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#rockbox log for 2005-05-17

00:05:17 Join psycho_maniac [0] (
00:06:29psycho_maniacanybody home?
00:06:37Bagderyeps, I am home ;-)
00:06:50psycho_maniacdo you think you could help me?
00:07:14Bagderwith what?
00:07:41psycho_maniacinstalling rockbox on my riiver. i have read the instructions but still need a little help
00:08:53psycho_maniaci have the daily build and i have the newfirmware patched. i just dont know where the porgram files for rockbox go what folder
00:09:04Bagderunzip it in the root folder
00:09:23psycho_maniacthat is all ?
00:09:41Bagderthe zip file contains a .rockbox dir and subdir within that
00:10:17psycho_maniacok i got confused cuz i was told to read the archos instructions. ok
00:10:35Bagderthe archos instructions say so too, since it is identical
00:10:55Bagderunless you flash it
00:11:07psycho_maniacalrighty forgot that zips have dir and subdir
00:11:32psycho_maniacok both on mp3 player
00:11:49psycho_maniaci have another question. how do i get emulated games to work on my rockbox?
00:12:23Bagderget the roms and put them on the player with a .gb extension
00:12:25BagderI think
00:12:35BagderI've never done it myself
00:12:48psycho_maniacok. do they have to be in a certin folder?
00:13:11psycho_maniaccan i put them in a directory?
00:13:17psycho_maniacto be more organized
00:13:24Bagderyou can put them anywhere you like
00:13:44psycho_maniacok thanks. well i might be back later. now i gotta go eat. thanks for all your help
00:13:55Bagderno problemos
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00:43:39webguest92anybody there?
00:45:01webguest92ok i put rockbox on my iriver i just shut it off and then turn it on to get rockbox to boot up right?
00:45:25webguest92i followed iriver boot and iriver quick start
00:45:25HClyou need to flash it with a good bootloader, then unzip a rockbox daily build onto your player
00:45:43webguest92ok i did everything exept flash it. how do i do that?
00:46:02HCluse the fwpatcher tool to create a good bootloader image
00:46:11webguest92ok did that
00:46:18HClthen flash your iriver with that
00:46:21webguest92loaded it to the river root dir
00:46:29webguest92just go to update firmware button?
00:46:42HCland pray that you got the bootloader right
00:47:02HClmake sure it can't run out of battery too.
00:47:34webguest92whwere is update firmware button havnt used settings in awhile. its on chareger. i just ran outta power 20 seconds ago
00:47:50HClprolly a good idea to let it charge a bit
00:47:51webguest92ok nm i found it
00:47:54webguest92upgrading now
00:48:11webguest92what if bootloader wrong?
00:48:28HClthen your iriver will be dead. and make sure it doesn't run out of power either
00:48:36webguest92ok it turned off i just turn it on again right?
00:48:52webguest92ok awesome it works
00:49:07HCl :)
00:49:15webguest92dont play music though right?
00:49:25HClnot really
00:49:32HClunless you count 8mb wav files
00:49:38webguest92where do i go to change settings and stuff?
00:49:42HClin 44.1khz stereo..
00:49:45HClpress mode
00:50:28webguest92do you know how to play emulated games?
00:50:36webguest92how do get them to work?
00:50:39HClyea, i wrote the emulator, heh.
00:50:51HCljust put gameboy roms on your player
00:51:04HClselect file view -> supported
00:51:06webguest92the extension is .gb?
00:51:10HClyea, or .gbc
00:51:49webguest92this is so cool
00:52:34webguest92well for me
00:52:36HCli can't even remember how limited iriver's firmware used to be :p
00:52:39webguest92isnt snake on the iriver already?
00:52:49HClits not well adjusted to the screen though
00:53:30webguest92how do i play that on there?
00:53:51 Join StrathAFK [0] (
00:54:01HClselect the snake plugins
00:55:33HClwho needs snake when you can play mario
00:55:33HCl :P
00:55:42webguest92dang i just have gba and nes. might have gb though or gbc
00:56:37MoosCamarolook this
00:57:47webguest92thats the main reason i wanted rockbox for the moment emulated games
00:58:25MoosCamaromake care with your joystik, it's very sensitif
00:59:12webguest92can i skip all that voting stuff on the site?
