some devices are amenable to using user-mode-linux with odd passthroughs iirc, but video probably isn't one of them
10:16:29B4gderfor a specific display controller my customer makes
10:18:23B4gderI need the hardware access anyway
10:19:01 Quit Harpy (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
10:19:39 Quit DMJC ("Leaving")
10:26:06 Join preglow [0] (
10:27:45preglowmethinks gcc still has some bugs in the inline asm department
10:28:09 Join Harpy [0] (
10:45:52 Join Aison [0] (
10:56:08 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:23:41 Quit webguest86 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
11:31:16 Quit DJ_Dooms_Day ()
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11:39:09 Join t0mas [0] (
11:39:27t0masAnybody here knowing the boot argument to disable scsi in linux?
11:39:36t0masI have a box hanging on detecting scsi drives...
11:45:41ashridahhrm. don't think there is one
11:51:13t0maswell.. tnx
11:51:16t0masgotta work
11:51:18 Part t0mas ("Bezig met verlaten")
11:57:15 Join einhirn_ [0] (
11:57:42preglowhow bloody likely is it that 1 32x32 bit mul and one load takes _ONE_ cycle?
11:59:19preglowno, i misread, TWO, but i still think that sounds too low
11:59:25LinusNit could, if the bus doesn't have any wait states
11:59:43preglowno, the timing doesn't account for the memory
11:59:51LinusNthat's what i'm saying
11:59:54preglowthe timing information is inconsistent
12:00:04preglowone doc says 4 cycles for a 32x32 bit mul with a load
12:00:07preglowanother says 2 cycles
12:00:12preglowi'm inclined towards 4
12:00:54preglowbut i guess it doesn't matter anyway, 4 cycles is still better than doing the muls in two stages with the ordinary mul instruction
12:05:47 Quit einhirn (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
12:18:39 Join rasher [0] (
12:19:46 Join DangerousDan [0] (
12:28:21 Join edx [0] (
12:31:41 Join webguest81 [0] (
12:35:06preglowmacl %d0, %fp, %fp@(384), %fp
12:35:10preglowwhy does gcc do this to me?
12:37:02rasherbecause you're a very special boy
12:37:12rasher(I've no idea, obviously)
12:38:02preglowthat line more or less says multiply %d0 by %fp, then move value at address %fp + 384 to %fp...
12:38:16preglowwhich is not what i want
12:38:37rashermore handcoding!
12:38:46preglowyes, exactly
12:38:53preglowi have to hand code entire functions, when a small loop is all i require
12:39:16rasherthis is musepac?
12:42:33rasherhaha, forgot about this one: alias :q='exit'
12:46:03 Quit StrathAFK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:46:24preglowmusepack, yes
12:46:38preglowbut i'll go bah, now
12:46:47preglowand start on commiting the libmad stuff instad
12:51:05*B4gder goes printf()-style debugging in the kernel
12:51:23rashersounds annoying
12:51:28B4gderit is
12:51:36rasherin other news, I realized last night that the albumid wasn't just used as an index
12:51:48rasherwhich was what I thought
12:52:02rasherbut it's actually used to extract the album and artist later on
12:52:13rashersmall wonder I got weird results
12:54:23B4gderI noticed your commit
12:54:39rasherYeah.. finally figured out what was wrong
12:55:20rasherGuess I'll have to make it so that the albumid is just used to group songs together, and not convey any information for the other change to work
12:58:10*rasher listens to iriver-thumb.mpc
12:58:17rashersounds alright
12:58:22rasherlowest quality
12:58:33rashernot sure
12:58:44preglowi don't see the point in using mpc for lower bitrate stuff
12:58:50rasherslightly larger than -q1 ogg
12:58:53preglowit sounds worse than vorbis at lower bitrates
13:00:54rashersupermario sure sounds horrible
13:23:02preglowyou mean rockboy?
13:24:03 Join Sebulba02 [0] (
13:25:27 Quit DangerousDan (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:29:19*rasher gets an idea
13:29:24rasherhas one, rather
13:31:24rasherHrm... annoying side-effect
13:31:51Sebulba02of thinking?
13:31:57rasherno, of my fix
13:32:17rasherit is now behaving like I wanted
13:32:27rasherjust hadn't thought of this
13:33:10Sebulba02I see.
13:34:07rasherguess I need special handling of "<no album tag>" ... somehow
13:35:18***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:40:10 Quit lostlogic ("Going to the moon")
13:43:25 Quit elinenbe (" HydraIRC -> <- 100,000+ downloads can't be wrong")
14:12:39 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (~elinenbe_@
14:15:15 Join Biptoria [0] (
14:16:58BiptoriaAnyone around ?
14:17:58BiptoriaWhen i create a playlist in RB and reboot to IR it says Playlist error ?
14:18:16B4gderyou need to run iriverify on it first
14:18:41BiptoriaOk, how does one get to Iriververify
14:18:49BiptoriaOpen with ?
14:19:04BiptoriaGot it
14:19:07BiptoriaHey rasher
14:19:29Biptoriaok here it goes
14:19:54rasherB4gder: I now have a version that's working.. except "<no album tag>" gets treated as a multi-artist cd as well (lots of files with no album tag in one dir > huge multi-artist cd :)
14:19:56BiptoriaMy player crashed for the first time last night after going to ID3 tag info or somthing
14:20:03 Join lolo-laptop [0] (~lostlogic@
14:20:21B4gderrasher: maybe that needs to be a special case
14:20:32rasherThat's my guess
14:20:42Biptoriayou little beauties, i have On the fly playlists *dances*
14:21:01rasherSince whenever the album tag *is* set, you can be fairly sure that songs with matching tag dir belong to the same cd
14:21:16rasherBut I'm not sure how to go on from here
14:22:19rasherMaybe the displaying code should also show artists when in "album" mode, if there are different artists on the album
14:25:10BiptoriaHow can i get to the search function without going through open with
14:26:31BiptoriaEverytime i press on Show ID3 info the player crashes ?
14:26:56 Join muesli- [0] (
14:27:24BiptoriaHello breakfast cereal
14:27:38muesli-is your fw working well?
