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#rockbox log for 2005-06-23

00:00:06LinusNhow did you find out?
00:00:20preglowthe halo
00:00:21psycho_maniac420and i figured out how to have loud enoguh volume to listen to it while mowing the lawn haha
00:00:25preglowit's a dead giveaway
00:00:26OnkelJonasoh... its just that each loaded image gets a number right? (so max 10)
00:01:17psycho_maniac420somebody wanna show me a screen shot of a image on there wps? sound intresting
00:01:27OnkelJonastheres one at the forum
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00:03:42psycho_maniac999pressed wrong button
00:10:28psycho_maniac999could you give me the link to that picture again. sorry i lost it
00:10:41 Quit benjimima ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
00:10:47preglowthere, pretty pretty codecs
00:10:56preglowgotta go, then
00:11:00 Part preglow
00:12:56psycho_maniac999looks ciool
00:13:26MoxonLinusN: Wish me luck ;)
00:14:27OnkelJonasis there anything wrong with %x1|images/logo.bmp|10|10 ? its the first line in my wps, and my player freezes when i start plaing (wps works fine without the image)
00:15:12t0maspsycho_maniac999: the first image on rockbox wps ever: ;-)
00:15:45OnkelJonasimage is .rockbox/images/logo.bmp 1bpp
00:16:02LinusNMoxon: look ok, maybe we should have a defined set of files to test with, amiconn has a good start for mp3
00:16:27amiconnI should encode a layer 1 set as well
00:16:37psycho_maniac999where do i get the simulator?
00:16:43LinusNOnkelJonas: how big is the image?
00:16:50amiconnCurrently I have the same song, encoded as layer2 and layer3, all possible bitrates
00:16:52LinusNpsycho_maniac999: you build it
00:17:04amiconn...and all possible sampling frequencies
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00:17:19amiconn210 files, 6012 MB
00:17:23amiconnbah 601 MB
00:17:41LinusNpsycho_maniac999: the simulator is almost only useful for developers
00:17:56t0masand for screenshotting tests ;)
00:18:01LinusNamiconn: holy moses
00:18:07amiconnI could encode the same set as other formats, as I still have the .wav sources
00:18:21psycho_maniac999ok then its not for me....
00:18:48amiconnlayer 1 might take a while; the only layer1 encoder I have is running on Amiga
00:18:55amiconn...but it's a good one
00:20:00psycho_maniac999it sure is
00:21:29psycho_maniac999what is stereo width?
00:21:55MoxonLinusN: yes a set of files will a good thing. But they should be free files to avoid any legal troubles!
00:22:10LinusNMoxon: of course
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00:22:24Moxonamiconn: are you online?
00:23:55 Part LinusN
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00:25:28wacky_I have an .ogg file that breaks playback on the Rockbox
00:25:53wacky_I have CVS from two days ago
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00:28:20wacky_LinusN - you read what I just said ?! :)
00:28:41amiconnLinusN: How would I change my email address for the mailing list?
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00:29:14LinusNwacky_: try the latest bleeding edge
00:29:26wacky_you think the Q10 stuff will have that fixed ?
00:30:02Bagderamiconn: subscribe the new, unsubscribe the old
00:30:07wacky_ogginfo says: Negative granulepos on vorbis stream outside of headers. This file was created by a buggy encoderNegative granulepos on vorbis stream outside of headers. This file was created by a buggy encoder
00:30:24amiconnBagder: ok
00:30:40wacky_but it plays well on some other players
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00:31:14wacky_hmm.. I'll have to look into this later
00:31:51wacky_hey, tell me guys, is there more interest in the rockbox now that the remaining job is mostly software devel ?
00:36:06LinusNwacky_: i don't understand the question
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00:38:53wacky_is there more people interested or participating into the project now that only software work is required ?
00:39:15thegeekdevelopment has accelerated since the basics were implemented
00:39:18thegeekif that is what you are asking;)
00:39:29LinusNwacky_: i think there is more interest now that we have come to a point where you can actually *use* rockbox
00:39:43*amiconn broke the iriver sim :(
00:39:55LinusNamiconn: congrats
00:43:16wacky_yeah :) cool :) what's developing the fastest ?
00:45:03wacky_what's being worked on the most ?
00:47:28LinusNmulticodec architecture atm
00:48:14 Quit Stryke` ("Friends don't let friends listen to Anti-Flag")
00:48:26wacky_nice :)
00:48:35wacky_ok see you later
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01:19:37amiconnLinusN: I just had an idea. Couldn't we assign software poweroff to a long press of MENU on the player?
01:20:02LinusNamiconn: interesting idea
01:20:29amiconnIt's not yet assigned, and MENU closely matches OFF on the recorder...
01:20:34LinusNwonderfully confusing :-)
01:20:47LinusNi like it
01:21:15amiconnHmm, maybe it's a bit confusing...
01:21:38amiconnI think I should incorporate that USB power patch for units which benefit from it
01:21:49amiconn(fm/v2, Ondios)
01:21:59LinusNgood idea
01:22:21amiconnNow that we have early usb there should be no showstopper anymore
01:22:33amiconnMy sis is waiting for it ;-)
01:22:38LinusNgo ahead
01:23:06amiconnShe uses her Ondio at the office, and almost drains one full set of rechargeables per day
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01:23:53*amiconn just tries to avoid tackling the graphics api ;)
01:24:15amiconnNah, seriously, I just want to clean up some bits & pieces
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01:26:48*LinusN is working on onplay for wps
01:27:00amiconnOooh, nice :)
01:27:05amiconnSomeone asked today
01:27:17LinusNdon't they do that every day? :-)
01:27:22amiconn(or rather yesterday)
01:27:54LinusNi'll use button_play|button_repeat on recorder
01:28:13amiconnProblem: Ondio...
01:28:24LinusNi knew it...
01:28:42amiconnPlay==Right on Ondio, and Right|repeat is ffwd
01:36:31linuxstbIs anyone looking at the broken H100 sim? I get a different error to the automatic build:
01:36:33linuxstbapps/settings.c:770: undefined reference to `lcd_remote_set_flip'
01:36:35 Quit Bger (No route to host)
01:36:53linuxstb(this is the X11 sim)
01:37:54 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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01:41:03amiconn_Grmpf, providers :-/
01:41:15 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
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01:41:21LinusNlinuxstb: i'm on windows atm (shrug)
01:42:31amiconnLinusN: On ondio, all buttons with&without repeat are taken with the current layout
01:42:37amiconnUp/down (+repeat) = volume
01:42:43amiconnLeft/Right = skip
01:42:48amiconnLeft/Right + repeat = rew/ffwd
01:42:52amiconnMode = browser
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01:42:59amiconnMode + repeat = menu
01:43:07amiconnOnOff = pause
01:43:18Maxime`and 2 buttons combined? :x
01:43:25amiconnOnOff + repeat = stop (but not too long)
01:43:45amiconnTheres even a hard-to-get combo, Mode+Down = keylock
01:44:05LinusNamiconn: so onplay on ondio might not work...
01:44:12amiconnYou need to press this so that no button repeats before
01:44:18linuxstbLinusN: Don't worry, it's my mistake - I forgot to update the uisimulator directory (I don't use the sims very often).
01:45:10amiconnLinusN: Could the functionality be added to the main menu dynamically?
01:45:54amiconnBtw, the keylock combo isn't that hard to get, as the buttons are adjacent
01:46:05amiconnSo you just need a large enough thumb...
01:46:37amiconnThe other 2-button combo reachable this way would be Mode+Left
01:51:00LinusNamiconn: dynamic main menu might be the best solution
01:54:49amiconnLinusN: Hmm, can the fm/v2 recorder be powered down while USB is connected?
01:55:11 Quit MrStaticVoid ("leaving")
01:55:53amiconnI mean hardware wise
01:58:07Moosgood night guys
01:58:15amiconnnite Moos
01:58:21 Part Moos
02:02:13*]RowaN[ has trouble finding a BDF font editor
02:02:30amiconn]RowaN[: pfaedit or fontforge
02:02:38amiconn(as it is called now)
02:03:37]RowaN[god itslike swimming through treacle trying to find a binary
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02:14:20amiconnLinusN ??
02:16:50 Quit hicks ("Too lazy to change my quit message")
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02:28:33LinusNamiconn: i *think* the fm/v2 can be powered down when usb is connected
02:28:46amiconnDon't you have one?
02:28:52LinusNat home
02:28:57amiconnAh, yes
02:31:48amiconnAnyone else you know of who I could ask?
02:32:33LinusNdon't remember
02:40:53]RowaN[would it be possible for the iriver screen to fade on, on powerup? or does the bootloader only kick in after everything is turned on
02:41:31]RowaN[hmm install cygwin environment.. that sounds like a never ending nightmare
02:41:49]RowaN[back in my day people made stand-alone applications
02:42:47LinusN]RowaN[: i don't want to add unnecessary features to the boot loader
02:42:55LinusNto keep it safe
02:43:01]RowaN[fair enough
02:43:28amiconnLinusN: Does the bootloader switch on the backlight, or is it on by hardware default?
02:44:09LinusNdefault, methinks
02:46:07 Quit Rori ()
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03:08:41yyzhmm, i thought daily builds were playing mp3s, albeit without much optimisation?
03:09:22LinusNyyz: ...and?
03:09:39yyzI04: IllInstry @ some mem addr
03:10:55yyzand the accompanying lock-up
03:12:07LinusNthe 0622 build is broken, try the latest bleeding edge
03:12:31yyzjust my luck
03:12:35yyzthankyou :)
03:17:41 Join DMJC [0] (
03:29:17amiconnLinusN: Now I have USB power only mode working, even with visual feedback :-)
03:29:41amiconnThere will be a tiny USB plug displayed in place of the power plug symbol
03:30:08amiconnIn case of units which can have both, the USB plug is overridden by the power plug
03:30:50amiconn(Tested on rec v1, although rec v1 has no real advantage from plugged USB)
03:31:34LinusNmajor context menu commit coming up
03:31:54LinusNstill not working 100%, but it's a step forward
03:31:58amiconnHope that doesn't conflict with my changes :-/
03:32:30LinusNhope so
03:32:33LinusNi'll go to bed now
03:32:42amiconnusb.[ch], icons.[ch], powermgmt.c and some config-*.h
03:32:57LinusNamiconn: you're safe
03:33:11amiconnnite LinusN
03:33:15LinusNgotta sleep, hope i didn't break too many builds
03:33:25LinusNcu tomorrow
03:33:29 Part LinusN
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03:53:05yyzanyway to comment a wps file? cant find it in custom_wps_format.txt
04:01:22amiconnyyz: "A line beginning with # is a comment" from
04:03:12yyzthanking you
04:03:20yyzi should try harder, but meh, its 3am
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04:28:39dapureplayahi. Just wondering, the last couple builds, i've noticed slower track changing while a song is playing (takes like a couple seconds before it plays the track i select. Is it my player or is it just a small build bug? I'm just not too sure because my player has been acting up a little bit recently.
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05:09:14 Join AEnertia [0] (~aenertia@
05:09:17AEnertiaHey All
05:09:27AEnertiaI'm having difficulty building the ui
05:11:44AEnertiaI'm getting cannot find convbdf, the source is in the tools dir but it's not building it from my builddir ../tools/configure invocation
05:11:57AEnertiathis is a clean checkout
05:12:05 Quit courtc (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:12:55 Join courtc [0] (
05:16:50AEnertiaCC sound.c
05:16:50AEnertiamake[1]: /opt/rockbox/rockbox-all/tools/convbdf: Command not found
05:16:50DBUGEnqueued KICK AEnertia
05:16:50AEnertiamake[1]: *** [/opt/rockbox/rockbox-all/audiohistory/firmware/sysfont.o] Error 127
05:16:50AEnertiamake: *** [all] Error 2
05:16:58AEnertiaany tips
05:17:47 Quit Audiophil (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
05:17:59ashridahAEnertia: go into the 'tools' directory and run make
05:18:02ashridahthen try again
05:18:21AEnertiayeah I get no tagets i tried that already
05:18:39AEnertiaerr hold on... maybe not...
05:19:47AEnertiahrm now other issues
05:19:55AEnertiaTLS issues...
05:20:00AEnertiaIs rockbox safe on AMD64?
05:20:33ashridahwhat part of rockbox are you trying to compile? simulator? or cross compiling to target a player?
05:20:45AEnertiaDevelopment with Simulator
05:20:53AEnertiaI'm writing a plugin
05:21:09ashridahthat explains why you weren't having trouble building the cross compiler. :)
05:21:17ashridahthat said, i don't think anyone's tried it on amd64 yet
05:21:25AEnertiausing gcc 3.4.4
05:21:39AEnertiaI think I might have tried it way back over a year ago
05:21:40ashridahbut preglow has poked at amd64 and rockbox development in the past
05:22:06AEnertiaI'll try it in a linux32 console and see what happens
05:22:53 Join TCK [0] (
05:23:57AEnertiaLD rockboxui
05:23:57AEnertia/usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/3.4.4/../../../../x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/bin/ld: errno: TLS definition in /lib64/ section .tbss mismatches non-TLS reference in /opt/rockbox/rockbox-all/audiohistory/librockbox.a(errno.o)
05:23:57AEnertiacollect2: ld returned 1 exit status
05:23:57***Alert Mode level 1
05:23:57AEnertiamake[1]: *** [/opt/rockbox/rockbox-all/audiohistory/rockboxui] Error 1
05:23:58***Alert Mode level 2
05:23:58AEnertiamake: *** [all] Error 2
05:24:05AEnertiaGuessing it's the Xlibrary trying to link in
05:24:18CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
05:24:18*AEnertia checks to see if he has 32bit X librarys in chroot
05:26:13 Join Byron [0] (byron@
05:26:50ByronIs the battery for the Jukebox FM Recorder 20 compatible with the Archos Jukebox Recorder 20?
05:28:17ByronI have a Recorder 20 which gives me an ata-1 error, tried swapping the battery with the FM Recorder and when that battery is in the unit it dosen't even attempt to boot up... as if the battery was not making contact.
05:31:39kenshinAEnertia: neither preglow nor I have managed a successful build of gcc for m68k in amd64.
05:32:14kenshinAEnertia: i've only gotten it to work in a 32-bit chroot
05:32:29AEnertiaOk that's good enough for me... I have a chroot...
05:32:38AEnertiaI'm getting funny issues now tho
05:33:11kenshinand you'll have to build gcc-3.4.4 (3.3.4 builds bad executables and 4.0 doesn't work)
05:33:35AEnertiamy chroot has 3.3.5 is that ok?
05:33:59***Alert Mode OFF
05:34:04kenshinnot sure. haven't tried but i'd say probably not.
