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#rockbox log for 2005-06-02

00:00:05Tangledingthe actual experimental audio support in Rbx isn't that suitable
00:00:13Tangledinglet's wait a little bit
00:00:51crwlluckily i have my sennheiser px100's which i've found to sound best with flat eq already :P
00:01:33preglowsuitable? pfaw, it's perfectly suitable, it plays my files, and with no gap too
00:02:16CoCoLUSi have a pair of ex71s... quite common i think
00:02:33CoCoLUSand they really need a little added bass :)
00:03:03Tangledingmmm personaly i'll wait for WPS and more stable support
00:03:08HCldoes mp3 gapless work yet?
00:03:18CoCoLUSit might be a -really- dumb question
00:03:22CoCoLUSbut what does wps stand for? :)
00:03:26ehntooI just got a pair of Koss KSC-55's... they're great, but the bass is too heavy.
00:03:31dwihnoCoCoLUS: while-playing-screen
00:03:40CoCoLUSknew that of course ;)
00:04:47thegeekthere really is no need for any eq
00:04:49thegeekjust get a cmoy
00:04:50preglowHCl: he's working on it
00:05:08preglowthere's no _need_, but it's nice to have, even though i never use it myself
00:05:15preglowsome music is just plain badly recorded
00:07:09CoCoLUSit's personal taste... for me, a dap without at least b/t control is useless
00:07:22preglowit has no use
00:07:35preglowi believe you're exagerating there, but point taken :P
00:07:37Dave99woohoo - 2 hours later (having eventually building gcc 3.4.4) and I have built my first rockbox.iriver :o)
00:07:47CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
00:07:47*preglow applaudes like a madman
00:08:09TangledingVery impressive
00:08:15Dave99I wondered why I had never fancied unix before
00:08:18Dave99now I know why
00:08:24Tangleding(in fact i just get a compiled one from Chamois ;) )
00:08:47preglowDave99: cygwin is worse than unix
00:09:14Dave99now do I trust myself enough to acyually put it on my hp120?
00:09:41crwli did the same thing first time today and have no problems
00:09:53crwlthough I let my friend install the bootloader first on his unit, hehe
00:09:55Dave99cool, might give it a go in a bit
00:10:14TangledingHardly dangerous in fact
00:10:14ehntoospeaking of that
00:10:25Tangledingnot more than an iRiver fw upgrade
00:10:28ehntooI should really build my own version
00:10:36ehntoowith the sound patch, of course
00:10:57Tangleding(for the bootloader i think)
00:11:02Dave99I guess if something was really bad you can just boot into the iriver fw and delete/replace the rockbox
00:11:11ehntoono, you can't
00:11:23ehntooyeah, you can
00:11:29Tangledingif it sa daily build related issue yes
00:11:30ehntoobut if there were no build errors
00:11:40ehntooyou don't really have any dangers
00:11:48Tangledingbut if the ROM upgrade with bootloader HEX fail noway
00:11:50CoCoLUSas long as you didn't build the boot loader yourself... it's pretty safe
00:12:19Dave99oh I wouldnt mess with the bootloader myself - dont have the resucitation equipment!
00:12:42ehntooI think the only one with an IriverBDM is still LinusN
00:13:30Tangledingthink so too
00:14:00Tangledingbut anyone can make the merge between linusN bootloader and iRiver original hex with preglow fwpatcher ;)
00:14:06Tangledingwith no risk
00:14:54ehntoobut preglow hasn't updated it to recognize the 1.65 md5's yet
00:15:38Dave99it works with the 1.65 fw though
00:15:41amiconnIt worked for me, today...
00:15:51ehntoolast time I tried, it didn't
00:16:14preglowi don't get this
00:16:24amiconnThe MMC icon is a bit misplaced on the iriver...
00:16:28preglowuda lets you select if the treble range is to be 0-18db or 0-24db
00:16:32preglowwhat's the point?
00:16:47amiconnYou cant get it < 0 ?
00:16:57Tangledingmmm finaly lame is gapless too with actual patch?
00:17:01preglowbut ok
00:17:06preglowi'll hack in the limits and the uda call
00:17:56preglowwhat is super bass?
00:17:58preglowsome mas option?
00:18:03preglowi don't think uda does anything like it
00:18:05Tangledingi want to echo all this at HA place
00:18:13amiconnpreglow: yes
00:18:13preglowTangleding: please wait
00:18:20Tangledingmmm okay
00:18:36preglowTangleding: we'll have crude audio support in place soon, better wait until they can have something to play with
00:18:51amiconnThe MAS has loudness in addition to the usual treble+bass, and superbass shifts the center frequency for the loudness function
00:18:59Tangledingin fact HA is not MR or so
00:19:09amiconn...from 1 kHz to 2 kHz. This effectively boosts the bass
00:19:09preglowTangleding: no, and it doesn't really matter i guess
00:19:24Tangledingas you want
00:19:34preglowTangleding: it's just that people will want to try audio output, and the patch isn't that easy to apply right now
00:19:39preglowTangleding: so we get people asking for help all the time
00:19:46Tangledingokay i understand
00:19:57preglowTangleding: and it'll be very much easier once audio out is in cvs
00:20:00amiconnpreglow: MDB is another MAS only feature
00:20:23Tangledingin fact that was that i planned to post
00:20:32Tangledingokay i'll wait
00:20:42preglowwe should have some code in cvs fairly soon
00:20:45Tangledingi wish you aren't too annoyed by the fact
00:20:51preglowof course i'm not
00:20:53Tangledingthat at my french board
00:21:11Tangledingeveryone is informed of the recent audio progress
00:21:16amiconnpreglow: The MAS3507 (player) does have the basic controls only (volume, balance, treble, bass) plus stereo width
00:21:20preglowTangleding: no worries
00:22:03Tangleding(we were a lot iHP owner very interested in Rbx progress that's the point ;) )
00:22:39TangledingSo i gonna go
00:23:07preglowi wonder if there is a UDA define
00:23:16Tangledingjust feel free to inform HA guys from your own when you think it's okay
00:23:20Tangledinghere is the link
00:23:26preglowTangleding: you'll get your chance ;)
00:23:59Tangledingin fact i rather let more implicated person do this if there is
00:24:19preglowwe'll see
00:24:19Tangledingdon't know if there is Rbx members registered at HA place
00:24:40Tangledingif not no problem i or another guy should post the news
00:24:51preglowagain, we'll see
00:24:57preglowwhat happens happens
00:25:07preglowamiconn: you agree we should have a UDA1380 define?
00:25:20preglowamiconn: in case we get further ports using the UDA1380, but not the coldfire
00:25:32Tangledingso, so bye all guys
00:25:38preglowgood bye
00:25:43Tangledingdon't forget to sleep ;)
00:25:55*preglow nods and has another coffee
00:26:15 Join matsl [0] (
00:28:39 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
00:29:17preglowamiconn: why is the super bass option present for the mas3507 config if it can't use it?
00:29:19amiconnpreglow: I agree that there should be an UDA define
00:30:01amiconnThere is no super bass option on the player
00:30:28preglowlooks like its included in the settings to me
00:30:48preglowno, i'm just looking at the source :P
00:30:50preglowmight easily be mistaken
00:31:30amiconnThe global_settings structure contains many settings that aren't used on all units
00:31:38preglowahh, ok
00:31:53preglowi'm just looking at the maxval, etc, structs
00:31:55preglowin sound.c
00:31:57amiconnThe was some talk about this way back in time, even before I joined rockbox
00:33:15amiconnAh, yes, the arrays in sound.c are also unconditional
00:33:19 Join DangerousDan [0] (
00:33:31preglowthere's space to be saved, for sure
00:33:36preglowa teeny bit, at least
00:34:27amiconnIt seems this is because the #defines in sound.h telling which number is which settings are also fixed
00:34:31preglowbut yeah, what should this define look like? #define CONFIG_CODEC UDA1380, perhaps?
00:34:47preglowusing codec for that is a bit misleading, though
00:35:02preglowbut i can't think of anything more suitable
00:35:25amiconnYou could start with HAVE_UDA1380
00:35:38amiconn(similar to HAVE_DAC3550 on the player)
00:35:58amiconnThe MAS3507 doesn't have an integrated dac, so there is the 3550
00:36:13preglowi will define that for both sims and target
00:37:09preglowwell, so the eq-limits are the same for target and sim, for isntance
00:37:12preglowi wouldn't expect them to differ
00:37:52amiconnBtw, the sound.[ch] range arrays could use the method I used in the viewer plugin: making the setting types an enum (using #ifdefs), and then using designated initializers in sound.c
00:38:17preglowyeah, that's a good idea
00:40:00amiconnThe iriver firmware is able to initialise the remote lcd on the fly
00:40:15amiconn...something that rockbox still has to learn
00:40:18preglownot too hard, i'd guess
00:40:26preglowremote support is pretty recent
00:40:38preglowmax limit for treble is 6 db, for bass it's 24 db
00:40:40amiconnWe need a way to detect a plugged remote, and some thread to handle it
00:40:47preglowsomeone's worrying over people busting their ears
00:41:04amiconnOnly 6 dB max. treble? :(
00:41:45preglowbut i should only define HAVE_UDA1380 for target?
00:42:14preglowi guess it really doesn't matter much, the eq won't work for sims anyway
00:44:13preglowSlasheri: awake?
00:44:23 Join TCK [0] (
00:47:02 Join bg_ [0] (
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00:57:03HCl :/
00:58:55 Join tvelocity [0] (
01:00:51preglowanyone managed to have music playing in the background?
01:00:57preglowif not, i guess i wont be able to test this
01:03:52 Quit Harpy (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
01:05:56preglowlike initiate playback and then go look at the settings
01:06:05preglowi assume slasheri hasn't gotten around to that yet
01:06:24HCli thought that worked
01:06:27HClbut i haven't tried it at all
01:09:33 Join webguest77 [0] (
01:10:19webguest77Hi guys, why do I get an error while trying to patch the iriver firmware with firmwarepatcher.exe using wine?
01:10:54webguest77Error said, Couldn't modify existing file. Check if file is write-protected, then try again.
01:11:04webguest77I did check it, it was world writeable
01:11:24preglowi have no idea
01:11:27preglowi've never used it in wine
01:11:33*preglow produlates hcl
01:11:48webguest77hmm, maybe I'm missing something
01:11:50preglowahh, no, it was rasher who said that worked
01:12:02preglowwebguest77: it uses a temp dir
01:12:08*HCl dies from his injuries preglow inflicted
01:12:09preglowwebguest77: that might not be world writeable
01:12:19preglowHCl: the produlator isn't _that_ bad, now is it?
01:12:20webguest77preglow, I see :)
01:12:23HCl :P
01:12:27webguest77sudo would make it work, I guess
01:12:54preglowwebguest77: i don't know what that temp dir is in wine, in windows it's the temp dir that lies within each user's home directory
01:13:00preglowwebguest77: a sudo should most definitely do it
01:13:38webguest77preglow, nope, didn't work
01:13:52 Quit Dave99 (" HydraIRC -> <- The dawn of a new IRC era")
01:13:53preglowsomeone should bundle mkboot, scramble and descramble togheter and make a bash script that does the equivalent of fwpatcher.exe for linux
01:14:00HCli did that once.
01:14:12HClbut then i threw it away
01:14:19HCl :x
01:14:26HClit like
01:14:33HCldid the output of md5 to a file
01:14:36HClthen compared it
01:15:05webguest77ooh, dmesg gave a bunch of errors
01:15:12webguest77floppy0: disk absent or changed during operationend_request: I/O error, dev 02:00 (floppy), sector 0
01:15:18preglowof all things?
01:15:20webguest77sector from 0 to 8
01:15:49webguest77I have no floppy drives on this lappy
01:15:51HClwine always does that, i think :3
01:16:04*webguest77 goes edit wineconfig
01:16:20preglowbut it shouldn't really matter, now should it
01:17:04webguest77didnt work :(
01:17:21webguest77I guess I'll patch by hand then
01:17:27preglowoh well, i can't think of any way of finding out what's wrong apart from giving you a debug version of fwpatcher
01:17:34preglowand i can't compile windows stuff now, as i'm in linux
01:17:48webguest77that's fine preglow
01:17:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:18:01preglowwell, it pretty much has to be :>
01:18:25webguest77aye :)
01:18:34preglowsorry about that, someone should make a patcher for linuxes as well
01:19:02preglowi guess a simple shell thing should do there
01:19:37webguest77you have to compile the scramble, mkboot, descramble from cvs?
01:20:56preglowgod, i just got a urge to code fwpatcher in gtk!
01:21:08preglowi'm going to go put myself to sleep before it's too late
01:21:13preglowsee y'all later
01:21:29 Quit preglow ("skvettlapp")
01:21:40webguest77later preglow,
01:26:22 Part MoosCamaro
01:40:34HClpreglow ish silly.
01:42:04 Join jipi [0] (
01:42:09 Join ashridah [0] (
01:42:11HClwhat country is that?
01:42:52HClsingapore is a country? o_o
01:42:58HCli thought it was a capital
01:43:06ashridahit's a small island
01:43:10ashridahif memory serves
02:07:29 Quit webguest77 ("CGI:IRC")
02:21:40 Join StrathAFK [0] (
02:32:19 Quit jipi ("Leaving")
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03:27:43 Join XavierGr [0] (
03:28:02XavierGrhello all!
03:28:22 Join amiconn_ [0] (
03:28:32XavierGrDoes anyone here know details about the lcd_putsxy function?
03:29:48bill2or3I'm thinking of getting an iriver
03:29:58bill2or3anyone have a opinion on H34 vs H10?
03:30:13XavierGrwell hurry up if you want an iHP-140. They are out of stock
03:30:25bill2or3err, H340
03:30:30bill2or3do you have one?