14:28:22BiptoriaYes its working good now, crashes when i go to Show ID3 info, suspect it isnt setup properly yet
14:28:52muesli-didnt have a look at this
14:29:17BiptoriaThe batterys gone from 96 to 98 lol
14:29:17muesli-i am only keen for sound for rockboy ;)
14:30:04Biptoriayeh, i deleted my GBC roms last night, sound was painful
14:30:08rasheryeah, the battery meter fluctuates a bit, but I'm fairly sure the same happens with iRiver
14:30:24Biptoriaits gone to 100 now
14:30:43BiptoriaIll be getting worried when it goes to 106
14:30:50rasherWon't happen
14:31:04muesli-sometime irivers battery indicator indicated that battery was empty but i could with rockbox for another 1/2 h
14:31:47BiptoriaWhats DEBUG (keep out!!)
14:31:57Biptoriathe keep out part makes me wanna go in
14:32:04B4gdergo go go
14:32:20Biptoriait says keep out
14:32:25muesli-rasher: will there be a built including those grayscale version?
14:32:54Biptoriawow theres a lot of techy stuff in the debug
14:33:29rasherYou went in!
14:33:38Biptoriai think i just changed somthign called boost frequency
14:33:56muesli-and he is not supposed to do so...
14:34:34rasherBiptoria: press up and down will change the cpu frequency from 48 to 120
14:34:54rasher(and back)
14:35:00Biptoriait was set at 0 when i entered
14:35:21rasheryeah.. that's the counter to how many times "boost" was called
14:35:58Biptoriai still cant find the search function
14:36:05rasherso if something needs more power, it calls the boost function and the cpu will be set to 120mhz, and back again when it no longer needs power
14:36:18Biptoriai see
14:38:33BiptoriaDamn id love to be able to code
14:38:47muesli-rasher: will there be a built including those grayscale version?
14:39:05BiptoriaThink my IE is gonna crash brb
14:39:09rasherNot for a while.. the grayscale patch is unfinished
14:39:44rasherand it may not get done at all, because the entire graphics handling in Rockbox is possibly going to be re-done
14:39:44BiptoriaRB isnt recognizing the USB cable ?
14:40:01rasherdid you turn on screenshot?
14:40:09Biptoriaprobably :|
14:40:22rashergo into the debug menu and turn it off
14:40:55BiptoriaCheers rasher
14:41:26Biptoriakool it made screendumps, thats neat
14:42:05muesli-l8er ladiez
14:42:07 Quit muesli- ("ich will Khe!!!")
14:46:12BiptoriaWhen i search for .M3U playlists on the computer, ones i made with RB dont show?
14:47:00rashersearching case-sensitive?
14:47:20BiptoriaIll have a fiddle
14:47:56Biptoriano it just wont find it
14:48:18rasherB4gder: I'm not sure how to continue.. want me to commit what I have now?
14:48:31rasheror would you like a look at it first?
14:48:49rasherBiptoria.. like.. not at all? What if you search for the filename instead?
14:49:09BiptoriaYeh i searched the filename and the extensions and it just isnt there
14:49:11B4gderrasher: go ahead and commit
14:49:46BiptoriaHold on, i know why now, i deleted it lmao
14:51:07BiptoriaThere we go found it, id be dangerous if i had a brain
14:51:50BiptoriaRockbox is far faster than irivers F/W
14:52:36BiptoriaJust opening a music file over USB seems faster than iriver
14:52:47LinusNcan't be
14:52:50rasherThat's probably placebo
14:52:58rasheror something entirely else :)
14:53:13preglowit _is_ placebo, since it is impossible
14:53:47BiptoriaPlacebo ?
14:53:59BiptoriaIm a gonna try opening a file on USB with rivers then
14:54:11preglowit's just imaginary, from the moment you insert the usb plug, rockbox releases all control over the hardware
14:54:13rasherYou're probably imagining things.. it's got nothing to do with your player at least
14:54:16preglowover the disk hardware, at least
14:55:39BiptoriaWill the hold button work in RB in future releases?
14:55:52rasherpreglow: you're a hero on HA :)
14:56:01preglowi am?
14:56:25BiptoriaNo its just as fast
14:57:32rasherSure you are,
14:58:29preglowi see no official "let's send money to preglow" thread yet!
14:58:55rasherGive it time
14:59:08preglowbut yes
14:59:13preglowa couple of libmad commits coming up
14:59:17*rasher shakes his fist at convbdf
15:00:43elinenbepreglow: what's the speed of libmad on the target?
15:01:11rasherI simply can't figure out why it won't accept this font
15:03:04preglowelinenbe: 80-85% at 320kbps at 40mhz
15:03:23preglowafter this commit, at least
15:04:08elinenbewhat about 128kbps?
15:04:21elinenbepreglow: you are doing some nice work... congrats!
15:07:16preglow128k is running at around 105%
15:07:19Biptoriais anyone working on MP3?
15:07:25preglowBiptoria: me
15:07:35BiptoriaGo preglow go preglow
15:07:38 Quit crwl_ (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
15:07:41preglowpreglow has little more time to spen
15:07:54BiptoriaIs it anywhere near realtime yet ?
15:08:00preglowBiptoria: well, yes, it's above realtime
15:08:08preglowBiptoria: but it needs to be faster
15:08:19Biptoria:| how come :'(
15:08:23preglowwhy the hell does cvs commit insist mpa2wav is changed when cvs diff reports no differences?
15:08:48preglowBiptoria: the codecs need to be at least 200% realtime, we're aiming for 300%
15:09:16bobTHCpreglow> 300% @ 40Mhz ?
15:09:20B4gderpreglow: make an extra 'cvs up' and it'll be ok then
15:09:38preglowbobTHC: nah, at whatever we'll be running it at
15:10:06Biptoriayou could be there forever trying to get it to 300%
15:10:06 Quit webguest81 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
15:10:19preglowthere's lots left to do
15:10:19BiptoriaWhat would happen if you used it with 105%?
15:10:27preglowit's 270% realtime for 128 kbps now
15:10:40BiptoriaSo its useable ?
