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#rockbox log for 2005-05-13

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00:17:31amiconnBagder: Did you read ?
00:18:25amiconnI'm not sure how to solve this. The problem is that the mas keeps playing what is in its internal buffer when the serial is stopped
00:18:35amiconnThis delay gets longer with lower bitrate
00:19:15amiconnMy experiments show that the 1/5 sec latency built into the fade out are exceeded when the bitrate gets below 48 kbps
00:19:51amiconnThis means we would need 1.2 sec latency to make sure for 8 kbps....
00:20:19HCldoesn't sound bad.
00:20:32HClcan't the latency be dependant on the bitrate?
00:23:27amiconnThat would be better than always using the longest latency
00:23:43preglowoh, how nice it'll be to control our own codecs
00:24:07amiconnProbably the best solution would be to ask the mas somehow whether it finished playing
00:25:56HClpreglow: mmm?
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00:34:56preglowHCl: hm?
00:35:11HClwhat was that statement about codecs? i didn't get it
00:36:17preglowwell, stuff like this wont be a problem with software codecs
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00:51:57amiconnIt seems asking the mas is possible after all...
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01:01:12amiconnhi LinusN
01:02:02preglowamiconn: how do you find out stuff like that? i thought nothing about the mas interface was documented
01:02:23amiconnLinusN: I'm looking for the right place for my "ask the mas: did playback end?" function...
01:02:50LinusNi dunno
01:02:57amiconnpreglow: There are docs about the mas. Look in the wiki, under DataSheets
01:03:02*LinusN fixed the 1.65 ogg playback issue
01:03:12amiconnNice :)
01:03:22LinusNa rather silly bug in mkboot.c
01:03:29preglowcool, what was wrong?
01:03:35amiconnLinusN: I'm talking about a fix for
01:04:35amiconnI intend to use the frame count memory cell to determine whether the mas finally stopped. This works, I verified it, it's just not bulletproof
01:05:06amiconn(chances are 1/65536 that stop condition would be detected prematurely)
01:05:10LinusNit is very much not at all bulletproof
01:05:33LinusNsince the frame counter doesn't wrap
01:05:45amiconnIt doesn't wrap?
01:05:50amiconnWhat does it do then?
01:05:54LinusNno, it just stops at max
01:06:04preglowsignedness did _that_? :P
01:06:12LinusNprofoundly silly
01:06:21LinusNpreglow: yes
01:06:32preglowaight, i'll fold the change into fwpatcher as well
01:06:38amiconnSo this even makes it bulletproof, since it always jumps back to 0 when it looses sync
01:06:43LinusNpreglow: it misinterpreted the length of the original firmware
01:06:47amiconn(which is what I want to know)
01:06:59preglowLinusN: ahh
01:07:30amiconn...and it jumps back to 0 when then internal buffer of the mas is drained, not when we stop serial
01:07:56preglowhah, i haven't gpled fwpatcher, apparently
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01:14:31preglowLinusN: that's still a damn subtle consequence for a bug like that
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01:31:04amiconnLinusN: Is there a reason why the fade in/fade out do not fade from/to zero?
01:31:14amiconnBtw, my function does work :)
01:34:03LinusNamiconn: i have no idea
01:34:17LinusNmaybe it takes too long, since it's linear
01:34:58amiconnI still hear the music while it's at volume 20, at least on the player
01:36:41*amiconn has an idea
01:36:49preglowtake it upon yourself to code a new mp3 decoder
01:36:52preglowmas assembler looks "fun"
01:38:09amiconnpreglow: mp3 does work on the mas, but people keep asking for ogg etc...
01:39:05preglowi think you can pretty much forget vorbis on a chip with that little memory
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01:40:32amiconnpreglow: Even .wav would be a big step ahead...
01:41:24preglowstill not gotten hold of that,ehh? ;)
01:41:54preglowso you are able to upload code to the mas?
01:42:22amiconnStill no .wav codec, no. Uploading code to the mas is possible
01:42:30amiconn(via i2c)
01:43:19preglowhas anyone tried making a codec for it?
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01:51:43amiconnpreglow: Not that I know of
01:52:33amiconnLinusN: I enhanced the fade function to always fade in 30 steps independent of the global volume, so it always takes roughly the same time
01:53:26preglowamiconn: a wav codec shouldn't be THAT hard. it'd almost entirely consist of finding out how the mas does communication internally
01:58:37preglowwhich might of course be tedious job of disassembling
01:59:03amiconnI don't know whether it's possible to read out the rom
02:07:46 Part LinusN
02:08:42preglowbedtime, i thinks
02:09:48preglowlaters, all
02:09:53amiconnwee! My enhancements add only 96 bytes to the binary
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06:59:30rasheroh boy, 1.65 fixed.
07:08:58ashridahwhat exactly did 1.65 add again?
07:10:20rashersome recording things, I think
07:34:08rasherThe new mkboot produces the same files for 1.63
07:34:25rasher1.65 produces new md5sums \o/
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08:11:57rasherLinusN: I updated the "expected md5sums" on IriverBoot
08:12:46*rasher sets out to update fwpatcher as well
08:16:47ashridahah, so someone has a confirmed working 1.65 + rockbox bootloader bootloader.bin ?
08:17:18rasherbootloader.bin is the same
08:17:25LinusNomg, this is soo amusing:
08:18:32rasherLinusN: Oh dear :(
08:18:41ashridahhhahaha. the guy knows nothing about linux, but sure, ucLinux on coldfire. no problem
08:19:14LinusNthis is the best quote: "If there is already a distro capable of running on the H3xx that just needs porting, we don't necessarily need to reverse engineer the DAP."
08:19:44ashridahthat's by far the single most unknowledgable post about embedded development ever :)
08:20:19LinusNdefinitely top-10 anyway
08:20:35rashermorning amiconn
08:20:46LinusNmorn amiconn
08:21:06amiconnLinusN: mas framecount already stops at 0x7ffff, not 0xfffff
08:21:21LinusNah, yes, sorry
08:21:26amiconn(signed int_max of internal format)
08:21:51LinusNso infinitely silly of them not to wrap
08:21:52amiconnWhy should a count be signed? ....
08:22:23amiconnFor my purpose it's a goodie that it doesn't wrap
08:22:28LinusNi wanted to use it for the playback and recording timing, but nooo
08:22:29rasherA negative amount of frames.. is.. curious
08:23:00LinusNrasher: does fwpatcher work allright now?
08:23:26rasherI haven't tried it yet
08:23:39LinusNi want to put the exe in the wiki
08:23:43rasherUsing a 1.65 firmware built with the commandlines utils
08:23:46rasherI'll try
08:23:57*LinusN doesn't have mingw here
08:24:33LinusNi had a long debugging session last night
08:24:46LinusNthe cvs bootloader hangs badly
08:25:50LinusNprobably a trivial bug, but debugging the bootloader is not trivial
08:25:58LinusNeven with the bdm
08:26:23Strathno doubt :)
08:29:53rasherfwpatcher just successfully patched all 1.63 and 1.65 firmwares
08:30:06rasherWant me to upload it to the wikipage?
08:30:26rasheror send it to you.. or..?
08:30:45rasher(works in wine btw :)
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08:33:05ashridahLinusN: does the bootloader.bin on have hold button support?
08:34:04amiconnLinusN: Btw, the signedness bug causing the 1.65 firmware problems seems similar to what caused the fat16 fs problems on the target back then...
08:34:20amiconn(signedness of the SWAB16 macro)
08:35:04rasherashridah: the bootloader doesn't do the hold button handling
08:35:07 Part kergoth
08:35:16rasher(I think?)
08:35:20rasheror maybe it does..
08:35:35rashereither way.. it does detect the hold button, yes :)
08:36:14ashridahi mean on startup
08:36:20ashridahnot in general
08:36:22rasherit does
08:36:40rashervery fast too
08:36:51rashershuts off before I get a chance to notice it sometimes
08:37:04rasherleaving me to wonder if I forgot to turn it on :)
08:39:20ashridahrasher: got an md5sum of the US firmware i can compare against? mine doesn't seem to match the ones on the wiki
08:40:08rasherashridah: not the lower table either?
08:40:31rasherno idea then
08:40:34rasherthat's what I have
08:40:45ashridahwait up. it'd probably help if i had the most recent mkboot and whatnot :)
08:40:52rashervery likely
08:41:10rashercheck the diff to the page to see the values for the previous mkboot if you like :)
08:43:29ashridahi'm at least part tool
08:43:52ashridahNOW i'm getting the right one
08:44:53ashridah62a6462425b12691a3dad75364512e92 us.hex now
08:45:17rasherlooks right indeed
08:50:03rasheradd it to the table at the top of tested files+md5sums and remove the other 1.65-us one
08:50:25ashridahgimme a sec, testing ogg playback
08:50:36Rickwhat's shakin' lately?
