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#rockbox log for 2005-05-19

00:00:15I-R-Addictthis is true they do, but if u want to write one app, and have it instantly available on multiple platforms, it's excellent
00:00:40I-R-Addictjust nothing to resource heavy, like writing limewire in java was a terrible idea
00:00:49I-R-Addictwriting it period was terrible
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00:00:56I-R-Addictbut even more so, because it was in java
00:01:23HClamiconn: java is fairly fast..... its just the gui thats slow...
00:01:30HClthe recompiling can take a while when starting up..
00:01:54amiconnI've seen running non-gui java tad slow as well
00:01:54HCland yea, big advantage is it runs on all major platforms
00:02:04HCli'm gonna cuddle my cat
00:02:09HClcause thats more important than irc :p
00:02:23I-R-Addictit'll always be slower than C, asm, or C++
00:02:57I-R-Addictbut for its capabilities, it does a good job of implementing them fairly fast
00:03:47HClit needn't be slower than C
00:03:55HClif you have a good virtual machine implementation
00:04:13I-R-Addictand a well powered computer
00:04:21I-R-Addictyou take both languages, and run them on a 486
00:04:25I-R-Addictnow thats a speed test
00:04:27HCli think there's a java compiler based on gcc that makes native binarys from bytecode..
00:04:41HClI-R-Addict: sure, as long as you don't optimize the C for the 486
00:05:33I-R-Addicthmm.. dunno bout the gcc one, gentoo uses blackdown java by default for it's sdk
00:05:48I-R-Addictand its a binary package
00:05:56I-R-Addictusually if they can, they stick to src packages
00:06:33I-R-Addictbut definitly, java is a good language
00:06:46I-R-Addictdepending on the need, but that is the same with any language
00:07:45I-R-Addictactually, interesting fact.. java was originally designed to run applicances, microwaves were the main target
00:07:52preglowjava is slow
00:07:55preglowno doubt about it
00:08:00preglowit's an ok enough language
00:08:10preglowdeciding not to have operator overloading sure was braindead
00:08:34 Join stripwax [0] (
00:09:33preglownow, time for ale
00:12:44 Part stripwax
00:29:25HCljava is designed to prevent people from making mistakes and prevent unreadable code as much as possible
00:29:33preglowperl > *
00:31:32HCl :P
00:31:40HClbrainfuck > *
00:31:56HClknow brainfuck?
00:31:57HCl :)
00:31:59preglowyes, i do
00:32:01HCl :P
00:32:03preglowi wrote an interpreter for it
00:32:03HClfun fun.
00:32:12HCli remember writing a ansi colored hello world in it
00:32:24HCli believe it was during the same days when i wrote that polymorphing hello world program..
00:32:25preglowi've never written anything _IN_ it, heh
00:32:46HClwuss :P
00:32:50preglowi have however written a ansi viewer
00:32:54HClnice :)
00:33:01preglowit's still work in progress
00:33:25HCli swear
00:33:28HClwinamp is the worst
00:33:31HClwhen it gets to shuffle
00:33:34preglowi never use it
00:33:47HCli use it cause i don't like the way foobar looks
00:34:02preglowi don't much care what things look like
00:34:22preglowand foobar does gapless
00:34:32HCli don't want gapless :P
00:34:37preglowi depend on it
00:34:41HCli actually tried to get a gap plugin for winamp
00:34:43HClit was crap :P
00:34:50preglow50% of what i listen to have no gaps
00:35:03HClat least xmms has an "pause # sec between songs" option
00:35:10HCli always listen to a mix of things
00:35:17HCland metal straight after a soft song
00:35:21HClis *not* nice
00:35:31preglowi almost always listen to entire albums or entire mixes
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00:35:44crashdmy eyes bur
00:35:56preglowtime for some disassembly, then
00:36:09crashdida 4.8 supports thumb
00:36:20crashdbut it still requires the user to select the 'thumb' bit within the disassembler
00:36:24crashdso it knows whats thumb
00:36:27preglowwell, sure
00:36:30crashdas the binary i have is just raw
00:36:31preglowbut looks like most things are thumb
00:36:45HCli wonder if they fixed that bug that made 4.7 crash on this one program i had
00:37:03HCli had to revert to an older version :/
00:37:08crashdshame :\
00:37:10crashd4.7 is sweet
00:37:14HCli know :/
00:37:17crashd4.8 is sweeter ;)
00:37:29HCli'll have to get it someday
00:37:31preglowcrashd: but yeah, it looks like only the intterupt table and the decrypter is 32 bit arm
00:37:39preglowinterrupt, even
00:38:38crashdcould see if setting the thumb bit on most of the code brings up something legibly sane
00:39:30HClh10 work?
