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#rockbox log for 2005-05-01

00:00:17[IDC]DragonBagder: is there a way to find out why a .o module got included?
00:01:46BagderI guess the map file could be used for that?
00:03:06[IDC]Dragonafaik it contains no xref
00:03:40*rasher catches the digital flow
00:03:44[IDC]Dragonbut the first part is weird, a function in brackets behind each module
00:04:20dwihnomaj maj måne, jag kan lura dig till skåne!
00:04:49[IDC]Dragoncould be the first reference, yes
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00:12:41[IDC]Dragonconfirmed, it is
00:13:03[IDC]Dragonnow it links properly, thanks Bagder!
00:13:45[IDC]Dragonthis Rockbox variant is ~28 kB
00:13:59[IDC]Dragon(ucl file size)
00:14:24Bagdercurrent CVS bootloader.bin for iriver is 41692
00:14:47Bagderor so
00:14:48[IDC]Dragonbin, I guess
00:15:13[IDC]Dragonmy binary is 46654
00:15:27[IDC]Dragonbut already includes a bit more, like USB
00:22:16[IDC]Dragonit still doesn't like multiple definitions
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00:26:11*[IDC]Dragon says goodnight
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01:25:06t0mashm... I have to re-checkout the sources when I switch form anonymous to write access right?
01:26:48rasheryes, that's the easiest way
01:26:54rasherthe only real way
01:29:19t0maschar *ptr;
01:29:26t0maschar test[6] = "Tomas";
01:29:33t0masptr = &test[2];
01:29:38t0masdoesn't work?
01:30:17rasher[blank stare]
01:32:43t0mashm... does work :)
01:32:49t0masit segfaulted on the next line
01:34:28coobptr = &test + 2; perhaps
01:37:56t0mascould work too... but the ptr = &test[2]; worked too...
01:38:07t0masthe problem was in trying to use it as a string...
01:38:25t0masis it ok to commit a "work in progress" ?
01:38:33Bagderplease don't
01:38:40t0mashm... it builds without problems
01:38:59coob'it compiles, ship it!'
01:39:06t0masala microsoft :P
01:39:07Bagderpeople will jump on it and we'll get questions and...
01:39:50t0masI'll write a wiki page about it tomorrow... and put the link in the commit message...
01:40:08rasheras soon as you hit a "first properly working version" I'd say commit
01:40:19t0maswell... you can lookup words with it
01:40:37t0masbut it wraps lines in the middle of a word... things like that :)
01:40:37rasherdoes it blow up?
01:40:49Bagderand ptr = &test[2] should work
01:41:06t0maswell... actually... it will blow up as you started using it right now...
01:41:25t0masbecause nobody knows how to create datafiles for it :)
01:41:41t0masSo I'll first put that in wiki... and then commit it... saves a lot of questions here
01:42:11rasherI think I could create a Danish datafile
01:42:30rasherI believe the work to produce ispell dictionary has a version with explanations
01:42:30t0mashm... have a link to your sources?
01:42:48rasherhang on
01:43:07Bagderwe could upload a set of prebuilt files in the wiki later on
01:43:24t0mashm... not sure if that's allowed with my sources
01:43:30Bagderah, right
01:43:37Bagderit depends on the licenses of the source files
01:44:04t0maswell the license is like this: "Download it, and do whatever you want, but don't hotlink and redistribute"
01:44:04rashernot sure about license
01:44:15rasherthat's a bummer
01:44:34rasherthe last bit
01:44:54rasherthe danish thing is gpl
01:45:00t0masyes, but I found another source :)
01:45:41t0masPermission to use, copy, modify and distribute this software and
01:45:41t0masdatabase and its documentation for any purpose and without fee or
01:45:41t0masroyalty is hereby granted, provided that you agree to comply with
01:45:41t0masthe following copyright notice and statements, including the disclaimer,
01:45:41t0masand that the same appear on ALL copies of the software, database and
01:45:42***Alert Mode level 1
01:45:42t0masdocumentation, including modifications that you make for internal
01:45:44t0masuse or for distribution.
01:46:08t0masSo we can redistribute that... but we have to include the notice..
01:46:08rashersounds good
01:46:49t0maswell... I'll email them if it's ok to include the license in a separate file... as the converted datafiles are binary
01:47:01Bagder"FreeDict - for free bilingual dictionaries" <=
01:47:29t0masis that GPL?
