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#rockbox log for 2005-05-16

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00:22:10*t0mas is away: sleeping
00:22:11t0masgood night
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00:52:11amiconnhello nightly visitor :)
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00:52:28[IDC]Dragonhi there
00:52:49*[IDC]Dragon saw your tree.c fix
00:53:05[IDC]Dragondo you have Trevor's Ondio now?
00:53:10amiconnNot yet
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00:53:24[IDC]Dragonoh, so not related
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00:53:30amiconnMeanwhile there are 3 things I am waiting for :/
00:53:45[IDC]Dragonwhat's #3?
00:54:11amiconn(1) The front assembly of Linus' oldplayer, to do the lcd init checks and flash
00:54:20amiconn(2) Trevor's 0308 ondio
00:54:25amiconn(3) my H140
00:54:35[IDC]Dragonah, I forgot (1)
00:54:52amiconnStill there are some mysterious bugas
00:55:13[IDC]Dragonand the mounting race
00:55:34amiconnThe recording code seems to overwrite the first minute before finally stopping on 'disk full' condition
00:56:20amiconnHowever, the code looks correct to me
00:57:27amiconnThen my sis got a hang when trying vbrfix, and I thought this would be due to incorrect disk full handling in that plugin
00:57:27amiconnBut it seems that this is not the cause...
00:57:27amiconnPlus there is a problem with playlist handling and shuffle
00:57:44amiconnBtw, talking about the mounting race: Did you try my version of the usb-first patch?
00:57:58[IDC]Dragononly the first one
00:58:06amiconn(Not yet incorporating card status discovery)
00:58:34amiconnThe tree.c fix repairs some nasty things, mostly, but not solely for hotswap
00:59:59amiconnYou can try the following without the patch applied:
01:00:23[IDC]Dragonwhich patch?
01:00:34amiconnThe tree.c fix
01:00:53amiconnStart playing some music from MMC, rip out the MMC after some seconds and then wait for buffer runout...
01:01:14[IDC]DragonI thought I did that
01:01:18amiconnIt will detect end-of-playlist and return to the viewer
01:02:16amiconnAll sorts of things may happen, either instantly or (if no instant reload was required because you were in the same directory of the song) as soon as you try to enter another dir
01:02:38amiconn...leading from garbled listing to hard crashes...
01:02:58[IDC]Dragonthat I haven't tried
01:03:17 Part MoosCamaro
01:05:24[IDC]Dragoncomforting to know you've fixed it ;-)
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01:10:01[IDC]Dragonjust checked, yes, wild things happened
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01:10:32[IDC]Dragonodd cursor positions, stay chars, then freeze
01:10:55amiconnyes, one of the things that happened here too
01:11:06amiconnOne time I got a CPUAdrEr
01:14:04*Bagder reads the insane uclinux thread on misticriver
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01:23:39Bagderthose people are...
01:23:46Bagdereh, I can't find any word
01:37:21amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I found a manufacturer of 3 GB MMCs...
01:44:04[IDC]Dragonand a price tag?
01:44:08*[IDC]Dragon looks
01:45:05amiconnThey don't sell to consumers
01:45:12[IDC]Dragonthey use a big box for it
01:45:19amiconnHong kong manufacturer
01:46:12*[IDC]Dragon wonders how much 4.2 kg of cards would be
01:46:41amiconnI found a very interesting statement in the Archos Ondio FAQ:
01:47:04amiconnQ: Are there any future plans to integrate compatibility for Windows WMA format?
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01:47:25amiconnA: Yes, Archos is currently working on also supporting WMA format for all Jukebox players.
01:47:44[IDC]Dragonaha, but I doubt it
01:47:52amiconnI wonder if/how/when they are going to do that
01:48:15[IDC]Dragonthere's a different MAS, which in turn can't record any more
01:48:57amiconnWhat is the status of the wav codec btw?
01:49:11[IDC]Dragonstill bugging...
01:49:43[IDC]Dragoncurrently, micronas plays dead
01:50:08[IDC]Dragonthey have to be reminded about their CeBIT commitment
01:54:55[IDC]Dragon'night folks!
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09:44:07amiconnGood morning
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09:57:15*amiconn spots LinusN
09:59:05*LinusN runs around at work, pretending to work
09:59:45*LinusN is deleting hundreds of nazi-spam emails
10:00:16amiconnurgh :(
10:00:37amiconnLinusN: I just had 2 ideas which might be useful... perhaps
10:00:38LinusNhad about 1000 of them yesterday
10:00:57LinusN(daniel had 15000(!))
10:01:08amiconnyes, he mentioned that
10:01:25amiconn(not the kind of spam, but the sheer number)
10:02:13amiconn(1) If you had a look at my tree.c fix - what about enabling the "currentdir still exists" check also for non-multivolume builds?
10:02:32amiconnThis way, we don't need to return to the root dir everytime after USB
10:02:44LinusNsounds fair
10:03:02amiconnThe browser would try to reload the current dir first, then jump to the root only if that fails
10:03:14LinusNsounds good
10:03:33amiconnI will fix the buttonbar for sub-browsers as well
10:03:59amiconn(2) My proposal for enabling localisation of plugins
10:04:24LinusNwhich is?
10:04:30amiconnImho the strings should be compiled into the plugins, for all languages it supports
10:04:41amiconnHere's why:
10:04:55*LinusN cleans his glasses
10:05:28amiconn(a) Having one file per language for all plugins makes no sense, because it would need updating when a single plugin changes
10:06:02amiconn(b) Having one file per plugin per language makes even less sense, because of the sheer number of files needed for this
10:07:07amiconn(c) Having one file per plugin would be better, but that doesn't make much sense either. As soon as one supported language for that plugin is changed, the file would need updating
10:08:20amiconnSo if there is a need for change anyway, the string could be compiled in as well
10:08:50LinusNi'm with you
10:09:04amiconn...because the number of strings in a plugin is small, so it shouldn't take too much space
10:09:11LinusNso we need a convenient way of handling the translations
10:09:14amiconnIt also reduces the number of files
10:09:45amiconnYes. There should be 'language source' files the same way as for the core multilanguage support
10:10:04amiconnThere are 2 ways I'm not sure which one is better
10:10:18amiconn(1) Per plugin (2) per language
10:10:27amiconnI tend to think (2) is better
10:10:36LinusNi was about to say (1)
10:11:04amiconnHmm, why?