00:39:47crashdtrying to make it, yeah ;p
00:40:27preglowida can export dumps, yeah?
00:40:33preglowin text, that is, i've only got 4.7
00:40:46preglowbut then again, i don't know thumb
00:40:51preglowso i'll have to read up on a reference first
00:40:57crashdlol, nor i :]
00:42:08preglowgod knows how they can fit this many instructions in 16 bits
00:44:19crashdhow much did you guy pay for your ida licenses?
00:44:35HCli didn't. evaluation version.
00:44:47preglowi'll just refrain from answering :P
00:45:05preglowoh well, i never use it
00:45:36CoCoLUSi think someones using an offical evaluation license prolonger program ;)
00:45:46preglowlies and slander
00:45:58crashdthe eval only does win32
00:46:00crashdwhat use is that ;)
00:46:18preglowwhich is kind of useless, when i needed coldfire support, heh
00:47:29preglowbut still, the coldfire port gets away cheap, thanks to having a load of datasheets for all we need
00:47:39preglowa h10 project will not have that luxury, that's for sure
00:47:46crashdbastards, i wish portalplayer were half as open :\
00:47:51 Join lostlogic [0] (
00:47:54preglowthe ipodlinux people haven't even figured out how to use the second arm core yet
00:48:07HClthat seems odd to me.
00:48:12HClseeing how long the project has existed
00:48:20HClwhy can't they just disassemble the original firmware?
00:48:22preglowit's been dormant for a loooong tme
00:48:32HClah well.
00:48:35CoCoLUShm... did iriver give an answer to their linux-in-their-pmps-but-no-sourcecode problem?
00:48:35preglowand it seems to pretty dormat right now as well
00:48:43*HCl gets reminded of how his dad always confuses his iriver with an ipod...
00:48:51preglowCoCoLUS: hah, they haven't released source, no?
00:49:05CoCoLUSthats what i'm asking, but last time i read about it, they haven't
00:49:18preglowwell, sure seems like they've done their resource
00:49:49preglow"this linux thing is up for grabs, right? no problems with just stealing it?"
00:49:56preglow"why, yes, no problems at all"
00:50:03 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
00:50:22CoCoLUSthough i can't find anything about iriver... hm...
00:50:31preglowit's hard to figure out if they're just stupid or actually expect to get away with it
00:50:41HCla lot of people simply don't have the money to sue them.
00:51:08 Join ashridah [0] (
00:51:40preglowof course not
00:51:45preglowbut still
00:51:55preglowit's being an asshole
00:52:03HCli guess
00:52:06HClthey should just release the source
00:53:11CoCoLUSis the pmp-x series familiar to the ihp-x?
00:53:27CoCoLUS(= would it -help- to have the sc?)
00:58:23preglowi believe the pmp's got a arm core and i ti dsp core
00:58:42preglowi = a, hyes
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01:02:46 Quit Sucka ("a bird in the bush is worth two in your house")
01:13:22HClcould not connect to ultima online
01:15:14preglowa good excuse to do some coding :V
01:17:19*amiconn tries to build cross-gcc 3.3.6 on his linux vm
01:28:58 Quit Seed (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:28:59HClwhats the :V smiley?