03:30:45XavierGrI am a proud owner of an iHP-140
03:30:46ashridahH10's based on portalplayer isn't it? and doesn't portalplayer bite?
03:30:57bill2or3how do you like it xavier
03:31:46XavierGrI am crazy about it. I carry it with me all the time, not only to hear to all of my music, but also to be able to exchange between computers files
03:32:31XavierGrEven more I have partitioned the drive to 2 segments which the first has knoppix Linux installed and I can load my OS whenever I like in any computer
03:33:01XavierGrWait and see when Rockbox porting is complete for the iHP!!
03:42:50bill2or3you can just mount it as a mass storage device and copy your mp3's on to it right? no drivers or special software needed?
03:43:57ashridahthe 1xx and 3xx range, yes. (although the latter supposedly works as a protected wma capable device specifically with windows too)
03:44:16ashridahthe H10, no idea.
03:44:29ashridahbill2or3: you might want to look up reviews on places like
03:45:50 Join sils [0] (
03:45:56 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:45:56 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
03:46:11bill2or3thanks ashridah
03:47:49 Quit sils (Client Quit)
03:49:02bill2or3is misticriver pretty much the biggest iriver fan site?
03:52:04XavierGramiconn: do you know details about the lcd_setfont api function?
03:55:31XavierGror where can i find some maybe?
04:01:34 Quit XavierGr ()
04:15:35 Quit thegeek (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
04:35:38Rickbill2or3: yes, too bad it sucks. ;P
04:43:23 Join bipak [0] (
04:50:07 Quit bipak_ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
04:53:11 Join Stryke` [0] (
04:59:08 Join DMJC [0] (
05:00:45 Quit tvelocity ("Leaving")
05:14:30 Quit edx ()
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07:23:33 Join Bager [0] (~Bager@
07:24:05 Join jamesshuang [0] (
07:24:33jamesshuanghey slasheri, just wanted to thank and congratulate you on your progress!
07:25:09jamesshuangI got the compiler and the patch, and it is really REALLY cool... the fade out on stop is really amazing... Looking forward to seeing what this will be like when it's finished!
07:26:27 Part jamesshuang
07:46:10 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
07:46:18 Join ashridah [0] (
07:50:16amiconnmorning @all
07:53:15Bagermorning, amiconn ;)
08:08:48LinusNman, ogg's buffer handling is really perverse
08:12:17amiconnLinusN: Is it a big hassle to hook up the logic analyser to the recorder and record the recording timing behaviour?
08:13:12zeamiconn: thats a lot of 'record'
08:25:07amiconnLinusN: I'm not talking about current cvs. I optimised my new transfer routine a bit more. It should decrease recording interrupt rate (number of accepted interrupts) from 1 per 30 bytes to ~1 per frame
08:26:01amiconnI also found that the interrupt is more reliable _for recording_ when set to level sensitive
08:35:41 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
08:39:13 Join oxygen77 [0] (
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08:40:00 Join amiconn_ [0] (
08:40:14 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
08:40:14 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
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08:46:36 Join Harpy [0] (
08:47:53 Quit webguest27 (Client Quit)
08:49:33LinusNamiconn: i removed the test leads from my recorder last week :-(
08:52:58LinusNSlasheri: i'm puzzled by your buffer locking
08:54:03LinusNyou shouldn't need to lock the buffer at all
08:54:41LinusNooops! fire alarm, gotta go
08:55:19bill2or3how does the iHP-120 compare to the 320?
08:56:10ashridahuh. no colour vs colour and a different ui?
08:56:23ashridahoh, the 3xx can play some types of video as well
08:56:28BagerH3x0 has USB 1.1 Host
08:56:37Bager262k color screen 220x176
08:56:56Bagerand H3x0 has S/PDIF in & out
08:57:08ashridahah, that's right. has usb-on-the-go
08:57:18Bageri mean H1x0 has S/PDIF In & out, and H3x0 doesn't have one
08:57:36 Join einhirn [0] (
08:57:56BagerH1x0 - 2bit grayscale (white + 2 shades of grey + black) display
08:58:10BagerH3x0 can record officially from FM tuner
08:58:32BagerH1x0 can't, but probably could with Rockbox
08:58:37SlasheriLinusN: Hmm, that might be true. I am more familiar programming with pre-emptire kernels so it's possible that i have placed unncesessary locks in the code :)
08:58:39bill2or3but the 120 is a lot closer to having rockbox working, right?
08:59:00BagerH3x0 can charge from USB, H1x0 cannot officially
08:59:03Bagerbill2or3 yes
08:59:24*bill2or3 listen
08:59:33Bager1) i don't think that H3x0 port is so far in the future
08:59:45Bager2) H1x0 are very rare
08:59:50Bagerand expensive
08:59:56bill2or3I'm shopping for a player and it's so hard to find decent info without digging thru 3005 forum posts
09:00:07bill2or3I'm really liking the iriver H10 atm
09:00:27Bagerbill2or3 rockbox port on it is not even planned...
09:00:54bill2or3yeah, I know.
09:01:06bill2or3but the touch-controller is nice
09:01:18bill2or3although I'd really like somthing w/ rockbox
09:03:47crwlthose iAudio things are nice, too
09:03:49bill2or3how usefull is the little lcd remote?
09:03:56Bagerbill2or3 very :)
09:04:05bill2or3the remotes are cheap on ebay too
09:04:33Bagerbut you have to know that H3x0 doesn't come with LCD remote ... but the H1x0's one works perfectly & also there is H3x0 LCD one as accessory
09:04:51Bagerthe last is sold mainly in korea ...
09:04:58bill2or3how stable is the rockbox 120 port?
09:05:05Bagerbut some koreans are very helpful
09:06:20bill2or3if only the 340 had the touch controller this decision would be easy
09:06:47bill2or3are the 1x0 and 3x0 on similar hardware, to make porting easy?
09:12:31Bagerpretty similar
09:12:43 Join DMJC [0] (
09:13:33Bagerthe big differences are the screen, USBOTG chip ...
09:13:36 Quit DMJC (Client Quit)
09:15:12Bagersee and
09:18:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:19:47*bill2or3 looks
09:19:49bill2or3thanks bager
09:20:03bill2or3the 340 looks good, but it's pretty expensive.
09:20:10bill2or3I'll sleep on it.
09:20:58Bagerbill2or3 atm 140 is more expensive (i think), it's out of production for nearly a year (afaik)
09:21:20bill2or3usbot lets you transfer files striaight from your camera, right?
09:21:28LinusNSlasheri: if you use a ring buffer with a read and a write pointer, you can have a lock-free buffer even with a preemptive kernel
09:21:30bill2or3there's a 140 on ebay for like $280..
09:21:36BagerLinusN have you had a look at H3x0's components? In particular, do you have any idea where's the RTC located ? just curious
09:21:52bill2or3or maybe it's a 120
09:22:01LinusNBagder: i assume the rtc is in the real-time power management chip
09:22:08LinusNbager, sorry
09:22:14BagerLinusN np;)
09:22:43Bageryou mean Philips PCF50606 ?
09:23:23Bagerthere's no info about it on the philips site...
09:23:32Bagerdatasheet i mean
09:24:31BagerOptional 32-kHz Xtal oscillator output for generating real-time clock
09:26:03SlasheriLinusN: Aah :) Anyway, i will change that buffer to ring buffer soon
09:26:44LinusNagain, look at mpeg.c
09:26:52SlasheriLinusN: And now it's possible to reload a new song to codec on the fly without reloading the codec
09:27:06LinusNcare to share?
09:27:17SlasheriSoon, not yet ready :)
09:29:14 Join bobTHC [0] (
09:29:22bobTHCmornin' folks !
09:50:15*Bager is silly
09:50:51*Bager occasionally closed the wiki tab he was editing ...
10:09:39 Nick Lynx_awy is now known as Lynx_ (HydraIRC@
10:10:25 Join ghode|afk [0] (
10:16:30 Join preglow [0] (
10:20:55Bagerhi, preglow
10:22:10amiconnLinusN: Too bad you removed the test leads :(
10:23:11LinusNi had them on for so long
10:28:05 Join ted2005 [0] (
10:28:31LinusNtime to reboot
10:28:32 Part LinusN
10:29:31BagerSlasheri where is the code u're writing
10:30:08*ashridah idly wonders why the development Slasheri is doing isn't going into a branch of rockbox's cvs
10:30:29Bagermaybe because it's not ready enough to be there ? ;)
10:30:50ashridahi said a branch, not HEAD
10:31:23SlasheriBager: Older snapshot from yeasterday is here:
10:31:33Bager10x ;)
10:31:43SlasheriNow i have fixed one bug with mp3 playing and still trying to do gapless. Maybe i will take a snapshot today :)
10:32:45Bagerjust do it;)
10:33:28Bagergrr silly firefox
10:33:41crwli got an illegal instruction yesterday while playing an mp3 and trying to launch some plugin... but i suppose it's just normal now :)
10:33:43SlasheriI am currently taking wav dumps from codec outputs and analyzing them better to find out why there is some interesting noise/glitch during track switch
10:34:27Slashericrwl: Yes, currently plugins doesn't work at same time
10:37:07ghode|afkdoes anyone have a roxkbox + Slasheri's patch online somewhere? :p
10:39:58preglowSlasheri: so, it's possible to do other stuff while music is playing?
10:41:07 Join oxygen77 [0] (
10:41:56Chamoissometimes i need to reload original iriver fimware and reload rockbox after to have sound under rockbox
10:42:11Chamoisdo you have this problem ?
10:42:13Slasheripreglow: of course
10:42:33preglowSlasheri: how? i couldn't manange that
10:42:54Slasheripreglow: but there is bugs with the wps integration, so it's not possible to use the file browser unless you press pause a few times
10:43:11SlasheriHmm. try A-B. That should give you the setup menu
10:43:45preglowyeah, that's what i want, i started porting the bass and treble settings to h120 yesterday
10:43:48preglowbut couldn't test it
10:44:43BagerSlasheri playback.c : probe_file_format : afaics "flac" is 4 symbols ...,
10:44:47Slasheridid you try the a-b button or you tried to access the setup?
10:45:17SlasheriBager: ah :)
10:45:28SlasheriWill be fixed later
10:45:35Bagernever mind, just saw it at first sight ;)
10:45:43Slasherithanks ;)
10:46:12Bagerheh, for nothing
10:47:06Bageri think we must thank you ;)
10:47:35preglowSlasheri: no worries, i bet it'll work next time i try it
10:47:50Slasheripreglow: oki :)
10:48:04Slasherii hope too
10:49:52Chamoisanyone has the sound problem i mentionned ?
10:50:25SlasheriHmm, that is weird. I don't have that
10:50:41 Join sox [0] (
10:51:07SlasheriHowever, you should restart rockbox everytime you press the stop button. And after started playing, you have to adjust the volum
10:51:14SlasheriBut then it should work
10:51:17Chamoisi know that
10:51:32Chamoisbut sometimes i have no sound when i restart rockbox
10:51:34soxSlasheri: are you working on what is gonna be the sound api or are there parallell dev on this right now?
10:51:37Chamoisand have to relaod iriver firm
10:52:04Chamoislike the uda is not initialized correctly
10:52:27 Join LinusN [0] (
10:52:57Slasherisox: Maybe this could be the sound api in future..
10:53:19SlasheriChamois: What iriver do you have?
10:53:33preglowLinusN: should i add uda1380_set_treble, etc, to uda1380.c or just fiddle bits around in sound.c ?
10:53:38 Join XavierGr [0] (
10:53:47Slasherii have the same and no that kind of problems :/
10:53:57LinusNpreglow: do as you like
10:54:15XavierGrHello all!
10:54:18Chamoissame problem appears on an other iriver h120 of one my friend
10:54:28Slasherihi XavierGr :)
10:54:38preglowokies, just wondered if there was any reason you have no eq functions for the mas
10:54:40soxmaybe im trippin on ice here, but what do you think LinusN of Slasheri's work...?
10:55:09LinusNi think it's great
10:55:18LinusNbut it needs some work
10:55:30soxdoes that mean that it might be the sound api?
10:55:40LinusNi've been wanting to commit it for some time, but something always comes in the way
10:55:50soxyour sound api?
10:56:17soxhow far does it reach, beyond 15 secs? ;-)
10:57:53ChamoisSlasheri : i know some people who have the same problem
10:58:03Chamoisso it is a little problem in rockbox
10:58:19SlasheriChamois: Hmm, yes.. It might be the uda initialization problem
11:01:03XavierGrcould someone tell me please how to conclude sh-elf-gcc when i type make to compile rockbox?
11:02:08XavierGrm68k-elf-gcc: not found
11:02:19 Quit ghode|afk ()
11:02:21XavierGrI get this error
11:04:02SlasheriYou should compile m68k compiler..
11:04:26SlasheriThere are some howtos on the web
11:06:24SlasheriLinusN: Hmm, do you think if there is currently any big problems preventing the commit?
11:07:04LinusNSlasheri: not really
11:07:12Slasheriok :)
11:07:17LinusNi'd like to see your latest stuff
11:08:42SlasheriHmm.. I will put it online. There is no ring buffer yet and the codec loader is still quite dumb (being fixed soon)
11:09:01Slasherimp3s are almost gapless, but there are some weird interference during the switch
11:09:28Chamoisslasheri : you don't have cvs access?
11:09:39SlasheriChamois: not yet :)
11:10:35Slasheriand still this shouldn't get committed before it's stable enough
11:11:16amiconnLinusN: Did you notice my new patch to fix gcc 3.4.4 builds on cygwin?
11:11:27LinusNyes i did
11:11:37XavierGrbut isnt m68k-elf-gcc gets installed when I installed cygwin?
11:12:14ashridahXavierGr: a cross compiler for m68k-class cpus isn't included with cygwin
11:12:42XavierGrso I cant really compile rockbox if I have made some changes?