05:34:17kenshin3.4.4 definitely work, though
05:34:19AEnertiaOk I have 3.4.4 sources so I'll build that
05:34:34AEnertiaAny particular way I should buld it in the chroot (using gentoo)
05:34:52AEnertiai'm just building xorg at the moment.
05:35:09kenshinmake sure you clear out all your previous rockbox objects and build them with 3.4.4
05:35:21AEnertiait's a clean tree
05:35:47kenshinfollow the directions on
05:38:50AEnertiaarg the directions are pretty spaz
05:41:40kenshinbut the actually work
05:42:41kenshinall the ../gcc-3.4.4/congifure business keeps the gcc tree clean
05:43:03***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:47:25AEnertiaDo i really need the patch?
05:47:52AEnertiaBecause i'm thinking an emerge gcc binutils will work
05:48:19kenshinyou have to build the sources. you're not building a normal compiler. it's a cross-compiler.
05:48:51kenshindoes emerge grab the sources without building them?
05:49:01AEnertiacan I set a flag in my global make.conf to tell gcc to build the cross compiler target/
05:50:17kenshini doubt it. when you run configure, it does a crapload of stuff to get the right target settings.
05:50:38kenshinit's really not that hard to grab the source, unpack it, build a couple dirs, and run a few commands.
05:51:52AEnertiaYeah I know but it will screw up my chroot
05:52:51kenshinHow? As long as you provide a −−prefix and −−target it won't mess up anything.
05:53:25kenshinif your −−target is "m68k-elf" you build "m68k-elf-gcc" in the directory you specify with −−prefix
06:01:59ByronIs the battery for the Jukebox FM Recorder 20 compatible with the Archos Jukebox Recorder 20?
06:02:08ByronI have a Recorder 20 which gives me an ata-1 error, tried swapping the battery with the FM Recorder and when that battery is in the unit it dosen't even attempt to boot up... as if the battery was not making contact.
06:04:40AEnertiaByron Look at the wiki there is a whole page on batterys
06:05:03Byronthank you
06:08:23kenshinAEnertia: any luck with your cross-compiles, yet?
06:09:40ashridahkenshin: he's building the simulator, not a build for one of the targets, afaik
06:13:04AEnertiaJust reading the gentoo
06:13:09AEnertiawiki entries
06:13:21AEnertiaThere is a crossdev ebuild which apparently makes everything easy
06:13:48AEnertiaYeah I only really want the simulator and devel environment
06:14:06AEnertiaI don't have any hardware here to test on
06:14:26AEnertiaMy Partner has my Iriver in singapore, and my JBRv2 is DEAD
06:16:53ashridahthen you don't need a cross compiler
06:19:25AEnertiaHmm... So my inital suspicious it just being X libs is probably correct
06:20:11AEnertiaAnyways it's given me a reason to update my chroot environment
06:25:06kenshinsorry. missed that he only wanted to simulator.
06:26:30kenshini'm engrossed in trying to figure out Apache's mod_rewrite voodoo
06:26:33AEnertiaX didn't build properly in the chroot originally so i'm guessing thats the issue
06:26:56ByronAEnertia, what happened to your Recorder?
06:27:08AEnertiaIt's really REally Dead has been for a long time.
06:27:37AEnertiaI'm pretty sure the battery got cooked from using it with a 500ma car adaptor
06:27:44Byronwhat's wrong with it, the reason I ask is because I'm getting a panic ata-1 error on my recorder 20
06:28:03AEnertiaBasically undersupplying current to Lion batterys is a bad idea
06:28:20AEnertiaThey will work fine, but will get stupidly hot and eventually stop holding a charge
06:28:55AEnertiaThat's what happen to mine, the heat managed to screw the PCB a bit upon an autopsy
06:29:14ByronI tried swapping the battery from an FM Recorder into my recorder 20, and the good battery didn't give my broken recorder enough juice to even boot up, so something is funky, plus, the battery wouldn't come out and I had to take it apart to get it out.
06:29:30AEnertiathe v2 needs a charge in the battery even with mains power
06:29:59AEnertiaYou can try charging it overnight via usb
06:30:12Byronalso, the debug screen says that the battery has 3.80v, and never gets any higher
06:30:13AEnertiait might "Just Work"(tm) in the morning if your lucky
06:31:02Byronthe first thing I see is a frozen RockBox screen when I plug in.
06:32:19Byronshould I see a charging screen instead of this frozen screen?
06:33:24Byronooohhh, the rockbox screen gave-way after about 2 mins to a debug screen, it says 4.52v and it says batt: %82
06:35:23AEnertiaHave you tried using archos firmware upon boot
06:35:41AEnertiaHold down f1+on I think
06:36:08Byronit just sticks at about %25 loading
06:36:24Byronwhat does f3 do?
06:36:58AEnertiaBah read the faq, one of the key held on while turning on reverts to the archos original firmware
06:37:29AEnertiaOh sorry, the archos firmware sits at 25%
06:37:44ByronYep, it's F1, it gets stuck though
06:38:13AEnertiaYeah I would just let it sit forever until the battery is drained. Then charge it via usb slowly over a couple of days. Then see what happens
06:38:52Byrontoo bad there is no quick discharge option somewhere
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09:27:10t0masho B4gder
09:27:17 Join Maxime`Mrn [0] (
09:27:52t0masis it to hot to do anything there too?
09:28:03amiconnhi B4gder
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09:41:44bobTHChi folks !
09:42:31 Quit webguest39 (Client Quit)
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09:43:27 Quit Seed (Nick collision from services.)
09:43:35 Join Seed [0] (
09:50:05 Quit webguest76 ("CGI:IRC")
09:54:08 Join kergoth [0] (
09:55:37 Part kergoth ("Leaving")
10:08:05 Join pitman [0] (~Pitman@
10:16:35 Quit linuxstb ("Leaving")
10:20:54 Join mborus [0] (
10:23:32mborusHi, with the current bleeding there's a problem with mp2 48 kHz playback buffering.
10:23:38mborusOn start it buffers and plays until 1:12. The buffering
10:23:42mborusis startet every 10-15 seconds and often, the sound stops
10:23:47mborusbefore the HD spins up.
10:23:53mborusThis worked better with yesterday's build which played for
10:23:57mborusa full hour without any stuttering.
10:24:01mborusI'm using a two hour 192k mp2 soundfile on a HP140.
10:25:21t0masthat's preglows up/down sampling code
10:25:40t0masI guess it takes to much cpu to downsample from 48 Khz
10:25:56mborusyes, but why the buffering after 1:12?
10:26:10 Quit Maxime`Mrn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:26:10t0masdon't know
10:26:13B4gdersounds like the initial 2MB buffer
10:26:33B4gderbut Slasheri's the man to tell
10:27:09 Join Flemmard [0] (
10:27:14SlasheriHmm, yep. That sounds like a buffering problem. I can test that later with mp2 file. Now i have to go
10:28:42mborusOK, have to go too.
10:29:06 Quit mborus ("CGI:IRC")
10:34:50HClits not often that i have my own nightmares telling me to wake up
10:39:19 Join Aison [0] (
10:39:50pitmanur in the wrong timezone mate... I'm just finishing up work listening to some music thanks to rockbox ;-)
10:40:25*B4gder brought his iriver this morning only to find out that his install fails to play music...
10:41:13pitmantodays build (20050623) seems to be a bit buggier than previous builds
10:42:15 Join Maxime`Mrn [0] (
10:42:18pitmanmy plylist is jumping around a bit... and there is quite a delay between when you press play and the song starts
10:42:32t0masthat delay is new
10:42:39t0masdon't know
10:42:41B4gderit was reported already a few days ago
10:42:50t0masI think it has something todo with the crossfade code?
10:43:28pitmanic... I have one particular Mp3 that doesnt play quite right... but it plays using other software (ie xmms)
10:43:44B4gderpitman: 44.1Khz ?
10:44:09pitmanyeah... I have seen others reporting playback problems... but this doesnt seem to be the same
10:44:31pitmanit is just the one MP3 (out of 6000) that I have found that does it so far
10:44:58B4gderI bet Slasheri and the lot would be happy if you could make it available for download/testing
10:45:00amiconnMrf. The wps context patch took away a number of features from the main menu, but the Ondio can't have wps context. So some features are no longer available :(
10:45:42 Join Maxou` [0] (
10:45:44amiconnI'll try to re-add these options for Ondio only
10:45:51amiconn(#ifndef WPS_CONTEXT)
10:46:09pitmanthis might seem like a stupid question but... how do you make it available for download/testing?
10:47:35B4gderpitman: how big is it?
10:47:51pitmanabout 4Mb
10:49:54t0maspitman: do you have some hosting space at your isp?
10:50:18pitmannah... I'm actually just at work (university)
10:50:48t0mashm... most universities give some webspace?
10:50:50pitmanI can email it to someone
10:51:02pitmanyeah... australia is a bit backward
10:51:20t0mashm... B4gder? maybe we should start some dump thing on the rockbox site?
10:51:31pitmanwe were so excited when our campus upgraded to win95 last week
10:51:53amiconnThis can't be an upgrade...
10:52:21pitmanhehe... I suppose we are also in the stage of blissful ignorance ;-)
10:52:49pitmanbefore anyone realised how much of a monster windows can actually become
10:52:59t0masBleep Bleep Bleep
10:53:10t0masroot@athlon build # acpi -t
10:53:10t0mas Thermal 1: ok, 56.0 degrees C
10:53:20t0maswho set that to 55.0
10:54:43 Join Harpy [0] (
10:55:29amiconnt0mas: Athlons can take much higher temperatures
10:55:34t0masI know
10:55:41Maxou`up to 85-100 depending on the cpu
10:55:43t0masthat's why I'm wondering who set it this low...
10:55:47Maxou`mobile athon can take 100
10:55:52t0masit's an XP 3200+
10:55:59ze100C? damn thats hot
10:56:07t0masafaik 90C is the max
10:56:36t0masnever noticed this low alert... it's normally < 40
10:56:47amiconnOn an athlon I'd set an alarm to 75 or 80 °C
10:56:51 Join Chamois [0] (
10:57:15t0masI normally set em to 65
10:57:22t0masthen I know when the fan is breaking :)
10:57:43t0masshit... there is no way to stop the alert from software :X
10:57:53amiconnBIOS alarm?
10:58:50*t0mas raises his music volume
11:00:20HCljust reboot
11:00:27 Quit Flemmard (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:01:16t0masthere is a reason for it to be at 100% load...
11:01:19t0masI'm using it :P
11:01:49t0masload average: 6.53, 5.39, 5.95
11:01:56HClto do what?
11:01:57 Quit Maxime`Mrn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:02:00HCl 10:54:50 up 109 days, 21:47, 14 users, load average: 4.01, 4.01, 4.00
11:02:16HCli'm at load 4 by default
11:02:32HClbut since i have 4 cpus, thats fine
11:03:02*t0mas forgot his servers birthday last week :(
11:03:04t0masbobby:~# uptime
11:03:04t0mas 11:02:26 up 307 days, 1:49, 1 user, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
11:03:17HClbirthday? >.>
11:03:24t0maswell... 300th day ;)
11:03:39t0masit's exacly as old as the uptime...
11:03:53t0masI installed it the day it came in here... and it's been running ever since
11:04:14t0masstill running a 2.4 kernel :)
11:04:15t0masLinux bobby 2.4.18-1-686 #1 Wed Apr 14 18:20:10 UTC 2004 i686 unknown
11:05:05t0masbut after this compile... I'll have to reboot anyway
11:05:06HClLinux titania #7 SMP Mon Dec 13 21:22:37 CET 2004 i686 GNU/Linux
11:05:14t0masso I can change this irritating alert
11:06:04*HCl stretches.
11:06:08HClhmm, hunger
11:06:11*t0mas looks for something to eat
11:06:12t0masoh lol
11:06:15*HCl guesses he'll get up
11:07:25 Join markun [0] (
11:07:35markunmorning everyone
11:11:45HClhey markun
11:11:55markunFeeling better today?
11:12:00HClyea, just sleepy
11:12:12markunWill you do the AI exam on friday?
11:12:18HClum. no.
11:12:56 Join preglow [0] (
11:14:32preglowjust got a mail from david bryant, and he to more or less recommended that we try to keep the data format as high resolutioned as possible all the way
11:16:43t0masbeeping has stopped
11:16:44amiconnHmm, this is very non-trivial
11:17:19amiconnB4gder: What do you think? I've got an idea for wps context on Ondio, but I'm not sure whether this will be nice...
11:17:55amiconn...a long press of the MODE button in wps could call the context menu *instead* of the main menu
11:18:18B4gderpersonally, I think I would like that
11:18:26amiconnAnother (short) press of the MODE button could then switch to main menu
11:18:28B4gderif I had an Ondio
11:19:15amiconn...instead of leaving the menu again like normal
11:19:25amiconnThis is a bit inconsistent though...
11:19:48amiconnMaybe this could/should be even made the default behaviour for context menus?
11:20:33amiconnI mean, switch from context menu to main menu with the menu button, whatever that is
11:20:39amiconnOr just on Ondio?
11:20:57B4gderwe could try to make it generic and see how it feels
11:21:19preglowhe's also done some spdif recordings of how the iriver firmware does resampling
11:21:23B4gderthere's not the same need on non-ondio, but it might be nice
11:21:28preglowand it seems they actually use iir filters for 48->44.1
11:21:50preglowand sinc interpolation for upsampling
11:22:05amiconnThen I would define WPS_CONTEXT to be BUTTON_MENU|BUTTON_REPEAT on Ondio, and undefine WPS_MENU instead
11:22:27amiconnpreglow: iir filters??
11:22:56B4gderthat's the file pitman gets playback problems with
11:24:25pitmanB4gder: have you tried it on your iriver?
11:24:49B4gderI can't do it now
11:25:15pitmanabout a week ago when it had the 20050616 build the problem was different from what I get now
11:25:51pitmanlast week... the song played ok, but the timer moved at about 2 times the speed
11:26:06pitmanso the song finished and went onto the next track before it should have
11:26:10B4gderIIR =
11:26:27pitmanbut now... I cant even reconise the song it plays so poorly
11:26:33Chamoiswhat software shall i use to encode a cd in mp3 gapless ?
11:26:40B4gderChamois: lame
11:26:50B4gderlame −−nogap
11:26:54preglowamiconn: just a kind of moderatly quick filter
11:27:10ChamoisB4gder : thx
11:27:25preglowakin to analogue filters in how they function
11:30:10preglowdavid said he'd be interested in helping us out with this when he's done with implementing wavpack recording
11:30:30preglowencoding, that is
11:31:18preglowso thus far the iriver firmware certainly seems to be doing a better job than us in resampling
11:31:23preglowwhich isn't really surprising...
