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#rockbox log for 2005-06-08

00:03:11preglowonly 48khz music i have is SID based
00:03:24CoCoLUSwhy does rockbox ask me if i want to resume playback when i just removed the .rockbox folder and the firmware file and replaced it with newer versions?
00:03:28preglowat least i can count on some high frequency content
00:03:46preglowCoCoLUS: because it still wonders if you want to resume?
00:03:47ZagorCoCoLUS: the two are not connected
00:04:09amiconnCoCoLUS: The settings (including the resume info) is stored in a special sector outside the partition
00:04:20CoCoLUShm.. why?=
00:04:23CoCoLUSwhy not in a file?
00:04:40Zagorbecause using a sector is much faster and safer
00:05:14LinusNamiconn: i think i remember why the refresh rates are like that
00:05:27Bagderit survives exactly whaty CoCoLUS did
00:05:30linuxstbpreglow: Rip some audio from a DVD - that will be 48KHz.
00:05:46MO-Pantsuhmm. if I play an Ogg track in a folder it does not go to the next track upon completion.
00:05:51markunWhere should functions for reading ogg tags and vorbis info be put?
00:05:52CoCoLUSwhat, thats not the recommended update procedure? ;)
00:05:53LinusNthe 256Mbit DRAMS require a 7.8us refresh
00:06:03amiconn...or record from DAB, or DVB, or from DVD via S/PDIF...
00:06:16preglowthis file is 48khz, it'll do
00:06:45markunMO-Pantsu: Here it goes to the next track just fine.
00:07:18ZagorCoCoLUS: why do you want it to change settings or forget resume when you upgrade?
00:07:25linuxstbDAB/DVB broadcasts normally have nothing above about 15.5KHz - I think preglow wants to test the effect on high frequencies.
00:07:45preglowand this is ripped from vinyl, so it's got high frequency content
00:07:52preglowand it's not compressed either
00:07:54XavierGr* LinusN screams "i've had gapless for years" Read Here:
00:08:15XavierGra lot of whining!
00:08:20CoCoLUSnope, why would i?
00:08:26MO-Pantsumarkun using daily build 07
00:08:27XavierGrGod what are these people think?
00:08:46amiconnLinusN: Okay, so this accounts for the refresh counts within system.c. But then the refresh count in crt0.s (bootloader) is totally off...
00:09:06BagderXavierGr: people are generally clueless, and more so on misticriver ;-O
00:09:14MO-Pantsu;) the MFDR(2) register issue in system.c
00:10:04LinusNXavierGr: DeadMan is full of it
00:10:23LinusNRockbox is gapless for properly encoded files
00:10:35MO-Pantsuof course
00:10:49MO-PantsuLame of Ogg I know
00:10:53LinusNnoone has claimed anything else
00:11:47MO-Pantsuwell I misinterpreted gapless on MP3 playback as any MP3 like Nullsoft's DS output can do. Just clarifuing it for others who make the same mistake
00:11:57preglowi believe we should paste WORK IN PROGRESS in bold red 72pt letters somewhere on
00:12:17preglowwe haven't even claimed anything is gapless yet
00:12:27preglowvorbis is the only thing that is currently, afaik
00:12:31preglowand with a bit of luck, mp3
00:12:44CoCoLUSfor the record, i really think that center scrolling patch should get into cvs head... it just feels so damn... nice
00:12:54Stryke`i agree with CoCoLUS
00:12:57LinusNpreglow: i have spent a lot of work on that "bit of luck"
00:13:02amiconnLinusN: The description for MFDR says that it uses the system clock, not the cpuclk. So the values for 120 MHz and 48 MHz are probably also incorrect...
00:13:05markunCoCoLUS: I still did not sort out the font changing bug
00:13:08XavierGrThey talk all about bugs, this is quite annoying. For gods sake it is UNDER DEVELPMENT still
00:13:25crwlwhat does the center scrolling patch do?
00:13:27preglowLinusN: yeah, but that's mas stuff, yes?
00:14:18preglowi'm talking about h1x0 port now
00:14:21markuncrwl: Starts scrolling before the cursor is at the end of the screen.
00:14:27preglowwhich i don't think fares too well with mp3s at the moment
00:14:35Zagorpreglow: no, that's simply ensuring the data stream is uninterrupted
00:14:37crwlmarkun, ah. sounds nice
00:15:14LinusNamiconn: MFDR might very well be wrong
00:15:40MO-PantsuXavierGr Like anything. If Joe 6 pack gets access to some alpha code and can install it too easily they will talk about it or even moan. Not sure if that occurred with the Archos alpha's
00:16:02leftrightI honestly think you guys should restrict this irc to devs only
00:16:10 Part leftright
00:16:29preglowhe most certainly followed through on his own advice
00:16:30MO-Pantsuif there is too much noise perhaps it's a good idea
00:16:42MO-PantsuI will leave if asked
00:16:46Bagderwe do, we're all (potential) devs! ;-)
00:17:30XavierGrSome use it for troubleshooting too
00:17:39CoCoLUShm.. view current playlist just adderrt :P
00:17:48LinusNpreglow: the id3/mp3data code goes a long way to ensure that only mp3 data is passed to the decoder
00:18:24HClwell, i'm glad i've gotten db v3 in before 2.5...
00:18:34LinusNwhich is the key to seamless mp3 decoding
00:18:40MO-Pantsubtw Ogg playback works great. No gaps here :)
00:18:50preglowthe issue here was more the handling of the lame header, i believe
00:18:54preglowthat's what's glitching at the moment
00:19:03pregloweverything else seems to work smoothly
00:19:26linuxstbWhat does the lame header contain, the total number of samples in the file?
00:19:27preglowMO-Pantsu: ogg vorbis is very painless to make work gapless
00:19:27MO-PantsuDon't forget FF/RW ;) Oops! I am doing it again sorry
00:19:40preglowLinusN: no, it contains the number of zeros that were added to pad the last frame
00:19:45preglowsorry, linuxstb i mean
00:19:57preglowlinuxstb: and the encoder delay
00:20:07LinusNi.e the number of samples to remove at the end
00:20:20linuxstbWhat's "encoder delay"?
00:21:35preglowthe delay in the encoder, quite simply, how many samples it takes before the encoder will spit out the encoded version of the data you fed it
00:21:51preglowall encoders have some kind of internal algorithmic delay
00:21:56preglowall nontrivial ones, at that
00:22:31linuxstbIs that important to Rockbox?
00:23:12preglowyes, num_frames*frame_size_in_samples - zero_padded_samples - encoder_delay = total number of samples in mp3
00:23:41preglowwhich is the figure you need for gapless playback
00:24:44*MO-Pantsu ponders trashing all his MP3's that are not Lame gapless headered
00:25:09preglowsomeone might come up with a good idea to make it work
00:25:35MO-Pantsua bit of buffering and silence removal might help at least
00:25:55preglow"silence removal" isn't as easy as you think
00:26:02amiconnLinusN: I just checked the SDRAM datasheet. It says 64 ms refresh period, 8K cycle, so 7.8125 us is correct
00:26:02preglowthere is no "silence" in the last frame of an mp3
00:26:11amiconn...and the bootloader is way off :(
00:26:18preglowso you need to do some guessing
00:26:45MO-Pantsusilence cutoff needs to work on DB
00:26:46Zagorpreglow: well you don't work on the mp3, you work on the pcm stream
00:26:56MO-Pantsuthen let the user figure it out I guess
00:27:10preglowZagor: well, yeah, i mean the pcm equivalent of the last frame
00:27:18preglowZagor: the decoded frame
00:27:40Bagderthe gap is most often "silence", isn't it?
00:28:09preglowthe problem i'm talking about is determining which part of the last mp3 frame was originally silence
00:28:21preglowproblem is, after imdct and subbabd resynthesis, there is no digital silence there anymore
00:28:25MO-Pantsuit's never going to be perfect
00:28:27Bagderoh, yes
00:28:45Bagderbut the gap removal could remove the "legitimate" silence as well
00:29:12Zagorcutting off a few milliseconds too much silence isn't going to make anyone angry, methinks
00:29:15amiconnThere can only be silence in an mp3 frame if the whole frame is silent...
00:29:21preglowZagor: it is noticable in a mix
00:29:26MO-PantsuI use 40db for instance as cutoff in Nullsoft's DS output which works for most stuff. May not work for silent soundtracks I dunno but works well for noisy dance mixes
00:29:28amiconn...which would then be intended silence
00:29:44Zagorpreglow: how much is noticeable, you say?
00:29:52Zagor2 ms? 4?
00:30:36preglowZagor: any amount is noticable, as it causes a discontinuity in the waveform
00:30:48Zagorthe waveform of the silence?
00:31:03MO-Pantsumight have trouble playing that silent classical peice ;)
00:31:09preglowthe silence was never supposed to be there, it was added by the mp3 encoder to pad out the last mp3 frame
00:31:45Zagorright, but the only "too much removed" problem is when the track in fact ended with silence.
00:31:57Zagorit's not going to be a problem with mix tracks
00:32:11preglowahh, yes
00:32:18amiconnpreglow: ...and as you mentioned yourself, the silence is no longer there after feeding the data through encoder + decoder how can it be noticeable?
00:33:34CoCoLUSafter using rockbox a bit the original firmware just seems... ugly
00:34:22preglowi think i've missed something here
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00:42:11 Join Sucka [0] (
00:43:17 Quit Aison (Broken pipe)
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00:48:57XavierGrGod Placing printed characters on the iRiver screen by pixel is a pmajor pain!
00:51:53LinusNnite folks
00:52:37 Join webguest43 [0] (
00:53:12 Part LinusN
00:53:20webguest43hi, i hate being a noob, but I downloaded rockbox latest for iriver, extracted rockbox.iriver and .iriver folder into root folder of drive and restarted the ihp 140
00:53:23webguest43nothing happens
00:53:41Bagderwebguest43: you read the wiki page?
00:53:41webguest43what am I doing wrong ?
00:56:00webguest43oh, I read no mentioning of firmware-fiddling
00:56:12MO-Pantsuyou have the mod
00:56:19MO-Pantsuyou have the modified firmware?
00:56:31Bagderwebguest43: rockbox is not released for iRiver, this is still beta/dev stuff
00:56:57MO-Pantsubest stear clear if you are have no idea
00:57:06webguest43so the quickstart page is wrong then, you need to patch the firmware to be able to run rockbox
00:57:16 Join DomZ [0] (
00:57:20webguest43ok, then i will wait
00:57:29Bagderyou will always need to do that
00:57:38webguest43just got very excited the last days
00:57:39Bagderthat's not gonna change
00:57:52webguest43rockbox plays music, debian sarge goes stable ....
00:57:52MO-Pantsuit's always a risk :)
00:58:11MO-Pantsuit plays music yes but not all playback features work yet
01:01:44 Join Rori [0] (
01:06:13Roriwps rules
01:06:22amiconnwiki spam :(
01:06:37Zagoramiconn: by who?
01:07:40XavierGris there a function that searches for an integer inside a given file?
01:07:58webguest43yippiiii playing music with rockbox !!!!!
01:10:31RoriI dunno why iRiver could not get it to boot up as fast as Rockbox does
01:10:48Zagorthey simply didn't want to
01:11:07linuxstbRori: Because it's not a priority. Priority is to get the firmware shipped and move onto the next product.
01:11:09Roriactually even iRiver bootup seems faster with Rockbox loader
01:11:19preglowRori: wishful thinking ;)
01:11:30preglowcertainly, heh
01:11:33Rorihey my nick got wacked
01:11:55preglowbut no, wouldn't be the first time linus performed some magic
01:13:10RoriI need to spend some time in the Rockbox manual to learn about on-the-fly playlists coz at the moment it's dumbfounding me :)
01:13:55preglowlinear interpolation does indeed seem to kill some high freqs
01:14:15Roribtw does anyone know what output gives better sound quality when used as line out? Line out or headphones? I heard line out can distort though?
01:16:10BagderI like the iriver WPS posted in the wiki
01:16:36preglowso do i
01:17:29preglowlinear interpolation from 48khz to 44.1khz adds some nasty distortion
01:18:04zepreglow: do a 22.05khz lowpass first?
01:18:08MoosCamaroBagder: me too, it's very cool
01:18:32linuxstbAnyone here subscribe to linux-audio-dev? I could post a message there about our resampling problem and see if anyone has some code they could donate. No point re-inventing the wheel.
01:18:32preglowno it doesn't
01:18:35BagderI guess we should use something similar to that as default
01:18:41preglowlinear interpolation sounds quite decent
01:18:56preglowBagder: i agree
01:19:13MoosCamarohere too
01:19:25preglowze: the cutoff for that filter would have to be very, very steep
01:19:34preglowze: so steep that i'd have to use a fir filter, and fir filters would be too slow
01:19:38Bagderlinuxstb: a good idea
01:19:52preglowi'll toss up a few samples
01:20:00 Quit MO-Pantsu (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:20:01 Nick Rori is now known as MO-Pantsu (
01:20:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:21:19 Join asdsd____ [0] (
01:21:32 Part asdsd____
01:21:35preglowanyone have any "normal" music at 48khz lying around? ;)
01:21:49zei don't think i have any "normal" music
01:22:30linuxstbpreglow: I have some I've ripped from DVD - uncompressed 48KHz LPCM music.
01:22:54preglowif you've got the bw, go ahead
01:23:02 Join lostlogic [0] (
01:23:32*Bagder fades away
01:23:40linuxstbLet me just do some quick frequency analyses on some tracks to find a good example.
01:24:05 Quit DangerousDan (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:24:26 Quit Seed (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
01:24:50preglowi can hear no difference apart from a slight -1db ish gain change
01:26:35XavierGrlets say that I got a string type char. Can I return this value from a function?
01:26:38XavierGrin C
01:26:51preglowonly if it's static
01:27:31XavierGrI love Visual Basic for this ease of use. (Come on dont flame me or whip me)
01:27:51Zagorthat "ease of use" costs tons of performance
01:28:01XavierGrand compatibility
01:28:04preglowi love perl for this ;)
01:28:23XavierGrbut it's nice that you can progamm quick and easy in Windows
01:28:28XavierGrTime = money!
01:28:39 Join Seed [0] (
01:28:41preglowmoney = great bother
01:28:56amiconnXavierGr: ...and the users of your program will hate your for that
01:28:56Zagorpreglow: only when you don't have it ;)
01:29:05amiconntime == money, you know ;)
01:29:08preglowZagor: which would be my case in a nutshell
01:29:26XavierGramiconn: Why hate me?
01:29:47amiconnBecause your quick-and-easy written programm will probably run slow
01:30:23XavierGrOh come one I will not programme the super-duper encoder that will need gigabytes of ram and data to read!
01:30:26ZagorXavierGr: "time is money" is why the iriver firmware is like it is
01:30:39XavierGrZagor: You got a point there!
01:31:17 Join kergoth [0] (
01:32:03linuxstbpreglow: I've emailed you about the 48KHz sample file.
01:32:33preglowlinuxstb: downloading as we speak
01:33:08preglowi'll put up a resampled version if my quick hacknslash resampler can handle such a big file ;)
01:33:11Zoom2if you guys need a server to put samples on let me know
01:33:15Zoom2I can set you up some space
01:33:55linuxstbThinking about metadata for OGG/FLAC etc, do people think it would be a good idea to implement metadata parsers inside the core rockbox - i.e. not using libFLAC/libOGG etc ?
01:34:32Zagorno. the codecs parse metadata.
01:34:48Zagorotherwise core rockbox has to know all supported formats.
01:35:22linuxstbBut don't we need to know the metadata before the codecs have been loaded/initialised? e.g. for the next track?
01:35:52Zagorwe have (at least) two codec slots
01:36:02amiconnpreglow: Something really odd about burst mode: Now I tried writing backwards in memset(), i.e. from end to start. Exactly the same timing as doing it forward
01:36:04Zagor(will have)
01:36:11preglowamiconn: .....
01:36:26preglowZagor: please, no
01:36:34preglowZagor: we're very, very dependent on the iram we have
01:36:46preglowsharing it will slice performance drastically
01:37:41Zagori know. possibly we won't need to decode from both slots at once. but we will at least need to (and want to) load the codecs into ram and parse the metadata.
01:38:07 Join webguest07 [0] (
01:38:12preglowbut that part of the codec doesn't require metadata either
01:38:24 Quit webguest07 (Client Quit)
01:38:41 Join hubbel [0] (
01:38:52amiconnZagor: Would it be possible to split the codecs in 2 parts: the actual codec and the metadata parser?
01:38:56linuxstbBut I think metadata parsing is a lot simpler than you think, and a lot of code will be shared - i.e. the actual metadata blocks for FLAC and OGG are the same (VORBIS_COMMENTS).
01:39:08Zagoramiconn: sure, but why?
01:39:13 Quit Sucka ("a bird in the bush is worth two in your house")
01:39:16amiconnThen the metadata parser could be compiled as pic, and executed directly from the file buffer
01:39:54amiconnI don't mean they should be 2 files, just 2 differently compiled + linked code blobs
01:40:45Zagorwhat's the gain?
01:41:03hubbelI've started to figure out how to get recording into the uda1380 driver.. been reversing the original, reading the uda1380 and 5249 docs over and over again.. probably missing something..
01:42:28hubbelcant get the interrupts to work.. hum.. anyone want to team up to get support for recording?
01:42:39amiconnZagor: (1) IRAM doesn't need to be shared between codecs (2) Easier look-ahead of metadata
01:43:08amiconnWith the huge 32 MB ram, there could be quite a number of tracks in memory which all use different codecs
01:44:25linuxstbI'm thinking of a function which can be used to open the file, identify the contents (i.e. codec needed to decode it), and look for any metadata.
01:44:56Zagorlinuxstb: the does away with the whole codec plugin concept. then we can just aswell link codecs statically.
01:45:39Zagoramiconn: why don't we just use two entry points in the same codec plugin?
01:45:50linuxstbZagor: No, I don't think it does. I'll need to actually try to write it, but I don't think the code would be very complex.
01:45:54amiconnI'm still uncertain what's the gain with the codec plugins
01:46:24Zagoramiconn: the same as regular plugins: extensibility without affecting the core
01:46:29amiconnIt certainly adds complexity, e.g. error handling
01:46:46amiconnWhat if a certain codec plugin cannot be found?
01:47:02Zagorthe track will be skipped
01:47:10amiconnPlus, the core still needs a way to detect the file format
01:47:21amiconnHow else it should decide which codec to load?
01:47:31amiconnIt can't rely on file extension for this
01:47:41 Join Andrew179 [0] (
01:47:43Zagorfile extension is good enough for the data we handle
01:47:48amiconn...e.g. .wav can contain just about any format
01:47:55Zagoryeah. but doesn't.
01:48:20XavierGr fhscore = phscore;
01:48:27amiconnI've seen quite some .wavs containing .mp3, plus there's adpcm etc pp
01:48:32XavierGris this wrong if the types are char arrays?
01:49:11Zagoramiconn: i'm not saying they don't exist. but we don't have to support that.
01:49:33*amiconn imagines bugs reports rushing in...
01:50:07amiconn"The (insert your favourite windows player here) does plays these .wavs, but rockbox doesn't"
01:50:14Zagori doubt it. non-pcm wav files are pretty rare.
01:50:30Zagorwell that's always going to happen. there are zillions of audio formats we don't support.
01:51:24linuxstb.ogg is a real example, I think. I don't know what file extension ogg flac gets.