01:00:06MoosCamaroyes of course
01:00:46HClsomeone should get down and dirty with an assembly cpu core for the gameboy emu
01:00:55HClbut i don't think anyone really wants to ;p
01:01:49MoosCamarohi HCl*
01:03:02MoosCamarowhat's about your differents projects? :)
01:03:10webguest92i keep getting something that says this
01:03:12webguest92 This rom is not available for download. It is protected by the IDSA.
01:03:22HClthen you can't get that game from that site
01:04:11webguest92whats a game that i could prolly get
01:04:44HCli dunno
01:04:46HCli like mario.
01:04:49HClthe rest is fairly slow
01:04:52HClpokemon should be playable too
01:04:54MoosCamaroif you are p2p user, use it
01:04:58HClits a tiny bit too slow
01:05:09HClbut nobody's really wanting to optimize the gameboy emu
01:05:13HClits hardly a priority
01:06:16webguest92i found pong
01:07:20webguest92how do i select to play them
01:07:37MoosCamaroHCl: have you got forsake grayscale patch? :)
01:08:05webguest92gbc also works right?
01:08:16webguest92no i do not MoosCamaro
01:08:18HClswitch file view to supported
01:09:14MoosCamaroHCl: deserted :)
01:10:55 Quit Strath (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:11:15HCli did a while ago
01:11:34webguest92so how do i play a gb game now that it is on my mp3 player?
01:11:39HClits not really my cup of tea
01:11:43HCli'm a fairly high level person
01:11:46HClthough i enjoy compilers
01:12:06MoosCamaroa ok
01:12:18HClwebguest92: switch file view to supported and click a gameboy game
01:13:27webguest92where is that
01:13:38HClgeneral options, i think o.o
01:14:08MoosCamaroHCl: and your plugins searchengine+databox, what's about it
01:14:08webguest92i am in file view. there is HCI
01:14:22HClMoosCamaro: they're pretty much finished
01:14:30webguest92sort case sensitive sort dir, sort files, show files, follow playlist, show icons
01:14:32HClneed a few loose ends to be tied up
01:14:37HClclick show files
01:15:19MoosCamaroHCl: ok, it's cool
01:15:21HClMoosCamaro: runtime db has to be added, and i have to make the playlist generator a bit nicer interface wise, but aside from that, its pretty much finished
01:15:57webguest92what does dir buffer is full mean?
01:16:05HCltoo many files in dir
01:16:06HCli think.
01:16:09HCli had that too.
01:16:14HCli need to check that out
01:16:44webguest92well thanks for all your help
01:17:08HClnp :)
01:17:14*HCl will prolly fall asleep soon
01:17:40webguest92now if i want to remove this i just delete .rockbox folder and put original firmware in and then flash again?
01:17:51HClpretty much.
01:17:57HClyou can boot the original firmware
01:17:58webguest92ok later
01:18:02HClby pressing play with the remote
01:18:04HClor holding record
01:18:07HClwhile turning it on
01:18:09MoosCamarowebguest: i advice you, don't play a lot if you still want your joystik
01:18:50MoosCamaroIt's firstly mp3 player ;)
01:20:16webguest92how do i make snake play only one player?
01:21:39MoosCamaroit's time to sleep, good night HCl and webguest
01:22:22 Part MoosCamaro
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10:54:58ashridahhurray for shitty non-transactional sites.
10:55:18ashridahpower outage at my uni overnight nuked about 500 posts to an online web forum
10:55:26ashridahtoo bad it's for an assignment due in a few days :)
10:56:24*ashridah notes he personally had the assignment done weeks ago :)
11:04:05Lynx_ashridah: try to sell the information ;)
11:04:38ashridahi gain nothing from having other people succeed
11:04:57ashridahi gain lots from laughing at people who left it to the last minute, however. :)
11:05:00crashdexcept the cash they've paid for it
11:05:48ashridahif i wanted money, i wouldn't be bribing students
11:05:52ashridahstudents are generally poor
11:06:02crashdfair point ;)
11:06:31ashridahand as i say, there are large groups of people i'd prefer learned to get their act together.
