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#rockbox log for 2005-05-21

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00:02:56amiconnrasher: What do you think - should I commit the new snow.c?
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00:12:49muesli_snow.c ?
00:13:00muesli_sounds funny ;)
00:19:05preglowamiconn: why not?
00:19:06I-R-Addicti definitly do NOT wanna *see* anymore snow
00:19:10I-R-Addictin any language
00:19:13*I-R-Addict is in canada
00:20:58preglowwhy, i miss the stuff already :P
00:21:22I-R-Addictmostly because wherei live we have 2 seasons
00:21:31I-R-Addictwhat passes as summer, and LOTS of winter
00:21:44I-R-Addictno fall, no spring
00:21:45preglowmostly the status here as well, yes
00:21:52I-R-Addictjust instant change, summer -> winter in a week
00:22:03Bagderwe use this little saying here:
00:22:04preglowwhere in canada do you live?
00:22:15Bagder"I love the swedish summer. It's the best day of the year"
00:22:38preglowcertainly doesn't feel like there'll be much summer here
00:22:44preglowit snowed five days ago
00:22:58preglowfor fifteen minutes, but still, it's friggin' may!
00:23:05I-R-Addictack, ok.. your worse off than us currently lol
00:23:16preglowyes, pretty far north in norway
00:23:24I-R-Addictanyway, i have a bus to catch
00:23:27preglowdo so
00:23:30I-R-Addictlaterz u crazy geek people :P
00:23:41*preglow does an elaborate bow
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00:25:48tucozpreglow, where in norway are you? I'm in bergen, and as you might know, there is only one season here. FALL.
00:26:10preglowtrondheim here
00:26:11preglownot much better
00:26:19preglowit pretty much rains constantly
00:26:28preglowi'm firmly convinced bergen's better
00:26:48tucozcompared to bergen, the rain in trondheim would be considered nothing
00:27:03preglowwell, then bergen might as well not exist for me
00:27:09preglowi friggin' hate rain
00:27:10 Quit muesli_ (Read error: 148 (No route to host))
00:27:13tucozas it rains 2200mm a year
00:27:46tucozwhich is twice as much as the next city in norway. Don't remeber which though.
00:28:04preglowtrondheim's trying to overtake you, that's for sure
00:28:07preglowgood riddance, i'm moving
00:28:13tucozsound nice
00:28:49tucozI do not think I will stay here either. Move back to sweden when school finishes perhaps
00:29:06tucozAllthogh, it's a nice city
00:29:39preglowsure, it's decent, but i can't stand rainy places for long :P
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00:31:03tucozgood night. gotta go
00:31:24 Part tucoz
00:31:55Bagdersleep is good
00:32:01preglowso i've heard
00:33:19amiconnNew snow.rock crashes in iriver win32 sim
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00:37:38preglowwhat's the way to update a language, again? just uplang the file and then translate what needs translating?
00:45:06amiconnpreglow: yup
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01:46:43preglowlater, all
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02:15:58*amiconn is puzzled
02:16:26amiconnSome plugins crash both in the x11 and the win32 simulator. They didn't do that last time I tried :(
02:16:51amiconnI can't see a pattern
02:23:33amiconnThis happens under cygwin only, not under linux
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08:03:15DeathfirstI was wondering how do you get the plugins to work
08:04:18Deathfirstis anyone here
08:05:10ashridahwhich plugins in particular? most of the standalone ones are available via the menu->browse plugins
08:05:37ashridahsome of the file-oriented ones require holding some button or another (depending on whether you're using an iriver or an archos unit)
08:05:58Deathfirstwhere do i download them
08:06:47Deathfirsti am using the iRiver
08:07:26ashridahdepends what you installed. the nightly builds include the plugins already, at least, everything that's in the cvs repository
08:09:35DeathfirstI used the daily build
08:10:26ashridahokay then, if you installed it properly and it's booting, just press the a-b button once, and it'll show the menu. standalone plugins are visible in the 'browse plugins' menu
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08:12:41textchimpcan anyone tell me if i can compile rockbox on gcc 3.4.1 ? the website mentions 3.3.4, but only warns against using gcc 4
08:13:33DeathfirstI press a-b and go down to 'Browse Plugins' and i get a little lightning thing up in the top right corner
08:13:41ashridahi'm efectively using gcc 3.4.2 (give or take a bit, since it's CVS)
08:14:30ashridahDeathfirst: it'll take a tiny bit of time to load them, but after that, you should get a list of plugins. i'd be surprised if the daily builds don't include any
08:15:50ashridahif the 'lightening bolt' (aka, accessing the disk/memory card) icon stays for more than a few seconds, something's decidedly odd.
