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#rockbox log for 2005-05-06

00:00:21amiconnthegeek: No hold button, and few buttons in general
00:00:24LinusNpreglow: up for a test?
00:00:35preglowLinusN: of course
00:00:39thegeekthat sucks;)
00:01:03amiconnl/r/u/d, with r doubling as 'play', a mode button, and an on/off button
00:01:12LinusNin crt0.S change the %cacr write from 0x80000000 to 0x80000300
00:01:27LinusNthis changes the default cache settings from off to on
00:01:41LinusNin case i screwd up the ACRx settings
00:01:56*rasher crosses any available limb
00:02:34LinusNthe %acr0 setting *looks* ok, but...
00:03:40thegeekLinusN : you getting a h320 == you making a bootloader for it?
00:03:58LinusNthat's the plan
00:04:31thegeekdid you use your own money?
00:04:33LinusNdon't hold your breath though, i'm a very busy man
00:04:33thegeekif so
00:04:41LinusNi used the donated money
00:04:54thegeekI mean
00:04:55DBUGEnqueued KICK thegeek
00:05:27preglowLinusN: same results
00:06:02preglowi don't really expect the cache settings to be wrong
00:06:10LinusNme neither :-)
00:06:26LinusNis the source still on your web server?
00:06:33preglowi _really_ noticed a difference back when you switched it on
00:07:14LinusNgreat, i might have a look next time i'm running the bdm
00:07:21LinusNgotta go now
00:07:28 Part LinusN
00:08:07amiconnBagder: For the FM/v2, holding 'On' could work. This has no function in the browser, and in the wps this calls the pitch screen, which shouldn't be a problem
00:08:47amiconnOn the Ondio it's a ral problem...
00:08:48Bagderon? it toggles between the WPS and the browser
00:08:59Bagderdoesn't it?
00:08:59amiconnHold 'On'
00:09:05Bagderah, ok
00:09:11amiconnShort 'On' does the toggle
00:10:00amiconnThere's a bug in the settings handling I don't know how to solve
00:10:23amiconnThe settings are only saved when leaving the menu
00:10:51amiconn...which isn't a problem on the v1 recorder, because safe shutdown requires to leave the menu anyway
00:11:25amiconnHowever, on FM, v2, and Ondio this isn't required, and on the player it's even better not to leave the menu
00:11:37amiconn...because safe shutdown is a menu option
00:12:58amiconnSafe shutdown does save the config sector, but the config sector doesn't get updated
00:13:27amiconnOn the other hand, it would be a bad idea to always update the config sector before shutdown
00:13:58amiconn...because this would always cause a spinup, even if nothing's changed
00:18:51preglowloop in iram does indeed make quite a bit of difference
00:19:20preglowwhy the shell should this be so
00:20:13HClsounds like a cache problem..
00:20:40preglowyes, but the cache does indeed seem to be configured correctly
00:23:10HClsounds hopeful :)
00:25:03preglowwhy, yes
00:25:13preglowbut i still refuse to believe this sleek, nice, lovely code can be slow
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00:36:31 Join cool2bdave [0] (
00:39:26preglowahhh, a crashing rockbox
00:40:15preglownow this IS interesting
00:41:13rasherprogress or weirdness?
00:42:35preglowi THINK i've disabled the cache
00:42:38preglowand i can see now difference
00:42:46preglowbut i probably haven't disabled the cache, heh
00:44:49CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
00:44:49*t0mas is going to bed :)
00:44:55t0masgood night
00:46:07preglowit most certainly boots slower
00:52:38 Join ashridah [0] (
01:03:11cool2bdaveHi I am trying to Setup either Cygwin or the Rockbox Development kit (Blue Chip)
01:03:37cool2bdaveI have installed Both and sh-elf-gcc in Cygwin
01:03:44cool2bdaveit says it is not found
01:07:46Bagderwhen you do what?
