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#rockbox log for 2005-06-18

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00:04:52preglowstill, i like it
00:05:00preglowit's fancy and looks nice
00:05:14preglowthe glitching has got to go, however
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00:11:20preglowi managed to seek further into an mp3 than rockbox had cached
00:11:23preglowthis it did not like
00:12:53webguest31Hi, about the latest sleep timer poweroff commit, was that maeant for sleep only or is idle poweroff included?
00:13:34webguest31sorry bout the nick tabbing thing
00:13:59webguest31it seems idle poweroff still does not work with charger in
00:14:32amiconnThat's on purpose
00:15:50webguest31instead of having no option b/c sometimes I do plug the iriver in to listen at night, however I want it to turn off when it's done
00:15:53webguest31can't we just turn it off or on whenever we want to?
00:16:06amiconnYOu can turn it off by hand
00:16:29amiconnI agreed that leaving it running at sleep timer timeout makes no sense, so I changed that
00:17:20amiconnHowever, both linuxstb and I agreed that it is better to not idle poweroff while the charger is connected
00:17:31HCli second that
00:17:41HClshush you!
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00:17:42HClsmartass :P
00:17:45webguest31heh, ok
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00:18:03NuxatorWhat appened to cvs page on the website
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00:18:12HCli dunno, is it broken?
00:18:16Nuxatorit's showind ihp100 and 300 twice
00:18:24HCloh that.
00:18:30HClyea, i was wondering about that too
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00:18:34ehntooNuxator, I think that'll go away soon
00:18:36HClBagder is the one to prod about that.
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00:18:58HClso we just gotta make about 12 more commits.
00:19:08ehntooHCl, that's about right
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00:19:29ehntoo16, actually
00:19:33webguest31alright, thx for the explaination guys :)
00:19:41amiconnNuxator: Bagder changed the case of some build names (iRiver -> iriver)
00:19:43HClyea, 16
00:19:53*Nuxator have to read irc logs
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00:21:49amiconnpreglow: Is there a reason why pcm_set_volume exists?
00:22:21amiconnI'd like to get rid of that, it would make implementing a cleaner way for volume & balance much easier
00:22:59amiconn...featuring dB-linear mapping of volume
00:24:04markunamiconn: You will start working on the graphics api next week?
00:24:18amiconn1 week of vacation, time to code...
00:25:16markunA friend will bring his md player and optical cable next week. I want to take a look at auto track marking.
00:26:13markunI don't think many people will have use for it, but still..
00:26:44bill20r3that would rule for ripping vinyl
00:27:27markunbill20r3: I was talking about iriver H1xx -> minidisc
00:27:43bill20r3well that would be ok too, I suppose.
00:27:57bill20r3recording md's is a pita
00:28:08markunDon't know why people use a md player when they have an iriver..
00:28:30amiconnThe other direction could be interesting as well
00:28:37markunAnd for 80 minutes of music you have to wait.. 80 minutes
00:28:53preglowamiconn: you'd have to ask linus
00:29:01amiconnI mean, when a cd or md player sends a track change signal, the iriver could auto-split the recording
00:29:08HCldoesn't auto track marking work by introducing gaps?
00:29:25preglowwhat do you mean db-linear mapping?
00:29:33markunHCl: No, you can send a track number in the subchannel of the spdif signal.
00:29:35amiconn_That_ would be great for ripping copy-protected cds
00:29:48markunHCl: When the tracknumber changes you split.
00:30:13HClalso, as you can see, i do have internet at parents after all
00:30:21HCland i need to go to sleep..
00:30:27preglowrockboy asm core!!
00:30:29markunAh, I was wondering why you were still here :)
00:30:35markungood night
00:30:37amiconnpreglow: The current volume mapping isn't linear, because 0..-52 dB uses 0.25 dB steps and -52.. -78 dB uses 2 dB steps
00:31:03preglowahh, i thought the scale was constant
00:31:30amiconnpreglow: The point is wether there is a reason for having pcd_set_volume()
00:31:47amiconn*pcm_set_volume() , bah :/
00:32:41amiconnIf not, I'll remove it and change uda1380_setvol to take 2 parameters, l & r
00:33:02preglowamiconn: yeah, i was thinking of doing that
00:33:05preglowwould be cleaner
00:33:06amiconnThen the volume & balance handling is easily centralised in sound.c
00:33:16pregloware you sure, btw? looks like the scale is 0.25 db steps all the way to me
00:33:28amiconn...and would be very similar to the dac3550 version
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00:34:15amiconnHmm, lemme check again
00:34:49preglowthe table is a bit misleading
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00:38:16amiconnpreglow: It's definitely nonlinear
00:41:48amiconn0..-52 dB uses 0.25 dB steps, -52..-66 dB uses 0.5 dB steps and -66..-78 dB uses 0.75 dB steps
00:42:10amiconnFun, that
00:42:20preglowit certainly is great it doesn't mention it
00:43:25amiconnYes, strange. Table 33 says it's 0.25 dB steps full range, but decrypting table 34 tells you otherwise
00:43:40preglowyeah, i see
00:43:46preglowi wonder which is true...
00:44:06preglowwould be strange if someone devised that table in that manner for no reason
00:44:12amiconnIn fact it can't be 0.25 dB for the whole range, because 255*.025 is 63.75, not >78
00:44:30amiconn*0.25 I mean
00:44:54amiconn...and it would explain the rockbox volume behaviour in comparison to iriver
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00:45:26amiconnI remember someone telling here that rockbox 50% doesn't equal iriver volume == 20
00:45:28preglowdon't think i can detect changes as subtle as this
00:45:55amiconnNo, but the effect cumulates as the curve is nonlinear
00:46:14HCla curve is always nonlinear..
00:46:15preglowi'm very seldom lower than -12db anyway
00:46:20preglowHCl: no?
00:46:36HCli was of the impression that a linear curve is a straight line and not a curve
00:46:41amiconnReally? I'm often < 50 "rockbox-%" with earphones
00:46:47preglowyou can call all figures curves
00:46:51preglowthey don't have to curve
00:46:59preglowat least that's my impression
00:47:10*HCl is more down to the ground than theoretical :)
00:47:26preglowdepends on the earphones/headphones, i guess
00:47:40preglowHCl: i'm a nice mix
00:47:43HClsleep now
00:47:45amiconnpreglow: Still, no obvious reason for pcm_set_volume()?
00:47:49amiconnnight HCl
00:47:51preglownone that i can think of
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00:47:55preglowHCl: nitey
00:47:59amiconnThen I'll ditch that
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01:07:14amiconnpreglow: There's another stage in the volume curve.
01:07:42amiconn-72..-78 dB uses 1.5 dB steps
01:11:16amiconnI'll extrapolate that to be -inf our virtual -84 dB
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01:40:16amiconnpreglow: What do you think, can we ditch the playback test from the debug menu?
01:46:28preglowoh yes
01:46:35preglowi can see no further need for it
01:48:56amiconnHmm, the audio circuit exhibits noticeable crosstalk
01:49:31preglowhow did you notice it?
01:49:52amiconnYou could test with the old code as well:
01:50:29amiconnPlay some music and set balance to all left, then only listen to the right earphone
01:50:39amiconnIt should be silent if there were no crosstalk
01:50:55preglowmore probably, this is a roundoff error bug in my code
01:51:09amiconnNo, it's there with my new code as well
01:51:26amiconn..and there is no roundoff error because it's working differently the mas3507 (dac3550) code
01:52:02amiconnOnly the values are different, and no prescaler to take into account
01:52:04HClalmost all audiocircuits exhibit crostalk..
01:53:10preglowyeah, but i can't ever recall actually having heard it
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01:53:26preglowif you can hear it, it's very significant
01:53:52amiconnYeah, I noticed it only because I am testing my balance code, and set extreme values
01:54:00*HCl hears it most of the time when his brainwave generator tests for it...
01:55:37 Quit Kat ("Computer goes to sleep!")
01:56:36amiconnHmm, strange. The archos player has way less crosstalk. I'll check the iriver fw
02:02:33amiconnIt's the same with iriver firmware and with old rockbox code
02:02:50preglowi think it's really rare to have noticable crosstalk
02:03:29amiconnOn archos player it's barely noticeable at full volume, when the other earpiece already distorts
02:04:53amiconnBtw, I even tested without the remote control.
