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#rockbox log for 2005-05-29

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00:16:40Hansmaulwurfsomeone here?
00:16:42Hansmaulwurfi need help
00:16:44Hansmaulwurfi installed rockbox on my ihp120
00:16:46Hansmaulwurfworked fine for 3 days
00:16:48Hansmaulwurfnow i cant start the original firmware
00:17:06Hansmaulwurfplayer says it start the original firmware but nothing happens
00:17:27Hansmaulwurfrockbox works but i cant enter the USB mode
00:17:40Hansmaulwurfis this a known bug and how can i solve it?
00:22:43Hansmaulwurfok plroblem solved
00:22:47Hansmaulwurfbattery level was to low
00:23:02Hansmaulwurfbut how can the battery empty but rockbox still work?
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00:25:28rasherRockbox requires less battery than the iRiver firmware to run.
00:30:40rashersometimes I wish people would read the FAQs
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00:48:46thegeekhow is sound for the iriver going?
00:51:54thegeeknever mind me;)
00:52:02thegeekfound the misticriver forum
01:01:08rasherSlasheri seems to be making nice progress
01:04:00thegeekI'm going to test his patch now
01:04:04thegeek the latest?
01:06:01HClnice o.o
01:07:51rasherLast-Modified: Thu, 26 May 2005 17:44:21 GMT
01:07:59rashernot very recent it seems
01:09:46rasherit does allow playback from the viewer plugin though
01:14:43thegeekcyborg devkit is b0rked;)
01:14:50thegeekguess I'll just have to setup the env myself;)
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01:35:24rasherit's not too bad
01:35:36rasherexcept for the cygwin part - cygwin is annoying
01:36:18thegeekthat's the part that sucks
01:36:25thegeekit b0rks on current cvs
01:36:31thegeekand did so before too
01:36:42rasherWith correct versions of gcc and binutils?
01:36:48rasher(ie, 3.4.x and 2.16)
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01:44:05t0masback :)
02:05:29thegeekrasher : It has worked once
02:05:56thegeekwith cvs I mean
02:06:08thegeekperhaps.. 1 1/2 months ago ;)
02:13:09rasherthegeek: strange
02:13:25rasherthegeek: what goes wrong when you try to build?
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02:34:05thegeekfor a iriver normal english compile of the entire dir rockbox-devel it b0rks on :
02:35:56thegeekdid a fresh cvs co of just the "rockbox" branch
02:35:59thegeeksame problem
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02:36:17thegeekerror 127
02:36:22thegeekis all I get
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06:38:27DunnAHey guys
06:40:02DunnAHey, I have a Jukebox FM Recorder, and I recently re-installed Rockbox 2.4 on it, and now I get this error whenever I boot up: "Error accessing playlist control file."
06:40:06DunnAAny idea what causes that?
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08:49:50Yokaloshwhich series of iriver is rockbox most likely going to be available on?
08:52:53ashridahonce it starts working on the H1xx, the 3xx probablywon't be too far behind, depending on hardware availability.
08:53:16ashridahbut i doubt the guys are interested in dealing with the issues surrounding portalplayer
08:53:44Yokaloshokay cos i was thinking of getting an iriver but i'm not gunna get one that can't rock!
08:54:49Yokaloshit'll support both colour ones and normal ones yeh?
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08:56:18ashridahonce someone donates some hardware to pull appart and tinker with, probably
08:57:01Yokaloshi would if i had the money........
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10:06:09Yokaloshonce i have made a lang file what do i do to make it a lng file?
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10:08:51LinusNYokalosh: the "documentation" page is a good place to look before asking questions
10:10:43Yokaloshsorry :(
10:11:14LinusNhint: under the "For developers" section, there is a link called "how to update a language file"
10:13:10LinusNYokalosh: i don't mind answering questions, but it is sometimes a burden to answer questions that we already answered in the docs
10:14:10Yokaloshokay, i understand :P
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10:17:33Yokaloshi think i'm just being a moron now but i still don't get how you make the lng file :(
10:17:44Yokalosh(please don't kill me for being an idiot)
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10:20:02*LinusN kills Yokalosh for being an idiot
10:20:34*Yokalosh dies
10:20:37LinusNhave you installed a development environment?