10:11:15amiconnUsing (2) a translator needs to touch less files
10:11:32amiconnOften our translators are no coders
10:12:04LinusNi agree
10:12:29LinusNa plugins/lang/ dir?
10:12:30amiconnOne question is left - that of the localisation handling in the plugin itself
10:13:20amiconnThe handling could be part of the plugin library, having one api function in the core to return the current language
10:13:50LinusNisn't that in the settings struct?
10:14:06LinusNhmmm, or is it just a file path?
10:14:16amiconnIs the settings struct already accessible from the api?
10:14:32LinusNglobal_settings is available
10:15:07LinusNbut i guess the language setting is just a file name
10:15:16*amiconn checks
10:15:37LinusNin the config block
10:15:43LinusN0xCC (char[20]) Lang file
10:16:19amiconnBut this is the filename, including path
10:16:29LinusNexcluding path
10:16:52amiconnAh, you're right
10:17:09amiconnIn the settings file the path is added
10:17:50amiconnImho we should strinp the extension in global_settings.lang_file as well
10:18:10amiconnThe talk code also needs the language without extension (to add .voice instead)
10:18:16LinusNso we could let the plugin lang loader load from a different dir, and we're set
10:18:31amiconnNo loading, compiled it...
10:18:39LinusNah yes
10:18:55amiconnIt would check the name with its internal tables
10:19:19LinusNnot that much of a problem
10:19:41amiconnI'm thinking about a similar mechanism as I used to cut down the language data size in the core
10:20:11amiconn..using 2 string pointer arrays
10:21:45amiconnThe first would be an array of pointers which should point to the strings of the current language
10:22:20amiconnThis will be filled by a function, going through a 'string thread' pointed to by the second array
10:23:00amiconnThe second array has one entry per language, and points to a 'string thread' separated by single zero bytes
10:23:45amiconnThe very first entry in each thread would be the language name
10:27:29LinusNsounds good
10:28:16amiconnHmm, the code would need to walk through the current language and english in parallel, taking the english string if the translated string length is zero, i.e. not yet translated
10:28:39amiconn...or the english string would need to be placed there during build
10:29:08LinusNi think option 1 sounds better
10:29:26amiconn...easier, but bigger plugin size, which would however happen anyway as soon as the string actually gets translated
10:30:41amiconnHmm, perhaps (1) is indeed better. This way strings that are identical to the english one wouldn't need to be present in the translation, saving the space
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10:34:57amiconnThe most difficult part for me would be the perl scripts to be run at build
10:34:57 Quit bangser (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
10:35:21LinusNyou're not alone
10:35:31LinusNwe are several who know perl
10:36:19amiconnWe would need a script that would be called once per (localised) plugin,
10:36:58amiconnwhich would then put together a .h and a .c from the strings for this plugin from all plugin language files,
10:37:26amiconnleaving out the languages where all strings are empty
10:38:22amiconn..and an 'uplang' equivalent for translators
10:39:21amiconnThe plugin language files should use the same format as the main ones (without the voice: part for now)
10:39:50amiconn...with identifiers like VIEWER_LANG_LINE_MODE
10:40:05amiconn...i.e. plugin name prepended in capitals
10:40:48amiconnEnglsih should be master to decide the string order as well
10:49:23 Join DMJC [0] (
10:51:23amiconnEnglish should also always be the first element of the array2 I mentioned. The order of the others doesn't matter
10:51:52LinusNnods again
10:52:24 Join muesli- [0] (
10:52:36amiconnPerhaps I should start with writing the plugin lib module (proposed name: localisation.c),
10:52:53amiconndo an experimental localisation of one plugin, building the .c /.h by hand, and put this in the tracker
10:53:15amiconnSomeone more knowledgeable in perl could then do the script(s)
10:53:21LinusNsounds like a good way to go
10:53:27LinusN(show me the code)
10:55:32muesli-*yawn* :D
10:56:31amiconnLinusN: Do you have an idea how the build process could decide whether a plugin is localised or not?
10:56:58LinusNnot really
10:57:05amiconnIt would need to build the additional :c/.h, compile and link it in
10:58:12amiconnAh of course... an auto-dependency
10:58:37 Join dwihno [0] (~dw@
10:59:13amiconnIn the plugin source, we'd need #include "viewer_loc.h" in addition (o rinstead of) #include "localisation.h"
11:00:06amiconn..and the <pluginname>_loc.h needs a rule to generate it from the plugin language files
11:01:01amiconnBtw, if we don't want to start an english<->american flame war, the module could be called l10n.c
11:05:04 Join Harpy [0] (
11:15:58amiconnHmm, having an #include file that contains code would simplify things here... but then it shouldn't get a .h extension...
11:17:09*LinusN slaps amiconn on his fingers
11:17:32LinusN#include file with code
11:17:47amiconnThere is already another place that does similar... the credits.raw
11:18:09amiconnAnd I don't mean actual code, but the string arrays
11:18:23LinusNthat's ok
11:18:30muesli-HCl ?
11:19:01amiconnThe code itself should of course be part of the plugin lib
11:20:06muesli-is it possible to download the daily build and i apply the grayscale patch to it without linux? i mean just copy the concerning files into that built?
11:24:35t0masmuesli-: cygwin of the devkit by bluechip
11:24:49t0masthen you have all linux tools on windows
11:26:06muesli-err..wouldnt help me..i am hopeless in linux
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11:28:37 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
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11:35:14 Part amiconn
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11:45:53LinusNwooo, back from the dead
11:47:27*ashridah dances around tossing out rose petals n stuff
11:51:50*Zagor walks with stiff legs and arms out
12:15:41HClgrayscale build.
12:15:44DMJChopeless in linux
12:16:39*HCl will update the grayscale build on his ftp, compiling..
12:17:36DMJCgrayscale build?
12:17:43DMJCyou finally finished the lcd driver?
12:18:04HClold grayscale patch.
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12:29:18MoosCamaroHey all
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13:29:10BagderLinusN/Zagor, do you get the same spam crap I do?
13:29:34Zagoryeah, but not nearly as much
13:31:05BagderI was about to get crazy before I got my filter to work
13:31:28Zagori can understand that. i only get 10-20 per day so it's just a minor nuisance for me.
13:31:35Bagdernow it has filtered more than 6000 mails since 01 tonight
13:31:48ashridahholy fuck
13:32:02ashridahwait. 6000 spam, or 6000 total spam+nonspam?
13:32:07ashridah(either way, it's still a lot)
13:32:08Bagder6000 spam
13:32:13BagderI got ~15000 yday
13:32:21Bagderits a nightmare
13:32:26HClfrom what?