01:51:45 Quit hubbel ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
01:51:49preglowmight very well be .ogg
01:52:10Zagorthat's a better example, i'd say. bugger :-)
01:52:17amiconnIirc .ogg is also just a container format, like .wav
01:52:21preglowi'd say lets go for extension for now
01:52:27preglowamiconn: correct
01:52:36preglowor hmm
01:52:42preglowwell, i've no idea
01:52:48amiconn...and .avi / .mov for another area
01:52:53preglowscanning wav for contents is very easy
01:52:59preglowi have no idea how it is for ogg
01:53:14preglowbut this can get really hairy pretty fast, i think
01:53:46linuxstbNative FLAC seems a very simple format to parse - just contiguous blocks of data, each with a header containing blocktype and blocklength.
01:53:57linuxstbThe metadata blocks are at the very beginning.
01:54:38linuxstbThis is why I don't think it's a big deal - all these formats seem very simple.
01:55:32preglowlinuxstb: most codecs are like that, mp3 for instance, and vorbis
01:56:05amiconnBah, coldfire asm is nasty :(
01:56:18preglowamiconn: i think the coldfire itself is nastier than its assembly
01:56:28amiconnWhy the $%$ does a move instruction change the flags???
01:56:39preglowi think most cpus work that way
01:56:51preglowit's handy from time to time
01:56:59amiconnsh doesn't, and that is very useful
01:57:08amiconnThis is true risc
01:57:14preglowyes, but having move alters flags is also nice sometimes
01:57:17preglowyou can get free compares
01:57:31preglowi don't think anyone claims 68k is risc, heh
01:57:36preglowapart from motorola, but they're insane
01:57:43amiconn..and need to waste registers in my case
01:58:14 Part MoosCamaro
01:58:30amiconnIf move wouldn't alter flags, I could do a compare, move something else into one of the regs, then do a conditional branch based on the compare
01:59:01preglowarm is nice there
01:59:03linuxstbpreglow: Your resampling sounds very good to me.
01:59:22preglowyou can decide whether any instruction is to alter flags or not
01:59:26preglowlinuxstb: yeah, me too
01:59:39preglowlinuxstb: i don't think interpolation is going to sound very nice for more extreme resampling ratios, though
01:59:42amiconnpreglow: I actually do this in my last memset optimisation for SH1
01:59:48 Quit Harpy (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
02:00:11linuxstbpreglow: I don't care - 48KHz->44.1KHz is the only one I will ever use :-).
02:01:07 Part kergoth ("Leaving")
02:03:42preglowi don't like the gain change, though
02:03:46preglowperhaps i can compensate for that
02:03:51 Nick DMJC-sleep is now known as DMJC (
02:05:16preglowbut anywho
02:05:59preglowsimple naive upsampling with iir filters might do the job nicely for 24khz -> 44.1, etc
02:07:03preglowif we don't just switch to 22.05khz and use interpolation for that as well
02:07:20spiraloutis it possible to hear music and read a text file at the same time?
02:07:45preglowspiralout: yes
02:07:46amiconnNot atm
02:07:54preglownot now, no
02:07:57spiraloutnot at the moment i know
02:08:02preglowonce codecs become special plugins, it will
02:08:02spiraloutbut later it is?
02:08:15preglowbut that wont happen for a while
02:08:23preglowi guess
02:08:34amiconnLinus said he'll start working on this
02:08:41preglowhe did? excellent
02:10:53amiconn08.46.23 # <LinusN> i guess it's time to separate the codecs from the plugins
02:11:05amiconn08.48.33 # <LinusN> i guess i can begin hacking on it
02:12:43preglowbut that's good news, the codecs don't even need a fraction of the plugin api functions
02:12:59preglowsome buffer and memory management should be enough
02:14:15 Quit xen` ()
02:17:09amiconnargh, NEG does also work in-place only, like SWAP :(
02:17:18preglowyup :/
02:19:25HClis 2.5 released yet?
02:22:03HClSlasheri: can you toss me a message when you got that end of song event thing going?
02:22:10*HCl goes to sleep
02:27:30 Quit webguest43 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
02:27:46DMJCdamn... still need to carry a pin
02:27:55preglowof course
02:31:33 Join DangerousDan [0] (
02:32:08DMJCtried to change tracks while it was playing
02:33:55linuxstbSomeone was asking earlier about endianness in Vorbis comments - the 32-bit field lengths are little-endian, all other integers in a FLAC file are big-endian....
02:34:55XavierGremm I 've got an error about casts when I tried an int hiscore = phscore which is char array?
02:34:59XavierGrwhat to do?
02:36:23 Quit spiralout ("ChatZilla [Firefox 1.0.4/20050511]")
02:36:58XavierGrhow do we convert a char array (with numbers) into an integer?
02:37:07preglowdepends on the endiannes
02:38:06 Join webguest43 [0] (
02:38:46DMJCotf playlist support work?
02:38:49webguest43Hi ! Just donated 15 USD to rockbox, while listening to music on iriver via rockbox.
02:39:03webguest43Thanks for your work and effort !
02:39:13amiconnHmm, ogg doesn't display the wps at all.
02:39:30amiconnI though it would be displayed, just empty
02:42:28XavierGris atoi supported by rockbox?
02:42:49amiconnpreglow: Didn't you implement treble & bass settings?
02:42:52amiconnXavierGr: yes
02:43:27XavierGrdo I have to iclude something?
02:43:29preglowamiconn: i'm waiting for austriancoder to commit some uda routines he said he'd put in
02:44:13amiconnXavierGr: Are you hacking a plugin?
02:44:46 Quit bobTHC ("I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n 2.0 Build 2520")
02:45:17amiconnThen you need to call it via the plugin api
02:45:32 Quit webguest43 ("CGI:IRC")
02:45:43amiconnAlmost all plugins have a global rb as api pointer rb->atoi(blah...) should work
02:49:12 Quit cYmen ("zZz")
02:49:31Zoom2ught oh, I was listening to some music and clicked the calculatior plugin it says I04: IllInstr at 32F401A2 - that a crash? my red LED is on so is my hd still spinning?
02:50:26DMJCbetter get a pin dude
02:50:43Zoom2*goes to look for one*
02:51:00DMJCthere going to be usb host support at all?
02:51:13DMJCI tried that on a h300... wasn't too bad
02:51:42Zoom2yep worked thanks
02:52:15DMJCyou may want to carry that with you
02:52:22amiconnClock control for playback doesn't seem to work... as reported earlier, the boost count is set to 1 at boot... and cpu is running always at full speed
02:52:54amiconnIf I manually set it to 48 MHz (or even 11 MHz) playback is intermittent
02:52:59amiconnNo crashes though
03:02:06amiconnHmm, skipping forward at the last track freezes rockbox. It should ignore such attempts
03:03:50XavierGr rb->write(fd,phscore,4);
03:04:11XavierGrthis must right to the fist 4 bytes of the file right?
03:05:01 Quit preglow ("nono")
03:09:52 Nick cheriff_AWAY is now known as cheriff (davem666@wagner.orchestra.cse.unsw.EDU.AU)
03:14:35 Join ashridah [0] (
03:15:56XavierGr rb->write(fd,phscore,4);
03:15:57XavierGr<XavierGr> this must right to the fist 4 bytes of the file right?
03:16:07XavierGrsorry to bother
03:16:14XavierGrHi ashridah!
03:20:41***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:29:52DMJCwhy would an mp3 playback REALLY fast?
03:30:12Stryke`low sample rate?
03:30:12DMJCthat a 41khz thing?
03:30:23 Join amiconn_ [0] (
03:36:21XavierGrgoodnight all!
03:37:25 Quit XavierGr ()
03:37:55 Quit amiconn (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
03:37:55 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
03:49:37 Quit Stryke` (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
03:58:09 Quit Bagder (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
04:05:13 Join QT [0] (as@area51.users.madwifi)
04:17:05 Quit QT_ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
04:29:22 Quit ehntoo ("Leaving")
04:34:07 Quit MO-Pantsu ()
04:38:11 Join dapureplaya [0] (
04:39:47 Part dapureplaya
04:51:18 Join midk [0] (
04:51:55 Quit midk (Client Quit)
05:20:42***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:49:16 Quit Zoom2 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
05:52:24 Nick cheriff is now known as cheriff_AWAY (davem666@wagner.orchestra.cse.unsw.EDU.AU)
06:06:51 Part hacim
06:10:20 Join daven [0] (
06:10:35davencan somebody help me with wps?
06:10:53daveni've put the file onto my h120
06:11:00davenhow do i "play" it now?
06:11:13daveni don't see it when browsing the files
06:32:07 Quit daven ("CGI:IRC")
06:44:53 Join StrathAFK [0] (
07:06:38 Nick cheriff_AWAY is now known as cheriff (davem666@wagner.orchestra.cse.unsw.EDU.AU)
07:09:46 Quit Strath (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:17:40 Quit DMJC (Connection timed out)
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07:21:48 Join DMJC [0] (
07:36:17 Join matsl [0] (
07:40:43 Join webguest75 [0] (
07:48:26 Join LinusN [0] (
07:48:57Bgermorning, Linux
07:49:43amiconnGood morning
07:53:38amiconnLinusN: Is there a way for you to check correctness of the MFDR/MFDR2 settings?
07:54:12LinusNi could of course look with a scope
07:54:18amiconnI tried new values based on my interpretation of the datasheet (and correcting the mistake for 11 MHz)
07:54:42amiconnThe unit works... but then i2c would work at 200 kHz too
07:57:35 Nick cheriff is now known as cheriff_AWAY (davem666@wagner.orchestra.cse.unsw.EDU.AU)
07:57:44BgerLinus i appologise for renaming you to LinuX, but you must be angry to your famous namesake ....
07:58:38LinusNBger: i do it myself all the time :-)
07:58:58amiconnLinusN: I might have found the end-of-charging signal
07:59:06amiconnJust verifying again
08:02:24LinusNa port pin?
08:02:44amiconnYes... I'm puzzled now by looking at the datahseet
08:02:59amiconns/datahseet/port pin table/
08:06:38 Join Bagder [0] (
08:07:42LinusNmorning Bagder
08:07:51Bagderhey ho
08:09:41BagderI'm starting my new assignment today
08:28:56 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
08:41:45amiconnLinusN: The end-of-charging was obviously wrong
08:42:11amiconnHowever, I found the pin that senses the presence of the remote
08:42:33amiconn...GPIO 30, marked 'unknown' in the table
08:42:40amiconnCould you verify?
08:43:13LinusNhave no multimeter with me, will check when i get home
08:49:56 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
09:00:18ashridahhm. player doesn't seem to want to shut off if i've played music and then hit 'stop'
09:07:55amiconnLinusN: Another thing for you to check: Iiuc the DCR register is 16 bit, but both crt0.S and system.c handle it as 32 bit
09:08:20amiconncrt0.S still does the correct thing as it uses the 16 MSBs, but system.c otoh...
09:08:48 Join einhirn [0] (
09:09:08LinusNamiconn: ouch ouch ouch!!!!
09:09:28LinusNi have forgotten to change mcf5249.h
09:09:37amiconn_if_ I am correct the definition in mcf5249.h is also wrong
09:10:09LinusNthat's what i forgot to change
09:10:22amiconncrt0.S could the also use move.w
09:10:30LinusNyes it could
09:10:41 Join Harpy [0] (
09:10:53amiconn...and the numbers in system.c should be written with 4 hex digits only
09:10:59LinusNwhen i wrote that code, i was falsely under the impression that only 32-bit accesses were allowed
09:11:35amiconnThis still doesn't explain accessing the wrong 16 bits in system.c though
09:12:01amiconnEffectively the refresh counter never changes
09:12:02LinusNthat's because i changed mcf5249.h but apparently forgot to commit it
09:12:23LinusNamiconn: it doesn't change, and that affects performance *a lot*
09:13:06 Join Zoom2 [0] (
09:13:13amiconnIn fact it *does* change... to 0x0000
09:14:15Zoom2amicom you ever sleep bro?
09:15:35amiconnI do
09:18:01 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
09:20:46***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:21:01LinusNcorrecting the refresh rates had a slight positive effect on the mpa2wav performance (from 115% to 117% catching the flow)
09:21:04 Nick Lynx_awy is now known as Lynx_ (Lynx@
09:22:10 Join ashridah [0] (
09:27:53 Join bobTHC [0] (~foo@
09:28:04bobTHChi folks !
09:42:47 Quit linuxstb ("Leaving")
10:05:40 Join Patr3ck [0] (
10:13:26Zoom2hey when upgrading the frimware, i should do it in bootloader USB mode correct?
10:13:46Zoom2then all I do is replace the .rockbox folder?
10:15:57 Join Aison [0] (
10:19:39 Quit tvelocity (SendQ exceeded)
10:20:55 Join tvelocity [0] (
10:21:00LinusNZoom2: it doesn't matter which usb mode
10:21:25LinusNjust unzip the entire zip contents to the root
10:21:48LinusNreplacing .rockbox isn't enough, since the rockbox.iriver file isn't there
10:22:08ashridahrolo notices an updated rockbox.iriver anyway, doesn't it?
10:22:14Zoom2ok thanks, no need to go into a "firmware update" mode?
10:22:29amiconnashridah: It doesn't work always
10:23:38amiconnI think that is fixable
10:24:31Zoom2ok I uploaded the files via USB, do I need to go into any menu setting to complete the "update"?
10:24:32amiconnSometimes it just doesn't detect a changed rockbox.iriver (or ajbrec.ajz) and you have to rolo manually
10:25:29Zoom2sorry if this is a answered question but how do I go about doing this?
10:26:18LinusNZoom2: you don't need to do anything
10:26:42Zoom2ok. Thanks for the help
10:26:54Zoom2updates easier than the original firmware then
10:27:24amiconnZoom2: Either switch off and restart, or 'play' the rockbox.iriver file in the root in case it didn't ask you 'bootfile changed. reboot?' already
10:27:30LinusNif you updated via the "normal" usb connection, you should rolo the rockbox.iriver file if you didn't get a question if you want to run the new firmware
10:28:06LinusNrockbox updates are much simpler, since you don't need to reprogram the flash
10:28:32SlasheriHmm, the rolo doesn't detect upgraded rockbox.iriver most of the time
10:29:09Zoom2right it never asked me or told me my bootfile changed or rebooted - I did a USB connection in the boot loader
10:29:32ashridahZoom2: then it would have loaded the new one automatically anyway
10:29:33LinusNZoom2: then you are ok
10:29:38ashridahsince it hadn't loaded ANYthing yet
10:30:01Zoom2ok sounds good, I just didnt want to brick it
10:30:29LinusNZoom2: no need to be afraid of bricking unless you are updating the boot loader
10:30:56LinusNupdating rockbox itself is a safe operation
10:31:20Zoom2this is good to know
10:32:16Zoom2boot time seems to be faster in the new bleeding edge too, nice work
10:33:58amiconnSlasheri: The changed bootfile detection has a few shortcomings. First, it only checks size and startcluster, not the file date. Second, it only works when file browsing and you are in the root
10:34:15amiconnIt won't work at all in db browse mode
10:38:23Slasheriamiconn: ah, that's good to know :) I think that file date check would be much better
10:40:47*HCl yawns
10:44:58Zoom2does the original iRiver firmware use CPU boost?
10:50:53 Join wrongfooting [0] (
10:55:23LinusNZoom2: no, it seems to have a different approach
10:55:33LinusNkeeping a constant cpu frequency
10:55:41 Part wrongfooting
10:55:55LinusNbut dufferent frequencies for different tasks
10:56:28amiconnSlasheri: Did you look into the cpu boost issue?
10:57:04Zoom2do you know which freq the normal firmware stays at?
10:57:07Slasheriamiconn: Hmm, is there still issues with cpu_boost?
10:57:13amiconnAlso, there's a problem that playback of the last track of a playlist stops prematurely (at least it does with a one-track playlist)
10:57:28amiconnSlasheri: CPU is boosted all times with current cvs
10:58:18Slasheriamiconn: that should depend about play mode. Repeat will start from beginning of the playlist again
10:58:28Slasheriamiconn: Hmm, checking
10:58:36 Nick cheriff_AWAY is now known as cheriff (davem666@wagner.orchestra.cse.unsw.EDU.AU)
10:58:59Slasheriamiconn: are you sure? at least while playing, the cpu boost works normally
11:00:13Slasherii will commit soon a patch that fixes some playlist problems
11:00:56amiconnIt doesn't work for me. When I check cpu boost in the debug menu immediately after boot, it shows boost count = 1
11:01:23LinusNamiconn: but it goes down to 0 after playing a file and stopping again
11:01:28amiconnWhen playing music, it also stays at 1, and when I un-boost manually playback stutters (for obvious reasons)
11:01:55Slasheriah, yes. initially the cpu is boosted for some reason, i will examine that
11:03:05 Quit Andrew179 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:06:21Chamoisis it possible to put an option into the system menu to choose the number of files wich are buffered on irver ?
11:07:04amiconnDo you mean the file browser or?
11:07:04Chamoisyes for the moment 10 file buffering is too important
11:07:10Chamoisand unnecessary
11:07:17Chamoisoh no
11:07:23Chamoisbuffering into the audio buffer
11:07:59amiconnWhy would you want that? Imho it should always use the whole buffer, regardless of ne number of files
11:08:37Chamoisbut i only listen for one file for the moment and change always of songs
11:09:05Chamoisit can be an option
11:09:11Zoom2also it takes up more CPU power to buffer unwanted files
11:09:34Chamoisand hdd spinning
11:09:42Zoom2it would be great for playlist mode when you want 10 files to be buffered, but in spastic I dont know what I want to listen to mode, it is a flaw
11:10:34amiconnIt should be possible to cut down the buffering time significantly
11:10:53Zoom2in the menu "anti skip" feature does what exactly?
11:11:01Zoom2i thought that was the buffer handle
11:11:48SlasheriZoom2: currently anti skip does nothing i think. But it could be used to set cross-fader buffer length in future for example
11:11:51LinusNit alters the watermarks for the buffer filling
11:12:32Zoom2there is going to be a cross fader!?
11:12:56SlasheriZoom2: very soon i think
11:13:30Zoom2wow, I thought that wasnt going to be possible due to hardware restrains
11:13:33Zoom2that is GREAT news
11:18:06[solid]hey guys, i had this idea... an option to save (append in a newline would be best probably) the runtime in a file when the battery is so low it's going to shutdown (so that save would be the last thing before shutdown)
11:18:45[solid]i would volunteer to do some endurance testing... ie how long can the public's choice encoded files play (ogg -q6, lame -aps, flac -8)
11:19:08[solid]especially the flac one would be interesting i guess
11:19:20LinusN[solid]: when the battery is that low, you won't be able to save anything to disk
11:19:47[solid]oh... so i guess it should be done manually timing.. crapsticks.
11:20:08[solid]i'll do some testing with flac in the evening then :)
11:20:50***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:21:15LinusN[solid]: you should have a chat with rasher
11:21:20LinusNhe did this:
11:21:31Zoom2i thought it stops spinnign when its down to 4%
11:23:41 Join cYmen [0] (
11:28:47[solid]hm, i was thinking of doing a more down to life test, one that tells you really what you can expect at this stage - just repeat one album, with headphones plugged and at 50% volume
11:29:31[solid]so buffering kicks in every 2-3 times per cycle (with lossy, with flac it'll buffer within same songs due do it's nature;)
11:30:23[solid]that runtime saved in a file would just enable me to do testing even while sleeping :D but i'll do it anyway
11:36:14 Quit dwihno (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:37:40 Quit webguest75 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
11:39:26 Quit DMJC (Remote closed the connection)
11:40:54LinusNdo we have an idea why the playlist viewer crashes on iriver?