08:15:52textchimpashridah: i think i'm confused....there are 2 gcc versions involved, right? the version you download and build to compile for the iriver target, and the native version on your system that you use to compile that iriver target version
08:16:57amiconntextchimp: The gcc 3.3.x recommendation is for archos, as it produces smaller code. Gcc 3.4.x is recommended for iriver
08:17:29ashridahyes, you need a standard compiler. then you build gcc with that compiler. (which will build itself targetting your development platform, then rebuild itself targetting the chosen platform (in this case, m68k)
08:17:48Deathfirsti am going to have to assume that it is not there because nothing happens
08:17:56ashridahbut yeah, gcc 3.4's latest cvs is a good idea, since earlier versions don't support coldfire properly
08:18:15Deathfirsthow would I go about bulding my own
08:18:16textchimpdamnm, okay
08:18:22textchimpso how do i get that>?
08:18:58ashridahDeathfirst: okay then. plug the iriver into a computer, and then into /.rockbox/rocks/
08:18:59textchimpif i have gcc 3.4.1 natively on my linux system, do i still need to download another version to compile for the coldfire target?
08:19:38Deathfirstshould I create the folder
08:19:43ashridahtextchimp: yes, because the cpu in the coldfire microprocessors use a different instruction set from i386, which means you need a cross compiler (ie, compile on i386, target m68k)
08:19:59ashridahDeathfirst: what 'rocks' or '.rockbox'
08:20:18amiconnashridah: No need for a cvs gcc (and cvs currently gives you gcc 4.1.0 experimental - which will not work!)
08:20:18ashridahamiconn: the daily builds should include all plugins, shouldn't it?
08:20:45ashridahamiconn: ah, true. so 3.4.2 stable is good enough then?
08:20:48textchimpso should i just download gcc-3.4.1.tar.gz ?
08:20:58amiconnYou are perhaps confusing something. It was cvs binutils, but this requirement has gone since the release of binutils 2.16
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08:21:39ashridahDeathfirst: sounds like you haven't extracted the daily build properly then. it should have included rockbox.iriver and a directory called ".rockbox", afaik.
08:22:00ashridahamiconn: ah yes. i haven't been keeping up. once my environment started working, i haven't touched it ;)
08:22:09textchimpthere's up to 3.4.4 on the gnu site...which one is the best to use?
08:22:32amiconntextchimp: Personally I would build the latest one of the series, which is 3.4.4 currently
08:22:42ashridahtextchimp: 3.4.4
08:22:49textchimpi shall try it, thanks for the tips
08:23:37Deathfirstthat could be the problem I just kept trying to copy over the rockbox.iriver and not the .folder
08:23:39amiconnThe version of your native compiler used for building the cross compiler shouldn't really matter.
08:23:42Deathfirsttring now
08:24:00ashridahyeah, the rest include the plugins, settings for bits, language files, etc.
08:24:05ashridahfonts too
08:24:09ashridahi'm surprised rockbox worked at all without fonts
08:24:31amiconnOf course it does... as it has too
08:24:38amiconnThe system default font is builtin
08:24:49amiconn*has to
08:25:17ashridahsuppose that would stand to reason
08:25:45amiconnHow else are you going to display a message that there is a disk error? Or that the .rockbox folder/ fonts are missing?
08:25:53textchimpthe site says that for coldfire " you only need"
08:26:03textchimpis that still true?
08:27:02amiconnThe article is a bit ambiguous
08:27:18amiconngcc-core is sufficient for all platforms
08:28:24amiconnashridah: Cvs gcc is a requirement for calmrisc (gmini)
08:28:38Deathfirstthank you very much for your help
08:31:24Deathfirsti am going to play aroung with this for a bit, if I have any questions I will ask.
08:31:56DeathfirstAgain I thank you for helping solve my stupidy problem on not reading
08:32:08Deathfirstthe install all of the way
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09:37:33[IDC]Dragon3many ba*er nicks here...
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09:53:30textchimpthe build instructions on the site say for coldfire that "he build and install procedure for m68k gcc and binutils is done exactly as described below. It is not cpu-specific."
09:53:46textchimpso i just use −−target=sh-elf ??
09:55:20ashridahthat part is '−−target=m68k'
09:56:00textchimplater on it says "The iRiver iHp-xxx models have a Coldfire CPU, so the target name is m68k-elf."
09:56:06textchimpso which is it?
09:56:28amiconnThe procedure is the same... the parameters are of course a bit different
09:56:31ashridahsorry, yes, m68k-elf
10:00:03textchimpokay thanks
10:07:58amiconn[IDC]Dragon3: If pitching up is in fact overclocking the mas, do you think it's a good idea to allow up to 200%?
10:08:49[IDC]Dragon3perhaps not
10:08:59[IDC]Dragon3did you check the datasheet?
10:13:05amiconnIt seems we could also do pitch on the mas3507
10:13:19amiconn(although a much more limited range)
10:13:26[IDC]Dragon3we currently don't?
10:18:57amiconnAs mentioned, the range would be rather limited, and also differs between 32/ 48 kHz and 44.1 kHz sample frequency
10:20:30[IDC]Dragon3what's the least common range?
10:21:03[IDC]Dragon3("true" pitching needs only a small range)
10:21:19[IDC]Dragon3like record players, maybe +/- 10%
10:21:41amiconn32/48 kHz: -10.71 % / + 0.06 % 44.1 kHz: -2.82 % / + 8.91 %
10:22:07[IDC]Dragon3little common...