01:30:31preglowa guy i know dubbed it the duckbilled plattypus smiley
01:30:40preglowi just started using it because i think it looks neat, heh
01:30:54HClum, okay :3
01:31:09preglowthat looks like a guy with testicles for chins to me
01:31:18preglowin this particular font, at least
01:31:34HClmk o.o
01:31:46preglowwhat's :3 meant to be?
01:31:54HClsomething like :S
01:32:05preglowhaha, now i'm more confused
01:32:15HCl :P never mind :p
01:32:20preglowaight, :>
01:33:24ashridah:| makes more sense than :S
01:33:36 Part Moos
01:33:40preglow:S looks like the elephant man, so yeah
01:34:00 Quit Stryke` ("Friends don't let friends listen to Anti-Flag")
01:35:17HClrunning through the luff parade... o/'
01:35:18I-R-Addictany of you ever seen this: (It's a really good paper)
01:35:24HCli want music on iriver :/
01:36:07crashdi want linux on my iriver :/
01:36:15HCli'm not keeping you
01:36:20HCli'm just thinking its a fairly dumb idea :/
01:36:25HClunless its an 3x0
01:36:43crashdthere's numerous reasons, one of them is the pure 'why not' factor
01:36:49crashdwhich also seems to be somewhat driving behind rockbox ;)
01:36:51HCli know plenty of answers to that
01:36:52I-R-Addictthats what i was saying
01:36:56preglowand i don't much care, if there's linux on it, there'll be rockbox on it as well
01:37:03HCllinux = slow on embedded systems
01:37:05crashdbut, also, because i have a lot of music in chiptune format
01:37:08HClslow as in not fast enough
01:37:12crashdand itd be nice to listen to that
01:37:14HClit does not add any features whatsoever
01:37:18preglowcrashd: why, we're planning on chiptune support
01:37:21preglowcrashd: what format?
01:37:36crashdxi sid
01:37:41preglowxi =
01:37:49 Quit _aLF ("Leaving")
01:37:55crashdshrug. i think screamtracker could export it, or modtune
01:37:55HCli'm curious though
01:38:02HClwhat makes you think linux would help supporting that?
01:38:24preglowthere are players for it already
01:38:30crashdquite a lot of the hardware platform already has drivers for linux
01:38:31crashddue to ipodlinux
01:38:36preglowthough you'd need to make a lot of glue code
01:38:36crashdand porting a new app isnt particularly hard
01:38:44HClpreglow: but linux will be far too slow on embedded systems
01:38:49preglowno, it won't
01:38:51crashd hehe
01:38:55preglowit'll be slower than rockbox, but not far too slow
01:39:01HClwell, okay.
01:39:02HCltoo slow.
01:39:05 Join Seed [0] (
01:39:15crashdseems to be doing ok on the ipod and mini..
01:39:18HCltoo slow to run players on it for various formats realtime, at least.
01:39:23HClcrashd: no. it can't even manage mp3 on them.
01:39:31HClonly in console mode
01:39:32preglowit should manage realtime formats well
01:39:33HClotherwise it stutters.
01:39:42crashdgive them a chance HCl ;)
01:39:58HCli do, i'm just saying, they don't have any usable playback on ipodlinux
01:40:02HClthe games added are nice though.
01:40:04preglowand them not managing realtime yet is because they haven't got a clue as to how to optimize
01:40:18preglowthey've just straight ported c code
01:40:19HClthat, and not being able to use the second core
01:40:38crashdso what your saying HCl , is that it could quit eeasily be optimised to run at realtime mp3?
01:40:43preglowgive them more info and time, and it'll probably run well
01:40:46HClno O.o
01:40:54crashdhehe, <defeated>
01:40:58HCloptimizations are never easy..
