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#rockbox log for 2005-06-26

00:01:54preglowwhat the hell is granulepos?
00:02:03preglowi know tremor has problems with files with bad granulepos
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00:03:09crwlit is related to seeking and ordering of ogg pages, or something
00:04:28tucozDon't know if you have talked about this, but it looks as if the id3db does not give right filepointers (or handles) to the context menu
00:04:44tucozwhile browsing using id3db that is
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00:05:47Bagderit is known
00:05:55tucozoh, thougt so
00:06:11tucozthougt=thought ;)
00:07:25tucozdidn't find it in the wiki...until now
00:09:29tucozBut that shouldn't be too hard to fix? The db entries are pointing to files in some way, as it already plays them.
00:10:10yyzdepends how much the context menu knows about db, its kinda based around file tree navigation
00:10:44Bagdertucoz: then jump in and fix!
00:11:31tucozBagder: I'll have a look at the code, but don't think I will get anything working
00:12:15Coldtoastdid the ogg play for you Bagder?
00:12:22BagderI didn't try
00:13:36BagderI wanted the file to have it just to make sure things don't fall between the chairs
00:13:52Coldtoastheh. as tends to happen
00:20:55preglowfrenetic sneezing, sniffing and coughing
00:20:57preglowlife is good
00:22:00tucozpreglow: did it, done it, hated it. From monday to friday this week :)
00:22:29tucozfever, sneezing and so on. Not funny.
00:22:42preglowoh, the fever'll come, surely
00:22:49preglowgood old father irony is not done yet
00:23:48tucozhehe, and I had a lot to do this week, which I couldn't manage because of that
00:24:41preglowi too have a lot to do this week...
00:24:50preglowthis is exactly why i'm counting on father irony to show up
00:25:54tucozyes, you know. You can run, but you can't hide when that evil man knocks on your door
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00:33:11Coldtoasthe just wants to borrow sugar
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00:34:49ColdtoastDragonslayer is on. Might jump in bed and fall asleep to it
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01:03:14*HCl stares at his download.
01:03:20HCl8 hours, 30 minutes remaining.
01:03:29HClstill. o.o.
01:06:02tucozHCl: have you looked at how to get the id3db work with context menus?
01:08:00HCli've been playing san andreas
01:08:04HCl :\
01:08:06tucozok, hehe, good enough
01:08:15HCland tomorrow i'm gonna look at homework for school
01:08:20HCland then i got more stuff
01:08:22HCland more stuff
01:08:29HClbut hopefully i'll have some time the week after taht
01:09:08tucozok, no problem. I'm just trying to figure out where to look. I look in case TREE_CONTEXT2 right now in tree.c
01:09:22tucozand in your files
01:10:25 Join TCK [0] (
01:10:38tucoz...but I think I'll leave that to you. Too tired to learn anything right now.
01:11:14HCldbtree.c is mostly zagor's, not mine
01:11:33HClall the code i've written for the database on-target is not plugged in yet
01:11:43HCloh wait.
01:11:47HClsearchengine excluded
01:11:49HCli wrote that.
01:12:03tucozYep, that is the untested bit right?
01:12:08HCli'll go try to sleep now
01:12:12HClmm? untested bit?
01:12:15HClsearchengine should work fine
01:12:22HClbut yea
01:12:25HClthe untested code bit
01:12:32HClis the new code i've written
01:12:34HClit had bugs, by the way
01:12:39tucozyes, that. read that somewhere
01:12:40HCli have a better version on my server
01:12:50HClwith added runtime db code
01:12:54HClgonna try to plug it in soon
01:12:58HClgonna try to sleep now
01:13:03tucozme 2
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02:11:34jwalkhi all. again, fantastic work.
02:11:52jwalkis there any way to clear the current playlist.
02:12:18jwalkit's a bit of a pain having the entire directory added to the playlist as default.
02:12:24jwalkmakes creating on the fly lists cumbersome
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03:21:35hardeepjwalk: you can create a playlist with just one file
03:22:03hardeepjwalk: Use the playlist->insert option on a track when nothing is playing
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10:11:42yngwihi guys, i've got a probably stupid, not rockbox related iriver problem and hope one of you can help
10:12:23yngwisince today it only shows "unknown device" when connected to the pc
10:13:41SlasheriHmm, can you access the hard disk from the player itself?
10:15:07yngwiyes it seems to work fine, listening and everything works
10:15:26yngwiin my pc setup nothing has changed
10:16:18Slasheriok, hmm.. i don't know what might be wrong :/ but it should not be rockbox related at all
10:16:30Slasherihave you tried the bootloader usb mode?
10:17:15Slasheriand try to reboot your pc also :)
10:17:19yngwiyeah i tried, its all the same, as with the orig. firmware
10:17:34yngwirebooting is the first thing i always try... :-)
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11:36:04yngwiSlasheri: Thanks for your help earlier, problem solved
11:36:15yngwiit was my own stupidity... :-/
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11:46:37Slasheriyngwi: good you solved it :) what was the problem?
11:51:07yngwithe cable i use is a normal usb cable wit an adapter, which got a bit loose..... DOH :-)
11:51:18Slasherihehe :D
11:51:38yngwiits embarassing
11:51:52yngwi*gets red cheeks*
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12:27:46HClsan andreas has long ending credits
12:29:22belgarathi was just wondering if there is anyway you could code something that would just skip wma files in playlists?
12:32:51RickHCl: heh, havn't beaten it -> stuck on a hard mission
12:34:15preglowhcl: now there's a surprise
12:36:01belgarathwould there be a way to filter out wma files when playlisting directorys?
12:37:05yngwiHCl, do you play on PS2 or PC?
12:37:27RickI can't get past the Freefall mission... stupid plane
12:37:28*Rick mutters
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13:05:34HClyngwi: xbox
13:05:50HClisn't that with the mafia?
13:05:53yngwido you think its also good on pc?
13:05:59HClit was easy, just take a desert eagle XD
13:06:04HClstupid mission trying to limit you to handgun only
13:06:09HClbut i happened to be carrying my desert eagle
13:06:15HCltotally owned the mafia with it
13:06:42HClyngwi: according to my flatmates the controls suck cause its designed for console, but aside from that it was fine
13:07:14yngwithis is very often a problem with console games... hmm
13:09:48preglowcontrols aren't that bad
13:10:00preglowa couple of defaults need to be changed, though
13:10:29preglowi'm used to pc gaming, so in many ways i find it easier to control on a pc
13:10:39preglowaiming on a console is bloody impossible :/
13:15:43 Join t0mas [0] (
13:26:16 Join webguest48 [0] (
13:27:09 Join Mirfle [0] (
13:27:33webguest48i dont get this
13:27:36webguest48no1s talkin?
13:27:41webguest48or is it jst me?
13:28:38MirfleI'm trying to update the hebrew lang file, and have a few questions about some phrases
13:29:08 Quit webguest48 (Client Quit)
13:30:05t0masMirfle: what's the english?
13:30:12t0masand what's the description?
13:30:21Mirfleand is "partition?" a question asking whether or not I have a partition, or should I make a new partition?
13:30:35Mirfle"partition?" is the description
13:30:49t0masand the english line is?
13:31:08Mirflemistake: "partition?" is the english
13:31:19t0masjust leave it
13:31:22 Join west-acre [0] (
13:31:25Mirfle"if save settings has failed" is the desc.
13:31:31t0masor try to find it on the player?
13:31:48Mirflei don't have a player
13:31:49west-acrewots new in R00kB00ks
13:32:15t0masthen you should just leave it...
13:32:27t0masand ask amiconn or some other player owner to find it
13:33:21 Quit t0mas ("brb, rebooting back to linux")
13:33:50Mirflethere is an identical id called "LANG_SETTINGS_BATTERY_RECORDER", and the eng is "No partition?"
13:42:26rasherThat's probably the mmeaning of the other id as well - just shorter to fit better on the player screen.. I *think*
13:43:12Mirfleoh... any idea what it's about?
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13:57:55 Join Coldtoast [0] (
13:58:07Mirflewhere do we use:
13:58:08Mirfleid: LANG_RESET_CONFIRM
13:58:10Mirfledesc: confirm to reset settings
13:58:11Mirfleeng: "PLAY=Reset"
13:58:13Mirfledoes "reset" mean "start over", or "save new settings"?
14:00:41rasherSet all settings to defaults
14:11:24 Quit bipak_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:19:58*preglow does the coughing and the sneezing
14:22:30 Join t0mas [0] (
14:23:30t0masback in linux
14:23:34t0masand everything's working again
14:26:58 Join [-AIR-] [0] (
14:27:53*rasher had a look at yesterday
14:28:01rasherWould be cool to have
14:28:16rasherIt's an old mess though
14:28:31 Quit west-acre (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
14:28:55rasherbeyond my skills to make the plugin compile, unfortunately
14:29:29rasher(ID3 editor plugin)
14:29:42[-AIR-]hey, the PCM recording, is it complete? the mic recording seems odd :s ?
14:30:05rasherThere's a reason why it's under a menu labelled "Debug (keep out!)
14:30:11[-AIR-]yeh, i figured
14:30:24[-AIR-]it worx kinda tho, it recorded from mic
14:30:28Moosrasher: excellent plugin
14:30:46rasherMoos: indeed, would be great to get it updated.. a few years old though, unfortunately
14:31:19[-AIR-]o yeh, about the plugins that say incompatible model, will they work? like mandlebrot?
14:31:44rasherEventually, yes
14:32:12rasherThough the dailies don't include these plguins afaik
14:32:23Mirflein the battery time remaining, can I change the h and m from "%d%% %dh %dm"?
14:32:24rasherso it's probably just a leftover from an old installation?
14:32:24[-AIR-]really? where can they be found?
14:32:31rasherMirfle: yes
14:32:49rasher[-AIR-]: They'll be included once they run
14:33:25[-AIR-]rite, so do u download the plugins separately, or run them ... w00t?
14:35:26preglowwhy does the mic recording seem odd?
14:35:37preglowsounds more or less exactly like in the original firmware to me
14:35:39rasherPlugins you can see on will be included
14:36:12rasherThere are a few third-party plugins (from BlueChip, at least) that you can download seperately
14:37:14t0masrasher: seems intresting
14:37:26t0mas(the id3 edit thing)
14:37:47Mirflewhat does "top off charge" mean?
14:38:50t0masit's for archos
14:39:09rasherIsn't that deprecated?
14:39:20t0masdon't know
14:39:44rasheroh, that was trickle charge and deep discharge
14:40:05[-AIR-]where can the bluechip plugins be found?
14:41:27rasher[-AIR-]: don't know if they work for iriver
14:41:44 Join tvelocity [0] (
14:42:18Mirflewhat do I do with it?
14:43:01rasherMirfle: if in doubt, leave it untranslated
14:44:03 Join guessed [0] (
14:44:15rasherIt's shown when it's charging the last few percent, I think
14:44:27ColdtoastI can translate to Australian if you need it
14:45:51[-AIR-]what DOES Chip8 do exactly?
14:45:53 Quit [-AIR-] ("I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n 2.0 Build 3515")
14:46:14 Join west-acre [0] (
14:46:24west-acrewhat does Chip8 do exactly?
14:46:34HClsome emulator, i think?
14:47:06Mirflethe uplang script should be updated to not add comments and "new" lines to deprecated ids.
14:47:49*HCl wonders how they even manage to make xbox games 4.5gb..
14:48:24 Quit guessed ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
14:48:36 Join edx [0] (
14:56:27ashridahby preprocessing the data to make up for the fact that it's actually a shitty pc?
14:58:16 Join R3nTiL [0] (
14:58:39HClwell, i'm happy with it as long as it plays divx
15:00:00ashridahabout the only part of an xbox i'm even remotely happy with is the xboxcontroller, and only because it's easily hacked into a pc :)
15:00:06ashridahyet cheap
15:00:44ashridahworks great as an n64 controller for most games
15:00:48ashridahsome can be a little bit of a pain
15:00:56tvelocityi want a nintendo revolution... now!!!
15:01:03HCli guess
15:01:04Coldtoastthere aren't many xbox games that are 4.5GB tho
15:01:09RickHCl: No, Freefall is the one where you have to land the plane into the plane
15:01:12HCli play n64 on my xbox
15:01:19Coldtoastmost of em seem to be around 2GB
15:01:20HClRick: yes, that one is easy o.o.
15:01:28RickI can't catch up :/
15:01:41RickI either collide with the plane or miss it entirely
15:01:43HClhow do you manage that?
15:01:52HClyou need to fly into the corona thats behind the plane?
15:02:00HClits not that hard? o.o.
15:02:09Rickit's very hard for me :O
15:02:17HClwith that mission i first thought that i had to kill the plane so i dived my plane into theirs
15:02:21HClbut that wasn't the way it was intended to
15:02:29ashridahyou have to start out above the plane, and start turning the moment you see the plane
15:02:31HClthe second time i saw the corona and it went fine o.o.
15:02:39ashridahi find first-person mode helps a *LOT* when flying too
15:02:58Rickyeah, the thing is
15:02:59ashridahi love skydiving on my way to places tho :)
15:02:59 Quit R3nTiL (Client Quit)
15:03:02Rickby the time I see the plane
15:03:05Rickit's up close and in my face
15:03:14HClplaying it on pc, i assume?
15:03:18ashridahRick: then push out your viewing distance
15:03:20Rickashridah: have you tried base jumping? :P
15:03:24ashridahHCl: wouldn't play it anywhere else
15:03:25RickHCl: yes
15:03:26HCli heard viewing distance is horrid on pc
15:03:31ColdtoastI might play some Ninja Gaiden or something
15:03:33ashridahRick: yeah. it's more fun from a jet :)
15:03:37HClashridah: i prefer xbox, seriously.
15:03:48Coldtoastor Halo 2
15:03:57ashridahi cannot stand trying to aim at crap on consoles
15:04:07HClyou don't have to
15:04:08ashridahit's a waste of time, and more frustrating than it ever should be
15:04:09HClit has autoaim
15:04:15ColdtoastI agree completely. FPS are abhorrent on consoles
15:04:15west-acreis generator effect left hand rule or right?
15:04:26HClgta has auto aim o.o.
15:04:39ashridahwhich is very poor, particularly where you need accuracy, which it doesn't give you (it has the aim autoaim on pc, and it's sucky)
15:04:42Rickthe auto aim sucks ass
15:04:54Rickat least it does for me
15:04:56HClnope, works fine o.o.
15:05:06Rickyou can't do good strafing with it
15:05:13Rickyou'll end up shooting in the opposite direction
15:05:37HClno problems here
15:06:08ashridahwhat it comes down to is that i trust my speed and accuracy with aiming far more than its target selection
15:06:22HClheh, if you say so
15:06:25rasherokay, that chip8 emulator is far too fast
15:06:29HCli'm happy to say i completely suck at aiming on fps :)
15:06:50ashridahplus, i find the mouse helps when i'm playing with the camera angles when driving :)
15:07:24RickI guess i'm off to trying that mission again
15:07:29Rickit's the only mission I have available :[
15:08:23ashridahRick: push out your viewing distance, and like i say, the moment you see it, start turning, ie, bank and turn as fast as you can. (ie, go vertical, then pull around, don't try to use the tail rudder, it's damn slow)
15:08:24Rickmy camera wigged out when I alttabed back in
15:09:45RickI just checked my options
15:09:49RickI already have max view distance
15:12:07ashridahthere used to be hacks for vice city that let you jack it out even further
15:13:12Rickfriends of mine made those
15:14:37RickYou know what I love about SA? The gas tank thing they added.
15:15:51*west-acre is revising
15:16:32 Part Mirfle
15:16:51HCleven though they don't really explode when you put some bullets through them
15:19:12rasherwould anyone mind if I converted CRLF to LF in all source files?
15:19:51rasher(leaving out codecs)
15:20:59t0masyes someone does
15:21:06t0masI already asked it sometime...
15:21:28preglowi think this should be a job done by people who are actually doing work on those files
15:21:41preglowif you go ahead and convert all of them you're bound to create conflicts for people working on that code
15:22:23rasherI'll just compile a list of the files then
15:24:03 Join DaKi][er [0] (
15:24:38 Quit Sucka ("a bird in the bush is worth two in your house")
15:25:05 Join Sucka [0] (
15:28:56t0masrasher: dosunix em all... and then cvs update :)
15:28:59 Join LinusN [0] (
15:29:11t0masall M files are changed by dos2unix
15:29:17LinusNrasher: you're welcome to convert from CRLF to LF
15:29:30rasherProblem is, if people are working them *right now* the next patch we get on that file will be incomprehensible
15:29:32 Join DangerousDan [0] (~Miranda@
15:29:36LinusNas far as there are no other changes in the same commit
15:30:09rasheruisimulator/win32/uisw32.rc - does this one have to be CRLF perhaps?