02:05:04amiconnI don't use the remote often
02:06:20preglowi never use it
02:06:51preglowbut yeah, balance should digitally mute the other channel at extreme values
02:06:55preglowso it is crosstalk you're hearing
02:12:39amiconnHmm, I need to break plugin api backwards compatibility, now I'm obliged to sort functions :-/
02:12:53preglowcould you stuff in a logf while you're at it?
02:13:04preglowthat's sorely needed
02:13:27preglowgranted it's quickly done
02:13:41preglowi can't even remember how to handle variable arument functions
02:14:09amiconnThat's not trivial. It shouldn't be there when building without logf support, and we need a macro in plugin.h
02:14:36preglowwhy shouldn't it be there? it'll just be an empty call without logf support
02:14:52amiconnVariable argument functions are handled the same way as elsewhere
02:15:07amiconnThe plugin api is just a struct containing mostly function pointers
02:15:20preglowyes, i know
02:15:37preglowi've never used a variable argument function anywhere
02:15:39preglownot just rockbox
02:15:43preglownever had the use for them
02:15:48 Part Moos
02:15:51amiconnYou never used printf() ?
02:16:00preglowsure, but never made on of my own
02:16:08preglowand to have logf support in plugins, you need to make a wrapper
02:16:30preglowplugin_logf that wraps logf, since logf is just a macro if logf support isn't enabled
02:16:57amiconnYOu don't need a wrapper
02:17:10amiconnYou need a macro though
02:17:21preglowROCKBOX_HAVE_LOGF should do
02:17:26amiconn...and the macros has to make an assumption
02:17:37preglowbut then the plugin struct will be different for builds with logf support
02:17:50amiconnWe do a similar thing for DEBUGF()
02:18:23amiconnDEBUGF() in plugins is empty for usual builds, and for debug builds it's rb->debugf() it assumes your api pointer is called rb
02:18:42preglowahh, yes, of course
02:18:54preglowyou can just pass along the api pointer
02:18:58preglowLOGF(rb, "%s", lol)
02:19:28 Join telliott [0] (
02:19:38preglowcleaner than assuming it's called rb, if you ask me
02:20:02telliottAre the current id3 database tools working?
02:20:12amiconnCleaner, yes, but also a source of possible mistakes
02:20:41amiconnYou can't check the correct number of arguments in variadic macros...
02:21:21preglowindeed, no, but if you mean mistakenly passing your string as the rb pointer, then you'd have serious compiler error on your hands
02:21:23amiconn...and it's easy to get this wrong: logf("%s", blah) in the core, but LOGF(rb, "%s", blah) in plugins
02:21:25preglowtelliott: should be
02:22:15amiconnpreglow: ah, yes, pointer type mismatch
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02:22:25preglow"%s"->logf wont work
02:22:35preglowthe first argument to logf has to be string
02:22:38amiconnNot? ;-)
02:22:39preglowso it will be caught
02:22:50preglowperhaps it will
02:22:55preglowcalling the address of a string is pretty
02:23:07preglowcalling the address of a string plus an offset
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02:23:45amiconnYeah, almost what seems to happen with the h1x0 sims on windows... calling the audiobuffer() array :-/
02:24:11preglowa queer business, that
02:24:49preglowbut yeah, assuming 'rb' wouldn't be the greatest sin in the universe anyway
02:24:55preglowespecially if DEBUGF already does it
02:25:07preglowbut not having logf support in plugins would be a great shame
02:25:14preglowsince it's really, really helpful
02:30:28preglowbut i gotta sleep
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03:33:43kenshinanyone here running Debian?
03:34:07kenshinthe cross-compiler i built the other day is crashing (internal error) when i do a "normal" build.
03:34:19kenshinsimulator builds work just fine.
03:35:56 Join amiconn_ [0] (
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03:51:58ashridahmine's working okay. built gcc 3.4.4 for m68k the other day
03:52:15 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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03:53:15kenshinhmm. maybe i should try 3.4.4. mine is 3.3.4.
03:54:05ashridahyeah, you'll need 3.4.4 for m68k. sh1 should be okay with 3.3.x
03:54:44kenshinis the WPS screen supposed to work in the simulator?
03:55:36kenshini manage to kill the simulator when selecting an audio file.
04:06:15 Join QT_ [0] (as@area51.users.madwifi)
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04:49:59webguest92ugh, this playlist insert next, last qeue next last etc, and then trying to view whats been selected is driving me crazy
04:50:55 Part asdsd____
04:51:51webguest92why not have the playlist menus the first electable in all the submenus
04:53:01webguest92and view menu the first selectable in that submenu
04:57:01 Quit kenshin (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
04:57:38webguest92managing/viewing the playlist from the wps screen is a lengthy procedure
04:57:47 Part webguest92
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06:38:12wacky_does Rockbox play midi files yet ?
06:46:17wacky_oh.. sorry, just read the wiki :)
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07:24:47HClomfg headache sucks >.<
07:27:28 Join tvelocity [0] (
07:29:12 Join jdrews [0] (
07:30:29jdrewsawesome firmware you guys made
07:31:19jdrewsi was wondering −−- on the ihp120−− whenever you go to browse after playing a song−− you cant get back to the play screen. am i missing something?
07:31:31HClhm. no idea.
07:31:32HCltry stop?
07:31:40HClat least, thats what would make sense to me.
07:31:40jdrewsyeah that was my first reaction
07:31:51jdrewsno dice
07:32:01HCli haven't looked at the interface yet myself, but i do plan to modify it at least in some ways
07:32:15HClbut first i gotta finish the database stuff
07:32:19jdrewsheh cool
07:32:34jdrewswell its just a tiny little annoying thing anyhow
07:32:45jdrewsso its not really crucial
07:34:05 Quit jdrews ()
07:35:15 Join jdrews [0] (
07:36:06HClbah. i should've taken my iriver with me when i left to go to my parents :/
07:36:31jdrewswhat in the name of god would convince you to leave it
07:36:38jdrewsmine is grafted into my leg
07:36:50HCli'm pretty sick at the moment.. flue
07:36:57HCldidn't think i would use it
07:37:00jdrewsmusic does the body good
07:37:03HCland to be honest
07:37:07HCli just tried to put some music up
07:37:13HCland its just making my headache worse :/
07:37:32jdrewsah−− must have been the specific music
07:37:46HClits a pretty soft song
07:37:50HClk's choice - almost happy
07:38:03jdrewsi think ive run into that before
07:38:09HClk's choice rules
07:38:17jdrewsdisbanded right?
07:38:20HCli just happen to have the album on my laptop in ogg
07:38:33HClcause i needed to test oggs with the database creator..
07:38:37HClno idea.
07:38:42HCli just listen to music
07:38:50HCli don't care about bands or "celebrities" that much.
07:38:56HClthey're just people, don't see the big deal with them.
07:39:28jdrewsnope i was wrong−− they're still together
07:39:41HClthat means i might get more good music :p
07:40:01HClstill waiting for one of their albums to surpass their album cocoon crash
07:40:03jdrewsyeah tehy should be due for new music−− last album was 2002
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07:40:48jdrewsalright im gonna go idle−− looking for shiny things in the house to macro
07:41:23jdrewsphotography−− specifically big pictures of little things <−− thats me
07:42:19HClflies are scary up close o.o
07:42:57HClpretty flower
07:43:10HCl*looks at gallery*
07:43:28HClno idea what this is though. o.o
07:43:33HClblue... icey.. thingy..
07:43:44jdrewsyup thats what it is
07:44:05jdrewsits inverted and color changed−− whats dark is light et vice versa
07:44:09HClthey would make nice backgrounds
07:44:32HClbut i'm not gonna replace the picture of my gf, obviously :P
07:45:38HClreal nice pictures though
07:46:35jdrewsawright−− gotta run
07:46:41 Part jdrews
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08:07:50Purodoes anyone know of an open source firmware that would work with the Archos AV400?
08:08:14HCli *think* there was something for it, but i'm not 100% sure
08:11:40kenshinanyone tried building a cross-compiler for m68k-elf in debian amd64?