01:41:03HCl*frowns at crashd*
01:41:07HCli got more important things to do
01:41:14crashdHCl: ultima ;)
01:41:16HClthan to jabber on about linux
01:41:16preglowthey're boring as well
01:41:17HCl :)
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01:46:41 Quit cYmen ("zZz")
01:48:48crashdanywho, regardless of what I intend to run on my h10, the information gained in the process of getting something to run will be helpful to you guys if you ever decide to port to it ;)
01:49:02preglowof course
01:52:02preglowdebugging without printf() is so incredibly frustrating :///
01:52:15crashdwhat u upto preglow ?
01:52:24preglowdebugging a vst plugin i made for a pal
01:52:31HCloh wait
01:52:33HClnot rockbox?
01:52:38HClnm then
01:52:39HCl :)
01:52:50preglowrockbox is pretty much on hold for me
01:53:01HCltry making your vst plugin write to a file?
01:53:19HCl*is clueless*
01:53:26preglowit's an incredibly subtle bug
01:53:31HCli love those :P
01:53:33preglowthings seems to work
01:53:38preglowbut then crash after a while
01:53:40preglowbut not always!
01:53:43HClthose have killed projects of mine before.
01:53:54HClbut those projects weren't oo, so hm.
01:54:16HClat least it ran pong
01:54:18HCland mandelbrot
01:54:21HCland more demos.
01:54:27HCleven some 3d ones
01:54:40crashdim gonna go for a smoke then bed
01:54:44crashdsee you guys on the moro :]
01:55:03HCli should prolly head to bed too..
01:55:13HClbut i never want to ;x
01:55:21crashdit's such a chore to go to bed
01:55:35preglowi rather enjoy it
01:55:41preglowbut also put it off as much as possible
01:55:41HCli don't like sleeping ;x
01:55:53preglowi love sleeping
01:55:59preglowbest thing in the world
01:56:01HClonce i'm asleep
01:56:04HCli don't want to get up
01:56:11HClbut i don't want to go to sleep, usually
01:56:11HCl :P
01:56:33preglowi sure as hell don't want to get up
01:56:44preglowi'm near-suicidal when i have to get up before i want to
01:57:03preglowwhich is why i _really_ look forward to getting a job
01:58:12preglowhah, think i bloody got the bug
01:58:35HCl :P
01:58:37amiconnmeh, building gcc takes ages :(
01:58:48preglowtakes about fiften minutes here
01:58:52HCli have a flatmate, who throws his alarmclock across his room while asleep
01:58:55HClthen wakes up 3 hours later
01:59:01HCland finds his alarmclock at the other end of his room
01:59:08HCland then tries to figure out what happened :P
01:59:37amiconnpreglow: Maybe 3.4.x is that fast. 3.3.x for SH takes quite some more time, because of the necessary workaround (adding newlib)
01:59:49preglownever did that
02:00:41preglowgod DAMN, this bug is elusive
02:01:32preglowthink i've found it, so comment in culprit code, but no, still works
02:05:33*HCl found a loophole in uo
02:20:03preglowsuns on its way up again
02:20:12preglowtime to prepare for bed
02:21:48 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
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02:32:17HClbed ish good.
02:33:26 Quit preglow ("o")
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06:36:56Josh_FilesCan someone please help me, When I play video, The audio lags behind the video
07:06:49Josh_Files:(, No-One Wants to help me :(
07:11:52 Join LinusN [0] (
07:18:39Josh_FilesCan someone please help me, When I play video, the video lags behind the audio
07:18:57 Join DMJC [0] (
07:19:35Josh_FilesWell, only the videos I make myself
07:22:57LinusNi haven't tried to play videos myself
07:23:23LinusNi think i tried it once, a long time ago
07:23:34LinusNnever converted any myself though
07:32:36 Quit courtc (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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07:40:40 Join hubbel [0] (
07:50:14 Quit hubbel ()
07:51:43wacky_LinusN - are you one of the guys who work on the music-playing features for the iRiver ?