10:20:49Yokaloshlol, bingo
10:21:00Yokalosherm no
10:21:18LinusNyou will at least need to install Perl
10:21:26LinusNlike the docs say
10:21:37Yokaloshoh yeh i have perl
10:22:03LinusNthen you need to download the rockbox source code
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10:22:38Yokaloshwhat the english.lang file?
10:22:57LinusNno, the entire source code tar file
10:23:42LinusNthat's the easiest way to get started, since you will need a few perl scripts and lang files
10:24:22Yokaloshgot that
10:36:15LinusNyou unpacked the source code?
10:40:03LinusNgood, then you should be able to follow the docs
10:40:42Yokaloshokay cool
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10:52:16SlasheriLinusN: I have interesting problem with audiobuffer: if i do cpu_boost(true) from pcm_watermark_callback -function, the system crashes
10:53:26Slasherimaybe it don't want the speed to be changed while dma transfer is running?
10:53:26LinusNSlasheri: the explanation is simple
10:54:43LinusNhmm, maybe it wasn't so simple after all
10:55:16LinusNbtw, what is "crashes"?
10:55:32Slasherijust a moment, it gave a message..
10:56:33Slasherinow waiting it to crash again :)
10:57:35SlasheriI04: IllInstr at 10000B84
10:57:37 Part Allex
10:59:11SlasheriBut without the cpu_boost being touched in the callback, everything works fine
11:00:31t0mashm... might be a stupid question... but are you calling that cpu_boost from a pointer?
11:00:53t0mas(and if yes: have you checked that pointer to be ok?)
11:01:33Slasherino, i am calling it directly (from firmware/pcm_playback.c)
11:02:00LinusNSlasheri: looks like you have overwritten some code in iram
11:02:09LinusNmaybe a stack overflow
11:02:31Slasheriah :) then i have something the check. That might be possible
11:02:35LinusNyou should decrease the stack size for the main thread
11:02:51LinusNsince you are running the codec in a separate thread
11:03:03LinusNthen the main stack doesn't need to be that big
11:03:49LinusNSlasheri: you can check the .map file to find out what's on 0x10000b84
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11:18:24SlasheriHmm, I think it worked
11:18:42Slasheriit's crashing no more
11:24:57Slasherinope, there still the issue.. hmm, can i place stack to iram like this: static long codec_stack[(DEFAULT_STACK_SIZE + 0x500)/sizeof(long)] __attribute__ ((section(".idata")));
11:25:36Slasherithis was required because codecs will ran very slow if i didn't place it to iram
11:40:04SlasheriNow i take 0x1000 bytes from main thread to codec and testing again
11:41:14Slasheristill the same thing :/
11:43:18Slasheri| .icode 0x10000b74 0x7c /export/home/miipekk/cvs/rockbox/build/librockbox.a(pcm_playback.o)
11:43:21Slasheri| 0x10000b74 DMA0
11:43:30Slasherinow it crashed at location 0x10000b8e
11:46:40LinusN(sorry, kids needed attention)
11:46:59Slasherinp :)
11:47:46LinusNlooks like you have some iram corruption, possibly the stack
11:48:24LinusNi can test it here with my bdm debugger
11:48:58Slasherihmm, would you like to have some code?
11:50:49LinusNsend me a patch
11:51:41Slasheriok, thanks. you will need one long enough ogg file to trigger the error
11:52:05LinusNhow long?
11:52:28Slasherimaybe 2 to 3 minutes
11:52:39LinusNhey, how big is your stack atm?