11:44:59 Join DMJC [0] (
11:47:46amiconn[solid]: I didn't check whether it works on iriver, but there is current and top runtime available in the debug menu.
11:47:50amiconnThis info is saved along with the configuration, i.e. on every spinup.
11:48:11amiconn...and the current runtime is reset (or should be) when you connect the charger
11:50:38 Join tulek [0] (
11:52:21amiconnSo you could reset the top runtime after charging, then do your test, after that recharge and check the stored top runtime
11:53:37 Join dapureplaya [0] (
11:53:41tuleki'd like to contribute my wps to the wiki but unfortunateley i can't take a screenshot so it's pointless can anyone take a screenshot for me?
11:53:59[solid]amiconn: thanks for the great tip :D
11:54:14 Quit tvelocity ("Leaving")
11:54:30dapureplayai'm just wondering how WPS works. Do you just put the code in a notepad with a .wps extension and just open it with rockbox?
11:54:44[solid]looking into it now... i've already seen that there is current runtime, that's why i was wondering if it could be done like i suggested
11:55:12[solid]i can't see any top runtime tho o_O
11:55:16dapureplayaZoom2: and what if you wanna change it back to it's default? is there a way to do that?
11:55:45amiconn[solid]: Joystick up/down should select current<->top
11:55:57tulek@dapureplaya just erase your wps file
11:55:57[solid]indeed, awesome
11:56:10Zoom2dapureplaya: you should beable to delete it
11:56:21LinusNtulek: why can't you take screenshots?
11:56:50dapureplayaok cool thx guys i'm goign to check it out now heh
11:56:51[solid]amiconn: last q... how do i go about reseting the top runtime value?
11:57:25[solid]rockbox is just so cool ^_^
11:57:28amiconnPress select, a request should appear
11:57:43SlasheriHmm, how do playlist_peek and playlist_next exactly work? If i call playlist_next(0) what it would do? Does it affect next playlist_peek somehow?
11:57:46amiconnConfirm with select
11:57:48[solid]amiconn: works, great
11:57:52amiconn(not play as the msg says)
11:57:57tulek@linusn i just have my iriver but no simulator or digital camera to make it more worse i'm working with wndows
11:58:11[solid]yeah, i already got used to pressing select when it asks me to press play :>
11:58:30Bgertulek there was an option in debug menu for taking an "screenshot"
11:58:34 Join dwihno [0] (~dw@
11:59:05tulek@bger cool
11:59:19*tulek tries to take a screenshot ...
12:00:06Bgertulek as i don't have any currently "rockboxed" device, i can't tell you the exact name of the option
12:00:12amiconntulek: Activate screenshot mode first (in debug menu). Then get displayed what you want to screenshot
12:00:25Bger10x, Linus
12:00:26[solid]which button on the iriver equals F5 on the recorder?
12:00:29amiconnTo take the screenshot, connect USB to your pc
12:00:44[solid]oh, sorry
12:00:54amiconnThe iriver will *not* go into usb mode then, but instead create a .bmp file in the root
12:01:05[solid]my text skimmimng techniques failed me this time
12:01:15*tulek never thought of the debug menu he thought it's sort of sacred and only for gods ... ;)
12:01:19amiconnWhen you did all screenshots you want, deactivate screenshot mode again
12:01:20 Join XavierGr [0] (
12:01:31XavierGrWaassup all?
12:01:32amiconnThen you can go into usb mode and copy the .bmps
12:01:38Bgerregarding to "The screen dump files are named "YYYY-MM-DD HH-MM-SS.bmp" <= what about if the unit doesn't have RTC
12:01:53amiconnThey< are just numbered sequentially
12:02:19Bger(supposed so)
12:03:34Bgerare we sure that the number will be the greatest in the directory ? ;)
12:03:44dapureplayasup xav
12:04:24*tulek faints
12:04:38*Bger asks because he edits the wiki page atm
12:05:26tulekok I'm off i'll be back in a second (analog modem no flat is annoying sometimes)
12:06:13amiconnLinusN: What about changing the screendump trigger to the hold switch on iriver when screendump mode is active? More convenient than always plugging usb imho
12:06:30SlasheriHmm, i got it working :)
12:07:55LinusNamiconn: cure, but then you would have to hack the button driver to tell a thread to save the data
12:07:56 Quit bobTHC ("Smoke Weed Every Day !")
12:08:03LinusNSlasheri: got what working?
12:08:25SlasheriLinusN: playlist handling works now better, committing.. :)
12:08:34LinusNwhat was the prob?
12:08:45 Join bobTHC [0] (~foo@
12:08:56dapureplayaoooh better playlisting. awesome :)
12:09:05Slashericurrent song number indicator, resume and forward seeking are fixed on next commit
12:12:57Chamoislinus ?
12:14:04amiconnLinusN et al: Some weird wiki spam going on
12:14:04amiconnam going on :(
12:14:24amiconnrdp lagging
12:15:32Chamoislinus : think i found the uda initialization problem
12:15:40Bgerwhere, amiconn?
12:17:01BgerSource topic AAAVeryGoodSite is locked by AlexSpy, lock expires in 9 minutes.
12:17:21Bgerhow is supposed to understand that ?
12:19:27XavierGrI am AlexSpy
12:19:46XavierGrdid I do something wrong?
12:19:57XavierGrI just thought to report the spammer
12:20:55 Quit tulek ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
12:24:46XavierGrIs what I did wrong?
12:24:48BgerXavierGr you had to just go to "More" link on the bottom of the page
12:24:55Bgerand there is "Rename/move"
12:25:38 Join ]RowaN[ [0] (a2b0y@
12:26:01Bgerand move it to "Trash" web
12:26:23]RowaN[using the latest greyscale build of rockbox (3rd june iirc), gb games seem to crash my iriver after about 2 seconds.. used to work find before
12:26:37]RowaN[have to use the reset button then
12:27:08]RowaN[congrats on iriver mp3 playing btw guys, u rock ma box =]
12:27:30XavierGrCan someone change its WikiName?
12:27:56dapureplaya]RowaN[: don't forget to mention OGG and FLAC playback ;)
12:28:12]RowaN[flac playback now????????
12:28:27dapureplayayeh. still buggy. but i'm listening to FLAC atm ;)
12:28:32]RowaN[oohh thats just grand isnt it
12:28:38dapureplayaall will be good in through time
12:29:41 Join webguest80 [0] (
12:29:42DMJCwhat's the difference between 300/100 in architecture?
12:30:32]RowaN[300 dont have optical out does it?
12:33:15XavierGrLinus:Can someone change its WikiName?
12:34:00LinusNi don't think so
12:34:30 Join BTKDaImMaikata [0] (~Bager@
12:34:40 Nick BTKDaImMaikata is now known as Bgr (~Bager@
12:34:51XavierGrBecause mine comes from my name, but now that I read it, it is a little groovy and stupid. (AlexSpy)
12:35:21LinusNand you didn't follow the rules for wikinames
12:36:02 Join tulek [0] (
12:36:13LinusNYour WikiName is your real first and last name concatenated, like JohnSmith or SteveAnderson. It's not JonhS, SteveA or NinjaBoy.
12:36:18tuleksorry for leaving my nick-body around
12:36:30 Quit Bger (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
12:36:58XavierGrDo you want me to delete it and make a new one?
12:37:24LinusNsure, why not?
12:37:41tuleki'm proud to announce that anyone now can see my wps in the wiki
12:38:46LinusNlunch time
12:39:04 Quit bobTHC ("Smoke Weed Every Day !")
12:39:06Bgrhave a nice lunch ;)
12:39:15Zoom2its 6:40 AM for me
12:39:16Bgrtulek just saw it ;)
12:39:18Zoom2i need to learn how to sleep
12:39:34Zoom2the picture isnt showing for me tulek, what name did you post it under
12:40:02Zoom2im guessing it is torben
12:40:07Zoom2but its not showing for me
12:40:22 Join MoosCamaro [0] (
12:40:45MoosCamarohi guys
12:40:58 Join bobTHC [0] (~foo@
12:41:01 Join webguest23 [0] (
12:41:29XavierGr<Zoom2> i need to learn how to sleep. I ve got no problem with it, might help you out a little!
12:41:44 Quit bobTHC (Client Quit)
12:41:51 Part webguest23
12:42:17Zoom2heh, i just took sleeping aids like 2 hours ago still no effect =(
12:42:46 Join bobTHC [0] (~foo@
12:43:40BgrZoom2 does the sheep counting work ? ;)
12:43:53XavierGrwhat about morning hours? Dont you get sleepy?
12:44:05[solid]you could try counting lines of rockbox code lol
12:44:34Bgryep :)
12:45:02[solid]if that doesn't help... try mozilla ;o
12:45:39Bgror reading ... Linus said, that this works very well... i'm willing to believe him...
12:45:47Zoom2no i got up to 999,999,999,999 annd didnt know what number came after that
12:46:00Zoom2(word wise)
12:46:10Zoom2after trillian comes what?
12:46:19Zoom2i nearly shot myself that night
12:46:23Zoom2but thats another story
12:47:02]RowaN[if would be cool if the WPS screen could use more than 1 font.. i.e. larger font for song title.. etc
12:47:21]RowaN[and have a bitmap background/border =]
12:47:45Zoom2th0mas has been working on getting bmp files integrated with the wps
12:49:34[solid]i think he succeeded, but wanted to do some testing on how it works on archos before commiting ^^
12:49:39Bgramiconn: regarding use of 2 or more fonts together: as Bagder said, we definitely need smaller font for the remote
12:49:40XavierGryeah different font support would be great
12:49:43dapureplayaaaaah yes prev track works much better on my H140 wit the recent build :D. Top stuff Slash.
12:50:15Slasheridapureplaya :)
12:50:18Zoom2is the image that tulek posted working for anyone?
12:50:36SlasheriBut i broke the next track feature. You should get the latest commit i just made
12:50:55[solid]Zoom2: yeah, i see it
12:50:57BgrZoom2 yes, works for me
12:51:05BgrFirefox 1.0.4 here
12:51:07dapureplayaZoom: doesn't work 4 me
12:51:15dapureplayaIE user here lol
12:51:26[solid]firefox 1.0.3 here :)
12:51:38dapureplayaSlasheri: yeah i just get the latest commit
12:51:38Bgrdoesn't work with IE 6 SP1
12:51:56Bgr[solid]: think about upgrading to 1.0.4
12:52:04dapureplayaSlasheri: ok i know what u mean now. u killed the next track feature heh
12:52:08Zoom2i just uninstalled the fox
12:52:13dapureplayaSlasheri: how did that happen?
12:52:18Bgr[solid]: see
12:52:26Slasheridapureplaya: yeah :D that was only a small mistake, it's fixed now
12:52:32Slasheri(bleeding edge build still compiling)
12:52:44dapureplayaah right hehe.
12:52:46 Quit tulek ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
12:52:54[solid]Bgr: yeah i know, but i'm on gentoo and compiling firefox takes a long time... i have to leave it to run nightly but always forget ><'
12:53:05 Quit bobTHC ("Smoke Weed Every Day !")
12:53:25Bgr[solid];) cron is your friend ;)
12:53:59[solid]bleeding edge is there ^^
12:54:45dapureplayaawesome gettign it now heh
12:55:28 Join bobTHC [0] (~bobTHC@
12:55:58Chamoislinus ?
12:56:04XavierGrahh!!! I am stuck, I could use some help here.
12:56:17 Join zezayer_away [0] (~chatzilla@
12:56:25Zoom2I dont get it though, every other png file is showing up but that one
12:56:50Zoom2linus is eating lunch
12:57:01dapureplayaXavierGr: Stuck?
12:57:16XavierGrI spelled it wrong eh?
12:57:56XavierGrif(hiscore > compare){
12:57:56XavierGr rb->snprintf(phscore,sizeof(phscore),"%d",hiscore);
12:57:56XavierGr rb->write(fd,phscore,4);
12:57:56DBUGEnqueued KICK XavierGr
12:57:56XavierGr compare = hiscore;}
12:58:30XavierGrIs this thing gonna write the phscore buf in the open file?
12:58:57XavierGrIt does not and it's getting on my nerves!
12:59:14XavierGrOnly this tiny bit of code to end the porting of iriver snake2
12:59:42 Join tulek [0] (
13:00:36[solid]hm... previous track doesn't seem to work. it rewinds to the beginning, but when i do it twice it exits to the browser
13:01:06 Quit tulek (Client Quit)
13:01:12dapureplayasolid: it works fine for me
13:01:15[solid]wmaybe i'm mistaken in the concept...
13:01:22 Join tulek [0] (
13:01:39 Quit bobTHC ("Smoke Weed Every Day !")
13:02:33dapureplayasolid: because the same thing use to happen to me aswell. now it changes tracks fine. But if i try and change tracks real quick. then it'll go into the browser
13:02:47[solid]i'm getting this - i play a track, press rew once - it goes to the beginning of the track, i press it twice - it goes to the browser
13:02:47tuleki'm back
13:03:04Slasheri[solid]: there are still some known problems with previous tracks that will be fixed soon
13:03:05dapureplayauhm. you sure you got the right build?
13:03:11Zoom2tulek do you have IE?
13:03:12dapureplayatry d/ling the bleeding edge again
13:03:24Slasherinext track feature _should_ work quite well now
13:03:40dapureplayaSlasheri: both work for me fine.
13:03:46Slasheriah, ok :)
13:03:46 Join ikm [0] (
13:03:58tulek@zoom no firefox
13:03:58dapureplayaSlasheri: well, should it work fro OGG and FLAC?
13:04:09ikmHello people
13:04:18dapureplayaslasheri: coz i haaven't tried them yet
13:04:21Zoom2tul for some reason your screen doesnt show up in IE browsers
13:04:23[solid]if i press next track twice fast it also exits to the browser
13:04:24Slasheridapureplaya: Hmm, i think that next track should work (previous probably not)
13:04:27tulekbut a dial up analog internet connection
13:04:28Chamoiswho did write the i2c driver for iriver ?
13:04:37[solid]maybe something really is wrong again with copying the files
13:04:50[solid](on my side)
13:05:08tulekah, i think it's a problem with png is this possible i remeber that if image files are smaller than 1 kb ie doesn't show them ...
13:05:16dapureplaya[solid]: u trying it on MP3's or OGG/FLAC?
13:05:22[solid]dapureplaya: all three
13:05:29CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
13:05:29*tulek tries to fix the problem
13:05:39ikmam I the only one who got every plugin crashing on iriver? or is it normal for now?
13:05:39dapureplayasolid: well MP3 definitly works for me.
13:06:01dapureplayaikm: my plugins are fine with a couple of exceptions
13:06:25dapureplayaikm: can't use while playing music tho. it'll crash. wel it crashed for me.
13:07:19ikmyep, seems to be working while the music is off. thanks.
13:07:31[solid]oh well. i'm off to the uni anyway... will do endurance tests as promised when i'm back ^^ track seem to work for me for FLAC
13:08:32Zoom2tulek thanks for the info, wasnt aware of that
13:08:43dapureplayasame with OGG. next/prev works for all format so far.
13:09:08dapureplayacya Solid.
13:09:12MoosCamaroChamois : austriancoder i think
13:09:17Chamoishave other person sound problem on rockbox with their iriver ?
13:09:33tulek@zoom i had the problem ages ago with gif images ... it costed me really some nerves to find the problem ...
13:10:17]RowaN[chamois: i'll try it tonite, forgot iriver cable and at work (need a spare!)
13:10:21Zoom2thats bugging, any fix for that in IE?
13:10:47[solid]dapureplaya: indeed there was a problem on my side again... something went wrong with downloading *again*, curses upon my isp
13:11:14[solid]i hate when it happens
13:11:22[solid]*puff*, gone
13:11:27]RowaN[that image dont show up for me for what its worth (IE6 winxpsp2)
13:12:16dapureplayasolid: nice. so you got next/prev track working now?
13:12:19 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:12:22tulek@zoom i don't know but since it's m$ take a guess ;p ... ok now anyone using ie can take a look (if it's still not showing up press ctrl reload button for a forced complete reload of the page)
13:12:30[solid]dapureplaya: yeah...
13:12:49 Join bobTHC [0] (~bobTHC@
13:12:53dapureplayasolid: awesome. It should work for FLAC and OGG aswell. i just tested it out.
13:13:09Chamoisanyone had to satrt original firm to have sound into rockbox ?
13:13:27 Quit tulek ("CGI:IRC")
13:13:29 Join tulek [0] (
13:13:32dapureplayaChamois: nope
13:13:53tulek@zoom can you see clearly now ?
13:13:54Zoom2tulek: good stuff
13:13:57Zoom2works well now
13:14:06tulekfine i could help :)
13:14:17Chamoisanyone ?
13:14:19Chamoisstange strange
13:14:48MoosCamarowhat's hapened?
13:15:34tulekis it possible to add ascii characters like the smiley and the note to the default rockbox font, that would really improve the possibilities of wps customization
13:15:38ChamoisMoosCamaro : speak to me ?
13:15:58bobTHCsorry for annoyance
13:15:59 Quit bobTHC (Client Quit)
13:16:31MoosCamaroChamois: oui, ya un souci?
13:17:34]RowaN[greyscale fonts, for iriver =]
13:20:42Zoom2well im out, people woke up and need to use the computer
13:20:51***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:21:01tulekgood nite
13:21:40dapureplaya cyaz
13:21:40 Quit Zoom2 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
13:24:13XavierGrF*ck F*ck F*ck I am an as**ole idiot D*ckH*ead!&*^@*&!_$)($)$)(@$
13:24:55tulekwhy @xavierGr
13:25:12dapureplayaXavierGr: chill d00d. Do the happy dance.
13:26:01XavierGrI thought I spend all previous night and morning debugging. When all that I had to change was a variable!
13:26:26 Join markun [0] (
13:26:39XavierGrbut no it wasnt this
13:26:49XavierGr:( it's something else!
13:26:55dapureplayaXavierGr: Yeah don't worry i know how u feel. You have NO idea how many times i've done that for uni assignments.
13:27:39XavierGrNow this is getting Personal. One line of code and I have no clue why it doesn't do what I want to
13:29:23dapureplayaanyway i'm off. going to head over to my cousin's to help him ao uta bit with his new H340. Cya
13:29:31dapureplaya*out a bit
13:30:48 Part dapureplaya
13:38:36 Quit tulek ("CGI:IRC 0.5.4 (2004/01/29)")
13:42:07HCl? whats going on?
13:42:54XavierGrserious nerve breakdown!
13:43:23HClah o.o.
13:43:33HClstop what you're doing, make a cup of tea, and relax o.o.
13:43:47*HCl goes back to playing san andreas
13:43:56XavierGrlucky you!
13:46:36ashridahHCl: i hate you. that doesn't come out here until the 10th, and even then, getting it will be a bitch, sicne i haven't preordered
13:50:13BgrXavierGr what's the problem
13:51:01 Join tvelocity [0] (
13:51:19XavierGrwell sort of solved theoritically but...
13:51:27XavierGrI want to open a file
13:51:37XavierGrread the fist 4 bytes
13:51:53XavierGrthen write another value in these 4 bytes
13:52:39XavierGrwell I open the file using O_RDWR
13:52:50XavierGrfd = rb->open(LEVELS_FILE,O_RDWR);
13:52:53Bgrdoes the file exist ?
13:53:00XavierGrthen rb->read(fd,phscore,4);
13:53:10XavierGrto read the first 4 bytes
13:53:50XavierGrthen I want to overwrite these 4 bytes with a new value
13:54:06Bgri asked you does the file exist ?
