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#rockbox log for 2005-05-14

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00:43:22preglowi hate people
00:43:43Bagdermachines are nicer
00:44:07MoosCamaropreglow: why?
00:55:34preglowoh, no particular reason
00:58:08preglownow, what are the odds of the embedded guy that just introduced himself on the list wanting to do codec work :P
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01:01:08Bagdervery close to zero ;-)
01:01:18Bagderno, odds... very high
01:01:28Bagdertoo late for clear thinking
01:01:34Bagdertime to sleep
01:01:55preglowhmm, perhaps
01:02:28MoosCamaro:) good night Bagder
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11:42:58bangsergood morning evb
12:13:47bangsersorry for any disturbance, just say so: is there a chance to override the ubs-handover of rockbox?
12:14:54ashridahi can see possible reasons why you might want to ignore the presence of a usb cable attachment, but what do you expect to do instead?
12:16:29bangserlook: ive got a mini-usb loader shipped with my cellular, and so I can use it with my JB and only have to carry one charger
12:16:58bangserbut if I sit in the ICE and want to listen to music AND charge the battery I have no change
12:17:13ashridahaah, i see.
12:18:01ashridahwell, it'd be possible on the iriver platforms, but i don't know about the archos models
12:18:33bangserk, but I will not get me a Iriver *lol* ;-)
12:21:10ashridahyou'd have to ask one of the devs, and they're mostly asleep atm
12:21:59bangserwhere are they from? (so I know, when they will be a wake)
12:23:18ashridahhrm. actually, they should be awake nowish. a good deal of them are in northern europe.
12:23:46*Rick drops a noisy bomb over nothern europe.
12:24:01ashridahbut yeah, in theory, one could add a setting that disables usb-activation, or has it prompt or something. you'd get on better adding it as a feature request to the website
12:24:29bangserIf they have the same schitty wheater, then we do have here in germany, I can understand, why nobody is awake :)
12:24:53Rickwhat's a schitty whater?
12:25:06bangserjup, I will ask for a feature request
12:25:12ashridahshitty wheather
12:25:16ashridahweather even
12:25:23Rickwow, what a mangled statement
12:25:54bangserits cloudy with littel rain, and the whole working week was perfect: shitty wheather :)
12:30:26amiconnbangser, ashridah: There is already a patch that does this (no usb mode with usb cable attached)
12:30:57amiconnThis is at least useful for jukebox fm recorder, recorder v2 and ondio
12:31:22amiconnHowever, the patch has some problems. I'm planning to implement that functionality soon though
12:32:14amiconnFor jukebox player, recorder v1 and (afaik) iriver this doesn't make sense, because these units don't charge or run from usb power
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12:40:01bangseraha, so I can stopp writing my feature request? *gg*
12:41:31amiconnHmm, you could still make it a feature request. Perhaps this will rise priority a little ;)
12:41:39amiconnWhat unit do you have, btw?
12:42:37bangserReqest ID 1201887, thanks to evb, who would help we with that issue
12:43:59bangsermaybe it could be linked by solving Request ID 770014?
12:46:43amiconnSolving 770014 isn't possible because the charging is controlled by hardware in those units that can charge from USB
12:48:09bangserk, you have to understand that I am just a JB-sn00b :)
12:49:33amiconnOkay, it might be possible by doing a hardware mod (which would disable charging from USB permanently)
12:50:34bangserI guess this is not the idea of the requester :)
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13:05:45MoosCamaroHi all
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15:16:02preglowis the fwpatcher linked to in the wiki built with unicode support?
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15:18:04Victorinoxhey everyone
15:20:41Victorinoxits omri BTW
15:20:48Victorinoxits just that my nick is taken on this network
15:20:55Victorinox\nick 0mri
15:21:20Victorinoxno go...
15:22:34bagawkif you have told nickserv you "own" the nick, then you could just kick that person..
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15:23:08Victorinoxproblem is i dont...
15:23:12Victorinoxits just my first name
15:23:18Victorinoxhey omri
15:23:33rasherpreglow: I don't know. What is needed to do so?
15:23:48preglowcompile ut with -DUNICODE and -D_UNICODE, i think
15:23:49Victorinoxhey rasher
15:24:15rasherpreglow: Hmm.. I just ran make in the dir.. hang on
15:24:16Victorinoxits omri from yesterday
15:24:30Victorinoxi need to find my self a better nick...
15:25:07rasherpreglow: Looks like the Makefile builds with unicode support. Does this mean that it won't run on 98?