10:22:12amiconnYou see, it's practically impossible to pitch up 32 or 48 kHz files
10:22:42amiconn...unless we exceed the official limits for plloffset
10:22:47[IDC]Dragon3or down 44.1 kHz
10:23:36amiconnThe official limits are +/- 0.74, but the possible value range is -1 < plloffset < +1
10:24:01amiconnMaybe the pll does not lock when exceeding the limits
10:27:18amiconnThe separate dac might be another problem
10:27:47[IDC]Dragon3it's clock should come from the MAS
10:28:05[IDC]Dragon3perhaps Linus has tried already
10:28:56amiconnThe dac locks to the i2s input, however, specs say the locking range is +/- 200 ppm
10:30:46amiconnHmm. The dac also offers a way to set a specific range, rather than autodetect the default frequencies
10:31:19amiconnIt should be possible to use any sample frequency in the range 8...50 kHz
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10:50:08amiconn[IDC]Dragon3: It seems you are right about the overclocking: "The crystal clock
10:50:08amiconnacts as a reference for the embedded synthesizer that
10:50:08amiconngenerates the internal clock
10:50:59[IDC]Dragon3I wish we had such for the SH ;-)
10:51:54amiconnIiuc the mas dsp core runs at 24.576 MHz for 48/32 kHz and 22.5792 MHz for 44.1 kHz
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11:07:10textchimpis it okay to download the latest daily source tarball from the site for iriver development?
11:08:56amiconn[IDC]Dragon3: Pitching the mas3507 does indeed work - without worrying about the dac
11:09:18amiconnI did an experimental build that pitches up 44.1/22.05/11.025 kHz files by 5%
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11:17:11 Join Chamois [0] (
11:18:05Chamoisanyone has flashed his h1xx with the new bootloader ?
11:20:38ashridahhow new?
11:21:49Chamoishte new version that linus made today
11:21:59Chamoiswatch the wiki
11:22:11Chamoisi want to verify md5sum
11:22:34textchimpashridah: is this the source i need for the ihp120?
11:23:11Chamoisjonas made an update of his fwpatcher
11:23:16Chamoisso i don't need the md5sum
11:23:20Chamoisno problem
11:23:32ashridahtextchimp: i'm not sure, i use cvs to get it myself.
11:23:46textchimpso the latest cvs source is okay for the ihp?
11:24:20Chamoisbut if i were you i download the bootloader.bin from the wiki
11:24:25Chamoisiriverboot page
11:24:28 Quit [IDC]Dragon3 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:25:44ashridahtextchimp: it works here.
11:26:02ashridahChamois: i haven't tested that bootloader.bin myself.
11:26:14ashridahthe fwpatcher contains its own bootloader.bin afaik, an older one
11:26:58Chamoisso i'm going to compile myseolf
11:29:08ashridahi'd be careful about using anything but one from the wiki, personally.
11:29:34ashridahi'm currently using a 1.65-US one that matches 62a6462425b12691a3dad75364512e92, which is what fwpatcher generates currently
11:29:46ashridah(md5sum matches that i mean)
11:32:05Chamoisthe verson you use has not the latest bug fixes
11:33:04ashridahnot the most absolute recent, but it had working OGG support for 1.65
11:40:59textchimpdo i just need the general rockbox source? like there's not a special one for the iriver?
11:42:28textchimpi could just get a daily snapshot built from the cvs couldn't i? rather than a full checkout
11:44:10ashridahit's all pretty much integrated
11:44:27ashridahso rockbox's source builds for all platforms
11:48:41 Join chimpfrenzy [0] (
11:48:42 Quit textchimp (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
12:10:07chimpfrenzythe src docs say i have to have sh-elf-gcc in my this the gcc i compiled?
12:10:11chimpfrenzyand do i have to rename it to that regardless of my target?
12:11:08 Join cYmen [0] (
12:11:37 Nick chimpfrenzy is now known as textchimp (
12:12:28Chamoishcl ?
12:12:47Chamoisdid you make a new ihp_120.
12:12:54Chamoiswith the new bootlader
12:12:59Chamoisi wqant to comapre md5
12:13:42ashridahtextchimp: for iriver development, you'll have m68k-elf-gcc
12:13:47ashridahnot sh-elf-gcc (which is for the archos platform)
12:14:12textchimpwas i supposed to rename that myself?
12:14:47textchimpanyway, when i ran configure i chose the irivier platform, and it still created all the makefiles with sh-elf-* in them
12:16:26ashridahno, you don't have to rename gcc's filenames at all
12:16:33textchimpoh ok, i see they're already named like that
12:16:36ashridahit should automatically create m68k-elf-gcc and friends
12:16:49ashridahbecause you would have used −−target=m68k-elf
12:16:51textchimpbut the makefiles still have the sh-elf- prefix for all the executables
12:17:21ashridahChamois: i'm trying 1.65 US with the newest bootloader.bin from the wiki atm
12:17:24Chamoisanyone with new bootloader flashed ?