13:54:23XavierGrit reads it and writes to it
13:54:23Slasherido you lseek(fd, 0, SEEK_SET) before the write?
13:54:29Bgrwait, XavierGr, your'e moving file pointer
13:54:32XavierGrahh there you go
13:54:35Bgryep, Slasheri is right
13:54:49XavierGrbecause the write would write bytes after the read ones
13:55:40XavierGrat start I didnt know about the flags. And it was set to O_READ
13:56:07XavierGrImagine how my nerves were because I didnt know what was wrong
13:56:20BgrXavierGr just ask...
13:56:53XavierGrthen I typed debug=rb->write(fd,phscore,rb->strlen(phscore)); and printed the debug only to see that the value was -1 so that the line failed to run
13:56:55Bgrthe problem is that (afaik) u've never touched C before ...
13:57:41 Quit zezayer_away (Remote closed the connection)
13:57:49BgrXavierGr is file reading OK now ?
13:58:11XavierGrwell... I have programmed a little for uni but yes you can say that for personal use I have never done a work of my own
13:58:14Bgrbtw, have in mind that you cannot create file with O_RDWR
13:58:26XavierGrno no creation here
13:58:30XavierGrit already exists
13:58:39BgrXavierGr i'm just making a note
13:59:17XavierGrnow to add that nice seek position to 0 line :)
13:59:32BgrXavierGr that's not to line
13:59:46Bgrthese functions are dealing with binary files...
14:00:05Bgrthey don't know what is this "line"
14:00:33 Join zezayer_away [0] (~chatzilla@
14:00:54Slasheriyep, there are no lines unless you decide to make them (\n character)
14:01:07LinusNXavierGr: how does your file format look like?
14:01:18LinusNis it for the high scores?
14:01:58XavierGrBgr: I got what seek is doing. It sets the file position counter to 0. Am I right?
14:02:14SlasheriXavierGr: btw, if you are making binary format, it might be easiest to put everything on a struct and read/write that whole struct at once
14:02:14 Nick zezayer_away is now known as zezayer (~chatzilla@
14:02:34LinusNwhy are you updating the file anyway? why not write the whole damn thing again?
14:02:37XavierGryes wait a bit to insert that last line of code to make sure it works
14:03:09LinusNi would definitely use an ascii format
14:03:09XavierGrI use the snake2.levels file for this. i dont think that I must creat a new file
14:03:21LinusNXavierGr: a bad idea
14:03:38LinusNthen the highscores will disappear when you update rockbox
14:03:55LinusNuse a separate highscore file
14:04:39BgrLinusN is there something in rockbox like FILE stream (i suppose there's no)
14:04:57Bgrjust asking :)
14:05:18XavierGryou could just type your score at the start of the snake2.levels (withought a new line)
14:05:44LinusNwhy not use a separate file?
14:05:52BgrXavierGr: listen to Linus
14:06:00Bgrit's better idea
14:06:33XavierGrok but I thought that then we will fill it up files if all plug-ins create 2 or 3 files
14:06:43Bgrdon't use filenames which belong to rockbox to store user data (such as high scores)
14:06:45LinusNin fact, we should have a separate hiscore api in the plugin lib
14:06:50tvelocityfiles are nice
14:07:03tvelocitysee unix systems: /etc and /home is full of files
14:07:11tvelocitysee windows: one big bloated registry
14:07:45dwihno\o/ wee! the registry \o/
14:08:10 Quit ikm ("Leaving")
14:09:11 Nick cheriff is now known as cheriff_AWAY (davem666@wagner.orchestra.cse.unsw.EDU.AU)
14:09:23 Quit zezayer ("Chatzilla [SUSE 1.0.4-1.1/20050511]")
14:09:38 Part cheriff_AWAY
14:10:34*Bgr haven't expected hiscore api ......
14:11:03XavierGrso is it all right i create a snake2.hc file? Where to create it?
14:11:16XavierGr^if I create
14:11:32Bgrmaybe in /.rockbox ?
14:11:47Bgror in /.rockbox/plugins ?
14:12:14Bgrsee where the other games store hiscores
14:13:44XavierGrbut then again the file will be lost
14:13:48XavierGrwhen upgrading
14:13:54LinusNno it won't
14:14:19LinusNonly if you delete .rockbox
14:14:24LinusNwhich you shouldn't do
14:14:54BgrLinusN is there separate directory like /.rockbox/settings ?
14:15:05amiconnThe plugins that do save settings now use their own directory, i.e. /.rockbox/plugins for ordinary plugins, /.rockbox/viewers for viewers
14:15:12 Join Sucka [0] (
14:17:14XavierGrdo I need to open the file twice. 1 for reading and 1 for writing?
14:17:31XavierGror the O_RDWR will do?
14:18:02ZagorRDWR is enough
14:18:24LinusNXavierGr: aren't the scores already loaded?
14:18:40tvelocityisn't just writing enough?
14:18:51XavierGrsorry O_RDWR or RDWR? Linus: No every time you start the game the score are lost!
14:19:11LinusNthen why save them?
14:19:28XavierGrTo add up a cool function
14:19:28tvelocitywell, you need reading only when the game is started
14:19:34XavierGrto snake2 plugin
14:19:47tvelocitynot every time you save a new highscore, right?
14:19:51LinusNbut if they aren't loaded, who will see the highscore list?
14:19:53 Join zezayer [0] (~chatzilla@
14:19:56ZagorXavierGr: O_RDWR
14:20:05XavierGrI will program the routine to be loaded
14:20:17XavierGr(and I have) the problem was writing
14:21:39]RowaN[8 Jun 05:58 Linus firmware/crt0.S 1.29 Wrong SDRAM refresh count in the iRiver boot loader
14:21:39]RowaN[Does this effect the part of rockbox thats in the iriver firmware? i.e. do i have have to rebuild the bootloader+firmware for this update?
14:21:58XavierGrNo every time you start the game the score are lost! −−−−> I meant that the original code does not have a read/write routine for hiscores
14:25:25LinusN]RowaN[: no, the boot loader is still stable
14:25:34LinusNno bricking risk
14:26:04LinusNi will release a new boot loader eventually
14:26:28BgrLinus new planned features ?
14:26:43LinusNno, only bug fixes
14:28:34XavierGrwait a sec because I dont get the part of the new file story. snake2.levels is stored in /.rockbox/plugins/ and the file that I will create is in the same directory. Why the one should remain while the other will be deleted? Or it is that the compilation of Rockbox comes with a snake2.levels and overwrite the older?
14:29:09amiconnThe latter is true
14:29:13LinusNyes, it is overwritten by a newer one
14:29:23XavierGrnow I got it. :)
14:30:07XavierGrOMG!!!!! What is that?
14:30:34zezayeru could eat that!!
14:31:09]RowaN[looks like some kind of battle ant
14:37:12XavierGrtvelocity: God this site is killing me!
14:37:43tvelocityfight back!
14:39:11 Quit Bgr (""In the other world, in paradise, the beauty of women surpassed even the beauty of Bulgarian women" Adaloloddin Mohammed Balh)
14:41:21amiconnLinusN: In case you want to test them, here are my altered MFDR(2) values: 110 MHz: 0x15 48 MHz: 0x0F 11 MHz: 0x06
14:41:50amiconnYes I know that the last one 'overclocks' it by about 0.8 % ;)
14:49:00 Join elinenbe [0] (~elinenbe_@
14:50:18 Quit mirak (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
14:53:38 Join edx [0] (
14:55:42XavierGrif open fails to find the file can it create one?
14:56:29 Join Mouss [0] (
14:56:33SlasheriO_WRONLY | O_CREAT
14:57:26XavierGror O_WRRD | O_CREAT right?
14:57:45 Join spiralout [0] (
14:59:14 Quit spiralout (Client Quit)
15:01:08 Join mirak [0] (
15:01:16]RowaN[on the list of "thing we will never implement" it says sound effects.. but surely the "talking directories" feature is essentially a sound effect?
15:02:19XavierGrYAY! It really works! One final test for the other targets....
15:05:34 Quit MoosCamaro (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
15:05:43 Join textchimp [0] (
15:07:12zezayer - best 1 yet
15:07:30zezayergr8 news XavierGr
15:10:45XavierGrwait until Linus commits it. It is great.
15:11:33 Join Bager [0] (~Bager@
15:13:36 Nick Bager is now known as Bger (~Bager@
15:14:36 Quit webguest80 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
15:14:46 Join DMJC-L [0] (
15:16:03 Quit DMJC ("Leaving")
15:17:23 Nick XavierGr is now known as Xavier|away (
15:17:23DBUGEnqueued KICK Xavier|away
15:20:07Slasheritesting cross-fader :)
15:20:47MoussHi Slasheri: it's very good
15:20:54***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:21:03 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
15:21:09 Join ashridah [0] (
15:21:15Moussand what's about it?
15:21:38 Nick Mouss is now known as MoosCamaro (
15:22:45MoosCamarohow does it progress ?
15:23:14Slashericross-fader is still at the very beginning
15:23:20Slasheridoesn't work yet
15:23:31 Join preglow [0] (
15:23:58MoosCamarooki it's a good start
15:24:06MoosCamarohi preglow
15:24:22 Join ghostiger [0] (~ghostiger@6d786958355cd851.session.tor)
15:25:26textchimpi was wondering...should 'recording' be on the software implementation list on the wiki IRiverPort page....or is it not even on the radar yet?
15:25:48LinusNrecording should be there imho
15:26:39MoosCamarowoooooh little tremor optimizations by Pedro :)
15:27:16textchimpis everyone else finding that the hard drive is always active when playing files with the new codecs?
15:27:26textchimp(on the iriver)
15:27:45 Quit TCK (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
15:28:58elinenbeSlasheri: for the cross-fader to work, doesn't the iriver have to handle both files at over 200% realtime?
15:29:11preglowboth files at over 100
15:29:15Slasherino, that's not necessary
15:29:32preglowwe should get all codecs far above that
15:29:47Slasheribefore song change the audio buffer has to be 100% filled (cpu boosted earlier)
15:30:35Slasheriafter that codec is reloaded/switched and audiobuffer being cross-faded
15:32:35textchimphas anyone noticed that the iriver firmware misreports the amount of free HD space when recording? i had 380Mb free and it was telling me 0Mb
15:33:30Bgertextchimp: chkdsk <iriver driveleter> /f (under Windows NT/2000/XP/2003)
15:34:23elinenbeSlasheri: yes, i understand...
15:34:33amiconnpreglow: Did you already test codec performance with Linus' latest fixes?
15:34:41Bgerdosfsck <mountpoint>
15:34:46elinenbeSlasheri: excellent! will ffw-rw give you problems with the crossfade?
15:35:22amiconnCrossfading might be problematic with different sample rates
15:35:25elinenbeSlasheri: I think you should set the crossfade curve and time to be adjustable :-)
15:35:42Slasheriof course ;)
15:36:05Slasherii think currently the time will be around 5s with 1 MiB audio buffer
15:36:10elinenbeanywho... with crossfading −− gapless playback should be possible −− even on non-gapless mp3s
15:36:33 Nick Xavier|away is now known as XavierGr (
15:36:33DBUGEnqueued KICK XavierGr
15:36:52dwihnoIs it possible to catch the digital flow without crashes? :)
15:38:24]RowaN[is iriver powerful enough to emulate the EAX functions of the creative daps/soundblasters?
15:38:49preglowamiconn: no
15:38:52preglowamiconn: no rockbox time :/
15:39:11preglowsomething drastic?
15:39:33preglow1 megabyte audio buffer?
15:39:38preglowisn't that a bit much?
15:39:38amiconnI expect a few percent
15:40:04amiconnThe refresh took place way more often than necessary for the higher clock freqs
15:40:26XavierGrgod I am sick of these GMAIL invites. Whenever I donate them to the spooler another set of 50 invites inhabits my page after 3-4 days
15:40:39XavierGrwhy dont they make it open?
15:40:52tvelocityi just don't bother
15:40:57XavierGrthere are 1 million left in the spooler
15:41:21tvelocitywell, right one, if anyone want's gmail, there's no way he can't find a invite easily
15:41:48 Join spiralout [0] (
15:43:40preglowoops, that'll give a red build
15:43:44CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 19 minutes and 10 seconds at the last flood
15:43:44*LinusN just created a highscore lib
15:45:02 Join Bipple [0] (
15:45:48BippleHas that wizard been made to compile the firmware yet Linus, i think i heard you say it was made
15:45:53BippleBut not released ?
15:46:09LinusNyou mean fwpatcher.exe?
15:46:12preglowsomeone remind not to do obvious fixed when i'm in a hurry
15:46:17BippleYeh for the noobs to make the firmware to a .hex
15:46:37LinusNit's been released for quite some time
15:46:57BippleIm shocked, it wasnt on the news was it ?
15:47:48BippleCheers fella
15:47:54LinusNhighscore api committed
15:49:14LinusNwe should perhaps add highscore_enter(), highscore_sort() and highscore_display() too
15:50:15XavierGrdoes this means that I have to change snake2.c too?
15:51:22BippleHas the radio been worked on yet
15:51:35preglowBipple: someone is on it
15:51:40preglowand has it working, i think
15:51:47preglowbut his h1x0 has broken down
15:51:54Bipplethas not good
15:52:41LinusNXavierGr: if you want, and think the api is good
15:52:53BippleHow do i boot to rockbox these days, pressed play and it wen right to iriver not RB
15:53:52LinusNit's the same way as usual
15:53:55Bippleoh i forgot to add the daily build :)
15:54:31BippleSooooo, if i keep the patched firmware on the iriver, i could add the new build everyday without changing the .hex ?
15:57:05Bipple:D it plays MP3
15:58:32LinusNBipple: yes
15:59:11BippleIs the sound quality the same as the iriver?
15:59:23BippleI cant tell any difference i dont think
16:00:46Bippleoooo line out works :)
16:02:50BgerLinus: why instead of making hiscore api, take a look at iriver H3x0 :P (don't forward me to GeneralFAQ: Q77) ;)
16:04:03tvelocityBger, did you ask him if he even _wants_ to bother with the H3xx?:P
16:05:01Bgertvelocity: what other reason would he buy H320 for?
16:05:56tvelocitydon't know, maybe he just wanted a H320
16:06:08Bgerwith the iriver fw ???
16:06:13tvelocitywhy not?
16:06:26Bgertvelocity: you're definitely crazy if you think so (just kidding)
16:06:49tvelocitymaybe one day he decides to whipe out rockbox CVS and replaces it with xbill...
16:10:56Bipplenooooooooooooo i tried gary scale and itr crashed
16:11:57tvelocityshit happens
16:12:13tvelocityi tried to mount a extended partition today, and my system crashed
16:12:20BippleNot good when you have a broken reset button tho :|
16:12:57tvelocityseems like u're doomed
16:13:00Bippleoh fudge to those pesky koreans that cant make a resey button
16:13:12LinusNBipple: what happened to it?
16:13:15Bgertvelocity: taken from "" maybe ;)
16:13:43BippleI dont know what happend, it just doesnt work lol
16:14:07BippleI had to open the iriver up last time to reset it
16:16:04tvelocityBger, hahahahahahah omg
16:16:12Bippleoh well, cya all
16:16:13 Quit Bipple ("CGI:IRC")
16:16:46 Join bipak [0] (
16:16:50Bgertvelocity i've seen some of these phrases (ones for different religions) printed on a t-shirt
16:17:18tvelocitypwnz :)
16:17:38Bgeri mean, on the t-shirt of my friend
16:18:25 Join dapureplaya [0] (
16:18:44XavierGrYOU again! (kidding)
16:18:49dapureplaya:p damn str8
16:19:17dapureplayahehe. Hey is there any reason why my battery pack won't charge my H140 when Rockbox is running?
16:19:52dapureplayaI've got an iRiver Battery Pack. Not a home-made one.
16:20:55LinusNdapureplaya: how do you know it isn't charging?
16:21:12dapureplayaa) the green light doesn't show up when rockbox is running
16:21:34dapureplayab) the battery logo at the top left screen wasn't animating.
16:21:54LinusNand it does so when the iriver firmware is running?
16:22:17crwldapureplaya, *my* home made battery pack charges my H120 when Rockbox is running −− wanna buy? ;) blinks green every now and again
16:22:34LinusNdapureplaya: are the batteries fresh?
16:22:55dapureplayahmmm....that's a good point. i'll check. :p
16:24:52 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
16:26:56XavierGr<LinusN> wow: Indeed!
16:27:20dapureplayaok fine maybe they weren't fresh
16:27:27 Quit DMJC-L (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:27:37dapureplayashut up ok?! :p Wow do i feel like an idiot.
16:28:05LinusNthe reason rockbox behaves differently is perhaps because it draws a different amount of power
16:29:14dapureplayacoz it was green when the unit was off but it wasn't when i turn on rockbox but, as you said, rbx draws a diff amount of power.
16:32:05 Quit ]RowaN[ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:34:55dwihnoHas there been any power measurements on the iriver yet?
16:35:17preglowrasher did some battery life test
16:38:13dapureplayaaren't there tests on the website?
16:38:24t0masSlasheri? is there a way to disable or shorten the audio fading in rockbox?
16:38:57Slasherit0mas: i don't know about that. I have disabled the fading completely
16:39:12t0massome setting?
16:39:24Slasheriyes, from settings menu some where
16:39:52t0masah, found in
16:39:54t0masnice :)
16:40:37 Quit textchimp (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
16:40:51t0masoh... another question...
16:40:54t0masthe remote wps
16:41:23t0mashow should I implement that? write a separate load and display function? Or add a parameter to the old functions?
16:41:41[solid]dwihno: i'll be doing some today
16:41:48[solid]dwihno: gotta recharge my ihp120 first tho
16:41:56t0mas(so something like "int funct(.... , .... , bool remote)"
16:42:10t0masor just new rc_funct() functions?
16:42:13SlasheriHmm, i don't know much about the wps. But i think both wps displays should be separate
16:42:31t0masbut that can be done in multiple ways...
16:42:56Slasherii think you can decide how to do it :)
16:44:40t0masOk, then it's going to be separate functions... and no peakmeter yet...
16:44:46t0masas I have no idea how that thing works
16:50:16t0masis there a define for having a remote?
16:50:51t0mas#ifdef HAVE_REMOTE_LCD
16:50:54t0masshould work :)
16:51:02Slasheriyep :)
16:51:19dwihno[solid]: Looking forward to your results
16:52:13[solid]dwihno: flac will be first, then ogg vorbis and mp3 probably
16:52:30[solid]dwihno: i've already chosen my test case, so i'm only waiting for a full charge now
16:52:40ashridahhm. have the ipodlinux people managed to get sound playback working? last i heard, they hadn't, but i don't remember how long ago that was
16:53:37[solid]dwihno: i'll be making a little summary with the methodology and stuff so it could be linked from the wiki, or even put in the wiki if the devs feel it's allright
16:54:40t0masashridah: they have on old models
16:54:43t0masnot on 4g
16:55:52preglowashridah: they have on 4g as well
16:56:15preglowthey even have tremor going, i believe, but there's much to be done yet
16:57:08dwihno[solid]: It will be great. A comparision between mp3 playback time using rockbox and the stock firmware would be cool too
16:57:27 Join daven [0] (
17:00:32t0masBagder? Heeelp! :P
17:00:44t0masShould I create a separate copy of the wps functions for the remote?
17:00:49t0masso wps-rc.c
17:00:55t0masand wps-display-rc.c ?
17:01:14t0masor should I add copies of the functions to the existing files?