15:25:18rasherBummer :-\
15:25:25preglowjust thought that should be mentioned somewhere
15:25:36rasherOr I could build a -nounicode version
15:25:46preglowbuild it without the unicode defs, and it should work on all windowses, but will fail on unusual characters in dir names
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15:28:34rasherNow if I understood makefiles I'd add two targets "unicode" and "nounicode" and make the default one build both :-\
15:28:47rasher"Someone" should do that
15:30:30preglowjust add all: unicode nounicode as the topmost rule
15:30:34preglowthen add those two targets below
15:30:52preglowi tHINK
15:30:55preglowi tend to avoid makefiles
15:30:55rashereh.. yes
15:30:58preglowon the grounds of me hating them
15:31:01rasherproblem is the second step
15:31:26rashersounds like a job for Bagder, he seems to be the resident makefile guru
15:32:17*rasher makes a note of which files cvs frowns at (modified files)
15:33:06rashernot much
15:33:27preglowbut yes
15:33:33preglowmost sane people should run 2k or higher
15:33:46rasherHaven't had any complaints yet either
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15:34:58amiconnHmm :/
15:35:33amiconnProportionl font support in the text viewer is nice, but it seems I don't understand the 'reflow lines' mode
15:35:43rasherI now have a fwpatcher-nounicode.exe
15:36:03preglowdon't understand?
15:36:27rasheramiconn: it joins lines within a paragraph and indents the first line of a paragraph
15:36:55amiconnIt looks like this mode does block justify. Looking a bit ugly on the graphic lcd archoses, and totally unusable on th eplayer
15:36:56preglowand aligns margins
15:37:08preglowof course it doesn't work on the player
15:37:18rashershould probably be disabled there
15:37:19preglowsmall wonder
15:37:29preglowit works very nicely on h1x0
15:37:31amiconnIt does work... but looks like ****
15:37:41preglowagain, of course ;)
15:37:48pregloweverything looks like shit on charcell displays
15:37:53pregloweven when they're working correctly
15:38:13rasherYou haven't seen PluginSnow on the Player then!
15:38:23preglowno i havent :P
15:40:10rasherIt's better even than on iRiver
15:40:22preglowwell, you can hardly see the snow on the iriver
15:40:28rasherthat'd be why
15:40:39amiconnSlow lcd
15:40:44preglowthe lcd sucks rod and the snowflakes should be bigger
15:40:46rasherPainfully slow
15:41:05rasheramiconn: you'll see once you get your h140!
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15:41:27amiconnThe 'reflow lines' mode looks basically like 'join lines', but with block justification (which seems to not always work correctly)
15:41:59preglowbut no, you shouldn't expect the algo to work at all on that display
15:42:13preglowreflow _is_ basically join lines, apart from also block justifying
15:42:13amiconnTalking about recorder now...
15:42:16 Part Victorinox
15:42:36preglowwhat do you mean with not working correctly, then?
15:43:05amiconnThe righmost words are not always correctly right aligned
15:43:31preglowthat's a limitation in the viewer framework
15:43:36preglowhe has to use the space character
15:43:41preglowand that's very seldom one pixel wide
15:44:13amiconnThat's not what I mean
15:44:14preglowso unless you've got a space character that's one pixel wide, there'll always be a rag at the right margin
15:45:04amiconnThere distance of the rightmost word to the right margin is sometimes several spaces wide
15:45:35preglowyou should test it in h1x0 sim and see if the problem is similar there
15:45:43preglowseveral spaces wide doesn't sound right
15:46:58amiconnIt looks like this is to avoid too much word spacing
15:47:11preglowyes, there is a max word spacing
15:47:15preglowcorrectly so
15:47:27rasherif there's an overly long word at the beginning of the next line?
15:47:49rasherSounds like the conclusion is "that's not a but, it's a FEATURE!"
15:47:51amiconnNot necessarily 'overly' long, but long
15:48:25rasherI guess it also depends on how many words are on the line
15:48:32rasherwhich would be fewer for the recorder
15:48:43amiconnpreglow: Apart from that it should be possible to place words pixel exact
15:49:03rasher what the...
15:49:05preglowamiconn: probably, i only know what pillo told me about it, as i too thought it was a bug
15:49:58preglowamiconn: you would have to steal a special character to act as a one pixel space then, though?
15:50:15rasheror just use putsxy
15:50:21rasheror what the thing is
15:50:40amiconnPut every word individually, with lcd_putsxy()
15:50:58preglowand that wont add a bunch of overhead?