15:30:15LinusNthe patches we get are always cr/lf polluted anyway
15:30:25 Join Yokalosh [0] (
15:30:28LinusNrasher: perhaps, try it
15:30:44YokaloshHey, I was talking to someone here yesterday about Knoppix Linux....
15:30:51Yokaloshwho was it? i need to talk to you again!
15:31:39rasherIt wasn't me, but I may be able to help, ask away
15:33:18Yokaloshwell when i boot from knoppix it tells me that it is finding my best config or something like that
15:33:28Yokaloshand then the screen goes black and my monitor lights just flash
15:33:35Yokaloshis that supposed to happen?
15:34:00t0masfor a few seconds... yes
15:34:25rasherwhat happens afterwards?
15:34:40Yokaloshnothing, they just carry on flashing and everything seems to power right down
15:35:10Yokaloshbut not shutdown
15:35:46Yokaloshwould this have anything to do with me having a 40x cdrom instead of 52x?
15:35:48rasherSounds like it fails to find a usable configuration
15:36:04rasherWhat kind of monitor/graphics card do you have?
15:36:23Yokaloshi just have my onboard graphics on my asus cusi-m
15:39:27 Quit ashridah (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:41:43Yokaloshits a AOC Spectrum 5Elr
15:42:01 Join ashridah [0] (
15:42:16rashercrt or tft?
15:42:51 Quit west-acre (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:44:41***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:45:24rasherat the boot menu, try entering "knoppix 800x600"
15:45:37Yokaloshokay then
15:45:44rasherknoppix screen=800x600
15:45:48Yokaloshi'll be back in a bit then maybe if it doesnt work
15:46:45Yokaloshso i just type 'knoppix screen=800x600' yeh?
15:46:58Yokaloshor just type '800x600' at the boot screen
15:48:27rasherknoppix screen=800x600
15:49:47 Quit yngwi ("Chatzilla 0.9.68a [Firefox 1.0.4/20050511]")
15:52:16 Quit Yokalosh (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:53:56rashercommitted.. let's hope nothing explodes in mmysterious ways
16:01:28t0masit works
16:01:30t0masgreen build table
16:01:49rasherwould've surprised me if it didn't, but you never know
16:13:18LinusNrasher: check if snake2 still works
16:13:46rasherIt should, it uses read_line which claims to split at LF, and throw away CR
16:14:11rasherIt does
16:14:38rasherI noticed this too, and checked how it was reading the files, forgot to check it though
16:14:56rasherThe windows sim works as well
16:15:19preglowSlasheri: how are things chugging along?
16:15:24rasherI ran dos2unix on freshly checked-out files (deleted them, then cvs up'ed)
16:15:36rasherjust to be sure I didn't accidently change something
16:15:48ashridahRick: heh, the exploding gas tank thing is a pita sometimes. i get bored when driving across the countryside, so i occasionally drive-by people going the other way, or in another lane, whatever. occasionally, i get lucky, and blow them up, which typically makes my car blow up :)
16:16:02Slasheripreglow: dsp almost works now with other file formats too (it's still little buggy)
16:16:34 Join Benjimima [0] (
16:16:43*t0mas wonders what happened to iriver radio stuff
16:16:49preglowaustriancoder vanished
16:17:00t0masnobody has hid email addess?
16:17:06preglowSlasheri: so it works with mp3?
16:17:19Slasheripreglow: yes, mp3s works fine
16:17:43t0masjust foundi t
16:18:07preglowhe's probably got a bunch of conflicts in his code now, should have commited it a long time ago
16:19:41t0maswe'll see
16:19:45 Join Cassandra [0] (
16:19:48t0mashasn't he fried his iriver?
16:19:50t0mashi Cassandra
16:20:16CassandraCan someone remind me what an "M" status indicator means from cvs update
16:20:25Benjimimacan i ask you rockbox genius's a question?
16:20:32t0masBenjimima: go ahead
16:20:34*rasher is still a bit confused by the need for both searchengine and databox
16:20:52t0masrasher: hm... one is to make files for the other iirc
16:21:18rasherYes, but I don't understand why it can't be done in one plugin
16:21:20SlasheriHehe, this is funny to resample ogg files to different frequencies :)
16:21:46t0masrasher: I think it's possible... just check the parameter...
16:21:53Benjimimawell i have the id3 database working on my iriver h120, but OTF playlisting by holding down the joystick doesnt work, yet it does on filetree view, is this known? is otf planed to be added to the id3 database? jus wondered :)
16:22:02SlasheriWe can add some "speed" option to playback menu, similar one that iriver firmware has
16:22:11t0masBenjimima: it's known
16:22:17t0masSlasheri: cool
16:22:37rashert0mas: Indeed, a small tweak would be necessary to have the plugin be both a stand-alone plugin and a viewer
16:22:39Benjimimat0mas: is it planned to be implemented soon? cos id love it when it is, cos that wud rule so very much
16:22:42rasherbut other than that, I don't get it
16:22:46preglowslasheri: should be no problem with the interpolator
16:22:50CassandraOn, never mind. It just means I've modified those files.
16:22:59t0masCassandra: [16:20:24] <t0mas> modified
16:23:14preglowslasheri: i did a test were i was sweeping the delta in the resampling routine continuously, sounded very fun
16:23:16t0masBenjimima: I don't know... I think someone can take a look at it
16:23:25CassandraSorry, you replied so quickly, I missed it. :)
16:23:29Slasheripreglow: hehe, nice :D
16:23:30t0masghehe :)
16:23:57preglowCassandra: started on the latex conversion yet?
16:24:09CassandraNot yet, no.
16:24:16 Part Benjimima
16:24:22rasherooh, converting the manual to latex?
16:24:31 Join Benjimima [0] (
16:24:34preglowpure goodness, if you ask me
16:24:37rasherActually, how about using docbook?
16:24:39CassandraIs 2.5 still going to be a non-iriver release?
16:24:44rasheror is that too limited?
16:24:49preglowCassandra: yes
16:24:54rasherI'd hope so
16:25:01preglowdocbook isn't too limited, but latex does much more automatically, afaik
16:25:02rasherif not, that means that 2.5 is still a long way off
16:25:03Cassandra*nods* Then I'll be updating for 2.5 before I convert.
16:25:27preglowand besides, latex is what i know, and i might want to help out a bit
16:25:30rasherI've started compiling releasenotes
16:25:31Benjimimat0mas: thanks sounds good, i wasnt sure if you lot knew, im sure you did and now cant wait :D hehe thanks so much for all the work you lot have put in, means a real lot to ppl like me who know how hard it can be to do :D your all great
16:25:41CassandraWhich means still no Ondio keymappings in the manual, but to do otherwise is a lot more work.
16:26:03CassandraWho's "release manager" these days?
16:26:11rasherZagor I think
16:26:42t0masyes, Zagor has the magic button
16:26:43CassandraIf I can get a timetable, it's easier to synchronise the manual with releases.
16:26:56preglowi don't believe there is one
16:27:07CassandraAs it is, I kind of have to play catch up when the release happens.
16:27:26CassandraIdeally what I'd like to see is a 2 week feature freeze before a release.
16:27:41t0mashm... wasn't that done before?
16:27:49CassandraSo I can work on the new manual without fear of things changing underneath me.
16:27:53CassandraSort of.
16:28:03preglowmaybe we should put the manual in cvs when it's converted to latex?
16:28:03t0masZagor clicks the button... then release notes are comiled... and in that time you can update the manual
16:28:06t0mascheck everything
16:28:10t0masand then release
16:28:42Cassandrapreglow: Absolutely. It's a maintenance nightmare at the moment.
16:29:24rasher could do with some caring eyes from archos owners
16:29:33rasherBecause I don't know what half of these changes mean
16:29:41rasheror at least, I only have a vague idea
16:30:18rasherMore to the point, I don't really know which bits were really changed since 2.4
16:30:27preglowi rather enjoy typography, so i might end up helping, we'll see
16:30:44rasher(those are all things from the commit logs, but I don't know if it's just small tweaks to existing features, or brand new stuff)
16:31:20CassandraThose release notes are good. Thank you.
16:32:03rashermost of it is copied directly from cvs logs >2004-12-23
16:32:24rasherbut it's certainly a start
16:33:28CassandraTheoretically it should contain all the changes then.
16:34:10rasheralthough I did skip a bunch and may have skipped something that should be included
16:34:21rasherall iriver/gmini related changes were ignored
16:34:46rasherand most changes to things added after the release
16:34:55rasher(like bugfixes for new features)
16:37:11HClconkers bad fur day rules
16:37:21HClthe xbox version is as great as the n64 version, so far
16:38:35CassandraWell, it beats my list on the docs page.
16:38:43CassandraWhich I know is very incomplete.
16:39:21 Quit preglow ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:40:05 Join preglow [0] (
16:40:16preglowgreat, now the bloody pop-under windows crash my browser
16:40:48 Quit Benjimima ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:43:18t0maspreglow: IE?
16:43:34rasherHrm.. would it be possible to "mark" sections in latex, to allow creating seperate manuals for each player?
16:43:38t0masrasher: do you know what the cvsroot and module name is for the rockbox website?
16:43:53rasheris the module name
16:44:01t0masand root is just /cvsroot/rockbox ?
16:44:02rashersame cvsroot
16:44:17rasherIt doesn't include everything though
16:47:59t0masnext t-shirt design is going to be a problem :)
16:48:08t0mas100+ names is difficult ;)
16:48:45rasherJust ask the SpreadFirefox team
16:48:57CassandraHow'd you wipe a playlist from memory.
16:49:12rasherstop playing
16:49:31rasherif you add something to a playlist, it'll be the only thing on it
16:49:32CassandraNope, playlist is still in memory. Can be resumed with resume.
16:49:34rasherI think..
16:50:04preglowt0mas: firefox
16:50:05rasherOkay, idea
16:50:06 Quit preglow ("CGI:IRC")
16:50:52rasherTo get something like the quickmenu on the recorder, how about holding down play, a menu appears, you then use left/right to select, and when you release play, it performs that action
16:51:12rasherI mean the f1/2/3 menu
16:51:24CassandraThat's my next planned patch, yeah.
16:51:54rasherAnd here I thought I had come up with a great and unthought of idea
16:55:07*rasher ponders buying a replacement battery for his h120
16:56:57 Join textchimp [0] (
16:57:18textchimpi'm getting this error building the latest CVS of rockbox:
16:57:40textchimpmake: *** codecs/lib: No such file or directory. Stop.
16:58:15textchimpdo i have to do anything special to build the recent versions? i've tried creating that dir in various places
17:00:32ashridahtextchimp: it's building okay here without any esoteric changes
17:00:54textchimpi don't seem to have an apps/codec/libs directory, do you?
17:01:30textchimphmm, i just did a cvs update on my existing i have to do anything to get it to grab whole dirs that weren't there last time i updated?
17:01:54ashridahwhat's your ~/.cvsrc have about update and checkout?
17:02:12textchimpdo you have a build-codecs target in apps/Makefile ?
17:02:16rashertry cvs update -dP
17:02:44textchimpi don't have a .cvsrc, i'm doing: cvs -z3
17:02:57ashridahtextchimp: create ~/.cvsrc and add the following
17:03:04ashridahdiff -u
17:03:04ashridahupdate -Pd
17:03:04ashridahcheckout -P
17:03:04DBUGEnqueued KICK ashridah
17:03:04ashridahcvs -q -z3
17:03:17ashridahit'll save you headaches
17:04:26 Part LinusN
17:05:24 Join webguest93 [0] (
17:05:35webguest93hey everyone, kinda an off topic question, but anyways...
17:05:52webguest93what do any of you think about me selling my h120 for an h320?
17:06:08webguest93is it a good or a bad idea? and also, what about prices?
17:06:27DaKi][erpersonaly, i wouldnt
17:06:29webguest93I'd rather not lose any money from this transaction...
17:06:35webguest93why not?
17:06:50ashridahpros: you can watch video at 10fps. cons: you can watch video on a crappily tiny screen.
17:06:55 Join guessed [0] (
17:06:56textchimpashridah: thanks, that grabbed the codecs/lib dir for me...what exactly got that to work? the option -Pd to update?
17:07:01DaKi][erwhat do you gain?
17:07:06ashridahpros: you can access other usb-storage devices with it. cons: it's damned slow, and doesn't work with everything
17:07:10webguest93color screen, mainly
17:07:17ashridahpros: ... cons: it accepts protected wma, the scum of the earth
17:07:20textchimpit is slow...absurdly slow
17:07:22CassandraDoes anyone know why a call to splash() might not be doing anything?
17:07:40rasherpros: colour screen. cons: colour screen
17:07:40webguest93well... I'm banking on the fact that rockbox will (eventually) work on it
17:08:01webguest93lol... why would the color screen be a con?
17:08:02DaKi][erfor an mp3 player? you dontneed a colour screen, and the h320 looks way uglier than the h120
17:08:06rasher.. since most colour screens I've seen are absolutely unreadable without backlight
17:08:14ashridahtextchimp: -d is create new directories if they've suddenly appeared
17:08:15kenshincons: no rockbox, yet!! :)
17:08:19webguest93true... but it's so pretty!
17:08:23CassandraSorry, ignore me.
17:08:41kenshinkeep the 120 w/rockbox
17:08:58rasherwell it all comes down to which features are more important to you
17:09:02textchimpashridah: thanks
17:09:05DaKi][erwebguest93 - no offence but it seems like a 'look at me, i got a colour screen!' fashion statement to me
17:09:11 Quit guessed (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:09:24rasherDaKi][er: nothing wrong with buying it if that's what you want though
17:09:33Coldtoastpro:... con: no optical in/out
17:09:36webguest93not really... not a fashion statement... I like color
17:09:50webguest93I've never used optical in or out before... don't have the (expensive) hardware to support it :-p
17:09:59DaKi][ersounds like you made up your mind then
17:10:02Coldtoastpro:.. con: it's a frigging ugly player
17:10:08webguest93that is very true...
17:10:13ashridahcon: it's made of plastic
17:10:17kenshincons: the screen shuts off completely and requires interaction to read the screen during playback.
17:10:21Coldtoastcon: no rockbox yet. hehe
17:10:35 Join guessed [0] (
17:10:40DaKi][ercon: it will cost more money to get
17:10:42Coldtoastcon: different firmwares have different features. you don't get everythign with any one firmware
17:11:15webguest93just curious though... what kind of prices will I be able to get for the 120?
17:11:31ColdtoastI'd sell my h140 for a h120 I think
17:11:45webguest93heh... how big is it?
17:11:49Coldtoasthaven't even used 1/4 of the space and I've had it a while
17:12:01Coldtoasthow big? how do you mean?
17:12:07kenshinColdtoast: you just need more music
17:12:09webguest93I was actually just running out of space... is the player any bigger than a 120?
17:12:22Coldtoastas in storage size?
17:12:28webguest93no, physical size
17:12:39Coldtoastit's a bit thicker I think
17:12:41DaKi][erColdtoast - i wish i got the 40gig over the 20, would have only cost like $50 more if i waited a few weeks
17:12:47rashera good deal thicker, iirc
17:13:01kenshinit took me a year to get here, but i wish i had bucked up for the 140
17:13:09webguest93I like my size, but I'm wishing I had more space now
17:14:28Coldtoasth140=22mm, h140 is about 18mm thick
17:14:58Coldtoastother way
17:15:04Coldtoasth120 is 18mm
17:15:08webguest93shit man... that's a bloody brick... haha
17:15:14rasher <−− h300 on top of a h100
17:15:18Coldtoastyou think?
17:15:29webguest93an extra half centimeter on what i have right now?!
17:15:47webguest93I have a friend's 320 to compare...
17:15:48rasherI think it's mostly that the h140 doesn't have the curve
17:15:51Coldtoastit's hardly a brick
17:16:23webguest93:-/ maybe I'll just wait for the 40gb single platter to come around
17:17:10webguest93he question still remains though... how much do you think I'll be able to sell my 120 for?
17:17:31Coldtoastimagine gettign a nice 60GB drive tho and putting it in your h140
17:17:41HClonly 20gb gain?
17:18:50webguest93hmm... what's the current conversion rate to USD?
17:19:24Coldtoastthere's a new one on ebay for about $300
17:19:47HClwait for the 80gb/100gb
17:19:54webguest93looks like I'm keeping it then :-p
17:20:08Coldtoastthat's ebay tho, remember
17:20:23Coldtoasthow much were you hoping for?