17:01:22t0masor was the parameter idea a good idea?
17:02:50amiconnIirc it should be possible to share wps.c between both instances right away, as it just provides the info
17:03:08t0masmight be yes
17:03:16amiconnwps-display.c contains the display code, and needs to be duplicated to some extent
17:03:28t0masI can share wps.c
17:03:32t0masit uses some lcd_ functions
17:03:46t0masoh wait...
17:03:51t0masI can just ifdef others in there..
17:04:09t0masthose are the only ones used
17:04:31t0masso yes I can share that one...
17:04:37amiconnHmm. It seems the separation isn't that good
17:04:46t0masamiconn: but in wps-display.c there are a lot of id3 functions
17:04:56t0maswich I don't think we want to copy...
17:06:37 Quit preglow ("off")
17:08:01 Nick StrathAFK is now known as Strath (
17:12:12 Quit DomZ ("CGI:IRC")
17:15:54*HCl bites san andreas
17:16:04HClhard game >/
17:16:19t0masdoesn't exist: REMOTE_LCD_HEIGHT ?
17:16:26t0masor am I missing some header?
17:17:39 Part dapureplaya
17:18:56t0masoh got it config-h100.h
17:19:13 Quit ashridah (Remote closed the connection)
17:19:27 Join ashridah [0] (
17:19:35LinusNt0mas: config.h
17:19:37[solid]HCl: but it's worth it ;)
17:20:00[solid]HCl: the idea behind multiplayer mode kicks so much ass
17:20:24t0masLinusN: ok
17:20:58***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:21:56HClwhat multiplayer mode?
17:23:28[solid]HCl: when you get a girlfriend, at some point you can start a multiplayer mode
17:23:43[solid]HCl: where one person controls the guy and the other the girlfriend
17:23:58[solid]HCl: at least the ps2 version had that, it's an amazing idea
17:24:30HClaha o.o.
17:25:37HCli'm not that far yet
17:25:44HCli'm still struggling with the police
17:28:01 Join Patr3ck_ [0] (
17:29:58t0masBUTTON_RC_ON = the play/pause button right?
17:31:39t0mashm... doesn't recognize it
17:37:11 Join Musicmad [0] (
17:38:33 Quit daven ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
17:38:41t0masI hate those ill instr error's
17:38:51Musicmadhi all - was trying to make a playlist of wma's on the iriver - Seemed to go ok until iriverify crashed with an illinstruction. Can this be fixed somehow?
17:38:52t0mascan't we make a nice BSOD? ;-)
17:39:26 Join einhirn [0] (
17:39:36t0masMusicmad: can you test if it crashes again on that playlist
17:39:43t0masand if so upload it somewhere?
17:39:48MusicmadI will
17:40:09t0maswtf... the remote hold button doesn't work as expected...
17:40:56LinusNas expected?
17:41:10t0masthe BUTTON_RC_ON button works with hold on
17:41:17t0masso I can pause my music while it's on hold...
17:41:23t0masI'll take a look at it now...
17:41:36t0masI know
17:41:43t0masalready had it open for the wps button stuff
17:42:55 Nick Lynx_ is now known as Lynx_awy (Lynx@
17:42:58t0masLinusN: line 441
17:43:20t0mascan I change that to check for remote hold separate?
17:43:36t0mas(it is this now:)
17:43:37t0mas if (!button_hold())
17:43:37t0mas {
17:43:37DBUGEnqueued KICK t0mas
17:43:37t0mas data = GPIO1_READ;
17:43:37t0mas if ((data & 0x20) == 0)
17:43:37***Alert Mode level 1
17:43:37t0mas btn |= BUTTON_ON;
17:43:39t0mas if ((data & 0x40) == 0)
17:43:41t0mas btn |= BUTTON_RC_ON;
17:43:43t0mas }
17:43:46LinusNof course, that's a bug
17:44:02Musicmadt0mas: doesn't seem like I'm able to add wma's to playlists at all.
17:44:15 Quit Patr3ck (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:45:22t0masMusicmad: might be the problem... I don't know if it supports wma files in playlists
17:45:53amiconnt0mas: Shouldn't be too difficult to change
17:46:03Musicmadt0mas: true - would be cool if it did though. Maybe I can have a look once I get everything up and running.
17:46:05amiconndata = GPIO1_READ;
17:46:16amiconnif (!button_hold())
17:46:18t0masamiconn: I have changed it
17:46:23amiconn... ok
17:46:23Musicmadwould be nice - so we can use rockbox to generate playlists for wma
17:46:34t0masmoved this:
17:46:35t0mas if (!remote_button_hold())
17:46:35t0mas {
17:46:35***Alert Mode level 2
17:46:35t0mas data = GPIO1_READ;
17:46:35***Alert Mode level 3
17:46:35t0mas if ((data & 0x40) == 0)
17:46:37t0mas btn |= BUTTON_RC_ON;
17:46:39t0mas }
17:46:43SlasheriHmm, there is still some problems with the cross-fader: buf[i] = (buf[i]*((crossfade_amount-crossfade_rem)*1000/crossfade_amount))/1000 + (buf2[i]*((crossfade_rem)*1000/crossfade_amount))/1000;
17:46:46t0masis that ok?
17:46:58Slasheribuf and buf2 are signed shorts
17:47:12Musicmadfyi: seems like somebody managed to unlicense drm wma files btw. Handy for moving wma you have bought onto the iriver.
17:49:37t0mashm... I don't use wma...
17:49:44amiconnt0mas: I would read GPIO1 only once, then do 2 if()'s
17:49:56Musicmadneither do I if I can avoid it - but most online shops use it.
17:49:57t0masamiconn: then I would read it with hold on
17:50:00t0masmight be a bad idea?
17:50:43amiconnI know. The only case when you would read it unnecessarily would then be when both hold switches are active
17:51:05t0masok, so read it first... then check for hold?
17:51:11amiconnOtoh, as you have it now, you read it twice when no hold switch is on
17:51:45amiconnAs I prefer simple solutions, I'd do it like this (but that's just me):
17:51:51amiconndata = GPIO1_READ;
17:52:27 Part Musicmad
17:52:27amiconnif (!button_hold() && (data & 0x20 == 0))
17:52:42t0masah, I get the idea...
17:52:44amiconnbtn |= BUTTON_ON;
17:52:45t0masshall I change it to that?
17:53:00amiconnif (!remote_button_hold() && (data & 0x40 == 0))
17:53:10amiconnbtn |= BUTTON_RC_ON;
17:53:19amiconn..of course with proper indentation
17:53:28amiconnMy client just drops leading spaces
17:53:29 Quit XavierGr ()
17:53:49CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
17:53:49*t0mas has to look into the config of Kdevelop...
17:53:53t0masusing tabs for 8 spaces...
17:53:59t0maswich is irritating for rockbox devving
17:56:25t0masamiconn: opinion please: (1) Finish wps on remote next week, and commit then. (2) Commit button handling for remote, and do wps next week.
17:56:36***Alert Mode OFF
17:56:47 Quit Patr3ck_ (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:56:51t0masas a lot of people want the buttons on the remote to work... I guess
17:58:20t0masSlasheri: bug report, when I pause the playback, and then press next it starts playing the next song, but the pause icon is still there
17:58:54Slasheriah, thanks :)
18:00:01t0masoh wait
18:00:05t0masit's a wps.c thing
18:00:31t0masor maybe an audio thing?
18:00:38t0masin wps.c there is a bool paused;
18:01:34t0masand when the next button is pressed it calls audio_next();
18:01:35t0masmaybe I should check for the pause state there? and re-set the pause state after the audio_next() ?
18:03:28MoosCamarot0mas: the (1) and (2) will be very good, but with this playback evolution the WPS it's so "important", make the thing than you want, all is good for us ;)
18:04:19[solid]t0mas: remote control is the thing that makes many people not switch fully to rockbox even if they want to (like myself;)
18:05:00t0masI'll just wait for amiconn of LinusN to say to commit buttons only... or to wait for display too :)
18:05:40LinusNi'd say commit as often as possible
18:05:49LinusNas long as it doesn't break anything
18:06:03t0masok, then I'll test for archos... and commit this evening
18:06:04t0masand maybe someone can tell me if I can fix the paused -> next -> not paused bug in wps.c or if that should be fixed in the audio coode?
18:06:07MoosCamaro(t0mas: last build created warnings)
18:06:13t0masoh ow..
18:06:41t0masMoosCamaro: blame amiconn ;)
18:06:46t0mashe invented that
18:07:12MoosCamaro:) ahah i blame anyone
18:08:03amiconnt0mas: Meh, forgot one pair of parentheses that were in the original
18:08:10amiconnLittle test ;-)
18:08:28LinusNt0mas: the pause bug is in the playback code
18:08:45t0masamiconn: fixed :)
18:08:58t0masLinusN: it can be fixed really easy in wps code
18:09:07LinusNbut it shouldn't
18:09:17t0masok, then you or Slasheri should fix it...
18:09:53 Quit ashridah ("sleep")
18:09:55t0masMy fix was to add: if (paused)
18:09:55t0mas audio_pause();
18:09:55t0masjust before the break;
18:11:23LinusNthe correct playback behaviour is to not start playing
18:11:27 Quit Bger (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:11:34LinusNand that's a bug in the playback code
18:12:16 Join Bger [0] (~Bager@
18:14:57t0masSlasheri's code? or some general code?
18:18:00t0maserm... Slasheri?
18:18:16t0masyour code does: new_track = 1;
18:18:23t0masand when the disk is spinning: queue_post(&audio_queue, AUDIO_PLAY, (void *)(last_offset));
18:18:54t0maswhat should be changed to make it switch to the new song... but stay paused?
18:21:15LinusN"my" code does a lot
18:23:10t0mashuh: if (!paused) mp3_play_pause(true);
18:24:21LinusNthat restarts the playback is paused is false
18:25:10t0masyes... but I don't know how to start of keep paused "Slasheri's" playback :)
18:25:19t0masI guess just not post the AUDIO_PLAY message...
18:25:22t0masbut I'm not sure
18:25:36LinusNwe'll see
18:25:52t0masI'll just test here :)
18:31:40 Join bg_ [0] (
18:31:55t0masok, that was the wrong way :)
18:32:00t0masit doesn't pause at all anymore
18:32:18bg_is it normal to have constant disk access during mp3 playback on iriver?
18:33:29t0maslong? or really constant?
18:33:37LinusNit's not constant, it just takes very long to buffer
18:34:13bg_well, constant, but i only let it play roughly 30 sec
18:34:18t0masyes, that was my question pointed at
18:34:25t0masbg_: that's normal
18:34:34LinusNfor now
18:35:15t0maspause doesn't work at all :X
18:35:17 Quit Bger (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:35:41Slasherit0mas: I will fix that :)
18:36:00t0masdon't think it's your failt
18:36:05t0masit worked before
18:36:12SlasheriHmm.. really?
18:36:21SlasheriI think it's bug in my code..
18:36:27t0masdon't think so
18:37:25t0masit worked here... and I edited your code...
18:37:30SlasheriIn fact i can test with logf where the problem is.. Just a moment
18:37:51t0mashm... just reversed my change
18:37:54t0masit still won't pause
18:37:58t0masbut it has worked before :X
18:38:44Slasheriyep, it's bug in my code
18:38:51t0maswait... were's the bug?
18:39:16t0mas(and do you know why it worked before?)
18:39:16Slasherii don't know yet exactly where it is ;)
18:39:37Slasherino i don't. It shouldn't have ever worked before
18:40:06t0maswell... it did... that's why I was fixing the paused -> next -> not paused bug
18:40:31SlasheriLine 1111
18:40:35SlasheriThat's the problem
18:40:46Slasheripcm_play_stop will release the paused status
18:41:12CoCoLUSHCl: gta:sa IS nice, indeed :)
18:41:16t0mas(in what function? as my line numbers differ a but)
18:41:29[solid]oh man my h120 just finished charging for the test and you commit remote buttons
18:41:31Slasheriah, in audio_next
18:41:44[solid]that'll cause a slight delay
18:41:44t0masok, I changed that...
18:42:06Slasheribut it still don't work if disk is spinning
18:42:07t0masSlasheri: in the audio_next() function.. I added if(!paused) queue_post(&audio_queue, AUDIO_PLAY, (void *)(last_offset));
18:42:10Slasheribetter fix has to be done
18:42:17t0masin stead of queue_post(&audio_queue, AUDIO_PLAY, (void *)(last_offset));
18:42:34SlasheriThat will prevent buffering of next tracks
18:42:41t0masok, bad idea...
18:43:24Slasheriit should be fixed in pcm_playback.c
18:43:26t0maswell... I'll leave the paused -> next -> not paused bug to you
18:43:34Slasheriyes, ok :)
18:43:48Slasheriand i can't fix it right now before i got cross-fader working better
18:43:48t0masvoid pcm_play_stop(void) <−− line 217
18:43:50t0masthat one?
18:44:25Slasherijust a moment
18:44:28t0masthat doesn't touch the pause state? as far as I can see?
18:45:10Slasherisome check should be added to audiobuffer_insert so that it wont start playing if paused flag is set
18:45:20Slasherii think that should fix it
18:45:27SlasheriYou can commit if you are able to fix it
18:46:05t0masdon't think I'm able to do it
18:46:37t0masoh wait
18:46:38t0masgot it
18:47:14t0maschanged the if before pcm_play_start();
18:47:20t0masto check if the paused state is set...
18:47:24t0masand if it is... don't call pcm_play_start();
18:48:00LinusNingenious .-)
18:48:20SlasheriI think it's better to do in audiobuffer_insert: if (!pcm_is_playing()) {
18:48:27SlasheriMaybe you should add the check to pcm_is_playing
18:48:30t0masthere I did it...
18:48:34SlasheriSo it will return false if it's paused
18:49:09t0masline 386: if (!pcm_is_playing() && !pcm_paused) {
18:49:09 Quit bg_ ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.4/20050515]")
18:49:26Slasheriok, that should work too :)
18:49:42Slasherijust test and commit
18:50:35LinusNSlasheri: why all these volatile variables?
18:51:54SlasheriLinusN: just to make sure that all threads certainly see the same values :)
18:52:02Slasherii don't know if they are really necessary..
18:52:04 Join DomZ [0] (
18:52:11LinusNthey are not necessary
18:52:18Slasheriok, then they can be removed
18:52:29Slasheriis any of them necessary?
18:52:37Slasheriah :)
18:52:56t0maserm... ok... stupid...problem 1 was that it didn't pause... and it still doesn't :X
18:54:29 Join Bger [0] (~Bager@
18:58:13t0maspfff... another bug in the remote button handling...
18:58:24t0masit doesn't handle long pressed buttons... (so holding it)
18:59:25LinusNit doesn't?
18:59:57LinusNi'm surprised
19:00:07t0masholding the stop button doesn't power off... and holding volume buttons doesn't keep on raising
19:00:09 Quit MoosCamaro ()
19:00:14t0mas(but it might be my bug...)
19:00:26LinusNthat't not the button driver's job
19:00:56LinusNyour code has to check the BUTTON_REPEAT bit
19:01:34t0masthen the filebrowser or wps shutdown code is wrong
19:01:42t0masas it doesn't shutdown with that stop button
19:01:50bipakdunno if this bug is allready known, but.. if hold on the ihp is on, and the hold button at the remote off, and i want to start the iriver firmware with the remote, the ihp says that the hold button is on :(. I hope you understand what i mean :>
19:01:53LinusNthe stop button is a different thing
19:02:16LinusNbipak: that's a know issue
19:02:24bipakLinusN: allright :)
19:02:39LinusNbipak: hold the on button a little longer
19:02:52[solid]oh it doesn't pause here also o_O
19:02:58[solid]anyways... time to start the test ^^
19:03:11bipakah i see :)
19:03:36LinusNt0mas: see button.c:126
19:04:44t0masah, it doesn't check the remote button
19:04:47t0mascan I add it?
19:05:19[solid]to repeat one directory with rockbox i hsould set it to repeat and just make a playlist of that dir, right?
19:05:38t0masLinusN: I also found the volume bug :)
19:06:15LinusN[solid]: you don't even have to make a playlist
19:06:17t0massomeone added "case WPS_RC_DECVOL:" but forgot to add "case WPS_RC_DECVOL | BUTTON_REPEAT:"
19:06:29LinusNt0mas: ah
19:06:53[solid]LinusN: k, thanks
19:09:47[solid]okay, the test has started, volume at 50% and remote plugged in
19:10:35t0masboth fixed
19:16:42markunSlasheri: The uda1380_mute(1) in pcm_play_stop gets rid of the dc offset, but the uda1380_mute(0); I put in pcm_play_data creates an extra plop..
19:17:38markunI would like to unmute just after playing has begun, where should I put it?
19:18:18t0masLinusN: And your opinion on the wps? Split wps-display.c in two versions? (one for remote) or add extra functions to the existing wps-display.c? or split all tagging functions to a separate file, and then split in two wps-display files, and 1 wps-general ?
19:18:48t0mas(because there are a lot of id3 functions in wps-display, wich we don't need double)
19:18:58LinusNmuch of the wps drawing code should be common
19:19:40LinusNi think extending wps-display.c is a good thing
19:19:53t0masok, so adding extra buffers and vars there?
19:19:54Slasherimarkun: Hmm, maybe you should put it in the pcm_play_callback. This will cause one PCM_CHUNK to be missed but it's not very much in audio length
19:21:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:22:47markunSlasheri: Hm, I noticed that when I stop during silence and start playing a different track I get no plop. I think after unmuting I get the dc offset problem again..
19:24:17markunMaybe I should power down the dac..
19:24:37markunOr can we somehow send some 0's to the dac?
19:25:18Slasheriit's possible to reset the dac that way (look at pcm_init), but it requires one audio chunk with zeros to be played
19:25:59Slasheribut maybe that wont work if dac is muted..
19:26:16 Join mayur [0] (~mayur618@
19:26:22LinusNthe playback code has problems with repeated track skipping
19:26:45SlasheriLinusN: The problem that it will jump to the file browser?
19:26:50SlasheriI don't yet know what causes that
19:27:13mayurcan anyone send me a good rock song???????????
19:27:43LinusNmayur: this is not a music trading channel
19:28:00mayurcan u tell me which one is plz???
19:28:03LinusNSlasheri: i think i have an idea
19:28:14LinusNmayur: i have no idea
19:28:59mayurcan anyone tell guide me into a trading channel
19:29:09SlasheriLinusN: great, what do you have in mind?
19:29:32LinusNthe wps exits if audio_status() says that no audio is playing
19:29:48Slasheriah, that's should be easy to fix
19:30:00LinusNand you set playing = false in the next/prev code
19:30:04Slasheriyes :)
19:30:23Slashericorrecting it
19:31:15LinusNbtw, the next/prev code should probably run in the audio thread
19:31:47SlasheriHmm, that's not possible if buffer is filling
19:32:01SlasheriBecause audio thread does not respond to events when it's filling the buffer
19:32:04 Part mayur
19:32:14LinusNSlasheri: badness
19:34:37SlasheriIt could be made to check the events but that might cost more cpu power
19:35:43markunTurning the dac off at stop at least got rid of the faint hiss in my earphones
19:35:51LinusNi think audio_check_buffer() should load one chunk and then return
19:36:39markunBut turning the dac back on at play gives back a big plop.