11:37:06amiconnB4gder: It's not too hard implementing this behaviour, thanks to the callback feature in the menu functions
11:38:56Slasheripitman: if possible, please email the file to me at
11:39:28amiconnSlasheri: B4gder made it available for download, pitman-problem.mp3">
11:39:46Slasheriah, good :)
11:40:59pitmanhey guys... I know this idea has been shot-down with regard to the Archos... but do you think that the iriver could do multitrack recording?
11:41:43pitmanideally... if the recorder could take the left and right channels and record them as two separate mono tracks...
11:42:07Slasherihmm, that is of course possible
11:42:17pitmanthen to play them back it could mix and play them
11:42:27pitmanthat would be wicked for song-writing
11:43:10***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:43:19amiconnB4gder: Any objections if I assign MENU_EXIT2 a special meaning
11:43:46amiconnI sorted the MENU_EXIT* buttons to be *2 the menu button on all platforms
11:44:02amiconn...and check for that in onplay()
11:47:44amiconnHmm, I should better rename it...
11:48:20preglowpitman: i believe you'd end up with a lot of crosstalk
11:49:17 Join yyz [0] (
11:49:46pitmancrosstalk? ur talking to a newbie sorry :-s
11:51:28pitmanI had the impression that the iriver was software-based encoding-decoding?
11:52:42preglowthe contents of one channel might leak over into the other
11:52:46preglowthat's crosstalk
11:52:52 Join yyz- [0] (
11:53:00pitmanoh... I see
11:53:07preglowso if you plan on using each of the channels in the stereo plug to carry seperate audio...
11:53:14preglowbut i don't know if its so bad it's a problem
11:53:38pitmanyeah... I do it a bit with cassett tapes and stuff like that... it works ok.. ish
11:53:39amiconnThe iriver playback crosstalk is quite high
11:54:19zedepends on if you want true binaural or not
11:54:29pitmanhow about just recording one track at a time... but having other tracks mixing and playing back at the same time as you are recording?
11:54:53pitmanis that even possible?... I know I am probably getting a bit ahead of myself here
11:55:03preglowvery possible
11:55:15pitmaneven that would be cool
11:55:19preglowdepends on how much you wanna record
11:55:27pitmanlike a little 4-track
11:55:27preglowtoo many tracks at once, and we might have problems reading them off the disk
11:55:40preglowshould be possible
11:55:52pitmanyeah... 4 tracks is great for recording ideas and stuff
11:56:06preglowi can imagine
11:56:21pitmanthen... I know that for CPU things you get this latency-problem
11:56:46pitmanmust admit that I don't know what it is really... but CoolEdit and these types of programs have to deal with it
11:57:49pitmancan software be written to give low latency?
11:58:15preglowup to a limit
11:58:38pitmanmind you... you would only want 4 mono-tracks
11:59:07pitmanso would that make the effort required to mix it equivalent to mixing only 2 stereo tracks?
11:59:50amiconnB4gder: It seems to work... and it only adds 48 bytes of code... :-)
12:03:04 Join ghostiger [0] (~ghostiger@348eec8ff0c147f6.session.tor)
12:09:59 Join hicks [0] (~hicks@ec7bbee55fe51a9d.session.tor)
12:10:54 Quit yyz (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:11:22 Nick yyz- is now known as yyz (
12:12:02 Quit Maxou` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:12:26 Quit pitman ("QuIRC for *nix -")
12:14:06ashridahaah, if only we could cram an n64 emulator into the iriver :)
12:14:40t0masas in the game console n64 thing?
12:15:54 Join Maxime`Mrn [0] (
12:16:12Maxime`Mrnerm.. my power supply dislike warm (:
12:16:40 Join GodEater [0] (
12:17:46GodEateryesterday was clearly "international hack on rockbox day" - I've not seen a CVS log that long in ages :)
12:18:09B4gderit was a fine day indeed
12:20:32amiconnB4gder: I have my options back :)
12:21:52B4gderhopefully even nicer than before
12:22:14amiconnIt will need some time to get used to it...
12:22:31B4gderI can understand that
12:22:44*B4gder hasn't tried it yet
12:23:42amiconnI wonder whether we should drop the F3 quick screen for recorders and use F3 as an alternative context button instead
12:24:25B4gdersounds like a good idea...
12:25:09*HCl obviously isn't awake yet..
12:25:21amiconnImho we should drop the ON+PLAY combo as well. It's inconsistent between browser and wps (only the browser has it)
12:25:26HClfirst i think its saturday, then i think its friday, then someone tells me its actually thursday
12:26:53Aramilit's not monday?
12:26:58 Nick Aramil is now known as tvelocity (
12:27:19amiconnB4gder: Dropping ON+PLAY makes onplay.[ch] named a bit odd though...
12:27:34amiconnHCl: Nah, isn't it Sunday? ;)
12:27:47B4gderits funday!
12:27:58tvelocityi think B4gder is right
12:33:52 Join Moos [0] (
12:39:17 Join Coldtoast [0] (
12:39:57Coldtoasthey. is it possible to remove all the icons from the WPS?
12:40:26B4gderyou mean the status line?
12:40:33Coldtoastoh yeah
12:40:38ColdtoastTHAT'S in teh options!
12:40:38B4gderyes it is
12:40:46Coldtoastdoh! heh. thx
12:43:28Bgruf... these WPS guys have never heard about "hide attachment in normal topic view"
12:47:20preglowgotta go
12:47:23 Part preglow
12:48:12 Join ]RowaN[ [0] (a2b0y@
12:50:28 Join Febs [0] (
12:50:32HCli love 100mbit :)
12:50:44]RowaN[is crossfading going to become configurable? i.e. song 1 fadeout duration, song2 fadein duration, overlap length
12:50:57HClit takes more time to get my xbox into divx playing mode than to download the 300mb file off the internet
12:51:01HCl :)
12:51:10t0mas]RowaN[: if someone writes it... yes
12:51:19t0masHCl: 5 minutes for booting into divx mode??
12:51:22]RowaN[thank god for someone
12:51:34B4gderbut only to a certain degree, the fading is using a static sized buffer
12:51:39HClt0mas: nope, but 1mb/s is more than enough to stream off the internet
12:51:40HCl :)
12:51:46t0masah ok
12:51:55]RowaN[t0mas i'd help if i could but im not clever ='[
12:52:23t0masmaybe Slasheri can do it... he wrote the crossfading thing
12:52:48B4gderI think we should focus on getting things to work first
12:52:52B4gder_then_ getting fancy
12:53:02B4gderbut that's me
12:53:23*]RowaN[ stills looks for a standalone bdm editor
12:53:40]RowaN[hehe thats the one
12:54:07HCl12:45:28 (1012.28 KB/s) - `[BleachSociety]_Bleach_-_37_[E2FB869A].avi' saved [183961600/183961600]
12:54:10HCl :)
12:54:15*HCl petpets 100mbit
12:54:27HClafk now
12:54:40B4gder1000KB is not very much for 100mbit
12:54:49HClwell. it depends on the serer
12:54:58Maxime`Mrn <
12:54:58B4gderI often get 800kb/s on my 8mbit
12:54:59HClmost servers can't pull even 1mb/s
12:55:01*Maxime`Mrn lvoes ADSL2+
12:55:07HClits the server :P
12:55:14HClmicrosofts servers are fast enough for example
12:55:18HCli get 8mb/s from those
12:55:27HClbut most internet servers don't manage more than 1mb
12:55:36Maxime`Mrnfrench 20Mb ADSL 2+ is great :p
12:56:37Coldtoastwhat's your max speed so far Maxime`Mrn?
12:56:48Maxime`MrnColdtoast: the speed on the screenshot
12:57:00tvelocityoh no not the bandwidth thing again...
12:57:23Coldtoastnot bad. that's about 16mbit
12:57:49Coldtoastbe cool to get the full 24mbit :)
12:57:59amiconnWhat the *** has this:
12:58:00amiconn#if defined(SIMULATOR) && defined(HAVE_LCD_CHARCELLS)
12:58:09ColdtoastI migh tmove right next to the exchange here just to get 24mbit
12:58:15amiconnto do in lcd-recorder.c and lcd-h100.c ???
12:58:25B4gderamiconn: seems off
12:58:31B4gderway off
12:58:39amiconnThis will never be true...
12:58:51amiconnI'll sort these files anyway
12:58:55FebsGood morning, folks.
12:59:13amiconn...grouping functions
13:00:14FebsI ran a battery test yesterday, tracking the percent remaining at 15 minute intervals. Would the results of that be useful to anyone?
13:01:10Coldtoastdid you get ~16hrs Febs?
13:01:41Coldtoastit'd be better to track the voltage at 15min intervals wouldn't it?
13:01:42FebsNo, running mostly −−alt-preset standard MP3, I got about 10 hours and 45 minutes.
13:02:36Coldtoastwhat player do you have?
13:04:15FebsColdtoast: as to tracking voltage, that was my question, actually. What does the WPS battery % relate to right now, if anything? Is that a useful measurement?
13:04:42B4gderFebs: it uses a battery voltage => percentage table
13:05:15FebsOK, so the percentage measure can be translated to a battery voltage.
13:05:39B4gderyes, but without precision
13:05:50B4gderthe data is still useful
13:06:36markunFebs, I think the actual values from the adc would be more useful
13:07:22FebsThe results were similar to the charts that rasher has posted in the WPS. The battery decline was more or less linear over the first 9+ hours, and then dropped quickly in the last hour.
13:07:42markunFebs: Which build did you use?
13:07:54FebsMarkun: 0622-1449
13:09:13FebsIs there a way for me as an end-user to measure the values from the adc? Is this what the battery voltage display under the debug menu shows?
13:09:15ColdtoastI might test 0623-1041
13:09:26markunok, because I changed the voltage -> percentage table and was hoping it would be more linear now
13:09:27Coldtoastbleedign edge build
13:10:03markunBut the comit was before your build, so I guess it doesn't work so well.
13:10:38Coldtoast10hrs 45mins seems low
13:11:04B4gdera fair comparison would play the exact same songs on the iriver fw
13:11:09Coldtoastbe cool if eventually it gets close to 16hrs
13:11:24B4gderI don't think the standard fw manages that
13:11:36Coldtoastit does actually
13:11:43Coldtoastmine does, nayway
13:11:46markunFebs: I based thevalues on the measurements by rasher:
13:12:04ColdtoastI got just under 16hrs when I did a test
13:12:09B4gderColdtoast: no matter what songs/codecs you play?
13:12:16B4gderseems unlikely
13:12:27Coldtoastit was all mp3 with a complete mix of bitrates and vbr/cbr
13:12:54Coldtoaston a h140
13:12:59 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:13:00FebsB4dger, I agree, that's why I said I wanted to do a more controlled test. I had the player on shuffle, which may have affected battery life, and also had EQ on.
13:13:36FebsBass = 6 Treble = 4
13:13:39ashridahfucking hell. if i ever meet a game developer who thinks that a lens flare was a good idea when you're supposed to be looking around in the first person, i'm going to hit them and then carefully explain to them why our eyes don't cause lens flares
13:14:04Coldtoastashridah: maybe you have bionic eyes in the game? heh
13:14:13Coldtoastcameras instead of eyeballs
13:14:26FebsIt was sort of an ad hoc test. Not designed to be very scientific.
13:15:15ashridahColdtoast: well, that's remotely possible in serious sam, since the dude has an embedded computer in his head, but not in zelda
13:16:10B4gderFebs: I don't think shuffle nor the EQ affects battery usage in a significant way
13:16:25FebsGood to know.
13:17:10Coldtoastwhere can I get the 1bit Rockbox logo from?
13:17:32Coldtoastthe one that flashes quickly onscreen when you boot the h140
13:18:22B4gderlemme see...
13:19:39Coldtoastcheers B4gder
13:20:21B4gderI put a PNG version there too
13:23:04Coldtoastwhythe png?
13:23:14B4gdereasier to browse with firefox
13:23:38Coldtoastoh yeah
13:25:25Coldtoastit'd be cool if you could use masks in .wps so you could have windows in your images for text
13:25:38 Quit tvelocity ("Leaving")
13:27:59Coldtoastor being able to set up textboxes, actually. anyway. think I'll go eat
13:28:23 Quit ghostiger (Remote closed the connection)
13:33:15 Join ghostiger [0] (~ghostiger@228eb8c830c57384.session.tor)
13:35:52 Join Sucka [0] (
13:39:52 Join webguest48 [0] (
13:40:06webguest48hello everyone..
13:40:19webguest48I'm korean iriver user...
13:40:42webguest48I want play rockbox..
13:41:15webguest48My ihp120 firmware patched.. but don't play rockbox..
13:41:40B4gderand you installed a daily build?
13:41:51B4gderthe patch/flash only makes the bootloader
13:41:53webguest48what's daily build?
13:42:20webguest48I'm did easy way patched..
13:42:36B4gderthen you have the bootloader
13:42:57webguest48that file copy root folder?
13:43:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:43:25webguest48what's doing?.. please help me..
13:44:32B4gderthe hex file is the bootloader
13:44:43B4gderyou then need rockbox
13:45:23webguest48It's too hard..
13:45:30webguest48don't understand..
13:45:39B4gderthen I don't know what to say
13:46:03webguest48must patch bootloader?
13:46:12B4gderwhat did you do so far?
13:46:31webguest48I'm doing now..
13:47:03t0maswebguest48: step 1: install bootloader (so the .hex file stuff)
13:47:14t0maswebguest48: step 2: extract this zip file to the iriver drive:
13:47:27t0maswebguest48: step 3: reboot the iriver, it should boot into rockbox
13:48:01FebsBattery test results here: Febs/Bat_test_050622-1449.htm">
13:48:25webguest48I don't understand bootloader?
13:48:49webguest48bootloader install what's doing?
13:48:57B4gderwebguest48: did you upgade to the patched hex file? do you see some rockbox text when you start your iriver?
13:49:15B4gderthen you have the bootloader installed
13:49:15t0masthen do step 2 and 3
13:49:28webguest48fwpatcher ihp_120.hex patched..
13:49:35webguest48copy ihp_120.hex root folder
13:49:44t0masstep 2: extract this zip file to the iriver drive:
13:49:48t0masstep 3: reboot the iriver, it should boot into rockbox
13:50:22webguest48i doning dowaloading
13:50:25Bgrhm... webguest48: did you make "firmware upgrade" with iriver firmware of the patched ihp_120.hex ?
13:51:00webguest48fwpatcher pathced ihp_120.hex
13:51:12webguest48thed patched file copy iriver root folder..
13:51:23Bgrthen did firmware upgrade ?
13:51:25webguest48then iriver menu firmware upgrade..
13:51:42webguest48hold record button..
13:51:52Bgrok, then just unzip this file
13:51:57Bgrdon't hold record button
13:52:10Bgrthis will start iriver fw
13:52:11webguest48what's file unzip?
13:52:28Bgrdo you have program which can open .zip files ?
13:52:48webguest48hex file unzip?
