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#rockbox log for 2005-05-24

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00:19:30amiconnHmm. gcc 3.3.5 builds with -O2 and -Os are working (with a workaround), -O3 builds are not. gcc 3.4.4 builds with other than -O aren't working
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06:12:13meowsqueakhello - I'm attempting to build the uisimulator under X11 - I run ../tools/configure to create the Makefile, but one of the make targets is 'convbdf' - references convbdf.c which doesn't exist in CVS head... any ideas please?
06:15:54meowsqueaksorry, correction, convbdf.c does exist, but it's not being built for some reason. I'm currently debugging the Makefile.
06:16:56meowsqueakok, problem solved - have to type 'make' in tools directory first.
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07:02:39meowsqueakhey cool
07:02:45meowsqueakoops, sorry, wrong window
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08:41:19textchimphas anyone noticed the rockbox firmware on the iriver sometimes takes a while to boot when you turn it on, before you even see the first 'checking firmware' screen..
08:41:40textchimpit just sits there, screen blank, HD light on, but no apparent reading/writing
08:42:50amiconnLinusN/ Bagder: Could you please make a recent win32 simulator build available for download somewhere?
08:43:28amiconnThere's a problem with all sims in cygwin currently which makes the crash at certain operations (reproducable)
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08:44:30LinusNamiconn: sim for which device?
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08:45:17amiconnerm, for download one is sufficient
08:45:21LinusNtextchimp: for how long?
08:45:31amiconn(rockboxui.exe plus plugins)
08:45:38textchimplinusN: umm, around 20 seconds i guess
08:45:44Ricktextchimp: is the usb plugged in?
08:45:53LinusNtextchimp: never seen that
08:45:57Ricki've noticed rockbox sometimes boots slow with the usb cable in
08:46:03textchimprick: no, but it might be happening after it's been plugged in?
08:46:16Rickhmm, dunno
08:46:25textchimpi will report back if i notice it always happening after i do something in particular
08:46:42LinusNtextchimp: also upgrade to the latest boot loader
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08:47:17textchimpLinusN: is it safe for the iriver?
08:47:31RickLinusN: there's a newer bootloader?
08:47:48LinusNyes and yes
08:48:05LinusNtextchimp: we only have one boot loader, and it is for the iriver
08:48:08Ricki'll update when i'm not lazy
08:48:44LinusNthe new bootloader is even more safe than the old one
08:49:03RickWell, I havn't had any problems so I doubt any earth shattering thing will happen that will cause it to go bezerk
08:50:09LinusNthe old loader doesn't handle usb, so you may end up in a situation where you can't boot rockbox, and the iriver firmware refuses to start
08:50:29LinusNthen you can't enter usb mode to fix the corrupt file system
08:50:33RickStop scaring me :(
08:50:42LinusNso i suggest you upgrade
08:50:49RickI will, when i'm not lazy! :p
08:51:02textchimpLinusN: i must be using the new bootloader....USB is working for me in rockbox....
08:51:19Rickusb works fine already
08:51:21LinusNtextchimp: usb has always worked in rockbox
08:51:29textchimpso where doesn't it work?
08:51:31Rickhe means the bootloader deals with usb now
08:51:32LinusNi'm talking about the bootloader
08:51:54textchimpwhy does the bootloader need to deal with USB? doesn't it just decide which firmware to load?
08:52:06LinusNtextchimp: yes, but it loads rockbox from disk
08:52:21LinusNso if the disk is corrupt it can't load rockbox
08:52:30textchimpah, and the new one can load rockbox from a disk other than the built-in one? like on the USB host?
08:52:36LinusNand the iriver firmware is known to hang when the disk is corrupt
08:52:45Rickso how does that help?
08:52:51Rickdoes it allow booting over a usb cable?
08:53:11LinusNno, but it allows you to scandisk/format the hard drive if you can't boot
08:54:06LinusNthe iriver firmware doesn't enter usb mode until after it has scanned the file system
08:54:21textchimpashridah was saying the newest bootloader in CVS is bricking the iriver
08:54:22LinusNso you might be stuck if it hangs in the scanning process
08:54:36LinusNtextchimp: when did he say that
08:55:17LinusNand nobody with some common sense should install a bootloader built from cvs
08:55:27textchimphow true
08:55:32LinusNonly install the one on the wiki page
08:55:46textchimpi think i was asking about modifying the bootloader because i wanted to reverse the way the buttons load the firmware
08:56:01textchimpi.e. load the iriver firmware by default, and rockbox with rec+play
08:56:26LinusNmakes sense for non-developers, i assume
08:57:14LinusNhmm, lemme think what is says on the IriverBoot page..."This is for the time being only for developers." hmmm :-) :-)
08:58:25textchimpfine, fine
08:58:46textchimpi thought it would be useful to at least have the rockbox there for fast bootup when plugging in to usb
08:59:02textchimpand also for quick viewing of the rotating cube
08:59:15Rickthat's a nice feature, LinusN
08:59:35LinusNRick: which one?