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11:55:38 Join Biptoria [0] (
11:55:54BiptoriaAny chance for a touch of help ?
11:56:35BiptoriaIm stuck on starting original firmware, and the reset button isnt resetting it
11:56:49BiptoriaIve plugged the power cord in and that doesnt help
11:58:11Bagderwhat happens?
11:58:31BiptoriaNowt, thats the problem
11:58:44Biptoriaits just hung on the starting original firmware screen
11:58:51Bagderfor how long?
11:59:03Biptoriaabout 10 minutes now
11:59:32Biptoriaits a fluff up of gastronomic proportions
12:00:15Biptoriai cant understand why the reset button doesnt work
12:00:23Bagderme neither
12:00:48Biptoriashould i leave the power cord in, or let the battery run down
12:01:07Bagderfirst let it sit for a while longer and see
12:01:17Biptoriawith the power cord in ?
12:01:49Biptoriaokey doke ill tell you if anything happens
12:03:06Biptoriais it likley its fluffed up totally ?
12:03:24Bagderit has never happened
12:03:45BagderI'm not saying you can't be the first, I'm just saying it isn't likely
12:03:59Biptoriayipee, ill be first with my great luck
12:05:27Biptoriahas this problem ever happend to anyone else?
12:05:58Bagderit is often just a case of the battery not being charged enough
12:06:03Biptoriadid they just use the reset button ?
12:06:47Biptoriaive been stuck on the Starting original firmware screen before but i could just use the reset
12:07:15Bagderaha, so the reset has worked before?
12:07:35Biptoriait has worked before in the past when i got stuck from low batterys
12:07:42BiptoriaBut, now it doesnt want to work..
12:12:05Biptoriaomg omg omg im going to have to part with more cash to get a new one i can tell
12:13:45LinusNsome people tend to miss the reset button of they use a too thin pin
12:18:51 Join tvelocity [0] (
12:27:27 Join preglow [0] (
12:28:55preglowthink i'll time the wavpack enhancements
12:31:27 Join bangser [0] (
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12:37:48preglowshall i tell the wavpack guy to convert all newlines to unix style for his next patch, btw?
12:38:57 Join MoosCamaro [0] (
12:43:44*HCl managed to oversleep a bit
13:10:55BiptoriaOk so my iriver is still hanging on the starting orig firmware stage
13:11:07preglowbattery status?
13:11:23BagderBiptoria: so let it run out of battery, then charge it a good while and then try again
13:11:28BiptoriaI assume low when started, plugged in still wont budge, wont budge after resseting either
13:11:59Bagderpreglow: yes, those CRLF newlines are annoying and mess up diffs
13:12:03Biptoriahow long you reckon itr will take to fully de charge ?
13:12:17Bagderpretty long, since it doesn't do much
13:12:24Biptoriawill the old kick work ?
13:12:43Bagderthe old kick?
13:12:52preglowBiptoria: don't try it, heh
13:13:01preglowBiptoria: let it charge for a couple of hours
13:13:15preglowBiptoria: if it still doesn't work, you've got a disk problem that we're still not quite sure how to fix
13:13:21preglowBiptoria: it usually fixes itself
13:13:35Biptoriaive let it charge for about an hour and a half now
13:13:40LinusNBiptoria: does *anything* happen when you try to reset?
13:13:42preglowBagder: but ok, i'll tell him to fix it in his next patch
13:13:57BiptoriaLinusN: nothing happens
13:14:14LinusNare you sure that you manage to press the button?