08:12:09HClpreglow would probably be the guy to ask
08:12:16HClhe has an amd64 i think
08:12:35kenshini tried gcc-3.3.4 and compiling the compiler barfed
08:12:52kenshini'm trying 3.4.4 hoping it will compile
08:25:01*HCl stares at another chat channel
08:25:14HCli swear. some males seriously need to see a doctor about their testosterone levels.
08:25:30HCldumb people are funny sometimes o.o.
08:26:49kenshinit's not polite to stare
08:27:48HClmeh, online, they don't notice :)
08:35:27kenshinwhy can't compiling go faster!? ;)
08:38:35HClit can.
08:39:16kenshincompiling gcc
08:42:25ashridahkenshin: afaik, you have to have gcc 3.4.4 anyway
08:42:30ashridah3.3.4 doesn't support coldfire
08:47:48kenshinyeah. i've tried 3.4.4.
08:48:28kenshincan't get the cross-compiler built. gcc craps out building it.
08:49:45kenshintried running it in a 32-bit chroot and that one won't build rockbox "normal".
08:54:30HClyou might want to ask preglow about it..
08:56:45kenshinwho's preglow?
08:57:49HClmp3 codec person
08:57:52HClhe has an amd64
08:57:58HCland he manages to build rockbox, obviously
08:59:08kenshindon't see him here. in the meantime i'll see what gcc-4.0 does! ;)
08:59:18HClgood luck with that...
08:59:31HClunfortunately, i can tell you gcc 4, at least the version i tested
08:59:44HCldoes not produce a usable rockbox binary
09:00:06HClsomeone has to dig out why not and update the rockbox code... there's a potential speed boost to be gained from gcc 4
09:00:34kenshini don't mind looking into why code doesn't compile
09:00:41HClit'll compile.
09:00:44HClbut it won't work
09:00:44HCl :/
09:01:01kenshini do this at work every day
09:01:15HClif you think you have a chance at fixing it, please :)
09:01:34kenshini'm new to gcc-4.0 but my job is writing C code
09:01:56 Quit tvelocity ("Leaving")
09:01:58kenshinsooner or later i think i'll find it (if no one beats me to it)
09:03:54kenshinif my busted-arse gcc would build the cross-compiler without crapping all over it!!
09:06:10 Nick QT_ is now known as QT (as@area51.users.madwifi)
09:06:30 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
09:19:27 Part kenshin
09:26:33 Join webguest37 [0] (
09:38:37Slasherinow backlight dimming uses only 2 interrupts / cycle and works pretty well :)
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09:42:05 Quit webguest37 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
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09:56:08 Quit mrlala (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:56:33 Join t0mas [0] (
09:57:48t0maspretty intresting bug
09:58:01t0maswhen I select a new song from the file browser (iriver)
09:58:06t0maswhile another is playing
09:58:21t0masit does something to the uda chip... wich makes my amp. go mad
09:58:29t0masloud buzzing sound.... untill the song starts
10:01:02t0mas(it does the same on shutdown)
10:03:23Slasherihmm, that is a problem with the line out
10:03:26Slasheritry headphone jack
10:04:26t0masI did
10:04:28t0masdoes the same
10:04:43t0masdo you disable the uda when no audio is playing?
10:05:18t0mas(it sounds like the 50 hz from the mains plug)
10:05:20Slasheriwps calls audio_pause/stop when switching tracks (you can check it from logf)
10:05:27Slasherithat's weird
10:05:36Slasherii have never had that buzzing
10:05:44t0masplugin mains
10:05:49t0masand connect it to an amp
10:06:20SlasheriHmm, maybe it's a grounding problem
10:06:29Slasherihi amiconn :)
10:06:30t0massounds like it
10:06:39t0masbut the iriver firmware doesn't have that problem
10:08:07amiconnNo buzzing here
10:11:47 Join Deejay [0] (
10:16:07 Quit Deejay (Client Quit)
10:17:12amiconnHmm, someone said we should allow leaving the menu again with the menu button (A-B)? I have to agree, and this is also done that way on ther other targets.
10:17:18amiconnAny objections?
10:18:39Slasherisounds good
10:19:13amiconnSame goes for settings
10:19:37amiconn(cancelling settings with both off and menu)
10:24:04amiconnHmm, button lock with button combo in wps is unnecesary on iriver, I'd think? We have that lock switch...
10:24:48*t0mas is going to some family today...
10:25:02t0maslucky me... they live next to snow world
10:25:14t0massnowboarding in summer :D
10:25:20 Quit t0mas ("see you tomorrow")
10:26:45 Join webguest82 [0] (
10:28:16webguest82the 'view current play list' menu is used frequently, is there any way of making it more accessable
10:28:38webguest82or with less key strokes
10:29:21 Join Nuxator [0] (
10:30:04Nuxatoryes it should be in the playlist menu when whe push and let push the joystick
10:31:08NuxatorIt's like that in the user guide but it's missing in iriver build i wonder why
10:31:39amiconnThe menu layout could be improved a bit, but there are surely many different opinions
10:32:12amiconnE.g. I almost never use the playlist viewer
10:34:17Nuxatoryes but in user guide there is a shortcut for playlist viewing just on top of insert , queue.....
10:34:49webguest82now that would be perfect for parties :)
10:35:04webguest82or a dj
10:35:14NuxatorAnother question why hd spin up when i pause my music?
10:35:15SlasheriHmm, this is harder to integrate main & remote lcd dimming to same timer.. But should be possible :)
10:35:37amiconnI think insert is a way more comfortable first menu item
10:35:49webguest82make it last then
10:36:27amiconnSlasheri: Hmm, might be difficult to dim both differently with the 2 ints/cycle approach
10:36:40Slasheriamiconn: yep, that requires 3 interrupts
10:36:51Nuxatoryes last is fast too
10:37:22webguest82much more user friendly
10:37:47amiconnSlasheri: Different thing - I just noticed a bug with skip forward. It should do nothing when at the last track of a playlist, but it restarts that track
10:38:03Slasheriamiconn: ah, that will be fixed :)
10:38:23amiconnSkip backward is totally broken, but I think you already know that
10:38:30Slasheriyes it is..-
10:40:33NuxatorAnd you can fast forward further than the fisrt 2mo buffering, guess you'll have to find a way to buffer the first track
10:42:00NuxatorBut even with those bugs rockbix is still a lot more fun than iriver's firmware
10:42:00amiconnIt should always be possible to ffwd/rew outside of the buffered data, of course it has to reload then
10:42:32Nuxatorit's another solution (may even avoid this pb during buffering)
10:48:36webguest82pressing play (side button) when in 'view current playback' should return the wps,
10:49:37webguest82'view current playlist'
10:52:34webguest82right joystick in 'view current playlist' is also unutilised
11:02:01 Join ep0ch [0] (
11:02:57ep0chhas anyone noticed that when a playlist has finished playing the cpu freq is still high? shouldn't it go to low when nothing is playing?
11:04:06ep0chalso, is it possible to have the cpu freq displayed in a wps?
11:07:30 Join Febs [0] (
11:22:51 Quit Nuxator ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.4/20050511]")
11:25:17 Join Philip_0729 [0] (
11:40:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:41:47 Join LinusN [0] (
11:44:15amiconnhi Linus
11:46:01LinusNi see you're taking on the h100 hacking with full speed :-)
11:49:22amiconnDid you check whether my changed MFDR(2) values in system.c are correct?
11:49:33amiconnI still have that laying around here uncommitted
11:52:25LinusNwas that the page mode?
11:52:57 Quit xen` ()
11:53:28LinusNah, the i2c
11:53:42LinusNno, i haven't tested
11:58:21 Part Puro
12:00:03linuxstbDoes anyone else like ep0ch's idea of displaying CPU frequency in the WPS? I do, and have just implemented it.
12:00:30 Part LinusN
12:00:46ep0chLinus didn't :p
12:01:09linuxstbI am sure it was just a coincidence...
12:01:21amiconnI see no point in having cpu frequency displayed in wps
12:01:41linuxstbThen don't include it in your WPS. But would you object to me adding the option?