09:00:07Rickusb without rockbox/iriver
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09:19:38Bagderamiconn: still looking for a sim for win?
09:19:59Bagderok, coming up...
09:20:31amiconnThe problem is that *all* sims on cygwin do crash at some point atm
09:21:00amiconnMost often this happens in plugins, and both in x11 and win32 sims
09:21:17amiconnIt does not happen in x11 sims built on linux
09:21:39amiconnSo I'd like to test a win32 sim cross-compiled on linux
09:22:19amiconnThe iriver x11 sim built on cygwin crashes on startup... directly after displaying the logo
09:22:52Bagderthat's a h100 one
09:25:21amiconnThanks. From a quick test it seems this one is working fine
09:25:31Bagderinteresting indeed
09:25:42amiconnSo there must be some subtle linkange problems in cygwin... again
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09:25:55Lynx_good morning!
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10:31:24bobTHCmornin' folks !
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11:16:09kurzhaarrockerAlthough the configure script doesn't have a default for the target platform any more it still claims "Enter target platform: (default is Archos Recorder)"
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11:18:52Bagderme fix
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12:39:46MoosCamaroHi all
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13:21:17amiconnBagder: Really strange detail: The cygwin x11 iriver sim crashes with SIGILL
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14:30:15tedboergot my h340 :-)
14:30:49bobTHCgood news
14:30:57tedboerthe iriver firmware sucks.
14:31:03tedboerno surprise here.
14:31:18tedboerapart from that, it's a very nice player
14:31:36bobTHCit seems to be, indeed
14:31:36tedboergot it cheap, because the cardboard box it came in was damaged
14:32:15tedboeri read somewhere the new firmware does video. will check that now...
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14:35:44bobTHC:) perhaps, but if the display is slow as the H1XX, it will be crappy video player
14:36:53tedboerhm, it's supposed to do xvid, 10 frames / sec
14:37:14tedboerlets see if i can get mencoder to generate something it accepts.
14:37:43bobTHC10fps, really slow
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14:38:36bobTHCjust enough to watch animated gif ;)
14:40:36bobTHCin all case not enough to have a good retinal persistence
14:41:15tedboeryeah, but better then nothing, i suppose.
14:42:09bobTHCa good slideshow player in fact ;)
14:44:32tedboerwell, i just played a sesamestreet pinball animation, which looks great.
14:44:41tedboersure, the framerate is less of an issue here
14:45:16bobTHCit's a good player but why iriver assert it's avideo player when in fact it not able to
14:45:27tedboerquite a challenge i'd say, adding video support to rockbox...
14:45:50amiconnRockbox does already support video on archos
14:45:59bobTHCfor sure
14:46:23tedboeri've not read anywhere it's a video player. i actually bougth it accepting it would not do video.
14:46:37tedboerah, didn't know that.
14:46:50bobTHCted >
14:54:28tedboerinteresting. never heard of the format
14:56:04LinusNrvf == rockbox video format
14:56:05bobTHCit's the Rockbox Video Format,
14:58:11tedboernot very compressed, i guess?
15:01:44bobTHCask to [idc]dragon is at ease with rfv
15:03:20bobTHClol s/rfv/rvf
15:03:25LinusNit isn't compressed at all
15:04:06amiconnThe audio is ;)
15:04:26bobTHCcompressed files ask more CPU power imho, and with 11Mhz archos cpu...
15:07:22tedboerhm, kind of interesting iriver manages to do 10 fps xvid...
15:08:29amiconnBagder/ LinusN: Strange details: (1) The midi codec isn't found in apps/codecs, but in apps/plugins. (2) It is missing from the daily tarball
15:08:49tedboernot sure if that's to expect from a 140MHz coldfire.
15:08:53LinusNit isn't a codec yet
15:09:06LinusNand FILES probably needs updating
15:10:56preglowwe can manage more than 10fps, imho
15:11:05preglowusing a more subtle compression scheme than xvid
15:11:07preglowbut that requires work
15:11:24preglowi don't really care about movies on my player :V
15:11:35tedboerno, it's more of a gadget
15:11:38preglowi'd rather read a book on my longer train trips
15:12:16bobTHCpdf ebook player ? ;)
15:12:18 Join [rZ]KoRnfReaK [0] (
15:12:57preglowi prefer paper
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15:14:10textchimphow about a plugin on the iriver for outputting or inputting AUDIO ?