11:14:15Bagertwiki spam
11:15:57XavierGrSpeaking of it I have made some changes in calculator.c for the iriver, to fit the screen better....
11:16:26preglowmy god, how i love wiki spammers
11:16:37preglowshoot to kill
11:16:54XavierGrdo you think that i must make the changes as a different plug-in for iriver, or the code must see if is archos or iriver?
11:17:30rasherthe way it's been done for the other plugins is to use the LCD_WIDTH and LCD_HEIGHT defines
11:18:02***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:19:04Bageri hope i cleared it correctly ...
11:19:08XavierGryes but do I need to write code that will automatically adjust the size or the screen (archos, iriver) or make a different .c file of the plug-in
11:19:36XavierGrI see that this kind of automation is done when buttons are configured.
11:20:51rasherOnly one .c file
11:29:29XavierGraslo I would like to clear something about lcd_setfont() function. Some plugins call it with the FONT_SYSFIXED argument and when I change it to an integer value nothing really changes. What FONT_SYSFIXED means?
11:31:26LinusNit's the system fixed width font
11:31:49bobTHCit's to force the use of the fixed size font, imho
11:32:17LinusNyou can choose between FONT_SYSFIXED and FONT_UI
11:32:51LinusNFONT_UI is the font selected by the user
11:33:25LinusNlunch time
11:35:25XavierGrso i can't type lcd_setfont(10) and change the font right?
11:35:33 Join Dave99 [0] (
11:38:27bobTHCu have to choose between using the fixed size width font & between the one defined by the user, imho
11:42:37HClso whats new? uda not initialized properly?
11:44:12XavierGrbobTHC:yes you are right indeed. But what if I want to define another font size for the plug-in?
11:44:41 Quit oxygen77 ("CGI:IRC")
11:44:46amiconnXavierGr: You can't
11:45:34amiconnlcd_setfont() never defines sizes, it merely selects fonts (which can have any size in case of the user-selectable font)
11:45:37XavierGrI fixed claculator.c to extend all the way into the iriver screen but it would be nice to have a larger font!
11:45:47oddwhat about parts of the interface where it pays to have a larger font, like when displaying the time signature when playing
11:46:27amiconnImho the default font should be a little larger on iriver, but maybe that's just me
11:46:39HClmaybe we could enlarge the font with an option?
11:46:41oddi could design a new font
11:46:46XavierGramiconn:so lcd_setfont() can only take 2 values?
11:47:06amiconnXavierGr: yup
11:47:15oddi'm dying to contribute to this project, but i don't code :(
11:47:37amiconnodd: The current sysfont is 6x8. I'd vote for an 8x10 or 8x11 font
11:48:04oddwhere can i get image tiles of the current fonts available on iriver?
11:48:20bobTHCbut be aware XavierGr, i don't think u can mix fonts for the moment...
11:48:34XavierGrodd: I dont know very much of programing too, but this is a great experiance for me to get better and contribute too...
11:48:34crwlare pixels on archos devices much larger than on the iriver lcd?
11:48:45crwli find the default font definitely too small on iriver
11:49:05rasherodd: but it's a bit outdated I think
11:49:17oddthanks though
11:49:24oddi'll see what i can do
11:49:26rasherthink it has most of them though
11:49:39amiconncrash_: Yes, the pixels on archos are significantly larger
11:50:01Bagerwhy's this: Any BDF font file up to 16 pixels high should be usable with Rockbox.
11:50:02rasheramiconn: do you know how these images were created?
11:50:06amiconnThe archos lcd has the same vertical resolution as the iriver remote lcd, but almost twice the height...
11:50:37amiconnBah, this was directed to crwl
11:51:23amiconnrasher: tools/bdf2bmp.c
11:51:34XavierGrbut why not use the lcd_setfont to take already installed fonts as an argument?
11:51:59bobTHCthe function miss that"s all
11:52:05crwli was able to open and edit those bdf files with fontforge, but didn't like the UI :P
11:52:56rashercrwl: you'll be hard-pressed to find a bdf editor with an interface that doesn't make you want to poke your own eyes out, I've found
11:53:10 Join MoosCamaro [0] (
11:53:13amiconncrwl: I used pfaedit for rockbox font work
11:53:16MoosCamaroHi guys
11:53:30crwlamiconn, i think fontforge was previously called pfaedit
11:53:58Bagerwin_croxXY.bdf are M$-CP1251, aren't they ?
11:55:33amiconnBager: The 16 pixel height limit comes from 2 facts. (1) Old lcd_bitmap() couldn't handle higher bitmaps, but that was fixed long ago.
11:57:05Bageryes ?
11:57:07amiconn(2) The font buffer size is limited
11:57:30amiconnThis limit should probably increased for iriver
11:58:22*rasher sets out to create a Fonts wikipage
11:58:23Bageramiconn about win_crox..'s codepages?
11:58:41amiconnOn archos, font heights > 16 px don't make much sense, but they might on iriver
11:58:58rasherthere sure are a lot of images to upload :-\
11:59:05*Bager plans to update bulgarian language, but.. i must build at least simulator ...
11:59:22rashernot to mention the fonts themself
11:59:30 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
11:59:36amiconnBager: Yeps, they are win-1251
11:59:58Bageryep, i can't believe it ;)
12:00:06XavierGrhere is what the calculator seems on iriver
12:00:13 Join ashridah [0] (
12:00:13bobTHCit's important to try to keep the UI code "portable" and to avoid specific target code, imho it's better to just use "iriver specific font" than coding it
12:00:14 Quit ashridah (Client Quit)
12:00:15rasherI don't think I can cope with uploading 150 files through the wiki attach system..
12:00:24SlasheriLinusN:, it includes mainly some bugfixes for mp3 playing etc.
12:00:34 Join ashridah [0] (
12:01:45rasherXavierGr: would the same code still work on other targets? That is, is the old code still in there?
12:02:05rasheralso, shouldn't the labels be moved a pixel or two up?
12:02:18Bageralso : asi = asin
12:02:20Bageretc ;)
12:02:49Bageri think there's enough room for one character more
12:02:59XavierGrrasher:yeah now that you metnion it....
12:03:56 Join crwl_ [0] (
12:04:12XavierGrbut no the code will not run fine on other targets. Maybe I will have to rewrite an if statement to choose the target.
12:04:28XavierGrsomething as the button handling I suppose right?
12:04:32 Quit crwl (Nick collision from services.)
12:04:36 Nick crwl_ is now known as crwl (
12:04:48rasherXavierGr: exactly.. everywhere the code differs.. do something like
12:04:55Bager<XavierGr> #ifdef ...
12:05:00rasher#if LCD_WIDTH == 128
12:05:19rashereh, 160
12:05:31Bageri think the correct one is #if CONFIG_KEYPAD =... just a sec
12:05:43rasher<original code>
12:05:57HClwe should have a proper TARGET define
12:06:03HClrather than keypad and lcd width
12:06:04rasherthere is
12:06:08rasher#ifdef IRIVER_h11
12:06:36rasherand I assume the same holds true for the other targets
12:06:44XavierGrdoes the #ifdef statement has to be outside functions?
12:07:10XavierGrok fine
12:07:12BagerHCl if it's #if for keypad - use keypad define ...
12:07:13rasheryou can use them in many twisted ways - they are processed before the code is compiled
12:07:22HClyea, ok
12:07:45Bager#if CONFIG_KEYPAD == IRIVER_H100_PAD
12:08:03Bagertaken from /apps/plugins/calculator.c
12:08:28rasherAnd when it's for screen-size related changes, use LCD_WIDTH/HEIGHT
12:08:34XavierGrwhat if I use the same method for the keypad, like this:
12:08:35XavierGr#elif CONFIG_KEYPAD == ONDIO_PAD
12:08:35DBUGEnqueued KICK XavierGr
12:08:35XavierGr#elif CONFIG_KEYPAD == IRIVER_H100_PAD
12:09:04 Quit sox ("The computer fell asleep")
12:09:10XavierGrand the write the code respecively
12:10:05BagerXavierGr what's depends on the architecture in this case ?
12:10:10Bagerscreen size, keypad ?
12:10:56XavierGrits about screen size, but the way I see it all we care is to run the right code on the right target
12:10:58rasherscreen size
12:11:09Bageryes, i made a mistake
12:11:22Bagerdon't use these defines
12:11:31XavierGrso if i type the #if about the keypad the good code will run anyway for the right target
12:11:39rasherDon't do that
12:11:44rasheruse the screen size
12:12:01Bagerit's the correct logical compare
12:12:04rasherobvious case: when the h300 port happens
12:12:16Bageryes :)
12:12:18rasherwe'd have to change the defines to match the h300 as well
12:12:35rasherwith this, it'll just see that it's the same (or larger) lcd size
12:12:37Bagerwhere are defined all these things ?
12:12:44rasherand use the correct code right away
12:12:51rasherin firmware/config I think
12:12:59rasherMan, chicago's a limited font :(
12:13:00XavierGrok I will try to search a bit about the LCD_WIDTH/HEIGHT
12:13:33BagerXavierGr wait a bit
12:13:49rasherThe best way, I think, is to calculate the width of the fields as LCD_WIDTH/5, and then use that
12:14:06rasherthat will hold true for any lcd size
12:14:25rasherand the height as, say, LCD_HEIGHT/8
12:14:29rasheror what have you
12:15:27XavierGrwell to tell you the truth with this code all I have to change were 4 values, but yes the way you say it, it's more fitted
12:15:55rasherProbably isn't that hard then
12:15:56 Quit Bager (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:16:14XavierGrI changed #define REC_HEIGHT 15 /* blank height = 9 */
12:16:14XavierGr#define REC_WIDTH 32 /* blank width = 21 */
12:16:31XavierGrthe start values where 10 and 22
12:16:32 Join Bager [0] (~Bager@
12:17:05rasherjust #define REC_HEIGHT LCD_HEIGHT/something
12:17:24XavierGrit is all automated once you change these values all grid lines are changed respectively
12:17:41XavierGr(except the digits that are printed)
12:18:28rasherarrr, fontforge really doesn't like chicago12.bdf
12:19:09XavierGrwell calculator is easy to modify but It will be very difficult for lets say rockblox!!
12:19:49XavierGrmaybe a complete rewrite will be needed there...
12:19:50rasherrockblox' been done actually
12:19:57rasherthere's a patch in the patch tracker
12:20:09XavierGrohh that's good
12:20:10rasherbut yes, obviously some are easier than others
12:20:31XavierGralso I modiefied snake2 a little
12:20:58XavierGryou can change 2 values and there it goes full screen. The problem is the levels.
12:21:24XavierGrBecause when you enlarge the screen size the levels stay the same
12:21:50rasherThat's not the right solution in my opinion
12:22:12rasherThe better way would be to use the same levels, but draw them with larger graphics
12:22:53XavierGryes that the best way, but the coder nust dive into the draw routines of the levels...
12:23:24rasherYes, it'll take a fair bit of work
12:24:14XavierGrI dont know much about coding but it must be a little more difficult to read code rather than right...
12:24:35XavierGrread I mean someone else's code
12:24:45Bagerright = write ?
12:24:58XavierGryeah silly me!
12:25:19Bagerheh, my english is worse than your ;)
12:27:17XavierGrcould you remind me the screen resolution for archos and iriver?
12:27:23preglowSlasheri: i need to add all the files in the right places and then patch?
12:27:42 Join niobos [0] (
12:29:19XavierGrbingo thanks
12:29:39XavierGrare you going to implement plug-ins into the remote screen too?
12:30:08rasherthat'd be great
12:30:36rasherThe logo and snow already have
12:30:40XavierGryeah but also hard?
12:30:43Bagerfor some, for others it'll be unnecessary
12:30:55rasherI'll try playing with snake2 a bit
12:31:35BagerXavierGr there are specific functions for remote LCD
12:31:52XavierGrwait a sec do you mean that the remote is working fully with rockbox as it concerns basic graphics and buttons?
12:31:58Bageryes :)
12:32:19Bagerbut most of the plugins and rockbox itself don't use it
12:32:39XavierGrbecause when I test rockbox on my iHP the remote LCD shows only the logo. Nothing button presses or menus.
12:32:43rasherAre the buttons available yet?
12:32:53Bagerrasher afaik
12:32:59rasherI know the driver's working, but are there defines for them?
12:33:30rasherXavierGr: try the logo plugin
12:33:45XavierGrrasher: That's what I know too. The driver is working but there are no defines so the remote doesnt do a thing
12:34:16CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
12:34:16*XavierGr rashes to test the remote
12:34:50Bager if (!remote_button_hold())
12:34:50Bager {
12:34:50Bager data = adc_scan(ADC_REMOTE);
12:34:50DBUGEnqueued KICK Bager
12:34:50Bager if (data < 0x74)
12:34:50Bager if (data < 0x40)
12:34:51***Alert Mode level 1
12:34:51Bager if (data < 0x20)
12:34:53Bager if(data < 0x10)
12:34:55Bager btn = BUTTON_RC_STOP;
12:35:05rasherah, so it is
12:35:06Bagersorry for the flood
12:35:53Bageras far as i can see there is no way to distinguish whether the button pressed is on the remote or on the unit
12:36:06rashersure there is
12:36:15rasherBUTTON_RC_STOP vs. BUTTON_OFF
12:36:37Bageroh, yes
12:36:47XavierGr*whistle* it is snowing around here! :)
12:36:51Bagerheh ... i read RC as 'ReCorder"...
12:37:16Bagerso it's fully functional
12:37:36rasherSomeone asked a while ago how iRiver detected thepresence of the remote.. quite simple - ADC_REMOTE is 0 when it isn't plugged in, and FF (or a button-press) when it's plugged in
12:37:37Slasheripreglow: yes, you should add the files before you compile
12:37:42XavierGrwell whenever I press a button on the remote only the backlight is on nothing else
12:37:51Slasherior if you don't, make will fail
12:38:00rasherXavierGr: As said, no plugins, nor rockbox use the remote buttons yet
12:38:16XavierGryes as I thought...