12:02:16linuxstbI find it interesting for debugging purposes - to see which codecs need CPU boosts. AC3 doesn't seem to all of the time.
12:02:55SlasheriHmm, i think that even better would be to calculate and display average cpu speed in wps
12:03:13 Join muesli- [0] (
12:03:31linuxstbAverage over what time?
12:03:40ep0chbeginning of the track
12:03:56amiconnFor debugging purposes there's the debug menu
12:04:06muesli-g'mornin mate
12:04:10 Join preglow [0] (
12:04:22linuxstbamiconn: Yes, but that's not convenient when I'm listening to songs. I want the WPS, not a debug screen.
12:05:22amiconnYou talked about debugging.
12:05:45amiconnI don't think an end user is interested in the cpu frequency
12:06:07linuxstbMaybe debugging is the wrong word. I should have said "during development".
12:06:09ep0chso they wont have it in their wps...
12:06:28preglowi think this is a nice idea, actually
12:06:51preglowcould give a nice indication of how much more we need to optimise a codec
12:06:56linuxstbWhat if you wanted to try and test encoding settings to minimise CPU boosting. A normal user could experient without needing to play with the debug screen.
12:07:26linuxstbI can understand some people not being interested, but what is the downside of implementing it?
12:08:21ep0chlinuxstb, what does your implementation display? 1/0? or the full freq.?
12:08:33preglowan average would be more helpful
12:08:45linuxstbIt displays "FREQ/(1024*1024)" - which I think is the frequency in MHz.
12:09:10preglowwhy not just divide by 1000000 ?
12:09:12Slasherilinuxstb: it should display FREQ/1000/1000 (not 1024)
12:09:14ep0chdivide by a million no?
12:09:14amiconnlinuxstb: If an average user doesn't use it it would be wasted code
12:09:15linuxstbThe FREQ define seems to be the way to do it - it's defined for all platforms.
12:09:51preglowamiconn: yes, but it'll be useful during development
12:09:54preglowwe can always remove it
12:10:10linuxstbamiconn: Based on that argument, the whole debug menu is a waste of code.
12:10:19amiconnAnyway, if you're still going to implement it, using output_dyn_value should be the easiest way of formatting
12:10:26webguest82its like a rpm idicator in a car, useful for racing
12:12:13webguest82but not required for everyday driving
12:13:08ep0chSlasheri, you get the bit about cpu freq being high after a playlist has finished?
12:16:01 Join LinusN [0] (
12:16:35Slasheriep0ch: yes, that will be fixed :)
12:16:43ep0chty :)
12:17:22webguest82please make the 'view current playlist' more accessable
12:17:43linuxstbamiconn: output_dyn_value is a nice function, but seems overkill for this. I think the output will always be in MHz.
12:18:19 Part webguest82
12:18:48amiconnIf you always want an integer value, then yes
12:19:00amiconnMight be sufficient after all
12:19:32LinusNmaybe boost ratio is interesting as well
12:19:57LinusNtime boosted vs time normal
12:20:11preglowonly that would be more than adequate, as a matter of fact
12:20:12LinusNmaybe just a boost % value
12:20:15preglowfor developers
12:20:22Slasherior in average MHz :)
12:20:57LinusNaverage mhz might be interseting as well
12:21:57LinusNbut boost % and average mhz could very well be in a debug screen
12:22:05SlasheriLinusN: btw, what do you think about adding main lcd & remote lcd brightness configuration (0-100%, in 10% steps for example) to settings menu?
12:22:47amiconnLinusN: Do you remember why the last 2 conditionals in is_mp3frameheader() (lines 114..119 in mp3data.c) are there?
12:23:26Slasheriand maybe some fade settings also..
12:23:28LinusNSlasheri: as opposed to contrast?
12:23:49SlasheriLinusN: yep, i have managed to dim the backlight continuously :)
12:23:52amiconnIt seems the intention is to treat layer 1 data as invalid since the mas can't handle it, but it's looking (1) cumbersome and (2) even incomplete
12:23:56Slasheriworks nice
12:24:22preglowSlasheri: fixed the glitches?
12:24:30LinusNSlasheri: you didn't say "backlight"...
12:24:36Slasheripreglow: almost fully fixed
12:24:44Slasheriah.. but i meant backlight :)
12:25:22LinusNamiconn: i don't remember, , check the cvs log
12:25:24Slasheripreglow: i am now working to implement maximum of 3 interrupts per pwm cycle to drive both backlights
12:25:42LinusNSlasheri: how did you implement it?
12:26:02amiconnLinusN: committed by linusnielsen as v 1.1 ...
12:26:13LinusNamiconn: hehe
12:26:33LinusNthat code was borrowed, and i'm not sure i did that part
12:26:34SlasheriLinusN: i initialized timer1 to create the pwm pulses
12:26:54amiconnLinusN: Ah ok
12:27:31SlasheriLinusN: currently i tested it with main screen backlight: 2 interrupts / pwm cycle
12:27:37amiconnWill check the other conditionals again, should be possible to simplify these last 2 considerably
12:27:44Slasheribacklight fades very smoothly
12:28:39LinusNSlasheri: interrupt frequency?
12:29:10SlasheriHmm, currently pwm cycle frequency is about 5ms
12:29:30SlasheriInterrupt frequency varies a bit but there should be never more than 3 interrupts in 5 ms period
12:29:57LinusNSlasheri: how do you handle cpu boost?
12:30:23amiconnHmm, just a thing. Interrupt driven pwm will probably cost more cpu than you'd think on first sight. Any interrupt breaks cpu sleep and causes at least one thread schedule cycle until all threads are sleeping again
12:30:29SlasheriLinusN: it's still unhandled. There is very slight blink when cpu frequency changes..
12:30:52LinusNamiconn: correct
12:30:53Slasheriamiconn: Hmm..
12:31:18Slasheriat least it worked without problems for 500 kbit/s vorbis files ;)
12:31:41LinusNSlasheri: we're talking about battery consumption
12:31:58SlasheriLinusN: of course.. that should be measured
12:32:24amiconnLinusN: (mp3data) Removing the last 2 conditionals fixes layer 1 for iriver, so it'll be #ifdefed out there
12:32:26Slasheriand some menu option added to turn on/off the backlight dimming
12:32:34LinusNi can go with fading, but a constant pwm for "brightness" is a waste of battery
12:32:50amiconnWe can do the same on archos player btw
12:32:51LinusNamiconn: good
12:33:00Slasherihmm, ok
12:33:19 Join MisticJeff [0] (
12:33:23 Join leftright [0] (
12:34:22SlasheriLinusN: but i try to take some measurements to see how much constant dimming would eat cpu/battery
12:34:58LinusNSlasheri: do so
12:34:59MisticJeffI hate to interupt but need to throw this out there for a Rockbox/iriver fan: display HDD usage in WPS, total/remain
12:35:36amiconnSlasheri: I agree that softly fading backlight might be a cool effect (unfortunately impossible on archos recorder), but constant dimming is unnecessary imho
12:35:42LinusNMisticJeff: what a funny request
12:35:49amiconnThe backlight isn't exactly very bright anyway
12:36:36preglowby no means
12:36:47Slasheriamiconn: yep. i just though if it could be possible to keep for example remote lcd continuously on with a low brightness without much battery decrease :)
12:36:52preglowbut measuring power drainage might be interesting anyway
12:36:53crwlhehe, i have been wondering... why do people want to stuff *everything* to the wps
12:37:35leftrightbecuase they stare at it all the time while musics playing :)
12:37:37amiconnSlasheri: It might end up using more battery power for the cpu than it would cost to just leave the backlight at 100%
12:38:31Slasheriamiconn: yep.. that has to be measured :)
12:38:51preglowamiconn: i don't think its a question of battery power for the ones wanting to use it
12:39:00preglowmore a comfort/whatever thing
12:39:12crwlleetness thing, you mean
12:39:28preglowwhatever floats your boat
12:40:14amiconnSlasheri: Btw, where did you put your interrupt routines? backlight.c?
12:40:28LinusNMisticJeff: is it something *you* want, or are you just the messenger?