11:53:25SlasheriHmm, currently the codec stack is 0x1000 (i directly used the beginning of main thread) and os stack info from debug menu show that under 50% is used
11:57:02Slasherihere it is: However, please note that it's very experimental, buggy and the error might be caused anywhere in the code..
11:57:39Slasherinobody other should try that patch
11:59:22Slasheriand yes, the file buffer is currently set to only 512 kB so it will be filled constantly
11:59:38LinusNmake[1]: *** No rule to make target `pcm.c', needed by `/home/linus/rockbox-all/iriver/apps/dep-apps'. Stop.
11:59:46Slasheriah, i forgot to cvs add
12:00:36SlasheriHmm, but i can't do that. How can i include the file in the diff?
12:01:58LinusNjust upload that file too
12:03:09Slasheriok :)
12:03:36Slasheri and pcm.h
12:03:49Slasherithat should go to apps/
12:04:49LinusNpcm.c:87: warning: 'codec_stack' defined but not used
12:04:59Slasheriyes, that's ok
12:05:14Slasherii just modified the code to get the codec stack directly from stackbegin
12:05:41LinusNfrom stackbegin?????
12:06:41Slasherihmm, i just tested if it makes any difference if i take some of the stack from main thread. I don't know if that was the right way to do
12:06:55LinusNvery much wrong
12:06:58Slasherianyway, i added 0x1000 bytes to main thread stack
12:07:02Slasheriyes, i think that too :)
12:07:44LinusNwhy not use a separate stack, like all other threads?
12:08:19Slasheribut you can enable the commented out codec_stack in pcm.c, remove static long *codec_stack and then at the end of file change stackbegin -> codec_stack
12:08:34Slasheriit was that way just a moment before
12:08:53Slasheristatic long codec_stack[(DEFAULT_STACK_SIZE + 0x500)/sizeof(long)] __attribute__ ((section(".idata")));
12:10:34LinusNhow long do i have to wait for the bug to happen?
12:11:06Slasheriit should happen just in a few seconds, like something 30 - 60
12:11:47Slasheriif possible, you should use some low bitrate oggs so it will happen sooner
12:12:11LinusNhow do i play?
12:12:34Slasherijust select the file from file browser (press the joystick once)
12:12:41LinusNit starts the vorbis2wav plugin
12:12:49Slasheriyes, it should
12:12:59*LinusN is dumb
12:14:42Slasherican you reproduce the problem?
12:14:47LinusNworks fine so far
12:14:51Slasherihmm :/
12:15:54LinusNDMA0 is overwritten
12:15:59LinusNgotta run
12:16:09Slasheriah, okay
12:16:21SlasheriHmm, interesting how is that possible..
12:43:37HClwhats up?
13:06:16LinusNSlasheri: calling cpu_boost in an interrupt is still a bad idea, since it may take up to 10ms for the pll to lock
13:06:24LinusNgotta run again...
13:07:55Slasheriah, ok. so that might be the reason for the crash?
13:08:23SlasheriI will find other way to do it :)
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13:10:14 Join thegeek_ [0] (
13:11:04LinusNprobably not the reason for the crash
13:15:58***No seen item changed, no save performed.
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13:18:25 Quit thegeek (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
13:21:55*preglow cheers for the coders
13:23:56 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
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14:32:14dwihnoi found a bug
14:33:16dwihnolocked state is cleared at playlist end. the icon remains.
14:34:15dwihnoanyone got that?
14:36:40dwihnoLinusN: note the bug :)
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15:10:30SlasheriHmm, now basic gapless vorbis playback should work. However, i am not totally sure if it's gapless because i don't have proper oggs to test with
15:11:26HClis it stable?
15:11:28HClwhat was the bug?
15:11:55Slashericurrently the cpu_boost bug has not been solved (now it's running always at the highest frequency)
15:12:38Slasheribut song switching and buffering seems to work fine
15:13:03 Join rasher [0] (
15:13:16rasherpatch patch patch
15:13:52Slasherinot yet. I have to clean up the code, add basic codec configuration and mp3 support too :)
15:15:31CoCoLUShm... does fast forward skipping work?