01:48:44t0masand is their format documented?
01:49:01BagderEnglish -> Hungarian, contains 4 words ;-)
01:49:29t0masah, I found a perl lib for it...
01:49:34t0masso conversion should be possible..
01:49:59rasherdoesn't look like this Danish thing has explanations anyway
01:50:11rashercould've sworn
01:53:13t0masnice idea
01:54:32t0masdoes rockbox support unicode?
01:54:32rasherwhile(!morning); sleep();
01:54:48t0masI would remove that ; between while() and sleep()
01:55:09t0masor you go to sleep in the morning... and spent the night in a loop :P
01:55:43***Alert Mode OFF
01:56:20rasherisn't it that I go to sleep and continue to do?
01:57:49t0maswhile(!morning) sleep();
01:58:04t0masis continue to sleep() until it's morning
01:58:22MoosCamarot0mas:, hey good psychocognitf db
01:59:12MoosCamaroi did 3 years of psycho in university of Paris
02:00:16t0masah ok
02:00:20MoosCamarovery good laboratory
02:00:30MoosCamarovery serious
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02:09:21MoosCamarogood night all
02:09:39MoosCamarogood luck t0mas
02:09:59t0masgonna sleep too...
02:10:11t0masI'll write some info about the conversion tomorrow :)
02:10:20t0masand "test" that on the irc channel first :)
02:10:46 Part MoosCamaro
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02:27:54CocoToniI am having problems with rockbox 2.4 on Archos jukebox recorder 20 when the battery is fully discharged
02:28:35CocoToniThe rockbox doesn't boot any more, even when I connect to the charger. I get some weird registries and HDD problem.
02:29:06CocoToniHappened twice already. I have to remove rockbox, and re-install it. Later it works again.
02:29:37 Quit Sucka ("a bird in the bush is worth two in your house")
02:30:00CocoToniAny suggestions on why and how can I prevent this?
03:26:26 Part CocoToni
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05:09:35telliottWhere do I get the files to make a compatible song database for the new daily builds?
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06:33:33msychkanyone think they can answer a question for me?
06:33:38msychk2 actually
06:33:55ashridahcan't hurt to ask
06:34:24msychk1. whats the maximum length of an .mp3 that the recorder can play with rockbox?
06:35:36ashridahhrm. i don't know personally, i'm here because of the iriver development. someone else will almost certainly know when they wake up enough to check here tho.
06:37:05msychkok - got one more for you, also concerning the recorder - why does rockbox support pressing off a few times to shut down as opposed to just holding down the off button. it says that it makes it "safer
06:37:13msychk.... sorry...
06:37:51ashridahhrm. 'safer' is probably because it's easy to lean constantly on a button, but harder to press it distinctly several times.
06:37:51msychk"safer" which implies that the other way (holding down off) is inherently "unsafe." whats the deal?
06:38:50ashridahi'm not sure where the off button is on a recorder, so i have no idea if that's actually the case, tho.
06:39:02msychkwell both shut the recorder off equally, so i was thinking that it was a hardware issue
06:39:30msychkinsomuch that holding down off was deemed unsafe by the guys at rockbos somehow
06:39:59msychkyou know where i might find the answers to these and other pressing issues?
06:39:59ashridahyou'd have to ask someone who's worked with rockbox on the recorder for that one too then, i'm afraid.
06:40:08ashridahwhen people are awake
06:40:36msychki heard that theres a backlog or something or these transcripts or emails or something...
06:41:46ashridahthere's irc logs, and mailing list archives. not sure if they're searchable, however.
06:42:22msychkhmm i guess ill wait and come here again
06:42:39ashridahmm. give it a few hours. people should be up and about by then.
06:42:58msychkoh well not a really big issue obviously but id like to know.
06:43:27msychka few hours? wouldnt that make it 'more' in the middle of the night?