12:38:50Bagerbtw what's that BUTTON_RC_BITRATE
12:39:04rasherjust another button
12:39:23rasherlabeled "Bitrate"
12:39:29Bageron the remote ???
12:39:52Bagerthere's button labeled "bitrate" on the H1x0's remote control ???
12:40:00Slasheriyes there is :D
12:40:02rasherIt has more buttons than the main unit in fact
12:40:06Bagerwtf ??
12:40:06niobosjep, on the top, sliding to the right
12:40:10crwlis there?
12:40:13Bagerrasher same with h3x0's LDC remote
12:40:18crwlthere is :)
12:40:26Bagerbut there is no such button
12:40:42Bagerrasher what's its function with original firmware
12:40:48crwlright on the third jog wheel
12:41:10niobosit can be used as a "directory forward"
12:41:17crwlhm, does that button do anything else on the original firmware except in recording mode?
12:41:18niobosbut also to change the bitrate in the recording-thing
12:41:20rasherBager: I'm guessing it changes bitrate of recordings, but I don't really know
12:41:49crwli haven't used my remote much at all, only few times when biking more than few minutes
12:42:22rasherI use mine almost exclusively
12:42:39Bagerthe H3x0's one has [+,-,<,>, press] - joystick , [mode, stop (as press), a-b]- bottom & [prev 10, play/pause as press, next 10] - top
12:42:48niobosmee too, becaust the cable from the headphones is realy short...
12:43:15CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
12:43:15*Bager too
12:43:32rasherBager: got any pictures of this remote handy?
12:43:45Bagerbut it's supposed, as the H3x0 doesn't come with remote control and i bought one
12:43:46crwlwell, my headphone cable is long enough if i keep the player in my pocket
12:43:52Bagerrasher ... i can scan if you want
12:43:58Bagerscan it
12:44:31Bagerbut there are good scans of it
12:44:36Bager@ misticriver
12:44:50Bageri'll try to find
12:44:52***Alert Mode OFF
12:46:31rasher(about the remote detection - I lied.. adc_remote doesn't turn to 00 when you remove the remote)
12:48:31XavierGriRiver Screen: 160 Height - 128 Width or the other way around? I am confused...
12:48:42rasherother way round
12:48:57niobosit's definitely a "landscape" screen, so indeed
12:49:38XavierGrso #if LCD_WIDTH==160 is true right?
12:49:44niobosI guess
12:50:57rasherAny devs around? amiconn, LinusN, Bagder?
12:51:13 Quit Bager (""In the other world, in paradise, the beauty of women surpassed even the beauty of Bulgarian women" Adaloloddin Mohammed Balhi")
12:51:49 Join Bager [0] (~Bager@
12:54:05Bagerrasher did you see it ?
12:54:06 Join edx [0] (
12:54:17*Bagder is here
12:54:22rasherBager: no?
12:54:31Bagerrasher i mean the H3x0 remote
12:54:44rasherBagder: any objections to adding a CONFIG_REMOTE_KEYPAD define?
12:55:00rasherBagder: ah yes, I did.
12:55:35rasherBagder: just needs to be added in config-h100.h right?
12:56:15Bagderif it is a multiple select define, the values to select from is defined in config.h
12:56:35rasheroh of course
12:56:39Bagerrasher i accustomed to mess up my nick...
12:56:54*rasher thinks some more
12:57:11rasherI guess that's all then
12:58:28rasherI'd call it IRIVER_H100_REMOTE_PAD .. but that's sortof.. verbose and huge
12:59:09XavierGrrasher: do you think something like this is good? It worked fine for the targets in the simulator.
12:59:09XavierGr#if LCD_WIDTH == 112
12:59:09XavierGr#define REC_HEIGHT 10
12:59:09XavierGr#define REC_WIDTH 22
12:59:09XavierGr#elif LCD_WIDTH == 160
12:59:10***Alert Mode level 1
12:59:10XavierGr#define REC_HEIGHT 15
12:59:12XavierGr#define REC_WIDTH 32
12:59:47BagerXavierGr or maybe
12:59:53Bager#if LCD_WIDTH == 112
12:59:55Bagderwhat's the REC_* for ?
13:00:06rashercalculator plugin
13:00:07Bager#define REC_WIDTH 22
13:00:22rasherwhy it's called REC_ is anyone's guess
13:00:27Bager#elif LCD_WIDTH == 160
13:00:31BagerRECtangle ?
13:00:33Bagderis that number of digits then or what is the number?
13:00:49rasherpixel-width of the rectangle
13:00:56rasherBager: good catch
13:01:19BagerXavierGr i mean to set REC_WIDTH based on LCD_WIDTH and REC_HEIGHT based on LCD_HEIGHT
13:01:32BagderI think you should use >= and not ==
13:01:49Bagdersoon there will be a h3x0 lcd as well
13:01:52Bageror maybe REC_WIDTH LCD_WIDTH/10
13:02:04rasher#if LCD_WIDTH >= 160
13:02:11rasher#define REC_WIDTH 32
13:02:15BagerBagder yes, but then it'll be smaller and not well positioned
13:02:19rasher#elif LCD_WIDTH >= 112
13:02:28rasher#define REC_WIDTH 22
13:02:29Bagderor LCD_WIDTH/5
13:02:37 Quit niobos ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.11")
13:02:40Bagerwell, H3x0's LCD is 220 wide, 176 px tall
13:03:02rasherBager: it's still better than erroring out
13:03:26rasherplus if someone comes up with a 170px wide screen
13:03:29Bagerbut the best is #define REC_WIDTH LCD_WIDTH/something
13:03:36Bagderwe should actually consider enabling a h3x0 simulator
13:03:56rasherBagder: sounds like a good idea
13:04:24 Nick Bager is now known as Bger (~Bager@
13:04:29XavierGrwhat about:
13:04:29XavierGr#if LCD_WIDTH == 112 && LCD_HEIGHT == 64
13:04:29XavierGr#elif LCD_WIDTH == 160 && LCD_HEIGHT == 128
13:04:31Bagdersounds like a job for me
13:04:36XavierGrto be more precise
13:04:50BgerXavierGr i don't think it's necessary
13:05:04rasherThat just limits it more
13:05:26XavierGryeah imagine to have a screen of 160*150
13:06:03rasherBagder: any suggestions for a h100 remote keypad define name?
13:06:37Bagderperhaps just REMOTEH100
13:06:52Bagderit isn't terribly important
13:06:56Bagderwe can always change
13:06:58rashersounds good
13:07:09Bgerrasher better REMOTE_H100
13:07:51rasheractually, I'm going to do H100_REMOTE, since the keypads have model first
13:09:11***Alert Mode OFF
13:10:48XavierGr122%5=22 right?
13:11:04XavierGrnow wrong
13:11:42rasherif % means what I think it does
13:11:44Bgeryes, 2....
13:12:04XavierGr112%5=4 or 22
13:12:24rasherI'm confused.
13:12:32 Join niobos [0] (
13:12:34Bagder112%5 = 2
13:12:50XavierGrI want to divide 112 to make it 22
13:12:51Bagderif % is remainder
13:12:58Bagder112/5 is 22
13:13:04XavierGrbut 112 / 5 = 22.4
13:13:17Bagderif you use floats, yes
13:13:17rasherso there's 2 pixels left
13:13:27rasher(LCD_WIDTH - 2) / 5
13:13:32XavierGrso 112 % 5 = 4?
13:13:41Bagder112%5 = 2
13:13:56Bagdersince 22*5 = 110
13:14:09rasherin fact
13:14:15XavierGrresher thanks thats more suited
13:14:21rasher#define REC_WIDTH (LCD_WIDTH - 2) / 5
13:14:28rashershould work for all screens
13:14:39Bagderwhy -2 ?
13:14:49Bagderah, right
13:15:21 Quit XavierGr (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:15:31rasherwon't readily fit on the iriver though
13:16:32 Join XavierGr [0] (
13:16:35rasheror rather, it won't give a nice result
13:16:45*preglow vanishes
13:16:59rashernice trick, that
13:17:21XavierGrdid I miss something? I was suddenly disonnected.
13:17:35Bger<rasher> won't readily fit on the iriver though
13:18:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:18:38Bgerthat's what you missed
13:18:59 Join DMJC [0] (
13:19:06 Join Zagor [0] (
13:19:14Bgerhi, z
13:19:24Bagderhola bro
13:19:24XavierGrhi Zagor
13:20:20BagderZagor: escaping the diapers? ;-)
13:20:48Zagorhehe, nah he's asleep at the moment. :-)
13:21:11Zagoranyone seen this?
13:25:29SlasheriLinusN: Hmm, i think that i will make the track_info structure to a "ring structure" but keeping file buffer not a ring buffer. This way it makes direct data reading from file buffer and codec loading much more flexible
13:25:33preglowgcc 2.95.3.....
13:25:52*niobos is off to lunch
13:26:10*niobos is away: lunch
13:26:11*Bagder got his new project confirmed
13:26:20Bagderlinux on arm9 here I come
13:28:03*preglow disintegrates
13:28:50Bagderpretty involved download process for the archos sdk stuff
13:29:24Bagder"STEP 3 - You will then automatically be asked to register with the Archos PMA 400 community and to register your PMA 400 by providing the Product Number "
13:29:49Zagorhow productive...
13:30:15Bagderthat's free as in no price, not in freedom
13:30:35BgerBagder do you need H3x0's pic for simulator ?
13:30:54Bagderwell, the windows guys prolly want one
13:31:23BagderI'd like one for the devicechart anyway
13:31:47Bgeri tried to make one with my scanner, but it's not good
13:31:49Bgerat all
13:32:20Bgerdo you want it anyway ?
13:32:45Bagdersure, a poor one is still better than none
13:33:23Bgerok, wait a bit
13:35:28SlasheriI got wps working!
13:35:32Slasheri(only partially)
13:35:40HClstill the start stop bug?
13:36:09crwli tried the latest (?) patches and got pretty high skipping etc. with mp3 files, hmm
13:36:16crwlalmost like it was worse than yesterday, though i don't know
13:36:25Slasheriyes, but it should get also fixed soon
13:36:28amiconnBagder: I think we'll need the new gfx api plus working graphics >1bit in the sims before a H3x0 sims makes sense
13:36:45Slashericrwl: Hmm.. :/
13:36:48 Part LinusN
13:36:54SlasheriWhat kind of skipping?
13:37:04Bagderamiconn: well, I won't stop anyone from doing that ;-)
13:37:14crwlSlasheri, well, um, skipping.
13:37:32Slashericrwl: Can you send some files you experience the skipping?
13:37:35BgerBagder in what format ? do you want to try playing with levels ?
13:38:26BagderBger: nah, just a hires bitmap of any kind
13:39:08amiconnBagder: For windows this shouldn't be hard, but x11 will probably be
13:39:35Bagderamiconn: what would?
13:39:54crwlSlasheri, yes... but i'll try some other mp3's first too
13:39:55 Quit Bger (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:39:56amiconnx11 currently doesn't use a bitmap object, but some weird hand-crafted bitmap compare plus pixel setting/resetting
13:40:15rasherI have these scans of the iriver remote.. useful for anything?
13:40:24 Join Bger [0] (~Bager@
13:40:25Slashericrwl: okay. I hope you could send something because i haven't yet experienced the problem
13:40:26amiconnI don't know how to use x11 bitmaps
13:40:39Bagderamiconn: yes, but we also don't support colors or even greyscale ;-)
13:41:11amiconn<amiconn> Bagder: ... plus working graphics >1bit in the sims ...
13:41:33Bagderwe can't have it in the sim before we have an api for it
13:42:02amiconnI know that we don't support it yet, but it will be necessary to implement, and that needs an experienced x11 coder for the x11 sim
13:42:11BagderI'm sure we can figure out how to do it
13:43:06Bagderand there are numerous xscreensaver hacks to learn from ;-)
13:43:16rasherlogo plugin has remote-buttons support now
13:43:26rasheralthough the code is quite horrible
13:44:10 Quit DMJC ("Leaving")
13:48:11 Quit lostlogic ("Going to the moon")
13:52:30crwlSlasheri, hum, looks like i'm not able to reproduce the skipping now, perhaps it had something to do with me banging the play/pause button and browsing menus
13:52:31 Quit Bger (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:52:48 Join Bger [0] (~Bager@
13:53:40Slashericrwl: Ah, then it might be a performance problem
13:53:53SlasheriMaybe i should increase the audio buffer watermark level
13:56:21crwlhm, now it skipped a couple of times and then jumped to the next song, but it didn't do that before i pressed play/pause twice (to get to filebrowser while playing) and then changed the song
13:56:41Slasheriah, interesting
13:56:59crwland now it's skipping quite often
13:57:35Slasheri:/ i can't reprocude this. Maybe i have already fixed it
13:58:18SlasheriBut i am going to do a new release soon with wps enabled for mp3s
13:59:07crwlhmm, with oggs playing, it seems to be more difficult to actually change a song
13:59:44crwlhum, now it stopped completely. (this time i tried ogg vorbis files)
14:00:07SlasheriDid you restart it before you changed songs?
14:00:36crwlno, i was changing songs while playing
14:00:55SlasheriHmm, that might not be a good idea at this point :)
14:01:11crwlit doesn't seem to skip ever if i just start the player and pick a song and then don't touch it
14:01:26 Join Lost-ash [0] (
14:01:37*niobos is back
14:01:48Slasheriokay, great. I haven't yet tested at all the song switching while playing
14:02:11Slashericrwl: yes, it will skip. Now i got it reproduced :) thanks
14:03:54Bgerbtw, iriver themeselfs refer to iriver, not iRiver
14:13:17 Join Shagnar [0] (
14:13:34 Quit ashridah (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
14:15:39XavierGrI finished the calculator changes for the iriver but still I cant decide as to how the decision of which target the plu-in is running
14:16:22XavierGrMy opinion is to declare a MODEL value
14:16:50XavierGror to conclude model type from the keyboard
14:17:06SlasheriHmm, isn't #ifdef IRIVER_H100 enough?