13:53:15Bgrno no no
13:53:15Bgropen this .zip file
13:53:26Bgrand "extract" it to the root folder of your iriver
13:53:48Bgrafter this
13:53:55Bgrcheck the "safely remove hardware"
13:54:24Bgrand turn off and then turn on the iriver
13:54:46webguest48firmward upgrade?
13:55:06B4gderyou already did that
13:55:13Bgrand if you've done everything as you should be, your iriver will be "rockboxed"
13:55:58 Join RotAtoR [0] (
13:56:17webguest48only unzip connected iriver
13:56:30webguest48root folder unzip .zip
13:56:50Bgrok... listen to me carefully
13:56:52webguest48root folder has rockbox
13:57:18Bgrso, if your iriver is letter X: in my computer/explorer/etc
13:57:27Bgrdo you have X:\.rockbox directory ?
13:57:39Bgrand also, do you have X:\rockbox.iriver
13:58:17Bgrdid you make "firmware upgrade" with PATCHED ihp_120.hex ?
13:58:45webguest48bgr i'm success
13:59:16webguest48rock box..
13:59:24webguest48don't show korean?
13:59:42Bgrno, it doesn't yet
13:59:46B4gderbut we will appreciate your patch!
14:00:07*B4gder never misses a chance to point that out ;-)
14:00:07webguest48rockbox game file where's it?
14:00:07Bgrwebguest48: rockbox needs unicode support to show korean
14:00:31webguest48when unicode support?
14:00:35Bgrbut someone (iirc markun) is working on it
14:00:48Bgrthere are no deadlines in open source ...
14:00:50t0mastomas@athlon dev # uptime
14:00:51t0mas 14:00:53 up 1 day, 5:56, 3 users, load average: 13.91, 3.77, 2.02
14:00:52Bgrat least in rockbox :)
14:01:04t0mas13.91 :|
14:01:07Bgrt0mas: happy birthday ;)
14:01:10webguest48emule game file what's game file?
14:01:20t0masI didn't even know load can be 13.91
14:01:23Bgrwhat do you mean ?
14:01:30t0massee the load average...
14:01:32webguest48whaers rockbox game file?
14:01:38*Bgr doesn't know wtf these values mean ...
14:01:52BgrB4gder: tell him, pls
14:01:52t0maswell... < 1 is normal
14:01:53webguest48where's rockbox game rom file?
14:02:02Bgrhow to start
14:02:11Bgryou have to get .gb roms on your own
14:02:14B4gderI give up
14:02:14webguest48i'm not have rockbox game file..
14:02:15ashridaht0mas: clearly you've never administrated a busy sendmail server :)
14:02:31webguest48where is Rockbox game file..
14:02:41Bgrwebguest48 which game ?
14:02:51Bgrrockbox has not ONE game
14:02:56webguest48I want many gmae.
14:03:00Bgrdo you mean GameBoy emulation ?
14:03:02t0masashridah: this is a workstation
14:03:14t0masand for normal workstation... doing nothing... 13.91 is a bit high
14:03:46Bgrt0mas, ashridah: btw what does load average value of 13.1 (for example) mean
14:04:01t0masBgr: to much... I don't know how it's calculated
14:04:24t0masbut I remember our webserver at the office beiing dossed... got to load 6.something
14:04:30t0masand that was to much for it :)
14:04:35webguest48hold rockbox
14:04:50Bgrdoes this have anything with bogoMIPS...
14:04:56webguest48then Resume? Play = yes Any other = no
14:05:02B4gderBgr: no
14:05:06Bgrwebguest48: you must find .gb rom files on your own
14:05:20B4gderload is the number of processes in the run queue
14:05:23BgrB4gder: i mean more bogoMIPS, more max load average values
14:05:25webguest48gb rom click game start?
14:05:40webguest48I under stand..
14:05:53webguest48thank everyone..
14:06:03Lynx_t0mas: the first value for load average uptime gives is only for the last minute
14:06:12Bgrbut next time ... try to read documentation first ........
14:06:19webguest48must Korean don't understand this doing....
14:06:33webguest48documentaion only english...
14:06:57B4gderwebguest48: feel free to write a translation!
14:07:04webguest48most my friend have iriver-h340 and H10
14:07:04Bgrwe're talking in engl here too ...
14:07:23Coldtoasthey webguest48
14:07:28BgrH10 is probably a no-no for rockbox ... in the near future at least
14:07:42Coldtoastis the ipod VERY populr in Korea?
14:07:42Bgrbut H3x0 is near
14:07:59Coldtoastbut the iriver is?
14:08:03B4gderI would assume korean brands are popular in korea
14:08:06Coldtoastwee,, not THE iriver. ANY iriver
14:08:16t0masLynx_: I know
14:08:24t0masit was going mad on hald (hotplugging)
14:08:33webguest48most korean use iriver and cowon
14:08:50Bgririver & iaudio ...
14:08:53webguest48ipod have not radio..
14:09:07webguest48no ogg
14:09:10Bgrthey have ... as an accessory
14:09:37webguest48any many korean listen to music handphone..
14:09:42ColdtoastI'd liek to borrow an ipod for a day
14:09:53webguest48most korean handphone have mp3
14:10:00webguest48and have mp4 k3g
14:10:43webguest48I want to send korean mp3 player this room person..
14:11:12Coldtoastwonder what Kim Jong Il listens to
14:11:14BgrColdtoast probably has one already
14:11:37Coldtoastwhy would you think that?
14:11:39webguest48i found gb rom..
14:11:58webguest48many people don't know korean mp3 player..
14:12:01*t0mas has used an ipod once...
14:12:04ColdtoastI want to have a play with the interface. never touched an ipod
14:12:12t0masit's usefull... the weel thing is nice
14:12:13Coldtoastdid you inhale t0mas?
14:12:33Coldtoastheh. sorry. joke
14:12:43webguest48make folder gbrom folder iriver ..
14:12:45Suckathe wheel is quite good, but i always end up going past songs i want to listen to on my friends' ipods
14:12:47webguest48then click gbrom?
14:12:52webguest48play game?
14:12:54Coldtoastremember Clinton saying "I once smoked marijuanah but I didn't inhale"?
14:12:55Suckaalthough its better than the iriver for going through large lists
14:13:14webguest48I like Booker - T
14:13:26webguest48I watching WWE
14:13:39webguest48I'm 15 years old..
14:13:57t0masColdtoast: I'm from the netherlands ;-)
14:14:12webguest48play gbrom...
14:14:14Bgrhahaha t0mas :)))
14:14:16t0masSucka: well... rockbox scrolling is faster... and I found it more usefull
14:14:20Bgrthe country of freedom :P
14:14:28webguest48make gbrom folder then click gbrom file?
14:14:41t0mashalf of the world has some weird picture from the netherlands...
14:14:45t0maswebguest48: yes
14:14:56Bgrt0mas at least it's legal
14:15:20webguest48i want to show korean..
14:15:21t0masit is... that's why it's no big deal here
14:15:30 Quit yyz (Connection timed out)
14:15:31t0masand it's only legal if you're > 18
14:16:20Bgri bet that netherlands are given as an example in many countries from people, smoking maryj...
14:16:35Bgrt0mas: the same as alcochole
14:16:59Bgrwebguest48? what ?
14:17:02t0masbut if you compare this to germany... we have less young people on weed...
14:17:15Bgri can't help you more
14:17:15webguest48rockbox play mame?
14:17:18t0masbecause it's legal here... it's sold in normal shops... wich are controlled by the gouvernment
14:17:28Bgrt0mas: i'm sure
14:17:34Lynx_t0mas: they just get their's in the netherlands ;)
14:17:39t0masand because of that it's not sold by illegal street people
14:18:02Bgrand you're sure what does it contain
14:18:11t0masand we have gay marriage... wich the US still don't have... weirdos
14:18:13webguest48gameboy = family ?
14:18:38t0masBgr: yes, and for harddrugs (illegal) there are still checkpoints... to test pills...
14:18:49webguest48gameboy rom = mame rom?
14:18:50Bgrgameboy is a game console
14:19:08Bgri don't get what do you mean
14:19:34Coldtoastwhat's the default rockbox font?
14:19:34Suckat0mas : yes, holding down play for page scroll was revealed to me on the forums and its the best by far ;)
14:19:47webguest48rockbox play rom.. only gameboy rom?
14:20:06Bgrand the plug-in games
14:20:20Bgrgameboy & gameboy color (obviously without colors)
14:21:19 Quit ashridah (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:23:27Bgrt0mas do you mean that you can test haddrugs ?
14:24:29t0masif you buy them somewhere (illegal) then you can bring them to a legal coffeshop or mobile testing center (police) and they'll check them for you...
14:24:33t0maswithout arresting you
14:24:35]RowaN[crossfade on trackskip worked for me today.. i was sat on the tube riding to work and suddenly i was like "whoa dude" (thats how i speak in my head) coz it actually crossfaded
14:25:00t0masthis started because some people sold bad pills... wich killed party people
14:25:21Bgrthis is a good idea
14:26:02t0masyes... and it makes arresting the people selling harddrugs easier...
14:26:13webguest48i'm playing now 1943..
14:26:25t0masbecause the police keeps track of everything they check, and where they do it
14:26:25webguest48thanks everyone....
14:26:47Bgrhm maybe that's the main reason
14:27:11t0masmight be ;)
14:27:32Suckastill a good idea though
14:27:56elinenbeamiconn: how's work going on the grfx lib?
14:28:20t0masyes... and the police has more time to deal with real criminals (selling harddrugs).. because they don't need to run after school kids smoking 1 weed every few weeks
14:28:56t0masand... most kids don't think smoking weed is cool... because everybody can just buy it... so not much people at my school use it
14:29:54Bgryes, the fact that it's illegal makes more people to want try it
14:30:59t0masbut there are some problems still... with kids < 16 drinking alcohol...
14:31:34*t0mas was on a party last week... saw some girls aged about 14 running around and drinking way to much...
14:31:59t0masit was in the papers too... a few weeks ago... lots of young people drink to much in weekends
14:32:57Bgrt0mas: this doesn't surprise me
14:33:09webguest48don't listen game sound..
14:33:14Bgri've seen 12old (or less) drinking ...
14:33:19Bgrwebguest48: no, there's no sound
14:33:23Suckabah you should see the UK then :p
14:33:35t0maswell... that's seen as a serious problem here
14:33:47webguest48rockbox game is no sound?
14:33:58t0masbut I guess some people will come up with a right solution (< 2% alcohol is ok for 12 y/o or something like that)
14:34:49webguest48Rockbox game is no sound?
14:35:06t0maswebguest48: what game? there are more games...
14:35:07t0masnot just 1
14:35:24t0masgameboy rom?
14:35:35B4gderno sound in rockboy
14:35:39 Join tvelocity [0] (
14:35:40B4gderfor now at least
14:36:01t0mashmz... there is a version with sound isn't it?
14:36:08t0mas(i've heard sloppy mario sounds)
14:36:14B4gdert0mas: there was sound before we got the music playback
14:38:06webguest48now play supermario 1..
14:38:15webguest48but don't listen game sound..
14:38:41t0masno webguest48, it's disabled
14:39:07webguest48play button only a?
14:39:10webguest48not b?
14:39:33webguest48supermario game has b button turbo speed..
14:39:47t0masplay = A
14:39:48t0masstop = B
14:39:53t0masA-B = menu
14:39:57t0masRec = start
14:40:19webguest48thank you.
14:40:39 Join DaKi][er [0] (
14:40:49webguest48see you againg..
14:40:52webguest48good bye.
14:41:06B4gderbye webguest48
14:41:06 Quit webguest48 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
14:41:26Coldtoasthey. what font is the rockbox default? any idea?
14:41:43t0masthat's the default fond ;)
14:41:46Coldtoastwhat font is it
14:41:57Coldtoastso it's one custom made?
14:42:01t0masI guess
14:42:47Coldtoastwant to design an image WPS but mock it up in PS so if I had the rockbox font as a ttf or bitmap font, that'd be cool
14:43:26*t0mas is redesigning his wps too
14:44:08 Nick as is now known as thegeek (
14:44:15thegeekproblem is that it is hard to place text
14:44:16]RowaN[i took some cool gfx from mario world for my wps.. clouds, hills, and palm trees =]
14:44:21]RowaN[mario land, even
14:44:26thegeekwe should have a pixel placement for text too
14:44:49ColdtoastI agree
14:45:22t0masyes I agree
14:45:33]RowaN[pixel placement would still have problems when you change to font of a different height tho?
14:45:36t0maseven better... I have it :P
14:45:58]RowaN[pick a font and stick to it i say =p
14:46:00t0mas]RowaN[: the place where it is placed is defined with the x and y coordinate of the left upper corner of the string
14:46:34t0masit's not hard to add extra text... I've just added some lcd_puts(); calls to my wps code
14:46:39t0masto place text where I want it to be
14:46:49]RowaN[yeah it would be good just to indent/center text and not have it scroll over gfx at the sides (walls) of the wps
14:47:02Coldtoastmake text display xor
14:47:04]RowaN[start coord, end coord
14:47:19Coldtoastthat way, you can still read text if it goes over gfx
14:47:25t0masColdtoast: it is
14:47:29t0masbut scrolling lines are a problem
14:47:36Coldtoastok. hadn't tested that
14:47:43 Quit Febs ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.4/20050511]")
14:47:56t0masLinus was thinking about something with margins to scrolling text
14:48:02t0masto make some sort of scrolling "box"
14:48:42Coldtoastyeah. Even for non-scrolling text you'd need it tho
14:48:54Coldtoastif you decide to not use %s you still want those margins
14:50:08GodEaterI wish there was a way to use CVS easily over the web
14:50:18GodEaterit's a PITA being stuck behind a firewall all day
14:50:32B4gdertunnel tunnel tunnel! ;-)
14:50:43t0masthere is a web cvs thing for rockbox
14:51:25GodEateroh really ? I must have missed that. soemwhere on I assume ?
14:52:20GodEaterah yes - but checking out with that thing will be slow as - I'd have to get each file one by one!
14:52:41t0masthen get the source zip files?
14:53:02t0masoh wait
14:53:07t0masthat's only daily
14:54:09t0masB4gder? can that be added to the bleeding edge thing?
14:54:11t0masa source zip?
14:54:24B4gdersure could
14:54:39 Join edx [0] (
14:54:55GodEaterthat would be awesome
14:55:04t0masis the website in cvs?
14:55:13B4gdert0mas: most of it
14:56:26t0masand it's php? or cgi?
14:56:45B4gderstatic html and cgi
14:57:06BgrKISS :)
14:57:16B4gderand of course quite a lot of scripts
14:57:22B4gderfor the builds etc
15:01:47Bgrbtw, why don't you use .bz2 ?