12:17:33ashridahand it looks like someone else has tried 1.65EU with it
12:17:38Chamoisi test atm with the 1.65EU
12:17:46Chamoiswho ?
12:17:50ashridahthat person was probably linus
12:18:09Chamoishow do you know that ?
12:18:21ashridahhe edited the page last, afaik.
12:19:17Chamoisin fact i only want to compare md5
12:19:50ashridahokay, i'm getting the same md5 for the US build as that page currently, using mkboot from rockbox's cvs
12:19:55ashridahfwpatcher won't get that currently.
12:20:23ashridahit'll get one of the older md5sum's from the second table of them
12:21:00Chamoisi have the same md5 than linus
12:21:03Chamoisgo o flash
12:21:27 Quit mst (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
12:21:33textchimpi'm getting the error 'convbdf: command not found' when i try to do a make
12:22:14ashridahthat should be in the 'tools' directory
12:23:04textchimpyeah, ok i have to do a make there first yeah?
12:23:07textchimpbut it dies too
12:23:31ashridahyou dont' run make in those directory, you create an extra directory, then run ../tools/configure
12:23:34ashridahthen 'make'
12:23:39ashridahthen make zip
12:23:55ashridahthat should be all that's necessary, provided the fonts are checked out (often need to be checked out separately)
12:23:58textchimpfirmware/export/config.h:23:22: autoconf.h: No such file or directory
12:24:15textchimpi checked out rockbox-devel
12:24:47textchimpi did run ../tools/configure first, in the build dir i made....but it doesn't look like it even changed the prefix for the gcc tools
12:24:59ashridahautoconf.h is generated
12:25:02Chamoisflashed with the new bootlader
12:25:09Chamoiswork perfectly
12:25:14Chamoiscongrats LINUS
12:25:16ashridahChamois: cool
12:26:02ashridahtextchimp: so you've definently selected '9' for iriver, 'N' for normal firmware, then the appropriate language?
12:26:11textchimpokay, it's working now that i built convbdf by running make in the tools dir
12:26:15Chamoisi found a problem
12:26:16textchimpashridah: yes
12:26:17ashridahdid it say something like Language set to english
12:26:21ashridahUsing m68k-elf-gcc 3.4.2 (304)
12:26:21ashridahCreated Makefile at the end?
12:27:08Chamoiswhen hold is switched ON an i turn on the iriver, HDD starts to turn and few times after iriver turns off
12:27:20Chamoisthe HDD spinning is not necessary
12:27:21textchimpyeah it did this time
12:28:18textchimpok it seems to have built a rockbox.iriver
12:28:23textchimpare the plugins a separate checkout?
12:28:31ashridahhmm. looks like someone's broken the build system
12:28:46ashridahit should build the /tools/ directory automatically if necessary.
12:29:37textchimpok, i'll test this later
12:29:41textchimpthanks for the help
12:32:16ashridahChamois: iirc, iriver's firmware used to do the same thing. it could just be the default state for the ATA controller in the unit on poweron
12:33:09ashridahyou'd have to ask LinusN if it's a bug or not
12:33:27Chamoisbut in the first verson of the bootloader this problem was not
12:33:50ashridahhm. it could be because it was powering off quicker.
12:35:33Chamoistime to lunch
12:35:35Chamoissee you later
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12:36:48MoosCamaroHi guys
12:37:07 Quit Chamois ("CGI:IRC")
12:39:52 Join bangser [0] (
12:42:27 Join t0mas [0] (
12:43:48MoosCamarohi t0mas
12:44:36t0mashm... new answere for people asking if you can run with iriver...
12:44:40t0masYes you can.
12:44:58t0masI jogged with it for 2 hours... and it didn't skip a second...
12:45:08t0masand just fsck-ed the disk :)
12:45:14t0masno problems there too
12:46:00MoosCamaroyes me too, I run regulary with it, and never any problems
12:46:51t0maswell I had one problem :)
12:46:59t0masmy dog got tired after about 1:30
12:47:13MoosCamarohihi :)
12:47:23t0mashe's kind of lazy...
12:49:12MoosCamarowhat kind of dog it is?
12:57:58t0masin dutch
12:58:25t0maslike this one:
12:59:43t0masbut he's not really mine... my neighbors pay his food... as it's their dog... but they're always traveling.. so the dog is here most of the time
13:00:19t0masbrb, time to get some food
13:01:47MoosCamarolabrador in french too
13:02:04crashdand english ;)
13:02:11t0masok :)
13:02:14MoosCamaroit's nice dog
13:02:23MoosCamarowith childs....
13:03:39t0masand I am a child ;)
13:04:28MoosCamarohihi :) i think the litles childs
13:05:20t0mashe likes my sister too yeah...
13:05:30t0masonly bad point... he likes water
13:05:48MoosCamaroyou can leave your child with itwithout problems
13:05:53t0masand my garden ends in water...
13:06:00t0masso he jumps in some times...