14:17:38XavierGrah so there is a MODEL value already... handy
14:18:00amiconnXavierGr: You should always select by feature, not by model
14:18:09amiconnThis way the code is much more portable
14:18:32XavierGrmore portable and more tricky though
14:20:48XavierGranyway we will discuss this later this evening now it is lunch time!!!
14:21:00XavierGrSee you later all!
14:21:41 Quit XavierGr ()
14:23:34BgerBagder ? did you see it ?
14:27:40niobosHi all, I'd like to try RockBox on my H120, but I'm a bit worried by: WARNING 1! The boot loader is still in development. If it malfunctions, you may not be able to restore the flash contents, and your player will be rendered USELESS!
14:27:54nioboshow many people have had their H120 rendered useless?
14:28:19niobosI don't care to experiment, but I don't want to wast my player... :-S
14:28:25 Nick Lost-ash is now known as ashridah (
14:28:37crwlafter you have patched the .hex file, check that the md5 sum matches with the one on the web page
14:28:40ashridahi don't think anyone's has failed completely, but we've had some problems.
14:28:42crwlif it does, then i'd say you don't have much to worry :P
14:29:02nioboswhat's the worst thing that can happen (with correct MD5)?
14:29:09ashridahfor example, up until recently, 1.65 and rockbox caused ogg vorbis playback to break
14:29:32niobosbut I guess, just reflashing with official firmware solved that?
14:30:03ashridahyes, but it just highlights how undertested the system is.
14:30:17ashridahunless you're a developer, rockbox doesn't have too much value yet anyway
14:30:21niobosit's just: rockbox seems so damn wonderfull and I'd realy like to have it, I just don't want to waste my player
14:30:27preglowSlasheri: so, you've been looking at wps?
14:30:40niobosI'm not a "developer", but I might become one...
14:30:47preglowplease do
14:31:11ashridahniobos: you can play with the interface using the simulator, but i'm not sure if prebuilt versions of that exist
14:31:30niobosI'll try that first
14:31:32ashridahbut yeah, if you've got experience with development in embedded environments, every hand helps.
14:31:55nioboswell, I don't... i did some programming projects for school, but it was Winblows-stuff
14:32:10niobosBut I DO know C(++), so I might be of some help
14:32:25niobosbut maybe you already have tons of "not-so-good-C++-programmers"
14:32:25preglowrockbox coding is simpler than windows coding
14:32:36ashridahniobos: okay, well, embedded development tends to be highly hardware-centric, that said, rockbox's plugins are typically fairly well shielded from that
14:32:44preglowwe can't get enough "not-so-good-c++-programmers"
14:32:56niobosthen I might be of some help...
14:32:58ashridahand since most of them work on the simulator, one can test them out, and look through their code well before one risks things on the player.
14:33:00preglowjust code whatever rockbox stuff you want, and if you get good at it, we can use you ;)
14:33:13niobos(not NOW.. since the exams are about to begin)
14:33:32niobosbut I might start to take a look at it
14:34:06Slasheripreglow: yes, i found that it's really simple to support (at least with mp3 files)
14:34:48ashridahthat said, i'm not sure how difficult building a development environment is on windows. it involves using cygwin, so if you're not familiar with basic unix concepts, that might take some getting used to for you
14:35:25niobosashridah: if you're talking to me: I'm running fully on linux, so that shouldn't be a problem
14:35:35ashridahwell, that makes things easier :)
14:35:39niobosjust school that's using winblows
14:39:53 Quit Chamois (" Want to be different? HydraIRC -> <-")
14:39:55nioboswhat kind of developement env are you guys using? just plain vim/emacs? or something more IDE-like?
14:40:30preglowwhatever you like
14:40:32preglowi use vim
14:41:56niobosit's just: I never had a programming project under linux, so I don't know the tools... I was overwhelmed with autoconf/automake, gdb, ...
14:42:34pabspeople who have used linux for years are overwhelmed by autoconf and automake
14:42:43niobosI was used to M$ Visual C++-IDE with all the nice tools integrated in a costly package
14:43:11niobos(which I 'borrowed' from school ;-))
14:43:14rasherrockbox doesn't use autoconf/automake
14:43:22rasherjust plain old makefiles
14:43:28preglowjust good old honest-to-god makefiles
14:43:28rasherand lots of black magic
14:43:36nioboswhich are also new to me...
14:43:43preglowwell, they're no trouble
14:43:45preglowjust type make
14:43:58preglowthe only one insane enough to actually hack the makefiles, is bagder
14:44:15niobosOk, I'll note down his name ;-)
14:44:26ashridahi think autoconf and automake just kinda spawned out of the chaos that ensued after someone married sendmail and m4 macros
14:45:05preglowa bastard marriage!
14:45:21preglowmankind will pay dearly for it in the centuries to come
14:45:40ashridahniobos: hand-written makefiles (or in our case, slightly hand-generated makefiles), aren't usually that hard to follow. just a couple of environment settings, and targets that reference either other targets, or other files, which tells make what to rebuild if a file gets modified.
14:45:47ashridahpreglow: the sad part is that distros STILL ship sendmail
14:45:56preglowashridah: it enrages and confuses me still
14:45:57ashridahi was flabberghasted when i noticed that fedora core 3 has it
14:46:11ashridahat least debian saw the light and started using exim long ago
14:46:15*ashridah huggles exim
14:46:21niobosGentoo (=my distro) has it too, but encourages users to use postfix
14:46:33preglowi'm on qmail at the moment
14:46:34*ashridah flees
14:46:34*ashridah flees faster
14:46:42preglowbut that's just because i'm too lazy to switch
14:46:45nioboswhat's wrong with gentoo?
14:46:48preglowand don't want to loose any mail
14:46:52preglowhey, i use gentoo too
14:46:54*ashridah breaks the speed of light barrier, and finds out that the universe just wraps and runs into himself
14:47:11ashridahpreglow: if you're lazy, how on earth did you get qmail ON in the first place?
14:47:19preglowit's incredibly simple
14:47:22niobosashridah get's into trouble with Einstein's relativity for braking the light speed...
14:47:22preglowand it's easy to maintain
14:47:59ashridahniobos: i believe we covered running into myself
14:48:05*preglow puts the light speed back on its feet and shoves it on its way
14:48:37rasherincredible.. my commits didn't break anything
14:48:41ashridahpreglow: that's because it hasn't changed. anything that requires as many patches as qmail does to be useful outside of its increasingly small niche isn't "simple" by any standard definition
14:49:00*ashridah hands rasher the cookie of success
14:49:02preglowi agree it should be abandoned
14:49:23preglowbut i'm moving in a months time, and want the box to be stable until then
14:49:35*ashridah resumes huggling exim
14:49:48 Join jochen [0] (
14:50:00ashridahif i could, i'd marry it, and have a whole litter of half-human half-mta hybrids
14:50:01preglowi also didn't get postfix working that fateful five years ago, when i set it up
14:50:15ashridahmeh, postfix's too sendmail like
14:50:46*niobos chose postfix because I had a book around about it...
14:51:08jochenhas any one made slasheris latest patch work?
14:51:08*ashridah chose exim because the book for it is free
14:51:26ashridahand the FAQ covers every esoteric setup one could possibly imagine, on every esoteric platform one can imagine
14:51:35niobosok, I surrender
14:51:44rasherexim (in its default Debian config, which is all I care to use) insisted on delievering all mail at the same time when I had had the server turned off for a while.. completely killed my poor server
14:51:50preglowashridah: the fact that dj bernstein is a pompous asshole does of course not make me want to continue using whatever he chooses to write then abandon
14:51:59rasherpostfix however seemed a bit more gentle in that respect
14:52:13ashridahso it's not "search google for how to do XYZ with postfix" it's "search the faq and only the faq to do XYZ with exim" for all values of XYZ that's even remotely related to MTA's
14:52:25rasher(again, in its default Debian config.. if it's not configured through debconf, it might as well not be configurable to me)
14:52:31ashridahpreglow: heh, he didn't abandon it. he thinks it's finished.
14:52:34ashridahlike a work of art
14:52:48preglowashridah: is that why he claims to be working on qmail 2?
14:52:51ashridahnot his fault it's chiseled on stone
14:53:10ashridahgood lord, he is?
14:53:10*ashridah shudders
14:53:15rasherClaiming something is finished is about 800 times worse than abandoning it
14:53:18preglowashridah: not bloody including ipv6 patches in the official tarball counts as bloody abandoning it
14:53:37jochenhmm, bit offtopic, huh? *lol*
14:53:41*niobos goes back to studying... How (not) to get electrocuted...
14:53:57ashridahrasher: eh? exim's never done that in the default config here
14:54:00preglowi need offtopic rants so i wont have to go back to report writing
14:54:20ashridahrasher: infact, if it receives more than 10 in a short period, it delays delivery until the queue runner has time to start
14:54:25jochenso nobody tried today's patch yet?
14:54:36ashridahso it can deal with everything that's incoming.
14:55:04rasherashridah: I don't know.. I just ended up with an unholy amount of exim proccesses after running fetchmail
14:55:19ashridahrasher: that's really odd.
14:55:30rasherWhether it's Debian's or exim's fault, I don't know
14:55:54HClanything new
14:56:08rasherand since all I use it for is local delivery, replacing it with postfix is really a non-issue
14:56:14ashridahwell, i do know exim typically is setup to defer delivery until it's finished receiving if it receives a large batch
14:56:20ashridahit'll deliver typically about 10
14:56:56*rasher gently nudges the conversation back on topic
14:57:02jochenyeah *gg*
14:57:26MoosCamaroHCl: Slasheri had a begin of WPS
14:57:31HClSlasheri: anything new? :3
14:57:50rasherwas that in the patch he put up though?
14:58:13jochenHCl, and he released a new patch today, but i can't make it work
14:58:43rasherjochen: you need to get all the files and put them in the right places
14:59:00jochentrying to play mp3s hangs the system and trying to play oggs gives IllInstr at 00000000
14:59:10jochenrasher, that's exactly what i did. ;-)
14:59:43jochenat least i think so. ;)
14:59:50rasherdid you do a complete rebuild?
15:00:42jochenit compiles cleanly, but i get those errors. :-(
15:03:04ashridahhmm. new linux nvidia driver
15:03:11*ashridah wanders off to inspect
15:03:29jochenwait, got a suspicion
15:04:54jochenhm, turned out to be wrong.
15:05:31 Join t0mas [0] (
15:05:53jochenmorning t0mas
15:06:09t0masafternoon here ;)
15:06:28jochenyeah, here too, but it feels like morning. ;-)
15:06:42Slasherijochen: have you replaced the rockbox.iriver?
15:06:46t0masman... I've been working already :)
15:06:50t0masso afternoon feels right :)
15:06:51jochenSlasheri, yes, i did
15:06:57SlasheriHmm, weird..
15:07:07jochenSlasheri, i did a complete recompile, make zip and replaced the firmware
15:07:23Slasheriyou updated the codecs too?
15:07:33jochenSlasheri, yep
15:07:57SlasheriHmm.. i can't say what is wrong.. it should work
15:08:10jochendoes it matter that i applied the patch against the current cvs?
15:08:29jochenyeah, i love "it sould work". ;-D
15:08:41Slasheriit should work against current cvs
15:09:05jochenhm. strange
15:09:07Slasherimaybe you should wait for a new patch
15:09:30jochenthat's how it seems.
15:11:16jochenat least i don't have a better idea either. well, apart from comparing md5sums maybe *lol*
15:12:13preglowwe really should stuff this in cvs soon :>
15:12:25jochenyeah yeah! *gg*
15:14:47t0mashm... "bootloader version 1" is the buggy one right?
15:14:51t0maswith the memory issue?
15:14:54t0masor is that the new one?
15:15:08jochenversion 1 should work
15:15:22t0masyes, but is it the new one?
15:15:23HClthe one on the wiki is okay
15:15:34jochenomg, i said it too. *g*
15:16:07t0mas<t0mas> yes, but is it the new one? <−− <HCl> yes
15:16:15t0masyou didn't answere that
15:16:37jochenno, i meant "it SHOULD work". ;-)
15:17:09t0masyes, and I already know it should work :)
15:17:35jochen<−−- confused
15:18:06***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:18:32MoosCamarot0mas is the new Linus's bootlaoder
15:18:51t0masthat's what I wanted to know... and what HCl already told me
15:19:47MoosCamarowith usb mode...
15:19:49*t0mas gives jochen back his ass...
15:20:54t0masthat usb mode... what is it?
15:21:03t0mascan the bootloader get it in usb mode? w/o starting first?
15:21:23jochenthat's quit cool
15:21:34t0masneed to hold a key fot it?
15:21:42t0masor does it do that automaticly?
15:21:51jochennope, just have the cable plugged in when you turn the unit on
15:22:34jochenoh, now i know, why it doesn't work. the apps-folder isn't being compiled at all
15:22:49t0mashuh? how do you do that? :)
15:22:53 Join austriancoder [0] (
15:23:04t0mashi austriancoder
15:23:18austriancoderpreglow: are you here?
15:23:31t0masaustriancoder: how's fm support going?
15:23:54austriancodert0mas: i can use the fm.. need only to do code cleanups
15:24:18austriancoderpreglow: i have seen that you want to add some uda function like uda_set_*
15:24:24preglowaustriancoder: yea
15:24:47austriancoderi have done most of work in this part
15:24:57preglowtreble and bass has been fixed?