01:07:46cool2bdaveI have installed sh-elf-gcc-3.4.3-EL-1.tar.bz2 gcc-ada-3.3.5.tar.bz2 sh-elf-binutils-2.15-EL-1.tar.bz2 binutils-2.16.tar.gz in Cygwin
01:08:19cool2bdaveconfigure and make
01:09:01Bagderand your path contains the dir for the compiler and tools?
01:11:30cool2bdaveI am new to the Cygwin game, what do you mean by path
01:12:20Bagderthe path is the list of dirs the system checks when you entered a command
01:12:35Bagderwindows has the path concept as well
01:12:45Bagderecho $PATH
01:12:51Bagderin cygwin should display it
01:14:40cool2bdaveIn s it the place where command prompt keeps its excecutables
01:14:56cool2bdave(In windows)
01:15:09Bagderno, it is the same thing in windows
01:15:17Bagderthe list of dirs it checks when you type a command name
01:15:32Bagdercommands being excutables
01:16:52Bagderbut cygwin uses its own path, separate from windows (of course)
01:23:09*Bagder &
01:26:59cool2bdaveWHere do I change it and what should it include
01:29:08rasheryou change it by doing something like PATH=/path/number1:/path/number2:$PATH (adds number1 and 2 to the current value)
01:29:28rasherit should include the dir where the binaries of gcc are
01:29:33rashersh-elf-gcc, that is
01:39:49 Part MoosCamaro
01:41:53preglowme off
01:41:57 Quit preglow ("fomp")
01:54:55 Join herrprof [0] (
01:55:38HCl: goes to sleep
01:55:41HCl*goes to sleep*
01:55:42HCli mean
02:01:20 Quit lodesi_ ("Leaving")
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02:16:04cool2bdaveI tried PATH=/cygwin/gcc-3.3.5/gcc/ada:$PATH
02:16:21cool2bdave(Sorry my other half needed the computer)
02:17:31cool2bdaveIt didnt work
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02:33:31cool2bdaveBed time I will try 2morrow to fix the path
02:33:33 Quit cool2bdave ("Leaving")
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09:20:07rasherso many feature requests..
09:22:30 Join webguest52 [0] (
09:23:12webguest52hey guys!
09:23:36webguest52Does anyone know something about the release date of rockbox 2.5?
09:24:49 Join Strath [0] (
09:25:06webguest52no one?
09:27:55oddlike anyone in here would know the first thing about rockbox
09:28:05oddcmon, where's your head?
09:30:23webguest52so is it near or somewhere in far away future?
09:31:18 Join LinusN [0] (
09:31:24LinusNwebguest52: it isn't planned
09:31:57LinusNwe'll release 2.5 when we feel that it is stable enough
09:34:57webguest52yeah i know that
09:35:12webguest52but, isnt there anything you can say about it?
09:35:22webguest52i mean, how stable are the nightlies?
09:36:02webguest52is there a roadmap what will be in 2.5?
09:36:11webguest52i cant find one on the page
09:36:35webguest52there was some info till what will come with next version but only until 2.4
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11:11:26 Join preglow [0] (
11:22:49preglowLinusN: would zeroing CACR, ACR0 and ACR1 disable the cache? i figured that to be the case, but nothing much happened when i tried
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12:33:37 Nick bnbuser is now known as Puck (bnbuser@
12:33:44 Nick Puck is now known as PuckNeo (bnbuser@
12:34:17PuckNeodoes anyone know how to solve problems with an av420?
12:43:22 Join asdsd____ [0] (
12:43:22t0mashm... av420 is a new one right?
12:43:25 Part asdsd____
12:43:43t0masvideo player?
12:51:58 Join MoosCamaro [0] (
12:52:08MoosCamarohey all
12:54:19 Quit thegeek (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
12:56:18 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
12:56:25 Join ashridah [0] (
13:04:33t0maswhat's wrong with it?
13:04:44PuckNeomy bro pulled the usb plug and the shit hitachi disc
13:04:55PuckNeocorrupted all the files
13:05:04PuckNeoi am desparate
13:05:08t0mashm... pulled while writing?