15:10:47preglowand as i said, i know of plenty of places to optimize
15:10:54preglowtime is more critical, as i'm the only one working on it
15:11:00preglowand i have little time for rockbox now
15:11:26bobTHCpreglow> :) if u succeed 300% @40Mhz it's not optimization its sorcery
15:11:39preglowbobTHC: and i'm no sorcerer, so don't expect that, heh
15:11:41BiptoriaWhy are you the only one ?
15:12:23B4gderbecause people are busy or lazy
15:12:36BiptoriaId love to help you
15:12:44B4gderjoin in
15:13:00BiptoriaI dont have the brain capacity
15:13:08B4gderBTW, I've now modified how the changelog for cvs build entries are made
15:13:17B4gderif you check the top time stamp link
15:13:40rasherlooks nice
15:13:50B4gderit uses the same script the front page does
15:13:56rasherI hereby declare that convbdf has insaned
15:14:01preglowlooks very nice
15:14:16BiptoriaCan RB utilize the FM radio yet ?
15:14:29rasherBut that'll be one of the easier tasks
15:14:43rashersince it's using the same radio chip as the archos units
15:14:47rasher(I think?)
15:15:07Harpybtw. is the usb2go or whatnot a firmware feature, or does it need some kind of special hardware?
15:15:07BiptoriaGet in there
15:15:20LinusNHarpy: special hardware
15:15:27rasherHarpy: Needs hardware support.. won't be possible on h100s
15:15:41preglowLinusN: do you know if the uda does full duplex audio?
15:15:54LinusNi think it does
15:16:21preglowi know the iriver firmware lets you monitor what you record
15:16:32preglowbut that may very well be a uda specific passthrough option
15:17:14preglowlet's see if i can avoid breaking any builds again
15:21:10rasherah, got it!
15:21:38rasherFONT_DESCENT may not be <0
15:21:43rasherand it is
15:22:02*Biptoria brb my little monkeys
15:24:52bobTHCdo u think it's possible to adjust the frequency(40->120 or 120->40 ) while playing audio without silent gap?
15:27:02preglowhmm, or wait
15:27:04preglowi wouldn't know
15:27:18preglowi certainly hope so :P
15:27:29bobTHCme too, it's why i ask
15:29:12LinusNit's possible
15:30:31preglowso the dma can operate with an unstable clock?
15:30:43preglowit operates on the external clock, perhaps?
15:31:30preglowwow, not as much as an extra warning
15:32:10LinusNthe audio interface uses the external clock, yes
15:32:38rasherpreglow: good job :)
15:33:34preglowyes, but then the ram has to use the external clock as well, yes?
15:33:55preglowand i thought the mcf5249 had an internal sdram interface
15:34:15LinusNdon't confuse the dma and the audio serial interface
15:34:43Biptoriacalm down linus
15:35:16LinusNthe dram controller uses the internal clock
15:35:19*rasher creates bootiriver.rock
15:35:23***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:35:25rasheror tries..
15:35:42rasherLinusN: do I just rip out start_iriver_fw from the bootloader?
15:35:50LinusNrasher: sure
15:36:11BiptoriaSooner you make the F/W maker wizard the better
15:36:48preglowit is made
15:36:58preglowoh, right, i was supposed to commit that as well
15:37:01BiptoriaSooner its released then .....
15:37:14preglowBiptoria: we don't want it released to early, really
15:37:39BiptoriaIts not to early, i had to get you and rasher to make an image yesterday just so i could use RB
15:38:19rasherthat's acceptable :)
15:38:24BiptoriaEven though it doesnt have sound, i have on the fly playlist, which is what alot of people really want the most
15:40:13bobTHCafter the release of the tool, a lot of "non techies" ppl will ask for support and "already asked questions" who imho is not the priority...
15:40:24 Join t0mas [0] (
15:41:00*rasher thinks
15:41:31bobTHCgreat news rasher ! ;)
15:45:43Biptoriawell done rasher
15:45:52t0masnews page updated?
15:47:44BiptoriaDOnt know
15:48:29rashernothing done.. my "bootiriver" just isn't working
15:49:04HCldidn't someone already wrote an iriver.iriver that booted the original firmware?
15:49:13preglowwhy would anyone want one?
15:49:24HClcause they're lazy
15:49:33rasherYes, that
15:49:41rasheroh, I get it now...
15:49:44rashernevermind me
15:50:27BiptoriaI think a plane just crashed :| loud whirring noise then bang
15:50:40HCl :x
15:50:53*Biptoria investigating
15:50:57rasherHCl: yes, probably ripnetuk.. but he's never here!
15:51:20rasherI was trying to do it as a plugin.. but maybe that can't work?
15:51:57HCldid we search the logs for who made that .iriver?
15:52:07rasherI tried
15:53:06preglowi'm pretty certain
15:53:22preglowbut might be mistaken, yes inurl:rockbox-2005 < doesn't work with google
15:53:56rasherwhereas inurl:rockbox does
15:54:13preglowbut i'd rather suggest you give up this futile endavour and optimize dct32 instead :>
15:54:35rasherOh sure, give me a few minutes
15:54:37B4gderit was ripnetuk
15:54:47 Join crwl [0] (
15:54:48B4gder20050301 at 16:23
15:55:20rasheryour search-fu exceeds mine by many lengths
15:55:29B4gderI can grep the logs ;-)
15:56:01rashergood point
15:56:09rashernow why isn't mine working ><
15:56:09bobTHCtoo easy, it's not fair ;)
15:56:26preglowrasher: what do you do?
15:56:39B4gder1030 logs
15:57:15rasherpreglow: copy bootloader/main.c:start_iriver_fw() and call that
15:57:16bobTHCouch, so 1030 days from the launch of this chan :)
15:57:33bobTHChard to believe
15:59:01preglowrasher: i do believe that contains privileged instructions
15:59:05preglowlike movec
15:59:07preglowbut i may be wrong
15:59:55rasherAh.. this just hangs :)
16:00:23rasherHm, ripnetuk put his on his ftp
16:00:59rasherproblem solved I guess
16:02:45rasherwell this looks *exactly* like what I had
16:03:56rasheronly one line of difference :D
16:04:10B4gderthe all time bigger talker in #rockbox?
