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#rockbox log for 2005-06-06

00:00:00lunchboxim having a problem with compiling..deos anyone wish to help me
00:00:54amiconnpreglow: You said those intxx_t types are c99 compiler internals... why would one need stdint.h ?? *puzzled*
00:01:02preglowamiconn: because i was wrong
00:01:53amiconnOkay, so the question remains: How does that header make 32 bit ints available on a 64 bit platform?
00:02:38niobosif intxx_t are compiler-internals; I CAN use them, even on x86_64?
00:03:12lunchboxwhen i compile i get the message no uclpack command found, makes a fake rombox.ucl and then it stops
00:03:13preglowamiconn: i believed they were internal, but that was wrong, you have to include stdint.h
00:03:45amiconnyes.. but _how_ does that header handle it?
00:04:37preglowamiconn: with typedefs, obviously
00:04:44preglowamiconn: can't think of any other mechanisms it could emply
00:04:47preglowemploy, even
00:05:15amiconnYes, but there must be an intrinsic 32 bit type it can put its #define on
00:05:50niobosThe <stdint.h> header shall declare sets of integer types having specified widths, and shall define corresponding sets of macros. It
00:05:53preglowyes, of course
00:05:53niobos shall also define macros that specify limits of integer types corresponding to types defined in other standard headers.
00:05:57 Join midk [0] (
00:06:16preglowwell, i don't know of a compiler that has a 64 bit int, so i don't know
00:06:49nioboslooking at the header, long long seems to be 64bit
00:07:24 Quit [solid] ("Lost terminal")
00:07:42niobosit's just a bunch of #defines and typedef's that (i guess) is platform dependent
00:07:55niobosso it shouldn't be too hard to port it to ColdFire?
00:08:14amiconnHmm, so that makes it almost impossible to include it in rockbox
00:08:15 Join austriancoder [0] (~austrianc@
00:08:25niobosamiconn: why?
00:08:45austriancoderwhich do you prefer? qt or gkt+ 2.0?
00:08:49amiconnErm, because it would then be always the same header, but we support multiple platforms
00:09:00preglowamiconn: #ifdef?
00:09:05HClstill not committed, i take it?
00:09:44nioboswell, the database-code just uses int for 32bit and short for 16bit; and that IS portable across multiple platforms?
00:10:05austriancoderpreglow: fine.. i am adding gtk support to the fwpatcher
00:10:11preglowaustriancoder: why, how nice
00:10:26amiconnpreglow: How would you handle that for the simulators?
00:10:29preglowaustriancoder: won't that be more or less like rewriting the whole thing? :P
00:10:43amiconnniobos: nope.
00:10:56preglowamiconn: the sims will already have a stdint.h
00:10:57amiconn'int' is 16 bit on 16 bit archs (gmini)
00:11:07austriancoderpreglow: mybe, but is is sooo less code..
00:11:26preglowaustriancoder: no shit, win32api isn't exactly known for ease of use or elegance
00:11:47amiconnStill way better than x11 (imho)
00:11:52niobosamiconn: so the current database.h won't work on gmini...
00:11:55preglowamiconn: agreed
00:11:59preglowx11 is a nightmare
00:12:01amiconnniobos: Exactly
00:12:19austriancoderthere are fine and free gui libs c;)
00:12:24preglowamiconn: but you'll have to explain the sim issue better, i don't get it
00:12:35amiconnYou could use 'long', but that will break simulators on 64 bit systems
00:12:44niobosso the question remains... I have a BigEndian 32bit integer in file, how do I represent it on a "general" arch?
00:13:10amiconnpreglow: The rockbox build system always prefers rockbox headers over system headers, except for the uisimulator sub-dir
00:13:40preglowamiconn: well, hooray, isn't that exactly what we want?
00:13:52preglowamiconn: we want the build system to use the system stdint.h
00:14:11preglowfor sims, that is
00:14:21amiconnYes, but that will happen only for uisimulator/, not for apps/ nor firmware/
00:14:33amiconn...which is not exactly what we want
00:14:46preglowwell, no, but they shouldn't use the system stdint.h either
00:14:52preglowthey want the one we bundle with rockbox
00:14:54amiconnThey should
00:14:56preglowi think i'm missing something here
00:15:31amiconnImagine e.g. the rockbox stdint.h defining:
00:15:51amiconntypedef unsigned long unit32_t;
00:16:10amiconn...that's correct for SH1 and coldfire (can be handled with #ifdef)
00:16:24amiconn...but it will break on x86-64 simulators
00:16:54preglowwell, yeah, but the x86-64 sims wont be seeing that file, they'll see their own system stdint.h which has the correct uint32_t typedef
00:17:30amiconnThey'll see the system's stdint.h _for the parts that are in uisimulator/_
00:17:40preglowthat's badness
00:17:46amiconn..but not for the parts in apps/ and firmware/
00:17:59amiconnThere is a reason why the rockbox build system does this
00:18:03niobosamiconn: isn't that OK?
00:18:08preglowthat won't be easy to fix without a kludge either
00:18:15niobosI mean, the parts in apps/ should be compiled for the device
00:18:18 Part Musicmad
00:18:37niobosif you want to run songdb on your x86_64 you could use the version in /utils?
00:18:37lunchboxIs there anyone to help me with the uclpack?
00:18:38amiconnWe want the sims to use as much rockbox code as possible, to catch bugs in them on the simulators too
00:18:53amiconn(e.g. snprintf)
00:19:08nioboshmm... I see...
00:19:13preglowbut still, having proper intxx_t types is our easiest way to solve this long/int type size nightmare
00:19:25amiconnpreglow: We _could_ make a header that is called differently for defining the c99 types...
00:19:32preglowbut there obviously are issues...
00:19:43amiconnand then #include the system's stdint.h for simulator builds
00:19:48preglowamiconn: well, then hell, let's do that
00:20:08preglowamiconn: it's not like we're aiming for c99 compliance anyway, i just want types that work
00:20:11amiconn#if CONFIG_CPU == SH7032
00:20:26amiconn#elif CONFIG_CPU == MCF5249
00:20:28austriancoderhow can i check in a makefile, if i am on a win32 or linux/mac platform with gtk installed?
00:20:34amiconn#elif defined(SIMULATOR)
00:20:42amiconn#include <stdint.h>
00:20:54amiconn#error unhandled arch
00:21:03preglowamiconn: but you're starting to agree this is necessary for some things?
00:21:14niobosamiconn: looks good...
00:21:32amiconnYes... perhaps... for a very limited scope, imho
00:21:55amiconn(handling structs that need to be cross platform compatible)
00:21:57nioboswell, I don't care what the scope is; I care what types I should use ;-D
00:21:58preglowwell, yes, but this solution beats having #ifdefs around the struct fields
00:22:45preglowamiconn: i can see it being good for places where you also depend on automatic wraparound, like in phase accumulators
00:23:05preglowthere's not much dsp in rockbox yet, but it'll come
00:24:23niobosOk, can I conclude that I should use uint32_t?
00:24:27amiconnFor the typedefs, it looks like we can use the same #defines for all of SH1, MCF5249 and TCC730
00:24:39preglowamiconn: yeah, i believe we can
00:24:42amiconn..even though TCC730 is 16 bit
00:25:12amiconnIn fact it looks like the only problem is 64 bit archs
00:25:15preglowint8_t = char, int16_t = short, int32_t = long, yes?
00:25:38amiconn..and int64_t = long long
00:25:45amiconn(maybe not for the TCC730)
00:26:42niobosI don't need 64bit... (but others might)
00:26:52preglowthere's still the issue of what to do with 64 bit archs with a 64 bit int :/
00:27:01preglowniobos: i say you ignore this for now and use 'long'
00:27:11 Join cYmen [0] (
00:27:17preglowniobos: and mark it with a comment or something
00:28:05nioboshmm... I tought of using uint32_t or something unique... so sed could do the change if needed
00:28:27preglowno, forget it, we don't have to worry about that, the system stdint.h will do that
00:29:20niobosso just use long for now?
00:29:21preglowniobos: well, yes, use uint32_t if you want
00:29:28preglowniobos: but it wont compile for rockbox right now
00:29:32preglowsince the header you need isn't there
00:29:47niobosI haven't even tried to compile rockbox...
00:29:53preglowthen hooray!
00:30:02nioboswell guy's I'm off to bed
00:30:21preglowsleep tight
00:30:45niobosI hope I don't get nightmere's about all those pointers and stuff ;-D
00:30:57 Quit niobos ("ahh, sleep...")
00:33:32 Join LinusN [0] (
00:33:45XavierGrHi LinusN
00:34:03midkhey Linus :)
00:34:10midkstill any jukebox work going on, or is it all iRiver now?
00:34:12HClcommit commit!
00:34:13HCl :P
00:34:33*LinusN spots some weirdness in Slasheri's patch
00:34:52LinusNmidk: plenty of jukebox hacking
00:34:53XavierGrwell I couldnt get it work
00:34:58 Quit Mr_Wik (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
00:35:06XavierGrthe latest patch gives me an ill*
00:35:18midkthat's cool. located some old jukebox stuff recently... rockblox updates, breakout, vu meter work...
00:35:24LinusNbool rockboy = callback_for_more != pcm_play_callback;
00:35:31midkwas thinking about working at it some more in the near future.
00:35:35amiconnmidk: I did a whole bunch of a recording fixes recently
00:35:50 Quit midk (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
00:35:54preglowthat rockbox fix he did a couple of hours ago, i think
00:36:04lunchboxIs there anyone to help me with the uclpack?
00:36:20LinusNpreglow: ugly as hell
00:36:27 Join midk [0] (
00:36:29preglowLinusN: wouldn't know, haven't looked at it
00:36:55midkamiconn: cool.. like what?
00:36:57midkhaven't kept up with rockbox news at all over the past couple months.
00:37:29amiconnLook at my latest commits... I hope recording is really fixed now
00:38:23midkoh, did you merge that "invert recording led" patch?
00:38:26preglowLinusN: that is ugly, yes, indeed
00:38:40amiconnHmm, they're no longer on the frontpage... look at the changes for the 20050605 daily
00:38:54HClwhat is uglp?
00:38:58HCltypos o.o
00:39:21preglowHCl: slasheris rockboy fix, rockboy used to crash with his patch
00:39:29amiconnmidk: Invert recording led was there for a while.. and taken out again when triggered recording was added
00:39:38HClwhat was his rockboy fix?
00:39:44midkhaha. not since i've been around.. that's been a while :)
00:40:06midkso.. if the peakmeter drew too much power.. what'd you do? make it run slower?
00:40:09amiconnLinusN: What about a 2.5 release?
00:40:31 Quit lunchbox ()
00:40:37LinusNamiconn: i'd like that, but i think we need a little more testing of your recent recording fixes
00:40:40 Join leftright [0] (
00:41:07amiconnHowever, it seems most people prefer to run releases, not dailies
00:41:16LinusNhow is the id3 db at the moment?
00:41:35midkid3 database.. i haven't tried it myself.. god it's been a while :)
00:41:36HClpretty good.
00:41:40amiconn...even though _we_ know that dailies usually are almost as stable as releases
00:41:51HCli added a bit to the format, adding playtime and track number
00:42:00HCli'm waiting for slasheris patch to implement runtime db
00:42:34preglowamiconn: can't blame people for that
00:42:49preglowthey're used to seeing ordinary releases only
00:43:16midkthat center scrolling patch looks interesting.. it'd be nice as an option. maybe not completely in the center.. but say 2 lines away from either edge..
00:43:28LinusNso the database format still matches the perl script?
00:43:40preglowyeah, but the perl script fills in blanks
00:43:40amiconnmidk: The latest version uses 1/3 and 2/3
00:43:46preglowfor the fields it doesn't support
00:44:28midkamiconn: what do you mean?
00:44:45amiconnthe center scrolling patch
00:44:55preglowi tested the perl script yesterday, i think, worked just fine
00:45:05midkhmm. a patch for rockblox updates. too bad i didn't finish mine before this guy started his. can't even really remember what i did to mine though :)
00:45:07HCli updated it
00:45:17midkamiconn, oh...
00:45:20HClthe java one creates a database thats loads better though.
00:45:22*amiconn just digged up his test_mem plugin
00:45:32HClbut the perl one will create one too.
00:45:36HClthat'll work
00:45:50preglowamiconn: memset time? :P
00:46:10amiconnmemset/ memcpy timing and correctness test
00:46:57amiconnFirst I'll test my little improvement on sh1, next will be measure the timing on iriver
00:47:17 Nick zezayer_away is now known as zezayer (~chatzilla@
00:47:21amiconnI hope the h-140 won't perform too bad compared to the archos recorder :-P
00:48:05 Join _CoCoLUS [0] (
00:48:08preglowdo you plan on using all the registers you can for transfer?
00:48:34amiconnIirc a burst is 5-1-1-1, so using 4 registers should be ideal
00:48:44 Quit CoCoLUS (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:48:53HClremind me tomorrow to fix the searchengine up.
00:48:58HClto the new database format..
00:49:52preglowamiconn: hmm, what? the burst doesn't continue beyond that?
00:50:32 Quit zezayer ("Chatzilla [SUSE 1.0.4-1.1/20050511]")
00:51:21 Join zezayer [0] (~chatzilla@
00:55:03XavierGrhi zezayer hows the bmp is?
00:57:52LinusN /* Play a small chunk of zeroes to initialize the playback system. */
00:58:43zezayerwell, just spent 3 hrs waiting next to the motorway waiting for the frigging RAC to bring a pickup to collect a motorbike.
00:59:05 Quit Harpy (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
00:59:08preglowLinusN: there was a problem with a dc offset
01:01:06LinusNhmmm, then that's what the comment should be saying
01:01:13preglowLinusN: so he plays a small buffer of zeros to get rid of it, i don't know why the dac outputs dc in the first place, though, i would have thought it initialised itself to zeros
01:03:00*HCl committed part of the searchengine fix for the v3 database..
01:03:08HClit will work now, but does not use the new fields yet.