15:51:14preglowhe mentioned using putsxy
15:51:21preglowas a solution to that problem, that is
15:51:52amiconnMy guess is that checking the width of every single char (for prop font support) is much more overhead than using putsxy for each word
15:52:28 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:52:36rasherhe's doing it for every char? Isn't that only necessary when using chop words?
15:52:43amiconnOf course this would make the code flow a bit different from the chrcell version
15:53:16amiconnrasher: ah, yes of course
15:54:54rasherthought so.. there's one that finds the width of a string right?
15:56:32amiconnOne case requires to check single chars even when wordwrapping - if a single word is longer than the whole line
15:57:14rasher <−− the thread that keeps on giving
15:58:38 Quit bagawk ("Leaving")
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16:00:53preglowthey're still going!!
16:04:21*rasher looks at this ugly flipit.rock hack
16:04:32preglowthe only people that knows what they're talking about says go rockbox
16:04:32rasherit's not even taking up the entire screen
16:04:52rasherbut I did manage to #define the hell out of the source
16:05:53rasherAw, I forgot I did this.. changed the "jukebox" icon on .iriver files to the iriver i.. so cute
16:06:33rasherHah, using a hebrew font and Danish language has amusing results
16:10:06ashridahi don't see how simulating an MMU in software (or whatever the hell uCLinux does is going to help them get smoother video playback
16:11:47rasherOops, looks like the icons I made are upside down
16:12:17 Quit DangerousDan ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
16:16:03 Join pillo [0] (
16:17:03pillohello everyone
16:17:13pilloit seems that I'm reading the logs at the right moments :)
16:18:35pillo(I did not think about reflow mode on the player- only made sure it would "work")
16:18:58pilloobviously this is a waste of characters there...
16:19:45amiconnImho the mode should be simply disabled there
16:19:46rasherI think disabling it alltogether is better?
16:19:59pilloyeah indeed
16:20:05pilloshall I do the patch?
16:20:52amiconnIf I only knew what to start first. I have 3 areas that I want to work on...
16:21:08pilloalso, there was a question on my mind. do we have to keep both "join" and "reflow" modes? they may seem confusingly similar...
16:21:19amiconn(1) New gfx api (2) cyrillic for the player (3) menus and option-saving for the viewer
16:21:46amiconnpillo: I would keep both modes for graphic displays
16:22:16pilloamiconn: fine
16:22:21amiconnHmm, I just had an idea
16:22:48pregloware there still a lot of people using the player?
16:23:09amiconnWhat about instead having this reflow mode as a separate mode having a separate option for block justify
16:23:48rasherI think we just about need a menu then :)
16:23:54pilloyes indeed
16:23:56preglowa menu would be great!
16:23:58rasherRapidly running short on buttons to press on the iRiver
16:24:03preglowrockboy has a decent menu, heh
16:24:10preglowthat would not work at all on players
16:24:13pilloi already started working on menu support...
16:24:22amiconnpreglow: I thought of reusing the core menu code
16:24:31preglowsame thing
16:24:45pillobut had to abandon working on it because I had too much else to do :-/
16:24:53amiconnrasher: iRiver has manu buttons compared to player and Ondio :/
16:26:23amiconnOn the player, the viewer uses some 3-button combos, and on Ondio, I had to drop some functions due to button shortness
16:26:26preglowwhy did all rockboy development suddenly stop?
16:26:31amiconn(like line-wise scrolling)
16:27:10ashridahpreglow: because it's fast approaching the end of semester for HCL, and he's busy?
16:27:22rasherpreglow: I think HCl got it to where he wanted it, and lost most interest in it
16:27:28pilloamiconn: I did draw a small graph of all modes and settings, to find out which meant sense and which did not. I thought adding another "line mode" was the best option for reflow.
16:27:39cheriffhey folks.. would anyone know why some files cause internal compiler errors? (m68k-elf-gcc)
16:27:58preglowi know hcl has lost interest, but i think i remember some other people doing odd bits for it
16:28:02preglowcheriff: what files?
16:28:07ashridahcheriff: how old/new is your compiler checkout?
16:28:09preglowcheriff: and what compiler version
16:28:36 Quit ashridah ("sleep")
16:28:40pillo...and the code is SO amazingly difficult to understand with all these option combos! :o
16:29:25cheriffok, gcc: 3.3.4, current cvs checkout of rockbox and sofar something in the dumb codec and now calculator.c:1072
16:29:38preglowcheriff: cygwin?