19:37:13SlasheriHmm, maybe it's possible to change the code to behave that way
19:37:20SlasheriI will investigate that later
19:37:23LinusNmpeg.c does it that way
19:37:42LinusNfor the bitswapping and the loading
19:38:11LinusNi gotta go now
19:38:15LinusNcu around
19:38:17Slasheribye :)
19:38:20 Part LinusN
19:40:36markunSlasheri: it's really nice to have the dac off after stopping and it might save some battery
19:41:04[solid]interesting... after 33 minutes of continuous flac playback the battery indicator still is full
19:41:26Slasherimarkun: good, can you make it working? :)
19:41:28[solid]wonder if it'll exceed 4hrs
19:41:55markunWell, it works, but the plop after turning back on is very anoying
19:42:16Slasheriok :/
19:42:20markunShould it be possible to mute the dac before turning it on?
19:42:34Slasherii don't know much about the dac..
19:42:48markunI'll try it.
19:44:48markunNo, it didn't help..
19:46:01markunI have to go now, I'll look at it tomorrow
19:46:26 Join LoneStar [0] (
19:46:35Slasheriok, bye :)
19:46:56 Quit LoneStar (Client Quit)
20:01:36t0masmy shutdown fix broke some archos :)
20:01:41t0masfixed now
20:02:36 Quit ghostiger (Remote closed the connection)
20:03:03 Join ghostiger [0] (~ghostiger@c4473636814cb2b3.session.tor)
20:06:52 Quit Harpy (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:12:54[solid]hey devs, you think endurance tests (ie how long can rockbox play with a codec on one battery charge) would be of any use to the wiki?
20:14:08 Join Stryke` [0] (
20:28:52DomZexcellent the custom wps file :)
20:29:11amiconnt0mas: Your 'shutdown-with-remote-stop' might have a side effect on archos player / recorders
20:29:13t0mas[solid]: have you tested?
20:29:32t0masamiconn: that it will try to shut down while that has to be hardware done?
20:29:47DomZamiconn :
20:29:48amiconnSlasheri: I have an idea why file buffering is so slow
20:29:49DomZ<t0mas> *oops*
20:29:49DomZ<t0mas> my shutdown fix broke some archos :)
20:29:49DomZ<t0mas> fixed now
20:29:51 Quit zezayer ("Chatzilla [SUSE 1.0.4-1.1/20050511]")
20:29:52*t0mas can change it to iriver only...
20:30:03t0masDomZ: that was the ondio
20:30:05t0masbut tnx
20:30:09amiconnDomZ: He broke Ondio + gmini. I mean player + recorder
20:30:17[solid]t0mas: flac is in progress, vorbis and mp3 are scheduled for tommorow :)
20:30:25t0masok, nice to know
20:30:28amiconnt0mas: I'll check
20:30:33t0mas[solid]: maybe add it to the IriverBattery page
20:30:36DomZok :s
20:31:04t0masyeah... that fix was a little to quick :) tested iriver only...
20:31:51amiconnI have an advantage here ;) Can test both archoses and iriver
20:32:46t0masdoes the recorder have a remote?
20:33:42amiconnA simple one, without lcd
20:33:47amiconnJust 6 buttons
20:34:07amiconnNo archos came with it, it was an accessory
20:34:16amiconnUsable both for player and recorder
20:39:11amiconnAh no, no side effect
20:39:54amiconnThe whole thing is surrounded by #ifdef HAVE_SW_POWEROFF, which is false for both player and recorder v1
20:40:16amiconnIt might have an effect on recorder fm/v2, but I can't test on these
20:40:51Slasheriamiconn: please tell me :)
20:40:58Slasheribtw, cross-fader almost works :)
20:41:02 Join zezayer [0] (~chatzilla@
20:41:11amiconnHow often does the codec thread yield?
20:41:14Slasheriit mixes to songs and it sounds good, there is some problems still
20:41:34Slasheriamiconn: Now it yields dynamically always when pcm_buffer is below watermark
20:41:49Slasheriand after 256 KiB chunk has been read
20:41:56amiconnyes, but how often is that, on average?
20:42:15 Join Hubbel [0] (
20:42:25SlasheriHmm, it's hard to say.. But at least one yield after every chunk read in
20:42:28amiconnIt might be that the yield rate is too low
20:42:51SlasheriHmm.. If i set chunk size lower, it will buffer longer..
20:43:05amiconnIf you have a look at the metronome plugin, there's a reson why I added yielding once per tick
20:43:07HubbelIs there any DisableInterrupts() and EnableInterrupts() functions in the iRiver port?
20:44:18amiconnOnce per tick is probably unnecessary on disk based units, but every thread should yield several times per second
20:44:45amiconnErm, I mean mandelbrot, not metronome :/
20:46:39Slasherioh, now the cross-fader works well! absolutely gapless switch :)
20:47:01amiconnSlasheri: The rockbox scheduler is a simple round-robin, and the ata functions also yield while waiting for disk ready etc.
20:47:28SlasheriHmm, ok
20:48:20amiconnThat means, if an ata access is running and another thread holds the cpu for extended time, ata will get slooow
20:49:10Slasherii understand. Maybe that is the problem
20:49:30Slashericodecs should yield more often but i don't know if that is possible
20:50:11amiconnImho it should be possible to fill the whole buffer within ~20 sec with ~50% cpu load from the codecs
20:50:48 Join LinusN [0] (
20:51:30LinusNeither yield more often, or yield for longer periods
20:52:04SlasheriHmm, yield for longer could work better
20:52:12LinusNmaybe sleep for a few ticks
20:53:21amiconnHmm, maybe this would help too. Then ata would still stall while the codec is running without yield, but could run full speed otherwise
20:54:15 Join ]RowaN[ [0] (
20:54:46]RowaN[this doesnt seem normal.. the HD led on my iriver doesnt switch off when im listening to a mp3.. seems to stay on or keep seeking indefinately
20:55:00]RowaN[with rockbox that is (just installed latest)
20:55:08LinusN]RowaN[: for how long?
20:55:17]RowaN[ok let me try now and time it
20:55:22DomZsame for me :)
20:55:34LinusNfilling the buffer takes a long time with the current rockbox code
20:56:40]RowaN[also, i dont know if this matters, but if u attach the iriver to usb before answering rockbox's "Resume?" question, after coming out of usb mode it doesnt give you the usual prompt to reboot because you've replaced the rockbox files
20:56:56amiconnLinusN: Do you think the power thread would be a good place to monitor remote plugging/ unplugging
20:57:23]RowaN[what is this bar underneath the track progress bar?
20:57:27LinusNamiconn: instinctively, i would say the button irq
20:57:38LinusN]RowaN[: the peak meter
20:57:51amiconnHuh, button irq?
20:58:01amiconntick, you mean
20:58:17]RowaN[whats an peak meter, im a thikko
20:58:28]RowaN[ahah the hd led goes off after 56 secs
20:58:45DomZyes :)
20:58:46amiconnWe don't do this for usb, and also not for mmc on Ondio. Each have their own tick function
20:59:06DomZ50 sec ~ 1 min
20:59:08LinusNwe could add a remote tick
20:59:32amiconnYes, but where?
20:59:39amiconn(source file wise)
20:59:54LinusNgood question
21:00:08LinusNbutton.c is ok for me
21:00:19LinusNit's button related at least
21:00:31amiconnDisplay related as well
21:00:41LinusNbut the lcd has no tick
21:00:45amiconn...and there is lcd-remote-h100.c
21:01:04 Join matsl [0] (
21:01:06amiconn...and the tick should init the remote lcd when plugged
21:01:19LinusNi'm ok with lcd-remote.c as well
21:01:22amiconn(Everything else on the remote works without special init
21:01:43LinusNthen lcd-h100-remote.c it is
21:02:06amiconnMake sense indeed :)
21:04:32]RowaN[does rockbox play naitive flac or do i have to wrapp it in an ogg container?
21:04:41]RowaN[<−− flac virgin
21:04:43amiconnLinusN: Did you verify the port pin already?
21:04:49LinusNamiconn: nope
21:05:12[solid]endurance test update: flac is going on for two hours now (and the battery indicator is still pretty high actually...)
21:05:22*LinusN has to go
21:05:26 Part LinusN
21:05:40[solid]]RowaN[: i think only native will work
21:05:49]RowaN[k thanks
21:07:08]RowaN[hmm flac compressing progress has been on 0% for almost a minute.. =/
21:15:29]RowaN[ah its my shagged hd hehe
21:20:04 Join pbvas [0] (
21:20:19 Quit pbvas (Client Quit)
21:21:08***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:22:09]RowaN[err, interesting.. explorer tells me "access is denied" when i try to play the flac files ive created
21:23:45 Join lImbus [0] (
21:23:52lImbushi all
21:24:21lImbusamiconn: congratz to your new gameboy ^^
21:24:25]RowaN[can winamp play naitive flac or does it have to be in ogg containers?
21:25:37 Quit ]RowaN[ ("rebootay call")
21:32:42 Join jn-comp [0] (
21:33:01 Join webguest72 [0] (
21:33:15 Quit spiralout (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:33:30jn-compHELL OFOLKS
21:33:50jn-compran into problems compiling rockbox ...
21:33:52webguest72when does rockbox come out to iriver h3xx ?
21:34:14jn-companybody reday to help me ?
21:35:14[solid]webguest72: it isn't even started, and no one knows when development will start (except that when rockbox for h1xx is completed)
21:35:38jn-comptrying to compile latest rockbox via cygwin gives me errors
21:35:43webguest72aaa tnx but i hope it will come sooon !
21:35:55[solid]webguest72: i wouldn't count on that
21:36:06t0masjn-comp: for what platform?
21:36:11[solid]jn-comp: snatch a bleeding edge build ;)
21:36:24jn-comphello t0mas
21:36:36jn-compwin xp
21:36:48t0mas(and what's the error? convbdf not found?)
21:37:04t0masjn-comp: platform was ment as mp3 player, sorry... not pc platform
21:37:09jn-compyes, seems there are no rockbox tools
21:37:16t0masok, get into the tools dir
21:37:18t0masand type make
21:37:24t0masthen get back to your build dir
21:37:25jn-comparchos recorder v1
21:37:28t0masand try again
21:37:41jn-compok, trying ...
21:37:44t0masshould work
21:40:22 Join BTKDaImMaikata [0] (~Bager@
21:40:35 Quit Bger (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:41:17jn-compt0mas: wow, it just built all the missing tools
21:41:43jn-compt0mas: now trying to compile rockbox ...
21:42:22 Join ]RowaN[ [0] (
21:42:41]RowaN[ok.. winamp cant seem to play flac, and theres no topics related to flac in winamp help.. am i going mad?
21:43:18]RowaN[and explorer is still telling me "access denied" when i double click on a flac file (even after reboot)
21:43:39amiconnGet a decent player software ;)
21:43:45]RowaN[a simple task turning into a nightmare.... seems strangly familiar
21:43:55jn-compt0mas: still not working
21:43:56[solid]]RowaN[: you need a plugin
21:44:05]RowaN[yes winamp.. not great... 10 years old and still no "SORT BY ARTIST" option in the playlist
21:44:14[solid]]RowaN[: winamp doesn't have one by default, afaik
21:44:22[solid]]RowaN[: and besides... get a decent player:P
21:44:28 Join Rori [0] (
21:44:32 Quit webguest72 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
21:44:33]RowaN[.flac installer said i dont have winamp, but it lied
21:44:41jn-compt0mas: it says "can`t create /home/rockbox..../firmware/sysfont.c"
21:45:11RoriHi. Can I check that peeps are aware of a prob in the latest bleeding edge build? It's probably already been reported. If not ignore me :)
21:45:19]RowaN[replaygain.. something else i dont understand... why bother adding more tags to music.. why not just implement replaygain into the players instead
21:46:13crwlthe players won't know at which sound level to play the files
21:46:14t0masjn-comp: what are the other lines around that?
21:46:31t0masRori: what was the problem?
21:46:31]RowaN[crwl: why dont they just analyse them, like replaygain program does
21:46:40 Join spiralout [0] (
21:47:04jn-compt0mas: make[1]: *** [/home/rockbox/.../sysfont.o] Error 1
21:47:09crwl]RowaN[, because it might take more time than playing of the file would
21:47:18jn-compt0mas: make: *** [all] Error 2
21:47:20Stryke`replaygain requires a full decode of the file
21:47:23t0masjn-comp: the other 3 lines above that?
21:47:26crwlbecause it involves both decoding and then analyzing
21:47:31RoriI'll just blurt it out just in case anyhow. iRiver firmware no longer fully loads if you rec/play. It gets stuck at file system read. Have gone back to the daily and works fine.
21:47:51jn-compCC drivers/lcd.s
21:47:55jn-compCC sound.c
21:48:24 Join linuxstb [0] (
21:48:28jn-compand then "Can't create ..."
21:48:30]RowaN[why is it, that no matter what headphones, or what format digital music i listen to.. whenever vocals include sssss or ccccc sound, it sounds horribly distorted, lipsy and hurtful to my ears when loud enough
21:48:46t0masRori: that's a bettery problem
21:48:46]RowaN[even on original cds. bad mastering?
21:49:13t0masjn-comp: I have no idea what that is... maybe Bagder knows? as he knows a lot of the build system...
21:50:28Rorit0mas a problem with my battery or a problem with the battery in the bleeding edge build? I use a power cable so not being powered from the battery at present.
21:50:55t0masRori: iriver doesn't boot when the battery is almost empty
21:51:02t0masit hangs on filesystem bla bla.. then
21:51:05]RowaN[guys seriously does anyone know what im going on about
21:51:19RoriNo doubt it's being looked into
21:51:25t0mas]RowaN[: no, but the sound isn't as perfect as iriver, because we have no EQ / SRS
21:51:25 Join Querty [0] (
21:51:36thegeek]RowaN[ : perhaps your speakers/headphones _suck_
21:51:37]RowaN[im not talking about rockbox im talking about in general
21:51:59]RowaN[even on my pretty decent yamama amp with ok speakers, everything going via optical
21:52:01thegeekperhaps your are just playing too loud
21:52:06thegeekwith treble boosted
21:52:22thegeekyou can quickly play so loud that it gets distorted
21:52:23RoriI wish my car stereo had optical in :)
21:52:46]RowaN[i think its just clipped from bad mastering, you know too loud or something during the mastering process
21:52:57thegeekthat would be very unlikely
21:53:03thegeekif you say it is a generic problem
21:53:52]RowaN[well it is a generic problem.. see
21:55:51 Join LinusN [0] (
21:56:07LinusNamiconn: GPI30 is definitely connected to the remote control
21:56:41 Join maggu [0] (
21:56:44amiconnOkay, so this seems to be our remote detect pin
21:56:53jn-compLinusN: i have problems compiling the latest rockbox via cygwin, platform: archos recorder v1
21:56:55HubbelLinusN: can't see that INTBASE is initialized in system, so I need to set it myself if i want to use the secondary interrupts?
21:57:03amiconnIt goes 1 -> 0 when I plug the remote
21:57:05LinusNjn-comp: saw that
21:57:10LinusNamiconn: for me too
21:57:17jn-compLinusN: seems that my compiler doesn't buil the rockbos-tools correctly
21:58:02jn-compLinusN: convbdf gives me errors
21:58:16jn-compLinusN: how to buil the tools correctly ?
21:58:26LinusNHubbel: true, you need to set up the secondary int controller
21:58:39LinusNjn-comp: cd tools
21:58:56jn-compLinusN: did so
21:59:04LinusNand then?
21:59:05HubbelLinusN: ok, no problem i guess. Trying to get recording to work now..
21:59:07jn-compLinusN: but it seems the tools are corrupted
21:59:16[solid]]RowaN[: using replaygain and avoiding clipping completely (ie setting your soundcard at 77% both master and wave) should help significantly
21:59:23LinusNjn-comp: how do you know?
21:59:53amiconnLinusN: Do you think other threads might be interested in remote_plugged / remote_unplugged events?
21:59:59[solid]]RowaN[: i usually amaze my friends with how loud i can play music on my, well, not that good equipment while maintaining great sound quality
22:00:13LinusNamiconn: maybe, but let's leave that until it is needed
22:00:24Roriwhich buttons do what on the remote on the latest build? I can only seem to fathom play and stop/off and play turns on iRiver not Rockbox.
22:01:09 Join Nuxator [0] (
22:01:16RoriJust playing around :)
22:01:18jn-compLinusN: i got some set of rockbox tools and rockbox sourcecode that worked in former times
22:01:23NuxatorHi all
22:01:37jn-compLinusN: took this sourcecode, built the tools - errors
22:01:40]RowaN[someone point me to a detailed description of replaygain.. other than making all your songs sound the same volume (which im not too arsed about) i dont see how it reduces clipping
22:01:51jn-compLinusN: then used the working tools: ok
22:01:53LinusNjn-comp: why not use the cvs versions?
22:02:04 Quit thegeek ("( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: )")
22:02:06LinusNjn-comp: ok
22:02:12NuxatorGot a bug report on viewing the current playlist
22:02:20Roriclipping is caused by recording too loudly. I can't see reducing the gain will reduce distortion?
22:02:31Rorionce it's recorded?
22:02:49LinusNjn-comp: "can't create sysfont.c"?
22:02:51jn-compLinusN: maybe it's my c -compiler
22:03:20RoriI tried clip restoration in Cooledit Pro on something like that and it did not get rid of the distortion
22:03:32NuxatorIf i add up to 5 tracks i can view the current playlist
22:03:32LinusNjn-comp: did you start from scratch, in an empty build dir?
22:03:38 Quit Chamois (" Want to be different? HydraIRC -> <-")
22:03:47jn-compLinusN: Erros occur when the buil routine tries to call convbdf
22:03:56jn-compLinusN: sure, started from scratch
22:04:01Nuxatorbut if i add a six rockbox crash with an Ill intstr
22:04:24 Join Zoom2 [0] (
22:04:30jn-compLinusN: which version of gcc is recommended ?
22:04:42[solid]]RowaN[: it's quite simple... it lowers the volume, so the peaks don't get SMASHED. if the recording is okay, it results in no clipping at all, if it's real bad (like californication), then you're forced to suffer by the person who mastered the cd
22:04:49 Quit Nuxator (Client Quit)
22:04:51LinusNi think any 3.x is ok
22:05:00jn-compLinusN: strange that i get no errors building the tools
22:05:33LinusNdid you install cygwin recently?
22:05:42[solid]]RowaN[: most clipping you hear will probably be caused by playback, not recording
22:05:54]RowaN[so replaygain only works if you listen to a mp3 at the volume it sets for you? if you increase the volume (coz its noisy on the train or whatever) then byebye replaygain goodness?
22:06:15]RowaN[let me find an example mp3 and one of u guys can listen and see if u get the same distortion as me..
22:06:38[solid]]RowaN[: no no no... you first replaygain all your tracks - it then writes a tag how loud should the file be played back
22:06:55]RowaN[and then..?
22:06:58 Join Nuxator [0] (
22:07:01jn-compLinusN: nope, how can i check version number of cygwin and gcc
22:07:14LinusNgcc −−version
22:07:19[solid]]RowaN[: then, if you do everything to eliminate clipping in your playback chain, you won't have clipping - unless present in the recording
22:07:28Hubbelyea.. feedback from recording!!!
22:07:35LinusNHubbel: wee
22:07:54]RowaN[so it tells my dap/player to play at 20decibels or whatever... so what happens when i increase the volume? i shouldnt touch the volume dial??
22:07:56[solid]]RowaN[: that's why i was telling you about 77% volume. 100% will certainly cause clipping
22:08:07jn-compLinusN: using gcc 3.2 (win 32) and sh-elf-gcc 3.0.4
22:08:10[solid]]RowaN[: no no no
22:08:16jn-compLinusN: is that ok?
