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#rockbox log for 2005-05-22

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00:01:37Tangledingas chamois
00:01:55Tangledingi ve nohi preglow
00:01:59Tangledinghi preglow
00:02:09Tangledingstrange thing
00:02:27Tangledingas chamois i've no remote support for snow/logo plugin
00:02:46Tangledingthought i use latest bootloader (v1) and latest build
00:02:56Tangledingisn't this strange?
00:03:48preglowthen the latest version isn't in the latest build, obviously
00:03:52preglowdon't ask me why, i never use them
00:03:53BagderI think someone should try to set the remote size to 128x64 and rebuild
00:05:16Tangledingah oaky
00:05:30Tangledingjsu to say
00:05:42Tangledingi've tested the new bootloader with 1.65kor
00:05:46Tangledingit work nice
00:05:56Tangleding(edited in the wiki so)
00:06:18Tangleding(i was nt talking about the plugin issues of course)
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00:15:32amiconnBagder: I think setting the remote lcd to 128x64 isn't sufficient by itself. Some offsets in the lcd controller init may need adjustment
00:15:55Bagderprobably true, yes
00:17:15preglowTangleding: did you see my answer to you in the wiki?
00:17:32Tangledingyes indeed
00:17:41*amiconn just digged out the scope...
00:17:56Tangledingno matter
00:19:16preglowTangleding: yes, but you see my point? we are going to release new bootloaders as seldom as possible, and the easier fwpatcher is to use, the better.
00:19:48preglowthis is my opinion of course, i don't know what others think of it
00:19:53BagderI agree
00:20:06Tangledingoki that's an idea i understand
00:20:50Bagderand we'd need to update it anyway for the md5 sums
00:20:58Bagderor we'd have to have them _too_ in a separate file
00:21:13preglowBagder: good point
00:21:42BagderI suggest you remove those questions/answers from the page
00:22:02Bagderthey make it look less easy
00:22:29preglowten mins, and i will
00:23:21Tangledingfor update
00:24:31Tangledingphone scuse
00:25:57preglowit's locked, so i assume you're handling it
00:27:30preglowrasher is reading the logs, the bastard!
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00:38:25amiconnDisabling the internal clock when accessing the MMC from rockbox saves a tiny bit of power, but doesn't work with all cards on the old hardware
00:38:34amiconnThe archos firmware doesn't do this
00:39:14preglowwhy would you do that?
00:39:35amiconnThe mystery is that I can't see why this is; flipping this gate doesn't influence the clock circuitry for the MMC at all
00:39:58preglowahh, i misunderstood
00:41:34amiconnThe circuit is pretty much what I expected, and so is the logic table
00:42:14amiconnThe only reason I can think of is that flipping the clock gate causes some kind of glitch somewhere
00:44:13 Quit t0mas ("ok, reboot to test :)")
00:46:08amiconn[IDC]Dragon: (for the log) It seems there is a mistake in your lgic table for the Ondio 74AC08 clock circuit. I'd expect "0" for "flash clock" in the last column (USB, external card)
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00:51:25amiconnPerhaps I should just open up my Ondio SP and check myself...
00:53:19 Join t0mas [0] (
00:54:48preglowof course you should
00:55:41preglowbut i think i'll call it a day
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02:16:27textchimpi'm trying to compile the rockboxui simulator for the iriver, and i'm getting this error right at the end:
02:21:51textchimpLD rockboxui
02:22:49textchimp'/usr/bin/ld: /home/texty/build/rockbox/rockbox-devel/build/apps/lang.o: Relocations in generic ELF (EM: 4)'
02:22:56textchimp'/home/texty/build/rockbox/rockbox-devel/build/apps/lang.o: could not read symbols: File in wrong format'
02:24:02textchimpi'm guessing the compiler is trying to compile the simulator for my own machine, but it's trying to use object files which are compiled for the coldfire?
02:25:17amiconnYou should create a separate build directory for each build
02:25:46amiconn...i.e. one for target, one for sim
02:25:46textchimpoh yes okay
02:25:53textchimpi neglected to do that
02:26:05textchimpshould i 'make clean' first or something?