01:04:55 Quit cYmen ("zZz")
01:05:28*LinusN just committed the playback code
01:05:37*austriancoder has an improved hold button status patch
01:05:59LinusNit needs lots of work, but that work is better done in cvs
01:06:04LinusNaustriancoder: tell me
01:06:11HClafter i finish my homework tomorrow i'll get on runtimedb
01:06:47austriancoderLinusN: it shows now 3 different icons for lock. one if only remote is locked, one if only main unit is locked and the default one, if both are locked
01:06:58 Nick _CoCoLUS is now known as CoCoLUS (
01:07:05LinusNaustriancoder: ok
01:07:11 Quit CoCoLUS (Remote closed the connection)
01:08:09XavierGrthe home url of rockbox doesnt show up the commitment
01:08:31 Join CoCoLUS [0] (
01:08:40HCldaily build has to be processed
01:08:43HClbefore it will show up.
01:09:05XavierGrand how much time this will take?
01:09:14HCli dunno, 18 min?
01:09:23LinusNor so
01:09:26XavierGrso it is automated, tight
01:09:34LinusNXavierGr: of course
01:09:55preglowbuilds take les than 10 minutes now
01:10:01preglowafter bagder put in ccache
01:10:07XavierGrRockbox Sound Commitment E.T.A. 15 minutes!!!!
01:10:23HClits already committed, it just doesn't show up on the site yet ;p
01:10:23LinusNlet's hope it works
01:10:24preglowXavierGr: don't wet your pants already :>
01:11:00XavierGrI remember your phrase preglow... : Linus has spoken. Commit now! Lol
01:11:23*LinusN doesn't get it
01:11:33*HCl is too tired to get it
01:11:38XavierGror the other one when slasheri said that implementing some other things would take time.
01:11:39preglowjust me being over-eager a couple of days ago
01:11:52XavierGryour answer was: Then screw it! Commit now
01:12:18XavierGrnight HCl
01:12:33preglowat least now we wont have a bunch of people asking for patch assistance every day
01:12:46XavierGrthat's right!
01:12:58*XavierGr hides because i asked for help too
01:13:06*XavierGr hides because he asked for help too
01:13:19*austriancoder thinks that his iriver is broken :(
01:13:38LinusNaustriancoder: ?
01:13:45XavierGrIt appeared on the home page right now !!! yay
01:14:30 Join lunchbox [0] (
01:14:37austriancoderif i connect the ac adapter the lcd flashes alot and i can not start any firmware... iriver also gets hot.. if i disconnect the ac i can normaly work with the unit
01:15:38preglowhave you been using anything apart from the original charger?
01:16:24austriancoderthe one in the car... but i am using it over a year now
01:16:43preglowdoes it charge normally if you keep the unit switched off?
01:17:24austriancoderif i connect it to the charger the unti wents off and the gren led went on
01:19:13austriancoderto start any firmware i must connect charger, hold start key and disconnect the charger
01:19:27preglowthis sounds really strange
01:19:37XavierGrLinusN: Have you included the .rockbox/codecs folder?
01:19:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:19:45preglowXavierGr: yes
01:19:51preglowi don't know how the ac adaptor is connected inside the unit
01:19:54preglowso not much i can say
01:20:38austriancoderseems that i must buy a new one :(
01:20:45leftrighttime for a soldering iron :)
01:20:52austriancodermaybe i will by a h3xx
01:22:03MoosCamarodepend then what you realy want H1xx an H3xx they'r not the same
01:22:29MoosCamaroit's probably just batery replacment
01:22:36austriancoderi know that they are not the same... color lcd could be fine
01:22:50austriancoderi hope.. i dont have much money
01:22:55preglowdoesn't sound much like a battery issue to me
01:23:10austriancodermy dad
01:23:21austriancoderwashed the car completly
01:23:26austriancoderin and outside
01:23:33preglowwashed your unit as well, i hope? :P
01:23:38preglowit probably needed a good cleaning
01:23:39LinusNthe charging is a really weak point on the iriver
01:23:41midk.rockbox/codecs? hm? :P
01:23:48austriancoderand he changed the car changer setting from 5.0 v to 7.5 volts
01:23:55preglowthen small wonder
01:23:56preglowit's broken
01:23:57preglowsay bye
01:24:12LinusNaustriancoder: that is *not* good
01:24:29MoosCamaro:( not good
01:24:59*austriancoder is very very very sad
01:25:19preglowi can't understand why electronics manufacturers never put in over-voltage protection of some kind
01:25:25preglowthat is, it's pretty easy to understand
01:25:41MoosCamaroLinus: the red builds are cause to buffer issue?
01:25:43preglowbut you'd think someone would have done it, but i've never heard of anyones gadget surviving too much voltage
01:25:44 Join knoppix [0] (
01:25:58 Quit knoppix (Remote closed the connection)
01:26:27leftrightit might be worthwhile replacing the power control chip, cheap enough
01:26:44preglowleftright: no, it's not that simple
01:26:47austriancoderi am no electrican
01:26:57XavierGrLinusN: The CVS table shows 3 errors and the boxes are red!
01:27:00preglowyour player may be quite permanently damaged
01:27:05preglowit all depends
01:27:22austriancoderatm it seems to work
01:27:37austriancoderi can not use it will chareing.. thats all i hope
01:28:37 Join Zoom [0] (
01:28:55LinusNXavierGr: oops, fixed that now
01:29:21LinusNaustriancoder: you are lucky that the player is still alive
01:29:40LinusNmost players die from that
01:30:00austriancoderLinusN: yep... but i think i will buy a new one.. but atm i am not sure which one
01:30:09preglowiriver have been quite generous in matters like these, btw, but i don't know if they can still replace h1x0 units
01:30:10ZoomU check out the H10?
01:30:24preglowZoom: h10 wont have rockbox for a long, long time, if ever
01:30:38crwlsome of those iaudio hd players? at least they have coldfire, i think
01:30:44preglowcrwl: yes they do
01:30:53preglowcrwl: seem like good canidates if anyone wants to port
01:31:01LinusNcrwl: we might very well port to iaudio
01:31:13LinusNsome day
01:31:20ZoomWhat does the creative/rio units use?
01:31:38LinusNcreative uses TI DSP's iirc
01:32:17preglowthere isn't even a gcc for that yet
01:32:57Zoomso I take it they are not very popular players?
01:33:01preglowi also dont think there is very much public docs on it
01:33:06preglowthough it's a pretty popular dsp
01:34:07ZoomI am surprised the iPod doesnt have more documentation on it regarding 3rd party firmware
01:34:13austriancoderiAudio X5 looks fine
01:34:15preglowti's site has tons of docs, forget me
01:34:18Zoomthey have two projects going as far as I know
01:35:13leftrightlonger battery life
01:36:13Zoomare they good players?
01:36:20preglowx5 is very good, they say
01:36:26leftrightdoesnt do gapless though
01:36:26MoosCamarotomorrow is another day
01:36:31preglowMoosCamaro: let's hope so
01:36:59austriancoderiaudio is Motorola/Freescale ColdFire SCF5249 based... sounds good
01:37:02preglowi hopy my last day alive has better weather than this
01:37:13MoosCamaroahah :)
01:38:00Zoomwow the x5 does look impressive
01:38:19Zoomroxkbox planning to port that anytime soon?
01:38:30leftrightI would've gone for the X5, except for the gapless thing
01:38:38preglowit's more probably than creative devices, at least
01:39:00preglowrockbox has been ported to the cpu it uses, and the codecs will be as good as for h1x0
01:39:12MoosCamaroLinus: what's about this yellow build with the boot?
01:39:17ZoomXL5 is good too
01:39:23Zoomlooks good*
01:39:36austriancodercan somebody test this with iriver? got kernel crash and dont want to reboot
01:39:42preglowMoosCamaro: nothing to worry about
01:40:04MoosCamaroby curosity ;)
01:43:13 Join mopsus [0] (
01:44:34 Quit mopsus (Client Quit)
01:46:17LinusNMoosCamaro: fixed
01:46:43*austriancoder makes a reboot
01:46:54 Quit austriancoder ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.12")
01:50:12XavierGrYay mp3 seeking is true! Not perfect but nice
01:50:57preglowmp3 seeking?
01:51:29*preglow tries out
01:51:33 Join austriancoder [0] (~austrianc@
01:53:36 Quit Seed (Nick collision from services.)
01:53:44 Join Seed [0] (
01:54:35preglowwell, i'll be damned
01:54:57*XavierGr is happy
01:55:43preglowi think the chunks being read are too large
01:57:09tvelocitywhoah... Slasheri's patches got commited?
01:57:41XavierGryes my friend!
01:58:03 Quit Sucka ("a bird in the bush is worth two in your house")
01:58:11XavierGrHave you noticed the lag of the system when the buffer is filling?
01:58:13 Quit Seed (Nick collision from services.)
01:58:18austriancoderhas somebody tested my patch?
01:58:20 Join Seed [0] (
01:58:28XavierGrwhat it does?
01:58:28Zoomwow good work guys
01:58:52preglowaustriancoder: what's it do?
01:59:18austriancoderthe hold button stuff
01:59:38amiconnLinusN: +7 warnings for h100, +12 warnings for h100-sim :/
01:59:54preglowaustriancoder: what hold button stuff?
02:00:18XavierGrah the stuff with the new icons of hold button like the iriver firmware
02:00:26XavierGr3 icons for hold button
02:00:33amiconn3 icons ???
02:00:37XavierGr1 when both locked
02:00:45XavierGr1 when main is locked
02:00:46preglowaustriancoder: the patch fails to apply completely
02:00:55XavierGrand 1 to rule them all! LOL
02:01:03LinusNamiconn: yes there are many warnings, has been like that since the beginning of the iriver port
02:01:06amiconnI'd say the intuitive way would be to have 2 icons for each lock switch
02:01:27XavierGrbut there are 3 choices!
02:01:47austriancoderpreglow: austriancoder@neptun ~/rockbox $ cvs diff -u ... should be ok?!
02:01:58XavierGrMain Locked, Remote Locked , both Locked
02:02:03preglowaustriancoder: yes, i should think so
02:02:11amiconnNo. Each of the 2 icons would be shown when the corresponding lock switch is on, otherwise not
02:02:35XavierGrwhat you mean exactly?
02:02:57amiconn. . No lock
02:03:03amiconnX . main lock
02:03:12amiconn. Y remote lock
02:03:17amiconnX Y both locks
02:04:29XavierGrwell its quite the same utilizing smaller space
02:04:44amiconn...and the remote lock icon should be displayed on the remote as soon as the remote gets better rockbox support
02:04:57amiconn(i.e. a second status line)
02:06:42austriancodermy patch = hold button icon handling like irver firmware
02:07:27amiconnI never checked how the iriver fw does it
02:07:42XavierGramiconn: Do you own an iriver?
02:09:29 Part leftright
02:11:50*preglow hacks in mp2 support
02:12:04XavierGrso LinusN what do you think? Amiconn or austriancoder?
02:12:46preglowisn't it a bit overkill to have separate codec defines for layer 1, 2 and 3 when they should always be handled by the same codec?
02:13:23preglowoh well
02:13:25amiconnNot necessarily true
02:14:05preglowno, not necessarily, but i got begin to guess who'd bother to optimise two codecs when they share 50% of the code
02:14:14preglowgot = can't, sigh...
02:14:21amiconnThe defines should define capabilities, and the mas can't handle layer1
02:14:33 Quit lunchbox ()
02:14:53preglowi don't believe this file will ever be used for hardware codec players
02:14:56amiconn(in case we ever unify playback architecture)
02:15:08preglowbut yeah, true enough
02:15:29amiconn...or someone hack in Stephane Tavenard's lib
02:15:46amiconnThis one also doesn't handle layer1 (iirc)
02:17:29LinusNi think two lock icons might be the best
02:17:39preglowi can't understand why something would support layer 2 and not layer 1
02:17:45preglowthey're pretty similar
02:17:56preglowbut i guess they have their reasons
02:17:57amiconnLinusN: I have a little optimisation for sh1 memset, and would like to know your opinion
02:19:07amiconnFor >= 12 byte blocks, it is somewhat faster than the current one overall, but a bit slower when the end is long aligned
02:21:16austriancodermy iriver is dead.. i think the power-on-unit is dead... because everything else worked
02:21:37austriancoderah... it spins up again
02:21:47austriancoderok ... it is hard to poweron
02:21:52preglowaustriancoder: like linus said, you're lucky it even retains SOME functionality
02:21:59preglowaustriancoder: don't expect it to keep working
02:22:03amiconnCondition: 12500x16 byte. current: 0,83 s/1,05 s/1,04 s/1,05 s new: 0,88 s/1,01 s/0,94 s/0,87 s
02:22:13austriancoderamiconn: how should i change the hold-button patch?
02:22:31austriancoderpreglow: yeah.. iaudio looks fine.. and porting would be interesting
02:22:47 Quit Aison ("( :: NoNameScript 3.72 :: )")
02:23:22 Quit jamesshuang ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
02:23:51preglowaustriancoder: yes, might as well get yourself a bdm interface as well, then ;)
02:25:36austriancoderpreglow: lets see
02:25:45austriancoderremote lcd is dead
02:26:09austriancodershall i commit my hold-button-icon patch now, or not?
02:30:22preglowi can't test it
02:31:36austriancoderi could remake the patch and you could tell me, where it gives rejects
02:32:23austriancoderaustriancoder@neptun ~/rockbox $ cvs diff -u &> hold-button.patch should be ok?
02:32:59 Quit Zoom ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
02:33:10 Join Zoom2 [0] (
02:33:12LinusNaustriancoder: not &>, only >
02:33:26Zoom2snap, why did I get kicked?
02:33:56preglowask the web client
02:34:14Zoom2it said somone else had my name
02:34:18Zoom2but no one has my name "Zoom"
02:34:43preglowi need to go to bed
02:34:46preglowlater, all
02:34:55 Quit preglow ("leaving")
02:36:30amiconnLinusN: Any opinion about my memset() ?
02:36:46amiconnBtw, iriver _is_ slow
02:37:01amiconnIt currently uses memset.c, which does some optimisation
02:37:17amiconn*does use
02:37:23Zoom2hey how much bandwidth does have monthly? (use)?
02:38:06amiconnEven with long alignment it is a bit slower than archos... despite iriver runs at 48 MHz...
02:38:33austriancoder@all: test please:
02:39:37 Join textchimp [0] (
02:40:13LinusNZoom2: i have no idea
02:40:23textchimpafter i do a big cvs update, do i have to remove my target dirs and run configure again?