07:52:57wacky_and are you guys working in a sandbox somewhere ? you haven,t committed anything yet huh?
07:53:04wacky_to the cvs I mean
07:53:25wacky_how's the development going ?
07:53:36LinusNmy changes are not committed yet
07:53:58LinusNdevelopment is going slow atm, too busy with real life and paid work
07:54:25wacky_have you guys determined a final structure for the API and everything ?
07:54:46wacky_yeah.. I understand :)
07:55:09wacky_but even if it's slow.. I appreciate what you guys do.
07:55:26LinusNi'm pretty much working out the api as i go
07:55:28wacky_hey ! I at least have an on-the-fly playlist support :)
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09:49:46Bagderbtw, gcc 4.0 is really shaky on lots of platforms so the coldfire and sh platforms are not necessary special cases here
09:53:58Bagderit generats bad code on i386 and PPC too occationally
09:54:29dwihnoIt does? Hm. So it might be a good idea to stick to 3.x for a while
09:54:40 Join Musicmad [0] (
09:54:43BagderMac OS X Tiger has gcc4 by default
09:54:58Bagderand it bites ;-)
10:02:26 Nick Lynx_awy is now known as Lynx_ (HydraIRC@
10:04:26amiconnBagder: I did some experimentation to track down the 'fresh build' vs. 'rebuild' problem
10:04:44amiconnA lot of files doesn't get rebuilt if config variable(s) are changed
10:04:52BagderI know why
10:04:59amiconnFor some of them this is expected, e.g. the string functions
10:05:19amiconn...but some other also don't get rebuilt, like e.g. tree.c
10:05:24Bagderwell, the depfile is only regenerated if a C source is modified
10:05:30amiconn...which is clearly wrong
10:05:43amiconnI have a suspicion what causes this
10:05:51amiconnThe depfiles are far from complete
10:07:13Bagderwhat's missing?
10:07:19Bagderperhaps we should use -M and not -MM
10:12:00dwihnoAre there any major differences between -M and -MM?
10:12:28Bagder"-MM Like -M but do not mention header files that are found in system header directories..."
10:13:07BagderI just tried using -M instead, and it didn't work as I thought it would
10:13:27Bagderthe output then lacked dependencies
10:13:27 Quit Seed (Nick collision from services.)
10:13:35 Join Seed [0] (
10:14:05 Part Musicmad
10:20:15amiconnBagder: The output also lacks dependencies with -MM as in cvs
10:20:29Bagderwhat's missing then?
10:20:57amiconndep-apps is ~10 KB, dep-firmware is ~16 KB
10:21:16amiconnThis is not a cygwin problem; it also happens under linux
10:21:29Bagderls -l apps/dep-apps
10:21:29Bagder-rw-r−−r−− 1 daniel daniel 66376 May 19 10:21 apps/dep-apps
10:22:23Bagderso can you see any specific files/deps that are missing?
10:22:47amiconn-rw-r−−r−− 1 Administrator Kein 10038 May 19 00:19 build/ndiofm/apps/dep-apps
10:24:59Bagdernow I see that too
10:25:11Bagderif I remove the dep file and run make
10:25:18Bagderit becomes big
10:25:30Bagderif I do make clean and make, it gets small
10:25:46amiconnIt contains dependencies for debug_menu.o, main.o, status.o, recorder/bmp.o, /recorder/icons.o, recorder/keyboard.o, recorder/widgets.o
10:25:51amiconnAll others are missing
10:26:24BagderI have an idea...
10:28:49amiconnSame thing happens when doing 'make clean; make' here
10:31:52BagderI know why!
10:32:45Bagderlang.h is generated
10:32:50Bagderand doesn't exist the first time
10:33:30Bagderso it fails
10:33:30amiconnHmm, so everything that depends on lang.h is missed?