06:43:32msychkwhere are you guys
06:43:41ashridahnot in europe or australia. :)
06:43:46msychkor, the guys that may have an answer
06:44:00ashridaha large chunk of the core development team comes from europe
06:44:24 Join asdsd_ [0] (
06:44:40msychkhuh i did not know that
06:44:51msychkwell i guess ill check back later sometime
06:45:30 Quit asdsd_ (Client Quit)
06:45:39msychkthanks ill be back
06:45:40 Quit msychk ("CGI:IRC")
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12:34:42MoosCamaroHi guys
12:50:16 Join Sucka [0] (
12:53:03MoosCamarohi HCl
13:07:57t0masin cygwin... I still get this error:
13:07:59t0masMAKE in libwavpack
13:07:59t0masCC bits.c
13:07:59t0masIn file included from bits.c:33:
13:07:59t0maswavpack.h:497: error: syntax error before '->' token
13:07:59t0maswavpack.h:519: error: syntax error before '->' token
13:08:00***Alert Mode level 1
13:08:00***Alert Mode level 2
13:08:00t0maswavpack.h:521: error: syntax error before '->' token
13:08:02t0maswavpack.h:525: warning: type defaults to `int' in declaration of `value'
13:08:04t0maswavpack.h:525: error: `bs' undeclared here (not in a function)
13:08:06t0maswavpack.h:525: warning: data definition has no type or storage class
13:08:08t0maswavpack.h:527: error: syntax error before '->' token
13:08:10t0maswavpack.h:529: error: syntax error before '->' token
13:09:44HClcurrent cvs?
13:09:53preglowit's not the code
13:10:00preglowyour compiler is somehow fucked
13:10:09t0masgcc version 3.3.1 (cygming special)
13:10:33t0masit complained about it a few weeks ago... but then I just removed libwavpack from the makefile...
13:11:18t0masConfigured with: /GCC/gcc-3.3.1-3/configure −−with-gcc −−with-gnu-ld −−with-gnu-as −−prefix=/usr −−exec-prefix=/usr −−sysconfdir=/etc −−libdir=/usr/lib −−libexecdir=/usr/sbin −−mandir=/usr/share/man −−infodir=/usr/share/info −−enable-languages=c,ada,c++,f77,pascal,java,objc −−enable-libgcj −−enable-threads=posix −−with-system-zlib −−enable-nls −−without-included-gettext −−enable-interpreter −−enable-sjlj-exceptions −−disable-version-specific-run
13:11:18t0mastime-libs −−enable-shared −−disable-win32-registry −−enable-java-gc=boehm −−disable-hash-synchronization −−verbose −−target=i686-pc-cygwin −−host=i686-pc-cygwin −−build=i686-pc-cygwin
13:11:41preglowtry a new gcc, i think you're the only one with problems
13:12:47t0masConfigured with: ../gcc-3.4.3/configure −−target=m68k-elf −−prefix=/usr/local/m68k −−enable-languages=c
13:12:47t0masgcc version 3.4.3
13:12:48t0masthat one?
13:16:51t0mas3.4.3 gives the same error
13:17:55t0masand nobody else has it :X
13:18:01***Alert Mode OFF
13:18:40Slasherit0mas: Hmm, in wavpack.h there should be no more than 330 lines (at least in the current cvs version)
13:18:58*t0mas checks with an editor
13:19:31t0maserr... I got 658 lines in wavpack.h
13:19:54rasherthat has 329 lines here
13:19:54SlasheriInteresting.. This is the last line I have: int WavpackGetReducedChannels (WavpackContext *wpc);
13:20:34t0masint WavpackGetReducedChannels (WavpackContext *wpc);
13:20:38rashernuke the dir and checkout again
13:20:47t0masthat's line 657 here...
13:20:57t0masso I guess it's a lineend problem
13:24:55t0mashm... I have a version from cvsview now.. wich is 329 lines...
13:25:11t0masso I'll see what that does :)
13:26:42 Join TCK [0] (
13:28:22t0masok, someone fucked up the line-ends in wavpack I think?
13:28:35t0masas my unpack.c is a lot longer than the viewcvs version too...
13:28:52rasher interesting?
13:32:14SlasheriHmm. I just opened the wavpack.h with hexedit and it seems that the file has windows-style line endings "\r\n"
13:32:26SlasheriMaybe that is the problem
13:33:59t0masyes, that's what I said
13:34:05Slasherit0mas: try dos2unix wavpack.h
13:34:12t0masalready did :)
13:34:14t0masit works now
13:34:19Slasheriah, great :)
13:34:30*t0mas prods Bagder
13:34:43t0masCan I commit the changed version? with just linux line-ends?
13:35:09*rasher finds which files have crlf line terminators
13:35:32rasherthat's a whole bunch :-O
13:35:46rasherall (most, at least) of libwavpack
13:36:39t0masok hexeditor... what's a CR and what's LF?