15:25:05*ted2005 slaps ted2005 around a bit with a large trout
15:25:31austriancoderi have balance, bass, treble and other setting for uda
15:25:51preglowaustriancoder: ok, i'll commit the sound.c update when you commit it, unless you've also done that
15:26:16preglowi just fixed up the equaliser settings
15:26:47preglowuda has pretty strange ranges compared to archos players
15:27:16austriancoderbut thats not a problem
15:27:51preglowsure not
15:28:00 Join thegeek [0] (
15:28:16austriancoderi hope i will find later the day some time for rockbox
15:28:20 Quit t0mas ("brb...")
15:28:51austriancoderfm rocks ;)
15:28:56preglowyes, it does
15:30:16*jochen is so dumb...
15:32:01jochennow i know what meta-packages are for... dependencies suck. *gg*
15:32:24 Join t0mas [0] (
15:33:07jochenmaybe i should just go back to windows.. *lol*
15:33:24t0masI just switched back to linux
15:33:30t0masthat's why I rebooted...
15:34:03t0masand I like the xfce feeling a lot more than those stupid teletubby windows XP colors
15:34:36rasherwhy oh why haven't you rutned xp into classic mode?
15:35:10niobosXp in classic mode feels like you've upgraded your CPU to double the speed...
15:35:28t0masxfce in a gentoo setup feels like you never ever want to run windows again...
15:35:40niobosahah, another Gentoo-er...
15:35:44t0masonly for some games... as a quick reboot -> play -> reboot option
15:35:56*austriancoder loves gentoo
15:36:04*niobos too
15:36:35rasherIt'll all end in tears.
15:36:38*jochen thinks he should have kept debian
15:37:07*niobos will shut up and leave the conversation on-topic and continue studying...
15:37:45t0masjochen: debian rocks too... I have two servers here uptimes in 160 days... and one at the office over 280 days
15:38:35t0masbobby:~# uptime
15:38:35t0mas 15:38:23 up 286 days, 6:21, 1 user, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
15:38:46jochent0mas, i switched my desktop to ubuntu a few weeks ago
15:39:02t0masjochen: that's just a standard debian woody:
15:39:02t0masbobby:~# uname -a
15:39:02t0masLinux bobby 2.4.18-1-686 #1 Wed Apr 14 18:20:10 UTC 2004 i686 unknown
15:40:03t0masbut I like gentoo more than debian testing...
15:40:18niobost0mas: load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00 <−−- looks like your server is bored...
15:40:28rasherRunning testing is pretty silly most of the time
15:40:37Slasheri 16:40:37 up 232 days, 20:41, 54 users, load average: 1.19, 1.24, 1.25
15:41:06jochengtg, cya
15:41:14niobos 15:40:55 up 19 days, 1:08, 0 users, load average: 0.14, 0.08, 0.02
15:41:24*niobos had a power failure 3 weeks ago ...
15:41:30 Quit jochen ("Verlassend")
15:42:22t0masniobos: it's an irc server...
15:42:29t0masand CVS and mail and DNS
15:42:37t0masbut all for 1 project... on 1 subdomain
15:43:02niobosthat explains the 0,0,0 loadavg...
15:43:17t0masSlasheri: "54 users" that's a shellbox? or main server at your office? :)
15:43:30Bgerhehe :)
15:43:30*Bger too
15:43:30Bgerrasher are you afraid from ashridah's run ? :)
15:44:07*ashridah blinks
15:46:41*austriancoder has a boring oo
15:47:27*austriancoder ..lession
15:48:00Slasherit0mas: a little shell :)
15:49:16 Part preglow
16:04:45 Join bg_ [0] (
16:07:21 Quit austriancoder ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:09:28 Join Gibbed [0] (
16:09:30 Quit Rick (Nick collision from services.)
16:09:42 Nick Gibbed is now known as Rick (
16:17:13 Join asdsd____ [0] (
16:17:46 Part asdsd____
16:23:05 Quit Shagnar (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:34:48 Quit Dave99 ("CGI:IRC")
16:38:59 Quit bg_ ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.4/20050511]")
16:39:59 Join Shagnar [0] (
16:42:52 Nick ted2005 is now known as martijn (
16:47:00 Quit ashridah ("sleep")
16:50:01 Quit martijn (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:02:16 Join Chamois [0] (
17:02:28 Quit Chamois (Client Quit)
17:18:08***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:29:44 Quit t0mas (Remote closed the connection)
17:30:28 Join t0mas [0] (
17:34:10*HCl proddles Slasheri
17:37:45SlasheriHCl :) This will take some time (wps integration & gapless mp3 playback) but it might be ready in few days
17:38:04HCli'm just anxious for it
17:38:11HClcause it means i'll get to implement runtime database
17:38:20HCland then it'll get very close to what i wanted :3
17:38:32Slasheriah, that's great :)
17:38:36HClstill more work to be done though..
17:38:48HClplaylist generator/searchengine isn't 100% finished yet
17:49:21 Quit t0mas ("brb... restarting X and eating :)")
17:51:05 Join t0mas [0] (
17:58:11 Quit t0mas ("arg... brb again...")
18:00:31 Join t0mas [0] (
18:18:27nioboswhere can I find the emulator for the iriver H120?
18:19:19niobosI checked the site, but i can't make up if it works already or not:
18:19:44 Join nobodyelse [0] (
18:20:02HClthere is no emulator
18:20:06HCljust a simulator
18:20:16niobosand the difference is?
18:20:29HClan emulator emulates a machine, where a simulator only simulates it.
18:20:55*niobos doesn't get it
18:21:03HClan emulator would be able to run iriver-native code
18:21:09HClwhere a simulator just runs x86 code
18:21:19HCland isn't too accurate hardware wise
18:21:21niobosk, I'm getting it
18:22:01niobosbut it'll allow me to view/try-out the RockBox before flashing my player
18:22:17nioboswell, not like fully try out
18:22:23niobosbut enough to see how it works
18:22:26HClit doesn't play mp3 yet without a patch anyways.
18:23:12niobosI volunteerd this morning to maybe get involved in programming, so i'd like to check it out...
18:23:51niobosI'm no super-programmer, but I think I could help a bit
18:24:44niobosk, anyway, where can I find the simulator then?
18:25:49 Join Stryke` [0] (
18:27:02 Quit Shagnar (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
18:36:03 Join Jackyoz [0] (
18:37:20JackyozFUCK THEY!
18:37:53 Part Jackyoz
18:39:04bipakmaybe someone of iriver *g*
18:39:07 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
18:45:46Slasheristart/stop fixed, wps almost fully works for mp3s :)
18:45:55crwlwhat about vorbis? ;)
18:46:02Slasherino wps on vorbis yet
18:46:24Slasherihas to find a taglibrary for vorbis somewhere
18:47:10crwlhm, so tremor has nothing tag related in it?
18:47:35Slasherihmm, i am not sure. In fact it might have :)
18:48:10 Quit niobos ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.11")
18:48:45crwlat least libvorbisfile has that stuff
18:49:03bipakthis might help you:
18:49:47crwlmany players and tag editors use TagLib, but it's C++
18:50:18 Join jochen [0] (
18:50:27jochenhello again
18:50:31bipakhi jochen
18:50:53jochenoh, i'm too late. was just coming to suggest taglib
18:51:18crwlhm, tremor seems to have same ov_comment() functions that libvorbisfile has
18:51:44 Quit bobTHC ("Smoke Weed Every Day !")
18:52:37HClwoot! start stopped fixed :)
18:52:42HClSlasheri: what was it?
18:52:43crwlin ivorbisfile.h, yes
18:52:50Slashericrwl: Hmm, that returns only some "user comments"
18:53:07SlasheriHCl: It was caused by incompleted wps integration
18:53:10crwlslasheri, vorbis comments are tags
18:53:17Slashericrwl: Ah, okay :)
18:53:25HClwasn't there someone reporting it was a hardware bug?
18:53:27crwlthere's no separation between "official tags" and "user comments" i know of
18:53:40IsmoSlasheri: I'd like to congratulate you, too!
18:53:44Ismonice progress
18:54:00Slasherihehe, thanks ;)
18:54:18Slasheriit's working better every day, however, still much left to do
18:55:32jochengtg, maybe i'll be on again later. bye
18:55:48crwldoes the rockbox wps system have support for custom tags?
18:55:54 Quit jochen ("Verlassend")
18:56:22Slashericrwl: i don't know about that yet
18:56:46Slasherii think it's currently designed for mp3s only
18:56:50crwlit'd be nice, because vorbis files can contain unlimited number of comments in key=value pairs
18:56:54crwlyeah, i suppose so too
18:57:33HClit might be nice to pull it out of the tagdatabase at some point. if available.
18:57:49HClits going to have to look it up for volume adjustments, playcount and rating anyways
19:04:11 Join _aLF [0] (
19:12:09bipakhmm, i read everwhere the term "WPS".., can someone tellme what it means? :)
19:12:18HClits the song playing display
19:12:21HClgiving song info
19:12:24HClof how much time left
19:12:26HCltitle etc
19:12:32bipakahhh :)
19:12:39t0masWhile Playing Screen
19:12:57bipakok that makes sense :D
19:16:29CoCoLUScould someone upload the current binary image? :)
19:17:44crwlis there newer one than something from about seven hours ago?
19:18:07CoCoLUSthere is one from seven hours ago? :)
19:18:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:18:30crwli have one, how much will you pay?
19:19:17CoCoLUSi'll give you photos of naked iriver employees in return ;)
19:19:42crwlnot my cup of tea...
19:19:46t0masdoesn't exist here...
19:22:38bipakone question... there are alot of mp3decoder chips on the market, are there also ogg decoder chips? or how does the irver decode the ogg files?
19:24:02HClit has a 11-140mhz cpu
19:24:22bipakuh nice, thats fast
19:24:34HCl120mhz is the max we can run it at
19:24:38HCleven though thats underclocked
19:24:42HClit gets too hot otherwise
19:25:15t0masin some countries it should be possible to run it at 140 ;)
19:25:18bipakits possible to set the clockspeed with software? :)
19:25:24t0masyes it is
19:25:40t0masrockbox changes the speed according to the needed cpu-power
19:25:59bipakah good, for saving batterie power?
19:26:23HCli'm still thinking running it steady at 48mhz or so should yield more battery, but ah wel.
19:26:38 Join preglow [0] (
19:26:49preglowbipak: there are ogg vorbis decoder chips, but they're custom
19:26:59preglowbipak: and software decoding is where it's at anyway
19:28:37preglowbut yo
19:28:45preglowdoes the current patch support wps?
19:28:54preglowif not, when will it? ;]
19:29:26*bipak wonders who is the first person that brings the game pong onto the ihp ;)
19:29:32t0masit's there ;)
19:29:44preglowbipak: it's already there?
19:29:54preglowplugin named pong
19:29:58preglowit's there, and has been for ages
19:29:59bipakmuhaa nice one
19:31:07bipakand who was it? i wanna give him a kiss :P
19:31:40preglow * Copyright (C) 2004 Daniel Stenberg
19:31:44*preglow points to bagder
19:32:11*bipak lives in the past
19:32:20bipakhave to eat now, brb
19:32:34Seeddamn, I wanted to see some man-love
19:32:46bipakwait ;)
19:32:56*preglow approaches Seed and puts an arm around him
19:33:02bipakive to brush my teeth first
19:33:45SeedI don't Bagder is that picky
19:35:03*HCl remembered he has a meeting with a bunch of nerds tonight..
19:35:53t0mas<Seed> damn, I wanted to see some man-love <−− loads of gayporn sites around ;)
19:53:53*bipak is back and gives Bagder a biiiiig wet kiss for making pong
19:54:12bipakcan i find it on the rockbox site?
19:54:36*t0mas enjoys sound from rockbox :D :D
19:57:34 Join webguest43 [0] (
19:57:37Seedyou can find the log file on the site.. with proof of your devotion
19:57:49webguest43hi ! quick question: what software do you use to log the channel, and make the nice history database ?
19:58:02preglowwe use dancer bot to log
19:58:15preglowas for the history, i guess that's homebrewed software
20:02:09t0mascatch the digital flow... in rockbox :P
20:05:46 Join Chamois [0] (
20:08:06bipakhmm a search function for the log files would be nice...
20:08:08CoCoLUSnow someone could really upload the image for those without a working compiler chain :(
20:09:51preglowbipak: google?
20:10:42bipaknot really comfortable ;)
20:10:46preglowtry googling for "gobble"
20:10:50Chamoisdoes the current Slaseris patch supprot WPS ?
20:11:05bipakaha, i try :)
20:13:38 Quit webguest43 ("CGI:IRC")
20:16:07 Join asdsd____ [0] (
20:16:11 Part asdsd____
20:30:31 Join Mr_Wik_ [0] (
20:31:25 Quit Mr_Wik (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:39:04amiconnrasher: The irc stats are in need of an update, I'd say
20:43:18bipakwhich gcc should i use
20:43:47crwli used gcc 3.4.4 (as the m68k compiler)
20:43:48bipakits currently 3.2.2 installed on my machine, but without m68k support
20:44:04crwlcompiled that with some 3.4.5 prerelease that happened to be on my ubuntu system
20:44:21preglowsomeone should see about fixing all those 4.0 bugs :P
20:48:01amiconnFrom my experiments with different gcc versions and -O settings, I'd recommend against using gcc 4.0.0. Imho we should wait for 4.0.1 or 4.0.2 before even thinking about a switch
20:49:34preglowwhy, did you actually make rockbox compile with gcc4?
