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#rockbox log for 2005-05-26

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00:19:20Bagdernokia 770 looks like a fun toy
00:19:37rasherand it runs debian!
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00:27:43preglowpbvas: ahoy, any further luck?
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01:04:40TheVoidanyone familiar with encoding mp3s without gaps?
01:05:48TheVoidhm. well basically, i read the methods available at the rockbox site, and i wanted to do the LAME one, because it lets you play the songs out of order without corrupition
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01:06:17TheVoidbut... LAME only comes either as the source code, or embedded with other programs... i dont know how to just get LAME
01:06:41Plugh_windows or unix?
01:07:00Plugh_read the talkbox faq
01:07:01amiconnThere are windows binaries available
01:07:10Plugh_tells you where to get a Lame.exe binary
01:07:17TheVoidi couldnt find them at the ....
01:07:23TheVoidokay hold.
01:07:25pbvasi got the tremor to run at %50 real time
01:07:45TheVoidtalkbox faq? wheres that?
01:07:45pbvasnot quite there yet but progress is visible :-)
01:08:13textchimppbvas: are you doing codec optimisation?
01:08:41pbvasyes, i'm sort of hacking at it... no real expertise here!
01:09:00Plugh_download that zip and pull out the .exe
01:09:03pbvasi'm doing vorbis 'cause all my music is in that format
01:09:05Plugh_it's all you really need
01:09:26preglowpbvas: that's excellent, have you tried running it at 120mhz?
01:09:54preglowpbvas: and what bitrate is this at, btw?
01:09:57Plugh_there's a better download location
01:10:04TheVoidits a *.tar.gz
01:10:12TheVoidis that right, or did i go to the wrong link
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01:11:36textchimppbvas: i was wondering if there weren't already existing optimised codec libraries around somewhere?
01:12:17Plugh_that'll work
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01:13:05Plugh_ if you don't want razor
01:13:18TheVoidk neat. brb
01:13:18Plugh_google is your friend
01:13:59TheVoidso, heres a question.
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01:14:18TheVoidi pull the tracks off the cd as wave files, and then encode them with LAME with the gapless thing, and thats it?
01:14:32Plugh_that should work
01:14:36Plugh_but keep in mind
01:14:48Plugh_they'll only be gapless if played in order
01:14:49textchimpor is it because you're optimising it for specific hardware?
01:14:57TheVoidwell right. thats fine.
01:15:09TheVoidat least they wont be corrupt out of order, lol
01:15:16TheVoidi heart the random button sometimes
01:15:31Plugh_yeah, random won't be gapless
01:15:46TheVoid*shrug* k
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01:26:22preglowtextchimp: optimizing it for the h1x0 hardware
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01:29:41amiconnTheVoid: The latest win32 lame binaries are here:
01:31:43TheVoidi'm currently trying winLAME
01:31:56TheVoidi'll let you know what happens. the interface is dead simple though
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01:46:09preglowwe probably should get pbvas cvs access some time, he seems to be making steady progress
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06:31:59raymondjtothhi will these firmware work with a muvo
06:32:07raymondjtotha muvo fx tx 256
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06:42:21raymondjtothany one here
06:59:28textchimpi am here
06:59:40textchimpshambling and gibbering namelessly
07:03:25raymondjtothtext dose these firm ware work with a muvo tx fm
07:08:28raymondjtoth text dose these firm ware work with a muvo tx fm
07:08:28raymondjtoth<raymondjtoth> ?
07:12:39raymondjtothtext chip
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07:23:56raymondjtothany one here to help me or is this room all bots
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07:29:39raymondjtothbager i have a q for you you ready for it
07:29:42raymondjtothand morning
07:29:43raymondjtothto you
07:30:00Bagerif i can answer ...
07:30:22raymondjtothdose this mp3 firmeware with with a creative muvo tx fm 256
07:30:47raymondjtothbager that what i got
07:31:11raymondjtothlove to run this firemware rockbox has
07:31:12Bagerno, it currently works only on some of archos devices, with iriver port in progress
07:31:36raymondjtothbager what firmware is like this one for a creative muvo tx fm 256 out there
07:31:44raymondjtothyou know of any my mom is blinde
07:31:57raymondjtoththats why im as,ing and want somthing like this one for my mp3 plsyer
07:32:00raymondjtothplayer i mean
07:32:21raymondjtothwith same stuff as rockbox
07:32:57raymondjtothbager i hate creative firemware
07:33:26raymondjtothcan you help bager
07:33:37Bagerhow ?
07:33:58raymondjtothis there any other firmware like this ione for a creatiuve muvo tx fm 256
07:33:58Bagerif you have skills, you can try porting rockbox to your device
07:34:06raymondjtothout there i can put on it
07:34:12raymondjtothim not
07:34:19Bagertry google-ing for something
07:34:25raymondjtothi did
07:34:34raymondjtothbut nothing came up what i search for
07:34:57Bagersorry, can't help
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07:43:06Bagermorning, LinusN
07:44:41LinusNyes!!! epson sent me the data sheets for the color lcd that we think is in the h300
07:44:49raymondjtothlin you know any thing about creative muvo tc fm
07:45:05LinusNmuvo? nothing
07:45:05BagerLinusN that's very good
07:45:09raymondjtothmuvo tx fm 256
07:45:30raymondjtothyep were can i get firmware like this one is
07:45:49raymondjtothfor it i could use it
07:46:14LinusNi'm 99% sure you won't find a 3rd party firmware for muvo
07:46:29raymondjtothany open sorce ones
07:46:29Bagerclosed architecture ?
07:47:11LinusNwell, there are extremely few projects like rockbox
07:47:35raymondjtothlin what can i use
07:47:43Bagerin fact rockbox & ipodlinux ?
07:47:50raymondjtothfor firmware for it
07:47:58raymondjtoththat give me more stuff
07:48:46LinusNraymondjtoth: if creative doesn't provide upgrades, i'm sure nobody else is
07:48:57LinusNBagder: and linav
07:49:03LinusNBager: and linav
07:49:08Bagerheh :)
07:49:08raymondjtothi love to use this with my muvo tx fm
07:49:17raymondjtoththese firmware
07:49:43Bageri must think for alternate nickname ... ;)
07:50:31raymondjtothlin can this be used on a muvo tx fm
07:50:57LinusNraymondjtoth: no
07:51:09raymondjtothreson i aask is my mom blinde and needs somthing
07:51:17raymondjtothto help here like these
07:53:59LinusNwell, if anyone wants rockbox on movo, he/she would have to port it him/herself
07:54:05LinusNmuvo, sorry
07:54:12Bagerraymondjtoth i suggest you to buy some archos or iriver h1x0 from these here =>
07:54:14raymondjtothhow do i
07:54:34LinusNopen it up, document all the chips, roll up the sleeves and start programming
07:54:35raymondjtothbagere she got this
07:55:17raymondjtothlin did any one make a windows installer for muvo
07:55:46Bagerwhat do you mean with "windows installer"
07:56:30Bagerraymondjtoth do you understand that this device (creative muvo) has nothing common with your personal computer as architecture
07:57:02raymondjtothbager yes
07:57:03raymondjtothi do
07:57:24Bagerso why do you think that ordinary windows can run on it
07:57:51raymondjtothno what i mean is there an windows verson of the flashing part
07:57:59raymondjtothto flasj it
07:58:08LinusNraymondjtoth: i bet creative has made one
07:58:09Bagersearch on creative's site
07:58:39Bagerif there is any update, it'll be from creative, as linus already said
07:58:40LinusNraymondjtoth: nobody has worked with open source firmware for the muvo
07:58:57LinusNthat i know of
07:59:14raymondjtothwhat has thay done with the one that creative did
07:59:30raymondjtothor what other firmeware is there took and modifiyed the one thay mad
07:59:57LinusNi don't understand what you mean
08:00:27Bagerraymondjtoth to make open firmware to run on your muvo it's not enough to change 2-3 letters in the code ... it's much of work to do it ...
08:01:11Bagerwhich envolves understanding how hardware works ... electronics ...
08:01:18LinusNit has so far taken us more than 6 months to port rockbox to the iriver
08:01:56 Quit raymondjtoth ("CGI:IRC")
08:02:01Bagerheh ...
08:02:08 Join raymondjtoth [0] (
08:02:12raymondjtothok lin
08:02:35LinusNand we don't change the existing firmware, we write our own
08:03:18raymondjtothok i looking for them on search
08:03:40raymondjtoththats what im want
08:03:43raymondjtothbut will search
08:03:50LinusNyou will probably not find any voice menus in their upgrades
08:04:47Bagerraymondjtoth i really suggest you to buy device on which rockbox runs or will run in near future, if you really want blind-user-friendly interface ....