15:01:56B4gderno reason really
15:02:11Bgrsmaller files :)
15:02:31GodEaternot gonna save much on a 2.5MB file really
15:03:46B4gderthis source package will be update like the other bleeding edge builds now
15:03:59GodEatercool - I'll keep the link handy then
15:04:07kenshinBgr: i wrote a shell script to download the daily build and as part of that converts to .bz2 file
15:07:04ChamoisB4gder : error in the source link on the build page
15:07:42GodEatertoo many "e"s
15:07:51 Quit GodEater ("CGI:IRC")
15:08:28 Join GodEater [0] (
15:10:50B4gderthanks, fixed
15:16:15 Join ashridah [0] (
15:19:33 Join crazylee [0] (
15:19:49crazyleeHolla If ya hear me?
15:19:58*B4gder reads
15:20:04kenshinBgr: if you want it (will need some mods for bleeding edge builds)
15:20:53*kenshin has to go to work (grrrr)
15:20:58crazyleeRockbox Emule not support Radio for Iriver?
15:21:16ashridahcrazylee: not yet
15:21:23ashridahthe iriver port is no-where near done
15:21:50crazyleeMy ihp-120 patched Rockbox..
15:22:00crazyleeRockbox not support Fm Radio?
15:22:15Bgr10x, kenshin
15:22:17hickscrazylee Rockbox Emule not support Radio for Iriver?
15:22:17hicksashridah crazylee: not yet
15:22:55*ashridah really should get xchat using unicode someday :)
15:23:23crazyleeWhen Rockbox support radio?
15:24:09bobTHCradio is already supported by rockbox
15:24:18hicksWhen its done I guess :P Best to just use normal firmware when you want to listen to the radio till someone adds support for the iRiver
15:24:30hicksbobTHC, thats only on Archos though isn't it?
15:24:32bobTHCbut the iriver port of radio is not complete...
15:25:38ashridahcrazylee: feel free to help out :)
15:25:48bobTHCright...but dont confuse rockbox and the iriver port of rockbox
15:27:36ashridahi imagine rockbox itself will be a work in progress to some extent on all platforms ;)
15:27:59Coldtoastheh. I was actually thinking of selling my h140 til a week ago
15:28:05bobTHCme too ashridah... :)
15:28:24Coldtoastthe iriver port is usable enough now tho that Iwon't
15:28:48hicksI wouldn't say I'd have sold mine, but I can say that since finding out about rockbox I probably won't need to buy a newer player for some time.
15:28:51bobTHCusable dont mean stable ;)
15:28:55ashridahthere wouldn't be much value in my selling mine. finding another player that supports ogg would cost me more than it's worth now
15:29:23hicksashridah, thats the reason I choose the iriver over most players to begin with. ogg support :)
15:29:28ColdtoastbobTHC: I'venot had a crash for about 3 days. As I said, fo rme, it;s usable enough to keep the player
15:29:33hicksalthough I've been thinking of getting a tiny flash player for when I go running.
15:30:08hicksI've not had rockbox crash on me yet. Only problem is certain mp3 podcasts play like the chipmunks, which I'm assuming is because they're not record at 44KHz?
15:30:11ColdtoastI was going to sell it and just use my PDA
15:30:30bobTHCi'm totally agree with u but stable is another step above
15:30:57hicksCoCoLUS, What pda do you have? I've got a tungsten C which is great but fails misserably for audio, not even stereo :(
15:31:16hicksColdtoast, even :)
15:31:17ColdtoastDell Axim x50v
15:31:31hicksdamn tab completion and my inability to use it :P
15:31:56Coldtoastthe x50v is a pretty amazing device
15:32:12hicksI've never heard of it, I'll go google in a bit :)
15:32:25Coldtoastthe res of teh screen is ridiculous. something like 192DPI
15:33:03Coldtoastcheck those vids out
15:33:07Coldtoastsee it in action
15:33:19bobTHCDell Axim x50v is good but id u have a electric socket near it ;)
15:33:45B4gder600Mhz xscale
15:34:03Coldtoastwell, with the most intensive thing srunning; Wifi, bluetooth, etc, you'll still get over 2hrs
15:34:07Coldtoastof constant use
15:34:08hicksI got a tungsten after my old psion 3a bit the dust.
15:34:31hicksAlthough I only use it for text editing and playing adventure games/reading ebooks.
15:34:39hicksDoes its job in that sense great :)
15:34:54Coldtoastyou can buy extended batteries for them too. But yeah. you're not going to get days of usage. heh
15:34:56amiconnmsg logbot seen rasher
15:35:49ColdtoastI use mine a bit for watching movies at work
15:36:06B4gderI believe the heavy cgi::irc usage ruins logbot's seen capabilities
15:36:55amiconnIt worked...
15:37:03amiconnI just forgot the leading slash
15:37:04thegeekwhen I use my extended battery my x50v lasts more than 2 hours with full wifi/video/cpu
15:37:34thegeektake notice of both "my"'s ;)
15:37:39Coldtoastdid you consider the HP hx4700 at all whenyou were buying thegeek?
15:38:17amiconn2 hours battery runtime for a mobile device is ... nothing, imho
15:38:25thegeekbut it's not true
15:38:28thegeekI get way more
15:38:31thegeekI can use it all day long
15:38:33thegeekand then some
15:38:34thegeekwith no trouble
15:38:50thegeekIt's usually just at 50% when I get home
15:38:52Coldtoastwhy'd you pick the Axim?
15:39:01Coldtoastah yeah
15:39:11thegeekit's more than expensive enough
15:39:21thegeekdont want to pay any HP premium
15:39:27Coldtoastthe Axim's a far nicer looking device too I reckon
15:39:30thegeekthe screen on the hp is not that much better
15:39:33 Join yyz [0] (
15:39:34thegeekand it looks like shit
15:39:39Coldtoastthe x50v feels REALLY nice in teh hand
15:42:53amiconnB4gder: I think I should put the struct scrollinfo in lcd.h. Although it is used in the driver only, there are already 3 drivers defining it. Any objections?
15:43:13***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:43:13B4gdernopes, go ahead
15:45:05 Quit courtc (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:45:25 Join courtc [0] (
15:49:17 Quit B4gder ("go go go")
15:49:26 Quit GodEater ("CGI:IRC")
15:49:38amiconnAhahaha, funny construct:
15:49:43amiconn#if defined(HAVE_LCD_CHARCELLS) && defined(SIMULATOR)
15:56:51Bgralready seen ?
15:59:53 Join yyz- [0] (
16:04:45 Quit ashridah (Success)
16:05:36 Join Godeater [0] (
16:08:27 Quit lostlogic (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:08:55 Join ashridah [0] (
16:14:01 Join webguest83 [0] (
16:17:11 Quit webguest83 (Client Quit)
16:18:39 Join webguest31 [0] (
16:19:10 Join RockboxerHappy [0] (
16:19:20RockboxerHappyHello folks
16:19:52RockboxerHappyI'm very happy about the progress this days
16:20:29RockboxerHappyanyone is her?
16:21:19webguest31Howdy. Know anything about the Gmini port?
16:21:48bobTHC64 is not enough for u ?
16:22:03RockboxerHappyamiconn is her?
16:22:05bobTHCi'm kidding what's up
16:22:16 Quit yyz (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:22:48bobTHCit seems to be here, indeed RockboxerHappy
16:22:55 Nick Sucka is now known as Sucka`away (
16:23:02RockboxerHappyamiconn: have you few seconds for me please? :-)
16:23:23t0masI just burned my feet when I climbed out of the water...
16:24:00 Join Febs [0] (
16:24:21RockboxerHappyamiconn: i read the logs daily and i read fex days ago, you working in grayscale and graphical stuff
16:24:36RockboxerHappyit's right?
16:26:23 Quit webguest31 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:26:46RockboxerHappyamiconn: ?
16:27:20RockboxerHappyare you here please
16:27:35amiconnYeah, I'm working on gfx, more or less
16:27:54bobTHCround up ure ideas and ask the question...
16:29:08RockboxerHappyi'm very happy like my nickname said but the graphical aspect alone that don't progress a lot
16:29:47bobTHCWPS with bitmap is not enough for u ?
16:29:54RockboxerHappyand i read that amiconn alone work on it :( i read a lots about your eficient amiconn ;)
16:30:14RockboxerHappybob: yes of course WPS it's so good now
16:30:18 Quit Godeater ("CGI:IRC")
16:30:26RockboxerHappythanks to t0mas, Linus.....
16:30:42 Join Godeater [0] (
16:30:51amiconnI'm not that efficient atm :( I don't get why I can't #include "file.h" within lcd.h, but it works from other headers
16:30:59GodeaterWPS with BMP support seems like a heck of a lot of progress - what more do you want ?!?!
16:31:03amiconnThat is, it works for the targets, but not for sims
16:31:09RockboxerHappya ok
16:31:47RockboxerHappyi'm very happy about your all works it's very good from you
16:32:17RockboxerHappyunfortunatly i can't work in garphicals API :(
16:32:23RockboxerHappyi can't help
16:32:43RockboxerHappybut i'm hope a lot about you amiconn :)
16:33:05amiconnThe gfx api itself won't change anything visible
16:33:22amiconnSwitching to 4-grey of course will change a bit
16:33:50amiconnBut the api will be done first a preparation for more different gfx formats
16:34:11amiconnThinking H3x0 here
16:34:18RockboxerHappyabout the remote control, it's depend of them no?
16:34:30RockboxerHappywooh H3XX like Bagder
16:35:55RockboxerHappythe remote control it's alone don't working, but for all it's fine i'm use daily rockbox
16:36:09RockboxerHappywith my H140
16:37:25bobTHCif u have ideas, feel free to propose them here, but plz don't say "what don't progress a lot" or thing like "and for this why it's not working...", in one word try to be constructive, thx
16:37:51RockboxerHappyscuse me my english it's very limited
16:37:59RockboxerHappyi'm french
16:38:06 Nick Bgr is now known as Bger (~Bager@
16:38:10bobTHCi'm too
16:38:20amiconnI'm not native english either
16:38:37RockboxerHappyi don't want said that Rockbox don't work
16:38:43RockboxerHappyi love it
16:39:00RockboxerHappyand i love the the GPL projects
16:39:23amiconnOkay, seems I didn't break the driver with my rearrangement :) Now, next one...
16:39:51 Nick Bger is now known as Bgr (~Bager@
16:40:28RockboxerHappybob: je ne veux pas critiquer ce projet, au contraire.
16:40:44RockboxerHappyscuse for this french words
16:41:47RockboxerHappyi don't want poluated this chanel
16:41:47HClits so hot x.x
16:41:51 Nick Bgr is now known as Bger (~Bager@
16:42:02 Quit ]RowaN[ (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
16:42:19amiconnNah, it's not that hot, at least not here
16:42:24HClits like what
16:42:25amiconn30 °C
16:42:27HCl30 degrees
16:42:33HCland not getting better tomorrow
16:42:38amiconnsame here
16:42:39*HCl goes to make a cool footbath.
16:42:58amiconnIf it's above 36 °C *then* I'd call it hot
16:43:10RockboxerHappyamiconn: good luck for your works and we hope in you for the graphicals things ;)
16:43:11amiconnIt's warm
16:43:21RockboxerHappy35°C here in paris
16:43:29RockboxerHappyby all
16:43:34 Quit RockboxerHappy ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:43:36amiconnRockboxerHappy: The gfx api should basically allow for faster and more flexible graphics
16:43:58 Quit RotAtoR (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
16:44:04 Join RotAtoR [0] (
16:44:53Bgeramiconn: the "hot" feeling depends much on air's humidity
16:45:05amiconnyeah, right
16:45:25Bgerso you can't just say: it's 36 °C, so it's hot
16:47:21Bgerbtw, amiconn, any docs for learning m68k asm ?
16:47:54Bgeror you'll point me to coldfire user manual
16:48:33amiconnIf you've already coded in asm, the coldfire manuals should be sufficient
16:48:53Bgeri have bare idea of x86
16:48:59amiconnThat's what I used, but then I already did some other asm coding
16:49:26amiconnZ80, a tiny bit of x86 (never really understood it), and of course SH1
16:49:48amiconnx86 is fugly
16:49:55Bgeri wouldn't call it just "some other asm coding" ...
16:51:05amiconnOf course I did have have a quick look at m68k asm before, because I (still) have an Amiga, but did not yet code m68k before rockbox
16:51:44Bgeri've never touched an Amiga
16:52:09Bgerand more ... i've never seen such "animal"
16:54:20HClbit better
16:55:45BgerHCl: how's headache ?
16:58:04GodeaterDoes a .wps file have to be saved in cr/lf format, or will just lf delimited work ?
16:59:02amiconnBoth variants should work
17:00:55 Join Strath [0] (
17:03:29HClBger: gone
17:03:55HCltired and overheated though
17:03:58HClneed to catch up on sleep
17:04:02HClcold shower helped tons
17:04:20 Join Jleagle [0] (
17:04:22HCli guess its mostly the heat getting to me
17:04:36HCljust a sec ago when i was working with markun i felt like falling asleep, but cold shower helped tons
17:05:00Bgerthat's better anyway
17:05:25 Quit Jleagle (Client Quit)
17:07:30*HCl goes to nap while he still can.
17:09:36 Join bipak_ [0] (
17:09:39 Quit StrathAFK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:12:39markunHCl: Not falling asleep because of me I hope.. ;-)
17:14:11 Join spiralout [0] (
17:22:23 Join StrathAFK [0] (
17:25:27 Quit DaKi][er ()
17:27:53 Join [1]Chamois [0] (
17:32:04HClmarkun: nope
17:36:23 Quit Chamois (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
17:36:23 Nick [1]Chamois is now known as Chamois (
17:37:48t0masHCl? weet jij hoe je zo'n ID2P ding toevoegt? dus voor een nieuwe menu optie?
17:38:13t0masoh.. woops... translation: "Do you know how to add an ID2P string, for a new menu item?"
17:41:05 Quit Strath (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:43:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:49:45t0masfound it :)
17:49:56t0masadded an option to the context menu to shuffle the playlist
17:50:14t0masdon't know where I read that idea... but I think it's usefull to be able to shuffle the list :)
17:52:04amiconnWhat should that be good for?
17:52:18amiconnIsn't rockbox shuffle good enough for you? ;)
17:53:04Lynx_thats a nice feature, so you can edit the list after shuffling
17:53:28amiconnHmm, seems I still don't understand
17:53:36amiconnYou can always edit the list
17:53:57amiconn...and you can shuffle the list and sort it again
17:54:03t0masamiconn: I don't want the always shuffeling rockbox does...
17:54:07amiconn...without a new option
17:54:09t0masI want the winamp like option...
17:54:16t0maspress a button and it shuffles the list for me
17:54:26t0masthat's the thing I added...
17:54:52amiconnYou can switch shuffle on & off in the menu. When playback is stopped, this shuffles & unshuffles the current list
17:55:01t0masand now I'm playing with it, I have something else: does anybody like a "clear playlist" option in the context menu?