16:04:24B4gderLinus is #2
16:04:36B4gderI'm #3
16:04:41B4gderZagor is #4
16:05:02B4gdermidknight2k3 is #1
16:05:10B4gder51702 lines
16:06:07rasherSo *why* is my plugin not working... if ripnetuk's was
16:06:11rasherNOT FAIR
16:06:23B4gderrasher is at #20
16:06:39rasherset up pisg
16:07:02rasherfor great justice
16:07:22rasherit even supports dancer logfile format
16:07:51BiptoriaWhre am i badger
16:08:35 Quit B4gder ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:09:07LinusNrasher: put up your source code so i can see it
16:09:21 Join B4gder [0] (
16:09:36rasheralright... it's literally just start_iriver_fw pasted into helloworld.c">
16:10:25rashersilly apache
16:10:53rasherthere's a txt as well if you don't want to download it just to view it :)
16:11:57rasherfunny thing is.. the only difference between this file and ripnetuk's, is that he changed the $Id line
16:15:08LinusNlooks ok to me
16:15:39rasherit just... hangs
16:16:18LinusNwith a blank screen?
16:16:41rasheror actually, hang on..
16:16:43LinusNdoes his plugin work?
16:16:48rasherit hung with "hello world"
16:16:50 Join DMJC [0] (
16:17:01rasherbecause I still had that in
16:17:19rasherI don't hope it does, because a diff only shows the $Id line
16:18:14rasheryes.. hangs with a blank screen
16:18:22LinusNmy guess is that it doesn't work because you need to reset a few other registers before starting the iriver firmware
16:18:31rashersounds likely
16:18:33LinusNlike stopping the timers
16:18:42rasherprobably not worth the bother
16:18:42LinusNdisabling dma interrupts etc
16:18:50rasheror your time :)
16:19:11 Quit Biptoria ("CGI:IRC")
16:19:14preglowin the meantime, i've got this dct32 for any interested takers...
16:20:03preglowLinusN: any new insights on the codec slot number issue?
16:20:20LinusNi don't care at the moment
16:20:20rasherguess I could commit this horrible flipit "fix"
16:20:25rasherbut it's pretty ugly
16:20:53HClwhats it with people who believe they can make peace by fighting people ?
16:21:03bobTHCfix a horrible thing by an ugly one ;)
16:21:08preglowHCl: stupidity?
16:21:13HClpreglow: maybe :/
16:21:22HCli had the "joys" of encountering an american who was in the army.
16:21:33HCli'll let you guess his iq ;/
16:22:21preglowsounds like you had a blast
16:22:55HCl :P
16:23:07HClhe ended up not being able to think of any counter arguments so started insulting
16:23:10HCl :P
16:23:37HClhe was trying to say something along the lines that deaths among iraq people couldn't be helped as much as deaths with the space shuttle accident
16:26:28*rasher ponders completing this artwiz font
16:26:42t0masAnybody knows a way to boot from IDE disk on a machine not being able to boot from IDE? :)
16:26:47t0masWith a floppy or something?
16:28:57bobTHCHCl >
16:29:11HCl :p
16:29:23HCli need to copy that one.
16:29:57HCli've seen it before
16:29:58HClits great :P
16:32:11bobTHCi love the "they want to destroy our great democracy with their cigats"
16:32:26 Quit B4gder ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:32:52HCl :P
16:32:55HClsame :P
16:34:05*preglow fights with acc0, acc1, acc2 and acc3
16:39:13preglowi do so love it when nothing makes sense
16:40:20preglowand i do so love when the docs don't correspons to reality
16:41:02ashridahreality? isn't that just an undocumented side effect of the big bang?
16:42:34 Quit t0mas ("brb")
16:42:41preglowwhatever it is, it doesn't correspond to motorola's docs
16:45:13 Part LinusN
16:46:18preglowoh, i am such a fucknut
16:46:41preglowmove along, nothing interesting here
16:47:48 Join tvelocity [0] (
16:49:20HCl :P
16:49:55preglowoh well
16:49:57 Join Zombiejeff [0] (
16:50:00preglowi hereby proclaim i have mastered the emac unit
16:50:18ashridah<motorola> we'll see about that
16:50:42*preglow sets mode +b motorola!*@*.com
16:50:53ashridah<cpu> receiveing orders from motorola...... going non-deterministic!
16:53:02 Join ferenczy [0] (
16:54:24 Quit DMJC ("Leaving")
16:54:53ashridahanyway, now that i've crushed a mac user's soul when he tried to disagree with me about something C-related at uni... i'm going to bed.
16:57:13 Quit ashridah ("sleep")
16:59:11 Join t0mas [0] (
17:01:37 Quit Zombiejeff ("CGI:IRC")
17:03:55 Quit tvelocity ("Leaving")
17:06:37MoosCamarohi t0mas
17:07:43 Quit bobTHC (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
17:17:21*rasher looks at license for this font
17:20:05 Quit cYmen ("*urks*")
17:28:53rasherexcellent.. I have a new font :)
17:31:42rashercomplete for iso-8859-15
17:35:10preglowexample image, please
17:35:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:35:28rasherwhat's an easy way to get a lot of characters displayed?
17:35:36rasherI guess I could make a .txt
17:35:41rasherhang on
17:40:04rasherhuh... viewer plugin crashed
17:41:25 Join austriancoder [0] (~austrianc@
17:41:30austriancoderhi all">
17:42:16thegeek .
17:42:29rasherweird, a pixel missing from and
17:42:40rasherwhen did I remove that, I wonder
17:43:06preglowa bit too square for my taste
17:43:24rasherit's very square :)
17:43:40rasherwhat the... where's that pixel going!?
17:44:13rasheroh, it's not
17:44:42 Join Stryke` [0] (~Chairman8@resnet-241-86.resnet.UMBC.EDU)
17:47:06 Join Bippy [0] (
17:51:41BippyHello !
17:52:17rasherstupid bdf fonts
17:52:35BippyIs it still not working with that font ?
17:54:58rasherdifferent font now :)
17:56:37 Join tvelocity [0] (
17:58:19Bippythats a nice font whats it called
17:58:30BippyCould i add fonts to the font folder in .rockbox ?