08:07:23*Bager is scared from his bad english language
08:08:12raymondjtothsorr im a disability person
08:08:27Bagerno, i mean my language :)
08:10:10BagerLinusN what's probability that the H3x0's LCD is epson's one
08:10:32LinusNi *think* it's pretty high, but i'll have to investigate
08:11:14Bagerfor sure :)
08:11:44BagerLinusN btw have you ever heard about ?
08:12:04Bager(regarding to donating to the project)
08:12:19LinusNhaven't heard of it
08:12:33Bagersee it
08:12:37Bagerfor example
08:12:59Bageri can't donate through paypal
08:13:10Bagerbut i can through moneybookers
08:13:17Bagerit's not so easy, but ...
08:15:16 Quit raymondjtoth ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
08:20:22amiconnwiki spam again :(
08:20:47Bageramiconn: AVeryGoodSite?
08:21:04LinusNkilled and buried
08:23:07amiconnI would do this myself if I knew whether the delete function from the web ui is a sufficient method
08:23:23amiconnIt doesn't really delete, only move to the Trash web...
08:23:35LinusNthat's enough for me
08:23:41LinusNthat's what i do
08:24:33Bagerwhere is Trash web ?
08:24:44Bageris it available through http ?
08:25:39Bagerurl ?
08:26:01amiconnLinusN: I dunno whether moving to the Trash web makes sense for this spam pages. The Trash web is still accessible (and searchable?)
08:26:14amiconnBagder: It's a part of the wiki on the rockbox site
08:26:39LinusNamiconn: does it matter?
08:26:44amiconnDeleted topics don't get deleted for real, but moved to the trash web
08:27:32amiconnLinusN: Imho it does. From what I understand this kind of spam tries to attract traffic to their own site(s) using the popularity of rockbox
08:27:33Bageri can't find it :)
08:28:09amiconnSo as long as these pages can be found using google...
08:29:49amiconnBagder: Go to the wiki, then replace 'Main' in the url with 'Trash'
08:30:03amiconnDon't want to link directly...
08:30:55Bagerno problem :)
08:31:10Bagerjust curious
08:35:57Rickjust add rel="nofollow" to all the links
08:40:04*LinusN accidentally deleted too many topics from the Trash web :-)
08:40:25BagerLinusN eeee
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09:11:39Bagermorning :)
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09:25:14bobTHCmornin' all !
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09:55:22 Join Byron [0] (byron@
09:55:51ByronI need some help, I am getting *PANIC* ata -1 error on my archos recorder 20
09:57:13Byronjust spins up and sits on the archos rockbox screen for about a minute, says ATA Error, press on to debug and then I press on and it shows a bunch of numbers, I press on again and it says *PANIC* ata -1 in large friendly letters
09:58:32 Quit textchimp ()
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10:02:33 Join webguest29 [0] (
10:02:49soxis there any good music managers for *nix computers? i'm on a mac and itunes is so stupid, it can't work with files directly from the iriver
10:03:17Byrondon't know, I'm here trying to get some help with my Archos
10:03:21Byronseems to be broken.
10:03:48soxi want it mainly for playlist creation (and yeah, i know i can do it with rockbox but i would prefer some better gui)
10:03:49 Quit webguest29 (Client Quit)
10:04:03soxbyron: oh bad for you
10:04:21ByronYeah... getting a *PANIC* ata -1 message
10:05:31B4gderyou have freshly charged batteries?
10:06:17ByronYeah... I am wondering if there is a discharge option on the archos, maybe I need to drain them and try charging again
10:06:35LinusNByron: can you hear it spin up?
10:06:50LinusNhave you dropped it?
10:07:21Byronnope, not that I know of, it was in backback when I discovered it was no longer breaking so maybe it did encounter a shock
10:07:32Byronerr working
10:07:35LinusNsox: there is a link to a comprehensive table of tools on the documentation page
10:07:38Byronbreaking = working
10:07:59*Byron is tired... sorry for that
10:08:19LinusNstart with fresh batteries, then you should open it up and remove and put back the hard drive
10:08:33 Join DMJC [0] (
10:08:43Byronis there a page that will walk me through the dis-mantle process
10:08:47LinusNmeaning: try with fresh batteries, then open it up if that doesn't help
10:09:06Byronmy archos dosen't have a battery compartment, it's a recorder 20
10:09:18LinusNthere are good descriptions on the documentation page
10:09:45Byronokay... so your thinking that the hard drive is loose or the batteries are bad?
10:09:52LinusNmy recorder 20 has two battery compartments
10:09:59Byronit does... where?
10:10:00LinusNByron: yes i do
10:10:06LinusNon each side
10:10:24Byronoohh... is yours a v1 or a v2
10:10:49LinusNi have an fm recorder as well
10:10:52B4gderv1 is mostly implied when not mentioned
10:10:54Byronmaybe that's why... mine is a v2
10:10:59LinusNB4gder: exactly
10:11:10Byronv2 recorder 20
10:11:16LinusNthat's better
10:11:17Byrondoes that one have a battery compartment/
10:11:23LinusNyes it has
10:11:33LinusNthe lid is on top of the recorder
10:11:38Byrondo I need to unscrew anything or can it be opened with my fingers?
10:12:04LinusNi don't there are any screws, but i don't really remember
10:15:27Byron Q3. Ok, I got a replacement, now how do I put it in?
10:15:27ByronA3: Remove the two small screws on the top of your V2/FMR, and pry the lid off. Now turn it upside down and shake it a little. It should just slide out. Take note of the position it's in, and put the replacement in the same way. Replace the cover.
10:15:55LinusNthere you go
10:16:28Byronoops, they don't take run-of-the-mill batteries
10:16:37ByronThey are 2200 mAh LiIon rechargeable batteries. Specifically, it is two 1100 mAh LiIon cells in parallel, physically taped together.
10:16:53LinusNno need to tell me :-)
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11:08:34Chamoisare you here ?
11:08:56Rickhe last spoke 40 minutes ago
11:09:26Chamoisyes i see that
11:11:39Rickrather, 5
11:12:25Chamoisany news about austriancoder who worked on fm radio
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11:17:32QThi! what is the status of MP3 playback of the iriver port?
11:24:50 Join ashridah [0] (
11:26:06B4gderno recent news on that front
11:27:18QTalright. thanks
11:27:37QTi was reading some comments on about the port and it sounds very promising
11:27:38 Join rasher [0] (
11:27:50QTbut without playback no need for me to flash the software yez
11:28:12B4gderhow else are you gonna get your hands wet with developing? B-]
11:28:23QTi am useless at developping :-(
11:28:48B4gdera perfect opportunity to learn!
11:28:52QTjust a plain user
11:38:07*LinusN just opened his h300 and looked at the lcd markings
11:38:33LinusNthe camera is out of order atm, but i'll get pictures asap
11:39:07bobTHCepson lcd ?
11:39:12LinusNprobably not
11:40:01LinusNthe markings for the COG is "IZI2049-02", but the I's may very well be 1's
11:41:39Bagerbut your experience shows that iriver are working with epson compatible LCDs
11:42:12Bagerso it's possible
11:44:00bobTHCit's maybe Iz1
11:58:43rasherno combinations of 1, I and l turns up anything on google afaics
11:58:50BagerLinusN is "0" zero or o
11:58:56Bagerrasher:) haha
11:59:00Bagerjust tried the same
11:59:23LinusNi'll provide a picture shortly
11:59:52rashercan't bet on such things to be in google though I guess
12:00:34rasherprobably in this "deep web" that people keep talking about
12:00:52LinusNthose asian companies aren't very public
12:00:58*Bager offers LinusN to ask iriver :P
12:01:07LinusNi did
12:01:10LinusNno reply
12:01:13Bageryou DID ?
12:01:20rasheryou could try asking their repair shop
12:01:23Bageri didn't know this fact
12:01:30LinusNrasher: email?
12:01:30rashercsc something
12:01:36rasherhang on
12:02:26*LinusN goes to lunch
12:11:35rasherah, "CMS Peripherals"
12:13:10rasheras per
12:13:12rasherand others
12:18:23rasherContact form:
12:18:59rasheralthough they don't want to deal with end users, it seems, only retailers
12:19:09rasher(sounds like my kind of place - no end users!)
12:27:44 Join [1]Chamois [0] (
12:27:44 Quit Chamois (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:27:49 Nick [1]Chamois is now known as Chamois (
12:34:10rasherHaha, slashdot banned themself from their own rss
12:34:39rasherso the developers-section "slashbox" is telling me that my headline reader has been banned
12:34:42rashernice going there
12:39:03 Join preglow [0] (
12:40:57preglowLinusN: imdct's in the patch tracker
12:50:22 Nick Lynx_awy is now known as Lynx_ (HydraIRC@
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13:15:07 Join redwood [0] (
13:20:04preglowand i made a new codec category for the patch tracker
13:22:53 Join cYmen [0] (
13:23:11rasheranything new on the lcd?