13:36:42rashera few lang files, a few plugins, some bits in /firmware
13:36:44preglowi thought we were supposed to change as little as possible
13:36:59preglowin the codecs, at least
13:37:02rasherwell if it causes problems
13:37:08Slasherit0mas: 0x0d and 0x0a
13:37:16t0masok, then I found CR LF too :)
13:37:17rasherbut I'd wait as well
13:37:26t0masyeah, I'll wait for Bagder
13:37:52t0masI guess it's my cvs client wich doesn't like the CRLF
13:38:01rashersounds like some part of your build env doesn't like it at least
13:38:22t0maswell... my guess is that my client changes LF to CRLF
13:38:29t0maswich would become CRCRLF here
13:38:41t0masand that way... add an extra line
13:38:45rasherwhat the.. what kind of cvs client are you using?
13:39:04rasherwhy not use the cygwin one?
13:39:21rasherhaha, all the CVS/Root files are detected by "file" as "shell archive or script for antique kernel text"
13:39:46t0mashm... not sure if it is this... I'll checkout with the cygwin one
13:39:51t0masand see if the error returns :)
13:40:04rasherwell cvsnt is buggy then
13:43:05 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
13:46:30t0masfound it :)
13:46:42t0masit was cvsnt set to use linux line-ends
13:46:55t0masit chokes on windows line-ends when it's set to linux
13:47:13rasherwhy would it even touch them?
13:47:31t0masdon't know
13:47:48*t0mas moves the cygwin cvs.exe in his path :)
13:54:05t0mashm... found it
13:54:23t0masit's normal for a client to convert line-ends to what's standard on the platform it's working on
13:54:50rashersounds mad
13:54:59t0masand normally a unix CVS server should output all files with LF-only
13:55:05t0masexcept for binary files
14:03:22 Quit Seed (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:15:47 Join Aison [0] (
14:25:17t0masif(rb->strlen(string) < some_int) {
14:25:43t0maswarning: comparison between signed and unsigned
14:25:51t0masif((int)rb->strlen(string) < some_int) {
14:25:57t0masis that an ok way to fix it?
14:26:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:28:15 Part preglow
15:09:11coobstrlen usually returns size_t..
15:09:28coobdon't know about the rb api stuff though
15:09:34rasherit does
15:11:25t0masyes, the casting to int worked :)
15:22:36t0masis there a define for the /.rockbox/ folder?
15:22:42t0masor should I just hardcode it?
15:25:06Bagderin ./apps/settings.h
15:25:56 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
15:26:02Bagderfind . -name "*.h" | xargs grep .rockb
15:26:09Bagdera good-to-use line
15:26:09 Join ashridah [0] (
15:32:11t0massimple explaination on how it should work...
15:43:13 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
15:54:08*t0mas is away now :)
15:54:20 Quit t0mas ("see you all tomorrow")
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16:43:50 Join bagawk [0] (~Lee@bagawk.user)
16:48:21 Join DL [0] (
16:48:27DLHi all
16:49:06DLwas wondering... anyone has H110 around ?
16:49:16bagawkNot me
16:49:25DLi suppose so :)
16:49:33bagawkBagder does I think
16:49:52DLi tried to build the bootloader but i'm not very confident it'll work ...
16:50:03bagawkCheck the md5's...
16:50:03DLjust wanted to know if anyone made it work on a h110
16:50:16DLaye but md5 sums are for H120
16:50:19DLi use H110
16:50:32bagawkShould be the same
16:50:42DLnot same firmware
16:50:44bagawk(inless iriver used different firmware
16:50:49DLso can't be same md5
16:51:07bagawkI would not risk it
16:51:17DLLinus told me it should work after i sent him the schematics of my opened player
16:51:29DLyet, as you said i think it's a bit risky atm
16:51:37DLso my question to know if anyone tried :)
16:51:47bagawkCan you recover on the units yet?
16:51:55DLwhat way ?
16:52:17DL<−− dumb french, out of knowledge on some expressions :)
16:52:30bagawkLike on the archos units, you can make a serial mod to recover the flash
16:52:44DLi don't think so, else i would try without problem
16:52:58DLi think if it refuses to load... then you're good to throw it to can
16:53:16DLthere's the reset of course... but i doubt this will work there
16:53:21DLaye as you said
16:53:24bagawkLet someone else do it first LOL
16:53:31bagawkTime to eat
16:53:32*DL nods
16:53:38DLhave good lunch
16:53:39 Quit bagawk ("Leaving")
16:55:40rasheryou'd have to send it to linus really
16:55:52DLthe new firmwar e?