13:32:33BagderI think it is a virus sending them
13:32:39Bagderthey're 99% german racist mails
13:33:03Bagderluckily for me, I never get any legitimate german mails
13:33:13Bagderso I can filter out the mails with certain german words in them
13:33:15HCli'm just glad that all my email gets spamfiltered on the mailserver for me
13:33:23Bagderwell, I do that too
13:33:28Bagderbut these aren't caught
13:33:57HClbad spamfilter :p
13:34:11Bagderyah, spamassassin and clam-av are reaaaally crappy
13:35:27ashridahBagder: are you using spamassassin's learning capabilities?
13:35:34ashridahjust feed it a few hundred specimens
13:35:49ashridahshould majorly bump up the rest
13:35:59Bagderthese mails are just so very short, very little to trigger on
13:36:09Zagorthe tricky thing is it's mostly just 4-5 words and then a link. not much for the filters to work with.
13:36:24Zagorecho :-)
13:36:53ashridahthat does make it more difficult. always the same url?
13:37:00Bagdermy procmail filter has the benefit that it also catches bounces with these words in them
13:37:09Bagderno, there are 129 domains used in the urls
13:37:55Bagder* (Multi-Kulturell|ueber Deutschland|Selbstjustiz|einzigen Auslaender|...
13:38:13Bagderprocmail is my friend
13:38:31preglow15000 spams per day
13:38:36preglowhow do you _not_ go insane?
13:38:40LinusNi have so far "only" received about 1200
13:38:44ashridahyeah. time to get a new email address. and domain. :)
13:39:10ashridahi stayed spam free for ages. then some fuckwit had to put my email address online :(
13:39:28preglowtime to erect the scaffold
13:39:32ashridahnow i get a steady trickle. usually in bursts of two/three of the same ones.
13:39:34 Join tvelocity [0] (
13:39:59preglowi don't get too much, but sometimes i get sudden bursts of 50/hours for days on end
13:42:13preglowghah, i urgently need a backrub
13:42:54 Join muesli- [0] (
13:51:13 Join necessity [0] (
13:52:14 Join rasher [0] (
13:54:40rasherLinusN: any thoughts on the remote-clicking? I made logo.rock use the remote display, and still I get no clicking.
13:55:12LinusNi haven't given it any thought
13:55:28rasherCould be that we just won't run into it
13:55:35rasherWith a bit of luck
13:55:58 Quit tvelocity (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
13:56:32Zagorhmm, interesting. my spamassassin catches ~98% of these german mails. i just noticed I have 600 of them in my spam folder.
13:58:24Lynx_i never got that kind of spam, and i have an adress with a popular german mail provider. 15000 mails of that kind seem more like an intentional mail bombing, maybe?
13:59:16Lynx_someone playing with his botnet
14:00:21Zagorbagder is quite a net-public person, however. he usually gets an order of magnitude more spam than the rest of us
14:01:07Zagor(and we get a lot too)
14:01:18Bagderordinary days I get perhaps 300 spams
14:02:16Zagormm, that's "only" 2-3 times what I get :-)
14:02:50Lynx_Zagor: but if it's all the same spam more or less, that would not explain it
14:03:15Bagderlots of them are of course bounces too
14:03:32Bagdersince it has sent mails with my address
14:04:59Lynx_i wonder what takes the anti spam alliance so long to come up with decent protocols/measures. it was all over the news a few months back, never heard from it again.
14:05:26Zagorwell "someone" wants to patent it, and not everyone is so happy about that...
14:06:05Bagderand the SPF system got too complicated and involved to be useful
14:06:29 Quit necessity ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
14:06:44 Join necessity [0] (
14:06:47ashridahand any measures getting actual critical mass, and not causing a great schism in the have/havenots WRT mail is going to be a bitch
14:08:14 Quit necessity (Client Quit)
14:08:19rasherRemote support on iRiver for logo.rock :) (there's a bit of a glitch though.. I guess it's due to rounding or something)
14:08:21 Join necessity [0] (
14:09:18amiconnrasher: Does it display the logo simultaneously on botth lcds, with separate bouncing?
14:09:25ashridahdoes the glitch summon satan?
14:09:49rasheramiconn: it uses the same x/y with scaling
14:09:50amiconnrasher: I hope this doesn't break the sim. Remote lcd is not (yet) simulated...
14:10:27rasherit probably will
14:10:33rasherwhat's the def for sim again?
14:11:15Bagderis the build time estimate more accurate now btw?
14:14:26rasherokay, simulator builds now
14:15:39rasherBut a red build is coming up I guess
14:18:15rasherI have a feeling that the problem I have is something to do with doing divisions with ints
14:18:54rasherbut I'm not quite sure what to do about that
14:23:09rasheryup, red build for iriver-sim
14:24:13Zagorregex question: why doesn't s/\s+$//g remove all trailing whitespace?
14:24:20 Quit lostlogic_ (Client Quit)
14:25:08 Join lostlogic [0] (
14:25:09 Nick Lynx_ is now known as Lynx_awy (HydraIRC@
14:26:20ashridahZagor: hm. looks like it should.
14:26:48Zagorgah, it does. i just didn't run it in the proper place...
14:26:52 Join rasher_ [0] (
14:27:17 Quit lostlogic (Client Quit)
14:27:37ashridahZagor: try kregexpeditor when you're trying to make sure a regex makes sense. :)
14:28:20Zagorooh, clicky graphics!
14:29:02Zagornot sure it makes things much easier though :-)
14:29:09 Quit rasher ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
14:29:13*rasher_ wonders why firefox wants to save, instead of just show
14:29:18 Nick rasher_ is now known as rasher (
14:29:35amiconnProbably some stray null bytes in it
14:29:43amiconnThis does happen from time to time
14:29:44Bagderor 8 bits
14:29:47rasherah, right
14:29:53Bagderfirefox is rather silly
14:30:01Zagorrasher: because the mozilla people are just as silly as Microsoft and decided they know better than the web server what file type it is
14:30:09amiconnFor me, it offers to save or 'open with'
14:30:18rasheramiconn: same here
14:30:27amiconnI use the latter in such cases, opening with notepad
14:30:36BagderI often miss a "force display in the browser" option
14:30:42rasherhighly annoying still
14:30:44Zagoropera has that
14:31:02rasherif the dialog just had "open with - browser" option
14:31:05Zagorbut doesn't need it, because it actually trusts the web server :-)
14:31:08rasherIt'd be acceptable
14:31:14amiconnThe 'they know better than the web server' is sometimes useful as well
14:31:17rashermore acceptable at least
14:31:25amiconnThere are lots of badly configured servers out there
14:31:48Bagderwell, then _they_ should be fixed rather than to screw up on those that are correctly setup
14:31:50Zagoramiconn: yeah, but as it is now it's impossible to do the right thing
14:31:50ashridahZagor: which is annoying, because i've run into morons who're having trouble with scripts that generate images, and end up 'solving' it by changing the mime type for .asp to application/gif or whatever it is. (fucktard)
14:32:05ashridahand then they have the fucking gall to go 'but it works in IE!' when i hit them
14:32:43Zagorashridah: the world is full of idiots. but forcing everyone to behave like that is obviously not a good solution.