13:07:23*t0mas is away: really time to eat now :)
13:07:39MoosCamarome too
13:22:56 Join preglow [0] (
13:23:11preglowashridah: i'd seriously consider stopping making my bootloaders from cvs, heh
13:24:13preglowi think cvs gives a broken bootloader, some times
13:25:39ashridahthat's entirely possible
13:25:54ashridahsince it isn't regression tested, and it draws a fair bit ofcode from the rest of rockbox
13:26:18preglowafaik, linux had to struggle a bit to make it work before he patched it up, recently
13:27:23ashridahyeah, well, he's posted a working bootloader.bin
13:31:12 Quit MoosCamaro ()
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13:51:11 Quit t0mas ("brb")
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13:57:45 Join tucoz [0] (
13:58:18tucozhi, anyone knows how to clear the remote display on exit from plugin?
14:00:17tucoznevermind, found out. remote_clear_display() followed by remote_update()
14:00:29amiconnhi tucoz
14:00:43amiconnI tested your snow enhancements a bit more
14:00:51tucozI saw that my changes crashed the win32 sim
14:01:05amiconnSeems the crash in the sim is a simulator problem under cygwin
14:01:22tucozoh, ok. I made the snow visible on the remote aswell
14:01:26amiconnSome other plugins also crash. Under linux there are no crashes
14:01:35tucozno, I tried most of the sims
14:01:41tucozon linux that is
14:02:03amiconnI changed your snow bitmap for iriver a little, since rasher meant they were too bulky
14:02:14amiconnStill 5x5, only a different bitmap
14:02:17tucozhehe, great.
14:02:41tucozdo you have the hex values for that one?
14:03:01amiconnI also changed your formatting a bit to conform to rockbox style
14:03:23tucozhrm, well. With tabs and stuff or?
14:03:29tucozthat is, spaces
14:03:50amiconnYes, no tabs, and max 80 chars per line
14:04:01tucozok, did I have tabs?
14:04:27amiconn(and even at the more common spacing of 8, so it looked rather odd here)
14:04:29tucozfresh install of suse yesterday, and didn't edit my .emacs
14:05:00tucozor, I may have some odd stuff for .c files">
14:06:13tucozhmm, do you use emacs?
14:06:53t0masTip: astyle, you can set it up for rockbox style and it will restyle your files in the right formatting
14:07:14tucozok, how do I use astyle?
14:07:32amiconntucoz: No, I do most of my coding in windows
14:07:58tucozamiconn, cygwin for rockbox-dev right?
14:08:43t0masthere is an explaination
14:08:53t0mas and that's the sourceforge page
14:09:05*t0mas is away again :)
14:09:20RickI thought rockbox didn't really have a style...
14:09:27Rickit was you use the file that already is in the file
14:09:30Ricker, use the style
14:11:13tucozt0mas, thanks. I'll have a look at it
14:11:42*Rick is right, then.
14:15:20tucozamiconn, I do not fully understand how to apply the patch. Where do I put the diff-file?
14:16:21amiconnThe patch is generated against current cvs
14:16:58amiconnEasiest is to put it in the source root (where apps, firmware etc. are located), and then do patch -p0 <snow.diff
14:17:23amiconnThis requires snow to be identical to cvs, so either re-checkout or undo your patch first
14:17:28tucozahh, got it
14:18:30Rickthe plugin
14:34:05*amiconn is away
14:36:45***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:37:57 Join asdsd____ [0] (
14:38:01 Part asdsd____
14:57:28 Join rasher [0] (
14:58:38tucozt0mas, I do not get astyle to do what I want it to do
14:59:01rashertucoz: I see you have snow on the remote. I've done the very same thing. Hurrah for duplicated effort. Are you just calling remote_bitmap() with the same parameters as lcd_bitmap() #ifdef HAVE_REMOTE_LCD?
14:59:35tucozrasher, well I copied some stuff from your changes to logo.c
14:59:52t0mastucoz: with the commandline options
14:59:53rasherAlso, I don't think you should bother clearing the remote display
14:59:56t0masor a config file
15:00:30rasheron exit, that is. Since it'll happen automaticly eventually.
15:00:53rasherI also made the exact same snowflake that amiconn did, looks a lot nicer in my opinion
15:01:03tucozrasher, yea I tried those as well
15:01:27amiconntucoz: I'd like to commit the changed snow.c if you don't mind
15:01:38tucozamiconn, go ahead
15:02:10amiconnMay you give me your realname so I can credit you?
15:02:39tucozI do not think that it's much to get credit for though, but anyways it's Martin Arver
15:03:05rasherEveryone gets credit here, I think
15:03:12rasherhere being rockbox.
15:03:21t0mastucoz: the link I gave there is an explanation of the options to use for some styles of space/tabs en brackets
15:04:04rasheramiconn: I think you should change the == 160 to >= 160
15:04:24tucozt0mas, yes. I tried diffrent options. It's the preprocessor lines that don't get changed in the way I want them. That is after a #ifdef
15:05:39tucozi think emacs inserts some tabs there, but they don't get changed when i tell astyle to do so
15:05:52t0masis what you want?
15:06:02t0masand convert tabs to spaces
15:06:05tucoztried that. Let me try some more.