13:24:13preglowwe should probably get pedro vasconcelos cvs access, btw, he seems to be well on the way with tremor optimisations
13:32:33 Join textchimp [0] (
13:39:12ashridahi'm glad someone is. i was half afraid ogg wouldn't be good to go in time.
13:42:40preglowit most certainly wont be without him
13:44:36preglowand he seems to know what he's about
13:45:04 Join muesli- [0] (
13:45:46Bagerwho is pedro vasconcelos? i mean, is he from ogg/vorbis team
13:47:32 Join thegeek [0] (
13:47:39 Join oxygen77 [0] (
13:47:43LinusN updated with LCD module markings
13:49:37B4gderBager: he's probably just like us, another dev
13:50:16LinusNi am in contact with him regarding cvs access
13:50:16BagerLinusN: i think that it should be reasonable to delete info about the tfsc display
13:50:40Bageri'll do it
13:51:02muesli-will there be a bootloader for 3xx series soon?
13:51:10Bagerobviously i won't
13:51:48LinusNmuesli-: i don't think we will release one until we have the hardware worked out
13:52:01LinusNi haven't even connected the bdm yet just thinking about selling my 140 to get a 320
13:52:23rasheris the firmware comparable to the h100 ones?
13:52:29muesli-i love its color display
13:52:36LinusNi don't
13:52:52BagerLinusN why ?:)
13:52:55LinusNi mean, it is totally dark when the backlight isn't on
13:53:06B4gderpitch black
13:53:12Bageryeah, but i use the remote LCD
13:53:20muesli-i am using the remote in 99,9% of all cases
13:53:31B4gderthen why bother with color?
13:53:41muesli-playing gameboy games on a color screen is exciting me :D
13:53:45BagerB4gder: because it's cool... kidding
13:54:07rashervideo and pictures is cool
13:54:12BagerB4gder pictures look better with color
13:54:25Bagervideo also
13:54:32Bagerbut it's an DAP, not PMP
13:55:00muesli-yeah, full jpf support would rock...
13:55:48BagerLinusN do you have any idea where/which of the chips is rtc located in
13:55:52preglowwhat's missing in the grayscale patch?
13:56:13Bagerpreglow i think the only missing thing is progressive jpg
13:56:27preglownot the jpeg viewer, the grayscale patch ;)
13:56:42rasherThe move functions, resetting of the colours
13:56:51LinusNand the speed
13:57:25rasherI'd say getting it complete is before speed?
13:57:31rasherbut yes
14:02:30DMJCI'd just be happy to be using my ihp-140 to play ogg files in rockbox..
14:03:06HCli'll take any sound playback in rockbox :P
14:03:33DMJCsoon as there's that 99.9% off my music will run
14:03:49DMJConly have about 2 .wma files
14:03:56preglowi hav eone
14:03:57 Quit thegeek_ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
14:03:58DMJCand back to the future soundtrack is .asf
14:04:07HClLinusN: any progress on the link between mp3 and dac? :/
14:04:19preglowasf isn't impossible
14:04:31preglowbut will require heaps of work
14:05:19LinusNHCl: not really
14:05:33HClwhat needs to be done exactly?
14:05:49LinusNrasher: the problem with the grayscale patch is that it makes the entire UI slower
14:06:29textchimpwhat is the purpose of the grayscale patch? what's it for?
14:06:37LinusNHCl: the buffering of mp3 data, the decoding in chunks, playback if pcm data in chunks, next-track handning
14:06:50HClhrm :/
14:07:00HCltextchimp: to enable grayscale on iriver.
14:07:01LinusNtextchimp: making jpeg viewing and gameboy games cooler
14:07:27rasherdon't forget mandelbrot
14:07:35textchimpis it really just on/off by default?
14:07:44textchimphadn't noticed
14:08:02textchimpi guess i haven't been trying (or able) to view images on it until now
14:08:09muesli-will go2bed..l8er
14:08:09preglowthen you haven't looked very hard
14:08:40textchimpno, i mean with the iriver firmware
14:09:01textchimpoh i see what you mean
14:12:03preglowthe old imdct36 is complete unmaintainable
14:15:40preglowgcc inline asm would be a bit nicer to look at without all the quotes and \n\t
14:19:34amiconnpreglow: The \t can safely be left out, at least it works with SH1 asm
14:19:49 Join webguest61 [0] (
14:20:32webguest61Hi, question about the daily logs on the wiki ?
14:20:38amiconnpreglow: Look at the grayscale lib for an (imho) nice asm formatting
14:20:51B4gderdaily logs?
14:20:57webguest61SOme logs open in a text file, very messy
14:21:25webguest61others open in notmal chat format, nice, was wondering why the difference
14:21:34B4gderI don't understand
14:21:45B4gderwhat logs are "messy" ?
14:22:04Bagermaybe he wants to say about the "feature" of mozilla
14:22:17ashridahwebguest61: can you provide links of two files that show us what you mean?
14:22:25webguest61yes I use firefox
14:22:30Bageri.e. it tries on his own to determine file type
14:22:43 Quit oxygen77 ("CGI:IRC")
14:22:46Bagerwebguest61 you mean that one log is opened in firefox
14:22:50webguest61yesterdays logs open in a text file only and its messy
14:23:00Bagerand for other it wants to open through external application ?
14:23:21preglowamiconn: i think the \t is only for human readability
14:23:32preglowamiconn: and you're right, that is pretty readable
14:23:38rasherwebguest61: That's mozilla/firefox' fault
14:23:48Bagerwebguest61 the problem is that firefox tries to determine file type based on bytes in it
14:24:02Bagerand in some of the logs there are "binary" symbols
14:24:04webguest61just dont understand why some days are OK, and others not
14:24:08amiconnpreglow: Imho the \t instead of spaces makes it less readable
14:24:22amiconnSome assemblers seem to require it, but not the gnu asm
14:24:41preglowwell, the compiler uses \t for indentation, afaik
14:24:44B4gderwebguest61: it simply depends on what letters they might contain
14:25:15rasherwebguest61: if someone uses colours or other weird control-characters, firefox will go bananas
14:25:37CtcpVersion from rasher!
14:25:47webguest61ok thanks
14:25:57rasherMaybe dancer could be made to strip those?
14:25:57ashridahwebguest61: yeah, firefox tries to guess based on the content, which sometimes can be misleading
14:26:16ashridahit can.
14:26:19ashridahset mode +c
14:26:26ashridahiirc, drops mirc colours
14:26:35rasherI meant dancer-the-bot
14:26:46ashridahoh. well. dancer the ircd can :)
14:27:55preglowit's not dancers job
14:27:56ashridahand since we have a no colour policy in here anyway (iirc), it can't hurt
14:27:59preglowit's a firefox bug, if you ask me
14:28:41LinusNit's actually a firefox *feature* according to the developers
14:29:02LinusNto handle badly configured web servers
14:29:04ashridahyeah, mimicing IE is a feature
14:29:22ashridahheh. they haven't gone all the way yet tho.
14:29:32rasherbadly configured web servers is a real problem
14:29:43ashridahthey won't render .html as html if the webserver claims it's a gif :)
14:30:13rasherif only the download dialog would offer to "open in firefox as text" or something like that
14:30:16LinusNwell, the fix in question only handles text/plain types
14:30:23LinusNrasher: agreed
14:30:55preglowLinusN: do you have any idea why the measure realtime percentage increases steadily for some mp3 files? iriver.mp3 does that here, and that's 320 CBR
14:31:15LinusNi have no idea
14:31:45LinusNi guess we can blame the xxx2wav code for that
14:32:05preglowi just don't get what's going on
14:32:10preglowfor some files it works wonderfully
14:32:56*rasher mounts the ihp100
14:33:09rasherusing the iriver firmware :-\
14:33:34rasher Vendor: TOSHIBA Model: MK1003GAL Rev: 0 0
14:33:35 Quit muesli- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:34:09preglowno surprises there
14:34:25rasherindeed not
14:34:58 Join tvelocity [0] (
14:35:08*rasher copies over iriver.mp3
14:35:44*preglow wants authorative emac documentation for his birthday
14:36:59rasherwow, previous owner sure was bass-hungry
14:38:28webguest61 me hugs his H140
14:38:50webguest61ughh, that doesnt work here ( me)
14:39:34rasherno, it does
14:39:45*rasher see?