17:58:43rasherYes, indeed
17:58:53rasherI'll put it somewhere to download once I have this bug sorted out
17:58:54Bippyill add arial then
17:59:03rasheroh wait
17:59:13rasheryou need it in rockbox' own font format :)
17:59:30Bippyhow do i do that ? or cant i
17:59:45rasherwell first you convert it to .bdf, then you convert to .fnt :)
18:00:12preglowBippy: you can't use ordinary truetype fonts with rockbox without redrawing them yourselves
18:00:27BippySounds like to much work for a font
18:00:29preglowthey probably won't look good rendered at such a low resolution
18:00:40rasherthere are ways to convert ttf->bdf, but it's unlikely to be nice
18:04:23BippyRB comes out of USB mode faster than iriver
18:04:31Bippythats defo
18:04:44 Join Sucka [0] (
18:05:09 Join muz [0] (
18:05:11rasherit's great
18:05:18rasherI'd go insane if it was as slow
18:05:36muzhey rasher how can i get that snap font?
18:05:54rasherHang on :)
18:06:01rasherthere's a slight bug in it, trying to fix
18:06:03muzits really nice
18:06:23rasherNote that I didn't make it from scratch
18:06:27muzhey anyone here seen the new archos av700?
18:07:44 Join infernum [0] (
18:08:02infernumhi guys
18:08:08infernumanyone got an idea how can i turn av400 into linux ?
18:08:38infernumi've seen for the gmini400 but my friend told me there is a firmware for linux..
18:08:39infernumanyone ? :(
18:09:02muzohno tell me it wasnt the font
18:09:03infernumrasher any idea mate ? :/
18:09:13infernummuz ? :(
18:09:22rashermuz: bug's still there :-\
18:09:37muzinfernum: ive never heard of linus on the av400, the pma400 has linux i think
18:10:03infernumany chance the jukebox 5000/6000 might work ?
18:10:37infernumthats av320
18:10:42infernumim pretty certain av400 can run that also..
18:10:45infernumits more or less the same..
18:10:47infernumnobody knows ? ;/
18:11:30rasherI suggest you contact the linav team instead :)
18:11:36BippyJust try it, if it blows up, thats life
18:11:41infernumlol :(
18:18:17Bippyhas it blown up yet ?
18:24:12 Quit muz ("CGI:IRC")
18:24:47 Nick austriancoder is now known as austriancoder_aw (~austrianc@
18:25:50 Nick Sucka is now known as Sucka`zZzZz (
18:28:25infernumaint gonna try :/
18:28:34infernum* Topic is 'LinAV - | AV4XX incompatible | Problem? Wait around, we aren't here all day.'
18:29:27t0mas(c++ question)
18:29:38t0masI have a C app.. using fork() and pipe(){
18:29:50t0masand I would like to do the same in C++... using threads
18:29:58t0masand replace pipe() with some soft of stream
18:30:02t0masis that possible? :)
18:32:03preglowof course
18:32:09preglowbut you'll have to construct things differently
18:32:35t0mashow do I create that stream? :)
18:32:51preglowdunno, tons of options available
18:33:02t0masI have the threads and other things working... But can't find a way to make that stream :X
18:33:23preglowyou could of course just use a plain buffer
18:44:25 Join meshuga [0] (
18:44:46meshugaanyway to format the new hdd inside the archos casing?
18:44:52meshugai swapped hdds at a friends
18:44:56meshugaand cant find my screwdriver here
18:45:14Lynx_meshuga: windows or linux?
18:45:26meshugaeither one
18:45:30SeedI'd use a huge magnet :)
18:45:47Lynx_create the partition first...
18:47:12Lynx_with fdisk or some tool like that
18:50:33meshugawow this archos makes tons of noises
18:51:27meshugamaybe i just didnt tighten stuff down all the way..
18:53:02meshugaif i push in on the top i hear less vibrating
18:53:05meshugaso that must be it :)
18:53:07meshugayay it works!
18:53:11meshuganow to get rockbox on it :)
19:02:06 Nick Lynx_ is now known as Lynx_awy (HydraIRC@
19:06:24 Join cYmen [0] (
19:09:35meshugai think its possibly the charging unit thats making ruckus
19:09:52meshugai just bought this broke archos for $20 and slapped a hdd i ram'd a few months back in it :)
19:13:57 Join stevenm [0] (
19:14:15stevenmman some farker keeps taking my nick and it's annoying
19:14:28rasherfarking idiots
19:15:39preglowme out
19:15:43stevenmI don't know how it happens, even though it is registered. Every time.. I have to kick him off
19:16:30meshuganickserv doesnt force on freenode
19:16:45meshugai rarely register my own unless a channel requires it
19:17:36meshugahrm the charging unit is making horrible racket
19:18:04rashercan't you turn on forcing with nickserv?
19:18:58rasher /msg nickserv set secure on
19:19:13meshugawell there you have it :)
19:19:17rasherno, wait
19:19:46rasherset kill on
19:19:55rashersecure is just silly
19:25:00 Join Tang [0] (
19:25:10Tangi don't stay long
19:25:14Tang(very busy)
19:25:17rasherhi Tang
19:25:23Tanghi rasher
19:25:42Tangheard about the recent issues pandemy with Rbx and 1.65
19:25:51TangVery starnge
19:26:06Tanghard to understand how it can be linked with RBX
19:26:41Tangi give a link
19:27:54Tangissues with ogg for some
19:27:59Tangbut me it's with mp3
19:28:08Tang(dont testetd ogg anyway)
19:28:32rasherwhat the...
19:28:50 Nick Sucka`zZzZz is now known as Sucka (
19:30:17rashersame here o.O
19:31:25t0maswird problem Tang
19:31:42Tangscuse phone
19:31:51t0masrasher? what did you test?
19:32:02rasherIt's skipping oggs here
19:32:10rasherlet me see if unmodified works
19:32:20t0mas1.65 or 1.63?
19:32:23t0masEU or US?
19:32:36rasher1.65EU 11/02 bootloader skips oggs for me
19:33:08t0mas1.63 EU 11/02 bootloader works with ogg here
19:33:15t0masmaybe we should make a list somewhere?