17:21:07webguest93enough to get a 320 :-D
17:21:15textchimphm, i'm not getting audio output on the iriver with the cvs build i just did
17:21:24textchimpit doesn't even sound like the audio is initialised
17:21:54rasherdo you have any interesting settings set?
17:21:59textchimpit says 'codec failure' when i first try to play a song
17:22:01Cassandra*sigh* Resume behaviour is so horribly buggy.
17:23:25textchimpit seems to have reset all my config settings
17:23:46rasherpity, that was what I was going to suggest you try
17:25:04textchimpi have to copy plugins/codec* to .rockbox/codecs, right?
17:25:36rasheryou absolutely shouldn't
17:25:43rasherthose are old versions of the codecs
17:25:45textchimpwhat then?
17:25:54textchimpdelete them from there?
17:26:19CassandraBest to delete your .rockbox dir and reinstall from scratch.,
17:26:50rasher(remember to back up wps files and other stuff you may have in .rockbox)
17:27:08textchimpremind me where to get the .rockbox dir from again in my build?
17:27:16HCljust do make zip
17:27:21CassandraOooh, there's something just so satisfying about seeing your code commit.
17:27:22HCland unpack the zip to your player
17:27:51rasherokay, trying to play from the id3db has confused rockbox
17:28:00rasherit is now playing the first 5 seconds of this song over and over again
17:28:10kenshinCassandra: i've only gotten one patch commited and it was oh so gratifying! ;)
17:28:16rasherit *is* the correct song though
17:28:43CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
17:28:43*Cassandra is one of the *lucky few* with cvs commit access.
17:29:04rasherlogf gets a bunch of "flush & reload" messages
17:29:21CassandraWhich means everyone gets to see in the CVS logs when I cock up. :)
17:29:43rashera right blessing
17:30:49*rasher ponders different different icons for the different codec types
17:31:04rasherthat's a lot of difference
17:31:17textchimpokay it's playing
17:31:32textchimpi though track ff/rw had been fixed?
17:31:42rasherdefine fixed
17:31:51t0mas<Cassandra> Which means everyone gets to see in the CVS logs when I cock up. :) <−− even Linus has that problem, with his usuall "oops" commit
17:31:54CassandraProblem is the icons are too small to make a lot of them distinct.
17:32:10Cassandra*nods* I know. Doesn't stop me feeling silly though.
17:32:30CassandraThis time it was just a piece of redundant code, fortunately.
17:32:31t0masghe... it's worse if someone else fixes it ;)
17:32:51rasherCassandra: indeed.. I made a bunch of them a while ago..">
17:33:01rasherAlso, I'm not convinced it's actually a good idea
17:33:08rasherdo people *really* care what kind of file it is
17:33:12Coldtoastawesome. are we getting icon support in the wps?
17:33:14rasheras long as it's music
17:34:57kenshinrasher: sometimes. i sometimes want to know if it's MP3/Ogg/FLAC that's playing.
17:35:15rasherThat can be handled in the WPS though
17:35:39kenshinyes, and it should be
17:35:41rasher %fc : File Codec (e.g. "MP3" or "FLAC")
17:35:49rasherI was thinking of different icons in the filebrowser
17:36:03kenshincouldn't care less in the browser
17:36:05t0mashm... maybe just extend the conditional tags?
17:36:12t0masand make it display an image for some filetypes?
17:36:35t0masthen we don't need to add icons to the code... and everybody can make his/her own image
17:36:45textchimpis anyone else finding the audio 'disabled' (in that you hear the loud buzzing you get when the unit is off) for a moment when you seek in a track
17:36:58kenshint0mas: YES! I was thinking about how to do just that.
17:37:07Coldtoastcan you make "FLAC" FLC" instead? so if things are formatted for a 3 letter filetype and you have text after %fc, going to 4 letters won't screw up your wps? :)
17:37:23rasherColdtoast: what about wavpack (wv)
17:37:34t0masCoCoLUS: we still need something for that too
17:37:35kenshint0mas: haven't checked out the code, yet, though.
17:37:50t0maskenshin: feel free to edit it :)
17:37:52rashert0mas: some kind of "case" conditional?
17:38:17Cassandrarasher: Nice. What're they for? (I think you mean "note" by the way.")
17:38:18kenshint0mas: i'll get around it soon enough
17:38:32t0masrasher: don't know... but something more than if-availible would be nice
17:39:01t0maskenshin: wait a moment I have some changes to commit... leaving for a vacation tonight
17:39:13rasheror something like that
17:39:34kenshinrasher: and "value" could be a conditional, as well?
17:39:55rasherCassandra: They're not really for anything. I was bored and passed a while drawing little doodles
17:40:11CassandraOK. ;)
17:40:22rasherkenshin: why?
17:40:45rasherbut yes, I suppose it could be anything
17:41:16rasherI don't really know how the wps code hanldes conditionals now
17:41:39rasherdoes it just make a number of passes until nothing more is to be changed?
17:42:14kenshinrasher: no idea, just asking. i wouldn't use it that way. "value" would be an image for me.
17:42:49t0maskenshin: changes done
17:42:55t0masyou can edit whatever you want now ;)
17:43:18kenshint0mas: huh?
17:44:00t0masto wps image code
17:44:43***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:44:43kenshinchanges? i already have the CVS tree checked out (read-only). been poking around in there getting used to the code.
17:45:45kenshint0mas: what "changes done" are you referring to?
17:47:05 Quit guessed (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:49:25t0maskenshin: ok, I didn't know you had it read-only
17:49:37t0masbut you can cvs update now...
17:49:49t0masthen you have a copy of wps-display.c wit all my changes in
17:49:58t0masif you want to change anything... do it in that version :)
17:50:14 Join Yokalosh [0] (
17:50:25YokaloshGuys i got Knoppix to work
17:50:45Yokaloshnow, where was the person who was telling me about doing something with my jbr10 in knoppix
17:50:54rasherare you in knoppix now?
17:51:16rasherWait.. did you use the Archos drivers for the jbr?
17:51:45rasherwell, try plugging in the jbr now
17:52:30Yokaloshwas it you i was talking about my problem to?
17:52:39t0masCassandra: you've got a warning... in tree.c line 478
17:52:51t0masI guess you should add #ifdef TREE_RC_RUN
17:53:03rasherYokalosh: no, but I was around
17:53:10kenshint0mas: cool. thanks! i'll grab the latest tree sometime today (it's only 9:00 AM) and look at your new changes.
17:53:10t0masoh... nevermind
17:53:11t0masyou just did
17:53:17Yokaloshoh wait a minute, i didnt install any drivers for knoppix, it just works
17:53:33rasherNo, I meant in Windows
17:53:35Yokaloshand i dont have my i/o error in linux
17:53:39rashersorry for the confusion
17:53:42Yokaloshlol np
17:53:48t0maskenshin: ok
17:53:58Yokaloshwell the problem doesnt apply in knoppix
17:54:02rasherYokalosh: can you access the jbr in knoppix?
17:54:05Yokaloshso it was a windows problem
17:54:10Yokaloshyes it works in knoppix
17:54:12rasherIt usually is...
17:54:17Yokaloshlol i hate windows
17:54:22Yokaloshi always wanted a mac
17:54:33rasherI guess you'd like to have it fixed though.. and I'm not sure how to do that
17:54:41Cassandra*sigh* I hate the way it's so easy to break a build for a platform you aren't developing on.
17:54:59rasher"it works in linux" isn't very helpful if you usually use windows
17:55:29ashridahCassandra: you could setup your own build system that builds for everything, of course
17:55:34ashridahwhich would at least catch compiler issues
17:55:40kenshinYokalosh: if you can, rebuild the filesystem and scan the player for bad blocks so windows doesn't choke on it
17:55:41t0masMoos? hm?
17:55:55Yokaloshokay how? i'm a new linux user!
17:56:03Mooshi t0mas pv
17:56:06rasherYokalosh: do you have a backup of everything on the jbr?
17:56:18CassandraI *could* I suppose.
17:56:34Yokaloshno not yet
17:56:49ashridahCassandra: well, incremental builds isn't going to take that much longer if there's no make cleans in there
17:56:52t0masCassandra: I've installed all simulators...
17:56:55rasherHm, can you access any of your windows files in knoppix?
17:56:55kenshinYokalosh: backup is step #1
17:57:13Yokaloshokay yes i can access my windows files
17:57:13t0masthat doesn't catch all bugs... but you don't need other compilers for it
17:57:16CassandraThat'd catch some of them, yeah.
17:57:19Yokaloshbut i cant run any exes naturally
17:57:34CassandraI have both the Archos and iRiver compilers installed.
17:57:34Yokaloshi'll back it up now then
17:57:43t0masCassandra: me too, but no gmini
17:57:47Cassandra(I think Gmini has gone the way of the dodo)
17:58:20 Quit textchimp (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:58:29CassandraWhich is a shame.
17:58:32Yokaloshi think my windows hd are write protected from linux for some reason
17:58:45rasherDo you know if they're ntfs?
17:59:14Coldtoastby default permissions are set for write-only Yokalosh
17:59:19CassandraThe rockbox build system is, however, pretty funky.
17:59:32rasherfunky how?
17:59:33Yokaloshyes they are ntfs
17:59:59Yokaloshoh yer it was read only
18:00:01rasherYokalosh: that's a shame.. I don't think knoppix supports writing to ntfs (anyone?)
18:00:03Coldtoastit's not really recommended to write to NTFS from Linux with the default NTFS support
18:00:04Yokaloshlol, that would explain
18:00:10t0masCassandra: time for an Oops2 ?
18:00:23Yokaloshall my drives are ntfs...........
18:00:23CassandraWell, you get this pretty realtime view of how you're doing. ;)
18:00:26kenshini don't think the kernel modules can right to NTFS
18:00:33Yokaloshi'll give it a go
18:00:46Cassandrat0mas: I already committed oops2 :)
18:00:51Coldtoastkenshin: they can't. But a few dists are including NTFS support
18:00:56CassandraIt's building right now.
18:01:08t0masCassandra: ok, it wasn't in my email yet
18:01:26kenshinah. been running debian for like 3 years so i haven't kept up with NTFS support.
18:01:36rasherThere should be a graph of who creates the most red builds
18:01:55ColdtoastI know there are commercial NTFS support that are a lot better
18:02:01t0masrasher: why? :)
18:02:03 Quit tvelocity ()
18:02:08Yokaloshno, i cant write to ntfs even if i make it writable
18:02:12rashert0mas: to publicly humiliate whoever does it the most
18:02:18 Join poddan [0] (
18:02:25rasherof course..!
18:02:25Yokaloshso i will back up the files on that hard drive on windows and reformat
18:02:40Yokaloshto fat?
18:02:44t0masrasher: it should be devided by commit count then :)
18:02:50rashert0mas: of course
18:02:54t0maswould be funny
18:02:56t0maswrite it ;)
18:03:16rasherYokalosh: try doing the following.. unmount the jbr (right click the icon on your desktop, I think)
18:03:22CassandraDon't write it. My percentages is likely to be way too high.
18:03:42rashert0mas: complicated by the fact that each build may include commits from several people
18:03:46Yokaloshcarry on rasher
18:03:56rasherYokalosh: open up a terminal window
18:04:00t0masrasher: cvs annotate the line of the error?
18:04:10rashert0mas: eek
18:04:16t0masrasher: oh... no... don't do that... the error might be caused by someone else above it
18:04:21Yokaloshrasher: yup
18:04:34rasherYokalosh: run dmesg
18:04:37t0masrasher: then find a good way to do it :)
18:04:37Coldtoasthmmmmm. that page actually sates there's NTFS support in the kernel
18:04:53rasherand look for something like "sda: sda1"
18:05:04Yokaloshrasher: now what?
18:05:08rasherfound that?
18:05:35rasherwhat does it say? sda1?
18:06:00Coldtoastwhat do you need to write to NTFS for?
18:06:17Yokaloshto back up my archos
18:06:23rasherColdtoast: backing up the contents of his jbr from knoppix to his harddrive
18:06:32Yokaloshrasher: i'll just do it in windows, it will be easier
18:06:35rasherYokalosh: Now run: fsck.vfat -r /dev/sda1
18:06:41Yokaloshoh ok
18:06:49rasherwell, you can't access the jbr from windows can you?
18:07:10Yokaloshno but i can reformat my spare hd to fat in windows.........
18:07:18Yokaloshand then back up the archos onto that hd on linux
18:07:28rasherExcellent idea
18:07:33rasherI'll shut up now then
18:07:35kenshinYokalosh: definitely. make it fat32 and come back to knoppix.
18:07:38Coldtoastdo you have a thumb drive at all?
18:07:42Yokaloshlol, see you in windows
18:07:44 Quit Yokalosh ("CGI:IRC")
18:07:49Coldtoastor maybe even a card reader and a CF or SD card lyign around?
18:08:10Coldtoastheh. how big's the Archos he has?
18:08:16rasher10gb I think
18:08:56ColdtoastI have SO many damn portable storage methods lyign around; thumb drive, iriver, SD, CF, spare HDDs
18:11:20 Quit webguest93 ("CGI:IRC")
18:12:40kenshinhey, since you're all here
18:13:07kenshini have a question about the simulator (well, the code but i'm running in the sim)
18:14:15kenshinin loadcodec there's a yield_codec(). where does that return to?
18:15:04CassandraCan you use logical or with #ifdef ?
18:15:16rasherSounds like something Slasheri would know
18:15:33CassandraOr #if, rather.
18:15:37rasherCassandra: && works, at least, so I'd guess yes
18:16:20Slasherikenshin: Hmm, that yield_codec is defined in playback.c and it does nothing on the simulator
18:16:35kenshinCassandra: yes, both && and || work with #if
18:17:11kenshinSlasheri: thanks. i can't figure out why the sim crashes when i "play" a file to see the WPS.
18:17:40t0maskenshin: the codecs and pcm code are not yet sim friendly
18:18:11kenshinis there a way to see the WPS in the sim?
18:18:14 Join webguest06 [0] (
18:18:34rasherkenshin: use a recorder sim, perhaps?
18:19:01kenshinrecorder is sh1, not m68k, right?
18:19:27rasheryes, simulators are built natively though
18:19:31rasherno crosscompiler needed
18:20:31kenshinduh! (it's still early)
18:21:27 Join ghostiger [0] (debian-tor@92daef2d70f9cf87.session.tor)
18:22:09 Quit webguest06 (Client Quit)
18:22:38 Join ghostiger2 [0] (tor@4b306a464c6ad2d7.session.tor)
18:27:56 Join webguest62 [0] (
18:28:26 Quit webguest62 (Client Quit)
18:28:42 Join Tiegs [0] (
18:28:53rasher"" <someh300owner> WE ARE MORE IMPORTANT!
18:29:12rasherTiegs: blort
18:29:39rasherJust thought you may want some response
18:29:44Tiegsoh thanks
18:30:06*rasher builds sh-elf tools
18:30:28 Join Yokalosh [0] (
18:30:31Tiegsi was looking for some help/questions answered re RockBox and IRiver if anyone cares to ofer some help ??
18:30:43Yokaloshi only just managed to get back onto windows
18:30:44rasherTiegs: shoot
18:30:51 Quit Yokalosh (Client Quit)
18:31:00Tiegsthanks rasher- ok, well i want a gapless mp3 player
18:31:23Tiegsi found only the rio karma, but someone said in iriver forums that rockbox would work
18:31:59rasherYes, rockbox on iriver does/will do gapless mp3 (and ogg, flac, wavpack...)
18:32:03Tiegsmy questions are many (NOOB w mp3 firmware)
18:32:09 Join Yokalosh [0] (
18:32:20YokaloshI only just got back onto windows
18:32:24MO-Pantsuwell the hardware side of things for H300 needs a bit of work and then everything else should port over easily since it uses the same coldfire cpu from what I recall
18:32:33Tiegswell, what would i do to use the rockbox w an iriver?
18:33:00MO-PantsuRockbox does gapless on 'some' MP3
18:33:12Tiegsstarting from scratch - i put iriver into usb and load rockbox onto it or what? i have no clue
18:33:19t0masrasher: I think a lot of people have an H1xx now... and will buy a H3xx when rockbox comes out for that :)
18:33:35MO-PantsuEAC Lame rips with recent Lame builds does gapless fine
18:33:54rasherTiegs: patch an iriver firmware update file, do firmware update in the iriver firmware, copy rockbox to your iriver harddrive, and off you go
18:34:04ColdtoastI've had to run VBRFix on 2 albums encoded with LAME
18:34:05MO-PantsuBut some MP3's ripped with recent Lame builds still glitch because they were ripped with some crappy ripper and encoded after
18:34:16Tiegswhat aboout if i want to load an album w track marks but want the playbeack to be seemless (Abbey Road etc)
18:34:35CassandraRip in EAC with a recent LAME and it will work.