02:40:40Zoom2I was asking because, if you think it might help, I wouldnt mind setting up a "mirror" for some of the firmwares etc
02:40:44Zoom2to help out with bandwidth costs
02:41:24LinusNdon't worry
02:41:44LinusNwe have a bandwidth sponsor
02:41:52MoosCamaroLinus: red builds again :(
02:44:01austriancodersomeone tested my patch?
02:44:05LinusNMoosCamaro: yes, it started building before i had committed all of my changes :-)
02:44:12Zoom2figured I would offer
02:44:16LinusNaustriancoder: hang on
02:45:35MoosCamaroLinus: ;)
02:48:50 Quit midk ("later...")
02:52:01XavierGrOMG its 3:52am and I am still coding how on earth will I get up on 7.00am?
02:54:05XavierGrGreat at least my code is right. Snake2 runs fine in all targets. (except a slight disorientation of text)!!!
02:54:46MoosCamaroLinus: there are less yellow builds with your new comitts, good household :)
02:55:10XavierGrLinusN: Is it all right if tomorrow I modify snake.c to implement High Score saving and reading from a file?
02:56:01thegeekZoom2: someone else has registered the nick Zoom
02:56:09thegeekfreenode has nickserv
02:57:37austriancoderXavierGr: do what you want - its open source ;)
02:58:02MoosCamaroit's true :)
02:58:31XavierGrMaybe some of these days I will code a plug-in of my own!
02:58:48MoosCamaroyou're welcome
02:59:05XavierGrokay done for today! Good night all
02:59:13MoosCamarogood night
02:59:17XavierGrand keep up.
02:59:25XavierGrSee you tomorrow!
02:59:28 Quit XavierGr ()
03:00:07textchimpmy build of the latest CVS is dying
03:01:38textchimprockbox-devel/apps/debug_menu.c:375: undefined reference to `audio_get_debugdata'
03:01:42textchimpamong other things
03:01:47amiconnLinusN: The player build broke
03:06:32LinusNamiconn: foxed
03:07:29amiconnBah, it seems the m68k compiler goofes somehow :(
03:07:52amiconnAs soon as I try to test memset with small enough chunks, I get IllInstr
03:12:15LinusNaustriancoder: here are the results from the swedish jury:
03:12:23LinusN1) The simulator broke
03:12:34LinusN2) It was a night mare to apply the patch
03:12:47LinusN3) It doesn't react on the remote hold
03:16:17 Quit austriancoder ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.12")
03:16:31MoosCamaroLinus will don't sleep :)
03:17:54MoosCamaroalready 3:18am here in Paris
03:18:25MoosCamaro3 hours of sleeping
03:18:44LinusNwill sleep now...
03:18:59MoosCamarome too
03:19:08tvelocitylucky you
03:19:22amiconnLinusN doesn't have an opinion :/
03:19:40***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:19:46amiconn....hmmm it's just the oldish archos....
03:19:55 Join austriancoder [0] (~austrianc@
03:20:12*amiconn is running memset() timing
03:21:04LinusNamiconn: i didn't quite get your question
03:21:27MoosCamarotime to go to sleep my 3 hours of sleeping :)
03:21:32textchimpalright it worked
03:21:36LinusNwas this the question? "amiconn For >= 12 byte blocks, it is somewhat faster than the current one overall, but a bit slower when the end is long aligned"
03:21:50textchimpcan anyone tell me what filenames rockbox uses for files it records?
03:21:59amiconn[02:22:02] <amiconn> Condition: 12500x16 byte. current: 0,83 s/1,05 s/1,04 s/1,05 s new: 0,88 s/1,01 s/0,94 s/0,87 s
03:22:25MoosCamarogood night all
03:22:44LinusNso, your question was "do you think it is better?"
03:23:29 Part MoosCamaro
03:23:53austriancoderLinusN: found time for my patch?
03:23:57LinusNwhen do we use memset?
03:24:29LinusNaustriancoder: look in the irc log
03:24:57amiconnmemset is used in ~100 places
03:25:19austriancoderLinusN: ah.. ok
03:25:39austriancoderLinusN: will fix
03:26:43amiconnI don't like this opt myself that much, because it's slower when the end is long aligned... which often coincides which the start also being long aligned... which probably happens more often than the other cases
03:27:00LinusNamiconn: i think so too
03:27:22amiconnAnyway, doing iriver memset() timing now
03:27:45amiconngcc is sometimes silly... but I fixed my problem
03:28:37austriancoderLinusN: could you tell me, where it breaks the simulator?
03:29:22textchimpis there an option to set the filename prefix for recorded filenames? because if not, that's something i'd like to always annoyed me about the iriver firmware
03:29:47LinusNaustriancoder: maybe your patch contained the fix
03:29:55 Join amiconn_ [0] (
03:29:55LinusNit was hard to apply
03:30:11austriancoderhmm.. i could not build the sim :(
03:30:25 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
03:30:25 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
03:31:35austriancoderi get this everytime:
03:33:32LinusNaustriancoder: make clean
03:34:36austriancoderwas the first thing i did
03:35:45LinusNwell, i gotta get some sleep
03:35:48LinusNnite all
03:35:53 Part LinusN
03:39:25tvelocitylol... if I play a file after using rockboy, playback is slooooower
03:40:58*austriancoder reemerges glibc to get the sim working
03:49:15austriancodergood night
03:49:18 Quit austriancoder ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.12")
04:05:46 Join QT [0] (as@area51.users.madwifi)
04:09:03textchimpi'm getting an IllInstr when I try to play an mp3 in the latest cvs rockbox
04:09:30textchimpare there any other files i need to copy to the iriver, other than the plugins and the firmware file?
04:09:35textchimpi seem to remember slasheri
04:09:51textchimpslasheri's patch requiring the copying of files to the codec folder...
04:19:16 Quit QT_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:21:10 Join lostlogic [0] (
04:21:20 Quit lostlogic (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:21:21 Join lostlogic [0] (
04:22:53 Join austriancoder [0] (~austrianc@
04:25:22austriancoderLinusN: i fixed now my patch. There is only one thing i found out. if i disconnect the remote control remote_button_hold() is everytime false. Could you verify this? Is there a away to detect, if the remote control is connected? We could also save some iriver power, because we can then "sleep" the remote lcd driver. Thanks
04:33:54 Quit austriancoder ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.12")
04:34:43 Quit textchimp ()
04:46:46 Quit zezayer ("Chatzilla [SUSE 1.0.4-1.1/20050511]")
05:08:37 Quit Zoom2 ("CGI:IRC")
05:19:41***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:21:52 Join dapureplayaBUSY [0] (
05:21:56 Nick dapureplayaBUSY is now known as dapureplaya (
05:25:40 Quit dapureplaya (Client Quit)
07:03:01 Join textchimp [0] (
07:19:44***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:21:09 Quit tvelocity (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:24:09Bgrmorning, guys
07:24:53textchimpdoes anyone know who wrote player/keyboard.c, i.e. the kbd_input() function?
07:25:18Bgrtextchimp isn't his name written on the top of the file
07:26:20textchimpokay, yes, i'm an idiot....bjorn stenberg
07:26:34textchimpi guess what i was wondering is, does he come on irc and what is his nick?
07:26:58Bgrhm, w8 sec
07:27:42Bgryes, he comes from time to time
07:29:19textchimpthanks for that
07:29:23Bgrnp :)
07:29:44textchimpbgr: while you're here, do you know what kind of filenames rockbox gives to files when it records?
07:30:03Bgri have no idea
07:30:13Bgri have iRiver H3x0 ... so ... you know ... :)
07:30:50Bgri can try to find out ...
07:31:56textchimpthat's okay, i should just ask someone who's recorded on an archos or something
07:33:24textchimpha, it looks like the function recording.c:rec_create_filename() might help
07:33:49Bgr#ifdef HAVE_RTC
07:34:54Bgrbtw, amiconn plans to make function for generating file names...
07:35:06textchimpokay, cool
07:35:32Bgrbecause this is used in 2 or 3 places (with different implementation everywhere)
07:35:40textchimpbgr: do you know what that formatted filename string actually will generate?
07:35:59Bgrif the unit has RTC ... it seems it's
07:36:10Bgrreal time clock
07:36:13textchimpoh, that's a system clock>
07:36:22textchimpso much for the iriver
07:36:45textchimpbut i'm glad they went with that obvious date-based naming convention
07:37:32textchimpus iriver users will have to enter the date ourselves...that's why i was interested in kbd_input... i thought it should have a screen of the numbers 01 - 31, for entering dates
07:37:43Bgr<last 2 digits of year><month(2 digits)><day(2 digs)>-<hour(2 digs)><min(2 digs)><sec (2 digs)>.mp3
07:39:02Bgrit's rec_<number>.mp3, where <number> is the first number (4 digits) where the file rec_<number>.mp3 doesn't exist
07:40:19Bgrtextchimp but for date-time naming you need a source of current time ...
07:41:27textchimpbgr: no, i mean you enter the dd-mm-yy for the filenames yourself, via the kbd_input screen
07:41:59textchimpso yes, you have to know in your head what the date is
07:43:27Bgrtextchimp i think a better idea would be to have the option to enter current time from the menu...
07:44:28textchimpbgr: from which menu? the main menu? and then if the current time is set, the recorded files will use it?
07:45:09textchimpmaybe...but maybe you don't always want to enter the whole date+time, just the date...or a different filename prefix altogether
07:49:08Bgrit could be done
07:50:15Bgrbut i think that it's early to think about this, having the fact that there's no recording at the moment
07:50:36Bgrand the playback just appeared as functionality
07:52:14textchimpi know
07:52:24textchimpbut it's all i can think of that i'd really like to get done
07:52:55Bgrgrr i lied you
07:53:10textchimpand i can't do any of the low level codec optimisation stuff
07:53:57Bgrif there's no RTC, it's rec_<number>.mp3, where <number> will be the last number in the directory
07:54:09textchimpthat, and maybe configurable 'key' (button) bindings
07:54:21Bgri.e. it'll not fill the gaps if there is missing file between 2 other
07:54:33textchimpyeah, i saw that in the code
07:54:59Bgrmorning, amiconn;)
07:55:34textchimpamiconn: i'm told you're thinking about some filename-generating code for rockbox?
07:56:24amiconnFor units without rtc, the rec_<number>.mp3 algorithm ineed makes sure that <number> is the last one
07:56:42Bgryep, both of us saw this :)
07:56:55Bgri overlooked the code at the beginning
07:57:36Bgrbtw, amiconn, what's the reason of having 3 yeld(); immediately one after other in trigger_listener()
07:57:37amiconnI know it, and I also know who wrote it (not me)
07:57:55BgrLinus ? ;)
07:58:18amiconnJörg aka [IDC]Dragon
07:59:00amiconn...and entering the date just to generate the recording file name would be really cumbersome imho it wouldn't always work
07:59:34Bgramiconn i think its a good "have to" as an option
07:59:43Bgramiconn why not ?
08:00:15amiconnYou can always rename the file after recording; the amount of keypresses wouldn't differ that much
08:00:21Bgrif you have int entered_date = 0; ... if(user enters data) entered_date=1 ...;
08:00:58Bgrhm, maybe your'e right
08:01:02amiconnThe recording code must be able to generate multiple file names, without first asking the user
08:01:47amiconn- file split, either because the fat file size limit is reached, or because time split is active
08:02:01Bgramiconn i meant if there's entered date from user (in the settings menu)... and there's timer, simulating RTC ...
08:02:03amiconn- quick-recording from the radio
08:02:18HCldon't you people sleep...
08:02:26amiconnI did
08:02:30BgrHCl, no, we don't :)
08:02:36Bgrwhat's this "sleep" ?;)
08:02:44*HCl goes back to bed after checking messages
08:02:47Bgri've never heard such thing...
08:02:51*HCl was dreaming about skiing..
08:03:07BgrHCl just go on dreaming ;)
08:03:21amiconnI thought Linus committed Slasheri's playback patch...
08:03:37amiconn... so shouldn't there codec*.rock files when building?
08:03:56Bgramiconn it seems it has commited it
08:06:28Bgramiconn aren't these files situated in plugins/codecs ?
08:06:33Bgror something similar ?
08:06:40amiconnNm, I'm an idiot
08:06:53Bgramiconn you're not definitely ;)
08:07:00amiconnTurns out I updated the wrong cvs working copy...
08:08:46textchimpamiconn: the recording code could append a unique incrementing number to a prefix the user enters themselves
08:09:02textchimpsuch as the current date
08:09:21Bgramiconn what about an emulation of RTC ?
08:09:35Bgr(as option)
08:09:37textchimpthat's why i thought an extra screen on the kbd_input function, with just the numbers 01-31 (and some separating characters) would be nice
08:12:52amiconnA date + time entering screen like the one for setting the archos RTC would imho make more sense
08:13:18amiconn...apart from that I'd personally never use rtc emulation
08:13:42*Bgr is happy with the fact that H3x0 series have RTC :)
08:13:54amiconnImho it's way too cumbersome to set the time everytime I restart the box
08:14:26amiconnThe Ondio also doesn't have an rtc, and I can't say I'm missing it
08:14:29textchimpyes exactly
08:15:03amiconnIt's a nice-to-have, but not more
08:15:08textchimpamiconn: so you're saying it would make more sense, but it's way too cumbersome?
08:16:05amiconnWith 'it would make more sense' I mean the type of screen to enter date & time
08:16:37amiconn...which could be useful for other purposes than RTC emulation
08:16:48textchimpwould it make sense as one of the screens of different characters in kbd_input() ?
08:17:12amiconnImho not
08:22:12Slasherioh, it has committed :)
08:23:52 Join webguest75 [0] (
08:24:53BgrSlasheri :))))
08:24:53 Quit webguest75 (Client Quit)
08:30:22 Join webguest01 [0] (
08:44:32 Join DMJC [0] (
08:57:54BgrSlasheri: btw, offt, but where r u from ? :)
09:05:21textchimpslasheri: yes...nice work
09:05:47*Bgr is sad that he can't try rockbox yet...
09:06:49SlasheriBgr: from Finland :)
09:07:03Slasheribut need to go to work now, cu later :)
09:07:24Bgr;) cu and 10x for the playback ;)
09:13:46 Quit Rick (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
09:15:05 Nick Lynx_awy is now known as Lynx_ (HydraIRC@
09:15:20 Join Rick [0] (
09:19:46***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:21:52 Join bobTHC [0] (
09:22:07bobTHCmornin' folks !