13:05:18PuckNeoi think
13:05:24PuckNeoi saw it later on
13:05:31t0masyou can still connect it to your pc?
13:05:41PuckNeobut the thing is
13:05:44t0masonly you can't read files?
13:05:46PuckNeothat it was full
13:05:59t0maslet me guess... important data?
13:06:11PuckNeomostly mp3s
13:06:18PuckNeobut with no backup
13:06:26t0masmaybe try some data recovery tool?
13:06:39 Join DMJC [0] (
13:06:56PuckNeoi know what to do
13:07:00t0mashmm... tried chkdsk ?
13:07:10PuckNeoyeap and defrag
13:07:24t0mascan't read a single file??
13:07:51HClthats a bit odd, wth were you doing with the disk when it got plugged out?
13:07:53PuckNeothe thing is that the archos holds it;s setting into files that were corrupted
13:08:08t0masso it won't boot?
13:08:12PuckNeo+the help file
13:08:15PuckNeoit does boot
13:08:33t0mashave you tested it on an other pc?
13:08:33PuckNeobut when i try to put for ex the right time
13:08:42PuckNeoyes the same
13:08:50PuckNeobut when i try to put for ex the right time
13:09:03PuckNeoand restart it
13:09:17PuckNeoit doesnt hold the time i just set :(
13:09:33PuckNeoso i was wondering if anyone has an av420
13:09:45PuckNeoso can send me the data files zipped
13:09:57t0mashm... you have 2 things you can do... 1. get a data recovery tool and try to repair the disk. 2. send it to archos, and ask them what's wrong
13:09:58PuckNeoto format the disc and putt
13:10:07t0masdon't tell them what you did to it
13:10:38t0masof and 3. just format it
13:10:43t0masand see what happens
13:10:46PuckNeo2. the second is out of the question cause they do about a 1,5 month to fix it and i really need it
13:11:05PuckNeoi had an jukebox recorder
13:11:07t0maswell... then I suggest 1 and if it fails 3
13:11:17PuckNeowhat prog
13:11:23PuckNeodo you know any?
13:11:25t0masdon't know one for linux...
13:11:29t0maseh windows
13:11:29PuckNeoi was thinking acronis
13:11:38*t0mas googles :)
13:11:40PuckNeodisc something
13:12:09PuckNeothe problem is that if i format the disc
13:12:17PuckNeoit will still be the same
13:12:26PuckNeocause i will not have the data files
13:12:44t0mashmm? I guess it will create the files?
13:12:53t0masor email archos support for them?
13:13:10PuckNeoi emailed them 5days ago
13:13:19PuckNeoand they still havent replied
13:13:29t0masno, but I guess they're not working this week
13:14:01PuckNeoi think they are to lousy to read english emails
13:14:10PuckNeoenglish writen
13:14:25t0masdon't know... where's archos from?
13:14:29t0masjapan? germany?
13:14:39t0masthat explains a lot :P
13:14:50t0masask some french guy here to help you with a french email?
13:15:11PuckNeothe hitachi shitty disc does this things
13:15:18PuckNeoi never liked hitachi
13:15:27t0masno, the uses did it :P
13:16:11t0masbut I'm away again... have to continue working
13:16:12t0masgood luck
13:16:17PuckNeoi just used google translator
13:16:29PuckNeoto write to a french forum
13:16:42PuckNeoty for your help
13:17:00MoosCamarohi PuckNeo, i'm french
13:17:43t0maslot of french people here :)
13:17:46MoosCamarowhat french forum is?
13:17:50PuckNeodo you have an archos product?
13:17:58PuckNeolets start with this
13:17:59MoosCamaronah iriver
13:18:10PuckNeoso you can't help
13:18:21PuckNeoi am having a prob
13:18:31PuckNeowith the av420
13:18:37PuckNeoa disc problem
13:18:42MoosCamaroah ok
13:19:06t0masiriver support is pretty fast...
13:19:14PuckNeoty all
13:19:21MoosCamarowait and see if amiconn can help you when he can
13:19:35PuckNeoi thought of that
13:19:41PuckNeothats y i came
13:19:49t0masPuckNeo: you can also email your local archos importer?