13:14:22Biptoriayeh, it clicks
13:14:44LinusNmust be broken then
13:14:47Biptoriaive got a paper click which only just fits nicley into the hole
13:14:53Biptoriadont say that
13:15:07BiptoriaBroken is a nasty word
13:15:23LinusNthe reset button, that is
13:15:43Biptoriaive used it before
13:16:19preglowyes, i wager, that's probably how you broke it :>
13:16:41Biptoriawhich idiot designed the iriver
13:16:45preglowsome koreans
13:16:56Biptoriaskin there heads i say
13:17:13preglowthat should just be a matter of buying a plane ticket
13:17:22Biptorianot much point makin a reset button that doesnt work after 2 goes
13:17:23preglowsee if you can find some motorola employees while you're at it
13:17:30BiptoriaWill do
13:17:35preglowBiptoria: well, mine works after god knows how many times i've used it
13:17:43BiptoriaIll bring down there nuclear plans aswell
13:17:43 Join webguest72 [0] (
13:17:49preglowBiptoria: i use a very small screwdriver to do the work for me
13:18:09Biptoriawell the end of a paper clip should work
13:18:24Biptoriaill try pressing it randomly to see if it will make contact
13:18:44preglowi'd try something a bit sturdier than a paper clip
13:18:56preglowanother guy using a paper clip also broke his reset button
13:19:01Biptoriapaper clips are sturdy...
13:19:25Biptoriaalright who made these god damn paper clips
13:20:00Biptoriahow do i get in the irver ?
13:20:11preglowyou get a torx screwdriver
13:20:18preglowi don't know if it's easily fixable, though
13:20:43Biptoriahold on ive had a brain wave
13:22:00Biptoriaahh crud my brain waves never work
13:23:01Biptoriagood for nothin koreans
13:23:41BiptoriaRight ill go fidn a torx
13:24:47Biptoriacrap ill need a torx for midgets
13:25:28Biptoriaare there any easier ways or make shift tools to get in
13:26:17Biptoriaim gettin me a flash based player next time
13:26:53Biptoriai have a T 8
13:27:20preglowyou'll need a t-6
13:27:42Biptoriaah ha my small flat head screw driver fits
13:27:56Biptoriagotta be careful not to strip the heads
13:28:05preglowthe screws aren't that sturdy
13:28:22BiptoriaOk which do i undo first ?
13:28:27BiptoriaOr just undo all of them
13:32:34preglowno particular order as far as i know
13:33:17Biptoriashizzle i dropped a screw
13:33:35ashridahheh. murphy's law in action
13:34:06preglowseems like wavpack has gotten quite a bit slower
13:35:07Biptoriai dont like murphy
13:36:29ashridahno one likes murphy
13:37:28Biptorianor koreans nor paper clip makers
13:38:31Biptoriahow do i undo the f***ing battery
13:40:31Biptoriayey i fixed the rest button
13:40:47Biptoriai rock i rock i rock (8)
13:40:56LinusNwhat was wrong?
13:41:01ashridahhaha. now you've got to put it back together? :)
13:41:03Biptoriago me its my birthday, im partying like its my birthday
13:41:24Bagderseems a tad bit premature ;-)
13:41:35Biptoriadunno linus must of been a bit of dust i pressed the little black button for awhile and it works nows
13:41:43Bagderor "early" perhaps is a better word
13:42:20 Join Aditya [0] (
13:42:33Biptoriahmm its got battery.... its loading up the firmware
13:43:21preglowwhat the flaming hell
13:43:33preglowi'm measuring wavpack to be 850% realtime now
13:43:41Biptoriahow the hell do i get that rubber thing back on
13:43:51ashridahpreglow: that's extreme
13:43:54preglowashridah: too extreme
13:44:02preglowa moment ago it was 220%
13:44:13AdityaI come in here.. and I see someone asking how to get the rubber thing back on O_o
13:44:36preglowwe use this channel for everything
13:44:54ashridahAditya: it's probably better than leaving it off
13:45:20Biptoriathis is going to have to wait gtg to work bye guys
13:45:21 Quit Biptoria ("CGI:IRC")
13:45:41preglowthis is insane
13:45:53preglowif this is true, he must use the log and exp tables so incredibly much
13:48:37preglowit's the nbits table
13:54:04preglowplugins still have to do their own iram copying, yes=
14:00:20preglowcan anyone explain how not actually copying the iram data can give such a boost?
14:03:21 Quit tvelocity ("Leaving")
14:04:45preglowhmm, perhaps the coldfire multiplier has a special case for a mul with zero, and the iram is cleared
14:15:56 Join elinenbe [0] (~elinenbe_@
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14:40:38 Quit lostlogic ("Going to the moon")
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15:01:12Lynx_Bagder: there was an article today about last weekends right wing propaganda spam flood...