14:32:58ashridahbut i like hitting people :(
14:33:05amiconnI'm thinking of adding extended partition support...
14:34:03 Join DMJC [0] (
14:34:19***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:34:24amiconn...but I'm not sure about the maximum number of partitions to support
14:35:05amiconnImho the same maximum that Linux offers without creating additional device nodes would make sense (16)
14:35:21amiconnMaybe this is overkill...
14:35:45Bagderwith a define, it could be raised by insane people
14:35:54BagderI figure 4 or so would be a fair default
14:35:56Zagorsounds a bit much. I'd say 4 is a good default.
14:36:05amiconn4 are already the primaries...
14:36:06Zagordoh, late again
14:36:27Bagderamiconn: and you've found many users that went beyond that?
14:36:27Zagoramiconn: yes, but when you use extended you rarely use all primaries
14:36:49BagderI would say it is veeery rare
14:37:19amiconnYes, but my idea was to use the same enumeration scheme as linux (and dos and...)
14:37:41amiconnFirst, read all 4 primaries. Then check for type == 5 and walk the linked list
14:38:02Zagorhow much static space does each partition take?
14:38:33amiconn12 bytes with the current struct
14:38:50Bagderhehe, that's.... not much
14:39:06amiconnI've read that setups with multiple extended partitions in the primary table are working in linux.
14:39:12ashridahokay. my lecturer is contending that one can create a bus of length 1km, with a propagation speed of 200 meters/millisecond
14:39:24Zagoramiconn: in that case i'm fine with 16
14:39:37*ashridah notes that kinda necessitates a packet size of 6250 bytes at his postulated 10Mbps :/
14:39:56amiconnI guess I'll use a total of 8 first (4 primary and 4 extended)
14:39:56ashridahi need better lecturers :(
14:40:27Zagorashridah: those who can, do. those who don't, teach.
14:40:39ashridahmy sentiments exactly
14:40:47ashridahbut he's also a researcher, supposedly.
14:41:12LinusNafraid of the real world, that is
14:41:25Bagderheck, I am too ;-)
14:45:33 Quit muesli- (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
15:01:52 Join Aditya [0] (
15:01:55 Quit DMJC ("Leaving")
15:05:34 Join muesli- [0] (
15:11:09 Join DMJC [0] (
15:13:19 Quit necessity ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
15:21:38 Quit muesli- (Read error: 148 (No route to host))
15:21:58 Join sox [0] (
15:22:21 Part LinusN
15:22:41soxtataa - time for the classic question again! Oh no, Linus left. Anyone else might be able to answer it?
15:23:00ashridahdepends on the question, and how classic it is
15:23:24ashridahis it the kind of classic that involves us pointing and laughing at someone naive enough to ask about timeframes? :)
15:23:42soxit's the all-star question of 2005: when will the sound api be functional enough to be released to us mortals?
15:24:15ashridahoh. it's been done for weeks. linus is just too busy listening to music to release it :)
15:24:23soxthat's what i thought
15:25:09soxno, but if I know him and the other swedes enough, they couldn't have settled with 15 seconds of playback - which was the status three weeks ago, no?
15:25:47soxor what do you say, bagder?
15:26:36soxyes, been satisfied...
15:26:54Bagderof course we're not settled
15:27:03BagderI bet we'll never be :-)
15:27:59t0masno... if H1x0 is working they'll just start working on the next player...
15:28:19Bagderwell, the archos version is hardly "done" either
15:28:22soxno, im just curious, is it still 15 secs tops?
15:28:26Bagderit never gets complete
15:28:53Bagdersox: yes it is
15:29:02Bagderas no one has worked on it since
15:29:10soxah... ok.
15:29:51soxwhat's missing the most?
15:30:02t0masBagder: the feeder thing described in the sound API still has to be built?
15:30:29Bagderthe current sound work doesn't follow that proposal
15:30:38t0masah ok
15:31:28soxso it's still lot's of work left until it works?
15:31:32soxI guess
15:31:43Bagdermp3 shouldn't be too far away
15:31:59t0mas1 week ;)
15:32:06t0masthen's my vacation...
15:42:04 Quit sox ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
15:42:06preglowuse it to optimize codecs!
15:42:23preglownot much else you can do that'll help the sound come along
15:48:20t0masI ment it should be done in 1 week ;)
15:48:31t0masso I can listen music w/o reboot :)
15:48:49t0masmy real nothing to do time is in 5 to 6 weeks :)
15:48:57t0masso then I'll try to help some more
15:49:31 Quit ashridah ("sleep")
15:50:51 Part amiconn
16:02:34preglowbut nah, i expect things'll shoot forward when some playback code gets released
16:02:46preglowand i sure as hell hope that doesn't happen in a while :P
16:05:00 Join webguest21 [0] (
16:08:38 Quit webguest21 (Client Quit)
16:08:39 Join webguest21 [0] (
16:08:50 Quit webguest21 (Client Quit)
16:14:21 Quit t0mas ()
16:14:33rasherSomeone tell me how to fix logo.c
16:17:03rasherwell, I'm scaling the main-LCD coordinates to the remote-lcd-coordinates
16:17:35rasherbut (I'm guessing) integer divisions make me lose some precision, so the logo bounces at x=-2 pixels or something
16:17:44preglowthat's nasty, yes
16:17:58preglowx=-2 sounds pretty strange, though
16:18:13rasherYes, I'd have thought 1 pixel
16:18:32rasherI'm pretty sure I'm only performing one division
16:19:24preglowwell, for that to work properly, you'll probably need to keep a fractional part to your coordinates as well
16:19:31*rasher sighs
16:19:37pregloweasiest is probably just to maintain a separate set of coords for the remote lcd
16:19:46preglowwith a separate set of deltas
16:20:04rasherthat'd ruin the illution that they're in sync though :)
16:20:20rasherit looks fine though, apart from that
16:20:29rasherso I think I'll just leave it for now
16:20:29preglowso then you'll have to go fixed point or find some easy hack
16:20:42preglowthe x=-2 thing sounds like some other bug, though
16:21:00rasherIndeed.. I didn't check that it actually is -2
16:21:06rasherit just looks like more than one pixel
16:21:08 Join webguest57 [0] (
16:22:51rasherit seems like more like 5 pixels
16:22:54rasherwhich is even weirder
16:23:34rasherguess I should debug
16:24:06Bagderwe should add a "remote lcd" to the simulator
16:26:48 Join muesli- [0] (
16:32:56 Quit webguest57 ("CGI:IRC")
16:33:58rashernow this I don't understand
16:34:11rasherthe coordinate looks right
16:34:19rasherit just gets drawn outside the screen
16:34:22***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:38:20preglowwell, try with static coordinates
16:38:31preglowand see if what you think is x = 0 really is the leftmost pixel
16:38:44rasherIndeed, it would seem not
16:38:53rasherWell I'm currently printing the coordinates on screen
16:38:55preglowwhat type are your coords?