16:56:05rasheryour player, if it broke
16:56:25DLlol i don't think he'd like to be bothered with that anytimes someone tries :)
16:56:46rasherwell, then he could test it as well
16:56:57DLproblem is i'm not sure of differences between H110 and H120 firmware
16:57:20DLif i was sure i can use for ex. H120 firmware on my H110, problem would be solved
16:57:44DLi heard it's just some functions that are on H110 and not on other (like HDD format from the player)
16:57:55DLif that's just that, should be ok indeed
16:58:04rasherwell for one, there's less ram in h110
16:58:51DLif you say so... but shouldn't influe on the firmware in a big way should it ?
17:00:52rasherProbably not
17:01:02rasherat least not the bootloader part I guess
17:01:09*DL nods
17:01:45DLi'm searching if anyone tried to put a h120 normal firmware on h110
17:01:53DLsurely someone has done that or tried :p
17:07:58 Join bagawk [0] (~Lee@bagawk.user)
17:12:11DLfound an answer from Linus searching the web and falling back on irc logs
17:12:30DLit may be supported, but not with actual bootloader due to memory difference
17:12:35DLat least it's an answer :)
17:13:26DLmaybe it should be of use to put in on the iriver page no ? just a guess
17:13:48rasherSure, go ahead
17:14:24DLk i'll do that then
17:14:58DLsince it's written it works with H100 family... may confuse ppl if it's only parts of the family :)
17:27:50bagawkTime to go
17:27:58DLsame here - cya
17:28:01 Quit bagawk ("Leaving")
17:28:08 Quit DL ("CGI:IRC")
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19:04:23 Join Stryke` [0] (~Chairman8@resnet-241-86.resnet.UMBC.EDU)
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20:28:26 Join t0mas [0] (
20:28:59t0masnice... this webclient
20:32:33amiconnBugs are us... :(
20:34:32amiconnYes, at least 3 bugs
20:35:08t0masin what?
20:35:38amiconn(1) Playlist handling when switching shuffle on/off after stopping, then resuming.
20:36:06amiconn(2) Settings are not saved when you don't leave the menu before shutdown
20:36:28amiconn(3) (Ondio) MMC activity symbol active at all times in recording screen
20:37:38amiconn(1) is really strange; on the archos recorder it depends on how you switch shuffle on/off
20:38:25amiconnIt happens when you switch it from the menu (this is the only way on Ondio and player, so the bug hits there always), but doesn't happen when you switch from the F2 quickscreen
20:38:51amiconnBugs verified by my best bug reporter/tester
20:47:00amiconn(2) Is understandable, but can be annoying on Ondio and player. On recorder v1 it's no problem because you need to leave the menu anyway in order to shutdown safely
20:48:52amiconnI don't know how this works out on iriver, but I guess it's the same
20:52:16 Quit StrathAFK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:59:31t0masamiconn? can you "spell check" my wiki page?
21:01:11amiconnNow I know why (1) happens. Seem it is easier to fix than I thought
21:02:49amiconnt0mas: " Topic is locked by another user"
21:03:54amiconnAnyway, I merely found one: "interesting"
21:07:30HClits hot
21:07:57 Quit asdsd__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:09:08 Join asdsd__ [0] (
21:12:21rasher haha
21:12:26t0masamiconn: what did you find?
21:12:42amiconn[21:03:54] <amiconn> Anyway, I merely found one: "interesting"
21:13:32t0masaaah wait
21:13:35rasherrdf should be rockbox dictionary format, shouldn't it?
21:13:41rasheroh, it is
21:13:44t0masI read that as: "I didn't find any intresting mistakes"
21:13:46rasher xxx2rdf 0% Conversion from other formats to the rockbox database format
21:13:49rasherexcept there
21:14:08 Quit hubbel ()
21:14:08rasherand a few other places :)
21:14:11amiconnt0mas: intresting => interesting
21:14:15rasherall in the todo table
21:16:41t0masdatabase and dictionary is something like Linus and Linux
21:17:00t0masI start typing it once... and continue to do so the whole day :P
21:17:13rasherdict2rdf = Portable jargon file!
21:18:53rasherand v.e.r.a. and..
21:19:09rasherwhat's the format of dict files?