15:01:58Bagdera virus
15:02:10 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
15:02:42Bagderthey're still flooding in
15:02:52*preglow wants more rockbox time :/
15:02:56Bagder7500+ today
15:07:34 Join t0mas [0] (
15:07:57Lynx_yes, a sober variant. we have elections in my part of germany next sunday, that's probably the reason.
15:09:28*LinusN only had about 1000 of them today
15:09:41Lynx_the virus get's the adresses from the local host, so i guess you adress is in many adressbooks and caches
15:10:06BagderI'm sooo popular ;*)
15:11:09Lynx_hehe. the virus is set up to get new commands in 9 days ;)
15:11:20preglowLinusN: any ideas on my above ranting?
15:11:36*t0mas doesn't get any virus mail...
15:11:41LinusNabout the unexplained boost?
15:11:47BagderLynx_: hopefully this intense action will make people notice they are infected
15:11:50t0masprocmail rules the world :P
15:11:54t0masor atleast my inbox
15:12:04preglowiram does get cleared on boot, yes?
15:12:08Bagderprocmail has filtered 21000 of these so far ;-)
15:12:10Bagderfor me
15:12:22*t0mas has no counte
15:12:27Lynx_Bagder: probably not, the same virus has already sent spam some time ago, just new commands now
15:12:31t0masI don't even drop them in a virus folder anymore...
15:13:08BagderLynx_: well, this appears to be more intense than past ones. Or maybe I'm just unlucky
15:13:13Lynx_the freemail providers say it's not a major problem, must hit publicly available adresses much worse
15:13:46Lynx_i think by looking through my spam folder i found one...
15:14:03BagderI can forward a few for you! ;-P
15:14:46Lynx_Bagder: i think i'll pass ;)
15:16:16 Join einhirn [0] (
15:17:13t0masBagder: I know someone collecting them...
15:17:39t0masif you get anything unusual (not the one's that come by 1000s) he might want to have it :)
15:18:10BagderI catch them with a regex, I don't check them out any closer than running a grep to count ;-)
15:18:10dwihnoCollecting spam?! :)
15:18:22t0masno, collecting viruses dwihno
15:18:34Bagderthese ones aren't viruses
15:18:39t0masah ok
15:18:46Bagderthis virus sends mails only, no virus inside
15:19:05t0masthen he isn't intrested
15:19:23Bagderoops, I already mailed you my mailbox :-]
15:19:26t0masNiels "investigates" a lot of windows worms in vmware...
15:19:42t0maspretty intresting to find out what they're doing
15:24:28Lynx_Bagder: after so many mails you should demand to get the right to vote here, it would all be wasted otherwise...
15:24:31preglowi used to investigate a bunch of counterstrike hacks a couple of years ago
15:24:39preglowquite a few neat tricks flying around there as well
15:24:58preglowi suspect viruses use many of the same process injecting techniques
15:52:37 Part LinusN
15:52:53 Quit t0mas ("brb, time to recompile")
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17:11:48 Join Stryke` [0] (~Chairman8@resnet-241-86.resnet.UMBC.EDU)
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17:44:24 Join Aison [0] (
17:46:25 Join bippy [0] (
17:47:25bippyOk so i managed to reset the player
17:47:48bippyI had to open the player tho, the reset button doesnt work tho
17:47:52bippywhich im upset about
17:52:56 Quit TCK- (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:03:10bippyAnyways, after that scare im flashing back to iriver until rockbox advances with a hex file maker and sound
18:03:48bippyi feel the old ticker wouldnt take another pounding like it did today
18:07:48bippywhats odd is after flashing back my reset button works again ?
18:07:49 Quit MoosCamaro (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:08:03 Join MoosCamaro [0] (
18:18:34preglowthe reset button isn't very programmable
18:21:39 Join pillo [0] (
18:22:00pilloHello everyone.
18:22:37pilloI've seen that Linus committed my 2nd viewer patch, great :)
18:23:12 Quit MoosCamaro (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:23:23 Join MoosCamaro [0] (
18:23:43pilloHowever, I've seen a "rb->splash" debug message has slipped by and has been committed... it's in viewer.c, in function "viewer_load_settings".