16:39:10preglowhave them unsigned
16:39:16preglowno reason for a signed coordinate
16:39:30preglowcan't possible think it matters, but...
16:39:36rasherheh, me neither
16:42:08rasheroh hah
16:42:30rasherthe coordinates are -1 for a bit
16:42:32rasheror was
16:42:39rashernow they end up being very large
16:42:43preglowyes, small wonder, then
16:43:01rasherIT wasn't drawn at -1
16:43:05preglowof course not
16:43:16rasherbut I add the delta, end up with -1, then detect that and correct
16:43:16preglowbut -1 = 0xffffffff
16:43:19muesli-thx rasher (see misticriver)
16:43:31preglowand bottom byte is probably all that is transfered
16:43:36rasherah yes
16:44:00rasherthe logo jumps erraticly from one side to the other when using unsigned
16:44:21Bagderthat uclinux thread on mistic is hilarious
16:44:37preglowoh, please, url it to me again, if something's happened
16:44:45rasherpreglow: 0 still ends up being 0 though.
16:44:53rasherSo the signedness wasn't the problem
16:45:19rasherI'll just change them back to being signed, although I guess reworking the plugin would be slightly more sane
16:46:02rasherto avoid ending up with negative coordinates
16:46:20preglowsignedness doesn't matter at all
16:46:30preglowsince 0 - 1 = 0xffffffff no matter how you look at it
16:47:02rasherYes.. I'm not sure why this is relevant :-\
16:47:29rasherI just think 0,0 on the remote is not visible
16:47:55rasherbecause I _am_ drawing the bitmap at 0,0
16:48:55rasherit's actually more like 4 pixels not showing, now that I look closer
16:49:01rasherI'm totally going to blame the remote for this
16:51:18preglowrasher: please map it out
16:51:29preglowand see if the data sheet can shed some light
16:52:04rasherI'll try doing something more systematic
16:53:42Rickit's possible the initialization is partially wrong
16:54:07Rickthere are remote commands which set the position
16:54:58Ricki'll look at it later
17:00:51rasherare there defines for the remote size?
17:01:02Rickthere should be
17:01:04RickI recall there being some
17:01:15rasheroh well
17:01:26rasher134x65 says the wiki
17:02:28CoCoLUSanyone fluent in latex?
17:03:05DMJCyou can be fluent in rubber?
17:03:06Rickthe (only) issue I can think of other than an init problem is the fact that the lcd sits on its side
17:03:15Rickbut the remote functions should have taken care of that behind the scenes
17:03:37CoCoLUSit's ridiculous, really
17:03:37preglowCoCoLUS: like LaTeX ?
17:03:48preglowyeah, i'm decent, if not fluent
17:04:39CoCoLUSif i use \emph{really important}
17:04:58CoCoLUSand it gets to long for the line, it should get wrapped
17:05:05preglowof course
17:05:08preglowand so it does
17:05:12 Join TCK- [0] (
17:05:17CoCoLUSbut when using \emph, it continues the line, and prints out of the document
17:05:25CoCoLUSit doesn't wrap when using emph
17:05:32Rickrasher: there's also different display modes
17:05:34preglowwhat latex distro is this?
17:05:35Rickrasher: for the lcd
17:05:42Rickrasher: again, I can't remember if this clips off pixels
17:05:50CoCoLUSa popular one i think
17:05:53preglowCoCoLUS: does latex give a overfull hbox warning?
17:06:04preglowCoCoLUS: sure, miktex is the best tex distro i know of
17:06:12Rickbrb, going to get a bite of breakfast to eat
17:06:18CoCoLUSyeah it does
17:07:00preglowCoCoLUS: that's really weird, unless you've put it in a hbox or something, it should wrap just fine, i've used \emphs that have spanned several lines
17:07:37rasherRick: something certainly seems to have been cut off
17:08:21 Join amiconn [0] (
17:09:32rasher4,0 is the first shown
17:09:37CoCoLUSno special hboxes.
17:09:45CoCoLUSjust the normal document environment
17:09:57 Quit muesli- (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
17:11:11rasherAnd for y-coordinates, anything > 63 isn't shown
17:11:43Bagderthe Y is pretty obvious
17:11:47BagderY bug
17:11:55Bagderor... no
17:12:01BagderI take it back
17:12:08rasherno, I'm missing 1 pixel
17:12:15rasher0-64 should be visible
17:12:18amiconnSounds like the hardware offsets are a bit off
17:12:27preglowof course
17:12:37preglowyou can change the viewpoint in all lcd controllers i've seen
17:12:48rashermissing 0,1,2,3 of the x-coordinates
17:12:51preglowi bet that just needs correcting
17:13:02Ricklemme find the lcd spec
17:13:05Bagderlcd_remote_update doesn't seem to set X
17:13:51rasherit needs to be shifted 4 pixels to the right and one pixel down, I guess
17:14:10Rickfrom what I recall it doesn't need to Bagder
17:15:11Bagder... and maybe it is
17:15:15Bagderjust a bit obfuscated
17:15:19Bagder lcd_remote_write_command_ex(0x10, 0x00);
17:15:48Rickthat tells the lcd to start reading data for the lcd
17:16:08Ricklemme check
17:16:11Rickbeen awhile since I wrote that
17:16:30Bagderstart reading? it is in the loop
17:16:48Ricklike I said, let me check
17:17:00preglowCoCoLUS: i've got wrapping \emphs all over the place in a couple of docs i've set with latex, so it is perfectly possible
17:18:20CoCoLUSyeah i guess it's possible :)
17:18:49Rickthat's initial display line
17:18:53Rickthat's what resets it to 0 (iirc)
17:18:55CoCoLUSmust be something with the template i got from my school
17:20:13RickI can't recall why that's there now
17:21:37Rickthat's Set Column Address
17:22:09Bagdera little define there would be nice...