15:14:30[rZ]KoRnfReaKwhen i switch on my jukebox 6000 the hd spins up shortly, and then its shutting down again, i cant even recharge my batterys inside the jukebox
15:14:38[rZ]KoRnfReaKanyone could help me?
15:15:24LinusN[rZ]KoRnfReaK: why can't you charge?
15:15:54[rZ]KoRnfReaKnothing happens to my jukebox if I plugin it
15:16:16LinusNand you should consider repairing your capslock key, it seems to be loose
15:16:20[rZ]KoRnfReaKand if i recharge the batterys with an external recharger then i have runtime for about 1 hour
15:16:39LinusNbuy a new set of batteries
15:17:03[rZ]KoRnfReaKi tried it with other ones too
15:17:16LinusNand have a look at the Hardware section of our documentation page
15:17:52[rZ]KoRnfReaKyou think that fixes it?
15:18:03[rZ]KoRnfReaKcause i werent sure if this would help
15:18:10LinusNthat could very well be your problem
15:18:38[rZ]KoRnfReaKthank you, so my brother will fix it today =)
15:19:02LinusNdid your jukebox usually start when you insert the charger?
15:19:25LinusN<[rZ]KoRnfReaK> nothing happens to my jukebox if I plugin it
15:19:54LinusNsort of implies that it did in the past
15:20:24LinusNor does "plugin it" mean the usb connection?
15:21:16[rZ]KoRnfReaKthe ac adaptor
15:21:28[rZ]KoRnfReaKsorry if my english is bad, 14 year old german ^^
15:22:02LinusNstart with the battery connector repair
15:22:17LinusNthen see if it can recharge again
15:22:26[rZ]KoRnfReaKok, will come back here sunday or monday
15:22:32LinusNgood luck
15:22:50DBUGEnqueued KICK [rZ]KoRnfReaK
15:22:50[rZ]KoRnfReaKCover Your Ass
15:22:53[rZ]KoRnfReaKis Laughing Out Loud stupid script
15:22:59[rZ]KoRnfReaKsee you
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15:30:30CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
15:30:30*Bagder laughs reading the list mails
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16:22:40Bagderthere's still dependency problems for the sim build
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16:39:30MoosK1maroscuse me all for client's crashs :(
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17:34:29amiconnBagder: The build output parser has problems. The gmini build currently produces an error, so it should show red...
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18:17:40bill2or3Anyone have a gmini200?
18:18:34bobTHCwe are looking for dev on this device
18:19:04bill2or3I'm wondering about putting in a larger drive.
18:20:25bobTHCno idea of how disassemble it
18:22:14bill2or3theres one on ebay with a bad drive..
18:22:25bill2or3if I could put in a 40g drive that'd be sweet.
18:23:18bobTHCit's the XS one ?
18:23:33Zagorthere are 60-gig drives of that type. not sure about the thickness though.
18:24:02bill2or3yeah, the XS
18:24:24bobTHCmmm i think it's a 1.8'' but in single platter imho
18:24:33 Join TiMiD[FD] [0] (~TiMiD[FD]
18:24:41bill2or3it is.
18:25:05bill2or3and all the dual platter ones I've found are like 2mm thicker
18:25:27Zagorok so it has the 7mm type
18:25:43 Join tvelocity [0] (
18:27:05Zagorlooks like you can get 30gig in one platter
18:27:17bill2or3I found a pic of the drive from the gmini 200, I assume its the same drive
18:28:33bobTHCfollow the instruction from this link^ and swap, u seems to have all infos u needs
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18:56:29gromit`hello ?
18:56:46gromit`bill2or3: i have a gmini200
18:57:08gromit`we have a tuto about swapping disks
18:57:39bill2or3got a link?
18:57:55gromit`i can't access the site
18:59:28 Join Chamois [0] (
18:59:45Chamoiswhat is logf
18:59:47gromit`you have a link in the main page
18:59:56gromit`upgrade section for the 120
19:00:09gromit`the procedure should be the same for the 220
19:00:21gromit`Chamois: my answer was for bill2or3 :)
19:00:31gromit`sorry :)
19:01:13gromit`i believe the 220 is easier to open than the 120
19:02:26dwihnoanyone got a good way to test performance of routines instead of just using timers?
19:02:46dwihnogprof could be used for this?
19:05:29bill2or3gromit, that tutorial is the for the 220?
19:06:48 Part Mouss
19:07:28gromit`for the 120 but i believe it should be the same
19:07:36gromit`maybe Seed
19:07:40gromit`hmmm sorry
19:07:55bill2or3the 120 uses a 2.5" laptop drive, right?
19:08:03gromit`maybe Strath knows it better than me
19:08:26gromit`but he is AFK :)
19:08:37gromit`i only have a 220
19:09:17bill2or3how do you like it?