09:28:05Bgrmornin ;)
09:30:15 Join t0mas [0] (
09:30:55 Join kurzhaarrocker [0] (
09:31:20 Part DMJC ("Leaving")
09:32:24kurzhaarrockerBgr: concerning the three yields in the trigger
09:32:45kurzhaarrockerThey are necessary because the recording is started from a different thread
09:32:56Bgrbut why 3 ?
09:33:15kurzhaarrockerserveral events are stored in a queue which I want to be processed as soon as possible
09:33:38kurzhaarrockereach yield results in one event being processed
09:33:54*Bgr understands
09:39:59 Join ashridah [0] (
09:49:55 Quit kurzhaarrocker (Remote closed the connection)
09:58:57Bgronly some stupid person in M$ can make Ctrl-S - save, Ctrl-D - delete (see the "S" & "D" buttons on the keyboard) (seen in M$ office)
09:59:39zenot as bad on dvorak
09:59:57Bgrbut on US ....
10:00:06zedvorak isn't non-us is it?
10:00:14zebut on qwerty and variants yeah
10:00:16zepretty dumb
10:00:32Bgrthank god there's undo ...
10:00:53zebut undo's not right next to quit? :p
10:01:17Bgrno, it's not ...
10:01:27zeheh "Undo - Ctrl-Z, quit - Ctrl-X" :p
10:01:37zeoh ok
10:02:33zejust making up a combination of not-uncommon keys that'd be coorespondingly braindead with the save/delete ones
10:03:01Bgrbtw, that's in M$ outlook
10:03:09Bgrctrl-S - save message
10:03:13Bgrctrl-d delete message
10:04:06 Join nobby [0] (
10:04:18nobbyiriver audio playback is hella buggy
10:04:46Bgrnobby: it was made 3-4 days ago, what do you expect ???
10:04:55nobbyi'm just saying
10:05:10nobbyshould we be reporting bugs? some are pretty obvious
10:05:26Bgrnobby no abuse, but it's well known that it's not ready for "release"
10:05:45Bgrnobby: no
10:06:07Bgreven on it's said " First audio codec playback _attempt_"
10:07:17Bgrin fact, maybe it's good to say what are the problems
10:10:48nobbywell, it doesnt pause properly
10:11:00 Nick nobby is now known as n[o]bby (
10:11:13*n[o]bby *poof* dissapears
10:11:29Bgrother ?
10:11:58 Join Patr3ck [0] (
10:22:16 Join Musicmad [0] (
10:26:03 Join kramerica [0] (
10:29:09 Join Harpy [0] (
10:33:34Musicmaddoes the daily builds contain any wps files?
10:33:44Musicmaddo even
10:34:44 Join dapureplayaBUSY [0] (
10:34:51 Nick dapureplayaBUSY is now known as dapureplaya (
10:37:41 Join martijn [0] (
10:39:40 Quit dapureplaya ()
10:41:39 Quit kramerica ()
10:43:39 Join niobos [0] (
10:50:58Bgra very minor issue (i think) in : WIKILOGOURL = (old URL)
10:53:48 Part Musicmad
11:05:29 Join Nuxator [0] (
11:05:59Nuxatorhi just found a bug in rockbox for ihp1x0
11:06:38 Quit rasher ("leaving")
11:06:43Nuxatorwhile playing a playlist if i go in system menu and click on view playlist rockbox crash
11:07:51NuxatorI04:IllInstr at 32f4018c
11:08:49ashridahyeah, it's buggy as hell :)
11:09:13Nuxatorwhen i try to put a directory in dynamic playlist it doesn't work and i can't view tracks in it (no menu for it)
11:09:22Nuxatoryes i know it's alpha
11:09:31ashridahpff. it's not even alpha
11:09:35Nuxatorjust want to telll bugs i found
11:09:43ashridahthat'd define it as some kind of releasable product :)
11:09:46Nuxatori do not complain
11:10:22Nuxatorbut for me Rockbox on ihp means on the fly playlists
11:10:31Nuxatorand it seems it's broken
11:11:06niobosamiconn: there?
11:11:10ashridahyeah. they're still working on the playback seaming issues and catching bugs in the buffering atm. we'll get to all of it eventually.
11:11:38Nuxatorok thanks
11:11:44Nuxatorkepp going the good job
11:12:26 Join Aison [0] (
11:13:49Nuxatorok i tried somehting else
11:14:06Nuxatorit crash with an m3u playlist
11:14:34Nuxatorbut seems to work with dynamic (semmes i can't add recursivly directories)
11:15:28Nuxatorno crash again
11:17:14Nuxatorso doesn't work at all
11:19:49***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:22:02ashridahyeah, i believe we covered not-finished-yet :)
11:22:59Bgrmaybe we have to put somewhere a record of current bugs
11:23:23ashridahBgr: i seem to recall that such a place currently exists
11:23:35Bgririverportfornoobs ?
11:24:04ashridahoh, you mean something people will read before coming here to bitch?
11:24:10ashridahyeah, that won't do anything to stop them :)
11:24:10crwlsomeone should put a veeerry big "hey, it's not even supposed to really work yet" sign there where you can download the daily builds
11:25:21Bgrthis page is not "twiki"
11:27:12Bgrwhere should we put it ?
11:27:31*Bgr expects a big flow of "its soooo buggy" or "it doesn't work, guys" messages
11:28:06crwlme too
11:28:21Bgrwhat do you offer to do ?
11:28:53Bgron the top of maybe ?
11:29:33Bgrto write something as
11:29:41 Nick ashridah is now known as Lost-ash (
11:30:40Bgr"The audio playback on iriver h1x0 is in a pre-alpha phase. The known bugs in playback till now are:" <follows table with known bugs>
11:32:16Bgrguys ?
11:33:52crwldo you except an average misticriver person to read such a long list?
11:33:56crwlmaybe i'm a pessimist
11:34:14Bgrcrwl no... if you put it in the top of the page
11:34:30Bgrand when someone enters the channel and says "the phrase" ...
11:35:08Bgryou just give him the link
11:42:01 Join cYmen [0] (
11:42:16crwlbut they come in anyway ;D
11:42:23cYmenwhat setting would be best to refresh the batteries?
11:42:34cYmentrickle charge: 0/1? deep discharge: 0/1?
11:44:48 Join ripnetuk [0] (
11:45:02ripnetuk:) :) Well done for iRiver audio support - sounding good
11:46:19ripnetuknow need to dig out my old .wps file from way back :)
11:49:06n[o]bbysomehow my h120's drive letter is H:\
11:49:10n[o]bbyrockin :)
11:51:14ripnetukso many lines on the screen
11:52:36n[o]bbyi turned the font size up
11:52:40n[o]bby9 lines is plenty
11:52:49n[o]bbyi even have 2 blank ones
11:53:06n[o]bbya bigger statusbar would be nice
11:53:49ripnetuki can see an entire album at once
11:54:04n[o]bbythats true... :/
11:54:21n[o]bbymaybe the devs could make fontsize for WPS definable separatly?
11:56:48ripnetuki expect they will... or maybe a option in .wps to override the font size
11:57:17ripnetukalthough i think the font is loaded in memory, so maybe we dont want to buffer 2 / more fonts
11:58:13Bgrripnetuk with 32MB RAM we can allow such waste
11:58:36amiconnWasting resources just 'because we can' is always a bad idea
11:58:49amiconnrockbox is not windows ;-)
11:58:58Bgramiconn, you're right
11:59:18Bgri think we can allow 2-3 fonts in memory
11:59:30amiconnWhat for?
11:59:50Bgrfor WPS
12:01:06Bgrhow big is one font (with and without Unicode)
12:01:31amiconnHeavily depends on the fonts size...
12:01:50Bgrexpected such answer ...
12:01:52amiconnOne thing we should really do is allow bigger fonts on iriver
12:03:15*Bgr remembers duscussion about font size..
12:03:38 Join bipak_ [0] (
12:09:40niobosamiconn: I was thinking: Why would one want to run songdb on the player itself?
12:09:56niobosthe only time I'd want to update the songdb is when I add/remove songs
12:10:06nioboswhich will always be done on a PC/mac/...
12:10:24Bgrniobos not if you have USB host .. or rename/move files ....
12:10:51niobosrename/move could be done: you don't need to rebuikd the db, just change it...
12:10:59niobosUSB-host otoh
12:10:59 Quit bipak (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
12:11:24 Join webguest75 [0] (
12:11:25amiconnniobos: As Bgr mentioned, plus it might be that you were in a hurry putting files on it, or forgot to run the songdb update on the pc, or...
12:11:56webguest75hi all
12:12:06niobosother thing: what about doing the sorting ALWAYS in file (with merge-sort)?
12:12:11nioboson the player that will work
12:12:12Bgrit's definitely a good to have (tm)
12:12:26webguest75db update directly in the player sounds very good
12:12:27niobosand on PC the complete file will be cached in RAM anyway so won't be slower
12:12:38amiconnniobos: I would only resort to file based sorting if there's not enough ram
12:13:30niobosany idea how sonddb will be integrated into rockbox? as a plugin? ...
12:14:18webguest75it will be very cool if there is possible
12:14:26 Join dapureplaya [0] (
12:14:26n[o]bbyits allready there
12:14:32dapureplayahi every1
12:14:40n[o]bbyits you!
12:14:45dapureplayayes it is ;)
12:14:51dapureplayayou got a problem with that? :p
12:15:17dapureplayaindeed =)
12:15:37*niobos returns to his study-books...
12:15:50*n[o]bby goes to get a shower and do the same
12:15:55n[o]bbymaths exam tomorrow
12:16:02Bgrluck, n[o]bby
12:16:12nioboshmm, electronic components on friday :-(
12:16:19dapureplayanice. my exams aren't til end of next week. on a saturday
12:16:23 Part n[o]bby
12:16:29webguest75a litle question please
12:16:44Bgrwebguest75 just ask
12:16:50 Join zezayer [0] (~chatzilla@
12:17:07webguest75i've got Slasheri patch and I see CVS was updated
12:17:14dapureplayahey sup zezayer :p
12:17:22zezayerhey up
12:17:22webguest75what is best for playback?
12:17:32dapureplayathey should be both the same
12:17:37webguest75Slasheri patch in waiting new comitt?
12:17:41dapureplayai've used both and they're not too much different
12:17:50zezayert0mas: BMP done!!
12:18:08dapureplayaexcept the slasheri patch i got had center scrolling.
12:18:15webguest75ok thanks, i go to update my daily builds version :)
12:18:46webguest75too congratulations for Slasheri and Linus of course
12:19:13webguest75bye all good luck
12:19:20 Quit webguest75 ("CGI:IRC")
12:19:23Bgrhm ...
12:21:02dapureplayawell i better get back to my Report. due tomorrow. Cya laters.
12:21:21 Nick dapureplaya is now known as dapureplaya_BUSY (
12:26:00 Quit zezayer (
12:26:00 Quit niobos (
12:26:00 Quit martijn (
12:26:00 Quit Harpy (
12:26:00 Quit t0mas (
12:26:00 Quit webguest01 (
12:26:00 Quit textchimp (
12:26:00 Quit thegeek (
12:26:00 Quit einhirn (
12:26:00 Quit crwl (
12:28:06 Part dapureplaya_BUSY
12:29:06 Quit Lost-ash (
12:29:06 Quit bobTHC (
12:29:06 Quit Rick (
12:29:06 Quit Slasheri (
12:29:06 Quit dwihno (
12:29:06 Quit crash_ (
12:29:06 Quit Plugh_ (
12:29:06 Quit coob (
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12:31:19NJoinPlugh_ [0] (
12:31:46NJoindwihno [0] (~dw@
12:31:49NJoinzezayer [0] (~chatzilla@
12:31:49 Join niobos [0] (~niels@
12:31:50 Join t0mas [0] (~Tomas@
12:31:54NJoincrash_ [0] (
12:33:31 Join Harpy [0] (kG3nmaGwo9@
12:33:49 Quit Harpy (
12:33:49 Quit niobos (
12:33:49 Quit zezayer (
12:33:49 Quit t0mas (
12:34:53NJoinSlasheri [0] (
12:35:27NJoinHarpy [0] (kG3nmaGwo9@
12:35:27NJoint0mas [0] (~Tomas@
12:35:27NJoinzezayer [0] (~chatzilla@
12:35:27NJoinniobos [0] (~niels@
12:35:49NJoinbobTHC [0] (
12:36:09NJoinLost-ash [0] (
12:36:14 Nick Lost-ash is now known as ashridah (
12:36:25 Quit ashridah (Killed by ( ( ghosted Lost-ash)))
12:37:09 Join Rick [0] (rick@
12:37:43 Join ashridah [0] (
12:38:41 Quit Rick (
12:38:41 Quit niobos (
12:38:41 Quit zezayer (
12:38:41 Quit t0mas (
12:38:41 Quit Harpy (
12:39:32 Join Rick [0] (rick@Rick.user)
12:39:32NJoinHarpy [0] (kG3nmaGwo9@
12:39:32NJoint0mas [0] (~Tomas@
12:39:32NJoinzezayer [0] (~chatzilla@
12:39:32NJoinniobos [0] (~niels@
12:40:42NJoincoob [0] (
12:45:28 Join XavierGr [0] (
12:45:41NJoinmartijn [0] (
12:45:43XavierGrhi all
12:45:55zezayerhi XavierGr
12:47:36HClhomework sucks.
12:47:47niobosHCl: Don't tell me
12:47:54HCli just did though.
12:48:02ashridahmrf. exams suck
12:48:10niobosschool sucks
12:48:18ashridahno, school i like
12:48:19zezayerexam no3 t -1day :S
12:48:40nioboszezayer: good luck ;-)
12:48:44XavierGrdoes anyone knows hoe lcd_bitmap works? And more precice where it finds the bitmap that we want?