17:22:40RickHeh :P
17:22:57 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:25:46 Quit TCK- (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:25:56Rickif you want to try something
17:26:02preglowi wonder which of VRGB or VBGR is correct for 2001fp
17:26:08preglowi just can't decide
17:26:54Rickrasher: if you want to try something, comment these lines out in lcd-h100-remote.c
17:26:55Rick lcd_remote_write_command(LCD_REMOTE_CNTL_ADC_REVERSE);
17:26:55Rick lcd_remote_write_command(LCD_REMOTE_CNTL_SHL_REVERSE);
17:27:02Rickand see if it writes it correctly
17:27:06amiconnpreglow: Use a strong magnifying glass
17:27:36preglowamiconn: haven't got one strong enough
17:27:48Rickthat's interesting
17:28:00RickI just noticed that the documentation says SEG0 => SEG131
17:28:34Rickand says COM0 => COM63
17:28:36Rickthat doesn't make sense
17:28:49amiconnNot suprising... (the SEGs)
17:29:11amiconnThe archos lcd is 112x64, but the chip has 132 segment outputs as well
17:29:26Rickwhat I mean is
17:29:37Rickthe lcd is 65x134
17:29:55amiconnYes, that's a bit strange
17:30:12amiconnIs this 65th line actually used by the iriver fw?
17:30:45amiconnHmm, 2 additional columns as well
17:31:16Rickone second...
17:32:40Rickthat's odd
17:32:44RickI wonder where the 134 came from
17:32:48Rickor if it's a typo that I made
17:32:59Rickbecause the spec says 65x132...
17:33:35Rickit wasn't me after all
17:37:09Rickokay, that solves the SEG0 => SEG131 issue
17:37:37Rickfor page8 of the com it says "COMS"
17:37:59Rick(page7 last bit says COM63...heh)
17:38:03*Rick hmms
17:38:36amiconnMy guess is that they use some 'icon' line for the 65th line
17:39:03Rickthere is an icon thing which isn't used by iriver
17:39:04amiconnThe archos lcd controller does also have that, but it isn't used
17:39:10Rickbut that's an additional page
17:39:14Ricknot an extra pixel line
17:40:05amiconnUsing a 65th line might be ugly... perhaps just declare it 64 lines?
17:40:07Ricki'd do some testing now but i don't have access to my rockbox devel enviornment atm
17:40:14RickI guess that could work
17:40:47RickI wonder if it's stealing bytes on the first line too
17:40:50Rickor just all lines after it
17:41:07*Rick pokes rasher
17:41:44rasheryes.. do I still comment out those lines?
17:41:51rasheror something else?
17:41:55Rickyou can try that as well
17:42:08Rickwhat that does is tells the lcd to start at SEG131/COM63 and work backwards
17:42:13Rickinstead of SEG0/COM0
17:42:28Rick(lcd is on it's side AND upside down ;)
17:43:06rasherI'll see
17:43:18rasherwhat happens then
17:43:51rasherlooks to be the same
17:44:03Rickaside from being backwards?
17:44:17rasheractually no
17:44:22rasherMaybe I need to make clean
17:44:26Rickit should be upside down
17:44:30Rickif you commented those out
17:44:32rasherit wasn't :)
17:44:36rasherhang on
17:44:57preglowBagder: you were right, those german mails are spread by virus
17:45:17Rickyou guys are getting the annoying german spam too?
17:45:24preglowRick: everyone are
17:45:25amiconnRick: it's indeed 65 lines, and using the 65th line should be possible
17:45:40amiconnOne of the 2 'COMS' controls the 65th line
17:46:03rasherRick: think I forgot to rolo
17:46:15rasherupside down indeed
17:46:19*Rick nods
17:46:52rasherthe lines I'm drawing at y=0 and x=0 look right though
17:46:58RickI was thinking about this a couple days ago −− I wonder how iRiver detects the presence of the remote
17:47:00rasherthey don't
17:47:01rashernevermind me
17:48:08Rickrasher: did you update config-h100.h to reflect the correct size?
17:49:22RickI wonder why christian made it 134
17:49:25rasherthe correct size being?
17:50:02rasherwell I'm missing pixels still
17:50:13rashernow it's just the other way round
17:50:23rasherI get pixels 0-127
17:50:31rasherso still 4 pixels missing
17:51:13Rickall the biases have the same height
17:51:15rasherand 0-63
17:51:19amiconnRick: It seems SHL doesn't affect the 65th row
17:51:19Rickso that doesn't explain the missing pixels
17:52:02amiconnSo flippping SHL flips rows 0..63 upside down, but leaves the 65th line where it is
17:52:16Rickthat's something that needs to be noted
17:52:37Rickbut doesn't explain the missing four pixels from the bottom of the lcd
17:52:47 Join Tangleding [0] (
17:53:19Rickhello HCL
17:53:25HClhi :3
17:53:27HClhow goes?
17:53:49Rickhelping rasher figure out remote lcd problems
17:54:52TangledingSome problem with the remote LCD?
17:55:18TangledingAbout the ticking issue?
17:55:27Tangledingor something else
17:55:34Ricksomething else
17:55:43Rickticking issue from what i've heard is a manufacturing problem
17:56:14Rickwhich you can send in for a replacement from what i've heard as well
17:57:10 Join t0mas [0] (
17:58:16amiconnI know why the 65th line doesn't appear at all, be it in the right or wrong place
17:58:38Tangledingi'll wait to see if rbx solve the remote ticking issue i guess
17:58:59CoCoLUSseems like \usepackage{helvet} causes all the problems... weird
17:59:08amiconnlcd_remote_update() uses the same construct (height/8) as the usual lcd_update() do determine the number of 'byte rows'
17:59:38amiconnHowever, this doesn't work correctly here, as the number of rows isn't dividable by 8 without remainder
17:59:38Rickthat makes sense
17:59:41RickI didn't think of that
17:59:53RickI think of the LCD as having a height of 132
18:00:19amiconnThat still doesn't solve the 4 missing pixels though
18:00:24Ricknice catch
18:00:30Tangledingcan i suggest sthing about the CVS activity report?