10:33:36amiconnThat's clearly wrong
10:33:53Bagder-MG is needed
10:34:39Bagderbut not alone...
10:35:46***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:35:56 Join rasher [0] (
10:38:24Bagderhm, -MG is no fun option...
10:39:12Bagdertime for shell script magic
10:45:38Bagderok, I think I have a fix
10:46:45rasher .. the lengths some companies will go to be complete assholes is astounding
10:46:51 Quit bangser (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
10:50:18*Bagder adds a good chunk of comment to explain this extension
10:52:05Bagderplease try
10:53:23Bagderrasher: that is hard-to-read code ;-)
10:53:43Bagderthey even obfuscated the printk()-lines ;-)
10:54:02Bagderprintk("%\144\040\165\163\142_c\157nt\162o\154_\155\163g\040re\164u\162\156e\144 \045d\012", __LINE__ ...
10:54:19rasherHaha, I only looked at the example
10:55:03Bagderand *all* variables are O1101010 or l1010010 style
10:57:01BagderI bet they just ran some existing program on the code
11:01:04rasherI'd hope so
11:01:42LinusNhmmm, does the gpl really disallow obfuscation?
11:02:31Bagder"it its preferred form" is the wording
11:04:59LinusN"The source code for a work means the preferred form of the work for making modifications to it. "
11:05:16LinusNfor making modifications to it is the key
11:05:47LinusNthe obfuscated version is obviously not the preferred form for modifications
11:06:04LinusNsi i'd say they are violating the gpl
11:16:25ashridahrofl. that's pathetic. one token per line
11:17:04ashridahhalf of the obfuscation would take only a few minutes to fix. then working out what the functions and variables do would take ages
11:20:29ashridahbut if it's based on pre-existing GPL code, one could in theory use some pattern matching software to at least single out the stuff that's non-standard.
11:20:35ashridahs/non-standard/not pre-existing/
11:21:03LinusNi'd say that isn't the issue
11:21:18LinusNthey should be sued for violating the gpl
11:31:49 Quit rasher ("CGI:IRC")
11:32:18ashridahi agree
11:32:52ashridahit's clearly a violation of the copyrights, depending on interpretation. if they've released someone else's code in obfuscated form along with their own they deserve a good burning
11:39:20amiconnBagder: Seems like the build is rebuilding all necessary files now, thank
11:39:30amiconnI'll check it out in more detail this evening
11:39:53amiconni.e. actually try the build on the unit
11:40:39amiconnDid you have a look at the simulator dependencies?
11:41:04Bagderthey would suffer from this too of course
11:41:56amiconnI wonder why the common library 'make' is called twice...
11:42:18amiconn...the second time being after linking, i.e. useless for sure
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12:47:52 Part asdsd____
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13:36:54 Quit lostlogic (K-lined)
13:36:54 Quit lostlogic_ (Client Quit)
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14:57:12 Join rasher [0] (
15:03:39 Quit rasher ("CGI:IRC")
15:03:49 Join rasher [0] (
15:27:11 Quit DMJC ("Leaving")
15:38:45 Join bobTHC [0] (
15:39:20bobTHChi folks !
15:42:25 Part LinusN
16:11:52 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
16:17:19 Join DMJC [0] (
16:22:33*Bagder looks at Epson LCD controllers
16:22:53Bagderthat's the res of a h3x0 lcd?
16:27:14Bagder18bit color seems to not be that common in graphic lcd controllers
16:29:48amiconn18 bit exists for a looong time
16:30:08Bagderbut I look at a list of epson lcd controllers
16:30:16amiconnAh ok
16:30:17Bagderand I can't see one that has 18 bit support
16:30:54Bagdersince it was mentioned the h3x0 _might_ be an epson, I just searched around to see
16:35:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:47:13 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
17:04:58amiconnBagder: The wiki mentiones TFS
17:06:10Bagderyes, but that is likely not the right one
17:14:14Bagderah, found an epson
17:37:04 Quit Seed (Nick collision from services.)