19:33:23rasherthere is one
19:33:35t0masyeah, I know
19:33:41t0masbut I ment with just the OGG issue
19:34:12rasherlet me try with unmodified
19:34:22t0mas1.65 ?
19:34:25t0masworks :)
19:34:44t0masmine worked :)
19:34:50rasherthat's very annoying
19:35:01t0masbut I dongraded to 1.63 EU + Rbx because 1.65 was untested at that moment
19:35:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:36:55*rasher flashes
19:37:19rasherHaha, jesus
19:37:52rasherBeing tested positive for doping in the baseball league in usa gave a player 10 days punishment
19:37:55rasher10 DAYS
19:38:03rasherI'd have said 10 months possibly
19:38:38Tangi tested 1.65US and Eu
19:38:40Tangsame issue
19:38:51Tang(for rockboxed HEX)
19:39:07Tangand then i came back to 1.63(US or K)
19:39:10rasher1.65EU works.. 1.65EU rbx doesn't :-|
19:39:11Tangand still the issue
19:39:27Tangvery starnge ididn't thpuogt
19:39:30rasherdowngrading to 1.63 didn't help?
19:39:39Tangit can deregulate iRiver fw
19:39:45Tangi did
19:39:50Tangbut still the issue
19:40:01rasherthat's not right... :(
19:40:01Tangindeed it's ununderstandable
19:40:16Tangi'll make more test if i can
19:40:20Tangbut i'm very busy
19:40:33Tangsince i make a journey friday
19:40:52Tangdon't worry too much
19:40:56Tangmy iHp still work
19:41:01Tangbut some mp3 fails
19:41:15rashersounds unrelated I think
19:41:22Tanghowever i still can make up/downgrade
19:41:33Tangi think so too
19:41:43Tangbut i don't remeber the file failed before
19:42:27 Join _aLF [0] (
19:42:55TangDo you know some freeware for HD dignostic?
19:43:03Tang(FAT32 support of course)
19:43:18rasherlinux's fsck.vfat :) .. otherwise, no
19:43:49TangPS: I've adviced Rbx upgrade suspension at myfrench board...
19:44:07Tanghum under WinXp in fact?
19:45:15Tangthe ogg matter seems quite generalised
19:45:22Tangunlike my mp3 issue
19:45:31Tangno one heard about the
19:45:55rasherI don't know any for windows xp, sorry
19:45:56Tang"file not synced" message adressed to me by iRiver fw (with bootloader) throught main LCD?
19:46:07TangOkay thx rasher
19:46:17Tangnot a big isue i'll search
19:46:42Tangalso with some mp3 the LCD display nothing
19:47:05Tangand the remote LCD freeze (have to reboot iHP to erase the freezed display)
19:51:53MoosCamarohi Tang
19:52:02Tanghi moos
19:52:17*rasher flashes modified 1.63
19:53:17rasherplays oggs
19:53:32BippyIt plays oggs ?
19:53:57rasherYes. 1.63eu rockbox does .. 1.65eu rockbox doesn't, it seems
19:54:17Bippy:| awwwwww i have 1.65
19:54:26Bippyi dont have any oggs anyway
19:54:36rashertry playing an ogg with the iriver firmware
19:54:47rasherhm, get one:
19:55:08BippyWith the Iriver firmware, or rockbox?
19:57:24BippyYeh i have a direstraits album on it in ogg, i noticed that last night, it was my first boot back into iriver and i thought Rockbox had broken the sound, then i played a mp3 and they worked
19:58:29rasherso it is a very general and consistent problem
19:58:45rasherhappens to everyone
19:59:00Tangseems my issue is quite different no?
19:59:09Tangother issue with mp3?
19:59:48rashersounds like scandisk would help
20:00:20 Quit Bippy ("CGI:IRC")
20:00:21 Join Bippy [0] (
20:01:19Tangoki i dled many HD freware
20:01:31Tang(scandisk said allright)
20:01:33BippyTheres music playing and i dont know ehere its coming from
20:01:40Bippyive closed everything from my taskbar 1
20:01:49Bippyand ALt CTRL Delete
20:01:59rasherIt's me
20:02:11rasherI hacked your C: drive ^_^
20:02:29Tangi go
20:02:51BippyStop it please1
20:03:01Tangwish Linus solve this
20:03:09Bippywtf its playing good charlotte
20:03:40rasherWebpage with sound?
20:03:46Bippyi closed IE
20:03:54BippyThe only window open is thjis
20:04:05t0masBippy: your computer has a good taste :P
20:04:12t0masand maybe you should check your systray?
20:04:22stevenmsee whats there
20:04:23stevenmps -e
20:04:53stevenmkillall -9 mplayer ?
20:04:57 Quit Tang ("Chatzilla 0.9.66 [Mozilla rv:1.7.5/20041108]")
20:05:06t0masor just listen to it?
20:05:10Bippyohhhhhhhh its my MP3 player wtf
20:05:11t0masit's good music :P
20:05:33rasherHaha, excellent
20:05:35Bippyi didnt even turn it on i dont think :|
20:05:47t0masthat's a bug...
20:05:47Bippywait yeh i did i checked the ogg
20:05:54t0masthe hold switch isn't always working
20:06:25BippyLifestyles of the rich and the famous (8)
20:07:02*t0mas luistert naar: Good Charlotte - the Chronicles Of Life And Dea (3:03)
20:07:03rasherIs it an ogg, and does it play?
20:07:19rasheror did it just skip to that after trying to play an ogg?
20:07:35Bippywell now i know theres no Sorcery going on and i dont need holy water splashed over my computer ill contine my coursework
20:07:40BippyNo it wont play an ogg
20:07:57BippyI dont know how it got to Good charlotte
20:08:26BippyAnd theres an E between D and G so it should of gone to eminem first
20:08:39Bippytheres also an F
20:08:40rasherYour player doesn't like the Rap
20:08:57BippyYou can tell i didnt learn much in primary school
20:09:20t0masit doesn't follow the alfabet...