21:19:20t0masI'm working on the text formatting thing.. Slasheri wrote the conversion tools
21:19:28t0masit's not that difficult...
21:19:30rasherfor dict as well?
21:19:38t0masgunzip them (dict)
21:19:46rasherwill do
21:19:47t0masthen you have an index you can just delete
21:19:49rasherwill perl do?
21:19:59*t0mas doesn't know perl
21:20:02t0masbut you can try
21:20:16t0masthere is a datafile...
21:20:26t0masrename it to .gz
21:20:29t0masand gunzip that too
21:20:39t0masthen you have a plain text file...
21:20:50rasherI'll get right to it
21:21:02t0masonly problem: we don't have multi line support in the viewing plugin yet... it just wraps on spaces
21:21:05rasher(as soon as this 6mb file has downloaded)
21:21:14t0masso you have to put everything on one line
21:21:23rashera pox on this internet connection
21:21:32rashertthat's the most sane way to do it anyway
21:21:37t0masat home I have just 1600/512
21:21:41rasheroh, except for paragraphs
21:21:48rasheryou lucky bastard
21:21:56rasher256/256 here
21:21:57t0mashere it's 10 mbit
21:22:09rashernot listening
21:22:30t0masbut ion archos it would be stupid to use multi lines...
21:23:31rashersome sort of symbiosis between viewer and your plugin would be cool
21:24:07rasherso that you'd get the viewer when you opened a word
21:24:56rasherif it was possible to open pllugins from a plugin, you could write the description to a temp file and open the viewer with that file as argument :D
21:25:51t0masthat would be nice...
21:26:22t0masJonasHaeggqvist == rasher? :)
21:26:23 Quit coob (Remote closed the connection)
21:26:35rashershould be open now
21:26:53rasheruh.. this dict-jargon is a huge xml file
21:26:55 Join coob [0] (
21:27:00t0masI remembered another todo thing
21:29:45t0mashave you checked the website?
21:29:57rasherfreedict != dict
21:30:39t0masthat and freedict are both usable?
21:30:54t0mason the dict site... there is a link to freedict...
21:31:46rasherfurther down
21:31:51rasherhas "DICT databases"
21:32:04rasherI'm guessing that's what I have
21:33:33rasherah, they have a xslt stylesheet to transform into raw text
21:33:34rasherhow handy
21:33:59t0masbut in dict format
21:34:08rasheroh ah
21:34:18rasherapparently I have a newer version of jargon
21:34:22t0masah ok
21:34:50t0masis the one on the dict site
21:35:03rasherI got 4.4.4 from debian
21:35:18t0masah... the dict version?
21:35:32t0masas the dict format is plain text afaik... not XML
21:36:41HClmmm, gnuboy for my new phone
21:37:10*t0mas is leaving again :)
21:37:28t0masrasher: if you get some script to work
21:37:42 Quit t0mas ("c ya tomorrow")
21:39:41 Join mrelwood [0] (
21:39:41rasherdoing this in awk is soooo tempting
21:39:48rasherI'll see about perl though
21:40:30mrelwoodhas anyone dug into the recording glitch of the iRiver?
21:40:46 Quit asdsd__ (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:41:32 Join asdsd__ [0] (
21:42:11 Quit coob (Remote closed the connection)
21:42:14 Join elwood [0] (
21:42:27 Join Strath [0] (
21:42:36 Part asdsd__
21:42:45 Join coob [0] (
21:42:45 Quit mrelwood (Client Quit)
21:48:17 Join hyarion_ [0] (
21:53:23HClis it odd to always tweak any hardware you own to the maximum?
21:54:13thegeekit's geeky
21:54:14thegeekand fun
21:55:26HCl*downloads software and updates for his new smartphone8
21:56:55HCli arranged my dad to get a new phone and subscription
21:56:55thegeekI've considered it
21:56:57HClit turned out
21:56:59thegeekbut I don't really have the need
21:56:59 Quit coob (Remote closed the connection)
21:57:01thegeekgoing for a pda instead
21:57:02HClthat the phone was too complicated for him
21:57:06HClso we traded phones
21:57:20*HCl already has the pda :)
21:57:31*HCl thinks he's going for a new tv, lavalamp, and fan soon
21:57:34 Join coob [0] (
21:57:36thegeekwhat pda?