08:51:10rasherthe glitch with 1.65 iriver firmware has been fixed, RLD has been (it seems) fixed
08:51:32ashridahwhat were the symptoms of RLD? i haven't been paying too much attention
08:53:03rasherIt's an Archos bug
08:53:19ashridahwell then
08:53:36rasherone of the longest standing ones, sometimes the harddrive would "lock up", with the Red Led on (Hence Red Led Death)
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08:56:58ashridahi'm assuming the RLD is similar to the fun lockups gamers of old would get with buggy drivers, where the pci bus would basically lock up
08:57:34ashridahaka, irq/dma timing screwups
08:57:55rasherIt was a deadlock thing, I didn't get the details
08:58:20LinusNthe (hitachi) hard drive stops working when you shake it
08:58:31LinusNso rockboix has to soft reset it
08:58:53LinusNbut the soft reset function i was using was protected by a semaphore
08:59:07LinusNwhich i already had aquired
08:59:16LinusNhence the deadlock
08:59:33LinusNit waited for the semaphore forever
08:59:58*ashridah understands the concepts behind deadlocks.
09:00:03rasherLinusN: should I upload fwpatcher or send it to you or something?
09:00:27LinusNhmm, have you tested it?
09:00:41rasherYes, it produces the same md5sums as the commandline utils
09:00:53LinusNthen upload it to the wiki
09:01:02rasherah, haven't tested with a corrupt firmware yet, but that should be a no-brainer
09:01:50ashridahrasher: add in me as a successful user of 1.65 with no ogg screwups i can detect (assuming oggs break immediately, and not in some subtle, random, hard to trigger way)
09:02:05ashridahi was about to edit the page myself, but if you beat me to it..
09:02:20rasherIt totally fails to start playing
09:02:22rasheror did
09:02:28ashridahno problem there then
09:02:36ashridahi went through half a dozen or so
09:04:33rasherashridah: got a wikipage?
09:04:59rasherYour userpage
09:05:07ashridahnot that i know of
09:05:13ashridahi'm not really much of a developer.
09:05:20ashridahi'm here for groupie status :)
09:05:24rasherAre you not registred on the wiki?
09:05:33ashridahi am
09:05:39rasherWhat's your username then?
09:05:49ashridahbeen a while tho, hangon a tic and i'll try to remember what it is :)
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09:06:50*rasher removes the 1.65 warning then
09:07:59ashridahi'd forgotten the 'real-name' policy
09:20:31rasher any objections?
09:31:30LinusNlooks ok
09:31:59Rickwhy are there two md5 tables?
09:32:07Rickoh nevermind
09:32:25Rickwhy are there two tables?
09:32:33LinusNi think the first table is obsolete
09:32:38rasherThe top one is for tested ones, but yes
09:32:43rashersortof obsolete
09:32:49LinusNand confusing
09:40:52LinusNfeels good to have fixed that 1.65 bug, it has puzzled me for quite a while
09:41:09LinusNand it made rockbox look bad :-)
09:41:32rasherI'll notify the misticriver crowd
09:41:46LinusNdo so
09:42:18rasherin fact I already posted in the progress thread about the 1.65 bug, but I have a feeling that the fwpatcher will be at least as much interest to them
09:45:52amiconnrasher: RLD was not exactly an archos bug, but a bug that was triggered by ceratin harddrive's recovery behaviour
09:46:25rasherTrue. I meant it more as "not iriver related"
09:46:40amiconnTheoretically it might also have hit on the iriver, depending on the hd model
09:47:15amiconn(though not very likely, since all other hds (and even the newer hitachis) don't show this behaviour
09:52:01amiconnLinusN: Any thoughts on the mutex suggestions yet?
09:53:35LinusNif we are to allow recursive mutex aquiring, we need to make it a counting semaphore
09:54:05LinusNotherwise we won't know when to release it
09:54:17LinusNi think a panic() is in order
09:54:49LinusNbut it still takes extra owner tracking etc
09:55:04LinusNmisa not like this
09:56:32amiconnRecursive mutex needs owner tracking an a lock counter, yes
09:56:56amiconnThis is definitely more complex than the fast mutexes we have not, of course
09:57:19amiconnThe question is whether there are places were recursive mutexes have advantages
09:57:26LinusNi tend to like simple things...
09:57:46amiconnOwner tracking isn't really difficult if the mutex code is moved to thread.c
09:58:01LinusNnothing of this is diffucult
09:58:18LinusNonly more complicated than the current one
09:58:21amiconnWhat should the panic() do?
09:58:33LinusNtell you that you are a sloppy programmer
09:58:50LinusNand should be punished
09:58:55amiconnThis would still need owner tracking...
09:59:09LinusNhence the "misa not like this"
10:00:25amiconnThe mutex structure would consist of 2 variables instead of one, lock_count and owner
10:01:04Lynx_awyWhat's a mutex? :)
10:01:09LinusNactually, the owner info is useful for debugging as well
10:01:11 Nick Lynx_awy is now known as Lynx_ (HydraIRC@
10:01:37LinusNLynx_: a mechanism for handling exclusive access
10:02:01LinusNe.g making sure that only one thread at a time can access, for instance, the i2c bus
10:02:05amiconnwhile ((lock_count > 0) && (owner != current_thread)) sleep_thread();
10:02:54amiconnowner = current_thread;
10:03:11LinusNlooks fine
10:03:19amiconnand the unlock:
10:03:34amiconnif (lock_count) lock_count−−;
10:04:09rasherand owner?
10:04:33rasherisn't that changed? or am I retarded
10:04:51amiconnrasher: owner doesn't matter if lock_count == 0
10:05:13rasherI am indeed retarded
10:07:18amiconnLinusN: For debugging, the mutex_lock could be extended by the last line:
10:07:19Lynx_LinusN: ah, ok
10:07:47amiconnif (lock_count > 1) debugf("You're sloppy!");
10:08:16amiconnor similar
10:10:33amiconn...although the recursive locking might be on purpose, saving some functions
10:10:55LinusNat least in ata.c
10:11:10amiconnImagine there is a function that can both be called by its own and from within another mutexed function.. ata_soft_reset() ;)
10:11:38LinusNlike ata_soft_reset()
10:12:03LinusNi guess i'll have to eat that for a long time to come...
10:12:03 Join B4gder [0] (
10:12:12*LinusN bows for B4gder
10:13:04B4gderhowdy ho
10:15:37LinusNB4gder: 1.65 bug nailed
10:22:05 Quit Strath ("Client closed")
10:22:58B4gderI noticed
10:23:05B4gderamusing error ;-)
10:23:28*rasher commits digest/log.t
10:23:40rasherstand by for breakage
10:27:07rashertext.. or something :)
10:28:22amiconnB4gder: The build time estimation on the dailybuilds page is sometimes rather off...
10:28:38amiconn...and I have an idea what might be the cause
10:28:59amiconnIt seems your script uses the previous build time to estimate the current one...
10:29:21amiconn...which is of course wrong if the previous run contained red builds (errors)
10:31:05B4gderI've considered adding an average on the latest X builds
10:32:14amiconnI'd suggest to simply take the last non-red build time
10:32:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:33:11B4gderthe timer is much too simple for that atm
10:33:19amiconnI have another suggestion for better response to the devs:
10:33:49amiconnWhat about updating the status line every time a build finishes, not only at the end of the run?
10:34:06amiconnThis way one could start fixing red earlier...
10:35:22amiconnI also noticed that there are brief intervals where the table is completely gone. I managed to reload the page at such points several times...
10:36:06B4gderprobably while it builds the new table
10:36:35B4gderdisplay columns early is gonna require a major rewrite of the scripts
10:37:20amiconnI though the table was built dynamically, from a database query...
10:37:49B4gderit is built by parsing a logfile
10:38:02B4gderthat the buildall scripts generate
10:39:30amiconnI'd probably use a mysql db, which gets updated by the build scripts every time a build finishes
10:39:40amiconn...then use php to generate the page
10:39:48B4gderI'm not a db guy
10:40:32B4gderbut using a db or not is not what makes a difference
10:40:51B4gderthe table script assumes one set of X builds
10:40:55B4gderthat's the problem
10:41:08B4gderor the challange ;-)
10:41:11amiconnImho it does (for the briefly disappearing table)
10:41:28B4gderit could be fixed by always building in a second file
10:41:36B4gderand mv it when the table is complete
10:42:13amiconnStill not as clean a solution, but it might work better than now, yes
10:43:08amiconnThe 'one set' versus single builds problem shouldn't be too hard either, when using a db
10:43:48B4gderI don't see how this not using a db has anything to do with that problem
10:43:49amiconnSimply assign a 'build run' id (e.g. the start time) and output all builds with the same id on the same line
10:44:12B4gderthe script is written with a few assumptions
10:44:33B4gderthe problem is that a few of them don't hold anymore
10:50:22 Join Harpy [0] (
10:58:40B4gderchanging the build time to be average of the 4 latest builds
11:03:34amiconn...not counting red builds?