17:37:11 Join Seed [0] (
17:40:57 Join TCK [0] (
17:41:49 Quit DMJC ("Leaving")
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18:42:57 Part rasher
18:43:20 Join rubberglove [0] (
18:44:29 Quit Aditya (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
18:47:50rubberglovehiya...anyone about?
18:48:36rubbergloveme too. i'm trying to figure out the 'automatic bookmarking' on the text plugin...
18:49:25rubberglovedoes it seems to always go to the beginning of the file.
18:49:33HCli have no idea.
18:49:49HCli never read text on my mp3 player
18:49:52 Join matsl [0] (
18:51:07rubbergloveah. i read lots - beats carrying a book around. this was on the forum yesterday "The text viewer has automatic bookmarks since today's daily build. It will automatically resume where you left off last time."
18:51:33rubbergloveis there something special i need to do for bookmarks?
18:51:49HClno idea
18:52:09rubberglovecool. thanks anyhoo,..
18:52:20*HCl tries to see how a tiny mp3 player screen would be more readable than a book, but fails..
18:53:15rubbergloveit's not as bad as it seems it would be, reading on the little screen... plus, it fits in my pocket and i ALWAYS have it on me ... *grin*.
18:53:18 Join arfo [0] (
18:53:33rubberglovecan't play rockboy ALL the time...
18:53:56HClheh o.o
18:54:52 Part arfo
18:55:05rubberglovealso a bit curious about the greyscale patch... is the performance any slower (rockboy)?
18:57:52HClmaybe a tiny tiny bit
19:00:44rubberglovecool.. cheers.
19:01:09 Part rubberglove
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19:57:01 Part t0mas
19:57:05 Join t0mas [0] (
20:14:44 Quit bobTHC ("Smoke Weed Every Day !")
20:20:11 Join amiconn_ [0] (
20:26:30 Quit Guest5715154 (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
20:34:53crashd20E for anyone who can figure this code out ;)
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20:36:24I-R-Addictwow, if i do it, i'll be rich.. our canadian money just doesn't compare
20:37:48 Part webmind ("byebye")
20:38:26 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:38:26 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
20:47:07 Join Sucka [0] (
20:48:12 Join ali1234 [0] (
20:50:21ali1234hi all
21:17:17 Join Tangleding [0] (
21:29:06 Nick StrathAFK is now known as Strath (
21:30:33 Quit Tangleding ("Chatzilla 0.9.68a [Firefox 1.0.4/20050511]")
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21:32:15 Part ali1234 ("Kopete 0.10 :")
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21:50:39 Join Moos [0] (
21:50:54Mooshi all
21:56:00Moosit's quite today :)
21:57:01Mooshi t0mas
21:58:23t0masMoos? can you say t0mas again?
21:58:53t0masjust my name
21:58:56t0mastesting my new client
21:59:14Moosyes i can see your name in list
21:59:21t0masno say...
22:00:13Moost0mas :)
22:01:35Mooswhat client you use?
22:02:17t0masbut I misconfigured text events for hilight messages
22:02:29t0mas(and discovered that when you said "hi t0mas"
22:03:00Moosa ok
22:03:15 Join ]RowaN[ [0] (
22:03:24Moosme I use mIRC
22:03:36]RowaN[whoops i dropped my iriver today.. now it only boots into rockbox, wont boot original firmware anymore
22:03:50]RowaN[so i'll beh appy when mp3 support is achieved heh
22:04:23]RowaN[i thought it would be the other way around.. seen as rockbox is the one running from hd
22:05:22 Join t0mas_ [0] (
22:05:26 Quit t0mas_ (Remote closed the connection)
22:05:51t0mas]RowaN[: tried scandisk on it?