12:40:33Slasheriamiconn: yes.. everything is in backlight.c
12:41:06*LinusN has updated the iriver schematics btw
12:42:21preglowyeah, saw
12:47:03 Join hicks [0] (~hicks@3484ea817d4da2b6.session.tor)
12:53:54preglowSlasheri: so is the glitches fixable?
12:54:17Slasheripreglow: yes they are (at least if cpu frequency is not changed during fading)
12:54:27preglowSlasheri: well, that's a fairly common occurance
12:54:53Slasherithe frequency could be boosted/locked so there will be no glitches
12:55:05amiconnSlasheri: Do you change the timer interval for different cpu frequencies?
12:55:09 Join Audiophil [0] (
12:55:22preglowSlasheri: or you could just lock the brightness at a specific setting before a cpu_boost
12:55:26Slasheriamiconn: yep, at every interrupt the correct frequency is calculated
12:56:34amiconnI think that it might help to avoid glitching if the total interval (Ton + Toff) is a constant number of cycles, regardless of frequency
12:58:39SlasheriHmm, maybe. Or TRR1 could be updated on every cpu frequency change. That should also fix it
12:58:52Slasherinow some food :) ->
12:59:42Audiophilslasheri: anything new on the dim lights?
13:07:19amiconnLinusN: Indeed the 2 checks in mp3data.c just filter out layer 1 files in a cumbersome way
13:08:13preglowfiltering out layer1 files should just be a compare
13:09:38SlasheriAudiophil: yes, now testing dimming remote and main screen at same time
13:10:35Audiophilavailable in bleeding edge release?
13:10:46Slasherinot yet
13:11:45Slasherii will commit it as soon as the code is stable and clean enough
13:11:56Audiophilyep, good!
13:12:35 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:12:40Audiophilsomeone should make a wps-simulator/editor
13:13:05Audiophiltoo bad i don't know any programming languages :/
13:14:26 Quit muesli- (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
13:18:24Audiophilis the peakmeter not functioning on the iriver port?
13:19:06Slasherithat will be implemented later
13:19:20preglowhow does the peak meter behave for archos?
13:19:25preglowlong decay? no decay?
13:19:33bipak_who needs a peakmeter? :>
13:20:53amiconnpreglow: See General settings -> Display -> Peak meter
13:21:25Audiophilbut i encountered one error, the recursive folder adding to playlists only works 1 level
13:21:52Audiophilif i add album\*.mp3 it'll work, but artist\album\*.mp3 won't work
13:31:17preglowmy, musepack seeking will be a hack
13:34:11 Part LinusN
13:34:20SeedI'm an old hack too, but I still manage to get through life fine :)
13:34:35 Part MisticJeff
13:40:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:41:07 Join gromit` [0] (~gromit`
13:46:13 Join belgarath [0] (
13:46:26 Quit Philip_0729 ()
13:52:47SlasheriHmm, does the remote lcd have a EL-backlight?
13:53:01SlasheriIt seems to be not dimmable (flickers and color changes)
13:53:44crwlcolor changes? :)
13:54:18Slasheriyep, from green to blue while it's being dimmed ;)
13:54:21crwlseveral older panasonic mobile phones had changeable backlight colors, that was quite l337
13:54:32crwlup to seven colors in one model
13:54:44 Join bipak [0] (
13:55:08belgarathooh are there any other remote backlight colours?
13:55:41Slasherino, i just think that remote lcd has an el backlight and it does not like being dimmed
13:55:57preglowel backlight?
13:56:13Slasherielectro-luminense or something like that (not led backlight)
13:56:16Slasheribut i am not sure about that
13:56:42Slasheriat least the dimming is not possible because it flickers too much
13:57:08SlasheriI will just comment out the remote lcd dimming code
13:57:41amiconnYes el == electro luminescence
13:57:51preglownot familiar with that
13:58:05amiconnYou can't dim el backlights with pwm
13:58:30 Join cYmen [0] (
14:01:34 Quit bipak_ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
14:08:14 Join Chamois [0] (
14:22:49belgarathi noticed that using the remote with rockbox firmware means it does not tick - will it still not tick when it has a WPS and scrolling?
14:25:27preglowit will tick
14:25:34preglowit sure does when i log to it while using it, at least
14:25:44preglowbut we might slow the speed of the transfer to make it less noticable
14:26:39belgarathjust wondering
14:32:58 Join DMJC [0] (
14:33:15 Nick ehntoo|sleep is now known as ehntoo (
14:45:20SlasheriHmm, i will now commit the initial backlight fader
14:45:33preglowdo so
14:45:35HCli thought it didn't work?
14:45:50Slasherii will just check the code that it should not break anything
14:46:10SlasheriHCl: it works on main unit, not on remote lcd
14:46:18HCl :)
14:46:38Slasheripreglow: the cpu frequency change is still unhandled. please hack it if you have some time ;)
14:46:45preglowno time :/
14:46:57Slasheriok, i can look at it later
14:48:49 Quit cYmen ("zZz")
14:50:05 Join Moos [0] (
14:52:08 Join Teslacute [0] (
14:54:06 Join edx [0] (
14:54:06Slasheripreglow: committed, please test :)
14:54:35preglowwill in a moment
14:54:37preglowjust finish something
14:54:40Slasherigood :)
14:56:06TeslacuteI've been reading the battery FAQ, specifically the bit about leaving the player connected to the mains for a while. Do you know whether that's the same on the H100's or just the Archos?
14:56:56 Nick Febs is now known as Febs_away (
14:56:59preglowdAMN, that's some interrupt handler :PP
14:57:31SlasheriTeslacute: Hmm, i think you shouldn't worry about that. Irivers has litium polymer battery and hardware charging control so you can charge the battery anytime you wish
14:57:56SlasheriAnd new replacement batteries are pretty cheap also :)
14:58:28ChamoisSlasheri : the backlight is beautiful now
14:58:28Slasheripreglow: Yep, a bit monster for an interrupt handler ;D
14:59:59Teslacute@Slasheri: I leave it plugged in for days on end and use it as the core of a hi-fi system, the charging indicator turns off and I presumed it left the batteries alone from then on and just ran itself off the mains but after the FAQ I'm not sure...
15:00:33SlasheriHmm, i think it should not charge the batteries when the led is off..
15:00:44SlasheriSo it should be safe to leave it connected
15:00:47belgarathno i think it always runs off the battery even when connected
15:01:22preglowfade looks very nice
15:01:25belgarathbut seeing as its li polymer and not nimh it shouldn't really matter
15:01:27preglowstill a bit long for my taste
15:01:41Chamoismaybe an option to choose the time
15:02:05Slasheripreglow: that can be configured. Maybe some menu option should be added
15:02:29preglowdon't know if i'd say an option is needed
15:02:31belgarathwould you be able to change the brightness of the led so that it is constantly dimmer than normal?
15:02:37preglowbut that's just my opinion
15:02:48Slasheripreglow: i like a longer fade :)
15:03:23Teslacutethanks guys, it only has to last a few years anyway.
15:03:30preglowwe've gotta make feel seeking play sound some time
15:03:36preglowi hate not hearing where i am while seeking
15:03:44 Part Teslacute
15:03:59Slasheribelgarath: it is possible but it might eat more battery than it saves
15:04:13preglowit's worth testing, though, backlight does eat quite a bit
15:04:48 Join kenshin [0] (
15:05:30kenshinpreglow: did you ever get a cross-compiler built in amd64?
15:05:42preglowi use my server box, which is 32 bit, for this
15:05:54preglowtrying to build the cross compiler on my amd64 box didn't work
15:05:57preglowit bugged out
15:06:12kenshinyeah, i have the same problem you had
15:06:16belgaraththe fade works really well i think
15:06:29 Join webguest83 [0] (
15:07:02kenshinrunning in a 32-bit chroot seems to work but that's a pain
15:07:07preglowoh yes
15:07:20preglownot all things are 64 bit ready yet, i'm afraid
15:07:59webguest83i was reading misticriver forums before in h300 section and 1 poster said at moment playback is only a hack because it is a plugin and other plugins can interfere with it. Is this true?