13:20:04PuckNeonah they are completely IDIOTS
13:20:06t0masI guess they speak your language...
13:33:52DMJCfucked up english?
13:34:12DMJChehehe the third english most people know
13:34:30DMJCamerican english, british english, fucked up/bad english
13:35:05DMJCeeew... firefox
13:35:16DMJCdoes back to epiphany..
13:37:52 Quit PuckNeo ("Bits & Bytes Internet Cafe")
13:38:07 Join thegeek [0] (
13:40:44 Quit lostlogic ("Going to the moon")
14:14:18 Join TCK [0] (
14:18:06 Join lolo-laptop [0] (~lostlogic@
14:20:40HClgee. it seems as if windows mobile actually made people program properly again without code being bloated..
14:23:01t0masare we talking about microsoft?
14:23:13t0masor thirdparty software?
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14:43:51HClthere's a full version of worms for my phone
14:43:53HClin only 4mb
14:44:19HClmakes me wonder wth the pc version was 200mb
14:44:47t0maswell... the graphics are smaller
14:44:53t0masthe sound quality is lower...
14:44:57t0masit has only one language?
14:45:01t0masthat kind of things?
14:45:05HClbut still.
14:45:14t0masand the pc version contained some bloated movies
15:03:05 Quit DMJC ("Leaving")
15:32:26HClwell one thing is for sure
15:32:32HClwindows mobile is just as crappy as normal windows
15:32:44HClmy mobile got disconnected halfway during a file upload
15:32:49HCland now it permanently lost 2mb of flash
15:32:52HCl -.-
15:33:16*HCl goes shopping..
16:07:41 Join ripnetuk [0] (
16:27:39 Quit ripnetuk (Remote closed the connection)
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16:34:29 Join DMJC [0] (
16:40:19 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
16:45:30HClyea, fortunately, unlike normal windows, this one has a master reset that cleans everything out.
16:46:13*HCl resumes shopping.
16:50:03*DMJC listens to star wars episode 3 revenge of the sith ost
17:02:56 Join austriancoder [0] (~austrianc@
17:03:37austriancodercan somebody tell me, what tool was used to generate the ascii-rockbox-logo in the source code?
17:04:46t0masgoogle for ascii art convertor
17:04:49t0masor something like it
17:04:56t0masI used it a few days ago...
17:05:27t0masyou can generate them
17:06:28austriancoderthanks - looks fine
17:11:41amiconnhi LinusN
17:14:00 Quit DMJC ("Leaving")
17:18:37 Join DMJC [0] (
17:19:30 Quit thegeek (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
17:23:33 Join thegeek [0] (
17:27:49HClDMJC: oh, is that movie out yet?
17:30:31HClguess not
18:14:15DMJCthe movie isn't
18:14:20DMJCthe soundtrack apparently is..
18:15:49HCli see.
18:16:47DMJCgood music too..
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18:33:15 Join QT [0] (as@area51.users.madwifi)
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18:36:31 Join DMJC-L [0] (
18:39:01 Quit Schnueff ("leaving")
19:08:25 Join StrathAFK [0] (
19:24:02 Quit preglow ("off")
19:32:03 Quit austriancoder (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
19:33:28 Join preglow [0] (
19:34:50 Quit Strath (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:41:52 Quit wafro ("[BX] Have you huggled your BitchX today?")
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19:47:47 Join DMJC-L [0] (
20:04:03 Quit preglow ("i's off")
20:04:45 Join Stryke` [0] (~Chairman8@resnet-241-86.resnet.UMBC.EDU)
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20:53:28amiconnLinusN ??