22:08:17LinusNjn-comp: sounds ok
22:08:20[solid]]RowaN[: replaygain calculates a *relative* gain change
22:08:23]RowaN[my soundcard is set to 77%... wav was at 100... but like i say it happens on my amp, dap, pc, car, everywhere
22:08:29[solid]]RowaN[: for example -10dB or +3dB
22:08:35LinusNjn-comp: what is the exact error message?
22:08:47]RowaN[im still none the wiser about replaygain
22:09:12amiconnLinusN: Does rockbox run in supervisor or user mode?
22:09:46[solid]]RowaN[: every track has some volume
22:09:57jn-compLinusN: could you provide me some recent set of precompiled rockbox tools
22:09:58[solid]]RowaN[: that's a bad sentence but i hope you get it
22:09:59 Quit DomZ ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
22:10:04LinusNjn-comp: no
22:10:11jn-compLinusN: makes it easier to track my problems
22:10:25LinusNagain: what is the exact error message?
22:10:29 Join DomZ [0] (
22:10:45RoriI always wack my H140 volume up to full :D
22:10:59 Join preglow [0] (
22:11:01Rorisend myself deaf
22:11:13preglowi wonder it it's possible for any summer to be worse than thi
22:11:15RoriDance music freak :)
22:11:16]RowaN[yeah i have my iriver on full volume (40) so is replaygain a waste of time for me?
22:11:46RoriI replaygain to 95db and don't have too much distortion that I can hear but I might be a bit deaf ;)
22:11:59[solid]]RowaN[: that's the reason tracks are distorted man, lol
22:12:02[solid]]RowaN[: it also depends on your headphones
22:12:04LinusNpreglow: the swedish summer is the best day of the year :-)
22:12:19RoriI use Sennheisser P100's
22:12:41[solid]hehe, i use koss ksc75
22:12:45[solid]talk about bass
22:12:57preglowsummer in trondheim surely beats everything this time around
22:13:05preglowhas me permanently depressed
22:13:10RoriI have a pair of Koss Porta Pro's too but I don't like the headband
22:13:16preglowi can friggin' see my breath
22:13:22Hubbelphilips sbc hp890
22:13:29Nuxatorporta pro
22:13:32[solid](i hear distortion on non-replaygained tracks when the volume is >30)
22:13:50]RowaN[i got the most expensive sonys i could find, but i guess that dont mean much heh
22:13:52LinusNpreglow: then brush your teeth :-)
22:13:55Rorimust be a fubar player :/
22:14:22[solid]yeah the ksc75 have the same drivers, but are cheaper and their well... cheaply built
22:14:24RoriI found out something interesting about amplification the other day.
22:14:27[solid](as portapros)
22:14:36Stryke`KSC35s are nice
22:14:41RoriI put some new speakers in my car and wacked the vlume up. Distortion galore....
22:14:57NuxatorLinusN : did you see my little bug report on playlist viewing?
22:15:02preglow[solid]: you can seriously hear the h1x0 distort?
22:15:08RoriThen I went into the settings and upped the gain for CD and line input to +4 and it sounded amazing
22:15:12HubbelIt should be possible to get louder output from the IRIVER by tweeking the Analog Mixer volume, REG_AMIX in uda1380 driver
22:15:18[solid]preglow: nono, that's the headphones fault i think
22:15:26jn-compcould you provide me some recent set of precompiled rockbox tools
22:15:28jn-compcould you provide me some recent set of precompiled rockbox tools
22:15:34Roriso if I put an amp to match the speakers in it should sound even better
22:15:34LinusNNuxator: yes
22:15:41preglowjn-comp: could you please stop asking twice
22:15:50[solid]and that, again, could cause distortion
22:15:55jn-compcan ANYboby please provide my some recent set of precompiled rockbos tolls, urgently needed for BUXFIXING
22:16:02Nuxatorok thaks
22:16:19Roripowering the speakers/headphones correctly can make the difference between distortion and smooth volume
22:16:20LinusNjn-comp: why won't you tell me the error message?
22:16:24Nuxatora question: is ther any way to make a wps file the default one
22:16:40LinusNjn-comp: i can't give you precompiled tools, i'm running linux
22:16:43[solid]the flac test is still going... and the battery indicator is well over 50%
22:16:49[solid]and that's 3 hours already
22:16:55[solid]i think it's gonna be suprisingly nice
22:17:22LinusNNuxator: make sure the wps is in the .rockbox dir
22:17:30preglow[solid]: what encoding quality?
22:17:30LinusNand has a short name
22:17:45Nuxatorha ok it's in the boot not .rockbox
22:17:45[solid]preglow: -8
22:17:48Nuxatorstupid me
22:17:57RoriMy left ear is screwed. I get balance wobble in that ear. Sound sorta shifts to the right. Too many heavy metal concerts and and standing next to dance club speakers :P
22:18:21preglowbalance wobble?
22:18:25[solid]preglow: it's 852kbit, i purposedly chose some an album that has ~800kbit as it seems to be a good average of flac bitrates
22:18:31Roriyeah left ear sorta gives out ;)
22:18:38preglow[solid]: -8 is best quality, yeah?
22:18:46[solid]preglow: yeah
22:18:48Rorias I said I think I am going deaf
22:18:50NuxatorMine just went out of battery
22:18:54preglowthat eats the most battery as well
22:19:00[solid]preglow: probablu
22:19:07preglow[solid]: no, it does, i'm certain, heh
22:19:10RoriIt's alll gone Pete Tong
22:19:19preglow[solid]: decoding is more intensive
22:19:24Nuxatorbut ot didn't swiched off : disk was spinning stopping spining.... and i had hard time to switch off rockbox
22:19:36[solid]preglow: but most people use it since there is a improvement in size, and the decoding isn't that painful with modern computers
22:19:57preglowthere's not much of a difference thanks to me supreme-leetness-lpc-routines
22:20:09RoriI've put a hole in my H1x0 protective case in order to poke the reset buttong without taking it out now ;)
22:20:37LinusNnever trust a device with an accessible reset button
22:20:46[solid]preglow: that will most likely mean that my result will be lower that most peoples if the use worse compression ^^
22:20:51Rorione of those little watch makers screw drivers works best
22:21:19preglow[solid]: not by much
22:21:32linuxstbpreglow: Did you implement a 12-order LPC routine? I think that's what flac -8 uses.
22:21:38Roriyou can't see the hole since it's the rubberised protection
22:21:53RoriI had to put a marker mark on it to remember where it is :)
22:22:13Stryke`Rori: iSkin?
22:22:25preglowlinuxstb: i implemented one routine for all sizes above 8, it's in coldfire.S
22:22:28[solid]preglow: sure, but that will be sorta pesimistic result. we all now it will get better due to optimalizations, and it might be better if people use worse compression...
22:22:58LinusNworse compression will on the other hand mean more disk access
22:23:06[solid]preglow: i'm trying to be realistic, not marketing (like '16 hours playback!' which comes out to be 16 hours playback of... 64kbit mp3's)
22:23:14RoriI wish I had got the semi-transparent skin now though it looks sexier. I got the white glo-in-the-dark one but it gets dirty looking and I don't see it glo much
22:23:29Stryke`i got the Carbon
22:23:32preglow[solid]: of course
22:23:33amiconnLinusN: memset() gets 1..2% faster for large blocks with the corrected refresh timing
22:23:38Roriyeah that one I should have got
22:23:42LinusNamiconn: good
22:23:45[solid]LinusN: yup... i might do a test at a different compression level later on
22:23:49Stryke`it still collects lint pretty well
22:23:58[solid]LinusN: the "people's choice" codecs have priority:)
22:23:58preglowdoes the timing correction need a bootloader update to work?
22:24:00*LinusN has a lot of logic analyzing to do
22:24:03Rorinot so much lint but dirty marks
22:24:05Rorineeds a good wipe
22:24:08LinusNpreglow: no
22:24:12QuertyHi guys.... Seems like one of the recent commits broke the play/pause on the iRiver
22:24:29QuertyYou can't return to the wps once you start browsing
22:24:52RoriQuerty also bootup to iRiver FW broke
22:24:57LinusNi gotta go, cu later
22:25:06Rorigets stuck at file system
22:25:23Roribut hey it's a bleeding edge build :)
22:25:24QuertyHaven't booted up the iRiver FW in the last few days ;-)
22:25:34LinusNRori: that's probably just your filesystem that needs a scandisk
22:25:45RoriLinusN it works fine with the daily
22:26:06preglowi wonder if sixteen bit flacs just require the sixteen bit lpc routines
22:26:10QuertyRori: Maybe just your battery is too low.
22:26:16Rorinope being powered
22:26:27Roribattery is full too
22:26:35LinusNRori: the boot-to-iriver is done by the bootloader
22:26:40t0masQuerty: we know of that play/pause bug
22:26:40RoriI know
22:26:49t0masSlasheri says it should never had worked
22:26:56Roribut I put the bleeding edge (Not on the mainpage) one on and that's what happens.
22:26:58t0masbut I'm sure it worked here before
22:26:58QuertyI have no problem booting the original FW b.t.w.
22:27:03*[solid] returns to tha books... more reports on teh flac endurance test later on
22:27:29 Quit bipak (Connection timed out)
22:27:39LinusNRori: is this the start-with-remote, or the start-with-rec?
22:27:42QuertySlasheri is so good that he gets things to work that shouldn't ;-)
22:27:57t0masQuerty: jup :)
22:28:01RoriLinusN: either. Remote only starts iRiver not Rockbox btw
22:28:13RoriI tried various combos
22:28:51RoriI can copy it over clean and try again to test it wasn't just a one off if you like. or maybe someone else can check
22:28:54LinusNRori: but you said "bootup to iriver broke"
22:29:06Roriit did. gets stuck at read file system
22:29:26Rorinever completes I have to reset
22:29:28[solid]Rori: charge your batteries
22:29:34Roribatteries are fine!
22:29:40RoriI am powering it from the psu
22:29:44t0mascharge them for 10 minutes
22:29:47t0masand then retry
22:29:49Rorithey are FULL
22:30:06[solid]maybe they're dead
22:30:08Roritrust me it's nothing to do with the battery
22:30:24Roriotherwise no other build would work
22:30:41linuxstbQuick question - what does the length field in the id3 struct hold? Is it the total number of samples or something else?
22:30:42[solid]Rori: rockbox works when iriver doesn't
22:30:48[solid]Rori: ie on lower battery levels
22:31:02Roridaily build 8th works and previous builds
22:31:09preglowlinuxstb: it most certainly isn't total number of samples, if id3 had that there would be no problems with gapless
22:31:10[solid]now.. really... studying.
22:31:12Rorionly the bleeding edge caused this problem
22:31:41t0masRori: what time
22:31:43RoriI am going to retry the bleeding edge build on a clean folder just to see if it was a one off
22:31:48LinusNRori: so it works if you go back to a previous build?
22:31:56Roribefore I joined this chan
22:32:07linuxstbpreglow: I'm not talking about the actual tag in the MP3 file, I'm talking about firmware/export/id3.h
22:32:45t0masRori: the only things changed are non bootloader related...
22:32:54t0masand the build version is non bootloader related too...
22:33:06RoriI am going to try again.
22:34:30linuxstbTo answer my own question, it seems to be length of the song in ms (from firmware/id3.c).
22:34:42LinusNduration in ms
22:35:02LinusNgotta go
22:35:06 Part LinusN
22:36:08 Join thegeek [0] (
22:38:48 Quit Nuxator (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:38:52Rorilet me test something
22:39:06Roribwt where should wps files be stored on the iRiver?
22:39:50t0masyour choise
22:39:50 Join Bipple [0] (
22:39:54t0masbut .rockbox is a good place
22:40:00t0masas it's rockbox related :)
22:40:08Bippleawww rockbox just crashed again
22:40:15t0masdoing what?
22:40:19BippleLoading up a song
22:40:26t0masok, try again on that song
22:40:27BippleMaybe it doesnt liek the beachboys
22:40:44t0mas(shutdown, start -> play song, don't do anything else)
22:41:05t0masif it crashes again, tell me what format it was (mp3, ogg, flac)
22:41:06Bipplei have to find somthing to reset it with 1st
22:41:13t0maspaperclips work good ;)
22:41:28BippleI had one because it crashed this morning aswell
22:41:39RoriOK remind me to actually delete previous .rockbox folder and loader on each new build
22:41:40t0masand my girlfriends necklaces work somethimes :P
22:41:53t0masRori: loader???
22:41:55Roriworks now. Just did not like overwriting from the daily ;)
22:42:27t0masI'm almost sure it were batteries... or some file...
22:42:31t0masand not the overwriting
22:42:40RoriI overwrote the daily from the 8th with the bleeding edge build and it caused iRiver FW to get stuck at bootup for some reason. Deleting the old build first cures it
22:42:46t0masas all changed files are overwritten while copy-ing
22:42:54RoriNot I tried overwriting again and it did the same
22:43:19Roribut when I renamed .rockbox folder and loader and copied over again it boots up fine
22:43:31Roriwhatever works :)
22:43:56t0mashm.. never used a daily... but I'll test it now...
22:44:08Roridailyy was fine
22:44:20Roriit was the bleeding edge build not on main page that was the problem
22:45:10t0masyes, but I'll test the copy thing
22:46:08Roriit might be something unique to the way my daily was setup though so might not be reproducable
22:46:21t0masI'll just test
22:46:31t0mashave to recompile with wps on my remote anyway :P
22:46:42Roridaily of the 8th firth then bleeding edge overwrite
22:46:49Rorifirth = first
22:47:01Bippleok it crashed again
22:48:41t0massame song?
22:48:44t0maswhat filetype?
22:49:01BippleSame song and it was Mp3
22:49:24BippleNow it crashed again playing a diff song
22:49:37 Join ehntoo [0] (
22:49:40t0mascan you upload them somewhere?
22:49:44Bippleit spins the hdd up a few times then stops....
22:50:42Bippleill try another song
22:50:49 Quit maggu ("Leaving")
22:51:25 Quit ghostiger (Excess Flood)
22:51:37t0masyes... the best is to upload it... and send the link to Linus and Slasheri... Linus knows a lot of the mp3 codec... and Slasheri wrote the iriver playback code :)
22:51:47 Quit thegeek (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:51:50 Join thegeek [0] (
22:52:05BippleOk it crashed again on a diff song again
22:52:08 Quit preglow ("d")
22:52:23BippleI think its safe to say it doesnt play MP3
22:52:31RoriI love technology
22:52:55Bipplei dont
22:53:04RoriThe wps on the mainpage is so great
22:53:08BippleAt least my reset button is working again
22:53:36RoriJeremy dude's wps file should be default wps I reckon :)
22:54:11Bippleit just crashed on a ogg aswell
22:54:30BagderBipple: are you really having the bootloader 2?
22:54:53BippleWhat do you mean
22:55:24 Quit lImbus (" Like's GUI? Then try HydraIRC -> <-")
22:55:27Bagderwhat do you think I mean?
22:55:37Bippleno idea
22:55:50Bipplei dont even know what bootloader 1 is
22:56:09Rorihow did you patch your firmware?
22:57:05Roricute but I like more info :)
22:57:18RoriBipple where and when did you download that from?
22:57:47QuertyI agree with Rori, JeremyDavidson's wps is really nice and a better default for iRiver
22:57:48t0masthe wiki page
22:57:49BippleI downloaded it today from the rockbox website
22:57:54t0masQuerty: link to it?
22:58:04BippleLinus gave me the link
22:58:10t0masthere it is
22:58:33QuertyLooks really good with the default font also
22:58:59Bipplethe reset button is now broke again
22:59:05Rorit0mas I don't need to know that I was confirming Bipple got the right bootloader
22:59:36RoriBipple it might be worth flashing back to default iRiver firmware and testing
22:59:42Bippleeverything is fine apart from it crashes all the time
23:00:00Roriif there is a fault with your player etc
23:00:07Bippleok i will when i can reset the jeffing thing
23:00:11t0masRori: sorry, tought you was looking for it
23:00:19Rorino ;)
23:00:32Bipplethere isnt a fault with the player, i was listening to songs this morning
23:00:43Rorithe fact you have trouble resetting also is a bit odd
23:01:06Bipplethats because a buggered the button up royally
23:01:37Bippledont ask me how, because i dont know
23:01:44Roriunless your player is odd in some way that it can't handle the CPU load on Rockbox. Can't see why not of course
23:01:44Rorishould not crash otherwise
23:01:44Roriwell not all the time
23:01:59 Quit linuxstb ("Leaving")
23:02:03Roriflash back to iRiver and then try again is all I can suggest right now
23:02:16 Quit Zoom2 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
23:02:24t0masdict2rdf tool commited
23:02:28Roriyou may need to check the crc/hash of the modified firmware also
23:02:29Bipplei will once its reset
23:02:45Rorimake sure it matches
23:02:52Bipplebloody koreans
23:02:59Bipplemaking faulty reset buttons
23:03:03t0masany bug reports left?
23:03:14Bippleyeh, it doesnt play songs
23:03:14t0mas(by you 2)
23:03:21Roridon't wack the button it's only a microswitch :)
23:03:34Rorierr...nothing yet
23:03:37Roriapart from remote
23:03:42Bippleahha i got the bugger
23:03:49Rorion bleeding edge build
23:03:53t0masRori: what's with the remote?
23:04:03t0masbuttons working?
23:04:10t0masor have I missed something somewhere? :)
23:04:12Roripressing play on remote does not start Rockbox it always starts iRiver I think
23:04:20t0masyes, thats a feature
23:04:22Rorionly some buttons
23:04:46Roriah how can I get Rockbox to start from remote?
23:04:53Bippleok last try to play a song then ill flash back
23:04:58t0masRori: you can't
23:05:07RoriI can't do much else with the remote once it's booted at present but I guess there is more to work on :)
23:05:11Bippleno it crashed again
23:05:30t0masRori: play/pause (not supported yet) + stop + next/prev + vol up/down should work from remote
23:05:52Roriah ok
23:05:53t0masand yes it's not ready... I commited it this afternoon...
23:05:53Bippleit says it got to 12 seconds, then it stops, but i cant hear anything for that 12 secs
23:06:10Rorilet me test
23:06:11t0masBipple: with all kind of mp3 files? it keeps crashing?
23:06:27Bippleive tried all sorts of diff songs on my player
23:06:30t0masbootloader version?
23:06:44BippleNo idea
23:06:49t0mashow old is it?
23:06:54BippleI got it this morning if thats any help
23:07:01t0masyes, that's version 2
23:07:05BippleOr afternoon
23:07:06t0masand build version?
23:07:11t0masCVS? daily?
23:07:17Bipplebe damned if i know
23:07:24BippleI got it off the CVS
23:08:13t0masmaybe try a bleeding edge build from the website?
23:08:25Bippleme ?
23:08:48t0masor the daily?
23:08:51 Quit zezayer ("Chatzilla [SUSE 1.0.4-1.1/20050511]")
23:08:59BippleIm not a techy onb rockbox
23:08:59Rorilol remote crashed player but it's still playing the track
23:09:13Bippleim just saying it doesnt work right for me
23:09:25t0masRori: what do you mean with "remote crashed the player" ? how do you know?
23:09:47Roriit's gone bananas
23:09:51Rorihold on
23:09:57t0masBipple: you can download a daily zip file from the website... and delete the rockbox.iriver file, and .rockbox dir from the player... then unzip the new one to it
23:10:19Bippleok ill do that when i get the reset button working again
23:10:29t0masgood luck
23:10:31Bippleit takes me a good 100 goes to get it
23:12:23DomZi lost my h140 remote, is someone know where i can buy another one in europe ?