11:27:56 Join amiconn_ [0] (
11:33:34 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
11:33:34 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
11:35:44B4gdernah, it includes reds too
11:35:51B4gdersince the new one could be red as well
11:36:58HClhah. so that was the problem with 1.65 o.
11:39:48amiconnB4gder: Yes.. but in that case it would finish earlier. I'd prefer the estimation to be worst case.
11:39:53amiconnI find it annoying when I want to check results after the estimated completion time expired to only see it's still running...
11:40:11rasherHCl: fwpatcher released :)
11:41:08rasherI guess it'll be moved to the Download page once it's really ready
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11:46:41 Join Querty_mob [0] (~Querty_mo@
11:46:54 Join preglow [0] (
11:47:43*[IDC]Dragon reads LinusN punting over ucLinux on coldfire thread
11:48:32[IDC]Dragonyears ago, somebody here ported Linux on a coldfire board we had developed
11:48:49preglowwhere is this thread? :V
11:49:40preglow The T10 will come in Cherry Red, Lime Green, Orange Yellow for that Club Look as a fashion item.
11:49:44preglowi love these people
11:51:05HClthe stupidity of some people can't cease to amaze me sometimes...
11:51:21amiconn[IDC]Dragon: What's your opinion about recursive mutexes? You started that after all... ;)
11:51:24amiconnhi, btw
11:51:41[IDC]Dragonthis 1.65 bug sounds scary to me, has a "bricking" potential
11:51:54[IDC]Dragonamiconn: hi
11:52:04Querty_mobHas anyone had a look at the rename function? You can create an empty filename which trashes the filesystem
11:52:15[IDC]DragonI don't have a strong opinion
11:52:34LinusN[IDC]Dragon: *had* a bricking potential
11:52:51[IDC]Dragonif it's just a few lines of code, we schould at least panic if already holding the mutex
11:53:15LinusNi think recursiveness would be ok
11:53:24[IDC]DragonLinusN: yes, I was close to edit my sentence this way, but too lazy
11:53:33LinusNand tracking the mutex owner is useful for debugging
11:54:03amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Look at today's log, starting 10:02
11:54:16*[IDC]Dragon scrolls further
11:54:35Querty_mobI was renaming a wav to sample.wav and accidentally created an empty filename. All i could do was reformat
11:54:51LinusNQuerty_mob: k00l! :-)
11:55:41amiconnThen there's still the other rename problem that renaming with only changing the case fails
11:57:04LinusNweird, the rename_file() dialog code doesn't permit empty file names
11:57:13Querty_mobFilesystem seemed ok, but rockbox wouldn't boot anymore.
11:57:16LinusNmust be a bug in the keyboard code
11:58:40Querty_mobI'll try it again, after I make a good backup first ;-)
11:59:33LinusNwas it totally empty?
11:59:39LinusNthe filemname
12:00:57Querty_mobYes, trouble is that I could see the file in XP, but could not delete it
12:02:10rasherokay, I can confirm this.. in fact
12:02:26rasherafter I renamed, I only see 2 files in the root
12:02:39rasherwhich is very wrong
12:03:22amiconnrasher: I should probably try this on fat16, i.e. Ondio
12:03:40*HCl makes mental note to not rename files
12:03:45amiconnThis way it's easier to check the actual dir entries (fat16 root is fixed place)
12:03:45*HCl goes to cuddle his mewing kitty cat.
12:03:50Querty_mobCould not rename it either, an none of the tools i had available could repair it. Including fsck.vfat
12:03:50rasherJust don't rename them to an empty filename
12:04:20rasherthe file doesn't even show up when mounting in linux
12:05:19rasherrockbox does boot though
12:05:27rasheralthough complaining about missing .rockbox dir
12:06:44Querty_mobrasher: that is what i had too
12:07:04rasher"but rockbox wouldn't boot anymore."
12:07:07LinusN<Querty_mob> Filesystem seemed ok, but rockbox wouldn't boot anymore.
12:07:12rasherit does in fact boot
12:07:16rasherit's just a tad confused
12:09:27Querty_mobIt complained about the missing .Rockbox dir, but shut down after. Could still boot original fw though
12:12:31rasherDoesn't shut down here o.O
12:12:42rasherJust shows a wrong dirlisting
12:12:52rasherHm, maybe it was failing to see rockbox.iriver in your case
12:12:54rashernot so here
12:13:12rasherI have that file, and a "RECORD" dir
12:13:17rasherwhich isn't exactly all I had
12:13:34Querty_mobCould be, sorry gotta run.
12:13:45rasherlooks like rockbox doesn't handle this fat breakage very well
12:13:56 Quit Querty_mob ("used WLIrc")
12:14:25rasherlinux handles it better (not showing the file with empty filename), xp handles it better yet (showing the file, unable to delete it though)
12:15:06HCl :)
12:15:33rasherShould I open a bug?
12:15:41HCladd it on the tofix thing?
12:15:51HCli dunno, either there or the bugtracker
12:16:37*LinusN is on it
12:17:22rasherah, I'll just let it b
12:19:38rashertime for a format+resync, I guess :)
12:21:47 Quit DangerousDan (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
12:23:05 Join einhirn [0] (
12:27:14HClsounds painful
12:29:06 Join DangerousDan [0] (
12:29:14rashernot too bad
12:29:51*HCl dreamt his iriver had corruptions and he lost part of his music collection, must remember to back it up on his computer..
12:30:33preglowi don't think i'll tell you what i dreamt
12:30:46HClyou don't have to o.o.
12:31:19rasherwhatever happened to xen`
12:31:25rasherhe was going to do libmodplug :-\
12:31:30HClamiconn ate him, he was hungry :/
12:32:34***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:34:44*HCl goes to buy a tray of energy drinks to get awake..
12:34:52 Join asdsd____ [0] (
12:35:51*LinusN committed a fix for the empty filename problem
12:36:02LinusNalthough it isn't complete
12:36:08HClwhat was it?
12:36:36LinusNthe file rename dialog function didn't check the filename correctly
12:36:52LinusNstill, the rename() function still accepts bad names
12:37:14rasherrockbox' behaviour when an empty filename exists is a bit curious as well
12:37:19rasherunrelated, of course
12:41:12preglowIf Linux is ported to the H3xx imagine watching smoother video, more file compatibility, and tons of features that we dreamed we had.
12:41:15preglowoh, i love people
12:41:49 Part asdsd____
12:42:08 Join MoosCamaro [0] (
12:42:49rasherpreglow: :)
12:51:53HClpreglow: :x
12:52:06HClsomeone should point it out that h3xx isn't in any way any faster than h120
12:53:49amiconnPerhaps the lcd is faster
12:54:04rasherIt damn well should be
12:54:15rasherYou'd know if you had a h100
12:57:45preglowsomeone should point out that running linux on something doesn't in any warrant smoother video
12:57:48preglowon the contrary
12:58:00rasherOf course it does!
12:58:12HCl :P
12:58:35HClwith an usb keyboard it would enable text editing
12:58:44HClbut you would prolly be able to do that with the h3xx rockbox :P
12:58:56 Join einhirn_ [0] (
13:00:44HClthey should look at ipodlinux to see what linux on iriver might be like
13:02:50 Quit thegeek (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
13:03:32ashridahHCl: it'd have slightly more buttons than ipodlinux. that's clearly better
13:03:47HCl mmmm
13:04:21rasherLinusN: can I rename a file to "/foo/" ?
13:05:44LinusNthat will probably fuck it up just as bad :-)
13:05:55rasherThat's what I'm guessing :)
13:06:07 Quit einhirn (Read error: 148 (No route to host))
13:06:26LinusNthe keyboard should probably not allow "forbidden" characters
13:06:42rasherusing /foo/bar is totally acceptable though
13:06:56rasherand provides a crude "move" functionality
13:07:02LinusNprovided that /foo exists
13:07:10rasherotherwise it fails
13:07:19rasherI checked :)
13:07:46LinusNyou're welcome to fix those issues if you like
13:08:04rasherI wouldn't know where to start
13:08:06LinusNfile move is also something we'd like to have
13:08:09rasheror how to proceed
13:08:26HClif(bla[strlen(bla)-1]=='/'||bla[strlen(bla)-1]=='\\') ... ?
13:08:32rasherI was thinking though, if the file-browser had a "show only dirs" mode, that could be used to select a directory
13:09:21LinusNHCl: i'm rather thinking about letting the virtual keyboard only show kosher characters
13:09:27LinusNrasher: good idea
13:09:43rasherwhich could be used in other contexts as well, I guess
13:10:04LinusNrasher: maybe
13:10:16HClwhen an mp3 is playing, we still have access to the main menu?