14:40:25webguest61hmm, I'm chatting via the wiki link and firefox, maybe thats the reason
14:40:44rasherSo am I.
14:41:47rasher /me blarh
14:42:18*webguest61 has a big smile on
14:42:53 Quit tvelocity ("Leaving")
14:43:30webguest61thanks for the info, later
14:44:05 Quit webguest61 ("CGI:IRC")
14:47:41 Part LinusN
14:48:06rasherdidn't know there were -jp firmwares for the h1x0s
14:58:12rasherHeh, applying the bootloader to a ihp_100.hex file went fine
14:58:29preglowthat's no guarantee :P
14:58:38preglowgo ahead and flash it, wuss!
14:58:55rasherIndeed not, just tells us that it's pretty similar to the ihp_120.hex
14:59:15ashridahor that the error checking isn't good enough :)
14:59:19rasherpreglow: it's tempting, since I'll be sending it to LinusN anyway
15:05:34rasherlooks like the nokia thing has the same DSP as the neuros devices
15:05:41rashershould probably speed up the gcc port
15:06:22preglowwhat dsp is that?
15:06:56rasherTI-c54x if memory serves
15:07:31Bagerwhat's that nokia thing ?
15:08:15rasherNokia 770 -
15:08:25rasherIt runs Linux
15:14:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:25:38rasherFlashing is tempting :-\
15:26:12ashridahi wouldn't, personally. Linus may want to get a look at it in it's 'natural' state
15:26:54rashermhm, I'm not going to
15:48:07SlasheriHmm, now testing if my realtime ogg playback would work on iriver :)
15:52:26SlasheriJust doing some testing and trying to find out how rockbox code works
15:53:21preglowwhere do you get the realtime ogg playback from?
15:53:44SlasheriI am trying to use the vorbis2wav plugin
15:53:53preglowahh, but that isn't realtime by far ;)
15:54:02SlasheriAh.. :D
15:54:18SlasheriThen I should try mp3 instead? =)
15:55:08 Quit textchimp (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:57:26preglowmp3 is realtime, yes
15:57:34preglowbut it doesn't really matter if it's realtime or now anyway
16:02:16 Join Aditya [0] (
16:03:41SlasheriHmm, how should i configure/install the viewers plugins so that they will work? Is it enough to copy viewers.conf to /iriver/.rockbox and then for example vorbis2was to /iriver/.rockbox/viewers/ and finally when i select some.ogg file in the browser, vorbis2was.rock will be automatically called?
16:04:48 Join MoosCamaro [0] (
16:04:58MoosCamaroHi all
16:05:08SlasheriI think that currently the iriver does nothing when i select something
16:06:53rasherSlasheri: you have to do "open with"
16:07:03rasherhold down the joystick until a menu appears
16:07:16SlasheriOh, interesting! :)
16:08:13SlasheriNow it looks much better but no audio out so far ;)
16:08:16SlasheriNeeds more debugging
16:09:20preglowneeds more coding
16:10:20SlasheriYes.. I have already added some code and a new thread
16:19:27preglowto what?
16:20:25SlasheriTo check if there are new pcm data available and if there is, it will start audio playback.
16:20:37SlasheriBut now i am only testing everything.. :D
16:21:57B4gderif you link with my logf.c code, you'll get a neat little debug log in the remote
16:22:16rasherIs that already working?
16:22:23B4gderI believe so
16:22:39B4gderbut it isn't used by the code yet
16:22:41SlasheriB4gder: Hmm, great. I will try that soon :)
16:22:56B4gdersince I haven't made any enable/disable option
16:23:00rasherI have a scan of my ihp-120, will add to the wiki in a bit
16:23:15rashersince I noticed that there wasn't one
16:23:21rasheralso of the remote
16:23:41rasherand the ihp-100 as well, since I was scanning already
16:24:14 Nick [zmaj] is now known as [Zmaj] (
16:25:36 Nick [Zmaj] is now known as [zmaj] (
16:25:56 Quit B4gder ("CGI:IRC")
16:29:20 Join zol1 [0] (
16:32:36rasherB4gder: can the log be read through the debug menu, or only on the remote?
16:48:10preglowyour own code has to take care of it
16:48:29preglowand from what i can glean from the code, it seems like both remote and ordinary lcd are supported
16:49:33preglowrasher: weren't you supposed to make a dr. roboniks mean bean machine clone? :>
16:50:40rasherThat was HCl
16:52:24preglowwell, anyway, someone needs to do it :P
16:59:25 Join webguest11 [0] (
17:02:58HClyes, thats me :P
17:03:06HCli want mp3 playback working first
17:03:07HCl :P
17:03:12HClcause i want to finish the runtime db first
17:03:20HCland i prefer mp3 playback for that.
17:05:08rasherthe breakout clone was me
17:05:14rasherbut I gave up on that
17:06:07rasheraww I want to try flashing the ihp-100!
17:07:09rasherHrm.. the "center-scrolling" idea on MR sounds nice
17:08:01ashridaha good idea coming from misticriver? never!
17:08:50preglowwhy do you need mp3 playback for runtime db?
17:10:40 Part redwood
17:12:51 Join ldone [0] (
17:12:56 Quit webguest11 ("CGI:IRC")
17:12:59 Join webguest11 [0] (
17:14:34***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:27:00 Join Lost-ash [0] (
17:27:23 Quit ashridah (Nick collision from services.)
17:27:35 Nick Lost-ash is now known as ashridah (
17:39:15preglowoh, how my ubuntu has fallen over
17:44:00 Quit webguest11 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
17:47:47SlasheriHmm, now i got audio output on vorbis, but yeah, it's not realtime at all
17:47:54SlasheriBut i can hear that the decoding works!
17:48:08preglowtry it with mp3
17:48:16SlasheriYes, i try it next
17:50:11rasherpreglow: Yes, breezy is in a state of flux right now it seems
17:50:24rashersomething to do with xorg
17:50:26preglowi don't friggin use breezy
17:50:40preglowi did a failed attempt at using it, but i never got it working
17:50:41rasherAh, so it just fell over standing still?
17:50:50preglowi did a kernel upgrade
17:50:58preglowbecause one was scheduled
17:51:04preglowand now all kernels i try to install end up non-functional
17:51:18 Join [1]Chamois [0] (
17:51:42preglowonly error i can see during dpkg-reconfigure is a /lib64/ complaint
17:52:24preglowdo you know of any way for me to be completely certain i have no residual breezy files?
17:54:31preglow#ubuntu seems to be useless as far as getting help is concerned
17:55:13bobTHCmkfs /dev/hda ;)
17:55:22 Quit izzy (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:55:32bobTHCi'm kinding preglow !
17:55:56rasherpreglow: not really
17:56:32preglowwell, this is really frustrating
17:56:41preglowi need linux for coding
17:56:58bobTHCuse a liveCD to repair ure linux
17:57:31Zagorinstall the kernel by hand. then you have base to experiment from.
18:00:04preglowif i could find out which script does the configuring, i could probably find out what is broken
18:00:17preglowthe kernels break when i dpkg-reconfigure them
18:00:31preglowand some program in that script doesn't get run because of a faulty lib dep
18:00:56ZagorI never use apt/dpkg for kernels myself. i prefer monolithic kernels.
18:01:09preglowso do i, but i hate to struggle against the bloody package system
18:01:25Zagoryou only struggle because you tried to use it to install the kernel ;)
18:01:55*Zagor hides
18:02:07preglowit's more like i don't know how to set up the kernel to behave like ubuntu expects it to
18:02:15preglowand how to make it interface with the nvidia kernel module, etc
18:02:31Zagordo you play 3d games in linux?
18:02:45preglowbut the nvidia module is way faster
18:02:52preglowgnome is slow enough as it is
18:03:04Zagorreally? i never noticed when I had my geforce.
18:03:20Zagorthe binary module was a lot more hassle than worth, imho
18:03:24preglowi can't even get the dvi connector to work without the nvidia module
18:03:38preglowwell, if i go with the ubuntu kernel, it's absolutely no hassle
18:03:42preglowit just works
18:04:03preglowwhich is how i would like it right now
18:04:11Zagorexcept for the hassle needed to get the ubuntu kernel to work. i love circular stuff... :-)
18:04:26preglowthat's no hassle when the configure script isn't bloody broken
18:04:37preglowbut i'm setting up a kernel right now
18:04:48Zagorbtw you want XFree86 option "ConnectedMonitor" "DFP" to activate dvi
18:05:53preglowthat's what i've always used
18:05:59preglowfor the lcd monitor, at least
18:06:36preglowoooh, exciting, i haven't tried configuring a 2.6 kernel before
18:06:49Zagorlots of new fun options
18:07:13bobTHClike what ?