15:15:59CoCoLUSmakes it much easier to test gapless ;)
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15:16:14Slasherinope, it requires more code to make it work :)
15:19:01CoCoLUSthen we either need some short test oggs where a gap would be easily recognizable or... a lot of time ;)
15:19:15preglowSlasheri: i've got some mixes
15:19:48preglowi can make you a test tone you should easily be able to tell if is gapless as well
15:20:34CoCoLUSwe would need that for mp3 testing as well... in two versions, lame encoded and... not lame
15:20:53Slasheripreglow: that would be great, rasher had also something :)
15:21:23rashertest tone's probably better
15:21:29rasherand quicker
15:21:38preglowit'll be short
15:22:25Slasherigreat :)
15:24:34preglowjust need to find an encoder
15:27:06preglowthat's not how you encode a sine, vorbis :/
15:27:16preglowoh well, it works fine anyway, there's just a glitch at the start
15:27:34CoCoLUSwhy would ogg be unable to encode a sine wave?
15:28:09preglowit's able
15:28:14preglowbut there's a bad glitch at the start
15:28:50 Quit DMJC ("Leaving")
15:28:54rasherpreglow: you may enjoy this:
15:29:27 Join DMJC [0] (
15:29:48preglowi think it was a aotuv bug
15:30:56CoCoLUSand aotuv would be... a vorbis encoder, right? :)
15:31:27crwlsuperior codec for vector imagery, hehe
15:32:36preglowthere should be no glitch in the tone
15:32:49preglowCoCoLUS: aotuv is a tweaked vorbis encoder
15:32:50Slasheripreglow: cool, testing soon :)
15:33:41preglowrasher: ahahahah
15:33:44 Join Shagnar [0] (
15:33:58CoCoLUStweaked to induce bugs, it seems
15:34:34preglowthere was no bug
15:34:36preglowjust me fucking up
15:34:47preglowaoyumi knows what he's doing
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15:46:25Slasheripreglow: Hmm, the song switching seems gapless but there was some glitch however. I will test now with rasher's songs too
15:46:56preglowrender to wav and describe it
15:47:20Slasherihmm, i will that later
15:47:41preglowdoing that it's much, much simpler to tell what's wrong than listening to it
15:48:07Slasheriyep. there might be also one bug in the code, i will check that first
15:51:59 Join tvelocity [0] (
15:53:51Slasherirasher: i didn't noticed any gap between the songs from you :)
15:54:20preglowthat's why i sent you a test tone, that's the easiest spot to hear a gap
15:54:33 Join Aditya [0] (
16:02:30rasherAssuming the test is correct
16:07:47preglowthe test tone is correct
16:07:49preglow? <-
16:09:21 Quit muesli- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:12:17Slasherinow doing a new test. there was some bugs present in the code
16:14:43 Quit Bager (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:15:21 Join Bager [0] (~Bager@
16:21:37rasherSlasheri: how did it go?
16:21:53Slasherirasher: still one minor bug delaying the test
16:29:58 Join jochen [0] (
16:30:58 Quit jochen (Client Quit)
16:32:31Slasheriminor bug found, problem was that in code there was =- and should be -= :D
16:32:40preglowahhaha, nice
16:32:45Slasheriindeed :)
16:34:42Slasheriashridah: aah, now it was 100% gapless switch =)
16:34:49Slasheripreglow, sorry
16:34:50preglowthe test tone as well?
16:34:54Slasherivery well
16:34:58preglowthen you're good to go
16:37:42 Join RED_M_CHIU [0] (
16:38:03preglowand you do gapless by just shaving the last frame of a song a bit?