13:10:20*amiconn wants file copy in addition to file move
13:10:28LinusNamiconn: yeah
13:10:29rasheramiconn: that's what I was thinking of :)
13:10:41rashermove and copy could both benefit from a select_dir thing
13:10:42HCli'm guessing it should be easy to add options that only show up when a song is playing?
13:10:45amiconnFile copy is especially useful on Ondio...
13:11:12LinusNHCl: that would be a context-sensitive wps menu
13:11:13amiconnCopy from internal flash to MMC and back...
13:11:33HClLinusN: do we have those?
13:11:40LinusNnot yet :-)
13:11:48 Quit DangerousDan ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
13:12:03HCli assume there's a way to check whether we're playing a song or not?
13:12:07amiconnContext sensitive menus where long planned... someone even started implementing... but never finished
13:12:09LinusNwe have a context sensitive menu in the file browser
13:12:31amiconnah, yes
13:12:37HClfile browser?
13:12:43HClyou mean tree.c?
13:12:51amiconnStill there were plans to replace the quickscreens...
13:13:06LinusNyes, i'd like to kick them out
13:14:05HCli'm mostly wanting to add something like Song -> Rating, Song -> Volume, Song -> Edit tag
13:14:16LinusNyes, the f-keys on the archos recorder has shortcuts to the most common settings
13:14:27LinusNSong->add to playlist
13:14:39amiconnLinusN: The 'most common' is debatable...
13:14:44LinusNamiconn: :-)
13:14:49HClum, isn't that more something for the file / db browser?
13:14:54HClnot while playing a file o.o
13:15:14amiconnHCl: If a file is playing, it already is part of the playlist
13:15:25HClso i don't understand what linus is saying :X
13:15:25LinusNamiconn: not necessarily
13:15:34HClanyways o_o
13:15:40*HCl prods at the wps
13:15:43amiconnLinusN ??
13:15:53LinusNplay a dir
13:15:54*HCl goes to dig through the code to try to find how to enable context menus
13:16:22HCllag sucks :/
13:16:24LinusNHCl: i have a patch for this
13:17:02HClcan we add it? o.o
13:17:05HCli need it for the runtime db
13:17:11HCli'm really wanting to get the rating up and running
13:17:11LinusNamiconn: add-to-playlist means "add to a playlist file of your choice"
13:17:24HClits a simple piece of code, yet it can be very powerful when creating playlists
13:18:52HClhow complete is the patch?
13:19:17HCli mostly want to add a new menu in the main menu while playing a file, preferably in a way so that multiple contexts are possible
13:19:46HCl(something with a context bitmask and checking for contexts with several ifs..)
13:20:42LinusNi want a wps context menu, just like the one in tree.c
13:20:53*HCl goes to look what that one is like.
13:20:56LinusNi.e hold Select for a sec
13:22:32HClyea, i get the idea, it works with a tree_context ?
13:23:25LinusNlet me apply the patch
13:23:47*LinusN goes digging in the mail archives
13:29:42*HCl tries to find the menu bit in tree.c
13:29:50*rasher replies to the uclinux thread..
13:29:59rasherCouldn't hold it back anymore :(
13:31:46HCl :P
13:31:53HClwhat was the link again?
13:32:17HClnm :)
13:32:44HClposts:1 ? :P
13:33:07HClYour product purchased from is already sent out to you by air
13:33:07HCl+mail from Hong kong, and normally, it takes about 7-10 working days for
13:33:09preglowwish me luck
13:33:12HClmy battery is on its way
13:33:13HCl :3
13:33:20preglowi'm calling the military to find out if they still want me or not :/
13:33:24*HCl wishes preglow luck, good fortune, and eternal happiness.
13:33:30HClwhy o.o
13:33:39HCldon't call us, we'll call you?
13:33:42preglowbecause that very neatly interferes with searching for jobs
13:33:43rasherHCl: I've been posting in the rockbox threads only, which for some reason doesn't affect postcount
13:33:50HClrasher: mk
13:34:13*HCl stares at the word "already" in "already sent out" o.o;
13:34:31HClthey're trying to promote that they're quick or something o.o
13:38:53*HCl waits patiently.
13:43:44HCl :p
13:43:45preglowmore or less zero chanches of me being enrolled
13:43:53HClnice :)
13:48:05 Join tvelocity [0] (
13:48:25HClLinusN: any luck?
13:55:20 Quit tvelocity[away] (Operation timed out)
13:59:22LinusNoooh, that patch was too old to apply cleanly
13:59:30HClits okay
13:59:32HClgot a link?
13:59:34HCli can adjust it
14:00:53rasherHere we go on the ucLinux thing.. :)
14:00:55rashershould be fun
14:02:55HCl :p
14:02:58*HCl checks again
14:03:43preglowrasher: well said
14:04:34LinusN10fps video sounds awfully slow
14:04:46LinusNwe should be able to do much better
14:05:35rasherTrue, but it's xvid or divx or something like that
14:05:53rasherwhich I'm sure is making the poor coldfire sweat
14:05:53LinusNyes, but why on earth use that format?
14:05:58rasherbeats me :)
14:06:00preglowgood compression?
14:06:03preglowhow does the rockbox format work?
14:06:10LinusNit's uncompressed
14:06:28LinusNjust pumping from the hard drive straight to the lcd
14:06:32preglowwell, then that's the point
14:06:38preglowthen again
14:06:47preglowvideo for such a small screen might not take much space
14:07:12rasherAnd also, it's not like people are going to be watching whole movies on that screen (I hope!)
14:07:29preglowrasher: oh, they are
14:07:40LinusNand they have to convert the stream anyway, so why not convert to an efficient format?
14:07:44rasherthey need a good spanking then
14:07:49HClwho would want that anyways?
14:08:04rasherHCl: it's the Cool Factor
14:08:06preglowwith a black and white screen you could easily utilize run length coding as well
14:08:07*HCl pats his pda which plays 320x240 divx/xvid fine
14:08:12preglowbut it's probably saved in some grayscale format?
14:08:16LinusNi can imagine watching a film on my h300 on a long train trip
14:08:16HClrasher: pfeh, my pda owns them :p
14:08:35LinusNpreglow: yes, it's grayscale
14:09:08rasherhow about using the screen's native format? so that when you encode, you encode it to a specific device?
14:09:22LinusNthat's what we do
14:09:39preglowon a coldfire based player we can also do some compression, though
14:09:43rasherit's just a matter of adding the h300s format into the mix?
14:09:53LinusNsort of
14:10:08LinusNthe audio format is a more problematic issue
14:10:11rasheryes, I understand it involves more than this, but in general terms
14:10:25HClLinusN: got a link to that patch you talked about...?
14:10:47preglowwe could transcode to mjpeg :>
14:12:09rasherThat would be neat
14:12:20LinusNand slow
14:13:08amiconnThe current rockbox video format is _not_ greyscale, it just looks like being greyscale
14:13:14LinusNand transcoding to another lossy format will be very ugly
14:13:24LinusNamiconn: true
14:13:33preglowLinusN: ugly, not very ugly
14:13:40amiconnIt's just b&w with temporal dithering at 67 fps
14:13:57amiconnStill, movies tend to get rather large
14:14:07preglowhow large is a 1.5 hour movie?
14:14:08amiconn...even with the tiny archos lcd
14:14:47amiconnMy largest movie is Lord of the Rings part 3 (audio is lame −−preset medium): 3.5 hours, ~800 MB
14:15:07rasherheh, well that's not too bad
14:15:17LinusNamiconn: and you watched the entire film on your archos? :-)
14:15:17rasherbut with colour :-\
14:15:38preglowcolour is going to boost that size _significantly*
14:15:41amiconnLinusN: Not part 3 (yet), but part 1...
14:15:54LinusNamiconn: you're nuts
14:15:56Lynx_amiconn: and you can still see? ;)
14:16:02amiconnI can
14:16:09amiconnI have the white backlight mod :)
14:16:43preglowbut yes, we could use a format with some compression for devices with some cpu to spare
14:16:47preglowproblem is finding out what
14:17:02preglowwill most definitely need to use a transform codec
14:17:20amiconnpreglow: Even h1xx lcd format will boost the size about a factor of 3 (provided we halve the frame rate, which should be possible due to the slow lcd)
14:17:39rashermore than possible
14:17:45preglowthen we really need some compression, i'd say
14:17:57rasherthat lcd is seriously seriously slow
14:18:01preglowoh, indeed
14:18:43amiconniriver_vid_sz = archos_vid_sz * 160*128 / (112*64) *2 /* 2bpp */ / 2 /* halved frame rate */
14:20:04amiconnHow many bpp is the h3xx lcd?