15:08:15preglowwebguest83: it's not exactly a hack
15:08:18webguest83i meant for h100 of course
15:08:24preglowwebguest83: but we need to fix that, yes
15:08:48preglowother plugins WILL interfere with it
15:08:57preglowyou can't use plugins while playing music currently
15:09:00preglowbut like i said, that'll be fixed
15:09:31webguest83i guess it would be silly to ask for a timescale since you guys work at your own pace on your own time
15:09:38preglowwhy does it matter?
15:10:06preglowfixing this shouldn't be _that_ much of a job, so i hope it'll be done soon
15:10:08preglowcouple of weeks, perhaps
15:10:08webguest83why does what matter?
15:10:13preglowbut no guarantees
15:12:24webguest83its just i thought this multi codec architecture and playback stuff that everyone was sort of avoiding until slasheri came along was the proper thing not a plugin. but what does it matter to me. ill just keep waiting (not in a bad way), rockbox is free
15:13:49preglowi don't understand what you mean
15:13:55preglowcodecs will always be plugins
15:14:07preglowif not, we'd have to keep all of them in memory at once, that'd be a waste of ram
15:14:13preglowwe just need to make a new kind of plugin for codecs
15:14:30preglowso we'll have to types of plugins: ordinary plugins and codec plugins
15:14:39preglowthe second part is missing right now
15:14:53webguest83do those ipodlinux guys ever come in here? someone posted the other day about them getting video to work at 15 fps though with no sound currently and video is uncompressed. will rockbox be around 15 fps with sound or different?
15:15:00 Join markun [0] (
15:15:05preglowno idea
15:15:06belgarathare OTF playlists on the db feasible?
15:15:24preglowsome of them come in here occasionally, yes
15:15:38preglowuncompressed video isn't really feasible for the newer platforms
15:15:40markunSlasheri: The backlight dimming looks very nice!
15:15:50Slasherimarkun: thx :)
15:16:06belgarathyes its difficult to notice when the backlight comes in its so gradu
15:16:12belgarath*gradual and subtle
15:16:26belgarathits great
15:18:10webguest83hmm I've had the bootloader ready to flash for a while now, but I've held back to see if any scary bugs pop up. whats the longet you guys have used rockbox on h1x0 without a crash or needing reset button?
15:18:23leftrightdont know if fade in is a good idea, would prefer it to be instant,
15:18:26preglowif you're afraid of using the reset button, keep away
15:18:33webguest83ok fair enough
15:18:36preglowit shouldn't happen much, but it'll happen
15:18:45preglowno players have been destroyed using rockbox so far
15:18:49preglowi've reset my player hundreds of times
15:19:09preglowbut that's because i'm a developer
15:19:10webguest83the other i saw someone say there were lots of 'crosslinked' sectors on their disk when they used some diskchecking utility
15:19:20webguest83what are these 'crosslinked' sectors?
15:19:26preglowno idea, never heard of them
15:19:34webguest83other day* arg cant blody type
15:19:38webguest83bloody* :P
15:19:44preglowyeah, i saw it, i still have no idea
15:19:48preglowthat might not be rockbox' fault
15:19:58preglowwhen in usb mode, rockbox has no control over what's being done to the disk
15:20:13preglowand that's when most of the disk writing is being done
15:20:24preglowwindows have corrupted my disks for me tons of times
15:21:00belgarathi need to send my h120 to germany/usa as my reset button is almost unusable
15:21:09belgarathnever use sharp pins!
15:21:18preglowi don't know how you guys manage it ;)
15:21:24preglowi've used my reset button god knows how many times
15:21:29preglowit works perfectly still
15:21:32belgaratha paperclip works fine
15:21:40preglowi use a tiny torx screwdriver
15:21:50preglowit fits very perfectly
15:21:53preglowso i guess that helps
15:22:34webguest83do any of you guys have the h3x0 or h300 remote yet?
15:22:34 Quit belgarath ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
15:22:35 Join belgarath [0] (
15:23:07ashridahwebguest83: a crosslinked sector is when two files's FAT cluster sequences point to the same cluster
15:23:36webguest83and how bad is that?
15:23:53ashridahwell, it means one of the files is broken, or both
15:24:28belgaraththat can't be due to rockbox though?
15:26:09Slasherihehe, i have used 5mm led to reset the iriver hundred of times ;D
15:26:52kenshinyes, one of those big paperclips fits perfectly in reset
15:27:08Slasherithick paperclip could be better but i have leds and other components everywhere :P
15:27:19kenshinhave one in my car, in the leater case's belt loop, and plenty at home and work. ;)
15:27:35belgarathnow I have to spend ages wiggling around the reset hole with a paperclip...
15:27:49belgarathand iRiver aren't responding at all to my emails
15:30:12preglowgo figure
15:30:25preglowi don't think they're eager to repair the damages you've done to a device not using their os ;)
15:31:18belgarathwell I didn't really say that I was using rockbox
15:34:12HClbut the normal firmware barely requires you to reset it though.
15:34:33 Part amiconn
15:34:37preglowi've never had the ordinary firmware lock up
15:35:32leftrightno resets with R-box yet,
15:39:15 Quit webguest83 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
15:40:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:55:42 Join ]RowaN[ [0] (
15:56:03]RowaN[love the backlight dimming guys =]
15:58:54 Join Lost-ash [0] (
16:03:30 Quit DMJC-L ("Leaving")
16:09:19kenshinis the WPS supposed to work in the simulator?
16:11:02 Quit ep0ch (" Want to be different? HydraIRC -> <-")
16:13:01 Join elinenbe [0] (
16:17:19 Quit ashridah (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:25:13 Quit leftright ("CGI:IRC")
17:17:07 Part preglow
17:33:23 Quit kenshin (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:40:32***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:52:40 Quit Audiophil ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
17:55:12 Join Sucka [0] (
17:59:36 Nick StrathAFK is now known as Strath (
18:03:20 Join ashridah__ [0] (
18:04:05 Nick ashridah__ is now known as ashridah (
18:18:18 Join Audiophil [0] (
18:22:19 Join kenshin [0] (
18:23:37 Quit Lost-ash (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:24:55 Quit Audiophil ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
18:32:07 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
18:32:44HClits unusually quiet here.
18:33:20CoCoLUSit was just unusually loud the last days
18:33:24 Join hubbel [0] (
18:35:32 Join Shagnar [0] (
18:36:46 Join Audiophil [0] (
18:38:05HCli dunno.
18:38:33Audiophilslasheri, how do i enable backlight dimming?
18:38:50 Join Tangleding [0] (
18:40:10Audiophilanyone else knows?
18:41:16Tangledingwhat's the question?
18:41:24Tangleding(not sure i can help)
18:41:28 Join as [0] (
18:41:30 Quit thegeek (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
18:41:41kenshini just loaded a build of the latest CVS source and dimming was on by default
18:42:10Tangledingseems it isn't de/activable from menu for now
18:42:22Tangleding"initial support" says the CVS log ;)
18:42:54kenshini'm sure there will be a menu option within a week or so
18:43:01hubbelSlasheri: just wondering why you used TIMTER1 and not "tick_add_task" functionality?
18:43:08Tangledingwith no doubt
18:45:38Tangledinganyway the dimming is nice to be true
18:47:02 Quit Audiophil ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
18:47:23TangledingSomething that would be nice as a fix for later
18:47:53Tangledingallow the remote EL-light to be always ON only with AC power
18:49:25Tangledingabout future ticking issue
18:49:35Tangledingi was wondering if something couldn't be done:
18:49:53Tangledingwhat about freezing remote scrolling during HD access?
18:50:01Tangledingit will fix the proble, no?
18:50:22Tangleding(excluding during navigation of course)
18:51:33Slasherihubbel: Hmm, that's a good question. Nobody told me about that function ;) Maybe it would worked too
18:56:02 Join GovCon [0] (
19:00:55markunDoes anyone know why the settings need to be saved when you pause? (only when resume is enabled)
19:01:55TangledingHi Markun
19:02:07Tangledingreally don't know
19:02:32markunMe neither. I would guess it's only needed when you press stop..
19:02:45Tangledingin fact i'm not sure i understood
19:03:17Tangledingyou talk about the config saved in inacessible HD part?
19:03:22Tangledingor *.cfg one?
19:03:43markunIf you have resume enabled and you press pause during playback the settings are being written to the inacessible HD part.