16:29:44cheriffnope linux
16:30:12preglowi'd try stuffing in a newer compiler
16:30:29amiconntry 4.0.0 :-O
16:30:52preglowand fix all our bugs for us
16:30:55amiconnNo, seriously one should use 3.4.x for iriver builds
16:32:20cheriffok ta, i'l look for that now... some doc mentioned 3.3.4 so i followed that..
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16:34:24rasherYou must've been reading the wrong doc :)
16:34:59cheriffyeah, i didnt notice the coldfire specific bit underneath... :)
16:35:11rasherIndeed, I was about to point that out
16:35:18cheriffso 3.4.3 should be fine?
16:35:48rasherThat's what I have.
16:36:13*rasher comes up with another idea for an icons
16:36:41rasherI just hope that *some* of these icons will be useful eventually
16:38:51 Join xen` [0] (
16:39:12rasherHi xen`, long time no see
16:51:46 Join rasher_ [0] (
16:51:46 Quit TCK- (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:52:12rasher_remind me why I trust Windows not to crash unexpectedly
16:52:35preglowi was kind of hoping you'd tell me
16:52:51preglowi'd hate to insult you ;)
16:54:22 Quit rasher ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:54:31rasher_there we go
16:54:35 Nick rasher_ is now known as rasher (
16:56:18cheriffok, new gcc did the trick. So now i just drop rockbox.iriver onto the drive, and thats it, right?
16:56:47preglowyou need .rockbox directory as well
16:56:55preglowthen you're set, presuming you have flashed a bootloader
16:57:23cheriffyeah, assuming i have rolo and .rockbox from before.... ;)
17:01:05pillook, I made the patch to disable "reflow" mode on players. it's only 8 lines, somebody with write access to cvs care to test/add it?
17:05:38 Join asdsd____ [0] (
17:18:46rasherI have no player, and I dread the player sim
17:20:25pillonevermind, the patch shouldn't possibly be wrong (#ifndef LCD_BITMAP->skip reflow... )
17:21:04preglownice to test it anywho
17:28:07pillowell, it works on the sim at least ;)
17:29:06pilloand now I understand why you said "I dread the player sim" :o what an awful set of buttons ...
17:29:35rasherI don't care for them much either
17:34:24cheriffthanks for your help people, i'll catch ya's round later...
17:34:42 Part cheriff
17:34:46pilloanyway, the patch is available here:
18:23:53amiconnpillo: Your patch uses the trivial way... simply skipping reflow mode.
18:24:06amiconnImho it would be better to disable the reflow code for player, but that might be a bit difficult.
18:24:09pilloyep :)
18:24:34amiconnBut if we simply want to skip the mode, there is an even simpler way, that doesn't need additional code
18:25:28amiconnJust sort REFLOW mode _after_ LINE_MODES in the enum for players
18:25:34amiconnThis way it is never reached
18:25:46preglowand please add a comment as well ;)
18:26:01 Join DangerousDan [0] (
18:26:09amiconnWe can't simply leave it out because it is referenced in the code
18:26:37pilloindeed that's why i opted for the easy solution ;)
18:27:20pillobtw, i'm working on saving and reloading viewer state
18:29:00amiconnHmm, the *line_mode_str[] will need some adjustment as well...
18:29:29pilloyes, needs the same trick
18:30:03amiconnI think there is an elegant way to rite this iirc.
18:31:11pillodo it and show me then, my idea involves at least 2 more #ifdefs :o
18:31:43pilloand there are already too many of them :)
18:33:18***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:33:35amiconnAh, found it - we can use designated initializers
18:34:01 Quit rasher ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
18:34:19pillohmm.. and how to sort the others in the right order?
18:34:34amiconnThat does of course need #defines
18:35:13pilloah, gotcha
18:37:28amiconnI wanted to avoid 2 additional #defines within the string array
18:44:31amiconnIt's working.
18:44:54pillogood, commit it
18:45:08 Join bobTHC [0] (
18:45:26pillommm, question
18:45:27bobTHChi folks !
18:46:00pillohow do I parse a "long" from a string? plugin api only provides atoi()...
18:46:38pillois atol it available in rockbox?
18:46:55preglowscanf? :V
18:47:11amiconnint == long for both SH1 and coldfire
18:47:20preglowi don't think anyone has made an atoll
18:47:27preglowlong policy is something that's been added recently
18:47:33pilloah ok
18:47:46preglowpeople used to assume sizeof(int) == sizeof(long)
18:47:57amiconnProbably atol should be added when the gmini port restarts at some time...
18:48:19amiconnpillo: committed.