14:20:09LinusN220x176 16bitRGB - almost 2mbytes/s
14:20:17preglowouch :-)
14:20:33LinusNamiconn: i don't know
14:20:34HClthats why you want compression
14:20:38preglowyou'd be hard pressed just to friggin read the data fast enough, heh
14:21:05preglowand thusly mjpeg enter!
14:21:22preglowamiconn: get a h1x0 and start tweaking that jpeg code!
14:21:51amiconnLinusN: fun - first you tell me 16bit RGB and then you say 'I don't know' ?
14:21:54LinusNpreglow: you're the codec guy, don't try to run away from this
14:22:02LinusNamiconn: just a guess
14:22:28amiconnpreglow: (i)(m)dct is really not an area that I know...
14:22:51preglowand huffman decoding and run length decoding
14:22:56preglowthat's what is jpeg, more or less
14:23:13amiconnYeah, I know... but I don't understand
14:23:36preglowbut yes, i personally don't care much for video on my player anyway
14:23:39amiconnI understand the principles, but not the whole math
14:23:43preglowso very much doubt i'll be working on this
14:24:11rasheririveramerica says about the h300 display: "large, vivid color display" :-|
14:24:34rasherhow.. uninformative
14:24:43*rasher mods it -1: Overrated
14:26:32HClhows that patch? can i look at it and port it to current code? o.o
14:26:56LinusNi'm looking at it
14:27:02HClokay :)
14:27:13HCli'll just wait then :3
14:29:31rasherh300 datasheet says 260000 colours
14:29:34rasherhow quaint
14:29:47rasher2^18, it seems
14:31:53B4gder6+6+6 probably
14:32:14rasherThat's curious
14:32:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:35:24 Quit B4gder ("Lämnar")
14:53:17*[IDC]Dragon sees some video talk
14:54:18amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Did you also notice my bug fix?
14:54:35[IDC]Dragonthose LCDs usually have a 666 mode, but in practice 565 is uses
14:54:47LinusNsounds reasonable
14:55:00[IDC]Dragon666 is for advertizing, but too impractical in the memory layout
14:55:16[IDC]Dragonamiconn: no
14:56:22[IDC]Dragondo you mean to 100% pitch?
14:59:48amiconnRather old bug report...
15:00:19amiconnI tried running a video with 110% pitch before the fix... funny
15:00:41*rasher jumps up and down demanding someone with a player/recorder tries the viewer_proportional_fonts.patch
15:01:14*HCl points at amiconn
15:01:14rasherUd over barnebarnet, tre-årige Regitze Kofod-Svendsen, er også den 38-årige Kenneth Rømer Skjelborg, tidligere Petersen, fra Hillerød identificeret.
15:01:18rasherDermed er i alt 41 danske ofre for katastrofen identificeret, mens fem fortsat savnes, oplyser kommunikations­rådgiver Erik Vand fra Rigspolitiet.
15:01:21rasheroh ah
15:01:37preglowis this where all the stray pastes ends up? :P
15:01:56rasherno, just turned out my buffer held something other than what I thought
15:02:11preglowbut yes
15:02:13preglowsomeone commit that patch
15:02:14preglowi love it
15:03:02amiconnrasher: I should also check whether this doesn't break the viewer on the player..
15:03:31amiconn...but in fact it should be possible to use the sims at least for some checks
15:03:43preglowcan anyone read something at all on a two line charcell display without going completely mad? :P
15:03:49rasherI tried, but wasn't sure what to look for
15:03:55rasherI opened a file, but..
15:04:03rasherpreglow: I doubt it
15:04:33[IDC]Dragonamiconn: I was aware of the pitch problem when I wrote the video player, but by that time we had no plugin api function for it (iirc)
15:05:03[IDC]Dragonso I ignored it, reasoning that very few people play with the pitch
15:05:34[IDC]Dragonthis may have changed since the split editor
15:06:55*LinusN is trying the patch
15:08:13rasher <−− close this one
15:08:21rasher(my patch to
15:08:52HClthe current songdb has some corruptions in the id3 tag reading bit, but aside from that, it works fine, right?
15:10:02rasherthink so, haven't played much with it
15:14:06amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Yeah, I guessed so. The api function was indeed added for the split editor
15:15:41LinusNdoes anybody know pillo's real name?
15:16:11preglowcan't say i do
15:16:26rasher Luca Burelli it would seem
15:25:53preglowwhat's the closes thing one can get to a cycle counter on coldfire?
15:25:56preglowa really tight timer?
15:26:17preglowand it's got dedicated timers that run with no interrupt dealings?
15:26:43LinusNjust start a free-running timer
15:26:54preglowyes, i'll hack me one of those some time then
15:27:10rasherhow do the icons in viewers.conf work?
15:27:13preglowi'm tired of wondering whether this or that is faster, would be much nicer to be able to test
15:28:07amiconnrasher: Same format as ordinary rockbox bitmaps, 6x8 pixels
15:28:24amiconn...represented by the 6 2-digit hex numbers
15:28:39HClLinusN: hows the patch? :X
15:29:07 Join DangerousDan [0] (
15:32:35 Quit lostlogic ("Going to the moon")
15:33:15 Join t0mas [0] (
15:33:40LinusNviewer patch committed
15:33:44preglowHCl: you gave up fixed pointifying dumb?
15:33:50preglowLinusN: sweet
15:33:52HClpreglow: sortof :/
15:34:18LinusNgotta go now
15:34:26HClk :X
15:34:27LinusNcu guys
15:34:31 Part LinusN
15:43:43preglowviewer is thrice is usable, now
15:43:49rasherAh :)
15:43:58preglowa truly fine patch
15:44:31preglowa digest entry!
15:45:04*HCl will look at context menus in a bit
15:47:52rasherhaving seperate icons for the different codec types is going to be dificult :-O
15:50:19 Join pillus [0] (
15:51:05pillushello everyone
15:51:16rasheris this pillo?
15:51:21pillusI see Linus committed my text viewer patch :)
15:51:23rasher(hello either way)
15:51:40rasherIt's a really nice patch, too
15:51:51pillusI have been very busy in this period ... couldn't work on it much more
15:51:55pillusthanks ;)
15:52:02preglowwhy, you don't need to
15:52:06preglowit's a fine patch
15:52:08preglowas it is
15:52:09*Bagder bows for pillus, thanks!
15:52:20pillusI was looking to implement bookmarking
15:52:28pillusthat's another must for usability
15:52:29preglowthe reflow mode makes me actually want to read stuff on this little thing
15:52:39pilluslol I thought the same ;)
15:52:57preglowi know of one bug, though
15:53:10pillustell me
15:53:11preglowwhen the rightmost character is very narrow, there is some space left in the right margin
15:53:55preglowin reflow mode, thatis
15:54:00pillusI made a maximum added spacing, to avoid having 3 words spaced by say 20 spaces each.
15:54:06pillussure this isn't the case?
15:54:10preglowmight be, lemme check
15:54:16preglowsure, you need a max spacing
15:54:16pillusk np
15:54:30 Nick QT_ is now known as QT (as@area51.users.madwifi)
15:54:34*pillus afk for 2mins
15:55:42preglowpillus: i'm fairly certain it's not that, because it happens so often
15:58:10*rasher draws little node icons
15:58:14rasherdifferent types
15:58:22rashernot sure if I can manage to get enough though
15:58:35rasherI already have a C= in case of sid support :)
15:59:10preglowof course there'll be sid support
15:59:14preglowi'll do it myself if i have to
15:59:31rasherI guess a fish for ogg is fitting
16:06:55 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
16:07:36*pillus is back
16:18:29rasherhrm, that's xiph's logo
16:18:35rasherguess I need a snake for vorbis
16:19:44preglowthat'll be easy
16:20:28rashera snake?
16:20:44preglowin 6x8 pixels
16:21:21rasherI have a nice fishie
16:21:48rasherdrawing in 6x7 pixels is pretty challenging
16:22:05rasherand sometimes you're surprised by what looks "right"
16:22:23 Quit Aison (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
16:22:31 Join Aditya [0] (
16:24:22preglowi think i'd call it more a 'nightmare' than 'challenging'
16:24:45rashergetting something that resembles a snake is.. hard.
16:27:18rasherI think I give up on that
16:32:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:50:50*HCl yawns.
16:56:10 Join TheRockBoxDude [0] (
16:56:36TheRockBoxDudeanyone here tryed rockbox on the iriver ihp's?
16:56:50Bagderlots of us
16:57:12TheRockBoxDudei just tryed installing it on my player
16:57:17TheRockBoxDudeand when the player start
16:57:27TheRockBoxDudei get the rockbox like start booting
16:57:32TheRockBoxDudesays result -i
16:57:40TheRockBoxDudeand then the original firmware loads
16:57:47TheRockBoxDudeknow whats that?