15:06:49t0masand -s4
15:06:53t0masfor 4 spaces indention
15:06:54tucozyes that as well
15:09:59rasheramiconn: commit, I say
15:12:04rasherpreglow: it would seem that the DRAM mirror thing is indeed fixed
15:16:13amiconnGtg, cu
15:16:22 Part amiconn
15:24:03rasherhrm.. I wonder what I did now..
15:24:47rasheroh cripes, I broke everything..
15:25:00preglowrasher: of course, i guess that's been fixed long ago
15:25:08preglowwhat's destroyed? :V
15:25:17rasherI accidently ran cvs commit -m "Remote support"
15:25:22rasherand forgot to add "snow.c"
15:25:33rasherso now I committed a bunch of files that shouldn't have been touched
15:26:12rasheris there an easy way to fix a commit?
15:26:41rasherthis will probably result in red builds even
15:27:16preglowno easy way to revert, nio
15:27:23preglowafaik, you have to commit the old files
15:27:34preglowrasher: now there's why i _never_ use -m
15:27:36t0masyou have to checkout the changed files...
15:27:51rasher a bunch of them it seems
15:27:54preglowi need to _see_ the files i'm about to commit, heh
15:28:19rasherokay, so... what do I do?
15:29:54t0maswrong window
15:29:55rasherHow can I check out a specific revision of a file?
15:30:21preglowthis is also why i keep two separate rockbox trees around, one for mods, and one for cvs
15:30:25t0mascvs co -r 1.1
15:30:27t0maschecks out 1.1
15:30:28preglowbut i'm thinking of not doing that anymore
15:31:48*t0mas uses a graphical client in windows...
15:31:53t0masthen you see what you're commiting
15:32:06t0masbut eh... does anybody know something like that for linux/gnome ?
15:32:22tucozcervisia I think
15:32:49t0masthat's KDE
15:33:00rasherokay.. now I have the old versions of the files
15:33:04tucozoh, you asked for gnome. Right
15:33:04rasherhow do I commit them?
15:33:07rashercvs seems to refuse
15:33:19rasherI guess because it knows they're old
15:33:58t0masrasher: move then outside your cvs folder
15:34:10t0masthen update your cvs folder to the new ones
15:34:12t0masand copy back
15:34:14t0masand then commit
15:34:45t0mas(and move/copy just the files... not dirs... as there are CVS subfolders in there)
15:35:59rasherstill not.. what the..
15:36:09t0masdid you checkout the new ones?
15:36:12t0masnot the old revision?
15:36:17rasherI cvs up'ed?
15:36:28t0mascvs update -A
15:36:29rasherafter having moved the old versions out of the way
15:36:39t0masyou should use -A for the new revision
15:36:47t0mas-A Reset any sticky tags/date/kopts.
15:37:38rasherThere we go, I think.
15:37:55preglowrasher: judging by linus' question on the mailing list, i suppose you should go ahead and put up a new fwpatcher, btw
15:38:04rasher \o/
15:38:19rasherpreglow: I'll do that, then
15:38:33preglowdidn't you fix something in fwpatcher, btw?
15:39:00rasherI fixed the broken logic in the checksumming
15:39:17preglowsomething about a failed move
15:39:19rasherdidn't get around to adding a check to whether the file-move went right
15:40:01preglowi almost feel i should boot to windows for patching my bootloader, so i can enjoy the fruits of my labour ;)
15:40:11rasherIt works in wine
15:40:17preglow64 bit linux
15:40:39preglowi severely doubt wine works, hehe
15:40:47preglowhmm, or maybe it does?
15:40:52preglowi just need a precompiled 32 bit wine
15:40:55rasherDo you know if MoveFileEx will return something of use?
15:41:02rasheror how it will
15:41:03preglowit almost certainly will
15:41:09preglowmsdn will probably tell you
15:41:25rasherI'd rather not talk to msdn
15:41:53preglowIf the function fails, the return value is zero. To get extended error information, call GetLastError.
15:42:00preglowmsdn is lovely
15:42:05preglowplenty of good win32 docs
15:45:44 Join Aditya [0] (
15:46:52rasherHrm, maybe the error message could tell the path of the temp file
15:46:55rasherthat'd be helpful
15:48:21rasherBut now it at least gives an error message
15:48:46rasherI think that's good enough
15:49:57preglowaye, so do i
15:51:00rasher does that look okay?
15:52:11preglowsure, looks perfectly good
15:52:23 Join ]RowaN[ [0] (
15:52:34rasherI'm a bit miffed by deleting a firmware that was patched correctly, but I guess it's no biggie
15:52:42]RowaN[is there any way to make xcopy log what its doing to a file rather than the screen?
15:52:55rasherxcopy arguments > file.log
15:53:59preglowthat function contains my very first goto in c :P
15:57:03rasherfwpatchers uploaded and IriverBoot modified accordingly.
15:58:43preglowi shall try it myself afterwards
15:58:59rasherTry the updated snow.rock as well
15:59:05preglowwill do
15:59:49preglowactually, i'll do it now
16:00:26rasherThe snowflakes are actually visible now. And on the remote as well.