18:48:51preglowi feel sorry for the gmini guys, with their 16 bit ints
18:49:05preglowwhy don't you use c99 types anyway?
18:49:16preglowyou'll obviously have this issue biting you in the ass sooner or later
18:49:23preglowlike int32_t
18:49:59amiconnWhy? If I know I'll need 32 bits, I'd just use long...
18:50:52preglowyeah, but then i'd say you need to write a doc on this some place ;)
18:51:00amiconnUsing 32 bit ints everywhere would hurt the gmini port
18:51:05preglowit's not really readily apparent that int can be 32 bits
18:51:10preglowcan't be
18:51:18 Join lodesi [0] (
18:51:22*pillo looks at amiconn's patch wide-eyedly
18:51:31pillonever saw this kind of initialization, cool!
18:51:36pilloeasy to read too
18:51:57amiconnGoogle for 'designated initializers'
18:52:34preglowis it a c99 thing?
18:52:37preglowi've never seen it either
18:53:04amiconnyes, C99
18:53:40pilloof course... reminds me of this:
19:23:40 Join TCK [0] (
19:30:36amiconnHmm. The cvs build table does no longer update...
19:30:48*amiconn points at Bagder
19:32:17crashdevening guys
19:41:25 Nick pillo is now known as pillo_away (
19:56:26crashddoes anyone know of any places with docs on teh portalplayer platform/s ?
19:58:45 Join Stryke` [0] (
19:58:51 Join muesli- [0] (
20:18:13crashdor at least which system-on-chip platform the h10 uses :]
20:18:14 Quit MoosCamaro (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:18:37 Join MoosCamaro [0] (
20:29:02HClcrashd: i thought ipod was portalplayer?
20:29:13crashdwell, ipod uses it as well
20:29:54crashdas does iriver :]
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21:05:04 Quit Stryke` (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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21:05:08 Join MoosCamaro [0] (
21:15:42 Quit muesli- (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:36:27 Join Guest5715154 [0] (
21:53:26 Quit Ka (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:20:17 Nick pillo_away is now known as pillo (
22:20:54pilloI just found out "configfile.h" after creating and debugging my own save/restore settings ^^''
22:21:39pilloanyways gentlemen, we have bookmarking on text files!
22:22:25pilloall the viewer settings for the current file are saved on exit and reloaded next time you open it.
22:22:50pilloI'm going to clean up and submit to the patch tracker...
22:25:33amiconnHmm. My idea was to have global settings saved and restored. Bookmarking sounds nice though
22:28:38pilloamiconn: you can take a look at
22:31:35pillowe can also, for example, store last settings for use with never-accessed-before files.
22:33:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:45:20 Join Stryke` [0] (
22:49:58 Join Ka [0] (
23:11:47 Join leonking [0] (
23:11:56leonkingwhat does rockbox w/ h120 iriver do
23:12:26Bagderlots of things
23:12:37Bagderbut no music playback yet
23:17:55leonkingwhen will music playback be ready?
23:18:03leonkingand how about h320
23:18:08 Quit MoosCamaro (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:18:12leonkingi have an ipod photo 30gb, it sucks
23:18:14leonkingi want an iriver
23:18:19leonkingwhich of the two should i get
23:18:49Bagderwe are spare time hackers, we cannot say when things will be ready
23:18:59leonkingits cool
23:19:05 Quit Aditya (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:19:05leonkinghave you acquired an h320 yet?
23:19:19leonkingcool :)
23:19:25leonkingwhich do you like more?
23:19:45BagderI haven't used the h320 for more than a few minutes
23:20:10BagderI don't have it personally
23:20:14*amiconn spots Bagder
23:20:58amiconnBagder: Did you notice the non-working cvs build table?
23:21:09leonkingwhats your favourite DAP?
23:21:15BagderI didn't
23:21:24*Bagder checks
23:22:00amiconnIt's simply not updated. The latest status is from rasher's update y'day morning
23:22:30amiconn...while there were 4 more changes committed meanwhile
23:22:49amiconnwargh, bugsss!
23:25:04amiconnRipping out the MMC when playing music from it might crash the ondio when it wants to refill
23:25:16amiconn(got a CPUAdrEr)
23:28:10Bagderfound the problem
23:28:13Bagderforcing a rebuild now
23:31:23 Quit Stryke` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:43:41Bagdereven the estimate was pretty accurate ;-)
23:58:01pilloI posted the text viewer bookmark patch at the SF tracker.
23:58:50pillonow i really need some sleep, goodnight guys!

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