12:49:01XavierGrgood luck zezayer
12:49:09XavierGroh and the picture is perfect
12:49:13zezayerthanks again XavierGr
12:49:19zezayergood good
12:50:00XavierGrmaybe we will need to change the speed label (I was joking about the speed) and put apples
12:50:59 Quit Nuxator ("CGI:IRC")
12:51:07zezayerThats cool, i didnt know what labels u wanted so i guessed
12:51:52zezayerit just seemed logical 2 have 2 speach bubbles 2 go with 2 heads
12:52:58XavierGryou did a great work now I have to find how to utilize lcd_bitmap to find the pic
12:52:59 Join Sucka [0] (
12:53:24zezayerlol enjoy :P
13:00:18 Join webguest01 [0] (
13:02:24 Quit edx (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
13:04:12 Join tucoz [0] (
13:04:37tucozXavierGr: did you find out how the lcd_bitmap works?
13:05:22 Join zeeeeeeee [0] (~Miranda@
13:06:58BgrXavierGr what do u need exactly ?
13:07:05tucozXavierGr: I did a small change to snow.c a while ago. You might want to have a look at that code for an example
13:08:12tucozfor instance you define a bitmap to be: static const unsigned char flake[] = {0x0a,0x04,0x1f,0x04,0x0a};, which is a 5x5 bitmap
13:09:39tucozthen you call rb->lcd_bitmap(flake, xpos, ypos, xsize, ysize, true/false);
13:09:41XavierGrI thought that bitmap was a bmp icon that it could be loaed
13:10:24XavierGrI have a bmp image that I want to pass to the snake2.c is there a way?
13:10:58tucozit is, but for all I know, you need to convert it to binary codes, the lcd_bitmap routine reads the columns in the bitmap from bottom to top
13:11:31XavierGrand how will I convert the bmp image I got into binary
13:11:47XavierGrhex not binary
13:12:27XavierGrt0mas suggested to put an image but how?
13:12:36XavierGrbetter wait to ask him
13:12:45XavierGrt0mas: Are you here?
13:12:49tucozhmm, maybe the font code does that
13:13:31 Join Chamois [0] (
13:13:35tucozthe bitmaps are only 2-bits for now
13:14:41tucozThe hard way is to draw it on a grid-paper, and convert the columns to hex
13:14:58 Nick zezayer is now known as zezayer_away (~chatzilla@
13:15:29XavierGrvery hard!
13:15:40XavierGrthe image is 160*128
13:15:58tucozoh, there must be some way to do that
13:16:07XavierGrso I need a vast varible table
13:16:08tucozmaybe some tool in rockbox
13:16:18zezayer_awaycan gimp save as ....
13:17:37tucozhmm, there is a tool called bmp2rb in tools
13:18:08tucozwhich * Converts BMP files to Rockbox bitmap format
13:18:18zezayer_awaygimp -> export as C-source gives a txt file
13:19:50***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:20:30webguest01hi how can I patch rockblox -> patch -p0 < rockblox.patch ?
13:21:09Suckaahhhhh!!! gapless playback is awesome!
13:21:48XavierGror 1 or 2
13:22:24tucozwebguest01: is that the patch from the patchtracker?
13:22:40XavierGrThanks tucoz! That was it. I typed bmp2rb > test (with the bmp there) and it gave me the table ready for paste!
13:22:50webguest01nicos: yes
13:23:00tucozXavierGr: cool
13:23:24tucozwebguest01: What kind of error do you get?
13:24:32tucozwebguest01: I tried to apply that patch a while ago, but I think it's not working quite well.
13:24:55tucozrockblox as in the tetris-clone right?
13:25:11webguest01nicos: -p1: missing header for unified diff at line 3 of patch.... -p0: can't find file to patch at input line 3
13:26:54tucoztucoz: well, I'm no patch master. But I think that patch is not working as it should
13:27:03 Join austriancoder [0] (~austrianc@
13:27:40tucoziirc, there have been talks to add it to cvs sometime soon.
13:31:07 Quit lostlogic ("Going to the moon")
13:32:13XavierGrhaha look here!
13:32:43tucozhehe, looks nice
13:33:28 Join webguest35 [0] (
13:34:05webguest35Hi Xavier, can you put your snake 2 stuff and calculator too
13:34:32 Nick zezayer_away is now known as zezayer (~chatzilla@
13:34:43webguest35comitt them to CVS
13:34:55 Part tucoz
13:35:29XavierGrehh they havent commited yet
13:35:39XavierGrI dont have CVS access yet
13:35:53XavierGrand they are not finsihed yet
13:36:13XavierGrI am going to make snake2 even better
13:36:21zezayernice well done XavierGr
13:37:05XavierGrzezayer could you lift the upper bar (which is under the dialog clouds) a pixel up and convert the Speed to Apples?
13:37:25zezayerwill do
13:44:26 Quit webguest35 ("CGI:IRC")
13:49:22 Quit zezayer (Remote closed the connection)
13:51:49 Join zezayer [0] (~chatzilla@
13:52:45zezayerNote to all, do not kick the power off button when in the middle of editing an unsaved graphic
13:53:29 Nick austriancoder is now known as ac_away (~austrianc@
13:54:50XavierGrI hope that you didnt lost your work.... :X
13:57:12zezayerno, just the A of apples
13:57:39XavierGrzezayer wait
13:57:49XavierGrNow that I am thinking of it....
13:58:11 Join oxman [0] (
13:58:38oxmani have install the firmware 0606, but i hear no sound when i play a mp3. It's normal ?
13:58:52t0masXavierGr: yes I am
13:59:42XavierGrnever mind t0mas we find the solution
14:00:00t0masmy bmp loading code?
14:00:10t0masor hardcoded?
14:00:40XavierGrwell there is a tool bmp2rb
14:01:27XavierGrI typed "bmp3rb snake > test" and sent me the array in the test file
14:01:29zezayerXavierGr: do u still want the SNAKE II graphic in the new 4 speach bubble version?
14:01:31oxmani have a koss porta pro headphone, is it a problem with rockbox firmware ?
14:01:53t0mas<tucoz> The hard way is to draw it on a grid-paper, and convert the columns to hex <−− there is a tool for that...
14:01:54XavierGrzezayer yes please!
14:02:24XavierGrt0mas: Yeah he point it out :)
14:02:44oxmané o, i'm here :(
14:03:03XavierGror wait, what do you prefer most zezayer?
14:03:08t0masoxman: what's different on that headphone?
14:03:22XavierGrI will leave it up to you do what is better for your eyes
14:03:54oxman(i don't know if it's the right word in english)
14:04:10zezayerdont know how much room there is
14:04:44zezayeris it for before or after the game? if that makes sense
14:04:46t0masoxman: input resistance
14:04:46 Join Nuxator [0] (
14:04:47 Join Shagnar [0] (
14:04:47t0masI guess
14:04:49t0masin english
14:04:56oxmantks t0mas
14:04:59Nuxatori've got a prota pro and no prob with rockbox
14:05:08oxmanin the last firmware i can listen mp3 and ogg no ?
14:05:16t0masyes, buit it's buggy
14:05:25t0masXavierGr: the screenshot looks good
14:05:30ShagnarFirst audio codec playback attempt by Miikka Pekkarinen <= what kind of audio playback do you mean by this?
14:05:39oxmani hear nothing :(
14:05:50t0masShagnar: mp3 and ogg
14:05:53oxmanthe mp3 seems played, bit i hear nothing
14:05:54t0masoxman: raise volume
14:05:58XavierGrt0mas: :)
14:06:13oxmant0mas i've already try that :p
14:06:19t0masoxman: to max?
14:06:23oxmanbut if i push volum up or down, it's freeze rockbox :)
14:06:38t0masthen hit the reset button... and try some other song
14:06:45Nuxatordo you have latest build and bootlaeder v2?
14:06:52t0masif that works.. put the old one online, and email to the mailinglist
14:07:22oxmani hav try with 3 songs :p
14:07:22Shagnaris there any already-patched 1.65 or 1.63 firmware around?
14:07:37oxmani don't which bootloader i have
14:07:46oxmani have install it they're one week
14:07:56oxmanow... i speak very bad :(
14:08:24t0masoxman: check the wiki page... and install the new one
14:08:34t0masShagnar: there shouldn't be...
14:08:38oxman"rock version 1" in the first line when i boot
14:08:42t0masbut I guess if you look around misticriver there is...
14:08:43oxmanit's the version of bootloader ?
14:08:52t0masoxman: yes, and it's new enough...
14:08:55Shagnart0mas ah okay. thanks
14:08:55t0masaltough there is a new one
14:09:03oxmanok sorry
14:09:07oxmani will install it :)
14:09:15t0maswell... this one should work oxman
14:12:49 Join asdsd____ [0] (
14:13:40 Quit Bgr (""In the other world, in paradise, the beauty of women surpassed even the beauty of Bulgarian women" Adaloloddin Mohammed Balhi")
14:16:47 Part asdsd____
14:18:01oxmanit's work fine :)
14:18:06oxmanvery great job :)
14:18:10oxmanthank you all :)
14:18:17t0masdon't skip to the next song
14:18:25t0massometimes it crashes then ;)
14:19:03oxmanhow i can skip to the next song ?
14:19:32XavierGrthis is called reverse psychology!
14:19:37oxmanfast press in right joystick ?
14:19:45t0masjust press...
14:19:50t0masput it crashes then sometimes...
14:20:05 Join t0mas_ [0] (
14:20:08oxmanok, because i have try long press to forward in the song :D
14:20:08 Quit t0mas_ (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
14:20:11XavierGryeah but seeking is working not so stable though
14:20:42oxmani have see that :)
14:20:57oxmanwhen i seeking i can't heard the song after
14:21:09oxmani want seek to see quickly if they're already a gapless ;)
14:22:44Chamoisdoes the CVS include the latest Slasheri's patch or older ?
14:23:10t0mascurrent afaik
14:23:20oxmanyess !!
14:23:24oxmangapless works !!
14:23:37oxmanrah lovely :D
14:25:13ripnetuksoreey :(
14:25:35ripnetuksometimes i wish right click wasnt paste in putty :)
14:26:16Shagnardoes bootloader v1 also support the playback ?
14:26:45ripnetuki think once the bootloader has loaded the .iriver it doesnt matter
14:26:56t0masit does
14:27:00ripnetuki havent reflashed mine since the first day flashing was shown to be safe ages ago
14:27:04t0masthe old bootloader mirrored 16 mb of ram
14:27:09t0masso playback won't work on the old version
14:27:22ripnetukmine plays back ok
14:27:32t0masthen you don't have an old version?
14:27:41ripnetukmust be so... dont see how tho
14:27:54t0mashow new is it?
14:27:54 Join thegeek [0] (
14:28:13ripnetuki flashed it on the first day...
14:28:32ripnetukdont remember reflashing later - must have done :)
14:28:34t0maswhat first day? the first day we had a bootloader??
14:28:42ripnetukthe first day someone else had tried it
14:28:49t0mas2 weeks ago? :)
14:28:56ripnetukMUCH longer than that
14:29:17ripnetuki was about the 3rd / 4th person to flash
14:29:22t0masit was fixed on 20-04-2005
14:29:23 Join LinusN [0] (
14:29:29ripnetukive definately not flashed in the last month
14:29:29t0mashi LinusN
14:29:37Shagnarwell.. could anybody send me his .hex file ready to flash? i could'nt find one in the rockbox-thread on misticriver...
14:29:42t0mashow's that possible...
14:29:51t0masShagnar: check out the wiki
14:29:52ripnetukany way to tell?
14:29:59t0masripnetuk: ask LinusN
14:30:03ripnetukwhich version i have i mean?
14:30:04t0masShagnar: you use windows?
14:30:07LinusNthe 16mb mirror bug was worked around by the application, so the old bootloader works
14:30:12t0masah ok
14:30:13Shagnart0mas yes i do
14:30:27t0masShagnar: then download the original form the rockbox wiki... and the fwpatcher.exe
14:30:40XavierGrhi LinusN!
14:30:46Shagnarthats all i've to do?
14:30:51ripnetukthat explains it... any advantage in updating boot loader?as far as i can tell it works well
14:30:53LinusNi have to go in a minute
14:31:04t0masripnetuk: it has USB mode in bootloader...
14:31:06LinusNthe new boot loader is much safer
14:31:07ripnetukdoes it still boot original from remote, iriver from main
14:31:08XavierGrLinusN: Check
14:31:10t0masand better hold button handling
14:31:30LinusNXavierGr: wow!
14:31:32ripnetukhmmm... might build me a new loader then
14:31:47ripnetuk(from a offical .hex of course)
14:31:47XavierGrzezayer did the graphics
14:31:48t0masXavierGr: got the score printed right now?
14:32:09LinusNreally nice
14:32:15LinusNgotta run, cu later guys
14:32:20 Part LinusN
14:32:32XavierGrno at the moment I took care that it runs without it on archos
14:32:57Shagnart0mas thanks :)
14:33:09*t0mas starts looking for something to code...
14:37:45Shagnarsorry for asking again... is it better to use the 1.63 with the bootloader v2 or has the bug (ogg support etc) been fixed which existed when using bl v1+1.65 ?
14:38:04 Nick Sucka is now known as Sucka`away (
14:38:17ashridahShagnar: fixed. the bootloader.bin on the wiki supports 1.65 fine
14:38:19zezayerXavierGr: check ur e-mail
14:38:30Shagnarashridah thx, very fine
14:39:58 Quit XavierGr ()
14:41:11*t0mas is away again :)
14:45:08ac_awayLinusN: did you read my message to you in the log?
14:45:42Nuxatorto late his gone
14:45:49Nuxator o
14:46:03ac_awayno problem... i have much time :)
14:47:10 Quit ac_away ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.12")
14:53:30 Join edx [0] (
14:53:47 Quit ripnetuk (Remote closed the connection)
14:54:39 Quit Seed (Nick collision from services.)
14:54:46 Join Seed [0] (
14:54:56Shagnarvery very very nice work guys. awesome!
14:57:15 Join textchimp [0] (
15:00:08 Join Bager [0] (~Bager@
15:07:51 Join spiralout [0] (
15:08:11 Quit zezayer (Remote closed the connection)
15:08:41 Quit textchimp (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
15:11:27 Join zezayer [0] (~chatzilla@
15:12:29 Join LinusN [0] (
15:13:17Bagerhi, Linus;)
15:13:25Slasherihi :)
15:13:43SlasheriLinusN: can i now commit modifications directly to cvs? :)
15:14:14 Quit webguest01 ("CGI:IRC")
15:17:48HClif you have cvs access
15:17:53HClthat reminds me
15:18:07HClhmm. does make zip put the codecs in the correct place yet?