16:39:55 Join asdsd____ [0] (
16:40:01Slasheriwith ogg files no raw pcm data is shaved out
16:40:14Slasheribut with mp3s that will be necessary
16:41:12Slasherii already have some ideas how to do that with mp3's
16:41:49preglowahh, then tremor does it for you
16:41:57Slasheriyep :)
16:42:07preglowhow long until we'll see a patch again? :P
16:42:37Slasherimaybe a few more days. It would be too soon to release it today because there is still lot to do
16:45:24Slasherinow i could do some filebuffer optimizations so the same codecs will not be loaded to file buffer between every song. Only when codec changes, that loading would be necessary
16:46:19 Quit textchimp (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
16:46:37Slashericurrently the rockbox will also fully load the ram buffer, no matter even if it's necessary to cut the last song
16:46:40preglowcodecs should be loaded when you load files into the file buffer
16:46:51Slasheriyes, i will do it to work that way
16:47:00preglowwe'll need to branch out the iram copy in some way
16:47:16preglowso we can switch codecs without having to load them from disk
16:48:08 Nick DMJC is now known as DMJC-shower (
16:48:34Slasheriin my current implementation, all necessary codecs are loaded into filebuffer and when it's necessary to use a codec, it will be loaded to iram from that filebuffer instantly
16:49:04Slasherithe switch is gapless because there is audiobuffer also
16:49:23Slasheriand that won't limit how many different codecs can be in the buffer at a time
16:51:15preglowholy shit, vorbis is good at lower bitrates
16:51:18preglowit beats aac to a pulp
16:51:54 Part asdsd____
16:52:16preglowi've encoded an album with avg bitrate 33kbps, and it sounds wonderful
16:52:28preglowi can hear it's encoded, sure, but quality is surprisingly good
16:52:47ashridahpreglow: yeah, it does better quality at lower rates
16:53:06ashridahnot quite as good as speex, depending on the job, but good for low-rate streaming
16:53:08rasherspeaking of aac...
16:53:12ashridah(of music)
16:53:26preglowof course, but speex only does voice
16:56:03 Quit Bager (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:58:41 Nick DMJC-shower is now known as DMJC (
16:59:47 Join webguest43 [0] (
16:59:51Shagnarpreglow which encoder did you use? i normally use dbPowerAMP but the lowest bitrate is 48kbit/s ...
17:00:07preglowoggdropxp with latest aotuv
17:00:32webguest43thanks Slasheri ! hope to see it released soon !
17:00:52 Quit webguest43 (Client Quit)
17:04:24ashridahdrive by appreciation
17:06:08 Quit ashridah ("sleep")
17:16:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:18:49*rasher nudges preglow at faad2
17:18:54Slasheriplaylist seems to work pretty well, only fast forward/backward and wps are missing
17:20:51preglowrasher: busybusy
17:20:56preglowi've got it planned, though
17:21:06preglowif no one gets there ahead of me
17:25:24rasherapparently it has some parts fixed-point'ed already
17:25:34rasherand arm optimisations
17:25:39rashernot that that's much use
17:27:03preglowit's all fixed point
17:27:44 Join ehntoo [0] (
17:29:23preglowwooot, new shpongle
17:33:04tvelocityshpongle pwnz
17:33:47 Nick DMJC is now known as DMJC-nwn (
17:35:03preglowdamn straight, i really wonder what the new album's like
17:35:25tvelocityit's pretty nice
17:35:58preglowhow does it compare to the other two?
17:36:32tvelocityi don't think it's as good as their previous
17:36:39tvelocitybut it's still pretty good
17:37:26 Join Bager [0] (~Bager@
17:42:44 Nick DMJC-nwn is now known as DMJC-sleep (
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18:14:59Shagnarhigh :P ^^
18:16:35muesli-low Shagnar ^^
18:17:16 Join BTKDaImMaikata [0] (~Bager@
18:28:28 Quit Bager (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:35:03 Join Bager [0] (~Bager@
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18:38:27 Nick Tomas|laptop is now known as t0mas|laptop (
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18:48:31 Join XavierGr [0] (
18:49:04XavierGrhello all
18:49:27XavierGrI have a problem with Cygwin
18:49:33XavierGrI just installed it
18:51:00XavierGrin the Rockbox UIsimulator tutorials says that: ../tools/configure will make a make file but my bash shell says
18:51:19XavierGrbash: configure: command not found
18:51:47XavierGrany ideas? I am a noob and I want to learn some more
18:52:24 Join TCK- [0] (
18:53:05t0mas|laptopwhere are you?