17:55:33Lynx_if you have some albums and what the list shuffled to mix the artists, you can shuffle the list and move single songs, for example if several songs of one artist come one after another by chance
17:56:02amiconnLynx_: Yes, you can do that, with current cvs, without any additional option
17:56:20t0masamiconn: but then I "enable" shuffle... and I have it on all day
17:56:41t0masI don't like that... I want to press a "Shuffle now" button
17:57:13t0masbut any comments on the "Clear playlist" option in the contextmenu?
17:57:36spiralouthi...i have still problems with moveing files on rockbock ...i found out that it only works in the same directory level ...but how can i move a folder or something one folder level higher??
17:58:31 Quit yyz- (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
17:58:45 Quit crazylee ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
17:59:35spiraloutrockbock means rockbox :-D
18:00:47amiconnt0mas: Why? The old list is cleared automatically if you play something new
18:01:21t0masamiconn: hm... so play a new song... and then start adding others
18:01:24Coldtoasthey. could you make it so you can choose which side the status bar is aligned to?
18:01:26t0masthat's the way to do it?
18:02:19amiconnYes, but it always adds the whole dir. You can't start a fresh playlist with a single song (unless you have a single track in that dir)
18:02:35t0masok, so a clear option might be usefull?
18:03:12Coldtoastman! I suggested EXACTLY THIS yesterday
18:03:17spiraloutadd only this thing to a new playlist-option would be useful
18:03:19Coldtoastand Linus said he thought it was silly
18:03:37amiconnI think the same...
18:03:54Coldtoastgood to see somebody else would use it
18:04:11amiconnHmm. Who wants to listen to a single song only?
18:04:16t0masI don't
18:04:22t0masbut sometimes I want to add just 1 song
18:04:27t0masnot all songs in a dir...
18:04:28Coldtoastthat's not why you'd want it
18:04:40t0masso I want to clear the playlist... and then start adding single songs
18:04:46amiconnMaybe that's me though, I usually listen to whole albums, or I shuffle a larger subtree of the player
18:04:57Coldtoastyou'd use it so you can clear the whole palylist (as the whole dir is added auto when you select a file) and build a playlist from scratch
18:05:06Coldtoastnot for single songs
18:05:14t0masme too... but today I wanted to listen to a few songs from 1 band, a few from another... like that
18:05:15spiraloutno but when you want to create a new playlist than do you want to start with only one song and not with the whole album
18:05:33t0masso a clear option might be usefull...
18:05:49t0masthe only problem is.. there is no playlist_clear() function
18:06:15t0masplaylist_init() might clear it :)
18:06:22Coldtoastscenario: I'm listenign to Tool. get 2 sings into an album and decide I don't want to listen to Tool any more but want to listen to a mix of other artists
18:06:51spiraloutyeaaaaaaah tool ;)
18:07:11t0masgot one :)
18:09:17 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
18:10:00spiraloutok than i repeat an other suggestion ...a copy file function or better a "copy all files in the playlist to directory" option would be so nice
18:10:02hardeept0mas: you can start a playlist with a single song already
18:10:26hardeept0mas: on+play->playlist->insert when nothing is playing
18:10:37amiconnhi hardeep
18:10:38hardeepso, "stop" is the equivalent of a clear playlist
18:10:42hardeephey amiconn
18:10:57Coldtoaststop stops what you're listening to as well tho
18:10:57amiconnhardeep: Nice, even I didn't know that
18:11:11t0maswe should get someone to write docs ;)
18:11:36amiconnhardeep: Am I right that the playlist is cleared only when you start adding new tracks?
18:11:56hardeepamiconn: yeah
18:12:04hardeepso that resume still works
18:12:09amiconnAfaiu the playlist is kept after stop, otherwise it wouldn't be possible to save it from stopped state, or resume
18:12:24t0masok, so it gets cleared when you add 1 song
18:12:27t0masin stop mode
18:12:36t0mas(or add more)
18:13:00spiraloutright just tested it works quite well
18:13:21hardeept0mas: in your shuffle change, any reason you're using the same seed as before?
18:13:34t0mashm... not a good one
18:14:04 Join belgarath [0] (
18:14:29t0masdoes it matter?
18:14:57amiconnt0mas: Did you test whether you one-time shuffled playlist saves & resumes correctly?
18:15:13hardeept0mas: well, kinda... you'll need to resort before shuffling otherwise resume won't work
18:15:29t0mashm... you want to save a shuffeled playlist?
18:15:30hardeept0mas: and i doubt you want to shuffle with the same seed in that case
18:16:21amiconnt0mas: Of course I want, that's one of the best features in rockbox - that it saves and resumes playlists
18:16:50Coldtoastspeakin gof playlists
18:16:52amiconnSometimes I'm using playlists running several days in total, and I surely don't want to hear the same song twice
18:17:10amiconn...even if I shutdown and resume several times
18:17:23Coldtoastdo you think maybe Save playlist and View Playlist should be moved from Options to th ePlaylist menu?
18:17:34t0masand how can I make rockbox save a shuffeled playlist?
18:17:48amiconnI don't mean saving it as an explicit playlist, but as dynamic playlist in rockbox
18:18:18Coldtoastcos you're editting the p;aylist in the playlist menu. seems logical to be able to View and Save there as well
18:18:19amiconnThis is what the .playlist_control file is about
18:18:30amiconnThe playlist stuff is really sophisticated
18:18:34t0masok, and how to make it resume?
18:19:03amiconnYou need to make sure that the one-time shuffle doesn't confuse the dynamic playlist handling
18:19:14amiconnAsk hardeep, he seems to be a playlist expert
18:19:19hardeepit will if there's no sort in between
18:19:47t0mashm... I call playlist_shuffle(seed, index); with seed = the original seed... and index = the first index
18:20:34t0masand it doesn't like resuming that
18:20:47Coldtoasthow can I edit the Rockbox font? I have some things I'd like to add to it
18:21:25t0masit doesn't resume a normal playlist either...
18:21:44hardeept0mas: what do you mean normal playlist
18:21:47spiraloutright @coldtoast ....maybe it´s only forgotten to implement it to the option>playlist menue
18:22:00t0mashardeep: not suffeled...
18:22:03t0masI turn it off
18:22:05t0masthen back on
18:22:16t0mascan't press on/play to make it start playing that list again
18:22:19hardeept0mas: for the shuffle stuff, do this: playlist_sort(NULL, true);playlist_randomise(NULL, current_tick, true);
18:22:46hardeept0mas: i don't know the button sequence on the iRiver
18:22:46ColdtoastI created icons for Album, Artist, Track, etc that'll fit in 6x8 and I'm thinking it'd be great to add them to the font so they scroll with %s
18:22:51amiconnt0mas: Does your playlist contain non-seekable formats, like ogg?
18:22:53hardeepon the archos it's pressing "ON" by itself
18:22:58t0masamiconn: mp3 only
18:23:21amiconnhardeep: On iriver it is PLAY
18:23:40amiconn...because PLAY is much like ON on the archos
18:23:59amiconn...and archos PLAY roughly equals iriver SELECT
18:24:15hardeepah, okay
18:24:28*amiconn can compare
18:25:01hardeept0mas: so, press PLAY then SELECT to resume
18:25:07t0mashardeep: so when I change my "static bool shuffle_playlist(void)" to the 2 lines you gave, it will work with resume?
18:25:31amiconn(@ hardeep)
18:25:40hardeept0mas: yup
18:27:56*t0mas continues listening :D
18:32:22 Quit OnkelJonas ("User pushed the X - because it's Xtra, baby")
18:33:05 Join James [0] (
18:35:36 Quit courtc (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:38:08 Join courtc [0] (
18:48:17 Quit Coldtoast (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
18:50:44 Join TCK- [0] (
18:53:15 Join Stryke` [0] (
18:55:47hardeepwhat's the recommended version of gcc for rockbox builds nowadays (archos and iriver both)? 3.3.x or 3.4.x?
18:55:56 Quit James (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:57:27 Nick Sucka`away is now known as Sucka (
18:57:54Suckat0mas ?
18:58:42amiconnhardeep: Latest 3.3.x for archos, latest 3.4.x for iriver
18:58:54hardeepamiconn: thanks!
18:59:09amiconn3.4.x will produce larger binaries for archos, while 3.3.x will choke on dumb for iriver
18:59:26amiconn4.0.x doesn't work at all
19:01:09hardeepanything in 4.0 that would be useful to us anyways?
19:01:28amiconn4.0 should optimise better
19:02:14amiconniriver builds do compile with some tweaking and a heapload of warnings, but the binaries crash
19:02:46amiconnarchos builds don't even compile, due to a construct in system.c that's no longer allowed in 4.0+
19:02:55amiconnImho this is a really silly decision
19:03:01hardeepwho needs the binaries anyways, just stare at the source code enough and you'll start hearing music
19:03:05 Nick Aison is now known as Aison|cinema (
19:03:10 Join asdsd____ [0] (
19:03:22 Part asdsd____
19:03:33amiconnGcc 4.0 doesn't accept (weak) aliases to symbols not defined in the same translation unit
19:04:00amiconn... but archos system.c does define aliases to symbols defined within an asm() block
19:04:43 Quit bobTHC ("Smoke Weed Every Day !")
19:07:42hardeephmmm, any particular reason they do this?
19:08:10amiconnugh! I broke h1x0 builds... but it built fine here !?! :puzzled:
19:08:50amiconnHrmpf, last minute changes....
19:09:11 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:10:59 Join linuxstb [0] (
19:13:21HClamiconn: is that 4.0 issue for archos fixable?
19:13:37amiconngcc should be fixed
19:13:58HClbut they're not going to do that are they?
19:14:19amiconnI don't know... someone should report this bug
19:19:30 Join Sando [0] (lolsteam@
19:19:42 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
19:21:47 Join James [0] (
19:25:51 Join _aLF [0] (
19:30:14 Quit Stryke` (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:30:39 Quit belgarath ("CGI:IRC")
19:33:54JamesHi, I can't figure out how to send the IDENTIFY command to my hard drive - the instructions refer to it, but do not explain how to send the IDENTIFY command
19:35:04 Nick Lynx_ is now known as Lynx_awy (
19:38:59 Join Heidelbaer [0] (
19:41:30 Join webguest59 [0] (
19:43:20***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:46:34 Join s [0] (
19:49:16 Quit s (Client Quit)
19:52:54 Join ep0ch [0] (~ep0ch@
19:57:45ep0chhas anyone here reveresed the polarity of the replacement battery for ihp? i take it i need a soldering iron? or is there a way i can do it without?
19:57:50 Join bagawk [0] (~lee@bagawk.user)
20:09:06 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: now with 27 percent more random quit messages!")
20:10:41 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
20:14:04spiraloutwhy do you want to reverse the polarity??
20:14:59thegeekyou have to
20:15:07thegeekthe battery is made for the ipod I think
20:15:16thegeekand it's plug has the polarity reversed
20:15:21ep0chi think i know how to do it now...
20:15:22thegeekcompared to how the iriver plug is
20:15:25thegeekmake sure
20:15:35thegeekthat the battery you have is a ipod battery
20:15:41ep0chyeah it is
20:15:49Jamesep0ch, you can probably just electircal tape and wires
20:16:07thegeekyou may be better of not touching the plug
20:16:13thegeekyou could end up b0rking it
20:16:21thegeekbetter to just cut the wires and splice them
20:16:24ep0cham gonna price off some plastic bit on the connector and see if the wires come out...
20:16:47ep0chthegeek: thats my next option :)
20:17:02thegeekyou could end up destroying the connector
20:20:46 Quit James ("Leaving")
20:21:25HClsleep. rockbox. or gta san andreas
20:21:29HClthe dilemma.
20:21:37ep0chrockbox! :)
20:21:45HCli knew someone was gonna say that :P
20:21:58ep0chsame as sleep no?
20:22:01HCli need more sleep..
20:22:04HClif i sleep now
20:22:08HCli mess up my biorhythm
20:22:23ep0chif you're tired sleep
20:22:40ep0chsociety is wrong, we shouldn't have to do 9-5
20:22:42HClanother point is that my flatmates are making too much noise to sleep properly
20:22:46HCli know.
20:22:53HCli don't have them :/
20:23:02ep0chlisted to rockbox :)
20:23:50ep0chthegeek: did it without breaking the connector luckily
20:24:16ep0chnow i'll have fun opening up the ihp
20:25:01ep0chor no i wont, i only have a T8...
20:30:20thegeekI just use a small screwdriver
20:30:23thegeekthat fits
20:30:33ep0chhmmm interesting
20:30:35thegeekand it's very easy to open/change the battery
20:30:45ep0chyou're right! it fits
20:30:58thegeekjust make sure its not too small
20:30:59ep0chyou just saved me some money
20:31:57 Join James [0] (
20:34:08elinenbedoes anyone know where you can get ihp-120's for under $99?
20:34:28thegeekthat's funny
20:34:54ep0chdepends, do you want one that works?
20:39:08ep0chthegeek: it aint easy!
20:39:42ep0chwould be if the power connector wasn't stuck behind the whole unit...
20:42:01thegeekyou have to unscrew the pcb
20:42:08thegeekjust make sure you don't scratch the lcd
20:42:08ep0choh i see
20:42:11ep0chtake out the HD
20:42:19ep0chtheres screws underneath
20:42:21thegeekand the plug might be a littl hard to get out
20:42:27thegeekjust be careful and take your time
20:44:06 Nick Sucka is now known as Sucka`away (
20:45:43 Quit bagawk ("Leaving")
20:47:47ep0chI can't see how the battery connector can get out, when the mains connector is in the way. I'll just keep on trying...
20:49:59HClbeen there done that.
20:50:11HClep0ch: just keep trying, it manages to get out after a while..
20:50:19HCli had to snip my plug of my new battery down a bit
20:50:25HClso it would slide in to the connector
20:50:31HCli broke my old battery connector while getting it out
20:50:36ep0chwell i've taken the wires out of the old connector...
20:51:05HClwhat battery did you get?
20:52:18thegeekDette melder BBC, og dette skal vćre ny rekord. NTB skriver at 101 decibel tilsvarer lyden fra en motorsag i full drift, eller střyen en motorsyklist utsettes fra egen motor.
20:52:37ep0chwrong window? ;)
20:55:37thegeekwas about wimbledon champion Maria Sjarapova's "sounds"
20:55:40thegeek101 db
20:55:48thegeekpretty insane;)
20:56:07ep0chwonder if she's like that in bed...
20:56:19ep0chonly one way to find out!
20:56:20 Quit tvelocity ("Leaving")
20:56:45 Join hardeep [0] (hardeeps@SDF.LONESTAR.ORG)
20:56:48thegeek101 db is so loud it would be uncomfortable beeing close to her
20:57:16thegeeka motorized grasscutter is like 98db
21:00:21 Join TCK [0] (
21:02:28ep0chso you'd prefer a grasscutter to sharapova?