15:18:58 Join ripnetuk [0] (
15:19:02 Join Bipple [0] (
15:19:54***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:20:20 Quit Bipple (Client Quit)
15:20:24LinusNHCl: yes
15:20:50HCli must be the only one who hasn't tested the new playback code yet
15:21:53BagerHCl, no, u're not ;)
15:22:07*Shagnar is listening to his music over iriver/rockbox now :]
15:22:34*ripnetuk too
15:22:39*Bager dreams bootloader for h3x0 ....
15:23:16HCli'll add the new searchengine features later today..
15:26:02Shagnari love rockbox.....
15:26:08Shagnarthe gapless playback
15:26:12HCl :)
15:26:15HCldonate! :p
15:26:18Shagnarthats... quality never heard on the H
15:26:25Shagnaryes i think i'll do that
15:26:30Shagnar.... unbelievable
15:30:32 Join einhirn [0] (
15:33:01SlasheriHmm, currently i know at least 7 bugs in the playback code. And some of those might be not so easy to fix
15:33:58Shagnarthe display is sometimes little bit to fast when switching to new songs
15:34:35Slasheriyes, that's because real track change event is still lacking
15:34:54LinusNgotta go, cu
15:34:57 Part LinusN
15:37:43Shagnarusb+playing simultanously works?
15:38:36ashridahi imagine it won't be too happy if the buffer hits the low watermark, but yeah, it keeps playing :)
15:40:45SlasheriShagnar: it doesn't work while you are playing
15:40:57Slashericonnecting usb cable _should_ stop playing but it does not..
15:41:35Shagnarboth at once isn't able i think?
15:42:26Slasheriyes it's not (or might be possible if we block all disk access during usb)
15:42:47 Join Lost-ash [0] (
15:43:15 Quit ashridah (Nick collision from services.)
15:44:06Shagnarthat would offer some very nice options
15:45:27Slasherihmm, this is a good idea. i think we should plan implementation :)
15:45:50HCl :P
15:46:07HCli don't see why someone would still want to listen to a limited set of music while attached to usb ;p
15:47:29Shagnarwell, e.g. on a party you could fill the player with new music wihtout having to stop playback (just an example, don't know if anyone was in such a situation yet)
15:48:12NuxatorQuestion: When i unplug my h140 usb from computer it doesn't return to normal mode.
15:48:44Nuxatori have to reset it. Do you have same behaviour?
15:48:51SlasheriHmm, testing
15:49:24SlasheriIt should return no normal mode when you unplug the usb cable
15:50:14Nuxatoryes it should but with rockbox it just stay to usb screen
15:50:53Slasheriinteresting, i don't have that problem
15:51:04Slasheridid you stop playback before you connected the cable?
15:51:08*t0mas is back
15:51:31Nuxatori plug it just after boot
15:53:22 Quit Lost-ash ("Leaving")
15:55:32Nuxatorwich firmware do you have (iriver version and bootloader)
15:56:51Shagnar1.65+bl v2
15:56:56Shagnarworks PRETTY
15:57:06Nuxator1.65 EU US KR?
15:57:14Nuxatorsame here
15:57:14Shagnar<= from germany
15:57:31Shagnartrès bien ;)
15:57:39Shagnarje parle francais un peu^^
15:57:43Shagnarhehe ;D
15:57:52Nuxatorich sprache keine deutch
15:58:10Shagnarwhat i've done
15:58:18Shagnar1.65 eu + fwpatcher.exe, patched
15:58:21Shagnarcopied, flashed
15:58:22Nuxatorwell usb just hang my h140 when unplugged
15:58:25t0mas1.65 EU + bl v2 here
15:58:51Nuxatorif i press a key screen light on but i can't do anithing
15:58:53*t0mas continues work on gui tool for rockbox...
15:59:09Nuxator1.65 EU bl v2 here to
15:59:19Nuxatorwith fwpatcher
15:59:37ShagnarNuxator when you started rockbox?
15:59:43Shagnarnewest buiold?
16:00:03Nuxatorgot it this night
16:00:14Shagnarwell thats strange...
16:00:19Nuxatorbut usb crached with 1.63 v1 too
16:00:30Shagnarnot normal
16:00:34t0masit works here...
16:00:41Nuxatorno really crached music still play
16:00:42t0masNuxator: what rockbox build?
16:00:49Nuxator2 sec
16:00:51t0masoh yes, that's a bug we know off
16:01:04oxman"dir buffer is full" :D
16:02:19 Join ghostiger [0] ([U2FsdGVkX@bacb25ab2add3140.session.tor)
16:02:22t0masdoes it work without playing music first?
16:02:30t0masso starting -> go into usb mode -> exit usb mode
16:02:36Nuxatori said music still playing
16:02:44Nuxatortaht the player isn't crashed
16:02:58t0masyes, but we know that playing music + usb mode is a bad combo...
16:03:06oxmanNuxator pareil, 1.65 EUR + bl 2, (mais h120) pas de pb lors du deplug usb
16:03:10Nuxatorstarting plug unplug ->usb screen
16:03:12t0masbut have you tested it wothout playing music?
16:03:55Nuxatorha if music playes and unplug it works
16:04:09Nuxatoroops strange
16:04:34Nuxatorstar music -> plug ->unplug ->ok
16:04:47Nuxatorstop music -> usb screen comes back
16:04:54 Join dapureplaya [0] (
16:04:58Nuxatorand the plyer is strill unplugged
16:05:03dapureplayahi every1
16:05:51zezayerhi dapureplaya
16:06:13dapureplayahey, on the 'now playing' screen, what are the numbers in the square backets next to the 'time elapsed' suppose to be?
16:06:54oxmani don't think
16:06:58dapureplayait says [1:12] atm.
16:06:59oxmanfor example i have [1:400]
16:07:08oxmanan it will say [1:400] all the time
16:07:17oxman(except when i change the song)
16:07:36Nuxatornb track / total tracks
16:07:36dapureplayayeah well it's different for each cd rip.
16:07:52dapureplayait's [1:24] now.
16:08:07Nuxator1st track on 24 tracks
16:08:15oxmanya Nuxator !
16:08:20oxmani think it's that !
16:08:35oxmani have a biggist dir here :D
16:08:51dapureplayaaaaahhhh right right right right right right!
16:08:55Nuxatorso i'm the only one with the usb hang?
16:09:02Shagnar7xx songs 's my largest dir
16:09:05oxmanbut it's buggy with a biggest dir or the random mod :D
16:09:22ghostigercomment on connait la version de son bl??
16:09:25oxmanbecause i have always 1:400 with shuffle mod :)
16:09:35oxmanau demarrage ghostiger sois attentif a la premiere ligne en haut
16:09:35dapureplayais rockboy still corrupted in this latest patch?
16:09:40oxmanca s'écrit super rapidement
16:10:37ghostigerok merci. bon apparemment j 'ai rockboot version 1
16:10:51ghostigerdois-je changer?
16:10:54bobTHCplease speak english !
16:11:19dapureplayaNuxator: well i remember when i tried Slash's patch with mp3 playback, rockboy didn't work
16:11:30Nuxatorit work's
16:11:36Nuxatorsound is choppy
16:11:48ghostigersorry but i didn't listen well my english teachers at school.
16:11:48dapureplayaoh maybe it got fixed.
16:11:53Nuxatorand when you exit rockboy mp3 sounds sloooowwwwww
16:12:20Nuxatorvery funny indeed
16:12:21SlasheriI think i will fix the sample rate issue soon
16:12:39dapureplayaNuxator: what do u mean?
16:12:40Nuxatorgotta work
16:12:51Nuxatorsound is played to slow
16:13:06dapureplayaoh right
16:13:12dapureplayathey all play slow?
16:13:15Nuxatorlike playning a 44100 file at 8000hz speed
16:13:25 Nick zezayer is now known as zezayer_revising (~chatzilla@
16:13:53Nuxatordidn't test all file but i guess sample rate of pcm buffer is corrupted by rockboy
16:14:04dapureplayaah right
16:14:07dapureplayawow. i just tested shuffle mode.
16:14:20Nuxatorgotta work see you
16:14:36 Quit Nuxator ("CGI:IRC")
16:14:52ghostigeris it better to keep my bootloader v.1 or do i have to put bl v.2? (i m a noob)
16:14:58dapureplayamy god. it's really a different shuffle everytime i turn it on and off....
16:15:14oxmanghostiger met la version 2
16:15:24oxmanavec la 1 ca va pas
16:15:45ghostigerok merci oxman je vais tenter
16:15:58dapureplayai'm still using version 1
16:16:04dapureplayawhere do u get version 2?
16:16:16ghostigergood question
16:16:51oxmanI'M FIRST
16:17:08ripnetuki bow before your quicker URL pasteing :)
16:17:20oxmangna gna gna :p
16:17:44dapureplayai'm assuming it's incorporated with fwpatcher.exe?
16:18:49bobTHCyes " FWpatcher - with bootloader version 2"
16:19:18ripnetukgonna flash v2 now
16:19:52 Join tvelocity [0] (
16:19:54ripnetukso if I power it up with USB connected, it will go straight to usb mode @?
16:20:21ripnetuknice... hope it works better with my linux box
16:20:40ripnetukat the moment, if I plug it in and then switch it off, Linux doesnt recognise the device (used to work with 2.4, not with 2.6)
16:20:54ripnetukAND i need to reboot my linux server to get it to recognise it afterwards
16:20:59ripnetuk(even happens with iriver firmware)
16:21:25Bageri think it
16:21:31dapureplayait's not possible to flash it with rockbox yet is it?
16:21:42Bager's related to your hardware/drivers
16:22:15t0mastvelocity: hi, got somewhere with the perl script?
16:22:31ripnetukMAndrake 10.2 is worse than 10.1 which was worse than 9.2 :(
16:22:44t0masripnetuk: is doesn't show sda1 anymore with udev after unplugging and replugging the iriver you mean?
16:22:54ripnetuktOmas - no sda at all
16:22:59tvelocitywell, i understood the file format... it's just a matter of starting to code now
16:23:03t0masyes, that's whay I mean
16:23:16t0masripnetuk: kernel version? 2.6.1x ?
16:23:21ripnetukive got a udev rule to create /dev/iriver as well, and that (obviously) doesnt work either
16:23:22zezayer_revisingsame prob in suse 9.2
16:23:30tvelocityI'll porpably have it done sometime today
16:23:34ripnetuk<t0mas> yes, that's whay I
16:24:00Bagerripnetuk what does dmesg say ?
16:24:04t0masripnetuk: I had it in 2.6.12
16:24:12t0masbut that was a prerelease...
16:24:24t0masdowngraded to 2.6.11 and everything's working again :)
16:24:40ripnetukBager - i am at work sshing home, so cannot check right now... i just live with it, and say Doh when I have to reboot my server because of it :)
16:25:16*Bager have never turned his iriver off while it's connected to the usb...
16:25:26ripnetukwill try the embedded usb mode tonight tho - hopefully whatever went wrong wont anymore... i would be interested if anyone has fixed it by upgrading to latest kernel
16:25:28*t0mas doesn't like rebooting:
16:25:38t0masbobby:~# uptime
16:25:38t0mas 16:25:17 up 290 days, 7:08, 1 user, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
16:25:40ripnetuknor do I - have to manually start all my services
16:25:44ripnetukShow off :)
16:25:45*Bager too
16:25:52t0masI don't even know what to start anymore :P
16:26:07ripnetuki run all mine in a screen session
16:26:10t0masthis server booted only 2 times...
16:26:13t0mas1 during setup...
16:26:21t0masand 1 for kernel update to 2.4
16:26:38spiraloutmy original firmware doesn´t start anymore...
16:26:38Bagerand is still 2.4 ?
16:26:39ripnetukim sure mine would have worked fine if I hadnt been tempted to update to 2.6 :)
16:26:52t0mashm.. I use 2.6 for my workstation...
16:27:05t0masworks ok here... only had the iriver/usb problem with 2.6.12
16:27:06Bagerspiralout did you try to press joystick on the remote ?
16:27:09ripnetuki use 2.6 as it has integrated DVB drivers
16:27:28spiraloutit keeps hanging by "starting original firware" sreen
16:28:04t0masspiralout: battery
16:28:16Bagerspiralout does the boot screen of the original even appear ?
16:28:32spiraloutbut battery could be
16:28:34t0masspiralout: connect it to the mains... and wait 30 minutes
16:28:36t0masthen retry
16:28:43t0masI'm pretty sure it works then :)
16:28:53spiraloutthank you...:)
16:30:18spiraloutlol 1 minute seems to be enough...allright
16:30:43t0masoh than it wasn't that empty :
16:32:09spiraloutbtw whats the difference between bootloader version 1 and 2?
16:33:43bobTHCsome fixes...
16:34:06spiraloutoh ok
16:34:12 Nick dapureplaya is now known as dapureplaya_AWAY (
16:36:02ghostigerok i put the bl v.2. And apparently it is faster
16:40:08ghostigerbut fwpatcher didn't work with wine for me
16:43:28ripnetukbootloader usb mode rocks - thanks guys :)
16:43:41 Join TCK [0] (
16:47:17amiconnoxman: There is no rockbox bug with your large dir
16:47:46oxmani duno if it's a bug, but i have the msg "buf dir full"
16:47:48amiconn(1) With such a large number of files per dir, you need to increase the files per dir limit, the default is 400
16:47:56amiconnIt's all in the manual
16:48:09amiconn(2) This also explains why it says track 1/400
16:48:10oxmanand where i increase it ?
16:48:20oxmanwhy modify the firmware ?
16:48:35amiconn[16:47:47] <amiconn> It's all in the manual
16:48:48oxmani dunno where the manual is :p
16:49:21oxmanhop, set to 1000 :D
16:49:21amiconnFor the track numbers, the 400 is obvious (default files per dir limit), and the 1 is also okay (1st track)
16:49:31oxmandamn'it, also full
16:49:38amiconn1st track is always the first track of a playlist, even when it's shuffled
16:49:50oxmanlol ok
16:49:55oxmanisn't good
16:49:56amiconnoxman: You need to restart rockbox after changing the limits to make them effective
16:50:00oxmani prefere the real position of the song :)
16:50:16amiconnIt's true shuffle, not random
16:50:32amiconnMeaning, rockbox creates a shuffled playlist, and then plays it
16:51:26oxmanoh ok
16:51:35oxmanso.. the second song of the shuffle...