18:24:05pillo(this is just for the logs so someone can fix it when it has time...)
18:24:19pillos/it/he/ obviously ^^
18:24:52preglowi'll fix it
18:25:16pillookay, thanks preglow
18:25:48pillosorry but I must really leave now −− bye bye!
18:25:58 Quit pillo (Client Quit)
18:30:25 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
18:32:06[IDC]Dragonamiconn, do you read?
18:34:35 Quit MoosCamaro (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:34:37 Join MoosCamaro [0] (
18:34:39amiconnDid you try my latest version of the early usb patch?
18:34:57amiconnI think this should be tested some more, especially with different cards
18:34:58***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:35:21amiconnFor me, the detection works great, with both cards and on both Ondios
18:37:01[IDC]Dragonthen why do you think it needs more testing?
18:37:28amiconnMaybe other cards don't follow the standard, or have a problem with the test timing
18:37:46amiconnI only have 2 cards to test with
18:38:31[IDC]Dragoname here
18:38:45[IDC]DragonI'll give it a try
18:38:54[IDC]Dragon(not now)
18:39:07 Nick Lynx_ is now known as Lynx_awy (HydraIRC@
18:39:27amiconnIt should allow usb connection with plugged card both when starting from flash, and when loading rockbox from internal flash via left-boot
18:39:33[IDC]Dragonany special tricky corner case to try?
18:39:41amiconnIn both cases the card should be accessible
18:40:01amiconnIt should prompt for card removal when booting via rolo
18:40:25amiconnBoth left-boot and rolo case are a bit tricky to test, tight timing
18:40:49amiconnFor left-boot you need to plug usb after start, but before archos fw loaded rockbox
18:41:03amiconnFor rolo you need to plug while decoding
18:41:25[IDC]Dragonwhich is quick
18:41:53[IDC]Dragonlet's dig out the old slow descrambler ;-)
18:42:28[IDC]Dragondo you have Trevor's Ondio now?
18:42:34amiconnIdeal case would be to test on Trevor's Ondio
18:42:51amiconnDid not yet arrive though
18:43:10[IDC]Dragonany other arrivals?
18:43:59amiconnMaybe tomorrow... I had an info notice in my mail box that there's something to pick up at the post office
18:44:16amiconnThe iriver will take some more time
18:44:36amiconnI just transferred the money y'day
18:44:50[IDC]DragonI'm afraid it will absorb you once it's there
18:45:00amiconnWhy should it?
18:45:10*[IDC]Dragon feels left behind with SH platforms
18:45:11amiconnIt can't play music with rockbox yet
18:45:29amiconnBut it's nice to have when doing the graphics api rework
18:45:30[IDC]Dragonmaybe that's a starting point
18:45:40[IDC]Dragon(the music)
18:45:54amiconnJust order an iriver too :)
18:46:01[IDC]Dragonno time
18:46:21[IDC]Dragonand it's outdated already
18:46:42[IDC]Dragonat least, out of production
18:46:45amiconnMaybe... the H3xx is also outdated imho
18:46:55amiconn...especially the display
18:46:58[IDC]Dragonbut seems to have a wider user base
18:53:14 Join _aLF [0] (
19:08:06 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("CGI:IRC")
19:23:20 Join ldone [0] (
19:23:33ldoneany help here?
19:23:40preglowdepends for what
19:25:01ldoneMy recorder 20 went on the blink, I returned for repair, they replaced it with a lame gmnini 120 instead of repairing it. Will rockbox someday support this newer player?
19:31:30amiconnThere is a gmini port in the works, but development stalled atm. See
19:35:08 Quit bippy ("CGI:IRC")
19:38:27ldoneThanks Amiconn, I am encouraged by this effort as rockbox software rocks.
19:38:59preglowdon't hold your breath
19:39:05preglowit's a demanding port
19:39:33amiconnEven if this port succeeds one day, not all features of rockbox can be supported on gmini
19:40:19preglowwhat features would that be?