20:09:21BippyI dont even know my months properly and im 18 :|
20:09:38t0masit's following the iRiver-order
20:09:50BippyThats the order it shows it inm
20:10:44BippyI see you rasher, shakin that ass (8)
20:10:57*Bippy away
20:18:36BippySo rasher, hows the volcanoes doing :p
20:19:13rasherthe what?
20:19:39Bippy:| never mind
20:20:06*t0mas is going to replace his second hd :)
20:20:08 Quit t0mas ("brb")
20:29:53BippyI cant really see you shaking your ass, dont worry
20:30:30rasher that's good, because I'm not
20:32:56BippyErrrrr body in the clubs getting tipsy (8)
20:33:30CoCoLUSthat song is ranking 2nd in the worst. song. ever. list
20:33:34CoCoLUSafter the iriver jingle, of course
20:34:52Bippywhats your flava then
20:35:21CoCoLUSprogressive rock/metal
20:36:04BippyWell i like all music from Indie, Rap, to emo to country to pop
20:37:11rasherNot a bad word about the iRiver jingle! >:(
20:37:59Seedprogrock rulez ok
20:41:17BippyI actually like the iriver song, its a good tune
20:41:30BippyIts better than there Firmware anyway
20:42:05BippyLinkin Park are good, good linked with Jay Z aswell
20:43:37BippyRed sky at night, sheperds delight, tommorows gonna be a beautiful day
20:43:56 Join t0mas [0] (
20:44:12BippyHello t0mas
20:44:23t0masswapped :)
20:44:29Bippywell done
20:50:27 Quit stevenm ("Leaving")
21:04:11 Join stevenm [0] (
21:04:12 Quit Bippy ("CGI:IRC")
21:06:27stevenmRockbox has a function for seeking inside files, but what about getting the current file position ?
21:06:32stevenmfor plugin API I mean
21:07:37stevenmand, do you get an sprintf ?
21:14:04 Join asdsd_ [0] (
21:14:27rasherCan't you calculate that yourself? :)
21:14:53 Part asdsd_
21:15:29 Quit t0mas ()
21:15:46stevenmrasher, I would really really really really really rather not
21:15:52stevenmThe parser is somewhat complex
21:16:34stevenmit reads stuff in many different cases, many different places
21:16:57rasheryou know about docs/PLUGIN_API?
21:17:06stevenmit basically reads in a whole track, sees how much memory it would need, then seeks back to beginning of that track and reads it again
21:17:08stevenmfor real
21:17:14stevenm.. I do now... hmm
21:17:30rasherBut no, the function doesn't appear available
21:18:41rasheryou do have snprintf
21:19:27 Part MoosCamaro
21:20:03 Join t0mas [0] (
21:20:26t0masrivatuner is a nice tool...
21:20:47t0masbut radeons don't like mem clocks above 800 mhz...
21:24:44elinenbedoes the iriver have a RTC?
21:26:54rashernon-us h300 has
21:26:57elinenbeah blah....
21:27:13elinenbeI guess I better get one of those before they stop making them....
21:27:21rasherI think I read that us versions didn't, at least
21:27:27rasherfor whatever reason
21:27:34elinenbeit was a pain to get an ihp-1x0 as it was...
21:28:27rasheryeah, lots of people having problems
21:33:49 Quit t0mas ("brb - fucked up my screen again...")
21:35:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:36:34 Join t0mas [0] (
21:40:08stevenmSo how the heck do you get the current position in a file ?
21:40:34t0masdon't know
21:40:44 Quit infernum ()
21:42:16lolo-laptopUS and non-us H3x0 have RTC
21:42:36stevenmthey have to, for DRM
21:42:50lolo-laptopIt was thought that the intl one didn't have it because it didn't have a clock and the US did... but new firmware in 7 days will give clock to intl
21:42:56stevenmare we going to do anything about thatm by the way ?
21:44:25Rick<stevenm> So how the heck do you get the current position in a file ?
21:44:27Rickftell() ?
21:44:46Rickmight return position
21:44:50Rickdepending on how its done
21:45:28stevenmRick, what about detecting EOF
21:48:28 Join Strath [0] (
21:49:49amiconnstevenm: rockbox doesn't have seek(), it has lseek(). And yes, lseek() can tell you the position, without changing it
21:50:14amiconnpos = lseek(fd, 0, SEEK_CUR);
21:51:19stevenmamiconn, thanks !!
21:51:33t0mas"pop-ing" an array is taking the last added value and removing it right?
21:51:34amiconnAfaik the only way to detect EOF is when read() returns zero
21:51:35stevenmamiconn, what would be the posix equivalent of feof() ?
21:52:41rashert0mas: yes
21:52:50t0masok :)
21:52:59t0masso a LIFO queue?
21:53:17rasherwell if you add and pop, yes
21:56:49amiconnstevenm: You can also check for EOF by comparing the current position with the file length: len = filesize(fd);
21:57:25stevenmamiconn, thanks, that will work
21:59:25rasherbool feof(int fd) { return filesize(fd) < lseek(fd, 0, SEEK_CUR); } ^_^
22:00:10rashermore or less anyway
22:00:44 Join amiconn_ [0] (
22:00:55 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
22:00:56 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
22:01:28*preglow ties sleeves up and opens imdct_mcf5249.S
22:01:37amiconnrasher: There's a mistake (if I didn't goof):
22:01:44amiconnbool feof(int fd) { return filesize(fd) == lseek(fd, 0, SEEK_CUR); }
22:02:00rasherlooks more right
22:03:03stevenmamiconn, filesize?
22:03:06rasheroh right, mine was the wrong way round :)
22:03:49stevenmamiconn, plain non-rockbox GCC does not like filesize. hmm
22:04:05rasherset up a build-environment already :)
22:04:57stevenmrasher, I did.. but I want to get everything ported over to posix functions first
22:05:54rasherI guess you can use lseek and SEEK_END somehow
22:06:03stevenmI want to make sure each part works w/o segfaulting before I even try building it in the endv... last time that turned out REAL urly REAL fast
22:06:47rasherlseek(fd, 0, SEEK_END) should return the size of fd, shouldn't it?