16:57:49preglowhave you installed the .rockbox directory?
16:57:49Bagderand you have a rockbox installed properly?
16:57:53rasherSounds like you don't have the .rockbox dir?
16:58:07preglowmy guess is: no
16:58:18TheRockBoxDudewhere to a get a .rockbox dir?
16:58:25TheRockBoxDudedidnt see anything about that before
16:58:27HClat least you got the bootloader to run properly..
16:58:30preglowwith your rockbox.iriver file?
16:58:38HClget a daily build.
16:58:39BagderTheRockBoxDude: you've only flashed the bootloader, not rockbox
16:58:42TheRockBoxDudei allways thoght that was something that the firmware make
16:58:42preglowis this our first fwpatcher case?
16:58:52TheRockBoxDudeyea i guess thats true
16:59:14rasherpreglow: :) I guess we should note in the IriverBoot that you also need the files
16:59:22rasherit's not exactly obvious (there)
16:59:28*HCl resumes digging through the playlist code
16:59:30TheRockBoxDudedo you guys know if its sepports mp3 allready?
16:59:33preglowrasher update power!
16:59:38preglowTheRockBoxDude: no
16:59:40rasherpreglow: Hrum
16:59:44rasherHang on!
16:59:44preglowTheRockBoxDude: at least not the way you mean
16:59:51TheRockBoxDudei sow something on mistic river
17:00:48TheRockBoxDudei must say that you people working no rockbox are genioses
17:00:50TheRockBoxDudei mean
17:01:09TheRockBoxDudeprogram a firmware from scrap on your free time
17:01:21Bagder"How hard can it be?" ;-)
17:01:30TheRockBoxDudethats one neet hobby
17:01:38TheRockBoxDudewell, am a programer my self
17:01:42TheRockBoxDude(or am going to be soon
17:01:53 Quit MoosCamaro ()
17:01:53Bagderthen join in the fun!
17:02:06TheRockBoxDudeam not a real programer yet
17:02:08TheRockBoxDudestill learning
17:02:14TheRockBoxDudegot over the basic c stuff
17:02:18preglowwe're all still learning!
17:02:22TheRockBoxDudeknow some basic 8086 asm
17:02:23*HCl bites C for not supporting whatdoyoucallit, same named functions with different arguments.
17:02:50preglowHCl: overloaded functions?
17:02:53TheRockBoxDudenow am learning c++ and more advanced vm
17:03:07TheRockBoxDudec++ has it...
17:03:12preglowwell, if you want to do some coding, just drop in
17:03:17preglowthere's more than enough work to go around
17:03:29TheRockBoxDudei might do that in the near future
17:03:34TheRockBoxDudeam in the army right now
17:03:51preglowhow ironic, i just found out i'm going to avoid the army
17:03:51TheRockBoxDudeso i only get to a pc once a week or so
17:04:00TheRockBoxDudewhere are you from?
17:04:04TheRockBoxDudeam from israel...
17:04:12preglowahh, smaller chances of that happening in israel, yes
17:04:21preglowit's just a year here anyway
17:04:25TheRockBoxDudenorway has a draft?
17:04:33TheRockBoxDudei thoght it was like the US
17:04:50preglownot draft per se, all males need to spend a year in the military
17:05:07preglownope, no mercs here
17:05:11preglowbut anyway
17:05:13TheRockBoxDudewe need 3 for men 2 for weman
17:05:15preglowi'll go make coffee
17:05:38TheRockBoxDudeand am in for 6 years becuse am going to something that alot of people want and not alot get accespted to
17:06:41HClwhat do you people think. should the searchengine add to the current playlist, or replace it?
17:06:50preglowoption? :P
17:07:00HCli'll make it an hardcoded option for now
17:07:00preglowno, i'd say add
17:07:06rasher <−− look good?
17:07:08HCland we can always add the actual option.
17:07:19 Join Crestfallen [0] (
17:07:39TheRockBoxDudewhat doas that do?
17:07:42TheRockBoxDudesearch for a song
17:07:53preglowrasher: looks fine
17:07:54rasherI'd say "add" or "create a new playlist"
17:08:08preglowTheRockBoxDude: yes, searches for music according to different parameters
17:08:10TheRockBoxDudeam with having options
17:08:15TheRockBoxDudelike a-b to add
17:08:21TheRockBoxDudeand play to replace
17:09:04TheRockBoxDudeguys, one question
17:09:09TheRockBoxDudewhy do you all code on linux?
17:09:13TheRockBoxDudewhats wrong with windows?
17:09:35*HCl wouldn't even know where to find a coldfire compiler for windows.
17:09:49tvelocitylinux is a way superior coding platform
17:09:56HClyea, cause you have vim =]
17:09:57tvelocitycoding on windows is A NIGHTMARE
17:10:09TheRockBoxDudei use vi
17:10:12TheRockBoxDudeand hate it
17:10:19TheRockBoxDudeno backspace.....
17:10:22tvelocityvi rox if you know how to use it
17:10:26TheRockBoxDudewhats so good about vim?
17:10:35TheRockBoxDudeso backspace sucks
17:10:36tvelocityand it DOES have backspace
17:10:57TheRockBoxDudeoh, well on the unix we are working on it doasent
17:11:07TheRockBoxDudei tryed on knoppix and sow it doas have it there
17:11:15tvelocitythat's a problem with it's shell config
17:11:18TheRockBoxDudewe are working on an old ibm unix
17:11:21preglowTheRockBoxDude: nothing bad, windows or linux is all the same, but windows is slower
17:11:30tvelocitybackspace works fine on my box, and on any box i have used
17:11:33preglowTheRockBoxDude: you still use the same tools
17:11:48TheRockBoxDudevisual studio is very good
17:11:54TheRockBoxDudeand so is komodo for perl
17:12:18*HCl scratches his head.
17:12:32*HCl is having one of those moments with "we can. so why not."
17:12:34TheRockBoxDudesay, how do i change the langudge of my rockbox?
17:12:45pilluspreglow: I just remembered the reason for the bug you told me earlier...
17:12:51rasherHCl: ?
17:13:01TheRockBoxDudei sow you have hebrew
17:13:04TheRockBoxDudehow do i load it?
17:13:05HClrasher: wanting to add shuffle to the searchengine
17:13:10HClmmm, wait, nm :)
17:13:10pilluspreglow:extra spaces on the right
17:13:17TheRockBoxDudeallso, i made a moded firmware for the original firmware
17:13:29TheRockBoxDudewitch sepport hebrew fonts
17:13:31rasherTheRockBoxDude: go into the menu (A-B) -> General settings -> Language
17:13:47TheRockBoxDudecan i install the boot loader on that?
17:13:49 Join Stryke` [0] (
17:14:00preglowpillus: so, what is it?
17:14:13*HCl goes to test searchengine that adds to current playlist :)
17:14:26rasherTheRockBoxDude: you can, but not with the windows patcher, and nobody will be able to verify it
17:14:27pilluspreglow: that's due to the finite spacing I can add: ' ' is 3 or more pixels depending on font
17:14:44preglowpillus: ahh, so you can't add space on a pixel level?
17:15:04TheRockBoxDudehmm.... i just switched to the hebrew font
17:15:11pilluspreglow: nope sorry, would have to write each word @ x,y coords
17:15:16TheRockBoxDudeand all the leters turned to gibrish
17:15:26pilluspreglow: and THAT would break compatibilty with players :)
17:15:32Bagderyou need a hebrew font as well
17:15:42preglowpillus: indeed, but still, it's very nice as it is
17:15:43Bagderfont + lang
17:15:47TheRockBoxDudejust a normal herew forms?
17:15:50rasherTheRockBoxDude: oh dear, pick another language :) then change the font THEN change the language :)
17:15:56TheRockBoxDudewhere do i put it?
17:15:59Bagderno, a rockbox font
17:16:49TheRockBoxDudefound it
17:16:56pilluspreglow: I actually was thinking at first to implement something at the LCD driver level, to add extra spaces between chars also. until I do that, that's the best I can do
17:16:58TheRockBoxDudedoh, am such a noob at this
17:17:02TheRockBoxDudebut i must say
17:17:06Bagderwe have three pending patches about hebrew
17:17:07TheRockBoxDudethe learning curve isnt too big
17:17:14TheRockBoxDudeand the gui is great
17:17:25TheRockBoxDudeand alot of info on the screen
17:19:27TheRockBoxDudethe hebrew fonts dont work
17:19:38TheRockBoxDudeis there a way to load normal windows fonts?
17:19:49TheRockBoxDudei sow a generic flash player that had that option
17:20:00Bagderif you convert it to the rockbox format first
17:20:23TheRockBoxDudehow do i convert a font to rockbox format?
17:20:47HClwoah. playlists *so* don't work like i expected...