19:04:07Tangledingand not in STOP mode?
19:04:53markunlet me check..
19:06:52markunHm, no, don't think so.
19:07:15hubbelSlasheri: think it would be cleaner to use that instead of using the other timer (which might be needed for some more critical function)
19:07:49markunTangleding: I was mistaken, there is also HD activity if you press stop.
19:08:06Tangledingokay no problem
19:08:18Tangledingi was just making hypothesis
19:08:25Tangleding(i m not a developer)
19:08:31Slasherihubbel: that's true.. maybe it should moved to use kernel tick timer if it works that way
19:08:53hubbelSlasheri: think timer0 is at 100 hz
19:09:19Slasheriit's not possible
19:09:23Tangleding(i imagine the safe HDD part couldn't be acceeded in play mode?)
19:10:10Slashericurrent implementation needs to change timer period and kernel timer resolution is not high enough for that
19:13:10Slasheri100 Hz could be enough for some kind of dimming, but it would require to toggle backlight on every tick (or to do some calculations) and pwm cycles couldn't be long.. So that would be pretty inefficient and could lead to visible steps during dimming
19:15:16Tangledinghave good time all
19:15:22Tangledingi leave
19:15:34Slasheribye :)
19:15:38Slasherii go to sauna ->
19:15:44Tangledingeh eh
19:16:04markunhave a nice time then
19:33:39hubbelSlasheri: aha.. ok =)
19:37:29 Join yngwi [0] (
19:40:35***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:42:03 Quit kenshin (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
19:42:44Tangledingive a question
19:44:59linuxstbAsk away...
19:46:48 Join Spack [0] (
19:53:31 Quit Spack ("CGI:IRC")
19:54:19 Join mr_qno [0] (
19:59:36HClgod i hate tv commercials
20:00:57 Quit mr_qno ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
20:01:48elinenbeHCl: great words of wisdom :-)
20:01:55HCl :P
20:02:19HCli swear. some of these commercials make me want to torture the guy who thought of them.
20:02:41HClrenault = bad commercials
20:02:47HCland theres this local digital tv company
20:02:50HClwho has even worse commercials
20:04:05elinenbelocal commercials are always the worst
20:05:01 Quit markun (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
20:09:02Tangledingsorry i had to make some shopping
20:09:29Tangledingit's about Lame and gapless
20:09:47Tangledingis the issue solved or not?
20:09:55Tangledingi tested with latest build
20:10:19Tangledingand it was absolutely gapless when i used ff fw to get near track skipping
20:10:32Tangledingbut a firend told me he experimented same using ff fw
20:10:53Tangledingbut when he let the track ending "naturally" there was a little gap
20:10:59Tangledingisn't this strange?
20:11:36 Join preglow [0] (
20:11:53Tangledinghello Preglow
20:11:58preglowTangleding: if you used ff/rw as well, then it's pure luck you got gapless
20:12:05preglowseeking is very inaccurate
20:12:18preglowthat is, it's not pure luck, actually
20:12:29SlasheriHmm, forward seeking should be quite stable with mp3 :)
20:12:29preglowbut like i said on ha, gapless playback does not work currently
20:12:32Tangledingindeed it's imprecise
20:12:42Tangledingbut not to much
20:12:48preglowSlasheri: stable, yes, but not precise
20:12:58Tangledingokay gapless still doesnt work
20:13:10Slasheripreglow: yes, but at least it shouldn't now mess with the buffer position
20:13:12preglowno it doesn't, and i don't know why
20:13:16Tangledingi wonder why it was gapless using ff fwrd
20:13:36preglowSlasheri: i managed to lock playback up when i seeked to a position that hadn't been buffered yet. this was yesterday
20:13:43preglowSlasheri: i couldn't reproduce it, though
20:13:55Slasheriah.. interesting
20:13:57preglowTangleding: luck
20:14:02preglowTangleding: some files just wont work yet
20:14:32preglowSlasheri: i tried the same thing afterwards, then it worked fine, but the time before that, the playback just stopped, with the hdd led blinking fast
20:14:40preglowSlasheri: and it never stopped buffering, it seemed
20:14:46Tangledingokay thats very curious
20:14:54Slasherihmm, ok
20:15:29Slasherii will do some small redesing to buffer filling system so that it would never block. That should solve some problems
20:15:56preglowTangleding: don't hold your breath for gapless to work, unless amiconn or anyone else fixes it. i'm very busy right now
20:16:09preglowSlasheri: that sounds nice
20:16:17preglowbut anywho, gotta go again
20:16:20hubbelhm.. I'm using the remote-lcd to display recording waveform in realtime
20:16:30preglowhubbel: 1!!
20:16:35Slashericool :)
20:16:52preglowhubbel: gotten anywhere with the recording test, btw?
20:17:06hubbeli've also hacked together with a buffers and threads
20:17:22hubbelso the dma1 notifies the main thread when data has arrived
20:17:28Tangledingok Preglow
20:17:31Tangledingno problem
20:17:55preglowhubbel: any commits coming up? :)
20:18:25hubbelmaybe tomorrow
20:19:19hubbelmust try to write wav to disk and see how stable the code is =)
20:19:59preglowhmm, i suddenly find myself wanting to write an aiff codec plugin
20:20:04preglowtime to go before i actually do it
20:20:14 Part preglow
20:21:00Tangledingisn't a MacIntosh format?
20:21:20hubbelthink speex is going to be very handy to record longs sessions of speach.. 8 kbit/s and 16 kbit/s sounds pretty nice actually, so we only have to spin up the harddisk once in an hour or so =)
20:21:49hubbelspeech =)
20:22:52Tangledingspeex yes i Dled it yesteray
20:22:55Tangledingin prevision
20:53:19 Join LinusN [0] (
21:01:25 Join RotAtoR [0] (
21:02:32MoosHi Linus
21:02:45Moosca va?
21:03:25LinusNca va bien merci, et toi?
21:03:46Moostrés bien merci :)
21:04:24Moosstill in vacations? ;)
21:06:15Moosi hope you've got still a bit of your time for Rockbox ;)
21:07:26LinusNSlasheri: i like the backlight fading, but i think it should only fade out, not in
21:08:10SlasheriLinusN: Hmm, maybe that should be configurable.. I like fade in too :)
21:08:30Moosmaybe an option?
21:08:33LinusNdefinitely configurable
21:08:59LinusNi use to push a key to light the backlight, to see what's playing
21:09:15LinusNand then i don't want to wait for the backlight to go on
21:09:24Slasheriah, ok :)
21:09:39LinusNespecially not when driving a car
21:11:51CoCoLUSa question... i have a directory with 676 files in it
21:11:57 Quit Shagnar (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:12:07CoCoLUSwhen i try to open it, rockbox displays dir buffer full and displays only some of the files
21:12:14CoCoLUShow can i increase the dir buffer?
21:12:29CoCoLUSthere's an option in the settings under "limits", however, changing it doesn't help
21:13:18LinusNCoCoLUS: there is a faq you know
21:13:41LinusNand a manual
21:13:50LinusNanyway, you need to reboot
21:14:10LinusNset the option, exit the menu back to the browser, then shut off
21:14:11CoCoLUSah... well *blush*
21:14:20Tangledinghi linus
21:14:42CoCoLUSwell... with every other setting -not- needing a reboot... *cough*
21:15:12LinusNCoCoLUS: yes, the limits settings are special
21:15:31CoCoLUSwho would have reckoned such a windows-like behavour here? ;)
21:15:39CoCoLUSanyway, thanks.
21:15:40 Join kenshin [0] (
21:16:21MoosTang: re
21:16:31LinusNCoCoLUS: it's because the buffers are allocated at boot
21:17:03hubbelI really like to be able to logf to the remote lcd =)
21:17:20LinusNhubbel: then do it
21:17:27CoCoLUSis there a negative sideeffect when i increase them to much?
21:17:42LinusNCoCoLUS: smaller audio buffer
21:18:06CoCoLUSis that noticeable when i increase it from 400 to lets say 1000 ?