18:08:22 Quit Chamois (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:08:23 Nick [1]Chamois is now known as Chamois (
18:08:25preglowgot DFP working with nv now
18:08:33preglowbut it doesn't change to the correct mode
18:09:07preglowi get 1280x1024
18:09:13preglowwhich i bloody refuse to use
18:09:43bobTHCfor tft the native resolution is the only good to use
18:10:07preglowyes, no shit
18:10:30preglow1600x1200 is native, so i sure as hell wont settle for 1280x1024
18:10:35preglowwhich isn't even the same aspect ratio ;)
18:10:50Zagori had some other options too. can't remember which ones were important: "NoBandWidthTest" "true" and "IgnoreDisplayDevices" "CRT,TV"
18:11:06Zagor"NvAGP" "0"
18:12:20*Zagor goes to cook dinner
18:12:24preglowNoBandWidthTest sounds about right
18:12:39rasherwow, my father's cheap-ass 1,5gb player is surprisingly smart.. it even has otf-playlists o.O
18:13:26bobTHCbe aware preglow, tft not love to be overrefreshed
18:13:35rasherI threatened to take it apart
18:14:01preglowno dice, still the shitty resolution
18:15:10rasherdoes the log tell you why it's picking 1280x1024?
18:16:53preglowbecause its larger than bios programmed panel size of 1280x1025
18:17:25preglowtheres a whole load of resolution related messages
18:17:36preglowqueer, because the only one i specify in xorg.conf is 1600x1200
18:17:58 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
18:30:05preglowi've found the bug, it seems
18:30:58 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
18:34:51amiconnpreglow: The 'fun' of configuring linux...
18:35:04preglowthis is my fault, it seems
18:35:16preglowit has worked peachy up until now
18:35:20amiconnLast weekend I tried to configure wlan on a linux box - no luck
18:35:36preglowdepends on a lot on the hardware
18:35:43preglowbut i have absolutely no experience with wlan
18:35:55preglowrasher: would you know how i downgrade a package?
18:36:06amiconnI was able to compile the driver module, it loads and finds the card
18:36:07preglowrasher: seems i have the breezy libc, and shouldnt be having it
18:36:17rasherget the .deb and dpkg -i that
18:36:32rasherthat *should* remove the newer version
18:36:45amiconnHowever, whenever I try to start the interface, it tells me 'using NO encryption' in spite of having it confihured to use wpa
18:37:01amiconn...and consequently the card cannot connect the ap
18:37:40rasherwhat kind of driver?
18:37:53amiconnRalink RA2500
18:37:59rasher(also note, that gimp gets a bit sluggish loading a 6000x8000 bitmap)
18:38:26rasheramiconn: Which driver package were you using?
18:38:29amiconnA bit more ram is always useful :P
18:38:51amiconnrasher: There is no package, I had to compile it from source
18:38:56rasheractually I have about 100mb ram
18:39:06amiconnAt least RA2500 has an opensource driver
18:39:34preglowrasher: i'll try something else first, where can i get the .deb files i want? i cant seem to find them on
18:39:59rasheractually.. try apt-get install libc/hoary
18:40:15preglowi'll try installing hoary initrd-tools first
18:40:19preglowsince thats a known working fic
18:40:31rasheror libc6, or whatever the package name is
18:40:44amiconnrasher: Erm, it's called RT2500.
18:40:45preglowbreezy initrd-tools
18:40:49preglowbut i can't find the deb
18:43:55 Quit Chamois (" HydraIRC -> <- 100,000+ downloads can't be wrong")
18:47:16preglowwrong file, but i found it hanging around somewhere else on that server ;)
18:47:52rasheroh.. silly me
18:49:11preglowi do believe that fixed it
18:52:48preglowTHERE WE GO
18:52:55*preglow fondles 1600x1200
18:53:21preglowSlasheri: so, any luck with mp3 playback?
18:54:22 Join matsl [0] (
18:55:37Slasheripreglow: Yes, it works with audio out but i can't get to work in realtime.. Still trying
18:55:50preglowSlasheri: running at 120mhz, i hope?
18:56:06preglowSlasheri: cpu_boost(true); or something
18:56:26preglowi'm off for the shop for a couple of mins
18:56:34Slasheriokay :)
19:05:42 Quit DMJC ("Leaving")
19:08:34 Quit bobTHC ("Smoke Weed Every Day !")
19:12:34SlasheriI have done it!
19:12:52SlasheriPlaying iRiver song at realtime with audio output on rockbox with iriver!
19:12:59preglowSlasheri: patch asap, please
19:13:11rasherpatch indeed
19:13:17SlasheriOkay, i will take a diff soon (it's not cvs ready at the moment)
19:13:48preglownot a problem, as long as i get to see, and hear, rockbox playing music
19:14:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:15:01SlasheriI still do few tests and then i will make the patch
19:15:17rasherHrm, do I add the h110 to the DeviceChart or not?
19:15:33*preglow shrugs
19:16:07rasherThe only difference is the harddisk and ram size.. but then, some of the archos units are pretty darn similar
19:18:17rasherSlasheri: are you doing buffering etc?
19:18:48Slasherirasher: At the moment I have 1 MB ringbuffer for raw audio
19:19:38Slasheriplugins can add pcm data to the buffer by calling audiobuffer_insert(pointer, size);
19:20:16Slasherithe pointer will be copied to the ring buffer and if the buffer is full, the function just blocks
19:22:46rasherWell, we demand a patch
19:23:09SlasheriYou will get it soon ;)
19:24:33Slasherinext step would be to add a file and plugin buffer i thinkg..
19:24:55Slasherimaybe i could do that at weekend ;)
19:25:39rasherI guess you should talk to Linus to see if he wants to push you in some direction
19:25:59preglowyes, indeed
19:26:07Slasheriyep, that would be a good idea :)
19:26:33rasherbetter have some sort of consensus, it'd be sad if your work ends up being something that Linus just doesn't want at all
19:26:48preglowor something he's already done
19:26:56SlasheriI still don't know very much about rockbox there might be many bugs in my code at the moment
19:27:18Slasherihmm, yes
19:27:37rasherguess you're pretty much in sync with the rest of rockbox then
19:28:18rasherBut anyways, buggy playback code is far better than no playback code
19:28:57Slasheri:D but now i still have to check if there is still one bug around in rockbox code or if it was in my code
19:29:20 Join izzy [0] (
19:31:18 Join webguest74 [0] (
19:34:07SlasheriOh, it has been fixed :)
19:35:26Slasheriis there some global volume parameter that i can use to set audio out volume?
19:36:36preglownot from a plugin
19:37:02preglowuda1380_setvol() should do
19:37:40rasherwhy is that not happening already?
19:37:53SlasheriHmm, but I mean when you set the _rockbox_ volume slider somewhere.. How i could read that setting?
19:38:13Slasheriokay, i should find out :)
19:38:15rasheryou shouldn't have to
19:38:33rasherwhen you set the rockbox volume slider, the uda1380_setvol() should be called, shouldn't it?
19:39:19SlasheriHmm, i think it should. However, i am not sure if it's called. But okay, that's so minor issue so i don't bother it at this time
19:39:56SlasheriNow preparing to take a diff..
19:40:46preglowyes, so you should
19:41:37preglowargh, shit, rockbox getting sound doesn't go to well with my plans of not coding anymore rockbox
19:42:31preglowi have an eq ready for deployment :/
19:43:15 Join StrathAFK [0] (
19:44:33SlasheriNow you can try it =)
19:45:55SlasheriSorry about my bad tabulator identations.. I will use a different editor soon..
19:47:19rasherSound.. amazing
19:47:44 Join Stryke` [0] (
19:48:15*rasher catches the digital flow
19:48:21preglowexcellent, man
19:48:25Slasherithanks ;)
19:48:38preglowdid you find any way to adjust the volume?
19:48:42SlasheriI hope i could do more coding too :)
19:48:44MoosCamaroSlasheri: congratulations
19:48:47Slasherinot yet
19:48:53rashernow to integrate it into the actual playback code instead
19:49:04preglowif it can be
19:49:06rasherhowever that'd work
19:49:35preglowthis rocks
19:50:05preglowand still sounds wonderful, despite me having mangled the codec
19:51:23preglowmp2 works as well
19:51:46*preglow is the first person to play something not originally supported by iriver!
19:51:47rasherdo you have an mp2 or the iriver song?