17:21:43BagderTheRockBoxDude: we have a converter from the BDF format, if you have another source format you'll have to... improvise ;-)
17:21:53HClyou can only create playlists that contain directorys? O.o.
17:21:53preglowTheRockBoxDude: converting a windows font to a rockbox font will be pretty hard
17:22:01HClwth is the point of that O.o
17:22:14HClwhy would you need a playlist for a directory anyways
17:22:28rasherHCl: you can add files as well
17:22:37HClrasher: i tried. it just added the entire directory.
17:22:51TheRockBoxDudethere is a converter that convers windows fonts to bmp
17:23:06TheRockBoxDudethen maybe you can convert the bmp's to rockbox fonts
17:23:20BagderTheRockBoxDude: there's a first rockbox project for you! ;-)
17:23:21TheRockBoxDudei wonder why the hebrew fonts arnt working nativly
17:23:45TheRockBoxDudei might give it a try later on
17:23:45TheRockBoxDudesounds nice
17:24:03*rasher has created 40-something random 6x7 icons
17:24:06BagderTheRockBoxDude: you could check the hebrew patches, they might make things work for you
17:24:15rashersome nicer than others :-s
17:24:17Bagderbut they of course require a dev environment
17:24:50rasherI could try applying some
17:25:00TheRockBoxDudeany chance on of you can compile them for me?
17:25:00rasherthat is.. *if* they apply cleanily
17:25:07TheRockBoxDudei dont have a dev invirment
17:25:12Bagderdon't count on it
17:25:21BagderTheRockBoxDude: then get it! ;-)
17:25:23rasherI will :)
17:25:38TheRockBoxDudei dont realy want to mess with it at this time
17:25:43TheRockBoxDudeseems to risky
17:25:46TheRockBoxDudethanks rasher
17:25:57rasherit's not really risky
17:26:03Bagderputting a new rockbox is not risky
17:26:09rasherthe onlyh risky part is the bootloader
17:26:17TheRockBoxDude1031505 None 5 quelsaruk Recompiled Hebrew Font 2004-09-20 22:19
17:26:25TheRockBoxDude768644 None 5 quelsaruk updated Hebrew translation 2003-07-09 20:25
17:26:36TheRockBoxDudethis are the 2 patchs i see that might be relevent
17:26:54rasherI'll try applying those two
17:26:58rasherhang on
17:26:58HCli need someone to explain the playlist interface
17:27:00Bagderthe first one too
17:27:06Bagder783877None5nobodyCorrectly display Hebrew and Arabic text (v2)
17:27:11rasherah yes
17:27:17rashersounds more.. interesting
17:27:25HCland explain to me why the hell we wouldn't be able to view a playlist if there are no songs playing
17:28:02TheRockBoxDude1031505 None 5 quelsaruk Recompiled Hebrew Font 2004-09-20 22:19 looks like its a fix of the second one...
17:28:05HClwho's wavey, and who's hardeep?
17:28:23TheRockBoxDudeif there a reson its not allready patched in the latest releace?
17:28:25HCli guess they're gone?
17:28:28Bagderbut wavey didn't do much of that playlist stuff
17:28:33HClwho did?
17:28:34Bagderhardeep made the whole dynamic playlist thing
17:28:43BagderI did the initial playlist
17:28:46TheRockBoxDudea very big thanks BTW
17:29:02HCli guess i'll just adjust it till it works whats in my eyes "normally"
17:29:11TheRockBoxDudeand a huge one to rasher as well
17:29:24rasherthe first patch is.. ooold
17:29:50*Bagder is off
17:31:14rasherI'm afraid I can't really help
17:31:17HClmaybe its just the view.r
17:31:22rasherthe patches are pretty old
17:31:55TheRockBoxDudei put the font from 1031505 None 5 quelsaruk Recompiled Hebrew Font 2004-09-20 22:19
17:32:06TheRockBoxDudethe font works
17:32:10rasherput that in .rockbox/fonts/
17:32:44TheRockBoxDudethe font works great
17:32:57rasherI'm afraid that's all I can do
17:33:00HClgood, its just the viewer behaving oddly
17:33:02TheRockBoxDudebut as you know (or dont know) heberw is a right to left lang
17:33:09rasheryou could update the translation i f you like?
17:33:17TheRockBoxDudeso am still seeing right to lef
17:33:27rasherYes.. that's what the first patch is supposed to change
17:33:29TheRockBoxDudei sow that rockbox doas sepport right to left
17:33:31rasherbut it's old
17:33:41TheRockBoxDudeit means it wont work?
17:33:50rasherand needs updating before it'll work
17:35:03rasherthe translation file needs updating as well - that's something you could do if you have time
17:35:06TheRockBoxDudeoh well...
17:35:12TheRockBoxDudei dont raely...
17:35:18TheRockBoxDudeas a said am in the army
17:35:23TheRockBoxDudebut i will in 4 months
17:35:27TheRockBoxDudeor something like that
17:35:32rasherheh, sure
17:35:34TheRockBoxDudeam finishing my course
17:35:40TheRockBoxDudeand will be home every week
17:35:47rashertranslations are always welcome
17:35:48TheRockBoxDudemaybe even 2 days a week
17:35:57rasherand a lot of them are out of date
17:38:23TheRockBoxDudeno chance will work?
17:40:21HClwhy does the playlist viewer only work on playlists stored on disk O.o.
17:41:04amiconnHCl: It does also work on the dynamic playlist
17:41:14HClamiconn: it doesn't seem to work..
17:41:34amiconnMaybe there's a problem on iriver, due to the not-yet-working playback
17:41:46*amiconn prepares to bid on an H-140
17:41:52HClyea, it refused to work without playing a song.
17:41:55HClthats a really dumb requirement.
17:42:00HCli'm trying to get that out.
17:42:25TheRockBoxDudeafter tinkering around a bit with rock box
17:42:30TheRockBoxDudeit looks realy coolk
17:43:00TheRockBoxDudecant want for playback to work correctly and for me to finish my course and work on a working patch for hebrew
17:43:29*HCl is getting the idea playlist_add is only half of the story..
17:43:30TheRockBoxDudehow come rockbox is that fast compared to the original firmware
17:45:01*amiconn won the aucktion :))
17:45:24TheRockBoxDudewhat auction did you win?
17:45:28preglowh1x0 ????
17:45:34amiconniRiver H-140
17:45:39rasherhow much?
17:45:49TheRockBoxDudehow much?
17:46:00HClamiconn: yay.
17:46:00amiconnCHF 511 (about EUR 331)
17:46:04HClnot bad
17:46:08preglowhow much is not important, amiconn sitting down and learning himself m68k asm is important!
17:46:17TheRockBoxDudehow do i make my player load back to the original firmware?
17:46:28preglowTheRockBoxDude: just press record when you reboot
17:46:35preglowas it's starting
17:46:42amiconnIt will probably take a while to deliver it.
17:46:43TheRockBoxDudeshort click?
17:46:47TheRockBoxDudeor hold
17:47:13rasherif you use the remote to turn it on, it will also boot the original firmware
17:47:31TheRockBoxDudethe record butten thing dosnt seem to work
17:48:33amiconnThanks :)
17:48:39TheRockBoxDudethats perty expencive isnt it?
17:49:07amiconnTwo H-140's went for >410 EUR before..
17:49:08TheRockBoxDudeis it new in box or something like that?
17:49:24TheRockBoxDudedo you know how much h120's are going for?
17:50:29amiconnI wouldn't pay more than ~250 EUR. Two of them went today for around 240
17:50:40amiconn(but I wanted a 140)
17:52:27[IDC]Dragonmy current project is here:
17:52:55[IDC]Dragonclick on "GMX MediaCenter starten"
17:53:33 Quit Crestfallen (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
17:55:32TheRockBoxDudeFile Added 84486: hebrew2.diff 2004-04-21 01:20 gadicohen
17:55:37TheRockBoxDudethats looks a bit newer
17:55:40 Join TheVoid [0] (
17:55:42TheRockBoxDudeany chance this whold work?
17:55:49TheVoidany hardware people here?
17:56:16TheRockBoxDudement File Added 102801: hebrew4.diff 2004-09-25 15:29 gadicohen
17:56:19AdityaI have some hardware
17:56:23*Aditya takes out his shotgun
17:56:40TheVoidlol no no i mean any people that know stuff about the hardware inside the jukebox
17:56:41Adityanow what is it you said you needed?
17:56:58Adityaheh.. which player do you have?