16:51:42oxmani must have [2:520]
16:51:46amiconnThe current track number doesn't change while playback because Slasheri's playback code doesn't handle trackchange properly yet
16:51:54ripnetukhow fast is the iriver running during mp3 playback?
16:52:49amiconnripnetuk: Switching between 48 and 120 MHz as needed
16:53:03amiconnSame for ogg
16:53:09ripnetukcool... obviously the problems discussed earler have been sorted then :)
16:53:29amiconnHmm, mabye not
16:53:37amiconnI didn't check
16:54:22amiconnSlasheri: Does the playback code handle different sample frequencies?
16:56:04 Nick Sucka`away is now known as Sucka (
17:01:36 Part dapureplaya_AWAY
17:13:52Slasheriamiconn: not yet, i will fix that soon
17:14:09 Join StrathAFK [0] (
17:15:06Slasheriamiconn: and currently it doesn't support ogg tag information (frequencies etc.) at all
17:16:10amiconnYes, expected the latter
17:16:32amiconn...and it's absolutely no problem for me
17:16:47amiconn(not a single .ogg on my iriver)
17:17:19ripnetukare you guys interested in bug reports for iRiver yet?
17:17:49HClyup, i think so
17:18:17ripnetukbookmarks - when i play a bookmark it starts the track from 0:00 not the stored time
17:18:30Slasheriripnetuk: yes, please tell if you find any. Currently i have a list about 10 known bugs
17:18:39ripnetukon the wiki?
17:18:52amiconnSeeking doesn't work is certainly known
17:19:02SlasheriI think it's better list those on this channel
17:19:23Slasheriamiconn: seeking broke up after cvs commit
17:19:27Slasherii will fix that soon also
17:19:56***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:20:28bipak_does rockboy work now, with the playable firmware? :)
17:22:08amiconnSlasheri: I one single try, playback just stopped and jumped back to file browser on skip forward
17:22:24Slasheribipak_: yes it will if you stop music before starting any plugins
17:22:41amiconnWe should have a separate address space for codecs
17:23:01Slasheriamiconn: that's also known problem when there are no more tracks in memory
17:23:03amiconn(and perhaps a separate api too)
17:23:08Slasherii discovered it today
17:23:18amiconnThere were many more tracks...
17:23:37ripnetukShould rockbox remember my custom .wps if its not stored in .rockbox?
17:23:38amiconnI.e. I wanted to skip from 4 to 5 of 17 tracks
17:23:49bipak_Slasheri: with current cvs?
17:23:50Slasheriskip forward should work if there are tracks in memory
17:23:57amiconnripnetuk: No, only if it is stored in /.rockbox
17:24:19ripnetukok... another bug - maybe already known - usb mode doesnt work in rockbox
17:24:20 Quit zezayer_revising ("Chatzilla [SUSE 1.0.4-1.1/20050511]")
17:24:24Slasheribipak_: yes
17:24:40bipak_good :D
17:24:47Slasheriripnetuk: interesting, it really should work..
17:24:48amiconnSlasheri: Skip doesn't work if the next track is not in memory? Hmm, that should be fixed...
17:25:00Slasheriamiconn: yeah, it will be fixed :D
17:25:02Slasherimaybe today
17:25:11amiconnOkay, nice to hear :)
17:25:22amiconnI'll work on memset (and perhaps memcpy) today
17:25:25Slasherieverything will be fixed but that will take some time
17:26:08amiconnI expect a substantial speed incease (maybe 8x or more)
17:26:21Slasherioh, how do you do that?
17:26:48ripnetukmusic carries on but usb screen is displayed. (Windoes) pc doesnt see drive.
17:26:48amiconnRead & write longs whenever possible, and exploit burst mode
17:26:49Slasherianyway, sounds great ;)
17:27:05Slasheriripnetuk: you have to stop music before it will work
17:27:19amiconnThat's another bug then...
17:27:30amiconnPlayback should stop before usb is accepted
17:27:49Slasheriyes it should, but for some reason it wont..
17:28:06Slasheri(btw, usb is not accepted if playback is going)
17:28:36amiconnWhy does it display the usb screen then?
17:29:13Slasheriit's controlled by other thread
17:29:26Slasheriall running threads must accept usb before pc sees it
17:29:40amiconnYes I know that
17:29:59Slasheriand for some reason audio thread don't get usb event if codec is running, so it can't stop the codec
17:30:06amiconn..and the gui thread is responsible for displaying the usb screen
17:30:24amiconnDoes the audio thread have an own event queue?
17:30:29Slasheriof course
17:30:46amiconnAh, yes
17:30:56amiconnSo it should get the event...
17:30:57Slasherijust look at playback.c :)
17:32:21amiconnIt seems some debugging is due here... logf() may be useful
17:32:26tvelocityafter having used rockboy, sound playback is slower & pitched down... is that a known issue?
17:32:27 Quit Strath (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:33:03amiconnSlasheri: Maybe I found the cause...
17:33:13Slasherigreat :)
17:33:26amiconnIt seems playback.c employs 2 threads, and 2 queues, correct?
17:33:32 Join webguest44 [0] (
17:33:47amiconnThere is no queue_init() for the audio_queue ...
17:33:51Slashericodec thread can't read its own queue when codec is running
17:34:10Slasheriwill be fixed right now :)
17:34:18amiconnqueue_init() adds the queue to the global queue list for broadcasting, so that's the reason...
17:34:29 Part webguest44
17:34:46Slasherithanks for reporting that :)
17:34:55amiconn...found without logf(9 :-P
17:35:04amiconn*logf() even
17:36:37Slasherii really wonder it even worked without that forgotten init call :)
17:39:10bipak_hmm Slasheri, to compile the updated cvs, is it enough to do a "make" in the build dir?
17:39:35Slasheriyes, if you have done cvs update on the root dir before that
17:40:07bipak_yes i did
17:42:04bipak_ok it works :D
17:42:40bipak_fuck, my save games are gone
17:43:37SlasheriHmm, i think save games are stored somewhere in .rockbox directory
17:43:52SlasheriYou should take a backup before you replace that directory
17:43:59bipak_i just updated, rockboy.rock and iriver.rock
17:46:00amiconnSlasheri: As I mentioned, the queue_init() is mainly for adding it to the queue list for broadcasts. Without it, the thread just doesn't receive broadcast messages, but the queue itself works
17:47:38amiconn(and of course the usb thread doesn't know about that queue, so it doesn't wait for the acknowledge)
17:49:57 Quit Lynx_ (" HydraIRC -> <- IRC for those that like to be different")
17:50:57Shagnar(just for the developers information) h140 crashed suddenly while playing oggs (.q4) shuffled
17:51:32t0masand you didn't touch any buttons?
17:51:50t0mas(it crashed in the middle of a song? or at the end? or the begin of a new song? (and what song?))
17:52:44Slasherihmm, i think i know what is the problem
17:52:51ripnetukit does a lot of disk access when I first play - is it really filling the entire buffer :) most of the album must be in ram by now
17:53:40Slasherii just found that the function vorbis codecs uses to fetch new data is buggy and can cause ring buffer overflow
17:55:09 Join tucoz [0] (
17:55:20amiconnripnetuk: Yes, it should use the whole buffer
17:55:38amiconnHowever, I have the impression that it takes too long
17:56:10amiconnRockbox should be able to read several MB per second...
17:56:20Shagnart0mas no didnt touch
17:56:27Shagnarcrashed at the middle
17:56:40amiconn...another area to investigate and optimise
17:56:51Shagnarjust wanted to let you know ;)
17:57:04tucozhi guys, bugreport: when playing a file that fills the buffer, and needs to buffer after a while, it started loading, and I had to adjust volume to hear playback
17:57:11ripnetukcya later
17:57:12 Quit ripnetuk ("Leaving")
17:57:29tucozweird sentence, but a large mp3 (a whole album that is)
17:58:14tucozi had to adjust volume, after the new phase of buffering
17:58:16Slasherihmm, in fact the ogg buffering stuff should not have that overflow problem i just described.. The bug has to be somewhere else
17:59:31 Quit Patr3ck ()
18:06:58 Join Lynx_ [0] (Lynx@
18:07:47bipak_does rockboy activate the full clock speed of the ihp?
18:08:43bipak_the sound stutters alot :(
18:08:57tucozbipak_: I guess it uses 120MHz
18:09:13bipak_shit :(
18:13:15Slasheriamiconn: I can't make the disk reading much faster because codecs needs much prosessing time. Now the buffer filling will give away processing time to codecs only when it's needed and full refill takes now ~55 seconds
18:13:20Slasheria little faster than before
18:14:43 Join XavierGr [0] (
18:14:47HClrockboy needs additional optimalization
18:14:53HCland its of little priority to me at the moment
18:14:58XavierGrHi again!
18:15:03HClthere are several functions that are prime candidates for optimization.
18:15:36tucozHCl: iirc, when browsing for albums, I got an empty <various artists> folder
18:15:52HClthat shouldn't happen
18:16:04tucozok, I can try again
18:16:13HCli'll check my code in a bit.
18:16:23HClbit busy, still
18:16:26tucozHas the java tool changed on the wiki?
18:16:34HCla little
18:16:48HClhad a tiny bug.
18:17:05tucozok, I can get the new one. A bit busy myself aswell
18:17:40bipak_ok HCl, i agree, there are things with higher priority :)
18:18:18niobosHCl: for sorting the entries into the songDB: what algo would do best?
18:18:25niobosfor file-based sorting I guess merge-sort?
18:18:29HClmerge sort.
18:18:31niobosbut memory-based?
18:18:35HClalso mergesort.
18:18:40HClmergesort is n*log(n) sorting
18:18:48niobosquicksort too, I think
18:18:51HClwhich is the fastest way to sort without preprocessing
18:18:57HClyes. but quicksort has a worst case of n*n
18:19:03HClwhere mergesort has a worst case of n*log(n)
18:19:14tucozbtw, do songDB overwrite rockbox.id3db?
18:19:16niobosso mergesort is ALWAYS better than quicksort?
18:19:23tucozok, great
18:19:37HClon average, they're about the same. but in the worst case scenarios, mergesort does better.
18:20:05*niobos is back off to programming
18:21:19 Quit bobTHC ("Smoke Weed Every Day !")
18:21:32tucozOh, it doesn't report those error messages which I don't remeber what they were
18:21:42HClinvalid mark
18:21:44tucoz;) java.something
18:21:45HClyea, i tossed those out.
18:22:30 Quit spiralout ("ChatZilla [Firefox 1.0.4/20050511]")
18:23:50tucozHCl: It was Artists-> <various artists> -> empty except for <All songs>, which in turn is empty
18:24:03HClthat shouldn't happen.
18:24:14tucozit does :D
18:24:22HCllet me take a tiny peek at the code.
18:25:05tucozIt's in no hurry for me, but now that I'm here I can test it for you
18:26:02HCl if(artist!=null&&artist!=a&&!artist.getName().equals("<various artists>")) {
18:26:17HClit should *not* remove an album if its the various artists artist..
18:26:21niobosHCl: The merge sort is slightly faster than the heap sort for larger sets, but it requires twice the memory of the heap sort because of the second array. This additional memory requirement makes it unattractive for most purposes - the quick sort is a better choice most of the time and the heap sort is a better choice for very large sets.
18:26:49niobosdoesn't look to good memory-wise...
18:26:50HClniobos: hold on. quicksort is *very* much like mergesort. how the hell can it use more space?
18:26:57HCli gotta eat dinner..
18:27:22niobosquicksort sorts in-place
18:27:31niobosit just switches 2 elements
18:31:32 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:31:48 Join bg_ [0] (
18:32:29 Join zezayer [0] (
18:32:43zezayerHi all
18:33:22bg_I can not get rockbox to boot on my iriver... using bootloader v2. I can however get the original firmware to boot. any ideas?
18:34:37tucozbg_: have you download the zip containing the .rockbox dir and rockbox.iriver?
18:34:59bg_in the root dir of my iriver
18:35:08tucozthen it should boot
18:35:31tucozwhat happens?
18:35:43bg_blank screen, backlight action if any buttons are pressed
18:37:32tucozbg_: has it worked before?
18:37:47bg_nope, this was my first attemp
18:37:58bg_im thinking maybe ill try and reinstall the boot loader
18:38:08tucozbg_: just to make sure, have you unzipped the zip?
18:38:33tucozsorry, you never know :)
18:38:35bg_gotta cover all ground :)
18:39:57tucozEarlier, you had to wait for some time for some filesystem related stuff to finish the first time you run rockbox
18:40:11bg_hmm, how long?
18:40:21bg_it would do some disk spinup at first but then stop completely
18:41:25tucozdon't know, how long do you wait before reboot?
18:41:42bg_a minute or two?
18:42:05bg_i just started it, ill let it do its thing for a while see what happens
18:42:51bg_so did i read correctly that we have mp3 playback now on iriver?
18:43:29tucozok, well I don't know. It should be as simple as, patch firmware->copy to iriver root->download rockbox->unzip->start iriver fw->update firmware
18:43:53bg_well there was some wierdness when i upgraded the firmware (installed the bootloader)
18:44:06bg_it was upgrading and then just shut off... dont remember that happening before
18:44:27bg_however, like i said it still boots into the orig firmware if i hold record so i figured it must have installed correctl
18:44:39tucozthat is the normal procedure when upgrading the firmware.
18:45:54bg_i didnt have rockbox.iriver on my drive when i installed the bootloader, i added it after i installed the bootloader, would that make a difference?
18:46:09tucozso, I guess the bootloader is ok, just download this->
18:46:56bg_is that the latest build?
18:47:07tucozno difference there, the bootloader looks for rockbox.iriver and .rockbox, and if it fails it should load the original firmware
18:47:20bg_just downloaded it and put it on...
18:47:55tucozjust try the waiting strategy. Just for a couple of minutes
18:48:09bg_yup, thats what im doing now, been about 5 min
18:48:21bg_got about 30gig worth on there, so that may be it, im hoping
18:49:07tucozmy knowledge stops here, so I guess you could ask this later on if someone with more knowledge is here
18:49:10bg_sure would like to use rb though, i dont like the iriver firmware
18:49:13bg_alright, thanks
18:49:36tucozbtw, what iriver fw did you patch?