19:51:56preglowi have some files that originally were mp2
19:51:59SlasheriIt should be also absolutely gapless when i or somebody gets this thing integrated to the playback code
19:52:05preglowSlasheri: of course
19:52:23preglowhohohoh, i repeat, this rocks
19:52:32rasherIt very much does
19:52:55preglowsomeone put up a xshock, linus and rasheri tribute page
19:53:17rasherI'm a bit hesitant to report this as progress though before we find out how well it will integrate
19:53:22preglowof course
19:53:34preglowi'm just saying it rocks finally hearing realtime music
19:53:44preglowit's very much a hack, but it's still very cool
19:54:37rasherthis song is hovering at 101,54% realtime.. is this because it's only decoding once the buffer is empty?
19:54:51rasheror rather, not-full
19:55:22preglowit can't decode as fast as possible
19:55:29preglowit fetches data as it needs it
19:55:32Slasherirasher: yes
19:55:35rasherYeah, 'swhat I figured
19:55:49SlasheriAt the beginning it decodes at full speed until buffer is full
19:56:18rasherwith some luck and larger chunks, the cpu could even sleep for a bit, couldn't it?
19:56:29rasheror will that confuse playback
19:56:34*preglow puts in a uda1380_setvol(0);
19:56:49preglowrasher: that's the plan
19:57:01rashersounds like a good one
19:57:07Slasheriyep. at least cpu_boost should be set to false when there is nothing to decode
19:57:28rasherand when the buffer's full?
19:57:40rasheror is that the same case?
19:58:19preglowplan is to render what audio you need using boost, then boost off and sleep/do what needs doing
19:58:41rashermakes sense
19:58:53preglowwe're aiming for 300% minimum to allow it having a decent sleep and potential time for crossfading
19:59:49Slashericurrently the playback will call yield until the buffer is not full. I don't know if sleep would be better?
20:00:03 Quit Strath (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:00:22rasheror it could start solving quadratic equations
20:00:59rasherwhich means that I have no idea which is better
20:01:01preglowmuch nicer volume
20:01:19preglowthe euro firmware DOES limit volume
20:01:36SlasheriHmm, great. The decoder can even play somehow corrupted? mp3 files the stock firmware could not :D
20:02:02preglowmp3 files are pretty error resistant
20:02:04preglowvorbis files are not
20:02:12preglowat least not until it's been initialized
20:02:23preglowif there's a error in the headers, you're screwed
20:03:29preglowthe iriver firmware boots so extremely slowly
20:03:50rasherpreglow: It's EU regulation, it seems... there was an uproar in Denmark a few weeks ago because software exists to remove this restriction from iPods
20:04:06preglowi take it back, btw
20:04:12preglow1.65 is every bit as loud as rockbox
20:04:22rasherah, alright then
20:04:31rasherbut there *is* EU regulation on the volume
20:04:34preglowpainfully loud on some files
20:04:36preglowyeah, i know
20:04:38SlasheriNow i should prepare for an exam tomorrow.. More coding and features at weekend .)
20:04:39preglowh3x0 is limited
20:04:41rasherhowever that works
20:05:06rasherI mean, it's not like iRiver gets to decide which headphones people use
20:05:17CoCoLUSpreglow, could you put up that new fimeware image somwhere?
20:05:35preglowi'll have to put up the entire zip
20:06:25CoCoLUSi do have quite an old bootloader, though, will that cause problems?
20:06:39rasherbut you should update
20:07:05rasherit's very easy these days
20:07:24preglowyes, indeed
20:07:27rasherMy package includes an i-icon for .iriver files!
20:07:31CoCoLUSwith the firmware patcher gui, i assume
20:07:39preglowmine includes my defunct imdct optimization!
20:07:42preglowa preglow exclusive
20:07:52preglowCoCoLUS: yes
20:08:11rasherCoCoLuS: yes..
20:08:35CoCoLUSi thought i have to compile it myself, and my toolchain is somewhat fucked up
20:08:38rasherIt includes USB-mode-without-harddisk-activity
20:08:52preglowit's a most excellent bootloader
20:08:55rasheryou should never compile the bootloader yourself
20:09:43preglowbut ok, i'll shove away this newfound enthusiasm and try to get some school work done
20:10:10rasherokay, this file is playing double-speed
20:10:18preglowprobably lower sample rate
20:10:20preglowwhich file?
20:10:27rasherI'll check
20:10:44 Quit thegeek (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:11:14rasherindeed, 32khz
20:11:19rashersounds funky
20:11:28preglowthen it's not double speed, it's 44100/32000 speed
20:11:54preglowi have this extreme urge to tweak this
20:13:10rasherIt's also running steadily at 140%
20:13:56CoCoLUSshould it be able to play any mp3 file in realtime?
20:13:58amiconn44100/32000 == 1.378125
20:14:04amiconnPretty good match
20:14:25rasherCoCoLUS: Yes
20:14:37rasheramiconn: Well it *sounded* like double-speed
20:14:47rasherI guess it didn't really
20:16:04preglowit's pretty hard to be certain unless you're used to listening to files at the double rate
20:16:30preglowCoCoLUS: it should be able to play any mp3 file, i'm not certain about mp1 and mp2
20:17:25preglowwavpack and flack should also be ready for realtime deployment
20:17:34preglowflac, that is
20:20:04CoCoLUShey, it really works ;)
20:20:22CoCoLUSand it sounds perfect...
20:21:02preglowi think there's a bug in my image, though, but that's probably my fault
20:22:04 Join Querty [0] (
20:29:05Quertyw00t!!! I'm listening to mp3 on my iHP-120 with rockbox!!!
20:29:15QuertyGreat work guys!
20:32:57Stryke`is it through a debug menu? or just normal navigation?
20:33:07preglowjust fire mp2wav
20:33:14preglowfrom the open with menu
20:33:15preglowlike always
20:33:19Quertyis there any way to control the volume yet?
20:33:19Rickwhen was mp3 support added?
20:33:28preglowmp3 has been supported for ages
20:33:39preglowtemporary mp3 playback has been added just now
20:33:53preglowyes, it's also been realtime for ages
20:33:59*Rick squints
20:34:06rasherIt's not added. A patch exists.
20:34:12Rickthat would explain it
20:34:18*Rick shrugs
20:34:20*Rick wants ogg :>
20:36:03QuertyOgg isn't realtime yet
20:36:09Quertyit does work however
20:36:18Quertyjust stutters a lot
20:37:30preglowvorbis is being worked on
20:37:46preglowRick: i distinguish between mp3 support and mp3 playback
20:37:59preglowRick: mp3 has been supported for ages, mp3 playback is now added in a patch
20:41:25rasherNow with Pedro Vasconcelos' optimizations and 120mhz, some ogg files would even play realtime
20:43:21rasherQuality 1
20:43:53preglowrasher: how do you know this?
20:45:37rasherGuessing from the fact that it's currently running at 70%, and I think he almost doubled the speed?
20:45:47rasher(still on q1 files)
20:46:33rasherq10 is running at 52%
20:48:39preglowhe mentioned 50% realtime at 49mhz using a q5-6 file yesterday
20:50:19Quertyare his changes in CVS yet?
20:59:30preglowcvs is being sorted out
21:00:34rashersorted out?
21:06:09preglowhe's getting cvs access
21:14:37***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
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21:33:29CtcpVersion from freenode-connect!freenode@connect.utility.freenode
21:33:29***Server message 477: 'logbot #rockbox :[freenode-info] why register and identify? your IRC nick is how people know you.'
21:33:42austriancoderhi all
21:34:10austriancoderwith which application can i edit/extend current icons saved as hex values?
21:34:22MoosCamaroHi austriancoder
21:34:35MoosCamaroyou're alive? :)
21:34:38RickI don't think there is an editor dedicated to editing the icon data
21:35:06austriancoderRick: but how are the icons done?
21:35:17austriancoderthey must also be '"designed"
21:35:36austriancoderMoosCamaro: yep... i am alive.. was a busy time
21:36:10MoosCamarohihi ;) it's joke
21:38:03*austriancoder wants to extend some icons for irver ...
21:39:21Rickbmp2rb? or whatever it is
21:40:27 Join tvelocity [0] (
21:41:08austriancoderi want to extend the hold button icon
21:41:20austriancoderand for this, i need the actual icon as bmp
21:46:04rashercan't you just do it by hand?
21:46:18rasherit's a pretty quick conversion for icons
21:46:36austriancoderi wil try it
21:46:44rasherconvert the hex to binary and you have vertical lines where 1 represents a lit pixel
21:47:11 Join markun [0] (
21:48:01markunrasher: I made a patch for 'center-scrolling'. It's quite nice,
21:48:24rashermarkun: Is it an option?
21:48:50austriancoderrasher: thanks
21:48:54markunNo, not yet. Do you want to try it to see if you like center-scrolling?
21:48:55rasherEither way, I'd love to have it
21:50:46markunrasher: another thing, today I installed a 2200mah battery. Do you think I have to use your plugin to get the proper adc values?