21:03:41 Join Coldtoast [0] (
21:03:56Coldtoasthey. does next track info still work in wps?
21:04:18Coldtoastdoesn't seem to work here
21:04:27 Quit t0mas ("brb... time to set my temperature alert higher :)")
21:05:06Coldtoastoh. weird. just worked when it changed tracks
21:06:44 Join tvelocity [0] (
21:07:13JamesMy IBM hard drive is password protected... What is the default master password?
21:07:43ep0chare you in the right channel?
21:08:41 Join t0mas [0] (
21:09:01 Quit TCK- (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
21:10:13Jamesyes -
21:10:43ep0chsorry my bad
21:11:12Jamesno problem... this is such a pain
21:11:18Jamesi got a used laptop hard drive
21:11:26Jamesand i can't use it because it's password protected
21:11:27thegeekyou might want to look into xbox hd unlocking
21:11:40thegeeklots of informatino regarding hd unlocking in that context
21:11:47Coldtoastoh man! you really want to hope it's not locked the same way the xbox is
21:11:52Coldtoastor it's useless
21:12:01Jamesyah, that's what i've heard
21:12:04Coldtoasterr... same way the xbox locks them I mean
21:12:17ColdtoastI have a 120GB sitting here completely useless
21:12:21Jamesi'm pretty sure it's locked the same way
21:12:37Coldtoastonly way to unlock it is to get a dump of the xbox it came from
21:13:14Coldtoasthey. when displaying track info, do you like Artist followed by Track or Track/Artist
21:13:16Jamestech support won't help either "we can't give you the master password" (because we want you to buy a new drive)
21:13:31Coldtoastlike, "Tool, Judith" or "Judith, Tool"
21:13:46 Join Stryke` [0] (
21:14:30spiraloutthere is no song from tool called judith thats not important :-P
21:14:54Coldtoastyou go tme
21:15:04ColdtoastA Perfecet Circle, Judith
21:15:12Coldtoastor Judith, A perfect Circle?
21:15:13Maxime`Mrn[21:13] <Coldtoast> hey. when displaying track info, do you like Artist followed by Track or Track/Artist < artist - track
21:15:24Maxime`Mrn(for me..)
21:15:34Coldtoastyou get a better ordered list with artist/track I suppose
21:15:39spiralouti prefer first track than artist
21:15:43Maxime`Mrnthe ability to personalize this will be great no?
21:15:50Maxime`Mrnor too difficult ?
21:15:53ColdtoastI am personalising it
21:16:00Coldtoastjust deciding on teh order
21:17:51Stryke`in the tagdatabase, its quite annoying that when browsing by album, every artists tracks not tagged with an album have their own entry
21:19:02Coldtoastwhere's Screendump in rockbox?
21:20:33Coldtoasthmmm. can you take a shot of the wps from rockbox?
21:21:37spiraloutyes in the debug menĂĽ
21:21:38 Join belgarath [0] (
21:21:47FebsTurn the screendump function on in the debug menu. When you plug in the USB cable, Rockbox will automatically create a bitmap in the root directory of whatever is on the screen.
21:25:21HClStryke`: there are several options for the database generator, i suggest you look into them.
21:25:50Stryke`do any group all non-album tagged files as one album?
21:25:53JamesColdtoast, do you know how to send IDENTIFY commands to an ATA hard disk?
21:26:09elinenbehcl: where's my dynamic realtime database? :-)
21:26:27HClelinenbe: current database design does not allow it.
21:26:52HClarchos models have too little memory to faciliate a proper realtime database
21:27:01HClbut runtime info and db tool should be a fair solution
21:27:03HClfor now
21:27:04elinenbeHCl: time to get an iriver? :)
21:27:21HCli have one.
21:27:24HCli don't have archos models
21:27:34HClits just that the people here want me to code for all platforms
21:27:36HClnot just iriver
21:29:27Stryke`HCL: sorry to repeat myself but do any implementations group all non-album tagged files as one album?
21:29:30 Join |ep0ch [0] (~ep0ch@
21:29:52HClan album is associated to a directory either way.
21:30:01HClthere's an option to force all files in a directory to be a single album
21:30:37Stryke`what i mean is, i have a bunch of single tracks (no album tag) by a bunch of different artists, each artist gets their own no-album entry in the Album list
21:30:50HClofcourse they do.
21:31:00HClwhy would they be in the same album?
21:31:17Stryke`same album tag
21:31:39HCldidn't you just say you had no album tag?
21:31:54HClare all the files in the same directory?
21:32:30HClthen you really can't expect them to be put in the same album
21:32:38Stryke`i understand
21:33:01Stryke`its just when i browse albums, and theres 70 or so no-album entries, its a bit disconcerting
21:33:03HClthere's no good reasoning behind putting files from across the filesystem with no album tag, all of different artists, in a single album
21:33:33HClcan't be helped, tag your files, i say
21:33:38Stryke`maybe tracks with no album tag should not be in the album list
21:33:54 Quit ep0ch (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
21:33:55 Nick |ep0ch is now known as ep0ch (~ep0ch@
21:34:07HClwhy not?
21:34:25HClit makes sense to me to just associate them to the directory
21:34:40HClyou can use −−dirisalbumname to make it more readable perhaps?
21:34:51HClit substitutes directory name for album name if there is no album tag
21:36:14 Nick Sucka`away is now known as Sucka (
21:36:14ep0chthegeek, HCl: thanks battery is sorted now :)
21:36:19HCl :)
21:36:41ep0chand i didn't loose a screw!
21:36:53HCl :p
21:37:05HClwhat about ending up with too many? :P
21:37:49spiralouthey nice on @coldtoast can you post the files here..? ... or maybe somewhere else
21:38:04ColdtoastI can zip it up
21:38:14Moosin WPS gallery
21:38:33Coldtoastthere's hardly any info on screen tho. hehe
21:38:48 Join courtc_ [0] (
21:39:14spiraloutyes wps gallery or a new wiki would be better
21:39:35 Quit courtc (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:39:42spiralouthmm i think i hav got a good wps
21:39:50spiraloutworks good for me
21:40:00Coldtoastit's pretty much all I want
21:40:10Coldtoastexcept I'd like estimated battery life on there too
21:40:13ep0chColdtoast: yeah that's nice :)
21:40:26Coldtoastbut that can wait til it's all worked out
21:40:29 Nick courtc_ is now known as courtc (
21:41:05Coldtoastcool. Got a few little bitmaps there too
21:41:07spiraloutworks with bigger font sizes too right?
21:41:17ep0chdid cpu boost variable ever make it wps?
21:41:17Coldtoastyou'd have to move the bitmaps
21:41:24ep0chmake it to wps
21:41:34spiraloutworks with bigger font sizes too doesn´t it?
21:41:34Coldtoastactually, there's space for bigger fonts
21:41:47Coldtoastdidn't even think of that but it's there anyway :)
21:42:50 Quit webguest59 ("CGI:IRC")
21:43:11spiraloutgreyscale would be nice...
21:43:23***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:43:32spiraloutor even albumart in backround yeah:)
21:44:36ep0chColdtoast: sorry where can i get your wps?
21:44:43Coldtoasttried a larger font and it wipes on eof the bitmaps out so you'd have to move em
21:44:48ColdtoastI'll zip it up
21:44:52ep0chah cool
21:45:40belgarathmy mp3s are being really dodgy when playing now...
21:45:59MoosColdtoast : you can put the script directly in WPS gallery with dump
21:46:13Coldtoastneed the bitmaps tho
21:46:36Moosyes for we can see it
21:46:44ep0chbelgarath: seems fine to me
21:47:16MoosColdtoast: look @
21:47:23ep0chbelgarath: are they very high bit rate?
21:47:32belgarath192kbs vbr
21:47:44belgaraththey played ok after buffering for ages
21:47:45ep0chep0ch: might be resampler
21:47:53belgarathyeah i thought that
21:48:17belgarathcouldn't code be put in to only resample non 44.1 khz?
21:48:44ep0chyeah "could"...
21:49:37belgarathwould that imply a major rewrite then?
21:49:45ep0chno point as i believe the code for resampling will get moved later to work for all codecs
21:52:04belgarathits just doesn't the cpu being used much more for resampling mean the battery life will suffer?
21:52:54ep0chbelgarath: yes but i believe its just a temporary thing at the moment.
21:53:16amiconnbelgarath: The current resampler is an intermediate solution and will be replaced
21:53:54ep0chanyone know if rockbox Tremor is more efficient than iriver Tremor, whoever did the rockbox codec did a good job :)
21:53:56Coldtoastthere ep0ch
21:54:23ep0chcheers, never used a wps before
21:54:54Coldtoastput everything in .rockbox and load the .wps in settings
21:55:09Coldtoastdidn't bother crating a subdir. heh
21:55:29*amiconn still uses the default wps on iriver
21:55:47amiconnCouldn't be bothered to create my own...
21:56:01amiconn...although I did so on archos
21:57:33ep0chColdtoast: hmm I put the files in a sub dir (called wps), images don't appear, any idea off the top of your head?
21:57:39Coldtoastthe little rockbox logo looks nice I think
21:57:55Coldtoastyeah. I didn't create subdirs
21:58:05ColdtoastI dumped all of it in .rockbox
21:58:18Coldtoastcos I'm lazy
21:58:39ep0chso i have to reference the directory name in the .wps then?
21:58:45 Join rasher [0] (
21:59:20 Quit Stryke` ("Friends don't let friends listen to Anti-Flag")
21:59:25 Join Stryke` [0] (
21:59:43rasherIs logf for plugins limited?
21:59:56*amiconn spots rasher
21:59:59amiconnhi rasher
22:00:17amiconnlogf() shouldn't be limited,
22:00:27amiconnor rather, have the same limits as in the core
22:00:30rasherwait, I'm an idiot
22:00:50amiconnIirc you dd the 160px wide b&w rockbox logo?
22:01:42amiconnNo? Hmm.
22:01:44rasherThat was already there when I arrived
22:01:57rasherthe one used for the splash, right?
22:02:06ep0chColdtoast: cool just added wps/ infront of the image names, looks good!!
22:02:17amiconnI'd need a 4-grey version soon...
22:02:30amiconn(I hope)
22:02:50rasherI'll have a look at it anyway
22:04:28rasherShould I just use greys for less aliasing?
22:04:36 Join xen`` [0] (
22:04:57Coldtoastep0ch: you'll need the .wps file itself in .rockbox tho
22:05:06Coldtoastor it won't work next time you boot rockbox
22:05:20ep0choh that explains it, ty
22:05:40ep0chis that a bug?
22:05:46 Quit RotAtoR ()
22:05:59Coldtoastit's stated in the docs i think
22:06:35ep0chyeah maybe i should read the docs one day...
22:06:39Coldtoast"If the "played" wps file is located in the /.rockbox folder, it'll be remembered and used for subsequent restarts"
22:07:29Coldtoastwish I had a font that looked decent that small tho. I had to manually create the lettering in PS
22:10:17rasheramiconn:"> .. doesn't really look very good
22:10:48rasher(just did a simple resize and then change to 2-bit)
22:13:47amiconnLooks like that would need some work to really look nice
22:14:04rasherI'm not much of a graphics person
22:14:05amiconnAnyway, I don't need it right now, but in the not so far future
22:14:20rasherbut I did have a high-res b&w logo lying around
22:14:27 Join amx [0] (
22:15:36 Quit spiralout (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:20:29Maxime`MrnColdtoast: may you make available your wps & files? ^^
22:20:36Maxime`MrnI like your theme lol
22:21:15Coldtoastsure thing
22:21:48Maxime`Mrnthx ^^
22:22:16Maxime`Mrnthx ^^
22:24:52 Join Flemmard [0] (
22:26:16FlemmardMaxime`Mrn: get the hell outta here !
22:26:24 Join ghostiger2 [0] (~ghostiger@05c68aaa513b01ab.session.tor)
22:32:25 Join nxmja [0] (
22:32:27 Join [1]Chamois [0] (
22:32:38nxmjahi all
22:32:52nxmjaquick one... battery.dummy?
22:33:07rasherfile in your root dir?
22:33:21rashercreated by battery_test.rock
22:33:25 Quit Maxime`Mrn (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:33:25nxmjayeah thats it
22:33:44nxmjaoh, so I can just get rid of it if I want... I did a test a few days back but hadn't checked the root
22:33:59nxmjata rasher
22:36:26 Join RotAtoR [0] (
22:39:04 Quit nxmja ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
22:40:03 Join muesli- [0] (
22:40:52 Quit Chamois (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
22:40:52 Nick [1]Chamois is now known as Chamois (
22:41:00 Quit Stryke` ("Friends don't let friends listen to Anti-Flag")
22:41:03 Join Stryke` [0] (
22:42:42Flemmarderm, when will the greyscale be fully supported on rockbox? (if it's not?)
22:45:10 Part James ("Leaving")
22:46:11Coldtoastthe iriver firmware is 1 bit so if any of the guys working on rockbox get any more than 1bit, cool!
22:46:29rasherIt's using 2-bit
22:46:33Coldtoasterr, it is 1bit, right?
22:46:54rasher2-bit = black, white and 2 greys
22:46:56Coldtoastoh? whereare the other coliurs used? thought the progress bar was just dithered
22:46:56Flemmardiriver uses grayscale no?
22:47:09amiconnColdtoast: The display can do 2bit natively
22:47:14rasherthe usb-screen has 2-bit
22:47:21crwland the boot logo has grayscales too
22:47:23Coldtoastoh. ok
22:47:29amiconnThe remote is b&w only
22:47:47amiconnI am working on it
22:47:49*rasher sighs
22:47:53amiconn(the 2bit mode)
22:48:03rasherI've ported matrix from ipodlinux/podzilla
22:48:10rasher(screensaver-type thing)
22:48:17Coldtoasthey. an etch-a-sketch plug would be quite cute. hehe. that's 1 bit :)
22:48:18rasherJust need bitmaps of the font..
22:48:33amiconnrasher: special font?
22:48:34rasherAlso, it's hella slow
22:48:34Flemmardthe middle button on iriver, is designed by wich name?
22:48:46FlemmardBUTTON_SELECT ?
22:48:55rasheramiconn: yeah, matrix code
22:49:20rasherI'm just using a bitmap of a 1 and 0 right now
22:49:22rasherlooks right
22:49:51rasherit's originally a port of cmatrix for linux
22:49:52amiconnWhy is it slow?
22:50:03rasherlots of lcd_bitmap I think
22:50:13rasherdon't think there are any floats
22:50:27amiconnI think matrix should be fast, even on archos
22:50:33amiconnIt's plain 2d
22:50:38Coldtoasthow many icons does rockbox use? and any chance of gettign access to them for the wps?