17:57:04TheVoidrecorder 20
17:57:05Adityathe wiki has the hardware details for more players
17:57:19TheVoidwell i dont need details... i need ideas
17:57:34rasherTheRockBoxDude: that's the one I was trying
17:57:45TheRockBoxDudeoh, ok
17:58:01TheRockBoxDudethe guy who created it seems like his online right now
17:58:13TheRockBoxDudeso ill try registering at sourceforge and emailing him
17:58:18TheVoidthe DC in plugin thingy has broken off... twice. The first time i basically just soldered it back on, and it broke off again... so i was wondering if there was a more secure idea
18:00:31[IDC]Dragonsolder it more rigid ;-)
18:00:39TheVoid*blink blink*
18:01:08Adityaif it came off after a solder.. you are doing something wrong
18:01:09[IDC]Dragondid it cleanly com off the holes again?
18:01:41Adityalike maybe putting the player in places it shouldn't be 0_o
18:02:06TheVoidi dont know, i havent been inside it yet, this just happened this morning.
18:02:23TheVoidi only had a large soldering gun last time, so it might have just been a poor soldering job
18:03:38 Join Sucka [0] (
18:06:35 Join MoosCamaro [0] (
18:07:19HClmk.. something is just wrong...
18:11:24TheRockBoxDuderasher: you tryed to patch using hebrew4.diff or hebrew.diff?
18:16:42 Quit TheRockBoxDude ("( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: )")
18:17:40 Join webguest78 [0] (
18:18:59TheVoidhey, anyone know where i can get those little screws that go in the top and bottom of the recorder?
18:22:52HClbleh it still doesn't work.
18:25:57*HCl bites playlists.
18:26:27HCleither the viewer or the playlist itself are going bananas when i try to modify the playlist from within searchengine.
18:32:42***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:41:18 Quit pillus ("CGI:IRC")
18:59:44 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("CGI:IRC")
19:04:00 Quit webguest78 ("CGI:IRC")
19:08:52TheVoiddamn RIGHT i just soldered it all back together. :D
19:09:11*preglow screams HELL YEAH
19:09:29TheVoideveryone got their Episode III tickets?
19:09:40TheVoidheh, 8 days kids! All your Jedi are belong to us!
19:09:41preglowHELL NO
19:10:34TheVoidheh, anywho, i'll ttyl everyone
19:10:40 Quit TheVoid ()
19:14:42HCl ;p
19:16:51preglowthat's a good one
19:23:10t0masHCl: LOL
19:31:31 Join thegeek [0] ("> <−− the fruit of my 6x7-nightmare
19:36:43t0maswhat are they used for?
19:37:09rasherJust thought I'd draw a bunch of icons
19:37:18rashersome better than others :-/
19:37:46t0masah ok
19:38:05rasheralready using the I iconf for .iriver files :)
19:40:58rasher <−− getting even better
19:44:25Rickrasher: nifty
19:44:39rasherwhich part? :)
19:44:41RickI could probably use one of those when I finish my zcode interpreter
19:44:59rasherAh, yes.. that was sortof the idea
19:45:28RickI like the one with the boat
19:45:38rasherthough I suppose a Zwould be more suitable
19:45:42rasheranf fairly easy
19:45:47RickI mean
19:45:51RickI like the icon in general
19:46:25RickI started porting one
19:46:26 Quit thegeek (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
19:46:33Rickit only supports v3 files
19:46:45Ricki've been on the lookout for an easy to port one that supports up to v5
19:47:01preglowsounds cool
19:47:08Ricklemme see if I can find a screeny
19:47:13Rickthat I took awhile ago
19:47:18rasherokay, a z is nice and easy
19:47:52Rickvery old shots
19:48:13 Join thegeek [0] (
19:48:24preglowstill, looks like fun
19:50:45Rickthe two problems are v4/v5 compatability, and I can't think of a decent way to design a vkeyboard that doesn't take over the entire screen
20:09:39rasher9 new icons :)
20:23:18HClmisticriver has some real idiots x.x;
20:23:31rasherHaha, sure has.. what now?
20:23:48HClnothing, just the latest developments on the linux thread.
20:24:35rasherAh, yes :)
20:26:03HCl"why don't we write our OWN os!!!"
20:26:57rasherHaha, yes
20:27:05rasherthat was most excellent
20:27:13HClyea, rockbox so does not exist o.o;
20:30:05preglowwhat's the url again?
20:32:27preglowi wonder if these people have ever programmed a single line in their entire life
20:32:35HClsome of them.
20:32:40HClnot all.
20:32:46***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:32:58preglowwe've got a guy who refers to a unix/linux language, and a guy who can READ c++
20:33:07preglowwe'll see progress in no time
20:34:44t0maseverybody can read c++
20:34:48t0masunderstanding it might be a problem...
20:35:25rasher"as long as the graphics are fully skinnable..."
20:35:40rasherThat's a must-have design-goal RIGHT FROM THE START
20:37:02t0mas"Unfortunately, as much as I'd like to, I can't be project leader for this because I have never used Linux or even seen it in my life. Someone else needs to step up and take the leadership role guys."
20:37:11Rickyeah, I saw that last night
20:37:34Rickdo they just not know about Rockbox or what?
20:37:54rasherAt least one of them do
20:37:58t0maswell... someone mentioned it
20:38:30rasher4 of them did!
20:38:35rasherand yet, they want to :(
20:38:44preglowmost people just explode once they hear "linux"
20:38:57preglowand the non-programmers start envisioning gnome on their mp3 players
20:39:10rasherWell, I wouldn't worry too much about minds going to waste on that project..
20:41:49t0masif they ever get it working...
20:41:55t0masuclinux == GPL
20:42:03t0masso we can use drivers an such from it
20:43:07rasherI think 'could' covers better :)
20:43:54preglowyes, assuming it ever takes off
20:43:56preglowwhich it wont
20:45:50Rickdoesn't uclinux already have some coldfire junk?
20:46:19t0masyes it has
20:46:34rasherThe cpu was never really the problem
20:46:50Rickmethinks it'd be getting the actual code onto it?
20:47:10rasherwell that and all the other chips
20:49:08preglowuclinux runs just fine on coldfire
20:49:24preglowtying in the other components is where the work lies
20:50:08t0masthe lcd?
20:50:15t0masand I2c for audio stuff right?
20:50:17t0masand the disk?
20:50:25t0masor does uclinux have drivers for some of these?
20:50:32preglowthat again isn't a real problem
20:50:36preglowyou have to write new applications
20:50:41preglowthat's what'll eat time
20:50:48t0maspodzilla ;)
20:50:51t0mascan be ported
20:50:58preglowthat it can
20:51:02Rickwhat is that?
20:51:06rasherit'll all end in tears
20:51:15rasheripodlinux' frontend
20:51:59preglowrockbox > *
20:52:23rasherPeople are liking the firmware patcher :)
20:53:06preglowso, it's being linked to?
20:53:35rasherI posted it in the two rockbox threads
20:53:52rasherrockbox-on-h100, actually
21:17:27preglowanyone know what this t10 looks like naked? :>
21:17:50t0masI read the last line... and thought "oh, here we go again with the iriver porn"
21:18:13preglowit supports the full vorbis quality range
21:18:30t0masH1x0 doesn't?
21:19:19preglowno, the ifp playrs
21:19:56preglowi'm almost hoping it's coldfire based :VV
21:20:00preglowbut i guess it's arm
21:25:31 Quit Stryke` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:59:48 Join uski [0] (
22:05:24t0maspreglow: rip one apart?
22:05:48t0masor email iriver?
22:06:26preglowt0mas: why, buy me one and i will
22:06:35t0maswell.. then I can do it myself :P
22:06:40uskihi there
22:06:43t0masdoesn't anybody have one here?
22:09:38t0maspreglow: I know someone having an ifp... but I don't think he'll rip it apart...
22:09:44t0masany other ways to find out?
22:10:43t0masis what he has
22:11:55preglowwe know about the ifps
22:12:01preglowi was thinking more about the t10s
22:12:59t0masI don't even know id they're sold in holland...
22:13:01t0masnever seen one
22:15:38HClATA error: 71
22:15:40HCl -71
22:15:43HClpress ON to debug
22:15:59HCladc battery: c8
22:16:07HClaka battery empty
22:17:01t0masI know that one ;)
22:17:23t0masmaybe rockbox should include some battery warning some time?
22:17:32t0masor is it already there for archos?
22:19:22HClthat, and shut down before its too late.
22:19:47 Join Guest5715154 [0] (
22:22:05uskii don't remember if the hardware allows the software to switch off the unit
22:22:17HClfor iriver, it does.
22:22:36t0masit's even the only way... except of the reset button...
22:22:53t0masiriver doesn't have that keep ON-button pressed to poweroff like archos has
22:24:51uskiah yea
22:32:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:37:00 Quit thegeek (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:40:44 Join kergoth_ [0] (
22:41:04 Nick kergoth_ is now known as kergoth (
22:41:18 Part kergoth
22:54:50 Join Stryke` [0] (
23:11:37 Join mattzz [0] (
23:12:01 Quit mattzz (Client Quit)
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