22:06:37 Quit DangerousDan (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
22:07:45Moostry to reflash original version
22:08:23t0maserm... that's impossible if that one isn't booting
22:08:50]RowaN[scandisk says its ok.. just doing a surface scan now.. taking hours
22:08:56]RowaN[but making progress
22:11:08Moost0mas: true
22:12:13I-R-Addictmm, might be a stupid question but, what is a surface scan going to do, when the problem is in botting from the flash memory ?
22:12:20I-R-Addicterr booting
22:13:31t0masI don't think the problem is booting from flash
22:13:47t0masthe problem is that the iriver firmware reads alle files while booting
22:13:57I-R-Addictahh i c
22:13:59t0masso when it can't read some files (disk errors) it won't boot
22:16:29 Join DangerousDan [0] (
22:33:15]RowaN[wow so i i HADNT have put rockbox on my iriver, it would truley be dead!
22:33:27]RowaN[gawd bless rockbox =]
22:34:04Moostry to remove some files from your player
22:34:33]RowaN[just waiting for surface scan to complete first, its taken about an hour to do 40%
22:36:00***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:39:53 Nick Moos is now known as MoosCamaro (
23:10:03 Quit t0mas ("good night")
23:20:56 Join t0mas [0] (
23:20:57 Quit t0mas (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:30:40]RowaN[well, the scan completed
23:34:04I-R-Addictand, are you doomed ? :/
23:34:40]RowaN[no reported errors
23:35:34Rick<]RowaN[> whoops i dropped my iriver today.. now it only boots into rockbox, wont boot original firmware anymore <- sure the iriver is charged?
23:35:35I-R-Addicthmm.. thas not good
23:35:38I-R-Addictwell, it is
23:35:40I-R-Addictbut it isn't
23:35:41]RowaN[YAY original firmware booting now!
23:35:50I-R-Addictlol nice
23:36:13]RowaN[few im so lucky... time to make a backup of 14gigs mp2s hehe
23:36:14I-R-Addictahahahahahaha, just saw this futureshop commerical
23:36:22I-R-Addicthas the huge guy jogging
23:36:33I-R-Addictand he says "if i had an mp3 player, i'd actually be enjoying this."
23:37:30Rickwhat brand is it advertising?
23:37:35I-R-Addictno brand
23:37:38I-R-Addictjust futureshop
23:37:45Rickdunno what futureshop is
23:37:56I-R-Addictumm.. canadian/american technology store
23:38:04I-R-Addictowned by Best Buy
23:38:06]RowaN[hmm having a hard time reading some files on the iriver hd
23:38:11MoosCamaro]RowaN[ : congratulations
23:38:36Rick]RowaN[: if you can, check and see if your hd is completely plugged in
23:38:50]RowaN[ive never taken my iriver apart
23:39:08]RowaN[some mp3s play fine.. some.. cant seem to be read it seems, bugger
23:39:11RickI remember someone else saying they were having hd problems and after taking the hd out and plugging it back in
23:39:14Rickit worked properly again
23:39:32I-R-Addictis the hdd just regular IDE ?
23:39:50MoosCamaro]RowaN[: backup and format
23:40:02]RowaN[format it from windows rite?
23:40:20I-R-Addictthe iRiver has a format thing in it now
23:40:26Rickthe latest one does
23:40:29Ricknever used it though
23:40:30Rickhas anyone else?
23:41:14I-R-Addictthe reason they put it, is because winXP/2000 bitch when formatting over 32GB.. so it was impossible to format the 40GB iRivers in Windows
23:41:19I-R-Addictwell.. a new windows anyway
23:41:49I-R-Addictis it jusat me, or is Microsoft's technology downgrading ? lol.
23:42:00I-R-Addictmy win95 boot disk can format 80GB in fat32
23:42:02I-R-Addictbut winxp can't
23:42:50I-R-Addictit's all in the name of user-friendliness i tell you !
23:42:57I-R-Addict... really, it is...
23:50:59 Quit TCK- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))

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