18:34:36MO-PantsuColdtoast what does the VBR fix do for playback?
18:34:45Tiegsalso, i have MP3 files from live recordings i would like to playback gapless, like burning a disc DAO
18:34:58MO-PantsuTiegs CUE is not supported yet
18:35:06ColdtoastMO-Pantsu: tracks were showing as 35mins and seeking wouldn't work
18:35:09Tiegswhat is CUE rasher?
18:35:09CassandraWow! I have a quick menu on my iRiver. *grins*
18:35:26MO-Pantsutrack marks
18:35:28CassandraUnfortunately combo keypresses aren't working. :(
18:35:30MO-Pantsuon a single large MP3
18:35:34MO-Pantsuor whatever
18:35:45rasherSlasheri: did the plans to do fancy gapless (ie. silence removal for non-specially encoded files) die out?
18:35:51Tiegsit isnt a single large but many fils
18:36:08MO-Pantsuso what do you mean by track marks?
18:36:18Slasherirasher: Hmm, maybe crossfader can do that
18:36:31MO-Pantsuno it don't seem to do it
18:36:49MO-Pantsugapless needs some buffering tricks like nullsoft uses in their dx output
18:36:49Tiegsi mean there are live recordings that when burned DAO or played w ShnAMP they playback w no gaps, yet there are tracks inserted
18:37:24rasherthat's just regular gapless playback
18:37:26Tiegsso they are different files (not one long one) but would like to be able to play them back w no gap
18:37:38Tiegsam i better off w rio karma or trying rockbox w an iriver?
18:37:44MO-Pantsusilence removal below a certain db and buffer, prebuffer stuff
18:38:18MoosSlasheri: hi, your promising dsp stuffs progress?
18:38:20MO-PantsuTiegs as long as the tracks are ripped correctly and encoded in recent Lame build gapless plays back flawlessly
18:38:37MO-Pantsuany other MP3's will glitch
18:38:38Coldtoastwith the albums inquestion, Iplayed them in Winamp and the time display jumped all over the place
18:38:40Tiegsthnx rasher - what is LAME build?
18:38:53MO-PantsuLame MP3 encoder
18:38:56rasherLAME is an mp3 encoder
18:39:03MO-PantsuNot Xing or anything else
18:39:06SlasheriMoos: yes, i can commit it soon. But resampler is still buggy for other than mp3 files.. I will let other people to fix that
18:39:08ColdtoastLAME is not An MP3 Encoder
18:39:16MO-Pantsuit's a codec
18:39:18MO-PantsuI know
18:39:21rasherexcept it is, now
18:39:27rasherit used to be a set of patches, I believe
18:39:27ColdtoastI just like typing it :)
18:39:45MoosSlasheri: wonderfull, good plan, commit if you can
18:39:46MO-Pantsuwell whatever it is it works for gapless when used correctly
18:39:48ColdtoastEAC+LAME is my fave combo
18:39:56Tiegswell, can you guys help me from square one...once i get the iriver what the next step to loading music so i can play it back gapless?
18:40:07MO-Pantsujust play it
18:40:22Tiegsbut i need rockbox correct?
18:40:29Tiegsthe iriver wont do it
18:40:38MO-Pantsunot without Rockbox
18:40:43MoosSlasheri: you're right probably others devs will want to work in it :)
18:40:46Tiegsok, now here is the question..what IS rockbox?
18:40:47rasher"To build GCC 3.3.X for SH1, you need a fancy work-around" fun fun fun
18:40:59 Part poddan
18:41:04Coldtoastthe iriver firmware gives you a very basic DAP
18:41:04MO-Pantsuread up
18:41:09Coldtoastit's not very fancy
18:41:18SlasheriMoos: yep. But i still have to fix one thing
18:41:35Tiegsi have that link MO- i just dont get it
18:41:44Coldtoastyou can only queue the next song with the iriver firmware
18:41:51MoosSlasheri: oki, good luck for this ;)
18:42:02FebsTiegs: try this page: Question no. 3.
18:42:07MO-PantsuI am sure Slasheri will come up with a wonderful gapless method sooner or later for all MP3's ;)
18:42:16MO-Pantsuonce he fixes accurate seek! ;)
18:42:40Moosstep by step ;)
18:42:49 Join muesli- [0] (
18:43:14Tiegsso the rocbox basically overwrites the iriver firmware?
18:43:21 Nick Febs is now known as Febs_away (
18:43:24MO-Pantsutrying to test gapless when your seek is fubar is kinda hard, you have to spend an entire song waiting for the changeover to the next track hehe
18:43:30rasherthey live in perfect harmony
18:43:42Tiegsso it is a plugin?
18:43:49Coldtoastyou merge the rockbox bootloader with the iriver firmware and the bootloader loads rockbox from the HDD
18:43:50MO-Pantsuit's a bootloader
18:43:59MO-Pantsuyou can load either
18:44:10rasherYou chose either to start iriver firmware, or rockbox
18:44:21Tiegsexcellent - thanks
18:44:45Tiegsso how do i get rockbox onto the iriver?
18:44:47Coldtoastfwpatcher is a dead easy way to merge the bootloader
18:45:02Coldtoastconnect your iriver via USB and copy it across
18:45:24Tiegswhat files do i need and what steps..i have read all the posts from the rockbox site, just lost as i have never done any of this
18:45:24Coldtoastsame way you copy music to the player
18:45:44Coldtoastjust unzip rockbox to the iriver :)
18:45:47Coldtoastit's all in there
18:45:52Tiegsok, thanks
18:46:11Tiegsdo i risk screwing up the iriver HD?
18:46:18Tiegsif i do it wrong?
18:46:26Tiegsdoes it reformat the HD?
18:46:48Coldtoastnah. it'll redirect all your mail to teh FBI tho
18:47:05Coldtoastthere's risk with anything
18:47:20Coldtoastthere's risk involved even just updating the iriver formware
18:47:36SlasheriTiegs: you don't lose anything if the firmware upgrade completes successfully
18:47:38Tiegsok..well since i dont have the player in hand. i guess ill buy it and then come in the room to install if thats cool. if i could get some assistance when the install time comes
18:47:48Coldtoastwhich one are you getting?
18:47:56Tiegsi am reading and do not have any products in hand
18:48:13Tiegsi want a 20G Iriver
18:48:20Coldtoastthe colour one?
18:48:25Tiegswhat files should i download to pc first?
18:48:37Tiegsi guess - does it matter?
18:48:41Coldtoastyou getting the h320? (colour one)
18:48:45Coldtoasterr. somewhat. hehe
18:48:56Coldtoastif you buy the h320, no need to worry about rockbox for a while
18:49:36Coldtoastthe only 20GB iriver rockbox works on is the h120
18:50:39Tiegsok thanks
18:50:51Coldtoastit's just a matter of time tho
18:51:36Coldtoasthave you seen the one you were looking at buying?
18:51:43Tiegsthat one?
18:51:54ColdtoastHELL no
18:51:58Coldtoastthat's teh h10
18:52:14Tiegslol..ok i cant find the h120
18:52:18kenshint0mas: you said i could do CVS commits. for that i'd need a user and pass.
18:52:23MO-PantsuRockbox won't be on that for some time. If ever.
18:52:32Tiegswhere can i find the h120?
18:52:34kenshinTiegs: iRiver no longer makes the h1xx series (sadly)
18:52:37MO-PantsuH1x0 is discontinued
18:52:50Tiegsso do i have to get a rio karma???
18:53:05Coldtoastthere's the h120
18:53:16kenshinColdtoast: ouch! they're selling for STEEP on eBay, IIRC.
18:53:23Coldtoastno doubt
18:53:32Coldtoastsomebody in here wsa thinking of sellign tho
18:53:52Coldtoastthey wanted the price of a h320 for their h120 tho :)
18:53:52Tiegsso i need the H120?
18:54:00MO-Pantsuplenty on ebay
18:54:02Coldtoastor the 40GB h140
18:54:03MO-Pantsuor 140
18:54:18Coldtoastor, sometime downteh track, the h300 series
18:54:30rasheryou need the h120 or you could get a h320 and wait for half a year
18:54:37 Quit muesli- (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:55:00Coldtoastnow. aren't you glad you came here and checked? heh
18:55:21MO-PantsuH3x0 series has colour screen and looks a bit ugly plasticky and has no optical in and out
18:55:23Tiegshaha.yes I am glad
18:55:42Coldtoastthese aren't cheap toys. I'd sure hate to have bought the wrong one
18:55:48 Quit Yokalosh ()
18:55:50Tiegsthanks coldtoast
18:55:56ColdtoastI bough tmine last Nov after reading a lot of stuff
18:56:09Tiegsthats why i finally came in here
18:56:14Coldtoastthe h1x0 got rave reviews
18:56:17Coldtoastgood man
18:56:18MO-PantsuH1x0 series has only mono screen, includes remote with lcd, looks sexier though and has optical in and out
18:56:38MO-Pantsuyou pays your money and takes your choice
18:56:39rasherWell, the main screen has 4 colours
18:56:43Coldtoastand the h1x0 has a mag alloy case
18:56:53MO-Pantsurasher can't wait to see video playback lol
18:56:55Coldtoastnot plastic
18:57:09rasherMO-Pantsu: We'll get more greys!
18:57:15rasher(by cheating)
18:57:23MO-Pantsuthat old trick
18:57:25MO-Pantsulike in newspapers
18:57:29Tiegshere is one that ended -
18:57:41rasherwell not quite
18:57:55rasherflip a pixel off and on quickly and it'll appear lighter
18:57:58rasherbut still solid
18:58:15Coldtoastthat's a cool idea :)
18:58:17rasherthe archos models get 36 greys this way, on a 2-colour display
18:58:28MO-Pantsuyou could get 64 then ;)
18:58:29Coldtoastyou wouldn't need it fast on the h1x0 tho :)
18:58:34ashridaharghl. damned n64 roms. it's 3am
18:58:35ColdtoastSLOOOOW LCD
18:58:38rasherthough I'm worried about the slow lcd
18:58:44 Quit ashridah ("eek. 3am. sleep")
18:58:49Coldtoastwhich rom are you after?
18:58:53MO-Pantsuactually wouldn't it be 72? :)
18:59:19Tiegslast question (for now) If I may please?
18:59:19MO-Pantsuslow lcd might be a problem
18:59:40Tiegsso to get a gapless capable IRiver I need which models??
18:59:53MO-Pantsuh120 or h140
18:59:58rasherRight now: h120 or h140 - which are discontinued
19:00:12rasherIf you're willing to wait a while, h320 and h340 will also be
19:00:16MO-Pantsuas stated it's not gapless for ALL MP3 files yet and there is no promise it will
19:00:23Coldtoastand they don't go cheap secondhand. they're sought after
19:00:29Tiegsthank you guys very much..has anyone bought from ebay (makes me nervous to buy one of those from ebay)
19:00:33MO-Pantsuif you are ripping your own stuff though you can make sure it is
19:00:56MO-Pantsuread their ratings
19:00:59ColdtoastI've spent thousands on ebay over the past 3 years
19:01:16MO-Pantsu99.x % is good do not trust 100% or those that only been trading on ebay for short time
19:01:28Coldtoastnever been ripped off. never had anythign dodgy happen. Had stuff screw up and the seller replaced or refunded
19:01:35MO-Pantsuread the user comments
19:01:36Coldtoastbut man. be smart about it!
19:01:43Tiegsso the 120 is 20G and 140 is 40G ?
19:01:53MO-PantsuI always have had good trade on ebay
19:02:06MO-PantsuI sold a spare H140 on there :)
19:02:10Coldtoastyeah. read feedback. If somebody has, like, 100%, check when they joined, check how long of a period their feedback is over
19:02:20Tiegsmy ebay has been good too, just never bought electronics using ebay
19:02:29rasherDammit, gcc sh-elf compile failed
19:02:32ColdtoastI know for a FACT there were Chinese guys running didgy auctions for PDAs
19:02:37Tiegswhat did u sell the 140 for?
19:02:40MO-PantsuI had 2 delivered to me by mistake. Tough on Amazon. But... hehe
19:03:07Coldtoastyou look at their feedback, it was 100% with, like, 200 feedbacks but they were all over a 4 period day for items costing $0.99
19:03:10MO-PantsuI sold it for 220 I think or around that mark
19:03:15MO-Pantsunice profit ;)
19:03:34MO-PantsuColdtoast exactly
19:03:56MO-Pantsuso I near enough got my H140 for free :)
19:03:59Coldtoastso ebay is GREAT _IF_ you use your brain
19:04:18Coldtoastnever accept offers outside of ebay either. EVER
19:04:31MO-Pantsuuse Paypal all the time I do
19:04:42MO-PantsuDespite Paypal's reputation
19:04:43rasherAnd if someone is selling you a p-p-powerbook, run!
19:04:44Coldtoastppl will see you bid on something then contact you outside of the auction offering you what you were biddin gon
19:04:47MO-Pantsunever had an issue with them
19:04:53Tiegsoh i know how to use ebay ok, just never bought electroics - worried about DOA or bogus item
19:05:00Coldtoastp-p-p-powerbook was awesome
19:05:28ColdtoastTiegs: try and buy from a powerseller or something
19:05:31MO-PantsuI bought some Duracell M3's from ebay dirt cheap
19:05:35Coldtoastnot some dude with 5 feedbacks :)
19:05:40Tiegswow the 140 is too heavy. i want to walk w it/exercise walk and i dont need the photos etc
19:05:44MO-Pantsu16x for silly money compared to retail
19:05:44Coldtoastif you're worried about warranty of any kind
19:06:06MO-PantsuI walk with it fine
19:06:12ColdtoastI train with mine fine
19:06:13Tiegshow long ago was 120 discontinued?
19:06:19MO-PantsuI shove it in my pocket or on my belt and hardly notice it
19:06:25Coldtoastbut, yeah, it does have a tendency to pull my pants down
19:06:35MO-PantsuI like it in my car best on my mobile phone holder
19:06:40Coldtoastmy pants are too big tho. Even my wallet does that
19:06:44MO-Pantsuplus it into the stereo and off I go!
19:07:02MO-Pantsuput it on your belt
19:07:10Coldtoasthey. btw
19:07:17Coldtoastwhat case are you guys using with your h140?
19:07:21 Join Stryke` [0] (
19:07:24MO-PantsuI use iSkin
19:07:35ColdtoastI'm using the one mine came with
19:07:39MO-Pantsureasonable protection with LCD plate
19:07:46Coldtoastit's a RALLY good case!
19:07:51Coldtoastak. LCD plate would be nice, yeah
19:08:06MO-Pantsuyou can get colored ones heh
19:08:09ColdtoastI've dropped mine (not from a great height) a few times and the case saved it from scratches
19:08:12MO-PantsuMy iSkin glows in the dark
19:08:29Coldtoasthad mine since Nov last year and there's not a single scratch or mark on it anywhere
19:08:52Coldtoastwipe it over with a cloth and it looks brand spanking
19:09:03ColdtoastI love the mag alloy case. so robust
19:09:09Coldtoastand I LIKE the weight
19:09:27ColdtoastTiegs: that's part of the reason it's a bit heavier; not cheap plastic
19:09:41MO-PantsuI would not say no to a 40gb player the size of the remote though ;)
19:09:48kenshini repainted my h1xx (first time was green, it's blue right now)
19:10:01Coldtoastheh. I use my remote ALL the time
19:10:15MO-PantsuI need the remote LCD on Rockbox badly
19:10:28Coldtoastand I've had a few ppl ask me about it. how many songs it holds. I tell them "Over 10,000 I guess" and they FREAK!
19:10:35Coldtoastcos they think the remote is the player
19:10:48Coldtoastyou must have had that?
19:10:59MO-PantsuI don't let anyone see it
19:11:08MO-PantsuI hide it all in my jacket out of sight
19:11:14ColdtoastI had this cool idea, btw
19:11:16MO-Pantsuround these parts you are liable to get mugged
19:11:31Coldtoastget a crappy old walkman or something. Maybe an old MD walkman
19:11:39Coldtoastcarry that on your belt on the other side
19:11:57rasherNot a bad word about the MDs. Served me well, they did
19:12:00Coldtoastif somebody tries to mug you for your DAP, lift your jacket and show em the walkman
19:12:04MO-Pantsuthat's where my mobile phone is...which is another problem
19:12:09Coldtoastgive it to em and let em go on their merry way
19:12:21MO-PantsuI want to have my mobile phone connected to my headphones as well as the iRiver
19:12:28MO-Pantsuand accept calls
19:12:49ColdtoastI'd never bag MD. I went from MD to my iriver
19:13:04ColdtoastI have an unopened box of discs sitting on a shelf behind me. sigh
19:13:05MO-PantsuI wish I could get a good Bluetooth plugin for the iRiver
19:13:30Coldtoastyou mean a plugin module? earphone one?