18:00:43Rickif it doesn't write the extra 65th line
18:00:50Rickhrm, no
18:00:57Rickactually... hrm
18:01:04amiconnrasher: And that inspite of me not even having an iriver :P
18:01:13amiconn..yet :)
18:01:13Rickthat's odd
18:01:17Rickodd indeed
18:01:22 Quit rasher ("CGI:IRC")
18:01:26 Join rasher_ [0] (
18:01:29RickTangleding: sure
18:01:55TangledingI think maybe you should precise
18:01:59Tangleding16 May 12:07Jonasapps/plugins/logo.c 1.4 Remote support on iRiver
18:02:08Tangledingthat it only concern the plugin
18:02:14amiconnThis is precise...
18:02:23Tangledingi imagine you'll avoid question like:
18:02:26Rickyes... logo.c now has iriver remote support it's the log message for the plugin's source file
18:02:30Tangleding"i tried the daily build
18:02:30Rickwhat's the problem?
18:02:40Tangledingbut the remote still doesnt work
18:03:07RickI think it's precise enough... it's obviously part of the plugin logo
18:03:37Tangledingindeed it's precise if we are carfull reading
18:04:08rasher_Rick: do you have your iriver with you?
18:04:09Tangledingbut i'm pretty sure you will be anoyed by some guys reading to quicly
18:04:21Rickbut I can't build rockbox
18:04:26Rickno rockbox devel atm
18:04:43rasher_Rick: want me to send a with a quick plugin that draws two moveable lines on the remote?
18:06:25Ricki don't see how that would really help at the moment (?)
18:06:26*amiconn is impatiently waiting for his iriver
18:06:40preglowlike you should
18:06:50preglowany specific iriver projects you're eager to start on? :>
18:06:51RickI was just thinking
18:07:06Ricklcd_remote_write_data(lcd_remote_framebuffer[y], LCD_REMOTE_WIDTH);
18:07:06amiconnpreglow: Yes... graphics api, then greyscale
18:07:13Rickthe last four pixels are missing right?
18:07:16Tangledingcool news
18:07:23Rickmaybe there's something special about those last bits
18:08:07 Quit Zagor (Remote closed the connection)
18:09:22TangledingBye all :)
18:09:33TangledingAll wishes for amiconn shippment
18:09:53*Aditya is interested
18:10:16t0masamiconn ordered an iRiver a long time ago
18:10:26Adityaor 1xx?
18:10:28Tangledinghi t0mas
18:10:32amiconnt0mas: I cancelled that order
18:10:36t0masoh ok
18:10:37Tangledingh140 i guess
18:10:38t0masI missed that
18:10:48amiconnThe shop didn't react at all, even to the cancellation
18:11:04amiconnI won an ebay aucktion on friday
18:11:15Rickoh cool amiconn
18:11:17Rickwhat model?
18:11:25Rickah nice
18:11:28Adityaman.. I want one of those new H10.. damn they are sexy
18:11:37RickAditya: saw those
18:11:43Rickthe button thing seems odd
18:11:47Tangledinghow much you won it?
18:12:01amiconn511 CHF
18:12:09Adityaso umm..
18:12:18Tangledingexpensive no?
18:12:33Tangledingi try Euro conversion to see
18:12:42amiconn~330 EUR
18:13:10Rickthat seems way expensive
18:13:14Rickhow much of that was shipping/
18:13:14amiconnDelivery willl probably take a while from Switzerland....
18:13:19Tangleding330€ okay
18:13:37amiconnShipping not yet included... waiting for the exact amount.
18:13:47Tangledinghard o find h140 not too expensive
18:13:47Rickwhoa... yeah, that seems expensive
18:13:52Tangleding(even dead one :( )
18:14:09Adityahey if I am in Cygwin.. for tools/configure (simulator mode) do I choose win32 or X11 GUI version?
18:14:12MoosCamaroH1xx became rar and logicaly his price increase it's market
18:14:32amiconnAditya: On cygwin you can build both
18:14:33RickMoosCamaro: I guess that works but $100 _more_ than the original price?
18:15:04amiconnRick: I'm not in the us... most electronics stuff is more expensive in europe
18:15:17MoosCamaroit's the market laws
18:15:34MoosCamaroH1xx it's one of the best player
18:15:40Rickamiconn: well, I hope you get your moneys worth
18:15:45amiconnThe last shop offers were >350... 400 EUR before the H1xx went out of stock
18:15:47Tangledingannd the Rockbox port isn't to lower the prices
18:16:03rasher_Bagder: there?
18:16:05RickI want a silver h1x0 model
18:16:16Tangledingi own one
18:16:22Tangledingbut not selling it
18:16:32Tangleding(indeed it's champaign)
18:17:02MoosCamarothe color
18:17:12Adityacan you change the home directory name and make cygwin not rebuild the home dir?
18:17:27Adityaits using "Aditya Gaddam" right nwo and the space is creating problems
18:18:55rasher_now what did I do
18:19:05rasher_main_menu.c:83: error: `rockbox112x37' undeclared (first use in this function)
18:19:14rasher_Never did I touch any of that
18:19:20Ricksounds like you pasted something
18:19:45Rickand it doesn't have to be that
18:19:51Rickit could be a #define that's trying to be used
18:20:30*rasher_ thinks
18:21:04*Rick implodes into a shower of gibs due to rasher's thought.
18:21:33rasher_Guess I broke something horribly
18:22:08Rickgrep -r 112 *
18:22:47rasher_Could be the lcd-remote.h
18:22:52rasher_or something
18:23:05rasher_well well
18:23:15rasher_deleting all of firmware/* and checking out worked :)
18:23:15Rickso, was I right?
18:23:21Rickthat works too
18:23:34rasher_easier than trying to hunt down something silly
18:25:29amiconncvs diff works great
18:25:49rasher_I guess that would've been faster
18:27:43rasher_Tangleding: I didn't make or release the fwpatcher to be fair, it was just me who uploaded it. Credit to preglow rather than me, or just say that it was released
18:28:28rasher_(re IriverPortForNoobs)
18:28:41Tangledingoh sorry rasher
18:28:52Tangledingi correct this
18:29:13rasher_That's alright, I was just getting credit for something I didn't create :)
18:29:15Tangledingnaming Preglow will be convenient or you rather nameless mention?