20:49:59amiconnOf course someone could try and go ahead, and then report a bucketful of bugs to the gcc team
20:50:45preglowthey do tend to not get fixed by themselves, no
20:50:48amiconnpreglow: I didn't try gcc4 for m68k yet. For sh1 it's impossible without a substantial rewrite of system.c
20:51:00amiconn...which I am not going to do
20:51:17preglowand the m68k port depends on me rewriting synth_full in libmad :P
20:51:25amiconnI should file a bug report for that. They call it a feature, but it is a bug imho
20:51:46preglowwell, is there any reason for keeping the behaviour they've got now?
20:51:52pregloware there any good sides to it?
20:53:21amiconnThey say that it's a protection against programmer errors, because unresolved aliases aren't caught by all assemblers
20:53:30amiconnThe gnu asm catches them anyway
20:53:36preglowmoot point, if you ask me
20:53:42preglowthey almost require you to use gas anyway
20:54:07Zagoryeah, i wonder how many people use gcc with a 3rd-party assembler
20:54:15amiconn New Languages and Language specific improvements, C family
20:54:35amiconnBah, I got it wrong
20:54:49amiconngas does _not_ catch this on all platforms
21:01:14 Join TCK- [0] (
21:01:15 Join XavierGr [0] (
21:05:18 Join asdsd____ [0] (
21:05:23 Part asdsd____
21:18:12***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:19:27 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:20:10 Join RED_M_CHIU [0] (
21:20:15 Join LinusN [0] (
21:20:29 Quit Zagor (Remote closed the connection)
21:22:33MoosCamaroBonsoir Linus :)
21:23:08MoosCamarotu vas bien?
21:23:15LinusNca va
21:23:27LinusNun petit-peu fatigué
21:23:48MoosCamarola vie est parfois difficile ;)
21:25:47XavierGrhow can I have upadated 2 sims without having to configure again using ../tools/configure? Currently I want to test my code in both archos and iriver but whenever I type "make" for one the other needs configuration again...
21:26:12LinusNhave two build dirs
21:26:48XavierGrhmm... yes that seems to be right, thanks ;)
21:26:49LinusNi have one build dir for every platform
21:27:18XavierGryou mean rockbox build not sim build right?
21:27:29LinusNSlasheri: how are things?
21:27:43LinusNsim build is a rockbox build
21:27:53crwli think he got the start/stop bug fixed and wps working with mp3 files
21:27:57crwland we're all waiting for a patch ;)
21:28:14LinusNcrwl: this is not good
21:28:56SlasheriLinusN: I made the track_info structure to a "ring structure" and keeped file buffer as it was. Now wps is working partially for mp3s and play/stop works too :)
21:29:08LinusNthe patch is getting larger, and harder and harder to apply
21:29:52amiconngcc is braindead sometimes :/
21:30:00SlasheriI haven't implemented yet everything such as elapsed time (working now on it), and fast forward etc. features
21:30:16XavierGrLinusN: Well I have a folder called rockbox and inside it I have 2 folders for the sim builds. The "configure" is into "rockbox/tools" where my build are "rockbox/build-i" and "rockbox/build-a" do I need a second rockbox folder, as rockbox-i and rockbox-a?
21:30:38amiconnIt seems that I should go ahead and re-implement my new recording transfer in asm...
21:30:49LinusNamiconn: shoot
21:30:50*amiconn sighs
21:31:35LinusNXavierGr: you gave "rockbox", where apps/ and firmware/ are, right?=
21:31:42LinusNand tools/ etc
21:32:35LinusNthere you should have one dir for each build you want
21:33:01LinusNi have iriver-target, iriver-sim, archos-rec-target, archos-rec-sim etc
21:34:07*HCl has been using his boring time at his meeting to think about the
21:34:09amiconnI'm using a 2-level build dir structure
21:34:21HCli'm wanting to rewrite it, who has objections against that?
21:34:22SlasheriLinusN: I think i could give a quite stable patch tomorrow which could be applied if there are nothing serious
21:34:37preglowi think it should be applied very soon
21:34:52LinusNSlasheri: fair enough
21:34:57amiconnbuild/recorder, build/h100 etc. for targets, simulator-build/recorder etc for sims
21:35:07HClanyone? o.o
21:35:10preglowultra-big commits are never good
21:35:25HClwhat if i said i wanted to do it in java? o.o
21:35:37preglowHCl: i'd say "hell no" or "hahahah, good joke"
21:35:51preglowi don't even HAVE java
21:35:52amiconnLinusN: I tried to optimise the transfer loop in C, by using 'register' etc.
21:36:04HClits either java or c++, and i don't quite know c++
21:36:12preglowand for those who don't have it, a perl exe is a lot more practical than a full blown java distro
21:36:12HClpreglow: sure? it comes default with windows installs, i think.
21:36:14amiconnGcc still insists on (unnecessary) reloading from memory within the loop
21:36:25HClwell, i can make it in c++
21:36:26HCleither way
21:36:30HCli am *not* gonna do it without OO
21:36:33preglowHCl: why not perl?
21:36:39HClcause then you get stuff like the current
21:36:43HClwhich is completely unmaintainable
21:36:44HCl :P
21:37:01HCland i can do it pretty easily in OO
21:37:04amiconnHCl: Java does _not_ come default with windows
21:37:07preglowbut if you're going to make a songdb replacement, you really should use c, so the code can be stuffed in rockbox
21:37:10HClamiconn: it doesn't?
21:37:31XavierGris this syntax right?
21:37:32DBUGEnqueued KICK XavierGr
21:37:32***Alert Mode level 1
21:37:42HCli don't understand why its installed on all my windows computers then...
21:37:43preglowamiconn: i don't think a whole environment is bundled
21:37:46HCli never installed it myself
21:37:48preglowthat's to hcl
21:37:53LinusNXavierGr: lose the { and }
21:37:56HClwell, you'd only need the runtime environment
21:38:04preglowHCl: besides, what you're talking about it msjvm, which is shit
21:38:08amiconnIt used to... but microsoft was forced to take it out in order to avoid a lawsuit
21:38:20HCli can do it in c++, but i don't know c++, nor its default classes
21:38:29HCland its much easier for me to do it in java
21:38:31preglowit has very few
21:38:34LinusNHCl: what's wrong with perl?
21:38:45amiconnHCl: If you do a clean install of WinXP (SP1+ iirc), you don't have a jvm
21:38:48HClLinusN: i don't really know perl, let alone perl OO
21:38:57HCland i *need* oo for this
21:39:11HCland java already has all the sort algorhythms..
21:39:12preglowbut yeah, java will require everyone who wants to rebuild the db to install a great frigging java environment
21:39:12LinusNso then you reimplement it in another language?
21:39:13amiconnAnayway, I'm also for sticking with perl
21:39:28preglowwhich is my biggest gripe
21:39:36HClLinusN: i'm not gonna be able to write a proper in perl
21:39:40preglowplus i also don't like java :P
21:39:45LinusNHCl: then the next guy who doesn't know java reimplements it in python
21:39:58HClwould you prefer c++
21:40:05LinusNno, i prefer perl
21:40:07HCli could do it in c++, but it'd be slower, most likely.
21:40:10HCli can't do perl.
21:40:20preglowlearning to do perl would do you good
21:40:21LinusNc++ is my last choice
21:40:25preglowand make you a better human being
21:41:00HClcan perl5 even do OO ?
21:41:04preglowof course
21:41:06HClit wouldn't run without default classes anyways
21:41:10HClcause i need sorting classes
21:41:13LinusNany language can do oo
21:41:17preglowperl does sort
21:41:33preglowjust not in a class
21:41:35HCli don't like perl.
21:41:44preglowthen there is something wrong with you
21:41:46HClmaybe i should just write it for java just for myself :/
21:42:31LinusNHCl: write it in the language you feel comfortable with
21:42:42HClthats without a doubt java :/
21:42:54HClbut i'll take a look at perl oo first..
21:43:13preglowbut bear in mind perl has no bundled oo classes
21:43:18crwlpython :P
21:43:18HClyea. i am..
21:43:20preglowthat is, you probably can't assume they're isntalled
21:43:35HCli'd also need a tag reading lib for java anyways
21:43:37preglowcrwl: python is the worst piece of shite i have ever had the "pleasure" of dealing with
21:43:45LinusNfunny, i have written so many programs without requiring oo...
21:44:08LinusNi guess i'm old
21:44:21preglowi know of old people that do oo
21:44:37preglowi like oo for big things
21:44:49HCli like oo for stuff that works with objects..
21:44:53HCllike databases.
21:45:11LinusNto be honest, i have written lots of oo programs
21:45:39LinusNbut never in a special oo language
21:45:59HCli've programmed in c for 6 years till i got to university
21:46:09LinusNthe program structure tends to be oo anyway
21:46:10HClwhere we were forced to do OO :p and once you get the hang of it
21:46:18HClits usually a bit slower, but tons more maintain and readable
21:46:20preglowyou were forced to do java?
21:46:24 Join cYmen [0] (
21:46:26HCl :p
21:46:30HCli don't mind though.
21:46:36preglowthat's on a level with forcing you to bloody lick boots
21:46:38HClthough. i would like a compiler
21:46:42LinusNmaintainable and readable is a quite subjective matter
21:46:43preglowwhat's our schools coming to
21:46:48HClLinusN: maybe.
21:46:59HCli looked at perl OO, it looks like gibberish to me :/
21:47:02 Quit nobodyelse ("CGI:IRC")
21:47:15preglowall perl looks like gibberish to non-initiates
21:47:18HCl :P
21:47:23LinusNperl oo is quite intimidating
21:47:29preglowit's different, at least
21:47:32preglowi've never used it seriously
21:47:33***Alert Mode OFF
21:47:34LinusNpern in general is
21:47:51HCli'm just gonna try to code a clean songdb in java.. and we'll just see what happens with it..
21:48:12CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
21:48:12*preglow huggles perl
21:48:16preglowsuch a nice language
21:48:18preglowalways new things to learn
21:50:08preglowahh, quite luckily i seem to have forgotten most of the python i've learnt
21:50:33LinusNthere are worse things, like tcl...
21:50:41HCloh my god tcl is horrid
21:50:41preglowoooh, tcl
21:50:42HCl :X
21:50:47preglowthat truly is a horrible language
21:50:52HClwhy on earth did eggdrop adopt tcl as their script language
21:51:23*HCl fetches his database design and gets to work
21:51:43*LinusN is waiting for slasheri
21:51:50HClyou and everyone :p
21:51:55HClbut you're the commit person :)
21:52:01HClwhich is more important than the rest :p
21:52:06HCl*goes to work*
21:52:08*LinusN feels important
21:52:39preglowwill be nice having it in cvs
21:53:00HClthen i can get the runtime db operational
21:53:50preglowi don't get why you can't have runtine db operational without playnack
21:53:56HClwell, i can
21:54:03HClbut its easier if i know where to look
21:54:15HClwithout a doubt, looking at Slasheri's patch will give me more insight to the wps
21:54:41 Join Niewalker [0] (
21:55:42SlasheriLinusN :) I think that i try not to add more features but do bugfixes before the patch is cvs ready
21:56:04LinusNyou don't need to do bugfixes either :-)
21:56:11LinusNthat's what cvs is for
21:56:24Slasherihmm :)
21:56:57HCl :P
21:57:40XavierGrit seems that I cant type this in a function:
21:57:48XavierGrwithout the #s
21:58:12LinusNXavierGr: you should perhaps buy a book on C :-)
21:58:16SlasheriHmm, #ifdef IRIVER_H100 might be better
21:58:24LinusNSlasheri: exactlky
21:58:37XavierGris it okay inside a function?
21:58:50LinusNXavierGr: that is preprocessor stuff
21:58:51 Join webguest63 [0] (
21:58:52SlasheriXavierGr: because you are not comparing anything with that if..
21:59:48SlasheriXavierGr: The defined will tell the compiler what code it "sees" during compile
22:00:14preglowSlasheri: linus has spoken! tie everything together and make it ready for cvs
22:00:49Slasheripreglow: I do it tomorrow :) I can't do it right now because this needs a little work to do
22:00:59HCl :p
22:01:52LinusNonce upon a time a guy called joaquim rewrote major parts of rockbox to implement a new gui
22:02:09LinusNlooked nice and all, but the patch was *huge*
22:02:23LinusNand he refused to rework it
22:02:27HCl :/
22:02:30LinusN"take it or leave it"
22:02:35LinusNwe left it
22:02:45LinusNi don't want that to happen again
22:03:01HClcommit it now :/
22:03:08SlasheriHmm.. I have just a few new files in this patch and reasonable amount of changes to original code
22:03:17SlasheriI hope this wont get too large :)
22:03:18LinusNtoday or tomorrow doesn't matter
22:03:41LinusNyou didn't rewrite the file buffer stiff?
22:04:15LinusNi noticed the vorbis codec uses the vorbisfile api
22:04:26LinusNlots of memory copying
22:04:37SlasheriLinusN: as i said i changed the track_info structure to a "ring structure". But i found that it's not necessary a good thing to make the file buffer itself a ring buffer
22:04:37LinusNvorbis is dynamic memory hell
22:04:42preglowLinusN: agreed
22:04:46preglowtremor is
22:04:57LinusNSlasheri: please explain
22:05:01 Quit Niewalker ()
22:05:12preglowi would have thought monty, with his embedded experience, would have known better
22:05:29SlasheriLinusN: Now the items stored in track_info (for example mp3entry) are static and not touched with memcpy stuff ever
22:05:38crwlwhat about tremor-lowmem branch
22:05:43LinusNSlasheri: yes, i mean the file buffer
22:06:08amiconnI had a look at memset optimisation for coldfire. I'm missing some neat instructions :(
22:06:31 Join markun [0] (
22:06:39markunHi everyone
22:06:53preglowthomj@glow Tremor-lowmem $ grep _ogg_malloc *|wc -l
22:07:02LinusNmarkun: you asked why we didn't use dma for disk operations?