19:13:44MO-Pantsulittle Bluetooth plugin module that allows use of your own headphones
19:13:53kenshinbluetooth requires transceiver hardware
19:14:02Coldtoastdon't those ones you can buy work with just any phones?
19:14:13MO-Pantsumodule goes in player, headphones go into little both other end with button and mic
19:14:28MO-Pantsuboth = box
19:14:33Coldtoastyou can buy external modules tho
19:14:42MO-Pantsuwell I have not seen any
19:14:50Coldtoastoh? I'll get yo links
19:15:24MO-PantsuI'd shorten the cable on my own headphones to near nothing. Just below my neck where the Bluetooth box with mix and button would hang
19:15:26rashert0mas: you there?
19:16:00MO-Pantsumodule would need to send from iRiver output and send recieve from mobile phone
19:16:13MO-Pantsumake sense?
19:16:41MO-Pantsuneeds to be stereo Bluetooth of course
19:17:02MO-PantsuI really don't think he can find what I am looking for ;)
19:17:21kenshinrasher: t0mas said he added me to CVS commit. how do I get a non-read-only checkout?
19:17:21MO-Pantsuall stereo bluetooth is usually their own headphones
19:17:27MO-Pantsuwhich are shit
19:17:39kenshinrasher: i know i need a user/pass but i have no idea what they could be.
19:17:57MO-PantsuiRiver was working on one you know
19:17:57 Quit Tiegs ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
19:17:58rasherkenshin: Only Bagder, LinusN or Zagor can give you that, I believe
19:18:04MO-Pantsuof the type I want
19:18:21CassandraI think what he meant was that he checked in your patch.
19:18:24rasherkenshin: posting patches works well though
19:18:56kenshinrasher: oh. okay. that's what i thought, as well.
19:19:14CassandraIf you post patches enough, the mad Swedes get annoyed with you and give you commit access. :)
19:19:33HClyea, t0mas can't add cvs commit access O.o.
19:19:50kenshinCassandra: not sure what patch. linus committed my only submitted patch.
19:20:02Cassandra*shrugs* Dunno.
19:20:06kenshinmabye t0mas was smokin' something good earlier. :)
19:20:23ColdtoastMO-Pantsu: ah. well, this one I was was just s module you conned the OUT from iriver to and you can listen to music with BT earphones
19:20:35t0maskenshin: no, I added my changes
19:20:35CassandraLast patch Tomas commited was "some changes to the image code"
19:20:40t0masand asked you to look at it
19:20:56kenshint0mas: maybe i was smokin' something good earlier! ;)
19:21:01t0masif you want to write something to it... email me or someone with cvs write access a patch
19:21:14t0maskenshin: well... I'm dutch ;) ;)
19:21:20MO-PantsuColdtoast told ya so :)
19:21:30Coldtoaststill want me to find it?
19:21:39MO-Pantsuthey don't make anything Bluetooth for the serious hi-fi dude
19:21:43CassandraI do not accept other people's patches. I have enough trouble understanding my own code.
19:21:48t0mas[19:19:19] <Cassandra> If you post patches enough, the mad Swedes get annoyed with you and give you commit access. :) <−−- yeah, that works :)
19:22:05MO-PantsuYou can get crap Bluetooth MP3 player of course
19:22:09t0masI emailed linus a few patches... and after that he gave me cvs access... because he didn't want to commit every few hours for me :)
19:22:10CassandraIt's how I got it. *grins*
19:22:44rasherI got it to update .. which I now don't
19:22:51rasherit's a shame, really
19:23:03Cassandra*nods* The digest was a good idea.
19:23:11rasherThe scripts are broken
19:23:13MO-Pantsuwanna know how I get round that problem of mobile and iRiver at the moment?
19:23:23rasherSo end up not bothering because it'll just blow up
19:23:52MO-PantsuBluetooth headset in one ear. Headphones over the top
19:23:55*Cassandra wonders if the Windows installer is still broken.
19:24:05CassandraI wish someone'd stick that in CVS.
19:24:15MO-Pantsuworks but can get painful from prolonged pressure on one ear
19:24:33Coldtoastwhich phone do you have?
19:24:43MO-Pantsuthe music passes thru the Bluetooth headset earpiece surprisingly well. I hear hardly any difference
19:25:00MO-PantsuNokia 6230 and Jabra headset
19:25:02CassandraIt's this immensely cunning piece of Perl that runs InnoSetup under Wine to build a Windows installable exe non-interactively
19:25:12t0masMO-Pantsu: cool, I've ordered the same phone last week
19:25:12CassandraOf course I would say that. I wrote it.
19:25:18t0mashope to get it between my two vacations :D
19:25:27CassandraBut it's undergone many changes since then.
19:25:34MO-Pantsuit's a nice phone. a few bugs but they all seem to have bugs I noted
19:25:56t0mashm? you can bring it to a nokia shop
19:26:00t0masthey'll patch the firmware
19:26:20ColdtoastI looked at that phone myself
19:26:27MO-PantsuI should get the latest firmware for my phone before the 12 month contract is up. I'm going to pay-as-you-go since I don't make many calls. More incoming than outgoing
19:26:28Coldtoastbut I went for the SE K700i
19:26:55MO-PantsuI was looking at the Sony Ericsson K750i
19:26:56CassandraI wish Sony'd make a more up to date flip phone.
19:26:58t0masMO-Pantsu: hm? here in Holland you get a new phone at the end of the contract :D
19:27:12CassandraI like my Z600, but it's a bit bulky.
19:27:31MO-Pantsuwell they might offer me one but I'd be signed for another 12 months and have to pay line rental :)
19:27:41ColdtoastMO-Pantsu: stay away from SE
19:27:53Coldtoastthe k700i is an amazing phone, no doubt
19:27:59MO-Pantsuthe 2 megapixel camera is tempting
19:28:06ColdtoastBUT you get ~3.5 days of standby
19:28:09t0maswtf? you buy a phone for the camera??
19:28:13kenshini like my RAZR so far (had it for about 2 weeks)
19:28:25CassandraPersonally I use a camera for taking pictures and a phone for phoning people.
19:28:27ColdtoastSE claim 300hrs of standy fo rthe k700i
19:28:28t0mas2 megapixel is still < a good camera...
19:28:38t0masCassandra: me too
19:28:41rasherWell, I don't always carry around a camera
19:28:44CassandraI wish the damn things didn't come with cameras. Waste of time/
19:28:46Coldtoastwhen it's not even 90hrs
19:28:49rasherI *do* however (almost) always carry a phone
19:29:03t0masrasher: and you shoot pictures with it?
19:29:10rasherNot much
19:29:12kenshinCassandra: YES! I do too! Waste of space, money, and time.
19:29:13MO-PantsuThe camera on the Nokia 6230 sucks somewhat
19:29:19t0masman... the pictures just suck... and it's a waste of power + space + money
19:29:22CassandraNo doubt eventually we'll all have PDA/phone/cameras running Rockbox.
19:29:28rasherbut then I just don't shoot pictures, and wouldn't if I had a camera
19:29:29MO-PantsuOK for outdoor shots but indoor :P
19:29:29CassandraHowever, until that point ...
19:29:35t0masMO-Pantsu: I don't care... I don't want to use it anyway :)
19:29:37MO-PantsuVGA res
19:29:58ColdtoastI have a Nikon CP4500 camera. I don't need a camera in my phone
19:30:14MO-Pantsuwanna see some pics I took with my Kodak 3 megapixel camera? :)
19:30:19rasherColdtoast: and you have very large pockets?
19:30:20t0masColdtoast: I still have a CP 885
19:30:27t0masbut it's good quality...
19:30:32t0masno need to upgrade until now
19:30:36Coldtoastyeah. the 4500 is amazing
19:30:41CassandraThis is why handbags rock. I can fit my camera *and* a tripod in mine.
19:30:52t0masCassandra: hahaha
19:30:55Coldtoastand still listed as a current model, which is impressive for a 4 year old camera
19:30:57rasherI'm *not* getting a handbag!
19:31:07CassandraRucksacks work too.
19:31:09t0masColdtoast: the 885 is 4 to 5 years old too
19:31:27Coldtoastt0mas: does that have FREAKY GOOD MAcro too?
19:31:30rasherWell, I like having what I need in my pockets
19:31:33Coldtoastit's aNikon trademark it seems
19:31:37kenshinCassandra: nice. a guy with a handbag wouldn't look completely out of place here in Seattle! ;)
19:31:37t0masColdtoast: yes, < 5 cm still works
19:31:56Coldtoastwhat are these images MO-Pantsu?
19:32:05rasherAaaanyway, why won't gcc-3.3.4 compile for sh-elf?
19:32:06CassandraMy tripod is great. Folds down to about the size of one of those self-expanding umbrellas. And it's full size when open.
19:32:06t0maskenshin: what's that kind of a town?
19:32:08Coldtoastfrom the k750i?
19:32:18CassandraEbay is wonderful for things like that.
19:32:19MO-PantsuNo my Kodak lol
19:32:34kenshinseattle? seattle is a little bit of everything.
19:32:37ColdtoastI had a Kodak. Got rid of it pretty quckly tho
19:32:44MO-PantsuI need a better camera
19:32:47ColdtoastCX6330 I think ti was
19:33:03MO-PantsuKodak is annoying it blurs too easily and indoor shots are a pain
19:33:17MO-PantsuI want one with a better shutter speed
19:33:19Cassandra*sighs* Anyone know where (if anywhere) the iRiver button controller setup is documented?
19:33:23Coldtoastyeah. Kodak have this horrible, aggressive noise reduction stuff they use
19:33:41rasherCassandra: what kind of information are you looking for?
19:33:42Coldtoastkills fine details, makes colours look alightly painterly
19:34:02CassandraWhich buttons I can chord, ie are on seperate IO lines.
19:34:15Coldtoastall of those are from my Nikon excet the second 2 on the top row
19:34:18MO-PantsuI always end up sharpening and tweaking them
19:34:20Coldtoastthose were with my k700i
19:34:22CassandraI thought I could chord PLAY and the joystick, but it doesn't seem to work.
19:34:23rasherHrm, I think it's PLAY and MODE
19:34:30rashershould work
19:34:37rashersolitaire.rock does it
19:34:56CassandraMaybe it's not working because I'm trying to bind it to long press on PLAY + other key.
19:35:25MO-Pantsuthe 700i seems to do well
19:35:38rashermaybe long press > press+otherkey
19:35:47rasherthat is, first detect long press, then look for press+otherkey
19:36:01Coldtoastnah. pic quality isn't very good at all MO-Pantsu. Works with those pix tho cos I processed the crap out of em
19:36:05CassandraLet me see what I'm doing atm.
19:36:18MO-PantsuMy Kodak does not like detail
19:36:28MO-PantsuMushed the hair on this cat
19:36:38Coldtoastyea :)
19:36:57Coldtoastcheck this out
19:37:06Coldtoastthis a guy I know. Same camera as I have
19:37:30MO-PantsuPaintshop Pro is my friend lol
19:37:55Coldtoastall with my camera
19:38:00ColdtoastNikon quality
19:38:13Coldtoastnot my pix but the same camera
19:38:22Coldtoasthis stuff is the reason I chose mine :)
19:38:41MO-Pantsuknowing how to take great pics is an art though
19:38:49CassandraAh, I think I see the problem.
19:38:57ColdtoastI dunno HOW he managed a bunch of the insect pix he took
19:39:17Coldtoastwhat I should do, actually, is see if his EXIF data is intact
19:39:18CassandraIf you're using something like BUTTON_F2 | BUTTON_LEFT | BUTTON_REPEAT, what is the repeat binding to?
19:39:38CassandraIt shouldn't matter, should it?
19:40:09MO-PantsuHe might use a mono pod pole to steady the shots and then zoom
19:40:10kenshinCan anyone give me a hint where the mpa.codec file is opened?
19:40:30MO-Pantsuor lies :)
19:40:42kenshinI'm going to fix the iRiver simulator but not sure where that file is opened.
19:40:56rasherCassandra: both, I guess?
19:40:58kenshinThat's the last DEBUGF output I see before it crashes.
19:41:37MO-Pantsuto get that water shot requires a long exposure
19:41:56MO-Pantsuand holding the camera steady enough for those rocks not to go blurry....
19:42:07MO-Pantsuprobably set on a rock and set the timer
19:42:42MO-Pantsuor he shopped it ;)
19:42:45rasherHah, that's a nice idea
19:43:09 Join Tiegs [0] (
19:43:37MO-PantsuY HALO THAR
19:43:55Tiegsi found something on EBAY I amy be interested in..wanna take a look for me?
19:44:07MO-Pantsuis it contagious?
19:44:14Tiegsdont think so
19:44:23Tiegsmaybe u will get the buying bug tho
19:44:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:44:49Coldtoastthat looks different to chanpagne
19:44:50MO-Pantsuwell set your high price and put that as your bid
19:44:52Coldtoastlook sodd
19:45:05Tiegswill that work for the gapless rockbox or not ?
19:45:06MO-Pantsulooks almost white :)
19:45:14Coldtoastyeah. never seen that
19:45:22Tiegsoriginally 1hp100 (not 120)
19:45:29Coldtoastit surely will
19:45:35MO-Pantsulooks like a custom case
19:45:37Coldtoastnah. mine's a iHP-140
19:45:45Coldtoastwhich is exactly the same as the H140
19:45:51rasherihp-110 is lighter than h120
19:45:57MO-Pantsumight just be the camera shot though.
19:46:02Coldtoastknw why they changed from IHP-1x0 to H1x0 Tiegs?
19:46:25Coldtoastaaa.! it's not a h120 then
19:46:27MO-PantsuHP broke away from iRiver association
19:46:37rasherColdtoast: has a 20gb harddisk though
19:46:48Coldtoastoh yeah
19:46:49MO-Pantsuask the seller a question
19:46:56Tiegsi want the gapless only go for the ihp 120 correct?
19:47:01rasherCompare: -
19:47:28MO-Pantsulooks like 120 on the case though
19:47:33rasherihp-110 will work as well, has less RAM for buffer
19:47:35Coldtoastpersonally, I'd get a real h120 myself
19:47:37MO-Pantsucan just make out the 2
19:47:41Coldtoastor iHP-120
19:48:13rasherMO-Pantsu: it's a 110
19:48:27CassandraAre there currently any chorded keymappings for iRiver?
19:48:30Tiegsthat looks good
19:48:39Tiegsi think i'll go for that one
19:48:51rasherCassandra: chorded?
19:48:53MO-PantsuY HALO THAR
19:49:04CassandraHold down more than one key at once.
19:49:05MO-PantsuThat was a really blurry image I tweaked and shaped
19:49:32rasherCassandra: as I said, solitaire.rock does it
19:50:08Coldtoastlooks good Tiegs
19:50:32MO-Pantsunote the torso-less person on the right lol
19:51:11Coldtoastheh. that' is a prety horrible camera :)
19:51:13MO-Pantsusurreal :)
19:51:21MO-Pantsuit can be very good
19:51:42rasher(note also that the leather case for ihp-100 is different)
19:51:51MO-Pantsubut it needs lots of light to shine
19:52:01MO-Pantsuhates low light levels
19:52:09Coldtoastso does mine :(
19:52:43MO-PantsuMe in the middle
19:53:37MO-Pantsuthis image makes me laugh. redeye not withstanding
19:53:59 Join Lear [0] (
19:54:10MO-Pantsuher expression on the left and my fathers expression on the right
19:55:32kenshinMO-Pantsu: still you in the middle? haha
19:55:51Coldtoastno offense MO-Pantsu...
19:55:52Suckais that british money? :D:D and if any pedo's are out there fapping I hope you die :P
19:55:57Coldtoastbut know who you look like?
19:56:00 Quit Tiegs ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
19:56:15MO-PantsuBritish moola yes
19:56:21ColdtoastYou remind me of Bario
19:56:23MO-PantsuI look like me of course
19:56:25Coldtoasterr... Mario
19:56:25CassandraWhich makes more logical sense for the on button?
19:56:33Coldtoastlike, Super Mario
19:56:40Coldtoastbut thinner
19:56:46CassandraRESUME on short press, QUICK MENU on long.