18:29:26preglowi don't really care, heh
18:29:46Tangledingi rather name
18:29:54Tangledingif it doesnt annoy you
18:30:01preglowis my wiki entry
18:30:07Tangledingokay i go make the correction
18:30:28Tangleding(since i named LinusN for the bootloader)
18:32:32 Part t0mas
18:32:43Tangledingokay that's done
18:34:20Tangledingby all :)
18:34:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:34:33Tangledingbye sorry
18:35:35rasher_no problem, I understand the confusion, just setting the record straight
18:36:50rasher_With what?
18:37:03Aditya /tools/convbdf : Command not found
18:37:15Adityathis is when I was trying to run make
18:38:02dwihnoyou need to compile the tools too
18:38:58 Quit Tangleding ("Chatzilla 0.9.68a [Firefox 1.0.4/20050511]")
18:39:06AdityaI am following the directions on the wiki
18:39:22Adityamade a build-dir..
18:39:33Adityaran ../tools/configure in that build-dir
18:39:39Adityamakefile was created with no error
18:39:49Adityabut when I run make, it gives me that command not found error
18:40:03 Join amiconn_ [0] (
18:40:16 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
18:40:17 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
18:40:31Adityaamiconn? any ideas?
18:40:42Adityaor anyone? hmm
18:40:46rasher_I think you should run "make" in the tools dir
18:40:51AdityaI just did that..
18:41:00Adityait craps out on generate_rocklatin
18:41:05rasher_did it not create a convbdf executable?
18:41:17Adityasays autoconf.h: No such file or directory
18:41:19rasher_I don't remember having this problem
18:41:37preglowme neither
18:41:43Adityait said gcc -g convbdf.c -o convbdf ...
18:41:45preglowAditya: you done a cvs update recently?
18:41:48Adityaso I am assuming it got that part..
18:41:55Adityabut it didn't complete the make
18:42:03Adityapreglow.. this is from a week ago
18:42:12Adityabut it should still compile no?
18:42:43Adityawell I will try getting latest
18:44:22amiconnAditya: Re-run configure in your build dir
18:44:48preglowyes, that'll probably account for the autoconf.h thing
18:45:32Adityawell I ran configure frrom build dir..
18:45:36Adityawent back to tools
18:45:39Adityaput in make
18:45:46Adityastill craps out on autoconf.h
18:46:26amiconnIs there an autoconf.h in your build dir?
18:46:46Adityawell I just skipped running make in tools/
18:46:51Adityawent back to build dir and ran make there
18:46:55Adityaseems to be doing somehting
18:47:34Adityakeysum.h : No such file or directory
18:47:49Adityaand a whole bunch of undeclared constant errors
18:48:29Adityaand amiconn, there is an autoconf.h in my build-dir
19:03:05preglowsure you don't mean checksums.h?
19:03:22preglowwhat platform are you on?
19:07:57rasher_your old friend
19:08:58*amiconn summons [IDC]Dragon
19:40:48 Quit amiconn (" HydraIRC -> <- Go on, try it!")
19:45:26 Join odd [0] (
19:50:37 Join Stryke` [0] (~Chairman8@resnet-241-86.resnet.UMBC.EDU)
19:52:13 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
19:52:29[IDC]Dragonamiconn called, but now he's gone
19:52:50 Join dropandho [0] (
19:53:02dropandhohey all!
19:53:02[IDC]DragonJens, if you read this: how about applyingthe "early USB mode" patch?
19:53:21[IDC]Dragonseems the rest is ready for it after your changes
19:53:32[IDC]Dragonoff now
19:53:36 Quit [IDC]Dragon (Client Quit)
19:54:15dropandholooks like the link for "today's log" on the website is doing that save trick
19:55:22dropandhowhen clicked- it doesnt open the page but launches a download of the txt file
20:06:23 Join tvelocity [0] (
20:27:38 Join joewo [0] (
20:28:14joewoanyone around?
20:28:49joewojust wondering if you were familiar with the Archos Jukebox Recorder 20
20:29:07preglownever even seen one, i'm a h1x0 person
20:30:25 Quit joewo (Client Quit)
20:33:06dropandhoanyone know what im talkin about with the log?
20:33:23dropandhoit did this a few months ago as well
20:34:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:37:00preglowi had that as well
20:37:04preglowfigured my browser was broken
20:37:10*preglow nudges Bagder
20:47:14dropandhonaw...same here
20:47:19dropandhoit did it a few months ago also
20:47:31dropandhoi forget what the fix was that did the trick
20:54:39rasher_removing non-printable characters from the file
21:04:47preglowapache actually scans the fil?
21:06:22rasher_no, apache sends text/plain
21:06:30rasher_mozilla tries to outsmart apache
21:06:44rasher_And it all ends in tears
21:06:45preglowi wish it stopped trying to emulate ie
21:07:33 Join xen` [0] (
21:10:40 Join muesli- [0] (
21:13:47 Join stevenm [0] (
21:14:09stevenmI been gone a while, studying for finals, etc. Anything new here?
21:14:45preglownot really
21:15:04stevenmmulticodec, etc?
21:15:27preglowi would have mentioned that :>
21:15:51preglowbut no, i have no time for rockbox right now
21:15:58preglowi think the same is the case with linus
21:16:09stevenmwell midi codec technically works.. just still a tad slow. i plan on working on it later, haven't forgotten, but right now have finals, etc
21:17:03preglowi'm not exactly mr. swift coder myself
21:17:22preglowi have some stuff uncommited, though, but lack time to finalize
21:23:57 Nick tvelocity is now known as tvelocity[away] (
21:28:27 Quit stevenm ("Leaving")
21:38:48 Join pfavr [0] (
21:38:49 Quit muesli- (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:55:34 Join Sucka [0] (
22:34:33***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:36:53 Quit pfavr ("ChatZilla 0.9.61 [Mozilla rv:1.7.8/20050513]")
22:38:22*Bagder appears
22:54:21 Quit rasher_ ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
23:01:02preglowso, what rockbox project did you end up working on?
23:05:47 Join DangerousDan [0] (
23:06:36 Join courtc [0] (
23:10:03 Join TCK [0] (
23:12:21 Join amiconn [0] (
23:22:32 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
23:32:26 Quit dropandho ()
23:40:23 Quit preglow ("lol")

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