21:51:08rasherNo idea
21:51:09markunOr should they be the same as with the 1300mah bat?
21:51:26markunDo you have the test plugin somewhere for me to download?
21:51:46rasherI deleted it, sadly
21:52:04rasherbut it was quite simple
21:52:31rasherit was just mpa2wav modified to call rb->adc_read(2); once in each loop
21:52:39rasheradc_read had to be added in plugin.h/c
21:52:55rasherthat's all
21:53:18rasherThe only real work was waiting for the tests to run
21:53:31rasherMy oh my, this centerscrolling is nice
21:53:59rashermake it an option and you have a winner
21:54:55preglowmarkun: rockbox has a battery capacity setting
21:55:06 Quit Seed (Nick collision from services.)
21:55:13 Join Seed [0] (
21:55:32rasheroh right
21:56:06 Join TCK- [0] (
21:56:08rashergeneral settings > system > battery
21:56:44markunok, I changed it.
21:58:36markunThe info now shows 14h 28m. Is that mp3 playtime or just idle time?
21:59:12amiconnIt's an estimation of the expected playtime
21:59:31amiconnProbably not very exact on iriver yet
22:00:04markunAnd also doesn't take into account what codec you use.
22:00:14amiconnIt can't
22:00:45amiconnHow would you predict what the user will play in the next usage hours?
22:00:45markunIt could say ogg-playtime.. mp3-playtime, but maybe that's overkill.
22:00:52amiconnIt is
22:01:09amiconn...because it does not only depend on the codec, but on bitrate etc pp
22:02:19*austriancoder swichtes to linux
22:02:28 Quit austriancoder ("CGI:IRC")
22:02:57markunBut the estimate is accurate on archos?
22:03:47amiconnSame problems on archos (apart from the codec type). Bitrate, layer2/layer3, possibly recording....
22:04:04 Quit TCK (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:04:26amiconnIt is an estimate, nothing more, and can't be
22:05:18CoCoLUSwhats "center-scrolling"? :)
22:06:06rasherCoCoLUS: see this post:
22:06:21markunThe cursor stays in the center of the screen (unless you are at the top or the bottom of the list)
22:07:01Stryke`sounds nice
22:10:06rasherwhy, it is
22:13:53 Join nobby-BRB [0] (
22:14:05nobby-BRBanyone awake/alive/online?
22:14:09 Nick nobby-BRB is now known as nobby (
22:17:51amiconnSeems I am on to something fishy....
22:18:22*amiconn could need help from LinusN
22:18:25rasherrelated to what?
22:18:36amiconnArchos recording
22:18:48rasherah, the garbage thing?
22:19:22amiconnI didn't get garbage in 50 hours of test recording now.
22:19:52amiconnHowever, I got the end-of-long-recording-written-at-start-of-file 3 times now
22:20:23amiconn...even without disk full. Simply time splitting at 10 hour boudary caused that in 3 of 5 runs now
22:23:21Plugh_is it the MAS garble bug?
22:24:15amiconnAs I said, I didn't get any garbage in a total of 50 recording hours
22:26:00Plugh_I've recorded 15 hours at a stretch and got MAS garble
22:26:14Plugh_but ran it through a couple fixers and it worked well enough
22:26:40 Join pbvas [0] (
22:26:51 Quit pbvas (Client Quit)
22:27:03amiconnPlugh_: Did you try the latest daily build?
22:27:26Plugh_amiconn: I don't do epic recording that often
22:27:41amiconnIt has my new, alternate recording transfer. Seems to lower the probability of garbage quite a bit
22:28:02Plugh_I'm gonna be recording in 2 weeks
22:28:12Plugh_should be about 18 hours
22:28:34Plugh_I use it for live recording off a mixer board
22:29:07Plugh_which in general is fine, till the DJ starts fucking with knobs/levels
22:29:12amiconnMy plan ist to try all possible combinations of quality, channels etc. Will take some time
22:29:35amiconn...recording 10 hours at each setting
22:30:46rashermakes my battery-testing look like a walk in the park
22:31:18amiconnMy estimation is something about half a year in total, doing 2 tests per day
22:32:12Plugh_that's intense
22:32:41Plugh_white noise?
22:32:54amiconnNo, real audio source
22:32:58 Join ScHlAuChi [0] (
22:33:12Adityawhy dont you let a bunch of people do the testin
22:33:24amiconnFor 48 kHz I'm using a dvd with music, set to repeat the track over and over. Recording from S/PDIF
22:33:38 Nick StrathAFK is now known as Strath (
22:42:09ScHlAuChii have a short question - but can a rockboxed flashed player act as USB server? (to make it possible that other USB devices can usw it as data storage)
22:42:31Plugh_the USB chip doesn't support host mode
22:42:53Plugh_you can buy an adapter
22:43:00ScHlAuChihave a link ?
22:43:14Plugh_not handy. Search the mail list archive
22:44:03ScHlAuChiso in case the other device can do the "host" mode it could work
22:44:19ScHlAuChii want to connect a PSP with my iriver to use it as data storage
22:44:59nobbycan you do that?
22:45:09ScHlAuChii have no idea
22:45:09nobbymaybe with an h340?
22:45:18ScHlAuChii have a iHP140
22:45:28nobbyihp cant act
22:45:33nobby*act as host
22:45:39nobbyif the PSP could, that'd work
22:45:48nobbytransfer stuff you want to play to iriver
22:45:59nobbythen disconnect and play
22:46:05Plugh_umm, there was some device that operated in host mode. Thought it was iriver, but I don't recall
22:46:14nobbywhy not just use the PSP's player functions?
22:46:26nobbyiriver H320 and H340 do
22:46:33nobbyhost, that is
22:46:42ScHlAuChiactually i was thinking about using the iriver as kind of portable harddrive
22:46:58Plugh_ScHlAuChi: get a 320 or better
22:47:10ScHlAuChinope unfortunately not
22:47:37ScHlAuChibut maybe the PSP supports the host mode
22:47:55rasherh320/340 does host mode
22:48:21nobbythats what *I* said :P
22:48:26ScHlAuChii think those are the newer ones
22:48:30nobbythey are
22:48:34nobbycolor screen and stuff
22:48:46nobby"H300 purchased in the north America doesn't have this function."
22:48:56ScHlAuChithats the one i have
22:49:03nobbyi also have that one
22:49:12nobbyminus some chipped off paint here and there
22:49:18nobbyit cant host
22:49:31ScHlAuChioh well maybe the PSP can do ;)
22:49:47ScHlAuChias the PSPs with 1.0 firware support homewbrew applications
22:49:49nobbygo ask in #psp or something
22:49:59nobbyhey, cool #psp exists :P
22:51:29ScHlAuChiwell even if the PSP doesnt - there might be still some kind of adapter or something that supports that
22:55:26Plugh_I wonder what the recording time is like on an iriver ifp-899
22:55:39ScHlAuChianyway - thx for the information :)
22:56:36Plugh_I'd love to have something that small for one-night club gig recording
22:57:18ScHlAuChione of the things im looking foward to in a future rockbox version is tracker support - playing Mods on a portable player is just too great
22:57:35Plugh_erm, if you say so. LOL
22:58:11ScHlAuChiwell thats what it says on the rockbox page under planned format-support
22:58:33Plugh_I know what it says. I just question the wisdom
22:59:11rasherIt's an absolutely great idea
22:59:25ScHlAuChiPlugh_: i guess you dont know ;)
22:59:48ScHlAuChithere are ALOT of people liking that kind of oldschool music
22:59:52*rasher is more looking forward to sid support
23:00:08Plugh_I used to like it too, until mp3 hit the scene
23:00:54ScHlAuChiwhy not anymore then - youre more of an audiophile ? ;)
23:01:07ScHlAuChisounds too ugly for todays standards ? ;)
23:02:12preglowsome time ago i actually contemplated making a portable with a sid chip inside :P
23:02:44preglowi have that
23:02:54Plugh_it's badass
23:03:05rasherpreglow: If you ever manage to put one inside a cellphone for ringtones, notify me and I'll buy one
23:03:20preglowooo, that would rock
23:03:28preglowwild arpeggios for a ringtone
23:03:32preglowi'd never answer it
23:03:34ScHlAuChirasher: on you can download a few classic tunes as ringtones
23:03:38rasherIt'd be so much better than these horrible midi things
23:04:06rasherScHlAuChi: it'll still be horrible synth
23:04:16ScHlAuChiwell better than nothing i guess;)
23:04:27rasherI already have some anyway
23:04:44ScHlAuChii dont have a cell so i dont need those,)
23:04:48rasherbut thanks for the tip
23:05:19rasherah, it's nectarine!