19:56:51Cassandraor vice versa?
19:57:06Coldtoastit's the hat and moustache
19:57:25rasherCassandra: what you said
19:57:27MO-PantsuI am not a bad British actor playing an Italian pizza maker in a bad movie converted from a game made by Japanese
19:57:49Coldtoastman. You're QUITE different to me :)
19:57:56MO-PantsuI am old
19:57:59 Join hardeep [0] (
19:58:11Coldtoastyou'd be, what, 40ish?
19:58:15MO-Pantsu40 yes
19:59:09MO-PantsuIf I was feeling my age she's be 5.8 with boobs the size of watermelons
19:59:13Coldtoastme at work :)
19:59:44MO-PantsuBouncer eh?
19:59:49Coldtoastheh. indeed
20:00:03MO-Pantsuthe only bit that gets a workout on me is my stomach
20:00:09MO-Pantsuinternally that is
20:00:12Coldtoastnot THAT much younger than you either
20:00:47LearDoes the iRiver port support FF/RW? I seem to recall doing that a while ago, but when I tried today (using a build from the 22:nd or something), it didn't work.
20:00:58MO-Pantsuyou are wide
20:01:24MO-Pantsuyou have a short head :)
20:01:29rasherLear: for mp3 it should
20:01:34Coldtoastheh. that's the pic. dunno why
20:01:36rasherand wavpack
20:01:39Coldtoastit makes me look wider too
20:01:43rasherand flac
20:01:54MO-Pantsuyour neck looks lost
20:01:59MO-Pantsubecause of your muscles
20:02:00Learrasher: I tried mp3 specifically, without success...
20:02:15Coldtoastthat's better. more normal
20:02:22ColdtoastI'm 32. only 8years to 40 :/
20:02:33MO-Pantsuthat pic is not very flattering
20:02:38MO-Pantsuthe bouncer one is the best
20:02:42Learrasher: I didn't expect it to work with Vorbis, but then I don't know how the codecs are informed about the changes... :)
20:02:42rasherLear: Works for me[tm]
20:02:52Learrasher: on build from today?
20:02:59MO-Pantsucam whore ;)
20:03:07rasherLear: Latest bleeding edge, I believe
20:03:25rasheror something close
20:03:32Coldtoast is from about 7 years ago :)
20:04:03Coldtoastdamn! 7 years.....
20:04:48Learrasher: yep, it should (looking at recent code), and I also see how it is done now (roughtly at least). :)
20:05:02MO-Pantsuyeah you have nice breasts
20:05:39Coldtoastthat girl's married now
20:06:16MO-Pantsuhere's another one of me
20:07:16MO-Pantsufrequent 4chan /b/tard that's me
20:08:10MO-Pantsu4chan is where the world ends and the colon begins
20:08:36MO-Pantsunever visit without dark shades and a sick bag :)
20:09:29MO-Pantsuthat site has twisted me
20:10:47MO-Pantsuanyhow...where was we? oh yeah Rockbox
20:11:50Coldtoastwhat's that?
20:11:55Coldtoastohyeah. that thing :P
20:12:52rasherLear: still works, just compiled a new version
20:13:16rasherboth cbr and vbr
20:13:41Learrasher: guess I'll have to try it then, despite that resample thing I was a bit sceptical about. :)
20:14:27MO-PantsuLear what works with what?
20:14:39rasherSeeking in mp3 files
20:14:51MO-Pantsuah more accurate?
20:15:16LearNo, I currently have a build where it doesn't work at all...
20:15:38MO-Pantsuah. seeking is fubar still at present
20:17:44kenshinSeeking in MP3 files Works for me[tm]
20:18:23MO-Pantsukenshin try a gapless album mix. something like a DJ mix and seek to the end of the track. see if it ends too abruptly
20:19:57kenshinno gapless mp3's. i use ogg most of the time.
20:20:12MO-Pantsuwell seek does not work for Ogg at all right now
20:20:40Learmo-pantsu: well, no surprise there, really. :)
20:21:21LearI've dug deep into Ogg files recently, so I'll try to do something about that...
20:21:36kenshinMO-Pantsu: correct. there's not seek markers in ogg files so seeking is harder.
20:22:50MO-Pantsuseems like rather a large oversight on the ogg devs part
20:24:15rasherGapless *does* work with ogg though
20:24:23rasher(took me 4 minutes to find out)
20:25:18Learmo-pantsu: there are seek markers, only they aren't located in a convenient frame in the beginning of the file. Instead each "ogg page" contains some useful information.
20:26:35LearThus, sample-exact seeking is possible, though it might be a little slower sometimes...
20:27:12rasherTo allow randomly jumping onto streams, I assume?
20:27:36MO-PantsuI would like to see accurate MP3 seeking first to be honest
20:27:56crwlwhen is vorbis seeking slow then? all the players I use can seek vorbis files accurately and instantly as far as i can see
20:28:15Learrasher: yes, for streaming it is better.
20:28:54 Join Maxime`Mrn [0] (
20:29:13rashercrwl: well "instantly" is different on a 120mhz (max) coldfire processor and a several gigaherz desktop processor
20:29:19Learcrwl: Well, to find the right spot you have to do a bunch of seek and read operations, not just look in a table and extrapolate.
20:31:18crwlLear, how big a bunch?
20:31:58crwlrasher, well, i recall seeking happening practically instantly also on, say, a pentium 166
20:32:34rasherpentium 166 is way more powerful though, and ram is faster
20:34:08LearI don't know really. I suppose you could try to guess the right position and get it right with say 5-10 seeks or so.
20:34:46LearIf you don't try to be clever, somewhere around 15-20.
20:36:30CassandraCan someone explain to me how prepress keys (eg WPS_PAUSE_PRE) work?
20:37:19 Join webguest81 [0] (
20:38:17 Quit webguest81 (Client Quit)
20:38:25Learcassandra: that means the button is pressed down, but not yet released.
20:55:50kenshinBoy. Fixing this sim crash is turning into quite a task.
21:09:50 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.4/20050512]")
21:12:35dionoeahello ... the rockboxui simulator (recorder) segfaults when loading a plugin (the error is : invalid ELF header)
21:12:41dionoeahow can i fix that ?
21:21:38dionoeaand the screen in the iriver simulator is commpletly messed up. seems like the width isn't right
21:23:13dionoeaok ... i fixed my first problem (i wasn't using the simulator build rocks)
21:23:40rashermessed up how? also, is this x11 or win32?
21:23:54dionoeai'll do a screen shot
21:24:06rasherplease do
21:25:48rasheroh my
21:26:43rasherBagder: have a look at 21:26 <dionoea> dionoea/iriver-sim.png">
21:27:02*dionoea 's trying make clean; make just in case
21:27:33*Cassandra sighs and gropes around for the Pin of Reseting +1
21:27:38dionoeahum ... make clean; make fixed it
21:27:50dionoeait shouldn't have tried both iriver sims in the same dir ...
21:27:52*dionoea hides
21:28:17rasherBagder: nevermind, error at keyboard
21:28:29Coldtoasterror betwen keyboard and chair
21:30:49dionoeawow ! the iriver screen really is bigger than the recorder's
21:31:21 Join Tiegs [0] (
21:32:00rasherdionoea: a lot
21:32:35Tiegsso i am getting an iHP120 - can someone tell me what to download? I went to download page and don't know where to start - I want to be able to do gapless
21:33:01rasherrockbox has not yet been officially released for iriver yet
21:33:27rashertry reading this page
21:33:45Tiegsi read that but am confused as to what to d/l
21:33:56Tiegsi was in just a while ago talking to you guys
21:34:03Tiegsre: which iriver player to get
21:34:22CassandraOK. Strangeness. PAUSE works immediately on button down, but the WPS only updates on release of the button. Can someone explain this behaviour?
21:35:09rasherTiegs: read for information on how to install
21:35:10CassandraThis makes bugger all sense given the code in wps.c
21:35:36Tiegsthanks rasher
21:36:01Coldtoastdo this on Windows: download roickbox and unzip onto iriver so in teh root of the iriver you have .rockbox and .rockbox.iriver. download firmware. download fwpatcher. run fwpatcher on firmware (this merges teh bootloader with the firmware). flash this new firmware
21:36:12Coldtoastthen boot the h120
21:36:47rasherCassandra: updates before release for me
21:37:02rasherjust not instant
21:37:12rashertakes half a second or so
21:37:17Cassandra*nods* That's possible.
21:37:41CassandraI'm getting the quick menu if I hold down for a long time.
21:37:42rasherI guess the wps doesn't update as fast
21:37:59rasherCassandra: hurray
21:38:03Coldtoastman. one of my friends has a h340 and he's dropping by this week. will see what he thinks of my h140 running rockbox
21:38:56dionoeais the iriver the only one to have a bigger screen than the recorder ?
21:39:15Slasherinow i will commit.. :D
21:39:16Tiegsthnx coldtoast
21:39:19Tiegstaking notes
21:39:26rasherdionoea: I think gmini does as well
21:39:29 Join Sucka` [0] (
21:39:43rasherdionoea: why are you using the date for the srand call in solitaire?
21:39:45ColdtoastTiegs: that last page rasher posted has all the info tho
21:39:50MoosSlasheri: Wonderfull :) :)
21:39:50Coldtoastso have a good read of that
21:40:01dionoearasher: i don't know. seemed logical to use something that changed
21:40:03Coldtoastso you won the auction for the 120 then?
21:40:19dionoearasher: what else could i use ?
21:40:33rasherdionoea: *rb->current_tick
21:40:39dionoeaoh :p
21:40:46dionoeai'll change that ...
21:40:49rashernot sure what the date does on iriver..
21:40:53Tiegsno..i found a friend who has THREE, he is getting the 340 media player one and is letting go of one of his others (i requested the 120)
21:40:57rasheror other rtc-less things
21:41:10Coldtoastah nice. good price?
21:41:19Coldtoastdid he give you "mates rates"?
21:41:26Coldtoastthere's an Aussie term for you. heh
21:41:56rasherColdtoast: I'm beginning to believe you should do an aussie translation
21:42:28Coldtoastthat's be funny as hell actually! use all slang terms
21:43:15Coldtoastshould do a hax0r translation
21:43:21Coldtoastjust for fun
21:43:40Tiegsprice is decent i guess
21:44:10rasherWhat we really need, is a klingon translation
21:44:15Coldtoastpr3v n3x7 p14y1i57
21:44:23CassandraWoohoo! Working quick menu!
21:44:32rasherCassandra: Commit commit commit!
21:44:46CassandraLet me just regression test on the Archos.
21:44:48***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:45:01ColdtoastI'm goingto book in for a sexchange and have all your babies
21:45:08rasherthat's no fun
21:45:09Tiegshey i know some Aussie terms
21:45:18CassandraErm, but ...
21:45:30TiegsI am not a bevin, nor a Westie and I do not have the "puberty blues"
21:45:41Coldtoastoh dear
21:46:17Coldtoastheh. the word "thong" means something COMPLETELY different here in Australia
21:46:33Coldtoasthere a thong is footwear. in the US it's arsewear
21:46:58rasherarsewear.. now there's a word you don't (want to) hear every day
21:47:10Tiegsso the .HEX file is the first file i need?
21:47:41Tiegscool, thanks
21:47:59Coldtoastthe fwpatcher methos is the easiest to merge the bootloader
21:48:16Coldtoastit's so cold I can't type properly
21:48:48CassandraHmm. Can you nest #if statements?
21:48:51 Quit Sucka (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:48:52kenshinfootwear "thongs" are called "thongs" (northern US), "flip-flops" (southern US), or "slippers" (Hawaii).
21:48:58rasherCassandra: yup
21:48:59CassandraI'm guessing the answer is "no"
21:49:04CassandraOK. Weird.
21:49:07kenshinCassandra: yes.
21:49:08Coldtoastoh? so they DO call em thongs in the us? wow!
21:49:20Coldtoastthought all US ppl called g-strings thongs
21:49:31TiegsI am from New England and we say thongs
21:49:32CassandraAh missing :
21:49:34kenshinthat's the other "thong".
21:49:39CassandraNever mind
21:49:59Tiegsso when do i use that daily .TAR file?
21:50:15Coldtoastyou on Windows Tiegs?
21:50:16Tiegsi CANNOT let my 120 become unusable
21:50:22Tiegsyes XP Home
21:50:31Tiegsjust trying to follow that page.
21:50:49Tiegsthe .HEX, the patch, then it talks about the daily update (??)
21:50:56Coldtoasttry that page for dily builds and bleedign edge
21:51:18Tiegsi want the one on the far right correct?
21:51:44Coldtoastyou need the "iriver h1x0" bleedign edge or the h100 daily
21:52:12rasher - or
21:52:29Coldtoastyeah. download and unzip straight to the iriver
21:52:49Coldtoastso your iriver will have a .rockbox directory and file called rockbox.iriver
21:54:01Tiegsi think so
21:54:14Tiegsis either of rashers links ok?
21:54:29rasherthe last one is slightly newer
21:54:54Coldtoastthe last bleeding edge of the day becomes the new daily build, right?
21:55:01Tiegsthose are not just for the 100 ?
21:55:07rasherTiegs: they are
21:55:18Tiegswhat about 120? thats what i ned
21:55:23Coldtoastit's the h100 SERIES Tiegs
21:55:28rasherouch, boost ratio of 80% with a 128kbit mp2 sorry
21:55:36Coldtoastno need to be sorry
21:55:50Tiegsi was thinking model, like that 100 i saw on auction that had a larger HD put in
21:55:59Tiegsok..don't want to be bugging u guys
21:56:04Coldtoastbetter to get it absolutely clear in your head before you do anything really
21:56:07Tiegsjust dont want to F up my machine
21:56:29Coldtoasthave a good read of the page rasher posted earlier
21:56:44Coldtoast(rasher): Tiegs: read for information on how to install
21:57:19rasherSlasheri: when is the next song info available?
21:57:28Coldtoastdo you think there's any chance you'd be able to stop the HDD spinning when connected to USB?
21:57:45Slasherirasher: after first parts of next track are buffered
21:57:49rasherColdtoast: Probably, amiconn was talking about putting the hdd into powersafe mode before entering usb mode
21:57:56Slasherirasher: but it's possible to read metadata without buffering tracks
21:58:03Slasherithat should be done in the future..
21:58:08Coldtoastcool. I had no idea it did that til he mentioned it the other day
21:58:10rasherSlasheri: sometimes it never appears
21:58:17Slasherihmm, weird
21:58:37rasherand sometimes it appears right at the beginning of the track
21:59:29MoosSlasheri: yellow build
21:59:31rasher(I have a line with just the filename, as well as a more complicated format, and the filename is not available sometimes)
21:59:36CassandraAnyone here with an Archos recorder (pref. v2)
21:59:57SlasheriMoos: oh, fixing that
22:00:04Slasherimy compiler didn't give any warnings..
22:00:29Moos:) great work
22:01:01Tiegsok thanks for all your patience and heklp guys
22:01:14TiegsCOLDTOAST- are you in here a lot?
22:01:15Coldtoastno probs. I bet you love the h120
22:01:27Coldtoastyeah. I am now
22:01:38Tiegsi may come in and ask u for step by step when i get it :)
22:01:46Coldtoastbut I'm just a layman user
22:02:05Tiegsi just hate seeing all those warnings...has rockbox crapped out any 120's u know of?
22:02:17rasherNot a single one.
22:02:21Tiegsthnx rasher
22:02:42Coldtoastther ehave been quite a few iriver HDD based player failures
22:02:50Coldtoastall with the iriver firmware
22:02:52Tiegsi saw an awesome chrome and silver one in completed listings on EBAY
22:02:57*rasher listens to 32kHz mp3
22:03:09rasherColdtoast: how so?
22:03:14Coldtoastnot COS of the firmware (probably) but before rockbox was being ported
22:03:34Coldtoastso any failures aren't firmware related
22:03:41rasherOh, so the players wouldn't boot because of broken harddisk layouts?
22:03:46Tiegswhat bitrate do you guys generally use for music on a 20G device?
22:04:04Coldtoastrasher: the friewnd of mine with the h340
22:04:07Coldtoasthis got bricked
22:04:23Coldtoastwithin 2 days of him getting it too
22:04:40rasherColdtoast: Wouldn't boot, showing "read file system"?
22:04:49Coldtoastno idea what really happened but it was when he decided to try out the DB stuff
22:05:11Coldtoasthe sent it back and had it replaced
22:05:11rasherTiegs: The ones I encode myself are -q3 oggs (about 100kbps)
22:05:19Coldtoastwhy's that rasher?