21:18:07LinusNCoCoLUS: it's not that much of a problem on iriver, but it is on archos
21:18:11hubbelLinusN: i do it all the time =)
21:18:24LinusNhubbel: ah, i misunderstood
21:18:43LinusNCoCoLUS: no, you won't notice
21:18:59CoCoLUSnice, thanks.
21:19:24LinusNbtw, 676 files in one dir? you're nuts!
21:19:47Tangledingsorry i went away
21:19:50Tangledingback now
21:19:54linuxstbI've just added logf to the plugin interface - can someone have a quick look to make sure it's OK? I've just duplicated the logic of the DEBUGF macro.
21:20:15 Join mrlala [0] (
21:20:28LinusNtry it, if it works it's probably ok :-)
21:20:37Tangledingany opinion on this:
21:20:38CoCoLUSyeah it's somewhat of a remnant
21:20:48CoCoLUSfrom the time where i didn't organize my music properly :)
21:21:06Tangledingabout future ticking issue
21:21:21Tangledingi was wondering if something couldn't be done:
21:21:23Tangledingwhat about freezing remote scrolling during HD access?
21:21:32Tangledingwhat about freezing remote scrolling during HD access?
21:21:40Tangleding(excluding during navigation of course)
21:22:13LinusNTangleding: why?
21:22:43Tangledingthe ticking isn't due to interference with HD access?
21:23:14linuxstbLinusN: In which case, it's probably OK....
21:23:29LinusNTangleding: i don't know, but i doubt it
21:23:44LinusNdoes rockbox tick?
21:24:01 Quit GovCon ("Client comited hari kari")
21:24:05Tangledingit tick with audio playback and LCD scrolling
21:24:10Tangledingi do'nt
21:24:15Moosfor me this like a beep but for remote
21:24:18Tangledingremember who assured this
21:24:45LinusNi have to go now
21:24:47Moosit's propably wanted by iriver fw
21:24:51LinusNcu around
21:25:01 Part LinusN
21:28:39hubbelBtw, recording is going pretty good.. I've just recorded > 1 minute to a wave file.. also I did a test to show the waveform in realtime on the remote lcd, very nice
21:29:42Tangledingnice hubbel
21:29:51 Join GovCon [0] (
21:32:49 Quit Sucka ("a bird in the bush is worth two in your house")
21:40:05 Join Yokalosh [0] (
21:40:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:48:58Yokaloshwhen is the next version of rockbox coming out if ever?
21:52:22bill2or3cool hubbel
21:59:22 Join MisticJeff [0] (
22:00:30 Join preglow [0] (
22:00:31MisticJeffQuestion for preglow or Slasheri:
22:02:14MisticJeffI don't like complaining but i have a request, anyway to have the ability to press any key when the backlight is off and have it just activate the backlight without actually activating the button function?
22:02:48]RowaN[that'd suck during the daytime, when you couldnt tell if it was on or off
22:03:05]RowaN[you'd see the screen, press a button, and nothing would happen in effect
22:03:15preglowwell, you usually know if its on or off
22:03:20preglowif you haven't touched it, it's off
22:03:52ashmm, just a small thing
22:03:56mrlalai usually flip the hold switch on then off again to turn the backlight on really quick
22:03:56 Nick as is now known as thegeek (
22:03:58]RowaN[what im saying is that in the daytime, you dont need to press once before you can "see" coz you can see anyway even with the backlight off
22:04:01thegeekon resume, it asks for PLAY button
22:04:08thegeekthis is joystick press on irirver rockbox
22:04:11]RowaN[just press vol up/down
22:04:17thegeekbut there is a dedicated play button too
22:04:21thegeekthis is confusing.
22:04:53SlasheriHmm, i think that backlight should active when player is on hold and user presses any key
22:05:04]RowaN[who would i need to nag around here to get fade out on track skip option implemented?
22:06:11 Quit Yokalosh (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
22:06:15Slasheri]RowaN[: at least crossfade on track skip will be implemented later
22:06:39]RowaN[ok cool
22:06:52Slasheribut maybe fade out only is a good idea if crossfade is not available at the moment you skip the track
22:07:18preglowyou can switch of fade out
22:07:24preglowit's been in settings for a long time
22:07:44MisticJeffwhat do you think guys??
22:08:09preglowpersonally i don't think i'll ever need it, but i see how it can be useful, yes
22:08:12CoCoLUSpreglow, about the bass/treble settings, they are equal to the iriver settings, are they?
22:08:22preglowCoCoLUS: should be
22:08:42MisticJeffnothing more agrivating that hitting the joystick to the right or left while a song is playing but the backlight is off and then skipping to the next song when all you wanted to do was turn on the backlight to see what was up
22:08:47CoCoLUSbecause i got distortions using the same settings as with the orig. fw on some tracks
22:08:52CoCoLUSnoticable on the new jack johnson ;)
22:12:38CoCoLUSdidn't amiconn report something similar?
22:14:55 Join webguest08 [0] (
22:14:56MisticJeffahhhh... MisticJeff solved own problem by realizing the record button currently does nothing while a song is playing, activates the backlight nicely. Back into lurkdom
22:15:08preglowMisticJeff: well, let's hope that lasts...
22:15:20preglowCoCoLUS: iriver firmware might be compensating by reducing the main volume
22:15:47CoCoLUSand that could be tested/confirmed by doing... what? :)
22:16:29preglowby doing the same in rockbox?
22:16:43CoCoLUSand comparing the output
22:18:49 Quit webguest08 (Client Quit)
22:22:18]RowaN[<Slasheri> but maybe fade out only is a good idea if crossfade is not available at the moment you skip the track
22:22:19]RowaN[What seems to happen when you skip tracks in winamp (when using DirectSound output plugin) is that the current song fades out quickly (in 500ms) but the next track seems to start almost immediately. It might sound strange, but I think its just perfect because its happy medium between crossfading and not crossfading - the next track starts immediatly (so you're not waiting around to hear it), yet the song you leave doesnt end
22:25:24]RowaN[basically the 2 songs are playing at the same time for a very small moment (1st track is fading, next track starts over the top at full volume)
22:25:39]RowaN[its very pleasing on the ears =]
22:26:19]RowaN[one of those features that is a pain to live without once you've got used to it
22:27:32 Quit mrlala (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
22:35:51 Join asdsd____ [0] (
22:37:34 Quit belgarath ("CGI:IRC")
22:38:10 Part asdsd____
22:55:50 Quit GovCon (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:57:24 Join StrathAFK [0] (
23:04:14 Quit Tangleding (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:07:22 Quit Strath (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:11:56 Quit kenshin (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:22:55elinenbeneed a roomba?
23:23:54BagderI need clues
23:24:13BagderI wonder if the h300 has the same adc support has the h100
23:24:24Bagderas the...
23:24:37 Join Musicmad [0] (
23:27:05Musicmadhubbel: just read the irc log. You did som recording on the iriver?
23:28:37preglowyes, he did
23:28:42preglowi also have done so ;)
23:28:55 Quit RotAtoR ()
23:29:12Musicmadok :) - he just mentioned realtime display of the waveform being recorded. That would be a kick ass feature I think.
23:29:18preglowyes, i agree
23:29:20preglowit's very cool
23:29:43Musicmadnice when checking for "overs".
23:29:52Musicmadcurrent firmware ready lacks in this aspect.
23:30:55 Quit soom ()
23:32:38 Join ghode|afk [0] (
23:37:43hubbelMusicmad: yes, support for recording is on it's way
23:38:02Musicmadgreat news.
23:38:38Bagderthe keypad difference between the h100 and h300 is annoying to fix in the code
23:40:04hubbelIt's a tradeoff when selecting size of each sampling-buffer, small is nice when you want a responsive waveform and large is nice because larger write's to the file is more battery efficient I guess
23:40:41***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:41:12hubbelOr one could use small dma transfers to get the waveform and delaying the write to file until a large-enough size has been sampled.. hm
23:41:34Musicmadsounds good
23:49:28preglowBagder: i wouldn't say the crt0.S code is MCF5249 specific
23:49:38preglowit's highly dependent on where peripherals are connected, no?
23:50:17Bagderit really is h1x0-specific...
23:50:52BagderI'll revert
23:54:42 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
23:55:34preglowno problem
23:55:50preglowi thought about fixing that myself the other day, and thought about it

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