22:50:38rasheryes.. I'm wondering what's going on
22:51:45rasherI was using logf
22:51:53rasherfor each character being drawn
22:51:56rasherforgot about that
22:52:04rashercertainly too fast now
22:53:46Coldtoastin the latest bleedign edge, the Playlist options in Settings looks lonely now with it's 1 option :)
22:54:16belgarathdo playlists work with id3 database now?
22:56:18amiconnreboot, brb
22:56:20 Quit amiconn (" Try HydraIRC -> <-")
22:59:52Flemmardwhat's "dumb" ?
22:59:56FlemmardDUMB has been built. Run 'make install' to install it.
23:00:11rasherModule/tracker library
23:01:12 Join amiconn [0] (
23:01:58 Join preglow [0] (
23:02:15preglowamiconn: working on proper greyscale support?
23:02:24amiconngfx api first
23:03:39 Quit tvelocity ("Leaving")
23:03:47preglowSlasheri: gotten any further in integrating resampling?
23:04:07Slasheripreglow: yes, but it's not very easy to do. I am now coding dsp.c :)
23:04:17preglowno, i can imagine it's not quickly done
23:04:24SlasheriWe will get rid at least one memory copy buffer in mpa.c
23:04:32preglowvery nice
23:04:42muesli-what does that mean?
23:04:45preglowbut please, throughout, keep in mind we don't want to round to sixteen bits until the last stage
23:04:49Bagderwe should make a linux layer for pcm playback in the sim
23:04:51Slasherimuesli-: little better performance
23:05:00 Join n0bby [0] (
23:05:11muesli-mk :)
23:05:17Slasheripreglow: yes
23:05:27Slasherithat dsp.c will handle also dithering/rescaling/clipping etc.
23:05:33preglowSlasheri: excellent, wonderful
23:05:41n0bbyanyone planning an major iriver-related commits before tomorrow lunchtime? i'm going off on holidays and dont want to miss anything :)
23:05:47rasherBagder: there's a patch in the tracker for that
23:05:52preglowBagder: seems the dust has settled after your big commit yesterday too
23:05:57Bagderrasher: recent?
23:06:05rasherBagder: not by far
23:06:06preglowi enjoyed audio playback with no hickups today
23:06:12preglowso nice work
23:06:23preglowit sorely needed doing
23:06:31Bagderyes, it feels good to have that done
23:06:44HClwhat was done exactly?
23:07:19Bagderthe codecs are no longer faked plugins
23:07:24HClah right.
23:07:28HClgood work
23:07:48 Join LinusN [0] (
23:07:55preglowlinus: hola
23:07:57n0bbysince all the devs are online, i have a question. Does the iriver force a 3 second shutdown, or can settings be saved before the unit powers off? it keeps catching me out and losing my settings
23:08:00amiconnhi LinusN
23:08:08*amiconn slaps Linus a bit ;)
23:08:20*n0bby pokes LinusN
23:08:25preglown0bby: that can and should be fixed, afaik
23:08:29Bagderrasher: thanks, you tried it?
23:08:52rasherBagder: It didn't apply when I tried.. see my comment on the tracker
23:08:53preglowBagder: played snake2 smoothly while listening to music, was quite exilerating ;)
23:09:05n0bbythe plugin issue is fixed?
23:09:09amiconnLinusN: That was not the nicest way, leaving broken player builds and 1/4 of the functions unusable on Ondio...
23:09:11LinusNn0bby: it doesn't save the settings?
23:09:13preglown0bby: yeas
23:09:25n0bbyand no, iriver doesnt
23:09:26LinusNamiconn: i know, sorry about that
23:09:34n0bbyor at least didnt on a build a few days ago
23:09:44amiconnI fixed that... instead of working on gfx
23:09:45n0bbyim transfering 40GB music right now so i cant test
23:11:07LinusNamiconn: i shouldn't have taken away the functions from the menus
23:11:28LinusNbut the ondio stuff still had to be done by an ondio owner
23:11:44LinusNhmm, i though i built the player to test...
23:12:00LinusNn0bby: which setting was this?
23:12:37LinusN"catching me out"?
23:12:40n0bbythe most obvious one i noticed was invers screen :)
23:12:40amiconnLinusN: I can live with the current solution on Ondio... it might turn out as a good solution after some getting-used-to
23:12:55amiconnLinusN: Btw, what do you think about the solution?
23:13:01LinusNamiconn: good
23:13:02 Join Aison [0] (
23:13:19n0bby"catching me out" as in, i alter a setting and shut it off without forcing disc access
23:13:20LinusNi wasn't really sure what the solution was
23:13:28Flemmarderm.. i think in plugins buttons "left" and "down" are buggy .. :x
23:13:37amiconnAnd btw, one of you could get an Ondio too... they're dead cheap compared to iriver
23:13:40Flemmardup and right goes well, but the others don't
23:13:43amiconn(at least the SPs)
23:13:53LinusNn0bby: some settings aren't stored until you leave the setting menu
23:13:55rasherFlemmard: which plugin?
23:14:03Flemmardrasher: one plugin I do
23:14:08n0bbylinus: im pretty sure i did
23:14:13n0bbylinus: not sure
23:14:25rasherFlemmard: I'm pretty sure the problem lies in your code
23:14:29n0bbylinus: does save-on-shutdown happen now?
23:14:39 Join pike2 [0] (
23:14:45Flemmardrasher: eh, exactly the same code for left than for right.. it's quite strange
23:14:59Flemmardi'm dumb
23:15:03rasherWell, they work in other plugisn
23:15:03*Flemmard −−> [- ]
23:15:09Flemmardforgotten "break;" ^^
23:15:24rasherA classic
23:15:36Flemmardsry ^^
23:15:46*HCl eyes his alarmclock
23:16:03HClthats the second time it turned itself on to go off at 8 am
23:16:04HCli swear.
23:16:07HClits plotting an evil plan.
23:16:13Flemmardeheh.. quite better :x
23:16:14 Join Nuxator [0] (
23:16:14 Quit belgarath ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
23:16:21Nuxatorji all
23:16:27n0bbyHcl: i set mine for 6PM in case that happens
23:16:53NuxatorLinusN: Do you remember my usb probleme with iriver rockbox?
23:17:53NuxatorI've go news : when i swith off my comp or suspend to ram Rockbox exit form usb mode
23:18:28Nuxatordon't know why when i unplug it it doesn't detect it should exit usb mode
23:19:59n0bbydoes it happen on any pc or just yoursS?
23:20:17Nuxatorany (windows linus decktop laptop...)
23:20:28amiconnNuxator: You mean, when you pull the USB plug rockbox stays in USB mode, but noot when you powerdown the PC with the iriver still connected?
23:21:17rasherMy, how appropriate - Matrix on tv
23:21:26amiconnHmm. With iriver firmware this does not happen?
23:21:42amiconnLinusN: Probably some pull-down problem?
23:21:54LinusNmight be
23:21:58 Quit thegeek (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
23:22:09 Join thegeek [0] (
23:24:08NuxatorJust wanted LinusN that i found a workaround to my prob , and maybe helping him to understand this problem....
23:25:17NuxatorNo thx you for rockbox, i was waiting for a such H140 firmware since i bought it (iriver's firmware is so desapointing)
23:25:58LinusNwhat was the deal with the "shuffle playlist" option?
23:26:04Coldtoastlike iriver would release a firmware with actual FIXES adn UPDATES
23:26:20n0bbylinus: mixes up a playlist
23:26:24rasherWell they did, but not much
23:26:31BagderLinusN: I believe it is a re-shuffle action
23:26:43NuxatorAnd it's usefull
23:27:10Nuxatorif i add more than one directory to my playlist, only the first was shuffled
23:27:10Bagderwell, you could do that before too
23:27:23Bagderno way
23:27:34LinusNi think it should be named "reshuffle"
23:27:41BagderI fully agree
23:27:45 Quit Stryke` ("Friends don't let friends listen to Anti-Flag")
23:27:48 Join Stryke` [0] (
23:27:51NuxatorBut you can do the playlist in normal play mode
23:27:59Nuxatorand then shuffle it if you want
23:28:01LinusNand "playlist" is a little misleading
23:28:17 Join webguest13 [0] (
23:28:40BagderNuxator: that's how it always worked
23:29:18Nuxatores i know thats why reshuffling is usefull
23:29:51 Quit Aison|cinema (Connection timed out)
23:30:13FlemmardLinusN: may we call the dumpscreen function with a plugin?
23:30:16NuxatorWhen i add directories in dynamic playlist ony the firs was shuffled
23:30:33Nuxatorin random play mode
23:30:39Bagderthat that is a bug
23:30:43Bagderthen that
23:31:15LinusNBagder: not easy to solve
23:31:33Bagderbecause we don't want to always reshuffle?
23:31:46 Join Aison|cinema [0] (
23:32:00LinusNBagder: yes
23:32:01BagderI never use dynamic playlists, I have a hard time to see how its used
23:32:13Nuxatorooops wanted to shut down rockbox it crached
23:32:28LinusNNuxator: that sometimes happen when you shut down with music playing
23:32:29Bagderfair enough
23:32:33amiconnBagder: From what I understand, if you have shuffle enabled and add multiple dirs, each dir will be shuffled, but only within itself
23:32:37Bagderbut I want it called "reshuffle"
23:32:41Nuxatorok whant error message?
23:32:50LinusNNuxator: nah
23:32:59LinusNFlemmard: what do you mean?
23:33:14Nuxatordamn where is my reset paper clip
23:33:15Bagderamiconn: oh, right. the picture is clearing up here now
23:33:23FlemmardLinusN, in fact in one plugin I want to take a screenshot of the player ..
23:33:28Flemmardmay I call the scren_dump function?
23:34:02 Quit Aison (Connection refused)
23:34:09Flemmard'have to make a similar function so?
23:34:21n0bbycopy/paste the code and call that :P
23:34:21Flemmardah no
23:34:24LinusNno, use the normal method
23:34:34amiconnSo if someone wants to shuffle a whole list, but not save it beforehand, that reshuffle could be useful (not that I need it)
23:34:40FlemmardLinusN, in fact I'm doing a small draw plugin
23:34:50Flemmardso I want to allow to save what we do so..
23:34:54Bagderamiconn: yes
23:35:00Bagderbut we should call it reshuffle
23:35:34amiconnBagder: The only way to have a whole list shuffled without reshuffle would be to create the list with shuffle disabled, then enable shuffle after adding all dirs
23:35:47amiconn...while music is not playing
23:36:05Bagderwhich then would change seed and risk you playing the already played songs again
23:36:39Bagderbut of course, that does reshuffle too
23:36:43amiconnReshuffle is more suitable, I agree
23:36:51amiconn(as the name)
23:37:04amiconnThat also translates better to German
23:37:14amiconn"Neu mischen"
23:38:34preglowi'm still struggling with 'crossfade' in norwegian :/
23:38:58amiconnI wonder why t0mas didn't update dutch on the way
23:39:06Nuxatorin Fench "Remélanger"
23:39:16preglowdoesn't help me one iota :P
23:39:17amiconnI always update german when adding new strings
23:39:47amiconnNuxator: Is that an a... with what accent??
23:39:55preglowit's utf8, is what it is
23:39:57amiconn(no utf-8 supporthere)
23:40:02Flemmard"Fondu enchaine" plutot
23:40:26rasherBacklight fade-in is a bitch for Dansih
23:40:38NuxatorReshuffle=Remélanger (ecute)
23:40:38pregloweverything with 'fade' is a bitch in norwegian
23:40:45preglowwe really have no good word for it that i'm aware of
23:40:50rasherThere's a nice word for slowly shutting off the light
23:40:58rasherbut nothing comparable for turning it on
23:40:59n0bbypreglow: got a word for dim?
23:41:01preglowyes, that's 'blende' in norwegian
23:41:10preglowblende = dim
23:41:26preglowbut i think it sounds silly when you use it for 'fade'
23:41:28LinusNFlemmard: we could export a save_bmp function to the plugin api
23:41:29rasherNo "un"
23:41:30 Quit muesli- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:41:38n0bbyis there an "un" eqivalent?
23:41:46rasherAt least, Danish has nothing like that
23:41:46 Quit kenshin (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:41:51 Quit Coldtoast ("Peace and Protection 4.22")
23:42:03rasherNothing that works generally at least
23:42:08preglowi just translated it to 'kryssfade' while yelling ARGHHH NO MORE
23:42:17rasherThere are some that work in some cases
23:42:34rasherpreglow: how about something liek I did in Danish: sammenbland (to mix two things)
23:43:00preglowthat'd work well in norwegian too, but i don't like the sound of it
23:43:01preglowi'm picky
23:43:07rasheractually, I changed that
23:43:12rasherto "glidende overgang"
23:43:24preglowthat's better, actually
23:43:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:43:31n0bbydanish is hilarous sounding:D
23:43:40rasherWe get that a lot
23:44:19HClpreglow: lmao.
23:44:34*preglow hands HCl his ass back
23:45:05*preglow puts amiconn back on his feet
23:45:25*preglow starts interpreting abbreviations literally
23:47:53*preglow faints
23:48:58amiconnrofl.l %d0
23:49:16 Quit xen`` ()
23:49:31amiconnBagder: What's that????
23:49:31Bagdergood old ppc instruction
23:49:44preglowi like 'asl'
23:49:47Bagderan old favourite
23:49:55preglowalways makes me smile, that
23:50:59preglowBagder: it's "thou shalt", actually :P
23:51:31BagderI had this feeling I'd get someone to point out my flaws there ;-)
23:52:31 Quit rasher ("CGI:IRC 0.5.4 (2004/01/29)")
23:53:35FlemmardLinusN, i've started one draw plugin, would you test? (if you have 2 minutes..)
23:53:48Flemmard(according to one "requested feature")
23:53:49LinusNsorry, i don't
23:54:14LinusNFlemmard: someone else might be interested
23:54:36Flemmardso want to test? :x ^^
23:54:48 Join bipple [0] (
23:55:10bippleAv we got radio on this thingy yet then laddys?
23:55:54Flemmard[23:41] <LinusN> Flemmard: we could export a save_bmp function to the plugin api < will be great yeah, like save_bmp(x, y, filename) (x, y is the zone to be saved)
23:55:58LinusNbipple: no
23:56:32BagderFlemmard: go ahead and do that and submit a patch
23:57:02bippleWHats wrong with the radio ?
23:57:48preglownothing wrong, it's just not been finished yet
23:57:51 Quit amx ("leaving")
23:58:09bipplewill i be able to recieve alien signals
23:58:22FlemmardBagder: I'm afraid I don't know enough how rockbox's done to do this
23:58:47Flemmard(i'm a beginner of rockbox :x lol)
23:59:00preglowbipple: very likely, yes

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