02:26:41amiconnI'd delete the whole build dir contents, then make sub-dirs as necessary and configure each one
02:27:26textchimpthe build dir *is* a sub-dir for the main target
02:29:25amiconnI mean, I'd recommend to use something like ......./build/iriver etc
02:30:05textchimpoh okay
02:30:22textchimpis that just a matter of preference or does it have some other effect?
02:30:30*amiconn usually builds for 6 targets and 11 simulators
02:31:10amiconnIt's a matter of preference how you organise the build dirs, but you should never mix 2 builds in one dir
02:33:29textchimpyeah, that's clear now
02:33:34textchimpthe build worked now....thanks
02:33:58textchimpdoes the simulator have keys for all the iriver buttons? it doesn't look like it from the docs
02:34:11amiconnIt has
02:34:23textchimplike the A->B button for example
02:34:36amiconnThey're just not documented well, but the simulators display them
02:35:01amiconnX11 sims print the layout to the console, and the win32 sim has them marked in the image
02:35:28textchimpoh sorry, it did print them to the console
02:35:59textchimpwhat do i need to do to build a test directory tree for it?
02:36:51amiconnJust put some files in the archos/ sub-dir
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02:37:29textchimpit also didn't find a .rockbox directory
02:37:38textchimpdo i copy the one made by my target build?
02:37:40amiconnYou can add the full rockbox installation (fonts, plugins etc) by doing a 'make install'
02:37:51textchimpoh okay
02:44:04textchimphey, the simulator comes closer to playing files than the firmware does
02:48:56textchimpso, uh, what now? ;-)
02:49:10textchimpwhat can i do to best help get the iriver port up to speed?
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03:19:12webguest54hi, I got different md5sum when patching the us-firmware with cygwin and the fwpatcher. Has anyone an idea ahy ?
03:20:50ashridahfwpatcher has an older bootloader.bin
03:21:26webguest54are you sure. fwpatcher should have v1 too
03:23:09ashridahah, i see, someone's released a newer version
03:23:43webguest54yes, therefore I don't understand the difference
03:25:22webguest54I'll try the eu version now
03:25:34ashridahi'm getting the same MD5sum for a version of 1.65US with the fwpatcher and bootloader.bin that's on the site
03:25:51ashridah6973b9bbf75d01116894d938b938337c .wine/drive_c/ihp_us.hex <−− which i'm also using)
03:28:08webguest54opps, I think I have old "tools"
03:28:25ashridahyeah, you might want to rerun make in the 'tools' directory
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03:35:40asianl0vesup all
03:35:54asianl0vethis is gonna be noobish as hell
03:36:08asianl0vebut what is rockbox?
03:36:39textchimpit's a box full of ROCK
03:36:53asianl0vei luv to rock
03:37:01asianl0venvm that question
03:37:19asianl0veam i going to be able to listen to music still?
03:37:22asianl0vei know
03:37:39asianl0veive been on it for about an hour know
03:37:53asianl0vetheres all this techy stuff on it
03:38:17asianl0veand im practically computer programming retarded
03:38:25textchimpit's an open source alternative firmware for a handful of mp3 players
03:38:53asianl0veyeah i got that far too
03:39:09asianl0veahh w/e ill just try and load it and see what happends
03:39:32asianl0vedoes it ever delete all your mousic?
03:40:39textchimpbut only in the advanced version
03:41:31asianl0veso when I get the daily build for today
03:41:43asianl0vewould that put me at risk?
03:41:50ashridahasianl0ve: the archos platforms can play music with rockbox, but the iriver port can't yet play music
03:41:57ashridahit's still being developed
03:42:24asianl0veI got an H120
03:43:41ashridahthat said, the bootloader can boot both iriver's firmware and rockbox (although rockbox is default, you need to hold 'record' to get it to boot iriver's firmware) so if you're interested in development, you don't have to sacrifice it as a player atm
03:43:42asianl0veI read on the site that I can still play music using a boot loader?