21:24:11 Quit t0mas ()
21:27:51 Quit DMJC-L ("Leaving")
21:40:50 Quit Rick (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
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21:42:11 Nick StrathAFK is now known as Strath (
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21:43:45 Join [zmaj] [0] (
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22:23:25 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
22:24:17amiconnGood evening Jörg
22:24:26[IDC]DragonHello Jens
22:24:55[IDC]Dragonwet concrete greetings
22:25:13[IDC]Dragon(we have a basement since today)
22:25:19amiconnAh :)
22:28:53[IDC]Dragonstill no effect with -ffunction-sections -fdata-sections in the lib :-(
22:29:13***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:29:21amiconnI just tried that
22:29:44amiconnFor me, it compiles everything into separate sections, firmware as well as apps
22:30:02amiconnNow I have a 4 GB rombox.bin
22:30:16amiconn(I didn't adjust yet)
22:30:28[IDC]DragonI could start to check stuff in
22:30:35amiconnlookm at your pm, btw
22:37:47 Join webguest14 [0] (
22:43:38[IDC]Dragonamiconn: about the compile options, what did you do different?
22:44:15amiconnI just added −−function-sections and -fdata-sections to EXTRA_DEFINES
22:44:24[IDC]Dragonme too
22:44:32amiconn(to the Makefile in the build dir)
22:45:09*[IDC]Dragon gets a clue
22:45:49amiconnAll rockbox functions (both apps and librockbox) get split into individual sections, only the gcc lib does not (of course)
22:46:16 Join lostlogic [0] (
22:46:52[IDC]DragonI changed only the app makefile
22:47:10[IDC]Dragonwell, the one in my new application dir
22:47:37[IDC]Dragonso the configure script will have to do this
22:48:09amiconnI'm trying this just to find out whether there's significant dead code
22:48:36amiconnI tried disabling the debug functions I mentioned last time
22:48:43amiconn...with sup
22:48:53amiconn*surprisingly little effect
22:49:21amiconnThis saves about 2 KB on player, and 1 KB on recorder
22:49:33[IDC]Dragonbetter than nothing
22:53:24[IDC]Dragonnow I get all my sections, and it links OK
22:53:33[IDC]Dragonbut is not smaller :-(
22:53:34 Quit webguest14 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
22:54:15amiconnMain rockbox gets ~5 KB smaller when linking with −−gc-sections
22:54:51[IDC]Dragoninteresting, I wonder from where
22:55:00amiconnWould be interesting to know what the linker throws away
22:55:58[IDC]Dragonmaybe you can diff the map
22:56:10[IDC]Dragonwith and w/o −−gc-sections
22:56:43amiconnBtw, w/o −−gc-sections, it gets a tiny bit larger than without splitting into sections
22:56:59amiconn(probably due to section alignment)
22:57:47 Join StrathAFK [0] (
22:58:55amiconndiff'ing doesn't help much due to the differing addresses
23:01:44 Join Sucka [0] (
23:02:16[IDC]Dragonlooking in more detail, bootbox gets ~10 KB smaller
23:02:33[IDC]Dragonlet's settle with that
23:02:40amiconnNow it's only 2KB
23:03:02amiconnIt needs to keep the vectors, which in turn seems to re-add some code
23:03:24[IDC]Dragonwhat's different now?
23:03:52amiconnExplicit KEEP(*(.vectors)); in
23:03:55SlasheriHmm, the function call: button = button_get_w_tmo(HZ/2); in debug_menu.c will crash iriver when playing sample.wav. Without that everything works fine
23:06:52[IDC]DragonI ment your 5KB vs. 2KB, which you said is the vectors
23:07:25[IDC]Dragonforget the last line
23:07:32amiconnWithout that explicit KEEP(), the linker garbage-collected the vectors away
23:07:51amiconn..which in turn lead to more code being eliminated
23:08:04amiconn(probably stuff that gets called by the vectors)
23:08:19amiconnBut without the vectors in place, rockbox won't work
23:08:33[IDC]Dragonsounds like definitely non-working
23:09:38 Join lodesi_ [0] (
23:11:57 Join Tang [0] (
23:11:59 Quit Strath (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:12:11Tangfucking trillian
23:12:21Tangback to chatzilla
23:12:27Tangeasier to configure
23:12:57[IDC]Dragontry zaphod or marvin ;-)
23:14:50[IDC]Dragonamiconn: my vectors also needed rescue, now only ~2KB savings
23:15:13amiconnIt's quite an impressive list of unused functions...