18:49:52bg_on an ihp-140
18:49:58tucozEU? thats what i am using
18:50:04bg_U is for US
18:50:12tucozok, haven't tried
18:50:15bg_i assume your in europe?
18:50:24tucozbut I guess it should work as well
18:51:36tucozgood luck anyway
18:51:50*tucoz away
18:58:15 Quit bg_ ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.4/20050515]")
19:03:26 Join Stryke` [0] (
19:04:04Shagnari think the crash when playing this ogg file is some kind of error in the file itself... but in winamp it works without problems
19:04:42SlasheriShagnar: Hmm, could you send the file so i can test it? :)
19:05:05Shagnarif its okay by mail, cause i can't send via dcc
19:05:14Slasheriit's ok,
19:05:57Slasherithanks :)
19:05:58Shagnar10 minutes, i only know the album atm, 've to find the right file ;)
19:16:00Shagnarstill searchin^^
19:16:32 Quit Chamois (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
19:16:39 Join Chamois [0] (
19:20:00***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:52:22 Quit zezayer ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0/20041107]")
19:53:50 Quit martijn ()
19:53:58 Join martijn [0] (
19:54:49Slasheriogg playback crash problem will be fixed soon, i found at least one critical bug
19:57:29Shagnarshall i continoue searching the file anyway?
19:58:55Slasheriif you want to, i am not sure if this fix will completely fix the playback
20:04:14 Part tucoz
20:05:07 Join bg_ [0] (
20:06:23bg_anyone around that could help me get rockbox booted on my iriver?
20:07:23 Quit XavierGr ()
20:08:57SlasheriShagnar: I was able to reproduce the problem, no need to send anything :)
20:09:07Shagnarokay :]
20:09:14Shagnarstill couldn't find it...^^
20:13:19 Quit bg_ ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.4/20050515]")
20:35:56 Join zezayer [0] (~chatzilla@
20:36:49 Join mirak [0] (
20:41:53 Nick Lynx_ is now known as Lynx_awy (Lynx@
20:44:17 Quit DangerousDan (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:44:29 Quit Shagnar (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:46:17niobosis there any difference between the EU-version and the US-version of the iriverH120?
20:46:27niobos(the player AND/OR the firmware)
20:46:35oxmanmayber the tuner of radio ?
20:46:39bipak_the US player is black i think
20:46:49oxmanoh.. sorry
20:46:56oxmanthe player, yes only the color :)
20:47:14niobosonly the color... so no difference
20:47:20niobosand the firmware?
20:47:30oxmanyou can put EU firmware on US player
20:47:36oxmanand US firmware on EU player
20:47:38niobosI know (tried that)
20:47:44niobosbut what is the difference?
20:47:54oxmany a pas de différence sur le lecteur on t'a dit :p
20:48:31mirakwould it be feasible to achieve better frame rate for video ?
20:48:35mirakon H300
20:48:44mirakthan the original firmware
20:49:22zezayerdifferences in fw are just the US has selectable radio regions, EU is fixed on europe
20:49:36nioboszo US is "better"?
20:49:40Plugh_check out this tool:
20:49:45 Join MoosCamaro [0] (
20:49:45zezayeryer sopes u could say that
20:49:54MoosCamaroHi all
20:50:07Plugh_allows you to paste code snippets for people to look at without spamming IRC
20:50:13zezayerhi MoosCamaro
20:50:23mirakniobos: korean is better
20:50:57 Join [solid] [0] (~solid@
20:51:38 Join webguest08 [0] (
20:51:43niobosmirak: why?
20:51:49mirakdoes somebody have a Lian Li V1000 PC0 case ?
20:54:15 Quit webguest08 (Client Quit)
20:55:27niobosmirak: why is korean firmware better?
20:56:05bipak_niobos: higher frequency range :)
20:56:21bipak_if i remember correctly
20:56:38niobosthe firmware or the hardware?
20:57:33niobosis there a difference between korean firmware and US-firmware with tuner-region=korea?
20:57:42mirakthe volume is higher
20:57:53zezayerk has choosable tuner regions aswel
20:57:53mirakhowever I don't know if you talk of H300 or H100
20:58:31 Join Musicmad [0] (
20:59:52niobosI just tried... Both europe and korea go up to 108MHz...
21:00:49zezayerthere is no difference between teh fw's
21:06:05zezayerthe only other difference, is k comes in an exe where US comes in a zip file
21:06:47 Join Tangleding [0] (
21:07:32MoosCamaroHi crazyTang
21:13:09Tangledinghi moos
21:14:34MoosCamaroyou sleeping :)
21:16:50 Join spiralout [0] (
21:17:09Tangledingno just that i'm busy with sthing
21:17:31Tangledingjust to ask
21:17:40*HCl goes to work on the extra searchengine features
21:17:50Tangledingi imagine that the fact that mp3 lame not really gapless is well known?
21:18:34Tangledingisn't it?
21:19:42[solid]most people have no idea about the gaps
21:19:53[solid]any gaps at all with mp3
21:19:58TangledingHum i was talking about Rbx guys in fact
21:20:03***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:20:04Tangleding(with actual daily build)
21:20:26Tangledingthey should be aware? i bet
21:20:35[solid]oh... lame can be played back gapless, but you need to read how much silence in the beginning should be trimmed in the lame header
21:20:48Tangledingyeah okay i know
21:20:51Tangledingbut i mean
21:21:08Tangledingthat actual rbx playback (in fact mpa decoder)
21:21:20Tangledingisn't able to make real gapless even with lame mp3
21:21:39Tangledingthis is well known by the team i imagine?
21:21:42[solid]i'd say it is making real gapless, but it's not trimming anything (yet?)
21:22:00Tangledingokay i fact i was wondering
21:22:21Tangledingcause i saw lot of people that thonk lame was gapless with rockbox
21:22:26Tangledingwhich wasn't fr now
21:22:54[solid]technically it *is* gapless, but mp3's do have a gap, and you have to add some stuff to hack around it... i don't think no one would want to concentrate on that instead of playback
21:22:59[solid]but, that's just me.
21:23:26[solid]lame is gapless with rockbox on archos', isn't it?
21:23:40Tangledinghum i'm surprised cause i thought lame has in his tag
21:23:50Tangledinginformation about frame to skipp to get gapless
21:23:59[solid]but you have to add code for that
21:24:18Tangledingso the matter is that it isn't coded for now,isn't it?
21:24:30zezayermp3 will be gapless, but iut hasnt been worked on yet
21:24:39Tangledingokay that's it
21:24:47[solid]that's my point, basically
21:24:48Tangledingit's was i thought but i wasn't sure
21:24:52Tangledingand wanted to be
21:24:56[solid]i was trying to give a nice explanation why:)
21:24:59zezayerjust like playlists, ogg wps and loads of other stuff hasnt even been looked @ yet
21:25:05Tangledingsince i'm gonna make "fornoobs" edit tonight
21:25:18 Join Pomyk [0] (
21:25:28Tangleding(will put it on wiki tomorrow cause i'm offline at home)
21:25:32Musicmadis wps working with mp3 btw?
21:25:38zezayerwell playback works, but is very buggy nad be prepared 2 reste!
21:25:45zezayeryes Musicmad
21:25:53MusicmadI don't get anything but the small icons at the top with bleeding edge build.
21:26:13Musicmadzezayer: any idea why?
21:26:14zezayerthe daily build works!
21:26:16*[solid] floats away to dream of replaygain in rockbox (sometime)
21:26:26Musicmadok - maybe I should try that then.
21:26:44zezayeror tyy another mp3, it mite be that it doesnt like the mp3sa tag
21:26:53Musicmadgood idea.
21:27:04zezayerteh wps hasnt been worked on much at all. it is very buggy
21:27:18Musicmadyeah I know - just wanted to see "something"
21:27:30zezayershould work tho!
21:27:55TangledingSomething else
21:28:05Tangledingis DB working with daily buld?
21:28:17Slasherisomebody who maintains rockboy should fix it _not_ to halt if no pcm callback is called
21:28:24 Join matsl [0] (
21:28:24Tangledingthe id3db was created correctly
21:28:34Tangledingbut i see nothing in ID3 bank mode
21:28:40Slasheriand it should be coded that way that it will automatically call pcm_play_data again if it's necessary
21:28:41zezayerdont know Tangleding
21:28:56Tangledingokay zezayer thanks
21:29:13zezayerSlasheri: who does rockboy, is it HCl??
21:29:21SlasheriI don't know
21:29:28Tangledingit's HCl
21:29:32Tangledingwho did in fact
21:29:40Tangledingnow he's working on DB v3
21:29:45SlasheriBut rockboy "fix" has caused the ogg crash problem
21:29:45zezayerhe defo did some of it
21:29:48Tangleding(searchengine and databox too)
21:30:01MoosCamaroHi Slasheri, what's about your current bugy list? will you comitt fixing to CVS today :)
21:30:06SlasheriI have to do another uglier workaround for that
21:30:13SlasheriMoosCamaro: hi :)
21:30:16Tangledinghum critical crash with ogg?
21:30:19Tangledingor not?
21:30:19Slasherimost likely i will commit
21:30:27Slasherii have done a few bug fixes
21:30:39MoosCamarocool :)
21:31:17TangledingI'm also surpised with Java version of DB builder
21:31:19MoosCamarothe works progress fastly ;) congratulations :)
21:31:30Tangledingno way to make it work on my desktop
21:31:48Tangledingunlike others jar progs works very nicely (azureus for exemple)
21:32:07Tangledingseems strange
21:32:26 Join Zoom2 [0] (
21:32:56MoosCamaroTang: sorry I don't use java DB, still use perl script
21:33:13Tangledingi tried the perl too
21:33:27Tangledingbut unable to make the DB mode on in Rbx
21:33:33Tangledingnothing seeable
21:33:44MoosCamarocomment ça?
21:33:50Tangledingthe DB géneration with the perl script seemed to work thought
21:34:57SlasheriHCl: please fix the rockboy, i have no other way but break it again
21:35:25HCli would, but it wasn't me who wrote the sound bit of rockboy.
21:35:34HCli'll comment audio out soon
21:35:36Slasherihmm :/
21:35:48Slasherithat would be great if you could do that
21:35:51HCli just committed more capabilities to the searchengine
21:35:59Slasherihowever, it's not easy thing i think
21:36:21Slasheribecause i tried commenting it out, but rockboy doesn't seem to work if the get_more callback is not being called
21:38:48MoosCamarorockby it's not a priority, no?
21:39:07bipak_no :(
21:39:12Slasherino i think but i still don't want to break it
21:39:20SlasheriI try to do another work around for it
21:39:36MoosCamaromusiccccccccccc it's priority ;)
21:40:47 Quit courtc (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:44:57MoosCamaroHCl, you have disabled song for rockboy
21:45:05MoosCamaroit's cool for Slasheri
21:53:09 Join markun [0] (
21:57:16 Join courtc [0] (
22:07:20 Quit t0mas ("doei")
22:08:30 Quit Musicmad ("Trillian (")
22:10:00 Quit bipak_ (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
22:10:54TangledingHcl is here?
22:11:26Tangledingi've a very strange issue with DB perl script and DBv2
22:11:39TangledingMoos can't reproduce
22:11:49MoosCamarovery strange
22:12:12 Join t0mas [0] (
22:12:18Tangledinghi t0mas
22:15:02Tangledingi've to go
22:15:29MoosCamarogood night
22:15:48 Quit Tangleding ("Chatzilla 0.9.68a [Firefox 1.0.4/20050511]")
22:27:44MoosCamaroSlasheri: Have we a luck to have a CVS comitt this night? :)
22:28:04Slasherii don't think so, this problem was harder i thought..
22:28:30MoosCamaroohhh :(
22:28:48MoosCamarowhat is the probleme?
22:29:18Slashericrashing while listening to vorbis and buffer starts to refill
22:30:19Zoom2double =(
22:31:11MoosCamarogood luck for fix that ;)
22:31:29Slasherithanks, i try to fix it soon
22:31:47MoosCamaroyou can do it, we know your capacity :)
22:33:20 Join pbvas [0] (
22:37:44 Join Bagder [0] (
22:39:25MoosCamaroHi Bagder
22:39:39MoosCamaroHave you passed a good weekend?
22:39:54Bagderfine indeed
22:40:02Bagderany action in here?
22:40:10MoosCamaro:) you're lucky
22:40:39MoosCamaroquietly tonight
22:41:06MoosCamaroSlasheri still working in playback
22:41:15BagderI noticed linus' commit
22:41:23BagderI'll fix up details of it too
22:41:33MoosCamaroyes wonderful
22:43:36MoosCamarowe soon will be able to throw iriver fw to the garbage :)
22:49:49Bagderyes, I'd really like to starting using rockbox on my iriver on a daily basis
22:51:20MoosCamaroyes, we like too :)
22:52:25MoosCamaroSlasheri is very eficiant, with this speed it'll be for soon ;-)
22:52:52BagderI hope so
22:53:31 Quit zezayer ("Chatzilla [SUSE 1.0.4-1.1/20050511]")
23:10:13 Quit pbvas ("Leaving")
23:10:54 Part martijn
23:13:07 Join Sucka` [0] (
23:13:58Sucka`any idea what causes some tracks to play slow yet?
23:14:58Sucka`but i was able to use rockbox to play a good few albums for the first time today, and gapless too
23:15:01Sucka`so /me is very happy
23:15:27 Join DMJC [0] (
23:18:09 Quit Sucka (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
23:20:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:23:28 Join Doyouwanttosucko [0] (
23:24:32 Quit Doyouwanttosucko (Client Quit)
23:30:36 Quit niobos ("off to bed")
23:31:38 Quit coob (Remote closed the connection)
23:35:08 Join ripnetuk [0] (
23:35:11 Quit ripnetuk (Client Quit)
23:35:19 Join ripnetuk [0] (
23:45:45 Quit Chamois (" HydraIRC -> <- The professional IRC Client")
23:51:01MoosCamarovery quitly tonight :)
23:51:39 Quit markun ()
23:51:46 Join ashridah [0] (
23:58:14 Join elinenbe [0] (
23:58:33elinenbehello. it's been a while.
23:58:40elinenbecongrats on the iriver sound!

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