03:45:04asianl0veas I am a complete noob at this...should I go through and try to load rockbox on my H120?
03:45:43ashridahasianl0ve: if you're not a developer, i'd hold off until it plays music properly.
03:48:03asianl0veIf I can boot both the original firmware and rockbox this shouldn't be a problem though. My question is should I take up my time trying to load this software on it to see its potentials or is it not worth my time.
03:48:54ashridahit's got definent potential.
03:49:16ashridahbut as i say, until it can play music, at best you can play an underperforming gameboy emulator :)
03:50:10asianl0vethat be soooo chill though
03:50:32asianl0veI'd rally in pokemon during school ;)
03:50:50ashridahwell, input doesn't work that well.
03:51:08ashridahunfortunately, the buttons are multiplexed, so you can't press more than a direction and play at the same time.
03:51:09textchimpit's a lot faster to boot, if that impresses you
03:51:33asianl0veI am just really interested in this software
03:51:48textchimpashridah: i was going to ask you about that - does that mean we can't use simultaneous button presses as extra 'keys' in the UI?
03:52:38ashridahno, but ideally, you wouldn't want to anyway. added complexity is better done via the nav-button's menu or the a-b button's menu
03:53:06textchimpashridah: as an emacs user, i disagree ;-)
03:53:22textchimpgive me elaborate key combo chords or give me death!
03:53:30ashridahbut yes. the play button is the only one you can detect in conjunction with any other button
03:54:07textchimpbut you could approximate it by testing the time between different button presses, couldn't you?
03:54:48textchimpi guess i'm annoyed by how few buttons there are on the unit...though i appreciate they wanted to keep it simple for general purpose use
03:57:16asianl0vewhat is the best firmware to have on a h120 for iriver?
03:58:42textchimpcurrently, the latest firmware from iriver
03:58:57textchimpsince it plays and records sound, which can be useful on an mp3 player
03:59:25textchimpunless you want to display a rotating wireframe cube, in which case it's rockbox 100%
03:59:42ashridahtextchimp: don't knock the snow plugin!
03:59:56textchimpoh yes, that too
04:00:17textchimpthough the iriver lcd doesn't really seem well suited to...well...pixel movement
04:01:15ashridahyeah, the response time is a bit slow.
04:05:01textchimpi can't even read the scrolling filenames
04:05:52 Join QT_ [0] (as@area51.users.madwifi)
04:09:47 Quit webguest54 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
04:15:56 Quit QT (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) do I get rockbox to work on my h120
04:32:48asianl0veI dl'ed the daily build
04:33:01asianl0veextracted it to my h120 hd
04:33:05asianl0vethen what?
04:33:18asianl0vedo I keep the original firmware on it?
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04:38:20textchimpyou need to download the patcher which puts the bootloader onto the firmware
04:38:22textchimphang on
04:39:04textchimpfollow those instructions
04:39:08asianl0veI just want to use rockbox w/out the ability to play music though
04:39:32asianl0vedo I still have to use the bootloader then?
04:39:43textchimpyou need to download the bootloader patch, run it on the firmware from iriver, then put that patched firmware onto the player and do a standard firmware upgrade
04:40:00textchimpthen download the latest rockbox and unpack it onto your player's root dir
04:40:17asianl0veahh ok thanks
04:40:19textchimpyep, this is all just to test the rockbox without sound
04:40:42textchimpyou can still load the original iriver firmware by holding down record and play when you turn it on
04:52:34asianl0veok I've installed it on my iriver
05:04:06asianl0veso if I want to use the original firmware, do I still have to load it on my iriver?
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05:20:32textchimpasianl0ve: did you get it to work:
05:21:10ashridahasianl0ve: hold 'record' when you press 'play/on' to turn on the device and have it jump to the iriver firmware instead of rockbox
05:21:22ashridah(if rockbox is missing from the hard drive, iirc, it'll default to iriver's firmware then too)
05:22:01asianl0veyeah i got it
05:22:22asianl0veis it possible to display pictures?