22:05:23 Join amiconn [0] (
22:05:41CassandraAh, ami. Just the man. You have a recorder v1 or v2, don't you?
22:05:50rasherThis is due to stupidity on iriver's side.. had they just done a usb-connected check before initialising the harddisk, such failures could've been recovered
22:05:51Coldtoasthe generated a db, enabled db mode, powered off, powered on and it stuck at "Read file system"
22:05:57kenshinTiegs: i almost always use -q7 oggs (224kbps)
22:06:15rasherWell, the harddisk contents or partition table was probably slightly broken
22:06:26 Join preglow [0] (
22:06:34Coldtoastok. he's never enabled DB mode since then. not withthe new player
22:06:42Tiegsyou guys all use Vog rather than MP3 ?
22:06:43rasherAnd since iriver reads the ENTIRE harddisk during boot, it can't cope with broken drives
22:07:03rasherColdtoast: he should install rockbox bootloader v2 - has usb-mode before touching the harddisk
22:07:12amiconnCassandra: Recorder 80 (v1), Studio 10, Ondio SP, and iriver H-140
22:07:12preglowSlasheri: woooot
22:07:14Coldtoasthe has a h340 tho
22:07:22Tiegsi simply want to load albums from CD drive and then also some MP3 files, but GAPLESS
22:07:31Coldtoastand it's sounding like he's goingto dump the 340
22:07:42preglowSlasheri: you have any idea _why_ it only works with mp3?
22:07:45Coldtoasthe's really not happy with the iriver firmware
22:07:58Tiegsis there a gapless mode? once gapless is enabled does it play EVERYTHING gapless?
22:08:10Coldtoasthe thinks it feels like "cheap Asian rubbish" heh
22:08:14CassandraCan you try something for me. Hold down F2 and UP arrow at the same time. Press down arrow a couple of times. Tell me if you get either the USB screen or the screen flips.
22:08:23rasherTiegs: things play gapless if possible, there's no setting
22:08:33Tiegsi wouldnt want normal non-gapless LP's to play w/out gaps//just the albums that run tracks together
22:08:38Cassandra(while holding down F2 and UP)
22:09:12Coldtoastrasher: when he comes over this week, I'll show him my h140 running Rockbox and see what he thinks tho. Cos he MAY decide to hold out
22:09:31dionoeathe gmini doesn't have plugins ?
22:09:49CassandraGmini doesn't really work yet.
22:09:58rasherdionoea: calmrisc making it very hard
22:10:02CassandraNot even in the same way iRiver does.
22:10:26Tiegsrasher - what do you you mean "if possible"?
22:10:34amiconnCassandra: Seems so. (Screen flipped)
22:10:38Coldtoastrasher: so using Rockbox will mean less likelihood of bricking a player do you think?
22:10:43Coldtoastcould you make that claim? heh
22:10:45Tiegsis it how i load them? if i have individual files
22:10:49rasherColdtoast: sure could
22:10:54amiconnMy interpretation is that F2+Up sometimes reads as F3
22:10:59CassandraRight. Good. That means it's not my new code that's doing it, and I can commit it safely.
22:11:02amiconn(F3+down == flip)
22:11:05Coldtoastcos that's a hell of a selling point :)
22:11:42amiconnCassandra: I just noticed there's some weirdness with the strings in the F2 menu
22:11:57amiconn(maybe it's only a prob of the german translation)
22:11:59Slasheripreglow: hi, i was going to ask that from you if you had any ideas :) if you can, please test and fix it ;)
22:12:31amiconnCassandra: It's indeed a german translation problem
22:12:36Slasheriyou will find the output is very noisy if you try to resample other than mp3 files.. :/
22:12:37CassandraAh, right.
22:12:59CassandraNot commited any changes yet, ami, so anything wrong currently is not my fault.
22:13:01rasherTiegs: The files will be played without inserting additional gaps than what was already there
22:13:14amiconnCassandra: yes, obviously it..thanks rasher
22:13:19CassandraHowever, I'm about to commit context menu for iRiver.
22:13:27amiconnCassandra: What do you have in store?
22:13:30Tiegswhat about if i have a bunch of individual files?
22:13:34CassandraQuick menu I mean
22:13:43Tiegslet me show u what i mean..
22:14:11Coldtoastheh. I want to try these new bleedign edge builds but you guys keep committing :)
22:15:24 Join LinusN [0] (
22:15:27rasherColdtoast: You will not get bricked players hung at "Read file system" if you have rockbox bootloader installed - you don't even need to run rockbox
22:15:28Tiegsi want to download something like that..(several files) and let them play w no gaps
22:15:51Coldtoastoh really? ok
22:16:18LinusNi want to replace the "quick screens" with popup menus
22:16:44CassandraWhy Linus?
22:17:02CassandraI think that would be slower.
22:17:10LinusNthe quick screens use up a lot of screen estate, and they are limited to 3-4 options
22:17:53LinusNyes, a menu is slower, but it allows more options, and the strings are easier to translate
22:18:04CassandraI think even a popup menu would take up a lot of screen real estate.
22:18:48CassandraEasier to translate? How so?
22:18:50LinusNyes, it will take up the entire screen, but the strings can be full length
22:18:56 Join tucoz [0] (
22:19:10rasher"full length" meanning "infinite"
22:19:13Coldtoastdidn't even think of that!
22:19:20Coldtoastthat's REALLY awesome!
22:19:24LinusNtoday, some of the options have two LANG_ entries
22:19:54CassandraRight. People who were wanting to try out iRiver quick menu, it's in CVS now.
22:20:29LinusNCassandra: short Play in the browser?
22:20:35CassandraLong play.
22:20:41CassandraShort is still resume.
22:20:48*LinusN cleans his glasses
22:21:03Coldtoastcan you make hitting play on the remote boot rockbox instead of the iriver firmware? that's how I usually turn min eon
22:21:06Coldtoastand I keep forgetting
22:21:21preglowSlasheri: no time, sorry
22:21:35rasherYeah, I think it's about time the button configuration for the bootloader is changed
22:21:53CassandraI'd like that too, but it's Linus' baby.
22:22:07LinusNi think so too
22:22:44tucozTiegs: if you would like to play an album like that gapless, just download the oggs and use rockbox, and you will be just fine
22:22:56Cassandraafk for a few while I vacuum my living room. (what an exciting life I lead.)
22:23:10rasherHaven't used the original firmware for weeks
22:23:11 Join markun [0] (
22:24:13Tiegsthanks rasher
22:24:14preglowSlasheri: well, what happens if you try using the other codecs with some file that needs resampling?
22:24:23tucozme neither. The file browser is just plain ugly and unusable
22:24:52Tiegsrasher- it won't work w MP3? I'm thinking space here
22:25:01tucozIs it like 6 characters and, 6 rows or something
22:25:14Coldtoastyeah. MASSIVE
22:25:36tucozTiegs: if the mp3's are encoded properly with lame, they should be fine
22:26:01Coldtoastmight be cool to put a "how to" up somewhere?
22:26:09tucozTiegs: But remember, you can have a lot of files on 20 gb disk
22:26:15Coldtoaston creating good gapless palyback using LAME
22:26:25rasheralready exists
22:26:33Coldtoastoh. good-oh
22:27:06tucozTiegs: But I guess the live recordings from archive are just fine. I can try a couple of tracks for you
22:27:12Slasheripreglow: the resampling itself "works" but there is very loud background noise
22:27:33Tiegsthanks tucoz−−grateful dead ones if you wouldnt mind
22:28:24Tiegstry that and download chinacat and "i know u rider"..thats 2 songs that transition
22:28:24tucozyep, downloading the first and second mp3 from that right now VBR mp3s
22:28:30Tiegsoh ok
22:28:49Coldtoastdoes gapless still cut off a few frames?
22:29:31Tiegswow the VBR are larger than the OGGs
22:29:50Tiegsi dont want the 64 MP3s, I guess I can do OGG
22:30:15MO-PantsuOgg is seamless no problem but no seeking at present
22:30:20preglowok, i'll give a quick spin
22:31:35 Quit DangerousDan (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:32:39crashdhere you go that's from 2feec through 30048, if you need any more gimme a shout, or bust open IDA, but you'll have to do it in small chunks skipping 0xf8ec as that seems to bone IDA
22:32:51crashdsorry guys )
22:33:06preglowwhat the hell is this
22:33:08crashdquiet you ;)
22:33:13preglownot talking to you
22:33:17preglowtalking about vorbis resampling
22:33:22CassandraAFAIK the MP3 codec occasionally clips tracks just before the end. I have no idea why. This gives the appearance of substandard gapless support.
22:33:38Slasheripreglow: Hmm :D
22:33:44preglowSlasheri: damn, it even gives a I00 after a while
22:33:46Slasherifound anything?
22:33:58preglowthis is not the noise i expected at all
22:33:59Slasheriwhat samplerate did you try?
22:34:07SlasheriThe buffer sizes might be too small
22:34:13Slasheriah, shouldn't do that..
22:34:19preglownot for 48khz
22:35:14tucozOk, Tiegs. Listening right now
22:35:37tucozDidn't notice that your track suggestions
22:35:40 Join ghode|afk [0] (
22:36:09Tiegsthats ok..u may be listening to "songs" tho, that will have a break in the original source, just so long as the file playback is gapless thats cool
22:36:17Coldtoastlots of yellow builds
22:36:44 Join mborus [0] (
22:37:39Coldtoasterr.. this might be a silly question. but why in the yellow builds is ther a red warning?
22:38:11preglowcrashd: isn't that our good old h10 firmware decrypter?
22:38:16amiconnColdtoast: These scripts are far from perfect
22:38:17crashdpreglow: yer
22:38:34crashdonly, im fairly sure you dont need to worry about the fact it uses thumb
22:38:37LinusNColdtoast: it's the log parser that can't see the difference
22:38:54crashdchrist, my keyboard skilsls are lacking tonigt
22:39:18tucozTiegs: it's gapless allright, just a tiny tiny 'glitch' on track transition
22:39:18mborusHi, just posted some bleeding edge buffering tests of 48 kHz mp2 files to the mailing lists. Works great for 128k, for 192k and above there's so much buffering that the unit gets hot.
22:39:21preglowSlasheri: there's gotte be some scaling inconsisteny somewhere, the crashing surprised me, though, might be several problems
22:39:42tucozanyway, just download the oggs, they are gapless anyway
22:39:52tucozand as you said, smaller in size
22:39:59preglowcrashd: how come? to me it looks like the part of the code that actually calls the decrypter is in thumb code, and we need to see how it's called
22:40:02tucozBut, if you rip your
22:40:18tucoz'e own music you can get mp3's gapless as well
22:40:21Slasheripreglow: Hmm, very possible. I will look it more tomorrow :)
22:40:27Coldtoasthey. does the iriver firmware give gapless .ogg?
22:40:32tucozi.e. be certain of the results
22:40:33preglowi simply don't have time to look at it now, sorry
22:40:42crashdpreglow: yeah, the function that calls the decrypter probably is in thumb, but the first thing it seems to do when it hits the function is stash the registers and then load them with some data from elsewhere in the firmware
22:40:42preglowand wont have time until friday
22:40:47Tiegswhat is the glitch ? can you tell if it is from the orig (a track break may have been inserted where the tape cuts) or is it in the file transition?
22:40:49Slasheripreglow: np :)
22:40:51crashdand it doesnt bx back to thumb till the very end of the function
22:41:06CassandraCould someone explain the reason for the current yellow builds to me? I'm flummoxed.
22:41:12tucozTiegs. i'll just download the oggs and listen to them
22:41:14preglowi know, but that leaves us without the knowledge of how large blocks it's used for
22:41:14amiconnLinusN: I hope you noticed today's fix for archos remote play-pause.
22:41:21preglowand where it stores checksums
22:41:35Tiegsthanks- try chincat sunflower and i know you rider..about 7 or 8 tunes down the list
22:41:39crashdwell, there is problems, but this code snippet was just supposed to be for someone to take a look at
22:41:46amiconnWe should be very careful about button handling regarding the many platform we support now
22:41:51rasherWow, resmpling oggs sure sounds mad
22:41:54*crashd sobs
22:41:56preglowcrashd: have a look at and do what?
22:41:57CassandraIt's messy. I agree.
22:42:06crashdpreglow: just a friend who studied encryption at uni
22:42:10crashdhe said he might be able to recognise it
22:42:23preglowwell, doesn't really matter what it is
22:42:25preglowit's trivial to recode to c
22:42:39amiconnCassandra: *All* sims are yellow...
22:42:48tucozdownloaded those tracks. i'll take some time, as I can not ff with oggs
22:42:49BagderCassandra: config.h probably isn't included before this
22:43:03tucozbut that will be possible in some time
22:43:03Bagdermaking both #if lines true
22:43:06CassandraYep. It seems to be including code for both platforms when I'd expect neither to be compiled in.
22:43:19Tiegsok, thnx
22:43:19preglowSlasheri: still, nice work, that framework was badly needed
22:43:45Slasheripreglow: tnx, it was quite hard to figure out how to implement the dsp :)
22:43:52CassandraBadger. Thanks. I need to fix stubs.c then?
22:44:19*amiconn can't concentrate to work on new gfx lcd_bitmap() :-/
22:44:20BagderCassandra: I'd add an #include in the screens.h itself
22:44:32MoosSlasheri: congratulations again :)
22:44:36tucozTiegs: I'll let you know in 5 minutes :)
22:45:54 Part LinusN
22:46:27t0masbye everybody :)
22:46:34t0massee you in a week...
22:46:38amiconnQuick question: Should the iriver remote |<< and >>| controls allow to rew/ffwd in additon to skipping forward/back the same way as the joystick does?
22:46:38Slasherinights :)
22:46:55t0masamiconn: yes, I thinks so
22:46:59t0massame problem as with the volume?
22:47:00rasheramiconn: I believe so
22:47:01Coldtoastamiconn: the way the iriver firmware has it?
22:47:04t0mas(i fixed that some time ago)
22:47:20amiconnColdtoast: I don't know what the iriver firmware does
22:47:33amiconnt0mas: No, different problem
22:47:38 Join TCK- [0] (
22:47:44Coldtoastyou flick in the direction you want to skip and it skips or hold and it cues/reviews
22:48:00amiconnColdtoast: Yes, that's what I mean
22:48:01ColdtoastI like that
22:48:12Coldtoastyep. I'd like it like that
22:48:17amiconnIt's currently not done that way in rockbox, but it shouldn't be hard
22:48:34amiconnI'll add that
22:48:43rasherthe joystick does that doesn't it?
22:48:53amiconnIt does
22:49:01rasheronly makes sense then
22:49:39amiconnSome WPS_RC_*_PRE handling is due again...
22:50:15tucozTiegs: Rest asure, that transition went totally smooth no "glitch"
22:51:35Tiegsu saw it go from track to track ?
22:51:40CassandraErm, why am I missing some X11 include files. I don't seem to be able to build the sim locally.
22:51:46CassandraIt used to work.
22:51:46Tiegsand that was in OGG format?
22:52:06tucozNo, no glith, and I looked at the display and _saw_ the track change
22:52:07Cassandrascreenhack.h:28:22: X11/Xlib.h: No such file or directory
22:52:07Cassandrascreenhack.h:29:27: X11/Xresource.h: No such file or directory
22:52:07Cassandrascreenhack.h:31:27: X11/Intrinsic.h: No such file or directory
22:52:10tucozyes ogg
22:52:18Tiegstucoz..thanks so much
22:52:22CassandraAny idea what needs to be installed that isn't?
22:52:58Tiegsrasher, tucoz, toast - thanks to all. i will be back when i get famniliar w this or have q's installing the box
22:53:05tucozremeber, the rockbox port of iriver is in development. Still, I use it on a daily basis
22:53:23BagderCassandra: does it find _any_ x11 headers?
22:53:31rasherCassandra: package called libxt-dev here (Debian)
22:53:40CassandraThanks rasher
22:53:51rasherand libx11-dev
22:54:40preglowSlasheri: if you're still awake, what codec types have you tested?
22:54:49tucozTiegs: do so. When do you get your player?
22:56:34Coldtoastno probs
22:56:49CassandraSometimes Debian can be a right pig
22:56:50Coldtoastget decent earphones too!
22:57:18ColdtoastI really wish I still had the phones that came with mine actually. I liked em
22:57:21rasherCassandra: is your friend (or dpkg -S filename if you have a box where it's working)
22:57:35tucozColdtoast: call that decent, eh?
22:57:49Coldtoastnah. but they're better then the ones I use now
22:57:54Slasheripreglow: mp3 and vorbis only
22:58:03ColdtoastBUT mine came wish senns
22:58:05preglowdo you know vorbis outputs 16 bit shorts?