23:12:37t0masyou can try ebay...
23:12:47Bippleyou can have mine for 50 quid
23:13:15DomZquid ? :)
23:13:39Bagderlogf ninja!
23:13:47*Bagder reads weird debug logs on his remote
23:14:03Bippleuh its all going pete tong tonight
23:14:25 Join linuxstb [0] (
23:14:28*Bagder flashed his own built cvs-bootloader ;-)
23:14:30 Quit linuxstb (Client Quit)
23:14:45Bagderno chickening around downloading binaries here
23:15:03t0masBagder: sure you checked the md5 :P
23:15:09BagderI checked it
23:15:14Bipplemy iriver power cord just electocuted my sodding finger
23:15:18Bagderdidn't match any ;-)
23:15:25DomZfound only one
23:15:31DomZonly sold in usa :s
23:15:39t0masBagder: oh wait... you live almost next to Linus :P
23:15:42Rorit0mas remote buttons bug out
23:15:43BippleSave me :'(
23:15:43ehntoohmm. it seems as if the vorbis rock wasn't built in the most recent bleeding edge build
23:15:57Bagdert0mas: yeah, I admit that fact makes me dare a little more
23:16:03Bipplehow can it electrocute me ?! that shudnt even be possible
23:16:06RoriI press next track
23:16:15BippleHold the iriver then touch the power cord see what happens
23:16:16Roriand it goes back to the main track listing on the main LCD
23:16:36t0masRori: that's not button handling... that's a playback bug
23:16:39Roriand then it stops working for next track and the HDD LED flashing a lot
23:16:41ehntooRori: remember, it's still an early pre-alpha product.
23:16:49RoriOh OK
23:16:55RoriJust checking :)
23:17:00Rorigetting there though
23:17:12ehntooI need to build this myself...
23:17:12t0mastry shutting it down from the remote?
23:17:15 Join linuxstb [0] (
23:17:21Roriprev track now works on main unit though!
23:17:23 Quit linuxstb (Client Quit)
23:17:33t0masBagder: why didn't your bootloader match anything? made a nice new one?
23:17:48Bagdert0mas: because things have changed in cvs since v2
23:17:50t0masRori: then try again with the remote
23:17:59t0masBagder: ah ok
23:18:02Bagderlinus/amiconn changed some system setups
23:18:58Rorican't really use remote at present
23:19:01Bipplew00000t it reset
23:19:03 Quit Hubbel ("CGI:IRC")
23:19:10Roriit eventually stops responding to anything
23:19:27ehntooyeah, I was being stupid earlier... my player froze, and I tried to reset it with a regular pencil, the only thing handy
23:19:36ehntoothe lead snapped off
23:19:38[solid]Bagder: i got electrocuted yesterday also... my iriver was plugged into ac charging, i held it in one hand and then touched the metal usb connector (which was attached to the computers usb port on the other side of the cord)... ouch
23:19:51BippleOMG now its crashed on the Resume? PLAY= yes Anyother = No
23:20:02ehntooBipple: pre-alpha.
23:20:21Bipplestop saying big word to me
23:20:24RoriPlayback functions are definitely improving with each build though
23:20:59Bipplelmao your jokin ?
23:21:06ehntooRori, agreed
23:21:10***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:21:34RoriBipple well if you can get it to not crash then it's great lol
23:21:44thegeekbootloader request: allow on/off buttons to work even if ata error
23:21:50Bippleif i hold record whilst i reset will it go to Iriver and not RB
23:21:54thegeekthe iriver fw does
23:22:00t0masBipple: yes
23:22:24[solid]flac endurance test update - it's playing for 4 hours and ~15 minutes and the battery indicator is *still* over 50% (but just slightly now)
23:22:32Bippleno it didnt
23:22:39ehntoo... the battery indicator is random and is worthless
23:22:42ehntooat least on my player
23:22:58Bippleok i think its safe to say ive bricked my player
23:22:59Roriwell just wait until it gives up and stops playing :)
23:23:09RoriBipple why?
23:23:11Bippleunless you can think of an ingenius way to get back
23:23:18ehntoo"to get back"
23:23:24DomZis it the standard remote ?N
23:23:28ehntooBipple: What happened?
23:23:32Roriload Rockbox, firmware update, flash back to iRiver FW?
23:23:38[solid]ehntoo: the debug menu tells battery is at 3.78V if that tells you anything
23:23:40t0masBipple: record button on the main unit? keep it pressed... and hit reset... don't release it
23:23:45BippleEverytime i reset it, it boot to rockbox and hangs on Resume? Play = yes Anyother = No
23:23:49[solid](it doesn't tell me fo' sho')
23:23:59Bipplei did tomas it just booted into rb agen
23:24:01RoriBipple that is normal
23:24:04t0masBipple: then plugin the usb cord
23:24:10[solid]Bipple: press the joystick, not the play button :)
23:24:13ehntooBipple: you lied.
23:24:16ehntooor not
23:24:25BippleI didnt lie :|
23:24:37t0masBipple: start with usb plugged in.. then it will enter usb mode
23:24:49ehntooand that's handled by the bootloader now, is it not?
23:24:56Roriwhy do I get the temptation to say something not very helpfull? sigh
23:25:03Roriold cynic
23:25:10Bipplehuh i just put the USB cable in and its come un crashed
23:25:19Roriof course
23:25:28t0masBipple: yes
23:25:32t0masthat's the bootloader
23:25:35Bipplewell thats no use
23:25:41t0masit is
23:25:47Roribootloader is pretty good it can take a beating :)
23:25:48t0masyou can now extract a daily zip to it
23:25:48BippleI cant plug it in the USB cable everytime i want to use it
23:26:06Bippleok whats the page for Daily build
23:26:13ehntoothat's why you update your RB version *or downgrade, rather*
23:26:18Roriget him the bleeding edge it works for me
23:26:28ehntoothe newest isn't done yet
23:26:34Rorioh ok
23:26:37ehntooand the last one has vorbis support broken
23:26:41t0masdon't use that one...
23:26:45t0masjust use the 0608
23:26:49Roriyou phail! ;)
23:26:50t0masthat's tested more
23:26:51BippleMe ?
23:27:20*Rori slaps ehntoo around with a large haddock
23:27:34t0masbut first remove the .rockbox and rockbox.iriver files from windows... and then unzip this
23:27:42RoriCardinal sin breaking Ogg support :)
23:27:50ehntooI didn't break it
23:27:55ehntooI tried it and found it broken
23:27:56ehntooI was sad
23:27:57DomZbleeding edge = file not found
23:28:02Roriok who did it? own up ;)
23:28:31t0masthe "2005-06-08 17:17" build? :P
23:28:33t0masthat's mine :P
23:28:41DomZit's ok now
23:28:44ehntooI think the problem isn't actually a code break
23:28:48Bippleok the new ones are on, now what
23:28:53ehntoobut rather a build inclusion error
23:28:57t0masBipple: try rebooting it
23:29:02ehntoonow unmount the player and reboot
23:29:03BippleHow ?
23:29:10t0maspull out the usb plug
23:29:16t0mas(don't forget unmounting in windows)
23:29:25Bipplei always unmount
23:29:33Rorithis dude is a friend of mine
23:29:41RoriI am going to see him again on saturday
23:29:47RoriHe's a laugh
23:29:51 Join Zoom2 [0] (
23:30:02Bippleok now im on the main screen of the root and its still not working
23:30:15t0maswhat do you mean not working?
23:30:18t0mascan you shut it down?
23:30:21Bippleshall i reset it
23:30:31Bippleno, its just like a brick
23:30:32ehntoodefine "not working"
23:30:47RoriHe's this hyped up hacker but he's soft as a bunny
23:30:48ehntoo... sounds to me like your buttons came disconnected.
23:30:49BippleSomthing that is broken
23:30:58ehntooor something...
23:31:00ehntoothat's not rockox
23:31:03ehntoono way
23:31:20amiconnMeh, got a panic. tick_add_task is out of tasks
23:31:22Bipplewell if its not rockbox what is it lmao
23:31:29amiconnA slight bump is due...
23:31:32t0masBipple: you can start the bootloader... so rockbox is working... and resetting with the record button pressed should start iriver firmware
23:31:45t0masif it doesn't... your buttons are non functioning or something
23:32:05Roricould this be the first fried iRiver?
23:32:07Bipplemy buttons have to be working
23:32:20t0masBipple: connect the remote
23:32:25t0masand start it with that on button
23:32:28RoriI don't believe so I think you need to persist
23:32:31Bippleit only just started doing this after the songs started crashing
23:32:44t0maswasn't you the electrocute guy Bipple?
23:32:45ehntoot0mas, the buttons aren't responding at all
23:32:51Bippleit just F**** electrocute me agen 1
23:32:59t0masmaybe the player took a hit too
23:33:04ehntoothat's prolly it
23:33:08ehntoonot fried
23:33:13ehntoojust warmed
23:33:14t0masBipple: try the remote...
23:33:25Roriput it in an iSkin ;)
23:33:29t0masif that's booting... you can restore the iriver firmware... and send it to some support center
23:33:32ehntooRori, lol
23:34:03RoriI hate getting electrocuted
23:34:09Bipplethe remote lights up and does nothing elese
23:34:22RoriLast time when I was up for this murder charge...err...ok keep taking my pills
23:34:28ehntoorestart it
23:34:40 Quit Hadaka ("leaving")
23:34:43t0masBipple: keep the stop button pressed
23:34:48t0masand wait for it to shut down...
23:34:58t0mas(on the remote_
23:35:14ehntoomeh... why isn't vorbis support working?
23:35:15BippleStop button when resetting ?
23:35:31ehntoojust reset it with the remote plugged in first
23:35:31BippleI just held the record button whilst resetting and it didnt boot to iriver
23:35:37t0masBipple: no resetting
23:35:44amiconnooooopssss :/
23:35:50t0masshut it down... and start it with the remote play button
23:35:53amiconnThis can't work as intended :(
23:35:54t0masit will boot iriver firmware when
23:35:55Roripeople stop confusing him only 1 person talk to him
23:36:03BippleI cant shut it down if it crashes !
23:36:16ehntoolet's all give it a shot
23:36:17Bippleok i reset it with the remote in now what ?
23:36:18*amiconn is silly, calling i2c code in interrupt context
23:36:21BippleI havnt press anything yet
23:36:30t0masnow try to shut it down
23:36:32t0maswith the remote
23:36:37t0mas(the stop button, keep it pressed)
23:36:51BippleMy main iriver is on the Resume screen thing and remote says rockbox with the Cvs vers
23:37:04Roripress stop
23:37:11ehntooon the remote.
23:37:13 Quit elinenbe (" HydraIRC -> <- IRC has never been so cool")
23:37:13Rorithen press it again and hold
23:37:31Bippleno the remote just made it go from resume to the root dir
23:37:38Rorinow hold stop
23:37:43 Quit mirak ("Leaving")
23:37:44Roriuntil it shuts down
23:37:47[solid]until it shuts down
23:37:47Bippleand the rmote still says rockbox
23:37:58[solid]Bipple: just hold stop.
23:38:00t0masoh stop
23:38:04t0masit wont shut down
23:38:09t0mashe has the 0608 version
23:38:14DomZwork like a charm the bleeding edge firmware :))
23:38:14t0maswich doesn't have my shutdown fix yet
23:38:18BippleIt wont shut down
23:38:22Bippleit just crashes
23:38:23[solid]t0mas: :)
23:38:30t0masBipple: no it hasn't crashed
23:38:34t0masthe buttons aren't working
23:38:37Rorihold stop on main unit not remote
23:38:39[solid]bleeding edge would be a good choice imho
23:38:43Rorithey are confusing you ;)
23:38:54BippleBipple= the brand new owner of a 210 brick
23:39:07BippleIve held both stop buttons
23:39:09Rorihold stop on main unit....anything?
23:39:12[solid]but holding stop is the way to shut it down
23:39:15Bippleive even held them both at the same time
23:39:27Roriget him latest build to try
23:39:33ehntooBipple: update to the bleeding edge build
23:39:38t0masRori: I've to go now... can you help him installing the newest build? then getting it shut down, and booted with the remote play button? then it will boot iriver fw, and he van get to the flashing menu with his remote... then he has iriver firmware only... and he can send it to iriver support.
23:39:47BippleWhat the he;; is a bleeding edge build
23:39:49ehntooI think I have an idea
23:39:52Rorihe will need to delete old .rockbox folder and copy over new one
23:39:55BippleThrow it in the bin ?
23:40:01ehntoohold the record button on the remote while you reset it
23:40:11BippleIf i just delet the rock bocx file wil lit not go to iriver?
23:40:15Roriwell you can always use it as a portable hard disk if all else fails :)
23:40:22Bippleive done that ehntoo
23:40:24t0masehntoo: that won't work :)
23:40:25BagderBipple: yes it will
23:40:36t0masBipple: it will
23:40:41t0masremove rockbox.iriver only
23:40:41ehntoot0mas: oh yeah...
23:40:42BippleOk ill try that then
23:40:46[solid]ehntoo: it won't work with the daily build... remote button are in bleeding edge ^^
23:40:50ehntooI know
23:40:51t0masehntoo: other button code...
23:41:10Rorithis is....interesting
23:41:12ehntooforgot about that.
23:41:14ehntooit is
23:41:18ehntoofirst fried iriver
23:41:23ehntoobut it's not rb's fault
23:41:24Roriwe hope not
23:41:27BagderI doubt that
23:41:32Bipplecheers rori , at least im entertaing you
23:41:38[solid]Bipple: get that bleeding edge build, get it now
23:41:44t0masehntoo: I haven't included the rec button booting in my update this afternoon... as we need a new bootload for that
23:41:55ehntoot0mas... ouch
23:41:57Roribleeding edge
23:42:00HClwho's iriver fried..
23:42:11t0mashardware fried
23:42:13ehntooelectric shock.
23:42:20BippleOk what should i do now, should i remove the rockbox.iriver
23:42:20ehntooor as far as we can tell
23:42:23Rorinot for certain yet
23:42:31BippleIts not hardware
23:42:32Roriworth trying a couple of things first
23:42:39 Join linuxstb [0] (
23:42:39t0masBipple: yes, Rori: he should for getting into iriver fw
23:42:45Bippleit started when the MP3 and OGG songs kept crashing about 20mins ago
23:42:53t0masRori: he can restore it with bootloader usb mode
23:43:01RoriI think so too
23:43:02ehntooBipple: and that was a result of the elctric shock
23:43:08t0masBipple: check your reset button... is it stuck??
23:43:28Rorihe said the reset button is messed up
23:43:28ehntoomine is... it's still working, though
23:43:30Bipplemy AC plug wasnt in the iriver when i was electrocuted
23:43:32Roriso it may be stuck
23:43:52t0masfirst try to get into iriver fw
23:43:58BippleShould i remove rockbox.iriver or not ?
23:43:59t0masand flash iriver fw back on it
23:44:02BippleIm in USB mode
23:44:04t0masBipple: remove
23:44:10ehntooBipple: doesn't matter... if the power adapter is shorting out... it could fry your iRiver no matter what.
23:44:19Bippleok, but if this doesnt work it will be a brick yes ?
23:44:22[solid]Bipple: remove both rockbox.iriver and .rockbox directory
23:44:24t0masBipple: no
23:44:30[solid]Bipple: then extract the bleeding edge build
23:44:33t0masyou can copy it back on from bootloader USB mode
23:44:37t0masthat's why we invented that
23:44:37ehntooBipple: you can still use it as a portable hard drive.
23:44:56Bippleremove .rockbox aswell ?
23:45:01t0masleave that for now
23:45:17t0masthen see if it starts
23:45:17Bippleok unmounted
23:45:19t0masotherwise reset
23:45:45Bippleok now its back on the main dir screen and wont do nowt likelast time so i will reset
23:46:08Bipplebefore anyone asks the remote wont do nowt either
23:46:32Roriis it booting to iRiver now?
23:46:40 Join preglow [0] (
23:46:48t0masit's in iriver fw?
23:46:50Bippleyes it is
23:46:56Roricheck your buttons work
23:46:56t0masand do the buttons work?
23:47:05t0masall of em???
23:47:05Bipplemy songs work agen
23:47:19t0maswell then wait for a release :)
23:47:24[solid]Bipple: that was a lesson. don't freakin' panic
23:47:29t0maswhat's your harddisk size? 10, 20 or 40? (in iriver)
23:47:31Roriwell if you like you can flash back to original firmware or try bleeding edge
23:47:32HCl :P
23:47:36[solid]Bipple: and happy listening on your brick:)
23:47:38Bipplei wasnt panicing
23:47:51BippleI was merely pooing my pants
23:47:51[solid]Bipple: oh yes you were :D
23:47:51ehntooBipple... that's weird...
23:48:01ehntooare you sure the buttons on your main unit are working?
23:48:12ehntoo... weird
23:48:14Bipplemy remote works aswell
23:48:17t0masBipple: H110, 120 or 140?
23:48:44ehntoowhat's the FCC ID on the back?
23:48:45t0mashm.. you can copy back tomorrows rockbox.iriver
23:48:48t0masand retry...
23:48:54t0masif it fails... you know what to do :)
23:48:57t0masjust remove the file
23:49:06Bippleokey doley
23:49:07t0masgood night
23:49:11ehntooBipple: FCC ID?
23:49:15BippleEhntoo were you talking to me ?
23:49:18BippleWhats that
23:49:24ehntooit says on the back
23:49:27ehntoobottom sticker
23:49:40ehntoobelow "External DC Power Supply: 5.0 V
23:49:44Bipplethats my serial number
23:50:00ehntoo... wait, you've got a European version, haven't you
23:50:16ehntoocould be a small hardware difference?
23:50:22t0masno, I have one too
23:50:33Bagderand me too
23:50:33t0masand Linus and Bagder too
23:50:40crwland me
23:50:44RoriI have European and works fine
23:50:47t0masand amiconn afaik too
23:50:47Bippleit worked earlier, then it went fubar
23:51:13ehntoowhat are you using to unzip?
23:51:23amiconnt0mas: Yes I'm running 1.65EU... still bootloader v1 though
23:51:49BippleWindows default unzip thing
23:52:05ehntoomaybe it's leaving old files?
23:52:36Bippleive got ghosts ?
23:52:47ehntoonot ghosts
23:52:59ehntooghosts are files that are semi-there
23:53:08ehntoojust plain old files
23:53:27t0masRori had that too...
23:53:55Bippleok im going to try and boot back to RB
23:54:11*amiconn has remote hot-plugging working now :-)
23:54:19preglowamiconn: any news on mem* optimisations?
23:54:25BippleError acessing playlist control ?
23:54:40BagderBipple: you removed the .rockbox dir, right?
23:54:45Bipplebut it isnt crashed tho
23:55:01Bipplei put it back on agen tho
23:55:03Bagderso you get that error
23:55:23Bipplei did on startup
23:55:37Bippleill try play a song agen and see if it crashes still
23:56:05Bippleit says the song is playing, but i hear nothing
23:56:09ehntoooh yeah, something I should mention: anybody else notice that level meters are completely broken?
23:56:14ehntooor is that something being worked on
23:56:39preglownot worked on, afaik
23:56:40Bippleand now my remote doesnt work
23:56:41preglowbut they'll come
23:57:16ehntooyeah... the oscillometer should be disabled, as well
23:58:36RoriBipple your player is unique
23:58:46RoriMust be a collectors item
23:58:52Bipplecheers bud
23:59:01Roriit is odd though

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