05:24:43textchimpasianl0ve: i think there's a jpeg in the joystick button over a jpg file, and choose 'open with'
05:24:46textchimpnot sure if it works
05:25:17textchimpashridah: once recording is working, will it use the existing interface code?
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05:39:45 Quit asianl0ve ()
05:42:38ashridahtextchimp: i have no idea
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11:10:34t0masmorning :)
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11:42:16Tangledinghi :)
11:42:35TangledingAsianlove not here now
11:42:42Tangledingseems not
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13:50:22tucozShouldn't win32 be added to the uisimulator line on
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14:20:47amiconnBagder / Zagor: As it seems that it is considered bad design to access application data (e.g. global_settings) from the firmware layer, how should this be handled?
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15:44:27MoosCamaroHi all
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18:05:48wackywhat is the Searchengine plugin ?!
18:06:14wackythe wiki page is just so unclear about what it should and shouldn't do :)
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19:01:19HClheh o.o
19:01:49HClthe wiki page of the searchengine plugin is mostly for self-reference to how its designed
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22:21:16 Join muesli- [0] (
22:31:41 Part amiconn
22:38:40crashdhey guys, what format are images stored on the irivers
22:38:46crashdat least, the ones you guys are porting to
22:49:41 Quit muesli- (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:53:58 Quit TCK- ("Can you say "roflpwnt fgt" in IRC?")
22:54:49 Join thegeek_ [0] (
22:56:49 Join TCK [0] (
22:56:54preglowwhat kind of iamges?
23:10:37 Join amiconn [0] (
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23:18:13*t0mas is leaving for a week of survival tonight
23:18:21t0masso see you all friday again :)
23:18:49 Quit t0mas ("bye")
23:30:24crashdpreglow: the images for the os
23:30:36crashdlike, there's an image replacement app floating around somewhere
23:30:41crashdto change images in the original iriver firmware
23:30:46crashdi was just wondering if anyone knew what format htey're in :]
23:31:59preglow2bit bitmaps, i'd guess
23:32:01preglowbut no idea
23:32:12 Join ashridah [0] (
23:32:31preglowwhy does this matter?
23:32:39crashdwhy not ;)
23:39:36amiconnErm, because we're rockbox, not iriver?
23:39:50 Join LinusN [0] (
23:40:09crashdi realsie that
23:40:12crashdi was just wondering if anyone had any idea
23:45:56preglowcrashd: yeah, but why does this matter to you?
23:46:32preglowusing anything other than the native format would surely be a waste on an embedded platform, so i assume that's what they use
23:46:50crashdwell, i forgot you guys arent working on the i3 series yet
23:47:00crashdso the point is moot :]
23:47:12Bagderwe won't use their firmware on the h3x0 either
23:47:15preglowi _still_ don't get what you're trying to do here ;)
23:47:18crashdi know this
23:47:25preglowwhy would we care?
23:47:29crashdpreglow: strip the images out of that h10 rom
23:47:39crashdas ive found some of them
23:47:47preglowcrashd: it's irrelevant, the h10 will surely use some other format
23:47:57crashdim not so sure about that
23:47:58crashdbut anyway
23:48:00Bagderit might use the same has the h3x0
23:48:06preglowsure, if it's got the same lcd
23:48:07crashdit was just an offhand question
23:48:21Bagdercrashd: try to contact one of those image-replacement-program guys
23:48:31preglowand i have no idea, if stripwax were here, he'd be able to answer, i imagine
23:48:41Bagderright, he should know
23:49:11Bagderthen of course, using those images for anything isn't legal
23:49:17crashdof course
23:49:20crashdbut that wasn't my intention
23:49:21crashdin the least
23:49:27preglowwho'd want them anyway ;)
23:49:45Bagderfor the iriver skin for rockbox! ;-P
23:50:14preglowthe large font they use give me nightmares
23:54:30preglowLinusN: did the mirrored ram bug get fixed a long time ago?
23:57:33preglowthe new usb bootloader mode rocks, btw
23:57:54preglowa really nice addition
23:58:51LinusNyes, it another safety measyre

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