22:58:11preglownot longs
22:58:13Slasheripreglow: you can try to change the samplerate directly from the codec also to test
22:58:18rasherBagder: Fun project for you: auto-generate fonts/index.shtml
22:58:22Slasheriyes, 16 bits
22:58:32Slasheridsp scales that up to 32 bits
22:58:39tucozheeh, I have a bunch of old phones that I got with various portable players. Never used one of them
22:58:40rasherBagder: or if that's already happening, update it
22:58:43Bagderrasher: its already semi-done, as the page is generated
22:58:46Slasherii don't know if that scaling is done by right way
22:59:17Bagderrasher: anything in particular that is wrong?
22:59:21Cassandrarasher: I use ubuntu. :)
22:59:23rasherBagder: snap is missing
22:59:36rasherCassandra: wellthen:
23:00:38preglowSlasheri: how do i do that?
23:01:04kenshinCassandra: try libx11-dev
23:01:10 Quit mborus ("CGI:IRC")
23:01:10 Join LinusN [0] (
23:01:24CassandraAlready got there thanks kenshin
23:01:39LinusNpreglow, Slasheri: is the playback sound quality so-so at the moment?
23:01:52kenshinCassandra: is your best Debian friend! ;)
23:02:17ghode|afkkenshin scroll up ;p
23:02:17SlasheriLinusN: Hi, hmm for what codecs?
23:02:18rasherLinusN: only for non-mp3s that need resampling
23:02:23preglowLinusN: you mean codec wise or with preprocessing?
23:02:29LinusNi'm going on a trip with no possibility to update
23:02:51preglowwell, i have had no possibility to test for several days
23:03:03preglowas it is, it seems to be ok, if you stick to 44.1khz
23:03:04preglowor mp3s
23:03:08SlasheriLinusN: the quality should not be worse with other codecs if you are listening to 44.1 kHz files only (with mp3 any samplerate)
23:03:37Slasherihowever, mp3 has now dithering enabled.. maybe that should be disabled
23:03:47LinusNok, 99% of my tracks are 44.1 mp3 :-)
23:03:55preglowi don't think that dithering every worked very well, btw...
23:04:09rasherBagder: oops
23:04:47preglowif the code is any indication, i think it should be working now
23:05:12 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:05:20rasherBagder: \o/
23:05:22 Join ac [0] (
23:05:28achi all
23:05:34kenshinghode|afk: didn't read far back enough to see rasher already answered it. oops!
23:06:10ColdtoastDAMN ther are a lot of scam h300 auctions on ebay!
23:06:15rasherMan, tremor is really doing well
23:06:54Coldtoastfor example. Check his feedback and one of his buyers supposedly bought a car off of him for $2US
23:07:15Coldtoastsorry, $1
23:07:27ghode|afkany GTO fans in here?
23:08:12Sucka`Item location: bei jing
23:08:35rasherSlasheri: sometimes going to the menu and back makes the next track info appear
23:08:43accan somebody tell me the output values of the irvier h120 battery?
23:09:02aci want to check, if my battery is dead, or my whole player
23:09:52kenshinac: does it work when plugged into the A/C adapter?
23:09:58Bagderproblematic songs I collect
23:10:07LinusNColdtoast: no, he bought the *sound* of a Trabant for $1
23:10:16Coldtoasthaha! ok
23:10:16aci have now disconnted the battery
23:10:52acif i conntect now the ac adapter the gren led blinks for about 3 seconds
23:11:09LinusNac: what did you do to it?
23:11:20MoosHi austriancoder
23:11:31ghode|afkw0-0t ;p
23:11:47acLinusN: tooo much volts in my car
23:11:51achi Moos
23:12:05LinusNac: boo
23:12:10ghode|afkhehe you;ve been a wanted man ac ;p
23:12:28LinusNac: is the player dead?
23:12:57LinusNi.e doesn't react when you press ON
23:13:18acLinusN: not really... sometimes i get it running...
23:13:26LinusNdoes it get hot?
23:13:37acthe battery? yes
23:14:04 Quit Aison (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:14:18LinusNmost devices that have been exposed to high voltage are dead beyond repair
23:14:23acwithout any batter connteced, only ac adapter the player does not react on ON
23:14:28LinusNyour seems to have some hope
23:14:44Slasheriac: i think you should not connect it to power if it still works partially. Change the voltage regulators, capasitors etc. and it might survive
23:14:50Slasherijust don't burn the cpu
23:14:55amiconnJust committed iriver remote FFWD/REW
23:15:31LinusNac: have a multimeter?
23:15:57acLinusN: no... but i get one tomorrow
23:16:15preglowSlasheri: MAN, is mp3 playback struggling
23:16:25amiconnLinusN: Any idea how we can lower the possibility of breaking button handling for certain platforms?
23:16:38Slasheripreglow: Hmm, no? shouldn't be
23:16:43LinusNamiconn: not really
23:16:49preglowthe boost ratio is wild for a 48khz mp3 i have
23:16:56aci hope i my player isnt dead.. i dont have much money for a h3xx
23:16:59preglowsomething around 90% boost ratio
23:17:18Slasheripreglow: ah, that might be possible.. resampling eats more cpu
23:17:31LinusNac: there might still be hope
23:17:41preglowi just tried to select a new track
23:17:43preglowthe player failed
23:17:49preglowLinusN: you might want to bring an older build :-)
23:18:03acLinusN: are you online tomorrow?
23:18:28ghode|afkac, do you by any chance plan to add any of your fm radio code?
23:18:32LinusNboarding a sailing ship tomorrow
23:18:57Bagderwhat a lame excuse ;-P
23:19:44acghode|afk: sure, but firstly i need to test my changes.. but thats quite hard with an broken player :(
23:19:46amiconnLinusN: I don't have a nice solution to that problem as well, other than testing, testing, testing... (perhaps also in the simulator), and using proven code sequences
23:20:03acbut i will buy a new one, if my is realy broeken
23:20:20acLinusN: Hmmm... what should i check if i have a multimeter?
23:20:30Cassandra*looks at the unbroken line of green* Yay!
23:20:47Cassandra(Well, unbroken apart from all those reds.)
23:20:53ghode|afkac: i'm sure you could find a few guinea pigs in here
23:21:15ColdtoastI'll give it a whirl
23:21:16rasherac: bring on the patches!
23:21:24amiconnCassandra: Where do you see an unbroken line of green? Did you fix gmini and h3x0? ;-)
23:21:32preglowman, man, man
23:21:34LinusNac: i tried to /msg you
23:21:35preglowlibmad needs more massage
23:21:45CassandraWould've been nice, wouldn't it?
23:21:47aci see
23:21:55preglow_I_ need more massage
23:23:11thegeekI think rockbox should have an easter egg
23:23:28thegeekentering "rockbox" using only the play/stop button
23:23:39thegeekbinary ofcourse
23:23:46Bagderthegeek: how do you know there isn't one already? ;-)
23:23:54thegeekgood point
23:24:02ColdtoastI found one
23:24:08CassandraYou did?
23:24:30Coldtoastyep. power on with REC+ON boots the iriver firmware
23:24:42thegeekthat was not very funny
23:24:44 Join sansabar [0] (
23:24:50Coldtoastoops. that's a rotten egg
23:24:57thegeekI really think there should be a nice egg
23:25:06thegeeklike a interactive "about" mode
23:25:08thegeekor something
23:25:13thegeekthat scrolls all the contributors
23:25:15thegeekor something;)
23:25:21Coldtoastever have an Amiga?
23:25:26CassandraYou mean the credits screen?
23:25:36CassandraIt's on the info menu
23:25:36BagderI00 again
23:25:41amiconnColdtoast: I do have an Amiga
23:25:44Coldtoastthe Amiga had a few easter eggs
23:25:47thegeekit was just an example;)
23:25:47Bagderwithout touching it
23:25:50LinusNeaster eggs in open source code isn't very surprising
23:26:13ColdtoastI can remember one of them. a message that said "Amiga. We built it, Commodore fucked it"
23:26:25CassandraI think most of the developers are too busy writing actual features to care much about easter eggs.
23:26:49 Quit sansabar (Client Quit)
23:27:00*rasher tries to avoid putting utf8 into dansk.lang
23:27:25kenshinit's hard enough to learn the real code, nevermind trying to ignore easter eggs
23:27:30preglowi've actually never thought about that
23:27:41rasherpreglow: guess you got lucky
23:27:42preglowcould anyone check if norsk.lang has any utf8? :-)
23:27:51rasherHave you not been using it?
23:28:06CassandraRockbox is not an easy app to write for. It's so feature rich that there's a lot of spaghetti code.
23:28:30Coldtoastspaghetti code with source
23:28:42Coldtoastsounds good actually
23:28:45CassandraFor all of my patches, I've spent more time trying to understand what Rockbox is doing than I have actually writing new code.
23:28:48rasherpreglow: running it now
23:28:54 Quit Tiegs ("CGI:IRC")
23:29:19rasherI don't see any utf8
23:29:22t0masCassandra: me too... most time
23:29:26kenshinCassandra: i'm only two weeks into the code and it's mind-boggling
23:29:45t0maskenshin: you have to hang around here... and trail and error / ask your way around
23:29:47LinusNCassandra: name one app that is easy to code for
23:29:56t0masLinusN: my own apps ;-)
23:30:01hardeepHello World
23:30:01t0masas I know the internals there :)
23:30:09kenshint0mas: i'm two weeks into that, as well! ;)
23:30:43t0masit took me a few days to even find out plugins existed... and how to code a plugin
23:30:44Cassandralinus: You may have a point there.
23:31:08LinusNi think rockbox is pretty easy to code for, since all the code is there, and it's plain c
23:31:38LinusNnot 70 levels of oo abstractions and design patterns
23:31:40kenshinbut i seem to find you guys in here only on the weekends (i'm west coast US; GMT-8)
23:31:49CassandraYeah, but you know the code better than most people.
23:31:55LinusNof course
23:31:55t0maskenshin: there are some other US guys
23:32:09CassandraYou might be right though. I've never really got on with OO stuff.
23:32:12Bagderkenshin: we're here just about every day
23:32:32t0masLinusN: if OO is used right... it makes things easy... if it's used wrong.. it makes things horrible...
23:32:53LinusNt0mas: i have yet to see it used right
23:32:54kenshinwell, i usually don't get started until at least about 7:00PM PST during the week.
23:32:55CassandraI once wrote a library for solving decision trees in C.
23:32:57t0masBagder: he ment it's night there when we're awake
23:33:04CassandraI really should have used C++.
23:33:16CassandraOr maybe just been better at writing C.
23:33:38rasherHrm.. looks interesting
23:33:41LinusNafk for a while
23:33:51Bagderkenshin: yes, I guess you miss most of us euro guys then
23:34:37*rasher stares at the patch list
23:34:41Bagderkenshin: you can always reach us on the mailing list
23:34:57t0masrasher: if you ask me: test + commit that one
23:35:26*Bagder agrees with t0mas
23:35:48rashercan't test on archos though
23:36:09hardeepthat part of the code is basically the same on archos and iriver
23:36:10preglowmy ansi viewer is nice c++ :P
23:36:25markunpreglow: changed Tremor to output 32 bit non interleaved samples..
23:36:26kenshinBadger: true
23:36:31preglowat least i plain love just being able to forget freeing memory
23:36:36preglowmarkun: oh, how?
23:36:44preglowmarkun: hacked ov_read?
23:36:57preglowmarkun: this is splendid, does resampling work now?
23:37:00markunpreglow: Yes
23:37:12markunpreglow: Did not try it, just a moment.
23:37:15preglowdo so, please
23:37:18preglowi've got a feeling it'll work
23:37:57markunpreglow: no, doesn't work..
23:38:20markunpreglow: The pitch is correct, but it still sounds 2x too fast.
23:38:29markunvery strange sound
23:38:40rashert0mas: works..
23:39:13CassandraIf you commit it, I'll test it on the Archos.
23:39:19 Join ep0ch [0] (
23:39:20markunpreglow: wait, I'm doing somthing wrong here..
23:39:23preglowmarkun: eh?
23:40:00ep0chthe quick menu on the ihp, can we have "up" to enable/disable crossfade please? :)
23:40:04t0masrasher: then you can commit it
23:40:22t0masand maybe ask the author to write a configoption for it
23:40:27t0mas(yes, another config option)
23:40:36rasherI don't think so
23:40:37 Join s [0] (
23:40:42Cassandraep0ch: No, because I have a better us for it.
23:40:51CassandraI'm just trying to remember what it was.
23:40:57Bagderno, no need for an option for that imho
23:41:07ep0chmaybe it can be made configurable one day?
23:41:08MoosCassandra: i really like the new quick menu for iriver like archos models
23:41:22Cassandra*grins* You're welcome.
23:41:47CassandraLinus is planning to replace the quick menu with an actual menu at some point.
23:41:57CassandraThis may be configurable.
23:42:26Moosgood idea
23:42:29ep0chcool, it;s really useful as it is anyway, thanks.
23:42:47ep0chtime for sleep
23:42:49 Quit ep0ch (Client Quit)
23:42:58Cassandrat0mas: No need for a config option. Just leave it on.
23:43:06CassandraConfig file is bloated enough as it is.
23:43:09preglowmarkun: so?
23:43:51markunpreglow: I copied ov_read to rb_read but forgot to call rb_read from will try again now.
23:44:52***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:45:29rasherif this break, I'm amazed
23:45:41rasherNow someone make me a patch-tracker admin
23:45:51CassandraDid you change thread.c
23:45:55Bagderrasher: sure, hang on
23:45:59 Quit s ()
23:46:01rasherCassandra: not that I know of
23:47:00Bagderrasher: you rasher on sf?
23:47:14CassandraCC thread.c
23:47:14Cassandrathread.c:68: warning: `always_inline' attribute directive ignored
23:47:14Cassandrathread.c:69: warning: `always_inline' attribute directive ignored
23:47:25rasherBagder: no, sadly not.. bacon_boy_13 :-\
23:47:26CassandraI'm getting that in my Archos build.
23:47:39CassandraBut I doubt that's the fault of the patch.
23:48:41preglowrasher: haha, kudos
23:49:05rasherpreglow: ?
23:49:11preglownice name
23:49:17rasherAh that, yes
23:49:28Bagderbacon_boy at least...
23:49:30CassandraBadger, might as well add me while you're about it.
23:49:39Bagdersure, user name?
23:50:14*rasher scrambles to remember his account-details
23:50:51Bagderrasher: you're added
23:50:54markunpreglow: Hm, I changed ov_read to do buffer = pcm[0] as a first hack but now it doesn't output any sound.
23:51:19CassandraHmm. Shouldn't make zip add rockbox.ucl to the archive?
23:51:54rasherBagder: so you found out it wasn't _13?
23:52:05Bagderrasher: magic, eh? ;-)
23:52:40CassandraOh, it does. Don't mind me.
23:53:03BagderCassandra: you're added too
23:53:10preglowmarkun: i don't know which format slasheri expects to have the data handed to him in
23:53:23preglowmarkun: if mpa.c is any indication, he wants signed 3.28 fixed point
23:53:33preglowmarkun: i don't know what tremor uses internally
23:53:43CassandraThanks bagder
23:53:59t0mashm... I04
23:54:04*t0mas hates that :(
23:54:12t0mastime to find a paperclip
23:54:51*Bagder reads openneo commit mails
23:55:05 Join TBoy [0] (
23:55:17CassandraPatch works fine on archos.
23:55:28Bagderthey are so far off from Rockbox they're getting boring
23:55:39BagderI like changes like this:
23:55:43Bagder! #define MPEG_STATUS_STOP 0
23:55:43Bagder! #define MPEG_STATUS_PLAY 1
23:55:43Bagder! #define MPEG_STATUS_PAUSE 2
23:55:47Bagderout, and in:
23:55:52Bagder! #define MPEG_STATUS_STOPPED 0
23:55:52Bagder! #define MPEG_STATUS_PLAYING 1
23:55:52Bagder! #define MPEG_STATUS_PAUSED 2
23:55:53markunpreglow: 10.21 fixed point at some places (sharedbook.c)
23:56:09preglowmarkun: the output format is shiftet right 9 places, and then it's 16 bits
23:56:20preglowmarkun: at least that's what they hand their clipper
23:56:33markunpreglow: Yes, in clip_to_15
23:57:01preglowso i guess there are 25 frac bits, at least
23:57:11preglowi mean 24
23:57:56preglowi have to stop doing this
23:58:03preglowi can feel father distraction gripping me tighter

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