18:53:17t0mas|laptopor rockbox/build
18:53:20t0mas|laptopor something like that?
18:53:47XavierGrI am currently in a root directory build-dir
18:54:00t0mas|laptopgo to the rockbox dir
18:54:03t0mas|laptopthen mkdir build
18:54:05t0mas|laptopcd build
18:54:12t0mas|laptopand then ../tools/configure
18:54:35XavierGrok i will try that. :)
18:54:57XavierGrit's strange though because I run the command even in the rockbox/tools
18:55:09t0mas|laptopyou shouldn't
18:55:12XavierGrand it gave the same error; now lets see....
18:55:21t0mas|laptophow did you run it in the tools folder?
18:55:27t0mas|laptopor just configure? :)
18:55:39XavierGroops I typed configure
18:56:44XavierGrHooray it worked!! Thanks t0mas!
18:58:19 Quit muesli- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:00:19 Quit TCK (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:05:30XavierGrwhy is it so slow to make the uisimulator?
19:12:14preglowcygwin is slow
19:16:07***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:20:46XavierGrfunny the simulator whenever I play an mp3 has while playing screen
19:20:49t0mas|laptoppreglow? do you know why we chose to use C and not C++ ?
19:20:55XavierGrdoes it have sound output too?
19:21:04t0mas|laptopXavierGr: no
19:49:27preglowt0mas|laptop: because c is more lightweight
19:49:38t0mas|laptopok, any more good arguments?
19:49:49preglowdunno, rockbox people generally seem to dislike c++ for some reason
19:50:27t0mas|laptopyeah... and after reading a lot of rockbox I think the same...
19:50:41t0mas|laptopas c++ classes tend to start people make a mess of it...
19:51:10preglowwell, people can write bad code in c as well as c++
19:51:19preglowi think c is the right choice for the rockbox core
19:52:39XavierGrhi HCl
19:52:45HCli like java o.o
19:52:49HClso that should mean i also like c++
19:52:55*HCl ish annoyed.
19:53:03HClstupid car sellers sending me spam by normal mail
19:53:08HClas if email spam isn't bad enough.
19:53:27HClmy entire letterbox was *filled* with letters
19:53:32HCland 6 out of 7 were spam.
19:53:40HClwhats up.
19:54:10XavierGrI have to go bye see you all later
19:54:16 Quit XavierGr ()
20:18:43rasherpreglow: surprise
20:20:30preglowwell, what mime type are you supposed to use for a text file that contains non-printable characters?
20:21:03Slasherisoon multicodec support has been made :)
20:21:19rasherpatch patch patch
20:21:26Slasherijust wait :)
20:21:47Slasheri"it's worth the wait" ;)
20:31:15 Join TCK [0] (
20:31:46preglowyes, i'd think so
20:36:27Slasheri#define CODEC_VORBIS "/.rockbox/codecs/codecvorbis.rock";
20:37:13SlasheriMaybe those definitions could be moved to a separate configuration file later
20:39:43rashereasy way to have different decoders even
20:41:00thegeek_is current and working?
20:42:06rasherWorked For Me(tm)
20:45:17rasherWhich platform? Cygwin or linux?
20:45:54thegeek_going to set it up on my gentoo server;)
20:46:54rashershouldn't cause any trouble
20:47:03rashernow cygwin's another deal..