19:40:32amiconnReal plugins are impossible, so the best that could be done is build some of them into main rockbox
19:40:48preglowahh, sure
19:40:54amiconnThere's most likely not enough space to fit all of them
19:40:56preglowbut that's not much of a showstopper
19:41:02preglowthe codecs will probably fit
19:43:27ldoneI might be further ahead to get an old one on ebay or somewhere and sell this gmini
20:02:11 Join matsl [0] (
20:06:38 Quit ldone ()
20:21:29 Join Moos [0] (
20:21:29 Quit matsl (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:21:30 Quit MoosCamaro (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:26:27 Join muesli- [0] (
20:30:38 Join matsl [0] (
20:34:59***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:42:29 Join mattzz [0] (
20:43:41 Join rasher [0] (
20:43:42 Quit mattzz (Client Quit)
21:02:14 Join courtc [0] (
21:15:33 Nick StrathAFK is now known as Strath (
21:23:32 Quit muesli- (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
21:24:09 Quit rasher ("CGI:IRC 0.5.4 (2004/01/29)")
21:46:35 Join Musicmad [0] (
21:47:09Musicmadhi all
21:48:28Musicmadany devs around?
21:50:59Musicmadjust flashed my iriver ihp120 with 1.65 firmware.
21:51:13Musicmadworks great I think. Wonder if I could help out somehow in the devs.
21:51:29MusicmadI've got at working remote I never use if it could be of any use to somebody
21:51:33preglowdepends on whether you are a programmer or not, heh
21:51:56preglowwe've got the remote covered
21:53:05Musicmadsure thing.
21:53:23Musicmaddo you need ppl to beta test new builds or something?
21:53:48preglownot really, no
21:53:56MusicmadI code Java mostly - don't know much c++
21:53:57preglowbut feel free to test and let's know what you think
21:54:10preglowthere might easily be bugs afoot
21:56:08Musicmadsure - currently I'm not sure playback works (I know not to expect sound), but I'm not even getting the playback screen when I select a file.
21:57:38preglownor am i
21:57:46preglowand playback is being worked on
21:58:16Musicmadok - so it's known.
21:59:35Musicmaddid the Audio ADC/DAC driver just go from 40 to 50% now?
22:00:16preglowdon't think so, hasn't been worked on for a while, that part should be working anyway
22:00:47Musicmadmust have been me then sorry.
22:01:12preglowsound is listed at 40%, perhaps you remembered that
22:01:47preglowbut no, we have a guy working on mp3 playback now, once that's done, i bet progress will start speeding up
22:03:14Musicmadsounds excellent - anyway way to donate besides paypall?
22:03:58preglownot that i know of
22:04:12preglowmost other methods than paypal include quite a bit of bother, i think
22:04:43Musicmadok - I'll try and sign-up for an account there then. They didn't accept my credit card the last time though.
22:06:29Musicmadsorry if this is obvious, but where can I download the plugins that are not included in the builds?
22:06:55preglowlike what plugins?
22:08:55 Join tvelocity [0] (
22:11:07Musicmadmaybe I downloaded the wrong build, b/c pong and others are not on my player.
22:11:17Musicmadgonna try the bleeding edge build..
22:11:19 Join muesli- [0] (
22:11:28preglownot much different
22:11:42preglowi've got pong
22:11:45 Join cYmen [0] (
22:11:49preglowbut i compile my own stubb, obviously
22:12:57amiconnPong is included in the iriver daily
22:16:54Musicmadyeah it seems so. I must have messed it up then.
22:16:56 Part Musicmad
22:17:18 Join Musicmad [0] (
22:19:24Musicmadrockboy doesn't seem to be in daily though
22:19:40amiconnit is included as well
22:20:43Musicmadah sorry - it's a viewer, not a rock *smack*
22:26:03MusicmadI should talk less and donate more. Cya
22:28:30 Part Musicmad
22:29:19preglowand here he leaves, before i had time to give him the address to preglow's ale fund :/
22:35:03***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:36:35 Quit muesli- ("ich will Kühe!!!")
23:23:06 Quit Harpy (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
23:36:30 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
23:39:40[IDC]Dragonamiconn: your USB start patch seems OK
23:40:00[IDC]Dragoncommit it, I'd say
23:40:31[IDC]Dragonthanks, goodnight
23:40:35 Quit [IDC]Dragon (Client Quit)
23:58:35 Quit Moos (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))

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