23:15:34[IDC]Dragonfor bootbox, there should be a lot of dead code
23:15:48[IDC]Dragonlike disk writing, etc.
23:16:11MoosCamarohi Tang
23:16:19Tang(thought there will be noone)
23:16:21[IDC]DragonTang: other Hichhikers Guide characters
23:16:27TangHi Miooos
23:17:13MoosCamaroTang: pv
23:17:50[IDC]Dragonfrustrating, this section linking
23:19:15[IDC]Dragonminor gain
23:19:16amiconnBtw, I found 17 unused functions in a recorder build...
23:19:32[IDC]Dragonhow do you identify them? (gc) and .map (no-gc) side-by-side
23:21:32*[IDC]Dragon rebuilds
23:24:10amiconn2 unused variables
23:24:13[IDC]Dragondidn't help
23:24:23*HCl yawns
23:24:30[IDC]DragonI changed the compile options, too
23:24:45[IDC]Dragonyou only switched the linker, right?
23:26:48[IDC]Dragoni2c_read() ?
23:27:09amiconnI wondered about that one too
23:27:20*amiconn goes to check whether this build actually works
23:27:31[IDC]Dragongood idea :-)
23:27:57[IDC]Dragonbut in any case, an interesting experiment
23:28:29amiconnFor the menu_*() stuff, I knew thatt these are unused
23:28:43[IDC]DragonI guess this -Wl,−−gc-sections linker option doesn't hurt the normal build
23:28:58[IDC]Dragonsame for the .lds wildcards
23:29:12amiconnThat build is actully working...
23:29:20amiconn(quick test)
23:30:39amiconnReally strange effect...
23:31:05amiconnCalling 'View HW info' from the debug menu lead to a CPUAdrEr
23:31:18amiconnHowever, the music is still playing (!!)
23:31:49amiconnYes, really
23:31:52[IDC]Dragonyou found the hidden DSP
23:32:12amiconnAh, reload doesn't work
23:32:32[IDC]Dragonso the IRQ was still alive
23:32:52[IDC]Dragonmust be, DMA is only 64 K
23:32:59amiconnThe iram sections seem to need some attention
23:33:38 Join Strath [0] (
23:34:15amiconnIt seems the garbage collector collects a little too much in some places
23:34:23[IDC]DragonHi Strath!
23:34:46[IDC]Dragonhow's the Gmini?
23:35:40Tangsomeone is continuing gminiport?
23:35:43Tangcool news
23:37:04TangJust an ask about minor EDIT of the two nooby section of iRiverport...
23:37:49Tangi was thinking that maybe a merge of the two pages should be better
23:38:51 Quit Sucka ("a bird in the bush is worth two in your house")
23:40:10Tangto be fair it would be easier for me to maintain the translation synced if the two version use same structure
23:40:58[IDC]Dragonamiconn: I got a diff now, it makes sense, remove a couple of disk write functions
23:43:21amiconnI found the cause for the CPUAdrErr
23:43:35amiconnIt has nothing to do with the garbage collection
23:43:42amiconnIt's an actual rockbox bug
23:43:58[IDC]Dragonnice catch
23:44:04amiconndebug_menu.c declares extern int ata_device;
23:44:18amiconnHowever, ata.c defines char ata_device;
23:44:43amiconnSo the debug code tries to access an int
23:44:51[IDC]Dragonwith byte align
23:44:55amiconn...while ata.c may happily put it at an odd address
23:45:13amiconnIt was pure luck that it worked so far...
23:45:55amiconnNow the question which of the 2 places should be changed
23:46:44amiconnBtw, this shows why it is better to declare stuff in headers....
23:47:45 Quit StrathAFK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:54:02amiconnI can't find any other problems
23:54:25amiconn(That's with non-rombox so far)
23:54:52[IDC]Dragoncan you commit that fix?

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