19:11:17gromit`quite satisfied
19:11:25gromit`but the fw is crappy :)
19:11:44gromit`though i never updated it
19:12:41 Quit Aditya ("Download Gaim:")
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19:19:22 Quit Chamois (" HydraIRC -> <- The future of IRC")
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19:31:21bill2or3the 60g 1.8" drives are 1mm too thick to fit in the xs200
19:39:59 Quit thegeek_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:56:04 Quit Zagor (Remote closed the connection)
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20:04:29 Nick webguest03 is now known as johhny (
20:04:43johhnyanybody here?
20:05:49johhnygot a problem... i have h340 but now i have chance to get the rare h140... dont know if i should get it and sell the h340. i like what you guys have done so far with rockbox
20:06:18bill2or3how do you like the 340?
20:06:30johhnywelli used to own a h140 in the past
20:06:40johhnysold it to get h340 thinking it was upgrade
20:06:54johhnybut i dont use movies or jpg that much
20:07:34johhnythe on the fly delete is nice for files, but i think it is avilable in h140 too now? dunno i been away a long time from h140 forums
20:08:47johhnybut i would not like to get h140 again if in future rockbox is ported to h340 in colour and the picture viewing and also movie file playing is improved a lot
20:09:15johhnybut how long will that take...
20:10:07johhnyi have h3x0 remote and outro case imported from america so i think if i sold the h340 it would be a desirable item amongst people looking to get one compared with other sellers
20:11:47johhnyhey you still there? do you know if amiconn has their h140 now?
20:12:17bill2or3I dont
20:12:42johhnyk. dont know if i answered your question about if i like the 340 or not at all
20:13:05johhnyi preferred the look of the h140 definitely...
20:13:13bill2or3I dont have any sort of player, I'm thinking of getting one.
20:14:03johhnyi was an expert at using the nipple. just need to use fingernail of thumb on inside edge of circle on top of nipple... a bitch if someone have no fingernails
20:14:12johhnythumbnail even
20:15:14johhnyhmm... would you buy a h340 with all leather outro case including screen protector and a h3x0 remote originally imported from korea?
20:16:10johhnyhavent even used the remote yet as you can see the screen and access the controls from the front
20:17:09johhnydamn like talking to the mirror. i still dont know what to do... soon the last batch of h140s will be gone
20:17:35Rickassuming once the stuff is done for h120
20:17:41Rickit wouldn't take too long to port it to h3x0
20:20:11johhnyhmmm... so does that mean i am considering getting it for the pretty sexy look of the h140 plus optical in/out puts which I may never use unless I buy some nice sound system... instead of the plastickyness of the h340...
20:21:03johhnyhmm im not that shallow am i... if thats the reason
20:22:02 Join joewo [0] (
20:22:04johhnyis any of the rockbox devs after h140? i know of a good uk site with good rep they appear to of gotten some more h140 in stock
20:22:20RickI believe one of them got sent a broken h140
20:22:21Rickcould be wrong
20:22:31johhnyfrom who?
20:22:40johhnyebay seller?
20:22:51johhnyoh right
20:22:52Rickto rockbox project
20:23:09johhnyjust cos if someone was wanting to get a h140 i would of said the site
20:23:29johhnybut incase i change my mind i will keep it secret so i have a chance to buy it
20:24:48joewohiya..i have a problem with my archos jukebox recorder 20. it seems to want to freeze up at times. the battery is charged up fully and only restarts after i push the off button for several seconds. this seems to happen during playback of long podcasts. anyone else see this issue? and i have tried both the stock OS and Rockbox and they both have the same issue so it may be hardware related?? thanks
20:25:31johhnyor maybe i can buy it and sell it later if i change my mind after receiving it... hmm maybe that is the best idea.,.
20:26:10johhnyyes im gonna buy it. thanks for listening to me ramble on i made up my mind!
20:27:11Rickjohhny: hope you enjoy your decision
20:27:38johhnyi will be sure to get the asking price on ebay which ever way i decide...
20:28:39johhnyits just if i favour h140 like in past but rockbox goes to h340 and improves fps of movie playback will i miss it. will i bother watching movies or not...
20:28:58johhnyor only to show off to ipod users in my office
20:32:40 Quit johhny ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
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20:37:23Plugh_dammit, someone took my nick
20:38:44 Join rasher [0] (
20:40:10rasherSome Dane is selling an ihp-100 (the 10gb version) for 1400dkk - may be of interest to a dev
20:46:57 Join webguest76 [0] (
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20:47:11 Quit Aditya ("Download Gaim:")
20:47:14johhnyhey rick?
20:47:16johhnyi got it
20:47:25johhnythey still got more in stock too
20:49:19 Quit joewo ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
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20:56:45 Quit johhny ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
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