20:47:14rasherbut apparently, people manage to make that work as well
20:48:05 Quit einhirn (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
20:49:36 Quit TCK- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:54:21 Join bipak [0] (
20:56:20thegeek_cygwin is generally b0rk
20:56:30thegeek_since I have access to a perfectly good linux box
20:56:36thegeek_I think I'll use it;)
20:56:39rasherVery sound idea
21:05:05 Quit Shagnar ("( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: )")
21:05:31HClanything of the new playback stuff committed yet?
21:05:48preglowwon't be for a while either, i'd wager
21:06:09preglowit's just a couple of days since he started ;)
21:06:19tvelocitycan they be found somewhere for testing?
21:10:12t0mas|laptopthe serial port on iriver
21:10:26t0mas|laptopto what is it connected?
21:10:39t0mas|laptopno, I ment to what chip
21:10:46HClcpu? o.o
21:11:08t0mas|laptopwondering how to write a driver for it
21:11:18HCllinus should know.
21:11:23t0mas|laptopI guess so
21:11:50t0mas|laptopBagder might now it too?
21:16:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:20:15preglowwon't be much work, it's connected to the serial driver on the chip, afaik
21:20:22preglowan uart
21:25:13t0mas|laptopoh that sounds easy
21:25:40preglowbut what are you going to use it for
21:27:42t0mas|laptopdon't know
21:27:51t0mas|laptopI was just wondering what the possibilitys are
21:28:46preglowyou'll need some extra hardware to connect it to the pc
21:29:54t0mas|laptophm? just connect rx -> tx and tx -> rx and gnd to some gnd?
21:30:03t0mas|laptopon a pc com-port
21:30:47t0mas|laptopor am I missing something then?
21:35:09Slasherimulticodec support is working :) still have to port mpa2wav-plugin to a codec
21:37:34Slasherieven volume control works, and audio fades in and out when i use pause
21:37:42preglowbloody great
21:38:29preglowwhat codecs have you got working?
21:39:08Slasherionly vorbis at the moment. But it's rather easy to port all of the xxx2wav-plugins to support codec system
21:40:39preglowhow do you know multi-codec works, then? :P
21:41:04SlasheriIt should, i don't see any reason why it wont :)
21:41:28SlasheriBut i can test this soon for real
21:45:13SlasheriI think that i will listen to music with rockbox today when i go to work :)
21:45:48preglowbut damn
21:45:55preglowback up whatever you have done :P
21:48:12t0mas|laptopI know a good place to backup
21:48:18t0mas|laptopmy email account ;)
21:48:28Slasherihehe :)
21:49:11SlasheriJust try to wait a little more and you will get better working patch
21:49:34 Quit t0mas|laptop ("ok... brb... walking back to my pc")
21:49:39SlasheriI might be able to release it tomorrow
21:49:39preglowdefine "little more", please :P
21:49:59preglowdo so
21:50:06preglowand tell the big boys, so they can have a look at it
21:50:15Slasheriyes, i will :)
21:53:09CoCoLUShm... what happened to the center scrolling?
21:54:35*HCl downloads gta san andreas
21:54:57CoCoLUShow illegal!
21:55:07HClits not illegal to download stuff here.
21:55:13HClonly uploading is illegal.
21:55:31CoCoLUSwhere are you? the moon?
21:55:42HClnetherlands :)
21:56:03preglowpc version? :>
21:56:04bipaklol :>
21:56:10HClpreglow: that one is out too.
21:56:16HClbut i'm getting the xbox version.
21:56:25HClthey're both released
21:56:28CoCoLUSyou're telling me it's legal to use pirated software there, i assume you download it for that purpose ;)
21:56:33HClsince 3 days or so.
21:57:07CoCoLUSi don't think so hcl
21:57:31CoCoLUS(that it is already released)
21:57:44HClit is.
21:58:18CoCoLUSwhats your source?
21:58:33HClgaming magazine advert
21:58:33bipakwhere are do dl'ing it, HCl? some filesharing tool?