16:02:41 Quit preglow ("flesland")
16:04:55 Quit rasher ("CGI:IRC 0.5.4 (2004/01/29)")
16:05:04 Join preglow [0] (
16:10:03preglowso, time to get fwpatcher.exe wet
16:12:14preglowpretty minimalist gui, eh? :P
16:18:56preglowmake[1]: /home/thomj/build/rockbox/tools/convbdf: Command not found
16:19:00preglowi never got this before
16:19:14t0masgo to tools
16:19:15t0masand make there?
16:19:19t0masthen try again?
16:19:24*t0mas has seen this before... iirc
16:19:55tucozI think I got that aswell, and make'd in tools
16:20:11preglowof course
16:20:17preglowi did make clean in tools by error
16:25:10tucozgot to go, bye
16:25:17 Part tucoz
16:26:15 Quit ashridah ("sleep")
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16:38:19 Join sockerteze [0] (
16:47:52 Quit t0mas ("brb")
16:47:59 Join t0mas [0] (
16:49:11 Quit t0mas (Client Quit)
16:49:11 Quit sockerteze ("Chatzilla 0.9.67 [Firefox 1.0.1/20050225]")
16:49:17 Join t0mas [0] (
16:58:47 Quit t0mas ("brb - yes... again... stupid Xchat")
16:58:52 Join t0mas [0] (
17:28:49 Quit dys``` (Remote closed the connection)
17:39:10 Join Deathfirst [0] (
17:56:03 Join Tangleding [0] (
17:56:03 Quit textchimp (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
18:02:54Deathfirsthow is everyone today
18:05:08Deathfirsti am using the iRiver rockbox and was wondering how to switch to the normal firmware as to listen to music
18:06:20]RowaN[hold down "record" as you power on
18:11:47DeathfirstI do that and nothing happens
18:14:49TangledingHello all :)
18:15:11TangledingPreglow is here?
18:16:27t0masDeathfirst: is your battery charged?
18:16:47t0masand have you hold record down for a few seconds?
18:16:56t0mas(while pushing the on button?)
18:18:19Deathfirsthowlong of a few seconds
18:18:46Tangledingto preglow
18:19:01Tangledingi've put a suggestion about fwpatcher
18:19:11Tangledingcheck it the bootloader esction in the wiki
18:19:15Deathfirstah I get it prees and hold record then press on
18:19:22Tangledingi've no time enough
18:19:25Tangledingbye all
18:21:00Deathfirstthanks again
18:22:15 Quit Deathfirst ("Leaving")
18:24:33 Quit Tangleding (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:28:16 Quit preglow ("leaving")
18:28:33 Join preglow [0] (
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18:49:25 Join Chamois [0] (
18:50:05Chamoisthe remote support of the plugins works for all ?
18:50:24Chamoison mine nothing appears but the rockbox logo at the start
18:52:05 Quit Chamois (Client Quit)
18:52:29 Quit edx (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:52:33 Join edx__ [0] (
18:52:55 Nick edx__ is now known as edx (
18:54:44 Join Chamois [0] (
18:56:05Chamoisanybody for the remote support ?
18:57:06 Join tucoz [0] (
18:57:52tucozChamois,what do you need to know about the remote-support?
18:59:00Chamoisnothing appears on my remote
18:59:14Chamoiswhen i execute snow, or logo
18:59:42Chamoisi believed there was a remote support for them
18:59:44tucozok, with the latest build, those work on the remote
19:00:02Chamoisyou see snow or other things ?
19:00:28tucozsnow and a bouncing logo. Not at the same time though
19:00:34tucozyou have the latest build?
19:01:55tucozOne thing, I think you need to have the remote attached to the player on boot for the plugins to show up on the remote
19:02:23Chamoisit's teh case
19:02:31Chamoisafter a logo rockbox appears
19:02:56Chamoisbut when i launch a remote compatible plugin nothing appears and the logo stays
19:03:06tucozhmm, strange
19:03:18Chamoisi have a 1.65EU bootloader
19:03:22Chamoiswith the last bootloader
19:03:43tucozok, I have also the 1.65, but not the lates bootloader
19:03:44Chamoisit made the same thing with the previous bootloader and 1.63EU
19:04:13tucozweird indeed. I have a h120 btw
19:04:36Chamoisi have a h140
19:04:45Chamoisstrange problem
19:08:39tucozSame thing for me, when I downloaded the zip. Works when I build it myself
19:09:43tucozgot to go
19:09:48 Quit tucoz ("CGI:IRC")
19:13:50 Quit edx ()
19:23:47 Join tucoz [0] (
19:25:01tucozMight be the buildsystem on the server that is not beeing updated properly.