22:07:45rasherof course, they you have to "rewind" afterwards
22:08:11rasherand first save the current position
22:08:15rasherfun fun fun
22:12:27amiconnstevenm: rockbox tries to resemble the low-level posix file functions, i.e. those using file descriptors. You won't find the f... functions like fopen() etc.
22:12:57amiconnOf course, rockbox implements only a subset
22:13:16 Quit austriancoder_aw ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.11")
22:13:23amiconnfilesize() is an exception, it's not posix
22:14:58amiconnThe full blown function would be fstat(), but that's not implemented in rockbox
22:15:29amiconnThe uisimulators need to simulate filesize(), and guess what they use....
22:18:03amiconnrasher: Btw, The old win32 sim implementation of filesize() used your idea, because windows doesn't have fstat()
22:18:21rasher priceless
22:18:37amiconnFortunately I found that windows has _filelength(), which resembles rockbox' filesize() ...
22:19:13amiconnSeeking back and forth may be costly with larger files
22:20:07*ferenczy is away: out of matrix
22:21:53amiconnrasher: look here:
22:23:20rasherthat version *was* a nasty hack
22:37:22 Quit Stryke` ("Friends don't let friends listen to Anti-Flag")
22:39:08 Quit stevenm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:11:13 Join matsl [0] (
23:17:24 Join webguest12 [0] (
23:18:40webguest12I am trying to set up a CygWin environment but seem to have a version issue with the rockbox cross compiler
23:19:26Bagderand what happens?
23:19:30rasherevening Bagder
23:20:28webguest12I can get the general environment up, but when I try to add the rockbox required packages the CygWin setup fails to download them properly
23:21:13Bagderwebguest12: what target?
23:21:42webguest12Windows Xp
23:21:48webguest12Iriver sorry
23:22:12Bagderand you follow the wiki guide?
23:22:22Bagderwhich says "These will not work for Rockbox, since the binutils version is too old"
23:22:44webguest12So what do I do?
23:22:49Bagderbuild your own
23:23:08webguest12thanks I will try
23:24:22webguest12Good work on rockbox, I have been following the IRC logs for a couple months waiting primarily for otf playlists and gapless.
23:24:58Bagderwe all wait for that!
23:25:11rashergetting closer all the time (some days more than others :)
23:25:14webguest12Might be a good idea to update the Cygwin page with the link to building the cross compiler
23:25:52Bagderwebguest12: please do
23:26:01Bagderit is a wiki
23:26:10webguest12Okay I will get my feet wet!
23:26:19Bagderthe more the merrier!
23:27:36 Quit Harpy (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:27:54*t0mas is going to bed :)
23:27:59 Quit t0mas ("good night")
23:31:12preglowif imdct_l in asm does not perform better, i will shoot myself in the head
23:31:39rasherplease don't
23:31:56preglowoh, it'll be a while until i find out
23:32:06Seedrasher: I put blanks in his gun
23:33:22rasheruh.. preglow
23:33:43rasherI'm getting a double-speed (at least) wav from mpa2wav
23:34:03preglowmpc2wav or mpa2wav?
23:34:14preglowjust making certain, cuz i had that problem with mpc2wav
23:34:44preglowi'll test it here again
23:34:49preglowwhat mp3?
23:35:02rasherlet me try and play the wav on my computer
23:35:10rasherthe product main theme.mp3 :)
23:35:34***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:35:49preglowghah, bloody farbrausch
23:35:53rasherit's the audio output code
23:35:55preglowno wonder it plays poorly, then
23:36:07preglowok, so it's not my code?
23:36:17rasherGuess not
23:36:39rasherat least, the wav plays fine with xmms
23:36:51preglowmy player just tossed an illinstr on mpa2wav
23:37:04rasherdidn't play right with audio test
23:37:09rashercuriouser and curiouser
23:38:04rasheroh wait
23:38:37preglowDUH, i copied a simulator .rock
23:39:06preglowi've got two trees, and picked the wrong one
23:39:19preglowi wonder if i should just start using one tree
23:39:25preglowit's so much simpler come commit time
23:39:41rasherI had the cpu set to 120MHz through the debug menu..
23:39:53rashernow trying again with 48mhz..
23:39:58 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
23:40:07rasherit crashed
23:40:19rasheroh well, the audio debug does that once in a while
23:40:42preglowdon't tell me if it's not my code, please ;)
23:40:54preglowi get nervous
23:40:54rasherit is not your code
23:41:43rashersetting the cpu-speed to 120mhz and then running the audio test sure confuses it
23:41:49 Join Nibbler [0] (
23:41:53rasherI wonder if that's what happened to you as well
23:42:09preglowlemme check
23:42:29rashermaybe a cpu_boost(false) that never happened or something?
23:42:37rasherwould explain the elusiveness of the bug
23:42:54preglowahh, i like flacs decoding speed
23:43:03preglowso close to perfectly usable with more or less no effort
23:43:28rasherdo the 2wav plugins boost?
23:43:45preglowbut they don't compensate for lossy codec boost either
23:44:49*rasher tries audio test at 11mhz
23:44:55rasherthis should be amusing
23:45:27rasherexcept not
23:45:35rasherit exploded
23:46:08preglowit does not compensate for speed, no
23:46:10preglowthat it does not
23:46:20rasheroh well, at least you know, if you get double (more like tripple I guess) speed from "audio test", you're probably runnin 120mhz :)
23:46:23 Quit webguest12 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
23:46:43preglowit hangs at 42mhz, now
23:46:45preglowbut yes
23:46:48preglowit's not perfect
23:46:49preglowwe know that
23:47:18rasherprobably irelevant
23:48:21rashernow if I could get this font editor to do what I wanted
23:48:38 Quit lolo-laptop ("Client exiting")
23:49:49rasherbut apparently I can't
23:53:17Bagder :-)
23:54:40rasherI think the script may have some more serious issues :-\
23:55:00rasheractually no
23:55:13rasherjust needs a special case for "no album tag"
23:55:54rasherBut they should all get grouped together in the album view... but when you go artist > no album tag, you shouldn't get all files
23:55:57Bagderpossibly "no album tag [artist]"
23:56:37rasherand then the viewer should remove that when you're in artist view
23:56:57Bagderyes it could
23:57:45 Join asdsd_ [0] (

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