21:57:39HClzaurus 5500
21:57:42thegeekI'm getting an axim x50v
21:59:25thegeekI've been on a mad shopping spree lately
21:59:38thegeekdell 2005fpw 20" widescreen lcd
21:59:47thegeeklogitech driving force pro wheel
21:59:51thegeekaxim x50v
21:59:52HCloh, you got that one?
21:59:57thegeeknot yet
22:00:06thegeekI've ordered it though
22:00:31thegeekthey are having some delivery problems
22:00:47thegeekbut I got the order in, with a nice 25% off too
22:02:41 Quit hyarion (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:03:49HClsmartphone is slightly icky
22:03:53HCli hate the telecom business.
22:03:59HClthey always try to screw you over to get money :/
22:05:10 Join StrathAFK [0] (
22:11:15 Join webguest33 [0] (
22:11:29webguest33hey all
22:12:06webguest33have any people noticed their Iriver crashing with 1.63 modified firmware and 25 apr rockbox code base
22:13:34 Join asdsd___ [0] (
22:13:37 Part asdsd___
22:20:15 Join Tang_ [0] (
22:21:09 Quit Strath (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:21:41MoosCamarohi Tang
22:21:49MoosCamarotu va bi1?
22:22:40Tang_salut Moos
22:22:43Tang_ca av?
22:22:51Tang_Moi oui tranquil
22:23:03Tang_in english
22:23:11MoosCamaroprivate me
22:23:13Tang_i thoughjt in was in private
22:26:40***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:30:27HClwebguest33: no. have you used a cvs bootloader?
22:36:43 Join asdsd____ [0] (
22:52:13 Quit Tang_ ("Chatzilla 0.9.66 [Mozilla rv:1.7.5/20041108]")
22:52:13 Quit asdsd____ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:58:32webguest33no i got the bootloader from the mistic river forum
22:58:47webguest33someone had posted it online the compiled binary
23:00:01webguest33my iriver crashes sometimes when loading the old version of the firmware
23:00:05webguest33ie non rockox
23:00:12webguest33whilst starting up
23:09:50 Quit webguest33 ("CGI:IRC")
23:11:09 Join Tang_ [0] (
23:18:07 Join matsl [0] (
23:22:23elwoodany info on the iRiver recording glitch, can it be avoided?
23:22:40 Quit thegeek (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
23:22:48 Join thegeek [0] (
23:25:54 Join ashridah [0] (
23:32:50Tang_bye all :)
23:33:23 Quit Tang_ ("Chatzilla 0.9.66 [Mozilla rv:1.7.7/20050414]")
23:36:55 Join ferenczy [0] (
23:43:56HCljerk flatmates.
23:44:18HClwhen they knock something over, they suddenly think its fine to kick it around the livingroom
23:44:18 Join ehntoo [0] (
23:44:20HClespecially when its not their stuff.
23:44:25HClthey're SO social.
23:44:32HCli really really really need to move.
23:44:43HClwhere there are actually NICE people.
23:44:57HClmaybe its just males -.-
23:46:30 Join asdsd____ [0] (
23:46:56 Part asdsd____
23:49:33MoosCamarocall a friend
23:49:41HCli don't have any :P
23:49:47HClnot in the netherlands anyways.
23:49:55HClmarkun, but yea.
23:50:05HCli dunno.
23:50:14HCli'll probably retreat to my room sometime soon and light incense and watch anime.
23:51:11MoosCamarowhat time is it in Netherlands?
23:51:19HCl11:51 pm
23:51:34MoosCamaroo here too
23:51:37rasherI'd die living with other people
23:52:08rasherwell, at least the kind of people likely to be in a dorm-type flat thingy
23:52:16HClrasher: lol.
23:52:17HClrasher: why?
23:52:25HClrasher: i'd get rather lonely without other people..
23:52:43HCleven if they're jerks, its better than nothing :/
23:52:49rasher*shrug*, most people get on my nerves
23:52:58rasherI'd rather have no jerks than jerks
23:52:59HCli know what you mean.
23:53:04HCli dunno...
23:53:18HClthey're not jerks all of the time.
23:53:29HCllike. some are jerks 90% of the time, others are jerks 20% of the time..
23:53:50HClbut pretty much all of them are antisocial and barely leave their room.
23:54:31*HCl goes to try to flash his new phone..
23:54:34HCli hate flashing stuff.
23:55:13*Sucka flashes HCl in public
23:57:10MoosCamaroHCl: what's about your search?engine
23:57:23 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")

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