19:25:33tucozJust a wild guess
19:26:33 Quit t0mas ("ok, never need to reboot linux... except if nasa writes a nice application which will only work in windows :( - brb")
19:30:07tucozexchanged snow.rock and logo.rock with the ones I built from a recent cvs-checkout and those work fine
19:30:38tucozso I guess it's not the bootloader
19:34:17*tucoz away
19:34:22 Quit tucoz ("CGI:IRC")
19:45:21preglownew bootloader and rockbox works like a charm
19:45:24preglowi like the new snow.c
19:52:03 Join tucoz [0] (
19:52:24tucozpreglow, do you know what's wrong with the build from the server?
19:52:33tucozbleeding edge that is
19:52:56tucozThe latest changes are not working in the zip
19:55:49 Join t0mas [0] (
19:57:49 Join edx [0] (
19:59:19 Quit t0mas (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
19:59:21 Join T0mas_ [0] (
20:05:19preglowno idea
20:05:22preglowi build my own stuff
20:05:46tucozme too, now that I got the tool-chain to work.
20:06:20tucozanyway, something is not working as it should...
20:06:40Chamoistucoz ?
20:06:45Chamoiscan you send me your build
20:06:51Chamoisto test
20:06:56tucozthe rocks?
20:07:09Chamoisor the complete
20:07:11tucozok, hold on.
20:08:38tucozthere are snow and logo
20:18:57 Join muesli- [0] (
20:18:57 Join TCK- [0] (
20:27:23 Quit TCK (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
20:36:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:52:36 Quit muesli- (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
20:52:41T0mas_totally non rockbox related question
20:52:56T0mas_but what's the term for a very detailed map in english?
20:53:00T0mas_like the army uses?
20:53:13T0mas_with altitude markings... and things like that?
20:53:29T0mas_(stafkaart in dutch for HCl)
21:05:42tucozdon' t know if this is correct, but a google search ended up with
21:05:45tucozcarte d'état-major / ordnance survey map / Generalstabskarte / stafkaart
21:10:57 Quit TCK- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:13:58Chamoistucoz : are youhere ?
21:14:28Chamoisyour files snow and logo work well on my h140
21:14:51Chamoisso the problem comes from the compilation on the rockbox site
21:15:47tucozChamois, good thing
21:16:05Chamoishow solve the problem on the site ?
21:16:37tucozguess the core developers will find this out
21:17:11HClBagder works on that.
21:17:45tucozoh, it's happenened before?
21:19:16T0mas_tucoz: tnx
21:42:14oddT0mas_: generally, it's still called a map, but the type of detail shown is often added, making it, say, a "topographical map" if it shows elevations, or a "map of water currents" if it shows water currents, etc.
21:42:34 Nick T0mas_ is now known as t0mas (
21:42:45t0masI know.. we have the same in dutch
21:42:59oddit's possible that a more technical term might be "cartograph"
21:42:59t0masbut "stafkaart" is a separate word for military maps
21:43:06oddbut i've never heard that used
21:43:17t0masordnance map was good enough
21:43:22t0masfound what I was looking for
21:43:25oddok :)
21:43:39t0masnext search is for belgium
21:44:02t0masas I have a dropping with some people... in teams of 3... and we want to be back first ;)
21:44:06t0masso we need some good maps
21:45:33oddto anyone: is there any sort of estimate for how long it will be before there is a true Alpha release of rockbox for the iRiver?
21:56:01 Join muesli- [0] (
22:00:09 Join lodesi [0] (
22:06:42 Join _DangerousDan [0] (
22:14:56 Quit DangerousDan (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
22:23:08 Part tucoz
22:23:31 Quit t0mas ("guess what... brb again :X")
22:33:43 Join t0mas [0] (
22:36:55***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:42:05 Join amiconn [0] (
22:47:15*amiconn solved a mystery by creating a bigger one :-/
22:55:08amiconnI still wondered about Trevor's reports that multivolume and mmc hotswap don't work on the old Ondio hw, but it was working for me
22:55:32amiconnToday I tried with my old 256 MB card (didn't have it available during the week)
22:55:57amiconnTurns out that mutlivolume and hotswap fail _for some cards_ on the old hw
22:56:28amiconnIt's really strange - the 2 GB card works, the 256 MB card does not
22:56:37amiconnBoth are working in new hw Ondios
23:00:57 Join thegeek [0] (
23:03:01 Quit muesli- (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
23:11:00preglowfun with multiple hardware versions, isn't it?
23:11:05 Quit Harpy (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
23:11:50amiconnIt's indeed a very subtle problem, as everything is working without multivolume or hotswap enabled
23:12:30amiconnThe lowlevel routines aren't different with and without mv / hotswap...
23:12:35 Quit t0mas ("arg... brb again")
23:30:41amiconnIt seems I need to analyse the hardware circuit a bit
23:30:59amiconnChanging the clock select in the init makes it work, but I wonder why...
23:45:55preglowi can do very nicely without problems like that
23:46:06preglow_and_ problems like 'why doesn't this routine run faster even though it really should'
23:46:20preglowthose problems i do have...
23:46:28amiconnI know...
23:46:36amiconnThis problem is actually similar
23:47:25amiconnThere is a fix for a behaviour which (1) shouldn't occur (2) I'm puzzled why this fix is working...

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