22:07:04preglowthomj@glow Tremor $ grep _ogg_malloc *|wc -l
22:07:09preglownow this IS surprising
22:07:15Slasheriok, it works same way as before: when the buffer reaches near empty state, we will move all reaminig data to beginning of the buffer. This way all data readed by codecs are contiguous and no problems are caused about flipping the data in the other end of the buffer
22:07:26markunI would like to make 'center-scrolling' default behaviour in rockbox. Any objections if I commit it?
22:07:32markunLinusN: I was wrong :)
22:07:40SlasheriLinusN: i think this is a good idea
22:08:03LinusNi don't like the center scrolling as it currently is
22:08:04SlasheriThe ring buffer would need some memory copying when we have to reset index pointers to zero
22:08:17markunWhat would you like to see different?
22:08:26LinusNSlasheri: yes, less than 2kbytes
22:08:39 Join webguest06 [0] (
22:08:39LinusNmarkun: i want a margin instead
22:09:01LinusNthere is so little visual feedback when the cursor is fixed in the center
22:09:08SlasheriLinusN: and the same amount of copying can be done during buffer refilling, when it's much more easier (and faster) to do.. :)
22:09:38LinusNyou mean using a 2kbyte watermark?
22:09:39markunWhat kind of feedback?
22:09:54LinusNmarkun: like the cursor moving when i use the joystick
22:10:21Slasheriah, not really.. but do you think it's a bad idea not to have a ring buffer?
22:10:34LinusNi'd like it to move and then start scrolling when the cursor is, let's say, 2 lines from the edge
22:11:02markunYes, I guessed you meant that by margin.
22:11:12LinusNif you have the buffer like it is today, you will instead have problems with tha data moving around
22:11:17Slasherii think the amount of copying needed is so small that it wont affect performance much
22:11:23amiconnWe can't use a fixed margin... maybe there are less than (2 * margin + 1) lines
22:11:28LinusNand then you need locking, which is a bad thing imho
22:11:51LinusNamiconn: i know that
22:12:01HClah. great.
22:12:07*HCl pets java and found what he needed.
22:12:27SlasheriLinusN: I will think the ring buffer again.. :)
22:12:56markunHCl: What do you think about center-scrolling as it is now?
22:13:02LinusNbtw, performance is important, since the ui will be affected by lengthy operations
22:13:32HClmarkun: mmm, i vote for a setting?
22:13:38LinusNso we need to yield often, for the wps scrolling to look nice, for example
22:13:39HClto how many lines of margin
22:13:42HCla user wants
22:13:56LinusNi think we can do without a setting
22:13:57preglowi think a sensible default should be enough there, really
22:14:14markunpreglow: Did you try it out?
22:14:24amiconnYes, and the default needs to be calculated from the line count
22:14:34preglowmarkun: no
22:14:42LinusNamiconn: i think the margin should be calculated
22:14:43SlasheriLinusN: yes, i understand.. I will implement the ring buffer but i don't promise it will be stable tomorrow :)
22:14:53preglowthen screw it!
22:14:58amiconnLinusN: Yes, that's what I mean
22:14:59 Join jochen [0] (
22:15:04LinusNSlasheri: you don't need to do everything yourself
22:15:09jochenback again. *winks*
22:15:29Slasherithat sounds nice ;)
22:15:32LinusNor maybe you want to?
22:15:54markunShall I make it to start scrolling at 2/3 of the screen?
22:16:01LinusNmarkun: sounds good
22:16:10Slasherii can do the file buffering stuff at least (because i have started is too).. :)
22:17:55XavierGrpreglow: LOL man you need this commit as hell :-)
22:18:23*ehntoo gets back from school
22:18:27ehntoowhat'd I miss this time?
22:18:31preglowyes, i'm quite the eager beaver
22:18:37preglowehntoo: aliens visited us from space
22:18:48ehntooI missed it again?
22:18:51jochenthe same procedure as last day...
22:18:51Slasheribut i hope someone more familiar with wps will add the ogg/other format stuff to it
22:18:53SeedI'm one of the aliens
22:19:00preglowehntoo: i think they're avoiding you
22:24:02XavierGrWhat exactly IRIVER_H100 does? I thought that it takes the value one if the target running is iriver.
22:24:49markunLinusN: It works very nice with at 2/3
22:25:07markunWould anyone like to try it before I commit?
22:25:15LinusNnow try the archos player sim
22:26:57markunThe makefile got fucked, maybe because I'm using BSD?
22:27:02XavierGrokey done the calculator plug-in is now ported for the iriver. (not a big deal though)
22:27:19LinusNmarkun: "got fucked"?
22:27:31XavierGrwhat do I do know to see this little fix commited?
22:27:35LinusNXavierGr: can i see the code?
22:27:37jochendon't ask LinusN *gg*
22:27:37markunThis is all it contains: install:
22:27:37markun @echo "installing a full setup in your archos dir"
22:27:37markun @(make zip && cd archos && unzip -oq ../
22:27:56LinusNmarkun: wow
22:28:09XavierGryeap its a single calculator.c file
22:28:22LinusNXavierGr: put it up somewhere for download
22:28:27LinusNor email it to me
22:28:29XavierGrwhere do I sent it?
22:28:29markuniriver-sim, same thing..
22:28:56markunAnd I get this after configure: sed: 1: "/#SIMUL#/c\ @$(MAKE) -C ...": extra characters after \ at the end of c command
22:29:24 Nick StrathAFK is now known as Strath (
22:30:35markunIt used to work..
22:33:18LinusNmarkun: strange
22:33:51markunI will try to build it on HCl's linux server.
22:34:04preglowwatch out for the java
22:34:05 Nick XavierGr is now known as Xavier|Dinner (
22:34:05DBUGEnqueued KICK Xavier|Dinner
22:35:20markunthe project we do together at the university also involves java, but HCl does all the programming
22:37:28Slasherielapsed working on wps :) Now i will do nothing more than the ring buffer..
22:37:39Slasheriand then it should be ready for commit :)
22:37:42t0maswhat? it's working already?
22:38:00Slasheriyes.. :)
22:38:01t0mascan I see it? :)
22:38:25Slasherihmm, i do the patch tomorrow, have to go now.. :/
22:38:36Slasherinight :)
22:38:39t0masgood night
22:38:42jochengn8 Slasheri
22:41:48 Quit webguest06 ("CGI:IRC")
22:44:01CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
22:44:01*amiconn is testing his asm optimised recording loop with an added small busy-wait for EOD.
22:44:11 Join Mouss [0] (
22:44:17 Quit thegeek (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:44:44amiconnLooks promising. It does significantly decrease interrupt load
22:45:15amiconnLinusN: That is what I would be interested in being logic analysed...
22:46:09HClomfg ultraedit can be worse than word
22:46:22HClit refuses to allow me to type a lowercase "key"
22:46:29HClhow the beep do i deactivate its "smart" edit
22:46:33 Join asdsd____ [0] (
22:46:49jochenHCl: vim is your friend. ;-)
22:46:55 Quit asdsd____ (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:47:01 Join thegeek [0] (
22:47:03markungvim for windows... :)
22:47:09preglowgvim is nice
22:47:25jochenwindows? wtf is that? oh, i see, this new colorful game... *lol*
22:47:33 Join muesli- [0] (
22:48:10jochenHCl: what about eclipse?
22:48:18HCli'll manage.
22:48:21jochenguten abend muesli. ;-)
22:48:43muesli-hi jochen ;)
22:49:47LinusNHCl: look in the "syntax highlighting" settings
22:51:16 Join webguest05 [0] (
22:52:20HClyea, i turned it off..
22:53:23 Quit MoosCamaro (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:56:51 Nick Xavier|Dinner is now known as XavierGr (
22:56:51DBUGEnqueued KICK XavierGr
23:00:20markunLinusN: On archos it behaves just like it used to
23:00:34LinusNon the archos player?
23:00:46LinusNwith the 2-line character display
23:01:05markunYes, but I forgot to apply the patch :) Just a moment..
23:01:24 Nick Mouss is now known as MoosCamaro (
23:03:02markunok, with the patch it still behaves the same (as it should)
23:03:32LinusNhave you tried with different fonts on iriver?
23:03:42amiconnmarkun: I'd want to check on archos...
23:03:48LinusNmarkun: then commit it
23:04:29amiconn404 :(
23:04:33markunEh.. :
23:10:29amiconnThat's looking really nice :)
23:10:35 Quit webguest63 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
23:11:27markunI found a small bug.. When I change from a small fron to a much bigger font and I'm at 2/3 of the screen I find my self at the bottom of the screen
23:11:38markunfron -> font
23:11:41amiconnThere's another small bug...
23:12:32CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
23:12:32*HCl found the most sweetest java library for reading tags
23:12:36HClit does ogg too
23:13:36markunamiconn: What's the bug?
23:14:05amiconnIf the cursor is placed e.g. one line from the top and the current margin is e.g. 2 (changed bigger font to smaller font), and I'm scrolling towards the top, the cursor stays one line from the top
23:14:16amiconn...not 2 as I would expect
23:14:43markunYes, it's the same problem.
23:15:22amiconnIn fact, this could be called a feature in the latter case
23:15:36amiconn...not jumping in the wrong direction when scrolling
23:16:01HClsweet o.o
23:16:27HCli love opensource software :3
23:16:45*HCl is snatching parts from an xmms/winamp clone written in java
23:16:55HCland java allows to like. just. copy. and use o.o
23:18:10markunamiconn: Should I try to fix it? It only happens when changing the font..
23:18:13***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:18:34 Quit webguest05 ("CGI:IRC")
23:19:58LinusNmarkun: yes you should
23:21:36amiconnThe comments in tree.c are a bit off...
23:21:47 Quit muesli- (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
23:22:52amiconnmarkun: ...and the MENU_PREV case can be simplified
23:23:12amiconnmenu_lines - (2 * menu_lines) / 3 == menu_lines / 3
23:23:51markunamiconn: I did it that way because of the rounding.. or is that no problem here?
23:24:07amiconnI'd simply check it out...
23:25:52amiconnIf you use menu_lines - menu_lines / 3 for MENU_NEXT, it would be symmetric again, and complexity wouldn't change
23:25:54markunI have checked it out when it was still menu_lines / 2 and then there was a problem with even and odd menu_lines..
23:26:02 Quit t0mas ("good night")
23:27:22amiconnmarkun: This was be cause going 1/2 from the top and 1/2 from the bottom 'touches' in the center
23:27:31amiconnAt least it's my guess...
23:27:54markunAfter I change the font is the screen redrawn by put_cursor? Cause then I should put the center-scrolling code there..
23:28:49markunor menu_draw?
23:29:34markunHm, the font selection is a tree, not a menu..
23:32:22LinusNi'm updating the bootloader now
23:32:43LinusNis there anything else i should change?
23:33:07LinusNi fixed the bug where the hard drive spun up even when the hold switch was on
23:33:49preglowcan't think of anything
23:33:56Bagderboot sound! B-P
23:34:01*Bagder hides
23:34:13*LinusN slaps Bagder
23:34:33*Bagder must learn to hide better
23:37:20amiconnmarkun: Your version looks better due to the different rounding
23:38:05amiconnChanging the formulas makes it choose the lower margin, which already is 0 for a 14-px font on archos (4 lines)
23:38:32 Quit Harpy (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:38:51markunso I shouldn't change the formula?
23:40:59markunStill don't know where I would like the cursor to be when the font size changes..
23:43:02markunRight now there is only a check to make sure the cursor is not beyond the screen
23:46:45jochenmarkun: why not at the middle of the screen?
23:47:06preglowoh, the dilemma, whether to have another ale or not
23:47:12amiconnI wonder where that check happens...
23:47:40amiconnnm, found it
23:47:41markuntree.c line 772 (about there)
23:48:14amiconnThe while is looking a bit lame...
23:48:41amiconnif (tc.dircursor > tree_max_on_screen) {
23:49:00LinusNsomeone with mingw should update fwpatcher with bootloader v2
23:49:08amiconntc.dirstart += tc.dircursor - tree_max_on_screen;
23:49:20amiconntc.dircursor = tree_max_on_screen;
23:49:22BagderLinusN: you can run make on 'labb'
23:49:34Bagder(just as info)
23:49:36amiconn...should be faster
23:49:49preglowi'm not in windows right now, unfortunately
23:50:03markunyes, but it's not the right thing to do with center-scrolling.
23:50:04*preglow prods rasher
23:50:40markunbecause it will be at the end of the screen.
23:50:43 Join hacim [0] (
23:51:07amiconnFor center-scrolling, 2 checks are needed, for top and bottm
23:51:56hacimout of Archos Jukebox 5000, 6000, Studio, Recorder, FM Recorder, Recorder V2 and Ondio MP3, which is the preferred hardware? Or are they all pretty much the same
23:52:03amiconnLooks like a MIN() / MAX() exercise to me
23:52:44amiconnhacim: It depends on what you want to use the box for
23:54:21hacimamiconn: I dont know anything about any of those models, I'm just excited about this rockbox project, and want to get one
23:54:30hacimI guess I will research their different specs
23:54:55Bagderhacim: none of them are available new anymore, only used
23:55:00preglowirivers are out of the question?
23:56:10hacimBagder: even better, I'm broke :)
23:56:36 Join tucoz [0] (
23:57:22preglowthen you're in luck! the sims are free
23:57:24amiconnCan you say 'silly'? The MAS surely is :(
23:57:28tucozhas anyone of you experienced a low but high pitched sound when navigating on the iriver?
23:57:39preglowtucoz: how high-pitched?
23:57:56tucozhmm, don't know the freq
23:57:59Stryke`anyone try bootloader v2, yet?
23:58:23LinusNi have :-)
23:58:27hacimamiconn: thanks
23:58:47amiconnLinusN: Did you ever observe the MAS spitting out recorded data shifted by 1 _bit_ ?
23:58:48Stryke`no MD5s to compare to, yet

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