21:58:38HClsaying they were both out now
21:59:18CoCoLUSthose "scene" releases out there are all fake
21:59:43*t0mas wonders if there'll be a linux version :P
21:59:52t0masor if I'm doing to reboot to windows several times a day...
22:00:11HClnope, can't find pc version yet, but it should be out real soon
22:00:15HClat least i found the xbox version :)
22:00:49CoCoLUSit's a fake...
22:00:55CoCoLUSi' betting your mother on it :)
22:01:59rasherCoCoLUS: center-scrolling's pretty much done
22:02:17HClwell, maybe it is :)
22:02:24HCli did see an advert that it was "out now"
22:02:27HClso it should be out soon o.o
22:02:33CoCoLUSjune 6
22:02:38CoCoLUSis the official rls date, for the xbox version
22:02:56HCli got plenty of bandwidth
22:02:58HCli can take a chance.
22:03:32HClah well, i guess you're right :)
22:03:39HClthats what i get for not using my official xbox torrent site :)
22:03:42CoCoLUSyeah but if a release is not listed anywhere, none of your friends are playing it already, don't you think it might be just... wasted bamdwidth? :)
22:03:49HCli got 100mbit
22:03:53HCllike i care about bandwidth
22:03:54HCl :P
22:03:59HClwant a movie? :P
22:04:01HClpick one
22:04:02CoCoLUSdamn north europeans :P
22:04:03HCli'll send it to you
22:04:04HCl :P
22:05:01HClnah, jk
22:05:10CoCoLUSi'd like dancer in the dark ;)
22:05:14HClthis gets put in the logs on the site, and i don't really offer uploads ofcourse ;p
22:05:25HCl*waves at the fbi and stuff*
22:05:39CoCoLUSlike i would accept a cookie from a stranger anyway :P
22:05:43HCl :P
22:05:58bipakbig cookie :p
22:06:53CoCoLUSmetaphorical speaking, of course
22:07:07bipakare 100mbit everywhere available in netherlands?
22:07:24HClno, not everywhere.
22:07:44CoCoLUSbut nearly everywhere, and we hate them ALL for that fact :P
22:08:11CoCoLUSanything above 10 mbit is quite expensive here (austria) :/
22:08:15HCl :P
22:08:24HClyou can get 20mbit here for 30$ a month or so
22:08:30bipakpfff :|
22:09:04bipakin germany i pay 30 Euro for 768kbit..
22:09:26bipakno higher bandwith available in my region
22:14:09t0masany french people around?
22:15:44tvelocityoh no, not again the bandwidth thing...
22:16:17tvelocityi pay 60 euros for 384/128kbits, how great :(
22:17:03bipakthat not fair
22:18:09 Join einhirn [0] (
22:19:48tvelocity(off-topic) does anyone happen to be proficient with d-bus?
22:20:16HCli love the legal threats on
22:23:19HCli should move to sweden :p
22:24:29tvelocityme too:P
22:24:45tvelocitybut then, i would miss the sun... :P
22:25:12HCltrue P
22:25:30HCl :p
22:26:19 Join FRA|98702977 [0] (
22:26:37 Join Chamois [0] (
22:27:15 Quit edx (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:28:40Chamoistomas : you want a french ?
22:31:45 Quit Chamois (" HydraIRC -> <- 100,000+ downloads can't be wrong")
22:34:05 Quit uski (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
22:37:33 Nick FRA|98702977 is now known as uski (
22:40:29 Join matsl [0] (
22:43:25 Join amiconn [0] (
22:46:43 Quit ehntoo ("Leaving")
23:11:08t0masmake[1]: *** No rule to make target `@make'. Stop.
23:11:08t0masmake: *** [all] Error 2
23:11:20t0masweird error
23:16:13***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:31:40 Quit Harpy (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:33:31 Join edx [0] (
23:33:31 Quit gromit` (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:34:27 Join gromit` [0] (~gromit`
23:49:00 Join ashridah [0] (

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