23:05:23ScHlAuChiof course
23:05:30rasherdidn't know that was as well
23:05:39ScHlAuChiits the same
23:06:06ScHlAuChibut the irc channel is also #scenemusic i think
23:06:35ScHlAuChion ircnet tho
23:08:13rasherwhere are these ringtones
23:08:27Plugh_ScHlAuChi: mod music was good when midi was the only other thing we had
23:08:51Plugh_was nice to have a tracker format with integral samples
23:09:03rasherI don't think you can compare mp3 and mod.. part of the charm is that it's limited
23:09:06Plugh_but the sample frequency was a bit low
23:09:11ScHlAuChi is the only thing i found
23:09:17ScHlAuChibut there was a link on the main site a while ago
23:09:28Plugh_I'm not charmed by limits
23:10:17ScHlAuChiwell the reason why people still like it might be nostalgica
23:10:19 Join einhirn [0] (
23:10:35ScHlAuChibut there are mods that really had fantastic melodies
23:10:51Plugh_I can be nostalgic about things that have not been supplanted with better quality
23:11:10preglowi can be nostaligic about most things
23:11:13Plugh_if I had a fruity loops player, I might be a little more excited
23:11:16preglowbut technically inferior music especially :P
23:11:42rasherWell I am charmed by limits, recognising what hell the authors had to go through to create what I'm listening to
23:11:42ScHlAuChionly in music or also in games?
23:11:43Plugh_or reason
23:11:45Plugh_mmm reason
23:11:49preglowi love limits
23:12:02preglowi think they're essential to be able to create easier
23:12:12preglowand better
23:12:24 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
23:12:25preglowyou tend to focus more when you don't have any limits
23:12:32preglowTHAN when you don't have any limits
23:13:00Adityathat made no sense preglow lol
23:13:08preglowi seldom do
23:13:13ze"you tend to focus more than when you don't have any limits"
23:13:15zemakes sense to me
23:13:34Adityahe said "don't have limits" both times
23:13:49preglowi know
23:14:01zeAditya: he missed the 'than' the 1st time
23:14:03preglowit's supposed to be like that ;)
23:14:21preglowi, at least, focus better when i have limits
23:14:25preglowi learn to use what i have better
23:14:31zei think the challenge is part of the creative process
23:14:40***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:14:41preglowthe people who use sid chips are undisputable proof of this, they do amazing things with the little buggers
23:15:03zesometimes you have to listen really carefully to tell that there's only 3 voices going at any given time
23:15:22AdityaI work best when the deadline is about 2 hours away
23:15:29rasherand yet they manage to sound like an entire band
23:19:17ScHlAuChii really like remixes of classic sids and mods - - or
23:19:32ScHlAuChitho even if they might be technically better - the originals just have a different feeling
23:19:59 Join Biperooski [0] (
23:20:25BiperooskiHello people how are you all, how is the project coming along
23:20:34BiperooskiHopefully all swimmingly
23:20:42preglowoh, we're fine
23:21:07preglowgot up, scratched my nuts, had breakfast, heard a couple of mp3s realtime on my rockbox, had a beer
23:21:11preglownothing special
23:21:47BiperooskiYou have MP3 ability now ?
23:22:00rashergood catch
23:22:27BiperooskiYou have nuts aswell now ?
23:22:32preglowwhy, i have two
23:22:49preglowSlasheri made a hack that has mpa2wav play audio
23:22:58preglowso we can at least demo the capability now
23:23:10BiperooskiIs the radio coming along ?
23:23:10preglowi agree
23:23:14preglowi have no idea
23:23:20preglowwasn't austriancoder working on that?
23:23:26preglowor is my memory failing me?
23:23:34rasherhe was
23:23:48BiperooskiCant trust an austrian tho can yer
23:23:55ScHlAuChihmm this might be a stupid question - but wouldnt it be possible to use the radio tuner in some players to get the time ?
23:24:01ScHlAuChiso the iriver could also be used as clock
23:24:24preglowhow can that be possible?
23:24:26BiperooskiIt doesnt have the right chip
23:24:36ScHlAuChiah i see - im no technican :P
23:24:37Bagderif it did RDS it could
23:24:47BagderI believe
23:24:53Bagderbut it doesn't
23:24:56*amiconn notices Bagder
23:24:58preglowwell, yeah, but we can't even tune in to those bands, afaik
23:25:06BiperooskiWould it be possible to solder the chip in ?
23:25:16preglowit's always possible to modify the hardware
23:25:25preglowbut it's not going to be easy, i guess
23:25:30amiconnBagder: I am currently trying to understand the mpeg thread. It's a monster :/
23:25:34BiperooskiLets go for it then, i want a intel P4 3.2ghz prescott
23:25:38Bagderamiconn: I agree
23:25:53preglowBiperooski: you'll need an extension board then....
23:25:59amiconnIirc Linus wrote most of mpeg.c?
23:26:17preglowBiperooski: if a 0.5x0.5metre addon card sounds good, i'll have it done within the year a "modest" sum
23:26:36BiperooskiHow much ?
23:26:50amiconnI could really need some help from Linus...
23:27:02BiperooskiLinus is a god among men
23:27:04preglowa million billion poundsĄ!
23:27:23Biperooskithats a little steep
23:27:32amiconnSomething fishy's going on, and I don't get it. Apart from that, I found 2 other questionable places....
23:30:17 Quit markun ()
23:30:20preglowwhat's the mpeg thread do? supply the mas with mpeg data?
23:30:54preglowdoes the mas eat mpeg frames straight? no need to decode them in any way?
23:31:16Bagderwell the data need to be bitswapped
23:31:23amiconnOnly thing to do is filter out non-mpeg data, like id3 headers and stuff
23:31:23preglowthat still makes me laugh
23:32:01amiconnThe bitswap isn't a mas problem, just the SH1 spi spits out the bits in the wrong order
23:32:02Bagdersilly it is, indeed
23:32:30BiperooskiI had my 1st driving lesson today
23:32:39amiconnSH2 and up allow switching the bit order...
23:33:15amiconnpreglow: Even more 'fun' on Ondio. There the mpeg data gets bitswapped twice
23:33:44amiconn...once when reading the MMC (via SPI), and again when fed to the MAS (also via SPI)
23:34:04preglowBiperooski: congrats
23:34:26preglowamiconn: so it has to be _bit_ swapped, not endian swapped?
23:34:41preglowahh, that's worse
23:34:46preglowcan't fix that by wiring
23:34:49amiconnEndian swap is necessary for ata access
23:36:46preglowendian swap they should have fixed with wiring
23:36:52*rasher installs cygwin
23:36:58 Part nobby
23:40:48rasheramiconn: am I right in thinking that I have to compile binutils and gcc myself? (ie. not using
23:41:49Bagderrasher: I think you could go with prebuilt
23:41:56Bagderif you find binutils 2.16
23:42:05Biperooskigoodbye my good people, take care and dont brake any fingers
23:42:14 Quit ScHlAuChi ("bye")
23:42:18 Quit Biperooski ("CGI:IRC")
23:42:25Bagderfor coldfire that is
23:43:40rasherand 3.4.x m68k-elf-gcc
23:44:33 Quit rasher ("CGI:IRC")
23:46:25 Join rasher [0] (
23:46:54amiconnrasher: For archos you can use the prebuilt packages, for iriver you have to build yourself
23:47:18amiconn(or use the Bluechip's devkit)
23:47:54Bagderwhat's the prob with the prebuilt ones?
23:48:07amiconnLast time I looked Eric only had binutils 2.15 and gcc 3.3.5
23:48:08rasherMaybe they're not 2.15 or 3.4.x?
23:48:47rasher2.16, right
23:49:13amiconnReminds me - I'll have to build the coldfire toolchain soon
23:50:06 Quit Querty ("Leaving")
23:54:07rasherhrm, trying to crosscompile the windows sim.. can that be done from linux?
23:54:36rasher/home/rasher/rockbox/build-env/src/rockbox/apps/plugin.c:546: undefined reference to `_audiobuffer_insert'
23:54:37Bagderapt-get install mingw32
23:54:43rasherI have that
23:54:54rasherI built the fwpatcher fine
23:55:23*Bagder tries
23:56:17BagderI have 545 lines in my plugin.c
23:56:49amiconnrasher: mp3 playback patch?
23:56:51rasherthat'd be the audio output hack
23:57:08*rasher reverses that
23:57:23Bagder"cvs diff -u | patch -R -p0" :-)
23:58:19rasherthat helped
23:58:43preglowi always keep my patches
23:58:48preglowbut that was a pretty good trick, bagder
23:58:56BagderI use that a lot

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